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The evening telegraph. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 23, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 5

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ht&it or the new york press.
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riH'rx Ilils .Homini,'.
Tin: Mn.rriosi.
iVa-a msiae.
The niovt men? ot Oin?ral Slierm iti i-ii;.-i-i J
nri pcnprnlly n it' tt wrr? u cci !. ot I I tl j. ,,t
erfrllon, -i J a. 1 1' i full 'ie or iipi frs u. 10 In
b ddeitilT cl ml'nllt wi'liout ii-fet-cncc to t'n
condnrtof the imi a- i t lu r pot if -. Minnii't , is
Icairtil.'y rfin -' ! 10 N.i olc.iu's un !.i v nn
Moscow, mil in I'i.'.r.. MI cut,.,;.,.- hi ;
tnid i arc r, unit to IT. ii. ;i s tlm tlir it i-urtr
tit g H I i no. i lii : I .i . s:,.,i t, n.ir.v... u
t Iti' w' l' i.'!,.f,;.i;i:, loni.e
In him flint i.j. 1 li-' li'n hot nn l"it i',"n h ii
HO cm r.tnil in -. u ti n., t ,: . In (i; p.i-it .in to
all Hit -o j!iin nit. I ii ti hi i i i ' irt- .n .!n -ici, ii it
AOrtli ,-rule o torn, tn'.cr Hint, tic hi miv iri.l- r
(ri n rHl Mii'ii'tin In tint omm nt fin ni luv trln .i
Olvcv tlic dIK r ii.. o' Li it tt n l! -(. m rul I ir.ia- ;
ret thin Sh'iiii.it, i ., rt. ii'i to rt. tite Hi" pit
mini . nn ihih.ii ot .hIi. r hi lutes u Im h like hi .
mi,i- iind act .is j. :r s of onj niivTiitnt "li i,J In
cut ill.
ltubiin.n.l in .i" r. i. i-' t!i it ! "o hits air. a !y
c n hi. red i to tlid .1 . it-- .1 ( -v
poll t V-t- mi in tl lt .S!i..fii,:i". i in ... V
assl lllf tfl.t it ll ce.il ill. I, I- HTiVllilllif (II till' kl.nl
tlie liicfn (Hoi ... p.-. it wotilil hive us-.. n.... I tno
dint uu inrv. 'I'i ir mv wl.idi I, r i 0111:11 1 . Ik
Is tow I. nidi it .it i.i i.m'.iltli no- less I'i in
llility in iu iu (xt i t To liol.l'lt, lii. fon'ots
lilt, ni.nl. .1 to H i. lift upfive cui'-i-ii lit null
safcy. Win n lie O' '-nl. t.i iliviil.. h. iinnf, lio
ll. IllCt (.'('( !'( . to 11 .llllltoll SOUIC 101t!OU ol tills
ItLt1 : iiiirl the us ii on is - ".'i Hi it fie u'i in! .a-
II C..I i t nliy '..! 1; ees-il.tti's lint r. .1..'I4.'.. uf
l'iti ithTiij.-' i.i il tint virr. -iter of a'l tliu.
roliitii'v talion'mic- t r Hie m'.c of '.vineli tout
ot In lit no wo. tl.lt ss t wn litis oron s- o:istiiii-i.,y
titliuditi. in. -. in. 'lit j'.-, r h tv.t not yi
limril of tin 1 1 upn'ioii ol IVt, in'iiii-'; !iv our
luireK, i n.y i-. .n r I in.- th t tlm li ol- of
tlOi pK utt? Mill II! t!'(. in.ir..(. i.e. ir Kir'i'ito.iil.
It Is ntHttMl i. -Mm tint! K irl !nn liii .llv a'l.lil
doncd the W lit nuiioi.iili to .sniTiil i i, nu thnc tiiu
lhtier, no lutittrr lit . ..iii' n lumo hi in , ims J ..
fHU-hiii livo mr. s to tt.u .1 iin.'s. Oil ilii' i.itt. r
loii.lur pw s no o.,ii i it,, ut we (ke n t;.e
It pott about l-'.:.r!y k f r tvron4 us till-: th.it lie
CHi.li t mil till not tvitiiiliutv from tl i0 v.tllry
tuc tofCiK i.cit. .-hi, v to (it ic'iil I.yin til. in.;. 1 u il
lie l.:o tt ho ly ,'iv. u ot tr imy ptn po-c ot it"u k
tnc M.pi i!en i ro u iii'.'tcli. 1 1 :t v. ly
OiW'iMiKi hh.-.ttti liov-tvi u ti.e iii.ti'.i.u itrinv (if
Sbciidiui in nr. iii.t'iciiini.' tin: ti.tmis ol Sim-
niun, ill IliH t:ir..VilV HiTI'l tlinouli H.olvii,.
KhtIv cim fi ni lur o Ki, iuuf.t.il, nor 1 1 oopo-e
Ait lor lln. ii iin.l Il.'jiin pir 1, lli. v rim lnr.lly
bo nieniii.iii il w,il.(t t n lunch. ioor tvH nh
niiy M liiiiicioiisiv out of .l i.-o ni vv'il. Ii
tln r iniiii i-.ip Ic idcrs b'lnic I oil" to toe Wc-t,
wlil'cllic tcciiciil il.uitfvr w;ii wii'.i i' iiiil iiipi.iity
fclitlti il lo be Kn-t. It is li titiol tlnu It h intt'iir.l
ha Kill Ins n.'.in 1'iniv hi Ctirinili, an I tlirim.
down the rali..y iit orriiT to pot it uti. o more
traii'por'ed into (ioorKni mid tottar.ls ! i ju ;
lint lhi Jiliin m too Iio(h luss. A st. rn i ti is., is it
long rliiL-i', iin.l no r. loaiiriitr rai'w ly In i j coniu
hriiiR tlioo ihich within tin et' days ninrli of
(Slivriiinn'h ot.iuin!. mi tlio ( thi-r h.ti.d, IldH'i
rrpHid ItiIp his pn-j.'-cd iDv.iMoii ol Ti.iin.'si.n
Inipon il Ii in tto t. ni of r. I irp: ;in I iv.it. hf.il
ruit u i.iii r TM.ra.; Hi. i in fait can nc tuur
fly' t ror ion i ll nm y.
Thica fircitt Hrii'lcs,' tliorcforo, ivp sren to ho
Bctivily hi Ipin Slicrrn in the Hrtiiiu iintl.ir
Urnvt ucr.r Ku imiot.d. under Slici'idau in tliu
ShcD.iiiilo'iti, mi. I oihIi i-Ttioinits on tin1 norther. l
batik of the 'Jeii.t? ee. 1 hey tn.snftVtr o-itnjiy
and control tin- to n. :oic s of tliu lU'iellion, null
tbey insure io Mi. rin ui an oocti conati y for his
advance, or 'Lev nt.i'iil tti-;ii5 to 8. i.e the Hist
point which his movement i-i".ill citiru to lie
cxpowd. The .rui.li is tlutt tt-e K'jiKillioii at las',
fiudf itbclf en. frotile; I.) i.n nncmy to .rum: to
be met nt nil .nin's, ne..i tin-only ipusiiou no.v in
at wliich iitii.t it sl.ft'l ll-nt surrender.
sjir.itn iM.it i i s.
oi?i th Tiint i.
The IU-bpIs iniiilit rot he nhle to send my por
tion of their ftiiny from Virgijia in timo to
Impede or lianms the march of General Shc.nn.in
through Georgia, lint from ftteh lioin'H as Wil
mington, Charleston, a:ni Savannuh, from th
Kelxl garrii-oiis all nluDg the seahoanl of North
and ftonih t'iiroiji:a, a loice of perlmiu two'.ty
thcutuiiu inen milit .ptickly he guther'd ou tho
line of tlic Savannah befuto Shermau coul.l
tcacii it.
Add to tlie u tho mlii'iii of Georgia, who nrn
alrtudy in the Held nu ter C'ol.h, and tliu niii'iri
ol the ttdjoinitig Muti s coi mittitin a foreec-r-tuiniy
twenty tnonsan'! In number. Thoto forty
thou-Hnd men miiMit hupo lu oo.stiuet Sliei-j.un's
KdvatKT, in Ms long march, for dnyn, if not fur
wiehH, aur'ng wb.ch timo tlioy inejht suppu
liood would he an u to get rotuul into lbs .vesUila
iwrt ot Oeorgla, in Sheiuiuti n rear.
Tbcie have lie. u tumors that the force.? under
Ttrcrkinridgc in Poii'hivefttirn Virijiiiin a iJ '.h.iso
of Knily iu the Micnau.loiih A alley wtirc hotu
diminishing, or cibc iii-npHiarinir. and tlutt Mir
tions ot Ifceui were twin? sent off for worli soine
wbeie else. luy it not he that Lee has actuully
been bithtilj wmiinis troops froui retershurgtotho
Savannah, and that Hre. kiuri(h;c and h.ir.y'.s
nan will i-upi ly the plaers of thoso who have
bttn ftcot wu -f We sujipi -.so General NUc n.l.ui
la keeping a bright lookout lor K.uly.
M'o never doubted that perils environ"'! Sher
man'n exlriiordiii irt cauiii!.;n. Woconld hardly
believe that Ida in .loll would bu cuurely ttno i
(ttneteU. llut w-. devoutly trust that hi ;;iultn
and hi piorioiiB army will tnt their way tltrougU
all ohstiuetiuiis.
IhI1i f tho Mrht l'nrlfi Iimt.r.
Major Fraser is dmd; Ma jor Fraser, nu old
dandy, who liora liZl lo 1SU 1 tub jiiltg.l I' iris,
and who, when in town, wui rurdy to be neon
elsewhere tban on that stn iil hut choicu ec:ion
ot the eiwirmtrfwhit h extends tr m tlio Ciiaiusjo
d'Antin to the lino I.ai'.tc. Who was M.jor
Vnhtr i The I'luitiaui ttotild reil.y that ho wan
a tiuhioniiliie eifenitic lluiliMhtium, who diesscd
oddly, iixie well, loved to m.iko .pioer wajtr,
ud wiu a uieiiiht-r of tne J ic'aey Ululi. Jl.u li is
history Id en: ions, and tut people kue.v it.
Muior IKrner win mo gita'.-Krundsoti of tho
Simon Xoid J.ovjt executed fir high treUviu in
the reign of (icomie 1 (.
Konir. of Ilia Ian. ity then settled in 1'ranec tin I
took eervice iu tite Koneh army. Major l-'r.'-ei si
father ruilitratod to ro.-iab' il in !7'.r0, and to A a
l'oitu:ueb wiie. The issue of thin in.irna ;e made
ill wav in tho w.irid. Two (l.iu ;!iter, yet lirmi.-,
re the wives of r'.e'i no'th-men. The una is the
Vaiquk4t tie Hon.b. lU s, un.i il.o oiuer the M.ir
qniae Ue (inrgallo, uf .Naples ; one. son was a sec
retary of cmi ii-'y in A'tstiia; ibi other, 11 nry
Jhskine I'lazer, was the Major l'ra.er tviio has
jUKt gone to bis unit e, lie wan born at Uad ijo,
In Fortopal, where hu iTCd tip ti thj ag t of ele
ven jean..
