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VOL. V.-.o. 3).
IL 1.1 i irUjTJm A jr illio
Till the Hour of Sickness Comos,
few cars to Read anything on
the Subject of Disease.
In too year 1846. 11m nrl'er of thin arttMe eratiarted to
IMProv Itin'nen In the city oi Fhliiule'pbla, but lor
the list eifMem jre nn it 01 tils ll'iin fin boon occc
j to ! In the uiaiiuiacture ol tbe vrlou No Id and Flold
1 xt ct, the tnont. prominent, and t vhlcd he dclroi
rto call bft pat tlcnlar a Mention nt tfin Faculty and t'ie
Inllc, are iha Extract l'nchu and ih Extract Har
jap.rllla, both of which are hU.bly concentrated pre
Trikn of tbe lnTefilents entering into their composi
tion, t n bottle ot the Fluid F.sfraet of Barxapartlla la
lo ir equal In itrentb to one gal on of tbe ivrnp or de
coction, aa uiusl y made, and hanlrcds of drupelet
thrc OKhont the country Lave adopted It In making their
arrcpt of thU name, and one tablespoooful,
deed to a pint ot water, la fnllv equal to tbe
celebrated Lisbon Dlot Drink so much uao la
termer yea.i to purify, emicb the blood, and
beantlfy the compexion. In calling attention
10 m um-dlfs, 1 wln'.i It dirtlnct y nn.lopitood that they
are net Patent Medicine, mo t of which are co n
J on ,ed by pcrnonn toj lgnoranttoro.ul a physician's
lira b'et puacrlptlon much loin competent to prepare
pbutmaocutlcal ur.'Paratlon. These persona ad vutm
ibla I am cmpellt-d to do to bring roy n-inie beiore tho
ye p'e. in conver-jrlon on various oceanion I have
been an touched at remarks aunt ar to the following, and
Ui'ao mudj In many ci by dithoiis of no ordl
rary Int'Jlllgmce To wit: tnat Ihn nWdno business
1a the moat pr ifltablti I tbnt t neceonary li to advef
Thousand" have embarked wlt!i auA Ideas, and
mllllona have ber n expended In bribing them before
tbe public. Thercult of such sccumu ated errors In,
that whe: brought to the t iat, lacklu-4 imrlt, thoy have
bow few hava been succo-muU Ak tha a90s of their
beca abort-lived. How lew, of tho many tbouand;em
barking, are coinpcl.cil to abandon tlie bunlneii in a few
yeara, entirety bankrupt) Look back flity yean, and
a access and von will find my statement in regard to
merit, correct
Tbe Science of Medicine, lue tho Doric colimn,
Kb. aid atand simple, lure, and muj stic, having fact for
lt barla, induct un lor lta pillar, and truih alvne Cot ita
capl al.
J c intcnl thero Is no bulnes requiring theaa quali
scr.tmte more. The medicine!) aro bro ight in contact
with DruKgi'ts everjwbo-e I a-u also aware that
persoi.e reason in ihii manner hat which may be
n tt mo may be ot DO advantage .o another. How
A Blood Pariflcr tor one Id a Wood Puiflcr tor '.).
A Diuretic for one, a Diuretic f r a 1.
jl Karcotlc fur ono, a Narcotic for all.
A rurgr.tlve for one. a "urgatlve for all.
Just ti much bo ai wliolosonie tood for one la whole-
' Boti.e lood for all, with no more iliire-eiioo thin thut
iMrnr.R In dlaense are elven to dosnondenuv exocctlng
in a few days or weeks, and perhup wi ha slnglo bottle
of m'dlclne, to be restored to lie iltli, It not to youth
- and bounty. These peisons rarely rtuovi-r, lacking
patience, and uonildori.itt a few do .ar.i excen led for the
bfntflt 01 tbelr health a viasto of mouny. Ibose same
persons may have bjcujea-g In brea'iln? down, tlslf.
rnnntitntlAnfl flnil nrnli.lt V ffxneilt thn-i.ftnrta rf
dollars in dives and dissipation, and tuluk nutliluir of it.
Butb forget Ihatt.OODUKAl.Ta IS TltUE WEALTH.
V lib upward' ol 3 1 tOO recommenda ory letters, and
vi soilcltcd certificates, I hare never f : sorted to their
pibHcati; n. In this cato I shall, h we.er, aspeud a
few r; murks, trusting they mar be appreciated. I am
to tbe tfll.a'.'U and suffering baminlty.
Their Iltinib.e Scrve.nt.
X'anuiacturerot TTcln.b 'ld's (.Icuuliio I'roparailons.
from the riil adolphla Le lser.)
1'nii.ADRi.pniA, .lu y lfl, lw:i Our CMtcemcd fnondand
fenuw vitieii, Mr 11. 1. lie mbo d I'ltorius us that he
eomeuiu ales leaiovlnii to tbe city of New Vork, with a
view of enlarging l is l)UNlncn We have Leen ac
quainted v ltli i.iiul'or upwards of ten yearn; have been
fi ea 0 with bis imej r.tv ana lair dealing. C'omuiencliig
ii a tma i wnv. bis art cien murt rinsm.-s mil it to losuro
the t uui-ers be Iihh tnei w:th, atd iruni our ac(iialiitance
tiiii in tii can cuntiiunt.y tpciiK mat we ao not noiieve
he Is a mar, v bo would wth to iuiitose on unv on".
mucli ie-K tlie atlllrK d, and real y lr. on. own long bml
Dem experience as tu uiiv.ril'ing niitiltmn. we havo
i. ever lituru ol tho succo s of uny mcdiciuo without
I From rhlladnlphia Evening ISu'lctln of Jane 20, lR6t.
