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(Evening flcfltaph
The lIMory of Irtnry IV, King of l'ranco, Is .o
well kr.own from tic vonrration llio I'ron h li ivo
lwaj rt tallied for tlmt prince, thnt no ono Is
Ignorant of his wenkneMcs for women, on I to
bow many misfortunes be was fKm il lijr wr
tiaps the only falling tlmt he cm Jrntly Ijo rc
proacbed with. A short tlmi Alter hivm::
tsrvoufed Margaret do Va.ol", si-ter of !! nry
III a marriage formed rather by pnlitii-al iu'iv
irsti than lore Usury, who w.ia tin it only Ki ig
f Navarre, formoil a strong Ua'uu with 1 10 Duke
cf Alencon, his brothcr-lii law. Thin tin on wis
iiiriltasirg to the 'iiicvn mutln r, C.itkarlui do
Mctileis, became she foind these two prlnc s
might form project ajMiust the kin, hcrl.ivo i e
on. She bad roiwinc to love, mean which
jhe had fo otti n cinploj d to advantage.
Knowins 'he I'nke of Ah neon ami the Kintr
f Navarre were both enamored of MiUumo (It
aure, one of the must beititifiil women (if tlii
tonrt, fhr pre i'lld upon tlili lucly to lu-piie the
wo thai i tines with a jralousy s i morul, th it
f ti e kirg lid rot Intcrlereil they wua'il have
r-f tilt d ll;cir tliir. renrcs w.ir'l in h.inil. Que-n
Margaret reconciled them. It U known h r III
Ibio prin es had rriiicliii teil herself towii'di ihe
tooil King, lier liuhtmnd; ber p.isainn tor the
lliike ot ' Uuiaa ; tbe supieliua ol the. ntrilir n
to her tooclt'se conneeti in with her timth r, thu
lJuko of Almi'im; her banishment from tlio
court hv llttny lil, who :it the kKini! timu wrote
her tiuthatid a letter Injurious to the repua'.oi
of Ills micr. A short uiuo afier, being ilesirou
of npairitig thin Injury, h wro'e a litter or'
p logy to ller.rv 1 . Queen Margaret herself
did not take any pain to onccal her passim f r
Mole, the favorite of 1 Aieue n. Tims person
was grc.itly aiiiu ir d liy tl.o ladiei, und o u .il 1 y
dttttted by the king, lor reasons rather ionnded
on love ilian war.
lie wan condemned to lose ti is bead with Coro
nas, llelr g upon the nullold. he suij, "(ioj and
the Illersed V irgin havu men y upon niysoul!
('iminend me to rho kind reiurmbraneu of the
Qui en ol Navarre and the ladies." Queen M ir
furet, it is said, u,ilt the Duchcn of N.vers,
Curried away the heads of tlitir two lovrr, and
il. lined lb. m with their own hamls. Itlniil-o
added that the (Jneen of Nirarre hud a passion
for Ht. I.nc, Hussy, Duke de M lyciiuo, und others.
Vussor fays thnt Henry IV wus iiiucli blamed for
(liamionii g Queen M irgaret 60 lreiy to her g.il
lantries. If we credit the memoirs of Q icon M ir
garet, fbe bad great nuson to complain of the
llio iitincncy of the king, her husband, who
openiy loved Hademoivllo do t'osseuse, and
bom lie ranted to be waited upon in her illness
oy me queen, u was mis princess, uowevor, her-
no nau in reniiiy given mi iq to tint passion
the had been long irritated nguirut the king, her
brother, on account of his oblici'ig h'jr to retire
from ci tin, and n joiu her husband, whom alio
did not lore.
Sho was still moro Incensed when the king
showed her te letter of Henry III, in whieh all
ber intrigues wiro (liscovcred. Hie ithing nofilng
but TCDgtanev, she 'instructed the lahei of her
train and their daughters to insinuate themselves
Into the hi arts of thosa who had in'luciice with
her hukbatid, so as to ensnare them In the fetters
of love. Hi my himeif wa the tirst to fall into
the snare of Mademoiselle Fosscuso, who, being
young and Innocent, punctually obeyed her inn
liefa, bnt afterwards went beyond her orden.
On the commencement of the League, and
during the life of Henry III, love deprived ttio
Kit g of Navarre on bis side of a city. He hid
given the goverrmcnt of La itiole to a Huguenot
eap-aln, named Ussac, who was extremely ugly.
The deloimiiy of his p.-rnou and his advanced
t ge did not prevent him from fulling deeply in
love with one of the women!' the nueen m ither.
This lady was called Atrio, and was afterwards
Uoontess de Chateau-Vllaln.
' This ocenrred in a confernco which the queen
luother loutrived to ba -e at Nerac, with the King
ol Navarre, under pretense of conducting (J a-ma
Murgaret. Vicunt de Turenne, who was thai
yp J'OUDg, rallie'l the good niun Cssa Henry
did the same, and Ussac wai so vexed anil ex.ii
related hi tins tbut he delivered up La k'ole to
thoCatholio party. Love, which caused Huurr
J.V so much trouble and deprivation, soon gained
for him gnat advantages.
"Je queen mother had brought her to Ncrae,
II. Pit rae, the most eloquent und bright man of
this lime. Neither his wi-clom nor his virtue
eouldteBiit the charms of Queen Margaret, who
though the ridiculed his passion, nevertheless
ouijht to turn it to the advantage of the km
iirrbusbaaj. Ahsulutii mistress of the actions of
poor 1'ibrac, they granted to the Huguenots moro
than Ibey desired. The Icjuua tcadiui; alwavs
to prevent Henry IV from attending to the crown
of France, earned this prince to be excommuni
cated by the 1'c.pe. Margaret, little satisfied with
ber marriage, seized with avidity this pretext for
being separated from a heretic uud excoaiinuai
nii'Mud husband.
the even dated to take np arms aiinst him,
bnt she via obliged to leave Carlae, a id to tly to
Agen in the mom alarmiug bant to save bur self .
The Marquis dc Camillac airestid her In her
flight and kept her as a prisoner at the cattle of
l.'snon. It Is to be supposed that ne was then
Ignorant ol the power of beamy; but foreihly
struck with her charms, bohliy declared his
passion for her. Margaret wus too well cxp
riencid not to draw an advantage from his we ik
ess. She flattered and caressed him, and at
, last wholly tumid Lis bead by proml-es which
jere never fulfilled. lieing absolute mi-tress of
her fortilied prison, she dnve out iho Mirqtus
and kept the fortress. The assassination of
Henry III left the crown of France to tin King
of Navarie, but it was still for him to purch isu
and conquer. Henry was ofien ohliged to fight
without troops or money, ami it was then ho
proved himself a hero, worthy the crown which
by birth he Inherited.
He gained among others a most signal victory
at Couiras. Henry now was desirous of joining
the Germans, who had come to uis assistance, ani
were in a perilous situation, but the victorious
rmy separated and nothing was done. Nome
authors attribute this sudden division to the Impa
tience of the kins; to see tbe beaotl ml rniitit,.! in
whom be presented the trophies of bis victory.
This fair seducer was the Countess de Uuicha,
called "I Belle Corysande." Soon after lov
banished this lady from his heart and substitute I
one who gained the most unbounded usceudaury
over bis mind. This was the fair Galirielle
d'Kstreet, ami it is known tnat Henry was so cap
tivated by ber charms that he determined to
marry her. The consent of Margaret only w is
wanting, but this princess, not willing that tho
throne should be filled a woman wliu.ie birth,
though Illustrious, did not entitle her to this honor,
refused her consent to a divorce till the death of
C'abnelle d'Kstrrt s.
If the death of Gabrielle freed Henry IV from
tbe vexations this passion hail caused him, he
soon after fettered himself with chains e.ua.!y
as burdeasome. Captivated by tbe etirni of
Mademoiselle d'rintragueo, she by her address
drew from him a promise of marriage. Before he
gave it, however, be was desirous of showing it
to tbe Marquis tie Kosni, to whom be Irapartsd
all bis secrets. He gave It to Kosoi, who rea I ir,
. but made no reply. At last, holding thu paper in
bis bunds as if to return it to the king, he tore it
in two pieces, saying :
"Behold, sire, since it pleased yon to know It,
what such an engagement appears to me to de
aerve." "What are yon doing?" said the king; "you
are surely mad !"
"It ii tine," replied Kosni, "I am a fool and
a iuadmun, aud wish to be the only one iu
Ibis bold remonstrance did not diminish tho
passion of tbe king, nor prevent biiu from giving
Lis promise; but after he espiu.sed Mary no
Medicis, bis connection with Mademoiselle
d'Kutragucs occasioned bliu great uneasiness,
fsbe always refused to return the promise, hut I J
finally obtained it by giving twenty thousand
crwus, and promising the baton of marshal of
Jvruuce to her father.
