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Advance of General Warren.
BlMln (toinplrlrly Nrtrprlfl Mlnlory
r tnr t'irMl :. IHrrh KlfntlUI
Hf nncrnvrM by Jenernl Ullo t. nil mil
Fmplolt r Mnjor 11 04 '. a Kixilt lr
llHAnt'A1tTKK AnMT OF lOTOM.rf Die 0. j
Onr cavalry initiated Uw rt-ont in'..t nmvenif-nt
1aM h'lit. I ortmu ot the I hint mid Hurt ruth i
rennsylvama and Sixth M nra'ry, under corn.
Biand Ot Cn'onol Vrtro. ot tin Thirteenth, stared
early n llio ovenuiR out on the Vau.'hn road, A
ahort distance be-von it ur infantry picket" Colonel
Yimtoh encountered tin cavalry THtHtu of tho
nomy, but flu so retired stm-tlily beloio him, and ho -eontmuiHl
mud imljr advancm until ho n'.'ared .
listener's Kim.
Halting hero ho (natl-nted a thorough iveonnol4 :
Mnoo and Ot-camiisatmile.1 that Cietorceol tho IteLols, '
lth th e slrot.i . option Tliey occupied on the oppo
site bank, rendered an attack at that m imont impos '
aible. lie tlwrtHore rotired utn our lines, hutlxMoia I
daflfffht this morning was a "am advancing in tho
ante dlroctlon and upon tho initio road, tint e iwty
ollowod bv tho Xrat Division ot th Second Conn,
tho movement belli now dlmetod by (Jonoral Milic,
Oommandinff that division.
The Advniire nf Our Infantry.
The advance this morn! ni' ut flrnt met hardly nny
store opposition than hnd thn march 01 Vinton tho
night betore. (.onral Mm.k4 tmttiti notiun; to
bnahfro.n hi path but a skirml'h Mno eotnpoorl
Chiofly ol dismounted eavulrv, hut, hedtJI tlhioreetljr
kepi the cavulry woli to the trout find flunks, and
advanced slowly. About midday tho He hols tud
fallen baok boliind llatcho.'s Ktin, andi tho cut airy
touting up on the Vmuiui road esayod to crost.
Opposition Mvit.
The Itebols, however, word in stront? position,
the road wai narrow, tho ground on onch side was
Uiickly studded with und- itirowth, and tho Kobe fl
Iiad, moreover, dam mod tho run so that tho water
fra more than live tfvt. These wort insurmountable
obstacles to tho cavalry, but still our boys mudu at
An Alt r nipt In Cro.
Captain Ward, ot Company M , Third ronusyl
ranie Cjaralrr, liiendeavoriun to crom jut above tho
toad with two cmmiames, was toiled, receiving him
aWt a torero f!rh wound, and Kuwauii Coylk, prl.
fa to of his company, 1 i hitally wounded.
AtWnnrw ( ibn Inlnntry to ( ro.
General Mli.tcfl now advanced his b irwt Hrleado,
ndr lionoral AIacv, and v hich cam - up under
or or ot tho Ono-htihdrod-and-iorliOth Now York,
deplored aw akirmlsdiera. Tlvn roirnciit, prnsfliinr
eloae down to tho run, wruia lair mark lor tlin Ht'bols
behind their broantworka, and fustiifnod tho princi
pal loan ol the day, amounting to noruo thirty men in
killed and wounded. It wan evident that theonomy
tiioaghi to ro-ist our eroMiiig under tho directum of
General Milius.
A ;nllnnt Acr.
Major Bnow.i brought up 0110 gun oT battery B,
Tint lihode Island Artillery and, under ita cover,
theHocond KeT Vork Heavy Artillcrv were orderetl
to cross and gallantly thev did it. Mnjor II una en
tered the water leading his regiment, and soon find
ing his horso swimming sprang irom his back and
truck oH tor the enemy's shoro. Ho was the first I
to reach It, b'lt his rcgimout follow od hard at tor
him finding soiicwhat shallower water, but wadiujr
to their ariu-Dils, but uniotiunutcly losing two men
by drowning.
The gallant Malor Mono watted until bat ft portion
Of his regiment bad gannd terra tlrma, when ho
rushod thoin up the tank on the enemy's works
And aatounded the K beta, who durinir this time had
poured In several lnoftactual rotloya, aud they "stood
not upon the ordur ol thulr going, but went at
noo," loavinir in llrtn possetuiiou 01 the further
ido of llatoher's liun. Meantime, t'10 cavalry
made a detour, and a littlo later crowed at Arm-
Strong's lord, and pushed ou towurds (J r a vol I y Hun,
and mactied aud picketed Huh latt'T water course,
thrte miles beyond lliuchor's ltun, without any do.
Otdod opposition.
The 1atwt Ilcport.
That mattors stand lo-nnrlit. Our infantry ad-
a nee at 11 ate tier's linn, our cavalry a lur out us
Gravely Ituti, Oenerul AIiliu haviurr his headquar
ters at the C unnnuiK.-' House on the Vaughn road,
aear the aeone ol llooa'a exploit.
Tho Lnititei.
Tlie enemy's loss during the duy has been ol course
almost nothing, bin rcdul nimbleneas preventing us
from taking many piisoriery. 'J tie lew we did pick
BP con Arm the stones ol doaortera of last niuht, and
all taken together we gather tho comlortiua aicur
auee that tho Kol'cls are puzziod extremeiy by our
prtout movements.
ltrbelrt In t'urtuit.
A. 1. Hill's Coipswas started oA in haato yes
toiday morning, aud !a-t night was at OJnwIddio
(ourt House, aud t lio.ro nro n pori that heavy
tigbtingtook place at that point to-day. How tru
this may be It is luipomublo now to determine, but
it is certain that Hill m rummijr u raco with War
Bkm, aud ban most prooub'y he-m dUtuuood.
Dnrlv'a Men ot lilcbmond.
Allot Kaulv'a army is grai uaily becoming vltii
bio in this latitude. Cokuon'b lnv muii turned up
to-day in front ot Hhjtu'r Hntrudf. Second Divi
sion Hocond Cori-rt, and unuttur divimon ol tho aiuo
force, upon its leit
Hut with all thereat hand tbur weio so rar sa
prised by our movements (hat they wore not ready
to meet our advance to Hatcher's Hun, and General
Milbs has gaiuud a groat udvantage for us almost
Without oust, lhal this advaaiaifo wilt be pur u ml
to I ho utmost there are mum- indications, but
turthur tuau this remark I say uothing ut the lu'ure.
Gi n. Sherman Near Savannah,
ri s Hitrt'll ou Wldou Ib lkhture f
Jnn Hvli Ntution m.d MoTainl SoiUU
'Ihi PlKt t Ilowlelt! Itlull-Import-i.
nf fruiu 'hrlt-lii Kxi'hniiKS of lrl-
nourm HBuuiHd f Ive I liouHttnd Mna
Ar Keftdy for Dell very l'h s I iy not so
t Ni.elleU lor Tlir? HVi kn- itlvnnrs
of tienvrisl Fotttsr-iuathfr Battle lu
I'rojfr fen.
fn. Hullrr'a AdvancD.
'rom th Richmond U-VA, Dec. S.
