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Money, Mlneka, tod Marketa A Chilian
lionx irr t'ir Ctaalara It t let
's lie UrwHt aiolibety, Kt.
tpctial (Jorrespandertct of re Evening Telegraph,
Haw York, March 19.
Cold in steady nt 1314 to day. Meney is eay
and cheap, and Government sfourittee are hi
good demand, lb era is lei excitement in Kail
way tharea. Produce and merchandise are in
fair rerincit at somewhat nrmer prices. Freitrhl
cngi'.scmcuts are moderate.
.An amusing account of a hoax practised tipon
the ISp:-.nlsb. anthoillics here a few dayssi.inry
with the connivance of the Chilian envoy In thli
city, Is publi'ihed to-day. A letter purportm t
le intended or the Chilian Minister at baenoj
Ayic3, and bearing an excellent imitation of
Honor 13. Vicuna McSonna'a- alnatare, wai
dropped in the e:reet at a 'point where two
Kpau'sb. spies ware paisln. Tiioy fell into tho
trap, picked at) the loiter, and very soon niter II 3
cntents,wereknoin to the Spanish authorities
The pretended information given In tho letter,
concerning the movements of imaginary Chilian
pi Actcrrs. appears to solve the mystery ot the
sudden departure of t'.ie twoSpunisn war vessels,
tee Ccrtrc.i and the A-aM ti VcMca, irotn this
pjit. The expense to tbe Spanish (ioverainent
f the tool's eiir.nd npon which these ve-sels
were despatched, oa ins ta the rnso phiyed by
the Cai'ten envoy, is estimated at thirty thou
sand do''e.j.
The s'snmer San Jirrinto, of Maura. Garrison
Allen's line of Savannah atcamcii, cviht Ave
between two and three o'cloca ye-itorday mora
injr, at her pier, No. 13 Noith liver,' aad wm
totally destroyed ii her wood-work. The hull,
bcl'm cf irou, am filled with watir, and bha
now lies on the butt jki. She had on board Ive
handred bales inward cargo, and about two
thou:ind bi'irels af ilo:'r ior Havpaoau. The
Ye.sel wps not insured, and the lof-s on ship mid
c?r0 will not .'all short of on kuiirea and lii'i,
thousand do'lf ri.
Tbe new Health Board coutinnci Uj inroadj
on the genius ol pestilence in the Metropolitan
dititilct. The street are being cleaned in th
vicinity of West Lrne.clway. Since To3day lttit
two handred and foaiteeu head of "bob" veal
liavo been seized by the sanitary police and dis
posed of at the oflal dock. A lare ciaantity of
this iiiivtholffsome epeeies of meat was foar.d
and taken pos.;eisiou of on Wednesday ah tho
Chiimbera bUect station of the Hud. on River
The litigation about the pold seized In New
Orleans by order of Major-Gcncral Untlor was
arra'n before tho Court of Com mo Plea yes
terday. The ca-e hn inp bc?n nettled, t'uo coun
sel for tho sheriff applied to Judge Oardozo to
tax'the feea of ike f ucriJ for poundage on ono
hundred and fifty thousand dollars; but the
matter was cdjoaiflcd, alter soaie arfumeal, to
give time for the production of fun her paper J
on both side?. .
Nothing: of additional Interest IransDired v"-
terdny iu le'ution to the allcci whisky frauds.
Mr. ii. A. Itollins, Couitateaioiier of 'Internal
Rjvcnue, is e..pcrtcd to r.nive in this cuy
to-moirow, for ttic pa;voe "f further luveti
gatiag: the miatier.
A iLau named Joseph Schultz wns broslit iid
yes:?ida7 before Coiumisiiouer Stilwell on a
cherije cf bavin; pnweti two countsr.'eit fifty
dollar t .'rastiry notes upon two persons of the
name of 'Rude and F.'sher. It appeared tiat
the note passed upon Fibber was so well exe
cutrd that ho wa irioiuied by the caihierora
bunk and several of the clerks that it was a
genuine, tor one. The piisontr wtu reuiauded
UTihcr esr-minotiffs.
Inero were miners !n the city yesterday tlsat
fome oi the million and a half dollars' worth of
bonds receat'y stolen from the otlico of lit.
Lord, in .chr.ne place, had besu recovered;
but tBe.o proved anfoun Jed. no due hrnviug yot
Tbeen obtaired to any ot the nriss':o proparty or
the thieves, tLouii the pelire are r til 1 vigor
ously pro ccui.jt their operations in the mutter.
A mnti cut to p'eces last eveainir, between
Tlo.iftoa a id Kin ; at reels, by u Irauof the
Huc!on Fiver F.airoud cars drawa by a dummy
ens'je. Tho remai5 have rot yet bea Idea ti
tle J. An inquest will probably bo hold id tie
trie t!ay.
St. Patrick's Day will be cc-lebrsted by onr TrUh
population to-morrow with much tn'rlt and d'.s
plsy. There will be a grand parado of a portion
of Vbe m'litary p.nd the Ivlhh civic soc'etle; a
Vontifieu! hijii man will be celtbruted in St.
l'al-ick's Ciituediel, by Archbishoy McClo'ikey;
lii?hop Lynch, oi Charleston, will delivur a pane
gyric on bt. fatiiek; and in the evemnj the
Kuihtn of St. Pi'tricl: will b'.ve a baTKjuet at the
iiaisoii Dome. The day wi!l be obvnnl in like
Dianntr in liroeklyn, Jersey Ciiy, and IIoloken,
also, no doubt, tLKouqhout the couutry.