Henry IV, some time after, whether from dis
gust for the marchioness or to umriifv har. d.n.
cated his vows to Mademoiselle do ia iiourdui.
fciere, and soon after to Jaqucline da Uacil, who
ira made Countess of Moul. The Marchioueis
ste Vcmeuil, earagedwith vexation and jealousy,
yielded to the passion of the Spanish ambassa
dor, with whom sba promised to retire to Madrid
with the children she had by the king, and put in
force the prom isti of marriage she had received
Irom Henry. This conspiracy was happily din
covered, the children of the marchioness wera
taken from ber, aud curried to Saint Germain,
and sba was disgraced. The Connt "Aurergne,
awr balf-brother, who bad entered into the cun
apiraey, when he found all was discovered,
. "tired to bis government at Aurergne, where be
n't?!"1 Bd "nprisoiied in the Bastillo.
the father of the marchioness was equally an
i . ln irs''t,aud was arrested and con
vene, it w
juouaiiiiiui ,1 r. ",u" me love, oy
this ocuK)n Toted for tu. ..ij'.,," v,."f "n
judgmeuti tut love prevailed ovtil th? reli
h.ey tiU urge, and the au,, (unuteTiLS
the weakness of his
tlvrl of the condemned, and the marchioness w as
fully disrhaigcd.
M hen lb my IV first wore the chains of Made
molsel e d Fntingucs, love Interrupted bis tran
quillity In a most himsical maimec, Jt'l,'C
llyponia d'Kstnes, sister of the fair Oabr clin,
h. a a ilesnrii upon fie heart of the king. She
saw that Madrinoistlle d l- n ragiiea had deprived
her of ilie hopt a she i no named. To avenire her-
e f, stehad the adiltess to allure the I'riuee de
Ji ltivitle, and by dint of caresses 1 1 ohtiln rrom
b in n me h ttri be bad written to Mademoiselle
d'l-.ntr..gu(, In whica ho bad spoken dlsrcpect
fitliT of the l;lnc and queen. Mn,J moiselle
O'ImiIi netti s I; tew not how lo reinstate he is,-II in
fitvi r of the atng, hut ti.ei l'iii,ce rre J.rinvi li ,
who ruined bv the vine h'nw, ro ithved to
i xu ii ate himsiii from this p rp cxty. He ml I
Mm en oitelie d'l.n r.igui s that Ma lcm il-cl e
H Fan ti s hau lain is ed ;ho' let'eis by means
ol h set retnyof Clmrlcs de l.ori:ic, Dike of
titiise, w no could count rf, t all o.ts of hand
wruii g, and itns o ely with the view of ruining
Mudi'iii'i'si He o'lliitrnnics. 'Hie sc. rctarv, who
was biiberl, ci nlirmeii Hos a ertion, ami she l.e
lien d ilu tale. Ma lerrio'se'l ! d'ltrees was dis-ml-seil
the i mr', and ccpiix d ol a lover whorn
she tenrti rly rln rl'hed. The l'rinco de Joinvllle,
lor lour, was obliged to go into llnngiry to
Si i ve Bgainst the Turk", and the poor secret iry
w uii.n J ens. d with a prison.
We shall lioisii this amcle by tho liitory ol' a
la ly, who ol all tbe loves ol ilenrv IV, cau-ed
h m the miikl cliagtin anil the le nt pleasure.
We allude lo the Princess of Con lo. H nilctt i
( h rlottc i c Moi tmon ncv, d.iugh erof the horli
ci h-table of that name. She had at lirst b-en
i ii in,.-ed in tnarri i'e, ai d i vrn proposed to the
Mn.uisdu las.s4tnpKTe, with nliibti inclination
tl c ti'airiuo utMonied in ecry respict. On one
side he found a charming woman, endowed with
a:l the gracisof mind and person; and on the
oil" r, he became the possessor of an itnmeii'o
fortuiiC, and formed an alliance with the ereircsl
riolKtmcn in Frame. The king cheerfully gave
his consent to the marriage, and llasaoinpiere
ri ccived ti e congiaiulutions ol all his Iriends.
Hut nil these brilliant hopes; were de-trovid by
love He fore the ci lebrn'lon of tho innrri.tga the
qt eengave a ballet, in which Mademoiselle de
Mi il moicncy danced, habited as Diana, holding
an ui row in In r hand.
Her graceful linuie made such nn Impression
upon Henry that he became despcrsefy in love,
lie reiki led that in marrying this lady to the
Murqni- de liasborui iere she would proha dy love
lnr l.ushatid and be less Inclined to lavor nis
views, lu tho meanwhile the et emles of lls
sompierc, envying his good fortune, advised tho
l'riiiee ol Conile lo ask Ma I lie ilu .Moiinuorcncy
in murriiige. The king was apprised of this, uml
took an opportunity one day of sp eaking in pri
vate to the lady, and begred that shu would tell
him frankly whether II .ssompierc pleased' her,
adding that he could easily break it oil and give
her to the prince, bis nephew. She replied tint
since it was tho will of her father, she should
e-toem herself very happy with M. do Ilu.soin
piere. The king sent lor HaHsompiere
"I think of marrying you to M.id'l o d'Auinale,
ami by this murriairu to renew the Duchy of
Aurrnle in your favor."
"Your majesty, then," replied the astonished
I!ss-omplerc, "would give me two wives."
"llannmpicre, I would speak to you as a
friend; 1 am become not only enamoured, but
perfectly distracted for Mademoiselle de Mont
nioiency. II you marry ln r and she loves you,
I must hate you. If, on tho contrary, she would
love me, you would equally detest me. It wore
belter that jealousy did not des'rnv tlm trt..n,l.
slop existing between us, for 1 love then with
sincere affection. I nm resolved to marry her to
ti e 1'ilncc of Corule, and to fix her at cjurt.
This will lie the consolation of mr advuncinu o:d
I W ill ifive mr ticnhcw . whit la v,i,m.r ..
hundred thousand livres to amuse himself with,
and shall raw content with her affection, without
Pico uoing an oiner lavor.
This discourse 1. 11 like a elan nf (hum! or nruin
the marquis; In one moment he hod all his hap
piness ravished from him ; lint having no choice,
be thought it better to take upon himself the merit
ol a sacrifice which he knew he must make. Ho
told the king He Wastoolmppv in having found
tte opportunity be desired of testil'viuff bis zeal
and affection lor His Majesty. The king embraced
nun witu tears, anu assured him ol bis gratitude.
Some (lavs after, the l'rlnen nf Cnmli, gm.ni..,!
Mademoiselle do Montmorency. Tho prince
soon perceived the pension of thu king for his
"iu. ,ie u. unu a very tenucr letter wincu he bail
wrnttn to the princess, and discovered that ho
had visited her ut 1'icardy, disguised in the Flem
ish habit. Tbe prince then thought he could no
longer iu honor remain at court, and in conse
quence left tlio kingdom, accompanied by his
wile, and went to Brussels., where he was well
received bvthe archduke.
"I was' says lU-soinpiere, "near tho king
when the news wits brought him. He s iid to me,
in a low voice, llassoinpiere, 1 am a ruined man;
he has cariied oil his wife. Take care of mv
money, and go on wlih tho game, aud I will go
and barn the particulars.'"
I UK king.afier counselling with numerous per
sons, at last relished the expedient ol M. do Vil
li rol, of whom the king had asked advlei, unj
who raid without hesitation, "tnat His Majesty
ought to despatch one of his capt tins of the guard
atier them to endeavor to bring them back, and
then to tho princes of those States where they
hud probably gone, menacing them with war in
ccse they reluBed to deliver them up. They have
w tliout doubt taken the mule to Flanders ; and
ihc archduke not havingany exprossorders from
Spain to protect hint, will doubtless deliver him
up or dnve him Irom the St m a." The king,
however, would not fully decide upon this plat!
till he bad beard ti.e opinion ot the U.ike ol
"What is to bo done " asked It's m.'.'esty.
"Nothing," replied Bully.
"Nothing !" said the king.
'Yes, nothing," a'ain replied tho duke. "If
you do nothing, and jou appear to tako no
thought ol hiru, no one will try io assist him, not
cvtu his friend- and servants, and in three
months, pressed by necessity, you w,n b4Ve nlm
on what terms you please ; but If you appoar too
desirous to recall him, they will, out of opponi
Hon, detain bim."
The king, who was chagrined and Impatient,
would not acceptor his advice, but was guided
by that of the l'reidcnt Jemima, and tho next
day dispatched M.de I'.uslm, us ruuoh to tho
prince us the archduke.
To tiui b this picture, by a trait capable alone
of painting all llio force and frenzy of lovo, we
shall suy with almost every historian, "that the
(ire.it prepi. rations tor war that Hunry I V in ide
before his death, h id for their original cause uo
other than his passion for the i'rincoss ot Co ale."