He had then Wl hoth fitiber and tuotlier,
and ws.4 eoiiiiiiiti. '! to tlm care of M. de l.ilj
elteni, the tu.or of IMnie 1'uiln do f eU van
xeniHiK. Ibe two pupil wure yen; toother
to Kusfia, where lin y etiier-'tt t'le mint t y
svrvice us caiJctJ. Tttoir f i -nd-h p, da ia
thus tui y, w conliuu-.il in I'ari'. Tuu
Mn jor used to lie lo..d ol r..'. o.t itiui? Uo.v ho
took part in tl.o hittlo of I aipiie. and ro 'e
Into 1'iiiis with h'S rgiiiiMiit of K.nsiim hti--liirs.
lint of Into y.-ar.-i he loft oil lel:i:i
tbcee etoiiea, bie.itn.o they nnii) him out to
be older then ho wished to uj thought, and be
was Binguhirly well preserve I mutt l or his no.
lie left tho lttiian nervieiiln 1.'7, wit'a iho r ini
of major, and ever niter lived ia Tarii,
in an apartment ia tho laro home uu
the lloulevard ties ItaiictH, b!li!.g;ttj; to
the Mar.ium of Hertford. Tho tiuuitiiio
of these room was simple, atnl not iu proi.oinen
to tlm liigh rent ol lodgiu ; in that iid-trter.
Tbeio was littlo Li ho Keen In them b.yond an
Iron lad, n lar.e in ip, a hiaisliin, u fete bonks, a
lari-'e ufsurtmeiu of p.ilish 1 1 boots, and a b irrel
ot I'ypiiH wine aiwajs on tap for tuc a-: .'Oiumo
dj'i.oi of (ii. mis.
Ono ilv, v. hen his bed was broken, he rej.ilae.-d
it by a coitiu, iu whQ lu 'i wont to s.iy that
he klcpt better than in bed, be.audc ha was not
li-ible to tumble out wiion uisturtj-' l by tho ni-'ht-mnro,
to wliteli ho whs very snhjii. t. He once
made o Lit with Lord Henry Saymonr that ho
would lido to Ilni.-els nud hiekiu thlity-sit
hours, and he did it. Another time bo ruddf.-r
wnncr to rompiegne and biiek every day, for
ix ilat i rur.nln.-;.'
With nil this ho waj en accomplishei seliolar;
Jie liabiinally c.ped Latin verses with Jules
Janin, ami was the friend of Allied de Mus-et,
J)e.iitt, iind liiiuiieu. Ho was a member of most
of the guinhlini! clubs in 1'i.i is, but never playel
himsolf. Notwithstanding bis eccojtrie and, in
niauy Bupp.iaed, frivolous Ino, he iui avnetieal
tasio for the iniiiistr; il pursuits of tbo present a'O.
Jle was a director of aover.il railways aud died
nltlmntely from it fever cm. lit in l'ortual,
whither he bad t;oi: to organi.e :t company.
l'urii letter.
ovf nr. woRMr.n ti. o now in:
Arri.nptlK;ltrTt"..oftlicciii.i!lcnee of rard--.n
VV-ih-y, the chief v-Hnes for the Onvcrumtnt
iu tLc n).,l ol those ( r.-oiisrha.-ceJ with furnish.
It r. F"od- lo birr. n a I -iown Morkade nitini r,
wr fU nn tin ,,!, ., . rr frt.nj Ms rot n narrative -
W lili i.-a,-c.l l,t ptdtMnir froit arjiind t It--can
p-tti bin the deb nw-K of the I'moum , he
1 c . at. proa. b .1 by nvnal outbern ladies,
' v I nd ).. i ii.i timt C..-H, nlv dc-ir. .1 u pass
tl r.n li M r ! nd nilhi-iij.b th. Ir -; p i;- Hi oi
"'" Bl:'l:( 'itll s w,'..s bi-h.-d bv rrni ( f the t.r-t
ili'i t.s ol V,:-I,i,t(.r, if failed of its tuirpvie
Mi . I'll ..( i.-i, toe i.r the hi...c i,ili..i il to,
I t i'h ( . ,mr,' i-vniin to lft!T(l"ee him to
v' I v, i-.,,. i-. e. M m-l( t to f..ti-i.!cr her fool. .-i-iti-
t .
VWr-'.t w o rii lt't .1 to t .l.o (j,. i,i,.s
tin ioh ill lit... 'I I, s .Wo,. I, y , y i, w.k- in
A; t :i I iit, .n d it..s hi" In.-t p-.rni.. through, n.'o
I I I te.liti ly. lie e.t . i.-i, i-hi a hi.. pi,',,u-F
' ') . t.'.iiir . h-.tili.tt. j-0 -V. rwfl.i , vi e. n -
' on a il.i. dm, , i tie r. . reo ..fiii.i.s ...
t -': it.'ii i-i, ttt. Hi,, (rao-'iil er i'.e s-.'i
Corn-) 1 ui.e, h- i hi,: I. . mi, ti i o tt us p svu m!
' I !! 'one i.r M-lil d-i.t.., ti- .' tl. j's'i f t.itti
I. net e-s, v i .1 (.me him n I hi- Crit'rUic t.l
lov. i: r oi. :
'Mr. I ...e.r-r tt ,.i .', j t,. J i.,o i f .-. .p ......... ... n ol
t) .- i. .-i-i I-- il i Ir p. -i.i-ie.ui, i s.i-i i.. M -.i ur n. ii
i - ' ' nt . m. i. .. . . n n i . n -. i.o . i -i in i.-s . .. .I io. -n
I i t I . ll,.. o.l , . i i,m!7 I. ."il ll ..: .!: I-.-, ir t .-. . i t , t I .
'-. ll. It i I nu- i.e. t. Ii. I .1 p.. .- I i-at.-,. ... .- I ...i,,
II. -. . I I r i... i. I !. e ver) r-s-.-n I. I. '.-.p -,. . -
. ..-.ft' I - it-..: I. t I. - . li ... . .-it.-, ti . i .t . r -,. I ..I. , 4,
.on. . no I I., ii no :! nel tM' lie. r lJ tii ...vm. a,
- -- . i . i r i r . i. .. i f ' -. i. i.- ii. - . -. :,. . e i,. ... r.-
V ii. t . i I He. - tun ....I I. .It n. l. . i. 1 . .
- a i n : i. nu -
'Vil i r- .. t . A r.. -' . I -1.
V r.r h y n ture. it to W a hi. i-n,rp: o.fe I y - .
ii i-i iii.o w as pi Tinite 1 to pit 1 1 .-I , l.i-s. -i..- d
.:ii:. until he lit. I .unci! an i'lteetien tt:'h
I i.i in tt it 1 1 hint p.ttie'cs lie knew ho c-eild
n h, l.e no. in- inn ther Ir.p, airi. i-ii in Midi', e
tti'S 7 . !- . Itiiuii .list ly on his Hrn.il
he (I; om il l l 1.11 his Wlin-s, nnd it ,is ur:;(.' to
e n ii tie los tti h. Mo-. I t- l.einif ais'n n - t t ,
Mis. ( hi int-i.oi lu.d ii-id l.ei iell.ie'.i.- .i.f.i l.vi,
to tne e. i t ( f te ttnt' l.lin to lu.n.e u il ) ,n,
I i. li io- Wi li ii ll e. t Voi..iy ; iie.1 tein: he
tot f ti .1 his r..i'.iiiu;t to i-si.ea pa.-s to t ui. ii t ,
ti li . h v .iii wot ill . I it s t. i !., A - .
' Vr. I' w, r-ipr si .1 Ja -h i .si .an :m. . 11.1: i-,, n n.
: i i ; . . i s .mi ir. in .". .n i... o.ii, una t j i ,
I I I hi . i : 1 1 i.i-u 1 uiir.,:i j;.t,. .
- ' It IU tl K H I, I.-.
iii.i.t .-I Poll. ti- ill. 5;.., t.i.
7, Is I.
1 nkir ir w i.h him order i for a '.r;:y of g-v.ls.
he uti.niid to V .'Mi'ti :'.i.n, ol'taiid aiiotle r
Ion ', i.nu nrritid ut i iilok'tuur on the d:ir a;
10 I li r it ; met Mon-bt, wl o jiot orifv ret"?iv',.i uiin
i oii ii lit . hut imbed him tii a rfinntr. at wlu.-li
In o htiiiM' d ol loi nu n pttrtit rated, a "d tii.n
i li it'll oie'hinii W'orsh y tivt, by Mnsc'ie, :.p
io.l (I ss t ml. r to his ti:taiiini. At llut k ii.k
tin.e the luknivine- pas-, w hfi-Wor-lcy h .s,sni e
u id en tvtry trip hi iiisiic', a-.is given to hitu by
io i-l y .
"ll'-i-ii i-i::-. l'"u. i T.o-.. Vi-:. :mi I". I:, t-i ,--t.i
Mm - -sut -t:, tv. rsi.-t Ii,n ii. .,r.
ii'.ss u (.. ,n e-.ri t ..-its a... ti.-s .i'l.'i . r i.i ti .. i'. e -:t.l
i f.. k I (' i !. . ! . le . . m ,. tl 7t-.;,an -.ir. e.t
.1 e I.. .i.t"i. n till:- l.i.u I-: anv nnriK r. tun.." ,.-n . . .a
1 1 n :. in; :, e a i. i-i-. i-. .ti .1 N .-,li-i i : s .'
'hit ill. n:ii.t-t.' .!. ne l.'.itil i.iiu.liii- ."
In in t' I t'nii' 'o'th.'.id for . sen ml u-ips
M'oiniy tt.i- t.oi n:,.l. t-d, tliough rot a:to,-e'i ei-
iii Misi'i i lul. lul.ul.h: iins told that w.i lies
wile KI t" ditict. il lioss.t.le, by teha: roiib a in
cim c w.ik p tl.iir lii cd t.ii'i h:. feints, rt'ere
ultrr he let! n: liimtt-.n u' mi'biict.t, atnl tritel
iiitit'le n.ost iii-t'C iii i t ! r nitcs t.fni'l.t,
iind iiit'u e ot the vo. ti.s l-y de.v. hi- t-'ueeeedcl in
i liuiii " ihi vlpilanre i.f the ll 'be:. Auo'l-'..
lean Ici hi- Oi ttetioi. it;.!. t"i ii arm .t;e.i.
An ifi H' ait' n for :t si'tc-cot ibn t inr i;h 'lie
Feiniiil lilac a- npi.i oil tor l.v i.uiny Nu ar. I,i.
sharti v. ilii d, i'h' ito', mid li'ali.f'iant i.h. K,'!,:..
