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(Swung flcgrapli
lotttlng IdltorUU from tha Hew Trk
ffort Tnli Bornlng.
Tutor, asd riNAxn:.
V tht Trilmnt.
Wa pablixb in aniithor column a K'ttor fmm it
Correspondent, comracntiiiat upon an articlo of
Ouri wherein we riitlraroreil to point out a defi
ciency In the U- port of tlir Secretary of the Troa
iury tKith or Inlormatinn and of dlsi-ii.-slou of
tlie essential points in our nimnt-ls.1 ondition.
lie niiiBp'ircliciiils ns in supposing that we iijvo
catc a sinprti'lon of piynicnt In gold of tlio In
terest on our l utnic di tit, and of custom .lutes.
Whatwp did spy wns that the nreipts rrom cus
toms cttiiii mill ihe ay m tit oi ftuid inferost aro
an nearly e.pial, I nut ono run niortml m rs th-;
other, and tin m lore are of little, it of any, practi
cal rlluct upi.n tlie ilriimml fur cold.
It is the vmn'. of ihe prti ions metal fir e-i0n
that keeps up Ihe demand; and, na Mr. I-'rsst'ii-ten
tail, "mi long us there, tiMimlns ,i jrii ;il
Incn using tu-icssiiv for iis tio, ami a limned
"t'Pl'yiit ld rnii.uiiiri.l a prle.i rommeusurn'e
wiih the rucs-itv end ditlleiilty of obtaining It."
Were ther 110 di iintud lor g.il'.l, there w m.il I11
no rpn illation ; it is the ncri s-ity of p iritis our
torni'ii c fht in p.ld tl at rretiti the uViunn I,
ai d Lot the pin n.int of duties mid the interest on
the 1'iih'ic ih lit, whiih c I'.iii: io en-'j other.
'I o us.it frci ius i either .Hist n.ir ex p, ilu.nt t
ndvocve tl e pas ii.i n of the interest o;i fit exi-.'-inj
p Mi.' ilti t in enrrency an I no' In coin, .Vi.ii
a proposition, if eiiiertiiiiied, iron.il hare pre
cisely liar, fbii c ell ct npun the n.i'iiu.nl credit,
ar.d i n conin.en iul ruluus, at th.it inn I" liy Mr.
H ..ens would I. ic had, had it Ikcii udop ul. It
wou'd lica shock to capital a i erent alwitys to
lie aviiiried, If pnssililv nud would depreciate, all
our nntlumtl si .mi in. li m.nU iiiruw n.i It u,hh
lis, to I e sold l i r whatever th' y would Drlm:, all
cur rational securities held uliroad. It would
create, at once, 11 new ilein.in.l lor Kohl anions
timid i-Hpitulists, who wnnid sruk. sui:li nil uivist
meut that they might remit their capital aliroud
ior sa'ety.
'1 he mi ic iippreh nsi m tli.it Mr. S'.ovLns' pr .
pi .sill might lie ml vie I hud. w. Kno.r, tins i II it
to me negiic; a'id tu-i cri,iiiity that u Ii
would be the rcsil t, sliiiuNl it hecntiie :i liivr, w is
theceuse f the i.i.n. .mt sptv.ilntl-.n in the a il 1
room that lodoAcd hii motion. Sn.rli tuiiipvvi'ig
With the nationa1 cr. dit and with capital, which is
its tcr.Mtivc to an Icpislnttre I'lt-ri'jren e as ibo
mcr'ii y is to am gplurie (hunt s, can only
result in disaster, and cin only lnj jiis uiel -extreme
circiiinsiiin es Inch cam in n i oilier inr
be met. On this po.m there aeeins to have been
foma nilsnppiehi nsi n i f Mr. I'os.-endeu'a
lie does notpmposj to pty tlio intoro.it on the
proent public dot in ci.ren y, o-it jogusts
merely whnh r, in cac of a e ominu ine ol the
war, wc may no', a. m il f.il uu time, be, eo li
fe. led o ipbue inula i iv a t.innir rate ot interest,
conrertihlc nt ma imty Int i K jl I ho irin-j secu
rities. That rccssity may hi averted tiy in
creased ta-;6tii in or a sp eny end of the w r. lint
whether it uiav or in .y not 'hi wise to reswrt to
eneh nirasn o In c i-i we if' c impelled to in
cn a'e the pn'i i : d. li , is a ipies-.i.ui we do not
HOW propose to consider.
If, then, it wi'Old he unwise ti raise the piy
msnt of in'Orest in void on whit1 we no owe. it
lollowK. of couise, that it would he eiii illy s. tn
chaup.c the present law in retard to duti s. Wait
conies from one (.'.o-i to and is needed for the
' Neither does o ".r co-respondent nect tlio real
dlllh ultv in our liran 'ia'. c mdi'iori, hy a propo
sition to limit hr I iw tiie atiioutit of Impo-ts to
the amount of cxpir'.s. The laws of trade are
best not meddle 1 wnh.ti.id till lar0'ir tin vulitno
Of our commerce the he ter, with tho cmd.tion
always that wo do not uver-triKle, and buy no
more than we cun ) ay for. Tan real tiotiolo i,
rot thr t we Import too much, but that wo cxpjrt
ton little.
Our resources, about which there. Is a Rood deal
of vaguo talk, a o unquestionably otiormoui ; but
Of whut value are they to nsun esjwo cs.ii net
them to nmrknt ? Her.! is the real kcrnol of our
d fflcully. The Northorn States must pay in gold
for all tbey buv abroad over and it'iovo the valtio
of the pork, flour, wheat, petroleum, corn, butter,
cheese, lard, which tnoy hive in foreign
hands r or on hand for export. If our Imports
sxeced our exports of produce by a cert tin sum
annuafy, wo niH't nay that ditr rome in spcie.
If we could cxpnt me value of that sum in pro
duce, the demand for just that tun -h gold ccnes ;
and, the demand ceasing, niieculatlon would bo
go lar at an end. und gold pravitnte to the natural
premium w hlcb our l.irpe paper curroncy and the
expoit of gold for other purposes nceesrto.
We have the produce; but the dilliealty is to
avail curnclvcs of it. but this la a .pi.stioii which
we do not mean now to discuss, as it relates to
our system of internal improvement!.
Wo do not ferret, of course, that in any com
putation of that foreign ludchtednciS by which
we wish to get nt tho actual amount of gold
Which wo are annua!'? compelled to send ubroad,
wo must not lose sin lit of the gold-bearing securi
ties in foreign bands, nor of tho lar'pj amount
which must he remitted to Europo forthe sup
port of American a'.hentccs. We ought to exnor
tnoiiiih unnualiv to cover this sum us well as tho
value of our in. ports, and until we do the balance
of trade will alw.iya be apiin-t ri, and wo mar
look forward, o-petiai:y in liuio of war, to future
liranci d dl-a-ter.
Wln.t is pertinent, however, to our present c.ir.
cumstauces, is our aciua'i ommcrciul condition;
und on our accura.t knowledge ol tills must tin
nend. t u ccitain ileune. our tiuuueiil eoii li'.lon,
aadtbeprola 1.-rul.ni! of tho price of gold till
tho ODinlnit ot nav:iiiiti0 i iu toe i-piiug- I' I"
laeis tcaiing upon tuis, and whiU, It is to bo
tresum d. are in the non-cssl )Ti of tho Oovern-
nn nt, that wo need to g"t at, I understand our
exaitt ti'uatlMi, nd io enable us to moot Its
exiteniies. Whit is th supply of tar
treat e'anles we ban; iust enrnierita I at
the feabo.i'r Wtat u the stock in the
bands id' piojii.i rs nt the We.st? H id what thn
ranaci'v nf.be liars of tiau icirtitlo i during liio
wilder months to li ian this stock forward i ' bo
ability ol ihe ui.iii lines of railroad in the West
must be lnniK I to the thrca ( cat trunk roads,
the k.r;c. ibo New York Con ral, au I tho renn-
STlvaal.i Central; and tho v dotne ot truusporta
tlon width th.se thro . an nnna;: is w'jat wc
must di i fiul uijon for our supply for export,
Of course, that pr. portion of produce which lliey
cannot hriiif; must lie ove. ti l the opening of
navigatloa In the . piing; though ei u thou there
is n limit to tho supply, wt.icn is largely ex
ret did bv the ileinand for H e forri'tn market
It is on a knowledge ut" h. . o l'o '.s tut wo r :!y
to (U tein inc i.tii real condition Tuny will sho
bow much we u.ay ilep ml upon to pty our
loreiun debt h cxn its u. p.o l uee, i.nd now
much n.m t he paid in g ! 1. Tub i.utui. liata
ctl'cct will tic u win ih ex b inge market, for im
porters will Kover.i th ni. Ives atvordiciy ; as it
is thw pr.icli a! cue : ion wklcti w II d. ter.uino
the uidnt of liiiance in our forcun ti' id;. T
conimtreiai men tin va ' no of our products where
they ore crmui; tuelr value at tide-. iter; the
cost und the volume of Iran i....uon, wiutor
and hii in in. r ; and the ca'cui ition ot the value
of our txpoi i is e -sv, for it is oiiii uult, if not im
poslh'.c, to overstock the foreign market. V.s.
change (hen wdl le- ul ite its if, aud couitncieu
will not ovcr-tcp tiie boundaries ooyoud whieU It
anu.it puss with fatety.
y,io.-riiK i ami eti!t:i t:FJifrit i:
Ft tm ihe 'Finns.