w e are gratified to hear of the continued anccas In
l?ew York of our townsman. Mr. H T Ilelmliold. Drue-
frlpt Ilia storx, next the Metropo lian Hotel, Is i8 tet
ircnt. K.U let t u co ananven res in neignt. itlscer
tain'y a trued eMablislnuent. and ouei ks cavorably oi tli
nierltol hli.nicli s. lie retains Ufa ofilc-e and laboratory
in ihiK clty( which are alsomoael entauuKhuieuis of their
A positive end upeelflc remedy for diseases or the Blad
der, Kleiiryg. Gravel. Dropst. 'J lie utmost conttdence
tan be rr posed in it8 curailve power in tne above dia-
rr.M S.alfO in restoring tne exliausted powers ol nature,
v, liicb are ai coimmnlod by so many alarming symDtiiras.
iitiiong which wl;l be found Indipositton to Exer Ion,
1 ors o Aiemery. Wakefulness, Horror ol Disoasc, or tore
IooIdks ot evi. : In tact, unlvtr al LosMmde, 1'fostration.
and Inal'liii to enter into the enjoyments of societv. If
no remedy Is used In xn?h cases Consumption or In
rani v ensues. Vlbit our hospitals, asylums, and prisons
and be convinced ') lie reader must a'so be aware that
Jofcever slight may be the attack, it is sure to a fleet hli
dooiiv neaitn. nanptness. ana mat oi uis posierny.
Helnihold's Extract of Huchu wi'l irlvn you brisk and
enei-LCtlc feellnas. enable vou to sleep well, and !s nvre
Ftrt Dgtbeniog than any ot the freparaUous of Bark or
Cures diseases arising from habits or dissipation and
lmprudencles, a'lsylng pain and l' flammatlon, and for
which thoso unpleasant and dangerous remedies are fre
quently oied. It cures at little expente, little or no
change In diet, no Inconvenience, and no exposure.
All the above diseases require the aid of a Diuretic.
Cures Scrofula, Bait Rheum. Scald or Sore Bead, Vet'
ter, Pimples on the Face, Erysipelas and all eraptloi
of whatever natare on the face or skin, purging out the
Eumois which make disease, enriching the Blood, and
How to use tbe remedies so as to euarantee a perfeot
cures In all cases except those arising from habits of
dissipation or lmpruuencles, use the Extract Buchu. In
these use tbe Extra tBacUuand Bise Wash, In Flamors
on the face, or any and every part of the body, use Ex
tract SarsaparlUa, apply to Plmp'es aad external
Humors or Eruptions, Improved Uoie Wash. Whole-
aome food recommended In alt the above disea-ies,
Instead of restricted, avoiding fatty and hlfh-seaioned
food and acidulous and stimulating drinks. In lecont
cases, a cure is enectea m an anonismngiy short period;
but In cases of long standing It Is better to purchase i
half doxen bottles, and ase faithfully aocordlug to ex
pllcit directions, in which case I am enabled to guaran
tee a perfect oure.
Direct letter! to DELMBOLD'S Drug and Chemical
Warehouse, No, 694 B load way, New York, next Metro
politan Hotel, or HELMBOl.D'S Medical Depot, No. 104
fjunth Tenth street, Assembly Bulld'ngs, Philadelphia.
Describe symptoms inlall communications.
Bold by all druggists everywhere.
Anxiety of ttio liaunrh s to tbe Fe
nian 1lvme in th Fsiltvd Ntateaj
tlrnfiral Nweeuey and Irotltlcnt Ko
bcrta) In C-anntla- The Oanndlan Pnlanw
Object te Ueueral Sweeney Oolnar to
Inland by Way or ;stala knottier
Order to Hie Troop to be Heart jThe
Kcuentary Mtlllla to Take tlie t'lelit
Tbe Frontier 1 hreatened The Hpeele
(Shipped to r'orflMl l'lnti. Etc.
Toromio, Jtvouary 28. If I can correctly Inter
pret, the retti-nt pingular ltion-uieuU and prepa
rations of the militnr.v and civil author-ilies. of
this country, I am forced to the conviction that
thg border scores ol the pust two or three mouths
will sink Into inainificance before one that now
threatens to burnt over the province.
The Canadian aulhoiities believe in tve doc
trine of in peace prepare lor war, and when a
few weeks ueo ihoj scented danger in the Keniaa
comhinotiona they showed praiseworthy proinnti
iie? s in preparing lor le!e:it;e, and thereby avoid
ing a anrpriae.
Tbe "O'Malionv and Koberts cnmnaiiro."
vihile i' Khowcd tbat the invasion of Cunudit wan
eeriotulv tontoni plated, and that the tocain of
altitm fonuccd bv the tCaauda correspondents
was well p rounded, for a scaaon disarm 1 the
people of this country of lear, and lett the im
pression upon their minds that the internal
stri'e between the contending factions would
result in the ntter diaaoltuioa of the organlza-
ion. The consequence was that evervbidv
breathed more ireely, and laitRhod at the fears
ol those who mill persisted in attaching im-
tortnnce to the Fenian orcanizition. The Gov
ernment, however, were n:t disarmed of dunyer,
and retained rue service tmiitia on itie rrontier.
Tbe report of (cncral Sweeney's and Colonel
Itoberte1 speeches av BulVal , promisintr beiore
the cunt of Mav shine to conquer a certain ter-
r.tory, is believed to apply to Canada, and as a
matter ol course new anxiety is created. I will
not affirm that there is excitement, but that
great anxiety is manifested on account of the
fe wet-ncy-KohcrtB movements no one dare venture
to doubt.