We bear uottilnjr more ut ttm crosuntrof the
stipmr to the south bank oi tho Jaunts Klvor. near
lUttory llowktt, aud, thorcioro, toln-vu It certain
that 11 ny force arrived at that point. U was au iu
Sixulfloaut ono, and u t U. sitriiftd to t U't-cr any im
poriaDt rosult. From all we liuve boon able to
frftMior, we think it likely thai u small party In
aries, enpatftM in tho into,("tinLr but p. rilons bail
Hons of torpotio huutinsr, took advantage oi tin totf
Ot Wedncsilay moru'iiM- und cuino ovi-r Irom (. ox's
Lauding to tho south bunk, anil, bmiK dOou when
ho loff lisd purlm.'Iy ch-arctl awav, their nuinbora
tfors fory considerably iiianlli'-d, until the story
IMumsd tin sound ol proportions with which It
reftohed the oily, naineiy, that a beavy lorce ot the
-nur bad su oomled in ma kliu u .uinting betwoon
lii-viuas and Urowi) 's U'ui!'
Yren' y pa rd offqutetly on Ihf- linei south ol
11. e city, the report c rcula'ed yetrd iy morning
tl.at s geneimt batt e was golngou all nTong th lin-n
titif a rnntor ot that s iiMiiioual cfas that wore
vrry general snd c ininon mmin mouths ag', but
r Inch have ot iate been, wo aro plad to aay, n t to
onen heard.
Another ftnlri on the Weldon Hnllrond.
ItibTfiiBiieu raelnd the nit v rsfrdoy morning
that a lorce tn.in (.iiat' Bin r bad struck the
etrridmig and "ohioii Ha. road at Jarralt's, thirty
two tud n t-i.uih ot l et. rsour, and were proceeding
tot ai'.s S fldon .
l'p to the ttum ol writing, no tTie al advlem have
been rec ived In lelation to tlna expeditlnn. Wo
b aru ttom nnof! rial hou'com that a heavy column of
the rueiiiv, ri'TiiiNtjiitf o! iiitun Jrv, nrfiJtery and cav
alry, left mir trout nt I eler1 ti rj: on 'llio dav nibt,
niovin.Mtoun tlie dt rn ali in rinnk Koad, nnd weio
reported on Wednopdav innrning to tn at Proctor's
Mill, twenty mde Eolith ol l'eierJnrg. Mnro th it
tuiio they Hrtn not beard from tilt jentenlny morn
ing, when the in t oi innt ion alovo ment.oued whs re
c ived hro. Huh column nt li e enemy is said to
r moid tnnntly ot mftintry, Irom which it fs interred
to bo simply a r iidmst arty Hinnlur to the one
Which v mi ted Mnn reek Inst wok, and that It is
not propaied lor a protract' d and extehmvo expo
tiitiou. J hero are, bov evr thov who fear it is a mobi
lized column, desttiied to nprrntr JU nt triitnat
M ethm. atul th- n, rhnjn, to nmttnur if march
vnd tnkf, H'ttm ininn on thr ir-f. As at present
Informed, we are not prepared tooxpr"4au opi
nion. tfe rejH-.it aecotinfa which reach tn, and
await lutiirc dt-veiopun nt
The latest infoima'ioii troni tlio enemy nn tho
W'rldon Kailioul in that thev were H'ill moving
lowanis Woldoii, and weio provided with such au
mount ot Plorca us to Induce the bohel thatlthey
were propau.-d tor a lomr murch, or, at nil cvenlM, a
long abtferco. it is urelew to p('I'ulute upon their
plar1, which wil! bo lujiy known in a day or two.
It is probable that the piimury object ol the move
nicut was to occupy tho road, or so injure it as to
provoiit our nendiMi any roinlorciitnenU to our
lorces opera ti tnr umiirist Kukkman's army.
I'VfMii I'rteiohni'K A Trnlu I'irrd Ou.
From the Richmond iHipatrh, Dec. 9.
Nothing oi interon has occurred on the linos At
1'etersbuig oxept the depart nro theretrom ol the
aboTe-nuntiotied Yuukeo column. Indeed, they
bare bron having connmiativoiy a quiet time during
the pasf tew dufl. The tunny threw a tew shots
at a passenger train which was approaching Fetors-
burg tnmi this direction yesterday, cuuinT consider
blc excituiiieut among the womou nud cliildixu on
From tho Front.
lEumors of severe nVhtiug on our lines near Mow
left's, etc., were curreul this morn in it, but we were
unable to trace them to any reliub e source. At the
Fieideut's ollico and ar Do, artmont wo were in
tormed that tbero w as no news trom any quarter.
Operators in tho army trleirraoh oilier, in communi
cation with tiio huert around Hichmoud were
unoccupied this torenomi. 'J his tact, wo ild
seem to indicate that nothing stirring was in pro
gress The Hutch i-np Altoir.
fYom the Richmond r twiner, Oec. 9.
J he line ol JCichiuoud wore iinusii illy qulot on
yesterday. Kcnreelv a min waa heard, i'lie story of
our ooteniporanos thut tno euciuy was building a
bridge on this sld.i ol Dutch Gap was found to rent
ou a very slender foundation. A small party, in
deed, did visit the southern bank of the river, but
th' re was no fighting and no bndgo, but tho news
trom Petersburg is highly important. Ghant baa
sent oil a torce ot cava ry, iniantry and artillery
down the Weldon Itailroad, over the track ot tho
late btony Creek raid, iheirbject is unknown,
home suppose it to bo a simple raid for the bettor
destruction ot thorailroad; others thai it is Intended
to ruako a pcrmanont lodgment at Weldon;
others that it is aimed at Wilmington; others
that It is a rcinforcem nt to Suekman nothing U
realy known except that the lore a ol tho threo
arms bos matched off in that direction, and was las
Ltui'U ot tweuty-tivo miles south ot Potersburg.
(.LN. Hllhltll) AN'S AR.HV.
Tlie Vnllt-y.
Frrm ih ftirhmond Kxamntr. Der. 0.
l'rom did host mi.irimuioii in our rottch, we bo
l;yo hiiutiUAN bitnw'll, lili'l the luruist portion
ol Lis arpiy to bo ulill lu the Valli'jf. Komo of bit)
troop liavo, iniloed, joined (i it ant recently.
From the Richmond Examiner, Dee. IT.
SnERMAN ts reported to huvo rcuchrd a point halt
HAT between Millon and Savannah, nntlis bolhyod
tj bcmaiching ou tho lattrr p'neo. AVe hope it la
tru Wu hopo ho will attack havanimh, but the
bopo in mint. eu bo naehes tho iitiffhborhood
and vets somo clear lulormatlon ai to what bayan
nabis, ho will turn bis steps in another dirt'Cliun.
From the Honlli.
From the Richmond ifitjuitch, tec. ii.
We bear nothing lioni Kiikhmak. Wtirthor ho is
croBinnr tho Havannah on pontoons, or sailiiifr down
ttio Oconee m rati a and Hat-bouts, is oqiia ly un
known to U. Wo only kuo v, uud wo rejoice in the
tact, that ('eutrul (.eoivia is relieved ol tuspres' iico,
and thut our railroad-mid lines ol counnunication
are bointf mpldly recon-itrticted m his wake. As n
pards their railroads, Georgians aro, to a man, "ro
coiut tructioulsts."