The statement of the Ki. bmond Kiuuirer that
General Leo las written a letter to the Committee
on Military Allaire, ia the Rebel House, In favor
of arming the slaves, virtually settle! that thii
experiment will loon be tried. The military
judgment of that (ienernl is authority not to be
appealed from In the Confodorucy oa any Military
cjiicstion. It Is In its military boarlng alone that
this subject is now discussed. Tho universal
feeling of the Ileitis is that military success
ul tie can tave them. Their only hesitation about
arming the ulaves has lcn the doubt whether
iho slaves will do ellective military service, and
whether there wan lei nn actual military neces
sity for that resort, (lenerttt i.te's demand that
the experiment shall' be tried at once, settles the
latter, ami we inav expect boon to ice tuo mei
ktire in nrin ticul operation.
It will not bo tried on a small scale. The
protect bas been too long postponed, and the
necesitlts of the Rebellion aro now too'urgent
for that. Nothing ran now prevent the speedy
downhill ot tho KeiaiUion but very inrire uccos
ions to their armies. These a"cessiom must
c omo fioru the black rare, if at nil ; for eraser!).
tlon has already done Its utmost among tho
whitci. Orii;innlly It was tho universal belief in
the Lour.u:ucv, as it wus amo.ig tuu empi
th z -rs Imre la the North, that the hiaek race
weie natural cowards, and conld nt be inndA to
Cht tt ttll. This wiu, in dua than, dispro.od by
the exct. knt tivhtiug actually douu by tho b'.ack
rsMtinnn: eul sted under our Hag.
Hsd sound sense ruled the nl1 eoifnaols, this
practii al demonstration would barctmn promitly
accepted, and the experiment been at on-e tried
on a small scsle whether black regiment ronld
not lie enlisted under the Confederate flag which
would do tonally effective service. H id twentr
such regiments lieen formod from picked slares a
yearago.lt is not very Improbable th it liber il
promise., combined with the wonderful Inflaoo-re
of military training, might hare ma le Itiem hy
this time good Confederate soldiers. They would
hare servtd as an excellent nucleus for constant
fnsh accessions, nntil linally they rni'ht have
grown Into a very powerful army.
Had thl experiment failed, La I It bean fonnd
that the slaro could not by atiy pr.ic si be con
verted it. to a s.rviceable Conledera e soldier.it
would thrn hare been easy to remit the comparv
tivt ly few to their old condition, a-nl no hum
would have usiilted to cither sUrcry or Um
Contedenicy. As it Is now, in the pre ent ex
tieniity of ihe Kebelli m, the experiment must lis
made on the largest scale, If at ai,. :uid I's f ,il .f
must at ones swcip both C'ju.cleiacT aud
slavery Into rnln.
The ll fli in on 1 1 .'nyiojvr fully alm'ls thtit the
pr. sent sorption i, me nr-a-nre w.ll (, eqn ti.
lent to a gc era' ah di'io'i of si !vei v. Trie .nim
bi rs r united w.aild c.inpiise nearly all of t:i
able bo.i.cil s aves with n th" li ni'- of the (' .ii
fed. n cy ; and tluse, of coursi, would no: in any
ia c do ci'e't've fl.thung unless li x rty wer-a-iircd,
not only to thcm!re, Im' to their
wIms and children. We do no: undertake t
n y o-itire y whe'h"r the h a. Us ca i tin tc to
field lor their furun r misters, or not. A go l
n anr pr dictions by Northern men, e ciccr litu
li; t Hit .Southern s ares w .ill ii do ailwiuld
int do, have been ful ite d. Ian n. rally
ex)icited in the North t:.at trin si.n.s wmll
scio the op onuuiiy of the c.l.s .n e of tlio.r
master-, to strike a blow lor their U'crty. Tliey
hnve dote i.othliig of the kind.
It wes a'so beli -veil tint they wo il l rush in
multitudes io our lines, tlcrc to" tin I hnerty a id
pti ltd on. 'i he nuinb.trs ol" til i di refugees iiave
li initiyfi'v. It w ; .Inicd that ccn if t!i-v
did m t rise in insurrection, r run aw.iv, their
wi ul.l at least retnso to v..r';. li it tho gre it
lioi-s of them have v.oi ke I as ret: i!rly as yvi r,
lid. r in the tie d-, ot in luu'diue; lo ii .. itio.is
mi. I ill CHiup seivi e. In view nt th'se I ir.u r
inl-teke-, it may as well tin almttu l that tne
el.,iesinuy possibly be brought to do so-ne sort
of I , el lu g I. r the Cnfuil 'rscv. I'.utev, u n tin y
lire it w l l rot at all prevent mo tin il overi lirov
ol the licl.clii.'ii ; und the g:e.u l.iets will still
remain that slavery has been de-troyed by ttie
very men who resorted to the lii hcliion to savn
it, aid that the Moiul.crn ma-dcis h ive at list
been reduced to the veiy lowest Inninii itiou
iinain ible, in beirii,' eoiniePeil to ak tier O'.vn
ikiiascd slavi s lo save llieni troui tho p jw.t they
had en. t so iiuueiiotisly do. led.
Iti.icdcl just tins lust ord-rin? ni ev.-nts to
giro the Kelieliion its c in-iitniua'S r -tr. nit ion.
I I ere is alti n.M of iioet: e. ju-t c e in it which
would nut have been rta :ed ha I wo onelei
liber. . t d the s are at. cr piostr.voi toe mist r.
'1 hat would oi.ly hare been (he resuUof iii -nor
ph sieal lorce, aii.l there is iio'.liiiii; la ttiat n ves
fearby toub.ist a ).ioud posi ion. 11. t irv ubo in Is
with ihe eases ot th'.sovih) hive m-v. r sh iwn ,t
li. flier spirit than when phvsic.ii'v oviTpowered.
It is only when ti.e spoit i. huuiiiiud that j ;i ti u
geis in coinjiliic satisUciion over the wron?-do'-r.
Kor itenerattotis the U i 1 tl 1 ,:- I A ric in
and his posterity have licjil aecuu'ci by
Sou lurn lnas'crs a. no better t'n in t!i lie.Ht-of
tho In Id. there bin neve; been in ail tunc
one p.ir' of n ta'i Hi's populh'ion so utt rly dp
spistd, and so inn. r.i,u ouslv used by an .til r.
r.ren tlie p n labs ol in 'it are not tield, hr a
long diciee. in such cheap estimation by litis
lbtihintns ; Tor a mere outcast r urns n giicr th in
a i ht.;tcl. Iv rn their eha'.t li-ni di I no! ccti-
tributo the full degra hition of tl.e Suuthern slave,
nit hup r idded w the lo itimd ta nt irAfncan
b cod. The .Southern spirit, n- it ex-sfd in
IM. li. could not po-sib'v have rccived an insult
Hint would bavo stung it to such fury as the
baltst ititiinail.in hat the tun ' uilirtit so in co ne
when Southern rulers would be d.scissdig, whit
pallid Hp-, whether or nottho slaves would lie so
good and gnncroos as to forget tin ir wrong" and
take up arms to flglit a l.i'Mn tor llioui wuieli
tin y had trt 'dto win but could not.
To Ibis coniplexi n it cones at in t. Wri'ther
the slaves nctuallv tiehf or not, thrt bniuilia'.t on
is alnadv acconi.li bed when tho a'ave-iii isters
arc. compelled to h.ing their late on the (pes'lou
whi ther the slaves are willing to tight. It is a
rni.ltssiou t) the world that the saves are
really mutters of the situation. This mikes tlu
avirging rci iiitnl complete. "John llrowii's
Ci ul" ilt.rU, baring ' marched on" to that point,
n.ust rest satisfied.
A Komun Answer.
The Rebel General Page, who was tnken at
Fort Morgan, Mobile Hay, applied lately to a
former friend and clastnato, who is now a dls
tlrpulslud otllccr in our navy, and in command
of the most formidable iron-clad in the world, for
istantc in gelling released by exen nii'e. Ite
received the following Iron-clad reply to his
Utier :
"I can do nothing for you. luu n-vhrr ilr
fpt'lfti your "(, like it muii, nor ttri'niUrrl i
tike an i)l:rtr'"
From Heiii'o.
The latct news from Mexico contains a riiinhr
of tho delcat of the Iiiincrialisis bolorc (Jidllafa.
Juan w.ia besieged, but Alvarez bal gondii
his relief. It was expected that the I'leneb wonld
tocn evneunte Aeapulco, and there was great ox
ci.ement In thnt town.
A irOirlntliiisfor tlie Military A r idemy
1 tie bill making appropriations for the supp ir
of the Mi'iMry Academy for the ye.ir cnlin
June '10, lbuo, appropriates i.i the agsregAiu
Tlrlgadler-Ofneral O. II. Wilcox, romraand
Inc the iitst division of the Hth Army Corps, h.i9
been breveted Major-Oener.il. to date from the
1st ol last August. Uoneral Wilcox entered tho
wi.r rs Colonel of the, 1st Michigan Volunteers,
He is a gailai t aud c.ipab'e o'.heer.
(10 TO
N. !Ui N. KKHiTII Kl'tiKUT,
voi win find th u
AsaontMr.NT or
STAT 101, EtlY,
P50Tv"A?U A L yij MS,
an". rAK.ir
WltlTISir! HI'SKS- In It .suu ,i, M.n.. ... v. l". l Wil-
U.t- I.tilil'11.11 bssor'.lit. 1.1.
I'llM r jl.lwh A . lol i.l si I t'ASl.n. la e
siyu si .1 di Ul.
Pt UtiS Will.SH i-.il fi- el l !, , , M l oci, V.I
ret. Piste and ( i eu.. ..if l.
Tl.'m'U hill.hS of I I 1AK I ISK- -Hu.ua Ik iU.
I'll! ..'HTi.s.
I.AIIKs' rs5MVAMDNH-Ia A.01M i sud K is a-1,
t'.e lllie.t .je. .Ill', S.Ml 1:1 ..Il
utfi.i.Mi a a i) hito: 'iv sv c.ii.i. t-.tu m
irrt i' -i..
