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Hit TT n LX
A Ecte! Assault cn the Union Ticket
Line Near Fort Drury.
Further and Important Details.
uv., r.t, f.io., r.tr., r.w,, r.t., e.
KfMTlnl to TIi F.vpiiluii IVIrick'itjtli.
. Washington, November. The siar siys :
The mail steamer Daniel li;W ;-, frum Ci y
Toint, reports that yesterday morniiiLt heavy cm
nonadinit wm heard at City I'olnt, in tho tllrec
Hon of Pete rsbing, but may have been only an
artillery duel.
On Wednesday night the Kcbcls made a eu dden
attack on oar pirkets neur Ilroadway landing, on
tie Appomattox. The attat k was speedily re
pulsed, and the ground lost hy our nun in the
surprise retaken.
Owing to tho rain and da'Ancs of the night,
Ike Rebels were enabled to gobble up a colonel
Mid forty men.
When the H'ebstrr wai coming down tho June
river, yesterday, and when ne.ir Hog Hand, she
discovered signals of distress from tho ate iincr
Greyhound, Gen. Butler's despatch-boat. Upon
Bearing the (irryfiamul sho was found to bo on
lire. General Duller, O -ticral .Schenck, and Ah
anlral Porter were ou the Hrryhound, but tuo
steamer Pioneer ennio up aud took them oil'.
They were afterwards transferred to the tug Co
ktmbiu, and conveyed to Fortress Monroe.
The H A.ifor took off tho crew and passengers
Cf tlO Greyhound. Til J Greyhound hid bo-en up
10 City Toint, and w is on her return when the
accident occurred. Geuci.il 1! 1'ler and bii
friends were at dinner nt the time, and suddenly
the furnace doors blow open, and scattered tho
coals all over the lloor, driving the lire nan and
engineer from their room. TUo Grryhnmid w as
almost immediately enveloped in flumes, and
otwlthstanding every effort to savo her, she was
tmrned to the water's edge.
Ten horses, belonging to General I'.n'.Ier and
staff, which were on the Greyhound, were burnol
to death. Shortly before the accident the Grey
Hound had received from the steamer Cossack
the army mail fir General Butler's Department
Which mail left Washington yesterday nor .dug,
id it is an) posed to have been lost.
The Webster brought up r.tty-nino Rebel
Narrow Escape of Generals Butler
tud Schenck, aud Admiral Forter,
The Steamor a Total Wreck.
J.I V 13 IS J. O H 'V
I tc, ito., Jit., 12ro., into.
... ....
Bperlnl lu Tlae r.vrnlnt T.-I.'U-rirh.
Fortrnns M.INHOK, NoTi'lllVf valiiLn
MonB, by leleariph, November 27. This mini
ng, about lloM.ck, Major-d'eueral liutlcr, ac
eompanii'd by Admiral Por'er aud M ijor-fioneral
Cchenrk, took p.f ige at Il-irunda H i idred fir
Fortress Monroe, in General Haider's s vlft nil
teant'ful dcspit.li sfi nor '.VoMtui. When
Olf liogc Island, about ni'dvay In-seen C'-y
Point and l'o.-t.-n, M inr., tbe bj-u was d
overed to be on fre, and in twenty min.icti
afterwards she tint p;r;':ct s icet of 11 wie.
The si'.u.itiiu of O meni' Butler, his dlstin
guislieit Fiif''", and all on bo a-.!, wi; for u ton.!
critical In tho exiivut.: ; b it providui'.'.iliy the
stearu-tug i'vlumlint h nea ai h in I,, and has
sened to the rmeu:. A boa fn i tho tu,'n il'kly
put wii tnwnr.l.i the 'urnbi ves-e', and ftcweded
In rti nl.ig a I on bo ird from their peril jui osi
tion jRSliu the li kit of time. Had it not been for
tin protiunty t the i hiiumlun, the iiiclon might
hs teb-'i ii ciil! d on to ru uin the !r.. j of tlioe
(ta uld Illy nllord to t;u . a! tde ut tin!
The tWuu er w.ih hea led fjr the sle.re us s.x.a
the t're was ill ircei . d ; Iju; re she rcahed
Sfctre litili) was J 11 of I:, r, oi.vp: tlu liuK.
TUo null suaunr It ..V -, I, j md fir Washia.;.
tor, was a fev icil js In the ie ir of the ,,fl
aiidhustmed to r as-l-ian e, but wKinn'iii
pated by the Vu!:,i.i : . Cencial Bull, r an:
n mi in y were briin.-bt to l'ortre-s Monroe o i
the tog, where he arrive J botv.'en and ti oVloi
in the evening. The boat took liw a'lout halt
past 1 o'clock r. M.
6ix horses were burned to death, but, as far n
known, no human lives wero lost. Tho steamer
, took (ire near the boiler, mid tho Hum, s spread
with renuirkable rapidity. The Greyhound was a
light, graceful, and beautiful steamer, very swift
and elegantly furnished, and was retained by
General liutlcv.forhis own private use. Tho new
of her destruction, and the narrow csfapo o
Generals liutler and Sci.eoelv and Admiral Pur
ttr, eaii'id a decided stn'tdion at Old Point.
"lew Knllroml.
loi nvn iE, November 2s. The New Albany
(Ind.) hahjtr says a movement Is on foot tt con
ntct Cincinnati by rail with Jem rsom ills aud
Xtw Albany by both tides of the Ohio river.
iJuerlllua Kouled.
Loi'ikvilli, November 28. A l'ederal force
cf 200 men was sent eut from Donaldson and
t'liirksville yetieiduy, and attacked Ha'-tin;.
guerillas near the Yellow creek, routing them,
They will probably capture the whole gnus.
Market by Teles rMb.
Raltimoue, November 28. Flour dull and
Iriutivu. WiMern ixir. nuiuinul at li a. Vi hi nt l
vtrveull. Bouilitru red 7 1 ! J w. C.ni. live. ew
kilt,l-so, j.llcw,rSo. w l.i.l.) Ilrui alSl si.
Ntw Yoiik, November 28. Flour ha aduiBced
ret 'Or. for Ht.l. Ktlna of MU. at 'J kOru 10 la
f.i.l: Sll-llftl itor DLlo: .n S10-7 d.Mtt tf.-, fnr ht.uth.'rn.
Vh-at tdvanccJ ivi'Ja; i.Im uiiliuKri.ut. Ctrn .Jt.iu'.d
M. " nnn. iura urm at j.iaJ. urui,
H u.a .liiB, i rat
uic of
Shovinr the Woulc of
7? TV5" v : " "-. r - y.
Retreat to Franklin. Tennessee.
I.ofiavn.Li:, November 28. General Thomui
is reported to have retreated to Franklin, Tennes
see. The military authorities here say that If the
report is correct he must be preparing to receive
large reinforeomonts on the way to him beforo
giving battle to Hood, mid 'h it he has fallen back
for no other purpose.
Th" Munition.
Naskvii.i.i:. November 21. General Thorn .s'
forces are very properly located so cleverly that
U nerul lieauregard cannot run the risk of play
irg too bold a game, llesi h s, we have been and
nre being heavily reinforced, and our entire
cavalry arm Is being overh mled and reurga'ii.ed
ny ocnernl iison, tr im tlio Armv or tne iw -nine.
Tho bulk ol onr army is at Pulaski, on the
1)' eiitnr uinl Nashville It lilro :d, In spl -ndi t n-
li'ioti, the men b 'ing well red and vel! clothed,
with money in their pockets. The now iro.ios are
di-ti 'ibu'dl judiciously ,and pu' jhroiijh a vigorous
n -ii in ol iirill three limes a d-i v.
