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YOL V.-No. 82.
The Islands of Bermuda and
Campo Bello to be Taken.
Printing Presses as Auxiliaries
x:to.. Etc.. z:to.. xato xatc-
N.w York, April 5. The Jlcrnld and World
have sensational sto;e3 about Ihe Fonians. The
former says that Killian and Downing sailed
for Bermuda at the head of G300 men, In fl ,e
fast steamers, with the object of capturing the
Island. Expeditions are al-o reported to have
sailed from other portions of the United Slates
for the same point. Ki'ltau, with thvee steamers
and 3000 men, is sn d to lia e railed on Moiidnv
night, and Downing, with the balance, on Tues
day night.
The World says the expedition is bound lor
the island of Campo Bello, at the entrance of
rassamaquoddy Buy. Fiva or six hundred men
lave gone in small squads tj Muchtas, Maine,
there to embark for their destination in
Two printing presses accompany the expedi
tion, and us soon as a landitisr Is effected procla
mations will be issued to the Fenians of the
United Slates to join them. There are some.
British ' troops on the island, who are to be
attacked by superior notnbera. A provisional
government Is' 10 be orgauizjd, a President
elected, New Brunswick is to be conquered, a
Congress established, etc. Killian leads the ex
pedition, supported by Downing and other.
Btartllnfr Kuiuorit lu Town The Re
ported Departure of Two ExpndltlouM
; lit Briunaa to he ( jiurc1 ? Etc,
AVow the A'eto York Herald of to-day.
The Fenian circ'is ere m a leimsnt over the ru
mors of warlike movements on the part ot the
O'Mahony par.y. It is difficult to uscoitain tlie
tiuthot those reports. Fenians shroff their should- rs
and a pour so lull ot imporiu news, when asked
anv questions on tho subjeet, that our reporters uie
bcwildereC and shrutr tlioir shoulder too, aud a.i
piarreacy to buraw.Uiiioinetnini. Startling; lor John
Ball. Here are ttie ruinor which tbov report to
ot, and which form very Bt-neaiioual reading
matter :
On Monday nubt last, at about twelve o'clock,
fi. Doran K.1 lian saMcd with au expedition for the
capture of tho Island ot Bermuda, and on the fol
ly win (t Tuesday night, at about, the came hour.
Colonel 1". J. Downiug suited at tLe hoad ot nnottnr
expedition, destined lor tbo came p ace. II r. Kil
lian's expedition was ccmpo. ed oi three nur -lflceut
Iron steamers, with altogether throe thousand despe
radoes, all of whom haa been soldion In tbe United
Mates Army. Colonel Donning had two s;eamera,
and two thousand live hundred men. riot a single
man want with n'ber expedition wao had not been
a tried soldier. Htranve to say, the matter had
been ariangcd oo cleverly that noihing whatever
was known of it untd it was completed.
ibenamoul ttie sicatnoiR have not as yet been
ascertained, aid whether they sloped eft without
clcaiance or under very pacific names is not et
known. ro many times have strange rumors been
clrcu ated in connection witii Fenian ships that tho
present matter is looked upon pretty generally as
testation only. AU the oliioes in tho upper part of
the builulug occupied as headquarters weie yostci
tav tmpiy of oilicinis, aud during tbe roator por
tion ol ti e ray locked, feus, ink, and paper lav
sheet idlo In all directions, and the headquarters
rl'Dvethtr prtioutod a vl-omy and lono.y look.
However, other ollicials are destined to fill tbe
plat.KOI those who are rone, aud probably in tbe
course of a day or two the scones will be as busy as
iearly in the morn'ne and late at night wagons
were scon coming to and rrom the AfofUt mansion,
biinginp away large eases ot aims and ammunition,
or something el. e, and were observed going ia the'
Be.f aborliood of the North liver. It was only too
plain that soniethlug ot a vert urgent nature was
going on, judging from the amount of whispenng
and the excited manner ol all the former official in
the civil department, who have now bid larewell,
probably forever, to their laborious diuics in the
Moffat msusion. He; muds, and not Canada, it is
siud, la dfstinod to be pouueed upon by the
Fenian?, in order to make it a bans of supnlios, and
as a moans ot destroying a large portion of the Un
tieb, commerce.
