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The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 12, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 1

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iMticM tiiim:!-: cky.m.
FROM 3 i
J?f:in-ui Across tfi;
J Hirer oa tin
) ;oc!ico
v -i'n tt .hp e.tfrtinjr ft-i ft ,nn,
VBiiiNr:T(iN, December 12 - I'. e, ..'. r s vs
despatch fioni City Point. d-o'il 1)? ?! r
I, SIM - lli.tt the la'e-t Hews i; in ainc I In tin)
llchnioiid papers of yeetc-.l.iy, D'eo.nVr 10,
piu Sberm'iii'i army say C, 01 the "tli hj
'as Hist of tin' Ofitrli. ) rive,, twenty -live '...les
om Siva i ub, moved.; 01 t', '. On ;1m
ti l) I e tVul innrd'til In army i ,lr ju m lji.
ii: -m vva.ii I N' ;rrr:N.
ig T7e I n II il MttVx Mnnr ?i ''fir'.
if Wakiiinhh n, ) TV, ii )jr 1. Tncro was a
I owd of ladies and ;.i'!it'caicn In Mio 'supre'ii-
-'ourt Room this moiirng to kd Ohio. .fistic
j'hine take his s- it for Ihe lint time; lint tiiey
illpp ilnlril, that pc-ntU Mi.iii n.it hiving
ot, it in ealil, hi cn iniulificd.
(The IHocl. rr.itlirs or lint tiuore.
Charleg E. Wutera, another uf Hie B illinmre
iockade-runners, and reputed to bo a hl'ter Se-egsioni.-t,
was before General Dou' 'Unity's court
lartiul on Saturday, charged with selling hard
are, icrctission cip, and a ma bine, for the
, lannfuctme of oatton e ,rd to Rebels. IP
iird-mnking mii"':;ro is a TrT iir'-nium nnd
r .-
jJiiipiiiiTii ptc c or !uce.aa.m..iu, r,nd was pi
'Jord in ourt. Wa cri has a n,re, at o, in
ew York.
onflrtiinlinit nl 'ttfornpv.r'e rnl snoeil,
Tho lion. J um s jpetd was con. iruit 1 to-day
iy the rmwe, in l- xi .ulive Su . io..,as U'urne..
cncnil of the Coiled States.
pcecli of Hon. Win. L. Xclloy.
M'arhinotos, LViccmbjr 12.
ii. rpi'HKir iiiiu rt3iniMiiv iimiH a ici iron
! 'ioveriior elect ui w Yotk, VI r. Ki:nto.i,
ii);niii bia m at m menil er fraui Vuw Vorii, t
ke i Ik it on t:u ','U.li iiiBlaiu. liu (ay be nliu.1
it riturn to H'rtdliii'Kton.
jTbc H-i'3ker announcrd tho npo iln'mnnt c.f
r. i iuji. i . ) atu mr. wiifj -i in i .N X .) Vi
I tbe vm am- is on tlit l-omxitti;-.- 01 V y a.id
jeans orcaKioni'ii ly tbe m'r-nation of Moasrs.
lit' n km) Meljlnns.
Mr SteTens(l'a ). at thcit(U st i f si v.ral pn
inin,Hnd in order id tfire a iuitn-r o.ipirtumty
exanMTintiie bill Ivihh a urn; fonatnieilon and
cumng to -o niu.'ii 01 tMu ltcv3ci in- ao: a-i rnf.'ra
tbe tux nr duly on eiar.. iiuved its DO;t:ione-
nt till lbiirsu,:y next.
Mr. llroots (.New York) r-nd a no's from vio
esident of tbe Tub..eeo Naiiunui A'fHoiaiiou,
king a 8Usien-ion of the consideration of th:i
II lor two weeka, when tiin A- -oc atun will
tiBint u luode of taxation wbieb it i uellevod
Il be K.tidaelorv totlui (Juveri.n.init.
,Jr. Mevi ns ii i.ied thar iJnnjre'.s wi'l not he in
-ston at tlmi time, as they ui.iy u'ljimii over
hoi tlOVM.
fhe qiic-bti--n w;8 ;:;s;pouod ; 11 Tliiirsilay.
inn H'iuhu pri.c'ed. d to tin; con-dderatioi of
l'iti reported at 'he hit in don from tbe Coin
'.tee on Nuvul All iirs, uii'iiot i;.ing and direet-
the Keerelury ot tlio Zin-y tt apooint a eoni
tnt ennln' i r toilesi jim'o and survey tbo neecs-
iiiuount of laud near Mew L judon, Cjsh-c-ui,
lur a uuvy yaul end di iiot mr iba eoustruc
n, uoekii'fi and repair of li-,m-u .ids uud oUior
vnl veBMds.
Ur. Keliey (Pa.), at the I.ih: ssivi in, had tn'r.
ei d a iubsUiuio fur tbt; uoov.i, n Kliori.iti til'i
H'lary of tbe Navy to aeeeie. from the city uf
i ailulphia the title to l,ea":e ini'tnd, and if said
! he found peneet, eshilin-li tiiareou a narv
id and depot for tbo connirutiou, doukiug,
d r pair of iron clads.
Ir. Kelloy (Pa.) said it win not t policy of
Government to iie-reaHj ties nieiilier of navy
rds and sutioim. Ii bad si.nply asked a reco-?-ton
of a new i;o of iron vu. teU propelled by
iu, and to enhuge and furLun -ueli facilities
wi uld meet the exit,' neies t' tin; tiiHes.
Ibeeiiy of 1'hl adelubia ottered Leaae Island
a lice gut. New London did not pissesi the
.ential iUalilieutioti. for sn h a site, while all
le louud iu a greater def re. a be point Indi
d In me miha.i u e ib iu a. te ' o. lur punt
iinlv in cor broad eotiii.rv. ha: iu k!ieivilied
lAgue I Hand over New l.o:i..on, not only as
wuter, bn: us tj in neral pr.al i is ami skilled
.or, while l.e.iuc I, hied v us ir loss expo-ied
torviun nsniu t. In a word. '.-v L'md m. all
I, ng cotiiiideied, had not aiorf' one ot the
r . i,
' la
n( al elements ror sued a r'utain.
a" not propoced hy t n distltuto to 111-
ie tbe Duiiii erof nival i.tati ins, uor to add
be -iirettdy treat expeDse ut atafl'- of odl -er".
us not proposed t pnieliase a kite without a
d udeipi ite lo in ike l ime iinproveinen's.
r eiiy t l't imdoi ljina baa . il ia d a froe gift of
:eiie llaud.
