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VOL V.-No. ?9.
1 1
Tfce HstaI Battle ou tbe Chilian CoMt
Official Accounts KJolclnff of tbe
People. Ete. I
Tbo Waval YlctorjrTbo Flarht at Abtito.
Chill still remains the ccntTO of public Intcrost
on thW coast. The steamer or the 11th Instant,
irom Valparaiso, brings confirmation of the re
joi ted victorv ot the allied sq-iadron over-the
tpnnlsh frisa'tos Viha tie Madrid and Di.anca.
Flitv-Kve guns In the hands ol Peruvians and
Chilif-os pi ovcd more than a match for ninety
ib;;r manned by the veteran ol Hpaln. Alter a
contest of two hours, tn which tlitocn hundrad
shots were exchanged, at the distance from one
. . - ! f. 1 .1. 1 I.. . I a
Uiousanu io niioeu uuuurvu jrniu, uie cwimu
veesels retired defeated.
OH 1I0AFD OF THE Fkiqatk Aptjeimac " ON rn
Station of Ciiayauuu, Fobruary 10. me uliiod
squadron under nny order, oopsitini'of the frlirato
Ajiurimac, the corvettes America and Union, belong
ing to 1'ern, and the steamer ( ooadimga, Belonging
to Chili, beme anchored at thiB station, 1 wan In
Jormud at lu o'c'ock A. II., that in tho contiguous
channels two steamers were tcon that in a'l proba
bility reloaded to the bpaulsh squadron..
I immodlatPiy pave orders to term a cIopo line of
con hat. anchored and moorod, and to muke ready
the " naincs ol all tho vcasols, inu.udiog tho trlgato,
notwiibstanding that it was quilt) unserviceable, ac
cording to the report ot the emriuc-rs, owin t to tho
damage ot which 1 have already informed your Ex
cellency. We remained ready lor action, establish
ing telegraphs iu tbo p'acos mos favorable lor ae-
?uulnliiiK us promptly ol ihe aeprorcb of the enemy,
n cflect, at ball-pad 2 o'clock 1'. M., two columns o'
moke could be dihtirtctly dii:oi rued over the island
ol Abtao, which indicatoa the approach ol the
Mpnnltih vrsscl by the eastern channel ot the said
itlunri, which is tho widest.
At half past three tho Spanish frigate Blanc ap
peared In the channel rclcrrod to, lollowed closely
by the Villa de Madrid; and when at distance of
about fifteen hundred moires from our line the
. t riirate I commanded opened lire upon them, as also
the other ships a II ro which was answered by the
eremy id a spirited manner, but without being able
to overcome our resistance; aun, at last, loroed by
the damage wh inflicted, went to lake shelter in a
creek situated to the norm of our line, from whence
they maintained a vertical fire. In this position, bad
the Apurimne bcou ab e to move, we should have
issued out in line oi' buttle to cut ofl' their rotreat
most probably with tho most successful result.
Shortly a'tcr the two filiates left the creek, re-
' tiring slowly from the sceno of combat without
ceasing to fire upon our line, which boingr vigorously
responded to, lorccd them to retreat until sheltered
trcm our shot by he northern point of tho Island of
Abtao, which is tho most eluvited.
The enemy counuued their rotreat until, being out
of rango, Ihe firing ceased, whioh had lasted with
out inteiruption two hours, and in which some
t fit teen hundred shots must havo been fired by both
The daniago suffered by our side is as follows:
The Ajmnmaa received three bails in her hull on
the water line, a sholl, which destroyed bar launch,
which was moored astern, and another which earned
wov her lunnel.
The America received four balls in ber hull, and
- two uioio, which. Ujiug high, cut away tho main
mast shrouds and eomo ringing.
XI o lnion throe, one of which entered by a port
bole, killing two men who served the third gun and
damaging ilio steam chest; and two others which tell
npon the fashion pieces. Itwould be superfluous to
mention to your Excellency the ouicers who wero
, present at this engagement,- m all, without exocp
' tton, did their duty. 1 am amply satisfied with tue
disoipline, coolness, and courago displayed by all,
Jnoludinar aaout lortv men of the Naval itrigado of
'Valparaiso, and thirty marines who were shipped at
the last moment iu order to fill vacanoics.
As tbo course followed by the enemy s force a It or
the engagement was not known, aud the night was
at Lund, and our tun s wereuuorovidod with pilots,
It was not possible tor Uie corvet'oi to go m pur
suit of them, for which reason I gave ordeia that
skills should te sent out to reconnoitre the position
taken up by them. However, the reconnoitring
party to mid nothing but fragment of the friwea
Vtlta tie Madrid and JJlanca. snch as tho figure bead
ol one ot them, f ragments ot sides, ramrods,sponges,
sen men's caps, etc.
lotwithptaiidin that wo were convinced of the
-damage su Acred by the bpanhib, and the slight fear
we could entertain ol a lrcsh ft tack atter bnving
repo sed them so gloriously, I maintained tho force
itoer my commaodi,:it quarters until me Oth, when
the Chilian eorvetie, the Jinmeratda, arrived, the
commander of wbioh is at presfut the commander-in-chief
of the allied forces, and whom I informed of
Y but had occurred.
'1 his is what it is my pleasing duty to have to com
municate to your Excel loncv.
Goo preserve your Excellency..
Manuel Villar.
report of commanded williams.