FOi hl . ItNl AM) Hl-s OR t f .1. e , 1.411V.
A I I LL I.IM.ct l if mot , U . . uii ia Kitt
' kldu.l.te lr . ...too . M . . fl .
lis MKC, M) i'Al'i:a ' .111.1, s-tl irlity. Mir J
Mil il nor.
Oi'.)i riio'iooRuna! CAitu I'ltoroi i'Al'iH'
t'AKU I'll" ill;.,!! U'lis!
Wt bare s fci V.il.u i.'ivl. .t
l'l it 'i OUUAl'l I A 1. 1 IX I MS,
9:Uiitf nt vr toirr.lfS(
fftt-ai ;fti.lt n Ii vlU tw (he
fc;w MOHOr,co uisdi-; alui'm,
)!' Ot tlfcCfl.lirtloUj tQT
Oft . i, ol our NKW AMII'sjt.lt.;,,fjr;o eB-.!; i.r,
Ittltd w ilii C'blvreil rieturvs fiecniii.
No. 30 li. EIllUTn OritKKT, Phliada.
11 2C 7t
A H A M IT.f! CASK IIP CAI.troiiNt wtyfS.
(tie l.niile uf-'iluncau,"
(im. ImiIIIu if"l'..rt 1
inv tMiitleitt'-'Anvelina,"
One Is.tll.. oT'-Nlieirv,"
(in.' tM.ttle ofllnok,"
One lHule or-'iiiui'O Hran.tv,"
will be frrwarfleil tv any piul vt Ihe nnuiilrr il receipt of
s t un ilullas.
I (.umry piiTwIoiani, ilnii'fflsU, and fauilllsi will pleass
aouvc, awl ilirert alljrd-rs io
"ho. ti twrtjr-lwi ) 8. r'lK Til NirooJki
11-9.8-milm ab..,e CUevnut, ri.UAdil:iiU.'
X n UK tAl.irnKKI WIKft '
BOCK WIKE, ftMss CaSloiuia V.u ajU, e-iuai Iu ll.a
h a ens H'ltne.
riiH l' WINK, Iron OellSsrn'a Vlnorards.nsw issd aud
irasrrib-U by our le.Lt1iHa lii.vel.'lails.
a ki.ni.it A wi.sa.ixuu t .Uic.maVJiMj.u-ds, a Uithiy
Ptsri.lai brand.
ail actlr L WllsK.tRn OaJifcrnla Tlajar4n, atxHU-t-ai.lc
le cl Mrli d and lk aud. ,
HII 'km V) ink t'aMfenlaT1iiAiArdj,0f peealler
va u 1" rin.e.A Ma .laMoau h.ilth.
(.11 A I'.'. i.KAklis, inaa Caiunila VUestds, naad ly
kliai.d WIL ILe ir.i b..nl'n: .vnUs.
( AI lli.kMA wlkB Ar.!i:r, hu. II (r.rtr trn) 8.
Kl 1 II aueet.abtira caaaaas 11 ns-sulia
, oV THS
'riTAi. rrocK. 1,000400.
100,000 SHARER 10 BACU
i fiwrnirriON tkiiv rut suvtc
IAI4R1 kMll,LfW.
iftPKTTA H T AHT TnH"t1(Vl
i. i. Rr.iNHin u.
N.. -i.'.rV WAIsNEir S'l UKKT
Thr prnpt ty nt tV r itipttn? It M I:. V wtr tM'lii'T.
Ii bvi. -d ist t ai icoAsi ..il u-til.rtr t .t n in
t. 1:
t 1. Onr fTih rTs!:r 1:itr. it )n tlir! rrj o
hi.n.lif,! tiJ fvf j.-rrhri ol lc.n-1. blrr tn ' 'iot..X
U r nr. -.,'int.'rt m th niL-ci!"!! 'f i'rk itti rtnr-
Ki.n I L.' Irar ;:! Ttt re irl. hr nrrfi ;V nl )
i").iSiiiiu. Tii'clB a rto vinf .r 1 atrnt'l ih
"3 Mi ot Ucltitwr, stud nt ) iri lttij 140 btrfrla pr ilr,
ith ft uw 1 r.iap -rt itt a Ian r itirrtet.a Tflr re ti ala ft
ptiirfiii.- w . It, j if id1!-? nvtT K' t' rei. In-r n ia: (;a !,
fti 'lit 1- c 'ii nt: r; f 1 ill biiNi o 1 tai ;o M -n-n
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tbe latt ilcaciibftl, toil ainlM hbu. tlitjr a 1 a a T auJ ab ai
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aji ia , and cfarto tLe iT't.-rty uf tha t'rfid it lv:i'-lio
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nanilli from tL AI.titnj r vrr. au I n.-a-: t3pnisfl
tha (lbralP(l I'lttola Crt?ek, which li tv-w re vrtlcd wlib
i.bca UTur. Tt.l pM'rrty contvna a't.nt twniy-fl.
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bil:rtn they fvlll prova co il all tarrltory.
JmiifUtaieiy 011 acini lau oporatl"(i l!i; e-juapftiy wir
ba In tho receipt o' ay Ufi barrel o f oil y r U, wlil'h
at 110 (it ( now lelllnn at $1';), will be a ilaily latraa
OV, ar tltf), OwO fcer annum, eniahllni tba aonpauy
niuka diviCen4n of not b taaiulirco tnr cant p r in mil
ou tba InTaataunat from tha bf-lnnliirf, wLtA a i;ii proa
paat of a law IncreiAR.
It U believe I that uo oil roonparv Ujji bren forma J wl K
tuore tartaiii proap:a af aj.crsa. Ofll a llui.tej por
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Ar.Vf bill ra Ilia I in a rery aiort lima ib alck will Ua
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p'epeiiy lor tbflr pifcieut Ine.-iiie, tha r.itl.wi.itf i-p-Tt.
biade l ttirainltlM of eaLlui. u n;.p 'iJ.U'd to maku tia
axatniDauoii, li ubn.litt'd.
Taa Bii'lersi;iird r ommitioe, avpoluled ti axQilratha
pr 'Oity 01 tl.e Mcl'lmtock Kl-hitvo oil d ri.;iiy,rrir; a:
full report .
1 hat thry tiat t tlio'-oiulil;'! ismlna I (v.e John Mi '1!i
tork hfHerrc, hltuaUd at the junction tl Oil Cre-jK ana
Oterrv Kun. TUi1 ppopony iloratcd on a bi'Auti'.l blutT,
a'riilrabiy adapti d tw horlnr. 1 h-ra are l wfl'U llnnUcd
a. u! iu projirria. Oue w-U, which da. I fietn ) Ijhilujt abMt
fkry buriela a.4lly,ha1 tadeniy Inn aied 'uoiio iwnjral
and forty bsru !, and ft
lnf at ai'ont thu rata ou
cur vl:t. Auulher well, reijreseiaJ ai yield n.- saen(j
flve hairen, was pnmiin t tha raU of aljrhtv to ninety
barrvla, and the Ibtelllifnt auitaiinUfitl' il and l-tiaeawaa
aat.ur:iia li tha e,.o ta'u.u tltat la a iW-it time It wuitl
ba.oiuo a flowing w't' B1 !!' ktn r yh-Id.
TUvh two wi'l.s are but a few wfeka iM, a. id hava avory
Inb a-to'i of tHciminjj very lame nr !i.
1 hrt-o nt1- r vrlla are In p.'oe.tnf bull, sn1 w!l be
ILsJmiiU cn ur Ix-f.-io Ihn flrnof Ji mryiunU fre.u iliu
hiL.italicub,Tve H'M-.vo thy w'!l l b Ur , (.roiBOtlro.
iiici-t:.M wtliwaa u-t o-iaiia.' mccJ, niil bo putiUai
rapui'y Ui Miiiiij.'l u.
wnele ol the pr .art, axaept thi- r U'm-. p on whlah
Ike h Uieti. C .ai.'ln, t- i !, nn . L ui r e hjnrti
of a.vpart om A and eneraetlc ajien, wi j wi I : jure no itni
or fm,t t devo ep Ihe .rn -riy ' th in! nunner, aicj
In th n r et p.tnillc Una.
Ite ,;arrl-sie. h ma, at, ine , too a (is,,ava all new,
ed t.t .)-. f U- r i"1T auJ In : I .-J r,al!na
tfi''c w cf v lii! : rf;l;i ef t'.'--o '.tiara of ih
Wf Imw u 11I1L t;.at tho V m;-a InU-1 -J OP0
ein ih rwvulix no ah'.!! fliU-fivf bor. ia jior day, w.'lch
al '' i $ ', I! I'C K'"i y ir-iu'il by the art of
J rJt.ua ry tix :i ilai ihu lad vii. i l of twt'iity well
li-inj. bd'fi 'i nl'.a !1'"d lti iv-av uh Himidil vf the
limn. ii.-r 3leld vi. roa ill rhea.-ii ura ftnlihoj.
Iha lun.aui.d jcu.'.a h 'U au aoi-a fi mi which tha
V: mi .ii- w ,)'!"' r- 0 .. e (Vrti'tha v' h4 oil If thay work
I', av! f i i h your i-ui .n;.f iirf.ni'i ci:c ukmQJa ; H j
v,: i ii! ro' hf rn ',''! ' 'c :.' ' n :"im mill, bciuro j
t):a ' (Mt uu t 01 a ta , i-a t a-i ti.r tu ... a varal LauD-
Jr-. 1 t im s air :t,
Hi-- kuA a .:.'i u 'r "i 'Itt' cTti- ftt aoraa, j
v. tu a aupe i..r ii; ... d !- 'i it. 'tjm I
It Hii'. :u h to c.r.i. Li ii. ni l ,f":u.lir iocuth, i
ti j.. ;t tr Hiii. tj ffcet il ii 1 . p pcrt. tu.- not baaa fiaa4
iof-ai. . l iv o'. 'rui'lli .p tr.fi 1 1 t n I i!R,a.l.4"
1. i j, wt- f ie 1 J i 1 V't -n tnfal ii ; ' oi.e f tha irn-at
e-a. abie nf e( net wn ti1 Cr .
lew. laat' -im it
J n ItKihiiOiH. Sa. iv; r v.irt.'i.