I bit being on fro h w t. r, it afforded a cheap
iruiar.v or uimpuai mr ve- e wsiea ouve coii
cv.d oiKease mule lyiiirf oil the uioutti of tbe
ind, In nili water, pruti-iMiii tbo city of New
ntlon. He rep. tie.i that I,-a;iie Island is a
e fruition, where tuppiits of ull kiudj are
dr. lirtindeKee (Conn.) referred to tbe action
tbe Kami C'oinml tee on thh sa'.ject, who be
vtd a uuvy yard lor iron emd vetscls had he
me a rational neeectUy, o,.r navy now uutn-
ing 6.VJ s'eaiiK rs ar.d 71 i'on-elads. Steam, H
s known, had r voiu lom.d naval arcbituc
e tbe world over. Ah a me isnro of economy
enalJlishuieiit of the yard at New Loudon
uld he a saving of money y ear by year, for wo
now in tbe bands ot private contractors.
n the roar e of his ream k he said tbe Com
tainii iiiiiioiiiteil bv tba Kuint.L'trv nf tlm Nla
X. ......I nf thr f.A...IA u
da, one of New York, one of New Jersey,
l the Kngincer of the I) partinout, and do
led by reto utioii, arier iwo inonns exauilua-
ii, that tne puDiie iuiirc-t wouiu not lie pro-
leu iy me scieciiou ui i.canii isinao, nai
uld be promoted by the election, of Now
tr. Keliey (Pa.) denied thai three were ap-
nted irom x nuaueipuia.
or m;l:,;.
Theic wn' a j nhlie meeting at the Ar..demv of
Mi ie on N ' iinl.iV PM'riai', i,n h i the 'ip'rcn '
ol the N. tt York l'ert Soei. ty, a hene.'o'eiitinstl
tu'iouto promo'e the Chri-.il m welfare of ssllors.
The m -et It g ii enllr dto or h r at li.i!f p i't
si vi ii o'i hid,, Wil la-n W.ilkir, ., l'ryUcit
i f II'' 'y. In ilip Cbiir. '1 be iiiieiir'inpe of
fa plain V;',h!owiii tlic ln';u was biih il with
gn HI pti'Vii'.' -m. The Mar'tiers1 t'luir,-b eleiir
' in a" ' t ti v. .', nd sin ( veral hyiris
in i ii i; tip- i n is. j i i a v ry pr-'dn-rdc tnu'iver. '
Alt r p'.ivri nv the It- v. Mr. l'-ln is, tar ip;nrt I
iftli Si. 1 1 : V I -it its diiriiiK the past year w-vt
ri ad by the t ire. fSneeehi'i wire taP'i ni-vle '
t seMTil n:. ui-n, ai'tpr 'vhl b 'be it v. Dr. j
Adams i!,tn,.tiuiil tain i:3lo.y.
A hlt'-.l 1S lir
The lit to i f thi
bi !1,C II ilH, Wt O , -0k
i'e..'-i,-;e u a p at'v, h nd-
evtl y mi II ;i Hill fi' It III 111 I
A tt lit ot diu.l.Ul-e Lfrei r. ,
f'rtit, lit f'liil I
bin as he iii-ili t v to k I'i .i e. V.'vu t !iu
i ii'hi.Ma-in i.t ibe aaJi- n. e ti al fcoai"'.vbit 'us
di it, I p s iaVp an loll ws :
Mr. I'u-auut mid Laities a-'l fl niaiiPn:
1 inn tn ni v I h n '. f-.il to veil 'or venr w inn
g.- r'liif: : ' in it remind i me tbal I am tr.a-lin m
atphere wi aeh 1 i are leenuni;.! t-j ili.it of
imtj.it- reu ?.!. 1: may be ep a-tsd of a aa.Iur
ibat lie mil l.uk to tai'nri, ind h!i- :i a s jaall
c-iniN i.t'iiu liie si ip that tliev laav a al ' aid
roil no tl.c i ullni. t aa'K or MNt.etfi .f of tint
lindjli.t it i nd tbe tu-i jii nt -.n'o i ii':in
l-tloie m in any In lb s iite I ..-n; ;c veil. I'i'--re, ore
lam rru.intlcd that, liho to:"i.ior eii!.riiu or
mil arkme upon a in- lifl I, in a n. o i, h i-i
wjiln nt I otb eomp..H ".nd ef.rt to sh.i.v him the
jmtli tc end.-aviMH lo tiad.
Hut, iiotwiihstandiiig ull this, I Pi.n'd not re-it
tic apu ieation of lit ao-lity, wli.-a tli jr p'i,--..d
upon me tbur de'ro and wish that I li-inl.!
iipptar belotc yen, at ih-.s same t ine s'atitig tn-.
my nppi nrunee would have so ;:r-.a a moral
tiled m. d uw.ij,. thai w-aild beie tit this giv it
iiLd lailile e iiise. Now, lulii t t K'-m eoica,
ti.iie i.s until i g in tbo world nui.e I a.:t j.iaii 1 1
me ti.an the n.ilnr; h-r wp a e nil soni-li, and l
.!)i a sailor lay. If. lint I ri''ol:pe , s i.n j y-.'.4--since
1 saal to . no. g. o.l pi.o(.i w.:a iv t'i I ,-u.f.s
of in ne, ami wio wr in., resti-ij; !. . i elves
u'.uUt I hi Iiiiiik h for Hip ite-tlmt'i and . lie 'i-,. i .'tis,
1 nmue ttic ri i' .itk to t'leni, "Wliy .s r trite .-oil
tlon't do son. i thiD-' f ,r the f i!lor ?'' 'Vt I, t leir
rejily was t'mt they bad ;'t t c i i".i :?. .i 1 tna
work, iiiai I se.- r.ov tin, t'.e wot I. di ' e a a a:r.
then, mini It in i: ng on, an I tli'a ywi? i. evt
di liee ol their )k.