Pu'aski is a very pretty town, ne :r flic Maba mi
Slate line, b-tween si.'.ty and .; een'y m'.lvs sou'h
firm fs'ashv il'e. Oe .i-ral Si ti, ley commands t.'te
Ith Cori s and Geiieril t ox 1 1. itiJ Corps. II ith
are ce!l!tit otticcrs. 1 h" w dole are ind, r tho
cn:ni;.iid of General SoLntiel.' in i!ie field, whose
!.! bii.iit r.s are at Sr;ig I S ill. a. snnd plate
hitwem rranklta mid (Johinre . Ge.i'iral Seiio
field is pr- i'.t y licloved tis an cor an 1 a man.
It: rrcseii c, upon all crltl "'or a'-ioui, tuity
at)rei iuted, while bis un idui. orated pitriotism
lillstno spiee in wnnli lie moves. U'R opera
lions tr;m Chnitanooga to At: .'ita gave tho mo it
jtbouuiled ttviden e o:' his tr -it military sa.' t-
3itv. Denides, he is a supeib ii hter a i l a clever
eiitlemun. General I'd nr. s sMl in tlrs oil.-,
with heuuipiai'tcrs at t'.iu St.. I" md Hotel.
I llniia there w,ll o:iorliin t l:velv trauso.ro in
lcB than a nnnrn I i t!i;ri I- i i ment, even if tuc
ri'iveinenifl of II .;Mirceard du i it ueess'tate s.nie.
sueli evi lit liei'oio. As lo:i:' .: s the latter-iiinied
clti'iT reiiniiiiv t t'orinih, v.- ' i his aiuiy h j er-
! ub nit I ioretice, o.tl u. ti
-' will bo taken ol
'i Govcrnuioit the
.s In ititu ijun. If
a do vii that win',
"V piiuful wound,
t'joso who eonlri-
ah er the i rur ti.t
linn. Jlu is nut doing 1 1 s .-r t
leat harm so lone as iie p m ,
he ros or mol.sis th p' ,
lov.iliy does not i.-.vv-- a
uml tiie main piitlirers '
tu! la.;ely t iw.ir.is brim;.!.
it.it. vi il -sorb r.
TlgM 0 i EAU3.
I i.iiif.rr. .'-n ( t'iii iii-f . .
CviiKs Nov- nl-:".;f : i.i
:t:?el Huii.iy.
- earner f. .C jir .'nl
110,-er , of the '.'1st
e eaiiiro.l white
west' si 1 ; of the
. Find, aud had
ig tiiem was C iii
nii w moving to
.otint of sto"'u i' nd
', all of wiii. h W.H
i .!-!ovr.ii 5, and ni l
. : to alter.! to busi-
baxarriud w::h y w t Tit i:
Tieiity-sov ii It V !s
jsdng from tlio c isl to ti
Mi.s;ilpp' river at C.
anived at New Orleans. A',
tain M. II. M-inVi'ii.. rv,
Texas, iu h id a I o,;e a
f .'."il.OtlO i'i for. i:;n eueSi.-.v
ciiptuicd with liilii.
Get era! Cau'oy w i.i. i'il.v
too l be i) it again, lie s -niss
at bis beU'e.
. The demand tor r.ittm: I
i.is been sor.ie.wnit
ehieked lately. S i!, m h r ...
In iv midjiir.i.'s and 1-t mr r.i
I'ive !,ct ni.itis Kebel f. i
niftil-i airiers htue bcu m.
en m.'.dj at l'l foe
'diin .
tie amu'lers ivul
: hed ont iie f our
lii.es 1 y Genual Davis a; t
lhe sti .liner JimMiiu has (
bales of cotton for I'incinn i'
issed In with 210
'I Ins nsp of Mm. llnlcliliiK So lrlit
liilily of l!Kc iillre li-ineuiy lu tier
Fj'f.'tal lh'i'ii':h lo Tli Keening r. lrjraj h.
H u.-iiMoni:, November 20 A de-pateh from
Cr-i'tftlu Woollcy, Abblstant Trovost Marjlml
who took Mrs. .Sarah Hiitcliitis to Fitchburg
Piibon, says he landed her there safely on Satur
day. There is no present hope of lixccative
dummy iu her favor, unless all others convicted
of k-ss urioiis bfleu.es are also paidoaed.
The town of Lincoln, In Veriuout, guve Ida
coin 201) votes j MeClellan none.
Kcarsargo mountain is marked ou Holland',
map of New Hampshire, published at London, lu
17M, "Kyar Surga Mountain; by tho IadUus
Illland Hall, of Bennington, Rev. Tliny A.
White, of Coventry, and Merritt Clark, of Poult
ney, have been cotilirmeU by tho Vermont Scnute
at members of the state Board of Education.
The Northampton Insane Asylum, In Massa
chusetts, has now three hundred and sixty in
mates, and the management and treatment oi Dr.
liutlc, the new superiuteusluU, are proving highly
The new fort for the defense of New Haven
harbor is public I forward with great rapidity,
and will piobaoly be completed next season.
When finished it is to mount eighteen guns, all
f large calibre.
ft ki . ' . vr.'- . l y-i jts . . v n v
I ' Ntv T, i s 'I 0 H"k' L--JC3 -M; QJ& C01US.BIA j 5
I iuiiirr . . t 1 V Mi "fc 9 T X V 1 I M 1 - IV
IMarch of General? Shcrinaa, iilocum, and Howard Upon I.Tncon, Auu-l.a,
Millcn, end ISavannah.
"' - r w yftr'. o c
TLc Frize Steamer " rioridi" Sui.k
by Co'Ii.ion.
V iSl.TON, November 2S. A deii.itch to
the Navy Pepartrniut frm Admiral IVrfer,
daiod Fortrc-s Monroe to d.iy, says :
Th I'nittd States sl m )r 'art Hnj arrived
at this post at 10 o'clock P. M. on tho 27ih in-t.,
with the Rebel Admiral Frankllu liuehiuun and
his two aids on boaid,
AUo the following te'.e nain :
FoniiiEss Voniiok, Novenib:r IS. To tho
Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy : I
have just rcci ived a telegram from, tho com
mander of the pri. o Steamer I'lu, id t, Informing
me that she had suu'i in nine fathoms of water.
she bad b en run into by an army steamer, mid
bacly d imaged. I have not heard the p.irtica
l Vut will int'otm tho Department wlau I re
ceive the written report.
(P encil DwidS. I'onTr.R, Rear Admiral.
erochtl lit- p.itrftf s tu Kvciilns Tolograph.
I H'ai.iimiiun, November 28.
I Mil of i iifitiiui 'licliiiiur.
A large sale of condemue I clothing taltcs plaee
I iu t!ii' ci'y on th" fifteenth of Dcvm'str.
I ilo.it 1 Nurlti's Trlul.
f'ulonel Nor'.U's trial been po-tponed until
the l".h PeeeiulK-r, us the re.i est of his eounsol.
I h AnKlo-llelx l IViiro llrrss.
Mr. Pjiker, who briugs the K..gli-h-ll "iiel pe'i
tien fi r pe ice, asserts th it ha will g"t l'ri: r;do
Wood to present it to the House of llopro-ca'a-tivs.