A V i r-1 y had cuitiid other w .men throu.'li
ieiiotirly, l. rouhl l.ot refuse her without beiue
Mr; teieii; so he eoi.seniea nl .nn e lo do :o, a".(!
luen.-lit 1 it to Washin(;toii, where a he- hail tnauy
liiiinl- ; iilul lie a Ink p- smie ho read these- lino's
w ill ii ini inber her iiitruiluctl 'ii ol Vor.-l. y tn
tin in as h'-r t'iid fiid troty friiril. 1'ioiu taat
ttiin he a iiioi-t ovi rtt heln.i .1 tt.th I. tiers
In nt i'hliirgint iM' m.d others to In em tie i to
ti.eii irictiiih in nl rlilotu.
I irii'f aeeiMupi.nl' u l.ii.l en liis return t.lp,
at. . I Ir mis it it as the mo-t lauiruous one he
i vi r ti in i ricol., ii m r out e i.pj .jm in-; on a tra
m lid rend ; he kept In by pu lis mid on ro ul
linitii thli ul. tin woods by wuotl-eb ; r-, until
lie tIUl k the Middlcutg l';e, where thiy hcar.l
that ri-(!ci:il B. i ill" were tippro,i"hi!iB Muldl ti:ri?
by the lad in f pike. He whipped hi .borne I nt l a
tnllop, uml arrived in Miildleinirg a few minit us
iihei.d ol tlie scouts. Upon their arrival that'
proceeded to arrest many uf Mosebj ' men ; but
i.nowirg Woislcy, tbty f'jolinhly pusstd linn mid
his roods by union. Led.
No loonir bn! tb. y departed from the ton n
than oce nl liosthy's iitiinrs we::t to Wuis'i.e, as
l.c isdt i: 0ti a r iio a, ai d calling biiu "a i'i y,"
am' keiirg liim by ibe throat, told him top.e
patc to die, charging bun with prearr inglug the
tl'-M-i d o. the s. i.uts upon tlieiu; it v.a-i i vain
he protiftcd Irs iiinoecr ec ; the Hiroat was about
heieir i unit d into excctiiioti, when 1 a nuy No
li nil intt r; oied to ?uvo Woi-shy; asserting bin
(Wive igt'orniiCw' ot the nllnir" and Iclkng the
Oihtvtr I e won hi have to shoot iVml, y tin loirb
litr body. Tlio o!li:er liuully (fraiitui a brief
respite, that aiie inljht Ro and see Mosoby, wliioh
she uid, and so mitinlieii tlu.t per-onaie of Wo'S
let 's innoeei.te, thut ho wont and reh used him,
iiLd npolofticd for the rough trcatm ait of w hich
hu had Lei n tho victim.
Am r thut. and until the lust trip ho tea. U ,
Woifc'cy thuuuht himself cluir of nil siispieion.
(Mi the oicumon lie ltd ncd to, howcicr, a friend
hud int. amid him that he.ity orders for goods
I bndbcin givn bun, with th - intent, who. i he
i sboitli' return wiih ti e ;;r.ods, to liantr Mm and
i coiilistete his pootls. Of course lu did uot return.
! -"H'a.vi. t'htvi.t'rlc.
1 lilt Niilliir's Fair Ht IIiimiii,
A 1I0X 01' A It MS AND HlOI'lllllH tt ITU AN AITO
Ollll 11 1 1 1 UK 1 HUM III N 1 It I. 01. AM.
fin:. '..' '....'."..1 .1r. ."..' r, .v...-.-.;. Vr '.'I.
A bo-, of arms ut.d troiihlcM has been receive J
1'rtiu (iu ir..l (limit for the f ..lloi's l'.ili', aecam
pat.h d ! y the followiti" !iiitot;i-.i.h 1 Iter, which
will preb. My be r- iiled fur :
HiiMuii .tiifa.H Ahmv io mi: I'motiAc,
Novin l.ei ! ;, l.v'l To i lie Managing L'oinmit
tie of the SailO''. l'i.i-, lto-toti: 1 havi: juu
liippi d, pi r Ailiiiu-' Knpn ss, a box of trophies
tioin Iho I., tlie. i e!d to t in,, ad iress, which pie i.ai
ucc. pt as u donation I'i 'in tbi unities opt iatinT
apairst I'u htiiord in lie Suiior'a l air, hel l in
your city, llopiii't the i in m iv pr ivo un
aci-ep al le one, utid that it will contri'.ute to th.i
heitevolet.t -aiul atri-t c tuirio.-o iii'-i ;t.td by
yom b ir, I sun, ul ! in; self )ot r oi-di nt ser
viiiit, I . . (.t:tT, I.'c'.-' n? I'-ticuer d.
1 he eah dona- ioi.sl.. tuu fair aire .!y ....uiou'. t.i
!s'il,n 1'. Al t ut wiiii lots la- li recoiled iroiu the
ditlerrl.t (b pm inn tus of the Coil .'-.'.i.t a .N ivy
anl. 'I ii suit of nfttal tmili.ria n.itde by lloi
ton tiiiloi tor Adm r-l r.tti.ii i" Ii s IliH 'd I Ml
for the fair, i he icci '- i Monitor ila.i lu-t
Wl-tk wt.ro 'fTl't'd. i. ot!. i, S'.il'J'!'7'"i sl'i-v tin:
Opening'. Ah. ill! 'I I'.f I cell r.'.'i'if I f, I'll
lb.' A'i if-i I tie r. cen ts .t tho :i.-k . o 'i.M
oi the the iirt hatt Uen -'"i.'s i, in i'tt eatlr;
ero-s re.cipt.- tri.m ail ii'iree. t;ni, I r are
11.11. '1:1; is .':: ulid it' '' o 's-'.
VI l(M , Mil II .S.
r '. ; a, . . .....I , ii. , '.
;i T' .' '. 1' , mi I. 1 w.t.'.t-: M 'IKK r, I'll i -l.t.
.-tt :.' i : - Y. r , . i .: ui 'i t , 'i .- r I r . l . -' -i
,i I tt.' . Ill'- s-. :i o l .1 . . 1 ': 'i - - el D-l I
l i I.- :'.i. ii i:li ii .t ii'.i re in ..: . r M j. II :u
11" t -1 'is I . I ' . .1 I ' , ii 11 1.- t :. ii. I- .tr.' ii
.- n.-iar ! - I. .r ' ; i i i. . r -. .us en . ; s'l
w.-'l: I-:.r :i ei.'t j-t.tl .'.i-l i i v. :.i '.n - '. i. .
I. .K lit 1 ni . . .s. ,'. .11.
ill i., N . I .1 . r li . 1 '.
I --- ltirti, vi. vi .-iiiru l. Vt m i .t e. it ,
i.t il :: t.i-i . . u it i- hu iit:.,s .-I i .tf .;.ia, uiL'ttl
II AX 'III I 'Hi. el .. - ...ll i I' v I ,::i ,. It 1:1 I tin v V.
tV Si., u.i .l I ti- irs. la in tai. , ' e I- a ' ' -.
-'ss'I. r liO'.' I.l'.'.r. n i -. i- ei -i- : ' li- . in t i-.r'. 'tt . .11
nut, a r 1 1 9.:i.Ii i . Hie ii.i tit ia .. t i i.
A. I.A'A liltSi It.
ti"Vun wav r.-t ii. wiiin . .mis ; -its', ;, i.k.
P -.:- Wt-y i! n't nin.' ir via tvn-l: II, i M.e I mi.I ,r-. i
-.-ill st:..- j.ni , ir. 1 1. 1. I . I I.i H . i'.ii.i'. l'..i l
II. t. 's .ii ,u v-.) iH-mrj tvi. k.it.- li .is a p i '",
I ll -Irs -e .1 . -i.i:: . ,, i. t .H- ,en -ei ! I.- ..u.i.li.
lien r I l' .''j . ,i i;-:'t,-s i-.- a.. if. .1. l .- i ,i ... i -' v--
i.e. Ir. t , a Na a r 1 o t i it I: a: i.
A. 4 'Vi j llti'i'i'.'i Now i'li. A.. , .ii J . i :.....-' i .
'.. o i l .
If Iitr.l:.- -i IN -it't-lt-itui t tt: . AT . IO'
V- M , Ms rt--i I lite I'I Hi- 'in. . ' ', I . r. : il -'..r:i. ,
Sr., in (l,i. l'y.. I, in ..:' "I J..'.
I.T" TO K. It., WII Ml st. I-i .SI, ll l.. '- Vlll'it l':'.,t-p.-n
.1 rt . li.-.l t-t-.i.iv. t..i( e -. 1 1 . :,. r . ,i ei ...s.
.1-rii.el l-i-r.. i '.'(.:. r '-'.i tf.i li'S-l u el ll. -ti i i.itiu.-ii l' .
He l.-i'l te Ir Vol . 1. Is r ii 'it r Ii ru S...I '. 11. ',...., not: tu
by 'a-' --I' 'r i -fl R"'ltu:J. lot. ' " t " il
.Nc.viu.L-r 1-', 1-iil. '1'Ui. UAl.H, AMr LI I.
.T". lulls' WKVI WOiil', l"lll Altll! I 111. P.
II iv. J'ttl -ei'ii i ur Pert .nut nl O. I 't.'... Aei.iititta
It 'lit 'lell. ht. a I.i h" I.- ir ..: W r.n- tl - :, ... I, . ...
truer, and ll tit. lave 'nir 0rtts..b.i !!- wo . u 1. 1 1...
j- ii l:if,i...'i -...l.ic ' lianil. 1. l.' nuit. i.i l-..,. . a An
ml dirir leva. I .till A t-Ll.ljl r.
Jti. 1H...MI, V i., N.tiaU-r M, Is. ll.
Ti'LEOltAi uiNnExiiiAoiiiiix viiy. Tho ion-', s:
tueaajge that bus been traiiuunUd over luo wuci
siueo tho inauguration of telejtrapliin'!, tuned
over tliu wiies trom Nevada Ten itoiy to v'uh
lng, on lust Thiu.sday. It .onsUtel of sonic
17.000 words, and cost tin) sum of .x lbousan.1
dolluis lor bs truusiiilssioii. It rei;uirjil i-h.i-teen
bours ncady work to scad It. s.'. Jc
fninmrt Tiixwby ts enrit rthfrllaa.
The followira' ' roPT of letter sent to Oone
rl Slu ridHi by U 0Un.,nt t'olon.l Moseby. It
hows at otic the . n""i'''r'l"on and humanity of
that rallm an-1 . rfra. ''IC'XIcer. The fa.eof hu
n.( n, l.nttailv nmrdrrf ' T lh- '"'''. n" b"n
Ti-n;iMli-ntheci-TiiriaiT'1k","l,--'of ,n"
Ike ii.u tliuilcs if otner tt "tlv7 ukcn ''y hint
l .tehm treated as prwf- rs have a rubito
evtfif, and the rropoiinon tt t. Klirectljr jliinit
tid to fshtr.lan that his shall I " U'0 "'" O"
I., th si.l.s, foi the luu-re; ail lb, tv '' "
mi utc it I. ihk ih obscitauce .y k "e enemy or
tl o in', s f war .