Mi itcral, alter having spoken of tUj vast projects
ol Henry, adds "that iove whs noi tho least cause
of these great design", for it is certain that Henry
the (irent would have availed himself of tins
opportunity to di liver the I'rincess ol C.unJc mio
bis bauds. ' In a word, the Priueoss of ConJe so
much engrossed the miud of the king, that a
report was circulated that ho meant ether to
bear her away, or to kill thu I'rinee of Coude at
Iliu sels, ai d the laiter w is ohliged to make his
escape to Milan, disguised us a priest. Tue Prin
cess of Condc, ho was probably tho Innocent
cause of Henry's death, became afterwards the
favorite of the Caidiuamc ia Valu tte at least
wj filler so from Amelot In his historical
memoirs. He says:
'The Cardinal de la ValleHewas desperately
In love with the I'rincess of Con.de, and she, it
was aaid, enterr ,ined a reciprocal affection for
bltn; for. besiues the elegance of his person, he
uppb. d her with whui she did not obtain Irom
ber hu-bind."
The I'linceknew It so well tint be always let
her want money. Hmiy IV, who was at last
the victim ot the f.inaiionu of bis age and of the
mtdn'St ol II, val! lac, narrowly cseuped some
years betore being assassinated by I'etjr liarriere.
Ibis untorunate man, woo wis a native of
tincsus, and only twentv seven years of ago
when he wastukeu.had been a waterman, but was
ufierwarda a soldier. The Huke ot Uji.o, who
s ki iid at ii ois, bad employed hiiu to deliver
Queen Margarit out of tho bauds of Ca
ll, iliac, who detained her pri.ouer by order
of Henry III. Hurriere, in acquitting him
self ol this commission, became enamored of one
of the women of tho piineess. The luJIgtmnt
- TIU se he exoerieneed threw lilm inm m tv
J 1 ...... ....v. m iiGUi.j
Of despair, und be endeavored to take h in nu n
lif 3. As lie feari'd cUrnal rmntHhmi.iit )m lio.l
be trd tl at to assassinate the king would be an.
Hwvtsfu nuiuj cicriiai rewaru, ana ne reso ved to
atts not it. It was biancalon who denarteil from
iTons tocumion Henry IV against liarriere. Tho
advice came very opportunely, aud liarriere win
fre.ttd. He long persisted in refusing to dis
cover nis scueine una the name ot his aceoni
pliJcs. Ho wus condemned, first to lose his right
Laud, to nudurgo tbe torture, afterwards to bo
biukiu and exposed upon the wheel at Milan; ut
last burned, aud his ache scattered in the air.
We are indebted to love for one of the bu,i moli
Of Henry IV. 1 be anecdote i thus relateJ :
"The K lig of Navarre, being in the chamber
Of bis aunt, the I'rincess of Coiule was ploasod
with bearing a gentleniun wbom she loved touch
the lute. At he accompanied the instrument
with bis melodious voice in this song, 'Je ne vols
rf n qui me eonteiite, absent de ma divinite,' the
Ling replied, 'J 'apielcz pas aiusi ma tanta, elle
aime nop I'humanite.' Henry III being told
ol it the same day, '1 here,' said be, 'is an encoun
ter worthy my brother. If it be thus be aud bis
companions amuse themselves, we shall soon
iisve peace.' "
This I'rincess of Coude was Francos d'Orleaiu.
Marchioness de Ho'elin. She married Louis I
of fcuurboh, I'rinee of Coude, brother of U'An
toine de Dour boo, King of Navarre, and father
of lletiijr IV".
Thomas B. Aihe is tbe name of the new South
Circloia Relator to the Richmond Congress.
He If described aJ gentleman of Whig ante
cedents, of high character, and devoted Kobel.
okhck of tiiu rny
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t" "' ' Hal 00. a nl.si Til., r. On (.fllre of Mi-i XlrixiiB
(' llln, N". 2 H. I HOST Ktn-l.
V. M. H. i I' 1CIIK )H, Pratl-tfot.
HlHIllT frnv Jt u.il.OH,. J
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Xl tUklANV, Nn MS WAI.MT Slir.il, H mm
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is- liitnpniiv will ii. riMiiy lu l.sns i i-rttlli'tti'S tit
"' a en anil i'n t si.t, Inomv.r'i.ik ' I
I """" lidi lav IS l'. ni.nvs ilai' l.illi will nli sn,
po rm ilu tti mi n o i.tfler i.ti nr Alii r Hie .i..Ti-tly. nil
lei r i-1 t-tlllli id I il Mi., k h, , i,
' l-t. '' H. wll.illAVK, Keueurr.
ff-f " i I v i n i: nii,
1 TPir I ilrw rora nfllid
"tiff n.t v.t v i.iiui.11 on, cfivinvT
hair lli p t'a iiir'nra a iihiiillev ih?iatio of OSS". I'KIl
t r 1 i n Ois ,nai n.i s, t.a.'.i'.ls Ir.-.. ol tin. n' imb
l.p rs wl I. a l uii.ihiiv. N . 1 IS A. I UOKl'lI Mtroat,
"n mi H MCar .1 a n I. at i ?, IKijv
' tan'ter hoeat will r mril frrn tleei'mhrr .'M to .Tanu-r'-
' tt ll.l.lAM A. I.ANK, HeerstA-,.
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l'ill'Aliicii: 1 1-, o.ii'iit, lsiel.
II e Annual Muslim- if llio Stnikliiiiee a i.r tliif I'ntn
f !. . .c e .11. I if. Olid nf jiine'orM, will idki lilaii' at t'.t'
ticio ut il,,. t'..i,,i,.i,iv la Wiitiim.tiiti. oit tlie hs:'JONU
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I'V'?" rilll.AliKI.rillA AM) K K A 1)1 NO
1 ItaillPAif I'u.npiiie, lillut .No. '227 S. rtll'Kni
I'm it A in en I A . I'n enil.nr mil.
To avelit oVtfnllrin. Hie ho iIitb ol iIojilmia of ihlN i'um
I ai ilnei.n INs 1st nrnxiii.o. are rs. iih-ah-.i I havs Ineia
at thu ( fli's. on or betore the illnt It it., wlioa rnrflits will
OS vlv h. rii tliii niiir lu m r i-i nt d.r sttuia kh.i l '..n.i
N'mich lie.,, ami clns ha will lia ri-ail lnr il,ii,.r. nn
Il i'.HflAt. tlm :IJ t,t Janiiarv. In exrlianus lnr b-i.1
W-il-Ht fi. IIRAIiroKll.Tnsasgrar.
rr-j fi FirE of sfconi) and tiiihd
. , . "'ree I'M-satuer Usllr-ni (Vnupany, rKANrt
riilill Read, hsli.w l.n.leh Asi eoe.
I'liit Ann. I H 1 A , PTOtnlipr.tSM.
1 I.r Annnal Mestlniif tl.e HiorkliuliliTinfiiiia ruint.riy
W III 1.1 I I'l.l nl III iifl,. ,. ,, llllMi.V .l.i. ir. U .a (
at 19 o riot k M.. w hen in S.lect on will lis hull! fur a i'r.'iii
itml Hliu twelve tliri-rli.rN. t.i serve tut It.e en niiiu i,.r
I I trai tsr hei.ks nf tlio Conninte. will he . I.,.,,l fur i. n
(lata irli r lt Saul tleelloa. THOMAS I.oiiaN,
Kc notary.
Th' l'flif1Ur ItflHwBV f'Mtntianv CVtatrk. l afr..l
line). tt plate a riumi.cr of arltlitioiial r.r upon l heir
n atl, t. tun iK twnii Ti nt v fi.unn nit M ir-et -trf u
(Ott'iul) depni). ami Tiom nrrti-t. for the tultvr ho tun
ui' flnti n of Hit- iiitilic, him. hnvp tr'rctl trnlr tk-kfn
(Kood on ill unci), to rarrv pnmsriivfrtt to tdotr wentfrn
t1tt"'t. l"oriy-lr.t nt'i-ct anrl ilttrrrt rtl iiIipcI.. wltiinut
M'lariirifP. Hnirl t-.-in will te d il.n ii.d hy m wi'i-f
till ft Oil. "To Tliif I V-full rill llflnL. 1 Hi, it h kmiwli il ttlul.t
ly kr'f.n ll(.ht.
U-2i-i-t' WILLIAM MAKTIK, Jr., Sfcretsry.
rrr- euiiano.nKNKUATs office,
NuvcmtiiV J!l. tr-U.i
FOTTrR Vfdtml in rw nf not kn it an two ri'
arivfrt, who hiiTt-In cn hnroratii? w;h'irKrd and ni'.tn
to rtrt'f9 Htl UitfiTiiI tifi M K-il oNSor A"HIsr..Sl'
I hlKdNH hi ih Vint d Halt u Armv ( r m w K-iiic
ortfnniyrd at W M-hlm. o.n, r invliuj to i rward tht-lr
lp trauonn, tetttinioaialii. ant) Tiilunc of tric, to
Uit Murftten Ofcutial, wlihiuL diay.
J2-7- thuCt Hurgi'on-ttVcnoral.
WOK KM, Wovfmt.fr an, IKj.i.
Propcuali wul h ntfive lat tl m OfTlpa nn It noon of
thf Ut 01 J.nuury nut, for tiie iito to iu Trail ol U e
fh lnofipiiln (,at w,,rki,of -ttifk In th
BntMliwar. and Moyniucr.ung Uaa Works.
