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VOL V.--No. 81.
!EiLA.r'BriPH:iA.s Wednesday, april 4, i860.
XiiE ciioieita. .
t)eprlvecl tof Its Horrors by Purifying
fahd Enriching the Blood.
There is None Equal to Helmbold's
Highly Concentrated Fluid
Extract Sarsaparllla.
In Affective vltallzaUon el the blood, and When the blood
oses iu
It eaotes relaxation of the contractile power ol the
Hoodvetieii ol the body, and the lntertlnes open their
mjrtai blood neurit, and all the albumluoiu or flesh
waking material pastes off from the bowels.
And while there may be no occasion for alarm, those
f tmpwt blood are moat liable to stiller.
TN IIIE PritlKO MONTHS the system natnrally
riUelsoes a chaiitfe, and HI.LMBOLd'8 H1UULV
la an atttetant of the groatett value.
8 ALP and 8KIN, which bo diefiKure the appearance.
PWtGIN O the evil efleet of mercury autl removing all
tainU. the remnant ol DI-EAKK-. hereditary or other--wine,
anu l taken oy ADULTS and (JUlLJjKt with
1.LL .
Hot a Ww of the wont disorders that afreet mankind
arise ironi the corruption that accumulates In the blood,
Ol all i he discoveries that ha ve been made to purge It
ot, none can equal In effect Helmbold'a Compound Ex
tract ol Sarsiparllia It cleanses and renovutes the
i:ood, lnttlls the vigor of health Into the system, and
surtiesout the humors which make disease. It stimu
lates the healthy functions of tne body, nd expels the
disorders that grow and rankle In the blood.
HcrofuIonB, mercurial, and svphlntlc diseases destroy
whatever part they may attack. 9 houKands die au
nuullv irom protracted diseases ol this class, and from
the abUBe of mercury. Visit any hospital, asylum, and
prisons, and tatisly yourself ol ue truthtulness of this
agpertlon. The system best resists thelnroadsof these
diseases by a judicious combination ot Tonics.
Helmbold's Highly concentrated Fluid Extract Sar
saparllla is a Tonic ot the rcatcst value arrestlug the
roost Inveterate disease alter the K'auds are destroyed,
ana the bones already affected, 'i Ills is the testimony
01 thousands who huve used and prescribed It for the
last 16 years. BBBBBBItB
lilt 11 BBB
AN 1NTFRE8TINO LETTER Is published In the
Medico-CbirurKical Review, on the subject of the ex
tract ol fcarsapurilla in veneieal alloctions. by Benjamin
1 ravers, '. K. K.otc. Speaking oi Syphilis, and disease
arising irom the excess of mercutv, he states, "That no
rrmeuy it tqual to tht Detract of Sartapartlla; itt poa.T
is extraordinary, mt re tottan any oilier drug lam ac
trumntea with. It is in the ttnetett tente a tome. Kith
tint invaluable attribute, that it u a; pltcable to a ttate
cf the tytt.m so iutiken and yet to irrttable at ren
A rt other tubitancet ol the tonic eian unavailable or
. j ooo ooo
OOO , 00
ooo ooo
TWO TABLESrOONPFUL ol the Extract Of Harsa
parilla, added to a pint or water, Is equal to the Lisbon
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more objectionable, as it Is weaker than the decoction;
lor a fluid saturated with sugar is susceptible of holding
In solution much less extractive matter than waier
avion., and ihe syiup is otherwise objectionable. for the
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Helmbold's EXTRACT BUCHTJ rurea Kidney Disease.
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Principal Depot. HfcLMbOLD'd DRUQ AND
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mum MUM
MM 4 il H MM U
Nomination of Mr. Cattell-How it Is
Received-The People Incensed
Against Scovel His Con
, tinued Harlequin
ade, Etc. Etc.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Telegraph.
Trenton, N. J., April 3, 18G6.
Harlequin Scorers Erratic Conduct.
Tbe singularly ill-timed and inappropriate
speech of President Scovel, in the New Jersey
8enate yesterday morning, is the subject of uni
versal remark here. A simple statement of his
views and a moderate explanation of the posi
tion which lie occupies would not have been out
of place, but a savape onslaught upon the per
sonal character of Mr. Cattell was so mal apropos
that eyen the Democracy are slow to justify it.
llr. Scovel, in a highly dramatic and sophotnori
cal style, thanked God that his family had never
proRpertd during the continuance ot a civil war,
nor bad he ever owed his wealth and position to
the influence of a Corn Exchange.
The charge generally made against Mr. Scovel
is that he owes his position as State Senator
mainly to the influence, and perhaps to the
means, of the very man that he is not only
opposing, but actually maligning. Ills oppo
nents are bound into an organized opposition to
him, which is strengthened by a belief tbat his
present position is one of base ingratitude. It
is not within the range of possibility that tb
Republicans can come over to the support of
any one suggested by Scovel. The general re
mark is that Scovel's man must be as bud as
Scovel himself, aud liis suggesting a name is, in
tbe present temper of the Seuate, equivalent to
his defeat.
