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fer tr-e ane aOitroei. of th rritnrn"t r.e.'e.aanl fw
eneHeAt.i. tint ft ft icraramee for Ma Ml faith. We
turn ondefWe te rmwrn r.Mvle 1 Cnuiotiinlcalteoe.
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ee trie rveat fneraaaa la the Circulation of Tn
ftvhMirm Tat-taaar-u. onotneiltMe ua to i 10 ereaa at an
earlr houe.we n.ei-tly r.iiaal teat arH.'rli.eni.-iita may
Or aanded in aMn a ID o'eliH-k, If p"".lh', to .eea.
theem an raeerUeei In ait of oar editlnna.
TliU dlfiUngulHhed French citizen, and (Inn
friend of the United States, h.w revutly writ
tea a letter on tho PichI lenti il question in this
country. It la a document which review at
length thn different potiitions of tlio two parties
to tli election ; and thoro Is a most rein trk aide
anl thorough Loowledge or thn prlm-lplas or
theae parties exhibited In tho letter. Count
Gabparin doea not rush Into hi subject willi
cut having first acquainted hlm-ielf with all the
points at laaue. He has mustered the subject
pf the Rebellion ; Iris kept up with Its proresj ;
anil as a Liberal In that land which sent us a
LAHTF.TTE In tho days of tlio Revolution,
be . iympathlxei with our Nation il Govern
ment, and hopes and believes In Its ultiin:it'.
The first position which ho asuimui I, th it
the Union must bo maintained, il l cotipn)
besds Mr. Lfkooln's policy of t irryln t on
the war for Its dofense, tho supremacy of Its
power, and the restoration of those States
which wore wlchodly severed fro:n that Union
But, he docs not understand how an arra tiee
ia to aid the national cause. Tim word
"Peace" Is Insidiously whlspcrod throu'iout
Uio land in the Chicago platforn, but the
Count cannot Dnd out the conditions of pe'ico
une Insurrection, exclaims tho writer, "was
la Its doath-strnffuln ; an arinlstlce will
rwtore It to life ; It was without resoureas
w they (the Peace men) will re it ire Its arms
" and credit; the array of Graxt was at tb
" boit'ers of Richmond; they will withdraw
Allowing that M( Ci.ellaw should be
elected President on the platform of peace,
he further remarks that "tho mere fact of his
election would have such a gignlflcanco
" that he would be ctinlyd lurtliur thin he
" Imaginos to-day. These popular Impulses
are terrible ; tho reaction once, commnuced
" In the direction of peace at any price, ol tho
Union at any price, of concessions at any
u price, no one knows how fur he w'll go.
" Pretensions, and perhaps acts of cowardic ),
will then ensue, the very thought of which
" chum us to blush for shame. M.'n will not
" fear, be sure, to propose, to discuss guiran
" teea in favor of slavery.
" In any case, the denomination which
" now exists at the South will be transferred
to the North. The North nill be gteen up
u to (JicMons, to intrigues; li'iniiui ) ioii'ec
' Ifore (t a simple and perspicuous en'1
" to ymrtte, it will imperfectly vslut the
"favatical unanimity of tM South. It in
the North tit at in ill appear to be conquered..
"Itiaio the North thvt the law io'I! a;)pir
" to be (iictoted."
There Is a prophecy whleli tlm X irth will
ace fulfilled to tho letter should Mi.'Clkm.an
be elevated to the Presidency. Are we ready
for euch a condition of nfl'airs? are wa yet
quite willing to sacrifice our manhood, our
rights, our liberties, to a party whose assump
tion of power would assuredly enf .il upon tho
flree States tho distractions and evils foretold
by thin eminent foreigner?
The second point in the letter Is an argu
ment on tlio assertion mado by the pea?u
men that Mr. Lincoln wishes to deprive the
Southern States of their rights by a subju
gation which will grant them no privileges.
This chargo he refutes conclusively, and
proves that when they return to the Uoiou
"the rebellious States regain tho plcaltudj of
their rlghte." Mr. Lincoln has done gojd,
notcvil. IleconflnoB bimsolf to no vague deola
mtions of a platform, but converts his system
Into practical decisions jj.'oady in the act 01'
Thirdly, the Count argues that Mi Lin
coln has due respect for the Constitution and
laws. The dictatorial tendencies a.icr'ud to
him by his opponents his "arbitrary arrjsts,"
and the eupprewdou of Uinloyal journals, do
net prove that hu is a tyrant. His position as
the ruler of the nation, striving honejtly and
taitbfully to preserve It against the violence of
ivd-lianded ndxdlion, gives him the right, to
exercise national power, not oi:!y against
tlicse who are in open war, but tlio who at
hop e do all they can to aid and encourage
traitors. "Here Is a Government," he continue.:,
engaged in an onnod utrule wUh thu niaH
" U rmidalile Hubellioii of which liuiiun aan
njUe ueulion; this IMielliou took Its ri' i ia
a vafit trutibou for which the way had beam
paved by a goodly amubiirofUiosu who were
directing anuu'a at the moment when Mr.
Lincoln was elected. It brd for ls ahm-d
" couktant point of tu;'port coinp'-icllliii will :h
" betrayed to the South the secret 01 tho op
1 at ions meditated cs-tbist it; at the moment
u when the South wa.-. most lu nuei of dlllci jnt
" ld, there nrco now ivul-Unce to the eon
" wi iption, then the hideous mid bloody New
" York" riot, then manifestos designed, as it
uemed toreatoi L'COU'ago to the Rebels, and
" uiiucunce to thum that the war could not bo
Kuntlned. ' Well, this Goveriiuient, thus
" utUicked, has nut tn'ienilctlfor a ulmjlc diy
u the national liberties. We receive the Ameri-
" can Journals, and we know whether they are
' restricted in hlwitiny, and in turms the oio-
" lence vf which at times confounds us, the
" policy of Mr. Lincoln, h' person, his inten-
" tions. Have uot both houses ol congress
u sat every year during long months, and have
" not their discussions taken place in broad
"duyllght? Have tho legislative assemblies
" of the separate States boen subjected to an
exceptional regimet Ilave the parties that
u divide America lost the right of convoking
" Immense meetings, and of discussing there
" all the Interests of tho country f Iluve mea
"ceased to apeak, to publish, to organiza?
We Europeans have not perceived It.
And yet kmd-mouthcJ demagogues in the
North continually assure their readors aud
tieureri that they have lost thuir liberties I
The fourth point made is on the re-estab-litdiment
of peace, In which the Count argues
JoBclbly and convluclugiy, to honest niluds,
that Uie surest way to aonorble peace Is in
thp adoytloq of a firm policy with the Rebels.
There ia nothing," he says, so pacific on
earth a flrmcess." Slavery, the prime cause
of the BeUdllon, must I forever removed.
peace patched up through an armistice
would penult the existence of that accursed
fT'l, nrl, eitrlntm tliU warm-hnitrtd Frerfh
ninn, " Mny Oo4 prenorTO Hio United SUtflB
from thin sliili'tor iiAcIftcBtlon, which would
Irnve aubaiatlng Uie true quarr.'l, which would
ltnvo alive the trur- rncmy !"