A iiicctlncr wits held in the Uu'.versal'st church,
No. 6if Droadwav, lf.it evening, tor the purpois
of rpisins Biibvipt'cus to promote the Mission
ary work in thh coiintry. Several a li1ree
vero delivered, p. tier which a ehui of 51219 was
anuouacd as tho auiourt of the cajtributious
lvoui soveral ladies aud genlleueu pre.ient.
n iut 'iejt:3 cr.;e was tied yesterday ii tle
Ha-ine Couit, bcieie Judpe Alker, iuvoivur ta
Home ext?st the righti arid F.abi'uics of tab
tenants, or taose wko hire rooms oa tho r.?c:jd
or third lloor. Aia'aajetA. Wheelwitcat, ta
owner of houf-e Ko. li.O Monroe street, Droajht
a:i r.ciion ran'ust Mr. Ii. iteroard to recover the
sum ot -5U0 damages al'erd to have been sus
tained by r?ason ot a forcible eatry. An old
cutlema'n naiud Wachrstey reu'efl, a.id with
lois wile occupied the sccoad floor of
lbe premises. Od the ISth of October last
they were informed tkat a son was very ill
at Jamestown, N. Y. They locke.j up their
rooas and went thither, ariivins i'ut
in time to witness the death of their roldier
bov. The lather telegraphed lion Jauc iowa
t this city, fsk'ag cerliiu persons to notify a
aociety, ot which deeeased was a member, te
attend tfce fu-neral oa the 22d October, at the
rooms of the father, No. 150 Monroe ptveet. The
members of the Lociety and fiicnds of the
family atitved tit the place at tho appolatsd
Lour so did the coip3e. Tne coffin wai tkea
trom the hearse to flie hteps of the door, when
the plpinvUf ht the door in the face of tha
mourners and locked it. Defendant the-eupoa
broke down the door. It was lor this tLut
th action was brought. A verdict was reu
deTed for defendant. ,
At the inquest, lipid ycslejday by Coreaer
Wiluev. on the body ol Cuarles.Zccli. who coiu-
mitied suicide ou Alonday aiter attempfiui; to
kill his wife, in Fifty-third ttreet, tho wile ofde-
ceased tetineu in relation totne diuicultv which
jesulted in the shooting atlray. It ap;jeared
that thev had not lived together for scne tia'3.
and that the deceased wa3 a raau of intemperate
babits. ilri. ztech is rnpiaiy recovering from
, the enects of nr won 'jet.
William Hanlon aud Patrick Nicholson quar
relled ve? terdav in a erorr- ikop at iio, 8ti -Uul-
fceiry street, duiieor which llunlou lire aVnile
aud staboed hij ofiponejk ia ttte side, luflu-tin';
a daneerons wound, and ntterwiirds csenned.
Klchohoa waT removed t the Xow l'ork Hos
pital lor treatment. Fclto:;.
Piilacla. Stock Ext
JiepcjUd by ie Karsn & I1
ag Sales, L!?r. 18
re., ii. 49 . Thlid btreot
ll.A I , M-K 1.1
i;20OO L'n'n C Lb. ... sj
1U0 J'a b ',
?St'W Us S-20sC!rel'.!
2'jOHhSeh JS. pl.hJSJ
2tush do. "Oj
Kwih io 1
lOn n d V") :.J 1
It a till Ilcstonv.. l"3 r:
100 ih, da .Lj 42J
?00fhCulif c cOi
IwOlU ao 0O C3?
o.ii )S.
4D U J'rnn S
lUOih K((.n...,')
V 1th
..f30 tl
10 h
?0 j sh
It ) ah
.fJ0 6')
ilo. ..,-, nt V)l
do. tW.il 15-18
Uo. fcl r.')
oi) m
C....iwn (9
$2008 rT S 62. . . ,10'Ji
liid.n Kind i nr.. .h.tQ fli
lnOUeli iS:MtB
lC30ib du
4 til bOU Wt W..i, PH1
Lntest JIInrLeU hr Telcsrrnah.
Uw Iohk, Bfii'di 1 iitooki are stcaity, Dliho's
Central, 118; Michiifnul Souta rn, 73j ; K T. Ou
tral, 92; lUa.lmg. K)1J; Jludpon K-ver, 10CJ; Onton
i'unpimnv. : Hi "ouri Oi, 72: Krlo 3tli: W( tra
TDnlou Xe'et raph, 6i) f x-dividciid cosi.ons, HHt,
364! ; do. 1 ii, 10.0! do lli. 10iH ; Tea-lol.lcs, to; ;
'Ircasuuv 7 30. 1CU. Gold, 1C03.
JUniuui K, Murch 10. Flour u dull aid nam.
Tittl. wtiert uteadv: l"ennvivadia rea, i k.j. Cora
Arm; white and ysl'Oir, 6Sjt70u. Ouneu'lnt 4' i.
J'iotiriohs )uiet. but bivy. Groqcncl bcavy,
VVainky urui at lor v isiern.
A Wholesale Muster Out of
Colored Troops.
Our .Siiocio.1 Iespatclios.
WisnmoToN, March 16.
VeiHler 0 of 40,000 ,'olor4 l'roaps.
It Id rndcr.ilood that tLe Govcvtm-nt latencH,
within the next two weeks, io order the muster
out of loi-fy thousand celored troops, now sta
tioned la the South, to be take from such parti
of the several military departmeati as can best
spr.je tbero.
IInltratmnt of Freedruca.
The Frredmen's En -oau br.3 lnforraat'on from
CeutrevJ.le, Qacea Anno couuty, 5IaTy!and, that .
gaiifts of white rowdle3 are organised to mal
treat colored ptoplo, especially reterned colored
loldxis. Oa the 7th Instant the tt.ichcra of the
colored Echool there were attacked and shot at
iy the rowdiei, aad !a-t Sunday niht the co
lored choreli ia which Hhe chool is held was
binned by them. '
Washington, March 16.
Mr. Stewart (Nevada) introduced' a aeries of
resolutions declaring ?n favor of uaivewal suf
irae, iti return for -ncivti-jtl amucaty, which
were ordered to bo prlnterl.
Mr. Wilton intrcriticr d u joint resolution ap
proiriatirj Sli.UOO foi- tha pabMeat'on of the
medict.1 pad fcarjioal bisiO 'y of the Kebel'ion,
which was refei.'ed to the Comtaittsce on
Tna ivelieicney bi'l nnder considorat'on yester
day was taken up nt 1 o clock.
!! Qt attprertatatlvet.
Mr. Piles (Iowa) n:.ked lcT4 t oucr the fl
loirja: -
Whrert3. A dilTiroDre of onluionatid a coafliot of
viaw cxit tetwnen the aecrtlnrv of the fl rc?.:vry
aud the Compiro'lir ot fio :oir"iicv, which hai
kSHiinieu a state citleutuad to iniore ttio liuaucial ia-
tri'sfs ol the countrr, t'.:ere"ors
Fcsuh'cl, That a ('oui!Tiii'.;e of three ntemberi of
the House be appoin'td to tnves'icnle tho cams ot
tbe Oitticaity, and to report to tue House.