FoHter Auuln Aeilvr.
Tho only news irom the tai Pout h, on yostorlrty,
was that Fohtkii is renewing Ins demonstration i
acamst tho Havniiiuih and Charleston railroad,
thereby seeking to divert the attention ol a port of :
our troopM trom Siikiiiiam.
JYom the Richmond Whig of Friday.
The Charleston Mvrcarjt ot Monday says, that i
iiermak s c vide ill Iv muichinr lor Savannah or
some other point in Its neiKhl ortiood. On Friday :
momitiK. the 2d Innt., hie; main body broke up ita ;
camp at LouiHvillo, da., and marched down the
Central itadroad, tho Fourt- enth and Twentieth
Army Corp, wl.ieti torui hiu lutt wiuir. beinjr in the
advance, l'eloro nn-ht all tho roater portion of tno
Yankee column had pasned through Ml leu in tho 1
direction of 8avuumih. We bavo no later news of i
Its wheroatoutH, 'I he Xrcury had not heard of the
severe drubbing administered to the ronrtwntU
Corps aud kit.PATHicK'R Cavalry by iieneiat
W ukki.lr, at Jhoiiiuo.ou Sunday lu-t. Dotuilsot
this atlair will show tl.ut the Yankee, wei" badly
usod up in that lilit.
From the Whig of the Mi.
'Jbrounb tho courtesy of a pontlenian jmt (torn
PavamiaU, we lccolvod this m riuua t hartwton
papers ol the Glh instant. Ju aoennlnnco with au
Hjreetiunt betweeu the Exchange Conitnis-ioiiri,
the bombardment ot tho city ctnised on Hunday
morn lui about I. all-past eleven o'elo k Ou Sunday
morning, a sidewhuul traimport, loaded wuh troops,
was obS'Tved on thn bar, near tho Admiral's flax
ship. A lare nuinhor ot turrrc , tilled with men.
were obsorvod at the tsicru during the lnorniiifr.
The barfos w- re eiraed truj-iorring men trom
the transports to ditft-reut venae's ot the n et, aud to
Morris Is and. Atout hull-pat twelve o'clock alio
lelt aud wont outido ot tl.c bar wun a lurtre num.
ber ol troopi still ou board Another in mi lor (the
sixth) Is now Inside ot tho bur. iSho made her au
pearauco ou Sunday. The monitor oil ( uuiwintt'l
Foint dunnft yostentuy was crowded wltliannnti
sual nuuiher ot men. Koi.orn stuto that an unusual
amount of drilling and -ovieTiut Ktakinn plaoo
among tho curmv's trotips on Morr.s and adjao-jut
islands to tfuiues' and John's ltlaud
Unfile at Foeolntiuo.
llio Mt rtury that pusAeiu'ers who arrived
Fnnday evt inn r ported tlmt a liht was uouwou
somewhere near i'ocoia'ifo, as thoy jaxsed that
point, but no deflnitn detuils in repaid to tho pro
prat- or rosult ol tho repotted action could bo jfa
tbvied. F rim ii "ft ol Vraonore.
I From thit f'harleiton i-r-ury. iJer.y:
J.u utenant-Colonel W. 11. Match and liU Adju
tal.tf tui-taiu M J. O'UiuiiN, of the Exebauve
flnreau, lately on a rlslt to Havannah, arrived in
Charleston on Saturday a temoon. 1 hey were ao
cnnipanlcd by In UunrK and WiiIliama and tho
whole I. gation, with Mr. Jour Ruf.ih. cha'rman of
the Itichmond Amhtilancn Gommitte. At ten
o'cloi k on Hunday niornint a flag-ol-truce boat
steamed down the hm bnr. in rliarg" ol Meutenant
Coloiiel Hatcii, to the outer buoy, w hoio ho wa
met by LieiiletiBnt-Cnlonel Mri.r.ntu. I ha Inter
tipw ol tho Ci nmiittsioners la'-fd tl I Hirer o'clock.
I be f owner fav, arninpements woro made tor a
coi tmueo extdmi ite 'it planners ff tilth harloi,
i o one! Mui kokd'h flt-i-t, comprising some euht or
ten tchc k, are now lyinn outside ol tho harbor pie
piiratiiry to nceivina piMonert. Anuther flair ol
luce vll iro onwn nli I uemla. with a iiimiIht of
Y. like- piifoi.er. A numb' r ot ollicen c id hi
I ulHsktk will probably b" e ii.u d .ind r -Itnii'-d
t" ns at the "aiii" time I'm! a' ant 'iiM iit
II toll villi 4 o.oio'l Mill M'l!l) te will he 11 i ned
iiir ot ti e city i.rn i ii e Hie -lay o. the Kxdtan-fo oni
n ifin in r, w Inch w ill pr l-nl iy b" ion iwo to ttm n
vM-ek-. n onel llAirii I ns aln rdy lurned ov.-i to
t ol i.t ! M ii rftiti', at ivannah, V i) pi honors md
W .11 ii chin uv in cut f" 0 mnie ui t ni.-i t miii.
HINIOlUCAl, StK'Il'.l'Y or IM'.-VM
I.lnfl-I S1 .1 . Ill I 'if "I I H ," I ll Ii- r-ml bmiifl Mil- i-P.. ls li
Cnlol .1 W. V.. II. li.WI-, o. ll iHM"n. nttlii-ll.il,
All ilia in llnl'tinn. SIM II -Irwt liw ".ihihi.iiii
W i ilni . rrtn.uu. V"- HIT In.'mtit. :t K o i-I'M-k.!
I r'm'l.ir MUH-. I .V.flinl will lie I" Id o'l H'inJr
I'M niiM. tlie l.'l.'l lllniui I, 3 n '
HAM I K I. t,
12 I' -It
;, M'IT;1 K), sin I. ICC KM II Kit.
1UMI.KM1I.-1I,. Ii,ri-ri,.i of ll, K'HH 'III,
( ( MPASV hurt" Wi'l il'i l""t 11" r '"""'I m i il'ily
i.,i,i. im! f.it Ni.vriin.i r.if TilliH'. l'l.K "''.NT.nn inh
Oninl.il Mi I k ,.f ih- i' i:i!."y. p i.ir ii'it ih.
ti. l. I'l !!. 'Hi, i " rll. r
at ii.i- otti.f -C Mn 'tttrliam
A (. ..KiliH. No '2f)S If IN I
HOI.KItT WBAY, ,'R., Htrrri.ry. 12 U
t-- ovuck ok tiik nrv isoi nty
v' Krari foTtin.t-ili-n, fotumoiiw.alU) llui;,liiiK,
So 1,13 ( ii..hm;i r. i t.
niiffr . i-imi.i.ki i itiA. Ti" C!i'ir In, I. I
S. t op MlT' liJ ' Kivi-ll, tl.at Hi. Ilollntv oilon-l l.y III.
I Uv of I Iilli1"l 1. In ai. iMII- rmvii on Kl:ll . Iin. -in
tn-r and ttntl no t'on n ty w pi ti. pul'l 1 1 m-n iniiitl' ri-d in
oi n'mtiil nil. r tl.ut il iio
Ii- Intnro Hm foiiitiili -lonof" w'll t"ffl "tl i ' I'-4!' f s-
nn hm.A.at.dMAt, '"""':;OH;"l'l;;1i',
li. 12. r, Hu-relaiy.