NovimiR 11, 18-. t Vi.tor (Htsn l; "
Me re nu, ( ocitiuindin,! ItuitiU Mates , ,n
the ii lb t . 1 ii n i el : iton c lime in tint t TOutti
( t i'i p i uiin r, din ul my Hlivmo from mv 0'"""
It ti .i, m ol my in. n, who had been ra itur t '"J,
) . i;r t. ins, vmr- ln.i.g uml shM in the .trrrs't ,"'
I is.' t Li tl, l.y I lit- ordi r and i tho unit' l.sU
tr-ir..e"ot l.ri..'H.dir-01'r.e-iii Custe'. stincc .
tin i . tinotbrr i n tuti d by a t ulom I l'owi 14, on
n . ti i i.i line i' pi vi it I .ti Into liippahtiiinisel )
an d a sire-hir ti.'c. A I'll-el aiTiurd lo tint ceit
i!n. .1' the nmr '( rt d n.rn ih em that "tlm
w-ni'tl I-i tin fat. i-f Mi.inby anil all 1 Is mce."
i' i i - ei 'he ii-eri'i : t t nit uu u noi le-r lh tu ven
hi ' t'.ie 1 prisnm-r.-, n,.'lii.i r.; n ho) .-'Ii i- of
hi'.b int'k, ra-tnr..l l.eri v.mr h-id ,y t ii's
( i i. lent. il, hat. been ft i imii .,1 t,. !( 'bn m t ;
t".t the .v.ri ti. . i f ii, v pt-'iio e ot u il'iu .a
tt v i.i ferti d e orili r, a' lar m p.. -sl'.ie, 1 1 , i.n-
I i . :i- (. i rata n to tl i fin n ol ('ii-'i-i an I ' . . :.
. eei i. . r,, n.i tho t. li in-t .it. n t . c i.i . , :,r
ii i n wcr '. 1 1 mv i rder. an-uti i k.i tut micy
I' I i - t . i r hi.l,tt ay ol li at il.
lr 1 t - H-i. i ant- pr i-onei s t.i:;ip ' il.o t.i. ! i:is
v .; !-, ,-r Hied with the kiiiliic- due t., r
I I t. '.'.-I', tl: I.--- -oiia- in w a. I ot 'v r: .r .y s.i id
i .'i: I 1 1 m-i. :ani: tj adopt liuj t.i ..e y
li ' . I t 1. 1 to l.lili aUItt .
t tr; ii st -i tur i , t . it oti, lii nt - rirtnt,
-ll'IIN S. Mo-l'llt , l.'l'll I n I:"' i J
lif t-rll
ll.llHi.OII oil I III- .t till i I, nl n
Hi ughtfl to l.i.ir the result of vv sin '.. t
'. 1 1 to p. A taw i f.i is now tin" no mi i ir
. ti.'. . Sinn it i iiiie'i, hod she tt ol 'i , as iv i h-
0 ' : 'it 'I si e t. i,u ii ... iii thai i t t, t'.e f- i
i'i a 1 1 of of tin- I'i itcd ritaii's.
1' i nut! m in a I ttjr to M. .I.thn Llivol iin
It it .s ( i no ai so lo Ike tv h ,e i utu.iry i is
1 ti .1 1. it nil h. I, . r. at ns ( ui pi .-pert'.' 1. is
nu n in the !.-t. and hiih a bus I . en r u' --.e
wile tl e I'll' ons ,.t the oil. I, I otli : , i l.,L-
im i sii al.. y, Hlinc-t. i nhiiiici d.
C .: .:i.ti.i it msy In o.
Vic.stmiy, llKvini.Y .Ion vs. s,
II c tin.rd I'nke of Tuscany I as ireimr d a
jrn'i.-t ann-t the pro;ci t ot 111S..11.1; 1 lo-cti'-e
'I.i i iip-ial ol lnny. a-cam err to the r ;Ji:.s ie-.-.
1 1 1 (i to him Ly the tieaty of .ur'.cb.
The I'litif journals state that n.e H..n'-r;..n
I it ni ml It ip1 H, Ii-iting ''lira .7,i",U nine-in
orr lui'riiiita ipinrur at the Ch iuo ol spa,"
bu.s tone to I t noon to be n arned.
The n tir.ii 'pal inniiiol' I'.ih rinr. hns rau'i I
(i... lai tl:': pi ttiint to be I ttn," up In the roo:n in
ti hle'i the it III-.. 'I1, li t tkll time of hi- iliellltois.il'.,
li'td to i;i' c iitnlii.titi.
The ir.Mirncri' ( 0'iiv,.nnie of (ir.it llri'uiu
h.nc i.h ut i . d in i. (h tt riiiii'!it:.ui 11(11-1111; to p y
Iit nt.v ( I i,o iluti.ii-T resiiaine' Iroiu the rc-ctit
. .eat gtibi owdi r cx lu.-ioii at loith.
Testa t Cron ti.er, the now biiu k Hi .'(.:. ,f
Ihi Nin r. 1..-.- be' n r. ceived in .Vr r t with unit h
u i'li. lilt. He iiih'Io un mli'i s-lo the pi-tors
tint'. 1 1 '(!' of t-en a Lifiie.
il.i re are r.ow l.uihliii fo. the throjitli
t r. 1.1.1. ll: '.-e roUti s I'loin Nell Voii; to St. l.illl 'H
. i ... --' 1 1 ! ' 1 - ; 1 - ii e h li 1 - il re I ai' i lit) I. a 0111 ': .es.
1.1- tboiisani! frcij'bt curs, aud 1 (t (taul p.is-tn;.ei-t
Si s ,n plop' iti 11.
!t 1 . pTi 1 ;.sed tt) titTts a liir.ee porti- n of CI ir
iis'i I asiio into tvuieiiinist s and iiiii'iinaeio''. s ;
I nt the t it vei.s luive seut in u petiiiuu In thufuiv
iini.it nt pn-ieitting iitam-t the dose. ration 01 1I10
nni itiu fort res-.
It will take two years to ranup'ote the remit ul
cf the rapitnl of Italy from Turin to ITim-nrs.
u..t the (ciiiineiital peoplic ill the cabinets of
II ini-ii r. will on!'- In len.ovi d from Tun i 111
l-iiMf. 1 If ntchitvs-. the ernes-of the dilf-rent
nr.'n'bcs r f the tniii'iny an.l.civil admiiiisirAtlons,
will toll w. Turin, thrrefore, will not feel the
sl ock ot the tnu:sle so suddenly us it hud been
(laiikn'i'i is c'leruintrrliig nnnther storm uf
popularity. The love and adiniintloii of icpit'ili
c.in licioca 1110 not j-it dtad in Kurupc. Hois
ovei wheltiii d witli ptrs .nal attentions, and en
rii bed by tl.coUerii gs of his Irn mis. The poor,
and naked, and outcast walk past the (i'lieiul'a
corridor, lie sliul.es ban. Is with nil. Women
ti inn nt him by ki-sing his face. Stniu..era loreo
their bnuils and their lompa. y on 111111, and nit
steiing ' liim. lie enduiis all with u pnticueo
tin iv wotiilerlul.
An invention bos lately been brought out 0
I'm is, l.y which i' is el ilmed that printing can he
ceriiuctitl without t't'.' empiovinent ot ink. Ini
ui I't'H ettn-l t- in the iiitroiiui lion nciwei .. .i..
ptipcr mid tlic type of n sheet of some fabric ou
tthieti is di posited ltunpblin k and i'lyccrinu. It
i. tin nj-lit, too, that by inereasini! t'ni number of
the hitler in'ei Uicdiate (sheets, tt 11 ti euiiau. iiig the
pn sbiirc, u great utiiubor of impressions may be
otitiiiia d I'miiltnncously. Tho process Is ineilj
a mi (lincation of tin old method.
The Mosienu led lea place 11 certain kind of
llrbinliig bug in their b iir to iinha'e diamonds.
Six ot the nisei ts were lately sent to 1'itris, and
ut a nitciitig of 'he Academy of tieienees cp ti
iii' tits were 111 111)0 us to the light emitted, and an
analysis of its nuulity. It is proveJ to be sulll
ciinily strong to admit of readit!t by the light of
one 1 iicK'n, which, although of tliu nu'ure of that
of the gluwwonn, exceeds it in intensity end
steadiness, cists no shadow, and has a slUhtly
t tlow tinge. Serious illorts 1110 to bo iuudo lo
iiiclimutizc iind propugito these inwtr bijou.
Hiithvuy uccommoilallotis) are lessoning lu
Ktiiope, while here thoy ate lueieasin;;. It hccius
tbt.t, cither from want of agreement or want of
coiisiilcintii.li, liiere is only one lust through train
a tiny In twci n l'.iris and Vienna, while in former
venrs Dure woe two trains l'our years ago,
win n time was no bridge across tho Kliin, r.nd
j a-M t gi is Iind to to by omnibus from S.ruslmrg
to UthI, tbo tintc la t ween l'..i is ittul Muuieb was
lets thru it is at present. The iti.'a which is thus
ini-u;iniu!ed on the jtreitt railroads is observed
hu hind) en tlx minor branch lines; and though
tlie ruilWi'y map of G. 1111 my is fill In;; up rapidly,
1 r.d ihe l.liinii $.aees i-ro le-s thun before, the
sun tiia isuf aeei'iriiiotl ition, instead of diminish
icy, set ma to increase.
Since the annourceni. nt that Florenco was
to le inuoe Ihe e ipi al f Italy, property there
h..s rnit'lt 1 1. to. 11, nl in value. As an instance,
i' 11 cy b j un iitaiticd that 1 in uats betoro the
tins if t 1 e tran-t'tr of the capital had been
-i ;, : ti a 't iiriiic-u t.ur, ioi' had 1 ut- red in'o a con
tract wiih a I I. rcf.C" gentleman far buying a
l.ntise. Ti.e oiim r Iind anted t 'On" sterling, and
11. luol-ii hai. (.lit r. It. mod. A test ihoy wore
1,0: i luu iti!;. the treat news reached Florence.
aL'ii the bi.nt 1 r, who w' he 1 to Litsc the bouso,
v.a- ..bop .1 to 1 :i f i'1..' 001, :'. r it.. A small room,
it kit h l' . Ii r tel. fr.inei par ni intii. lias now gone
uu to sislv k.ai :c. u: on 0. I . .. me can no
i,,l ;m r Ir e. I'i d the ehe .p st a- well as the lovo-
act' cit) .u 1 i-i' !
- t;t. 1 11 Jitt Cl'ii;!f"t, !' tjjM'n, U a'lotit to
leti it. f.i tl.ut e .Ui.trj . a..; '. ...'J been cub-
jt eti it to v. :it in - or ur.t.s, poli' ."l and pcr-
1 id. M.c has lost h. v p op it .111 1, what la
-ni.i 0. h nt siill ti". 1:1 . u.-i'i'y .iii, ;l her, has
;.)t'l' . li.!.'r!i wlto s!. n 1 -i f ' il : and mis
fortune. .She is an h r,t.i i.: t.i '.i.r. 1.1 eglied her--el
!n.. -t 1 ni'ir Iv b do-, ii m t u-.-l i;- is folt in
Mm. ihi lit all f ii!' --', '.tie' .1.. v 'In- .1 luinctances
01 ti e t Hon iui' so n.i b ..i almost to
1 p 1 "."( 't'' 'i' - 'tttv "' I t ... r-'iing any
: ..tt. a politic v! i,,bi ii ' ; tt 'i . 1 .1, it is nut
... 1 . 1 to .li prit e :r, ! i,i..i-r on i . 'ithronoof
ihe. so. iity of 'ho lie, for tt h e 't.'i'i'iuied si
;?f ly lo -e. ire. ii lor In r.