; The flflh anl last division of tlio li't'f r
rrforn to tl-to abolition ol 'uvrry, tlirt original
cause of Hip revolt. Ho rr.iifiii(it Hint thin li
the mnin thinjr willi t!in South afU?r nil, sod
tl'fit the Tcare pnrty of the North intimatJMt a
willinRnoos to twniiily with tlio rlBTuntln of
Invei y. Up tli.'iKri.sU (Jmier.'tl Mc(.!lkli.A"i"b
ellcnre tin ilia point an follnwa: "The con
' ct': If.nn of NoOi.m.i.an Le.ir evld m o on
"tills artirle. To jIimI anythli? that. Mr.
" I. incoi N docs not yield, hn mint yield ttila. i
" He avoids sponkinc; of It., but his s.'ence is
" nn arltnnwlnljimcnt.
"A i.d let no one lull lilmv If with lllusioni.
" It la everywhere repeated 'Slavery is dead;
" v. hutever may be dnno. It will not rise again.'
" Slnvcry dies hard. Whv, thn, If this qucs
" Hon Is decided In fact, dons It coastitulo tlm
' great difficulty? Why dos not Gnnoral
u MrCl.M.l.AN necord hlinsuli' the satisrant.ioa
" of speaking of it, like Mr. Litroi.N ? Why
lias not Mr. Jr.FKi:itiuN Oavis hl'mclf,
" who certainly dues not lack sagacity, an 1
"vtlro knows what progress sympathies for i
" the South would make if slavery worj o it
' of the question why his he nmcr u'tcI
an (flicial word thnl. promises the abuW.irm
tf slavery, under any form wha'esert Jtc-
" rovsc the South still clings to slinrry to-day
" (is on the dayvhen it rose in rebellion."
In conclusion, Count GAfiPAiits grows
eloquent In ills appeal to the peoplo of tho
live States to stand by the President; and wa
cannot close our article inoro appropriately
than by quoting theso stirring words:
" American pa'riots, you will net a noble exim
'pie by liiimolntin n little dimtisfaeti n, a
' lew rivalri. s, even a few linnoratili' iirerrcni-cs.
" In orilvr to terminate itlori msly what you lin
1 iicuiin: isec wiihi n'niiii await yon; tneyaie
" prrsetit, befi ro you, wiltiin yourgrssp.
' I'eace will lie te e itVoltshed. Th" nitoil
" outburst of 'lie Noriti, the n id mal re election
of Mr. Lincoln, Is a lieuvy lilow on lor which
" 1 he lat ri tcatnnce i r an ex iau.ted and dis
" couriered IU-Im Hi--n will -n succamti.
" The Union will rem. near stronger Ihsn it was
" four yesrs a.jn, for it will bnvo reji,lci from i s
" hi'Hom the m iludy ih it was c uisinning it.
" Miivery will have p, il-hi d.you will liavi-secoin-"
piisbed the ;rentet woik of modern Hiuos, all
" who luive a lie:t will anplaiiit yon for it, and
" Ood will shed upon jou His beat l.'lesdn'js."
The remark has been made more than onoe
since this great world wm set a-rolilng, that
time Is precious." It waits for no mau. On
singing maidens and fighting men; on flower
gardens and battle-fields; on joy and sorraar,
hope and despair, woe and hatred, the night
tails, and the sun rises, with unsparing rogu
larity. The minutes ara precious, every one
of them. We cannot afford to let them drift
unheeded by. The current widens and quickens
for eternity's ocean, and wc are afloat. There
is work to do, aud not more than enough tima
to do it in.
Let sin and shame and sorroiv ba upon
every one of us who wastes this hoavonly
treasure. If any mortal be willing to Incur
he fearful responsibility of sloth, his ba tho
settling of the account! But a weightier and
graver charge Is against him who sjuanders
the time of others. Ho la more Mian a spend
thrift. He is a thlof. Earthly law cannot
reach him. lie is often gonteel and respect
able. He wears fine c'othos and uses clulee
lengungo. The fragrant atmosphere of a good
reputation surrounds him. Tlis lips distil
honey and breathe melody. ITe drops gjutly
In whin the musclos an all strain jd, ail tho
brow burning with tho heat and toll of the
day. lie is delighted to see yiu. Was pass
ing by and thought lie would Jtist see haw
you were coming along. lias nothing now
or important have you? Tiiinits a great
deal ,'iboi:t the weather, and says all he thinks.
How busy you are I Don't stop I
And then an irregular lira of rmniuisconeoj,
reflections, spoculallons, prophecies, an 1 hoar-
mys all very sapient and surprising, no
doidit until the brain reolf, and the narvei
;uivtr, and patience oozes out in groat angry
diopucf perspiration, and common courtoiy
becomes n heroism, and from tho troubled soul
goes up a o-x for a lodge In some vast wilder-
ncps, or inurccssible attic, with only ono door,
and Unit one bclud on the buddo.
Wo shut up in grated walls those who rob
us of our money or goods. We knock diwn
those who rob us of our reputation, or forever
"cut" and shun them. IJut we can do nothing
with those who steal our timo. We are at
their mercy. Will they not pause on tho
threshold, and con ider well before thoy tarn
our duor-In teh?
The piiec-K of the necessaries of llfj hsve
r-reatly advanced sluco the war l egao. Such
a it-suit was to have beeu expectod by all
sensible persons. Any man of common under- !
fctiiiidius mufit, if l:c n tlecta at all, know and
i-onfess that the standard of values which
obtains In a time of general peaco and pros- 1
perity eaiiuot fail to be disturbed, and vwy !
violently disturbed too, by a state of war,
Desides the euoimous diulu which such a
formidable und protrae'ed strife as is now
existing in this country, must make on its
productive labor and its pecuniary resjurcos,
we have to con.-.ider the severe shock which
Mirii a coi'dltlon of afVn'us gives to public con
fidence in the stability of all ccnuomicul iutar-e.-1
and relations.
The mii.d of the community uatur dly b)
couies ulariiicd aud apprehensive un l-sr cir
cumstnnces o' the kind. No man can tall,
II cm hour to hour, what may happen to atfjet,
iiiiiiivoraliiy cr otherwise, tho national wel
fnre; and In this attitude of uncertainty, with
the evidences of lha rapid aud e.c'en -:lvo flue
tiiatirus in tlie lliiaiicial and commerci d elr
tles uttructliig his attention every moment, ha
reasonably demunds more for his labor or his
property, in proportion as the demaud for both
increase, and the currency in which they are
paid for declines in credit.
It Is therefore unwise, as well as unjust, to
charge the administration of government
with those consequences which are the com
mon and iuevitulile incidents of a violent and
long-couthiucd disturbance of the public tran
quillity. All wars, In all countries and ages,
have caused a general scarcity of the neces
enrics of life ; and their cost to the consumer
has always gone up relatively to the producing
power of the nation, and the confidence or
want of confidence of the peoplo In the; final
result of the war, or as regards the probable
period of Its protraction.
Jut If It Is unwise and unjust to hold an
administration responsible for the ordinary
and usual commercial and financial effects of
a war which it did not provoke, and has not
purposely mismanagod, It is still more Injudi
cious to require that administration to remedy
such efilcts by direct and special legislation.