The DroccedineB of the Fenian meetinz in
Butlolo uppeared in the proviuci U press-on Sat
urday morning, untl 1 am informed tnat on
Saturday afternoon a despatch was received
Irotu General Mitchell by the commandant here
to perfect the military orcunizaiions and have
ins command "aiwfts roaay."
The sedentary militia of Catuida is composed
ol tho?e liable to military duty who are not
already in the service militia, from which the
details nave neen maae oi tnoso wno are now
6ervintr as froutier pickets. This force perhaps
numbers 160,000 men, who are called out lor
muster once per year, and are only called into
service when needed, as in the Kebullion of
1837. It acems, from a circular that has just
been privately circulated among tho cadets who
have praduatcd at the military schools, that the
Government intend to throw this force into the
Held in view of tho movements of the Senatorial
Fen lane.
The city press, for some catne probably to
prevent alarm has not referred to this circular,
and it has been reserved lor an obscure and
obscene theet ht Woodstock to make the an
nouncement and give the purnortot thecircular,
dated January 10, ordeiing all tne cadeU to stUe
wuettier tney can taKc commands in tne seden
tary militia, immediately to bo called out lor
active duty. . The circular doe3 not indicate
how munv of the setnicntary militia will be
put in the lield, but Irom its contents it fa evi
dent tliut the Government ha3 private in forme
tion that warrants this extr.tordinnvv addi
tion to the item ol "defenses." When the order
calling cut this loree is propaeated, I apprehend
there will be a general consternation and such
an upriFii'g.of the people that Toui Sweeney will
not tilhtia tne guost ot a chance lor limiting
Canada a base unless he strikes quickly and
hard, li he contemplates a mot nine visit to
Preseott, and a railway rido to Ottawa with a
few thousand men to secure the persons of
Darcv McCee. John A. McDonald. Cartier. Catnt-
bell, und Company aa hootuges for O'Leary and
ms accomplices, ne must do it neiore me tmiitia
are under arms, or be may find the route totte
new Canadian capital "a hard road to travel."
In view ot active service the coin mantling
omcer oi me uotn uegiment, at London, nus
given orders lor emitting the eword-oajouets
ued by hi regiraert, aud tho work has been '
accomplished to the satisfaction ol all con
cerned. DEFENSES.
The Government and tho military authorities
are as busy as bees strengthening the forts on
the (runtier, erecting new torts and making
Kingston, Toronto, and Montreal "hard to take."
These iacty. coupled with tho pretty well-accredited
rumor that all the banks havo sent their
surplus f-pecie to gnrrisoned and fortified
points, show which way the wind blows.
In view of these movements I am satisfied
there is fun or work ahead. The reputation
which General Tom Sweeney had in Sherman's
army was that he was a man who talked but lit
tle a man of deeds who, when he declared his
determination to do a thing, would do it; though
his satanlc malesty stood in his path. Sweeney
Erouoiaeg to conquer a territory before May. If
e does that it must be done within a month,
whether that territory be Canada or Goat Island.
Toronto, January 31. I briefly telegraphed
you to-day the particulars of the new Fenian
bcure. The Government Is now hurrying troops
to the frontier from London and Hamilton.
Sixty rounds of ball cartridge have been Issued
to volunteers and regulars at London, Toronto,
Hamilton, Hnd other points. From their move
ments, and private information I have received,
it ia evident a raid or invasion on the western
border is near, and that the time has come for
me to repair to the point where the raid will
occur. I leave here to-morrow for lort Huron,
where I shall remain as long aa there is a pos
sibility of that being the point of inte rest.
For three or four days past there have been
strange and exciting rumors afloat as to Fenian
combinations on the f rontier and the intentions
of the Canadian Government; but no reliance
was placed on them until yesterday, when a
despatch passed over the wires stating that the
8weeneyi.es were collecting on the western fron J
tier. Yesterday the military forces all over the
upper province were on the q'ti vive, and a por
tion of them are now moving to the front.
The general impression in the Cunadian mind
is that a small band of Fenians are preparing a
raid upon Barnia or Windsor, lor the purpose of
embroiling the Uuited 8tates and Eugland in
difficulties that may result in war between the
two countries.
I saw the Head Centre of Canada to-day, but
he keeps very "mum."
An address to tbe Canadian Fenians is to be
issued to-morrow, and I will endeavor to get a
cony ana teiegrapn or muii it to yon.
The Govcri.meut are calling out nearly all the
militia as last aa thev can arm them. The in
lormaticn upon which they act baa been partly
outainea irom ucncrai Bweeney a insnector Due-
pan, a bar-ioom loater of New York, who was
sent to Canada on a tour of inspection to esti
mate tbe itreneth of the British forces, etc., but
who "turned traitor," as the Canadian Fenians
say, ana gave the Government lull information
as to 8weney'g deslgne. JVew Yvrk Herald.
The Withdrawal of French Troops.
New York, February 3. The Iribur.e's Wash
ington correspondence says that the immediatj
withdrawal of the French troops from Mexico
may be regarded as certain. Lcttcrn have been
received confirming the news that an Extra r
dinary Commissioner has been sent to Mexico to
make the necessary preparations lor the evacua
tion. The Emperor no longer insists on the re
cognition of Maximilian by (he United States,
but is satislled with the renewed promise that
the Government of tho United States will pre
serve the strident neutrality with regard to
Mexico. Whether an African force, however, is
to supply the place of the departing French
troops U not stated.
I'rcirh Troop to b Immediately With -tlmwu
from Mexico lue t'nited States
to Ktinaln Central.
