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mtikpay, ncinr.Kn ai,
h 11 i a. w .
Kli nibrr III, lull.
fihfriifan. f-N 'Mi ti, csiuiry fslipri.liin !
tlini of K ' l"ff arid sx'ires I ein?.
J.i i K, liiiw lie ilr'ivc thi-m !
l.o. k. Finn llo ilnvo ilium!
Pd'i.'lf', I "" '. Cl'tlMI-l d, H'.el c m fmi ml 1,
The li' lo Hi bid tout, a tbi' fill bm-k
, tout di d
, At llm ligrie Ft Me and awng
Ol i IT Im li Jiillli.l n ;
pi,, uiii p wi'ti vi i ;.ri'. 10 rnriri wlf'i 'n t'i'or,
Ctifrr '""'. Kit tiny iliinid utter
4brritm, rsbeililan, cuairy Hberiiluo !
All' f"'f Plicrifndo.h, ihmi ncot tho ro'i'icr,
i' Ilo' Mai.ds 'lie ci u in -h thy iicoplc to-Uav f
, AVutm i the lire niiw,
tlu wivu lliy Iri- now,
fllrttir. wl ili n7.ivp with fi nr imJ iimiKewnt,
Axon It crep' lit y Ironnlonr ost to casi-mont,
Vripme w tli ' t (iii-mtiy,
fid d nis;dh huiI liuiiruu itray ?
'jlm It not M" 'l 1 1 tin- cud i.f me v illry
M I It M foil, w tliff In thv r-rand sally,
ehiridmi, tin mlan, cavalry Micrnlan !
Clsmh ilunp, Cliambrralinrg, smniildorinjt
t.'l.mni n-liurp,
tit in tliv ruii.a, ci.tent with iLy lot !
J.o! :hy U. spoiler,
fsna rci l.y the tuilor,
Betrwtod defeated, turn, piorccj, s!liod, with
Hfd CS,
And bai tli j homes were, now their bodies aro
a slues!
0 thy prlrfs for..t,
Etirr rinftit liiuicllrd spot
On lliy flr litll-siiti a WHit m itMn and niaMsn
Wlib clii'leta of ftlury, to wrli-omr and laden
Sheriaan, .-htrk'an, avalry Klieriil.in.
0! V.tt'iy, Bird R irly, thou rnthlon invader,
Where are tin- tro per who followed tuy raid ?
I.rok at their oovsi
rioliiie'K tnd liorses
Wbileo and brighten sritb bones, shiniiKj primly
On all the wirte P "IS trj,T Ju over ao truuly.
What bh Ihe ratfn smd f
Where h"S Ihe red fnx preyed ?
What Is ti e bijib lai ivff hiianiil declaring
Id iticbn ond i. bite, upturned faco, of thy war
far rc,
Bbsr'dan, Kheridan, camlry Sheridun ?
Skeridan, Pberidan, cavulry Hlieridan,
When ibou bat eomo to thy peo;ile again,
Crowns e ahull twiuo for tliet,
And the ripe wine for thee
Flssblrft and .-plai.binR frmi pobict and bcnltr,
Shall wbirl rouD J the lips of the cloiueut "peaker,
As be akf in nin
II' O'Sge to nuke it plain
Jlew Ike great lieartof the jubilant nation
Sw li towaids thy own in its full admiration,
ftticridau, Sheridan, cavalry Sheridan !
Obouob H. Bokf.r.
DlnctuaalODi In trie Parh Aeitdeiiiy.
, At a recent session of the Taris Academy of
Bcieaca, a paper was rotd on hydrophobia, which
(ecoflsmended cupping of the wound. The
Secretary of the Academy, however, remarked
that copping bid already been tried ami a report
beea presented on the subject to the Academy, in
trhich it was shown tbat in most cases the etfect
of this operation was only snspensive, that is,
tbat it prevented the absorption of the virus uutil
Other therapeutic agents could be procured to
Vctroy it.
At the same meeting M. des Hearts sent in a
paper en a methudof his for transmitting the
oscillating power of the waves of the sea to csr
taia apparatus placed on the beach, which may
M snbklituted for ttoaia engines in the various
workshops of arnenals.
M. Conlvier-Qravier commnnicatcd a tabic of
the falling stars observed between the 30th of
Jane last and the I4lh of Ao;iit, the period
whea tbi phenomenon oceurs w ill extraordi
nary frcqui tcy. Fiom ibis table it appears tbat,
. while on the iiOili of Jui.e the nuini'i rof s am
tbat fell bet ti n 11 c 'cluck and midnight was
nly four, on the loih in-t vnt it rose to aeventy-
Uitee, aud tell ou the inu to twenty -tuur.
A pspcr was reii-iv.d from M. Carnn on tlio
cemc u at.on ol iron by the oxide ot earbou. l'rom
bis exHiimrnt it appi urs that iron may be in idu
to abaorli any quantity 01 eariion oy menus ot in
Oxide. Thus u grannuc of ox.de of iron being
objected to ridue.im in bdro;.'en, yielded
even-u ntbb of a f. 1 1 uni.e ot puieirun. Thii,
aller bting heated (or a.i houi iu oxide of cat bun,
weifcbi d ueriy a gr..uiinr i atur nnothur hour i-f
the kuuic prui ias i'i we btrosc 10 a ft. amine and
ball; alter u thiid h 'in. to tno grammex; and
DO on, until it rea bed I be welt'ht ot thrc.: iirummes
after the sixth tine. Nc-rly the wnolo 01 mm
increase of weight i- ovi; g t the absorption of
Carbon, the rebl bcii'f ;i Very smail prop jrtiou of
PAOl all 111 01VPU8.
Mr. Rf nau't sent in a paper on the chloride of
eon rr obtaiind by oippiac piece of copper iutu
B o'Ution 01 ' perch ioride of lion. lie sa d:
"Ihis ihci oe, whi'b U iia ir b-whi'.e, gradu
al'.y bic uies drK undtr tbo i!il!.itic of light,
a d w II mn turn black, iissumiiig a metallic
lusre iini'l.ir to that observ ible on a Irieture of
Pro lian b ue. Ihis property appeared to M.
llcnuuli Bpp ie. ihlt to the n uerreotj pe process ;
be aicornn f.ly placed a negative on a p.a'.e of
Copper Si iitiiii d with bichloride of copp r, and
Obuiiicc. a p h i : i v i- pr ut of riHinrkable delicacy,
witl out ai y intnvi nient nieullic lustre, aud
Ducb m' re i rci able to the eye than common
tagucneutj j ts."
A senri- ot txprriments has lately been ma'e
in Taris by M. iJuponaii, engineer in the work
(Imps of the We-tern Hadway, t acerulln
Whether Iron micht l welded bv hs draulic pres
nre, intuad of by the slettge-hauimer. The lat
ter, indtid, h. s l ot a kullieieut iiiipctus to re eh
the very core f the metal, while continuous
pre snie ai ts iiu'etimlely to nuy depth.
In the txjeiiii.t'Lta alluded 1 1, M. Duportail
caused two iron bam, an incb aud a half iu
diamiter, aud liea ed to the welding point, to bo
piacrd tie tw i eu the piston and the top of a hydrau
lic rrc". The Intra were welded together by this
miBOH with cxt Koroiu.iry ease, tho icon being,
as it weie, kneaded t'K;tliev, and bul ;ing out at
the tides und. r the presume. The a lion of the
press was sui-iiiled when the part weiaeu
ttgithcrwaa I rouht down to the thieknoss of
the bars. Alter cooln g, iho weldeil part was cut
throuRb to examine the iusiilc, tvhi' b was found
pcnrcilv ci ni act. To try V, one of the halves
was placed um'er u forge-hammer weighing IKOO
kilogrammes; and it waa not until the third
tiokc thai the n tiding was dUtinguistcd.
M. Co.l.elli baa disiov. red n new method fur
tbu tiiUK ibis u.iisl at a very small cost. His
Ili. i-. a tolloWfr :-
lie takes a rcrtuin quantity of pure clay, say
I(k' gran.iiit 9, and oi-..ivi s it in six tim.'S in
Wi ichi of conci titrated sulphuiie, lolrtc, or hydro
Chloric acid. Ihe solution in then allowed to
eiand.tiMi af i'ini.iil' dcranted. Ihe residue is
Cot iKd j.Bi thin In itcJ to iii or AnU degrees
Cditigiadc; nftir v. I.K-'i it is mixed with J w
gitttiVtt ot pinsHuv i f p itiisli, wliich nmy
Je iicrtased or diiioiiihcd ereortinig to the
quaiit'y t f a.lioa tunti inej in the cl.iv. To
tbUniixtuic 1" in iocs of common st't are
arided j the l o'c is then pn' into a crucible and
litattd un 111 the mixture becomes white ; when
cool, a button of pine ahimiuium it found a', the
Vottoiu of the crucible."