Doubtless any of the men he mentions would
be satisfactory to the party if Scovel would
withdraw his patronage and support; but with
that dead weight attached, they never can keep
their heads above water. An intimation that
any individual is satisfactory to him is his poli
tical death-warrant. It is perfectly manifest
that the Democracy, aided by Scovel, who is
professedly a rampant radical, only hope to
cause delay. They have no actual power to act,
but they are so situated that they can keep
others from doing anything. The sharp praciice
of yesterday afternoon, when the Senate ad
journed for want of a quorum before the clock
had struck three, is proof of their intention to
make time by fair means or by foul. Mr.
Scovel, in answer to an objection tbat it was not
quite three P. M., stated that it was after
three by It is watch, a phenomenon that can easily
bo accounted for on philosophical principles.
It is scarcely possible to conceive the feeling
in regard to Scovel's course throughout the
State. Great numbers of the prominent Repub
licans are here in tonslant consultation, and
their verdict is unanimous in regard to the
course of'the President of the Senate, The fol
lowing series of resolutions, which were freely
distributed in the Senate Chamber yesterday
morning, will Indicate the feeling in other parts
of the State:-
At a regular meeting of the "Old North Coun
cil, Newark, N. J., held on the evening of March
30, 18C6, the following resolutions were unani
mously adopted:
Resolved, 1. That we view with deep regret the
action of James .VI. Scovel in attempting to control
the Legislature iu relation to the choice of United
(states Senator by refusing to fro into a joint meet
ing unless some person be nominated agreeable to
Uttolved, 2 That by the course the Senator is
pursuing ho torloits the osteem and oonudenee he
may have won by his servioes in tho Kepuohcan
Union rants, and if he persists thoreiu, be should bo
luaiguanuy exponea irotn tne party.
Itmolvid.S. That rattier than submit to his dicta
tion the Locislature would bo justified in adjourning
without making an appointment, and thereby re
buking bis iusuHorable arroganao.
Ht Halved, 4. i'uat tho loreoing resolutions be
printed, and that a copy be forthwith dolivored to
eaoh Union member ot the Legislature, and to
James M. covel.
J. W. Force, Presldont. '
William McBeth, Vioe-President.
4iEon.UK W. Tompkins, Secretary.
From present appearances it is not likely that
a vote for Senator will he reached for several
days. Both parties are obstinate, and are byno
means disposed to compromise or in any way
back out from their present position. Every
6pecies of political trickery is being resorted to;
and as both parties consider the result of the
utmost importance, we may feel assured that the
end is not yet
Tbe Dead-Lock Still Malntalned-Tho
KeaoIatlOH to get Into Joint Meeting:
Again Defeated Senator Seovel's)
Speech Before the Senate Proceedings
of tbe Kepnbllean Caucus I.at Night
Mr. Cattell Nominated for United States
Trenton, April 8. In the Senate, after the routine
business was disposed of, s uioliou was made to go
Into joint session lorthe purpose ol electing a Sena
tor. Mr. Beovel lelt the President's chair, aud atter
the reading of the resolutions, was recognized by
the Prosident pro torn., aud spoke as follows ; .
Tho plausible Jesuit who prosidos oyer tbe State
Gazette has decorated me again with bis oensure.
He is assisted bv the eminent gentleman who, with
out my vote, would not now be secretary of the
BoTJBtO.' " i
Here Is tbe charge to which I make haste to an
swer :
"Ihe beginning and end of all acufenoss in this
unprincipled movement of his (soovol) is contained
either In his thirst for powes or money. We oonfoss
that It is uncertain which ot these may influence
bun. Ihe laot ot his sudden visit to Washington
indicates the. latter; but the following front tbe
1'hiiadelpbia Evknimo Tklkobaph points to tbe
former t
" 'Did not Mr. James M. Scovel produce this morn
ing, on the boat In which he crossed the Delaware
river, a letter direct irom Andrew Johnson, signed
by the Presldont, in which he (the President) pro
mised to give Mcoyel any position nndor tbe Govern
ment, provided be could secure the eleorion ot a con
servative from Jersey, or prevent the cboioe ot a
radical t Via not Scovel show the letter to a gentle
man from Atlantlo City f
" 'Does not this form an explanation or the strange
conduct, or the 'eocentrio behavior,' of tbe honor
able gentleman f We say emphatically that it does.
That such a letter was exhibited, and tbat ilie solu
tion ot Mr. Scovel's conduot appears probable In
this light, we openly aaaert. We can prove what we
announce. Bat we mast now leave the gentleman
to his eontclvuve and his constituent,','
By tbe morning's mall I roceivtd the following
letter irom which I quote s
"Atlaktic City, Batordav, March 81. Hon. J.
M. Beovel. Dear Mr: I see In Tint Tklkirapu
some person has been good enough to imorm tho
editor of something 1 said in the oiry atter I loft you.