Tho It-iuxe will r. fu.-e. to b-ive the address
read, of course, and Mr. Parker cm only give it
publi. ltv throii;''i the M 'erW r ' t'-'y Xeic.
'I'll. 4 III I' Jiifalir.ilii;.
Jndge D.ivis, of III!', d-, -vi ! , all b it cert linly,
be Chief Jasiiee, i ice T mcy, and his vi ancvon
the heneh will be liiied by tlio transfer of Ju.l,;e
I'sher I'loni the Dep ti-Mieiit of the interior.
'I Up Siliiuliiill.
Our military aathorit'iH ,ij pe.ir in the hu;ht-t
fiitrit- at the generil -Ha .li in.
Our Noi-llK-rii I koatii.i'.
Monsieur Oait'er, of tlicCaim li in (iovei nment,
ai rived this morni!'.;.'. It is s';p;OsC'l bis visit, h.n
refcrenee to the trouM'-m .ie -l i f .i'1'iiis on our
northern frontier.
(.'f-iirr-'i! Itiiiiiii.
Giner.d 1, inl.s nii! return im ..e ;I it-iy t Nov
I'li.i I iit:i.i
As tlii" T. ird'-r S'.ites ivill'i .ie. no represent i
tive In the Cabinet a'ter lU I t'.ir. mci t of A-.ior-liey-Geni
ral Hates: Mr. lb it.' being aire dy out,
it U believed that t' r tl.i- i.:nl utlur reasins,
Jmlgs A-ivo ate-ti .i.i-i il tin!; will be tv.i-,0 nted
'I In- '! ! I!r r !r!,l i.
One or i, ioro of led i w .p ip-rs eer-in -cudy
altiil nle to tl.e V.e .lib gl.in reporter for
the A sueiatd Pre s, ato!-i;ruo hayinif that the
pir.ie 'iO'i.'.i and crcv ,ne to lie r tutuv.l to
Pr.nil, and ; ur.i itiu:,' tj gi.. aa aeooui.t of the
action of tbo Government on fie nibj-iet. It is
snrlleiciit at present to rv on a-ttiio-ity, t'.t it
the.-e statements mo without foundation.
The licb, Is lu Cn oU prop-ise, U op.-u a
Soiuln rn ba.aar in Montreal.
I A wild cat was lately shot in Tlimpshlre
j county, Vermont, welithinj nearly 'H poan.U.
A I'ointeeu Imudied-bancl oil well was
' "ttr' eh'' lutt vtetU at 'II Creek, Pciinylvani i.
The mansion oc.-ni ltd by Daniel Web-tee,
at l'ort.-iiiouth, Neii- II I'lipshire, durng the tli's'
! yiai.-- of his irai-t'cc, i tiait-foiini'd into an
j "i v-ter t.deon.
1)III Alill.2ll v nitiit; 1 1 .! it r.
McnTcvt, November 28. Tlio riso in Gold and
L J.ai e thin tuiituiiiK h:u can.oil a .ttea-er fivllu-i in
lirfdJilntis, tint chore 1. veryl.Ltl. Uoiux. 1'tie ii.it-(
i)cuit.ud for flour la Hu.tted.aail only VliKl tibli, were tlb
eo.iil uf fit 7 :1Ij V but. lur superttne; S10-7.'s.i tl-S7
:'er e' t-a: SI I'.'S.i I2-&0 fer etr family; md $ for
laii'-y. Tl.ii rMlt-a to Hi. I oiae r.iiiumoi-i list e have heca
m ti.e mm. rAUKCi. MiuhIi cai.-a t,l K Kluur. whli-a ta
si are., l lu (torn StruluotliUis 4oiaj(. VY uuum
l'riihstlviiiilu at ST'.sj Mil.
'j hire la a trend ilomaud r Wlii-at at an a. lane, of
Ha '.c ,tiali-s ol' t"i .'ICS) baal-.ts at S'J l.litv .' ss i'.,r Ht-iuiayl-ntli
rid und Western red, aud i i-, cur Seutn.-ra.
Wt.itc'iai.si'.'lium S-'-Tifo i-Sll. huiallaul.iol Rs-.atsl-Vii.
Cum U aei itund Laa a U anted A tenLs, .air. ot 7oi
hus' ai $1 t"l fur o.il : Sl'iv' lr old wrote, and Slh.vir (;s
ler i..w elioiv ; and St..'. Icr new while. Oai. ,.v. ad
1 41, it-. I '2 ceal-per bum. el, and nr. In dimatid, i..!.. ut
fisw bu.be'a at I'-'c. per bahi. No ei.aeKe in barley or
Xti.lt. '
'Jin rcc(iiH of (loverieei rnntlaiie trlflliii;, and It
readll) C'-uuuanda StW'7...1 tt, p nl Un. 'I imou y is btiw.ly
at Sj. Ilii-r. la i-r-lmle 1-la.fti d ceniln-t lei wurd. aud
It i-emmand S;t s l.sl V buslM, witu aukaa ol Anxi
bual.ela at ll.es. nsi.r. ..
HWlim remain a befor. nauted. About SCO Hhct'P felta
told at Sviu i lsci.
liettrtive Beap l aellllltl at l'.r. ; SO-arlne at 1 tc ; V. X.
L. aC C'liemlval Olnlj at l!e.l and Caall. (d-mieitie)
at lw.i .oo (touuiry sell, at loilt:., and Ultme at Ki.. Ise.
Wltisky la oiiaeltled und tnslier. hale ol ll)0 b.!. Onto
t i biuil'Mi iww kld i Ui kiimr
f-CVf .
IW '
MtKIII ATI. WHO NtI'AnitO.'l.'
Ircnlnr of RKiilHlionii Tor Plloln, F.tr.
FoHTRitss Monrob, November 20. The fol
lowing circular, rclutlng to the future government
of pilots, has been issued by Rcar-Admlral
Noiitii Ati.antii; Swi nnov, Flags mt"Mt i.
vfhn," November '-'!1, 18il. Complaints are
made by the cnmmiinilers of naval vessels that
t dots are seldom seen until close into Caiie
Itenry, and often not until they get inside, in
time c f war, when a delay of an In nr is import
ant to the Government, mis neglect on the part
of pdols to do their duty (for which they ore so
amply piid), will not be. tolern'cd.
The limits must cruise fun her out, mid be on
the lookout, at nil times, for G ivernment vessels.
1 will have a register kept of those pi ot-boats
that do not do their duty ; und when brought to
my notice, I will older them iu, nnehor them fir
the rest ot the season, and not permit them to
pilot in these waters.
In iae au acci lent lianpeiis to a Government
ve-si 1, oning to a o.mt .1 eneigy on c ho pa l of
pilots, nr mi nliseiieo ol pilot do its froai their
bra's wi'l cut piod and sntll -lent cause, pr leeed
li'gs will l e in. titnted mid the parties made to
si. Hit lor their neellgi n e.
Pilot b' at", when tley can do o, must cruise
e! ieutt i ij-M (N) miles to the u irtliward and ten
(lu) mile- lot; e southward of Gape He.iry; mid
when tho we . tin r ill i.ot nerinit them to cruise,
lin y must nni lmr neur Otijio Henry, p-a ly to
g.ve ni'y vessel a pilot that may reipiire one.
1'n tuiucc must at all limes be gWcu to public
N ival Gf.lcers .ire directed to ropoet to m i any
i'r lirr;rji nines on ih - pa-1 of pilot '. and arealays
to cote in tin ir Ing-bis Ks ho far oui-ido the
I i -litli.,nse the pilots olf. red th. ir services.