Washington, February 2. Letters have lust
been received here from Paris, confirming in
every important particular the information con
cerning tbe intentions ol the Emperor ot France
with teeard to Mexico, which 1 gave you some
time ago.
Tho Emperor ia rendy to withdraw his forces
fiom Mexico with the least possible delay, do
mnudina nothing of t:.e Government oi tbe
United States except that it meanwhile remain
neutral between the belligerent parties, accord
ing to the assurances frequently tfiven and re
iterated by the Government during the past
thiee years. The Emperor of France does not
ask lor the recognition of Maximilian, nor insist
upon any other treaty stipulations.
The statement put lorth by the Paris Pre.ise,
that an Extraordinary Commissioner has been
sent to Mexico to make preparations lor the
evaluation, is continued by the letters here re
ceived. I have good reasons tor believing that
the State Department is already in possession of
oilicial information to this ctlect, and it is ti be
hoped thut such information will soon be laid
beiore the public. The statement here given
came from a most trustworthy source, and may
be looked upon as absolutely trustworthy.
Kew York Tribune.
Arrival of Keld'orceuieutit for the
French Army Reported Del'eatH of the
Liberals Proven of Kallroad aud
Other Improvement.
The steamship Vera Cruz, from Vera Cruz
Juuiuirt TA, via Havana 28, arrived at this port
Yesterday. We have, by this arrival, tiles of
the Mexican Times, from which we make the
loliowing extracts:
It is estimated that 1200 French soldiers have
arrived in Mexico during this week to reinforce
the various corps.
Three hundred Arabian bbrwg have also ar
liveil. With this at:eesion the stpiadrous will
he of 12(1 Arabian horses, not estimating the
Mexican horses. Another lot of Arabian horses
is toon expected.
Colonel Tievino. on the 2ith of December last.
completely routed a bandol dNsidieuts at Salinas
ictoiia, kiiuu? six, taking aix prisoners, their
arms and money, and f,8 horses.
On the 4th of January. Commandant D. Alvaro
de rreuder, with 160 men ot his own command,
Jolt Toluca and attacked Garcia Cauo, the dissi
dent chief, at San i'hilipe del Obraje, routing
him completely, killing many, wounding a large
number, and taking sixteen prisoners, with a
huge amount ot horses, arms, and munitions of
war. On the 6th, Garcia L'ano, attempting to
escape alone in the diligence, was recognized
and urrt-Btetl. having on his person $500 in gold
He was taken to prison in Toluca, aud is now
guarded by a body ol Belgian troops.
it is reporton mr.i me oissiuienrs are concen
ti nting near Zutacuaro lor tbe purpose of attack
inar Toluca.
General Rosalanda is on the spot, anxious for
them to come.
N terete is in Sen Antonio, Texas, for tbe pur
pose, we suppose, of preaching a crusade against
the empire.
lue mara aa immrico oi me zum or January
furnishes a long list of dissldients who have sub
mitted to the empire. The country everywhere
is being quieted, and order and confidence re
We are informed that the track-laying beyond
Gaudalupe on the New Line has cotumeuced,
and is now progressing finely. Among the sturdy,
intelligent Englishmen who came with Mr.
Lloyd, none excel Mr. Jacob Gumming in energy,
practical skin, ana industry, tie is now en
caced. on the New Line, and he assures us that
the utmost efforts will be used to complete this
road as soon as nossible.
It is assured that the project of the horse-car
railroad between Vera Cruz ana l'uebla, passing
by Jalapa, rerote, and an Juan ae los Llanos,
has been approved by the Emperor.
The road between Vera Crnz and Jalapa must
be completed in January, 1HC7, and to Puebla at
the end ot the same year.
We (Mexican Times) have received lettors re
cently from Sres. Price, Shelby, and Harria, at
Cordova. Thev are all well, and dome well,
and deiiEbted with Mexico. We have also heard
from Colonel Terry, ot Guadalajara, and Colonel
u isannon, oi Kan L-uis rotosi. iioia are wen.
Senor John Henry Brown, late of Texas, is in
lutatan, and corresponds lor tne limes.
An Imperialist View of the Bltnatloa
Jnani no linger President Beeanae
net Re-elected 111a Similiter r Jfnatlce
Aeaerte 111b Caoae Tbe Minister
( laluia tbat be Should Have Taken tbe
Prewldency Jnarss Accused of Pro
longing Ilia Term of OfUce Maxlml
llan'a Hpeecb on tbe Heath of Hie
raihcr-ln-law He Itoaalst of What He
II aa Done for Mexico Information
About the Imperial Mexican Kxpre&a
Company, Etc.
from La Nation, December 18.
The latebt news from the United States de
clares tbat General Logan has declined to accept
the position of Plenipotentiary to tbe Juarist
Government, which was ottered him by the
wasnwgion caDinet.
Had any other person been designated to
occupy that portion, we should have Inquired
whether his Excellency the Plenipotentiary
would have proceeded to meet face to face the
lawlul President of the Mexican Kepublio.
Let us examine the situation with perfect im
partiality. The United Stales Governmenthas lust broueht
to a close, with a successful result, a prolonged
ana wooay war waved lor tne purpose of en
forcing tbe respect due the law. It is therefore
to bo supposed that this same Government, aa
rinptrloits as I is powerful, has no desire to
lg to bv its f reign policy the prinninle hit
ii i bh cuiiFeu to prevail ui nome oy eaenuueu
uniitin bered.
