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Particulars of General David
son's Expedition.
Capture of BlocLade-P-unncrs oa the
Texas Coatt.
The United S'a'es ftcim Iran-port Viunn .4.
Hiuit. (J upturn O'lbicu, truiri .N. Orluuis I I h,
via K.y Wc-l is.n in-t., i.mvtd at NcvYork
n n r r.Ai. rnviiisnv at PAsrAo trr.L
"in I l ri'iiilx r 1 1 I ."2 itches -rcre
Tiriiviil iisiir.i.iv urn. uncing the arr.v il
1 tiiii.i if (J ncial 1' .vii.li n, w:t!i Lis did
nun ot uiva'iy, fr. hi lialou Koii;c.
M IT. SH (IK T II H l:ri 1'ITMIV.
The f npi-hl'ion has Ken emim ntly Miicr-sit'iil
ml its iji'.r.rti iht.'i.Lli l.h . it uiv's e.uiutrv ti is
been mnic wrh senc.-iy a n!i of iipno.i'toti.
Cll 111. IllMtCll IlllltC IIHititlS of nJiiii.i-. o
Various kiiHU. w li ii ti w mill h .10 r intrniute I 1 1
the ad mil rnmf .rt nt tin- Picon-, an I nil war
producing material IliV ivc.u 1. mi l, w lia'.evcr
tin ir nature, witi' ilct:nycd.
The (Av.by will receive an accession to i's
number uf m ivii eab'e horses, intake ihe p ueg of
IhcjRiltd nnt i'huuM''il imbn'il-., and o it.i u a
new upp!y nf rHtrm, a id bo p'aced in a r yudi
lion to it nunc operation.
t'W'll UK 01' hl.Ul MIK HINNKU.H,
Kiw On 1 1 ash, lit . on: lip 1 1 I) iriuii thor week
cimi g tbc 7 b ii.sotnt, n ..locki.lo rami, r wont
(Bpturi ( l! i lie Ti x.is cn.n", ti v.- by tin; t'rieurn,
Cptain 111 lund Mcwle, mid one by The Vnir.-;-.,
lUi,nl. Captain Won y. Four wore bo-ind 10
Vi .asm wiiU uti a. o. ... ,1 en g i ; tho oilier : re
out md I., mill nil I laden wi ti eottoi. 1'iio one
cni'tiirul by lio (Vi, :im liiil t. Ininil-cil ii'i'l
thiny-nt'i Iui u'mmi board, inn I then: her, r.ipt'iri'd
by tlit: 'fiii i.is llnjii.t, a i-m;; ol l.n ty unn
ItKHKb ui J'tiius or i n l; c'Ai' I i n;: or rn li isi n.u
P'l All.- n.A I I' ''.iO. SI I It A."
Tlic lIou (in Tlit yni;i, of tiio lt iu-t.int, b u
tin tol i. wui.' :
Tlic Uiik il States st.i'ii -hip N nira.ot N'.'
(.ictiin.-, w li.cli let t 11; i.oh uuti ou ilio I'i'.U
it Noit iiiI'it lor tii.1 Mb tv p .ii, vr .s ciuuro 1 .
H'ii on ihc i h, by C.i.il iiu Oi.i v ly mi I ire of
ix nu n, and run iir.) u C.ii.rc.lci.i'e p.irt. On
tin- hikiiI.iI i lit; v. el, I in: i r. ami p iiein.'ern
tio ir ii ri il ov r In L.tn;, ml t (' ir iniln-r-, of
Ci.t)t:'4l llHtc'h' t'oiuin .iid. Mm is 11 line tcii-cI,
lva- built in hi i llutid I. a a piriirt) yu:)n,aitU
bu b' tn b ni.trly u.-i-il hi ii blorka e runner.
'1 h .s :h riubuli'y ii f iIm- ri'jH.i t, n s in' .ti to tlif
f ih ii.f'unt li I l'i ii itiviM lio n ti.e 'i'ork llng
lb 1 1 . II l al v i noli, n.l l j Biinti.in wlia',i.vt:r is
r. c ol hi. n H captuic.
M.llB I I1..M 111. Ml o.
It If stated fl at the liiiij.cror M y ttui!i m will
fborily j a visit to Vtru Ctu. and Aloumor.w.
A M. TOIiT IN mXIl'O I llOI'llKKU.
In p iik It r of ilnt Emperor' ?Mt to M;,nno.
rnw, tbfi Alonuttr snys
It will (live an i piiortunity to General Mcjiu to
lay I en re His Mhj ty ttii liiu biblii pnjo tf ir
Otii'lrp 'hi- liar of Je-n M iri.i Willi M lUmoim
t ruiiioail, imd to make .-ucli iiuprovenii-nts 1 1
the iK'biirnf.'c (triniiid thi re at in ly he ri' pi. red.
1 ht In mid to ho tho best port in the Mosi.'.in
purtoftufi Gulf, m well for its iiintilitudo and
jtrtat dijith hi lor its uri iiriiy. In llio di pit
nienn of War and Improvement, or p.uli ips in
the Ollii-c of the Eiigineers In Mexico, must exiit
yi t the details ot an oltl.-'iil mirruy whicli thu Uo
crmnnt of Gener.il A riitu, through hii ininintur,
tie luo Seuor Kolilen reucla,c maed I, ien tenant
Colonel li, de Ja Cumin, of Hie Kniueers, to
frake, wiih the asni-iiance of Mr. Dupuy, an I'a
likn, ii.d the aid, etpu'laily, ol Colonui auii af:rf
Watd5 Ocnerul Cayetano lia-arl.
flKkS IN 0i.VBl!TjN.
Fii.' ',"ar jii., instant two larg Hre9 ha?e oc
inrrcdat GnlvcHtnn, dentroyin a 1 irn-o portion
f the city. Nu luriher iurucul.ira liava buen
rice it id Lore.
; m ml nnvlilHuu'H raprilition.
Nkw Owt.banii, 1). rember 14. Oinvlul news o
tl e w In ii .iU jiiik ol (ji m nil Davidson tinj at la
b. en icieived utheud .u.iriuii.
Alter a neatly miircli through the heart of the
futiri' eonntry, wi'.li rive tnouxand m iiiuted
"laitlcte" ( iih the Keb 1 papem bay), and an
almost unifi'i ri npied advance, General Dmd-inn
lias fi'Hclud We-t IVscutoula with a portion (t
bin run.ii iiLd, and rciiucmed that lupplied bj
Hi t to that point.
The couimsnd left liaton It luiro on Sunday,
Mnvcmber 27, at 7 o'clock A M. Tue expedition
matched from tli?re to Tannhipohoand des'.roye l
the J..ek-on Itiiiimad live iniieH, tiurncd all the
railroad buildings, bridge, and trc9t!e-wor'.
parka fit in tho buiiiinK buililini(a li eJ the
t'wn, ai d a lari- portion of it w.m destroyed.
Thr ir ck hi d railroad buildings were lies' r y d
b tlie 2d Br'kMiIe of tho 1st Cavalry Division,
liemral liuiliy c nuiiimditiK. The lltli lse
Yi rk nu. I 2d Illinois, Mhj ,r Kemluton and
C ii 1 M irsh ciiiiiii'Uiiil.i k, d. i ur the i'i'i';ur
J art of the work. M.ijnr Hi minton aud Colonel
avit disiingui.lieil tin insehes throiik-liuiit.