11eado.dabtrr8 of the allied squadron,
February 15, 1C30 To the Minister of Marine:!
coiumoi'ced my excursion on the oth of tho current
month, at 6 M , after bav.ng instiuot?d the
commander ot the Cvvatlonra to keep hii steam
up a recommenuntiou I bad previously made to
the commander of tho Aurimaco ae to avoid
a surprise on tho part ot the Spanish, whom I uua
ginoa to be in sou'hern waters.
'1 he extensive quantity ol ammunition and the dif
ferent dispositions ot an economical character noces
sary to the provisioning and equipment of the divi
sien did not allow me to woigh anchor the following
day; consequently 1 saw myself torood to deter my
departuro until sunrise ot the 7tb, when I proposed
to return having in tow tbo , laden with every
thing re quisite for the squadron. 1 was ready aud
war ing only tbe lido when, at 8-80 A. M , 1 roooived
a o minunication from tho lntoudant informiui me
that tbe Spanish trigatet VUU de Madrid and
Jilanca wore at lluite that is, at a very short dis
tance from the mouth of the C'hacao channel.
Ihrectly 1 received this intelligence I despatched a
boat in charge ot Flag Lieotennnt Walker, with
orders to proceed with all possible speed to the
station and place in the hands of the Peruvian
commander the original communication, informing
him at the same time that I remained at the entrance
of the port of Ancud, waiting an opportunity to
enable me to join the uivLion. To-day I could not
do so, because the two Spanish lnguU'S continued
cruising, both I elore and atur the combat, in the
neighborhood of the Island of Abtao. Neither oouid
I do it by night, because they placed themselves at
the mouth ot the Chacao Channel, one at the north
and the other at the Bouth, with the intention ot sur
prising us, thinking, perhaps, that I should endeavor
to take advantage ol the darkness to attempt to join
tbe allied Fquadron. Ataawn 1 began to return, bat
on arnviutr near Uemolinos 1 was met by Flag Lieu
tenant Wa.ker, announcing to me that the in gates
had not moved iroin thtir positions, which obliged
me to return to Ancud and remain there till 2 A. M,.
when 1 again began my return, which I was enabled
, to elfect without anv mischance.
On my arrival at the station I received the dos-
atcties w inch 1 have tbe honor to transmit to your
xoelloncy, und iroin which you will see that the
two Spanish frigates have beon repuiscd; and ttieir
burned retreat atter sucn a sudden attack suvirests
the inference ot a decided del' ai. as otherwise thoy
would have leturned to the attack,
If the enemy bad not kept at so great a distance
during the combat owing, probably, to ths fear of
tbe battery that deiended the entry with the sus
tained flie, whioh lasted an hour and threo-quarters,
we should have had to deplore many lossos; lout I
have the satislaotion to inform vour Kxoelleuey that
they have been limited to the death of two seamen
. ot the corvette Union, and tome inconsiderable
V ritiuave, staled in ihe accompanying despatcacs,
tied preserve your Excellency. Juan Williaub,
Th Btamkb "Covadonoa," Chatahub, Fobrn
iry IStio. l bavethe honor to inform your Excel
encythat yesterday at 8 A. M , two filgatea wre
lesoried by tbe XaLon Islands, and About an hour
! lUDseque&tly, baviu been recognized to be the
i ineiiiy, j procoeued Immediately to mount my third
lwnl gun and e'eareft tor action. 1 applied to the
eomuauder ot the tUnou lor twenty-four men to
jworc uieaaid gut, and 1 provided them with gun
land musket cartridge, as likewise with the rlUos
. whioh your Excellency sunt on beard,
i At about 8 f, M. the two frlgatei presented them
elves. They bad passed by the Lagartija strait,
and were evidsntly bant on entering the oreek. I,
lnonjunotiou with Captain t,yuoli. had already
taken instructions from tue commander ot the Peru
vian squadron, who as determined to light to tbe
Jast extremity. At hall-pau tluoe o'olock fire was
opened by the Jpurinuu; and became then general
and unoeasing until ball-past five.
During the engagemeut, observing that the Ame
rica waa enfiladed by the enemy's tire through the
lota of a hawser, I went up to tow her; but tbe tow
ing Molt) haying given wy I hjit her and pro-
ceorfert to cannonade the Blrtncn, which seeded
stiandod. I snoceeded in Rotting some splendid
shots at this lngate. bnt bavins; approached tho
hallows I bad to snpend firing and sufl'nr ex do
sure to tbe lilanr.a'i broadside for mora than tn
minutes. Fortunately i have not to lam nt the los
of a single rope, notwithstanding that the Span'ard
fired filty shots at me. Those were the last shots
tired, for then the enemy began his retreat, as there
is resson to tbink, with considerable loss. I reckon
that during the engagement morn than a thousand
shots must have beon fired. Far our nart the
ttovmlonga discharged filty balls and forty-throe
'I he only damage I have su(T red Is a bill between
wind and water in iront of the stern boiler, which
did not Detiemite, it being a m st ipont
In tbe coi write Union thero have been two moo,
who Served one of the gnus, killed, aud the other
vessels have only met with damage as insignificant
as reli e.
Captain Lynch remained on board dnring the
engagement, and it Is my duty to obscrro that bis
enthusiasm and serene ooolucss are worthy of admi
ration and special noUco. As regards the o dicers
and crew, I can only say that they have behaved
like bravo men. God preserve your Excoilenov,
The Chilian Minister of Mann has sent tho
following despatch to the allied naval com
mander: Santiago, February 23, 1866 His Exco'lency
tbo Minister o! Marine has roce ved with great satis
laclinn tour important despatch ol the l&iti lustant.