St. rr.e's 1 :'ki r v. ;n 1 -Irtr.l ss, tovimr Irish
till, ir iu iho early p.i't uf tho las; ci.utury. He
srtid in MiirliMrougli's tiirt.aud was cut ad hit,
like iiuiiiv greater people, by the caprice of tjiioan
Anre aie'l the sudden .'.i te of I'troc'it. Of him
1 11,'y c:." ii'ii'i dotii rem rns. Ho was, bissontell
us, "a littin smart mar., some what rapid and
br.-iv " in bis t- lap r: uad du-lng some lighting
at loi r iltar b.i got .ni 1 a M.i.auh e with unotber
) u ir . o 1 ter, a l r.'tin! !i.,s, Tl 0 suiije.-.t, it
m:. ri -, w is a irou.-c ; 011; t.:..t u nut 111 v in iteri.'.l.
It l ulled in a d iel, tt '1:1 '1 '." i ju.iht v.itii swords
in a r.iuiii, 1; ipt.-.i.i I'in l.,.s pinneJ lOti.-in
.- tn 1..' to a 1. I.i, 1 r "...It . l.iud i upon which he
piietly assed, or is said to hav i 11.sk ed :"!' )
1. i,.e iho plaster uu your iit ...i before y ;u pull it
out 01 in.',' which, it tru , shjwvd ut le.i t pro
ei to of iiiiiid.
Th" f ondon Journals print t!lM,hOi cop:es
d .ily. Ti e tot I - it'' ol copes of weekly jtnirnais
iin.c'iiiis M !,- ,'", ol winch number l.llo.iKiJ
, upi s art issued by new -papers partly political,
i.tillv h.e-tiiiy -, .il'J,l'i top., i tbereol urn purely
pour" al ; -i-.MO are Issue J as sporting sheets;
; 1, 0 eop.es are devote J 10 agriculture; 4l,0.i()
ct pi. s uro devoted to architectural ami pulyteob
1 !e arts ; .),7o') copies aie issued by porlodi.iu:s
iletoied to general literiture; 15,i0t) copies are
issued bv pt'iioiilcale exclusively devoted tomodi
cinc, cl.in.istry, phannaey, etc.) U.oOt) copies
devoted W lu.V( M to music, and IKI,7m) to
tin uloit. The at ilistles of inaga.ine literaturu,
inclutivo of leviows, both wcokly, monthly, and
quarterlies show still mora Mtoniahlng results,
liny haviut' luudrupled vt it hi 11 live years.
No. 45 N. EIGIirn STREET.
I U)V S (iOI Ir down:
I H A 1 Ml'.A'tV mOKI 1 'ill: AT DltY GOvDS '
rn ir ",. ' Nc- lorl. A- . t j-i - i.h m -rit d rif
i i t rr.? 'i"r in- nt uT lrj UoimIi.
it t r.M. ' f r.l..m, ft .'.. Hi : '. .
t'..i l.i. .J(;' L-tl. iHl.ltil t ittlilUNTtl, i t',
"J ' f .' .
2 1 1. 1 1 ir'- I'li.bls h'- .'. T' ii . f 1 tl mt At wM'h ,
1 . 1 1 ti;.(!i . h 4 ' h.i v 1 r.v lu, i J Mlblt
(-- -ot-. j...n t ft i' l " n'l ,'n.liti.
I" 'i . r 1 i.r ri i' , 'mi. w tiK-H , im, . ;
r 1 il 11 IN-. in 1.0M
llll.l UllIM.
"irt-; now .
r.i.-cK sin;.- eoia s in ohk:s mi m.
n . 1. (. v. i .; ,1 m ?-w rc-.
'i.iiinti 'i ii ! m f lk .tl i..:r Ii 1. 1
lllMtn ;lnl ;IinKt Kim uN
I ! I". .. ,t ' t-t .. .'t V '. ( !.' I'"'
' I ' . t'll.Mf .nit .. 'vi Ml 1 li'W.
1, r.ilTMVOi.a-i ihit.riStt l.!SRVI
' V',a. . Iikl-..f,i, ft , . t -.-., hir.1,,-ni.',
- ' . i.n , ..t , .. f.d t i . . ; .
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b - 1.
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o'.vr.N r.vws &. to.,
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1'. S.-S t.ll:ii. i ll I rap, II en it I t., Wha,. Ilo; I,,
Lin.D I' 1 ..tlit ic, I ti cu llat ..I ,-ttiiti'!.. Urals 1 1 It-iilil llallit
r:cl..its,. ill He lur, .'. it UU.
O AHSI''.lilll',UH"H,
It -". 4-, JJ. f.tilHI II Htrrrt.
8 E. Cor. NIKTII A20II Slrceta.
ULANKKTS Full HOl'.'il.S.
-3ui B. I.eorati N IN I'll and AKCU Strsru.
I'I. A IN coi.or.s
ri.;. 1 1 s, am
Vis. 400, 4 V", sua i '.l -S ni..')M) sntKKT,
Sts.ts WlU.ittl
m-i NOKTH Klfiil lil S lit H K I'. UK!.
t J H'saiDd ilttof alsivi. I..'-, .oral !( to -1 -m la
o.ir ltsBii-ne Sloes of Bla.-c .t. I r: nf;i riior-i:;.., ei.in
priiiui Ue Istsl unit ii-.-- I.iit.-ui.l. ass..rt
im.nl r Latiu-s' lirois - 'i-a'i l .iiiii. i'.jis. Or it
L'l.sls anil llultuns ol ois ii m.t:. aiit Uu-
r-.rrali.ni, HilH aiul At t - ai', ml so. l" ut
(ilk and Ittli-nllls H.-atl I)rt"-s: s. e.i.'.usjr 'lia.t rNit
wh.ro; Uiiide ilmts an.1 tl" ' ' uu. ' 1 till .tt..iniia.id
Ml liluv -s, Kid tlluvus ei ' -.' I--a ii.ai.f -n, lli-ti't -old
i nk.rtd Vrils.Bn.iwisail.lSr r -I T l. ri.a'l wmtMi Katli't
hail and f Iti (-..aibH. alls I-."' 1( 't'siiis, J -t, at.. an-1
Hill list llorkli.. (;lo.tk "ts''s al' all i-.a-ri and
titles; Mawle limuiiuts oi a' a ai4 s'.'. i at sr'ttlj
r.-'tintLfl prlrrt; W.iullrn I. si.'- t4 H'-iiia., S tin. is,
IL.uds; I.a.llt s'll'ttllilrrn'i, a'iu jtl.si-.' sliuekiu at t-.o
ehi-spallorlci-ti llalr IP. lit, V. ti.tll Itoils, mid W'a'-.r-lall
N.ils cf ttur ovi ii linprovoit l- clh-idw : Ilia h and Willi
I set oi all sra.trs an.l stylos ; ltu. li and Cul'innl Voiv..
Kltliont, id tnrai variety at ridacrit priest ; Ladles' and
ilei tt .si.klics,lu ureal variety, nnitautsiy cLcaji. A :.,
il'itf i'i etrre. (in suit at! ant sonvlncs too -selves Vrv.ra
biltiiiK i-lsi'tiheie, tli.it ll Is well wurth In yum own inti-msl
lu i.iirrtia.o .t i.r I'mioienss at tlie Cheap H'..r ,( Wiir
II ttI LONNEHS.TAIilKlt.Xo. pa N. Ullllllll .Street,
Lit. mid ileatr Atovt Art-b, uesi to Ui comer. lu-a
At the io'vis'. i rl-rt
S iptior Gooua at 75 Cents Per Yaxd.
f 1-inVE.N hTODDART & BROTIIlili,
N.e 150, I 5 Ji si ll I ".I N. gSOOM) Krt,
j, Atty VtliMT.
iKCCS Mi.nutcleiy,.No.u.S AMOIl Street. U-0
AUitl 1:1x0. r:rent.
Whi.len.ilt and lit tail.
i i, i- tt nini'i- i aito. louait ti Ladles', tClstict', a-id
i'i .1 ir.-i, .1 llo.tp -k.rlt id Hit city, in i-very rtspocl llr.l
. m. .in h r stvit, uu .a, durability, auu ci.tMouuas,
sioVii.iul ill die uiaiktt.
no i niaueui oidl.tJisreil, and r-palr.'d .
'..V l WM. T. noi'Kiss
Noe. 713 and 715 V. TENTIT 8TEEET,
TtttfTuiil r rs-li ,1 from the Am I.i u' 'est wee In
New t oik a lante ll i,f nnsn ll .alt, 0. . aa-l ( attl
nierr .. and tatll tsll tlieoi at l,. . p,-t.-f (nail they have
oti-n off red a. i na . uu. .,-.
I'll KM II ItKP I'ilfl.lx.
HIKM II KNHtKtHl I.oril POPT.tt.
I- l Ml KltlCSCII nlKH,M)(ii'i.
UK 11 PI, till I OI'I.IIVH.
Iltt II I'l.AII) I.O'I'IIN.
-l IMil.lsll rni.UIMIKS. e.warth ii'J'.HI.
0-1 KM. LI Ml S KHI .SOKS, I :, Kuril. i.
I'-i .1 (ior.', ttl tradi and iiiinlit'.es, at at lew p-i,-ei as
' i in tt..- city.
A I Mil IK A"S0U'IMH'T 01' AIL KlWIia.
Mullii: ANTKlVl'.S,
(Oltl'I'I) TAH I'.TAM,
VOIL 11 1'. cOIK.S,
n.AiN and ri(,i:uitn fin. k'.s,
all . ..rl; e.t I in pr;.i a- -v ht.ii .hue wa. Hu pr.-mh. r nn
GI2FAT l'AA?K3 Iff SjIAWI.:.
' .' si I'lr.i.l.i I sl.aal.. ft ri '..! '. a t.-i'.oeii.n n lot. -
All rricts, from 7 t) Sl3,
a- 1. w tt ll et tsere .,.1.' f. . intiT.
It a- 1. i. e . i-i . Ti i. in I ,i: . i; it .et i r.
i-.s. a-il l''.. ri I" irn i! , ItiA'kan.l M.i.h- Hi .. ,- -i ,
ll "I .1 I ! till, llnl.il l'l,.,l. in. i on.-.. I III.- f'lOl- e a IJ .11-Iie-l.t:
C AHetlMICH littrl
that rn, I e f .uml p. il. . ri,0 w.
Kill HI i IT.
IS I I A' ICS A SI) ttlotCK (HIAUI'.S.
N IHI, f.i, and 154 N. HKl'ONO fttn-et,
" 'l " Above Wllt iw.
vrr i ik .tton.H kok tii k nojiiiius.