The tame aften.oon the foiee ntai ti d for Frank
HuvilM), Mnsinipl. Here u nuiiioerof prisoners
and a mail w. re captured. 'Hie railroad at t!iis
joint was du troyid. SiMf s conimaiid busli-
hacked the whole di..a".e. Several hoi sen
ncre killed, but o men.
(.(III, A.
The command titxt cronted Frail river to
Columbia, wio re several n.ore prisoners a id a
nail weio capuired. Kroui there they went to
tsiate I.lne , on tin' ra-cne:i"jla river. Ttie V I
Hew York, of Colmnl luivi' Division, were
ciossed over on a ponto ui b-1. ge; and it ben.K
found iiipDs i'i e to ilaok the eneiny, who weid
(lainiid hi 'e in ft sui rr: .r fer e, the wh de
e I: in in d itimed for Wct Haic.irnuia ; the '-'d
Niw York iu the meantime ukuinished with the
tmn y, tmd loveied the movinient down
TUK HAN KH 01' 1UI1 I'AhCAOOl l.l.
T he old 'Bt veti raun sta'e that Ihey never taw
lucn roadx; they win: nli; i i impaviaiile duriu.;
ta wLole Oleic I, i wirg li tlm heavy r dua. The
liiuiu object ot tin- expcilit' ui haa bea mobt fiic
'titttulh aiconji lisi.ed.
'i i I I.OHBE.i in ilimo ma EKi'iiiuriox.
Tl) riy jtriTates iud Qvu otliceta were captured
np In mi last .coiitita. Our loss was two killed
aid Cht wouuoeU. So gcueial eDgjgeuient
tixk . ace,
The tn anier ( 7y Rtrlvid here thii morning,
from Went l'acag.iuui, btinftinK Captain (iray.of
Oei.irul Cniibv'a kliitt; J.ient. nam J. DureK,
Ordnance Otll.'ei J..1' tue Cavalry command ; and
l.kirtiiiHit-t'uloiitl Wtikenou, of the 1UU .New
York Cavalry.
The bridge over the Big Illack, destroyed by
the lorro winch loft Viekaburg aoine two weeka
fciucc, will take the enemy u weeks or two
monibi to rebuild. Ilefore its doatructioa trains
2 ere ausing over to Hood's army at the rate o
ve per day.
Hie ltrbnl Ueueml Jrinbrry.
Kobpoj.k, VlrKiuia, llecember 22 In you
iaoue of the luih int , under the head of ' l'er.
aonal Intelligence," you state, as from a Wasii
iiiKton paper, that IlrlKadicr-Goneral Granberry
li0wa killed in the battle between Thomas a id
Hood, was the Her. John C. Granberry, formerly
iiantor of the Methodist Episcopal Cburcb, tiouin
la W ashington.
You will please correct this In your piper, and
rcuit other papers who have copied the same
tuoui to do so. The Iter. I. C. Granberry was
chaplain In the army of Oeneral Itobert K. Lee,
aud I presume is still actinx In that capacity.
Geucral Granberry was, I tklnk, from Texas.
'1 hey met at Fort Warren in the year 1X6J as
pi Ikouers ef war. As tie Iter, I. C. Granberry is
my brother, I know I am correct in the above
inhumation. And as he has acquaintances and
relatives at the North, I shall be obliged by uie
correction of this uhtake.
William II. GmwBKaur.
A'. T, lUtaU.
The loyal men of Keutecky hare lost, In the
death ef Cbarlee II, Littell.oae of Ibe most
staunch and unwavering of the loyalists of the
. State. Re was flue mechanic an excellent
yteamDoat fdBiiiior, a04 one of the bwt
;-., i:to., :.., :tc, 1 1 -. :., i t.
Vt' AnaiNS ti , D u c abar 21.
Iiitt-ruul lleveiiu..
Koeiip's from it. i ri. ui rcveu ic '.his inontl: aro
wer twenty iiiillioi.s.
! lie iiii i.I mmeiiltr.
Tin S'de Dip. r mint ajiics render it cer
tain tli.d lucre v II bj n tron'ile wi:h the C.ina
liiiir. a'lt'ioi itic.
Tim Went tier.
The w( v!icr is milder this in '.riling, mil the
ice in tli" I'litiiTii ii' is lircukiii up.
I III it I4iitm;tii t: t . ' 1 tmt,
1 he kn i'v'c.l.:c of the It.ll.ii'u " of weather on
war !fi..iilil jirepare 'he pu'ilie ml'i 1 for an im;.or
fut or a he-itutina; a.ic-ca of ; 1 1 ; expjdition
a t ' list Vilinln:;oin. Tue extra . .linary for '0 of
the j'i'i! ilurinj,' and befnro th pissKij.of 111')
llei t of sti B'ii"i s, and its durai; m 'in e, in ly le id
to an eh insii ni of their s'neUi "f coil, no m to
foi (' tin ir r.-iirn to lortioss Mi trie. Tlie g.ni.
sicKress nf the troop on tuo v.. , are, ant nt'ior
the vessels' fmiu 1 nn h-iri:;.', was ex.'essive an. I
elriu-t ve. The cold, too, s rxiraonlinary, Iris
(it I'licd a laiyo mi ni-or of tii i n jgrojs uuiised
to su.'li w a:her, imd uuprnidi.d for it.
Mu-,. :.! "llll.il 4t.iei ll .rc.
Tlic pv .s uit luirlligen -e th it the p st M i. by
was shot ycsierd i inoriiing mvi.' I'ledm nit, and
killed, wun brou ;ht lice to ni:;V. by a H ildi. r.
SM'i:litl lleliilli It.-M'i li lo't.
The ii'ilsanrc of sp 'cinl del. til- of oill 'jrs and
men is licirjr ahat. .1 here at lust. L irtfe nu'iilurs
were rx unine.' to-day fur their livicsi to do duty
at the front. .Tin1 hospitals are uto be'.ag freed
of their able -bodied s.!;u'ki.
Shi-rtiiHii iittfl tlic ."rr'Soii.
The il is p' it i ti to blame, t.jr.nin for n't
cr'iiii.inu an armv oi'blnclis on 'i s ;re.u in ireli
tfiroui-'h tho heart of slavery! unjust, llefiro
he Malted on bis i'X;'.-bti u hi eirncs:lyde.
ii.;imleii of ihe W.ir 1 e,art n.'u' that Colonels.
Ui; man, who r.iked the re-id 1 1 of Mirylnud
sluv.ry tut i i uo !'. S. A'niy, !u sent to him to
ur'.tt Uo the ue ,'i.ies who an 1 1 .1 ilo 'k to his
louii.iis in;., riviiii.iits and brigades. This
re. iu. bt, limst uulortiiiiately for 'lie n it ion, w. is
eillur tiiplic'ed or ri fused. S unn in ha I to
mar h without tbc man tlic most experienced in
the I'nitfd States in that b.i:nc3, and wlum
only he wanted.
Iiu- I iilKil .St'eN Mtipre in CiMirt.
The c.ise of the bar Ue lril i. her tacklu, etc.,
nppellaiit", vs. The Compazine Anonynio d'Assu
rai ces Maritime!. i!u Ilivre h i) just been din.
posed of hy the Supreme Court of tho United
States. The nppal from the United States Cir
cuit Court for tho Southern DUtrict of Now
Yoilt was docketed and dismissed with costs.