JAM KH 11. MI I.T. , o. bX aftuiwmsiri
-a wf.v W. II RfrtriiiitqriN. .V- ilitcUat !.
T U V,
... in oi' iiit.rrr
Tki ia k r I
lot l itol s art ii k. Oi-i.tin r im. irt .
C i., iea, by an aot paraed at i. ia-t .n:Jii. placard A
awn iKM.rar.le St di or moLt y ai ti.e rtl- p. ! of the HvC(rtJ"y
il tne IjeftiLry, to be etujj.via iu li t prun r.u'Jin o-f
mtaanica tt r the de.cilid.i anj f ui.t-hni' nt vf i-era-jia
.iaved iu touutrf -lU.,g Tr aurr note, rrauional cur
rem , aiid O'titr atcnritlci of itm L attd rSttun. TuUfuud
la devoted in ila payment of rew.inia to detctlvia aod
cKhera liuusnh wboae luatrumt-ntailiy utittidi ra are bron. bt
to juatiee ; and Ita administration, m.U the cntUu t oi the
intaHiuoa Kferrid to are i.tceU, by itdu of ti.a Hi- i iury,
untler tr-e tAii)eliuta anuvrvijin vf tu ni'.derf ij'iu"l, m
whom all ooanbianlcatlona relatt lln-.reto, or to tho
tfenraa indk.'HUd, ahuuiil Ik a(IUra-d. Liberal rvw.mia
hare already benn paid to it-rai l-arU lio bavo ali'd
in the appivheaalon ol fouuterioluira.
11 ia b.pal mat tha atiianlna tLna ererfll, a Adeil to the
latti-ri at m bt h all ttccid tiliKcaH inuat fi ei lu t. tup. rii
aiun of critvea tciidinf to impair ttie credit f tia nanonaJ
rcariLua, and Uim crnhaxiaae all toualnaan op'raliuua,
induce Uia OHtneat io-ou'rnl.ou ot aJ .pa'iii' ol
aardltir uv aid in tb erTurui b in: Bade by thu l-priri-uiem
for Uia attainment of thai deaiai leend. It I t-itpa-eiaily
urptd u i at ail periwina laintf a knowledge of Ut ta
liupoiiuiit to oh kuova by ina itevartmont. eoatearuint.'
aub oneiikfi. will ci'iiaJiaUatitaia tiiu Itiuy and luinpuy
lo the uiideraifciMds,
riibiiahtra of new pane re tkroiithont tha reentry will
raiMiir taeniUl aer h e in liio tTttriitBant and um yiibliv
hy k'iii; coiipKitoua pabiiotwikm tn t(ub card.
KliWAKI. JliatnAW,
ll-ld-wfJa frolic nor u alia i reaaary.
liiff laima upon jOHhl'H ML LLIW, dcokl.
willitltaae pay or pieatut tba aama t the uiideiiK'ii(J
h:.a"i:ura, wlJ.LlAM v.I.mino,
No. ?oa I INK MCirt)!.
Ul uituK 0. B.VANC4,
12 9-Ot ' Ki A1UH Btri-wt.
Loi-woKi n 8 H.i.,r t a r.v viu w.n.
1 au.'- -it w ice oi thu lavorlte bi.;J at tiitjC'AL.K
MA V tfca, AbaatY, iSu ii t.tuil-lwu) ti. rlKlU
fcinat, ai.uvr ' Usuu.. e Il ir mafia
A mMHtra: of ta arifTlbtr tn the (Mrornnr w'll ha
heM atthe Mffre, Nr J J f IIIIKII 'tnt, Neifid it.rv,
11 KM PAT. In a , arl ' 1 v P M
A ri-ri from Uia VlilUftf Commltti e wi be m1o.
l 1 Tl n7p r,". IMK 'W. He.Tt t j ,
FAN Y. Phii tMt pmia. f(f.mtir It. 14
Tlia Annual Mating of the !to-Kl-oi.1r of AIH01
tnn Kauroad 'offpaf wfU he hld at tbe oiHit (.f tha
Phl'artl( aia an Halloa Katlnail r.mny.N Wl tt.
FOUH7 II Mtrevt.rhHailtiJpnia, nn MOMiAl , January I,
W-V ai loi, a. M., w -)pii an t'lroncfi r I be held f.r Tre
a id ent and alx I'urftora, to serve (or the nnin,t rrt,
U IS o4t ortarT.
v' Hir-e Cn-aenkTT liallr iad iVmp my. Kit i K
KOUI Rua.l, below l.vhk-li Avennn.
I'll 1 i.a "l'l rn 1 a, Der ember , n H,
The Annual Meetlnc. 1 1hn Nio-k holilfr of thin On-nii my
will be loM at thu oltlte on M' N I Y . Ja-uiry :), lH ia,
at 1 n o.lo.'k H , hen an Kltf on w-ll ho hl-l for a IT.-f.-dti't
ana twelve l rt-rtora, 1 1 nerve fm the ensnlinr re-
1 1 e ti ar ater h-wih if ihe I loir pan win ho . ... 1 r i.n
la i jir f. r to iid tl'-rllua. I'll' M - I O I N ,
li W te -ret fy
or.onoi': i'kyi'.rvs,
rs't. too t ii jltwis tri' Mtrrct.
S lltS Sllil hIK' Mil. M'IT 41 (till w opi.
i; 1: r v i,
fMnilllMKI Hll l-IANO AND MEHHlKHSf (Ki"K'!S
TM.I r. AM STAND roVKl:.
1.1 vt ii.i.s, niAUiiKii T.jiri.i.s.
NAl KISP,, ln I IKS, It A Til TOUKt.S.
CO f ION Mil Ell M.S, Pll LOW A ll.H.STf.ll l.NENS.
1'AM.isk ta;:i.i: ci.i.ti:m, ir,.m j 1,17 y,i, 1 Ki.
TM:i K, I.IM'l It, ami ntllASH, .j thSjanl.
T.MllK SAIKINH ..unlit rs), IMIVMK1.
T All I.r. ( .) n;s AMI IAIII.K C IV Kill Mi li- the Jir4
1 l.o 1 :ir, est A ji.utuiolil to lie I..IIU ill the C;lr.
A I. . l),
i rn a Nt. imr.D '.)i.t.Aim, sr.rm, sn:n t.s.
I.IM.N rAMlillll HUM M., Ill on-rr rsrlcly.
I 11 K 111 Krct., Inr lienth'iiira jii rtili.lrfn.
F..r Hii!, t.
Mirn-iril, Vnn !!;irllii'-,cn i ArrlM-tt,
1 - -.' .11 n.i. ik's ciir.siNijr MTi'.f.rr.
iu:sii:.i;i.K i-i;i;si:.ts
1' C) It Till', HOLIDAY S.
Tr. llss 1111 f Tf.11 uatlsn of liis tif l-itimt ami ari.d
1 on . f wr.till'AN art IM.'H:iKI WA I'l'l.'s'S, risll'.
ji: ki.i:v and CLUCKS, whtrli r bxn mm 1; ic
ttil, J auJ ar.iu.b-t .1 Willi luu.'h csri
li (I.nr in rUlLAIiKl.l'HIA.
OI.lllAY rilRSKN L'S. I ori'KU A
largo sin k of uauil and aulie-nntlal artla'an Tor
pti irr.ti. 1'ilttnaetFi nt : Urtr (Ur and bnalcr ai
I niter at $11 i mid oue ol tba buat miKf:i in la) in.ir&i fc
at tu.
'iuf u tablet, good, and weticalnt, .'.' p mdi, a, f '.
v n(e ('..urtfri'.ini al i i. $' s, an-1 Ho.
HarsciU 'M O-'iiiiti n-miiL-a, flue, Ui ti, an 1 o ivy, at J,
l ', and .'i; onel.t at J" Hiat aio eU hnary, u.;J
laratii ai.e niaUf, worth at leitat '.
Nui'il is, warrant, a all linen, at $1, t-1, aaJ 1 1( tveaoug
U.fin are hrm b midfiil part'-rni : tiw iluit are
l.rd li j'aer ha'ii.'U oi .atiwu. iuanuia.
l.liea at f i 'ioan.1 1
i..Titi,i ' liT'.', lur fruit ; alin tha half I.Virho.t
I A'.v iv j ) tu .la loi.g, uUA -ii All $0, b: -
tlit;l ytt. rna.
I ul..- Jv its, mil 3'i yard lii.T, h.int''ni" ; lum-i V,
wild ird.ii.e t-ntio ki e. , tlscat,- arc r iiiir, and w 4i i.o
fefi.l low.
TofN i 1 1 ft d"cn ni' ; sumo veiy hand ,orue n.ien
U ltii t-euf nut c..lir d b-rlrn.
'1 at)h l.in- n, hy th .ml, In vm-v irreat variety, a, vr-ry
prn v, vt vat mtin putteriiN niul niMiiiii'i,
I, urn .h-y t.inib.n su i Imiiiu, lull tw yai Jl WiUl-, of
be intltul cJi i-Uin und iii.ili f. ii ii'.i'ii.i.tn il.
t'li.ih Tu hi ' 'o vci 4 , In h M .iie r -1 r... (r. n f?-5 mt i-i
Atni'i'k' ll ee' will .ui loiiinl aiui- ut tne mojt n-" Iul
wt n! that can bu -;lvi u.