This substance, which for tlie last twenty yearn
and upwa'ds has hot n tho obj.-ct of minu'e i'lves
tigiition, iu oniir to te t its value us an explo ive
aui ut, bakiigain be. n brought under the notice
Of the Academy of l-eii n-es by .MM. I'elou.o and
blaurey. I' n ay be rerolleetei that at the meet
ing in lSf3 of tho lriii-h Asuociation, a ery im
poitunt diseussiun took place on this interesting
aubjeet, and facta were disclosed calculate J to
tapper the most dcteriiiii.ed opponent of the new
material. In i-ppjailion to the e fac's the e xp-rl-tntuu
made in 1 iance in 18 HI were quoted, which
ass mad to prove that gun-cotton not only spoilt
the lirwniiu in which C was tibed, but was a so
ubjact to i-pontiiiieous explosion i but to this it
raplied thnt kince then Oeneral Lenk, of the
Austrian i rmy, had iiitroduced great iinprove
etU into the manufacture of the oiticle at 11 ir-
.wmjerg; and that the cun-co'toii of that pla'H
wa a t sui.
m v ..),.; - w rpuniuiieous uecoujuosiuuu Ul
iiiiVJ.. ' ku,J .". d even in its chemical com-
iwdeT n.if n,lie ia V'wa at the gun
ilwrttott i ul MM. feiouze and
, "Ci otrary to General UnVs assertion that bis
j(i.u-.otU)u does not exu'.u.ie t a w. ,?
lure I1..B M degree..nr,hu'yr
. that all their specimens explode" ,
Wise decomposed at a teiuparaiureof lou diureaa
ud that at a temperature of loo degree. au,uui;
ficiiition ci siicd wiib equal certainty, hut ouly iu
he loarse of few tours. In uue case (bay eB
obtained an eplwl'n at 47 d gre. which
Indmrt Ihem to ni'prel that it may rven lie
ilecompoMd at Ihe common tomperatiire. Re
pnrdniK uliriiaih, according t'. ttieir exiierlinems
Oineral Lenk afiiin cntion Miidthntof l, Uoa.-hct
are nnl. They ndnilt that Uenrral l.vnk b is
hi en able lo lire IOiKi shots In quicic auecr-hin
(rem a piece of t.rdnHiicc al'lci..t spoiling the
bof, ami wilh a i ba'rTe of 4S1 r ramui's of gun
rotter, but lin y conlciid tl.it the vi l"i:itv of I'i7
Indies per M-coi.d l in-ullii tent (or pridice.
t 'pi n the whole, then-fore, ihev ilo nof nirindcr
it adiisablc to s'ibMi'.u'c it f r giMipo aider."
A si'tr miki:si h ohm.
M.Sti'M rci.oiinncndci a r.c w prnrc ss fcr tbn
r lisolhlation ot frluli c iossd:, and fit.icr rtrti'do
Hub e to bieak. II ilhenu, in order to kith u It
(lent solidity to suc.u osslls preserved in
tniin iinti, they lised lo be dii'poi bit) kIim.
l'iccew LhiiH tiinnri-d Willi dill' c.ire aivi'llco Mllll-
fli nt biinmi to allow of their beinir Handled at
li etuiea, and III keep a long time provided they
lire not expoaid to damp. Hal Iu ihe case of
loila coiiiHiiitiig silt, tfbie l"cs nil its power,
and in such caw s ro aiteinpt has been ml i t-i
eotio ii'atc them, l'iccca trfa fd with pleed )
not admit of flood piaster c-ts being taken of
t him. The.' I lie swelling under the wet plaster
i ithi r apli.t the model or raises up the p.cces of
the mould i or, if there is too little uo t ) iilhiet
this, a chcinhal aeln.n LiKes place by which the
sulfate of the phisier in Contaci with the model
is decomposed, and the liner details are thus
Ohli'l rated.
M.MhIiI obviates theso inconvenlonccs as fjl
lnwa :
' lie takes four parts of common ro'in and as
I', any ol i-pi nnaccn, which be melia and mixes
t-'giibcr. Wbilo ihe ni xluro is boiling, ho
ii plica it w ith k brush on thcsu ficeof tno lsstl,
winch becomes Laid as soon as it la cold, when
easts in iy immediately be taken of It. In the
esse of bridle bul compact hU'ia'ances, spormicoil
nloi.e will do. Wbeu trie fosail is atid atickiug in
ihe caith, and there is danger of breaking it in
.citii k it out, the mixture in iy be applied, but
it s'i ts cold on the surface and mak' a a kind of
crust. M. Suihl then passes a balled cotton
steeped in bin ning spirna of wine over it; the
crust immediately me n, and is absorbed by tno
The JlvU'fin d la Xori'fr dBncourngi,mrnt
pour i IrutitUui Satitmnlit p.ihiiahes in its Inst
number a most interesting paper on vegetable
and auimul manure. We learn by this docu
ment :
1st. That in Paris there nre more tlitu 40,011)
horses, tbe sbible-li ter ot which is made use of
by gardeners, tor tbe culture of fruit and vege
tables; and 2dly. That tne mnd, as well as
kitchen and diy-bouso refuse, deposited af er
dark in the tdrceta, and removed by public
scavengers, Is Instantly collected and turned to
use for the lH?neht of tbe vines of Argcnt.mil or
the growing of potatoes; .Idly. That the ruubisb,
tiltii, as well as nirlit-S'jil, gathered from
more than Sd.tH.O houses, amounting daily
to 2000 cubic yards, are employel with
advnntage for the culttiro of bcetrot,
carrots, cabling, hemp, and Hix. 4thlv.
That the wet refuse of tho metropolis, which
amoun's to nearly 8,00 ),0!J0 cubic feet per day,
has not yet been turned to its proper use. This
wet refuse finds its wav i. to the sewers by struct
and house drainage, and is carried into tho Seine,
which it greatly infects. It is much to be regret
ted that the cespoo!age of 1'nris has not been
utilized as jet, for when employed as Irrigating
water it baa a fertilizing cllc t. You are no d mht
ii ware tbat it is to tho household wet refuse that
Milan is indebted tor the fertility ot its aoil. Im
mense tracs, which formerly were barren and
unproductive, aro now transform, d into rich and
productive meadows. The great dillicolty which
the l'aris authoiitici encounter, and which they
have not as yet been able to ovi rco ne, is how to
convey the cesspool matter to the tielda in the
neighborhood of the tnocropolis. Thi question is
a most inqairtant one, and occupies the attention
of competent men. The Sjcictc d'Eucour.igemont,
therefore, expects a prompt solution of the ditU
cully, and Lopes that the .Seine will no longer be
poisotn d by the 20,Oi0,000,t)OU gallons of liquid
annually produced in this city.
In a letter addressed to M. Kl.iu de Beaumont,
end read to the Academy of Science, tho Abbe
Chevalier states that mar Pressigny (Indrc-et-Loire)
a vast manufactory of Hint implements
hud been discovered. When the Hint hatchets dis
covered at or near Abbeville were first noticed,
tbe large quantity of them found on the same
spot at a certain depth led 1 1 the conviction tint
the place, bad been resorted to by tho primitive
races on account of the unlimited supply of Hint
it afforded, and tnat a regular trade of flint in
struments was carried on there, much in the way
of a modern manufactory.
Iu legard to the new discovery tho AbVio
"All tne mm implements lie in vaai quantities
on tbe very surface of the ground ; thero is no
walking a step without treading upon one of
them. Thiy consist of cut nuclei, tomahawks,
hatchets, knives from five to six inches in length,
aiiiar-heads. scrapers. &c. They are so nu
merous that plouuhmen, when they liud them
lying in front of tne ploughshare, pick them up
and throw them in heaps on the borders of the
field. The p round has an extent of about lifteen
acres, and the A bbo considers the discoveries at
Abbeville to be quite insignificant com par. d with
these. A few of the articles are polished. J)r.
l.u.eil'c, the physician of the place, has bad the
good fotti.Dc to find a hatchet poliaher, consist
ing of a bio. k of sanddonc about eighteen no bos
l.j teive, with numerous furrow, Into which
the luiti In ts used to bo inserted for tho purpose
of sl.nipi ning or polishing tln in tiy friction, after
being previously hi wn into shape."
hi muling tiii..communication,says (SaHgnani,
tbe question invo unturdy presents itself, how it
Is pos-ililc thai aueu a rieii Held ai exploration
should have r. maiued nnno'iccd for so ions; a
ei iod. and w bttber the very abundance of tneae
Him in.nli ui' i'tt is not sullieiont to cist a doubt
upou tne.r antiquity. The fact of Hint imple
ments having lain for thousands of yearson the
Miii .cc of a held, without being ei ber noticed or
i.i ked up. or washed away or buried by thu
action ol the violent lain", is certainly much more
woniicitiil, not to any improbablo, III an any of
the lute sii mihir dis. oeiie madu in caverns or
at certain depths below the surlacc of thu soil
A plan has been brought, forward which con
E.bis in tho substitution of a mechanical arrange
ment lir the eh. mn nl reagents at present in gouu
lal use, for the piev. ntion of calcareous deposits
in ste .m boili rs.or their destruction when formed.