Mr. Eontwell (MnM.) Oojocted unl?s the rege-
lution wp3 referred to the Committee of Ways
and Mtatis, but subsequently withdrew his ob
jection, aad til lf olaiion was egaiu read.
wr. iiops (tu.) o0ic:tsa, a.vlu tie thought it
belter that the inquiry should be made by the
l ;np.3ce Lomnmtse.
Mr. I'rre caid the gentleman's colieazue, Mr.
V.'entworth, had chailcn-red him yesterday to
introduce such a resolution."
Mr. Koss I should rather he (Mr. Wentworih)
ware chairman of such a cvmmittse than you.
I obiect.
Mr. Kel?o (Mo.) ir'roductd a bill to authorize
the esttibl'sliment of an ocenn tna'! s'.;amship
Bevvice between the port cf ChurlcKiOc, 3. C,
and Liverpool by way of Quacnstowii, Great
Britain. Tiio bill' was read t"ce aud referred to
tho Committee on the Fot Ollice.
Mr. Tavlor (N. Y.) introduced a ejorution,
which wrs adopted, directiaj the becrotary of
War to report the iacls in lelation to the pur
chase ot tao steamship Jtu,iw, also the Baiues
oi the appraisers a ppmated uy me ivuanrdoai-ter-General
and Secretary of VTar.
)). Steveas (la.) rnked leave to lairouanc a
resolution, itistuictitic; the CoarmUlce on Claims
to i;:r,i,vre what t!i?rb.-tioa shoald bo made of
ihe puulicat'on cau l "lao Atnais ot uoa-
:T("-:i" nu uii.iied pyt.uics ,v Kcaion unuer an
alleged contract witi the Hou;c, r.tsd to ueter-a-iiro
whether Hip i.anio, or any part of t'aem,
should be ri'tuiacd; unci if iy part of them
should be returned, at what;pi'iee they sUuld
Le paifi tcr.
Mr. wimn (Iowa) obiected.
Mr. Dawes (M;'s.) precnt; t the a:prra ia
tho contested election cr. e.of Ft'iler agaii.t
Dswi.on. Itfiened to the Coco on tee oa Klec-
Mr. Hubbard (Io-ra), of! ere 1 a rediutloi.
wljicli wasi':iiciec', ii-.ttriit tin'.' the Committee
on Titian Adair.; to i?!nuive into the exp-ilieiey
ot lonccntratin j tae bands of the Dcketa aijd
bioux Indians on ore reserva' ion.
t. Holbrool: (Idaho) i lUodueed bills to ev
tubK h post route f-iom Iihilir City to Crekv
b. r in the tmi'ory el Idnho, nd to create the
o.lice ef Survtyor-Gineral of the Territory.
Herd twice r.ud rofeired.
Hie Speaker proceeded to cal commit tec j for
reports of a private character.
KTemetBt! of Trnunnra Klulutc filoclt
Si5 Fbavcisco, Murch 15. The steamship
An.trtca, of the Nicaragua liae, ailtd to-day
w'.th a larje number of paososers. Two steam
ers si lled to-ila.y for Povtland, OiTjon, cru'ryla.?
irnny pnserpera aud much freight lor the Mon
tana and Idaho miues.
The remains of a man fotuid on the raouti-
tiubiire behoved to be flio.se of Professor J. G. .
Pomeroy, of Pennsylvania, a bo has been miss
ing hum tbia city sire a Feptcwber last.
The is'.ep.mrr Jierrm 2eeada has arivd ireni
Poitland with $"C.rG0 In treasure.
Miring ttoeks lri'c.Tnlcr. Opliir, S".0; Savaje,
r.f.'i; trown Po'rt, tllfO; Empire, $215; Impe.
ria", If 105; Dele her, $J"3; Yellow Jacket, 5755.
The strainer ColJ-.n c ".')', with the New York
mails Kid pa.tifnjeis ol February 21, haj ar
iiTed here. v
Chor&cd wlib iForgcry.
Hartfokp, Murrh 1G. Henry C. Ward, a
trevelhrsr reent of the Nor! a America Fira
Issiirance Compaay, has oeea a-rcsled ut C'.eve
land on a charge of foifjery, said to have been
commuted ia 1S01. The Company has revoked
h'l commlss'.on. He i-reiort'd to bme (orleited
bis bonds, aad left or pait i unkua.vn.
''lb Tu Ox'Hitil Ui:vi)IIiuh at Was Liu f
li.it ibs. Kvnilut;.
The New lerk Hcrall of to-day hai the follow
i-ij special di'fpatfhej-
Wa&uisg;o:J. Mare 15. Tbe reception clvort
tonight by the Aiarouis and Mniehioiieis do
'Montuoiou meu!eo a private party, ami was
rtaiavkabio lor tio fi'iiet eu-ganue or an in
a; lanijenieuts. Lnliko almoht all such gather
ings iu Wfisii'rt!tc i in v, tneve waa no riiKiiuig
or clairoi iag t.t tue entrance t the luansiiiu, no
unr.oyinc 'uaui-i tous in tue tiars or pa -.sag;
.ways aud no impenetrable .crowds to block
eitiier lnv,res 1 ov etrress. ' Oarriates rolled
lelhiirtly up to the door and divcnaigeil their
occupant!", Rcrvmit.s pointed to the stairwavs and
drew 'iia-rooijiK, writiae aiaids and uV's.d?
vltuuil'Vt were in aMeiul uice to (jive tlie flnishing
tom b in innkiujs the g.ie-ts mvsi-utable, and the
bun ukU hostess too-.l uiiitine to icceive w.lh a
chariuinaf blending of rii(,niiv and simplicity.
Owing partly to it beinr the laxt pWbVol
Speaker Collas's rc:'eptio, a large prop. iion
of the gaefts crllwd there early !n fhe evening,
and wre lata In arriving at De Motholon.
Dy hall-pr.st'tau the current was turned in the
latt?r direction, however, aad a ltvge concourse
of people began to c.seiuble. The military and
naval departments and ereaut were well teprc
sented, and the foreign diplomatic bodies were,
with lew exceptions, present. A comparatively
small number ol Senators and CoBgrciSiiien were
In attendance; but an lncrericd l't-t of civilians
f id clii.-ens ot Washington compensated tor
their abience. The ladies and gentlemen wero
elaboratly created, and the toilel3 ol many
vere.unsuipr?:;e(l for brilliancy.