In defending yon, I said to a man that was coming
down on yon pretty sharp, that 1 reckoned you
knew what yen was at. It appear from
the article in In rcLvoturH that the man I spoke
to ent right to the editor and reported not what I
to d him. fori did not say you showed me a letter
from the Piesido t as staled in tho editorial of Tan
Tklkurafh this evening, bat precisely as you told
me, anu as above stated. I wa asked by another
man that knows I and yon are particular irlends,
whether I was your friend yet? I told him you
knew better than I did what was tor the best. I say
the editor cannot prove bv me what he said in his
paper. What I said to that man referred to was
aony in dolonding von, but has been construed
against jou. I am, dear sir, very rospcottuily, year
lnoud, Kobebt B. Leeds."
This, Mr. President, settlos that point, and the
little Jesuit would better try again. I would be
silent under these charges ot corruption and venal
ity, of meanness and soltlshnoss, wore tberoeot those
to whom my reputation is dear, and who aro
dear to me. Well, what has been my record?
Was not all right, and did I shrink, in I860,
1861. 1662, or 18047 Was I not ever found,
during tbe dark days of the Robolbon, on tbe
sldo of my connirv, upholding the honor and
dipnily ol her flagf Where, then, were those
virtuous opponents, these noli contractors; these
mill who, undi r special permit, granted by Sec
retary Chae, were coining money on the Corn
Exchange and out of contraots. wby no one knew,
and tliey did not know themselves whloh side they
were on. Now you ask me am I ready to go into
joint session. Mr. President, let me but repeut what
I have taid again and again. Wlienover tbe party
will nume their man a man suitable for the posi
tion end acceptable to tbe people of New Jersey
1 wi'l cheerfully go into joint session, but so nolo
me Uod 1 will not go in bclore. (Applause and
Senator : Mr. President, I shall insist that the
lobbies bo cleared if tbis interruption is made a
second time. Ho Senator deserves to be thus inter
rupted. Senator : I think tbe persons in the lobby have
behaved veiy well. The matter has occurred but
Mr. Beovel, resuming I notice that some of the
pteple laugh at this. They aro the ones who claim
tbat 1 am dictating to my peers. Wby, 1 do not wish
to dictate. But I would ask, are we so poor in
great men, in wealth, in territory, that we can find
but one tit to go to the United Status Senate? Are
we, am I, as a Senator of this state, to oi dictated
to by a man who happens to have made money
out of contracts, while I have mado none? I
don't want tbe position. I would ten thou
sand times rather see Mr. Fie!d or Mr. tiro
gory there than to go myself, and the party
has only to indicate tho name of some of these
true and honest men to prove the sincerity of my
declaration, I think I occupy a moral position here,
aud not the rook of Uibraltar Is more strong than I.
My family, thank God, never flourished during a
time of civil war, if otbtrs did; but, thank Uod, 1
hud the opportunity in tho Lower House and in this
honorable body to prove by my vote and my words
on what side was ever to be found the ropresont itive
from Camden county. I have bent to tbe party yoke
In years gone by, I have done it here, and during
this session, but I will not do it now.
11 my conduct bore drives me into political retire
ment 1 shall wolcome therest and ihe peace of my
home. I have tried, Sir, for years to proserve tbat
chastity ot honor which feels a stain like a wound ;
and If now, Sir, I should yield to the bribes of my
friends, as much despised as the bribes of an enemy ,
I woold trample on my tell respect, and more than
tills, I would stain tho honor of itepublicamsm In
Aew Jersey ar.d belore the world. If I go down in
this fight, it will be aa thetCumbertand went down,
with honor untarnished.
Mr. Scovel then took his seat at the President's
desk, and the vote was taken and lost by a vote of 10
ayes to 9 nays eieven ayes being necessary. The
lobbi.s were crowded with spectators eajjer tor the
fun, the gallery was thronged with ladies who encour
aged the bold orator Or their smiles, and for a few
moments after the announcement ot the vote tbe most
intense exeltemeut prevailed. Business was then re
sumed, and nothii.g further wa done nntil a similar
motion was put and lost with the same vote.
The Senate adjourned at 11'80, and many of'the
workers went to flnlade.pnitt for instructions.
Tbe claims ot Mr. Gregory are actively urged, and
his iriends are sanguine of getting Cat ell out of the
way. This, in my mind, helps the matter not a bit,
for it is evident that Mr. Scovel is bound to go to
the Senate himself, if it is within the range of possi
bility. There are many hore who atfbct to
neer at him and ridioulo his strength; but
it eoms undeniable to me that be has the power
to keep his opponent out, and it Is by no moans
certain that be wont be able to put himself in. As
the evening wears on new developments may be
expocted, aud if any ot them are of the least im
portance I will sond them. At presont, men aud
measures are exactly whore they were last night,
aud tbe death of Senator Wright will only precipi
tate matters. As stated before, his resignation is
ready at any moment, so it will make but little dll
tetence in the caucus in what form tne vacancy
'I bknton, N. J., Tuesday, April 8, 8 15 o'o'ock P.