This arrangement ia composed uf a case or bag
of i, creed steel metal, metallic c.iu.e, or even
noii-nietallie tissue, coirespoinling in shape wilh
the boiler, in which it is ineloa. d, and forming
as it were an opened worked lining, kept at
slight Distant iiom the inner surface by means
ot hiackets. It so ru-iulicd, tins liuiug
the meshes or perlorations of which should
be liner at the botn m tbnn nt the top, may bu
made in ictcrul sections, wlilen aie passed
separately inio the boil, r by thu main hole, and
alt. rwnids i ounce. ed in any suitable way. In
nn ny cases the me a'lic or other tissue may be
replaced by a simple rie.p.ciit in a sheet mehil
or even iron u.a cii 1 w.tliout uertor.itions, in
seitid iu the boil, r and secured by bracket. In
this cute, the a; p ratus, instead of being com
i.lelely luliulur, should be ol a gutter form, open
at the top, tho ends being li lt either open or
closed with pierced metal or gauze. 1 lie hi rauo
n. cm is vciy case and me i.oni compiicaiiou
It has long I), en noted that or Hilary earthen
wine is not adapted to stand tho v.nied temp ra
turc ot the oen. From this fact oiigiuated the
ii'.ea (.1 mat ul. c urit.r ill-hcs ami busins of shoe
i(,U or other n.ttal-, and (O.tiiig ihe in rith
ciatn g of enamel, thus c .ti-ing iiiem to hu fr
fiom ihe (iestroj nig i.rop' nics oi oidiaiion, aud
at the sume lime he durable tree Iiom any
lial i ily to bieak w hen be ted to i ny uioderato
ti inp. luturn. 'ids .eculiar mauuiaetine has
tin i. h ie la conic nn iu.port iut leaiure in tl.
I.iiu.wi.re tn.oe; it ha, btn pret'y well brought
In ) election, ai d the nuuiuiuctuie of su
i.nii ! a is now wry e.tms.ivc.
j;ut t lie most iinportant n'e to which this
enamelling l recess has yet been applied, is for
sea ming both the external surfaces of nun pipes
In, in the eorrudmg actions ot lluiils. It has been
iound, in prm lice, that wlicre pipes so prepared
have 1 1 rn laid down, tha' the water delivered has
iciH'ticu its origit.a' puriK, nor decs it deteriorate
hi lu.(; ctiinoitig; be.-iiies this, ih.) pi,,n tlitiu
I .si lirs t:-c 1. und t last three orfoiir lilacs as long
i s tLi e ol:i av i e tvoul I, so that the extiacostis
set ii loilii i ns, ltd lor.
Theopeiat on oi file cutting was, until quite
lecently, considered to be one not admitting of
the application ot n achir.cry. Unc of tnemo t
ingenious ilevhes lor fo'lillin' this end is the
ma. bine invented by M. lie-mot, of Paris. The
blow is given by the pleasure of a flat steel spring
I rcssin .' upon the top of a vertical slide, at tfie
lower end ot which tho chisel iu firmly fixed; the
slide is uctuatcd by u cum making about one
thousund evolutions per minute, und the chisel
conscqui ntly strikes that number of blows per
luinuie, thus obviating the Vibration consequent
upon tbe blow of an iron-mounted hammer, and
running at such a pccd us to render any vibra
tion possible.
In the files ettt by this machine the teeth are
raised with perfect regularity, and consequently
when the tile is used each tooth performs its
proper share of work; whereas, in band-cutting,
from the varying pi.werof the muscles, bspee ia ly
towards the close of the flay, it Is Impossible to
produce such perfectly uniform work, fcince the
production of this machine American Ingenuity
has sueeuaafully applied itself in the same direc
tion, the eilieieney of the American juaehiuO
luliy eqaaiiiug that of the iivueu.
The spplha'ion of c leptin-limgncttam to th
fti. , page of railway cms whin in nc lion Is pro
posed. In carrying out this plan, It Is suggested
that bet seen the wheels on each side ol every
radwav enr there shon'd be placed an elcctro
ir iipret. 'I he nisi net would have a slirht more
n ( nt up and down between tuoproovi d blocks
a!li d to the car.or through a hollow cylinder
II a straight inuinnt wire used. When out of
m tlon tin- two poll's ot the m ,gnct Would bo sup
p, rn d iil ei hj n butler s r.ng or bv a steelyard
wi fiht, to i hoi a lii.sti.iicn not exceeding an inch
wi mri i xi" In -tween tho pules ol the ma;uct and
the triini ta l.
In the ti nib r of the ( iis' re Is to be curried a
v. Ila c l.iiiu iy, fi. m i ne po e of which proceeds
n mils of co' iice ab'e el, ain , wh h link each
elcciro n a l et to ihe next throughout the whtiln
1 ne, (mo ei d ol the chains now nnl.le continuous
I ( li.g b oii'b' to ihe b Heij to be connected a ilk
the i pro be pole win net cr tueh connection may
be ilo.-iiid.
A'.ue the h.ttcryls to lie p'acod an electric
ill I end (oi.neitiig handle for Ihe ioo of the
driver, so a to ii-abe him at ny moment to
ciose or oieax tne circuit, or so graduate It as to
pe licit him to (,'ovirn Ihe connection between any
Mimla rol pinttK; in nth. r woid.s, s i as to enable
l.iin to po. in tlx force of the current as well as
its connection and d sconncction.
Sonio iniprovcmenis havo been made In tho
rnaniilac iire of wuterpioof and other fabrics, as
niso ot nioioocd or inrmeii am. us. To this end
the Inventor takes a halt or llc'cc, or Ihin layer of
cotton or otin r note, and spreads over the same
n thin coating of collodion, which in hardening
cenirntH the librcs firm y together, and produces
a lair i ' mi ro or less waterprum, according to the
quantiiy of collodion employed. The cotton or
bbre ibiis ocd is not chemically prepared, and
therefore Is not acted on by the sol vent of the
collodion as it burdens. Ar ides may in this
manner ne maoc oi any desired Shane, as lor In
stance, tubes rnav lie produced by lapping thn
ball or layer of loose fibre around a form, and
men applying tne coiionion. uiorcs, suoos, and
boots may bo mado In ibis way.
nm ilCMZKI) I A1KII en is.
The Ingenious idea of hardening paper by
means ot un admix uro cf bitumen under tho
inlliiencc of hydraulic, pressure, so as to convert
It Into a substitute lor Iron. Is duo to M.Jalou
rcau, or l'aris ; aud these bituminous paper pipos
are not only curious, but commercially practica
ble and useful. The ma'crial thus produced,
while It possesses nil tho tenacity of iron, with
one-half its specific gravity, has double the
stteiifith of Rtonewsre tubes without, moreover.
being iiattio to breakage, as in tbe case of all
other material.
In order to test thoir strcng'h, two of these
bl tirninous paper pipes, of live inches bore and
one-half inch thick, weru subjected to hydraulic
power, and they sustained, without brcaiking or
bursting, the enormous pressure of two hundred
and twenty pounds to tho square inch, or equiva
lent to five hundred and six feet head of water.
In another experiment to test the transverse
strength of the material of a pipe of two-inch
bore, it required a breaking weight of oror four
hundred pounds to effect a fracture.
Fome of the foreign journals describe a new
kind of omnibus, which Is divided Into separate
well-ventiluted compartments, disposed in two
rows, back to back, the passengers sitting alone,
each in one compartment, facing the pavement
on their respective sides. A small window, with
a shutter on each side, puts In communication
tbe contiguous eompin tments, if agreeable to
both parties to converse. The compartments are
fitted like first-class railway car.. A portion at
the back of the omnibus is left undivided, to con
tain four pors-ons. A patent signal, or a bell, puts
each passenger in commtiuication with the con
ductor. tiortlie'M Conveniatliin,
In the evening the "socioty" rondezvonsd in
a souil.ro old house, with narrow wiudows in
front, and a small, somewhat gloomy-looking
garden behind, where lived a large old white-
haired man with his niece. Though a man of
grand presence and imposing mieu, with
much dignity Iu his addicss, ho was very fond of
mixing with the young people or tnncompiny,
and especially with a number of young Kuglish
n. en who at that period resided at Weimar for
the advantages of military cdncation. At the timo
I tell of there waa amongst I hem ono who is now
a Duke, wilh one of the greatest historic names
in Europe. W ith these generally tins old gentle-
man frcuuentlv conversed, or, more frequently
still, discoursed, telling of bis travels in Italr,
the objects which had held tho chief place In his
memory, the ga'kr.es he had seen, the socioty he
bud frequented, the distinguished mon whose
acnuaiutai.ee ho had made: and all theso with
occasional touches of picturcsiue description.
traits nt humor, una now ana tnen a deep leeiiug
winch m id ins little auuuory in rapt as oin.su-
nient; tbat lie could Hold mem there entranced
while they could not, wbon hu had dono, recall
anv of the magic bv which he worked his sin-ll.
i say this uccauso l niyseir remember to have
tried to n peat a story be told, and once, more
hazardous still, to ce.nvcy some impression ot
bow he ta axed, and with what lamenlao'o lallnro
let my present confusion titone for. The task
would have tried a bettor man, for be wburu I
c.-t-oj ed to rcpreseut was uoethe. Jlliukicood
W!u t VI ii ken a I.iid.y 7
When Iieau lirummel was asked what made
the gentleman, his quick rcp'y was, "Star, h,
Muich.inv lord!" This may be true ; but it takes
a cieat deal uiro to make a lady ; ana inougii to
lon.c It may seem mi guiar, i am reaeiy to main
tain Hint no conceivable quantity of muslin, aillc
or satin, edging, frilling, hooping, flouncing, or
iurtaslowing, eu per so, or per uressuisKer, con-
btnutc a leal it.dy.