The Irst of the receptions given by Speaker
Colia?r, at his residence ou Four-aud-a-hall aU'cet,
crmc ell' this evening with a pe.'loct fan. It
vat the common eittatatlon, wnen shak'ng
lm J wuh the Speaker, 'his Is a wrni re cep
tioa," the remark involving a double meaning,
'Uud'iir to the motley outpouring, by way of
ettijaette, but really jplyiu to the oppressively
lour rr.'ige of the thermometer, i'uis latter
brought into reqUition a tree application ef the
n-ct c.c.'r, ?al'iciit!g fenens dainrge to anmerons
d -plays of alabnter thouldern end dalu.lly
t'-nted cheeks. Rome of the ffent'.enien on their
rcit made an exposition of te same aiticle,
which would have been much more to their
credit by belag subjected to a little soap and
The rceeption, properly speak'ng, took place
it the double parlors, while tbe bament was
tet uprrt for posBrtsora of imblo liiaht trained
to the kteps of the dauce. Over the door enter
ing the parlor, belor which atood Mr. Colta.v,
his mother and sister, aa American flag was
hue, while over the lold-ng doors between the
two r.rlors the Aaieiican aad a Siate flag were
croibert. The ' prcsi in the parlors wrs tearful,
theto being but one door both for ingress and
c res, dace in ihe room it icaubed the mo:t
dexterous elbowing to get ut. The daucen
below were silurly delicient iu a preper area
lor their operations. However, they persisted
valiantly pgamst the pressure, by crowding
tbroucb tho figures, and particularly walt.ing
pon a pivot. . , . "
Jimong the distinguislied persons present were
Jir. and Mrs. General Banks; Commodore
Bridge, accompanied by two beautiful young
ladief Mr. and Mrs. Huthaway, of Ctilllora a;
Generals Howrrd, Buckland, and Drayman; Eli
Perry, of Albanv; Kepresatativo MoiaM; ex-
CmHiim Wood, ol Illinois, ana oiueri. anions
the latter class we may mention irrepressible
lhad. Stevens, lnauueus nppiarei qoui- iuci
nating, and madejhimself conspicuous by nttar
ing sundry boisterous inquiries for "that one
armed ma:i." It was discovered subseqaemiy
that be alluded to General Howard, who wea.s
an empty sleeve as evidence of his gallantry. '
Suii-ounded bv a galaxy of fo much beauty,
and such art unfavorable opportunity of lorm
inc a aecision, it is impo-aible to n-k the
aunotincemcnt t'je name of tbe Irslle of tha
cvcniT . Iho dieer-es of.the ladles made a Lac
displav" of the millinery ait. White was the
p evai'lirg color imioiig tbe (torgeouoly prrayed
of the ti iultr rirs, wlvPe tue Hdarly ot the
fashionable ot their sex aderjed the'v aecliniog,
beauty by apprcpriate colons. The simple
parruents of seve.ul representatives lrom
the rural di.-r.icts fo.med q'lite a con
trust when compared wi'cU the flash of
the h'slilv decorated ladie3 of the c'.ty.
Qhc moiority of tkoce pvernt remained but a
tew minuUs,' thus keepirir up a constant scram
ble lrom the coat rooms installs to the pa.ldrs
below, und fee versa. Tho eV.crior of the
building as sicng'y besieged by the sable
pcpui&Uou, who thoiougbly blocked oat all ven
tilation by a solid mua.s of lanifeiors heads,
thick lips, fiat iiOhC and c proi'nte d;ph y of
ivory. The Colfax receptions have been among
the leading attractions of the winter feayeiies ia
Iho nat.onil capital. The cdveat af warm
weather r.nd the lallmg oiF of the variops
faeldoiiable entcrtaiuuien',3 will soon reveil
WeshirgtoA life iuto its usual sumuic languor,
Tpe First Ionian Er?LOiT Grand
Naval IaiU An Tjn.-reefs fll Att H.iirr.
The FcniunS leaders, haveitincoateiuplution, as
part of tlieir programme aaaii:al the Dritivh
(!ociunieat, to Ut out privatsevs ami cripple
Diitish con.imrce by allackinj aud approiiri
tiling to tl.eir own "use tha Cunard wad otiier
liiitish f-teaaieis plyinc between Liverpool and
New York, it is anticipated that creat trouble
will result to the Duiish sUpping by the deter
mined action of the Fenian authorities, and pas
sengers on board ot English ve.scls will ionrney
in con?ta?it diead aad clarui iu conseciteiice of
the anticipated laHicr in with Fenian cruisers.
We hiive to reroid thli attcrnoou a' hat we be
lieve to be the ftrft attempt to fit out a Fenian
piivateei, and the bold explcit took place yei
terduy a te: noon on t'ae liver lehayikilL The
undertaking was not i.iieccr?iul, however, lor
wcicb lorluuate clrcmustauee the Diitish Gat
e:anient !s indebted to the conrage. watchful
iir:i,rt;d energy displayed by a coiiple ot police
meu 'viiio do duty ou the 'line of the river
ficbuylk'.ll. .-,
Tke tact-- cor.nocted with the exeltiiic affair
are us tollow: George McCoy. Charles Higcins,
mid btuart Higgins, arc all Irishmen, and, per
consequence, it. muy be as5umed they are Fe
nians. Tee trio, while in the neighborhood jot
South M eet wharf, Scbavlkill, eipied a trim,
well btiih, and apparently fast milinsr canal
Lcat lying ut eald wharf. Thu cralt had no one
on bnuni. and dovbtlcs the thought flashed
throiigh the m'ni'.s ot the bold and fearless
Fenians that by a sudden laid the vessel could
ba captured, speedily converted into a privateer,
and manned bv the three would-be-bold-buo-caneers,
the Delaware corild be reached, Cape
May doubled, and with the wide ocean as a field
ot operations, then oe to fintish commerce.
An elated, tne attempt tanea, lor Albert
Jame3, the ownfr ot the boat, wntchd the pro-
cc euiuL'g. called in te asBUtnnce ot the pol-ce,
t' e bout was reeactureti, and the 'diseomtited
Fenians were held by Alclcrmuu LuU ia the
Bum ol S'ioou each to auswor."