1 nil N 'r l.F, It. If AINK.
No KM MAKKK'rWrifi.ft'iihf ivmh,
V H. Atso.i in.-.' I- t i in. n t'.i-i.l on: ih. ( , in
ftlt,,s m:n:;a n t a : lunv ,', 'i iiiivu, i.u.u j njuad
h n'Vii.ftia iutat- sue irou. 'j aa.
l-.'-vrJ ..t
It I'.
tu KrnorRiiiTor.oF
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he llrat U.b
1 1 If I 1 . f 1 U Fa,
N. F.romerol Ult(At ai.fl CUKHM'T Htn-e-a,
re h jn uii.onni c u. at, ia v.ev, t iha uo, v,u '.ii.J
tujtt.ir U'-t'.-e),
tacrlllcfl M Lr e and Varln, Htn.k of
lbll.lb'l A II l 10l.KH.
hi i -A'lin ODnit r',!s1
I'h.M Ur H. Ac.
Fetnnt lli'ir and I et-tii I'-ruatca, r.-m1, Ae. An-l;r
LLiCii Akiu i.t-s r-un iioi.iiY urns,
ji. y a fr!e- tt.l l t af
t.l:.NLtiili; IMi'OKTHi MAV-VHA ( ICAhS,
in 1 avni e I'.ra'-.di,
TTl:' he hi M en vkt mm ft. rt.r tiu;a, if apn'l."ti- It
mAv at. uco. li l Ktrp
and i.JlUltlr stioift
I'l'i 1. U'K i 'UA P '., PPt-Ill'l'T J ) I,
Kfeler1 rrop3"!a v 111 btl). i"vrd hi tn't UUi' C U'U'l J'J
ot 'f:. M.,oi. 'FslNr:SlAV, lts: -Ml.:. 2-1, I -.4, 1 r the
Imn e'll.ltn dol'.vfir t ' '-'ti'ii ia.a rSio.uIi-jJSu,
iiat.o. . ht e t lian', of t if t ! i.. vi.
() n ti'i'l ol tfiK-lan M'd. it-'itn.: ri. -U d !. hi-r H )-.
In in hit (julaiUsj cutuu:..'i. ha."., wiln .loi.e i.np.i.vi'd
'Ihe ai.ve di'scrlbcd (o U m Uu1 b t luaitv, and iub
Jnct tt tlie in-ii' ' inn of im m i- 1 I'1-' "p 'i tt-1 un ih" .-art
of Hie (JoveUHAien'.
liiJrra wMI fst.ile pr'f'. I .'-le tt.Mv,.rv, ho'.h In
witur and liwrea, tbe .i"nii y t.,d f-r, an I i-me ol da-
K. h M) ru r it be niAren'"'d b two retpmnlMe per
an,.a, wlii-K'- rin'iH'"s um i ml. m f c tc -.ja -
tt 0, B?'d ffrih'ed to ai t-l .t:nl ai'--U-'iit ai-fi:iity
I.r Ho an: .im.' In-.il . I., l-.e t il.oi a'e
ti jet J ii.'k" Aito: n. v , it (.' ' i . '"'.;. pi' -'cul. o; ,
vl,i m -ae bi! v, llJ n-. '.- 1 r.-ti
llit-rif.hi n ro re.Uc ' ' b..S If ih-m .'.too
l-'ph, ar.d iw bstd friw t. ' 1 "', ' "r 11 'll '
tS tl'vlw of C I"i.i Hi I:MAN I'M .cr.h-' .rr:er-
,tMV ,;,....? V HMK.
I?-';.' II t'nriptr A"si;;s-1 1. i.trt'-rinas-r.
HAHl'l'.U ' A'.AIN'Sr M'lI.l.TVM
kJ li
.UI'4 It, T , J. T , li-tls ; ll l'l. lnlil'o.ce.
A:.. nr.iv. list u-hor 1 ... 'M in.t.-il': ISi'inas h..
Klnttai, Allurucr ior lilnj isli. r.ne .-rauii il in ll. a mrp
t a. utsjii iriiHinile it to '-icr -'s.-.ir .ui a ip. r.o of
th. .-ict a rin i.iu malilikiii.ii .:. u..l u-.t be ':i.e t il lu ti.a
ati.se a.c. rfti.ni ible s . i ( l' l 4 , tiiv La .rtl i! it ui' 'aa
liar.A. 1. ll.-i.at tut t.i'id A.J4. U K-IM at
K.t- I'nilrd Statfa Clirlsllfca CuaaBilMlos, III rsipiSM
to uumrrot.s anil aari.uat ..pl-. aj t.-cio a.ii.t. r'.l
laiis. aim Led elli.-ara, wiU racaWa, wrwajtl, and fiaaa
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our n l.l'tra si initio wlU mrwad tiiam ta Us aram-hei,
cr lo Hit C n.i.al ijil.tti, iliiiiuv ll.e hi.Uilajs. 11 Is fait a
suisilsssi.tr fur ta hprrotaarru halldy sir:for frkuds,
at taint to buy a liaDiiatiwi aaJ j'ltaaant aj fo: his
ilitutls In tauiii or l.oiiliai, write (.itnatat Is. t, anil das. t
tht toikatlltr toatnd it ia tht Cosoiomsloo. ItwUHsa
po.ltlvs plrasnro o haidiula of rrtrss soil raotlurs to
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ard iii.dt .1 m ttn:, wl.eio thi lr lored tatt cat tajo) tht
pUS'iire anirroMof iwrnili thiia. Stnd ncae tut itit
biali tur aoldlars desstvt tin U't. Ths atandaideiaaj
lata, iilatorlas.blogisphy, trsvtU, scitnot, isxiry.m.ija
sines, tlandtrd works of ft. Ik, whn .trtr, In shaft, yon
Wuult! put into tin esmlvr r-f yonr on.i brt thor, 0n
fuird with a biokca lliub, itill to (..cai.latilo, es wall i.
rtllilast work., lorwai 1 tut tuarual, siaiktd CAafl'
l.lWiiAliY, o anr of tl.t Onml.ts of U tCkrlttlaa Ci'Er
rrl!iuJ, to (.rO-CK . STl'AKT,
Cluiiiu.tat-tiiiti an CoLuinlsaUn,
IJ.li;-:,..! Va. 11 H1.R Hlitvt, 1't.lUdUpkla.
Hon. 405 and 407 H. S.-oond Sl:-ct,
W.miJ ran las aitenll.in or ih" fnlili.i lo hit rya-i5 a
sto.4 ol
Oentprlalag a full Hue of every? variety af
Hani able Ar
TT.rt'UL riiKsKN rs
H l Ifrp ifiit. tOS and tM n. nvi Mr S raat.
('lll'NrK'S rM.MONir SYI!IM
mi:a-vi;i;i 'io.-nk',
MAN l It A K j ; 1 I I 4 X- S.
D K. N (' II 1'. N (' K S
Vnr.-I al Oitlr and l.a'mrrt ..ry I el tn N . H. c-nn r f
Si Mil at d i'O.MM l.Kl'K - tn-etn, riiila.te'phla, wlieio til
ieiirrs b r Iif ur bnoiiii tu i'lmi'ij b- .lirt-. te.l.
lie HI bo C.nti.t there ."t Tl Un Y,prribmt
tn xainuiP liiiit with tin K-'-irs tti -ur, hi witkli hit e
tl tin cr iloll.ir ; all adv ii tn.
In iNrw V rk, at No. w IIONI H:ire , ev..ry 1 UttIMT
fieiM HAM I.. 1 I'. M.
AI the M aKI.lt iKii" MuTi:i 11 .-t ui, .l.inua-T It arl
1 V. I.nir I.', and t ', Mar. !i 1 iiiul In Mu ll 111 anJ i
klay 17 and IS, June I t and l'-..Tuy 1' and J.
'I lie time fi.r my tx i'ir; In IIAl.riMOUK and PITTV
I' I 1.0 ul be .-ci n in tin- iUI!y j-aperi of thne oltiea.
Tin: itiT'i;v ok hciikm''; how momk. ad
IHlVf II K WAS (I hh.l OK I'ONSl MlTM'N.
Mfn j ara ., whlM rrmitlm; in PlnUdi 1,'l.la. 1 had
lri'i;n' id n.tdnaUy f nt the U-t ta.'" of Fuiin mary
' I ii: 111, -I 'HI. All Imp f ol i?it rr cr b-MliT Jli-ttpAfivl.
I an aiit n'd hy my 'linlriaa. Ir. P.im1!, to re-n nv
Irto the ei-i.n ry. M.Kr-tnwn, New .li-riry, brnr my
Dahe pla e, I was rru.n iJ tli'ther. Kly Uth-r and at
I f i:iii,Hy 1 nd li d a. id dl -d th.-ro-and du d uf I'ulin -rtuy
4 'ttitt um pi li -ti. On tn; arrival I wn put t bed
hi-nt I lo I'TiiiHiiY weckn In whut wai AitiiuhI a hope
lea c!i d l u. L'f. 1 liorninn. who had ben my fathora
iitn t y iHiiu , a nil had alt uded him In his Um llln.-u
iris rallrd tn in'e me. Id- th-mvlit uiy use entirely ba
tnd thu tt'aihnf nn-dh lne mid deold ihitt t mud die,
and ) at' aio one weiik to arratue inr ti'infiunil aifaira
lit Ihia a,'.renily hoel(-aa ronilltlun, I hMnl of th
r.uit dti'H aMi li I now inuke and ae I ItBcrmo.l to ina
t a; I r. u tl feel th m wnrahiK Un'tr wiy, and peiietiaiing
rr nete. Obi e, and tline il Hit ayntain.