Was not Mrs. At.not i.awrcnco just as mucn a
1. aly whin ailiied in twelve cent calico in Huston,
...i .i : ,'...! , u 1 T
as w ueil ill inj eu iu lull luun as re. u .iuius, tuu-
don f "As Mrs. Washington win said to be so
grand n In tiy," says u celebrated fcnglish visitor
(Mrs. Troupe), "we thought we ruu-t put on our
best I lbs aid hands, to we dresed ourselves in
cur most eh (.'ant rulllcb and silks, an 1 wero imro
dtieid to her ladyship, and don't you think we
found her knifing, aud with her chock apron
tn ! Mie r. ctived us very gra 'ioiis.y and easily,
but niter the compliments weio over she rcsumid
lit r knit ing. Tlieie we were without a stitch of
work and sitting in stale, hut (Jencral Washing
ton's luily with her own bauds was knitting
sio.-kirps lor her husband." Does not that sweet
r. publican simplicity command your admira
tion f ii'ir. lUmt Mason.
Can'IMN. The word "canteen" has had a
curious hl-tory. It is perhaps tho only word ill
our lut guajjo which, originally Knglish, passed
In'oa loreigu tongue, and was afierwaids brought
back in a u.ooilied form. As originally spoken
by the fsaxon, it was simply tin can; the Haul,
as is bis wont, placed the noun before the adjective,
and pronoiiuriiir, the letter I as c, bought it out as
can tin, pronounced canteen. Adopting a thou
sand ether l'ici ch military terms, tbe dull l'.ng-ll-l
iniin took back bis own original word in
anew shape, without any inquiries on the sub
ject, and hence we now bay canteen, instead of
tin can.
Many a fellow, when whisky is at hand,
nuikis a rje mouth.
An exchange says lovers, like srniie , geno
rtlly get along quietly enough until they urc
"Woke up and pay your lcilgirg," taid the
deacon, ns ho nntlged a sleepy geutienutii with a
contiibution lox.
Jeremiah was felling how innch he liked
calves' Lend for dinner, nheu the mistress ex
cliiiuud, "Oh, jsu cannibal!"
Il a puny that wants to put down this Rebel
lion cin'i put it down, how soon will u parry put
it down ihi.t don't want it put down
Many a Indy, ns if It were not enon.jh to ho
clasped by one lover, bus her wai t encircled by
a biace.
A little toy returning licae from Sunday
School, said to his mother, "Ma, uin't there a
kitten. cl.oni lor little boys? This cat-ethism is
too liaid 1"
II at.y of our meetings should hereafter be
disturbed ux ttveral have recently been by
t'i peihi. d lio'.ers, just begin read.iig to them
tlii -ii ai. in if the t.'ctobi r elections. They will
nil he Lull el v n w ill, in the mxt three unnu'es.
-iiii e:,u take It for grunted that when a
y.-nn:: laoy is too nervous to venture in'o a
lobby i. lone, und insists upon your accompanying
her, she expects some reward us soon as the door
is ill sul.
A preacher om e snitl that ladles were very
timid; 11. y acre nfruidto sing when tiny were
usktil ; utiuid of taking cold ; afraid of snails or
spiders but he ucvtr knew one nfiaijto get
"Aly brethren," said Swift in a sermon,
"there are tkree kinds of pride, namely, ot birth,
of riches, of intellect. 1 shall not speak of tho
latter, none of jou being liable to that abotaiua
b.e ice."
A celebrated Oxford scholar, who professed
an indillercnea to music, was once asked what
he l.ud thought of an orchestra which had been
performing a grand overture; he replied that he
only was impressed "by the wonderful coinui
deuces uf tbe tiddler's elbows."
A!pbon?o of Castile, who had a practical
plan of regenerating mankind by killing nine out
of ten, and was sure that if he had been con
sulted about the making of the world it would
have bien better made, disposes of woman in
these w ords "hhe la a human being, who dresses,
babbies, and utidresHl."
A S'ontty Ity (Souk.
In Tennyson's new work, " Knnch Anion,"
occuis the author's latnous baby song :
wti iiis' tunc Dim's r
in i iii-n t p "i
I t tne IU , " s I tl r t' r-lM,
Vuti sr, e-t in Cv ,t sr.
P'r.lir, i.-il lao -i ,-sr,
1 III l!,,- ttti. wie- i r rt.nK.T.
S.r. il.e r. it, r I. ns Int-g r,
Tl.tll lie Clrl III.
Want .lass nuts hsltv my
; I ii a, i M-.i af fv ol it et r
I'.Al.V IS)-, I, IS III IS I.IMllS,
I st rn. il.e si, a I'J awsy.
I; .tiy flips llloe Ii, . r.
1 ni ti.s hill.- In.. its a-e iurnrr,
Jt si. i-1 n i-s a .nils liut"r,
J'alo , l..i, tl.all lly At a .
1 his soi'.gdrlginallv appi ared in "City Prcams,"
for w hi. h the poet waa pain by his publishers ono
Ininilri d dollars a line ! So the price of tho above
vily niittiriil and pn tty sr.r.f, was slNteen hundred
ill, 111. tl l t d proves com Iu tvrly that tliere ia
S( ii etlnng In a nsmcafter all, for had an obs lire
feat written it, we que-tion whether it would
eve brought twenty dollars.
(.AN.-qe (eiiow got well before 1 came."
A Tniim-llnvri k resrsnkrs When aro
the funds unsteady f When money is "tight."
Ooit.iN Hi'i.i; ion PniTisii TitA.viti.Kns. In
most towns of tho Continent, yon may be sure
Unit a littlo good l'.nlish goes a grout deal
furthtr than any quanii y of had French.
Mo'iToroR 'i ii k f-oi Tii-F.AsruiiN Conrisr's
Itv nn so m i NT-booniM. ' O, wallow, Swallow,
flying, flying r)outh !"
Tim Travflkkn' Ci.t n. Wc never heard of
it, unltss it's an Alpcnstoik.
rfioi.nsiAhTicAi.. Doctor Manning, Roman
Catholic 1'ruvosiot VVcstinlnster. lately preached.
we hear, a moat touching sorinon. Most of his
mslo niiditors were In tears. It was remarked at
tbe time, tbat "this was not like Doctor M inning's
liHU&i style ; that it was, in fact, un-mnnuing.
From Badkn Hadkn. "All tho world is at
lladen-Iladen," wrote u correspondent to M
Ilismsrck. "That can hardly be," said the
minister, "seeing that I've sent the demi-monde
Mis.i TrmxmUi (who Is nervous about railways
generally, and especially since the fate outrages)
"Oh, I'o.-ier, put mo into a carriage whero thero
aie laities, or rosiitctiihie people, or
I'mter. "Oh, you're nil safo this mornln',
Nips; you ro th only passenger in the whol
tr'ine, except another tsld wou.au."
l-Avr.l) WITH GOLD.
Asked Mr. Disraeli, the other day,
"Wlialwnnlil have b.-n tlio pITiet upon Kugland If this
rcarlliore Itae l sen liou lruiir-
Wc hardly know, but we think that England
would have been very much astonished, and
wonkl havo believed that in laying them down a
first Hep was being taken to realize the provincial
idea of London, whose streets are paved with
gold. The question illustrates tho gorgeous
Uneiilul imagination ol tbo Oonservative lcador,
roffl Homrbnily Fli' SfltlaJ Cormpnndent.
The Danish clorgy, as is generally known, aro
entrusted with secular oincus. ou are not, per
bi.ps, acquainted with the fact that a clergyman
may possess the nigiiest military dignity, mat
s ich, howovcr, is tho caso, I am informed by a
sKUibi r of the conrt, who tolls me that, among
tbe distingushed porsonages who were awaiting
tbe arrival of tho Prince and Princess of Wales,
at the Cbristiauborg Palace, there was a General
Accordinc to a distinguished cxploror of
Africa, the Mako'.olos justify cattle-atcaling by
the argument that those who cannot keep their
cattle have no right to have them. This is ex
actly Hob Itov's logic, and suggests an afllnlty
tieiwecn tuo mrkoioios ana mcurenors. what
is the orthography of the former clan's name f
Should it not be spelt HeCullulo ? That would
be very like McCulloch. lladically they must be
the same names. I he supposition or an original
connection between the Land of Cakes and the
Lund of Negroes is corroborated by the fact that
Scotland, as well as Africa, abounds in lilackies.
Old Woman (as the train stops). Tell mo, my
dear, what station is this f
Little Boy 'looking out, and seeing the namo,
whatever it may mean, written in largo letters ou
a conspicuous board). Pauklibanon, Ma.
Old Woman (after satisfying bursolfwlth the
same inspection, begins screaming violently out
of the window). Here Guard, Guard, 1 say ! I
don't want tho Punklibanon Station. I am going
on to lted Hill.
It is only alter considerable difficulty that the
old lady is convinced that Pauklibntinn is not
tbe name of tho s'ati. n.but of Borne mysterious
nriicle ot manufacture, which no one has boon
able as j ct to explain.
" I shay l'unch oleflcr I've jnst been to Drum,
nn, llirn.inpham, to hear Singer mean shay
ficnior Costa's new Oratorio, and I'm qui into
hi. aud wiih delight. Of course yon know its
nemo is Aairi, no, H.uish not upcit i ipht is ii ?