M. ihe Senate, in pursuance of adjournment,
assembled at three o'clock, but on motion ot Mr.
ftobin., Democrat, adjourned till to-morrow morn
ing at nine and a half o'clock. The object or this
adjournment was to hoad off a resolution which the
Baoicals propnoed to offer, by which a majority of a
quorum, instead ot a majority of a full House, would
be sufficient to concur iu the resolution of the Assem
bly to hold a Joint so.-sion. Senator. Kennedy and
Little were still ab-eni then absence actually giving
the Kauicals a majority of the quorum present.
'To morrow, if these Senators snomd then be absent,
tho resolution, it is expeolod, will be presented to the
Tbemton, Tuesday, April 8, 9 P. M Tho only
event that ha transpired to night of any importance
in regard to the Senatorsbip is the result of a oauous
held by tbe Republicans at the capital, thirty-nine
Assemblymen and Senator) being prose nt and 6 ab
sent. Atter considerable talk and some engineer
ing a vote was taken which resulted aa follows:
Cattell, 82 votes; John Ten Evck, 6; Dayton, 2. Mr.
Cattell was accordingly nominated to bo tbe candi
date oi the Republicans, f but result puts a Joint
session off for an Indefinite period, porbaps for the
There are all soits of schemes rumored about,
nearly every Senator or ABsemblymnn seeming to
havea special plan on the tapii of which be desiros
to have nothing said in print, at least tor the present.
The resignation of Senator William Wright Is
said to have been fixed, and alto that it will bo
brought before tbe Legislature to bo either aecopted
or not at an early day. '
So soon as this is done an effort will be made to
return Stockton to tbe United statei Senate, and to
fill the portion occupied by Mr. Wright by electing
Mr. Scovel,
ueBoluiions approving of the Veaoo Proclamation
of the Tresideut will be olleied in the Senate to
morrow, and in the lower House jV. Y. Timet,
Blowing Hot and Cold.
From tin State Gazette, Trenton, N, J.
Senator Seovol ba put himsull in a most unde
sirable situation by his overweening ambition and
luipuoenco. Having raised the storm, bo shows bis
weaiuesn by hi utier inability to direct lis course,
and by bis frantic efforts to make lair weatber lor
himself. Somo person have givon him the credit
ot originating a profound scheme lor tbe subversion
of the Republican party and tbe aggraudizoment of
Apart irom tbe phrenological faot tbat persons
with narrow heads never originate broad and com
prebensive schemes wo think it clear that Mr
Scovel's plant were the simplest and plainest .!"
(rinable. 1'b.e key to this entire movement is lound
in the success ot his perfidy at the opening of the
legislative session. He was then allowed tooarry
his points, and was made President of the Souate.
There was no plan in the thing, nor any brilliant
achievement accomplished. Ihe dullest uraiu In tho
world could see that any peroou who chose to act in
an unprincipled manner could accomplish all Scovel
old. We have never heard it intimated tbat Nor
cross was a man of brilliant parts, and vet he accom
plished Just as much as James M Scovel. the in
genuity of the scheme lay in voting for himeJ.
A weak-minded person naturally thinks if by a
certain means he is able to accomplish one thing, he
can by the same means accomplish another.. Bo
thought Boovtl. He had not tbe sharpness to ap
preoiate the changes of circumstance which had
taken place, and henoe thought his old game could
be repeated. But perhaps ere this be has learned
that sometimes "fools rush iu where angels tear to
tread;" and it niiht be added, show their foolish
ness thereby. , , ..
Ibe beginning and end of all acuteneesin this un
principled move meat of bis. la contained either in
bis thirst for power or money. We eoules. that it la
uncertain which of these ay influeucs him. Tbe
fact ol his tinMcn vitt to Washington indicate the
latter; but the following from The Pbii.adki.fhja
tVkXMo Tklkorapb points to the former i
' Did not Mr James M. Scovel produce this
morning, on the boat in which he crossed the Deia
ware r,ver, a ener direct from Andrew Johnson,
signed by the Presldont, In which he (the President)
promised to giv. Scovel any position under tbe Gov
ernn.ent, provided be could secure the eleetion of a
constrvatve from Jersey, er trevent the choice
ol a radical f Did not Scovel show the letter to a
gentcman from At antte City T
"Dees not this form an explanation of tbe stranre
conduct, or the 'oeoentrlo benavlor,'ol the bonora' le
gentleman? We say emphatically tbat It does That
such a letter was exhibited, and that the solution of
Mr. Scovel's conduct, appears probable in tuis light,
we openly arsort. We can prove what we announce
But we must now leave the gentleman to his eon
science and his constituents."