There is a rood deal of disappointment a mono;
thote who were lelt behind. However, they were
somewhat consoled by the intelligence at headquar
ters that ere loi g mother expedition would leave,
followed by another aud another, so that all, or at
least a lartre number oi ti em, would have an op
portunity of getuug tbe worth of their money in
It is asserted at headquarters that the steamers are
able to run eighteen knots an hour. The rumor
about Stephens i being lu New York was without
any foundation, aud bad been thrown out bvthe
Fenisn8 themselves, in order to try and put tbe
British authorities off the scent. I he most efficient
seamen that could be secured are on board the
vecsels. Expeditions are reported to have sailed
from other ports in the Unlttd States, all bound lor
Bermeda, Iroin which point the final expedition to
Ireland will be started, commanded by Colonel
. John O'Mahony.
This is the O'Mahony side of the situation. Now
for the Sweeney view.
There is rather unusual news going the rounds of
Feuiai.lt-ro. It wns started by the olllcul organ ot the
' Killun-O' ilnbouy party, which d.tolared that "tne
actors were going in their plp.eos," and the curtain
would rise at once aud show action to the bond,
holders, when it was nssuuied another large sa e of
bonds would result. The publio comment is, that the
Killian paity give up the idea of fighting in Ireland,
aud seeing that tne KoLerta-Sweeuey Canadian
policy Is going to he the wiuiiug one a tier all, deter
' mine to checkmate that movement by making a sort
of premature rush on the intended theatre of
Sweeney's operations, thus forcing taat movement
to strike beiore thoroughly prepared, and hazard
It is the common talk about town that tbe an
nouncement oi O'atabonv's organ yesterday means
that those hud; rs are aotually in this business, and
really give up Stephens and tbe I. K. iJ alter all.
Before the lapse of a we;-k It is assumed that the
pre will be tending Kililan's proclamations lrom
tome patch o a snow peak where tbe two or three
hundnd ot the lorloin hope will eamp until the
UniUd HtatD3 Government la provoked to paralyse
the military movement ao well elaborated and so
nearly perlt'Cled bv Ceueral Hweeuey said his vete
rans. The temporary "sensation," however, is set
down rs good tor the tale of another million of ttie
KiDian O'ilabouv bond. The military movement
Will IUU home at a tarlj oj,
Fenlsina Alranrty t.u Konte to Cnmpo
Bello Ialatad It. I Ullllstn m " I.lea
tnnt.u.lernl',, acftr la Comanand
of the Army of lavaslnn, Etc.
lrm the Aew York World of to-day.
In all probability before this morning's edition of
the Word can roach l' suhscrilinn in the more d s
taut portions ol tho United States, the American
people will hear of the long-expected and ofuen
deterred invasion ot British soil by the military
loice aoting with and by order of Head Contre
John O'Mahony. During the hut two weeks tho
officials ot Union Squaro have been very myaterous
in their movements and reticent in communicating
Intelligence ot the Fenian organization to the press.
Vanous rumois have boon circulated in consequence
as to what wss transpiring at the headquarters at
Union fqume, in the secret sessions of the Central
Council. However, by a littlo strategy, our Foman
reporter succeeded, yesteraay, in obtaining informa
tion ot the most startling nature, In regard to Uis
movement now on loot against the British empire,
l'.ans have matured, and forces organized, anil tt is
probable that the first b ow has a'ready Leon struct,
The point ot attack is the Hand of Campo Bello,
in ti.e Bay ot Fundv, at tho entiance ot I'assama
quoddv Bay. The island ol Campo Bello is about
eight miles in lmiktb bv three in breadth, and is a
puitol the territory of Aew Biunwick. ft. Johns,
with its rich shipping aud commodious harbor, is
ai out forty miles distant from Campo Bullo. and
can to reached in a few licuu I y uuuns ol steam
commiuiicalion. Directly onpeshe Is the coast of
Nova Scotia, th'riv-jlx to loi ty miles distant, with
good harbor for lieht vessels ctipiDle of transporting
two or three hundred men eaoh lrom Maclua, B31
tust, Conine, Baton, llxngor. l ort and, or tbo small
cluster ot islands in I'enobscot Uay.