No. 167, together with tnouocompanying documents
relating to tho repulse suffered bv tho Spanish ves
sels lllanca and Villa de Miuirid, in their attack of
tbe lib instant, upon the Aj)unmao, America, Union
and Uovadei.ga, comprising tho allied squadron an
Iioi ed in tho waters of Covahuo, under tho com
miiiid o! Captain Manuel Vil'ar,
1 bis incontestable triumph of the allinn ovor so
suponor a torce. and result'ni in such serious dam
age to the enemy, has exoitcd tho admiration ot the
people and the Government ono of the most dis
tinuitlied loats ot arms achieved during the war in
which we are now eniraxed. 'lis Excellency bis
directed me to express the satisfaction of the Gov
ernment, through mysolt, to tho ollicers and men
who took part in the engagement. May God pro
qerve yon.
J. M. Firto, for the Ministor of Marino.
On tbe 11th Instant the Government of Porn
doclurcd medals of honor to the victors in the
cnpnpcmoDt at Abtao.
The. declaration of the Spanish ci.imman'ler.
nniking coul from the mines of Cbih contra
band, remains thus far a mere pnper manifesto.
The AillABCfl of (tie i'onr Itopnbllc.
In Peru itself events nreof asoraowbat less
momentous character. The 27th and 2 th ol
February, by order of the Ooverumcnt ot Luna,
were celebrated in honor of those occurrences
wnich, it is claimed, are destlrjed to mark a now
epoch in the history of tho nation. First, tbe
revolution against the imbecile and traitorous
Government ot Pezet, which waa first declared
in Arequipa on tho 2 ;th of February, 18(!5.
becond, the brilliant triumph obtained bv the
allied squadron in the waters of Abtao. Third,
tbe quadruple alliance ot the four republics,
Chili, Peru, Jiquador, and Bolivin.
Again, the rcoort from England that ono or
more vessels had been detained under suspicions
ol a design to enguec in the war aaainst Spain,
together with the report from tbo United States
that Kenor McKenna and Dr. Rogers had. been
arrested upon a charge of violating the "Foreign
Enliotmont Act," has directed the somowhat sur
prised attention of the 1 public here to thu groat
fact that tbe acknowledged merit ot a cause is
not sufficient reason why the sound principles
of law should be aside in its behalf.
Excitement in Hamilton The Entire
Military Force Vailed Oat To-Day
Bnmois of an lavasiuiii
Hamilton, C. W., March 81. The whole of
the i:ith Battalion of volunteers, stationed' In
this city, were dismissed Irorn active service
this afternoon. Almost immediately alter wards
an order was received from tbe Adjutant-General's
otlice by Brigade-Major Villiers, callim? out
the entire force ot volunteers in the city, induct
iner the 13th Battalion, the Naval Brigade, and a
field battery, tor 2 o'clock on Monday. Much
speculation and excitement in consequence, but.
no explanation bas yet tratiKpircd. Similar
orders have been transmitted to all commanders
ot military districts throughout tho Proviuce.
Of course, another grand volunteer rally
followed the promulgation of this order. Tbo
members of tbe Thirteenth are jubilant, and
will respond to tho call with alacrity, although
there are no siqns ot the former wild excite
ment. The dancer is not considered imminent,
irorn tbe fact that the volunteers are not or
dered to report until Monday altrrnoon.
Tbe Financial Management of tbe F. B.
Centbal Council Chamber, Headquarters F.
F., No. 32 E. Seventeenth Street, New York,
March 31, lHti.'i. To the Officers and Members ot
the F. B. Brothers: In pursuance of a vote
parsed at its January session, tbe Central Coun
cil met beie on the 17th inrtant. It atfords us
the highest gratification to inform you that after
a vigorous and careful examination of the books,
papers, and vouchers of tbe Financial Secre
tary, B. Doran Killian, Esq., we are thoroughly
convinced that this department of the Fuhian
Brotherhood has been manaecd with marked
ability and a strict adherence' to constitutional
The system originated and successfully carried
out by your Secretary in the issue and" sale ot
bonds of the Irish republic, has, enabled the or
ganization to withstand the depressing! influence
created by the Senatorial direction oitho Feniau
cause. 1
A special report of the Financial, Civil, and
Military Departments will be immediately for
warded to the circles of tbe t'enian Brother
hood in America. James J. Roncrs. P. A. Sin
nott, Jeremiah Oavanagh, John V. Tobin, Cen
tral Council Fenian Brotherhood.
John O'Mahont, Head Centre. J2
A Kevlew of tbe Caae Extraordinary
i Developments.
Washington, April 1. Ex-Senator Stockton
baa returned irorn Trenton, and reports to his
friends, that he has no prospect of an election
by tbe present Legislature; but it is so arranged
that no election will be had; and a the Gover
nor cannot fill any vacancy occurring while the
Legislature is in session, tbe vacancy will con'
tinue until next winter, when be considers it
certain that there will be a Democratic majority
in both Houses, thus securinef his return. The
Itepublicans are all for Cattell, except Scovol,
who is opposed to tilling the vacancy because he
considers it not fairly" made. Mr. Cattell bas
been a radical for several years. Tne position of
affairs In New Jersey is looked upon with the
greatest interest.
Mailyred at Lost The Immortal J. N.
1'iee Egged in Montgomery, Ala.
The well-lcnowD, irrepressible, and always-ready-to-be-martyred
J. N. Free, some woeks
Bince departed for the South; with the decla
ration that we would hear of him through the
Southern papers, and lo I and behold, tbe last
breeze from that supposed to bo sunny clime
whispers the important news ot his martyrdom.