We all rcmemtier that, not very many months
ago, Mr. CiiAaK, then Secretary of the Trea
sury, was aked to euggt-at or initiate some
measure to regulate' the price of Jfold, and
thereby control the market value of all essen-
ld article f popular necessity aun coa-
umptlon. That requent was muc. In pro
found Ignorance of tlio flind:unntil lava of
trade, whlrh are Indopendnnt of, anil stronger
than, the rcaultitluua and ptllctn or any hum an
leg Mature.
j rarllnmenta and Coniirrtiwa liitvo trln l.titne
And time afrnln, by all aorU or (loving and
expedient., to aiilai(oni' und rt-ntraln the
natural tnoTcmenls of commerce; and liaro
Inv.irint ly failed In every aurrcaHivo eKivrl
nient. Tho attempt l nn ntieless an that which
trie to prevent the tendency ol water to eok
and ultimately And Its level, in uplte of all
artificial impedimenta. Thorn who aro in
credulous on lliis aul.'jucl, and who would
ivproach tho (iovernment lit Woahinqlon fir
not regulating the prien of beef, colVne, pota
to, and the like, may 1'iarn a uselul lesson
from the history of what has happened in
Fiti:re whenever the Government of that
country has ventured to interf -re with trade
b acts or statutes lu the nature of auuipl.:inry
Such laws linvo invariably done much more
hiirm than gooJ, and such will and must bo
tliilr I'fieol wherever they are (tied. For
many years the eueecsslvo Governments or
Trance have taken as much trouble to keep
down the price of bread at Pails as somo wlso
inen d sired Unit Mr. Uiiahh should take to
keep down the price of gold at New York.
The result is that bread has al ways baen and
is still abnormally dear in rarls, and that the
Parisian bakers are in a constant state of
financial crisis. Tlie F.nst of France Pall
way Company recently made arrangements to
bring tl.c cheap bread of tho ptovlnees Into
the Paris market; and under the operation of
the principle of competition, tho Parisians
find themselves, lor the first timo In many a
long year, ut their ease on tho bread question.
The great point to be gained by legislation
on all subjects of trade Is to render trado Itsolf
as free as possible. When that is done, the
wisest possible policy of Government is to let
trade alone. Any Interference with il, bcyoud
thn cud of relieving it from all natur.d or
artificial restrictions and impediments, must
inevitably be prejudicial. Trado is never so
prosK'rous as when it Is left absolutely to the
unrestricted act'on of its own instincts or lairs,
aud the advocates of any other theory are but
Ignorant aud short-sighted dreamers.
ITMII.KTO Will I K A 1. KM Kit.
Tho peace plank in tho Chicago platform
has at last given forth a sound, but it is ai
"uncertain sound." Pkndi.eton has spoken.
Ills lips, long scaled, have been permitted to
utter something, and yet that something
nmcunts to little or nothing. Notwithstand
ing his immense and unyielding pic3 pro
clivities, he lias been gently manipulated into
a semi-recognition or adoption of the
McC i.ei.i.an letter ol acceptance.
Tdo does not say so, to bo suro ; but the milk-and-water
sentences in his letter to John B.
Bapkin prove that tho managers of the
gunboat hero's afiairs have succeeded tu
weakening the backbone of Geohob II. Pkv
ii.i;tok, Esq., candidate for tho Vicc-Pred-dency
with McClkllan at least to a cer
tain extent. But it goes against the grain
sorely ; and he wants tho public to know that
he makes "no professions of a new faith." By
this we aro to understand that the G:hi:ob
II. Pkndi.kton wlio for three years past has
steadily refused to support tho Administration
in its efforts to subduo the U'jbullion, is tho
same personage now that he was then.
lib, protestations about his regard for tho
Union not being excelled by any one, are simply
j foolish and false. If he had said that "there is
' no one who cboa ishes u gi'oator regard for tlie
I Union of the Southern States in one Con
federacy," then the people of tho North, who
understand h's prisiiiou as well as he does
himself, would have behoved him.
His deprecation of tho establishment of
another Government In this country is incon
sistent with tho position which ho assumes as
I n peace man. II the ltebals aro grunted an
armistice, and at its close refuse to return to
the Union, what then? Why, thoy aro to be
allowed the privilege of departing in peace,
nnd the Government is thus severed in twain
the right of secession is acknowledged, and
tho States of the Union, whenever they find
it convenient, will bo at liberty to repu
diate thn General Government, and set
up tor themselves. Punhl&ton is not so
gif.it a fool as not to know this. Tlio fact is,
Ids nympaUiies are with tho bouth, though,
under tho guir.e of the wolf in a sheep's skin,
lie ulleu Huooili words, und prattles inno
cently of his love for tho Union. Tlie very
fact of his opposition to exacting any condi
tions from the Itebels "uot prescribed in tho
Constitution" ouuht to bo conclusive evi
dence of his hypocrisy his doublo-dofding
with a question which involves the exist
ence of our Republic. Tho truth is,
that, this letter, like that of MoClli.
i.an'h, though aboundiug in extravagaut
plunscs, laden down with prolessad love for
the country, docs not evan hiut ut the one
great issue of tlie hour the suppression of au
armed rebellion nnd the restoration of the
seceded Slates to the Uulon. The people of
the North are not blind; th?y uru uot dumb;
and thc-y have jihvudy noted this omission lu
Mi-Ci.ki lam's letter, and thoy cau-iot fail to
ncte the sumo omission in that of tho very
llouor.dile Guoiiuk II. Pfnolictox.
Tin: ,u'jiu..ssi:-. Ti.i(iair.
Oi:r ri'izeas luive au abundant feast of re t
1.0:1 spread fur them to-niglit. At the Hall of
the Union League Hon. TiiAudkus Si'UVKNH
aud Hon. ,k-vih Hahkuu will speak. Of tlio
attraclioua of tlie first-limned orator it is un
necessary for us to say anything. His fame ba
lenps to us of Pennsylvania, to tho envy of all
other Mates. Mr.llAUKK.it is lroin Maina
and litis no equal in the power of moving
masses of meu by Ills eloquence nnd manner.
At the hall of the Iuviucibles (National flail)
Vice-President IIamlik will deliver an
We trust that all of these gentlemen will bo
welcomed by crowded audiences of our people.
There is another duty, however, that caunot
be urged with sufficient zeal. It is for every
ono who feels impelled to hear these speakers
out of sympathy with their views, to take with
him some blend or acqualutonco who may not
only bo lukewarm in the cause of the Union,
but have been led astray by the sophistry of
the demagogues who bf.vo usurped the places
that were once tilled by honest Democratic
leaders who ore now In favor of the election
oI'Likcoln and Johnson.
Advices from the Wuat Indicate an early set
tlement of the Indian difficulties. The roads over
jjie plains Are deserted by emlTanta, aud no more
murders have been reported for upwards of eevo
rul weeks.
A porhonwho ctme to this country less than
two years ago, a perfect stranger to every one,
has become the proprietor of the woollen mill
at Alfred, Maine, formerly carried oil by Mr.
Holland, and 1 couductiog a vury aucccualui
10 2J-3t Vo. gift cuXdSU SIHtCT.
TIIR F.rttF.K A Olt.!f riVTf or wr.T
Cspttul, tl,000.tl0n, dlviilnd into inn.O'K) hn
I Ooarahan. autMcrlpt lirlco, 51 P"' alurn
1 Mt l'.,mpii owa .0 f Ol llu m i ralutlil i Uu I a4
laaxoa in iha Raria na valli-y. al'uaia on ll.,r-a v. -ok an I
( amnnnll'i Hun nrai cho of Hull oioii. and wllh a 'Iva
' nara ef Ida Olila re it.