('Lr.VM.ANu, Ohio, December Tho folio w
ir g if a list of ihe casualties by t'io accident on
tlit? Cleveland end Tittuburg Rjilroad yest;r
ily :
Killed John Kobln-on and wife, of Towrs-
bur.', Mitblfe'iinj O. II. Perry, of Cleveland j and
Dr. Miller, of M nerva, Ohio. I )tal, 4.
V ounded Georgo IVnoyer, of M.isslllon,
ladly ; Aon Thompson, of Hudso.), bidly i Mr
Gtillitfther, of i'hiladelpliia; Ca.Cain King, of
Wit.eliester, Ohio; W. II. Coop.r, of lluadin;r,
I'b. j V.. S. Sevcni, of the Indian Ilureau, WasU
inlon, badly: Mrs. Tuompsoi, of Mamlield,
(il in; IS. 11. Graham, of Millersbstrg ; C. Kon
worthy, of l'iiiladelpliia; l. II un nond.of Clevo
lur.d; Mrs. Kmbsieter.of Cleveland ; Dr. llock,
of I'itUburg; ll.G.ltnan, of Cleveland; W. A
lluldain, of Klmira; Mrs. A. Cl iin, of Clevc
lmd. Total, 15.
IK liAUF.-ltl Mj.
Ni:v Y'oiik, Uceiu'ier 24. The steamer Cor
siiii, lr ru Havana nud Na.-ian, arrived here tu
dnv. The bloekade-runner Central Lee left Nassau
m the loth for IWrmudii.
Tic lilochaib -rucn rs '),', Diminian, Will
Torer, l.UHr, f.i'l e Ihiltir, Woi'. re, and Agw ti.
Try bid arrived from VViliiiingtOa.
The Siien, from Charleston, had arrived ut
Nub an.
The General Marmion, Evelyn, md Kvnihcorth
luid rcuirivd iu distress.
The Yirijinia, ni.vi, TlUi, Zi'iM Gregg, Char
hie, 'i.t'0'-the HVi, Stormy Vetrtil, Little
lluttte, Si,)eii, aud Star had lilod to inn tho
bl. ci rule.
A tV Alt t'IIKIMI'11 AS.
IIY UllOlinl; Al.llttD TOV.'NHSND.
Ueap nil the table! till, as in t ir. fable.
The tioi s mid iris are fat cno.i'1 to kill ;
ll'd the oii-ky i.'irre, in li- r sniokinsr turkey,
The crushed hearts of tho Juiey seariet berries to
ins ill.
Let his b row n lips erapp'o the p!nmp"st plapln-ai-.'i
That roasted pig to motionless, ipon tho troncbor
And on tho will duck's piu'on, exhort tho
V itehen iniiiii'U,
Her whi'ist aiulks of celery transparently to
s rew.
Drain down the cider! spread the cover widorl
I.ei none go empty, who have ; -led the door;
On ihe ehiinui y fire, higher yet, and higher,
Ihe p tehi pun -lugs pile until in names be'in
lo ioar.
O'er ti e hearth tho holly in kes melancholy
The chi s.nuts chirrup to themselves doffu In tho
a-l es i-'rc.y,
The ehti k of every bumpkin grow mellow as a
To tee his dimplei iu his s aoo. heart's lashes hid
Stir well the toddy ! let a jolly body
Aver tiiat Chri.-tmus comes but once a year!
Kiso, each lass and suitor! clink the brimming
And round the blailng cedar toast old Water,
King austere,
To the soldier's booty, the shapely maidou'l
The sailor injthe frosty watch, a-swlnglng 'uoath
the star,
Tho parson 'ueath the steeple a marrying tho
The tattered lla-sthat lead our boys into the jaws
of war.
Hark 1 'tis tbc fiddle, stand him in the middle
That oue-orbed Orpheus that his twangiug bow
Shall excite to feeling shadows on the ceiling,
Until, like doppelgaugers, dance they with as
folk below,
Though the hearth-dog bellow, more close each
bas.li ful fellow
Shall (old his dainty lady to the breast so oft she
The glad old folks in wonder down, look as the
young feet thunder down,
As on the merry ruuning stream look down the
wbiteaiug hills.
Silence ! old Nestor, and yonr tired orchestra!
We'll have the games that smack of balder bliss
"Thimble" and "The 'lagou," I'awns," and "Co
penhagen" The old folks are so fast asleep they cannot tee as
Hear the clock peal midnight. Adieu to all, and
grood-uighi t
And in the warm sleigh, as we make oar faithful
plight again,
The stars their beaming face tarn upon our em
And thnii uswhh the memory of Christ come
Avf a to W-
V' I
-svi.i ' .
- .
Com man dor of the Army and Deparlinciit
of the CumiIxtIiiikI. Tho lli ro of Mill
bprlne, S to ne KIkt, ( hltkrtniatisa,
Chatfanouf a, Krsacca, .aU
tllle, Franklin, ami the
Tursult and Kont of
Hood's Army.
The recent brilliant successes of the federal
armies in Ttnncxsce have added new laurels to
the already brilliant fame of th. ir commander,
Msjor-Generul George n. Thomas.
General Thomas was born In Southampton
rotiaty, Va., on the 31st of July, ISltl. His family
were wealthy and educated, and lie was dostined
for the profession of the law. lint in 18 !(i he re
ceived and accepted an appointment to a cadet
ship at the West l'oint Military Aeudemy. In
June, 1840, ho graduated from that Itifctitntlon
ranking twelve In a class of forty-two. His tirst
commission was that of Second l.ieutenaat in tin
3d United States Artillery, and he iiiimcdl ite.i
joined his regiment iu Florida, where the Indian
were then warring against the Government.
While theie he was breveted First Lieutenant for
gallantry and good conduct, and was subse
quently stationed at Baltimore, New Orleans, am
Fort Muultrie, Charleston harbor.
lie was, from the latter place, ordered with hi
company to report to General Zai'hary Taylor
ut Corpus Christi, where ho arrived lu Jaly, 1)1).
lie was actively engugtd during the Mcxicin
war, aud was created Capt iln for "gallant couduct
in the several conflic's nt Monterey on tho 21st,
22d, aud 23.1 of September, 181 1." In Decem
ber Le agnu figured iu the aJvaues, and catered
Victoria January, 1S47, with Quttuiiu's brigade.
February 2'1, 1817, be wtis breveted .Mijjr''for
gallant and meritorious conduct In the battle of
Itucna Vlstu." In Augast, IMS, with the sur
viving members of bis company, he rcerosscd
tic Kio Grande Into Texas, and was plaited in
churgo Of Ihe commissary depot at Uiar.os
baniiago. Alter enjoying a six m nr.hs' leive of
absenc , Caplain Thomas w as placed in couimiud
ot Company U, 3d Artillery, and ordered to
Florida to tnke part in quelling auituer uprising
of Indians. In IS i0 he was ordered to Boston on
garrison duty ut Fort Independence, and arrived
iu January, lbol.
In March be was relieved and assignod to duty
as instructor of artillery and cava.iy at West
l'oint. Hero he remained until the summer of
lH.'xi. In lb "4 be went to Fort Yuma, California,
iu command of two co.npauies of artillery.