J. N. assumed the pressure at Montgomery,
Alabama it was too heavy tor the poople they
couldn't see it from their standpoint, aud pel tod
the "immortal" with rotten eggs, forcing bim to
leave town. As J. N. is always willing to
martyr," as he has abundance of "nerve," it is
conjectured that be took tbe philosophical view
of the matter, and was fully equal to the re
quireiueatg of the occasion.
The Castcln Treaty to be Accepted.
Stcplienn Not in a?u.i1h
Ia:est Commercial and Financial News.
JBtCfe AtO.. XltO., X2tO.
New York, April 2. The steamship City of
Paris, from Liverpool on the morning of tho
21st ult, arrived at this port this morning.
Later advices from Vienna report that tbe
apprehensions ot a war bave been icmovcd.
The Contereuce of tno Principalities held a
second u.eet.ng at Paris on tbe linn ulc.
A Vienna telegram as.-cris that declaration
of a reassuring cburac.cr have been received
lrom Berlin, and tho apprehension of war oceu
thereby removed. It is staled that the Gaatein
Conveution will be aobered lo. The London
Morning 1'ost believes this statement unfounded,
and that tee relations continue oritical.
In the House of Commons Harl Grosveuor
guve notice that on the second reading of the
Hutorm; bill be would move an ame.id.ncnt de
cianng it Inexpedient to discuss tho bill until
the Houso hasoploreittheeutfro Reiorm scheme
contemplated bv the Government.
Sir W. Hjtt also save notice of till amendment
to prevent the bill taking etlecl till provision is
made for tbe re-distribution ot the seats.
Tbe limes says Lord Stanley will second Earl
Grosvenor's amendment, and predicts an inde
pendent svpporfc lor it. It hope3 it is not too
lute for the government to bring forward a better
The Morning Post believes the amendment
will prove the death-blow of .the Ministry.
The Da iy New3 and iiar regard it as an in
sMi'ius movement as meaning nothing but op-
Scsition lo retorm. and says the Conservatives
.ii e not move a direct neaative to the measure.
It is again asserted that Head Centre Stephens
has arrived iu Paris.
A Paris telearram of the 20th. to the DaUti
.Telcgrapli, reports on good authority that Head
Centre Stephens has not arrived in Paris, having
Deen in Scotland.
Kio de Janeiro. February 25. A battle has
bf en fought, without decisive results, between
tho Argentine and Paraguayan armies, attended
with heavy looses on both sides.
The Latest.
Liverpool, March 22. The steamships JJcda
and Hermann arrived out on the 2lt.
A steamcr.siippossd to be the Edinburgh, passed
Crookhaven this morning.
The ex-Rebel cruiser Uhe.nanUouh was soil here
at auction to-day lor I15,7."0.
The political' news is unimportant. The ac
counts of the relations between Austria and
Prussia are coutllcting.
The sti amer Tripoli left Liverpool on the 20th
for New York, aud the Scotland suiled on
the 21st.
The following is a summary of the news taken
out by the Tripoli:
In the House of Commons the Irish Attorney
General denied that tbe Lord-Lieutenant had
stated that ho apprehended a Feniau invasion.
Several landowners had applied lor permission
-to arm and drill then: tenantry, but the Govern
ment relused its consent, let ling perfectly able
to allord every prolcction.
The Times adn its that frightful and unj usti
fiable cruelties were co'nmittedin Jamaica, and
thut it was an abuse of power beyond all ex
cure or palliation.
The Paris Pairw denies that the Fr?nch Gov
ernment consented to extend tbo period of the
extradition t;eaty with Kiiglaiici,
In the Corps Legislatif the amendment to the
address iu favor of an extension of liberties has
been strongly debated, several speakers demand
ing increased liberty for tho public, the press,
and the Chamber. The amendment was re
jected by a vote of 2u6 against C3.
Tbe German journals continue to represent
uie reianons Deiween Austria ana rrussia as
very threatening. They even assert that Aus
tria had ordered the assemoling of one hundred
thousand troops on the Bohemian frontier, and
sent a circular note to the powers, disclaiming
all responsibility for the consequences of any
contlict winch may ensue.
The London limes directs attention to the
critical state of affairs. It says: "Bismark has
thrown oil' his mafk, and the Duchies are to be
annexed to Prussia. 1'reparations for war are
progressing on both sides, and in both capitals
military councils are being held, generals nomi
nated, ana pi ans ot campaign discussed."
i The funds were depressed in the various Euro
pean mar&ets Dy tne disquieting rumors.
The Spanish Government had raised the state
ot Mege m New Castile.
The Russian Ambassador bad left Rome.
The Latest via Liverpool.
Liverpool, March 21. The London Post says
it has reason to believe that tbe telegraphic
news to the effect that since Sunday declarations
ot a reassuriug character had been received
from Beilin by the Austrian Government, and
that tbe apprehensions of war between the
great German powers had been thereby removed,
nre totally incorrect. Tho relations between
tbe two powers continue very critical.
' Foreign Commercial Intelligence.
Liverpool t OTron AIahket. The sales of two
days smonnt to 21,000 bales, includlnir 6000 balos to
t!)0u!Mrs and for export. The market opeued
Him, with a downward teuilcnoy, Bud a partlaiide
elme of id., owiujr to the heivy receipts. Midailmr
Uplands are quoted at 19CaJ20d.
8tatk or'liiADK, The Manchester markots are
steady, hut unchanged.