(WfnanN.wn flr,
Manaiunk do
r.d Kit r inond do
'to it UMd kb lnvMtTuentfl fhr the In Kin, ftimli nf iM
wort .
13-2-lm CHbiator.
TT9 inan hodf ru of tM v many a n tlAod that,
ander h lutlt-n of the nom d of lurrot r thev aro, itj
tied lo mbM-r b ro itie itock of ihv t)niisiiy ike amount
of IKN i'f.H 'F.NT. on thfr reiptetive tjiiurt, m
fthnwn bv thtfir book of th !id m.tant.
a li tnarehokktr n tiled to a fractional part of a r-nare,
ontiertt)6 tiTtns of tha l('oiml"a, aliall have the privt
). of tubicilktuiK fur a full ahara uii iliu iiuytuvut til Uity
dt liari.
1 kiln Rto. k win b lnonM at the par tbIiio o' fifty do.
lari pir ttiaie. Accrmrt It tert at KIX I'KK f'ffi NT. w1J
bv artsid irom tti Ut in-taut untlJ paymeiit n made
Tlir (tonka for ot riptu-n and jn wri.-nt win li open
on Mia V, lb 7rh Jnaiant, and wbl eloo oa the .'lUt
of I'rrfmbcr utit, aitrr wincn no fur tier feuliicriptioui
will li r-i ffvd undtir tr-e rei.lt.o.
ll-Jh tU hi TlioMA.ST MRTII Trtaj'trer.
?('K 1MB
BELD IN r 11 1 LA II ELT II I A, JUKE, 18G4.
rstJCK riva doi.laiui.
pMIIAUKJ-l'iilA AlstiM:T, Jill I.l7 t'HKHSI'T KTREKT.
lleecuihiT -rit I 44 S
TothUtmbr ofth4 Varimtt Wminuteti uf tht Qrti
Ctntial fair
Thf 8ANIT ItV rOMVIMSIttShfifi to annnnnf.o thnt
Ike "HUroH or IIIK FaIH,' prepartd hy Mr.
HI II. I t;, at ttie ri-iiieii ol the k:xK-iiiive Cnnmuife. t
fcow itay for drl.Ytery. It for an a very e' trait iiurlo
voluni- of mor thfp iwotn ntlntl pn-f" ; la priuli-d on t tic
flneaf, imptr at the "I'aittn trm ' uf Hrnr-. Hlicrfiinn A
Co.,aint i.iuktratd Mlth plio(oraitis of hium ol the
nmrr li,iTfui.K mi. t.ftm(ril;e F.vtiiiiti..n. It oouuIiir an
atrcoini! of the otits'tn and pnfrrta of Lto Fair; a dticrip
Uoii if the 4nirent H-p''tininU: a ti'cnient of the
ttnatirtaiieAiili; a tull iti of till tho Cotnmlitca eic.ctn.
Aithiarh la rtelnwd prlmaril) f r ho im-inhers of
tr Tarlfxta rommlltvu., and a U uittvl ud Uuii enlr naa
haati (jrlriM, it Ian Intra ihooht ga Ut plaa it iu
oharco of JUr. JaallCBi R. IM ON, aa eueuial agent IVr tta
oae wkodMiirronfe-wlH p'fuf-eill on or addroaa
bl at No W 8 Hjvn. t nrl,ie.nnij ato-y.
tut himtm w( lcll ui yn those why uuxy aot be ab'e to
eemnienir ute witk Inm.
N. m. Vfill k iee fur cellrery on WEltNliD tr.
Ilu aft-t.
i nii.Ai.ri eiiu. Iisi.nli4r 111,
Tho .Annual F.'artlim lor lilrertura ill lia ladatth
llai.in k' llnti.e.on I Ml KtliAV, Ilu- ivih ilf or Jaiioarr
aaAl, U-lwaen ui buun il' lu A. al and i'. a
'siltN a. LtlVIt,
1J M itolh tl-13 ( al,i.r.
3y rnn.AHii.mn.-
Km iiirraim, flMeemtier 90, 154.
Th aaaual F.liet.a n Dureini ol irn. ll.nA will ba
In. d ai llie Ilu amir Hi u, on 1 1'Kanar, Jauu.rv lu,
1M,.., tetsiifa tni. huuriol 11 M aiiil.iP.Af
1'.' W 11 V.
W. II. KI1A WN. Ifealilsr.
f-Ti;"" FARM FUS
Tlllkl Mllli
. ' "ti Aiu i ,1'iiu. Dmtakar , lnt;i
T' Anc", atl.-eilo lui liuaet.i a ol lie. l:ank win b
nattt at i ha haakinr Hmue on W.iloaiUy, tba lltb oar
ol Janaarv nr. l, liclMeua tlia boiati vf 10 v aluta A. at
suit S v rk.ca t. ML.
H S-UU w. Rl siriON.Jn., Caablar.
Pll'l AlilI I'lll A . ria...l.A. IO mil
Vrllra Ii l.en hr jritan lin.b j in ,el oa J of Iha Art
or tli tianeial Atim l.iy at tl.o l onimimw.-Aith of F. aii
jl aaia. ai.litlru aa "An atialilirv ill" Kauai of ma i.'utn-
iianwrailli to oi-..ni- A la'l.lii lor Ilia pure,.., of
nankinv uniiar IS lawt ol thi- I aiM ota'e.,' aparorail
II I Wit lJ of Anu.l, A. II. Ilsf I, inal Ike aloeklluloai of
Uia waaiarn Hank nf I'hlla !l.l a, i.ara thia day tota l lo
Liainir.ack an Asoci.ll..n, and that It. lii. 'Hr. har
f.rtieuraa ma aiitlioittT of me nwai ia nf mo a ttiau two.
II lid. ol Hi aupllal kiek to make tha lartiacala ra mired
inarafor lijr Uia laws ut Ibe I Ditad natal
if M c. . way lABDr.Caahtar.
X (I' and ConatTof I'hlladaloh'a
Ji'UN J. 11AI I ll KI L t. JusKPH PI. F.VAH
Altai Vtiilluonl P.i).iiiiaa. hap-erutier, I'M Sit.
I I. a audi or aaboiiitj.j nv tea fi.n.i m .r .i. a '.i
butli n of a r ml aiiMlncid by a Ml. anil .aicutiuar ll. a
atjona writ, of all thai cmain tlin-a torr brick nitusuAj j
or nnnoenl, I. a. k built Ii Ka. and lol rrnievi! of s-oudJ.
Huaieon threaal ililoof Meaulh atre.t, al Uifdl.tanoa
of Ibrae hundrrd anil fuiir fei t m.alliwiid from tlw anuih
ideal U Irani atraat. In Ilia Tweatlam ward of the el of
Klilladelpliia ; ixii.lalninii in f oul or tirrsnth on mo ald
Elaiva'li ilrisat aovanteaa faat tlnelailitia oa Ihe n rtli aula
tl.rlr Uia aiinlffirniiiOAt haif iiarl ol au aller inrim (art
lil wnlih tiv lua wtiole di iUi of Ibe tl.errliy kjraniad .,l)
and aitanaitif In l nKtli or ilen'li raatward of Ikal irij.li
aTrnlr oua laet tea ami otio tia'f mrlaa In a mar 1 sat
hla al ar.l'atuiK nxlliwatd anil ixniniun. atnni with
Ilia aaiil Ihrea f.m wide alley aiuijtcl to the Jaarty irra ind-
u!'-,0! 1 V Ti!1 '." '! lMiilu.nt. oa
WKfiNBrsIiAr the suit, day ol iM-oaber, A II. HM at
IS o cliK k 1' M .alhlaatrlee. Ha. m ti. BIHHTII htrUt.
rklladilrtliia. whaa sad wbera all oartia. lairuai..i
praaaiil their rlaliut.ef toe r wlU ka debarrad front coialtur
la on .aid fiu.4.
IMt lw 0I1 B. COt.nA,:i,idltr.
J lair clatua ii'on Jeirtkil-ii ll.all'LUN, dao.anad,
wUlpleaaa say or (ireaoul tha aama u the uoo.r, .U-J
Caaaatura, WiU.UM UL4iIND,
No. JtlS Pllg Nlraat.
. GKiiHiIB II. ItV A.Sa,
" ' ' ilo 4aS AaM.lt llreak
Caa k kad aaawavar laaa aay ataa Qai ttoTs. at
n-KMm I. l s. flrTH TUtrV.
OflTl fJTfi c!,s pkachrs. vkry 8U.
.t r 7,t T l I partor. sat aa ay U. P. Marwa a) tlo., al
! Coand Tiap ToaoAi Paaau, tta, ajar aanviiu, u,j lor
alCAlt.Jt, MIWW.Mn, UK i. n ll4J(Ti. 3-iPla
For Won Petentloa or toftoetlnesio of TJrlna, Irritation,
Iaflaimnalkin or Dlraratloaof Us Kladdar or Kldnays,
ln44nm c M rrettratt eUiniit, ftten im IA Blad-Ur,
C(r tifnj, (iravtl. or iirirk dutt Ditpaitt, and all iMavaaas
f tovt 11 lad ilar, kstnt jti, sad lfi paleal awalllBfS.