Congress soon after autnoiucd an incroase
of the regular army, and Captain Thomas was
transferred to another branch of the service,
receiving a commission as junior Major in the
2d Cavalry. Ha joined his rciriiuout at
Jetrerson Barracks, Missouri, iu September,
lH.i'3, aud proceeded with it to Texas,
where he escorted tho Texas reserve Iudiaus
to their new home in the ludian Terri
tory. After a brief experience en the Indian
frontier be was ordered, iu April, 1401, to
Carlisle, to remount the 2d Cavalry, which had
been dismounted aud ordered out of Texas by the
treason of Twiggs. Six of the companies were
immediately seat to Washington, and with the
reinalning four Major Thomas was assigned to
datv in the Department of 1'ennsylvania. April
2-i, Major Thomas was promoted to laeuteuaut
Colonel. and May S became Colonel of the iiu
t'uuved State Cavalry. In the same month he
was assigned to the command of a brigade in
Oeneral Patterson's army, in Northern Virginia,
and afterward held the same position suider
General Bank.
On the 17th of August he was appointed Briga-dler-Ueneral
of Volunteers, and look commaud
of Camp Dick Robinson, near Loaisvllle, Ky.
Afterwards, as Commander of the 1st Division
of the Army of the Cumberland, he took part
In the campaign which resulted in th brilliant
victory at Mill Spring, lie was snlw lusntly
sent down the Cumberland to Nashville, id :hence
cros the country to the Tennessee, but only a
pviuu 'A U veuuitJid vrivt l (v, mw (o take
- -.; - - 'il - - . . - -
try .
' i - i!
' S . .' ' s. s.. s., i A Jiv
'. : :- - . .-(.-..; ' --
,,v. ' . .- .'-'. -s s, . ..vjr f.
p r' n tho tattle nf Shilnli. IIi m then an
pcliited to tbc roiiiniiind of ihe right wing of the
Annv of the Cumberland. He was ubui ivir.ls
p aced iu command of Ihe I4 h Armv C nys, and
Ol tingiiished himself thri.nihout the tniir
ti.ticc t camt aign of tho it do n table. It is '
run s. On the 27th of Oe'nber. IHo.l, G ner il
Thou. as w.ih prnmo edtoa Brigadier Goner ilslup
iu the r Riilar nrmy.'
Shiutly af er the battle of Chiekamaiiga, Gea
irnl ItoseerHus was removed Iroiu c nu nand.
'1 bis created a deep sensatl in and frreat diasatis
fiic ion among bis soldiers, by whom be was uni
vinully beloved. General Thomas, however,
was appointed his niccc-snr, and it has been ire
ipo ntly saidjhat no other man could have quieted
ibe iiiuimitriues of the men. The army was now
rtort ani.ed, mid in Noveinb r tho movement lor
tl.e invasion of Georgia was c imiuenced. This
was continued in the spring, when General stier
n an Buccied. d General (iiant, Geniral Tuom is
bi ii.g s ill in command of the Atuiv of the Cum
birluinl, which unninerud over sixty ihou-aiul
n en. The advance, w as rapid, and battle qui -klv
i. ct ceded buttle, in nil ol which tlu Armv of the
Cun berland bore an honor ib!e part. It w is one
of ' tie corps of this army (the 2(ltli, Gem rul Slo
ctun) that occupied A ilauia on the second of S p.
Umber, when G ikimIs .Saiirtnuti and Tuouiis
were U'Huiin: the enemy still further to Hu
rt u hwiird. When the evacuation of Atlanta was
known, the troops were loealled to the vicinity of
the eife.
In Oct liter. Hood commencdhistnovem iitto
sauls Na-hvilic, intended to cut oil' Sliermia's
con miinleiuions, a d Gen 'rul Thomas was in
irus ed with the commund of to much of Sher
mnii's army as w.ih not needed for Hie exp nlition
seio s Georgia, to meet him. How sp e'idliliy
li st has liei n done, the aceouu s of Ihe bA'.tle at
I ri nklin, a lew duis ano, ili tell.
Ce-iTuI I horn is is a man ot strong phyhi.-a'
sppesrancr, s x feet two in height, and every iuco
soldier. Hi- fidelity in the service Is pro.emi.il,
and n regular oll.cer wi i'es ol kuu : ' tie was
ei(.hten Jfars iu the army without liiing abs nt
liom bis p ifct." We trust be imv long oe sjiared
to the ssi viec lie so Inirhiy orimiuents.
Annl lulf-lliiiiMif. liiiuiisuMii IfcHtnie
Hon ill lt.li. lrui'.rf r.
K' ar-Ailmlral I'oror, under dire of the lo'.h
Instant, iutot uis the Navy lb partmetit ol the du
triict:oii ot the blockade runner Tetrrl, driven
a-horc by Ihe unu'iosts at Naw Inlet, C'apa 1'car
rier. Sbe was liic l up n and etiuk, aud flu illy
to ally destroyed by a norttieast gi e. She bid
on board a l og. rn;i of arms an 1 timulo ins of
Wi.r, all of w bieh are lo.t.
Ktar Adin.ral l'orfer l-epn-ts that within the
lust titty days the lleet has cipture.l live miltioas
fve hundred thousand il .liars' worth of tiie
enemy's property in blockade-rainier.
Zpciialt The Ettning Tekjraph.
K-leMM of FrlNOiiersj.
Baltimoue, December 23. Urs. Sarah Hutch
ins, of the Gllmnr-sword memory, will arrive
home to-day, when the Secessionists will give bur
a grand ovation. Colonel Fish, our former Pro
vost Marshal, lias also been pardoned from
Albany Penitentiary.
It 1 suid President Lincoln purposes giving a
New Year' gift of pardon to many Statu prisoners,
'uimtrfelt Note.
Large numbers of counterfeit one dollar notes
on the Merchants' Dank of Utltimore are circu
lating here. They are well calculated to deceive.
t'lirUtinita In BatUnsore.
Our street aro literally packed with parsons
out buying Chrlstmu prescuts, of the most
cosily character.
Arrival r Ibe "Africa."
Boston, December 24 The Africa hit arrived
at this port. Her mail will be due in Philadel
phia on Sunday morning.
I Captain Henry B.Clay, grandson of the great
statesman, escaped from Union custody ia
Georgia aeveral week since, and has reached
Richmond. He 1 a captain la the Rebel service.
William T. 8mlthon,the Washington banker
who was sentenced a year ago to Ave years' hard
labor In Ihe Albany penitentiary, for correspond
ence with ihe KebUs, has been pardoned by Fro
I'mrlnniiiilon tiy tlir UiM-f-rnnr-fJeinprnl
Ki-nwril 4lllpri.il lor ill Afinri-llrnHloii
( IIiii Hairier Aiillrill.iiiH from
i.lmili-rr f intiHuleN Ismiil I'mler
AiHuilliis; lirtwvi'u llm imrlrMii au.