Ore pilot-bnat must at all times tu in port,
ready to tulic vessels out, and be prompt In e uu
plyinjfwith signals.
Divin 1). Poktuu, Ueir-Adnural,
roiumaiiiling North Atlantic S pi t Inn.
The mail steamer V. t",)",r, from (Ttv Point
Va., brmgs no news. Atfiirs are represented to
be iu lhe Mum ipiut state.
That Thwii lti'ls:f'il hy rl...N lli-crouc.
Inic Ariin-l lii'ji Su iliiilill.' Itrri.rn l or
tin mi.l Itlmtt.
lleiow we give nn extract from a let'-er w.ifen
by Csptain M. S. Crowell, Commissary of Sub
sistence nt Fiiyctteville, Arkansas. It is dated
"NfcMiirn n, lsiil. Oet.ib.'.r 2Sth, Ilr.Miks,
Stermiin kc. (being a cone -niratioti of till the
biishwhackerH In the country) invi'Sled the ton,
taking position ou the thickly-wooded crest of an
adjoli.iiut blutf. Alter some shelling, charging,
and sn attenipied Hank movement, bv our l irees.
they left th.it point in a hurry, ni- ing iisalnat
one bundled bushels, of ct.rn, n r wlileh o-tr
hordes were siithrini;. The Ite'ntls then to ik
poMtion to the sonthwo"!, ou another b ull, from
which they were also rou'vd. an I driven several
miles into the coiin'ry. Our loss was four
wounded, one of whom has since died. Tin y
Inst nno lieutenant killed, and about fifteen men
hill' d and wounded.
"On (lie 3d ol November, Mu.iir-'iiincr.il Pagan,
ii ith tii'dO to Wl (I men, wi'h two pieces ot artillery,
coniiin need a bonib..r.iner.t aluut I'J n'eloek.
Tin y threw nearlv one hundred sl.ellj am nntst
us, ki epnii! up a lu i-k skirmish llriiig, and su.t
ccedc d in plundering most ol the. bon es and hos
pital. At'i o'clock they retired. Oar lo s was
one man wounded mm tally. They lo-t one liei
leiitint and sever il others ki" l- I , besides ipiiiu i
rutiibcr wo'iinlcd. t-vu of the bitter in our ho pita'.
Thnueh it hud been I ut a few d iVS sol -e 1 ha I
mllie cnlly recovered Ir. in tcu re sii kne-s, to
l.oiible lo my ollic" f r a bttle while eacli tl-iv, I
took a rille and learned nhut It w.is to s'and (and
lio clown when 1 lienrd a shell coniinei, in a snow
storm in trenelus itlrcudy stitli iently muddy
from a two days' rain.
"Nest morning (Hi) the enomv c .mcncel
sklnni-hing a caiii. Out soon left. Generals Cur
tis and I i i u tit arrived Hie -nine afmrnnon, nn
tvent which to us seemed like the sight id laud
utter a long, roueU voyage ou a stormv sea.
"Curtis moved southwest, niter Piico. l-'ngan
went east. Santiorn ami "uc.Ncll wero at (. ass
vi!U tho latter reported to be moving southeast
from that town. Peace reigns. A small train
has just unived. liutter, apples, and forage
begin to cmiie again from the surroundiut;
coin. try, and once more we icel that ail is well."
l:loei-:is Illinois.
Tec relui-is are now all in from th? .?'ji1ji:s
St iind l.iinoii.uud they exhibit a rcstnt more
tnaituiiici.i.t than the most saiigttinc l'uioiii-t
ever iltccmcd of. T he total vote is ,'. I j.7s I, w-tU
a mnioiity for Lincolu of !:2,0SS. In lSii j, tl.e
entile vote lootoil up s!,i.Ai, and a uin.ioi ity tor
Lincoln of U.'.Hii. Tho vote of J si 1.1 Is its,!Hi7 less
than in 1W0. Ulinnis has ut least 09,odO totciii is
front of the enemy, who were not permitted to
vote. If they had been allowed the freeman' s
piivilege, the aggregate vote of the State would
Luve approximated 4'W.O-io, and the Pulo-i
majority would have hardly bcculej thua,7-",00'.
It et urns of majorities, noarijr full, from Michi
gan, foot up:
1 or Lincoln .l.i.oal
For McClelkin !i,73l
Maioniy for Lincoln 1 1 ,2"7
The soldiers' vote is expected to make the pUl
at least 140,000.
The lr(ildeallHl Majority bio.
The complete returns from all the counties in
the Slate give Lincoln a majority of !)7,7 on the
home vote an increase of about !4'oo on the
Union majority in October. The soldiers' vote
will give him a majority of at least 3.i,uoo. Ohio
looms proudly np with over 00,000 susjority for
Abraham Liucolu!
i. . ) j-j jifi jf '
Wai.nit RniBKT TnnvTiir. Miss Loc'illo
Western enters to-n!ght on the third week of her
nnusually successful engagement, appearing in
her great original character In the moral do irs
tic piny of Hast l.ynnr; Or, The -.'(ox-mini'.
The bucccsb of A'mt' I.ynne has totally oelipsei
that of any ether play of the timo, and the lomtcr
it is played the greater the excitemont becomes.
Miss Western is nnnoni cod to appear Sum In a
new play, entitled Ceci't-; Or, .oc ami 1IU:
State of TuenmiMitTan To-pat. Six A. M.
IS. Noon, 47. One P. M. .50. Wind, N. by W.
Tup. Navy Y.nn FiiArns. Tho recent thefts
and frauds ut tho Navy Yard are being further
ventilated, and in addition to the parties arre-ted
as mentioned ou Saturday, four moro arrosts
have since been made. The names of tho parties
arc James Gilllnghani, chief clerk, Lewis Gil'iog
ham, und two others, employed as carters. The
names of (he two latter wo withhold for the pri
sent, ns they claim that they havo been unjustly
arrested. Tuey wero under the control of Anton o
Ailes, the tio'H curler, und alle;:.; tiM. if tliey did
ui ylhii g wrong it was by his nr.ier, and that
they were not responsive. Thiiir claim of inui
renccwill receive a f.ilr hearing, and un'il llielr
eac is decided no publicity should bj given to
their names.
It Is but just to state, In this eonnnjlhn, that
Chief Detective Franklin has reudorel elll 'lent
bid in h rrcting out and brin dngto jiisib e til ise
w lio have been Implicated In these irrosc fra ids
Cumiuodorc Hull, of the Philadelplii i Navy Y ird,
is determined lo discover the full exruiitnf the
rc.lil eric-, whieb it is now lielieve I will run to a
veiy iiih tiguie. The greatest coiisternatiou
prtvails among the workmen, as they feel tlm',
b i nee tlio Commodore has uudeit ikeu the, Inves
tiuation, there w ill be n security for the wron'
dcir". Itctwcen now an I timoirow there will
be a number of sdilitiomil arrests, and luiidiy
or two the full extent of the deprcda ions will be
developed to the publi..!. The exposure will ox
ei'e the wonder and aniaemnt of the people
Hint such a wholesale robbery could luve been
carried on.
The steps taken by the Government in this
ina'tir show that w iie. e fraud li p'O.en to eist
the guidy p irties-w II be undo to snifer, nn i tli vt
l o power c m rave ibeiii. U.ulerall a I ministra
tions Ir.iuds have been perpetrated, bnt it is sel
dom that the guilty parlies uie arrested and mi le
to pay the penalty of their acts, ns iu the pre.ent
New Co u. Pii:u The Phil ulelphia mid 11 'ad
iug ILiiiruad Company's coal pier at Ne v Castle
w ill be in na line s fir use In a week or ten d lys.