The plan of operations, as far as oan be ascer
tained in tho hurry ot the moment, is to
have five or six hundred mon transported, in
small Kpiads oi a hundred each, by railroad,
11 order to prevent notice bv the United
iSfates t.ovcrnu'ctit, to MRshias, Mane, and to
march the men, who are to bo we 1 mobitfzod, to
Mad ias duilng the night lor embaikation at Ma
chirs, where Lovcial scliooneig are in wailing. As
soon asthe men are embarked, the vK-.els wilt leave
Marhias for Campo lioho Islund, wtnc'i is about
twentv-hve miles distant, and a landing will be
effected. (Should au airay interfere to prevent the
spiling ot the vermis, the marc:i will bo madeover
iand i.lonp anoint ot land 10 Kastport, two:vo miles
distant from Macbiss, or to l'er. y, directly opposite
tbo is and ol Campo Bello. where the ship channel,
ai out three miles in width, will aflora ea-y means
of landing by means of smsll boats, or a bridge of
boais, as the case may require. A oouple of print
ing piesses will accompany the raid, aud as soou as
a landing is effected in Campo IteJ.o, proclamations
will be issued and telegraphed tliroii'.'Uoiit the
United States, calling upon (be Fenian Brotherhood
to respond to the call, aud it is oxo 'ctad vo un era
in areat numbers will flock to the standard of O'Ma
hony, who is not to accompany tho expedition in
person, it is also expected that the occupation ot
British territory bv aimed Fenians will cause an
immense sale 01 bonds, to the amount ot two or three
millions 01 dollars.
But it is not expected by tho Fenian leaders in
command of tne expedition thai Campo Boilo can be'
occupied by their lo.ces wiinout a ti jht. and a first
engagement maybe exi eoied whon the landing is
attempteo with the British troops already Btatioued
there. It is the intention of O Mahony to attack and
defeat the inadequate foice stationed at Campo
Bello, and then hold the island and wait until rein
lorccmcntocan be obtained from tho United titateg.
The Government of New Brunswick have been 111
possession of mioi motion in regard to the proposed
attack n tbe island of Campo Hello lor ton davg
past, and, as a precaution, have sent a small body
ot trooi-s to defend tne isiand. Mujor-beiieral
Doyle, in command at Halifax under tue Instruc
tion of Mr WiiliHin Fenwick Williams, has detac'iod
a Dody ol voluntceia and regulars to Camio Bello,
it is understood, and field artdiory and stores have
also Leen sent to that point, how tho Colonial
authorities became informed of the movement is
unknown, but it is claimed by the Canadian jour
nals that information is furnished tegularly Dy
some poison at Union Square, who is in tho confi
dence of O'Mahony. It is also stated that a high
ofbcial of tbe O'Mahony government is a most inti
mate liund of Thomas Darcy Metjee, and that the
movement has been planned by the high contending
powers, in order that tbe Koboita-Sweenoy move
ment may prove aboitive, as 11 is expected that Pre
sident Johnson wi l ibsuo a proclamation eutorciug
the neutrality laws between tireat Britain and the
United Mates, and bv doing ro effectually put a
stop to all future Fenian aggression ou English
It is the Intention of tbe Fenian lcadors, immedi
ately on securing the island ot Campo Bello, to
organize a provisional government, aud proosud to
the election of a I resident. Now B.-uiiswick is to
be conquered and held bv twenty-live thousand
Fenians lrom the United Statoi, and as soon as at. 1
Joni's is in ho possession 01 the revolutionist-.,
John O'Mahony will undoubtedly be ehoiien ho id
01 tho new republic, which is to be called "The re
public ot Etuinetta," iu honor ol tho Irish patriot,
Koboit Fnimeit, who sacrificed his hie in au at'etnpt
to liberate Ireland. New Biuuswiok will be divided '
into lour provinces, after the mauuor in which Ire
land is divided.
Ibe piovinces will be named as follows: Mali.
nia. Killiana, Ktcpliania (iu houor ol Jams S'B
phens), and Fenia. I here will ho a Hou e of Con
gress composed of two bodies, Sonata and Houso of
Beprc?cuiative8 All othecs will be eleotivo, and
the Trcsideut will bold office for eight venrs. It is
supposed rhat tho aiealor part of the lush popula
tion ot the United rttutaj w.ll settlo in fcmmst'a.
and thus a groat power will be foimid oa the bor
der of this republic, li loudly to America aud Ame
Tbe army of invasion will be under the command
ot officers who have won lor themsolves lmpeiisa
able renown on the gory fields of batt'.e during this
war. Lloutcuaut-Ceuoral II. Dnian Knlmu will
command the expedition, aud will be assisted by a
magnificent body of officers. The officers will bo
assigned as follows :
('ommander-iu-Chiot,L'.outenant-General B. Doran
( lilei of Artillery, Maior General Edward Murray.