4 niimlitiii l-ovi-riimi ut I'tiplnre of a
lHtl Klllllrr.
ginir.c, Dcciinber 20. lSfi!. The following
prnc'siuiliion was issued this morninir ;
1'noviM'B op Canaha. Monck. To all whom
thc-c presents shall come, or whom the same may
eon ern (reeling :
W hereas a warrant In duo form h is Issued for
the apprehension of Dennett H Younir, Samuel
Fiicme l ackey. S.iiiro Turner levis, Alexander
l'npe liiuee, Charles M ore Swag r, tloirge
Sci tt, Caleb McDowell Wallace, James Alexan
der Doty, Jo'fpb McGr.itty, S imiiel Simpson
Gregg, Dudley Moore, Thorn .s Uronston Collins,
Matins r-pnrr, and William II. Hutchinson,
chained on (uith with the crimes of murder,
usMiiill w itb intent to commit murder, and rob
I cry, committed bv them In thu .State of Ver
lui.nr. one of the United Suites of Ameii ta, and
for whose cxtiao ton a re pnsitiou has Imuui duly
made by the authority of the said United St itos ;
And wheieus ihere is reason to believe that the
said Dennett II Young, or some of them, still
rcinniii concealed In sotnepait of our Province of
Canada; Now know je that a rcw.rd of two hun
dred dollars will be pa il to any person or persons
who will give such information as will leu J to tho
.lis. every and apprehension of any ouo and eu.h
of H e -iud persons s accused.
In tibtimony whereof we have caused these
ur letters to be made patent, and the gr. at seal
if our raid 1'iovince of Canada to be hereunto
.illixed. Witness, our riuht iru-tv a id well-be-oied
cousin the Hight HonO'a'ileCuarles S.atiley
Visci lint Monck, at our Government liouse, at
in r tty ol (Juebec, in our said Province o1
Ciiinnlu, this l'.l. b day "f Deeember, in the, year
of i ur L ird l.li.t, aud iu the .'bill year of our
Hy command. W. Mi Doi uai.l, Secretary.,
A failure of justice having occurred iu eonse
liience of the action of the servant of the
Cir ad tun people, it becomes our Imuud -n duty
to do what in us lies to retrieve the dillL'ulties
that I. me ic-ulted. As it was to be expe -'ed
that the ruidcrs would be rearrested widiout
trouble, the reward is very pro,uny ollerel
wfe' ii it is discovered that the Interests of justice
demand it.
Applications continue to four In from capttius
of volunteer c ra panics who desire to perform
seriice on the tionticr.
Colonel Wiley has left for Windsor to pre
pate quurtera for tho cJiupAUiu to be slattoued
I learn from the best authority that General
Dix, immediately after Is-uing bis proclamation
with regard to ra'i lers from Canada, despatched
a confidential agent to this province to get deti
tnte information- That gentleman returned to
New York perfectly satisiied that the Canadian
authorities were taking every necessary step to
perform international obligations.
Canada Is now fully aroused, and will not
sutler herself to bo made a cat's-paw to play this
Ignoble part. This the Washington Government
fully unilerstands from the daily communication
it has with our Government, through the medium
of the British Kuibas.sy. The best understanding
prevails. Mr. Seward has Indeed made a most
favorable impression here by the prompt and
considerate manner In which he has recently
it is to be regretted that the United State
Government did not wake np at an earlier
period to the Importance of keeping our Govern
ment fully advised of the steps taken here by
Confederate with a view to violations of our
neutrality, and which bad come within the
cognizance of It ageut. Driven from every
Other part, the last refuge of Ihe Southern agent
is to embroil the United States and Jinglaud iu
war, using Canada a the medium. How ue
cessfully the game baa thus far been worked,
the iutlainuuabta state of the frontier to day
The Consul-General of Canada, sir. Patter, 1
tmwell, and ha gone to Wisconsin. Mr. Thurs
ton, Vice-ConsuT General, is likewise IU. It
would certainly be to the advantage of America
interest at the present time if it had some person
here to advise with our Government, that uniform
actios might be effected.
The lntelligeut sentiment bera continue strong
that Mr. Coursol ehokld either be dismissed or
A person suspected to be one of the raider, was
arrested at St. Michel yesterday, and taken to
Montreal last night for the purpose of Ideutinca
lion. i"vTf'l'f O'swi.
Trobablo Destruction of tho
Salt Work 3.
Ftom the Kttim.m4 tH'fintfh, Ht -itr 'il.
We hate imll.ii fiui the .Stouemaii raid on
the Yui'it.ia and Irnne-see K tilroa I, except the
ii .i it, nt i d in a teb Ktam ire. tved yesterdav by
ti ii i ii ter r t the l.i'i.isthiiire, fiom Souin western
tr ii in. H at on Jav-t bunday evening Oeneral
loei 1 1 t.r i gc, having niatctisii cut from (S.i tvoie,
i-tiai ki-d the i ntiuy at (itade Spring, mid K.iine I
a Co i iiti il ft. i-crs, tied that be ii tie wed the a I irk
i ai on Mm day mcnni'ir, compelling the eui'tnv
to . i unit ri up 'a rl towards l.an l .-nnoisee.
't I is ri 1 1 is not e mtiriiii d bv any mli -i tl in-el-hgi
Uie uenved at Ihe VVr Depar.mcut, but
ic t n nasi n to iliscuilit t.
It Ot i iiri lirei I enn.iite had rolle -ti.l au 'h a
! r e a-w. uiil nt all justiiy linn in l,;.ivin b:s
i tin cl men's, tin re I- no il .uht that he b nil ) ie
o ; snii il is jusl I's e S orieiirin. 1 1 bo etc dow i
in in il lutevi.us Lo was uur.u ; his list raid Ii
Ck rclu.
i tniiTixri at in nt ix, sorriiwpv rui:r vikoim v.
trvVi li.t ,'iVA ...i firf .'t.oiiou f, l-.-,'..i'.. :t.
All m nii g paper i.f ii st nl.iv pub'ish 'd a
ri.mi r that Gel end liri ckinrt.lge h.u deeeate.l
Geiural Durt.rii'ge In two engaiieuicnis uiiar
Salmi. e. We bavo no oltlcial con'irmii'ion of
this iniiior, but ninny peisons profess to know
1 1 . li I it is welll.aindi d.
l.Aihii. A de-paich from Dublin last iiifl.t
nans Unit "lighling had been g dug nu iieiir
finunt Any f. r twonava. Tuu hall works wcio
tiippoml 'o be sate thM tVsj."
I NIO.M I'KIHIIM Tj: Mill I'll.
Tlifi 4'lininfl Hiiia at. iinli'rintivllls.
Seme time lince, In seu ilug the pu ti tl list of
deaths ut Audcrsouvillc, I iuadvci tcully a iiahc d
the folk wing ;
J i'li.i-.i. . 11. 7iii Pa
v in It. l, 1.. .'Sie I'A
A I1, ri'i l-.ii, fB
A Hon .r. . t- .N .1
Alk i It It, l.'S'.h I'll
Inr.-1 r .r H. i Hi I; a
j n no. k. ;..,i i a
Il l.lMt'll, A'ltii II
P ltnrl.'. II Mai-lni Corfu
htl h 11 lUnlt. P.. ot i I'aC'av
k Klxi.tes. t.. .''Ill I'A
.1 H In- ii4, rl. li. li I I'A
'.l.ititi It. mil, h. i .'t 1h
II iir.ntsiisw, I' s I'.irliirC
. 1 1..- 11 nil-. I, nu I' S
it I'urr.lT I 3 N
t'PA'l IIS J . I,V .', 1 ill.