Now, u hi e mi iire.l.a-i-'is. r h r
mivv (i;.i;Ui:n tiro.inl. reler.'.d
t 11 It) tlli
(xpiiuioo u)..i'i ibe Mi s so -pi livrr. 1 ii re
minded of lie l.ii t tliatlwi-ai oai .a- ir Hin
comnn n.-i nietit of the w ir, nt wlo , li time 1 was
ordered to proe- ed to tst. I-ii . to hike p i I noire
with my linnet. ted fri.nd, Ad nirai t-,ivi. We
went don to t' .'lumle.i-, and li a ly i.i Vicn
burg, Tfl.i re I lei' the ii HHdr-an. Il l' inyp - ij
cessi r teys i-iat bis pp-iri..i,ce has oeau taut on
no sbip ba be seen Iliolo- or l'r iyer Ho As, n .
have they Ltd service ou boanl. No v 1 wish
Ihrt l:e I. ail I nn :n my rbip; for It ii is bsui my
Vleasuro ever to have earvieu l id nor o:ny
rbat, )u, I my enleivor Ins ben to
wntm uivsi lf airrttud tlii fai'or, so nt to nt'.t!e
liim my iiii a l, an 1 1 bslievc that 1 hai o -uv
eieited; fir 1 .ont.mid in tonly ibc service iili
him, but 1 eoi.tiuitp I iro:n Sun lay to S i.i l if cx
plaii.ii g to i.im pir's ol the ll 'al.'.a d oil tnt tha
giiales'. pli ..sure in it, and 1 rei e ve.l niy le.y.o-d
nlwi.ys in hi" tb inks. tSio h Ion been tiiv eonrte
ever sine. . Hurin 'he period of li r.r lb' I hdd
coiiiii.BiHl (I the li-nrsayij. and I wimM re
niaik thi'.t our fnend (Dr. Ad.mi.s) who hoes tbe
sea so niii h, illnstruted bis ba'i'J r-i.ticthian in
the mine iiiuwu-r Unit Dr Johasou di I wheu
he taid hat l e.saw notbing in the si'ii n il tho
advantii'. . ui.d reility of a pri-on wi ll t ie
chance of burg diowuid in it; but iv 'u iliPr it
blew I igli or low, whither it w.u eiitin or
teinp'uiui us, I bel.evi) that, witb tlio txcoiiti.in
of iwo eeeaMiiiiH, no Sutnhty has uvir p-sid ,
awe.y in which 1 have p..t bad rei- ice. It his
htm my cu.iioui, Uoually, to hive fas bid! tolled
for cbureb.to a .ow any to e.inie to service v,h
woiild. Indeed, tie. iiieiitly the executive o:ll r
woa'd nay to iiip, "WjWyo'u Iihtp service t oday ?"
1 rr plied, "Y'es, I will have servh e, and let ilio-m
ton e tu my eaten wbo will." As t'ie resilt, I
fi i i'd time in v lil le c ibln was always Ullod
witli sailors. Wow. human nature is m r)iis:l
tutid ibat tin re is a soil spot in r lie he-irf of
evi rybc lv. u d ir is more particularly txe.n ill u d
iu"Jaea" u.uu ill any there-iiislitution itiul I have
cur mcii in my l fu, and I ac-nre yo.i If you ouiy
toueb the iifhi chord you will tiuil iirespjnse to
you which will more than repiyj on lor anything
tin' you cull do lor the Sailor. The tirst thin,'?
yon l."uv lo do with sailors is to instruct tl.eai
to titiiw iti nn that you have an iutc rct ii their
wi lfu e to nniku them bi bevo that you are fieir
fnti d "Ml you are Buro to bo rewarded. I do
not moan to say that on no aid the Jwarxarte they
are n'l rrn n who are fond of going to elmre'i, and
lid that; but they know auti leel that I have not
only been afiiend but a father to them ; and were
I In any part ol the world, I au sure were I to
call theie men, they would, every ouo of tlicm,
cenio to Die like children for they have that
ceil lid. nee in me; and, without being cgotis
toil, I would say, with ull humility, they have
that cnnlideme in ins, whether in the tempest
or whether under tiro, la action, or any
where else ; they felt, us long as the cav.iiln was
oe i tck, the ship was always rinht. ((tuuewed
applause ) Now, lauie.s and ceiitieiiien, it was a
itirut pita ore lor me to endeavor to i ltistr ito
berip'urc, cpcc ally the points in wbi-li the pro
phi eies were Termed. Ho long as the interest of
Jack wn awak.neil upon these points, no v
sreees wcie opened to him. Ilu bettan to ro ison,
ml I am sure that in the end be thanked me tor
the iBstru lion I hud plvca him. No'.v, then,
when I conic to consider what oil It itions tam
lui nial cities are under to the s.ilor when I
look b .( k to the past, eveu in tho hisn ry of cum
mer, ial ei'iis that have risen centuries n,", sueh
inT.rrc, Cirthace, and Venice, and in lut- rvcars
Loi'ilnn, Liveipool, and New York, uiil sen
wi alth Hid all the comforts of rivil'7 io.ii and
the protl'tets of the earth ahonndinu', I lie yon
to consider that were it not for' Jack" you wual.l
not poss. ms any ol them.
"Jack" brings the products of other c-)imrirs
to y u, and carries them through the storm
and tempest. It does stein to inn that
gratitude should induce you at least to kivc nn I
do oiaetliiiig fur "Jack," since ho his done so
much tor you. Now, ladies and g- uiieiui-u, do
net if h to enter into this euliject si filly as to
branch off upon this war; for to dwell upon a
subject ot that kind would take up the whole of
ike eveaing. All 1 will say Is, that I desire that
you will all go in With heart aud sjtil into this
work which the Port Kociety has been instituted
for, because it Is simply the gratitude wh eh is
due from one individual to auothur. L'tus re
member the Muster's words, that tho Imrvest is
plentiful, but where are the husbandmen ?
Vvithouteven followinghis instructious, tho sim
ple gratitude which is due flora man to man of
jiood works done to you by him calls for a re
ward in your doing something for " Jack."
Therefore, 1 ask you to give your assistance to
the Port Society; and would have wished that
niy lamented friend Admiral Footo wero on tbe
platform to solicit your favors more earnestly
than I can. I beg that you will pardon ntu for
peaking to lot ', for I am not a speaker.