On Hiitmi fieck ciioioanTaK'n'iiia all, whlii l ni.w
j aiiinplm ifinj Ui aa barrtu of on ii r il,v Tina we l
' oiily Ihri-e huii.lri-! anil Iwrlily aorn friS) il -n. 'Mi
Aiionrtdtcml. nt lc niw rr-iATlriR 10 It -m to Old il.-ii li A
Ilia oltar walla aiiiiouiiilliiK n. wliirn an m.lte !n,' f.-im
oiii' hiinilri i) to on liuiuljr,! anil aUlv I't ri-l. nf oil O'lf
I diy. wliAn n am ,a lfli-il an oju ir'hliii:e liHe a'."i(il .
lnimlnd aio am'y.nvr lpil, with Ati.iut l.ili'.i 'u lo' "il
I In Uii wv.l. Tlie laml on whu-li iln aJ i i-f-h-i h dh
j a pan'ual 1 In llillll'n'i k C'mii. ei.i ori, a ' ni -
; llilrd HiieirM, I'ltr c niiaio li.v" Idr b U ini-i- tw ,I.U 1.
A' Cani'ilii'li'n run, llii ttuiiei"jr own hi l- a Ii- l-'. 'if
l)ilrt -tlirre arrn, coi nM- riul liv K-it-4l-i .wi.l n',iei4
i eiiliiwii tt,e IhhI (ll lfimirvls l!io Suta I 'e' U
I Tark wall, H.1WI114 11" IiimiI'''! Ii.i r..,, al.-.'.n O1.4
lto,li ofaulinrilrillrtii ar nw i.p-n si tu-. li.ru. 1.
Ortlvr, Hoi.m No. VS, M-'ifli'tii'a I -.itii, '.
A lliiiitril nnmliar of lliarp. nnlr w.i: I-
JOHN J K'tOMiil!, Tr-a, 11 1..
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WILLIAM II Mono to 41 n HAljiil.
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.1. w. flu-Ion,
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bolli ol l'liiladPIillU.
.WRL -On in monilna of llio 13.1 Instant, .IOSK.rU
Jl LI., Sr., In Hid list 'ivir of liii "tf '.
Ilia nlallviw anil iron-li 01 lliu luinlly, MreaMlili
Lnilyo, No. '2.H, I. i ol O. K-. nnil rticllo Lncam-m.' nt,
Nil ,17, arr rc-prclnilly tnyilrl In ult'-n-l Ilia i uurr .1. 1 nun
hi. Inu la.liliMit:". ho Hi.' liiit!ouvu,l - rrot.oii Ve.
iu mIhi alli'riiooti, at 2 o'c.n. It. .Sen YurK, II1-L10V4
anil Ail-any paiu-ra pli'n ens.
11,'t IIAKLSilN On Hrldsr, Ontonar 41l. Mn. .!'.
Hi I-11 INK . UK IIAIIliHON wttaof Minimal Uvwi-n
lIliilinnlM n anl UmuililiT ol 'llipounrn liiiiin,i..
Hip ralntivra anil iricnila ara raiiu-clliilli IiitIImI to
ail-ml lu r iiiniTul, 10111 the rul'loii:i. 01 tiur PiUi- r,
Jnln aton and liris-n atri-ota tlarinanlown, on Tilr.liy.
ti p 'Alp Instant al I n'rlurk. Kuliernl tn prurac.l In tho
I'nkn llurial tlrnund, Hlxlli anl Wa-dil.iKtnn Klroiuc
1st .liatnli Timf'tr, Lt-rriaa coillltr, Mloul;an, anj
t'b'caiio papcra pleane couy.J
nPr'o. 1 1 nu t 1 S. BKVKNTH "3i roo-,
Mauofaeliircra of
And lha only n Habit made m llila city.
Alao, Kin'pf toom t atninira and nedJIns.Oonitaully
on band. S-l-niihi-ilin
r rrj A fa., l,lhliif. Third on. I
PKniiV a fO .CSoilitng.Thinl anil f'ltiiaut.
I'KllllV A t.'0.,OI itl.ln, Thttd anil Chranut,
1'KllltV a CO., Cmtli 1111. 'I Mnl and Ol.v.nilt.
I'KHMtY A CO .('l.iil-lnjr, Third aud Chmnul.
I'KllhY A CO ,( ruinliiK.Thl.d and Clie.imt.
I T.UICT A V , Clot ".Iiik. Third ami Chaaiiut.
I'F.ltllY CO ,'ln:h.ua, Third aud Cli--iut.
1'KliUY A 1 1)., I Jlnilul.s, Third and Olojnut.
PKCKY A CO .Cnllunil, Third and I h-tnul.
H liltV A (.,(';otiiniK.'i h'rO aiid:lu nul.
VKKIIY A (')., I I' ll.. 1h ril ai .l Cl.a.nnt.
1'l.liltY A CO ,l lotlena.Thlid and t'hiiiilil.
I I IlKY A O .Clnlhlnx.Thl.d and (III. -anul.
I'l'.lil.'Y A CO .tlloihlliK.Thl.d and rhnmut.
I'f.llliY A CO .Cloth'ns. Third and :hiwiinf.
I'l.llliY A CO., ( hitnii.a. Third anlCh4in.it.
1'1'Klir A I O .Clothing, Thlid ani Cl aiiuL
I'l'IIHV A f'A ,f'l4hiR4, Third and ( i.ut.
LlrHliY ACQ, Clolliliii. Tblrd and Cliainut.
Ilnrunlrs In t'lntliliin;
Jtnrvalha in ( lutl.injt.
Ilairnlua Ml ClulLluK
l.atKKina lu ('lull if.
Al Olf.svii.i.H Btokf V Ol.i Ktxnl.
Al IIiunvii t.K hrnsrs' fild Slai-I.
Al it. li.l Sr.iK:.-!' O.d Stand.
A. UllANVli.Lr. .iTOHH-,' Old .Stnud.
Vo. Hflu 1 hramit .tfPt.
Tso. ur.l Clio .mil tr.-it
jNo. ill lit Iteanut ain-tt.
No. WJ Chcsiiut atradt.
Iurr ll MittlelrH
'i'lid OnPMt iirai d,
l- .l adaplod fP
Med otna pnrptM.
Jiutt r-.-i-ived hy
1)A IS A KlCKAlTh.,
Arill nnd Xc:it!l.
I. li C
T it 1 C I T V .
A W0U0 TO T(IC Wlili
d. men. nt 1
All lilne a ).! cHHilftli-n?'. wth n-nte and chrodlc.M-'irue
thtru In Y.tt.lltt tnnnth Wt to runct, an ik-i uiaticuily
cuntl.b w.i'rann-t. ai No. U'.-O WALNUT Strcot, Phlm
tl'l hlu, Bt.it in tiUfl ol' tx trtilnro In mont iUt t'linU mnlsuttuii,
n charnv i innile. KltKlr cul IiiW(iit,nn, '.t.tJliMie
cbout live jtflu a o hy l'ru1isor ItOI.Ufl. Uca4 the
A cm of 111.1U lit prsvaih to a frtniiil nvlrnt In com
iniuiiilt'ii, d.yom'iii MD Onfl yontlit, of both e', ainianlly
ttf f.n tan 1 J Kruia. Tliso diafca are very itniwii'ortijr
tiiidcrtit(.oJ. Thf li e&fvrnal mRnltVs.aikuni or .Tin.tmas
arc nt'fvf uu d' bility, rotaiatlun, and ureal ehnntion,
Qiaianinux, r wt!ni; aitd oonsumpHon of the Umuoa of
(lie wh !cj body, nt urhitmf of trttliliiij, or too jurnl
lreat!ilnji on aiccu'SiDtjt a hill or UihU of statra, alpliaUoa
of the lieart, a:i.liaa, brvnchltii, aud a ilty, a'irc throat,
trciMl-.'nt' ftrl hki. or the arra and Inwor lUut,
ttvitiion to rwciiity, huslnt is, aud to study : someUiaeb
(V nines n of tho c;,vM:1it, 1 of ciemo-jr. (lizahiOMi of
tlie ticn'l, tuiAia pain In v.tr1oiu parti of tho
bot.y, iains tn the aud lowr limha, luiuhatjo, dy-
pi-. ihit, ccuntiiisiion 01 the buwt-U, t1ratiivd ourativni of
tbr ttiUi '-y, uitl tunny other (landu of tiio body, pro
tltirti g vti iikiit (lm iiPti into'.h nirilafland f.'iujilei; like
uta ( pili 1 ' J . l hicrla, aim! difU'iont for.na of norroua
ftptiriniaj. .Now, thi ii, muety-nmc oaw out ol every Inm
tlied ot all tlia ttiiovu-numtd (UHt-a. and a hont of u then
nut iinoted, h c!isuoipi u of the lunrtt or of t'H .HplutU
liprvui, have iht tr urf in lit th iJ ic vwcora, honco the
wnutof micrta by any f Ut old mcJicai nytUukioS
I-IK ArtKA tK TV.M 1.RA.