Civ '
u, 13 . rut Ki it ni ur.i.r,
Th.nuoirrij.llon llcoki will bt- cio-.ed on Tburnuiy,
Iirn v ti, r I'.
'I in fri-iiHr-alcs f --to,-li will ho lmued .n M n1j, Vlttt
Itut , on butriit dtt ol tlie root it tn.
Wll.l.lAM M.VMN, Pr.ld."it.
Ti-i VAa Ti'l Mt. Sri-rr'ary ard frr.'irr. 11 ' d:
MVIHKMl It". 1.
'1 lie Diicoton v. 11.1. day dt-r.arod A
tn ftli.ckl-o d.-a ol r.cord,
pryat.lorn ftndaifi-r iliolMli to.t.
lmi-ki- ..out-on Wt.n.-.MIIAV 7lli ln-l
U. W . w II.I lAMt. Tr-a tiro',
No ll r.iniiiudr Hit i.Hiw-i.
Puff t'rt.rniA, Drrrmlirr ft. l-stil. I!- .- lot
NO. 12l
CBBfMIT Slrot-t.
Tha sta'rfl Annual Mpi t-i,g nt tin- I'ninn La-rtie of Phlla
d. ipl.la iIU On l,H.I at t H.tl'KliT IJAl.1,,011 .MONI).r,
llri-i-inPiT 12. nl H o i-lo. L 1'. IK,
1 li'ki-f.. adnilitlnx pii-int.M. otlly.i-ftli tmliad on itppiicft
llon to Mr. t. lunula H. Wi Ipply, AahHtant Horn-tar y.
IJ 11 I.t t.Ii lllltil, 11. IttlKKK, Ha.-ri-liirv.
8ecuod NauoDal Ritnk of l-hiindnlpliia.
I UA MKfOKli, Iti-Ci'lO'tiir 5, lH A.
I.natii and ldtrniy
Lulled htatta Loar.s.i
Cnifeii BtftH-n Notei fri,iW-n)
Jnie (rota Itanks MT.m- i o
( aj.ttsl 'iio.tWU uO
Hi (.n-iU U7.il! '.Ml
Ituotoliiuikn IC.atO lii
Clrrnlatlnu Jt.iMi DO
ron.iiitcn of the HDk this -Vh day of 1 tubrr, Hit.
W-b Gt W 11. ItHAWN.VJanli.or.
L Commit!. 'f fnr lit crutUtik' ''lored Keglmentit, ISo.
1'JlOCHKaSMT Btreet.
rnti.AitKi.riiiA. rt?romVsr 7. l-l
Tfie Rupervl-erv ('oiinulite.ili'r lle-:rnitmif tlmored lee-il
inenti liavtiiK rtnilvrd io fti'journ nine il o on ilit nt
inMant, all ditsoi r lntim eiainw aain-'t ttui ali 'trn
inttlef Hie riqiu Med t" D:e-ent tlein fur pay infill to It. K.
i oitsON, Ak.-ent.ui tho KooDisui the Cuuitnittoe, ou or
bifnrp tlie U-ith blutailt-
Ji-8-lJt CADWALAHKU IHDDI.K, Sucietary.
Puii-ADi trittA, Huvi-mtwr t,ltflt.
The Plisrt'h'Hthru of tliit i-otii pany aie n' tlflod that
: muter Kei imloii ot the Iioa'dot Diri'ct'T tuny aro, 'ti
I th ii to kutM r tit- to the tioi'k of the C(inpaii the ainnunt
O: 1KN I KltCKNT. on thrtr reupcctlVO UlUTitst. at
allow ii bv tlo ir hfM'kii ut' th 'i fnitunt.
itch f-ha-eiu htrr ririHtti i.i a trattlonnl part of a har,
u n iter tho rraiii of tho IU miIuiI-.h, ihuU hnv trie prl vl
lt ve of fcubciibiiiK foi a full share on the payment ol nfly
'1 hit fltcvrk will hn lsnrd at the par vtlue of tlfly dl
ho a per miai. Afcrutil ti wrvt at rX I'KH CB.nT. will
b clmrt't-U imm the lnt Inotitnt until payment id nmd.
Thv lmka lor Btibhcripui.il and p-iviut-tit will tie otfetl
ou fctMAY.tbe 7ili liisuiiit, tnJ vsll! eloie on ih -Hit
nl CetciiihtT net, alter wl.tcn no lurtiiur hu'iacrtptlons
will v rTt'lvfd uiidtr thf r"B"lntion.
Il-ls-tl3-jl TIIOMAiT FIRTtt Traitirer.
fllT" 0 r !' 10 K FHILADEErillA OAS
WOhK S, Novemhrr 3o,
Frovohals wiu Lu n tcivotl ut thin Offl(a un'tl no-mot
thr Int m tlunuury nt ."it, for tho su'c to tlie l'l uttocs ol itte
Fhiltoielphia Ca' vs ..rkn. of Mn k In ttie
HmnliWRfk and Uoyuu.eibmg Uut VViu-ks.
(ii'rinantcwu do
nmnt imk do
Ai d UU'ttnnn.l do
'loht uhtU ak mvfchtinentlor the ins.tnt? funds of said
12-ii-lm Coiner.
Fuml CouinUnlon. No. 7 II'ILUhMITU ri II ALL.
I 1 lUt A It V Hlit.'l. l'htl.uU lilda. Le-enhtttt d Ve'.crunt,
who did not reret.e any w.ird Bonify, aro tntlti"i to a
Cl'y Ponnty oi Twcntv-tlvi- lollur-i. 1 hv Coinmt nl .. iters
iippotntfd to exHttlun rlalm for the aoe bo-riiy nf
1-tventv-tlvedoilarj will meet on .MOM-Atrt, WfctlSKii
JiYW, ami FHIUAV, at ofloek 1. M., at No. 1 'in,l
hMITH M 1MLL, IJltp A KY Htrti t. I'rna eiHltletl to
tlili ltouuty are ri'iuetrd to uiil at tn- OiUee.
ri'W.in ir.r,
K 1- Br.-IF.n3,Cha"Bi'u, JONATHAN TULLOt ,
Ll'WlM Ut;PI-E. ii r-ut
Katltead t omi any otm. 7i rt. i'OUK 1 11 rinei.
I'ltii. a i kl, rill A , Novi-mbOi 10,14.
The TranitVr Woks of turn Company wl I h eloped on
Tl niHday. I ccember 1., and Mjpeutd cu r u-oar, Jd.iu
ary ie, In a.
A divttJwnil nf FtrTFWK VT.H CKNT. on th.' Commoa
Slid Frferrtrd Htock, clear ot Sat ion ! and tLAie tai , hai
been derlaiel, pavnhia in CuB-uon atk..t tLte r oi'
hecvmltr next, on all itock taodinf( ou the bo .h uftlia
C mt)sny at the close ol (.tiH--i ou the IMh proitm.
iotkholo who nnuif are rnlbTed on tho few
York ItooKs wftl be paid at the f'suuers" lan and Trunt
l.'-l-ue 8. PRADFOHD, Tri'asnrer.