Captain Wiuslow was frecniently applaudej 1n
the course of his remarks, and resumed his seat
amid three more cheer for the American Navy,
which, it Ii scarcely necessary to say, were giveu
with dae emphasis. After another hymn by the
choir, and a benediction by the Uct. Dr. Thump
ln, the meeting djuBxuc4. r. Y, Ir&iuH,
cew. candy nncovnni.aC;
Finite Scmtxus at TJtamoiv.3.
('.mho Dec inner 11. The sti amcr If. nu-i .-a,
I'riinN.w Oilnins on lae alb iast.,.oTived h:re
tii. C'al Cm i'v lias sullleieeily r- O ivered t
ti ovc al.otit wlt.'i the aid of crutch s.
A eo'.ton press nl Mitaiiaora-i was d s'.roy?' by
le early in Nonmber, wi:b b'.io halts ol c tlon,
valiieil at t'li'O.in.O.
The i r. is nl of C ip; on Sinme a. M '.t.nior.ii,
ci ri ii ,v to Hi, 1 1 in on 1 1 , Is i oi.Iirini d by t'ie Sao h
et toirriponilcace of the New 0.1. am papers,
wlreh snys that his ! t't hand is : iii;-lo 1 tr im
the fi;";i('Pni"iit '.nth the .Ve.ir-vir.c. llo gn,, -o
Kicliii.oiid to si on! an i-ivelig iti :i 1 1 i!m uia t. r
of the sipkine of tho Muli-:; i.
The steamer . In. it loi 1 been sold fir ov.r
Sli.' iMi In o'.it.
'Ihcsteiiruir rl:tbrt, wl.lcli loft the sotrhwest
months sin' c tar M it.nn ira, and pat into Mata
gorda ir. di: i:. ss, was t tl, cd by tbo C. ni'euer.iti s
ai.d si id.
Tl.c Mexican tii itern' Mesia it rcrcsented til
I c Tiny seven to bis soldius. I'll i putiii'iment
for uny mi- K mi auor is .am) lashes or devb.
l i e ( lie of liaja. j li.u be n .piii't siu.e Curtiu.n
K vit-Ti.Irl v l ondt not s'tm vtrl 'le
siit?slin nt .Mr. I'rieii'inleoi.
W.ifiM,i.is, IHirmber 12. On application
b ire 'aauc to have Seven thirty bonds hel I by
the banks ci uvert'd into HcgidercJ bonds, for
ti.n.ki ig iirj ' tis, tho I'oinptioller of the Car
n lie ilt i til d that they eanaoi be cinv Tte l.
Mr. Kvas'-nden, however, will rci ouniicu I Con
gress to j.ui-h a hi 1 giving the nceeasiiryauihari'y.
Tin Vr In Tfiiiiri,HPi,
WAiMiiMiTt v, December 11. Desp fchos rc
eeiTid by the tjovi rttmeiit from Oeneral Th niui
represent tho po itien of utfairs at Nashville
unchunged. lienpr.il Thomas gays that the
reemt storm has inteifered with army move
incuts on liihtr nl !e for siToral dayj at least.
Ulio t tillcn 'I're.tlo ' Itio MNsl-ttljtpl.
C'Aieo, L ei- ii.Ihi 'J. 2117 b:i!cof Cafon arrived
hiro to-t': y, inelti.ling 101 bales for resliip-uenl
K.ikt, and 7i baits for St. Louis.
'71-clal Or,p.tV.iits tt Bvciilns Tjli.'xrAiilj,
W asiiinotcji, I);;i'.u'aor 12.
M-le ol Slorr.
A lcrjec rule ol condemned btoro oc uig in
W ushingti n on December 20.
It is bulievd that the eel 1 v.o I'.hcr has only
interrupted military movements fjr a day or two,
and pn blips not at all.
Oi noral I'.i-nn Is doing very wo'.l.a id will soon
niatt for New Y'otk.
K'.nlitojoio audoidn n(I.-oni.
'fie (loveiiinit'i.t Inn iuiu'o all the r.eoc.cnry
urrsn-ii.iio nls lo protect the llalt'moic and Oii.o
Kailroad i.gaiust cxp- cttd utlueks.
lllt-r JllHliCH t'llH'SO.
Chit f J ntico Cba.se was swom in to-day at 11
o'clock, tie Cirtmony taking plitu la the Sj
jireiiie Court-room.
Elr. fSiet t to I o t'oon-nipil.
The Sinuto Judiciary Coinmitieo bavo un mi
rciu ly reported ujiou tbe noiuinatkin of Mi.
Sp.ed a Allorney-Cenir.il.
nriir.uMer-Oencrnl Kgan, of New Y'ork city,
now here, lias been made Major-liouernl, for ner
ving before Petersburg, whilo attached to the 21
Iie-ntti of Henry It. Nclioalernft.
Henry It. Kihoolcraft, tho writer upon tbo In
ehin tribes of the North arost, di' d on Siiturd iy,
tried 71. The Commls.-ioiicr of Indian Atfdrs
hii l it clerks will attend his funeral.
l amp for Hhiiooi-U'h Xew l orpt.
The Cavalry Hospital al Giosborongh has boon
tlif continued, to give place to a recruiting camp
for Hancock's new corps. Tho hocpit il inmatig
were mobtly removed to Lincoln Bospltnl.
Tho IniPiiili r ffllllitry OperHtiotit.
Hie Govcrnu mt l'ic!g eutire conlldenee In the
gucicis not only of Slurman.but of nioro proppnt
military operations. It is felt that tho country
wiil rejeiee over the news of moro than oao vic
tory before tbe close of tbe week.
Tim I.onixl.tmt Member.
Cer.cral ftanki Is earuestly latioring with lnflti
cntial nn uilnri of the House, and somo of its
rletrgiitlons, to geenre the admission of the Louisi
ana representatives aud the ajjp'.lon of his prin
ciple of reeousliuctlon.
Tlio 'ontUntlonnl AiilPnilmont-
It is as erted that several of tho M- Clollan
nien.bf r. from the Iiorder and Central States will
go for tbe Constitutional amendment, with rea
sonable compensation to loyal owners, and soiuo
ro'ght do so with a proviso that the frocdmcn
shall not become citizens or electors of Sutes
contrary to Kbite laws. It Li believed that com
penrutlon cannot pass in any form.
Tha to on Clurara aiutl Tanner.