And thomuse-bi is worth nnin whciuwer you've
an opeiatuniiy. Hut l Bhay isn t it u tj, no, mean
bhuy kewrious tnbuic to inlluunee of Schchu-
iniiiinn ( 1 doe think that's rlgh cither) iho Sonior
fSosia shoueumpObeauOrootoriorioaboutNaaiuau
a M.uini. unite I
No time to shay more, because It's after dinner,
and the pastu jiuh going, so I remain yoursU
Itkssli rno yea of courso qui forgot to sign my
name, lair you know war it is duu'l ) eu ? blcsiit
11 1 can vecomemner 11.
I'.v, rjbody knows Hint there arc in exlstonco
two skulls of Oliver from well, and that tho
siiiiiller ono is satisfactorily explained by tho
curator in chnigo thereof to have been good King
Oliver's skull w hen he was a little boy. We havo
now a somewhat parallel ease. At the Archato
logical Meeting at Warwick, Lord Denbigh
exhibited Hie daprrcr with which Felton killed
toe lliiku of l,u kincham. Mr. Thistlethwayte,
of Hampshire, bus also the dagger with which
the deed was dono. Wero it necessary to choose
beiwien the relics, we hope that wo know our
place too (veil not lo givo the verdict in favor of
the (lugger belonging to the nobleman. Hut thero
Is no need lor an invidious selection. Felton
was a very determined man, and no doubt took
a dagger in each hand, und brought the b id duke
to aciount bv double entry. It is pleasant when
nn archicological problem can bo bo simply
It wcnld lc a public wrong were this advertise
ment restricted to the Jjuwit i Journal, in which
mi: l uncn imos it:
ineull.leil ..iin ja iilli'iiiini. I.ttweeil 21 ami Hi ,vi.nisot'
H.'e, lnne pli. i I'iMit advises lilin to marry, hu Hits la a
iltl!i h. c.iiit', tint net snillciciit In I'.eeii himself and a wila
loo In I still- lis Is n.. llvii(, is tin .jons iif mssiliiK
nun a ltuiy Hi Ii a Hide- liirtln-r inc. ina.ulit, In. mat iiiaVa
ink win Mie uiiist iipoi a kiinl ami clin.'ilal .llii.islli..n
Am-unu biaiutj no ..tiieet. A.iiv, ulaiiiiu aso sua tiaruca
lurt.b H ll., IVsltlllUv, Ij.aniih.
Many questions ariso lo the mind of a cvnical
and cold-hearted render of the abnvo, but it offers
such attractions to young lad cs who wish to be
lean ied (which ineuns, wo hope, all young ladies
w iio are single) Hint nnswers must have poured
in by scoics, and ciiticisin is useless. Yet why
docs the interesting iuvaihl describe himself "as
between tl end a2 ?" This ts very precise, and
jet -lieic is no precision. Doesn't ho know how
old he is ? Why does be say that the tt,'e of the
laiiy is no ooiect, and in the naxt seuteuee dnsira
tier to slate it : Did Ilia doctor desire him to write
ii.e airiK it us i.ngiisu about "tho style ho is now
livu g," and is ti e medical man guilty 91 the us
suge "who he niuy iniike hiswitei" And was It
the duster's iuipuilenec or the. pa'ient's that
pit inptcd an ii.vnaiiou 10 a "kind and cheerful
gin to pi I; herself hr ll!o to a selti h, ignorant
n , low, w no wants an un ai l nurse wr.n inonev
Mr. l'uiuli laughs ut many oddites of advertise.
n.i lit, 1 ut there be some which excite his wraih
This wou d be 01 e, but that he feels that iust.ee
w ill be done on a patient in Hie hands of the sort
cf doctor who could "udvi.u"tliis attempt uguinat
Vuiu-h las a piicni axmt tlie "TurUonhoi.o
the ntw insrtvuuient lutrudufeil ut Alm.'ii
I ! i irii.rniic concvrtH, ln.m which we borrow
i;fH' r.inaH, to m huntf lire luae i "Ihi
i nv'at l.ttt C ar :'
T'i Mr. V niS cmifrrti
I twill tt emli'.r iiiu.
(I u;l -ny nielli i, dint 1 ir.i;,'ht
III ur lilt innbiflau- ,il i ;
1-ut t.'ic pr rainiim mo I had
1'.- li-rt ih i timo tot V turn 11,
3 fiat a-jK.ii t tit- lix-n itnTf AH Ken
V t.t. wi.nl. I piv nn hie Turk. ,iiouo.
New Hhat wan lit 1 urk... mu(
I C (ill. It 1 ItlAkC out. 1 own;
1 tikt All hi ('ii nd . b .it v.i oih- c tti lit be found
Who wuij up i the Turkoj-hou.
I dl'tn't mind liossltil,
J w cant d of Mozart;
A ltd ihe wnf.i nt b n 1 (onxldered the paUA
T.n.t tl.r I nut ninl i.tuud part
I j;rt-w to altHed thtit
I -i arc-touia itmut alfn'j
And 1 t-ru il mit," Wl.ni will All Flfn
Ci'ina und i'uy rn bin 't urko)lwuir''
On, what it- u I' ur option is'
I cannot maka tut, 1 own.
It it ? .nd, Kit ti-lit, oh, wi.ut ort of & thin',
Ib thU vtuiidt rful rl urkophoner
'Twai very rair eleven,
Air. Mellon fcivafc a rp;
And a niit i In a te rn . ( ut , "Oh, yei, '
l ike a it f I. ii in oi ohap.
And ihcn wu thu grent All Hen
To the fciulibh i't t icuhov. n j
Uft va ilraiBcd In bli bvit In a Turkiiti vet,
And be carrul the Turkouhouy,
Hul viau U Uiu 'linlaOil.oiif
I wuklu t maae out I own.
Tw M a lute, or a flute, or a hautboy ; but no boy
CvuiU wear (waa U Tuikoihone.
sj auk kt
P O. tor r.Y. Anllnnsr, foSotls Anfiilramsnta at
Of ill i'.(ii, fer pnlil p sail, si Ms Auettoa keievis, and BS
will iltei d i-srinrsll? fc. nisi i-r
AI th Fad. ancs,
At r.wslllaa". snrt
mii,!M of Mr.iiOtiAVOtar.
At lt' slisref isMhs miners.
I'aili III ho adum-SHl mum iloslrH on ciwiilninU s
fniMls lor aiiUir. ill.
Ifc Turn
OilAKIKltHAhlKK-OrsHKKAl'i" OrrfB,
k'nrnr IiiTiKi'ii:.
Wilt hn no' 1 nt r.it.itr A I ii.tn the ttiKiifit bnJipr, tt
tli Urnr .nf1 p'ftt f nn.ir-s i)i..ir, ti. : - -
Drtot-'T M, W.i.
ttrtrI.or 'IT. . .
A. IT.
Thru Fah hnvfl l on &n1rtiined a unfit for IhJ
ra Alii mtv Inf artnv
rut n ail ftntirfu-aiHKpurpMri BirnjkOd btrnaim my
p run.
lI sTxca Hold dffiplj 8tlfR in ron'iiiTK At 10 A. M.
Tornii VU, In I i,iu-,l cttt i urn 1107.
I.y uiuor ut the UtmiUinuMiT v ioni.
Ool.mM In chir Mnl U-nilo
Alt M Y S U P T I. I K 8.
0nri, nr A (!i.othih Attn Ktj'ifAQK,
ht llrttfADIVAT, NkW V'lIlK,
OrtnbiT H). !K i4.
Pori'ctl roood!" win he rfrnlTci At ilil nihe-olun'tl U
n' lo. V M . nn I M lt'-l AY, l!in 'JHh Inst. , f.T f-inuilnr
by roriiict. t tl.c of Ann C'lotUnn anJ fc'UipA(;r
in inu c t,
Frit; mirJiv,
I'ltl'aalttpT ( oc,
lirnni HthkA,
Sit ivf) Twin',
NfsMfifl ltOi.TlTfl. Kf) fi.
Pr.milpi or uin'riflcntioit.1 of which enn be leon at tills
I'lijitrra will tfiie tli ntiantltq thf w wlih to rV.lvfr
the 1 rii tl. tjili 14 tilth the dfllvpiy ul ail tl6 propaiPIO
'I ho kniaptacKt to ht delivered In army itandtrj park
I ne bo 10
A tiri'iu r siiarantnr niiiht arran.ianr nil nronfinnl. t
tvg l"Hh tlint II a rnntrHCt Im iiarUoil lo thf party uarur1
llM-r-'ln, hv or tt oy will st urn a kIvq hunila for I bo laiUMul
i,nr;or uitrifc of a con 1 met.
Tiic ( 'tntiMl H!aic re; rrv an tlia rlyM tn reloot any nart
nr (lie wholr of Uiu bids, ai may be doeuK-il for thu liiu-rutt
01 trio h rvico.
I'riipnHali ithmi'd be sm1firM "Prupo"!!)! fir" (liore
stale tht muie tl the article 01.1 tor), ami atMrnssci t i
lncl 1) It. VIN TON,
10-i'l 5t Doputy Quartermaiier General, tf.H A
run Ai'Fi.i iiiA. 'a . Orlohar W,t
Hnalatl Troponn'e will be ri'celvart at thin oitb- until li
o'rlrtck II .on MONIAY,Ortober 34, 1 161. fur the lmm
diAte Uf llrt-ry nt Uir Tnlh'tl htatei Ht jre-Uouae, tlauorar
ftiit ct y iiarl, ot U10 rouow'nif
Mn-OponnaiCut Naili, 10
4' I el.