This pier is for the a cminio l itio i of lhe winter
coal trade, when i.e sus etisl iu of n ivig .tins oa
the Delaware and Itiruau Canal el ises the up
liver route io New York, leaving the doivn.nver
or sea route the only mien way to the llnterti
market. Hence, hcnnifcr, In winter. If ieo in
the Delaware rnd rs appro ich 'o tlie It'ehoiond
piers ilillictlit to si a colliers, the 1'lnlnilelp.ii i and
lteadirg Kailioad Company's trims, winch
usually diverge lioill the S.-.lin ylkill u' Lmrel
Hill to cross over via Nicetown to the Ddtviro
at Richmond, will continue do.vn to'i S Pi.ivlkill
Ui (.. ri.y's Ferry, and thence on down along tuo
Delawu'ie via Chester an 1 Wilmi itton t N '. v
Castle, tbcro to unload l.ito sea colliers, thir.-.y-six
miles lelow K.ehmoiid.
Tl.is urrangement w ill give the Philadelphia
and Heading It dlniad il navi,,a ton pro.;riiiimi
av:iilal.lc in all months of tho yen-, and will add
to its utieipinlled unit unexampled citlei eney to
handle antlirucitc coal.
Oi n I.M UKAsisii I'ori t.atiox. In 1SV; wo
polled "D.l'eS votes j in lsiifl it was S'i.ViJ, an In
crease of II, Hi; nnd in lNii-3 we polled W!,t'.0J, an
increase over ISiiO of 1 1,2'jO, or within 'M votes
ol liciig cuiial to the ineriaso from IS si li !! .
lint it is not alone by tho elections that our in
creiiso of population Is shown. F.very hoiise
kceiwr has lull kiu wli-dcte of the present scarcity
of dwellings tor rent. For eighteen nioiPhs past,
the old fauiiliur pliieaid "I or liem" has disap
peared from the wails, und moving days uro not
now nearly so frequent as they wero a few years
ago. The scarcity of houses can only be ae
Cnunted for by the largely increased population.
The records of the building Inspectors show thut
the number of dwellings erected within the past
yenr has been steadily increased, ami that they
exceed thore of years before the war. In Is.jti,
permits for leo8"dwillings were Issued; in lxii'j
the litin.ber increased to 'Ji'il, and while thcro
was a fall mi in ltsPl, tho first yenr of the Rebel
lion, to l i .1, ii took a start again in 1S02, when
"l.jt di'-ellings were iiuthorl.a-d, aud la Htil,
when JK. j were erected.
Imit.ovi mi t at the Fairmonnt Wateu
Wouks. In a week or two the work of placing
new tutbine wheels at Fairmonnt Water Works
will be comniouccd by the Chief Engineer. One
or two of the old wheels will be removed, so as
to allow workmen to blast the rock for the pur
pose of preparing the foundation for the new
wheels. The turbine- wheels, it is claimed, will
do tw ice the amount of work of the old ones, and
require a less depth of water in the forebay.
1 he old breast heels can be kept in operation
not longer than eighteen hours per day, und are
capable of pumping into the reservoirs P-',7ii7,7t)S
gallons per day. Turbine wheels would be
capable of running constantly, and being gene
rally constructed hoi lr.ontully, cau be iuci eased
in diameter as n -mired. 1 lie comparative expense
for repairs of turbines and breast wheels is said
to be fully fifty per cent, lu favor of the former.
It is estimated that the entire expeuss for the con
struction ami erection of live turbine wheels, eon
airuclion of pumps, removal of old wheels, no
will amount to about 1 112,).
"Haimtkd Castls Polka." This is a neat
piece of music for the parlor and ball-room, that
has been laid upon our tsble by the publisher,
Mr. W. R. Smith, Agent, No. 13 - N. liighlk
tmt. JUrpvi F, 9uiftU it! in. aathvr.
r.iMc amom M runes r.t.i i ns. This evening i
meting of storekeepers will bo held a'. Old
l'e'l.iws' Hall, Tenth and Sm-tti streets, to take
fii-thm in relat'on to sn ordlnm-'e recent'y pvsed
t j Councils, and w hich, bavim.' re -e ved ibn sik
natnie of the M ivnr, is now a law. 1 be ordiaanen
irfrmd to prohibits the public footway or any
stn et In ln occupied or obstructed in air man
m r wt sti ver, i'lie must otij"i"ion:ib' parts of
t!ie l. ll to "Mick, epers aro the following .
Sic ion 10 provide that no signt o :rd, p '., or
tMrg to shuw the pli-" of busines--, or merehan
ilic or tbini; which the ocvnpnnt tliereof has n
i i-po-e nf, snii ex'end or pr.ijeet from auv
d icillni or builiiine texe-it fims-V n;o or ov. r
tl e f. MivHys oi nny stn in, h -Ion tbe to-i of t'm
f.r-t storv, or to a tre vcr i-xti ol tlia'i l.mt' feet
ilofotm hes on any of the cilln r pari of 8 n !
l.inlilit g.
Section 17 prvvii'.es tti.it no g. side, wares, or
nn reliaiolin-, wheiher for sale or o ber visc, sht I
be pl.-u i d on any p irt of the f,,,tway m front of
any house or premises occupied by any poe-on or
pt i sons.
Oipies of (lie ordoinnco have bfi n p'.tced in tbo
bards of the both constsb es, and n'e no w being
-i ived tijinn luinucs peopic. il is the inte-rtio i
ot tiie i it;,- autfioiities to stric ly ent'r -e the new
Dw, and flinadv iiii'e ntitn'i.'r of storekeep jr.
l er be n lined for its violation.
A Mavmc-tm Tt 111 i.e.-Mr. Abel He-.uott, a
s n ol C ip nin lleiinett, an old re-ident of Fast
Keitsirp'on, In this city, captured n m.ioimo'h
tnitlc, while on a fishing cxcursnin, at Cedar
Point, St. M iry's c juir.v, M iry land, ot ulii -li
pliicc he is a resii'ent, a wci k or so siti'O. Tho
funic is of the "hawk blll" apueies, and weighs
nine bundled pounds. Tho bead mo is., re 1
thtrtv-figbt Inches, in clrcnmference. The Icng li
cn the turtle was six leet fotir-and-a-hsilf inebes,
nnd it was twenty inches in diameter. The bottom
shell was two feet eleven Inches in length, an I
two feet ten inches In width. The top shell was
so capacious that ft son of Mr lletmetr, tnrirtoen
years of nge, could enter it and paddle himself
mound in wnW.
This turtle was captured by mean of nets, and
towed into shallow water, where it was secured.
A inn. s r or a Kohiirh. This morning, about
half-past 'i o'clock, Ollloer Oukes, ot the Nine
teenth Ward PoPcc, arrested a tr.ati while de
scending from an awning p v t In front of a hense
in lilchmond street, above CuiiiTerland. Thfl
fellow had cllmlicd up, and lifting the window
sa h bad entered the second stury front rooiu.
lie was nboin ri!lim the poek-ts of a p ilr of p mts,
containing fstitl, when one of the Inmates of tho
room was nwnkened und tbe r iseol lied. As bo
was ib-BceniHng, he was polled by the ollleer, and
reci'gnlzed ns an old otlendor, known as Francis
McNanice. He was arrested only fe w weeks
.-nice, charged with the larceny of iono, obtained
in a similar manner. He w is admitted to luil,
and wHsawailimr bis trial at court. This niorn-
1111! he was committed to prison in default of bail,
lo stand trial.