Ho. i)t 8. Flt'TlI Hire.tt.
I'jim on. I'll I A, December 8, H '4.
PROPOSALS TO LF.A-fe: (.IKAMH l'o.l. i.A.SDv
In compliance with a re-.iu'iou n' the rit-rt and i Vmi
m ii 4'oinirilH oi the Ctiv of Piuldeipli.a. apuroved M iy
I;4. fealed prop.-nid- wltt ho re.'ei .'ea at itiot ottt-
until FlilhAY, lc.:t intM"- It.. ut -i clouk P. VI ., to
It-. me uct. pi.rf oi tl. "unli dir-.ilc? veins on t.e I .ruel
Cope.itau'en Howell and Kdtvavd l.yno n tra ts u -t her.
toi,.rr ha-id in ihe pres.'i.t 'oimof le-linr tti liir.trd
coal land eceptii.K that tho partus piiw.ii coentnt at,
l .n?e to pav ot the market val e of lump cm. ua tha
(throe shah cxittt at Port rjrno'.iior rho-uut, at tno nann
ktn.lard d ahn-. ao low. ver that the sum p ud nll
li t be k-s th.tu tw.-ntv-tlve e ts twr e. h t u oi c d
non-onot ciienut; and not les ilun tn ceuti ho- fa.;
mi a ol other trmtt on the a.tme i-.tiu to hiuh u.erp-r-ini,
af tn.ty te accepted lu aoivr.tr.i.i.- vlth th? piovu.to.ii
of a n-ii,kt'-.ii to wh'ch tldi if u fcupp'emeni, wfi-i snail
pre-ent sufncicnt evidence thit hs is aootno-oe'it and
akiiiul iiuiier ai.d Min able to lultll tht; c venant of the
b ase. haid prr.poi.aiH to he (V'-iiM In t'i e pn'sm e ol rite
omiiiiMeeon (.Itard K slate, and ihu lea-e to be awarded
to (he hihtht bidder.
The acceptance or' the bidder and t!is mrde nt irrivliw
at the prli e ot cnal at Fort Carbon tube determined ouiy
by the exe'.utiuii or a jeane iu wnmK
12-9 tiuwtt.
Haperlnttudi ut of the (.Irard itae.
c' C1otiiin enihrotdre4 HrouidurHtraps. Wrsataa
Ac, tn style unsufv-s4, at vary rredaoud pries.
(f A K K,
Merchant Tlkir.
10 S ?B sfo.ltf Jii MTU bUMt. aUovsCUesnuL
kii) .(nn H-t .rklU'W.r.U'iiflll-l tT I 111 W -K
InK Ot-f. li 1. 'I hnnVmivlui runtrluatixni of
Ouri Hncl 't V rt'lil III L I v 1 u;i':-
rnii.Ani i.riirv.
V. W.f'brk A Co. is lilltii.Tiali $ -fl (W
T, etH-me lail'lltlniml VtiHI
Hit. K. I'. Wium ;.ir Ili'V. . (1.
'S W
Mlmt . tilni'V P
.il, P' r It-
K)' 2'.im
' .ti.ni'.ll nn Hli-wirt
; .1 :iti tl illltll ft itll'll l ll ....
. Yiuik Ij.iIi- n i-ii.n.ir ut .M i.Iiiiiio t'le
II rn - I rum'it'.w I
H A .1. i. I l-in-.u.iri ift,l'lit..'n il
It. t. II. I'. I. x !. v ' in-W
l. rol. II. K"-l Lii:i y. .'."til I'. V 10 -mi
' I V. Hi t tlnr
I t' . f
I, I'
I I II ll l'.'f
I II. 'i-i Ii Mn,iri (ii.l.lilloii ill ...
! I 1 rn Vil.l,-
I W. . N." .:, Iltu. mil
I 'M. II V.-
V in M, Kro mil lllli. u.ill
1 Vr -I"!, ii K. I.iivi
in i ml
r.-o ,
1 -'. ,
l-ill 1
Vi. .ii
a '
I nt
4 I'.HI
l l- t
i! l
111 IIU
Hi 10
BO 00
a-, m
Kl M
M : 20
,l..lm il
A K Ii nil' '
A I Ii ink i .m- H.K 'tl. (I V ."
'.M. t . II."
CMOS Ni.nvn:i:s.
M. rtlnu nl Mnnnvunk (i-r lt-v A I'.ilr-r....
;. io iiiK In Al. i;. t.'lnir. Ii. t'tiiHiiut Hill. i,T
It. v ,i. I w
V. I . i-iHl I'ri'-liv t rl.-m t Imp-lii-i. ('i,li.ifkliik
.Mrnlnu In r.iitt.iiiiw.ini i-iri.i't I'r. uli . tun. -a
t 'ill.l-tl. i pi N. 11. l.llH'.llll
I::i,li't un l 1'ri'ln IcniiiH'liiirrlii'H, llulin-fl-lillii,
ht Ifi v. .I in-ti lir-viMi-
I' it i hi'.y ri.iii vn fit riti'ii K-t.
i.irnu.l f'liiirrli. ii-r ir. V ililnui 11 irr.i. h ...
An I. .-tri'i t rl iir. It iirrW.M. sti-nn 1 I n-a.
I.ii:i' t lirMt.,t, (',,iiiiiit,loil t.i.i.;krt.nX
i Iniri h i.i i- Mr- ll.iti'li
I.n. li.-' I li-l-lmti i .iMimi-.l.iii N'..Jt H.ir.r:
i t ( Ii ir
po- i
i.i-im .ii.
Sji In., t.nr.i. ii fl.
-I.ni'.i't f i. .lot:
.1. W ,
O. 1 .
iti 0 I
Ml till
i: hi
31 IT
V. I I
1 0 -it)
.11 ii-l
1.U -I I
i.i ;1
11- :-.
I i I il
12- 41
It 13 .'i0
f-trri! luf Ii
s. t in' ( tmr t' per II. irv Ni'Km'h
,Vit ftiiiare Cliurrli. I . rnnnto n, per
Kit. .1. In it'-'ii-tem
Fn' 1 hnrffi, Kciiiit'.itcn
i liim-h Kuiiiklortl, per lluv. 'ilex. Murphy.
'1 1 ird Ctiunii.....
1. n en Iini uml nlvet Clmri lir-i
Jr iurUMii Inirrtt W'-l riilladi'lptil-i '
I'f-t t tuin ti HtMit ti w ark . jn-r Jos. I- r-in -h. .
N nt Ii t'tiurili. pt-r Dunit't lircv at 'in itial),
t in it d I'ph t'-rltiil t 'tin Mi, p-T .1. r. il inv,
'i liltd l 'idtcd I'ri'tiJVtiTluii i h in-h, it t Kev.
nr. roi'p.T
Flr? I It nirnictl I'r.-.- ty li-rlan 'huruli, Pt r
In. lit. tiiry. I rfu-un-r
TiiiiiiH l lirhliitn rimnnl--.lf.il. Kuiirlti
Itftoriiit'il l'ri!;i t'Tl ni'iMirrh sll'.W
Colif'.:tl-ii In Fourth Kt'iurnu'iJ Tfi'Miy-
t. nan cnuicli '-'31ft
. 61 i-0
("nttrdrn fctivtorlau t'lmri'li, Fniiklirtl por
l.i'V Jan. I rim -H O)
MI-.lHOiHsr F.l lt Ol'.M, i III H- 111 -.A.