But to am ther proof. The utter weakness and
wretched imbecility ot this pretender is further
shown by the araxy replies mado te oar first stric
tures, in a letter published in Thb Philadelphia
Tkleouapb and Bulletin. His first deien.e Is that
he was ''thirty-two years of ago on the 16th of
Janaary last." What an astounding announce
ment! Ye gods! we pale with affright! This re
doubtable champion of Democracy and Republican
ism this traducer and suppliant tool ot President
Jobnsou this anti-Pro Monopolist was thirty two
years ot age o the tixternth ol January last Why
not the 16th or 17th f Really tbe 16ta ot January,
and especially of last January, should be a national
holiday, aud the redoubtable James tbe nrotor for
the occasion for all New Jersey I
"A plurality rule was off-red by a 'Republican in
tbe joint meeting of tbe New Jersey Legislature
which elected John Stockton senator."
Iieallv, we were not aware before tbat Danlol
lloisman was a Republican. Pirbaps the Hon.
James means, that as good a Republican as ho
"otlorod," eto.
He.ts not going "to descend to notice tbe sinister
allusions ot the Oazttte," and yet he splashes
through a half colnmn in an effort to do this very
thing! His final effort is as follows :
"I am right within the doors of my own con
science, and who dares to say then I will not go
inte joint meeting for Field, Vandyke, or Gregory?
Has any opportunity been offored me 7"
We think tho doors ot bis conscience are opened
and shut pretty oftea. But as to his proposition, wo
hope it will not be offered him very soon. Let him
go Into caucus and advocate the elaims of his candi
date, and then abide the result like an honest man,
or else betake himself te more congenial quarters (
bat let bim not seek to dictate to Union men .
He also sent on Saturday a telegram to Washing
ton, begging tbem not to distrust him, as all would
be well in a lew days ! But perhaps the dearest
evidence of his peculiar weakness may be seen in
the lollowlng :
"A meeting ot the Ropublican cit'zens of Camden
county, Mow Jersey, was held at tbo Court Uoubo
n Camden on Saturday evening. Tbe meeting was
largo. Resolutions condemning the eourso of Sona
tor Scovel and urging the eiootlon of Hon A. G.
Cattell were passed unanimously, fho meeting
wis not presided over by, nor were any of the
officers politicians.
'Later in the evening Mr. Scovel was serenaded
at his residence by Democrats, who were sabse
quently entertained by him. Bio speeches were mado,
but cht cts were given for President Johnson, Edgar
Cowan and ex-Senator btookton."
It is reported in another paper (we publtshod the
account eUewhere), that Mr. Scovel employed this
band-but ot the serenade and its accompaniments
there can be no doubt. Mow, what of all this?
It is evident, that no person ot well-balanced
mind and evon ordinary aouteness would place
himself in the situation of Senator Scovel. the
petty arts employed to keep up a waning reputa
tion, are ignob e. The bombast with which he seeks
to floe the papers, indicate an unbalanced mina;
and the palpably bogging spirit of his letters gives
evidence ot puerility.
In a word, the only manly course possible for this
gentleman is to reconsidor his course, lay aside his
ictatorial spirit, and co-operate with the Union
party. Kveu tne men be nominates condemn his
coarse. The good and true condemn bim; hence
honesty and right are to him the better pelioy and
the uioper course. Returning to his daty, there is
some chance lor him but a traitor is trusted by
A Few Words for Sir. Scovel.
To the Editor of The Evening Telegraph.
The eniire Republican or loyal press has been
outspoken in reierence to that flighty, uuser lain,
reousant representat ve of our friends over in the
Camden district, "Jim Scovel," who begins to find
out that, iiko every predecessor of his in the "vault
ing ambition" game, he has flourished just long
enongh to sharpen the instrument by wbicb moral
and political suicide 1b effected,
While we sympathise with our frionds, we are
remlndod that they were fully advised as to tho
known character of the man who csurted their em
brace; and they were assured that they would dis
cover, when too late, that they had nourishod and
warmed into life a viper whose poisoned fangs
would prove as fatal as that of the veriest Jersey
Alter reading the telegrapbio accounts from Tron
ton, as furnished by you yestorday, in respect to tbe
death struggles ot the "Spread Eagle," we picked
up that faithful mirror of human character Salo
mon's edition and was, more than usual, impressed
with the multitude of portraitures, so life-like, of tbat
treacherousrepresentative( ?), as they appear in his
relations to tbe party whom he does not represent.
Just look at them :
"Confidence in an unfaitbtul man in time of
trouble is like a broken tooth and a foot out ot Joint.'
"As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so
honor is not seemly for a fool."
"As a dog returneth to his vom(t, so a fool re
turneth to his folly."
"Seeest thou a man wise in his own conceit?
there Is more hope of a fool than of him."
- "When he speaketh fair, believe him not; for
there are seven abominations in his heart."
"Though thou should'st brey a fool in a mortar
among wheat with a pestle, yet will not bis foolish
ness depart irom bim."