Kf.c ri itino. This morning the Mayor issued
warrants for the payment of the city bounty to 4 )
men, of whom 27 were enlisted for three ycirs, ')
lor two year", and 111 for one year. They were
credited" to tho dilfercnt w irds as follows:
Seventh Ward, 1 ; Ei'.'htli Ward, I ; Nimh Ward,
8 ; Tenth Ward, li; Fifteenth Ward, 'JO; F.lgh
ti entb Ward, 2; Twentieth Ward, 2 ; Twenty-llrst
Wurd, 2; Twenty-thiid Ward, tl. Daring the
past week the sum of i8,70d was paid out for
bounties to volunteers.
CirY M irtality. Tlio wholo number of
deaths reported at tho ouice of the Board of
Health during last week was JO I. Of the per
sons who died Ui4 were males, and 1-7 females.
'1 ho C eat lis and interments of soldiers num
bered ili.
Shot Himsm.k. William Stuard, an orderly
at Camp Cadwahtdir. a tcldon'a'ly shot himself
ut FK hth nnd Spring Garden streets. Hi) was
carelessly handling a pistol at the time.
To PriiciiASK C1.0THIN0 at Low Pmcus, make
a Mi'lLii tluB from our stork of Kka ut-siri: tartncu!s. We.
aiea.lltnit floods e-nal In ttylti, ..I, tanke aul iinVrct,
from 'Jh tu .'si i-r iin. loicr limit U n-)W elmrneil forth.
bhu.p nilii made to older. W. lisv. all styles, l.ea, suit
prlie. lii'doiliiny Sien a, YoiiUi'.,aDa nova'. All can 0.
auited wiUioutdulu or troabl-a.
TCiuvktt r.i..
Tower DaU, No, 01S allkel sli not.
C'lctliira 10 anit Hi. Fait nf th. Year.
4 lotluus Ut atilt tlio la I of Hold,
c 'inll.l-iK lo .ui! iho ta I oi Hr :ek.
c -lolhiltK lo noil die rail nf Mlan'.a.
t.'lullniiir Co .nit tlie (all f Kiel.iiiojiit.
I'liill.tiiK to still ctHi lall or Moli.li'.
( killilns to anil Uie lall nfC isrlesfon.
OteiMror lo Mttti the fall or rise of .invlivoy, ui Gharte.
fltt.ket ii Co. a Ouierrue, under tbo OuiinueuUt.
Cim iiitpis's Ci.othino. An elegant assort
ntut at M. BlMicuiakcr & Co a, No 4 X. Eutulli ttreel.
Thh FLomtNci: Sbwino Machine. tA groat
niaay aoivmn machines are now In use, and numerous 1m-prjvtuit-nta
bare Lien made since the introduction of tlda
ttme and labor auver. wldcti render tl.e m lebiiim of tl Is
tatter day far ruperior to tboa. made ten or flitoen yeira
i. It has been wttb sewing machines as with every
other Inrpiirtant tuventlnu; may were a.tt p.. feci at ttr-t,
but required lime aud attention, w ith skill and Ingenuity,
In nrdir that they misht aecmupllntl what It was fn'.sndjit
Itey ihouhl. Tho first maeblnea woreeomidlcatod; bat It
was not lonK teibre lmprovemeuta followed la taotr me
chanical structure, ao that, while ilmpltiied, they wore
morn diu-ablo and capable of doiii a greaier ran-ro of
work. The 1- lorence machine Is free from the obleeiiont
attached to others, and. being- of a very re.-eut m-ike, and
the manulautiirers havinif had the e.s perlenee of ;uiproo
menta lu oilier machine.!, p. ispB-ies point, of ee-il.-.iee
afnl merit butougius to u.i other, la the "Florence' ma
ehlno, ttie Chain and Loop stlie1! is dlscttrdi-d, and th.
Lock itileli, alike on both .idea of lhe labri :, la a lopicd.
To meet the obimtins jaloi. tin favorite ailt.-h. I..:
wniil of elestii'tty, liability to rnei-1 at Vie end of
teams, rMulrlug them io be fa.tcn?d or tied iy f and.
and the want of stn-iiKth Or a evrt.iia cl:iss ot
aeaius, siieb as the bias, or Inside eaa .of p uith, ibros
ether stitches are adJed, the Krot, Ooithlo Lock, a nt
Double Knot, each of which ta strouor u-id lilo;e clss'le
than Ine Leek. Them tiletiel reniitro no cmnpl. liilnu of
ma-bli.cry, but are nnide viltb as mneti c ito aud uelliiy,
aud with as little machinery, ot.ier rar-i.;ns mike
one uhch. Tbe T'forenei -.-titn.-h pi-s.-is n.i
ineroiis ad-MQiaes over outi-., vsluc'i will l,t
reldly perceived on ex.inilni ", ilieru. Os-3 im
portant oi. c 1. the ri-vortdii'e I'l-et mrtieii, wte.-iti
enutd-s llio operator, by slni.ly tiirnhig a tiur-nV
screw, to havo the work run olilior to the rorlii i-r Ki't, t
amy any part ol the aine, or fallen lhe iiu li o. ttio sea a,
s I l.out luinlii- the l'aljit.-. Ail..!:io. r.-ut u.lv.muce Is
l.a. in.T a perfect and unii' r.n ;i-uv..ti of thr w'o. Ii r.-Kiilntt-s
and adui'ta 1 self to ttio dlitertnt k'nds of fa'.rf ,
ulid no ip. Insi lo Ka oat ot or. It. 'lue I loruli . niU'
mollis tl.e appellation of l.'.e to' 1 awly S ine -M i.lilne
Mi the world.
Yami.I.a Ko.tKTi.n Aio: us,
lf rare eeslllj. M.ii ui'.iilur..d ly
h ii I'-ll n K.
It 4AM.
Oi n ii i m; 6ti ck A Co.'s Ti inos anii M .son &
plAMI, I'tltlM'.r ulO. INS. f till SET
1 (Ot 1T.H. Ovn' .VOnf .-sell oi' o. os.- floe In- li.ti. i NS .
PIANO striinients lulvo been nil.l Ov Mr. C ' 1 1 1 1 N 1. 1
Ci I KS.' li.,.iud ih-'teitKind I- e..u..il !y lllt'itvs.
I'lANII II t-r.-aslllrf. ItAlllNDC
t'iil.T'i:s.. 'or sal. only bv mti.NS.
el VNO .1 10 llllin.n, CMIIN!!'
leMLs. BcetnUi aud Clii'snul .tii-u.s. ciit.ANS.
l.AT)ii.s' Fins. An elegant assortment at
(T.nrU.1. 0.kiord Si bon a.Concueuta'. 11 -tel.
Do Yov Know Hi; an has removed to No. 113
I'l.ciuiit siieet? He sells Tobacco, Dinars, Pipes, ,tc, lilty
per cent, less thau nny oilier in in lu t'u? city, lie member
Dean, fo. 41. 1 1 lio.uul stiect.