AIT Af the above ilwrlbed Kails to be of the beit quality,
and iubn el to innpftcthm.
lil'ldom will s ate n ice. both in wntlnir aud fliruroa. aad
the Hnitfiint or iu entity of oaohardclu biJ tor,
Fa h bid must Im UMrantfvd tty two rcinonilble por
oim, wtioiie iNTiatnren niunt be apnnfod to tlie (ruaraiitM
and LrUflfil to as b'-iinr Kuod and Hiiincloni fecurltv for
the fnii dint Involved, bv the I.'nltt d HtaUw IMvtrLct Juduo.
Attomry.m Coticetor, or (tber publlo ofUoer, uLhortrUt
io ni u win hoi on rwrntitierflii,
Tta rlsrlit In rrvod to refnet all blda dAnnaM too
MkIi bihI jio bid from a dofauitiu caniractor will be ra
Ity ordorof Oolouel Uerman iJriffiffl.Chlof Qnartorm isUsr.
OEOlUiK K. (tKMI'i,
10-20-.It Capuin and A. M.
Tho new l-K LOAJT for sals In amount, to suit. 1131
bointht and sold. IMS IX
19 18
N I T U U H T A. rr 1'J
7-30 LOAN.
The feerctarr of tha Traasnrr elves notlea tliat sub.
ScrliiUoa. will bo roeelvad tot Coupon Truaiury Sitft.,
pjai,l tiirecvaua nom Aus-nit 1.',, 111, wiia leiul o
nual iulereii at Die rate ol sevca and turix-teiitlis per
sent, per annum, principal and Intaruat bath to be paid la
lawful money.
These Dutei will be convertible st tha option of the
boloer, at maturity, mtn ill per oeut. gold-bcarlns bond.,
payable uot lee. tl.au Ave nor aiore tlian twuuty roars
frum tlielr date, as ihe Uoverriment maj elcot. Tttov will
be turned In deuonilnalloue or tX), $100, $'.,), HKO, and
SwtKK), and all sub.urlptluus muat be for UAr dollars or
son.e multiple ol lllty dollars.
At the notes draw In it rest from AurihI Is, persons
uiaklnv dcposiu aabaequout to that date muat pay ths
Ihlereil accruial lxe.ui date of note date of aopo.lt.
Bpasoaji-Tiniis will aa ttuoaivED hr tha Treasaror ot
the United Slates, at Washlnston, the several Aa.lstaat
Irta.urers and deilgnaied lieaoslurloa, and by tli
By all National BuiVa which are dopoaluulea of pabll
Dioncyiand lu 17 UlJ
Throughout the. country will give further Information and
for Ui lintlod rltato. Marine (inriii. able-bodied ma
In lanolin tlit duUm of a soldier al our Navy Yards,
aim on i o aril unit! Biaiea lup.-oi-war on twetaa
J enn of eemoe, rour i ears.
lienor oou..eiiaUon lhaii inr anny.
A1X 1I l.cieJAl. lliiUKI llttl paid aon eulUtruoat.
AlArlni'i rpei-lve I'rl.e M..nov.
For ell turihur InioiuialloB apply at Uis Itoorultinf
Hit. :ill H. ntONT Street, below Bi.ruce StraeL
betweua tLL.iura ul a and S o ouhA
O 11. MCUA wi.r.T,
-tf aialor aud Bdej-uliuia ouioer.
J,' X? It LOUOIi H.
Olttcfrb and .oMter. vlHittng the city nn ftirtotltif, neo.ltn
Are luvlto.1 to the exte-nelvo
BAN8UM Btreet, abnvo SUlli Htroot.
U.i.'.e to oriier at tl i. ehortest notice, se lil. h for riehncii ond
leu. I. III. . I.e." i LililfluM! .S.Uli"- lltl-'li. Il'l ..li.T li.itlM In l.e
e .ir i - n-l.'-iiit. ii t MAM'IAl'l (HUSH JttVi.l.KU
V11!l 11. P. j ll.u riCAL SiVOHO .VlAKI.lt 10
.A-' kn.u ti.ut toi cr im s io pi. a.
i.i;o. p. i;.i,r. ft co., Aleuts,
Jo. 1 ClItSSM'i S.reet.
lO i'O t'
iwi'. - Tl:e ui.JerileT.td havli.n Iva.ei tl.e KfclNrilNil-UCKI-.W
M.I'K.t.jlo li.li.nu tin frnuUaml lies
pairolik ol II e lini i, II m ba li properrd with iliorvaeud
iH.-lllUi-i io ae-ceeniiKKlute Itoee h.ivli. vn,.i-li to tie rulmd
or ui.lri-a, ami Iti-liitf a pra.-u.-ai .i-.ip eal,ontor and
esulser, in ii, pen., i, J aiiw.uoa to all vcaiols au
tri.it.o lo him i.,r rti.aua.
I i.l.iiiis or Aiionia, tlh'.p Carpenteia, and MachllliatS
bailie veieela ti, reii.lr, arc ai.lljliid to call.
Huin.K ihe atiiae; lor Uie tal.. of "WeiiintoilU' Patent
Ne-ial.,t I oui,. .ltu.n," or '. , r ier Taint, for tlie pivaerv
Ucii i, I Tt'iii'ls' tviltor.!.. lor Una ouy,l am prupared to
rurnuli the asms uu favorable 1. 1 ma.
., M Kmins'toii rtcrew llock,
,lu"', Delaware sjvaaue.aoova Laurel suraei.
orKun-iM-an kaniro, f.r fatnlllei, li,.tela, or pui l.o
ll.il.ti.tiona, In twenty diilerunl alea Alan. I'liila-
It. I. .1.1. 11... L ..v..u,.. Pw. ,1.1.
lluifra. I.,.duwn liiauie, rirel.our.1 Hiovca, na'li II .lleia,
Hliwl.i.li 1-lnlci, llr.,ller, C ol.n.K Slovoa, ore., at whole
sale ai.d rUU, by the mani.fa. ii.rera
IUAE MHIll'K TIl'iMny,
V-90-naw-eut ko. axxi H. BtnuNU bueci.
Q"' 10J3 KOll TJllJ
No. 114 S. TniSD BTEEET,
Tin Hnbsiihrra havla baon tha saocst .ful tiller, for
a portion of U, KfcW 6 11 BIX IK It OKNT. IIOI.I).
I'EAltlNti LOAN, aipiopari ts otV r it o favor.bin
lerm. to thrlr rnaiiutcra. In larso or .mall araoantu, In
m.iids of doM.mlnation. ! (.Mis, lOVt, Ml, And lraJOa.
botli ri-rlitorr-it and co'ipon..
The lnlernt coramorcs. on tL 1st of Hovssibor nsxt
and It paaliK la nol.l.seial anaaallr.oa tli lit of Mar
and Nnvsmlier.
All oiler Ouvornmsit SocniHdoa oa hand and fcr.ala,
and Inforoiatluu girtn oonccriilna tavtutmsatt, at our
Ko. lit 8. TIIIKI) HTtlKl'.T,
IA 1'. lm Ptilltdslphla
Tarr HomoBtead Oil Company
rot SALE.
10 lS-St
Ho. 20 R. Tltntn HTKRP.T,
Thl I Batik 1iM now for talo these very pepularand
titrable United St&tea Bondi, which hare FIVK TSAUa
(o ma from November 1, 1804, bofyru tit OOTOrnmeat bu
the prtvllcge of roUcBiptiua.
rav&blt Beail-AnnuiJ'tr tn OOIK.
C. II.
Morton MoMiohetol, Jr.,
' CAH111KB.
10 15-1
2-t Ho. iiO 8. TUIltD STB .SET.
gMITlX c"fc M1UIjIII.
Blccio, Swcks.Qr.ai tormaalcrs' Vouclior, aad Checks, aaj
aU Oovon.nieat Soeurltlea Dounht anil sole, mill!
Ko. 121 8. THIRD STREKT,
OoTornment Spoarllles of all Imnf. rurtliaooJ and fur
Bala. Blocks, fcoa.ts, and Gold ISuujIiI and Bald on (Jia.
C.llMllona rrompUjr Made. foJ-tf
OliUi O O i. 1, UULD
U. S. 1(M0
HE.titiso mis lEIt CKNT. INTEHKgr is cois,
rtdimatlo anj time after TEN YKAUS, at tho pleasure
pi' the Ooverument, and pajalile I'OUTi YEA11B attur
noTii corros ad m:;istkiied bonds are
IsHtied fur ttila Loan, of namo donoiuiniition as the 5-yo,
'l l.u lute-real on ,M)a and $iOeia payable yearly t on all
cili'T di H.Miiliutlom, h.elf yearly. Tlie 10-11) bnda are
liuled Mareb 1, ls..l Tho half-yearly l.ilore.t l.iHlnj duo
bepitnibtir 1 and March 1 ol' each year; until 1st Hrptoin
btr, ttie aecrueil Interval I'rr.ra lt of March is required to
be paid by pur. liaMT. In a. .in or In lkhai. ceaaNer, add
Ihk iiit per rei.t. i"r iiri'u!in:i. niiul further notice.