rrolnisMua 1 t' ri, .iii.oirhua, Aiut'iioiThuua, and lyft-tit'iiori-tm
a A'l tin: ttiNive ilitaMf-i m.a ov-ior liorind
cnip:Hii.iii h,nc their i.rik'in In a Waa ot UitI powar ot
tin- ttiv, hr in hi uu Uy ln,urla, eKOtjfi'a, aluiitMry
l.nhitri pfUMu'iitl nhti't a, tttfiniiuifi.ttuu tn ue nfp iwtjrf al
tlitMiio. Moiiif 1.1 Ih priuirU nyinnii aro ureiv ni(
J 1 iiiiio iri.iuul) tlu- 1) p m t. A:k, wetkneM ol t,v Hiuhv,
' MO lai.tn.i- la in: u of mi id tlbilltr tliroUHhotit the unura
i -le ut. 'lhi cut-elf, p lurotl 1 1 'mm iiu jj tiooo:ufouie
. mtUliOM aro u)nieii uii.iitudinou. Uoiiiiiiip't"U,
I pep; In, t.uiftii:itt, !';ir.tyta, lt f ncurt, l.l!tnl:i.tt I'lU,
1 tr J IiibHtii y, und tvt lin y, am not nncc Jim ti.
' t'lifinul ni rcii tt.le rciuf iy ha ever (won tuuiulfor
tlx-j i.U'!i:m ctiiiti'i '.ijitf til' out late aiart ury in tbt une
( o1 l-.U'uuirity in tvirivt arcmdai on with the .)ritl and
, uiiate t't ia. .itin tl the I'ter'ie tirtmnt Wt- nor
1 full hi en.H! tit ( the ttiMtve tll-ttitfB, ftvntit In cane 01
oTMicr i. riii.jtimt-iit. or . vcr iu:iiflii it nrtru.
Mi If li'.i, 11 titiv 01 ri?fit -xm lajufe mid tuiiiiv, wHl
1JLVU t H'lff ( iittrj" Ol UVattllUi HI !lli 140141. UU.idr. UlOlll
CoiitulimltJi- trt-M.
I'iiOl . H. r.Orj,i:s Lecturer,
I'llVnlt ISrt.
W H. lro vi , Ji. J , f. Hhedtl, M. l ,H. W. rkr i!h,
ai. it.
V I hiifi', t'htlaoc Oiila. 10 l-.it
BiH K A ( OH
ai A N O N
HtMl.l V1
, DUC'fcKit liil.J.-t
,1. K. l..lf.l),
Bevon'b ana CUUNeul aliiM1!.
X 1..111V 'i lia Triihlai'B of tlila (1.rnlili.v l.avf tl.ia t
i.iinv '1 ha Triit.la.B of tn a ( ..mliiliv iiavp ii.ia uay
ilnclalvd n.lnlil. nd of ijMLI'EIU'KNT.on Uiccailtal alack
of Uu-( ..aii wio, pavaiile on Ihe Jnt of Novt-lnlier at lliwlr
Olt ic, No .:.! I'l N'K'tlticvt. 'Ill tminfir booka U1 1m
tlukcU on tlie 'Itlh ot ( i(-li.j(ir.
( HAS. THOCKMOKTON, Seorclary.
Kw ViiHK.Outo'.iry.', lfA. It
" I 'I ha lrui i ofihla Coniiwiiy huva tint day oVulared
aitnldi nl ol UN K I LII CKNT on tlia cu)ttul ilm l or una
('-uii...iiy. paviiblf on tt.a lat ,rf Novi-mtM-r at tliilr Ollia,
Ho ,n I'lSt. Mir.ut Tlie IranaitX book twlU bu l iodun
ll..,7,l,o, ..,r.KB TH1l0CK1IOBToN,H.cr.1,.v.
K r.v Vobk, Octob erif.', iN.t. It
no - V A RT N K It 8 It I P. WAS1IINO TON
IH'ICIII'K, Coiiimiloii JH.rrl.anl and Whnlsnla
DvaU-r lu l-r. : anil Lrinlui e. bua aai'iolaloil Hb 111 in
in hia 1-urlLi ai til;, a.m. tlKMCV tXA Bl'lCUEB. TM
..,1.0. M,inuvotl IirTCI,K.i ROK,
.O No.
10 N. EUjllTU htMCt, b lw viue. . .
fihtiiiactiten urautt-d at oi pricei, 10-24 3 r
DlNINil HOONS, No. ii cmcmjr htiikkt, oh-I'l-bl
I'A.- lmurr.by m.-illuia of tlie puolio pro.., u Ui-li nu
mrroiii ,atiou. and H li-iidi, to.-ir riiiit lliaJilia lur
llbaial auroi.raaaiii.ilt Ulo.l awiatoualy bontnaaUl anil
pr. uiir i., mid i!ll lurtlii r .lra. lion, an J iinprov, uieiila,
ai.d uaa avr tnduavor to marlt tlia uanUniwd aapKWt
and uatmnaau ol Uit aaiioral pHJilc l LulUUuinlila aud
Tlcmilr. 1017 ura
A it n
I WtlX Or'rTB MV
M fs T I It M H T O K ( V
a 1 oi:Tr i-Kii r i- ht.
I 1 I ; H W 'I'll AN COM 'i'
Of IJaT'il' I'H I'll.
f'H l.'i;lIK VJ W. l liAUHVI..
Liiiirs cniLLTr-iLON ssrs
hljl.l, Mlf. MA 4 TKit Ot Tltrl HITUA I N.
Tho I.nrmy Insure Jtct A-ttaolt.
itYiiiK Kiiri:
M f 'i'Ati,ISIiKD IS Till-- COIr OP HON )K,
1K iVHr Ut, MiO.SOUMt'KID bu OKMTl.a.M.Wf.V
Vv'i i.ollci-liilfierhila4telpt'U,JttII tin' of the liHh and
1 IU tr,r.,.i,d othrr noMKpFpfiiol lai-.r date an artlcu
Ifwled "Philndi Iph.a a. ilt. it tiic Wor d " and alhu(h
Willi ut lMl U.ire, lU pom hi-ity, iln fftte stnt?nrtitA, aitd
hii '' t'f..rl atal.ll.nh lt puti-miy ImMJ Hvana,
ttmi art U e Iran.