Tor tf cjuVneaaes arl'lnc fiom Exoeaifrs Indiirrstlon. Tha
eonttltirtlon once aetAsd with Oryante Wenkwu rernlrei
ti e aid of matHrin to ttrengihtn and Hiwivoral tht ty'tfm,
wtllti JJK4J.IIU1.D KX1KACT MCHU UiTArta'jIy
Wkh, If no tniOmAstit ll icrnnJttA-d to, CoBiaotiKlua or
Insanity tvay cnaua.
In srrtttlons rarnlfar to'TsuALss,' Is tmormalod hyany
other preparation, as In Chloroets, or KotAintloo, Irrntro
larltlas ; I'slnfolnoas, or ftupprvntdon of Ccatonutry Evao
uatlonii Vlcarnlctl, or hehirrons atato of tlis ITtorns;
LaitchorrlioiA, and all ecmplaJiita Innident to tha sea,
w hether arletitg from habits of dlsitpatiun, tmprndauolos,
or lu the decline or etiaiuj of We,
VBl radically eitarmlnale from tha system Dlieaias of
the Urinary Organs arirlrig from llabltiof Dlsalpatloa, ai
li-tte ftry eiua, luili or ao aAoatia la diet, nointonvunitnc
or eriviurei ooupletaly soperboding thoas wnfioaoail and
taniierntt renudiu, Cot aivm anal Mttnurt, la all Uieae
In allDlieaaes of the Urinary Orenns, wauthar ojOsttog In
"Miiffot "femmle," from vhalmir coun aWirfnoiiaa
aarfao wia ur Aow Una Uanding. It la pleasant lo
Uile and ailor. " Immttltuu" aa avMon, and sura
stnanaenlnc tnan any of the preparatkjne of Dark or lrm.
Thoie sultei tog from Broken Dokh or Dtltott ComnM
Honi, protvrt Ut kemtjy at anos I
The raadar muattie awara that, aowaver elUM may be
the attaok of ilia abo-ve dUcasee, It Is strtain to arTacI Aai
BoiMlf OtaHh, MiiK'il Portr; Uafpinmt, ami Mi fot
aariay. ruifwciAifs.ruugi noiica.
Is oompatsd of uciu, Cuboki, and Juoiftr BerrUt, we
atstol wsth great cars and prepared la raoua ky H. T.
nolAlltOLD.Drngaiat and bemlat of atataaa peam'
penance ta : (at? a rkiUdatvhas, aad now paeeertksd
ST UiS saottetaanaBl af the fkoalty, aavd har boan ad
ailuad to ass la tha Called states Amp, and are aiao k
Tsty gTBeral as la SUIa Uoapltals Slid puUle SanKarp
laatauatioaki thntujhoat Dm kuuL Modleuus dadrared
lo any addraaa, aaooaopaajod by sxpaUt slnottorij. Darvot
krttaea to
BaXatBOlD i Drag and Ckanleai Waiahoaaa,
V. 504 Broadway, New Turk,
Or RKIJatBOLO I MadSoal Pepot,
If. 104 (. TaoU traat,PVIa4alyila.
Bsswars a Sau. taraWta. Aak Bar BaUJarBOUPw, a -tal
01 ss spaa froas f a'sloek A. af. I r. M.
Mfap Pratslsts everywhere.
U. S. 10-40
PSAiiTwo m p.b fiJtT. nrrnKKor ik oow,
redormahU am time after TP! IV TKAHs", M the pleanora
or tha OoTeranwnt, and payaba) IMUTY IK AIU aitar
both corroH ikd KEinsTitaitn nosni are
laaurd h this Loan, of name denomination as the tH.
Tlie btfareet on laOs and Sicma payalila poarlyi an all
other deaomlaatloiu, half early. Tha 10 V) bun ill are
dated M area 1, 1HS4. The half yoarlp Intaraat tailing du
Hrnteniberl and ntaroh 1 of aarh year) antll 1st Neptam
har, Uia aoaraed Intoraet froaa lit of March Is reonlrod lo
be paid by parnhaiera In oms or In i.sual cruaasseT, add
ing fifty par cant, fhr pramlam. arHll ttun har noOee.
JAY COOKE & 00.,
a-ihW-tf No. lit . T1IIK1I 8TUKET.
No. 40 H. TIIIUU HTllKIiT.
11 2 8m WALN IT ST11EKT, IlF.f.OW TTIRI),
(JOLD, U O Li I, (1 O L, IJ,
anl-tf- Ro. 510 B. TTOKD BTKB Bt
JTAltl'i31l, IlIltINi: V ate CO,,
Ks. U 8. TfilUD STllLtT, rhllJdoliala.
Rtorki and Loana houirht and nold on Commlaxlon. TTn
autrent Hank Sous, Coin, Ac , hoUArht anil lold- Hpeola
attention paid to the porchaae and ealo of Oil Htorlcs,
lieuostu reoolreil, aud IniAiniat aJowsit, as per asroo
nient. U-li Jin
Vo. 30 B. TIUKD HTB :tT.
iliaole, Stocks, Qnartonnaetors' TonAJwrs and (Tirk, and
all OOTarnmant Beeurltlee Botwht and Sold, fual
LiAii-KMOIV dc CO.,
OoTemmarit Rrrnrttlei of all taeaei rrlW and ar
Bala. Btuoks, Bona, and Uuul Boaght and Bold on (Joia
Oollacltoni Promptly Made. ret-t
QFFICia iron THU
uniti:d states
The Sob. on bar. hETtnf baaa tha sneoae.rttl Btddara for
a porllOD of tha KTtW -10 BIX PER CKMP. OOLU
rtEAHINO LOAN, are prepared to utter U on faorbie
lamuto thear eunaaers.tn ktraa or small amoanta, in
Bonds of denominations of tttle, Kua, &u)s, and luOUe,
soth rsjtytatared and aoapoaa.
Thelnearaat CAanaiausa oaf tha Ut of aToraenbiir naat
and la payable hi gold, aaxal annoaily, on tha let of May
aad Nov-antsar.
AB MtrOoTTra-Mrt ftsMiuiflaa on band and ftmala,
aud lalofBHiaon (iren aoaoaruinf laresuaem., at our
JAY OOOK15 eb CO.,
Ma. Ill i. TlintD HTEi-K.r.
u P1illadalpkla.
1 is, im;4.
Koilce la hereby irrran of the raadrnraee or this roriart
menl la radetra oa preaeatatlon, by iarmoil In lawful
lnoney.or by cenver.lon Into bord. iu aiithorl.ed hy law,
tbe TLria I'ear. Tieaaury No'el hearUiy Inttra.t ai ise
ra'eof .even and Urae-ton ne per aantain, lamed nrilar
Ael or July 17, 1MII. lnleraal wii eeaae n all lack Trua-
u y Mo'aa net an spaaenled. aster tnraa uimb rrvm Una
daie, at wstoh taUA, aauia the law, thu rtrit of eonar
M eaaaea. y. p. rKSnciriia!,
M-U-iat Baentaryor Uia Traaamy.
u. s.
n, aVAtbaeriaatoAa n.atiaj.
tumlahad traa aa aaiaraaa, bp
OlaOltoa J, BOYD.
o. M I. TRIaVll at eat
IS -
U WAM'SKaU 1. M0TI-.
JI31UrJlJ A.a HODDEll k OU
BMnmD a. snTTTjaa,
aaroiRAi.n UITTI .
(vsiuaa t. aniioaa.
lOT"KTV'fl Tit A w a D ttronoD t?ota
- - n Ai,aiiuuaikiaoiA'
J liaabad In law. iinnortar aadAaatar la
x' LVruors.
lo.a ABuvokwalfca Plsiklos aud aauoaa
tttiailAh and Ikototi Ale aoJ rsMlat, oauw
Navy at eases put op with eae,
. , At aia-US I. SEOOWTJ Btroet.
an a
10. M
o. HM ST. IKOOaTD Bireat, Ptailadalaoia.
m- aa w asa..M ,
1 frsfsswd fa aa antara kt aajr aattaiat for aor was
..w.ii.,.i uia isnea mmB WIMJT. EST aTTLLaV
laehiStatail re.eal lipreraaaaaia atOaiaiaai, avimaiHa.
aad PTaavlaa.
aad PTaavIajr.
stre WMrka.
attaiaUava af msaalhataian fa ear aslia
Jet reeaiTad, a fan .lock of
Ladles' PVatrs, rhiladelphla Clnb Rkatas,
(trnta' Hkatis, Ilostnn Korliora, Terr en narior
Hers' fckans, New York Club tskatai, '
And Farliir tikatoa, all si ids,
sphere eft ran he aroofnmodated wab a inpertor aoaji1
Irrtn a choice leleetloa.