A delegation of cigv munufaeturara from New
York are Lere for the purpose of conferring with
the Vuyi and Meana Committee In regard to tho
tax on cigar and manufactured tobacco. The
Committee intend to take up the taxi bill to-day,
and refer the whole subject to a gub-cominlttee.
There are several financial gchemot which have
been submitted for their consideration. It will
be gome day before they wIU lure tbe measure
Report cil jilvance of
Sr. Lot is, Decern er 11. The ltrnuhliean pub
lishes a spc-lal do p I'ch fro.n Cairo, wnich say
that consult r -.hie ex-i i men: existed at M jmphl
on the ! h lnsfnr.t. In c jiise jiipi p : of a repert that
Heat. rep rd w is marching on rort Pillow- with a
strorg force and Iipi.vv puns, supposed to bo used
fur tho blocka 'cof tbe river.
Osrto'a has b en oeenpedby asm ill force of
Pel tig. Keenly a p rty of about t vcnly fivo
llihcls appeared '. be riv- rbenk oppodie Me n.
phis, wavui,' lie Ir ta's and buir.ihi'.g for Jed'
Davis lu-ii'y. A I- r e of about l.V) nc;:ro s wore
rrnt on board a 't. iiner, i nieh la'ido.l a'jout a
mile loner down tin- rivr. Vh"n they (l'.o.l O'lt
r u sin re the K 'Im-Is broke nnd r in, apparently In
the greatest cote tern, tion, par. uctl by the n"gro:s,
it. t-i I they came to a thick, bushy place, wherd
the li. be! a h; d a largo fnrco sicrotrd, a lio sud
denly i,i-c and tlr.'d on Ihe negrws.
Tbe kit:- r tit d, bo'ty pursue I nnd sla i s'Vo'rd
a' a ilr.a.ll'til ra'.o by the Rebels. A number
rushed into the river and were drowned. One
ppo't sets tb t only s.vni negnie returaeJ,
uliilc anoilu r sav th.it mnro do. Int. k.
The Rebel Gen. Lyou Acr-j33
tho CLr.nbcrland.
CiKo, Dcccinhcr 0. The Ke'iels, in 'cr (Jeiie
ral I.jt.n, cplure l t ie (iovern'nent trinpirt
Tlumai iv Tull ut Cuiii'ii r.'and i iiy, on tho Cim
beriand river, twenty nulei ub ive Port D m-lsau,
and used her for crossing t'ie river on the march
Into Kentucky. The force is estimated at sVIK).
Tho steamer was loaded with (lovernment f irn tc,
nnd was burned to the water's cdirc after tho
Rebels Lad crjsscd.
" TtlATIIA."
Twcr.ty-riva Ilea KilLd, Thirty
WcuniUd, anil Tw:lvo 'Uhsinj,
St. I.oi i'i, I'ccembcr 11. The steamer .Tin",
from N'. Louis to Cuiro, exploded at Carondolet,
lixnil!' below St. Louis, car'y this morning.
Tbe pi'ots, cl 'iks, and other employees of tho
boat fry that sno was lying without steam In tbe
boilers when the explosion took place, in the lar
board side; tec t xpleslou gcl::g upward anl
milking a hole in tbo boilet-iiock, through which
teverul person fell. Tbiy say the ixplo-lou
may have b.ea c.iu-.cd by a box of aiuiniiniticia
in the Lold.
There were M soldiers of the " J an 1 Oth I jwa
and 11th W in onsin Cavalry, with IV horses and
mults, on board. The soldiers positively say t'aat
ttc explosion w.u caused by t'ac In.sullieleny of
water in tbe Ik ih r which b irstcd. Tbo boat wai
i a-t loose, gro.mdi d on the b ,r, an J was entirely
consumed by lire. All tbo homes aid mu, eg
were lost. It Is reported thet 2.3 men wore killed,
,H) woiimlf d, md 12 niliu f. Tlio goMfert lost
iTftjthirg. Tbo lout was eutiivly in, and
vclmd at tu.CUu.
Inter f-ntii n viitinttti S'lormina Ntsttjr
MII- ull' iik.il Siaiolili);; lonaras tintt
I lly.
Wasiumotoh, December 11. A despatch from
(it-ncral Duller this evening announces tho arrival
to-ilay at Fortrcas Monroe of a transport from
Charleston, with Charleston paper ofthcOih,
announcing that Sherunn was at Station No 6
on tbe 6:n, sixty miles, from Savannah. Ho wag
num bing on 'he direction of .Savannah.
Ii is mi In n ii up ueur tho Executive) Chamber
thut he is in cUvar.u.tb to-uay.
Aifmlrnl for rnii ii l t'mlii( t Spit Voik.
rcfi lit iVtw Ytirk 'ftit' tn?.
A number of cltiecs mot In tho Collector's
olliel eu fcaiunlav alie.tioou al 3 o'clock, to mi.
sider nn-dsuies lor doluR honor to Admiral Kar
ragut, the aero of New Orleans and Monile U iv,
who is ixpeetid to arrive in this city very
sbortlv. Mr. Mo-en laylor was chosen Chair
man of tbe iTcetinp, and Mr. Samuel Sloine
ttcreturv. The following resolutions were
Itu pk-u I'l'ft thi' illnstiimis pprvli-.',ti"riiic liravnry, and
ttliU inmiiy. winch Iim) UitiliiKii siiP'l tne tlinoriie.tr
Auralrai 0. il - ur.-stil nt lii e mi wnii- e.iuntrye-.),-cuio,
ih lni spini of di vieiiiii tiy wtacti ha 114s u -ea
snlu'iMi ditiiries n Iho re-i .ttot the pie? cut w.ir, and Uia
s'lnnl v.ru.ni-s ftcluvci) Oy lita ovur ttie utuaust akiU aad
tCnrl nf 11 10 lltitlli-n ; lln reluri-,
roir.'i.Ti.iil a ci inmilli ii nt' fifty cltbenB, to b nsmcd
by tl.e I'll!', Willi powsr In mid In lie Ir litlnltier, b uji
I'O'ntut iiiioeivfl AJia.rul .tuasut ua his aruval,auiv
vuon Xiinil at Hits purl.