Iyona Velvets,
Froht Beavera,
Vplvet Efiavens,
Cliicthilla Cloth,
Tricot Eoavors,
Fries Cloths,
Lupiu's Moriiios,
Luiiin's roplii)8,
Fublime Black Silks,
Richet-t Fancy Silkfl,
Lupiu'a To Lainos,
Lupin'a Caabmeres,
Lupin's Wool Plaids,
Lupin's Tamis,
Lrpin's Parisgiena,
Lupin's Thibet Shawls,
Vienna Erocke Shawls,
Paris Brocba Shawls,
London Optn Centre Shawls,
Largo Premium BlanketB,
IsTelotleon aud Piano Covers,
Dauiatk Tr.blo Linen,
Towelings and Napkins.
N22W aonTiR DAILY.
Ilj-.mt sun
X-'i'm tlio l.nt.s Axiotlon Huli-8.
Not. taO, 4 .VI, and 4.VI M.8ECONU STRl'.KT,
lt-t'l -Ut Abnve Willow.
Iit tiUA.iaiTr
A .mail kit of ito. 7, TV, 7i. 7'.', aud 8. allhUy oat of
order, suitable fbr evening wear, at
l"ifj l'lili IMI II,
11-1 tutl.a No. 1001 t'lIKsStTT aTBltlll.
Al I hr lowest prima.
sl.-io, I 'l, and in N.htiKiKLirinii.tr,
,t-?t 3t AbevaW i u.w.
ot'A-ix H-riiiii: jr-.
No. 423 SOUTH STflEET.
V w en hand and (or sale, full ai d comi l. te tURk of
Fatl knabl-. breoi ..o.'Jt,ton.isiii.- of P piiut, M - rtuo-i
Imlir.sl lit II I, li. rs. A..J.li, Miliar!, Da L. no...
Ilia. k .silit, Jr. Alt, a . U ataorimeut of D- oi- mie
flood-, l'lanneit, Clo.isin.' ( lotbt, Ac., ad of ttM'li w a
oiter to ('iiro a" ri st trom lot-, li per cant, bile v Hit
l.rieet lb ttlilctitiit'se ttwjdt art ti it .n ware fa Hi'-cat hi
liM-alitli'.. welovi-a btijtatui . ..ll . tsaiuuie, ai 'tnia
t'rt t-ur liisiii. and r.-i.tt a.tii iliots rn'otbur .S.s-rss.
t'. T. QKINIaAN,
S-. sl iii nor i ii tra Ad
ll l-ln
i Hosri n RK ti.iKrNl,
fllJK'i; (.'ULl.HS IIK.Vt l l. :.
' HIS' III! I.K i lOTlls,
Vi t.Ol.R ClOTIH,
ot. 430, list, ami 401 ! BlitONb ri.ij;T
U-i'l-.H Atiote w'uijtt.
.iM.rtVOnn '''' lni'iett the r.nMleMh lite Diet
JrwiJ' l'"1"-" m'nt w I I. I'h I.i 'I.r UK TIIK HI.' Ki I
TKIM i.r rsm nl.tsra h.,.l w event ,ea. The
er.,,r,., t- Ur (la H K-T Is liinum k,.ii,vaIt lo
ok' 'i'ii tli'.V'i'i"''1 11 '"""I apuear In ALL
rfilia L. f "" 1 "lais M-lltirilsK Itlil.KS -
.: ,,,, .!! "" w'1'"sl wMoelieai-peart
tl.erli.teorhla,ukWD,(,nt hr.
he a!-inl 5r.l""i,V "' 'RtOI.ASTS
l N iml i "'" ' " '' witmlrtwa,
' 'J Her a i. 'J In ce run. Ii i.l
c uV.m y ii 7- "m u g fo. 2
l.ejere ind Vaiet-if ions T rotlit
(Al o ol lh,. It..,, ,,. 'Ihestr-tV n.i n.irT.'; Kar, ri
Il,."re) ' w"'""'1""! '"' th" Aleianloa, v..
"".riTv.vrsTi-.KiiiB :"z,n,KMit-
HI I.IMilll JK.L.VII'll
Of the 1'intnent 1 rn,.. tllan.
1 A' . . II H V flftfp , 7.
In M-laauole In-., r-.ilie n.-rs.,aaiioo of
( ulil.'LAM .s.
W'ltn- e.t t.e
.WLMOKAilLV VIT IVtl r.Itll.l.t ST
Iitchilllnt' vrrr noinv ut
Ull. 1.1 AIIIMJ ttl.t'llH 111' OfU CITV,
And Miltoislii-i.i-itil en .Imi.lril as
1 lirnsliAY nlttlH;lliY KVt'.MNIIS, Nov. JI ill M,
S btikia un.'. l'ovti-riiil il.ii.ie.t ire...,lir
,. , ,, ' ( ("llltil.ANI H."
I a'tn Mnreilis ar f VOItNI'.-tT.
Alt.rttanl I ' ' ' It 1 . 1 1. M s,"
H.vmvr r..1?,,"r"' '
1 11 A I.H ' '" (IItT
Mil J. .tli.('l.l.l.01Klll,
Al I. TIT AIITIStM n'f TIIK rutlPts v
Tt.l. i.t i I'm, i ,,1-vni :. i,.,l lu a etiHsol jinstiniil.'.l
0. Ui.o'tt n.ts. ts-uh
M' Kl'I'M'IIT, ( ll-CM-M! IS ASJ
t I I'i 1 ts IS. I S 1 s
SIB. HH'III'IT Al I K A ija KtTKV M.iSDtr Tt'KS.
I , I lit ll.sli. ) -.ind Hinutj Sltills. '
SPA ts HII t III II .-It i.t s N III. lii'i;
hti 1 1 r'oritiiii-'ti tot W'l liM;s:i if r e K v i ..I.
'He i rl i-i r.i.rrtenet. el I'i iltti I1.A S IU ul be on
i i.r l et Sin-, t, ,,r tl,e .,it- uf see.ir.'.l plactss, li. iw lintel
t't'li'l Hit I "l ana t'l r.'i'l-.i !, .
AilielI n. Ml si.tl 'H i n.s.
si'itaed .iiu in iMiuls inl.illlnns'
l lilL.r iVAliltl-tN, I'ritai.n.-r.
rvv.w ciii .'-.vur sTi;.':i;r thkituk.
i tinr hi 't'cpse (Uf. at si'iM is
ii i ai si i ( i.s.s i.ii .A r hi i cr.ssi
l 1:1 A I M'I'. ISS 11 II A r Ml ll
i.fl'--i, If'ttii , l.rsl s,. s: iiilKui-.i .- 1,1 :li a. .s. of
I A I t 1. 1 111, ! All ll, i
l'i:i'l n i , , il t el r I . .
t ti yi kiti-, i ,i vitKrn:
I'AI t lll.ITt;, I'Al't lit.riK
I l VI ,1111 K, , I-'IKI I,
iAt iiaiii-, I'li'tHi i ,:
i'.ttVI.MIH. fti vi.-ui rr.
UK. I'MTIt Tllf MStiw.
nu t sin it rni bmiiw
iu. I s I'I a; I 11 K I.NIW .
Till'. MAIISlt ll'K.S I' Mi l SKitV"
'1 ll i' .Mai. s ti i. i st si r ti uf
Ha: M.tl.Nil ll't.M Hl'ltNiSUV
was reei'lti-t ut
I iiNil i oS's ISt'K.IV Al'I'I.Al si:
i.'itll I'llNTISI KU AI'I'I II'HH
fn lit the Kiiil.t, nat.ie . ii.lieil-s. ill ullentt tli.-i- livr.n.
'1 lit- N sil .M.s t at i al r.-lte's t.ra ...... ....io,.,,,,-1- !
tokiiii. iii-ir tviLAN-ni: I
..... r n ..u i r i tr. ti.tl.ltl 11 1;
Sll'lf tlieiu.- ol ttuT.'.ri mid dt .lain, fl.e
I'e iiteii! I 'o ai.i'.r s, I.. an'liii i I'o-ttiit e.,
I iraut It. -1 ( '. .fun rs, lti- oaif.il (lo-lnini -Mipi
rt. M-i I,-, sin. ro Mesa ,
hiil-crti Mtish-, s. p us Musi.-.
I'l.nrileliK Hult, l-li.iriullia ts.ttrs,
I'tlslu.li.i; hoi ss, C.iiiriuii.s f-.-n-i' -
iind ll.t-
I (M I.I KT ( AsT or ( HABA.'I 'K!',
H.il II iH.M ( ts l nl' ( II IKA( 11 lis.,
al' I'.'C-1. tl it e v. .tria- st e. .1111:11.11. 1. i.i. n .i.m- tlie mi. lVm c
Iirnl Ki.ri-il, Ii.hii Kur.-ei,
Ii.n'l InrLi-l. t i.- r..ret.
ini ri.tvii, isin I i.in.-i,
TAI VliKl Tl , I'.ll'l UK I'l l',
I'AI'Vhl III', I' A I V It P. I' I K,
Tills I'UVlMl, Tlllt K VI.Nl ,!,
i ii t kihsim;, una k.vimsu,
hu. Is S.-imiI t bia". Sis tiri'd
hi an s.s-i.nst N. ui. .s-s-nn-l
.tiall He. t, ist h't-SIs H.eiiri'd
Ti.rt liat- t'l A 'tnlitsi.
1 lin f It-it s ni A'lt.lm e. I!-?.' St
l.aHl tints
t.ar YVLLK
of tl. - b r 11 lift nt rnuuiett.t-nt of
Mi; dsn Mita. UaiisitY wn. l.t IMS
llnttliAl, Tll.sliA f. and W MUSI Mli.vV.
U1L LAK1-.8 III' Kll.l.AUMr.l.
IS HOI II l'll ( IIM.
lillKAT nil.L HU Tilt S'K silllTS'd.
i PSLMItl.Y m iLDINfiS,
M K. W. I'llt.SLU Tt.SUl A Ml CilKSSl.T S riUtll TS.
W EKSKSllAY, Siiveiiilr!;, iKil,
At lialt i nsl Il rie u'elis-li.
lit rni'.
1'llll.AHKt .I'llIA CLASMIIIAL IHtlS rltTrP. Ot.t'II
He s,s 11 ll JlTMiil. J All till. 13.1, I'I. Alii: MANN,
and l-t ll.MIl..
PHOi itittiMn. 1
RrsndTtl.. iu I) Minor, up, if Meudel-snim
tii aitetli-, No ,,n n M,i
M tin K..I... I outrun In K .Mlnur It .to '
liiili lMOi. Oo 4. In V. Y al B .i ii 1
SiiiietiiKuti ll-t fur Iho st iis.iu nl tii-t-iitv-tlie M -itlm-el 1
Is at tin Music snore m Mr .1. K. lionl.l. -eve-iiti and I
ITtt'il'.itts slret Is, ttl.ere eni.ai.i.ii(.nts lur piileietir irii a.e
pfriii-uiluirv.. In or nut rf li.tvo. can tiu niadn lur ttia ter- I
Vlialt f.i ll:v 1 Ilii, l'rtinilitl..i...i .si .1, m . ! . ,t
tubs, rl ll'.n terois. n (s-4t
Hiiptt! 'I ti tela, to be bad only at the ifonr. Hflv Ci-ii. s.