Chief 01 Ordnance, Major-Ceuo.al James Ku'ley.
Adjutant-beneral, Major-Gcneral 1' Mmcahy.
Chief of Man", Mojor-Oeneral P. J. Downing.
Ch ef of Supplies, Major-General Jamos ilcDor
mott. I ho army, alter leaving Campo Bello Island for the
nearest point 01 land iu New Brunswick, will form
In the manner of the Macedonian l'halaux, and wl'l
movo lorwurd on the enemy's forte, unless tuey pre
fer to make an unconditional surrender, in which
caso they will have allotted to them liberal grants of
land. The Licutenant-Geueral in command will bo
attired lu a gorgeous salt of snuff-colored velvet,
trimmed with green silk, and will ride a sp endid
hoise presented to him and now awaiting trans
portation in this city. The army will deploy ou
fet. JohuB in three columns, while a fleet ot Yankee
sUippets wl'l follow with arms and ammunition. It
is understood that the principal officers in command
ot the expedition left last evening for the scone of hos
tilities, and it is expected thsi 1'reaidont O'Mahony
will follow in the roar-guaid as soon as Campo ltollo
Is captured. It Is claimed bv the Lleutonant-Gene-ral
in command of tne expedition, that "he is ablo
to organize a revolution at any time, with the aw of
the printing press aud tbe te egroph." Fro tins
week has passed tbe pcop e 01 the United States will
have a grand sonsa'ion to add to the innumerable
oes which have already transpired.
Startling: StAteuientsj from the 0Mi
lion j- lidrtrs) Am F.xpodltlou
front How Tork at Sea Auottir 1.
dltlm from California l'tae Plan of
Fa tor Operations.
From the Niu York Daly Newt.
No little whisper has been creatxl in Fenian
circles by the sudden departure of B. Doran Killian
lrom tbis city an Monday last, aud all day yesterday
and on Tunsday vague reports were afloat ihat some
thing extiaordmary was on the carpet.
1 he lac' teems to ba that our correspondent's au
thentic account of the oocape ot Stephens from Ire
land, added to the consequent par alv cation of the
sale of the Fenian bonds, had necessitated the im
mediate Inauguration of some movement in order to
sustain the waning enthusiasm of tbe Fenian Bro.
therbood, aud prevent their going over to the
fcwteney plan et tonuaenvmg hoe tU) ties with an
Invaflon of Canada. 'Whether this be or he not
true, an Impatient demand seems to have been in
formally prcfoircd that something be dono, and done
Ou the other hand, it la claimed bv those well
learned in the secret 01 Fcnlanism, that tbe expe
dition haa leen on the carpet tor some timo, and that
every preparation has eeen made to render the exne
ditlon success. Subjoined will be found a lull
collection of tha tacts connected with the affa r, if
Fenian sources of information may be considered
nnanrstionabie The account below has been col
lated by onr reporter from the most aoec-eible Fe
nian fourcrs. and nothing is set down except what
is sustained by the asfeveiatlons of Fen ans of high
cfl.ee in connection with t' e movement The details
are somewhat meagre, but aro sufficient to give an
idea ot the strength ot tbe alleged.
Tho authorized statement from the O'Mahony
headquarters la to the eflpct that U. Doran Kilhan,
whilom Secretary 01 the Trea-ury F. B., started on
Monday evening in company with an exitedition,
consisting of three steamers two propel, ers and
one side-wheel steamer of taat sailing qualities nn
rival ed. The expcdi ion wai fitted out with 8000
men well ofheend, both officers and men being
mostly composed ol veteran soldiers who have fought
durirg the 'ate war with tbo south Those vessels
aie well armed aud equipped, one of them being a
101 rmuabic iron-clad, carrying two KXI pound l'ar
roit guns one lore and one aft and four nflod
guns ol the ncavit it calibie amidships. Large quan
tises ol ammnnl Ion and sprue arras have bo, 11 put
on board, all intended to find their ultimate destina
t.on in Irolpnd.
'I be second part ot the expedition is composed of
a couple 01 propellers, capable of making eighteen
mucs per hour under a lull head 01 steam. These
vessels are also lully armed and equipped, and have
on board a complement ot 2730 men, besides thoie
mi'ttisary to m-cage the yessels. these men have
all teen selected from tho klild votorans 01 tue late
war with tbe nnuth, and are fully armed aud
equipped for seivue in the Held.