Tn iMtrxti Commercial Intelligence.
Livkbfool, March 22 The sales of Cotton tor
two days amount to 13,000 onlos, tue murkot olosmg
dull, with a downward teutiunoy; sales to specu
lators and.axpoiters, 8000 bales Middling Uiilauds
Breadstuff dull, but unohaneed. 1
Provisions quiet and steady. Lard bas a declining
.Produce stoady and nucbanired.
(Advioes from Kio Janeiro state that Coflje 1b
quoted at 7 2CKKy.7 : .400 lor trood first.
LivraiFooL itunADSTCFF Makkkt. The Bread
staffs Market la dull, with a downward tendency,
except for Corn, whioh is firm. Messrs Kiotianlsou,
bnenoe ft; Co., Wakeihild, Nato It Co., and others,
report Flour heavy f Wheat dull, but steady ; winter
leu, 1D.i&10. W. mixed Com firmer at iH. 6d.
Liverpool Provision Mark: ft. Provisions are
quiet, but unchanged. Measrs. ftiglsnd. A'hya ft.
Co. leport Beef quiet, but unchanged. Pork firm,
with an upward tendency. Lard lias a downward
tendency. Butter dull. Talluw steady.
Liverpool Produce Markets. Ashes are firm
at 88s. for pots. tSuRir quiet ahd steady. Coffee in
aotive. Kioe quiet, hut steady common 60s. Petro
leum firm at '2. Id (2s 2d.
Loudon JM ahkhtb. BreadfttuO dull Corn firm.
Sutrar quiet, but steady. Cofine steady. Tea Com
mon Conpon easier. IUce firm. Tallow still ad
vanelnp j tales at 61 "T2
I.ohoon Markkts Coni.ols for money, 80 lOfV;
Fivc-iwpntles, 70Jto;71i Illinois Central, 7U.&7Vj;
trie, 66Jfn.6
I lie Pans Bourse is firmer at 6Sf. 67c.
Bombay. March 13 Cotton Is advnncin?. Ship
ment tor t he fortnight amount to 70,000 bales. Ex
change, 2s ljjd.
Calcdtta, March 12 The markets are steady.
Exchange, 2. ld.
Special De'patchet to The Evening Telegraph.
Washington, April 2.
Tbe Negro Celebration at Itlchmoad.
To-doy's National Republican says: "There is
a report that the Government here has inter
fered with tbe proposed celebration by tho
colored people of Richmond of the anniversary
of tho fall of th,at city on the 3d instant. Wc
have the best authority for saying that neither
tbe President nor General Giant' has interfered
lu tbe matter in any manner. The subieetls
entirely witnin tbo control of General Terry,
who is a man of safe Judgment, and being on
tbe fro und knows best what to do in tbe pre
mises. He is authorized to act prudently in tho
event of any unnecessary or illegal disturbance
ol tbe pence on either side."
Important Protective BUI.
An important bill, denning the rights of na
tional citizenship under the first clause of the
second section of tbe fourth article of the .Con
stitution, and punishing their violation as a
crime, has been prepared by the Hon. Samuel
Siiellabarger, of Ohio, and will, if leave Is ob
tained, be introduced into Congress to-morrow.
The bill is desigecd to throw the protection of
the nation over the loyal men of the South from
other States, who are now being driven from
that section. No law executing that clause in
the Constitution bus ever been passed, because
no overwhelming necessity lor It was felt bolorc
the war.
The tirst sestion declares the rights of national
citizenship to bo the risrht to go through and
into, and to sojourn aud reside, in each State ;
and there to acquire, dispose of, and enjoy pro
tection for person and property, to be exempt
from unurual taxes, etc., and to have equal re
dress in the courts. The second section punishes
the attempt to deprive a citizen of any of these
rights by any manner of intimidation, but with
out violence. The third section punishes with
death a murder committed in the attempt to
deprive the citizen of .the right to go into, or
through, any State, or of his right to abide or do
business therein. The fourth section punishes
as a felony, manslaughter, or great bodily b,arni
inflicted in attempting to deprives pitizen of
any right secured by the bilL The fifth section
confines the benefits of the bill to persons not
criminals and to loyal men.
A Campaign Uoenment.
The Andrew Johnson National Campaign Com.
mlttee have just issued their first campaign
document. It has the President's veto of the
Freedmcn's Bure.iu bill, his speech ot February
22, Secretary Seward's and Raymond's Cooper
Institute speeches Indorsing the veto, corrected
and revised; and the account of tho conversa
tion between, Governor Cox of Ohio and the
President. The Union Congressional Committee
would like to circulate 50,000 of them. The
Union Congressional Committee on Saturday
ordered to be printed 25,000 copies of Ro3well
Hart's (of New York) speech, and the same
number of the speeches of Senator Lane of In
diana, and of Mr. Orth. They furnished for tho
Connecticut campaign over GO, 01)0 documents.
Work. In tbe Treasury Printing Division
During the month of March last new fractiona
currency amounting to $1,863,100, gold noteH
amounting to $5,000,000, United States Lega
Tender Kotos to tho amount of $000,000, and
fractional currency of the old issue aniouutinf
to $19,41250, were issued by the Printing Divi
fion of the Treasury Department
circular from tb Paymaster-General.