yjitKr.'i,1liai a Ki iictl nalr.tc bp flrel In heenrof tbe
rrlvMli'l li uu-bl.ip t.j-i,n d wilb Ailunrl 'arraxul
iVtlixiThst tie f'liy pf Npw York, niltnwlna tho et
suiple pi tt'-rn-it free cities of the wurlU, In itntn honor
ui lie Ir lHu-aini's fuuiitri up ii, lienors iimll' by luii.tu iu
la AiImiiMi liirrs .al n i liiti'silnn iu l.ei 3 ne a rig'Oent
Iheretit, endit at tt.f cointnlttee lio wi.tt.jlm i-d tt ilevite Hie
bt-it innji- of t-airyinn lies rivulii'ion Into effect, to that
t e muli, lai uuaievumt'uu, aud tas lauie may tHilaun to
""Iftvio't e., fliat wa ne with the highest tl"faetl .n that
III. 1 ri sM.-Ll. Ill tits atinilflit DH'tsueo, "d die Ne ro'arv nf
t Tiea'-im. niviiiiin'anl tl.e rrtulj.iii of a tifrfntT uraile of
natal rMiik.'elu tl.e dtlviiMtlua el Ailiulral farot. ut as
ttip n elitnt. at a nailanal recutfalllau ol dla..'uirii jJiaJ
eerv te ii.lllti-t itrl iinm. ,.,.
Jtnoitttl, liii' "" out insitp by t'ie Cellertnr, of a
ri'tt-nue eiitt'f fnr Ibe oee ol On' tlmiinillU'e Iu uiueluiit lbs
Haw-slap Jhtr'urtt lie at cepli'il wltb thank.
A comuiitit Oi composed of a uumber of promi
nent citizens, was also appointed to make ar
rangement! for tbe reception. The following;
lciter had baen received by the Collector trow
Mrs. KarraflUt:
Din Sni Mr. C'ronnweD his )nt lnfirrae4 nethat
Ton reoiH'Ht In Inow fruiu ine when the Admiral may bo
ri atnnul'ly eiin tnd to arrive la New Y ir, and II ulvea
nit- n' pli-asiira M ty I am dally awalilnit hit arrival la
M di'Mr old ItttK-lli'iJ, the lltrtrit, naviuif been mast
Undly ai'iiflned by ttm Navy bevartuieal that ardors had
U"Vo?r..,v.'r,u,,?'a- VtBti.m t. FARRiOHT.
No. S l..ai.luIur,WelIlitfl7-aarJwm, Via
AKiiirs Subsequent to tho Bat
tlo of Ilouey IIill.
i'smct'.ih.o b:,i:h:h r.::s-r::oi,::.
The Churlr.Eton ami SaViinuali rail
road Cut.
Iho ".DoucpaP' at tho Nvy
Yard. .
The United State steamer Dmiyul, Captain
W. n. West, arrived here this aftorUDJn' Yro.u
Port Royal, with dates to the "tli Instant. Tho
rvtinjal brings some Intcrcsiing news respOCtiitg
General l-'oster's expedition to destroy tho rail
road running from Savnnnnh to Charleston.
There wire seven nunboats in tho expedition,
and soon after reaching a proper position, lire
wiiF opi ned.
A force was landed, nnd an action commenced,
the full particulars of which have not readied us.
I'.y evening tho Pocotnilgo bridgo was reached
and destroyed. Our troops were thou intrenched
lor such future operations as might bo nee leal.
Tbe Ibnrgal came down to Port Royal the
si me cvrnii g, nnd could not bring auy details
concerning tne lo.-srs on eithiraide; but of tlia
success of the grand object of the expedition thoio
n:n be doubt.
( I. ir info' mailt spi.iks lathe highest terms of
the ecirgy and activity of Admiral Dabigr -n, in
organising and directing tne movements uf tbe
naval brigade, in this important all'air.
When tho Ihmnjal left to como down Droud
river on the ev ulng of the 6th, shells wero seen
Hying ntul exploring, indicating that our forces
were determined to drive tbo enemy out of any
position they might have taken after being
driven from the brlilgo.
General Foster' scouts had communicated
with (leiKral Sherman's forces, which wero
marching on Savannah. The belief was that
Slieimun would bo in Savannah on Wednesday
next, tho 1 Ith Inst.
The Pocottiligo IJrUlgo is about 35 miles from
Suvnnnah. It being destroyed, and Sherman
having cut the other railroad communications,
Savannah cannot bo relieved by relnl'orcctuculs
Irom uny pr int north of It. The Donegtl
hiii gs reports that (Jcnoral Poster was advancing
on tho "tli instunt, mid had destroyed a consider
able pcition of the Savannah and Charleston
R.iihend. Fighting was going on when the
fcbaruir left. The losses had not bcou ascer
tained, (imerf.l Foster Is known to bo co-oac-intlng
vihli Ocurral Sheiin iu.
A li.rgcr expe ii ion is believed to have laiijo 1
it m. w kiic south to as; I t Oeiieral Sbcruiau.
'nlo on laihe Ilrle.
Oswi r.o, N. Y'., December 12. A tcrrlds ga'a
of wind and snow has prevailed since d o'clock
last n!ght and continues nt present without abate
ment. The tugs Tornado and Lil ly Franklin
with two canal boat und lighters left h ro
yis'crtliiy morning to rescue portion of tbo cargo
t f the tug T. S. ll.irvoy, ashore near Texas.
Vhcnthc gale set in, tbo tags started for port,
but tbo lighter broke loose, aud wero e.ther
swamped or went ashore. Reports are iu circu
lation that men wero on board, and a number of
Bailors started a fire on shore, by the a d of wli'ch
the Tornado fonnd tho harbor, andarrivel s ifc y.
The .; Franklin was run ashore bnlo Ncw
nillc Point, und her crew wore saved.
I'riiui l.iMilslitiiit.
New Youk, December 12. Tho fj'lowing
letter from Morgan.la, La., dated Doc.cmbjr 2
litis bien received, fin tho Mississippi river.
Mutters are assuming shape all along the river
General Dana nnd Wasbburne are infusing
energy and decision into the movements on tho
cast side. General lteynoldg relieved General
Steele in tho Department of Arkansas.
General Viltiiann has relieved Genergd FrcncU
of the chief command at Morganz'u, and a mar
velloua chango had been wrought In a few day.