We ti'idi tmaiiI the rule to he, an ricahlUhid In th rode
ot ttror, i!iit tltf man wIim U do ah tbc 'r mnke'
tiiet hrtllirye It tai n up or aw pd b) hii oppnnerit, I
oiind lo mtet him I .ni.ibl ;im1 (! (y, or otit ttu i to
if pioiii'unc d no unnUt inan, .i'id t Im t oinidt-r -d a i titi
vonhy ( ImMir;. ihe writer hi viuiitirsly plord h'.m
aril In ju-.t ll.ln pOMtion.and mq uu s.i) tlml he ic cn
tirl; trinrtth cur nollcr, and we prmuiutico hhu unn
gt'iU Wit i ."
Hi-it. H-Moti-d ti nt Milla'a Paf" nithpr rt'a nor
l'jlk)tT-prMir. RrcOiid. Ift t Uilleiiti d fcto lHd ti tfl
Kvana A Watn'a .Hale with I.iI:'.p'a, iI I he aa.no t m
r tat 'tv how he fehoiiM open Liilft'A, he wild, lo ti.uw hu
test ttp. Third. Ho atatrd he eni!J tpfii any of I.IUlf)'
Hftli-H ii) Ufa in two li u.n.iipcrir inc u nuin!ri ol l!una
Hitcn.ai.d o'ht ri.
Wa ttvv t'Ubi:rl acct'ptcd a'l these pruiuit;rna Iftirl;
and inuniTl) on hi out itrnt, fie coiidi'ionn bena e'Ual
lit pi i of, and IviiiM hi in one half rn.rv llitnho
it;l.fd,ot t.iHii wpai-ked w opt-n Uritna af. w aImoii, lie
Milt n ont i iiiij b placu any ainonnt t u to c'0.a urtVil-
ti n nj;hli it a Ikf uniotuit, un Uv Uiinht eltot. Ihi.-.it uot
hII, w t- luivn ta-k-d i.pn hiiu tn lint LUlio'i Srtif.n finiruly
nt out rink, mutly to tiy hi ninrmfy and hoift'f In
lUMloi'g hi elm incuta; hut ho ..an nel her coi:.o torwrd
like an hf tiil titan to prtfYr hia aaei tlona by a tol,nor
f a l.e uindr feriy rrt.iMHis to any of our urop.i iIUoqh,
Th't'f re, wo tiava the rliitit to tay be li "a osnt'nrin.i'
l llic ru e, and wrrt It not for (he taUe htatPi.ient . lu (he
aitlcle rtt'Dt d to. wo should now paMi hl-n by unnoticed.
Tt. U article aayi in mbmarre Kvam ft ua havu
n-cclt d I.M'Ic'sCant Iron llinitii(; frimuhank t Mlliurd;
that it hkd ken robLed; taut It coL t'.'.V; il.nt It wai
huaiai terd l.ilik ttont lt:tnk .'la Its ; aud cxVn upon b.tnkor
uml otlirm to ciuuilnr It, etc.
Thib V.Atf wft.it a V. 4 Mcrca'ttllo Sttfe, a'td not n lUnk
Hrtfe at all. The cawh prlre nt tlie time It hhi a dd wan
f 7f Ua'bi.If was mh t.on.o our jenrs ulnoo by a traiel
iti(ru),ent to a tunn ho mhto hia no'e nt lorn in intiis ibr
f(X,wrifch uoto ha hna ntrer paid, and tlm rronldcut
row taji lit .a man waa the Huant of the b.tnk ta buy tU
hate, tho purclinii-r knuw It wni not a Itauk bivft. aud
did not buy it at Mirli, and tho I'resiJttit ought to l,nnw it ;
lui a tli'Mt timeboloii' tho pnrcbnne lie culled on the A?:iit
at I'bMadi'lphla, and waa nhown boh Mercantile and Hank
.Saffti, and waa olfvrt-d a rvgu'.ar Back. Bale, two l-cht4
Oiick, and much target than tLo one pnrrl.acd frr$irr,
bMi percent, off. .Now, If the bank paid their aiitto
euppi'blirg it to be a Umi.V ritfc. thoy wore both and
Arret., tt nlillt wc wcrcoly H.vli.dltd Ai to the rob
l.cry, it id a fitct v.eU tmdi rhtui d tiitd adutiltt.d in AlilK-nJ,
tl.at thn-o s.'cnii;c hiiram workttd ou tlmt Hafe dicing
Hatuida niijlit and Huntlay tp to about IP o'clock
I. St., to pried a hole tiirt-nKh tlia door in fiont ut the lock
(the only practicable way toopcnU' on I.illle'a Halo), A
piocv ol tuo dcor netu ti e lock wiv, alter maiC triud an the
bte' tnttt uric in M.lfod with an upright dilil, aud pro
nounr d thoioUKhly diill uro(T(thU p(oc of the dcor ran
I (.ecu at Vo. 21 8. BKVKNTH Streut). The dtreelm a
and cfllccr of the bank admitted the door to be all that
It could be for ita llitckm-in, bttt the rre.udcnt wanted a
Nc. i Natlornl Itank H:ifo, worth l,UOil, lu exchauifc even
fi r tbe rId iMie, ) inj; that David tvans httd boon to UU
Itird a ud hud ofi end (a cxchAnico even for Kvaiii .t Wat
aoi.'n Hani; Knit, for which thy ft' kod about the smuu
prici1, nnd as our an cut declined tu accept that littoral pro
potltlon, t!i hank took I'.vans A Watvon'K, mippoilnjf, we
piuni'ttic.tJu-ir i-et-urlty to be iurreaaod, and In t ils rc
prt tV) aro a Lad 'y dtapcd.or more so uuw, thau tl.ov
wire by tho aei t ir. the Hut Jnvtauco.
An to the oaanilr.a'.lou of thin haie, wo jin with tho
writer, nnd rcim-nt all intc-tttd In SalcH to look at the
hardi.a.sMd the itoti In lUo duorthat wai yrouud tluouh,
Itf ihU-l.n. nt und boadtty, an compared with a doorol
F.ani A Wagon's Mi-rcanlile Hafe, wtiich la sold at about
the bumo prh e, f sane tire, and otl-rd ar a aubsUtuto,
Nrt, If you wlU cull on our Aj;-nt,Nu. 'Jl H. rtKA'tlNTIl
Ptroot.you can ro T.vans A WaUod's Sitfe that wat
t piiKd b one of the Itchcla nt tlottyhhurK, with un old
aao, by cuUiu out a top pitae! In Ieia than live tninutra.
audmhbed. Thci , It you Hilt kO to Mr, JOHN' W WiL
l.IAMtt.No ltWM. 'uL'ikT!i MU'evt, Conveyancer, you can
m Ent & Watbon'n Ko.7j Sale, prlco .'4')( that baa
iiuit been opjuon by a .oinian lockfinith In about twenty
mtnbt'k, by drtllliitf A itoad holu It.roUKh tno door.in front ,
of tl.c lotl., hieaUuiy a thin ibiKed-lmn pl.ac between the i
djoi nnd !ocV.,hnJ by dihitiianijntr n iinall trtionof tlio
lork the door wan oix'tad witUoul jiowdcr, and m a wy 1
cnUri ly piaclical lor a bursar. Ali r theae axMiuUiatlonN,
vo vliiuk you will be fnh pri pHred to approclatc the dif- i
fnn roc beiwi-aii a ale th t lake-) three eclentltlc bur- 1
filai ihnty hnUrn to open, tiili.' pundtu ut tl. hi, and a
hai? that takea one ni.n ab ntt tweut ntiuub4 to open
without uol'cor powder.