ALL OTHKtl liOVi-HNMLM t ;sKOUltlTIt.S UOL'eillT
A-Nl) 01X.
JAY COOSE & 00.,
n.h'.'3-tf No. Hi ti. TIIIKU Sl'liEKT.
yJ . I', Hiitwcrliiitunii rtceietd, aud the Js'otca
turnialieuirvavl ai! d-aiMej, by
tlEOItllE J. BOYD,
aat-?m No. 18 B. Tlllhli liireat.
OU euMMISsllI,
by OliUUUli. J. BOYD,
susa-Tas Ho. IBB.TU'lUlBircot
.t CO., l'llOl-KIU
J K'HH (if ITSTllM.
KAT1N.I lhllTSI.'. As
I1IMM1 H"M, MS. Mn. 1,1 rtltNi;r hl llKKf, Ol"
"M1K l.l.NKIiil. 1-OHT (ifl lCK, Hil I, l)f:l.Pll
I A - 1 .,1, i , ii, u.vdllllll of III. public pretia. lo li.elr IIU
li.cri.ua i.utii.ua uuu lilenda. ll.eir waiuii'.t thauke 1..I
libe-ial tncie.ii.il ii ent lu.i.l ii. lu-rnusly bestowtHl; and
pri u.ibi. l.. j.ilii null fnnlirr altra.-tjni.a and Imi.roveUieiiU
ai.duaveer rniieaiur to meilt ll.a ooutlnuvd aupport
ad bauuusejo 4 taessusral molls el flulad. Ipbla and
I..W..J. .V-.l WM
Rtr.fiMnRK, M ii., Onto her 17,
fUalsxl rir-aie. In ouiiiM nt, will he rerirei i
ired t thif
rflif unttl 11 M.. en HaTCKDAV, Orlobem. Ii ir
ftirniahintT 1 nttrt) Hittf NiihtlMenco lf L-aruafat-
lUcrfei tn litMm"re. M r innti, wiih
o.odo nAiiitMH kkkhii uhudmiy kxtra n.otn
of flral(i Not. 1 and 1. Tdo Florr mint a
irwil) fround and brandi etaietl. r.a h hMiVi
to be fully head lined. I Ut hocpd an
mtrSiae-mtdf" hrrrtlj v1)l ioxiuvrir be r
teriM. Oiir-htlfto br drliverod wtUila Unkt
f1ya. and (he whole within f.WQ daji ftB
500.000 l'VMrt fihhT QUALITY PII,OTnHR!,l
liema.iewrviujoiexir orsup-riirirntMir, wntui
utitH hfeinel io t'" tta rtrd t.f 'lniprtitn
Kdnitrd and tn UHr bv tt f Kiaie nur In
tun In thl hiv I hr Kltmr and Hrnal will
lo mamined uy Hie lniiorior on tlie iart tof a
(.(ixTJitnt'iit, wt-o wlil if mi ail thtt In tlia
iiilltyil ti o f l'ur t-r lnanyoltir respect l
lntr'fr tn thi n.andurd inmiiiei. Ilreu U (s
pfukid in )Kesui unv i) rounds b-rad
rnrhbok; tHir to he raatle or f diy-'oaionc
wo-tl.oi fturh kind a v. .Li lim urt n i tite r
fenr to Ihe b rad: hil ntu nnd t f 0 eiittlv
IIotpi, or tf .r i wo idrrrn, tonvut'd and irrtMiVf
Uitrther ; kin to - nirpi( d wltn lUht Rriwa
hu B,r a'r.ipa. To be itiivorod In llfteeu dayf
fro ia l lien dttr of awnj-tl,
60,000 rue n iim wiiii, critiiirt) urakR.i
te ippd In hftrr.-'i liV- mn-lf uif iroi it
thii oilleMo be fullr h' I hnd, and to ba
U"llv fd within trn diy- fr.m date of award.
93,000 mlmfNm or iiik hkht giiAurr or
PlIliK VINK(MR, made mlv f nm rl ter
v hiky ; 11 fp from Nil loi nijni ardla or ln;iir1oa
iii)t.tan-ft, and of a uniionn itrenitiht vna
Wr.lky Vinegar taklnr M vraina bf?ariona
nr i4taHh ! niuirMl'itn n:m ntinr.a truy tna
f!U(i Vlniar aa near the im tren( to aa
nin be; U t put Dp In half brrr of it mw
lonh cnMCii ba raattit of white k.ldi
r-aniplr to bo h ( n at ii.m ofi'.-o. K.nr.a delivery
to hfi arc in pa ii icq ith a ccrn ira e or a o-oa-pt
tnnt ClM'iul-t Itmr the Vfiii-Ktr ll of th
ri iurtt Mn nRih. One ha r u be d' Itvored ia
ten dy, and nhule wltnlu tweiitj tfayc
Irnin dmr ol AWrd.
30,000 1'Ol'Mi.S AIAMANTINE OANnLKI (te b
Ji on ne' to Ihe pound I. Krand m ut tie men
tk-nod. Konri ti he (atrappt d wtih hfht irref-a
li rhorr ntrapi. To te tHlivcrca m lea day
tr- tn ''a'ei f flwnrd.
04), 000 roll Mm .ooi tiAKO BUOWN ROAT.trt b
mi-di hybi litiK arm onty from nud niattnJi,
f n frnm o'ay, toinlile ulaa, or other adtiltera
tlon, tn have no nnp e isntit odor, to ronUla oi
mure tlian twenty tc pi r cnt. f water. an
to bewiH dried benire lu lnir pae.aad. Ta b
rtflivoTid In trn dar from dutn f award.
00,000 1'iU'NDM (' poumli to the hunt-el) KIK
HALI'e Worthmti.n lirand Ouo-mlf ( k
in aiukii. und one hah tu be in apirit barren
the t'arreJi to he (.mid. dean, und dry: all o' if
marl. a to be ohhteran d by I'MnUnir tne headj.
To Ito deliwied Im Ico d)i from unit oC
ftnmpli e tmit h flirnfahed of al' the nrtli lei ofTored.
Retiitratr nnmonalfi. in ilur-tira'. mrit b made for
arth k-uiiumeiatd,ann bidden my propose fir tlie whole
or an) ran of path. I'mixi-als innM ln made no Mnfc
fonnn, funiUhed at this ol'ice. The crr.lilf :e attaehel t
Ute roK)aJ mu.t be aiKned by two r-pontl'le pirtH4.
KpnHR rharva an nampUn muat ha prepaid, nr th
pnirMi aU will nut he oon-mercd. Kah bid muit hare ft
pi intra ropy oi mis nuvrnisciueni i'-u in in urau, Kuta
O uat be iptclnf In cnniplylnK with all Us tenne.
1'ropoaaJn mui t not be em'tom-d wltti th samples ,bnf
be de:lvcn d ttejaratc, and endors,fU"i'ropotU for Sull
aiatenc 8 tor en. "
I'eriont not having the precise vat.'efy ftf fltoret ahova
deicutHd, but having article t.t a srmtlar kind, an at
hherty to n od In proposals lur supplyliiK Uient, watch w It
recWve attention acrordlna to pnra and adaptatlia to tha
wants of Uie service. In atl canes uot specially excet4
tlie delivery miiHt bo made at the time spfLtfloc1. Incaa
of failure, the United mates reserves tha rli ht of p tr
oliaxe elaewhere to niHke up Uio deficiency. ehariHng tat
a'l'snr-e sald over cod tract price to ihe partf fallluff
All stores will be rarcnitly IniKieteS and compared wlti
tlie tetalned sainpl' . Ki-turns of wbikhh, slxaed by ft
rrRoiai pub He weigLer, must ba furnished wkeoarec
Contrsctors are exptrted tn hold their roods with oat
xtonse to the United Htates until rsinlnd lor shipment,
Varments to ha mnde after the drltvery or the stores If
fund are on band; If pone on hud, to be mado as soos
as rrreivnd.
Kach person, or every membtr nf ft Ann o (Turin f a pm
rwiaial, must at company It by au oa'li ol alle ance to tha
Unltod tfiates Oovemment, If ho hai not already filed on
In tills ollW-o. In udititlon thereto a cmtilcate will ba re
iiiiied Netting forth Uiut the articli'S ottered the tbivana
ment, under the above advertisement, etiher belong to th
iarty hlddlnr, or aro te bo purohnsed or received by thavft
of loyal cltizcus for delivery to Uie United H tales Uovema
Mtii must bo leRthle, and the numbers must be writteft
as well an expressed hv fljoin.
Atlhidsnot complying strictly wita the terras ol Utic
ad ertiiitutut wtii be rojo.ted.
lO-fO-St Captain and 0.rt.,U.rt. A. .
Commissary of Suhhlstence.
WAaiiiMOTmr, October lf.lfWl.
Will be sold at publlo Ruction, on THlK41AT ,Oetoef
27, l'Cl, at ll o clock. A. M., at btith aUnttt wharf. WUk
ingtuu.i). C
WW Halted Hides.
HH lry hides, more or lOSI. Ale(
lfXK) Sugar HfifrBheads.
VK Turk Ham is.