Choice Caramei.s.
l l.oe-jlato. Vanilla, Ooroaiiut, and
I'oucb Caruaiels. Manufactured by
Hti-e-iii n F. WnlisN',
So. l-'l" Maik.t .neat.
f 1 1 n tli.mbn's Hats, All tho latest styles at
( 1;m 'c. oaUt-ird Jt fton's, Coutinc ntal liulaL
j To Tiiost wishing Life Insurances tho -i.tna
i 1. ft In.cianie Company, ol Hutf ird.ttonn ,wllli a branch
othceat No snoc t-.esnui street, fr taaera Pen-ylvni
otters sep.rJ.irad aatat;e..
buiius His year past this Company has moreUanitoiiWsd
itbi .lui-i. Its bmiuoai la tlm city has also been lu
creaicd lorg.ly. Its dividends have been forty pr cent.,
n ltu .kd prospect of Increa.lnf la lutiire. Ic Slvld. nd.
lie made e' erj yesrm .lauuarv. and p id in ca.n to Oiimi
...ei.i premiiiBsaUcai.li, and ipild to pay Ik. uol.a.
wheu lioli S uie soeu, lor hall ol ll c premium. 1 no A. uie
uiten varl-UK tables and plant tor llle insurance, aud booka
lil heliirnnhed ireeol ex.pcuae,eipliuniaiilllsuuiuaat.,
J.O. aHHOl'lie.i.imtre.1. .....
As.nt. are wauled for th city and l.oleia Pennnyt
vaela In c. U. Uruah, Mnnai,er Of Uc l'lnladolpUia braack
oatce, N'o. 4UV L'Ueiuut slnet.
Ladies tssCutuiHts'l Hats. Latest style
at Charles Oak ford Sou s, t'snUoeatal ltot.U
Choice and Fasuiomabli Conhoiions,
f ut up lu Neat Boim,
s, SiiitablefbrPres.aU.
Bruins Jf. Wan M4K,
Ms. lilO Market meet.
ruRCMASEits may relr npon getting the be
tint at Ctarlea OakJutd Son s.Ovauauital BotL
PnoTooitAiiis of all styles made at B. F.
lt.lm's,k'o.M4 Aitli street. As wsdMlntuvMiiate
ao wh sail, wi 4tis vw pattvas to mm tit ) .
Ornca ot T rvTfTsrn Tm .amira, I
Mon4y. JlovmiiMr 94. I
The Sto,k Market is dull th's morning, w-tU
the exception of Government loans, which are in
demand, and prices have again advanced, with
ales of S-20s to notice at 10 J(Ji)107, an adva ice of
Uiand 10-40at !i8i;6j of 1881 are qn ited at
ll-'f" ll-'l ; and7 !IOs at lUfalia.
Kailioad shares continue very heavy, anil ht
sales aro limped. Philadelphia and Erie Rail
rosd bonds sold st 10.1; l.-,2 was bid for Cam leu
and Amboy IUIlroaJ. ; C74 for Reading; C7J fof
Pennsylvania; 4i for Llttlo Schuylkill! 67 for
rbllailelphla and Gennantowi ; 30 for North
Pennsylvania; ;pi for Caiawissa preferred; M
for Philadelphia and lialtlmore; and 31 for Phila
delphia and Frio.
In City lTtsscnsnr Railroad shares there is Utile
or nothing doing, fi.-, was bid for Fifth and 8lxth
111 (for Spruce and Pme.a decline of ; 15 for
Ar b Strcot.ndec iaeof J; and 10 for lUeo an4
Vine; CfiJ was asked for 8eond and Third, a
diclinc of 4; 1!) for Tenth and Eleventh; 48 for
Cbcsr.ut and Walnut; 2. rJF Green and Coate.
a dec line of 4 ; and 2: J for Olrard Coll.-go.
Hank shares are very firm, and prices are rather
better. North America sold at 180, an advtnc
of I ; am! Kcnslnston at 89, an advance of 2; 74
was bid for Northern Liberties; 31 for Me
chanics'; 42 for Pcnn Township; 5d for Oirard;
30 for Manufacturers' nnd Mechanics'; 40 tot
Consolidation ; and 474 for Commonwealth.
Omul shares continue dull. Schaylklll Navi
gation prcfi rred sold at 39, an advance of 1 ; 32J
was bid for Schuylkill Navigation common, aa
advance of ; and 1 1 for Sus -nebann Caal.
Co il Oil shores are Inactive, and prices are un
settled. Olmstead sold at oj, an ndvanerf of J;
Oil Creek at 74, a decline of 1 ; Mineral Oil
nt 2 0 IC" -I, which Is a slight advance; D.tlaell at
Oi!; Perry at .jC!'1; Irving at 10J ; and MeKt
henyatC. There is no change to notice In the Money
Market. Loans on call are freely offered at 6 per
cent, per annum; prime, paper Is scarce, and
quoted at 7.p' per cent., as to ipiull y.
Gold has advanced a per cent, since Saturday
evening; opening nt 2274, advanced and sold at i
22; at 10 o'clock; fell oil' and soli at 227 at II;
inliied and sold ut 224 at 12; and 23J at 1 P. M.
rim.AiiKi.rm.t stotk K.vcrM'ftiFHAr.E-i, vov. m.
Ueporteti by Clarkson A Co.,ili-okers No. 121 8. Talrd"St.
4IS1 sh Mcrtlntnrk.h.si .v.: i'l "li Walnut fsland
sen sn miory r nrin.... s
UII do .
I'll III do
rii.l.n do. .
tk.lth do..
rss sn do
-ssi.li do
k fseah do
Ii.i mi Eaei'lsinr
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trlsi.ti Urnni-r ..
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toil all do.,
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suish do.,
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luish do....
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14 si h
do ....
lisn.h do
KIlNh Dsliell 1)11.,
lislaht'iirtln Oil..
pl .h Hlnisl-a.l...
-.'eo h El liorado
inn nn lire tnle Oil..
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ids) sb Howe's Eddy..
i rorry.ooainriu o
,visn t,m;a - ita
first iiDknn.
.fSH! 8 S-20 1
M.h LehlirhO H-
. 74
sieo do i,;
f") CO i7
S.sO do 1'.'.
1 ih Wv-uniUit Cnl.
ltu an on I'reea.
net 7-4.
i M Ti
ral Oil .... a IK
Iio.h do.,
rs'iir. h. ln-uis tx
-eo Am. Hold tWJJ
."s-n do I'litJlXl
J"0 tb Mineral (
HO ah luiliell OU .... S'j,
Ai sn Irwin OU m -4
Mi th di lo w
l'O sh Porry Oil !W
liOsh Ho t:i
2i-i.li do.... i
Sio.ll do. ......bo t
WO ah McKlhanyOU. .
msl sh llermanla 1 a 11
Inn .h sdiw A I'.tt ... 10
ism h Mineral OIL... 1
SO ih Son NaT of.. ., 83
11 ih I'.nna Kit S7X
Slioiscn nv.cis St.. so
S-.'ICO I'hll. A Krieiij ..lu'i
tlu. I I'a. It Jd m I).... leHS I
f. .in. i iiea.i'ns nail iv. . 101
Sl lteud. b.lt. '41. ..loo
.l no l.elileh Val b,la..l,rii,
2 ah N Ameili-a Hk.lsll
S sh Keiialnutiiii Ilk. S
Inn III N. Y. ii M 1J'I
It; ill l.ociut.M uml.. I
Mi h 1IU Mouill V
Quotations of Gold at tbe Philadelphia Gold
Exchange, No. 34 8. Third street, second story :
Uj A. M 2274 U M 223
11 A. M 227 , 1 F. M 230
Market active.