Cui'Kcn lMi''B':v.EWr:3(TS. Duriajr tb? past
few uiont'u3 the attendance oa the preaching of
the gospel in the Second Ile.'oruied Dutch
.Church, of which Rev. T. feivitt Tilaine is
pator. bus been greatly increased. Lust Sunday
eienincr, notwiTbHtanoing ino dull weataer, the
church was crowded in ad pin ts to listen to tha
oiicliiding discourse of a ser es of sermons to
joung liieu, i hlc'u 'iiave beeu delivered by the
eloquent pa.stor. A number of families have
beeu waiting for pews lor uevcral months la this
church, and the de.lre lor aecouitnoilaLions it
very nrgeiit nt the present tine. Fetblij sinter
churches have ben aided by members who have
colonized lrom this congregation. The pastor
annoiiEceii lu-t Riindav that his pulpit woul 1 be
supplied next Jiunday by laeml'ers of tbe Metho
dt t oiilerence, now iu tetion in this city, aud
that on the following Sunday evenias he would
commence a cuutj'o jf sermons on the "liecog
nit on oi Frieads iu Heaven." The nuniversur
of tlie Sui (i;iy Schools attacked to th chucoh
will take pluce iu a tew evenings, Tho ex'eici'es
will be among the ninat Interesting held in this
citv tor some t'uuo ,ut.. Among the syealrers
will be Kev. Theodore Cuyler, of Xow York.
A Mkktiko in luvor ot the constructiou
of a Piis-jt'iirr KliUwhv through tho western
pari ot flie cuy vus he'd lun evening ut'L'wmitv
fourth and fcprliig (iarrtcu street, at which,
resolutions wera adopt.'d ury.biLMipou the Legis
latiiiott,e Heredity ol granting a charter for
tLat purpose, A (mpy ot the 'resolutions wan
O! deved io be sent to ecch one of the Senator.-!
aud Keprcti nta'.ivis at Hiirnsburg, from thia
city. , ' .
Stole a TVatcii. Andrew White and
another peraon went. lust e.venimr into a lu v
eiliiikiuir esubluihiuoiit ciWlfti) tha golden lie,-,
in Curtrr street, above Second, kept by a womau
limned Slary IleJiiiinnra, and ttole a f old watch,
north $75, tke pi-operty ol a teiuale hoarder.
VibiteMis nrrest'd ii'id held 1a $iM0 bail bv
Aid' mini Ueitler, but Ills coinpaaion got oil"
with the wutch.
A ToLicr Drat.er Aukkbted. John A.
Collins was beiore Kerordur Eneu this morulng,
churjed with selling lottery policies. The prin
cipal witness was f rank J. Ilonaghan, who tes
tilled that Collins was in the lottery policy busi
ness, and he (Monaghna) had received a lloense
from blm to sell policies, and Collins said he
would be proteetod. Tne witness had paid
maney to Collins' agents in different parts of the
city, and when any hits were made Collins
alwnj-s settled all dioputos.
The policies sold were mainly in Kettneky
and Shelby. Witness had bad books settled
with Collins as lata as March 10. He sold tor
and an r cconnt of Collins. On cross examina
tion, i;as said he bad retarnod two books oa
the 10th of March trom a man on Sixth street.
He had nothing to do himself since March 1.
He had sued Celtics before Alderman Latz, aad
bad him bound over, but he did not appear, and
his recognizance was lorfelted. Tais morning
witness had received fourteen dollars for a hit
made oa the 10th of March.
Peter Lent was the next witness. t n was
employed by Collins to write numbers' In bonks,
etc., abd has been engaged with dtieadant
asout three aionths, and received hits from
Colons' clerks three weeks kiact.
Other witnesses sabpanaed did not appear,
and the case was bold ever until Tuesday nest,
at i o'clock P. M.
Tne Bedford Stbxkt Misstow. The
ThiiteeDth annual meeting of the Bedford Street
M'eeioii took place last evewng, at the Union
M. E. Church, Foarth street, below Arch. The
exercises were opened with praver by Rev. Mr.
Carrow, pastor ot the Church. The report was
read by the Secretary, Mr. John Parker. It
allowed tl'at during the year the Mission had
been greatly prospered, and that the managers
in consequence had purchased a plot ol ground
ad)oining their preeut building, measuring 30
by 120 iect, on which they intend ti erect a
buildin:: lor the better accommodation of the
recipients of this charity. A flourishing Sunday
School is attached to the Musion. There is ai,b
a duy school, numbering aboat 225 pupils. Thin
school has loir teachers, who receive pay for
their services. In order to carry through to a
Buccossiiil terminntlon their plans, the mana
gers will require about $10,COO, which they hopo
a generous public will contribute. Tho meeting
was, addrecsed by Eev. A. Cookmun aud Kev.
James Neill.
Pansiojt Agency. The admirable methol
adontjd bv Colonel Cre.;ue in tha Davmant, af
pensions was snown mis morning daring tha
' invt t ivii itMdf otatm 4 Vi u t ntawn'iii4 4V ah1 4 K a
daVt ihourh the crowd was
.uiinuuvi'o ni vi 1 1 vuai picvnncu vlllJ Z 11 vii rj
more than ordi-
nnrily large, faw, if any, wsm forced to remain
in the vret, but by the airangements perlected
by the Agent ah were comiortably sheltered in
adioicing looms.
This clearly proves the wisdom of the plan,
and will, no doubt, be adopted at other agencies
when Its erit3 are so manifest over ine old
method. Colonel Oreene deserves credit for his
intelligence in marking out aa easv a way of
getting through each a difficult and tedious
biif.'e.ss. The regular alphabetical list will be
clo.-ed on the 2lth, af:er which date all pension-
eiswi'lbe puid iadiserinjinatelv. The lack of
contusion und noise which marks the whole
tiling, is a marked coutrast to prevloue years.
Arsc1:. About ten o'clock yesterday
morninr smoke was discovered issuing from the
upper floor ot the lour-atoried bnildinor. No. 707
Ctt'lowhill street, occupied by W. B. Alexander
ab a dwelling. A me.nbar ot the lamiiy pro-
cecnrci np stairs, aua louna a wa-nstana on tne
fourth fioor m flames. The tire was extincuishad
w ithout doing fuiiher damage. Shortly before
three o'clock in the afternoon smoke was awn
discovered issuing lrom the came room. Thia
tirr e a bed was found to be ou fire. After con
siderable difficnlty tne flame3 were extinguished.