Iow lot James took at this one, and bo admon
ished: "He that being oftcned reproved, hardenoth his
neck, shall be suddonly destroyed, and tbat without
remedy," That's so.
Proceedings of the Senate To-day Jim
Scovel Makes Another Speech A Re
tractionAnother Motion Lost. Etc.
Special Di spatch to tlte Evening Telegraph.
Trenton, April 4". Speaker Scovel took occa
sion at an early period oi the proceedings of the
Senate this morning to retract the words used
in hi speech yesterday in reference to' the
Secretary of tho Senate, Mr. E. It. Borden, who
was supposed to be the author of tho article re
flecting upon tho President of the Senute in tho
Trenton Stale Gazelle.
Mr. Beovel denied any intention of doing an
injustice to any innocent party. Ho expressed
his regret that he had used the expression re
ferred to. .
Mr. Bobbins, of Middlesex, rose to a question
of privilege, and stated that the charge that Mr.
Scovel. had prepared the resolution requiring
eleven votes to go into joint session was untrue,
he (Mr. Bobbins) being solely responsible for it.
Senator Buckley, ot Passaic, offered a resolu
tion that the Legislature adjourn on Friday
next. Adopted.
Mr. Buckley, of Passaic, introduced a resolu
tion requiring a lolnt session of tbe Legisla
ture on to-morrow afternoon. Tbo motion was
lost. Kays, 11: yeas, 10.
The Senate adjourned at 11 o'clock to meet at
8 this afternoon. J. M. G.
Canada. 1
Kew Yoag, April 4. A special despatch from
Toronto says troops are itlU being sent to tbe
Special Despatches to The Evening Telegraph,
Washimoton. Apnl 4.
H Pay fer Foraey.
An order issued by the State Department for
bids the giving of any patronage to "J. W.
Forney," without designating either of his
papers, here or in Philadelphia.
Tbe Flatteries iloeetlon.
The question of protecting the righto of Ame
rican fishermen is already becoming a scrioui
one. Government has despatched two vessels
to the fishing grounds, and will probably soon
send another. - 81r Frederick Bruce has had two
or three Interviews lately with Mr. Seward on
the subject.
Freed men's Aid from Eatland.
Another Invoice of goods, amounting in value
to $3900, from the Freedmen's Aid Society of
Bradford, England, and consigned to the Presi
dent of the National Freedmen's Relief Assocla
tion in Kew York, has just been received by the
Secretory of the Treasury, who has directed their
admission into port free of duty.
The Eight Hoar Movement la Congress.
The House Judiciary Committee agreed to
day to report to the House in favor of the pas
sage of the bill introduced by Mr. Rogers, of
New Jersey, constitutiug eight hours a day's
labor for all working mechanics or laborers
employed by or on behalf of the Government
Presentations f Phlladelpnlans to the
Benthern Fair What Is thought of the
Connecticut Election.
Special Despatch to the Evening Telegraph.
Balttmobb, April 4. John M. Hafleigh, Of
Chesnut street, Philadelphia, has furnished a
splendid camel's-hair chawl to tbe Southern
Fair. An Egyptian mummy also causes great
attraction. Many other donations have been
presented by other Philadelphians.
Tbe result of the Connecticut election causes
much reloiclng among Unionists, but Demo
crats and Rebel sympathizers are greatly disap
pointed. From Colorado.
San Francbico, April 3. Dates from La Paz,
on the Colorado river, to March 30, state that a
tight occurred between the Majaves and Yabi
pias on one side, and the Pintos and Chimahere
vis on tbe other. The former were defeated
with the loss of 25 killed and a large number
The mines on the Colorado river are reported
as very rich, and the ore is accumulating faster
than the trains could remove it.
The reforms introduced by General McDowell
inte Colorado Territory, while on his visit there,
were regarded as beneficial.
Governor Cummings and the Secretary of tho
Territory were at variance; charges and counter
charges were being made against each other.
Public opinion In the Territory was strongly
in favor of the reconstruction policy of Presi.
dent Johnson, and tho action . of Congress
in opposition to it is being condemned on all
From San Francisco.
San Fkancisco, April 2. The water at Sac
ramento is five inches higher than at any pre
vious time this season. The country for hun
dreds of miles is overflowed.
The State Legislature has passed concurrent
resolutions, expressing their appreciation of
the services of General McDowell, and asking
that he be promoted to the full rank of Major
General in the United States army.
The Legislature will adjourn sine die to
iwrow, Arrived Ships Gorjernor Morton and Cape of
Good Hope, from New York.
From China.
, San Francisco, April 3. The barque Parsee
has arrived from Hong Kong. Forty-two per
cent, of the British garrison at Hong Kong had
died in nine months from some strange disease.
The French brig Jean ei Joseph has been cap
tured by pirates near Hong Kong. Arrived
Ship Frindes, and barque Sophie, from Bordeaux.
.Shanghai dates to January 25 report, the
market poorly supplied with black tea, and
prices firmer. Green tea steady. '
Robbeiy at Nashville.