Morgan zia . eems to have been a mere station to
supply liebeldom with needful articles, rather
than a military pokt, nnd the Rebels wera accus
tomed to pass In aud out at will. All this has
been cl anged.
General L'llmann has closed tho lino", and tho
camps und works have now ansu'iied tho aspect
und decision of a military post. Troops are
moving to and fro, but their dogtinutiou i con
traband. General Duchner and Prince do Polignac hal
a grand dinner given them a week ai0 by tho
pii ifiis of Alexandria, and confu-ion to tho
Union nnd Old Abe was drank in llowing bawls.
Tbe Red liver ai.d Mississippi are both very
hib. .
New Y'obk, December 12. A high ga'e from
tbo westward set in at midnight, with a very cold
aliuospbi.ro. Tbe brig Oriental Is ashore oa the
battery. The schooner Jiagle, with coal, bound to
New Haven, sunk near Brooklyn. Two or three
lighters have been gunk by capsizing, and many
vessels have drugged their anchor. It Is reported
that nine lives were lost on the eehoouer Eiitle.
Market by Teltrrph.
FfwYokk, December 12. stockg arelrregn-
lr. Clilea -oai'd Ruck l!itnd. : C'uiubertanil tncferrud.
6. 'al 11 lniili,rt!Olral,l-';ii:Mljlils'UlMoutherii, TJ ; Neiv
Inrkl0.iiir.il. ill, Iti iQiDK, l.m' II int.. m llker,
lie: Canlnii I'ntnpaiiv,; 6W i Krle. IH-i ; Ouo Year Onril
nv.iiuv. ti.i,; 'I'rtaaiiry 7 a 10, rit ln-tUi. lirj ;&-', oou-
pint.lOUl; coU0&lle, bi 1 Oold D4 ; slllGg the boald,
New Youk, DceemlM-r 12. Flonr heavy ; 00M
bill... H'.lil 1 Hl.tr glimsj'Ulll 411: Ohio gll KMiSei. M.iulhnrn
gill yoinlti, Wfci'at unchanseit ; laloi untinii'iruat. Horn
dull, .alee .mall. Hei fllnn Fork llrin ; 10UU bbla. mess xi'd
at I S) 1.1. Lard onu at llcniv. W Uiekey steady, bid. lor.
ilemaud an advane' i lalcg at U3, Imjeit dgiaaad. a !
duvllvu v It.
I'or Additional f.ocal, l'if! Payr.
Siati! or TnnaomTii To-nT. .Six A. M.,
12. 'oon,27. 1 P. M., 2r j. Wind, N. W.
Fiust I. Alius' AsKpitATiiiM or Twp.sjtt
i oi UTii 'W'Anu. This Assoeaition li now hold
ing a F.dr In tho Hull, corner of Thirty-seventh
and Mai ki t, for the urpose of raising funds to
aid destitute soldiers, or, perhaps, their ulforing
faniiil 's. Last year thpv rMstrilmtPil mora than
twenty-five hundred dol'ars, and this Tear a g'.ill
larirer ainoiint is net di d for our bravo defender1
ami their Kiitlt,ring fainilips. Tim Fair will cIoho
this wrek. Let a generous public p v.ront.o It.
SiiooTiNO Ari'AiR. John Tossd was sh itin tbn
tlogb, yesterd iv afternKni, at 'i wenty-llfth and
Pine streets. His wound Is not serous. Itsecmg
that lie and fcveral others were eng.: ;cd in snow
rtu'lit g Ciicb otlar. Finally, Todd liirew h-.llg
wMpIi were rather IibmI, 1 avioir, it is anvR-d,
stones inside of tlicm. I I. is arou-ed tho 1 ol'K
niiiion of J; ines i.yu li, one of the pariv, who in
rptnb ition rln w a pi.tol an 1 shot Todd. Tho
latter was taken home. Lynch made ins escape.
I.Al.OH AllllIVAI.H UtOM TIIK SofTlt. Dllrinif
Iho pant week there wero 0,'dto a unmoor of
deserter and ri lioccs ncc. nnnm late. 1 at the
JtefrisliniPi.t 8iloons. Tim refn.rpt's, men and
woii.cn, and (he !c Ttrr, lire, for ihe mut part,
in a liei titute comliiien when tliov roadi l'liili
ililphia, a id la in i 1 they ran mnot fri'ndt or
secure employment tbey are accoinmodatc 1 with
F.Miira-.n .r.MKMT. William Bar'icr was com
mitted by Alderman Miller, this morning, to an
swer the chrtrgp of tho emVr..lement of JiW.
Tho money was givrn to him for the purjhase of
a horse. Instead of making tho purchase, ho
appropriated ihe funds to hia own uso.
Si ictOF.; A female named Hart, aged forty
seven years, residing at No. 814 Durien streut,
commi ti d suicide on Scutday by li ioln lier
self to the banninter. Sue lcavea a huabaud uud
lev nil childien.
FutE. This morning, about quarter pist ten
o'clock, a tiro broke out in a brick building, No.
Ho2 Pontes stroct, oc uplcd by F. lvrniker, cabl
t.et ni.'ker. The f a k j'ortlin of the b lilding wag
badly dam?god. The (la ncs extentlcJ lo build
ing No. 1120, on the east, occupied as a l.iTcr
I tar laloou by J. M.hls, a sj to building No.
11'.' I on the west, llothof theso buildings wero
sllebtly damn; ed.
f;na;jce and commerce.
Onrroa ut Tai ctimvs T.itGiajna,
Monduy. lJftuiahH: li.