1 hese vessels are said to bo fitted nut with a view
to the sevoro-t naval combat, if rondeied nooessary
by any contingency, and are thought to be equal to
anv emergency which, with the exercise ol due cau
tion, can possibly occur.
ISoth expeditions are in tho hands of eminent
Fenians, and nre commanded by experienced naval
oflicers, who have seen service dining tho war, Cap
tain Downing being in command of the sooond ex
pedition, aud the whole ton e vosseis aie manned
with picked mon. B tioran Killiau Is invested witu
the supervision ol both expeditions,
It t also asserted at b' auquurters that seven war
ships have lojt tbe coast ot California, simultane
ously w ith tile above-Lamed tmui au Kisioi u port
a given ie egiaphic aivnal having ticeu agreed upou
which would prevent the possibility ol any failure
ol tho Cali orniau expouitieu to sail upon receipt of
the telegram that all was rcadv in Now York. 1 heso
Calitoriiian vesvolsare su d to be models of tho naval
to, tress, and are armed aii'i equipped iu a manner
vie.ng with the armuments of tne Eastern portion of
the expedition. 1 be caiitnrnian expedi. ion takes
out in round numbers 10,000 men lmly or mod aud
equipped lor field service.
Other expcdiiious have, it is s'atod upon compe
tent authority, loit several Northern pors simulta
neous with the above all aimed with every imple
ment of i' aval and aud service, aud commanded by
men of ability and expericuoe.
The plan is undcrs ood to bo to seize Bermuda,
and make it a base of siipp iej. alter which, with as
little delay as possible, the who e expedition will be
put to sea, 1011107 upon British commerce, and
sweeping British trade trom the reas with the besom
of destruction, and enacting over again the careers
of the Alabaman, the tilunuimlnalia, and the J'etrela
of the Comcderacy.
Other expeditious will follow at as early a date as
possible. Those will be designed to operate ditccilv
upon tho Irish coast, where, at a given point, a land
ing will be eil'ected.
It is also claimed in Feuian circles, that Stephens
will bo in Ireland long belore the lauding of tbe
expedition, h-s present whereabouts being at a
certain point on tbe coast of Fiance, witoiu easy
distance ol Ireland. The fitting out of the expe
ditious mentioned above has bu 11 bv his order, nd
tbe entire plan has been couceivcd ana mauajfed oy
his authoilty.
Tbe Irish people are to be ready at a givon signal
to fly to arms in evory pare of the country that Big
mil Doing the liglning of liros upon all tne hilltops
on tho is and, and, to prevent mi'tukoi, tho ex
ploding ot lockots burning with a certain spcoifled
combination ot colore, which have boen agreed
upon. It is believed that 8i0,(XO mon, variously
armed, can be gathered aboui the banners of the I.
K. B. in Ireland, aud theso, with 25 000 veierans, are
believed to be sufficient to expel tue English forces,
which consist of 87 000 regular troops and about
V0O0 constabulary and of which Stephens eialins at
least one-third to be Fouians.
Head Centre O'Mahony remains in New York.
Tbe Itev Father Curiey will take the place of Killian
in the Treasury Deoartment F. B It is believed
that at least lour ol the council F. B, have accom
panied the expedition,
I)rnth of a Prominent Pbyslclan Move
ments) of A. If. Stephen -Tlie Liver
Iool Nteainnhlp Line.
Special D ijmtch to the Evening I'e'tgraph.
Baltimokk, April 6. Dr. John Mackenzie,
one of our most prominent physiclaas, died yes
terday, after a brief illness of heart disease.
Alexander II. Stephens, Rebel ex-Viee-Presi-dnnt,
is expected to visit our Southern Fair in
a few days.
The Baltimore and Liverpool Steamship Line
is now considered permanently established, and
is a complete success. The Sonieroet sailed yes
terday with a full cartro and many passengers.
From Mexico Imperial News.
San Francisco, April 4. The Imperial Consul
Cuileubns received official news from Ouerero,
Mexico, to March 10. Iu an action at Tipelalpla
the Liberal Oenerul Corona was defeated by the
Imperial General Vivasco, with the loss of C3
killed. PorBrio Diaz, the Liberal General, met
a body of Imperial troops, under Colonel Aceval,
ftt Llano Grande, and was tleleated with loss,
and 100 of his men were taken prisoners. The
news had much elated the Imperial garrison at
Aeapulco. The Liberal General Alvarez is said
to have 2000 men.