At pr sent tbe Government of Senor Juarez
ha er aed to exist lemillv and defaott In truth,
its const tutional career closed on tho 31'hdny
oi November last. His power not havi g been
cmtlrmed bv an eleetion. a ordained ty tho
republican constitution of 1657, Senor Jiurez
must pive way to the acting President of" the
Supreme Court of Justice, once a member of his
paiiy, who. having encountered tne same ttiir"ra
.li are, has ntieneth eiven oroots ot bis adhe
rens to the principles represented by the con-
ermmon ot irt.w.
iuttend of obevine ihelaws which bo pretenis
to UDhold, Senor Juarez has promulgated de
crees which declare htm to be still in power,
when in the same country lives the man who
houlJ now occunv his Dosition. Bv such action
he ienores the constitution ol the lan J, and by
ignoring that constitution he destrovs with his
own nana the titles ot ins lawlul existence as
The iusticc of this statement was set forth at
the cl()i-e ol Juarez's ollicut'. career, br the citi
zen who Hoonld have been invested with the
PrepidetiCy; that citizen was Senor Don Manuel
Ruiz, Acting I resident ot the Supreme Court,
tenor IUuz has just retired to private hie, having
Uttered a solemn protest against the, a-ta ot the
ex-l mident. and having demonstrated that the
ct nstitut lotiul decrees having boeu overruled by
the said Juarez, the official proceedings of the
cx-iTesiaent are nun and void.
The newspapers have published the protest.
B' given below, and tne statements therein con-
ttii.ed cannot emanate from a more reliable
source, be.ne made pubi c by a man who hai
clung to the Republican Government to the very
close ot its existence, having endured as many
hardships as Juarez himself.
xne suDstance ot tins declaration is mat tne
Government ot Juarez has fallen by limitation
of his lease of oflice, and moreover, been over
thrown bv its own acts: its death occurred on
the 30th day of November, 1865, the last day of
its legal power, uesidee, it was destroyed Dy
those very men who viola'ed the Constitution
which had been their banner: since then it has
neither existed legally nor defaoto..
we nave confined ourselves to tnese Dnei and
lucid observations, penned without bitlerness
and witnoui anger, befieving tnem worthy tne
cousideratljn of all American citizcu3 of good
Speech ef the Emperor Maximilian.
A deputation waited on the Emperor on the
IGih ol Jauuorr. to otler sentiments ol con
dolence on the death of his tather-iu-law, the
late King ot Belgium. The Emperor replied as
Gcntlcmon: I thank yoa for the symnathy vou
have maiiileslcd in the griol of the JCmpress aud my.
sen lor inu truuDle tnat nas boia len us. in utiou a
iniKlortune there is much to console ub in tuo re
membrance of tho groat and noble examplos that
have been left us as an hontaee ir tn lau King of
lie mum.
Ho, like ourselves, in accepting the throne that
people oflbieuliim found a nation to CjustituW and
a tuovcrn euttoiouna. i nanzt io tne uisinteieuea
nteivcntiou ot Initio-', ho was enabed to make
peace succeed to war. and devoted liim oil without.
intcrmiHtion to institute valuable nn r.or roiorms.
He riromiged liberty to Ins people, aud uurinn a ouir
period ol thirty-five yean lie fulfilled bis word. He
pn-niisco tne country security auu tranaunmy ana
e rave tnem Doin to it, coucouaattug aic us man-
jieiHlti.ce. He did more ho oievalod it to a dtatiu
ruithed rank amoui' the tUitts ot Europe and oreu
nmuoitonool ine first in commercial importance
and iriedom of thou?ht, leav.ng i s escutcneou aud
nome ti up witnout a stain.
Wo stioJl omleivor t profltjby this srreat exa nplo,
bvvliicb God litis shown us ttiut lfu I'rovidonoo
never loisukes iv.fct and bonorrdile nioimrislis in thoir
nobia enterprises. His aunitliter, tbe Emprosn, has
ust returned liom a loilsonie journey into distant
a ml 8 in a damrorous climate, with uo other salo-cuard
than tao love of tl.t peop:e; everywhere ho has mot
with a Iraiik aud coroial recep ion tnat nas snown
over attain the sympathy that exists between tho
nation and Jouiseives when the diecontentod were
pleased to my that my aujrust consort would only
meet with iudiftcrenco when calumniators dared
in ctend tbat she woula forget her duty and le'uru
to Kurojju. On this occasion I am hapiy to exoress
particularly m deep gratitude to hero o Vera Cruz
ana rcnutuui xucaian, wno nave receiver iiio e n-
press with an affection that will ever remain on
grsved on my heart.
AS to myself, pentiemen, yen navo ooen witnesses
to my labors. Laying aside thQVuIn theories whicri
leaa to anarcny, i nave consecruiea any nine to iuo
direction ot the public administration, to tho deve
lopment ot tne elements ot tne weaiin ana prospe
rity of tbe country, and to the solution ot the groat
questions which interest it tne most.
In this arduous tack 1 have boon obliged to en
counter the imnatiouce of some and the back yard-
n'-s of others; torwounus opened ovnuy years oi
e vil var aro not ueuieu m a uay; out siroug in
lalth, 1 ro straight to my ond with indefatigable
perneveranco. My strengtn mar tail ; my win never.
Mv object is not to change the d -mocratio customs
of the ua ion, because 1 am convinced that tiey ole-
vftlpthn mind ot the e tizen in ininng mm Wltu
the consciousness of his dignity and value. 1 have
rtsuected tt.a liberty of the Dress when it ban no
degenerated into heenso, at tbe same tune that I
have Biade tbe authority of the lanit respected. He
must be blind, indotd, that doesnotAse that a strong
authority la the last anchor oi saioty tor our
You bave seen my calmness in the mldt of caltim
tifn tlmt hnvn linen nninted acallist us by foreigners
Forward. penUemen : the calumnies will pass, but
our works will ren.aiu. Strong inlthe support of my
conscience and the purity of my intentions, l con
ti mnlatAtlie luture with tranauillitv. Mexico has
put her honor in my hands. Let her know tbat her
honor is assure.