M liiacsj'afi.l it er t'.t n a now action, and the nmrbid
ni'ttrr tneh for yeara had aci'tuunlaii-d and Irritated tho
dh'Ttiit iti .-ii.ft of ihfbody, wat eli'iiinnrt'tt, tin' tiifiiT.'le
on uit liiogis rl (ten ul and I rtpert'rAtal from my Inntii a
nnnb aa a pint of tl!ow oilftnlTO matter every tuoriilin.
A a Una ii rtrvrutlon of tnntter auhttfVd, tl.e ferer abate 1,
the pain li ft aie, the eoiuh c'.e4 to h.irani me, and the
t nhauMlntf n'tht -niili uere no lonnr known, ami 1 had
relVi-nhins' she;), to whh It 1 had Ictng haoa a utrangiT.
Mj ainntlie now et an .o return, aud at time I (ou4 it
T 1 tt:, tilt to rt'ktiain hi; a.tll trim eat inn toj lum-h; with
thla return f h- rlth , I inlnid tn atrength, and now am
lli-hy. I am now a hwa.thy man with a laigo hoalai
thai; ia In tha alodle lube of tho rlcht tur. and the low
lube Lc,i .tli.e.1 with roirph'le a t:c.lnii vt V'.e pleura . Tha
kit a.n l noimd. and ihr npptrr Uba of tla iltit one ia
lu a lolrrab'y healthy ooiiuitiun.
t vatuuiidlonat iluk tf.uo wi t'. 0:114 tube aa lneiir..Mo
Ll-oftie.ty icrr 1 ar , ah'hina aa weU aa those
.tie i.nl atind m airdi- me-- -.p' -aJly, au.'b ra-ea aa
vt.iritdnfd lo U.a'romaidon 1 waa In. Thla LfiduuoA
ti.a. J (' to he.liTa my rocovery only l' miMrary.
ifyrt d iu d af thn airdh-lrea t C inHimtpUTel
d i n ii.e iln.e, 1t1.1l inaiaO many wonderful enroa ; na-1 the
d n aiid incteattd io rapidly, that 1 dct 'rmliied Loortor
th in to tlie publh', and defore tay undivided atteutlouto
Iuik ul'as.va. Iu ti ut h I waa r.vxt to forced to.lt, tor
tipie wcnid aend mr tne far aud near, to aecvrtaln
whether their cau'i were HXa mine.
r'nr many ar". In ciij!i:iv.'i in with my pria .loal ofloo
iu 1 hiladflpkla, I bavo been uitktiia regular profeialiual
vlilta lo Saw Yerk,!oitnn,lla!Uiuore, and llUsburs'.
tor hctral cara paat I hart made aamauyaa Hre huo-
dred examliiulm, weekly, with tht Haapfrjraeter."
For sii ll t xamiimt on my rharKe la three dr-ilan, and It
arablea uio to kvo each paUt nt tlie true umilltion ol )U
di e a.a, ai.d t 11 hi in fi Ji.hly wlietfiir he will Kt will.
Tl 1 nn ti fiii' n w!iy ph Ltus d ) net vuru Coiiaump
tion 1. that they try lw do to inutjti 1 they ire taodkioea
to ibp the eolith, lo atop the night awi aie, hectio futer,
and hy 10 (loins they derange the whole dUeatWo lystcm.
huK!n( up tl.e ix'ttl..i:i,antl eva.uu.iliy tho pailout aien.
Tbe I'ulmonle Hf rup la one of tlie mom valuable medl
clnca known . It ia nutriciil, nonrfully tout, audheaU
lhK ih ttbi ir. It cc nla win nn uiuum, j ci Iuoiohb the plileKm
. In tne brom hil ti;b-a. and natuio tarow It oIT with litila
eicittcii, one hottlo irc-i'iontly cmoa au ordliiiry cold;
butUT.Uk he well ilrttn tile a d -c of thbcnck'a M aa-
diiie 1 illitoclfftnae the touia'ii. Tno Tulmonlc Syrup
' la reidi'y Mtstd and b-ur'.aJ Into biood.to winch It
j lmyaria lu heailiis pr..priti 1. II la one of the tx-nt prepa
, irUiun. ollrou inue;ilna p 'Wiifnl tonic of ttaelf; and
,hen tLa Hcawted Tonic Uia 1tcj the mucua In tha
itoD'fh, and la enrrh-d fl by tje atd of the Mandrake
rilN, healthy ilo ot','.;i.-U'ic ;uioo, (,i(id ai'euto, and a
Rid di; ti:ioi), follow,
'Ihe Htauuid Touir in a i'mnift,'t, and none other la
retirtd vtuiri 11 la utcd. Il l pure aid (ih-atint, no bad
(Ih tla 'Ikr wli n uiln;; It ,ub m wlihky, which disonlori
tlie Ht nifl' h, or)io-N tkc liver, 1 3i:i,H up ull t ie acorntioiia,
tui ithe hi. od In'o va'iT, ciropy at 11 hi. and taa patiout
niei nuth'wly.
lii.i.ih.jn w hftkt i rn-'i' tm nil 1 : .ov,--a ilar hy a' mist
evtny ph U'i.n. Miy pit!nt tu.it vtt my i-jms
boihir ale t nd t rial an .si-inificd with th ia po.un Tho
ieli la ttnp.raiy. It tha cou-ij, Uej.uke a lltUo
wvl.j; it tfct'v ie'-) ira ai: J f.lilo, th r taV-1 a Ilulo
whukv.il tlieiannjL iletf, tne tuke a hltia whiaky;
and trtj i-o a n th'4 vayriii'iiiv tuore aud inre until
iho? an- hi ait d up. and ittii:ninc. thoj ait vttln Hthy,
'Ihe ttooiach, live., aini cikciUvo r"wtri " Cum j.tely
den rcMd a.id o. ! tl.p'r a;ip' tite tr f .od. No cue was
ovar i iiruo o; tvu.mnfth. by this proccaa, where cavities
oaTt-b on fmirrd in th't hin's. A lit t U atiwulaal it ire
r,i ntl btHfthi-1 to I'ont.'.mnitlvi.'i, "M'-Jj at puro brandy
r 1.0ml winci. in nun ctttoi L-n lon porter or brown
ti;tit In mooc at' oimiilit 1 ; hot Ih uib whiaky haitent
un m oti oi ur.n 0 list 1 iip lion.
1 he Si aw d 1 onh ""olU' es Iftitoitf rtni!:a, th.jro;ivajly
tn ifct r.it i,:k um htoii.t 'i mihI d. ji' le a , .eut. hiiJ ma-
I'll. it '. !"'' at'"' Har U' last bci'th . 1 1! 11 nt Ho- f'H. 1
wt n h n-:iv be lU'd -or ti-.ii p' rp .se. Ii 11 ofond''f iul in
is.- iiiici i! it a i.'inc 4 Jn u 1 w.M dtt : a u an ujiai,
ar d a 1. 1 1 If o. u t. I e o c lii '-kt-n' t l'l nontNili
ih -luii-' 0 h . i ow u..h 1 ue paira tne pstrrer o 1'
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lit- W IM'!. AK I. II.I 0 in iv . '"I'll with eilftre
ki.'t-v 1 y -l. a 1 i .i ,l..l d'.s. .i, all ibv Lod
ii .i'l:. uu' t-..n in-... '.int. i
n.i-ivi'rui n.t-j e .ic. . m 4 1 it
in, i.; ..-jt . r i ,.e c.-rr
Ji nf R-..I s or-; i i t ir : . m !
r b ij 01 (ii j
.air i.il.tti
ji It 4 a..s:f:u it.a f.s.-tj -j
ii-. t ' m -I. i ut mr
i .. ll I Ot fc.'n -l-ai
i. iii. a-'.' .ts u. c .ra
h .a. i ii Tci.i-
... tl.ltt (! I.'.
I (pb ...t ) I..U.
J ' .1 1 " :
Kit J. -'.Ilf
or. r O. .
F. N I'S,
..'.-. i-i
M rr -si : ii -i
HAi. :iii':i:- s
ri r i M'.i u.: in
.a... Hi t -.u A 1 o
SI. I1.HI. o.
11 irtr M
t'lM-'.NHA 1 1--f. K. ! i-ff A t , . nJ !. i . Ta
( Uli'Ai.n I.i.r.l Kiiiii;,,ati.i II. ti.-'.tU.
HI. Lot IS t'oilln. Bros.
HAN UtAM lsl'o- liolttrir. I, A In:. a
Al.a, . Itl ly all Mut':l and In .tn. IS II .
lli.i'..nhiut awriik. Imnnsutal rt.psloS aad
iTji. . ui'at i.,v.-. ,..'rt.. WiLLUkt UVtrKU, Ju.,
. O., So. .sKS WAIM I Mrttl. li ta-lrrp
W ti.a l aittt H1
Mtrlaa '..ru.. s .lail masl
I ib .krlorta itat. t'.witra o.' a triu.w al onr hary l&rds
sml tn hear val.ta Bian a ai.ia.b-f itaf urn iow.su
aia x'lia.
Al-o ..antral aMVl f-rs.
All, lit. 1am Al. luiiMiKM paid apva talwiak
1 tim 01 aasrlaa, ri.ar Tt,ars.
Isetitr trmi.cBiiatii.s tkaa lha araay.
ktalaas ratt.ira Priar Mi.urr.