Ol 1 UK
Will deliver a Let-tun. on tl.lt su'.fect, in
C OI C K 11 T It A. Is Ja ,
At 8 . cloak.
TI. tela tx) cent.. Kor tala at Maiden's tot.Vttnr,1(I.i.
ovoCbetiiutatrtcl. 11-iiJ it
At Cot. of HFTEENTH and C0ATE3 S:.
The wtithr btlng Hnfl, (ho wi-ltlng an Ai.nyjoc
(huuld b un liatnd enrJ?. Tlio ui jr Uid- tl bj gn i-roiteiiSi
A Luott uhnui hprrtar'-j),
Adaulittuit, 'JO vt iiU. ('blUroii. I ceii'i.
Afleenitout Iraui 12 to ttcjut Jnii; tu utUflUtt uJ timo
Occuilcil. U tii
Will clve bis great Lectu -e on
OoiirtIalx itittl Inrrltitfo,
TICKETS tO CKS rS, orTHUKt t ilR 1 1 OO,
Fnrfalcal Oim'd'., Heventb ami Ahttnttt ttrcats. A.b
aitad Ji Kvant', and Oououit Hall, lUreo dar. In ad ea'.eo
lecltue al S o'clock. , I-l ,
Ttila adialiable Flcti're, the, -rreatost pro lu-tion oitUa
(valuter WKfiT, Is now cn exhibit'. al tlie
aij.uh'.mv or yiSf. AKTH,
Vo. lu-2t. ( IlKsVLT ntroet. '"-a..
Tettlher a Ilii tlie enure rallcctl iuoi itie In -tit utv .u.
AtluilHanra.TWBX'rY-t'TVI-: tIKNT.S. U-IJ-H . jf
Mltctrtt U t t'rttltl.- W'AltST.R
leiroitrly Mrs. DAS Kiel:-.
KiltietfrUin Director V. II. IKHtSriiN
lii-sid.'s Hi., et'lt-l.taltd MilKItWOdt) I A tlll.t , and Hie
ri-niaiti.'tr .1 it e i.s....ar it'll-l I r.vj-.., ! tr.- it .11 ace .r,
i--r it..' l.rsl On e.tti, THIS I". VII SI S'i. and itverr t-tealns-tlnrli
ihe rk. IT itees ir ill It 111 SallS an i l.ul'KI.1:-nltlil'-.li
liitlM.it Il'iliS A'--.. M'tsis. ii. 11.
Illlf 1 1 1 s," i t. .' J.I ,1'IIIS' II. MOitntY, KVilrrlll
lltn. oi-ts i ml A- l-.hal", ..nd alsu Mr. V. M. Iii . UNI. I) t,
a vr: i ..... i l.t v.-rsu' .le llli.ti n.
ft will br a vt. -ok tii hiileu'li l. nntriiiliinicuti, iiD;iaral
li.l.d In i!.c t if'.ii o: '-.e c- :.. 'i A in'l- i.
m rt v ni'.B oi w tii.s.i.iii.v .ma stirrttur e.
1 KUSOt i-s'S. a. id t s.tra ,1-rioruiaiice. uu 1UASKS
lllVI.Ntl I1AV.
rri'-.-t rimiun tl:e s...t,,e, r.-.t Tl- r, t.i) cuts ; sVN.nd
T.. r, "t.'i ctiil.. Cuiaiii.-uee 7 111 '". ery tvinilnv: ; 'J-'Kl aiter
lioi n.
OllAll'I MKllitr.liL'tWrlt't -tlUO.SiJ ajso iuibu.
Sl'i . T-ts-S f-str'HftcKI'PVTrri!
Tl." 1. ..tlita i'.e" . d vuliv. Ull'f .ill "I't't'l
III'MI-KMIt Kr LADIItt I. S Ail. K '40 l.Sr BaiAf SI
i ii. e'tj.ai'.t M i
,1..- ,aal il.e...ii.r.o ti oi' ...o a.dk lire.
T.il.. Vl llln r
ll-.s lieun prt'iiJil'i dl
A (lAIUlttt l uaiuii.-.t. lilt, eil'-'ialb nrllt l', In',
ami ll.ls lu Of liiti 1. n. ill'- "t al"" r-.sy.
Iiotta tea rt V t, -tfta. Co .- n-.i 'in trtjr b.'firt S.
' C.VJttlH "f iMISt'lOS,
On'ietlr t) r,;
1-rivale l..io, t "it--1 Crile " !' '
1'intl. lli-x . r.-urity rti' t.' tiatjti
H Hi. i On).-" vi il ben. tun f n m tl wi osl.wa.r.r ins
niei iHicur.ulcuU,aiid t .a iJi.iaisai ol I rlt...o ileao-,.
V Tho Aintltnraitp dnledbv thefriiliant'Cn irtror iba
,d I'uiiiiiv ui Pinia tiiiil.ia, io a i lu, ifltte, and
ail.."l"e.fiu,ilai.d nnal a-.it'iiut oi JAOoIl Itla-l'tL
"uiill A 1.1 A U. LAIiii. Atiiiiliilstrat tr. uf t'i esta'e ui (
It 1 .Mil diT"si. tl. ,l"d in rerun uistriii'.iiun, win iti 'tti
the l ui.it iiileretted, I r ll.e luiriKit is ol lilt a..i.iitiiu-iil,
on TBiisuat . I" -tni' ir ti, IHui. ut I u'ciouk i'. At., ut Uis
urllra, S.i,7li Waiuiilsuos'l, l'iiii;.l;.l.lial.
iollN 1'i. AYTON', A ldltor.
II li vi l-u ill
4 so isis, dtt.d A'.rll si, tor JOO taarns llti
JaJi. rt.-l It-i, csiiiiainiisr futir rooms, rn a ratl fteiAt-i-.i:,.a.
wi iur i mil hnnr'i taa.k tnin. the mate snua,
I. d.-.iitst by a r r..-.(s . jnona man wl'h a .mall raeilly.
H. nl not .. etreed !.'') per anann. A Una-lie of till ear
i.ie ti.nnih t rtTii.tlil be nli n : lin-p .rtnn ierlii-a
i I'ai.le dweuinn for Uie a lverneer. AJuratt "iiwell n,
ai u.i em. e. ii-.m t
IInM.nl. tens. nn-i-.,VI ,,p wrstrioTo,l
...iii.iii. n:.tui HTKRHtSTIt,
o..6JA. m r'nurtesinth air eat,
Ke ir Serf : rlt Arenae,
H attttantiia. eotainbrr ft. Ii4.
W anted lmm. di.il ly. Hl.y iHs.d CAnCKNTttltt. tt
Iti I'mnt lsik..in . MaryuiMt. Wa.r.i ,-. , nt-taih. aa I
rsllt.ii I at-li wtirtaian still ttrl,,, w a t tnla.
Iran Mtrtnli..n tsllili, fnrlilsi,M ht theiineernm-nt fti' th
auUBu ii and llti.lr lout Iran Hits c'le to K,,,i I.Toaout.
,, , Colmcl tnilfisief (Jiiar e-ma.Uie,
11 ' I'.arlment rf vra.hiaa.aa.
H 0 7t M E R 0 H L OOLLEQE,
o ( J t'lltsM'r atree', rs-n Teventu.
v-. u ',kt"' istt. ii'is.n.sr.tetl las..
nr- u", 9,1 " l"rl"''a tot tut (...ouilnv-Joute and Hsul
1 1.. rt,tikl, .i d ersr lest Ii .ir-t.Osa In
, , ,, I'KNMANsmp,
tu,a::;,v,,'!l'.';I,.',''n' o-
. ,, , im.oi'.APiits-i,
l i-et a".'.; ''"' U' SU 0PSrtetlT
i'n,r"l,.'!"..e''"."'? "csr-le',, s.-t revived at
(nr M. u tts.i a , a,.0., ..., , "
a.. "'';. '-','" . '"' " - " "( 11 a udeatl. lerait,
Ar . l..'1-.l'i d trails on an.r. 1 n
"l',"in h i i.irTr.tDKti A oo.
l-I in: OK A.sSIsTVNt QUARHaiMAsj.
.Mil II.VH1 Jll.-i; I T Ol Viol Altl.l.vntt I
S i. Ilia tin-. tR. si ,'.(. I
a.itei.t...r'2n iat
ain'sS Pr. r..a' trltl fa iwrlv.il al Una o.H..e'aai(I
i tt i.OM -nt a tr.. on, f .r I i ei i rp e.
nt at Ira.ji I 'In liaiie, mar bi'itiss aUM, Pbuadel
i t. i.t
io I. ri 'I. in. i.. n fir .tt t,rr s.,.p, ,.rh.i ontMr.
lo .. l. .-t V In. b. ii i t n-'-l. -r In .... of bi'.l iiue'Jtr.
.my luiii.l.n-a aiul brum bailout, coiupittei
1,. I
ll -s
Itiapeeted and apprjied bf ll.e L'alted lutes
-ola will nAine rri. e p.n- foit for ho.e. laoll llnf
.i- .,,i. in i.n, it .ni...; .n.tiv-ti (tote lor
f. if.i . mi i mo 1 1 intdf ujiun Ui r.sulsr lonu. ablek
tie imi, I.I , tl ki Uu, otlne.
Ti el nit,. I at net n .r-vet tt e rli'it to rcJ'Ct all kuU
it.-, u.eii tn.-we--i iitib.i- nub l.t t,,,. r(.
,, , ai.l'.LKI H. A ill KIT tD,
" ' 1,1 Caolaln and A. 'j H.
Kit Hal WAI.M'1 aire.t.
, , ''i n ii.ri.riiiA.KrvernberM, ISBt.
t( a ed rnirsi.ali. In tloi.liatut, tvin n rer-reed at UtHj
ni it I'.' . -1 1'K-k ,i ii It naiiAY, N .ve.nl.-r V.
Isoa. i. r ait,.j '.. (.ir Hie Use i.i i,e I nllnd Statee irrar.
ii.i lo.itnfun tgi.nitii nre in., dchrtred in Haiadelf.ua.
1,000 111 Kill I U MUST liIAI.ITY OORM.,T,I
"MltV Mt'StS or "ritlMK Htf.sit' fil'lK.
(tshit-li b. b.'.tD'ed) In Im! litKinist ..nl; itarT.il.,
win. linn e..tti iitsti s ; niftti i.itt ira irtiea nirt
t.r .lain. n. 11 v. .u.1,1 and tltorni',ldv t-1'e.t: Km
bate I. ..it ie:.a k.-.l wlihln ihirty day. , data
t i de tvery. To bo duuvaraa eilttun twenldi
day. ti un, award.
ti.l.OO liAlini l.si .rt!A "rPrKKIVie or R.YTK4
t A;!l IU I I. nHU ( vrlilen to u lUltsll. .0 net,
ti.sl i. ..tin red IniiiTta. Itllr head'Um 1. To
li.ne l eei ,n..n ii ai.liln llilrlv dtj f.utti dtl
of tb.. adi eoiseim i.t Name of branls and
.Ut-ftiliiiaiinlet. re fa be stat-d In Itiabid.