The following order was issued by the Paymaster-General
on Saturday last:
Paymaster General's Orncn, Washington,
March 81, 18G0. Circular No. 42- 1. Company
olhccrs comruandlnir cumuaules oi engineers, ord
nance, cadets of the Military Academy, cavalry,
nrtilieiy, infantry, and ot reorultiuit detachments
havinir the numerical torce ot unassiira jd recruits,
when charirintr $10 additional pay per mouth tor
ftsiiongihility of clothinR, arms, etc., of the company,
should in all cases eivo the tetter of tho company so
couiniandod, lofftther w.th tbo designated battalion
and roKimeut, and the period ol time chanted lor
(uutt'8 inclusive),
The attention of Paymasters Is called to this long
establithed regulation, wnich bas latterly been mucn
overlooked; and they will hereafter pay no olllcer
tor responsibility ot clothing, arras, etc, unless its
requirements are strictly complied with.
2. 1 be following, trom the Second Controller of
the Ireasmy, to supply the want ot a formal written
duciBlon as to the non-application of the rule lor re
turned pay to ordnuuoo men, is published for the in
formation ot all officers of this Department:
"Ihe construction and practice that have hereto
fore pievailod are in my judirmeut correct, and the
luws and regulations in regard to 'retained nay' do
not apply to enlisted men ol the Ordnance Depart
ment." .SW-tmd Controller to Paymuster-Oeneral,
March 19, 1860.
B. W. Bbicb, Paymaster-General.
"Confidence Money."
Ceneral Spinner, United States Treasurer, is
almost daily rceeniug "conscience mouey't
from unknown sources. On Saturday last he
received $12-50 from a former officer of the army,
subscribing himself 'A Troubled Conscience,"
who states that during the war he stole a certain
sura of money from tho Government, which ho
intends to return from time to time in Instal
ments. The amount received from this sor
during tbo paBt year amounts in tbea?',ru.
to about $25,000. -fcato
The balance sheet for March has bee torn
pletcd at the Treasury Denart
differ very materially from the last one, exo '
in showing that the payment exceed the rece' jpt
reducing the balance on hand. It will be i
to-morrow. jum.A
Securities Held.
The Treasurer of the United States n- '.
as securities lor the circulation of -w holds
Banks, $319,508,800, while tho securif National
him for National deposits in Govern- -fw 'beldby
tories wacunt to $36,659,500. aat deponi-
Clrenlatlon or tbe MIatelllgneer.'
On a recent exhibit of Washington papers
which desired some printing from the City
Councils, the InteUigenar only claimed 3800 daily
circulation. This includes exchanges, the free
list, and what they are temporarily circulating
ireo in hope of gaining patrons. The advertising
received from the Government would probably
pay for its entire edition.
Fractional Cntrenejr.
Tbe fractional currency Issued by the Printing
Division of the Treasury Department for tbe
three days ending on Saturday, amounted to
During tbe week eudinc March 31, shipments
of fractional currency to' New York and Phila
delphia amounted to $100,000 each; while tho
shipments to National Banks and private indi
viduals were $100,009'70.
National Banks.
There arc now in operation 1047 National
Banks, to which have been furnished $2G4c
247,170 In national currency. The amount
issued last week was $1,430,800.
l)isbnnemnu of tbe Treasury.
The disbursements of tho Treasury Depart
ment on account oi the War, Navy, and Interior
Departments for tbe month ending March 31
were as follows: War, $8,008,931; Navy,
$4,68,044; Interior, $2,014,374. During the same
period tbe repayments into tho Treasury by
these Departments were, by the War Depart
ment, $3,422,770; Navy Department, $1,110,057;
Interior Department, $77,250.
llrlgadieis and their Emolnmento.
The pay of brigadier-generals on duty in
Washington is $543575 cash, and forage worth
$834, or $G2G977 per annum iu money. If that
Biime General goes into the field he gets $143525
less. A bill is now before the Military Commit
tee asking increased pay for Generals Meigs,
Dyer, and Townsond ot $1214 per year each,
malting their pay $718377. It will be reported
upon adversely.
uablaet Cbauges.
The air is again tilled with in mors of Cabinet
changes. This time they are confined to Secre
taries Harlan and Stanto i, both of whom, ac
cording to rumor, are to be summarily removed
if General Hawlcy Is elected, and the Civil
Rights bill is passed over tho veto.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, March 31. The steamer
Eulaw anived from Norfolk tvday, having ob
tained a supply of coal, and sailed for New Yor k.
The double turretted steamer M:an'onomih,
Commander J. C. Beaumont, arrived at the Nor
folk Navy Yard yesterday, irom Washington.
She will tit out and be coaled here, and be con
veyed to New York by the gunboat De Sofo,now
lying In this harbor.
Eflorts will soon be made to repair the Dismal
Swamp Canal, by parties in Norfolk. During
tbe war it was much inlured, aud as the U. S.
Government owns two-fifths of the work, it is
presumed the sum of $200,000 will be appro
priated to aid in its reconstruction.
1 The James Island Light vessel, Chesapeake
Bay, has resumed her station. Also, the upper
and lower Cedar Point Light vessel, Potomac
During tho continuance of the Baltimore Faif
for the relief of the Southern sutTcrers, the old
and new Unas of steamers have made arrange
ments to issue excursion tickets, good to return
till April 14th, at $f each.
It is expected that after Monday night the
Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad trains will pass
i-ver tbe Weldon brldee, as energetic endeavors
to complote it by that time are being made.
Justifiable IIomlclde-A Negro Killed by
General Forrest.
Memphis, April 1. A letter from Sunflower
county, Miss., says a negro employed on General
Forrest's plantation, while assaultiug his (the
negro's) sick wife yesterday, was remonstrated
with by Forrest, when the negro drew a knife
and attempted to kill him. Forrest received a
wound in the hand, whereupon he seized an axe
and killed the negro. He then gave himself up
to the sheriff. The negroes on the plantation
justify the killing.