M'c Co not my that u hh- caitmii be got tHro(ih chilled
iron, but , c d itij ti I uuru dMH( ult, and U'Aen longer to
(.nnd a toW thixuU t hlled ln u W. an any otlior uut&l now
in uM1. W uy lurtbor, Utt thma novor hai beau a two
,m li llaiak Hai rubbed initde und'i Lllli'-'a patent. At the
aum hu e we admit i ai the lt Inch Meruautllc Safe may
b ground thniugha Klviiiaj m-ionnac h'lr'lnrt thirty to
thit?-i- ht'iiia tu do it. Wo nay, alo, that two hour U
au ahuuilainct oi time to ifil Info the tem c i.moii Hank
Null-uid on It.e pnueiple oi L.aiia A Wat on', with
phttea rlN etei touethi'i ; rhat ti o t-uu-r and Inner dvora cau
be d!icc ed and tnl en apar in leba Uiue thau that eren.
We will ay further, that w mil lurnih a d up hi-at u oi'
tlie bittt opeiitd at Mlltord, If any rpoiikihla man, who la
"a frvir nmji," w ill .uru-fh one oi i.vaiu A Wauou'a bet
ltuhk KdfM now in use, ever, the nn furnished thu Miltord
Hank ; anf wi: wi I put up A ro-pocUble tutu Aulnit An
equal amount, that two nii-it altallooi'ti the Lvjiia A Wat
eon 8ale mm uer.tttid iu a Mat praoiical for the burglur,
itiau an; iwa men enn xrind a hole through Lliho a Haia In
iionl oitr.e loik, wl.lrh n. the only piacilcal way to open
It, mid Utis it only l' : iut'h thiek, whiltt our hunk. St to
htive ibur to atx Itchia In Uilcknuaa, tNL-ludlug Inside
One isord tuoru ; If the Bank of Blllierd hia purchased
tin littuk haie, wUch waa effered the rroiident for $ Loo
each, lha robbery would undoubtedly have bean pre
vented. The attempt to rob the Weal fhllauelphia Truat
Fund, which had the aaue aU Bank Bale, probably by
tome or all of the aauia purtiea, and the entire failure,
under the aatne favorable elrcuiuatancea for the burglara.
provea thla tuoat conclusively. Ono other fact It maybe
piopcr to noti e. The public Uava uiueh coutl jence In
l.lllle'i ISafu that even bankers have purchased the cum
mou OIKce Mate, and have been In the habit of leaving it
alone from batmduj to .Monday In a cloaa oftlco with
large a mount a, whllo It Ima been aibiost the uurveiatU
custom with bAtikera not to truat tho enwmon boat llauk
Sale without A waU-ltuiau ; And evcu with tide precaution
rotnerlea are CAintant. Aa we a Hid lu A prevloua article
we a ay now, to convince Intelligent men, that 1-10 to 1-1J
liith thect Iron ti at Kood a protection Arfftinat either Are
or burglary aa to J Inch chilled trout tlie writer haa
got a hani road to travel, and th grcuttir UU iilfurta the
t ouyHsr h will lUul thu road.
M. C. HADLKB, Agent,
Vo. 31 fl. BJSV1EKT1I Street.
JLitM. fall.
A Hu.ne Kotiirti ca.t IIEBIDEKCE, situate 0 Ore.il,
nar Joho.on attei'tf under UrMiuaifo.
dtoi.e Htai.la, Ico ! louiu, iiud .vary uonvaul.ucff.
l .'.t V ti-.i f..ol oy I1H I, i t.
Will .all whb a purl of Hi. Lot.
'ierina accuiloudatliiK.
In:ulr uu m, pr.iuiae..
ll-.'-ai ... A. UICUABDK02J.
P. H. Old Vetvi t Uonnrt, tnniu rsr. roll llata tni
Bonnrll ICbtlB:.d.
ran,,r flic Miitia,!1!!!!.! of t'.f
MOM) AT bVKMlNi),(M'lolir'i'l,HH.
Mr. L. M. iwrwnAi.K,
Hlnnor UN f.n 0 MON(.l AltlHt't.
Priu-.a Ti-lifini Ir m ' l.a Hr-.tli," Mltun.
III. flrrt aiiiiaaranca in Amnrioa.
Va l. IIKr Kl r.Tj A r.F.HKrinM,
M l. JDH I I'l 1 1 N K O f 'ON N K.LL,
Mr. THtt). AIIKH.NU.
Mr. .II'I.I.S llOLHrf.IH.
TI'K, (1KAND 01.1 IIK.4TKA.
Mr. AIXILl ll UIUIII K.l.ll,
Mixlcal II? roof of.
TICKKTH 1 aach.tnbahad at triOmr, NO Bl.lCHK.rl-
t'T Hirer-.. Iti--,i-r a.l Mr-atfc may ht had at lha .r.lriny
r.f Mnair. althni-i i-xlr. rl.nrne, nn Hie day al the C wart.
on i.ri-f litaii( Oi liio ticket, paroitaiea ai i no oince.
10 'JO tt J. T11KIM. AclHary.
Jlnnilny. Tneniay. tVed.-.eiilH , ai d Tiinr. !ay,
Mail'lle .Tulle Mariii-rlte-a Hay of
flm(a VL8TVAI.I
-. tYlthUirceorlulnalaoiiba.
Tlie Duchraa Mlai Anna Cwall
(liillla Mi,. Anne tlrnham
l;ii'.cltnt t Mx. tardea
To conclude Klih, eacl. evening,
A lll.o:;l)I'.s I'ARCK.
atonday MB. ANilMHij. HAHNtV WILLI AM.
1 LKONAltll (lltOVCK A WILLIAM H. 8lNN,I.l-
ce and Miiaiera.
THIS (Monday) K.VKN!N(.0ctober24.1MI.
t Irat .prenrnnri-in tlu. city of tlie acoomplirilied ar.d
neaniiriii truKic Arrreha,
hlie will appeal- tlila eienlnir a.
J I 1.1 A.
in the atisorblMf Ptar atvird the
Hnprofted tiy t.e .irenath i fliie
H;itrday Afti-rnmoi,
Mniitiifli-ent pnurammti KVr.KY N10HT THIS WEF.K, j
bciccuu irom
taken In all nnrta nl lite norld.
1 riilnv Nluht.flrKilM-r HS-H r ATt'ARY FVCT.tr.HIVF.I.Y.
Tlcrtt! Hi ci-ill. ciiildn-n lo Cclil.J llusln al So clock.
JIK.'-I t.l
itA wt'at W alnut, or Iocuat.or Arch, or I'hcanut strait.
AtiurcHM "I1 umn ted llirjuc," ut thla oiiloo. 10 a
Si;.. Poem. ext. n.ll u ontire d.ntli of Htnra No. HI7 N,
m-.lc.mi Hlie.ii. lii' it lo'-atn in ine city, ttctil
llii.iiinof tllAKIKH tlll.ttF.IIT, novtdoor. It
OcBt Prico to Stockholders $7 00 pur Toa.
COM. Ol' llKST QUAIalTy.
81IAKF.S, aaih entltlin to ONE AND A HALF TONS,
al Ural coat, F ri!Y VKAB for T WEN TV YKArH. and
CASH 1)1 VIliKN !)! or proflu from Ilia aal of all aorpliu
Coal, may now lif ohtainod nt $10 00, payable half on anb-
arrilrJiiat and hW on Januaiy ft next, of tlie MurtiAu
OlHoo ini Hi. TIIIIIO Htreot.