Nashville, April 3. The robbery of $7000,
a special deposit of United States bonds, from
the Third National Bank, has been discovered.
The deposit was made last December. The
negro porter was arrested and confessed to the
robbery. About $3000 of the money has been
recovered. ' '
Auction Sale ot Coal.
New Yobs, April 4. An auction sale of 20,000
tons of Scran ton coal took place to-day. The
bidding was very spirited, the whole lot being
disposed of in ten minute. The following Is the
range of prices: -Stove, $6-050"J0; Egg, $0
6-30; Grate, $5,936,25; Steamer, $5,95G;
Lump, $5-625-87; Ciiesnut, $5-405-60.
Election at St. Louis.
St. Louis, April 3. Incomplete returns indl.
cute that tbe Conservatives have carried their
general ticket by two thousand majority, and
elected a large majority to both branches of the
City Council.
New Yobk, April 4. Advices from Mexico
state that General Ogarzon has proclaimed him
self President in Cullacan, under the Constitu
tion of 1857.
Departure of the "Australasian."
New Yobk, April 4. The steamer Australa
sian sailed this morning for Liverpool, but took
out no specie.
Markets by Telegraph.
Nrw York, April 4. Cotton is dull at 89e. for
Middlings, iiourdullt sales of 6000 barrels at un
changed prices. I he market for Southern is hear y,
with sales ot 480 barrels. Canada drooping; 800
barrels sold. Wheat dull for common, with a de
clining tendency. Corn dull. Oats advanced lo.
Beif steady. Pork baoyant at $26 l4lia46-26 tor
mess. Lard heavy at 16ilHje. Whisky uu
changed. Hats Frahoipco. April 8. Mining stocks are
qniet. Opbir, 7MS Belcher, 9M0t (lavage, 875s
I hollar rotoi, (860; Yellow Jacket, a76) Hale
Kontoet, HW, LeKftl tenders, 77, ,
Officb or tbb Evening Tblboraph, I
Wednesday, April 4, 18i. j
The Stock Market opened dull this morning,
and prices, with one or two exceptions, were'un
cttlcd. Government bonds are firmly held.
7'30ssold at 1OO01OOJ, and 10-10s at 91. ICi
was bid for 5 20s, and 104$ for 6s of 1881.
Railroad shares continue the most active
on the list. Philadelphia and Erie sold at 31;
32, the former rate a decline of i; North
Pennsylvania at 38$(y)39, an advance of lj; Read
ing at 4;ij40, the former rate a decline of 4;
Pennsylvania Railroad at 58, no change; and
Catawisea preferred at 28J20, the former rate a
decline of J on the closing price last evening; 117J
was bid for Camden and Am boy; 29 for Little
Schuylkill; 52 for Norristown; 64J for Minchill;
62 for Lehigh Valley; 30 for Catawlssa common;
and 45 for Northern Central.
In City Passenger Railroad shares there is
very little doing. Hcstonvllle sold at 44, a de
cline of 1; 70 was bid for Second and Third; 43
for Fifth and Sixth; 61 for Tenth and Eleventh;
194 for Thirteenth and Fifteenth; 33 for Spruce
and Pine; 30 for Green and Coatcs; 25 for Girard
College; and 30 for Union.
Bank shares are unchanged. Philadelphia
sold at 140; 124 J was bid for Farmers' and
Mechanics'; 28 for Mechanics'; 76 for Western;
52 for Commonwealth; and 60 for Corn Ex
chan?e. Canal shares are firmly hold. Schuylkill
Navigation preferred sold at 30; Morris Canal
common at 68; and Susquehanna Canal at 134;
22 was bid for Schuylkill Navigation common;
115 for Morris Cana'. preferred; 46 for Dela
ware Division; and 68 for Wyoming Vallcj
Oil shares continue very dull,'. Ocean sold at
84, no change; 2 was bid for Maple Shade, and
Tho New York Tribune this morning says:
"The Supreme Court of the United States at
Washington has allirmed the judgment of Selah
Chamberlain against tbe old La Crosse and Mil
waukie Railroad. The judgment is now con
trolled by the Bt. Paul and Minnesota Company,
and the road will probably be sold to satisty it.
Money is more active, but there is a good supply
at 6 per cent., and some loans at 5 are left un
disturbed. In commercial paper no changes. A
few names pass at 7 per cent., but the bulk of
sales are at 89c, and of ordinary at 1015
per cent. The business of the city in dry goods,
carpets, etc., is reported active, and a large
amount of goods is being distributed. In some
kinds of cotton goods an advance has been paid,
and a disposition shown to buy freely."
The Secretary of the Treasury yesterday
Issued a circular to customs officers, in which
he states that as a large amount of spirituous
liquor is imported into the United States pur
porting to be medicine, but In reality being but
slightly tinctured with essences, they must ex
ercise unusual vigilance in the detection and
prevention of such frauds on tbe revenue, in
every instance where such merchandise is en
tered; and that there must be thorough inspec
tion to satisfy themselves that the liquors thus
tinctured are intended for medicinal use.