F'.re Marshal Dluckboru was sent for, and on
fnesuganng the rasa concluded thut a yonn,
colored Eirl. employed in the lamuy as a child's
inme, was evilly of the crime. Having charged
her and ene at once confessed her emit the
eJrl wns tsken into cuotodv, and- will have a
heating this alternoon, at the Central Station.
pHir.ATiHLPHtA Ff.nians. A large con-
couree of Irish assembled on a vacant lot, at the
corner ot lifthtli and Fit.water streets, lust
evening, for the purpose of organizing thorn-
eolves in Circle?. The District Centre, accompa
nied bv the . Centre ol Philadelphia CireK
arrived on the trroiind at 9 o'clock, aud delivered
a patriotic adiirea. The Liberty Cornet Band
volunteered their services, and enlivened tho
proceedings with national airs. No notice was
given of the meeting anlil lu'.e ia) the a-'tcruoon,
and coasenueutly there a as not time to invite
other speakers, or make tke necessary pre
BEFTErcnvK Fire this LTorntso.
About C o'clock thi' morning a stone structure
attached to the mill of J. Bolton Winpenuy,
Fiiiiuted in Manayunk. took fire aud was totally
ocdioved. Tae f.rst Boor was oeouplod by the
boilers, nad the second floor as a ciryine-raow.
A linishing-room and dye-honse ndieining the
buildinc was considerably daumzed by water.
The entire loss will reach about $31)00, ou which
there is an msmauce ot aboat EGOO. Jains
llnivi-on, an employe of the mill, iu hia en
deavors to subdue the flames, had his hair, eye
brows, and arms badly burned, .and made a
narrow escape from being fatally Injured.
Skkenadk to tub Hon. William D
Keilev. At the conclusion ol the Hob. William
D.-Kelley'a loctnre, at Concert Hall, luBt eveu-
ingj before the Social, Civil, and Statistical As
sociation of the Colortd People of Pennsylvania,
tlie Delaionico Association, composed of colored
men, headed by their line brass band, oro-
e'eeded to the residence of the sister of tbe
distinguished orutor, on Giten btreet, above
Nineteenth, and honorod him with a serenade,
Mr. Iveilev appeared and delivered a very ex
cellent address, thauking them (or the honjr
they had been lit to coaler upon him.
Pickpocket As bis ted. A man named'
William Moore, hailing from Uult:uiorc, waj
arrested about 7 o'clock lu.t eveaiig, iu the
neighborhood of TwelitU and Cliesnut streets,
charged vib. piv'iiug pockets. He was locked
up for a hearing.
Elkctiok bt Couare-iLB. Councils met in
loint coravent.oa yesterday and elected tho fol-
lowlanr otneerc : W. J. Pbdlips, Siipenateudeut
of the Police and lire Alurm Telegraph, nad
t,aarics cat, sirpennteudeat or lrusis.
Steai.ik r iLTVSPAricKfi. A lad aamed
Henry McFate 'was arrested vat au early hour
this woniiug. cliarsed v.i'h stsuling nawpapers
hem the front of dv.elln.e-bonscs. "He wa- o.u-
mined by Alderman i .tioiuiur.
Our Goverpmeut CTtl ai'y fail
A lovul imin to Had ,
To carry to Mobile lis iimil,
Until, with pi uui ut uiind,
A Ph'lRdelphiBU Ihoy cho.e
Iu wf'oia ail trust laev coalj reoee.
Our citizens, we karn fr-ira l.irco,
Are pne d fcy tlioH iu power,
Ai.d v nil Uity prvve tlieli counnon seuse
By ilealing at tho lontr.
Ourtlut l: vf (VA.'..i .. tu luroit ani wi)t com-
)lete in tilt vily. iHipa-.tcd I y hnuc iu m'tf.rial, wye,
mid, At, ami tuitl ut prifvt nunrttnte 'd lower than, llta
6im(. TOWKK llAI-L, ! '
F.Aiui.lKA W. ! . MiuMocli & "o!, Nu. 115 Moutn
I liird btruct. have luducud the oriuu oi all iraoris In
tie iiim KiciKi-v uue to oorrcit'OUil witu thu
Bient (ecl;nn in cold. Upb:i souib arioios a yory
uui tonal lednetion lias been aiuda Suirars,
aiiirccs iui smctfl. etc.. aie ull iuucu clieatn-r.
The lar.av aod branch ot tueir busiupi.s lias
also pHitulru ot the slKimt ecale. Kaidlnes,
petit pol8, cliujupprnoni, li-atllm, pme do fines (rraa,
I aelikb sanrrs, prirervod eipi'cr, I'arniean cUikhu,
olive oil. caixiri. auoliovms. nl;ys farcies, nl, m-
ai'cd, every ariielo ol a lauov uataro, tuny bo ob
tuitcd at lower ratei. VV e ooiiiiiufud tho storo to
hr.usekci-perH, and axmro them tluit a olnt ol euier-
pi ib is ei mcvu uvre wormy oi puiruuK.
Msy, 1805; edited tiy Wlilinm l'rootor, Jr., rrolrmor
of flikimnevin the llillailolphia Colleie of rhnr-
mary .'VV ill the fluid oxtrnois go out of tiso owmg
io ine niKO pi ice, or can we nave some aatnoniative
lodiaoktionn el tiio lormaiM br whicn we eaa make
tbem at a nioro reasonable iosif II tae latter,
shall the chanie be in tbe qnalliy of the menstruum,
or Id the manner of applvmr it, o as to redane the
quBBilly rpumiir uun mere bo a con vocation ol
the Committee of Revision to authorize torn new
method or modification of the pruient rcotposf"
wnn rerara io tne eoutrmuia'pa ciianire in tne
quantity, or in the mnnatrnum Itself, in the prepara
tion of llnid extracts, I would take oootolon to nay
that in medio ne tbe health ef the patient is tho great
I lie eost ot nmtetiai u sometmnv. bnt whnn tint
Into the toals with human lualth. aud often human
liio, It is hardly worthy of consideration at all. Mv
imcnu (nounuoia n win conunui to be maue as
lonnerly, and it it cannot le mamtainod at presnt
inci'i, mny win iiayu io do aavanoea to mo: tne
advance in Hie once of material. To suoh as tleslro
quantity inatead of quality we would eay tnat watrr
a cocap commodity, and mar do rcadilv a idou bv
the peiKon ticing the medicine if he desires todo so.