Haiu-f.h, Dcunky & Co., No. 65 S. Third street,
quote us lollows ;
American uoiti z.u
American Oliver, 4's and Ps 220
Ilimes ami Half llimes 21.5
Spanish Cnrrcncy 21fl
Penn. Currency idis. 4.10dt.
Now Yoik F.xchango....f par. par.
l)n IIavv.n t Buo., No. 20 S. Third street,
quote ns follows t
American uintt zio
American Silver, 4's and J's 220
1) iocs and Half Dimes 21i
Spanish Quarters 215
Peun. Currency ilia.
i disk
New y.ork:xcliange 1-10 "
Quotations of tho principal Coal and Coal OU
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day .
Bid Ail..'
Pnlton Co.il 7. 7' nnaeon Olt...
llu; MountaiuCoal.s .. bH Heneca Oil..,
X.Y.&.MId.t'oal.a .. I1; r,anio Ou...
tlre.si Mc.Ooal... , i'i .'i Imog Otl..
N'.i'arlniiiCale...,. 'i S , llenamore...,
New Creek 1 liaiell OB...,
... i
... U
l'ederlamCoal.. .. ;( McKllnny s
Clinton Coal I',' Pi Honert. OU
tliiller ( out 10 l'i Oen. tent
IMiiiiiond Cos! ltpj Nohleoillelaiuatar.
Naacara in llibliard s
Mono!. lron...lu'f lu'4 Hiory Farm s
reuli Mliilliu M 71 in-oncr .a ..
c 'onoes-'tlcut .
rOTroreuin t.uir's.a i 4
1 Ksbert 4'J
J II .k- liland M
KevHlone 2lne.. .. 3
'.celsior OU a ..
Utr T.iiik H't
till Creek t ..
l:in'o NhKile Oil.. Ill
M s'ilntoek OIL. .a ..
I'.rryOll ..
Mineral Oil s ..
Kn-lene Oil 'i
VenannoOU ?.
t'ulou Petroleum . .
s. Aiicsneuy mver. . ..
.. (lurun s .
I 'rbilaAOUOrodk.. l'i
Vi Hull Creek ...
,. iiermniiia....,
fi Corn Planter.,
1 Hri.'aa
ltoek OU ,
Tirr Farm...
... 4
.. 4
. .. 3
i-.ionraiio .
211 Walnut l.liud....
rim Aii:i.rni catti.k t irk ft.
Novi:mui:r 2H. l'.eef cuttle continue dull at
about former rates. About 17isi bead arrival aal pirttj
old ai the Avenue llrovo Yard, at (Tom hi". '7c. for ixira,
I 'lu I '.'ic. lor fair to (food, and IX)I2; fl I'J. for com raou.
I tie (WUowlna nr. tli. partloulae. of tUe sale. :
li iiead AI i nn Fuller Co., Weiteru, IJ1S.
l do M. I iliu.in, Wi-I. i n. 11 IS.
so do Mcnney A Sinilli. Ohio, ll 'ili'i,,
mi .1.. II. l!,.,ilii. I'l nnsvlVHuls. 1 1'.el.i1 .
.1. & J. i lium, l'eiiiisylvania, ii'.t.ifi.
P. IIaliHuiiy,CTiPsii-i-einiiily and V'.l.,
.Ion,.. l,-l'i.s.',l tii.fliere-iuiit.v. l.''i.l-i.
E. . M. Killeu, Wi-sleril, l' It.
P. Mel illen. Wesu-rn and c'tie.ter CO., li).g,U..
. un. sic i n. is e.ii-ni. i-w.-iei.
10 do
Cltisl. M.ol.itM r-.. We.leru, t."..i.
I. Atmilmuis, l'entisylv.sDla.7. srolft.
O.M'n .-aiili h. W. -nierii, I li.i.li.1,.
-ti... a ..ml i. holier, aud bie hive ail-
1 - .1.
vaiiced ; i nlv Hliie lisoln-ad have a.Tlv. d. and ...i t uoia
Hie e'
ii'.,, up lo si,e. '? p. d, uro., lor common to estra.
4 ,,ss h C t.irlt-liille .curt-e ; ubjlll IHnllA.nl m rive 1, Slid sold
nt from S Sitn-iU lor nu'iner.i and Slsosi vs lie-id fur oow
""ll'oi:""- The lnio ket l ninresrtlve.bul prleej are -lt,iont
1-liiun.e- a'rnul .l'l hi nd arrived, and .old al Ih. dlflerent
junta at iroiu lo aijli Uie M liouudi, not, as to
Uric 1 MoredllU. Know, Fori llo.val, II. A. .
Hob Kellie Vowe, lUiley, Iiartiailos. E. A. Soulier Co.
K, Ii, K. V. Kdwurds, AUen. AlaiidrlaJ.t.tt.H Kspplief
Fioruueo, Uraditu, Wosiaujfiou.J. V. . bacon.
Bt'm.lilpK.C.KnWlit.'i"1"sr hours from Kew
K;XX:STi& ft to. ftom nampn
XSVyiKiSlJ day. from Mob,-
'.'"wlll.riJIr'-fu'd.y. front l
Waal, in ballast toll. tc.Slel-A ,.
Iiurouiailiie Bcotlunil. sn.ia.y, w
i days from Fortress
Wi!e Altrt vSi.'. A? ' " M,""'i "
i e in Xwilen w th loJalirelelie A ...no.,
llru' SVota ( UrJ Smllh. 1 cW "" aUl"' ' O1
IUBriAle.(nr.),Wlllsr,ll im mam 8U KiUs.wltU
nidaelojauretcbe Laversue.
l,r Han Antonio, Jackaou, IS days (torn New Orleans,
Willi tail to Heurv KliunM. l.'lh mat., oS Oaryafort lto.f,
suoke brm Wm.t're.-i y. t.eiic. lor New Orleans.
Schr Hauuius, liavu, IS days frooi .New Orleans, la bal-
'"ssir iTarrtrt Tuller, Hamilton, I days trooa Portland,
With headings t .W.Wal.U. , ,
8.-hr KiamonS State. (Mill, i days from Itllford, Dsl.,
WllhgrnatoJamea Harratt.
d. lu- Iowa, Hiiyaisl, 1 day IrcMa Newport, Del., with
flour lo H. U. Lea. . ,
tcelir I.uey, Morrow, 1 day (torn Brandywtne, DuL, Willi
torn meal to H.M.Lea.
Schr ). tt. Weldon.lludaon.e days from Fertrsss Mooros,
wlib ras, c, to captain. M
Hiiu llary Belly (nr.), Keea, worn raimourn, j.,
luiL, wlib lovwood aud fuslic to U. M. Vl olilr
lexelio E. A. Houdw A Co. , m.m,
fichrw.c Atwater, oWtt,i 4ys from rn'
Wtlh aidMetoeapiain. i. wltai
B hr Smith Tutile, Rich, 4 days from rrn'W'
md.-. to tl H. Kerlvol. fn,,.Ml Monro., im
. hr T.Lake. RUl.l 4ayi b Tv"
balia.t local Inln. , itJt trim FortKSSJ
Hour Came WU, Earniw.'
Monroe, In baUaat to O"!"""1-., u aayg om B.nfWset,
lachr J. H. l.Ucl.Seld. ll w
labanasttoTweila Oo. arom Htj WmH o-
tcliiaJ.t.iraiidil.Oii,,w . .
tofcfaVo;U (Ml rwtacswwa. Wt
MlStU..k"v, -
::::::::: 14
..... 6

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