I,(tM Christian ni in i -ion Filth Strict
Cliun li i r li. I H' ott Tr a urer. .. 'iiO-W
l.uilv at I niuu (M. K.i I ruyr atli-flnih, per ii,
lis 21
I riittnaliil ClmMi.W. Th la l'J iK)
I MarhnTr." Ilt ttirl. n-r ltv. . Mu'lun t-ii
' 1. tine Avt niu. t h irt li "1 15
I iHirrh at l.ri1i'-il''irt.' 7 (
i ha', h at Il.i'Mlinwti'il, nor Kit. Ir. CaMl.. 5 iit
I Si, (;., rn V t tor li i r U v. It 11, Fat lunt 3u il
i Cs.fv AlncMi ( liun U, per Itov, !Hia
I Vuuver li'i'i
Marlnc-rs' notljcl I"-:
, I n. -'ii eiiurrh r'' 7
I 1 A lirtl.-r" VtW 1l'Tt
' N.-itiii (Mirrh. prr ,1. .Smith
i LmiiPH AM hocutv, inuih i tumh, pei Mr-i.
' K. ii. Jlnrlcy, svrviurv lOonU
C'liurrh Fulln ol Ncltavlkitl. nur Kv. J. E.
II THhi 1000
.MI-iiUjii HueJt'ty ot .Suhh.'iih Mchool. Tt-ntli
( hurt'h. tnr K. Jtain 'rn-n-nin-r lon-flf)
llcionuiiti .MenixnlM ( tnir. li, (icritianttiwa.. hj nO
U 1III.IUN ( UCKCti 1,S.
Pt. rot'r' MImIu i Church 4 07
M. Mlcha'!': chnn li. liiThiimtown WraU
lti.FuKM i.j in; icu cin itcH.
Third Chun h. mt l. . JmiM.Jr
lllti'll SI ANT KI'ISCDI'AI, cm Hi'lIES.
A Frti tnl ol ihu umiiiiiitiiou, Holy '1 rlnitv
Cliurth ftOO
Ht I'hiiI'h Church, through tint MlKAlonary
Ass.Hlatlnii 8-1 H9
St. I'aul's t huruh, Cln itt'.uhs.ii. pot Uuv. U.
J I'arvh 60 00
All .-alrf h Cloin-ti. tn r It- v. ll. JirintthurM... '2
Olil w'1ph' (. liurcti, pu r J-iiiioi llorucr W W
A Itiank iMtrii)K. "r Mhi Fiinnv J. lu Puv,
L. C. C. . i hurt: I) oi tho Fpiphany 2000
hum 'tut l Chuici., lltiliuc-tburtf. pur IUv. I. C.
.Milit It 6 00
(V ntral Chuu h. inr I'rv. KJnrl llartcs 1W-"W
Find lmlenentlt'iit CliuMi, K tiiHiiitm 4 r)0
(KliMAN Ki.FOUahli WlLHCili:S.
Zlon Cliurt h ?2 .10
Ht. I'aul's Chun h ptr.Taoch Kltnr 60 t-U
Mn!. AVIAN CllClti 11.
Flrsl Church, nor Krv. Iavil Warn, r 35 00
Calvary Alonumuhtal Churfli 500
Vm. Hofrtr, .lr 10000
iin pin t MCltnowlt'Uud l-owhuru In r.'llriitH
pupt rn 20 .WI M
Amount achuoivU'dKed provlou-ily.,
.. mil -41
.los. I'ATI I iimtJ
1 n'lnturpr.
Store rccplvnd hv t'nitt l htntoi chrNtlan t oinmlv
sli n In Punadi'Lihla, lor three weoks i-udtuu Deceuioor
8 :
LadieH1 Christian CouiiiiU-tlcn, Trinity P. E. Church,
1 iti.eknve.
lttni itowlsnit. 1 paeka.'O.
Mr-i. C. t'auin, M ho;isi-wlvo,
'1 rlmty AI. K. Ciitireh t hundle of clothing.
.Ihiii'B It. SlieiMnnl. 1 p,i kan.
Airs, t-nrttl- and .untli, 1 pafkaKO.
it v. A tl. .Mi'Aul'-v. 4 yroH-t ol piMis.
l. H. AiuruiK' r -Mn juiiiI. sua p , 4-1 pounds hoof tea.
rerKinpine Jt llnrlns. KtW worth or rn.idnig.
Hiiwli y him't 31tdiuii Wchoul, 1 pa kai.'.
it. it , Jll'lt.
1 rotttaut l'pi!copal Kook ritoro 1000 suldlers prayer
AlcNun-ler Wil-iln. 1 imckaee.
M. .Imli 'd ( Jiiiri. li. 1 pai kaife.
A Fritii, I parWitit'.
i Iin-ti h iruli.tieruiaumwn. I.adlp'' A Id Snetetv, 1 box
til.) i tUt'T c.w ami puckam-Hot iiiw.iltal stuie.-tackuuw
lei t iM'whi rt' In rt'liuloio papers.
'1 lif ci.inniciictiii'Mit oi a nlnti-r'n work ot great Inter
c t Ih upon u. Onli r-t lor ahotit two ntimi ivi ch .pel
t'iit tllt-H, h'-iiH. h, ,ve.. In wnli Ii. ('unnit tho dnvi ot i he
Koldivrn' iuactlim tho vtord in Hod may he priii'hed have
1m en tect lveil, and aro tn vittloiiM rtiUK'" ut Uliui. Lare
b ill'Iint-' are In ruiirno oi eri'utlon lu (he annv o;iir.ulntf
atanmt Kkt:inond; and hou-tes irom t Incinimtt have
tteen sent to the Army ot the Cumheilaiul. t he work
oi trtice, which w.m Inaugurated durum last winter in
tlx' elmpuls in Vlrt-lnia, hid- intr to conuii.-nco aalu as
ciioti a the preparation tor uoiniortahlu survieos are coiii
plett d,
Atmh atlnnaithh the Commlnslon teeM that the
churches oi the country can have uo be tor way omn
t tl ein tor extemliuK iiiMnloniiry opeiailom than by
ere t.n k Ik.uscm ot tiod In the wikW-rnc, that our brave
boyn niio huve r-'oiie out irom their homo may have
ttm tio-pel itrearh.-d to them. Already tome churehos
liuve uiouii In the matter. But what is to bo dona
anoiiht tc done inucMy,
And we must uot loiynt that each day Is brinclng Into
Annnpo i-t many ot our hrottie n una friends who have
piitftfd throii. li nuMerlnJ-- n uii'i o rl o -h lu irioii, and who
iMiwueiietiliiid al iiimintr oi' t omto m. We iuut. If
ti ey arc unable to K't iurihtr tlyiu the liosiiitulit, t arry
"home" to the hosp'taU, and in the the da of tlie
rb'Siutf year happier tu them than have be.Mi nv hffuro
them. (.RiilKiK H.HI't-AKT;
h airman U. 8. C. (J. No. 11 11 A N K htroet.
t Hunkhoiders 1 per ton Immediate lchT.ry Col
ot bet (ji t!ty. Hhart ,rash f ntoliUK to mis and a haif
Urns, at dial cost, -every iar for iwfaty vearc.and tocasti
d-vitltn!s ot prodts hem ibn surplus coal, may now be
i)bUuf J at (Kl, payabiu, half nn ubAcrtolio,'. and tialfoa
Jiiuiinry b ntfxt, ol the Ml'TlML ItK.Att MotJTilN
rUAhKLIN CtAL CdMFAN V, Office Mo.lil M- THIKD
Birert i opposite theillrard (tank). HtH-k Capital, IVm (ml.