Stock Capitj, $500,000, in 62,500 Shares.
Beaeived Workiug OapiUl, 12,500 Shares.
Rnl..rrlnt.oui. of 4 aharei. a : of 10 rhare.. fdO ; of
atrek.i;6'. r (Waban-a. 4'-t of UK) .aaraa. atiJa i ot
V) ' han , :( IL
fc ,.h hiiar i nti'lea the tio?der to receive, arery vaar.
nn,. a,l a hull t.tiiN r ci al al ra.t. fir W year, . and Ch
Illililimla evor.i b luonuia.ul Uie pionu uoia uo a: in
all aurnliii. coal . . .u .
Hio:klioldira liodoTiot want any coal mayliaTa their
t,i..n.,rti,,B 1,1 ou.,1 a-Id hv the Cointmny, lor Iheir eapeeial
brnam.lhe pr-.nu brinir paid over to them, Indi'pandi.nt
of ihe n-gtlar uiib oivldiaida, to whica ta.y aie a 1m
TheCnmpaiiv poaea larjre and well-bulttCOAl. W OltKA,
at liOAALhAiiN (n.-r Tromont), fchnylaill county,
wllh exti-naive Hi.ihk and Tlinbnr IllitliU, an aicelleiit
Imiilile llreaaer. nl.-pe Worka, lare Sli-.m t nuinea, Rail
road., and all other Muehlnery and Al.iaratu, In full
owratloil. cai.al.le ol UilnlliK leU.lHjO ton., to o. .xleuded to
l.'-o.lou ton. per t-ar. , ,
The Coal I. of the heit auaUtv.ehlefly of the niacV
lli-i.lli and l'rln roue Vein., Moh, with .everal oihar
valuable l oal Vuiiia.exteid within ibe uuaa of tlio l.om-
.....i. .u... mil.. In It'inrlh.
A brai chof tin- BeadiuK ttallioud ext. nd. to Ilia mine,
of tlila Couipuny.ovot tilth the -'onl I. daLy lent to
Stockholder, mav order their Coal tnanyef thetiMial
alxua viz -Lump Coal, llroken, Kirg, Htove, or Not Coal,
all at the preaenl co.. price of 7ii per ton, delivered at
thr h'.uae, wltrilu the u.oal distance, of the Company',
Cual Yard., In tua Jioruitrn, aiiuuie, aua oouui.ru por-
Tl.a t'ompauy and all It. Mlalng W.irki are clear of debt,
and nil operation, are cnirie.i .... w.. .uy v...,. v. iv.pv.
For Oircnliirii aud Hub.cripilou. apply at tlia
Cfiloe, No. 121 S. THIRD Street, 2d rioor,
10-24 A. D. JARDEX, BxcsaTABT.
AY COatfAJil o 110MJB Ult
The Union Ftener Railway Company offer far .ale
at par oae hnudrcd theunand dollar, of ilx per eeut.
couon uouu., clear oi eu.iexi., nauouaj, oiutv,
T heae bond, are aecured by a Aral tnorUaiie of tUree
liuudred lLouaaiid di.ltar. on the r..ad and it. franchises,
Tha tru.teea are Clareni e K. Crark and Tttouiaa A. Hnott.
I hey are Ir.otd In aiirn. of and can be ha. I oa ap
plication at the olllce of Uie lioiupuu, Ho. M bouili
rui n i ii eiirvvi.
in li-lil WILLIAM W. KEMIlI.B.Treaiurar.
j bl'l'.OIAI.. K A 1,11 ...
IUR 1BD WOOL H&T3, 0Ar3, &o,
to ht. bold nr
la. II. IIOIMMN ; CO.,
AT No. 6i N. THinn Rt'It F.l'.T,
C mrrlaint tl.c f.n Ira muck Of k
S Viat
On WVihNVflDAV MKN1N., ? t!i Init.,
A 10; n'rlr t li. con,,t, b o' IO'ii nacVa n of IH.'H.
"lun jm, l.iwr-(iii..i ft ..wa iiiiiiii mi( Wi,
all ir u' nod Wo-d, mn. rll jr tt t ' tt'-f n d tn t d -Jr-(l
Hlfcr- . li r d tt twr 'Irai.lA 1 WmI
i.'it bit oi.) ol ine 0 m hr.iit d M nui loture i
Mrar-rs. AVAILING. BA1.DW1M ft CO.
hxi ( b a t pen fr eaaui'natlon with ontrloggea earlf ot
nriii.' O' f.miv. ao-at w
M.MIKI'T bTHI K.T. I'.M.OW 1 fllU'l P.f.NTH.
Br Invl'all. n of th. Club,
Vt. f .Ptc:j i.t ol tlia Unliea fltAtpa,
MA.IOIt A. Ill IlitINO,
Will a,l,ri- thr public
tm is i;vi-;ni-(i,
AT I O'UI.Of.'K.
Hy IheMlowrng (TIslli.Riilahrd "paikrra, a. foMowa
on monmv i:vi:mg, OCT. 24,
HON. I.KWIS ItARREO, 0( Maine.
li r Tna
HON. II. WINTlUt DAVIS, of Maryland.
V ri)M:Si)A EVE.MXG, OCT. 20,
COI.ONKL TAYLOR, cf East Tcnacie.
Ti:rr.j;AY kvenixc, oct. 27,
11 T TUB
HON. R. H. DANA, Jb.
Of Maty laud.
VI.'Iltl.KH. MARKET birt'ot. below Tblrtoontai. !
l'y InvltaUuo of the Club, I
Vice I'reaident of the L'nlled hutet, and
Tv'IU addre.. the public on
UOSDAV t.M.M.NU, October it, WA,
Al ela'ht 0 clock.
Tbe ladle, are Invited to attend.
a5- rnndConiinii.ion, No. el-.' l'KUNK Street. pv4
The extra City Houmr of KJl'lt Ill'MiHbO AND
HI 1 V H0LLAU8 will continue to be paid to alloluuieer
re.-riilta, h.r one, two. or three your., mustered In to tho
credit ol the Urn! anil Mneteentn Haruiot rilliaiieipuia,
nnlil tl.a quota ol tlaiae ward, u niled.
A. tlie detlelenry ul itii. ward, now amount, in all to
leu. thuu three liui.dred men, partis, who piopo.e to enter
the aervlce would do well to enllut promptly, and tliua
ecure the ndvantaiie. of the liberal bounty now altered.
In a few day. the quota of those ward, will probably Del
tilled, when the Uoumy ol r'eur Hundred anil fifty LKillal
will be withdrawu. . ,, .
10-it Ut . a-init, riuem-
Comuauy. So. K8 H'Ol'HTU Hlreet.
Fhii.aijmli'Hia, Ocbiber 90, law.
The Board of Tllrerbiia have tlila day declared a llV
oendof HVKf.ii I'fcll IBM. outol ni"'
UieCouipany eotlie lt of October, payable on aud aitee:
iTT;T.7'Bouk. wiU be cweed front the MH to th
1U X) 10.1
--r AT1MV. NAVY. A.L llllinno
It Oothms Embroidered. rft.oulder trp.. WraataJ,
&c, in .tyla uu.ujva.ae4.
..via uu.uiva.aea, at J
Moaehani Tailor,
Ho. lb VTK I (iakel, above (Juu.ua.

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