'I e h- eel it-n-.t a Inn ii n ii it . a f. on a -ard
S,'fo ret ni riit'.i' iiiMM - ki.n-i iird
l 1 1 UN ll.Ai.,in v.t-11 etsinerett bet 1-llu-d btr-n-is.
Ilrietil n, tie nientiiine-l la llic Lid Tabst
et-lirert.t a .ii.iii iri, ,is, . i.-mo tl.ifr (,r award.
(lO.OIIIIH.l Ml UM IilVr. Itl'KSn'l I.K.lDslroOS,
tif Wu.'i'i re.l ban-rlt. ll.Scert will tttte Iho
l i lrt. .i-r i-i.erd litr tiirnl.iiiiia ll. tshnlr .tr anv
l-..rn ai t-t ihf itt.sio cultm reasted, trmui.d,
ai.tl r.trteit ui ..n tn:, i-aia-r llrusl narre . ; and
Ha- istiiii t l-ril-t. u. li mil be restored u
.lair t a ..a. I ttiat ti,i r .(le.' riirnl.Se.1 by theoa
is ol U:b s-me aiidliiv a- tlio taiup'e olharrst.
and that I', rui'laint nu il'l'ilt.-ialion nor adia'x
llilt' ol any t..l(.'i.ll siio-.lan. .-t. Ilris-n c.tlrsl
snmiile ri'.iulred. lo lat dolivorod wlUUa
I wn. It d-js froin ittte ot award,
ICO, 00(1 Idl Mis i .i. II f YI.Ll.D't t'OI TEB HI1Alt!.
or CHOI''!.. DKY UAW HUlAlt. Ila ro't lo
be tl e lost Ui uta n.r Ore onnewio. To be oa-l.tart-it
wr tiiii nai diy. f.smi ati-.itt
ti.ituo hai.uiso rt iti-, ei niiii. ivntsKr orroitt
IIM'.ttAll, tn tln.ns, tteU cstsiaieil bnrrvia,
Tn be dvlivorrd vtuiilo teudal (icuidatoea
10,0(10 I'lHM P rtRSTOl AMTTAItAMtSTIlTr:
AS Iil Rt-.mil tvel.la. nt. To bti dldverei
v Ii ii in tea t'ay imoi a trat d
10,(H)0 l-oi'MiS i.uiilJUA;isoAP,ln panns ar
ni I neinl.t. psu-Kt-d in l:Trf'"Dii bxot. To
tie reiltere.i ttltbio ti-'i ita -t iruir award.
Ktl.OOO i ui Mia n hAti, piMs. ux Halt, la
st til.K. wt b - is, in n d Intrte't. To be dclieerod
a itnii. tt-i. rtnye nam -it. aid
tj,(ioo rni .snarl iiKiiMiiV".ii ntric rp.ppsit,
in t'o'ir o.-i.ce ptprrs. llidilt-rs trill state taa
var-ety of pe.p.-r otterotl, aud wlU lui'nlth a
laiui Ic in train a. tielt at amend.
Hnnii.tr. ni all Hie iii.vc ui.r.!t , i-sneul meata, tr nst bsi
d-.iiirnl wait ibe eroittti.al.nnd n-i'eir-d lo tlieiela.bat
lb. liit .is:ili. msst liui b.' t-liuliited wllb U tiiuiula
Han.ijtt xui.ti tt. in bemtorbuttita, aud aoilo paper
aaic. i.
T l.o in. tts will be exaiulrcd and pscd uann liT3nlta O.
Tnvlt r, ii-.pn, (,,r nn li e pait .if tlir UiU'tsl nlatet.
set.Histc titiioo- a.t. in dtp icaiu, Dtoti be m-tde for eft
ami li- t.ieut.i'tiiiiid, ant. bidut'ts n.ay i-rubose lor tbo wbo.e)
or any eai l ul eaelt.
A i iu.tetl out.) of Ihlt advertlsemeut rnnttbe attacltoi
to ear. bid. and U.i ju'oputaifc uiuat oe .puclllo la ooiaiibing
Will, lilt lit leript.
Fiun lad uinsl save tlie wrl' ten ima-ante" of two nttpon
gile ..Ti7,V.1 i,,,;o.'.!,ll,;l"K'n" r-h-- "i
ii'ai.t. ..ri-t. e i pmpniftta, enntalulntf the ftirra of guar
ai.tee. limy be hnd on ncpiiosiiun al Uu. .mlee.
f it .fi't it -none, plaeo t.f biitlnets, and date of par
ehsse, l..inii'.H ii.nlenlt. iritt, laro. and ne, welvhft nmet
le inuikeiiou evert piickitsc, and all old merit mutt ba
Cl.l 1' 'litnl
I'. -in. i.. i.f weltl.ts by profi asiuDal public weighers to bt
g.i t n v 1 euet it It null ul
-i. totia in.rti iiarile. who hat e failed to fulfil a farmer
a't tint l. tt lu br eousturhd.
llliti will 1st liitlr naelas'to. an.1 tt.'llvery at any Bslntha
tt i . city, iu be do'iniled ti) tins elllee ; and auy Inferior
pai kn't . or c nt e ine tvlU In: eoatttlered sulUelcni oautsi
hir teiselinn of eor.trntt.
1'ayn.uHt t til be aiiuie In surti Auida ai may be fUrnlsciatl
by lot' I iilti't' 6iulrs for the put is tt..
l'r..sitait to La eu lolled N'rcpoiais fir Subttttouoo
Sitirt-,' aac uu.tud lo
it.tr rt. wtaai,
11 Sil-Ct Capltln aud 0. A. V-ila.
Il li S (I It u I 1(1 ti
J I To Auili-irlae Ibe lteprbdlnK and Kopavuvg of Docfc
ti ri-ut
tit'snlnsl, Ilv (he Select and Common Cnmirfit ot the
City oi' I'hllsttfli b.a. That tlie ( hi"l Comaii .tinner or
llj.hiiavt be and It hereby anihonartl cu reKraua and
ri;.ave ii.it-A slr.ei, fioin Third alruet to Delaware
atcaue. ia iho I tflli Word: Provided lite tamo be given
oet by e iiiliaet to the lutt oat bidder, who tutttl glva that
retimtite teeuiiiv.
Pic tldiatl al Couiiuon CsaiucIL
Al R-ll'ttJ STKWtlT.
A.al.luiu Clerk of Common Ooiinell.
j.tiins lv s i,
I'rnaldent of Heleet C'uuuctl.
Appi.tveil Ilii twenly first .u.y of November. Anno Ito.
m .in . nn tliuiitai'd t-i.Ul liundrcd and tl.My-four (A, j,
11 Mayirof I'lilladeltilila
T E S O 1, V T I (I N
J 1 in Aiiienrireilie ltnavli., with Tramway .stone, of
J-rose'i-t aj.d K'dei ttreels.
lio.olttti. I y Un Balts-t and rtinim.iu CouucUa of the
1 ll) (.rrrtllad- Iphtu, 'I bat the Chief Ciiliitiil.eli.lier tnilKll
wa be and tie Is heiel.j aullioried and directed w re
ra. a. wl-li trainwuv atnnu, lu tlio track of the wheels,
pr.ttpeet ttr ei, Irntu Tn. miiiHiu to JolTersou ttrtett.su tha
Tiviulit tli W'ur.l, and Klder strict, h-otu lltii-au i0 0tir
aeatt ttret.ts. lu the 'Tenth Ward; and ir toe cartway la
ttitler li no It netatsury ior a tliurle traek, the iloaaiatt
t.ui er It until .r-Ai'd to reituee ll to lite proper width, by
lalliii; au e.UJl.iinll y (ii)iu each tide.
r ALrvMii: t. ItAitr-:.
pretldout ot Common (JoiineU.
Wl'.iitM P Stltl L,
Clrrt. uie'ummonconBi'1'.
J AMK'l LYTir),
rresldentol hs.-lt...-t Couuetl.
Api.ruvil this titin'y-iirst day of N.ive'iiiiiT, Aiiuet
ts ;a si one II o i.ited . Ivt.t bundled judiiiay fuai (A. l.
ll M.ty..r oi I'tilla.li-u.b.a.
T xly'iTu i NANCE
J ti.ipplenieai trv to As Ordinance, apitroved Fofmary
1'0, mc .iui; en A.ifrepriullou lo tbo lupurlutun( of iligb
" tsr" !'nn,r i L'ss)''.vt and Common C-oaclle of the City
i.f I'liiltiileh-lila do er.'.itn. Tkat tne I' in her sum ofnlnoly
Vevt n tl oiisrr.il nine li.iit.Ut .l (S 'T.seiU dultais be aud the
inline l.'heiet.T appcpilaie In lbs Iit-pofiuientul iliili-
. ....I. .ii .nj ...irnniili.l. ttl tv 11 I
li ii'em'l.'fiirtepalrlnf stroets, ibmuui of thirty tliou-
T.i Itian 4, tor repairing tlreotJ, His mm of two thousand
li' Mentor faBer-ewssliuAtijl tramway .tone, th.
leiu.t !w..th.-i:.in.ttt.'l,r"f-,0)1l,""r"- , .
ToliemT, a.r repairin.. rra.lt and unpat ad ttraets, th
urn nl lluilv IttiiUS.Uld IS kl.ttti) UolilVH.
To lUiu . lir aai-w uta and roads, the sum of two
0il'.Z' u,t.. the sum of
'ffi'i!' nndweU,,.),. .amor
o.7r: stationery, the
iaj?',i! of rive wan l.n.en. t" " '"""'
'Tulo.mls. for Iniidental t'Ap.'O.es. t'. uiu of eight
bl'otfTnm''fr:r".Mnc ard reeavli., elres.lt alnnt;
n,rh h. tr'.el,..,I I'a Iter Hi.llw.ivs are la.il I (.,rd-
liir tt.lhe iMt vl-loii. oi or.lui.ineei lU-tuiaii ia V.t.ta.'iiKr
ilanwaysippievtsl Jolv 7. 1-.7. aud Apni l.tbutl), u,
.n u .1 tuu lh..urand (tt.'kvi) ilnua t.
Vvarrit -at fur it a.i.ne ah.ill be dv iwn bv tbe Ohie.f
n.uin '.sterrr oi Highways hi acdoniaiuu nub extaiing;
t,di...'S. AT.V.X ASIDrit J. IIARVI U.
Prtivoliui of C jmioou Council.
Ascaium Sri W AST,
AcsliUui Ciirk of Couimon Cmin.n.
Precldc.nl uf baVaiit I lavaacJ
Appr.it ed tl.ia Lvtentv. first day ol Noveu.bsMt, Auaoi
nn..uiobO UulUaillldsislLtliUUdttid aud sixty -iour fA- J-
'"i) ' AI.F.X.A.-NnP.ft leKWRS-.
It Mayor ol fUia-"4"-.

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