i ts. klir.r. I . : .1 1'a .1 ni.tim i, t, i s I'a
I, I'., il. ,l. 11. I' e li It Slim i... I rill
I. I Weill r. II. 1 li I'iCit '( ' l.ir 'I', r. I ' H it ir I '..i p.
J tl'n. I . n i l s l'i.r.,l It Miers, M, I . u ra
J II II . noun. P., 4th U H l .r .11 v
l i.vlrv 11-.. II.IIK..-V, U, .1 h M,l
.1.11 . 1. 1. 1 It- 'l, P, r.uti I'a .1 ' w :lli., 1 a 1, a. 1
Mil ti 11 f us a.-. A. 1- . h I'a H Hun ,-r. II. I 11 1 1 t' 1
III' si'i 1 1 ir . II . rati .'.11 nv i no II i ,1 .inn, 1, inn I'a 1 iv
I. UII.O.I..M 1-1 M.I 1 . N III iiilru.i 1. II, S.li -a - av
w Ii It.orr 'C 1. ) sih i'a. Win II, mini, 1, I'll 1 t' 1
J A .-V.i n r. I . l-.;li I 11 l av ii. , r -.- Ilr.imlio, I, uti Pa
1 Manti, I'.tsah Pa t'uvu r.
.1, inr Cl on. I III P.C'av .bl-i W l-m tit. 11 II S 1 ittifl.- il
J ktiili i. K. 1st N .1 I'uv a.n 1 ej t.v.n.k lol l Pi
II. ... I .iin.y I . 1 ,tti . a I'av A ii .! .l,.lii,H..n. I, I 1 .,t pa
Win trtell, 11, bit. I'a. col ' Henry l.-aiiea, II, Je U
DEAIIH JI NK (l.lslil.
1-1 st J P Kmif, A ilh t: s) 1 rtri. k, I. titti Mil
Ii Me. i.a'n I), Is' tirl II II 111. i, ti. I a 1 t' tt
ift W la-i en. A, Isl N .ll'av I, III I. llh Pi
H pimii an.vd a A-t (liar.li M l.i tie. K, 10 un I'a
J laiitini, A,l'u An , J .liiiiex, 1', 1.,1'ni i'a
UK. A T IIS JI p. !i, iKil.
m.. Ma.'fr, K.ll I1I1 I'a C urown, I), liliti U 8-br
W .1 WimiOiiiIi, Isili I'a, ch unusaien
dl.eri .. a llo ,.,i H,,tiii' i, II, l.'ih I'a
J W (n nst, I, Ii.lll Ps, eliron I'av. 1 h il u-riiM-A
dlantina iMaiiiuel l.m.l.a v, II , loth, N
1 k, in.. 1 1, .... If , J'illi Ta I j. fauns ly ,.:iu.,l.
HBAIIIS JI NK 10, lS'il.
J ! llutlrr, II, "i lli I'a A AnilxrHiin, ('. I.1O1 r s
Minn Mult. A, 77ta Pa J .triiii. K, iitili i'a
H II lli". A, Ii H Ii ea II I'u .m lis. in, ii tli Pa
- I,ar. nT, r.sih Pa .Iannis ftlarne, l I'ini u 8
lank Moon, A.lllti Md I Win Kr,lt. II, Mill I'a
W l'i rl.r, K.lel.t I a, 1 nun- Win .lonn. ll.ye.lh Pa
11, ma a.uui niuiiias, u a a timiii-
i oil, K,ait I a I 11-. u.
1 int r r r.i'K.itAL riiisusm s ir war i bkjii-
lv ' ' ' f ' ' H o-,i.
Col Aihworth, lnt On Csv. Id tt K II Ca. 1 r a ' .,1
t Am.rj. apt anil A A li'1.1 1.t A 11 1) Uownlng, 31lt
lien riaillell'i slart. I DHltiil -
lit la and Ailj K K Atllick, K'apt J U Dlbalar, V.lh Pa
1 jot h O t'Jd la l.rmual C llobtis. tiah
III I.I O 1. IMllrir r, 70th I'a I B l ul- eeapl from Jail
Iill.lK I ll.lrr.SUIil'l Xo ti, Itsu
ltd I t 1 W lit ter.Vd Pa Art iMal Jolin II niler, Mtti Pa
Vd l.t Ci nrad lliM.lrr,l-'il kid efi-aucd Irom lall Nnv iJ, 114
ltLiaJtlieaitialu.dUttU Oait U lli.seiaiid, iillli Pa
w lu a uvaue.iuil'acav
1 11 In a. A li C lieu t.'i
1, 1 ri. hsoirl
1 u. t- . Hurt nni. L lil r s ('.
d 1 I A M :rtci-,lst Mdl ai
la: 111- r. lliiisiiy, iy : t, I ' S t
at l.t A I hrsnliT. Mil, Pa
mnl Air. rnin.,::siii I sc..
M 1 Uaa E tliilin. i'.tli I'a
1st le J, tin ii,'.i,;i iij
'a l p. en W 11,11k, a. 1 M l
id t tl M Hut, -...id I. S Cut
-1 l.t J J.ie.., ban IV Va
:U Ll and H ej a Jiinai.ir.lh
1. 1 l.t J Kellow. M Pa trt
lis Kinillr. 1st 1-1 Vil mm un ll 1 i.wart.Uapt 1-iSth Pa
K C Lanu-tr, lal't 'J7lll U J'tl-lil'V
I ol Trui yt U P ataub.-r.lst I.leut TOth
Ah J llur.l.ril.a.l Llmt'.M P. I t.
Pa All S U Hiulth. 2J Lw.lSOtli I S
Wui 11 Mix, 1st I.lt-ut link f I'm 'liini-
h Cut I r.s.ns J f tsliull. ill Lie nt isih U R
H It HeLinia, ii Lltul 2d Col Thhiih
MiiCiiv D W h. .iil,('a,t 'iClti U S
II I Uillard.(Sit 3d Ts Art Col Irnupl
u 111 11 I l,ilii.i,A.I i'.l i' Art PA Hiiiiiiiisi.n, lat Lleat 20ttj
Cl.as ko'ilDNOII, Cait illst U' C H ool 'I'.-miin
H Ol l'rnOia Wvtdoi; Vamrl a, 1st Lieut
t ll Hand' is, lat l.leul JOlh 4..lh I'a Inl
I M Cnl'l ri'i..i Iianl Wlum. Cot 'lint Me rnf
11 (i hliliarei, Cat t Mll ( W WiUnuui, lat l.le it 4 Id
Paint I' M 1 1.1 lr.K.n; eicvpsd
Ami. I Itaynor 2d Lieut l'J.li (nun iail Oet .', lull, and
I h ('ui I nx..s I Hot nucu kvard 1'ruui.
L Ii Kelj, 1st Ll4.Mll Pa Iur
The foregoing list include all prisoners of war
in Kiebmond J.dl on the U.b of lJeceiubor,
except Captain Shadrm k T. Harris, of the 3 i
Tmncsice (Kideral) Cavalry, whom the Ke'jels
bold, lieav ly ironed, under aeiiteuee of death as
a deserter, though hu never was in the Heiiel ser
vice, in d lour or live odiecrs loecntly captured
from General Sliermun's coiiiiuund, nhosu names
I bud nit asccrtaim d.
I. M.I A I, INIi:i.l.lUEN"4'sw
Inlrreallmt lleclHlon aa lularoaail llentt.