I'liILii wi I .Hon asp: r;r.,
1M0 lm Ve t( CHr.NfT Street, rhiUitelhkt
Ontorae'. Chalknire Pteel ftkatri,
Itelcl er'. Improved Lailira' and drnta' Skatoa,
B Clark'. Patent Ladle.' and (lent.' Skates,
rimvt"n Patent leeentrte nnc Skates,
Shaler'a Patent rioor Skate.,
The Ameliisan I'ateiit floor State.
A full aamrtmrnt of all the anoye styKw ennetantl)' on
hand, as well as all theother varleili-a of
Txivah'. Tatent Self Fk.ttinlnK Skato.- fnaten wttliont
strati., 11 -4ar
HIrh of tlio "Hkntii Xloy,"
No. f.ll MAKKKT HTltKKT,
Itnvr for Aftlc, 7'lioV.alc and Keiall, the larwert and has
Stock of
In tM rtty. he'r ptAt-ii sjjmprtsen t Try powlSio vivlt tj
ami nt the im p i pricm.
I ndii'tt' mid ; nf' hti'i'l Blf-i. fKrvonii' Pkate,(T,nr1t'ti
Hkaup, HnfsAij' rtknic. I'filrttrtliia Kk-Uti'i. Itrfvlftirl
lluituti SrsiUui, "UttMcb Clitir" kthuui.Tavrlur NKaUi.
In hrt. fvervtMnpT prtit,,n,nir to Rkf.ti,BndrrArrTarity
of hknti- mfitlf m tif pr.K "Tt 'I ' rhf S an of tii "H-,nUr
Itoy, Mo. 611 JblAKKtT fetreil, Urn OIUwil bi.nl l.jre In
U,t cUj,
N. B. Skatft flmniifl mid Id-viAlred. 12-18-tl
) PlIII.ADKI . til A, T'fCCtllhr 2. 10.4.
In pur-ufince of the aiii.ci.cU rtioiutJuii, Uio fuUofrlug
bill, rntltUU
t iY H IS lilt, KAIi AH It rar.HA H KAKS, "
la her hy publnhnl, (n cc.rtJauce witu tbe act of AiMai
tlj", for public iaioriaalivfii.
rierk ol Couuiiod Cosnufl,
Rvtlon 1. The sicit ind CVouaoa Cuuuelle of the City
Of If h.lailelphta do 'inUin
Thnt the Mayor of fnUttdflphla hit and he U hnrehy aa.
thortrtQ to borrow on the credit of the citT.from tlmo o
tune, iuh lumi ot iihuioj ir? he nereiiarv fur tti
Iament ofmrti firflrlenciet ai now exist, r wh.cn may
xiH on tho tlrnt dfty of Janunrv, lsf-S, la tho appropria
tlone toihe nevpral di parUiicnt. of the city government,
lnr the i'ar r.Khtetn huitdred and aixty-tuur, or for pie
Ttom yenm, not nrrediiiK in the whole the linn of two
millmtia itre hundred thnukatid doilari, for which liite
rtkt,not to ic fl the rate ol all per centum par aunum,
hall be paid half vrarly, on the (1rt da.vs of January
and July, at thu ortice of tha Vlty Treaaurer.
Tte principal or ild loan hui be pa.vaole and paid
at the expliHiInn of th'rty yean from the da'e of the
ame, and not beforo without the consent of the holders
mvttvf ; and the ceiUftcnts thtrrfor. in the ttiual lortn nl
certificates of City Loan, shall tie iiamil in such
amutits aa the lenders may re'iulre, bat not fur any frao
tlonal part of one lunidrt d dollars, or, if requlratl, !
amounts of Ave hundred or one thousand dollars; audit
shalt he expressed In said eerttilcstes that the said I naa
therein mentioned,, aud the luteraat thareof, ax payablo
free trom all taxus.
ection3. W hei eer any loan shall be made by Tirtaa
thereof, tin re snail be ty f.irce of this ordinance aunuaUy
approprlnted out of the Ine-me of the corporate rstnts-s
are from tlie sum rained by taxat en, a sum s"ihiini to
pay the Interest on said certiorates; and the funher sum
ot ttiree-tenths of on per centum oa ttie par
Jue of such owllftca'es so Issued shall be appro
prmted (jiiarteily ont i.f said Income and taxes to a sink
ti g tund, which fund, acd Its aecunntlatloiif . arc bnrvbr
capirlaliy pledged lor me rtHkmpUou aud payiueat vf Jd
To pnMUh a Loan HIlsjo pav Dcflclonctoa.
Ttotolvrd, 'I hat the ( erk he authoftceil to pohllsh In two
dsliy newspapers of this city, dally, fur fulr weeks, tha
onln ance prer.ee ted to Commun Council on Thursdays
Iifoemherl. 1W4. en U led
"An Oidinance Cn attnv a Loan to pay Certain DeAclenelei
of the year 1MM, aid previous years."
And the said Clerk, at the statsd tneeitnir of ('ouael1.
after the expiration if four weets from the first dar of taU
put llcailf p, shall prment to this Ooanctl one of eaou al
said uewt n,ers fur entry day kn which Hue saran siM
have bctu wade. L'i t i w
So, 7'al M .hkk r Hiuki:
lie. eiubur iMit.
Healed rroponalg will he received at this jtnee until
ikk n ot SA'H'UHAV, I)o,4tuitK-r ;il, lh, h.r luntlsuin
and setth ti up cou plcte !r line ill Port MkIIIq;
J-'iftv (1.0) ItiON lillaNhB, two story.
Twenty (VH " flnule.
Pmpcalh tuiitt be made out upon the reKular firmi fttr
nlhhed at this otll- e; inn-1 state the pric e per poun l lor
the bunks set no, complete, and the ohcrteat time In which
they inn he delivered.
'lie l t.ned Mates reserves the liht to reject all bids
de imed or.jectional'le.
15-?4 til . uptaltt ami . M.
o. b.!h WALN l'i Ntreet.
rnii,A.iiKi.i'iiiA, Docomher 24, 1MC1.
Healed rropouals. In dupdOiite. will be rt elved at this
ofli.i until l'ioeloek at., oil Ttll'HMhAY, hecfinlier ai!,
Inm. lnr atipplitiK lor the tti-eoi thu l ulled .statew tiix ,
tin- following i u Lb isle nee stores, ilelivercd In l'liUudelpnln,
l.tiuo hakki i vntsT qfat itt von pkd
(whlt h to le s'nted) out ot the pack of Wii .'.,
in full hooped ok barrel-., with Iron master
Loopr.; lull weiKld anl thotouwlilv (...ll'-d; to
bac been repacked within Hurt) dav ut rt;i(u
ol deiver. lo he Ueitvervd wiinin twexty
ca r trui award.
I)Kh8 packed wl bout pressure, in iIk'-i Hereon
Oi ij nil-! in m.v. To he duilverod witnin twenty
da f fn in award.
300 It.WOt I LH Or' MKHH Olt KXTIt A MKSi
ht.kaf (which i he ia-cri, lu fmi hnpu4 o-ik
hareh, wilt, Inn n us ter h'oii. ittef to be
new, mil wel ;ht ri t no -ncs t, a:i l thor)UA.'liiv
sealed, lu be delivered within in daj i fry i
nv. ard.
150,000 I'( IMiS NEW WHITE IlKiNH, n w-U-coopend
batntls. To be dolls ervd wlth'u ten
dav h.
to he paek.(d in w. INeoupsretl b.ir.-eli, Tv bo
d 1 V- red win lu tea du b.
50,000 hil'KIM Uli.sr iHAMTV, LAK'iK-
(JUAlNJilJ, KILN -I.Kir.O llOMINV, lu well-
coop nd hariels, lolly uead-iimd 'lu be do-
livt nd Hithin two -iv dus
ie,ooo hu siiH Kiitsr urLiir admvtinf.
CAMU.K.S, I a i. lo bu delivered m il:iIu tea
"la-i fmiu av'd.
0,J(10 Ful'MiH t.ttOl. IUIE0 HOAP. in pounc bar,
fu.l we'at t, ptcKed in kixiy pAjuiid bovon. lo
I e reilvpied wtthin ten i'a- tr'-m award.
30.000 rol MiH CIE4N, KINK. UKV HALT, It)
st'org. we 11 -coopered barre's. To be delirurt d
witriin ten rti-ys t rt ni aw aril.
6,000 liALLONH l'i UK tlDhlt, Vll INK V or ( 'Oil V
VlMOi-AH, in sir-mj.', well-ouepered barrels.
To he djhcred within ten d-iys ft-oin date ol
Kamples ot ail the above nrtlolej.,'vxf't ine:ts, tr list le
dllend with the i ro("al, and reieirsd u thereiu, but
th pr pohuh. inist not be eiul .m-H ufi in tump la
Hitr pus must lu lu boxes or hottles, aud utiu paper
I'auelf. r r
1 he mratfi will he examined and pts.ed uiMn by Joliu U.
Tuvlor.liiMpe.-tMr on the part ol the Unlu-d Ntates.
M'paraic proposals, in diUfWo.ite, must bo inndo for ea -h
artlelf enuiteruted, utiJ hiJdeiB luay iiropoho lor tha who.o
or any part of each.