The official journal has the lollowin g remark!
on the epeech:
"it is imoosstble to describe the magical effect
produced upon all present by the grave and sig
niHeant words of the Emoeror. When we re
member the great example that the august father
ot our sovereign eave aurinir ms me, to ine
noble and generous projects that their Majesties
rhprish for the hanoiuess of Mexico, the Impe
rial discourse could not fall to inspire in all
those who had the happiness to hear it, the
purest and noblest love for the sovereign and the
noun try."
Tlie ceremonv put the seal to the august and
melancholy gravity suitable to the mournful
ovent. that it recalls.
The EmDeror wore his General's unlfo-m, so
remarkable for its simplicity. The epauiettes
were covered with crape, at the collar tho Mexi
can eagle.
trndnf n Hoimrsl nn a Serious Chnrere.
" - , - "7
t Tmo l'cl,niuru '). Ufn(-rul t ;ool hnnch.
who' is charged with having been engaged in
r . . . . . ,J f A ,1.11,
oi tne country, was un i-bu nut
Markets by Telegraph.
New Obleaks, February 2. Cotton aotlye, with
sales ot 8600 bales; prices range from 16 to 49 cents.
The tales ot the week have boon 82,000 Dales, and the
receipt 22,(J00 bales. The stock on hand Is 8000
ba es. ugar aotirt; fair and tully fair, HJKiJo.
Go'd, 140. Otber markets unchangod.
Jixw Yobk, February 8 Cotton dull at 48tf.49o.
Flour arm and advanoed 6o.j sales ot 8000 barrelg.
IState, 6-00,o8 20; Ohio, 88 6010 85; Western 8-90
tton.uern unclianged, sales of 61 Hi barrels;
nuda firm, sales of 850 ban els at ff7 96gU- Wheat
elosod with an advancing tontfenoy. Cora dull aud
drooping, heef steady. Pork heavy and un
changed. Whisky doll and nominal.
Kkw York. JCJUruary 8d tocVs are hotter.
Chioago and flock LOan t 100: Cumberland pre
fericd, 442; ltjiois Cusural, 116: Michigan South
em, mi hiuTf York (Central, 88il lteading, J;
Hudson layer, 100; Virginia 6s, 60; Erie, 78J;
Western 1) nion Telegraph, 60 ; u 8. Conpoim, 1881,
108i!do.l80B. lOSjtdo. 186. 102; do. 18tJ6. 102ij
II, rS. 10-40s, 94 treasury Seveu thfrtios, uOJfuUJ;
One-year certificates, i!8 ; Gold, HOj.
Death having made several vacancies of late
In the Sacred College, the Pepe has at the pre
sent moment no fewer than fifteen scarlet bats
to dispose of. .
Special Despatches bi the Evening Telegraph.
Tbe Rrg-Uiry Law trtkn an the Haiti-
iiiuora ana Ohio Jtaiiroaa, te.
Baltimore, February 3. A large and enthusi
astic convention of Union men was held in
Temperance Temple last right, which passed
resolutions a&alnst any irterfcrence with tho
Stato registry law, and also approving of the
votes of John L. Thomas and Francis Thomas,
in Congress, favorinor the franthiscinent of
colored citizens, and censuring the vote of Mr.
Phelps against it. The resolutions strongly ap
proved of President Johnson's course, and like
wise of that ef Governor Swann and others in
opposing any change in tho Registry Law.
The Rebel General Lee is reported in Balti
more to-day, and is under a process of lionizing
jy his sympathizers.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad still holds
out against tho striker, who have appealed to
the Citv Council lor aid.
Lieutenant Ollley, of the let Dela ware Cavalry,
imprisoned in the city Jail for killing a man
named White while intoxicated, received his
pardon to-day, and is now at liberty. Much
sympathy was expressed for him.
It is intensely cold, and we have fine skatip.g.
From Texas.
Xkw Orleans, February 2. A large fire has
occurred at JelTerison, Texas, destroying two
blocks. Lose, $."0,000.
General Morris, commanding the sub-district
of Galveston and Houston, has passed through
en route for borne, previous to being mustered
out of the service.
Large Invoices of goods, Imported from Eng
land via Savannah, have arrived at Galveston,
aud gone to the interior.
Several German vessels are soon expected at
Galveston with emigrants.
The Houston lekgraph gives the favorablo
ncua that a general disposition exists among the
freed rucn to go to work under the new contracts.
Ihe railroad is completed and running between
Lnvacca and Victoria.
The Rio Grande.
New 0rlean8, February 2. General Wcitzel
has issued an order directing that every com
mantling oflicer shall arrest all armed persons
lurking in the district of the Rio Grande. A
military commission is now in session at Br.tgos,
Santiago, investigating tho Bigdad affair. All
persons, whether resident in Mexico or tbe
United States, are summoned to appear who
are conversant with any circumstance connected
General Weitzel has annulled tbe order mus
tering out the 118th Colored Infantry till the re
port of the military commission.
The arrival of Juarez at Santiago is again re-
Movements ol Steamships.
1'okti.amd, February 3, 10 A. M. Tho Daman-
tt s has arrived Irom Liverpool Jler advices
are anticipated
Boston, February 3, 11 A. M. The Africa ha
arrived irom Liverpool via Halifax. Her quails
will be due in Philadelphia on Sunday.
New York. February 3. The steamship Talis
man has at rived from Jamaica, Port an Prince,
and Turk s Island. She brings no news.