JU. l. riitLMnoLn, uruirpst and homiat,
' o. 68-t Broadway, Kow York City,
And Ko. 101 boutn Tenth etieot, Philadelphia.'
Corns ami Cotfons Sodden cuaiiios of olimati
are sources of fn'monary and BroruMal ajp rtiotu.
Experience havin proved that simple remedies act
speedily when lakon in the earlr stage of d incase,
take at once "Srown' Bronchial Troches," lot tho
Cold, Conch, or Irritattoa of the Threat bo over so
aiirht, as by this precaation a more serleus attack
may be warded off. .
How He Catjoht loi.D.-An emlniut arllit
latelv Ubiuted a snow storm so na'uniliv trat ho
esnjiht a bad cold by fitting too near it with bit coat
eir. If you would avoid taking cold, have vour
hoe properly heated wi'h eood anthraoito, aacti a
yon are aure to cat at W. W. Altrr's Family Coal
lard, Mo. f67 North JSinth street, below Cnrard
avenue, uraneii otnee, ruxib and Sprier garden.
A Wono TO I-AWD-T.UTimtns. The "Stern Post"
ota nm is. not a weekly paper. Ibe lirlht on
hnnrddonot nccosarl y add to the census. J no
HatchKayt are not lien's nests Pneihsts aro not
enaaced to Hon tne ('mxMn . Tho "floats wain does
not pipe m i uanuti Willi a mcersulianiu. Huioi are
not "rnrgod out" at ftokos & Co.i On Price Store,
neither are tliev "boarded'' at the Continental, or
any viuer iioiti.
SAts of Fikk riCTUass Messrs. Birch tc Son
will continue their ealo.thi evemnir. of the valuab o
1'aintincB tnat hnve been on exhibition at their Art
liallerr, Mo. 1110 ChoMiut street. Hnny or the
finest works aro included iu thia evening's 8ule,which
win commence at i o eiecK.
Paters Eeddckd All styles Photoirninhs of
pnponor cna'acior. striA. exeentioH. and iiuisti nn-
surpasxfcd. A raro chance. Modorato eharares. 11.
i . licimar's Oal.ory, Ao. 624 Arch street, ue early.
HsnaiA oa ItUPTBau treated with nrnfusnional
pki 1, and trases or afproyed eonstrectiou ajiplitd
uy j. n. fieeeios, cor. oi j weiitn and Kaee strocu.
7'3rs, f.ZCi. 10-40.V 1SSU. Compound Intere-t
rtotes. and t.old and Silver henirlit and boM bv
urexei x t.o., ro ut .south i niri xiriet.
?"Cf, A Discoui.T or One Uusdred Vov-
1 1 I
i.ap.8 and upward! ia the price ot Stock
k Ce. and other mako of Plai oa.
J. F. Gorjl.D,
Sevtntb and Chcanut streets.
i a I' Eksulab fccnuDULK Pkicks.
Desirincr to redace our larace stock of superior and
hitiltly flni fltetl Jttimninod Piano, previous to Ihe ro
niorul to our new store, lo. 113 Chtsnat street, wo
have concluded to oiler them at prices below tho
cost to manulr.cmro Tersons dcslrimr to purchase a
first class Plane at reduce)' rates, should not fail to
avail themauives of th.B opportnnity.
Wcrerooms, Ko. 1C21 Cliesnut street.
W. fc B., Good Clo hiuK, Oak Hull, Sixth und Market.
Tf. & E , 3ocd Clothing, Oaklla!', Sixth and Market.
W. & U., tioodC loinlnr, Oiik Lf alt, Wxth and Market
W. & B., Good C'etHtig, Onk tlnll, B'r.t'a and Market.
W. k B Good Ciothina, Oak Uall.Stxtfiand Mai ket
W. & K.. ood Clothing Onk Hal. Sixth and Market.
CHAMBERS WHITE. 1'ebruarv 17. 1801. by
Fev. .Iiinies c'lowe. Ao. 2245 . .Sscand Htro-t, Mr.
I'OUKKT CUAiilJa,KS and llrs. EilKLLsli
WI1IE, both of tLis city. .
KESBLEr.-!-'Ch01IFXD.-On the 18th instant,
bv tne Kev. Chnrlts i Ooopor. lHOMAS C. JtEaS-
biMIUI CHAMmUtt Jnauar,-8 1856, bv Eev.
Jair.ds Crewe, UMiUd by I'v, Alexander smiiti,
Jir JOHN .siWlXrlandM'SsJlAtiCliaCiiAilBKKS,
both ot ttui city.
BAPFR On the mondnff of Ihe It'll Instsa,
altera iiiiKi-nnv ilmets, which h bore with manly
k.n.tudo, r-Aill tli UADUa.lC, aa old aud well-
known e tizon ot Philadelphia
Dun 1.01x0 will be givt-u oi tne lunerai.
DALLAS. Oa tho llih laalant, PHILIP A'.
DALLA.-, son ol'tuu luto (icarau 11. L.i:.aj, Iu tuu
41-t ypur ol Lis ace.
Mineral serv ces at St Peter's Chareb, en Meaday
the lltih lus.aut, ul 12 u ulvvk U., pauuiimlly.
DV.VIKF. Oh the 14th instant, JOHN W. DK-
Vli;E. aired 21 vears...
lbe reativeb aud irioaus oi mo iainny are ro.spoei-
Inbj iriVi'cd to aH'iid tue iimeiui, lrom the ios.
deuce oi his remit, Jio. 1012 S. T'ailth ,-ticot, oa
fcatnrdny, tbe Jitn mutant, ai b$ o-ciock a. m.
FlLlEX.-On UioH.hinklKiit, MAI! T C. FEL-
TEfS, vine ei J-cob i'elten, lu the 11th year of hir
l lie rc iitives una mrnui oi uu tawiiv are reimci-
luilv in-ited to attend ttio luneral, iieia the ros:-
di lice of her husband, No. 1229 X. I ilth stroet, ou
Kui.ilav ul crnoon. Uie lrtls ladlant, M'i o'cloc. Io
procoi d to Odd lellows' Ceiuetory.