From Halifax.
Halifax, April 2. Tbe Government steamer
!ru',with despatches for this Government from
Newfoundland, arrived yesterday afternoon, and
will return arfhin on Wednesday, carrying the
mails. She brought no news.
From Havana.
New York, April 2. The steamer Earning
Star, from New Orleans, via Havana on the 29th,
arrived at this port this morning. She brings
no news.
Senator Wright en ronte for Washington.
Newark, N. J., April 2. Senator Wright
started for Washington this morning to resume,
his scat In the United Stales Senate.
The Ice in the Kennebec.
Augusta, Me., April 2. The ice in tv jjcn) 0
Dc river is oreaKing up. iue ni-
.atien "will
be open shortly.
j 111.
Offickop" -v " . . t
. , Monday, April 2, 18i6. J
ilt AV t a rtrt tfl tr nil t
The Stock V
prices step ' rhet was ouu vuu,
active - . Ar R-iitfoM .ht conbnwtuetaost
gtlfv .'ho list. Philadelphia and Er sold
R rth 3233:U.Uhe latter rate an adyante or l ,
filing IH9I949!. a -light decline; Nrri. own
o . .. - . -A i.,ia at R6. -nd change; and
C wrtwissa preferred at 27j, no change; 6ih was
TZv lihill; 62 for Lehigh Valley; and
44 cr "Northern Central. . .
Government bonds are urtf'.y held at f
I . v h-nKimns sre limited, o-us
i prices, duv.uk -- a. ,ftfil . wo for
sold at 104. 104 ww oiu -- .
4 rr KWOs. State and city loans
were5 nged. "Pennsylvania 6s sold at 655,
SJl! I B.le8. 19 was bid for Thir-
Rnu.:.r"th! 34 for Spruce and Pine;
. . iT,.m. and 24 tor Girard College.
In Bank hares there Is nothing doing. 934 "M
, w.c.,.h National: 124 for Farmers' nd
D1U 111 OVTVM r
MechunlcsV ftBd W' Uecbnic'.
ECanul shares Are in fair demand. Lehigh Na
vigation sold at 62, no change; 21 was bid for
Schuylkill Navigation common; 29 for preferred
do; 114 for Morris Canal preferred; 12 for
Susquehanna Caual; 45 for Dolaware Division;
and 69 for Wyoming Valley Canal.
Oil shares continue dull and irregular. . Ocean
sold at 8(38, the latter rate an advance of ,
and Maple Shade at If, a decline of ; J waa bid
for McKlheny, and 2J for Sugar Creek.
The New York Tribune this morning says:
"Money was more active, and pemabustnoss
was done at 6 per cent. The 5 peV cent, loans
were alike undisturbed In most cases. For
mercantile paper the rates aro unchanged.
There is a little 7 per cent, paper making, and
not much demand for it Good names pass at
89, and ordinary at 10015 $ cent. The re
ccut failure, which, as time passes, is shown to
have been more serious than when first an
nounced, has made lenders cautiou?. and safety
rather than high rates for money is tne rule, it
is a fact beyond question that the bauks of tbe
country, as a whole, are too much expanded,
and have as securities too many certificates re
presenting gold, coal, copper, Bnd petroleum
"enterprises," and railways of very doubtful
value. Danks who do not court this class of
traders have their pocket-books full of credits,
placed on (roods bought at high prices, to be
sold at a loss, or havo invested tbr ir funds too
lareely in Government stocks, which are not
money, or lounable,"
The Pottavtlle Miners'1 Journal of Saturday
says: "The quantity of coal sent by railroad
this week is i;u,16705; by canal 30,834; tor tho
week, 67,10107 tons, usainsc 88,597 tons for the
corresponding week lust year. The shipments
are heavy for the week, aud puces rule low, in
many instances below the cost of production for
some sizes. Of course this cannot continue
long. The trade sums up this week ns follows,
compared with last year: 18i!6, 160,171; 18KG.
177,707. Increase, 27.590. Prices have declined
a shade at the shipping ports since la-d wee.
This Is caused by the large supply sent to mar
ket, which is in cxce?s of a heiilthy demand.
Coal is now selling as low as it did in the first
year of the Rebellion. At the rates quoted it
will not net to the operators here over $250 to
$2-75 a ton. With the present wasres coal can
not lie mined at the.-e prices, except in a few
lavorab'e localities, nor do wc see how wages
can be reduced much with the present prlcvs of
The value of the imports at P.oton for the
week endine. March il win $1,600,000, aud the
duty upon them will probably be nearly
Tbe Third National Bank of Buffalo bas been
designated as a Government DeposLory during
the week just clo-ed. Theitotal cumber is now
four hundred. The only National bank antho
lized during tbe week ending March 31, 1866, is
tho Miners' National C:mk of Suit Lake, Great
Salt Lake. Total number of national banks
now in existence 1614. Amount ot national
cniTi'iicv Issued flurinc the week ending March
31, 1606." $1,430,800. Amount of nitional cur
rency previously issued $202,816,370. Total to
date, $264,247,170.