Another AUKd Libel on A; T. Stewart
Arrest ef a Sub-Editor of the" Trlbane
and on of tbe Proprietor of the St,
l.enls "Republican."
Mr. A. T. Stewart appeared before Justice
Dow line, at the Tombs Police Court, yesterday
morning, and entered complaints against Richard
T. Colburn, a sub-editor of the New York
inbun, and Messrs. Gtorge Knapp. iN. rascnaii
and John Knupp, (proprietors ol the St. Lotii '
Missouri Republican, a
The complaint In the case charges Mr. Col
burn. as correspondent of tho iftitsoitri Republi
can, with making certain statements in one of
his letters, dated at New York, reflecting on Mr.
Stewart's nrivate character and moral standing,
which are untrue and maliciously libellous, it
further charges tbe proprietors of the Missouri
Rtj ublican wth complicity in the matter, inas
much as thev allowed the letter to be published.
An affidavit was made against Mr. Colburn, as
the writer of the article, and Justice Dowhng
if sued warrants for the arrest ot Richard T. Col
burn and George Knapp, and placed tbam in the
hands of Officer John A. Croker, attached to the
Tombs Court, for execution. Accordinirly.
Officer Croker repaired to the 2ribune office yes
terday, and airested Mr. Colburn, and to the
Filth Avenue Hotel, last evening, where he ar
rested Mr. unapp.
In consequence of the lateness of the hoar at
which the arrests were made, no otbeial em
powered to take bail could be found, so that
both accused were iocaea up ior me nigni in
the Ninth Precinct Station House.
In iustice to the proprietors of the St. Louis
Republican it may be said that within a day or
two of the publication ot the letter containinz
the alleeed libel an article appeared on tne edi
torial page of their paper in which it was stated
that the letter came to their office late at night,
and was not sunervised by any of the editors.
but was inserted by the foreman. When their
attention was attracted to the letter they repri
manded their foreman tor allowing such a loiter
ti be published, and lost no time in making as
lull un apology as inegoxtgenciee oi tne cose re
quired. N. Y. Herald.
Recognition ol Dominica.
insr message from the President was received by
the House to-dav:
To the Senate and House of Representatives:
Believing the commercial lnteretts ot our coun
try would be promoted by a formal recognition
ol tne independence ot tne nomimcan tvepuonc,
while such a recognition would be in entire con
formity with the settled policy of the United
States, I have with that yiew nominated to the
Senate an officer of the same grade with the one
now accredited to the Republic ot Hayti; and I
rpi-ommend that an aonrODrlalion be made by
Congress towards providing for his compensa
tion, ANl'HJSW iiuunbun,
Washington, January 30, 1800.
Fifteen ladies of high rank in. Paris left
their cards at the Princess de Metternich'fi on
New Year's dav. each card accompanied by
roll of gold pieces to the value of 12, and bear
ing a pencil message, which ran thus: "For
your poor, Madame, this is tho only etrenne we
make this year." So rational an example, it ia
to he honed will not be forgotten next year, and
thus at nreseut a custom seuseless and useless in
the extreme might be the means of bringing
endless blessings and unknown comlort to many
a cheerless and lire less nome.
A JaDanese Commissioner bos lust left Eng
land for Marseilles and Japan. Uis name is
Shibata Iliougano Kami.
Office of thb Evitnino Telboraph,
Saturiay, February 3, I860.
There is no material change to notice in tho
Money Market; loans on call are frejly ollerod at
6 per cent"; prime mercantile paper is scarce,
and ranges at from 79 per cent, per annum.
The Slock Market continues moderately active
and price steady. Government bonds are firmly
held. New6-20s sold at 1024; and 7"3(r? at BO1;
03 was bid for 10-40s; 1032 for e of 1881; and 10J
for old 5-20s; Stato and City Loans are rather
firmer; Pennsylvania 6s sold at 80; and new City
Cs at 91$.
In Railroad shares there is less doing. Cata-
wlcsa preferred sold at 341(3)331, the latter rate
au advance of J on the closing prico last even
ing; Pennsylvania Railroad at o5j, an advance
ot i; and Reading at 494E1!) J, the latter rate an
advanco ot i; 120 was bid 1 r Camden and
Amboy;32 ior Little Schuylkill; 64 for Norris
town; 37 for North Pennsylvania; 3J for Elmlra
preferred; 44 j for Cata-viva common; 204 for
Philadelphia and Erie; uud 44 for Northern
City Passenger Rail way shares are In better
demand. Hcstonville sold at 36j,Gj)3(), a decline
of . 71 was bid for fcecond aud Third; 35 for
Spruce aud Pine; C5 for West Philadelphia; 32
for Green and Coates; 2d tor Girard College;
20 for Union; and 12J for Ridge Avenue.
Bank shares are in good demand, at Ail1 prices.
but we hear ot no sales. 205 was bid for North
America; 140 for Philadelphia; 51 for Commer
cial; lor Mechanics': 74 lor Kensington; 75
for Western ; 31 for Manufacturers' and Me
chanics' : 65 lor Bank of Commerce : 80 for
Tradesmen's; 61 for City; 62 foi Corn Exchange;
antl 60 tor Union.
Canal shares are firmly held. Schuylkill
Navigation preferred sold at 29 '(4, '2'J 4, an ndvaace
of J; i2 was bid lor common do.; 51 lor Lehigh
Navigation; lit for Morris preferred; 13U for
Susquehanna Canal; 2h tor Delaware Division;
nna 0 ior vijonnng va'iey t anal.
In Oil shares there was little or nothing doing.
Junction told at 11.