Cm ht op Common Pi.p.an Judge) Thoma
s' n and I.unlow - kmike vs. Mathers This was
acme Mated, l'luliitill 'claimed on twogrounl
reit deeds, dated OctipHT 12, 1771, in each of
which thire was a reservation of a ground rent of
twi nty-inie pure silver coined Spanish pieces of
en ht unit one-third of such piece of eight,
each piece of eight weighing seventeen
p' iinvweigbts and six grains, or ao inu a of the
lawful Diuuiv ot the province of Pennsylvania,
ns shall tie siilllcient from time to liuiii tJ "pur
chase or piocure" the same, with a covou.int for
the psymotit of such cut by tho grantee, his
lnirs, and assigns, iu thu same words as the
reset vai ion.
At the lime the annual rent fell duo, October
12, lKtili, the defendants, who were thou owners
of ti.e lots, out of w hich the ground rea's were
re-t rved, tendered twenty-one dollars and ouo
th rd in legal tt nder notes of the United Sta es a
satisfaction of each of said annual rents. Plain
till refused to accept the tender.
The case tted gave the value of apiece of
eight on October 12, 1S(1:(, the highest value since,
in id the value at the time the case was sub nilted,
and on argument the plaintiff claimed that he
was entitled to a judgment for the highest value
of the piece of eight between the time when tho
renta lell due and the time of trial.
Judge Thompson, observing that the case did
not call for any examination or decision npou the
constitutionality of tho legal tender acts of Con
gross, held
1. That tho covenant waa not satisfied by the
tender of the notes ; Ibat the reservation was of a
particular kind of coin, with the alternative of It
value in lawful money and that tho ground
landlord was entitled cither to the particular kind
of coin, or its real value in lawful money.
2. That the measure of damages was the value
of the coin at tbo time tho rent fell due, and that
the plaintiff couid not recover more on tho ground
that that description of coin, had since been worth
Judge Ludlow concurred In the judgment, aud
called attention to the peculiarity of the reserva
tion, in it alternative clause, calling for lawful
money of the Province (now the State) of Penn
sylvania. Without considering the question of
the power of Congress 'o provide what money
shall be a legal teodei In payment of dobt
throughout the United State, under the Cousti
tulioa of the Slate of Pennsylvania, It Legisla
ture can make nothing but gold and silver a legal
tender. .
The judgment was for the valae of the parties
Ur eoiu on October 12, 1M3, with interest to date
of judgment. Longstreia for plain tUf; William
W. W later for dsfeudant.
Cotiai or QuABTam Saaaiowe Jndge Allison
JJaSMU corpus and deseruoa case occupied the
session of this morning.
The other Court were not In aeaeion.
DiPABTvaa of th "Citt Ioi Boat." Th
Ci'y 7r Boat, Schellinger, left Arch street wharf
at fill o'clock this forenoon, tukiug in tow three
ecliooner, loaded with coal, Uouud to llostoa.
Orriri 9P Tmn Kvrr Tai paraph, I
ftilurdiy, Daoaiaoar i.
There Is very little doing In tocks thli morn
ing, and Ihe market Is dull but stetdy ) there I
no material charge looked for nn'll the com
mencement of the new year, when a more active
market Is anticipated. G nernm-nt lion, Is are
qubt, and Ihe sales are llml'ed i J-20 sold atlofi
1('7;1I'; wssb'd fortlsof 18S1 ; Ponmylvanla
.'is are si lling at 0-1.
liallro.id shares are Invitive wi'h sales of
Heading to notice at 571, an advance of ; Pcriri
fjhunla llal'road at ni(,a d-cllnaof J; Ctiav
wlsta preferred at 371; '! Puila.l.ilpbl and
Tile at 2,'4ri -fi ; S7 was bid for Philadelphia and
Gcih.aniown ; 2o.J forS rtk Pennsylvaal i; and 89
for I,eh!.:h Valley; lol wis aske I for Cimleri
nd Ainli. y ltiilroad; 41) fr Lit :U 8jhuylki!l
and 10 for ("atawlna common.
City Passeng-r Hal.roa I sb ir a continue dull,
with sabs ol Tin'h and Kiereutu at I ; 63 was
bid for Second and Third ; 24 for Thirteenth aul
I if.rrs'.'.' 45 for CUc.nut un l V iln it; 71 foe
West Philadelphia; and l for Ar. h sirjst.
Dank shares aro firmly held, but t'j.iro Is little
or nothing doing In the w iv of s tlis. V)) wi
bd for Nor.h America; 1.5 J for Pjiladolpha:
.'11 f ir Mechanics'; 125 for SutUwirk; 10 J for
K 'iitdhg on ; ',.) for Girar.l; ti) fur City j ii fo.-
Consolidation i and (12i for Uulon.
In Canal s'urcs there Is very Utile doing,. Wyj-
mirg Cunal sold at 7; HI ai bid for Schuylkill
Navigation common, ,'IJ for sir 'furred 1. ; 11 fit
Vu-Luhauua Caual; aul X1 for Dolawaxo
Oil shares are unsettled, with sil t of Ctirtln at
11; Corn Plan or at 71; D i!z til at !) ; Bpartnt
4; MeCiintock, S!, ; Fraiikllu,21; Seudja.GJ; St.
Niehol.is,4; Walnut Island, 2) ; ailAtlai, 2.
The Hoard of Brokers alj mra 1 this mirnln;
to itireton l'uosday, Djcoinhor 27.
Gold is very dull this m iruing, nni thi tram-
uctinns aro limited ; opening nt 2iD f.. oT an 1
Mid Ht 22ii4 at at 11 o'clock ;22'iJ at 12; and 22.11 '
at 1 P. M. Market Weak.
Among tho most substantial of the new Petro
leum Companies should bo clissed the "J ihtj
McClinto, k Reservation" JarniM MeNi lUti,
llsq., President, and Jojcpli D. Ueiubjth, Sacro-
tary and Treasurer. ,
The property of th!) company consist of one
qunrterot all the oil, free of expense, fri n t!ir;j
and a half acres of tho renowned M ;Clinu) k
farm, on which thero ae four welis produclnr to
the rninpany In the nelhborboodof one bun Ire I
ban els per day, and three wolls appro.i2iii.ij
cnnipli linn.
It also owns 210 acres In fco on Pithole creek,
and oilier valuablo truci.s iu process of devoio t- .
ni.tnt. Tin re are but few shares reuiaiuiug u a il
lottcd at original prices, and when these are d .i
posed of, they can only bo obtained at a great
advance. 1 he otHeo of tho company is at No. 43J
Walnut sit eet.
lb liuruc by Clarkson A Co., Ilrok.'ra. No. UI d. TUIrd St.
llr;rO!!K II I VKIIH.
likflsli Franklin vi 1(0 th Cora Plant ... . 7'a
$fi mr c s t-2 iu; ,
fni d niail.li.o;
1 1. .imi do inria
flit n. I Peiul Tim ii.iig
fl.UII SSIIH l'nl tl' !.... tin
S'J.ttd H lllllliell I. lis. . 4" 1
tl,.si.Pa ll lal in i.s lll'i
fl.lisi livailmtt hits 'Tll.ll'l
'iisi ih l:nrlin Oil Li1,,
lm sli ('oriii'laiiuT.ti-i 7l,
21 1 ih Haiznll oil.... II 1
Ml nil p.uiien c 4 I
Inn sit (ileal Itu'lti... a1;
:l ih Mel Umock ... Ii'.