In (TJ.ftU) sharea Heserved worklmt capital, 1V.1VW) shares
hiitMcr mion of 4 shari, ; ut lu shan s, C.fn; .t -D
shar, tl7;; ot U) ihates, oi UD shares, 4-.i, of 'J.HJ
Kach rhaie entitles ibn bolflw to recefre, every year,
one and a hnlf tens of ooal, at eoat, tor M) ynara, and ''lib
Dividend, evftiy fU aioutua,oC U,e profit from the ai of
oil aurehi n at.
htorknoulm who do not want any ooal may have their
pronorutin or e ut sw,r b the t '.iu.uny lor uieir -pHjlal
bemflt.ihe tffi.nu bvlnt paid ovur u them, in-lep tictoot
ef ttie iitfular cth unldeitOs, So wolch they aru a'
1 he Company pr.aa. ua La re and wU bidlt Coai Works
m near iretnot,t. wita att-ir.iva "d inln v ani
1 iuiiw Itiahts, an excellent Double HreAWe--. Hioee vV ?
larKu Ki.m kiLoes, km lrods, and a3 oihr mac .i-u-ry
ai d apparatas, In lull . perauon, ea-kitirlt- of ui uIum; uoi)
wi., i utu uj iao.immouo per Tttl.
7hlC0Al la of ihe bt naaUt.. ca i-flyof tie Hltok
tieatii ana rrimra Veins, wicrn, wi n auvttral .ihor
vart.a'ih roAi vwlua, extend witbin the hnea ut the Cm
banv lor two rr.llvM m let ufb.
a a'anciii r toe ve-oti'iir Kai!rod extUjwJi to the mmea
a ire i ivoipaity, over w hiuti the coal la dally r' to
Stockholders may erd?r their 01 Its any of tin ueual
in th..- I un.pCusl. Itrokfii, M(..Tt(or Km ( .
all ai tbe prcilil coot vi ice t g; Mi p.r mu, dtl'vord t
lilt- hi.Ls,wnhin the usual fl -taicc f ttie i ntn .my'i
o at ym it oi i northern, m dtt:e. and o,uh' r:i p )t wiia
ol li e etiy.
Tt.c Cdupsny and all the tntntr ir w.rViri ar olar nf debt,
f ril all opi-radm k are efrniO.ctti l on tnt eoh iirm 'hd
For c!renlar him! -dOci i.tin'i relT a Hie ' 'ten,
No IKVH. TlilHl) rikraet, Sue. aid lioor. opiosiM Urrard
Bat: I..
ahp for HesilinK. M,inr Htvjtfr.
B"rd of irrtoiM - Wi.Iimiu if on, Tl. 11. W.dle. U iport
F. KlbH. H. tv;l nio
VM. KJ.ltfr.L,Pr.- !i.mc.
. A. B.-lARiiKV.tSet'reta-y. li-.'i-im
90r 000CANS PKA('H"
s' " " ' per nr t ut nn hv t, '. l
VKitY S1J-
Mu-ru. : i . t
the It 'hm d i
t 1'ii h r'lrm, dl. w "- v!n, fir
le by k k
F r At;.. liki. VYII t It '.- U Ij-Iim-
' ' .nmri' Mutual tlo.1 fomi-.n.. Inr irimrat.il nnd'-r
thr Urnrrnl yinliitf Law of lb- Htat. of I'."ii.t.4uii,
C'rli-hrr. In4 t-i.con tl.nro at $:0 par th ira, IVfi.i'rj.
I'.a I iini - J tMr.t LY so.
Tn a- inr Ju.-IAH Kl.t TRHBOCK, Ho. till MAK-
K I.T Nlrt.
-HVFS I.VNP, No .iS H th trrt.
Mm Altli I. JONKt, N r.ll Ar. h .ti. t
IIKMtY K l-Afl.. Nil 4HI Will lit tr-t.
I- F f I. a V ION. No. IV. N. Thlnl ilir. t,
I hum . K. UAIIMI.n. No. H" tjii.-nm.
I Ml.i p. Nn fS "Til -lrrit
1 t.e f .itni-nuv IH mill rrf.Mnn llbM T'littin tn It. 4forl
ot Hi. I cr .Mar-, anil stitpl li'K It fMi.f-it '-nl !i-ia w nh tn
I.. t Uallt ol WliitoA.u hoi.ulklll f.ial, at tr-lpir
'It.- attintl'.n of th robl.c II Irvitf. to t'.a f.-llowlnf
v.- th,- itn-l.-rpli-'iif d Ht-.rkhol.1ar. In tl.o CiTviiiriii-r.'
M nttial f-al t'n . I, i iwi-li i. nr attfntl-.li t" tfi- .ilk
li.ir ,.. r.iti-in i-i t' i 'rmiM i.iti -n. lki- p',--i. ri in
I" srii-K ti-i-'ltnotiv to thr- tan litni an, I ant-r-i tic lir.-rtli.n
ot tin- iiiip-.tliiiit . entrrt-rl.i anil In .it'.ri,. th.. unTlt.it
n-i iiii..' to tli- t-tt l ni'T i.t tin- ..tll.-er. i,t thl I'mnpanv,
Iti. y uti.-t iH'tti'-tlT pri'.i'itt tttn i iranl.Atl n t'i tin!
puli'llr mm our rlllll.l-lltlf ulaltllltl. t'll-r Hil-j.n. I. It til" n ti-i
it hi- of ilir pn"i nt ftii i kli.ilili.ii- H i' tint mim-rii'iHim
ti. tin rl-i' k .Imll In1 ciitltUti il tn ai ttiul i--iiiii n., -.o tl.at
tl I-iirlt iml -li i t Btiilll hi- rtrriii i-iii.vi : .upp' tnr a
ijttnt i-.i'i I. an Important ii-paritn-nt of it'-iin-.t
i p..-, v It H tli. reload ili-i-lriil.li- ttiat f ..i.f tinifi ir
f nl -.1ii.ll -.pi'i .iily r.iiiii- In an I l.ii.e tlip r,-in.ii-1n inn-.,
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, fni.an M Miller,
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John H bbett,
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W m W Wlster,
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W C (.arten,
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Andrew Jackson.
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C M Mullita,
H Hears,
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'Sumuel I. Ol'borl,
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.l-eore Nli-hnts,
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John (I snder,
iF. 8 Cos.