Reported Dy De llaveu k bra, Ho. 40 S. Third utroet.
$3000 0 8 5-20164..... 102,
2t)t;0 U e7-30sJuue. U9j
61000 Pa 6s 86
100 ua Cata pt so 86 J
100 dtt do s5. 85i
100 sh do blO ar
fcGUOOCityiss new 91 j
100 eh do -oO 85i
60t0 do Dl
300 do 91
it U Sll no Si
100 sh do 86i
J K0C0 ITn Can bn.... 25
itKj sn do Dtu r
100 sh do blO. 85
I1K1 rb do 81
$'000 Keadin m 6. 86 J
6VM0 Lehigh 6s.. .84 87 I
loOih cata pi. ...s5. 842;
100 ah d D6 8f,i
100 .h
100 an
100 sh do 1.6 86
- - " ,)
.bit). 85
blO. 85
. -11C S5
iuu an aa tiBJ. W
100 8h
800 nil
100 tt
100 Rh
200 h
100 sh
100 sh
100 ah
100 sn do MO 80
100 sli Sch ti pi 29
100 h do b80 29
iOO sh do 29
...1.10 85
do blO 85
do blO 86,
do blO 85ri
do 86 I
ao 35
do blO 85i
do blO 86i
100 sll lo hSO 29
UK) all Union Canlnf.- 6
100 sti Kea.nne...t)30 49)
100 sh do I'M 4M
6(1 sh 1'en im It 55
300 sh MM. oh (Joal Its 6i
Keportcd by P. T. Yv a ton, No. 203 b. Fourth street.
100 sh Fosd Dam 1 8 ) S1J 1 X) 8h V n On Df . . 1 5 C
100 sh (la -77 i 600 h Am tJuinir'iW. 1
llARl'Llt, DCKNEY &, CO. quote 08 tollOWS:
Hutting. Hehng.
American Gold 140 14oJ
Amcrloan Silver, is and is 135 1X6
American Silver 13 mw and Ha l Dnuo Vl 181
Pennsylvania Currency 40 80
At'W York Kxctianito 1-20 par. '
10 A M 1401 12 M 140i
11 A.N 140 lP.il 140jf
Market very dull.
The New York Tribune this morning says:
"Tlie week closes upon an unsatisfactory state
of affairs in mercantile circles. Instead of a
large increase of trade, buyers are doing next to
nothing, aud demanding still lower prices.
Domestic goods are ollerod nt prices equal to 6
per cent, decline; but are still neglected. The
movement of goods into bond is large, and
importers and jobbers are steadily being loaded
with commodities. From the factories the
advices aie that stocks ore increasing and orders
declining. The West does not pay Dromptly,
Irom the simple fact of inability. Under declin
ing prtoee for farm produce, the small storekeep
ers' bills are not paid, the jobbers of the Western
cities arc crippled, and their creditors in the
Atlantic cities brought to a point where their
paper lacks buyers at 1015 per cent, per month.
These results are the natural effect ot the end ot
the Rebellion, and ot the termination of the
expenditures of the Government Tne end is
not yet, and those merchants, jobbers, and con
sumers who are most prudent now, will be the
safest as the season advances and lower prices
made, under the inevitable contraction of the
'The reoelpts of gold from California this
year compare with the amount arrived during
the same time in 1865 as follows:
1805. 1868.
January 4 SI 148,850 January 12 9686,610
January 14. .... 888 619 .lauuary 19 802.360
January 27 611083 February 1 944,878
Total $2,048,467
Inoreaue in 18 oo
Amount of coal transported on the
phia and Heading Kailroad, during
ending Thursday, February 1, 18Gti :
From St. Clair
" Port Carbon
" Fottsvillo
" ISchuylkill Haven
" Auburn
" Port Clinton
" UarrUburg and Dauphin
the week
This. Cat.
16 025 11
18,888 -06
8 8d7-05
68 06
Tot a anth raclte coal fur week 40,309 -15
Bituminous coal from llarrisUurjr aud
Danphin for week 2,356 01
Total of all kinds for week 48 664-16
Previously this year 821 404 12
Total 870 069 08
To same time last year .
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Satcbday, February 8 There U but lmle de
mand for Cotton. Small sales of middling-) at
lo. 1 Qufrcitron Bark ieecatoo, and is steady at
$32 60 p ton.
Clovereovd is nt.t to active, but prices are an
changed. Sales of 600 bush, lair and ohoice quality
at 7-7G8 87J. Xfmorhy is worth M to M 60.
Ttiere is but little Fiaxneid coming in, and it com
mand 88 16.
The 'our Market is extremely dull, and the sales
are confined to a few hunrtred barrels at 7'7'60
lr Darrel for Buperfluefi 8J;8 60 for extra; 9 60t$
810 60 for Pennsylvania and Ohio extra family; aud
811(6 18 for lancy Western Kye F.our Is dull and
eoliiug iu a small way at 85'6'J. Corn ileal is nomi
nally bcld at 84 25. but there is no demand
There it not much demand for Wheat, and info
rior lota can only te aoia at relativxly low rlirure.
ftuiall gale of ood and prime red at 82 16(2'25 aud
poor quality at 81 &J2; white rauitea 'rom 82 25 to
82 00; 1000 buHtieii .dichicran Bold at 82 67. aud one
lot at 8 2 76. ltve i very dull, and bas declined to
90(a93c. Corn is in fair request and iinme i raMier
better, balo of 4000 builiels vul ow at 7&t76o. Oi't
are dull at 46fa:47e. KKJ0 bushel JUait (old at 81 40.
In w bisky nothing dolna, and rncn are nominal
t 82 26a2 27.

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