The following are the chief changes in the
debt statement for April 1, 186(1, compared with
that of March 1, 1806:
6 per cent. Kond. Deo 81.555,00
6 per cent. Bonds, ISfll I no. l,022,fT)0
6 per cent. Bonds, 5-20a Inc. 8,912 600
S per cent. Bonds, Pacilio Railroad... I no. f40,CH
Temporary Ixan Ino. 8,173,061
1 year Certificates oi indebtedness. . . . Ooo. 6,000
8 year Compound lntorcut No.es Doc. 2,000,000
8 year 7 80 Notes Dec. 1,030000
United Blares Notes , Deo. 686,121
Fractional Currency Inc. 481,718
Gold Certmca'es of Deposit Dee. 2,951,840
Goid in Treasury ......Inc. 4,833 608
Currency in treasury Dec. 2(15 087
Total Debt .....Deo. 76.063
The Boston rraue!(era.ys: " The discount
rate for short dated pap?r at the banks i9 7 340.
In the street circles the best double names,
with three or four months to run, are easily
negotiated at 78 per cent, but the lower grades
are rather unsalable, at from 9 to 12, and in
some instances at 15 per cent. The very lowest
rates apply to, certificates of indebtedness,
whether long or short."
Heported by De Haven & Bro., No. 40 3. Third street
$100 Dill. & E. 6s.. 88? 100 th Read 2d 40
2000 V S 7 tiOs..Augl00r
100 sh do b5 4'J
VMM) do. . . . July.lOOr
ftiOOO aolJnne.ls.100i
eiOOO Pa W A.ncopu.100
10001'a6s 86 J
S3G0C8 do lots 843
100 City tSs new. .. . 91
800 do ninn 91 J
JlfiOO U 8 10-408. .... 91
S2000 tusq Can bs.. 55
11 sh Wilmington.. 651
100shTbll& K..L80 82
100 sh . do 180 811
100 th do 8ll
50hNl'pnna 881
100 sh do 89
200 sh Soli M pt is 06 80
10 sh Morns CI 681
4(10 so do lots 491
4,0 th do...b30wn 494
100 sh do 1,10 49?
100 sh Busq Can...b5 13
100 sh Ocean 84
OshPenn R. ... c 65
100 sn Catawissa pt. . 28
100 sh do b30 29
200 sh do.lots.b80 28
100 sh do 281
800 sh do 80 281
10 ihPhlla Bk..s6..140
lsh do HO
100 sh Fallon b30 Cf
100 sh do 6
100 sh do s80 6
100 sh Hestonv....b6 44
10 A. M 128 12 M 127?
11 A. M 128 1 IP. if 1274
Harper, Dubnev & Co. quote as follows:
Haying, aelhng.
American Gold 127 1 127f
American Silver, 4s and 4s 122 123
American ISilver Dimes aud Half Dimes 118 119
Pennsylvania Currency i 4
New Ycrk Exchange 1-20 par.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
' Wbdnbbday, Aprd 4. Tbe lothargy which has
characterized the Flour Mai ket for some time past
still continues, but prices reniaiu without essential
change. There is no export demand, and only 1100
barrels, principally Northwestern extra. family, wero
disposed of to the home trade at prices ranging from
$6'50&7 25 for superfine; 67 50&8-25 for extra; 28 25
g9'25 for Northwestern extra family; $9510 for
Pennsylvania and Ohio do, do.; and $U(oj15 lor
fanoy lots, according to quality. Rye Flour con.
tinues very dull, but prices are steady at $4 75.' No
thing doing in Corn Meal, and pr cos are nominal.
Tbe market Is nearly bare of Wheat, and prime is
in demand. Sales of 2000 bimhe s at 82 102 40 lor
fair and choice rtd Nothing doing In white, ftyo
commands 90o, Corn Is in good demand, but owing;
to the limited receipts aud stock the transactions
are meagre. Bales ol yellow at 74 )76o , in store and
alloat, and 960 bu.hels white at 73u75o. afloat and in
tli oars. Oats are in good request, and 2000 bushels
sold at 60c. No sales oi Barley reported) 1000 bush
els Barley Malt told at 1 40.
Cioverieod is in good reouost, but the market is
very poorly supplied. Small sales are reported at
V6-2&k6-75 ior fair and good. Timothy is very
scarce and is In good reqaest at Si. Flaxseed is
seil ng at 2 002-65.
69 hhds. Quercitron Bark sold at (29 per ton for
No. 1.
In Whisky little or nothing doing. Small sa'es
of Pennsylvania at 2 25tg2 26, and Ohio at S2 27
Arrival or Steamers.
Nw York, April 4. TUe steamer Mora Castle
has arrived from Havana. She brings no news.
Also the steamer Kaleigh, from New Orleans,
with the 1st Vermont Cavalry.

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