ECOl'KS On vvednesncy, the liili tnjtnnt. Miss
I'iii(iul i;rvicej at Holy i runty i l aicn. at -4
o'clock P. 11. oa r titurduv, the laU inslttut. lu'er-
merit at laurel Hiil Ocim-lery.
.KIKTTKK. Oa v "Jii(P(l:;y. tho il"i instant.
SAliAU, wifo iti David ineveua, m tho oilia jcarot
Hie Irieuds of tl e lomily are respectfully invited
to ait nil tiio Itueral. lrom her lato rosiik'uc , tt Y, .
eorutr of Uiruru and Seventh atioetj. oa i.aturdny
next, the 17 Hi lUbiuat. aiae e.aeK r. n., wituutu
luriher rotice. .
u'lTl tfiYOn Tn Dftnv TTIftrn'nor H1-:Vr;i-
Ei'l A ii , wilo of X hoaias ton lniuu, ami 3aus;!i.i!r 01
Kvim-f.1 lil er.
' i'.crreliit.ved aua lnonusanu iuihh 01 uio 1 iiany
are icuuostid to ui.on hit lateral, i-oui io nan-
d, lif.i. 01 her bufbuna. .ve. li 10 brc-eu sirei:lt on ar
iirnu Biorn:as. at 10 o'o ot k, witlm i' luriiier. nolioe
1 wl.L cior silver it atod b'a.lp ('atno and Mo-it
aivcr.'t. nnu I it)iB steels nuu auiu-r umvas;ior nd ,
wlih other lauio Luiu-rv. uy ,,, t
No SaMI'MglttTklrl.y flve) tlAI.lv.LT m.. tieluw Mutli.
1 k V- -l s tX it 1 1 . V i F ,
V men a vurlei 01 1'urpct. ltivo , C'.uw, VcnoiTinn,
auu nti.er u.-iiLUirio, lor hu e o , ,...-
o K!i (x kl'l Tliirt--fiv) VAKKL't -t . bulow Sinth.
In! 1 A i nil.V"
I A I i
, Ii O A 1 t O M -UClOUo I'U: vi'.
11 Puih'
.i-p. ru-iiiiir id; ii it siiitu.'i luiies ijno.i-
mntrprH' 1'i.iipli P er.-t. Kyiet runrteJ, uaaior- aim
Laud ranch... i.raie uy
No. P.I.MKij'al '1 hlitv-flvo. MA UK M' St ..Jii-iow Ninth.
O P 1 A V T O N 'I O ALE
JULDA-N'K TOMf LI'". .-'
Ii It II I h'N l il" III A iT,.
It Ii ri'cun.riei'Brrt by aluoio :un ot thl aiiU ettiBr
.1.... n .... .. ,H , 1. ,i( .in' rp,.niif hut a trial 10
... tlm ..',. I .H-nHml U'' iU UlC.lt T)W i. 0 bll
i J' ' i : ... .:. 1 J.. .11 .., i- 1 .iiikimn.
(iiiiuiiuikiin rider, by
iLa ddea. boitiou. or uy 11m
i 145
A ro tfe hi'Ht untl the only nunlly muchlnas warraiuaa to
jive eatlw ratis'tictlon, or money returaee.
.s r:o. gso cHCSfi'JT STuncv.
' N. n. All kUiU ot fiat Krwlnii anil BtltvUiiuj promptly
done in the iatst Ditiniu-r
. Obciutuia tuushioa ttio Flounce, without oliarge, at
UmaUlte. . . :
T II E ' G R E A T
. ...... - .4
S 1
(Set a Whisky Treparatlo)
Resulting Item any canse whatever.
Dteeasee of Camp Lifo. '
Will And in till Ht'leni a pare Tonic, nst dependont on
but ti,uore lor their tmiil unraomous ellfccui.
Diseatics RcBnlting from Disoraers of the
Liver and Digestive 3; ns,
This Bitters bus wrformoe mnrn cnn. crlvna tuftt
satlMncliou, lias more u5ilmony, has moro respectable
piori o tu Vtuch lor 1L tliua any oiknr rli.-l.. in n..
ue tfi'fy aay one te rentradlct this assertion, and
To any aaa who wt;l pieduce a cortlUcate publlahed by as
tkui la uvt reuuina. .
II oolland's G onnan Bitters
Olscive the following Hyaiptoma, rea!i'n troui Dis-
rem tlpf.tion. Inward rilrj Fu ntHS of BUM to tbe
term, Acltllty or tfco Utomaub, iauea.'rieaj;buru
Lihutint lor rasa, tfu nen or W elKbt la tiio '
Btuuiacb, hour i- ructntlons. HmkiUKor F.ut
Uriur at iha Pit of ike ntomueh. fwim
imtif cl the head. Uunleil and Iji
Hit isrcatlilDir. Ftat'erlugat Uo
Besrt. Choking er MtCuuatiag
ticiiaatiuitit w bu in a 1 lrttr
oorturo, Din ne8 ol VlMon,
Bon or Web bi-lore the 81at,
I'tytii- end Da l rain iu the Ilea.
.LirJch-rtuy 01 ffisyiration. Ife lownws
et tLe hkm aud E.vm. l'ala in the fide,
J Belt, l.hont. Liui&a. Ltd.. Middea riuma
Ot lir.lt llliril.l.r In ,1
HiafjIiiluKa ef fcyll, anJ Ureut Dcurcjiiiiou of riuhits.
That this BitUrs t' not A'.coh.tUc. eaiiulM no Hum
or ll l,islij,aiul cnwtmit Urunicartti, but it the
Ectt Tonic in the tcorld
Fioni Eev. VT. D Eds rleU, Pastor of Ifloilth BapUit
i.niiruu, riiiinucipuia. ,
tieiitlca en : I hye recently beeu lahonnc nnilnr tun
llldirf Beliik fPrctK ol iailiLi iiiiB. acconin.iuie.1 Li a nn.a-
irtitiun 01 lbe uervoaasvbtom. oniirou rmmj.tionvere
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R"o. 631 Arch Street,- FhiladelpHa, Pa.
Ft r ale by Dmifeltts and Dealers in every town tn th
t'uluil Slates. . . lUntiubl'Jiu

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