A rrmied copy of this advertisement mast be attache J
lo eaeh bid, ad tbe proiiais must be spue Uio In cum
pivtim who all its leruis.
f.at h bid must have tho written suaranlenof tworsip )n
slh.e nam , for tn lulumicnt ef tiio atou.uuut, whj will
Klve bonds If reilrrd. ,
l.lauk forms lor propuls, cotitalnini: the form of guar- I
Atitee, nifty be had on appl.t ataoti ut this oihce.
Iheseiura naute, place ol' huMiiiean and date of pttr
(hnse.bauie oi contentn. urosit. turu. unj n.. w..i,.i.ta
mint l marked ou every paekaKti, aud all old uiaras
must lm obliterated.
lUtlll'MbOl Weights bT nrofi fililol nnSH nl,.l,i.r,A I, at
given win never re.iuind.
ao bids irom parties Hhn have lailod to fnldt a f,.n.irt-
asyresinent will be eousiUerod.
ItHlB Will include mai-lttiLOtt, inH rlfllv.ipv ait an i
thlt-clty.to be dirsik-tuitud hy thn ottice; and any lnfeiior
packages or coopeiutre will bv coustdttvd suttn leut causa
lorreiK-tlon f contents.
I'ojuitMt win in- maiie In siieh fundi ai may be furnish ad
by the I tilted Ht.te. tor the puipose. w
l'r. poiais to be endowed "riojarsaH fr Hubitsteiice
ISAAC! n. win. 11V,
Cauiain aud 0 a. V"U.
12 21-lW
(lAiAataaausTaa-uanaSAi.'s Orrtca, )
Kib.t liiviajoM,
. Wsajiuit). Deaaalw 1, HM. J
Horess, taftaMa forCara'TT ar Artillery eerrlaa. will be)
f1jajJJ'4attJiaaa4ept,la utMai aurSal, till beaaaa-
Botaea win ka W1rer to fWDtala L. Lswrf afwjr.
A y. VI .aa. Sa raa,Mtol ta Um a a a. iwmaHat hiy
t teaa SsOa. aum.4.
Prla. aTOavain Umu. Sirs aMk.
re or aiUaar UAAT.ee. 1 1 aeaA.
ue aiaila far aaa (SI aud mar..
JAatBva A. KKTW.
OlAVaml Sa Okarm rir.. laial -a.
M J Itt
Ijaawl aaia. eM.ai's (Mllawa
piniT or ti!ii?ip.tus,
WAt'teoToK. 1. i Javinary 4, lHfgf.
a n i.au.t la 1 1 'si. Hardware i amrter, i.eaiaerj
rarn.tore. Hararss. a. ;My. ar-ra,..!
to ti ,s .tTre. an the MO.iF ofeeea wek, a saled prt
P sal ar lM.t. in dophcata.of the eri'e'es taey are praparr
to nunUh u tkis depot at short n ""f- w""1 Prk i
esra aiarkfdln plate fls ares, sot at. . e0.eeaurneii
ftitkeptTire reie re L.the srttne or vuclaa caa tM ub
lai?-fd wlt..n rlslst mf tht WWMt ntie.
h'cisri wikliivr to sell to this fipot wil be f-rireltl 7
rurutsb the kst punctually every utidav isomls.
1 . n . Kit i r, n.
fHliradler-Oeii'Tal aind Chief aftrtermanter,
H 1 IfHt of Waohlnirtun.
tr MM 11 AliY MMl irr Oh FHII Al'Kl.l'tilA
,No. Ta M AI.KL'f btreet.
Tr riinTU ii, lHft4,
Healed rrop-.sls will he reeelved at tb'. ofl.ee anttl n'-o
of 'I Ml It Hi a Y, Mti lnt for Uia a-rtvilo,, and v imnletifp
In ihe shortest psitle Vract of l AHI HAHHACKie
ar the Hrf.uj ikui Areral, In aernr dance with pinna an
speineaitous trnw a fhinnreni Mr .10HN Me AH llll'h'
Jr.. architect, Mo.voy HmMh Hirn Htreet.
I rrpn-aia must he made upon the remlar forms, th
f ad at ibl ( 'ITce, and munt state thu ahoi-uLtiriie rennirat
It- r- nipwt- the w. rK ,
The l"ntt1 Htatea reserves th r's-vt to relexrt ail bid;
deauied UioinpaUiie with us Intests.
U ?3 t Captala aud A. U- M.
ter IlMnct of rtnladelphla, No. 7J11.1AHKE.
Htreet, lief eher 1.'., IfWt, 't
Seated lT"pinais win he recrtved at this orTli-a nnt ,
nnrn ef 14iiMAT. Iieeeu-hfr i,4. for fi'mlwriintr th.
I n till hU'n with feraA-sj. vis . t'orn. Hits. iMW .ft.'
httaw, frr the use of anunsis In the public rrhe at this
i"M"r uinrci, jmiooioK "jiiPS'er, run ai imin, chasn it'
II ill. N'rerowD. Iladditatit, ltof(.rlv, N. J., H'hltn l.i"
nrar iritroi. t a.. iHiirirtT SMtl. atol any t her ln-at,.n
wnl tn this rommand i),at a j ne direr e l. fr the peri ,
ot stX n.omhi, frf'Ri Januaiy 1. 1 ... A I (train to he of thp
b-ft ijinhtT, 31 p-'im itt lo th" huw),c nf Oa'S, and V
K- nrde to the hath-1 of (Virn . Ht ol het 'inahty tlmothj '
raw of (fod ouautv, lite or U'hoMt, m mav beordttretJ
All (n he 1nertd and approved as tlelivn ed.
InioerVs wul state pnee per U i-vimds for hav an
Itraw, end per huchel for irraln, drllvereil at il,ire ... 1
eonnrrpttin In such tjoantltlus and at sttcb times as mat
lcornd. 1
Ihe t ti-tpd N tales reoTves the riwht lo reject ail bid
dl'f tned lnouintaUbie WiUt its interests. '
12 In-13 i ailiun and A. g aVC. '
- 1
lid ulRAK I Mtf farts.
ritiiAotsM'inA.r-i.. ?eccmber W. 1H',S
PetOed Tropnssis will he re. elvt-d nt this uIHcp Until 1 1
o'rba M.,011 WKINKSi,. lieeeni'ierJM, I.i4, lor Ih f
Immediate delivirv nt ihe Fulled fKtates AtoruliousOt
lUnoer Htieet Wharf, of the f..(ohiK, viz : , I
-0 feci ofOiik lantod. Moiil.le tlw t-d l.ea her 11.1-fl''
1') inches, outside cim uiufertncc, with .lotias' lmproyt.
t'tipllrts. r i
1 1 e auive drsrrlhed to he of th' het -iiinlKr. and snh I
jert to thtt inspection of an inptct-jr a.'poii.UHl ou Uie par 1
oftf: tiove'iiment. 1
I'tdilirs will state prVe, fo Inflole delivery. hoh i I
writing and Uu tires, the 'tuuitlty hid fr, and t uie or dt
aeh hid mni rr poarantef d bv two re.ponsITil per
soi.s, whonr 'i.naiures niii-it be sppendM to the P'ran-
t fi, and crrtlth d to a hcimr ptol ntid urtlclent se,:urit,f 1
fitr the anion nt Itivolf-d, hy Uie Itihed States Ills- 1
trlct Jim'k'. Attornev, or t'orcetitr, or other pub I to officer '
oil ei wise ihe bid will not be cotMtdered.
The rh. ht Is reerved to reiect all h'ds If deemed lof
hUh.and no bid froui a ileiauitliur contractor will bo ro
Itv Jcr of Clonal IIKUMAX I.Kit.S.CbJuf Quarter- J
master. (
nKOHi-ir R. ORMR,
12 W AX Capfnin and Ansir-taut Quartermaster. I
fiMi 'tn t ATI. Ohln, Hpcc mhor Iff, 1V-4.
rropBBls will he received at ll.ts otllco until 12 o'clock
M . h ATl KliA Y, Iieetinher fr..m dealers lor u
of ihe tol)ov.in(r attie ci as they 1 an fnrn(ih for the ljuar
t ruiater s In partment, I'nited Mttest Army :
(.1 It 01 brfc- or Low Moor 'lyre to b re :i Inches,
it do do do .Vt do
8 an do d 4:l4 do
V2 do do do t7 do
4 do do do 4T do
The above to he flank. d nr.A j to Inches thick.
Tropimn'e win he fijd"red tor Tyrvs made hy eth'
liianutucturera. It C'ltinl nrr leeatijr
lu l.'(Vi 'acb Hot prcabeU HUae Null, and j
M rnral el Heneh Vices.
W O pounds Itorax. V.. harrf Is Cool Oil.
1?,U() hlrkorv I'll S Har'1le(.
iP.IOii HU kory Hi!k. Muul llandlci.
P . Lend, 00 1'kii Itahhltt.
2 htah Zlr.e. Vi.'MKJ leei 'ety Kime.
Ilu dwen Atues' o. 2 Shovc.a, or an article ejaaUy
WUcan'S Kaory rioth,ech 0. , 1,1 a.