Ai i.iuitiioua aortiatiiiti iismii.s Aray wlllao ba at-
''p.'r al. fi.rthar h-formBUea apply at tttt BawrBttiac
all H. PHOslT Rtraa. kaaaw lipraat ttrtat,
S.lwaaa ua truia ai and i ooauak.
as. a. m. oatriiT.
ii.Jt laasst rolwasciaa asaraataOvriia.
ui Mti F s n vsirr,
i tHKI-T ll'iOK aticlHATOBE'. atAKCPACTl'ltSK,
t). IV h. f i 1 II Mri-tl,k,.ltiw AKU,
j .iii.il.; i.i ttiA.
l'.rtf Mas, ImtMli'M".
. atarCstx, J-utikrt Itmikj,
I .lit, Balsl.. la,
Mulitr It.l.a, WukBot'l,
lis ui trt' I'ski.
rVkvlataleaiidiautJ. li-l Ira
C05n;0TI0N8 of thcr
riNEST QALlrT On!,
Iolrnle rr I'roason tw,
IN' 1 111)111(1
MAROMB Itl.Al'as,
rtsTAitnn r.na
t. stirHai.nsi rMocoi.tTB,
attrKitfirm wiiitb Not:oT,
Hl'olnll l-ts lit C.inlrotloricry,
T'MirrilK!l mi A NSW IMl-OltTATnH
CTrrvrN r. wniTUAN,
;o I'Jio MAiiurr 8Ta:vcT.
I'.' IS tl
113 PF.IC5 &, WOOD, 313
Matrlli NIN'ril, utiovo Art h,
Lara JBI fpanasl asr,-ai tia tola af U.a.'ul Artutai
Handsion'C 1 mt-roUl. rfd MattlVM, tiirrt, all Hntn.
Kml.roid. rt! H.iihII.i r.'li'p!".i. W, V,S ccnta anJ H'OOl
l.itiklta aiidto nie Hvointi. ilil HndKi'reJil'ln.
I.aoioa' and Lsonta' llcn.'.ni.i.flj Uaudkcr. lilcU, t'otorej
11 or. I.T.
I.adloa IMark Plordor II. nil'tf ht-d BandV e rrhlfftj.
Uiliti' Itt-iiimid lnu.l)xfn'iit,f-.(lored It TiIt, all tlnnn.
Ccnta Colored It -rd r Hut iXi rcli f is, all linen, 'mi, i. )t
an I lb rtnii,
Infanta' Hn Uamt Worhtd iRdl-a.
JlandMiUi Worked Si-tta.
Mlaaaa' Hi niHlli d II amDon ft .ota, and ",c.
jidin' and (lentt' Linau Cambric llindKoivtiU-fj, at toe
try lowrat tt arkct prU-fs.
ttattta' handitnmv tiK rKlttPandya''cnlnfa,yaM Kinare.
llandacarw llnxtli fUarf, from Ur up tu V.'un.
Hual 1 hral and Mal i ne lja ?oitaia.
A laigo aaiortrawit of UiatA iJta Valia.
A larce aaaortment of PortonioaialM.
I itdlt a' Mnroivo .S .ti'f ;
ITardacmc Buffalo Hair ltiurvi, plain And Inlaid baeka.
t adlna F anoy H k Comlia.
ttcnta' Neek-tlaa aod ttnirdori.
A laiK uasoriment of LiUta' and Uonti' illn.ra.
Uanta Kad-lluori ltiva.
J'.t at quality Aineil an Do'a art and Chnit.i;,
ltl a-) ed and t'nl.'eu lird Mnalma.
All-wool lH.iut Mamit-'la. lla Bliakar Klannali.
6 4 Hliittli'i; Fiamicii.
Hlctf hHl and I nljIcAi-lovl Cnntnti Flannel, ito. .
Woolkan llooda, feonlfrsff, anl Sv-a'Oi.
A largt- asaon ruant of Kunojr 8oapa, Tamadea, nl
Wlijl't UlaomlnR CreiiH r iol, a now odor.
rillCE & WOOD,
TVo. h:j IV. MM'Il Hlrcct,
IJ :o iirp
Iuccrpoiated under the gcnexal LLaii' Law
of tlifi State of Feuiisylfania.
o-ivx'iijijj 8iocit tsr.-io.otx,
Div!!c(i iaio l.')0,(V0 8!wtrc r&r Valao f 0 ).
WILLIAM 11. HOOD, IVc Merit,
h: !M1 . Rlath Street.
"WIIXIAM 8. FRICR, Trotwuror,
Ho. (Vi; Walaut Str.ot.
JAIILS D. CAMrCKLL, Secretary,
5a. iiO 8, Hlxta, Btroei.
WILLIAM B. UOOD, No. 84i 8. Hii h Atroot.
TnCMAH I.OVF, No, 19 Cluanut 8tr?t.
WILLIAM S. l BU'B, tio.CV Ualntit Htrcot.
RdHKBT fl. (MrLlH, Vo. OjatPi Street.
WILLIAM L. ELK INS, Second and Callwht!l H;t eli
The Comvany ludd k'-oim (Ito hundred and flfa-an aiiia
ouand ail of wh.vii, mm tha ctf.i,tii oi twnive acrna,
la Kituaud on the tiuiil md, Wliiuir,aoil lVji-..Ma crv-ka,
and nn J-ro'y rnii, in sii.ni r.niiLt'y. rannayjvaula. Tlie
rrmaiiilup twcivi- ai-r'-a arrupon Innikard ercck.lu .Mm
jnralia icimij, W at Virginia. Thaaa land a hate Iku
are. led he in tbe It it i U"iie, lu Ilia m11 kuoffu ull
JUiri.t of .r.riif foiiny. wiili a vifw to thclrvilue aa
oil rciriy. nil one nnlf uf ti e rlva hundred ami Bf
l)t-ii N(.-ia are what 1 known aa bn torn land-arianted tn
tliv korlnR i a la-'i-'o iiiiDi.er ot wela.upoa ilia four oil
laroduoll urns nt ti uiiu couiitj aa J mi. l.fa tiAffl
hri n li 1"; I'd i n Hi nio-i favor iil ter-na t ir tlia to
pa y.yluIdinl.ntoii"-p.lithol' Hie oil aa rjvalty to the
owiii'ra.axcriii In a ainln Inaiiiu e, wl.ore one-hiink l
re an f d.
Thv Ci a artni own a Irac oi I ni coi.N'fitnt; ''-ht "ia
Iii fae atmi a Inn a U.taa rr tw-nf ye tit oi fo(iy a jroa
oi tin' V. i.lian lUntnn ta ni, j iridiax a roa tv of one
tii: h il u 1 to I' I or.
A :aka for iiy-nj) ,nt jf-t ofto ie-ra ot the !-l-ra.
u rt ;:aj ic frm. itb a fiont of one kurdrd
er ri ftitr t.arrti t.n ili luinkai 'rJi. . j I'-'d nc one-four tk
i tli oil I" llvtt It.aoji.. Ii ia iipn thta lariu tliat lha fine
auitaroll' c.rsum-ant.T baa b-nu found in tno arirent
quantity, und Ue part I ! ii t-uuuanyia aUaaiad
nrnr-y oai'oaitn ta iu I'i hu-it Welt . A drrl. k baa buan
ri-li''l,unu ihuaoilug ua -a thu p:Toi' iandonifancad.
Alan a It-HH oi ivtiro acca of I be Kku.on Hinrpri
l-aiui,b l'nii".a.dc-sk. lit Mi.onKaiia t ounty. Wf i V tr
fi in io. inr In ft iv y-ar. la.aliiji .ia-iKtuti ot ti.a od to
(fee luaiora. lhli 1 b-'lTfi lo ii a t'od vil iroieit,T.
Thi 'oroiaiiy hav iwo of Ike moat area ltnf of the
uiniaioi.d trace ot Imd in L.rue entmij. Oua at
tiiiaii. am. m i on- inn atn d und twttlia acr.a of tlie liciiry
I aiiti. k a rti--, oij but'.i lulci Ol tn cr"a, unnri wmcm:
twfiity ttv vara, yltjidisVir onr-eli'hib oi' the oil te the
ki- ra. Arraivrii.entfc hae air'adjr been waue fvr an
lu uodiJlu d ,'tloouu-iii of i una- m n
Ai d U e vthcr i tieiu li on a,uar a ere of the Corb'y
iiarratd l-ariu, uudt r a leaiaror twenty ti, a jrarai
muii) ano i bib of Uia oil io U.o kiaur.
A leaie 'r antv-nve ya-ra m inr a 'oa r
cr atMiut two liuiiaTad affa, aduatid on btn aides ol
From Ki n, mar tha Il-nry LnU tano, jienHnf ouu
A an, a hih f . r twt my-flva Tfura of the It ualmrl
Karmon Froatf Run, ciiiualniiir u hundred and tony
avrea, ) ltildum usxe-elwhth of Hi- oil 10 the eaer.
AbHinlaiit'ofcoal aaid wood rn b bad in Ue Imvna.
dati Kliity ul laMi Ihuii at a iy amali coai.; iu.4
-...I. wr,, . ..Fi ),, a,.,fkta. t'ojuiliV Liai Coatl aWuVO . Uu-
nt ndditW-aal eapfarti".
I w tsuiy i nouari a '" ' - - -
muv are oiRrt-ti for na! at ihulow pine oi ohK UOLLA It
uTr b),ur, kailu-aj te Lad nn'U ajrfAtWo iv the
iSfifiti-y ,
Juinieu t o iiuck A. Ai. sad t nsuci r. M.,
Or from an; of tba Itli actors. , ll-il-ltrp
lini utiirr. So. w A IU II Blrrwt
Alisi a a is tu nun.
n-lmUaala Slid Rtlall.
Tliamtat cfimpiui. iiaMiniutntti ijtdla-.MIiSni-, add
lui.uicu . II. h i, usiria iu Uia city, in ar.ry rti.u., U.t-
t .a.s, at 1.IOQ Itir .13 it. n.i.tu, uuwuiiji aut m..sj u-.a
liavt roa.-ual In thauarel. .