CUa-lea Hurts,
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'Mr. J K Cheethaai,
tJameH Ciinttron,
-J'lJ.n ! t'arbury,
i.lobu' Hmiih,
'Itiomat I weed ale,
jjohu Williams,
I A' ten (J Wilson,
K 'liert liibion,
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Iti-mia It lnftitreth,
I I'hilip It Freaa,
(' F Bavard,
John 11 Wyile,
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Kubatd Hell,
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Mm II L Wtills,
lb' is J Husband,
Joules M Mler,
I-niac It bishop,
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J- hn L Ituckar,
M H Kohler,
J tmua McKaner,
Mnrarnt McMiUoute'ti,
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Cii herinc J tielder,
Heurv O Uelsier,
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J. i Mien Oiler-sou, Jr,
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William Knot,
W in Stewart.
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,1( Nn C MtitHr,
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1' K llaiter,
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John W Fart.
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Jatns It Frricksi-n,
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John C hchreiber,
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Havict Knight,
1. 1 ONter,
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Iteherca P Aden,
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John Lees.
Jeore Williams,
iieorite h. Courtncr,
J.hn Wilson,
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harlCA Fi Norton,
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Jnhcph M FatterKi'j,
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Franklin Itutler,
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John tlrahhui,
HHsbcth Feters,
F. It AOtltllS,
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T H Li ivhton,
11 r Wilson,
J1 hi gft ret 'i irrrey,
Jriiss J Arnold,
Vt 11 Wade,
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Atem In MunsyiinF
-Sir JOHN A I A M"t
Aeiit In t.vrtn .ntoun Hi'EN FK KoiiKltTH.
Tin- fillowniK c m" 'iiuif aiton-i, seltscted from a lJrtF?
number, show ihe ai pieclatlun of Hie enu rpriae by tha
Citizens of Fbllsd Iphia
No 4'iS HiAio nt et iAMRti f.vsD Ksi .Pear Sir
Theloal I itccivt u'romthe oiiaomi-rs tutualOoaH'ora
puny, on my stih-crlt iin, has ifiven ut entire tatiataction.
It imlteti rtadnv . bi.rns well, is tree fiom slat, dttpo.-itu
whitt ahhen, am) la not easuy i xtlnuuis' ed. ihe tire lu
enr kitchen Krie tuts not bee-n ut tur eight or nine days.
Therefore, tn atihwi r to our tinesilons. I ma) sav taat
my ev psnrM tin n.r as to the qua Hi j, oi tliu coal is alt'
lett er iavoiMlt e. u Id I am e (iiuliy well impressed with
the eiiterpile abu tht fnlvsntaKts to each suoicrtbtsr as an
lnvtstmtuL Vcrv truly, youm,
Oitobfr'JClU Va 4.T N.Sitih n treat.
Vmi Aiirt i'iiiA October 9A, lfi4 James Lynd, r.S'i.
I)tr Mr : I ntil I b. i au.e a HtLckholdtr to your Cnm-r-any
1 hud itlwaa h t n In the abt ot burumt: LehlsU
t nal. Sinrn trvit. t uri I Hud ft. I t hnUNtnid purposes,
fully equal to tel. Ih, and a very snt erlor article indeed.
Xoflrs liu.y, HaMI Kl. W HKNhF.Y,
N'o. hi;-f) t oatw streot.
l'nr.Ani--.M-ntA.tVti ter 2-t 1VI jamm Lvnd, Ks'j.,Fre-
idem ol theCotsiiiu i Mutual CoaH'ompauy. My Hear
Mr : Our c sl h. s roiue to band, all lu goo 1 ordur, and
Las been urn d lu oC foiitt' nudtuiiiaei'. I am Informed
thai theuuahtv t- ail 'Imt-'O .M he detired. Yours truly,
JOHN .Mi h I III It No. l!4.' Locust stX.eU
Piur AiH Li tiiA, in ti'i" r'.lK,4. Jawh I.yud. Km., '"
Ideiit Connumers' Mutual Coal (Viiipanj Hear sir:
1 1 ave given the coai a ttiti-ohb tr'al, and flnj it a most
fpieudid arti.lu. 1 am si mucii pi". u with It, that, if
not too late, 1 wiiini'ivmeui tubicripiiou to one bun
dreu skates. Id --tpectttniv.
AI.LKN C. W 1LHON. Nr. Chesmit utreet.
Omrim thk sjaov Hi i:i h l II ai i..Orober ,aJ,l'4
Janu s I. vnd, Frcs d t Consumer' Coal Cm.iany -Ks-tcrmed
Friei.i1 : i li e much pl-aure m statlnir to you
the entire sat ihf. ti n ne oual Klvt-a me that 1 have re
t eivna from -oir t mtany. It niaea a (run if tire, and
Isfmefiom slate una cinders, audi can coniideinly ro
cc nintend It to a I I fii'ke ers ior domeatlc purposes
alio to manufactineT-. for fee nutating steam.
i u - -iincc. riv.
CIlA1tr.Ev i M vl'tlKYS. So -t;l0 8ansom street.
Phh.aiki.i'ima. Tciai month, 'iO, iti .4. Frlt-nd Lvud:
The coal fnralr-hi-d no: ai a sioekhol lt r In thy Company
Sives entire fat Ui tioii. Hi well piepared, and burua
ficeiy. 1 couldn't i-h a het'er article
it F. HALEY. So.4i t Third street.
Phi i Ai'H'.eifTA o. toher is, lmW. -James Lynd. Kiq.,
President, Ac Hi miwfr to our rciuet to know how
I like the coal pe-.-' a-t it from your Comp i y. I repl that
It has proven sat i'c ory tn ever) particular. My lamily
think It superini ir
lsiA'1 11 ' HAItUA. No. ?!. 8ith street.
Jamkh Lvan, F.o'i , trei0cnt Oousimr-rs' Mumai C-al
Compsnr. Hear 8 : Ihe coalaipidel lomebyye ir
Company, 1 am Lap. v 0 a aw.jjlvea entire mitMaetion in
every -eii fct, ai d I - e.;iai to any 1 hVBevr ud. Very
respectluUy yours ai. , mi , ,
J. Ji WALTON". No J"8 Third street.
Pun AOft 1111 "i. 'i '..'.er M. lMfi4 Jakrh I.vkd, Kaj ,
President t'onsu iirr - Mutti 4 Coal Company. In ar sir;
It attords me vrt at fl, mautu to announce u juy my periect
aailaiactlon witn the . oil received Iirom your Company
upi'il v order s-a iii'M'tltwr. I have been ie u4tomtsl
to use coal from tie i.w.hbn hood oi .ur ui'ne and Irom
it when In mi et tit-. l Ita superiority hareiotore was
dcclt edlv marked, b -i in Its piet-eul haiui I rtnd tht ariieia
Is do way deti-re ra!- d, but to mo cmiintry, s-j far a I am
able to ju U.e. fur .K iu sue purpoAna. fully ei.ual to any
that I have ever on.i. i-r have ever aiialcd- 1 am, vr
Xlll&UTt' At:" W C M. CHLKIt, Kslls of Hcbnj kill.
ll-9&tl pHtLAOBI.I'HI A.

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