KU Klnur Co
l:U(Mi d
m Whtsky dn
lyi H-h do
VmcRar K(i.
facftBoxna, Ac.Ae. fke.
Terms Cash, in Treasury notes, at the time Aflat.
lu-D-bi U. ItPXL, Llout.-Col.andO.S.
puorosALS ron lumber.
Cun.r QrAi:rKVMTiB's Orvira, I
Pai'OT op Wiiim,t..s, Wafihlitiitoii.Oct, 17, ItM
Rtalfd 1'rnpOHBls will ha reei'lvtd al litis Offlce uaifl
RA 1 V BIA . October Vi), 1HC4. at 12 o'clock at., for d.-Hvftd j
lit A dtHtol Lumber of ihefoUowlug atuojots, kinds,
and descriptions, vtz :
l,,Ci)ooiiH9t4-4 oil Inch Wlilto Ptne common Cullinff.
tOtO twt y 4 or l-mth Ahlte Vino commoaOaU
ir0.0C0AetH-4ora. iitsh WMIo Pine common Onlllniafl.
l'A.0O0itel4-4or 1 Inch tomjutd and (riovc4 ITLovr
lilts 2f,f00 feet .H4 Flemlock Bcantllng. J2 feet long.
'.'ViCOfwetaM llomick Ht enltltis;. 1 1 trollon
2"U,(Ui fsn;;jrl Hru.lt.cl. Kcaiiihiiir. Hi f-- w"
(sfioift :i4 llciuhmk .-canill' ii "ot h,n
W.(iiV,ti4 Ih-n ock 8c' "K, 20 leet long,
y.'t.oui (ter ax& lleail"" 'U li t ln.
yVKOiVci iii I'" 1(""k J .iHt, lfoet lontf.
44 IMMj lec( 'i li em 'ock Jit, d H-t 1 u,f.
.tw ii (t ;tx Htuiiock JnUt. .Oft ln.
SrtjCkitt'tt :ta HfinUick ,loii 24 fro l'uf. t
ft I Jx7 Hi in lm k Joint, 14 fiet lunjr.
V'. OtO ft-et :7 Hum ock Joiat, K f.t Icnfi.
'iOf l-ft.U Hi mlrnk Joint, lKfuet !n,'.
f0,i)''et;UH Ilt iulin-k Joint, Vi ttt lotitr.
Wi.lJt'O feet ami U) Hemlock Joist, 16 feet Mnr.
?,(K0f ct :u ai.d 10 Hemicck Joist, :o fpet lonit.
fi.Mi f ,i ;lX! hi. a Jo iu ii-to. k Juist, t f et loti.
No. 1 IS inch kat d Wlut - Fiiio ISUinglja.
1, fi.OO Ih Mt giaallly aaw ed cadar Sliinles.
V.'Ki Ut I'lasterint; l a'lis.
Hampiuaot smnKies and latlia profuse d Jbr will be ti
Mils will be reoelved ceparitcly for earh kind and
quantity a above si-ociilcd, or tur tho whole amoiut ad
vertised fur.
All ot the above described tn ba Rood mrehantab!i
luinlcr, aiiuicci to tlie iiiieotiua uf uu ia(actir app lule4
ou ihe I'Hit oi the (bivoiDiniMit.
ll oi the luuib-r contractud t'oi t be dellveredvlUri
llilrty fs) dnN fn tit date oi contract.
J'topo$al jtom diUyal pantf uill not be eon ndr et.
An ( aih of alh-Kianru t the Umtod Huus Uwveruiaoni
iiinsi Hcui-mjiany tath iiroj.oMfiimi.
i ht-atdlily ot the bhliu-r to ll'l the contract, should It
be awarded h'tn, nuist )' Kiniratiti'cd by two respoasl
blc r.'ona, Yk boso signatures must b appendei ta tha
'Hie tnlt rnme ard post ofllce address of each bidder
must hi- leitibly ivrltu-u in the irotHjfttl.
lw.nds iu a Num rtiiMl to Itali ot trie amount of the oon-trai-
, iKiird by ttie coutra ;tor and b th of hii aruarani rsf
wU bemtiulitdof Uiu successtlul bidder, upou sltfuuttf tli
The riKht to reject ftny or alt b'da that may ba deemed
too hivh is rtur(d by ti e Hcpot ljuartenn.itur,
rroioi-a's niunt la plaluly eudorttud ou thn envelop.
"I'lfpouaift fur Luiubci, " aad addronsud to the uudar
b'gncd. I). II. RIIOKKIt,
Itrlf-adior-t ancial and Clihrgu.rtertnatier,
10-19 1(K leitotuf V 4UIi.loii.
Army, Ko. SO ckM'Ty Hiivet,
tufriwt.ua. Md., OctAber 10. 14.
Realcd Propoeala, in ituilfatft lll b received as thlfl
office until U M., on AtONUAV, Octooar 21. Hit, lor
fuj nuhlug t-ue United Hlatua ttubslstaooa liaruuaM
on ths boot, di livered at tt-e State rattla BcJs at Baltl
moro, Md.. In lids of ilutOj ono thousand each every (Id)
d udiivi; to be welvhcd wltl ln one and a half davs after
a; rival, at ti e excuse of the contractor. Tiu-y must
araKe about (l'l hirtrcn hnndn d pounds gross wolit;
all (ulltrg aboil oi i H') one th -ntaiid poimdi uross w4ihk.
Itulla. Htan.oxt-n, (.'una, lii-.fois, and 11 urn lass Caille,
WlU be rejui-t-d.
A dt'dtieiiou oi ton (10 ptm1n will ba made from thn
weu ht of eacb Ktrtr anccped un l r this contriwt. pro
Tided the aiiln al decs not aland lu the p.mi two and on
half hours buf. ri bi'inf vtth.id, or ia ut wuihed luiuia
dlately after r- inoval iroiii Ihuetra.
Idank f.iniis for pn jo.a!s can bo hsd on a pp'l cation at
th's otticca either In person, by uialu or tele-craph,
frn.ohats by teiei-rarii, or ether irrutu.ar, luforiaal
procokuls wili not he c nilt red.
'i he Oovernmeut v tli cIjhh tbe rkht of weUhlne; any
tne aninal sii urate, If lis siptur-iic Indteitus loss
weibt tt.nn the niii.iiuuiD meiriVmed above; tbe ex
pense of wubjhii.tf vi Ui be paid by Uie party errlui Ui Jadg
suont. Each Md. to suure consideration, muit contain a writ
ten fcuarantte (.i two re.poiiiibje perw.-iis, as loliows;
We .oi the County of , Male of ,dw hereby
guariuitee that is (or are) able to fuldl a control iu
accortian-e v !tti the triu of bis (or thu!r propontii Jn,
and should hW for tl.t-lr) propssltion be accepted, be (or
they) will a once inifr into a contract In a couUnca
therewith, und w are i.r-iar.d to becine hu SJCUrH e,
alvliiK foed uiid nitlii-l -i.t bontitj for tt fulDltuent.
'1 he rt'fpotitibt hv ot'tt-e cuM-antoii inuht lu -hown by
the oitif lul cetlHcule,f the clerk of ih iierett li-UM
Court. or of thu 'ViudaSuuee U sUtct AUjruu, U' b eU-CiO-ed
Mlth t t. it.
;iddr ui-".' I-' r'srnt to repaiid to tor Idds, ana
fue ared to i;iii; b pos and i(.u lim c-fUtraci hei ra lev
y the oth e.
'1 li (lov. s-'ii ic;' f.ou to tttlf the rf.,ht to ie:cct uny
or all b.l coitM 1 " d i.i r. .t-t
1'H.yiut-nts to he niB.lr' :i r et li .lc'lvry lu su-'h nnc
at n;v he on hui.d; ii liOiu ou hur.-l, to bv lueU as
am i. ii rccelNfc l.
l'r p sals must bf f!idor-cd dUtlncly "Pr.ipn.a ftt
tei cattie,' it: .: nJ.lrDTtd lo captaiu J, 11. UiiuiAtt, 0.
H., Ul;iinurr-, M riit..l.
If u bid in V-v i a ui f- of a rtn.i. their nanes and thoir
rict ctiic acUlrtas tmt iippeur, cr thiy will uot bj eun
siCercd. ,
tio.li person or t ve. v menu er of a flrni oitppu? a pro
posal niut acct-ii jtiti.v U wl h en "mh nf a! Itatlan-' te tha
I niti-d htures uicn i.ieul.ll tw ba not alieady ultd oua
In this ottice. . . .
AH Mo, ,,. con ; .' .;' ffrirHy vith the termi of f.u aa-H,..lnl,:r,.e-.
JO U-7t t'siitsln and U. .. U H. A.
iiJI Orl.ee, Miat l.lvltl.-n. ,
VAiiisiiii.rnr,Ortohir l.tSCi.
Hones ailllul.li. I. r Arll'lary and t'a airy Senrleo will
he ouu l.asi u t illl.SUOltO iitiUi', liioyn luarKU, tul
Jso..iiit.i r 1 . li"'.
Ilime. Kill beilellvtfred to Caplala L. LowryM wra,
A. 1.'. M , anil In fub eslisl l iu. usual eo cn.iueot
lfinMclion be lire L-el Ulr ace.-itid.
l-.leuol I'aial.-.v il..iheii, Sl,6 each,
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