V do Taper, cacn (,, 1, IS. Jl.
'2 barrels best f'ojial Varnish.
6 Co Minrrnl 1'a'iii (in oll.
When ramples are furnish il, they mnst have the name
of the hlbder upua the ui, and he numbered u correspond
With the bids
The articles hid for, and time of delivery, mast he stated
and each hie must he Knaranteed bv two res pons I le sure
ties suarantcelnftovcrthelr ownsl natures thit the b odt-t
will ester Into bond tor the fuldimciit of bis couira;t(si.Jul4
olc be awatdtd b m.
lihts will lie opened at the time above spec if. od, and bid
tiers are Invited to be preieni.
ihe ilht la icmrvcd to reject any bid deemed unrea
sonable. It otder of Col. net WM. VT. McKIM, CbJof Quartet
master, C mcmuatl lie pot.
A. J. fflELPH,
12-20-Ct Captain and A. g. Af.
V ' l'iiti.Air t.i'MiA, hecember 2i, IhA4.
Pealed I'roponnls will be t-rci.ed at this Olhce until l'i
Cel. fk M n TIICUSDAY, thoii'th Inntatit, for sapplyluW
thi; ScIioa JK III Arsenal with the ft-iioH tnic articles:
8 tud 4 dai a loue Kersey , army stuudard.
Ft rar-a t aps, am y stsndar l. ,
t ava.rv l.oot, army sianilnnl.
Cat teens, t n eoriuktaicd, anuy staudard.
C amp IL'itt hets. army standard.
lnfnt try l)niniK,co;opie'e, full -Ize arm v standard.
llalt Inch tk blue hiik L ee, arm v staudatd.
r'.::;u'uCer lluttnns, hi my staiidard.
Cpnteen ( o.y.". tTtnunted. army standard.
2('.Ht(' white oak Hoop po'r 'orli M feet long.
1 l.ltM' hickory Hoop folca, to work Id fret U"'ft.
H,( I'll lute oak lloop Poles, to work fet lonf.
1 (M 0 hickory Ilo. p I'ulri to work i feet lona--
'I he IIih'D l olea to he sound and perhot iu every re
ap, ct. and to he delivered mn(hiv ai required,
p (h 0 tcet ad aoninion v hue ome I'OArds.
All the vut and wrouaht Nails thai may be re'iulred foi
the tear W vl, :
( ut is alii id, fid.Hd. !M, Hid.
WrMiWit Naile td Hi.
homt le. ol y hich cau be seen at this ottlco.
All the faeklhK Hon s that niuv be required for the yea '
lHft Hsiiules of wt h h can he m-cii at ihc 8ch11yll.ll
Arseral. and steclllcatioui as to ele, kind, etc.. can tn
Seen nt this otllce.
All the Stationery ttat may he rennlred fhr this effle'
and the l-chuy, kill Ar.ena , lor ibe i r 1 oonslaUn
01 punted to auks; cap, letter, note. an 1 envel pe piper
envelopes ; peas ; Ink, e.c. ; specidcaUuiis of which caa b
set n at this ottire.
Hu tuple of all the above articles of stationery must M
company tfco bids
Htuipinof such articles as are required to be of Arm
a encard can b n at this ottlce.
Kara hid mailt be Ktiaranieed by two responsible per
ors, whose fitnetures iinint be appended 1 1 V e ir'ieran
tee, mticmUtdto. as helnir yood and nulllcieot securlt'
for the amount Involvud, by some public fuuetiouarr 01
the Ci Ited States.
Miia fioiu defsultlrgcnntraetorp, and those that do not
fvl y comply utti therfiutttments of this advcruaeinaal
will not be considered.
Hi mis forma it proposals, embracing the tvnni of tht
anarante. required tn cacit Md. enn he nad on applloatlo
ai tins ot1)o, and nune uihu's, wbho do not emhiaca th.
guarantee, will be cona.dcreo; nor will any proioal in
c ns.Herod which docs uut strictly eonfurui to lite feauiro'
ments then Id staitd.
Ihe huts whi state the number or quantity as eaot
a I tut of articles pr toned tr be ii.-Lvered.
l-lds tiMist be endorsrd 'M'roposais for Armr 8nM
piles, eiA-tipf the parttcular arucie tun rr.
HKitMAV luor.n,
13 22 7t Colonel t.uartermasir s Oep trtfiteat. f ':
rour l.KAviNwriKn. Kan as, Vnvember 10. 1'AaV
Pea u d Pronosa s will ber. cclv. d at wifa oflle antU U
eclock M. on tlie Msi day of lcetnber, iht4. for tht
Trabtportailoo of Mllliary Huppliva durlug the aar 14
en the roMowiim r ute. :
Horya No. l .- rom forts I eavenworlh. Laramie, and
Kilt y. at d ether dep,ta that may bi estabiiuhed durlui
theatiove sar on tt e weM bank of the Mtssmm rivr
i.itn of ran Ltavvh.surtn. and south of latitude VI fe
vrees north, m an pois nratatlms that are er osay be
established in the I sm ones of Nebraska, I'aaotah, Idaho
ai e L "ah, south nf lattniuu it Ocatreea nrtU and east o
.WKltuae IU de.-rss we.t. and lu u-e Territory uf .Cole
rsdiorihef4Udeireci. aonh '
Hidden to state the ate per WO P"nda per 109 mile
which Uey will iraniporl aid at res la each of th
prU tu Sv't"ubi,r hieiusive, of the ya
Hofti Wo. J.-rrem Forts Leavenworth and Rllay, b. 1
tl"t Htare 01 Kaaas, at;d the Umii of Kan-as, la the iau
er Mlifconrl, to an p s s or h tat Ions ihat are sir may be
estsblfthsd lit the State of KausAs. ur la tho Terr. to y
w, BOein 01 isi nun. 411 a-n rr n rth, drawink
siispu.siroai F..rt L.a.iiw.r.ti. a..d lo fori Ciih-a. !i"
W, 01 o, lift depwt tsat mas be dvikai,d q im
ntrv.to Fori t.riund r.t any utiier (mt or adiiti
oaiheroaie. hiddnrs ! slate tha rate per luopoundr
Frr K O riil es at which tney wi l tansprt said stoiva la
al,ct the sneuihklieiu Avprl to ttpuwbu, luuluaive. e'
la yt ar IHi'V
K"lt No I From I art iriil. a, or aueh other depot a
aaav be tstah lhed In the territory of Now Mexico, to an
p sts er stailous that me or mav be esiabllshnd Yn that
Tenltory. and tn sjpjIi pust -r statioua as may be dasn
nstad In tre 'lerruor.v of art zona and ate of Texas west
ol Iwrigliude l'-h decrees wt.t u daen to state tne rat
per HO pounds per miles t wira they will traitssor
a d s errs tn ect of the munths rem June to Jtuvtiauoer.
Itielusiyr. of the ear llv'-4.
The weiital to be traniponed esrn yearwlll aot eiseei
K',i tt,hii pouads on Koute ho 1; l..i,b00 pouad or
.bome No.i!; and K.Odh 000 p-uodi on ltuio No. ,1.
So adtiitlorml percenisKe wL b paid for tha traa sports,
tf-di of bacon, Laid bread, pine luruiser. sUiut(Ia. or Auv.
Hi st stoics. f
Bidders should give their aaues In full, at weB as thai;
place ol rcsliaencB, and each n-oposal should be aecom-
t nr. led by a bond lu the sum. of t 0 thousand dollay-s,siKne4
v (wo or more responsible persons, Kiiaranteemg that ta
case a contract la aw aided lor the mate mentioned In the
proposal to the parties propoklny, tue cou tract wiM be a.
eop'ed aad eutend into, andK od ah J suitlcieiusecailiy far
aivtfHl by said parlies, us eie..rdaitce with the turtua ot liiW
Toe amount of bonds re-mired will be at follows
(n home So. 1 .(ino.iaet
OuKonte Io 2 ., ioo.ouo
Onions Ma.8 W.OsJ 1
Satisfactory evidence of the lojal y aud eolvenef
of each biedemnd pxseu oifeied as security will be ra-r
jul ted. ,
fn poeals must be eadorsed u Proposals Hr Army Trant-
ponailou (ea Koute No. I, t, or ii, as ihe case may ie,
aad aoae will (e ei.tertaiued anless they fully eot4ply wkiti
ail ihe itquirtmeats of ta a advert taeai. nt.
farttea to whom awards are made meet be prepared to
letruie eontraois at anoe, aad to give the required boada
tot th faithful perfot asst.ee M the same.
( oiiiratta wiD be made select to the approval of the)
Quartermaster General, but the right la reserved, ki rejeei
aay er all bids that may be oilered.
Contractor! mast be as readmess tor servloe by the traat
day af April, I80. and Uiay will be rietral to Have ft
place of agencies a: ar tu the vicinity ef Forte Lavea.
wona and Union and oUwsr dfjKs ttiat iuty be established,
at whlca Ukey may be eoauaaalsaud with promptly a-s4
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