1-Msi -h Pram In ..,.M 2S
HII ri llovu Island.. -Ml
lmili tstneaUll..lka) I, V
2"(i ah St. Nlnh'ilas... i
fi nil N.iaio kln itl.. II
Still an Heailliis n .i p tti 'i
II" an Down's P. Uy. . IV
'.' ii an iV.i nut Island. 2 ? .
tin ah Athis 2
2'i un Wal.in hi '
inn an Ilia u.hiiii mi
is .li rVvmniiiK Val. 7"
1'. ah I'enn a lilt.... 6lf .
10i an Calnwlaia pf bo tbsa -Vw
all Plilia Krte... 1st?
14 ik do o-io 'isj ,
lti m di tMH) i'l
1KI sh do 'J ,W
2 0 ih do b4 -M
e an io a nua 40
Quotations of the principal Coal and Voal OH
stock at 1 o'clock to-day :
niaSlountalnCoal..:. :. .Oamunla ll l.i.
r.inti-'leiit i-iti ., 'iiowa'a ai.'tjr oii!s !! '
Fdider hamCoaJ.. Mibbard a
' 1 ii.'m iiung.,.,,,! .,
Kayalon Zma.... is, IV HvdaKara t
m v a uia ii.- in .-: ....
N ( artiniiilale 2t-l(i )l. Kev.tons Oil 1st
New Creek
Prnin Mlnuis.
I i n mmr ........... 14
Hwatara S V
"' as . aaoiti nnaaa uu..ss
.. 'MiK.'liatoaa OJ...S iH
t Miliars! Ou....
Ana. s ..
Aileph.nr Mlver,.
Allaflieny A Tlde't 1
Ills lank
Hrmiaan lalaall... 1
Paai-uo Oil
bruner I fil
Hull 'rtk I
lirsi ,
ltarakus piuia
Cont.nanuil 94
( il tram city I
1"4 Ml'ipi I
1 w Miiaananr sf
S M 1 rea.c. 'herrjlt a lsl
Ilk oil Cr.os js?
1 tir.aata Oil 1
I". Illin.taad OIL
il Parry Oil
. 4
6 Potrolanai Oeaira. .
1 1, Pkila .toll Unas .
JSi Plilllliia ,
Kti Konaria OU....1..
.. K.ak (111
.. ka'lihoae
7.t RDwrman
S N.na Oil
1 Htory Parm
. aroo allH
I orv riaaiar. .
ill" ell
aw Cre. k
Cherry aaa...
Jisakard Oil...
.a 7 V
.. 7,'a
1 Si
I Be 1. 11 1 1 aiiill Ureak 1
I.uataidLr k Oil, 1
lien. mere ., . rt aj
lialielioil... ... a f
En alitor Oil l'a'
P.Kheii a ..
Qreat Wealaru I
2 Hi Nietiolaa s 4f
7 aaahary
.. Tarr arm
Vi Tarr nuinsatead.. 4V
4 llalon I'.irnla'iai.. 2sj
a (ar Kceaotnr... ..
fl VananiroiHI
7 waiant iataud...s vv
list Wauoa 2 a .
Quotations of Gold at the Philadelphia Gold
Fxeiiaiu'e.No. (4 S. Third street, second story :
10 A. M 7201 12 Si -mi
11 A. M 220j 1 P. M 22,11,
Market dull.
I'lllLAUEI.I'lll A TRtnr, REPORT. 1
Sati'iiday, December 24. Trade la very dull
In all departments. The Cora Exchange rouina,
banks, Custom House, Insurance oitieea, and
counting house will be closed on Monday.
There 1 no shipping demand for Flour, and
tho tales are only iu a small way for the supply
of the home consumers, from ? ) 7o up to JI13 60
for low grade superfine and fancy lota, aesordlng
to;qua!iiy. Small sales of Uyo flour, which 1
scarce, at $"J(;t 'J-2S. Iu Corn Meal no transac
tions, and prices arc nominal.
There Is very littlo demand for Wheat, and red
range from $2!0(o2Gj; 2000 hush. Kentucky
white sold at $2-95. Small sale of Rye at 9173.
Corn 1s very quiet. Small sale of old yellow at
ft BS, and new at $V65(ii 1-70. OAts are' la fair
rcpicst, and 3000 bush, sold at B-'c. Ia Barley
and Ma t no transactions.
There is rather more Inquiry for Raisins, and
prices are firm, the dullness being restricted by
the unusual small supply, tolas of old bunch at
$l-7t''(5; old layers at & 5 8ft new do. at 8il5
(nh JO. laimoas at frl2i'13. Havana Oranges
at l4(alH.
Green Apple are icarce, with small sale at
8''7.'i(" 7 lor New York, and eici)fl for other do- .
seriptions. There is no falling off in the demand
for Dried Fruit. Light receipts and reduced stock;
have caused more nrmneas and restricted sales.
23,000 lbs. Dried Apple sold at lJ(ol4c. for
Southern and Ohio, at which price they are ia
demand. Sales of 2i,0H0 lbs. quarter Peaches at
2.0tV2Oc., cbielly for Western markets. Pared
Peache are tirm at 36oj.' 10c, and tue stock la very
Whisky has declined; sale of 600 bid. Ohio
part at $2'26(a2'30, and port oa secret terms.
Harkels by Tolearrapta.
NawYoac, December 24. Flour dull; (ale
tsxa) bbts. at WNt"no fer Hia'si aud lleil 2 for
OklO Hsuthera Ulichaused. Wheat dull aud drooping.
Cera dull and nosaliuU. Perk heavvi nsw raeas, iio.a
4010. l a. heavy at ltit4),o. Whisky held at HMi
buyers eilrr II ID. '
Naw Yoaa. December 24. Stecisl stronger
Caleaura and Mock Island, 104: CtambaTlaaad wrerwr...
til; lltlanle Central, lLXl MlchUaa aouihava, 7in,i
Maw lorkCealral, 1UV i Penaa.lvanla Coal, .', Uoadkaa;. il
114 V. tludwa klrer, 114 1 Caiitoa Uouioaoy, U; Mlaaourl
a, Si-H'i ane. BI.Si Coupoaa lssl, lio s ; aoupoa Pie
tweaUea, loSli ; coupoa Tea-fcsrtlea, 107; Treaauty '
e..a UilrtlM, ill; Oue yearCertiacata,)'. Uol4 opiuwa
at I4.S , aud Is Bow united at rjultj
raAia rnta Moitwnifj. "
0. kjaakt.UaUAalx. Maw kurk.W..T- '
Bns Huaiev, FaaHaar. Barkaaos.C.O. VaU. - -Hrtl
Aane, kttk. ei., Pitb,. ale, do. . ,
liil Aurau.CUMk, Key Weal, U. N Qaa."af i
Miis a. Laadaay, laUee, asy Vi eet, If asrude AV e 1
Heat Ooiaa lueea, trawaaut. u ti w
' a naf vary tu woirnsra. " ' 4
Br Charles (Jaxrvli. MaAaffef A das frosk MutOetewaa
with eUine to eanUlu. . , . ,,
loit e.4oiadw, liasws, days ttm Sewlrsra, In UUkjt
t vsayUaa.

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