"The ipJipcndent Pu'olic llo irl of IlrokorB,"
to y.liich wo alluded a few dayg bincc, has, It will
lo observed by an nuvcitisenient In another
column, perfected Ita orginiznti in. The merits)
of this new board were very fully sot forth by tho
Sunday row Hp;:perrj, uad wo apiien.1 th njtice
fr. m the .Vercury
"A rtiiiiti'.-r nf ppuili-iuen of wealth an t Inilupars have
trsi.i "ic.'il lo.i-l.u-r Ir-r Iho .ui-pr. .u .M rut. ill .Iioik all apea
lintri' nf -link ho.ki rii. i"r tin. u:el.ne anil sa.o ol rail
wi.y shan s, nil tlncl.ii. anil m-cii -.li'. i-p '-rany. It wilt
t.e sti-t tlmt tin. uioveineiit I. tiuiie sijnltid int a'id earn
rtf, end hp h.iit it a. un a. i.nn rd timt in Uuuai'iia U on
tlie onitnrd limreh. Tie. ii'A'i ulnjite I is lli.i: i.r Uie l'a-1.
llcuid, nlii'ie tin- piiMli: citn be noejiat .ra, aed co'itnisiri
tin oiai ly it Ith llic it citn am) cfo..- plmi Qirrclnfiire in nan
Iu Ihia eopplry. It Ii ilc iiserjUc au.l ho 'nut. and all
parnea who iiem In itnrk will navii n I dr cYv ire tu win
on- do nit i:I tlir hlii.il Ki'ililfsi, wl.lio n nivaltinw' tne si,,.
hC't'li cf A sirri'it' ari Succ. ts loiloif tuo uow Mtock.
llmht; s'v tn'ii'lHdi'lpMa."
Tl.e new stock Kxelnno oppns on tho 2d of
Jannary n 'xt, im l ulrondy cinbracus the name
of about two liumlrcd gotitloman. Atolernph
clllee Is lo bo in the rooaig, attiohed to Now
Y ork and H.V.tiuiorc wires, and tho daily scssioug
ate to lie held at lLo name hour as those of tho
New York regu'ur stock ho-iid. Appliaitiom
fi r membership nte to bo ud lrossed to the
Prcs!dcrit, Mr. T. ei. Senill, Merchants' Kx
cbaiye. Tho Coinniittce havo not yot decided
upon the location of tho new Iljinl ro i n, but
propir notice will bn glveu iu the public Journals.
It is understood, however, thut it is tj be large,
und very elegantly lilted up.
HGold Is steady tbi nvrnlng, oponinrt at 215;
fill otTuud lo'd at 2:t4 nt 11 o'clock; 212i at 12;
rallb d and fold at T.A at 1 P. M. rJ.T3i
t Lll Alilr'l.l'HIA KTOl'K EXCI1AHUR BAUN.DBut I'i.
iliyi nac by CUikroo A Co., Hrokors. ho. lit H. Third at.
ine sh I'l.lla i TW.b.;o i'i O ,h ll b'.l-d bi s
1' " h a 4', ,Vsi .a J'i 'in
Jig.li HajeliiiU.clip ', b in tt-ailiinr h'
le'itihrnnr li (kaj iu WaUial l....tii
ItOali tllaiilo Oil. .. -111
l lltT IIOAVD.
?PIYir 8 Ct Kl C0U....HSH ll an Mi-h nunk.... W
glusi l' P 6-'in li', f.v ii, WaUnn Is. ..04 afi
tli i (It: H 7 mi. itrw ins Ui .u Sell. M.auui... .'
gllio Penn be t.o, list wh do Hi'V
$li 1 0 N la. be c IV lio.h I'nlont'nl IV
itsinhortanli- DU...1 a-to r. ih Wv .miiK- C'ul. 711
imh Irvtln Oil la So .h l ain Am....IAi
l:'.' eh 111 oner 'i I a .Ii I'enna KK Ii'i
if"' sb I,, rnianla 11 1J 4 ill Lll ten H tl-,
ifel.li Itiuk .M ti, nt. , I i 7ni HI, LeuJi.ig ....... tit
f" ah I 'hern' linn a,'1 111) .a d- ,'
les stiTarilliiii.u.ted li I iou lb do gSI-ill
I.UC sb Kinui-r l-ia.
Onotationj of Gold at tho Philadelphia Gold
I'xchui'L'c, No. Ill is. Third stiect, second glory :
t'i A. M '.'.I 12 M '.'3it
11 A. M -Hi i 1 P. M ti
Market steady.
De Haviu Bito., No. 20 8. Third gtroet,
quote a follows i
AnWn7. fs'.'lHg
American Gold 2 ill v3 j
Aioerieim Silver, A'g and -J'i 2H
Dimes and Half Dimes 211)
Spanish Uuarterg 21H
Pctm. Currency jj itigv. j dig
New York F.xchange .1-10 " par.
IIahi'hh, Di uni y S Co , No. 5 j S. Third gtroot,
(jnotc as lollowd :
Unlit). At'hnl.
American Gold 1114 .lt
Americun Silver, i's and J's 222 ii
Dunes and Ha f Dimes 212 216
i enn. Currency 4 rii. 4-Khiis.
Now Yoik ilxchnnge 1.5" 1 20 "
Qnoutlons of the prineipul Coal and Ooai OU
gtocVl at 1 o'clock to-day :
Hid Ait. t4 J'.
roltnn Coat 7, a rranktli.otl Is;
Hin Mountain Oal. is, i, Hnwe S-aJ Oil.. 1 SJ I Si
N.Y. A. Mat. O. al.. .. li li-v,.i OiJ 1 .. Id
Orrru Hi. C ial... . 4 t'-,' Pope Kara Oil S4
N. I'artiortdale...., g .liti.ronre g' g-r
Newl'reek li, lialielloil a .. !)!
firfder lianiCoai. . , 1 M HOieny g
Clinton Coal 1 1 K"0erta Oil 2 8
H itler t'nal I'i uliiiKtead
Maiiu nd lltial If iMuiiffikllulauiatar .''; II
Mnalaia 10 lllihbaril a' tS
Venu Mining Ill iHiory Karia I,' l
t'onnectlciit li llruner .1 ..
txcelHlorOU I'W 1 I'tamleuia Ceauo. tie: t
Hlg 'lank V, Sj Kaliert 4'. 4m;
('out liamal -1 f l ""ki I. land t, I
Farrell 'i Ai!e.;heuy Ulrar,. I lk
Oil Creek ''Sj I'urun... lll'sj 1(1
Maple HhaJe OU. .411 V 41. I'hllaAOIH.'reek.. K I'i
HtS'lioi-.i't O l.... i-, H,' Hull t'raek Us, 4
fenunylvauial'al . 'i liena.ina s ..lit
I-erry OU '1' V Corn Planter 7't 7.
Mineral Oil... ... 'i 14 l'H4 Krl. t
Kevalune Oil V lliark Oil 44 4'
VenanKvOll .. m Terr I arm i'i 3
t'nk'ii reliolUMl..'i a lllnba raiia I -a I'll
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