Alleged Frauds on the Government.
Nashvillf., April 5. David Henderson, of
this city, is under arrest, charged with being
implicated in heavy frauds against the (iovern.
ment, occurring in the management of the horjo
and mule corrals in this vicinity. Hendernon
pave bail in $38,000. Mr. Phillips aud Green
Darling were also arrested, and the latter held
in default of ball. A board of inspection is in
vestigating the matter. It has been recently
discovered that the frauds on the Government
will reach $2,000,000.
Extradition Case.
New York, April 6. Benjamin Howard Wil
kins, the alleged forger, who arrived in tLe CiliJ
qf Paris, was returned to England on board the
AuUrulaaian, under the Extradition treaty.
Fire at Kedainsville, Ohio.
Cincinnati, April 6. A tire at Sedamavllle.
Ohio, yesterday, destroyed six dwelling-houses
belonging to the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad
Company. Loss, $30,000.
Tke Cvba Sugar Crop.
Nbw York, April 6. Advice trom tlavana
report tho sugar crop one-quarter less than was
Arrival of the "Bavaria."
New Yokk, April 6. Tbe steamer Bavaria bas
arrived. 11 er advices Lave been anticipated. '
Atlantic Cable Stock all Taken.
IIin Escape from Gnlwny.
ICapoleon's Opinion of Liberty.
JLiitetst Commercial Newsi
cton Etc,, Etc., Etc, Et Kt Etc.
New York, April 6, 830 A. M. The steamship
tuba has arrived, with Liverpool dates ot Alarcu
24, via Queensiown March 26.
The Js'crtU American reached Liverpool on
the 2"th.
Aimed from Philadelphia, ship S. L. Tiltey at
Mr. Gladstone announced that the Govern
ment intended to proccd with his Reform Bill,
regardless of suggestions and proposed atnond
nients. They would resist Grosvenor's amend
ment, as It implied a direct wont of confi
dence in the Government.
The House adjourned until the 9th ol April
lor the Easter holidays.
The stock of the Anglo-American Telegraph
Company, 000,000, is all subscribed, and the
books closed. The cable progresses at the
rate of nineteen nautical miles per day.
In the House ol Commons Mr. Watklns asked
if any discussion had taken place between the
English and American Governments relative to
Chase's propcriuon for an international coinage
between England, France, and America.
Mr. Gladstone said he could tind no evidence
of any such queation having been raised.
The great annual University boat race re
sulted in a victory for Oxford over Cambridge
ry three lengths.
'It is positively asserted that Stephens is the
guest ot John Mitchet in Pari9. and will leave
Havre lor New York shortly. He left Ireland
in a sailing boat via Galway. Fenian affairs
have received some attention in Parliament.
The Attorney-General tor Ireland said, with
respect to the parties under arrest who hai
come from America, he was ready to give a
favorable consideration to their application for
release on their promise to leave Irelaud and
return whence they came.
The ex-vjueen of tne French, the widow of
Louis Philippe, died at Clareiuont on March 24.
The French Corps Legislatif adjourned on the
24th ulU till the 4th of April.
Napoleon received the address of the Corps
Iegisiatif and made a speech accepting the vote
ol nis great majority as a continued endorje
iuent of his policy, and spoke iu lavor ot the ex
tension of liberty calculated to strengthen and
enlighten Government not a liberty which may
become an srm to undermine and overthrow it.
The weekly returns of tue Bank of France
show a gain of 22,.r)0(i,000r. In cash. The Bunk
has reduced the rate Of discount trom 4 to 3.
The Bourse was dull at 10H-45.
The advices from Germany continue warlike
'"ne Vienna aud Berlin journals coutiuue full
01 warlike rumors of military preparation i, etc.
It is reported that England, France, aud Russia
have resolved to tender mediation, aud it is as-se:t-d
that, an English note has already been
sent to Berlin in the interests ot peace.
Three Spanish screw frigates ar in Cadis har
bor ready tor sea in case of the appearance of
Chilian privateers.
Tho Belgian Chatnbor, bv a vote of 69 to 45,
has adopted tho Reform bill, increasing the num
ber ot beuators by four, and the representatives
by eight.