Koported by De ilaveu fc ro., Sin. 40 S. Third street
86000 US C-SOs 04. . . .104 i 100 nil Phil & K. .b30 83
M)0 do.... 1862 .104 1 20O h Koauina 4!H
2100 Citvtii, new.. O 91 , 100 nil . do 3U 49 j
10: 0 do 91 j , 100 h ao. . t6 w n . 4t)
400 do.. Bl
9500 do ..num. a 91
$1000rittsb'63.... 60 I
400ra6s V1
tMOOO Cam. St Am. 88 83
100 nh no 5 49
100 nh do s5 4UJ
101 sh do sown int 49
vrosnucoan. ...ou
100 sh do. ...aSwii' 8
100 sh do 80 8
100 nil do sUO 8
200 sh do 81
aiu in i'n j-..,.its i
800 sh
do Iota.. i K0 S3
100 sh
410 sh
ICO sh
200 sn
109 sh
100 sh
100 sh
luO sh
200 sh
1011 sh
do b5 f?2J
lols. 82 3 1000 sh do
87 sh Luhiirh Nay Is 62a
, lots 83
6sh Wonint'n K.... 64
11 Mi N Penna 88
lsh do 87
do b5 33
do b6 88
78 oh renu K...lots M
ll,0sncata nt. ...o.. 27 i
200 sh do.... tots. 27ji
I 100 sh Maple Shade. 1'
do b30 W
do.lotx.b30 834
do 33
10 A. M 128 ( 12 M 128
11 A. M 128J 1 P. XL 127J
Harfeu, Duumky & Co. quote as follows :
American Gold Yili
American silver; s ana js
American SilvorD'mes and Half Diinos 113
Pennsylvania Currency 1
New Vtrk Exchange 1-10.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Monday, April 2. The markot is comparatively
bare ot prime Cloverseed, and it ia in good de
mand; sales ot 8 S.9 0 bushels lair and good at 85 25
Si5-87J, including 600 bushels from socond bands,
9 to 9, In Timothy nothing dointr: Flaxseed is
scarce, and sells slowlv at S2'702 76.
1'hete is no new feature to present, in the Fionr
Msraot, there betae no demand lor shipment, and
the home consumers purchase in sins'l lots only to
supply immediate wants at prios ranainar from
to 7 lor superfine; 7ia.8 lor extra'; $8 26;a
9 i6 lor Northwestern extra latnily ; 89 J0 for
Pennsylvania aud Ohio lo. do.; and at higher rates
for fancy brands, aooordlns to quality. Jn Rye
Flour aiid Corn Heal nothing doinir.
There is a lsir demand tor prime Wheat, bat other
descriptions are but little, soutrht alter. Small sales
at 2 102 40 lor fair and choice rod. White is very
scaroe. ltye commands 90o. Corn is in pood
demand, but the roceipts and stocks are very light.
Bales of OU busneis yellow at Vic. iu sroro, sua
afloat. Cats aro quiet, out uieaay ai ijjftouu.
firrlev and Hull nothing do lug, and prices
'"rVbiky is almost at a stand S"saJ of Fcnn
sylv aula at 2 262 26, and Ohio at 2 iS.
Philadelphia Cattle Maket
Monday, April 2. Tho Cattle Market is mods
tately active this -seek, and prices rather hotter.
J00 head arrived and old at the Avenue Drove
Yard, at from 16a.l7o. for extra, the lattor rate for
choice, 1416Jo. for fair to good, andlO18o. 10.
lor common, as to quality.
Titn fniinwinir Are the narticulars of the salos:
05 head Martfltt, Fuller & Co., Laucastei -co., 1616J.
V. West, Chester coumy, '&'"-0, DO
Mconey & Brothor. Lane. co.,7l. gross..
Moouey & Smith. Lancaster co , 14. Wi. - -Oilman
fc Co , Laueastei oo., l5l w1(.. '
E. B. MoFillon, Lancaster couut. 1J416.
Jamos McFillen, Lancaster county, lt. lb.
B. F. McKillen, Lapcaiter county. 14jlB.
Jones JHcUlese, Chester oountv 14 ajW
A. Kennedy, Fenusvlvauia, mfffilo
Cbilft'e Wildey, Uncwter oo . Hftl5.
J. 8. Kirk, Chester coumy, 14.iiB4.
V. Hathaway, Lancaster county, 14 Jia.
V. ilcFillen, Lancaster oonnty, lit.
A. Christie & Bro- Lancaster co , "M"!
Owen Smith, Lancaster cuunty, lo-i'loj.
Dry loos & liro , l'enusvlvania. IS'iJlO
llape t Co , Lancaster couuty. 14 a-16.
H. Chain, Lancaster county, lKajiej.
M. ehoinbersr, l'ennsylvania, lOill
Shomberg t Frank, LancMtei eo., , 15.iV7.
U Frank, Lancaster oouuty, 12 a 15
old at tbe difiirent yards at from 18.416 the 1U0
"Towl-Prlooi are'rathor better. ' FWhty head i sold
at tttfeW foi Bprmgew. and 6O80 per hd lor
6&& continue In fair demand at about .fomer
rate.V000 head arrived and sold at from 7(h.8o. Wt
lb., gross, as to quality.
markets by Telegraph.
New York, April 2 Cotton is dull tut nn. ,
charged. F. our dull; salos of 6"00 barrels -at ia
ohsniied priooKi 8ou'hrn is heavy, but unaltered,
with sales ol 600 barrels. Canada quiet j 800 barren
old. Wheat qnii't but sttady. Corn buovnt(
sales of 7600 bumipls, at 76c. tor Interior. Jtei. f quiet.
1-ork dull at Z6 87 fr ft'SB. Lard heavy, at ltiig
luio. Whisky duU.
. nH,.4i.Anti ifltiini. Annul inuu LllU

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