Hk ir.. uiad. W urdai , aittrfad, aad rraairtd.
250.000 fibarw, at $2 00 Per Bbr.
Of V.aaaQ Oonatr.
rrt'B raisiDBRT,
Of l-ktiaiMplila.
Of LfsSjar Uartow, rkllavlalpktflt
Tl rce r C-ut. Per M&Tith on 5500,000.
la mnitif tke atVattoa of rapttallieji to tMa mtarntiaav
ttie li'.irrinra havofi btiatt tn TajraaaiBf Vkalr b4e
thai the retor frren (twill be aaora aariaia and mxWm
thaa rrmii an; net mit pany bow affifeiba anmnaiaRv
Tbe pr'ert7 of tbe t otra voaalata a tbe fWloaM
B 1,
Tbrco WiHhaef U a working lntarcat In tha e)eMhrate
JI50r-T wr.ll, on the D.Mle an 4 Kubrrt Parm.041 O
rr.aV, with t! e acre of land on which the wel taioeate
Ibia wall haa ben flawing alnee early Io Stay, lfvU, aA t2e
rate of a'oat ban-tie tlalij, aud la now tlvwint at takaA
ratf.tlaa ylaltSmc to the (u(any BKTWMN rifrr
A M P 1 X T r B A RK H r A I l r , worth . at preMn t aftea
tMMT THOUSAND 1H1 LARS, par aanatlA, Whiafc
will pay tv the ttockhol-Jara in vhlaCoanaany
Fn tn the aiari. Tltcre la mom on the lanli fWr i
mora wrila, twa of whUh will he limuadiately eomiMiHMal
by tic C. mpanr, and In w1iic!iwe aliaD hare tue aame la
Ur at aa In ihe Jcrmy. The characiar of tlilt property, aa)
iVUnd, la woll known ; It la c cly naceaaary to aay that aa
wall on ll baa evar failntl In tteltinf oil, w'.t,a It baa
aj.oadj aiodnovd tha MaplcaiS ia,d, the Coiitta, aad lha
Twenty fte aciea (n 'aa on the eaat aide af tha Allav
rtieny rlvrr, nnnorilte V mouth of Htg Aandy Thie traeAV
haa aim tit forty r. da fiont an tha river, and) aaataiaaaV
large aaioitat of borlntf atrfac. Oil walla yield law L
are found nrar ihia pc opart) ; anmnf thani, tba Hubbe.t
IWxntjr, Ac. 1 he Oil. auy intend io proceed, at onoa
davaloa Una ttati -r.t-rty, and ftel aanxitlne of aao
No. 8.
A leaac for fifteen yiara on Uia Wm. h. Wllaaa farm, aal
iHppaiy Uih'm ran, In Iawront?e county, Pa
kjoa. 4,6. 1,7 and A are aJae leaiea on Blrppery Raok
nil, eontalnlnx fear hundred acre In all Thaey
ware chtainrd In April, InM, by Dr. Ka;leYt and aaa
tlnue for flfteen yeua from tl eir data. They aaanra to thai
Ifaaere all Ihe n)I and eihcff mlneralf eaatalaai la that
aeveral trarta. with the right tn din da and tub-let, wltak
all other rit-hte and prlvllosoa conncctad wlUt tha battnaav
nf minina for oil coal and other mineral a, and reaerra &
rajaity tt only ona-clihth ofaald ail or mineral.
The Blfppery book tt'nitory la b a w aud only partlafia
davrlcped oil ration; but tbe luceeas alioady obtaJan4.
tlicre and on the Mahoning river, a few niJea weat, togfj
tker with tha largo quanjitie of oil feu&d north, aouiht,.
eaat aad waat of tt, Ia4 ua to hope that it wlU prove a
anoiaaaf ul oil realon.
The Coupidij have alraady aa axcalleiit enflaa, toeia
and all nfceaaaxy flxturea un tho gi-emdi, with a weal
nearly down, aud ahail proceed ta tlavalop tlie property an)
laat aa poealblo.
Tl air lauda and lenites wera all eelectad far all par
roue, by the Prctldent of thla company, whole graai
auotasa In the oil bulnea, alerHni Integrity, anal fbnaa ell
oharair( are too well known to require omaieaai
ul acttpUvtii racelved ai tha on.ee of
a. 4M CBHS1HTT SUsy.
Orly a llralt4 Bnnibr of .karat arc for .aia. 13-lH-liis
Capital 81,000,000.
lltVITRU ll-10 'JiSJ.flt BHAUK8, Of THS tJLM
. oi'Klnix Ctjl(ul 10,000.
ftisokt tf Bubnrrii-ilori f.tr a llmlttd nnailtar of Skaraa af
Kl. ta, at 1 WO Lid.l AI;S par Hi are, cpauaj at lit. oiBao
of il i-Cti. iui.r,:. .. -.s H. Tilllll) ro.i, (li. l lltr, r
iibarripiioi,. a-a baltiii wltk aa tneniLitsr uf tlia Uiaara sat
ri'salltHNT. ,;
JOHN B. KI WSAS, Ho. 171(1 annios SlrMt.
JiiliN 11. l.k.MltM. Ha 6V7 Mtrkot atrant. ' .
kliwlN T. tut,, Mu. t: iv.luui atratiL , ,
ItiOMAKH Wll flJ-'N, io. 7lti ! Broad itraaA.
IliKi'l OhK At.AMsl, llr.ad ar.otrarriak atreaiB.
l: 1'HTIH, Ko hii Walnut al.ts.1.
1 IK. UAH H. KKalLLK, l.tiKaulirn. . ,
HTMir WtkJ.i:i(, tilt. ru-J Irauili. atract. ' , ' .
HAMLKL All Ntl, a'.rr Turk.
-Ike Comtunyara nc amsaKti In ds.ratoplai? tha prs
V.ny raoiams wltk doulii. atua tf hands, uuilar Ike auaB
ll.ltudi-br. uj Ut.IT .nittlelil PiadaiuL.
frrsiKetiia, maiia, and fanhaff iBfarsaatlBO, BDBUesa
lalitt orrica. Il ls tarsi ,
JiHitlit:iN l, or
Tkla pravarntloB la unanuallrd aa s Bejavanator aad
storer of aatrd or Inert f unetloaa.
Tkt axed alt., aiil b. oanaln to matt the Btokreat a a..ao
hold sod, liiaaunck aa It arm reader tti.ni youthful la fMt
las aad lo srrenstk. and enable tkaai to Use orer Mala lata
daya tf tkrlr prlatlna jny. It not only exnriaratat tot
etrasr.aas,aiid la really aa luraluabia klcaaios, aapeelaliy
ta tlaaao who have beau rducd to a condition of serrtujv
sati-aAiaie.nilsi-ortuiie.or ordinary .irku.'.a. So saanaa
kat lha caase of Uut kuiitney of any uiiusn orajaa. Ukaa
saparb prepaiatlt a wlU reniure tue eiitsii a etace aad tar.
laraa laaisriaacy, truer al Debility, Dyepapal, Daaaraa
alcaa. Luu ol Appetite, Wtakavaa of tbe Vrsaavtta- l
UanaraUoa, laabtciutr. KnumlaUaB, Knaal.
Il baa a aaoai dslitiiifnl, dostrabla, and novel eireet kpsaae
tk ktaa-TOBs Sytiaaai aaidsllwko are la any way prs
trated by aem.ua dlasblHUe. are earnaatly adaiaBd M soak
a twa Us Utte aaoet eaoekent and uutainalled prepare Uoau -r.Mil
rBn, by Imprudence, base loet Uiear balurafi
rbyer, will And a aisstdr and Bertnauatnt tare ta tlia
limit be faund totally diuertat froa all otStr artlclt
for Ik. aaaua purpo.i t.
10 FlktAl-SS. Tkla preparation Is la valuable la atco
rout weaknaaiea of all kindi, aa It will re.tuir His waste i(
lr.tk wltk wonderful psnaantnta. , ,. ,
It la aao a grand uiitif , aad will sl. rali.f la SyaptptUa
with the tLr.l dose. A brkl peiautenu. m Its uat wiUresao
rata Uit atou.ack tt a doip-et tif poiitct kealth, and baalaaV
ilyapepaia forever. ' "
tint Uvliiti pet kotlie, or tla ktiUWs Kir StlA kjaj
nisiss saeralry. j i i
BtbyBpra.aaBywhttt,byBtMroasini- --'H.-oH
BUTUIIING8 A HILLYER, rroprletortt,
Ko.81 CCD AK Buttt.N.w Tork. . 4 ,
old kr JOBNBTOH, 0LLOWAT aa QW ' S A
Urn, Ko. ts X. SIXTH itrttl, l'kiladelpbia.
. M--llbaSaB-r
tcr MILITARY JUBlilM,!' Oi aVUlLA-UaXllUA.
no. m MAitnti ut. , - uiK
Itrairrl rroposals will ha rttttvtd at tbl. orlice a.iill i.-wib
al Tl I U It HI) A V , aslb liiaU, Itir Uia art. Uun aud ouinitltuvu.
In ll.e sliorttat p.isalble time, of l.l'AKI) HMtBA. a.-.,'
n. Al' tho SuhusKUIl AisoDAl. in at-coitlunue w.lh v-imia &
aiitciBt-atiju. row at thei'UK-euf Mr. JoliS akAjui!''
frvi'oaaia niny ba made tipoa ll.e r.-sular sms, " j
liad at lul. lllisa.aa.t t.iut,t slatLaylits ,U". ,.ia.
to CM ' "
Titei'" - r.osiha r- !:''.
ajatar ' " i mua iu ,', ' '
XJ.j.'at '' "

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