Shanghai advices to February 21 represent the
Nicnti Rebels less threatening towards the
northern part. They have occasioned ereat
alarm, and various plans have oeen male tor
resistance. The French municipal council of
Shanghai has been imprisoned for refusing to
give up certain documents.
Commercial Intelligence.
State or f bads. The Manchester advices are
Cotton. The market Is dull and declining.
Breadntufli Verv dull, t orn Armor. Megr.
Wakefield, Nasb & Co., and Richardson, Spunco &
Co. report flour heavy. Wboiit hnavv ami nu
chanared M xed corn has au upward tendency,
stales at 2fit. tid. (f?J!M.
provision. the markat Is deollnme. Bnof qnict,
at a decline of 2s. 6d 10 5s. I'ori easier at 2s. 8d de
cline. Bucou inactive aud 2s. lower. Butter dull.
Lard 2s. lower. I allow steady.
l'roduco. AsboB firmer; pots 84s. ; poarls 85s 6d.
Suear easier. Coltee steady. Kice firm. Common
Kosin bas an upward tendency. fSpiriU Turpeutine
quiet. Petroleum firm, 2. 2d.
London Mabkkts Iireudstufft declining. Iron
?uiet. Hugar quiet, and 6d. lower.' Coll'de steady,
ommon Coneou Tea tteady. Soirlts turpentine
firm at 40s. lor American. Tallow irrerular. Pe
troleum firm at 2s. 8d. tor refined. Consols f r
money, 8C3fe8J. United states 6 20s, 71o713.
Illinois Ccntial, 79 C 7ttJ- Krie. 60J(.'66j The bul
lion iu the Bank ol tuKland bas 1 noreuaed 127,000.
Iateat Commercial.
Liverpool. Mar oh 24. Evening rotton dall and
dec'lmiia; saioa of 6000 bales, moludiur 10(0 to
speculators and exporters. Middling Unlaudi aoout
Brcadstufls dull and unchanged, except corn,
which is firm.
Provl-ioDs inactive. Tallow eisier.
Lonpoh, April 24. Evening. Consols 88J5P87;
Untied States 6 20s. lUlSii Illinois Central, 7JCa(
7j 1 ane shares, 06M&0. '
Ship News.
New Orlbans, April A. Sailed, steamship
Hwittville, from New York. Arrived, ship
Gettysburg, Ji. Lane, and Joseph Holmes, from
Liverpool j and Maria V, Day lrom Doe ton.
Sptciat Dtpatche$ to. Tht Evening TtUgmph.
WisniNOTON, April 6.
Trial of Jeff. Davis,
Reliable Information hss been received here
to-day from Rlrhmond, to the etTect that a move
n ent is on fool to obtain a writ of habeas corpus
for the release ot Jefferson Davis. The writ in
question may issue either from the United States
District Court, Ju,1ge UnderwooJ presiding, or
from a Rate C'jurU It Is not likely that a man
of Underwood's well-known views would grant
a writ for such a purpose. The civil trial of
Davis will now be strongly urged. He can be
held in this district under the indictments pond
ing against him in the Supreme Court of the
Mrs. JefTensoo Davis
and ; General Dick Taylor have both received
permission to visit Jefferson DaviB, aud he
will soon be released on habeas corpus, as under
tue President's proclamation he can bo no
longer held as a prisoner under mere military
authority, and under the decision of tho Supreme
Court ycBterday.be cannot be tried by a null
tar.v tribunal.
Visitor A. II. Stephens to Geanral Grant
Alexander II. Stephens, of Georaia, attracted
considerable attention at the White House, J03
day, but owing to the crowd of visitors watting
tor admission, was compelled to leave without
seeing the President. He called Dpon General
Grant, and the General has returned tbe com
pliment. The conversation naturally turned on
Southern affairs and reconstruction. Mr.
Stephens reiterates his positive convictions
that the people of Georgia are sincere In their
expressions of submission and future loyaltyi
and naturally desires the speedy admission of
her representative.
Pension Honey Not Attachable.
The Commissioner of Pensions having re
ceived large numbers of communications from
all parts of the country attklng whether pension
money can be attached for debt, has issued a
decision that such money cannot be ihus at
tached. Soldiers Bounties.
The Second Controller yesterday furnished
Representative Julian with a carefully prepare'!
statement, from official data, exhibiting the
amount of money required to equalize soldiers'
bounties, as provided for by Mr. Julian's bill In
troduced some time since, and which met with
the approval of the Soldiers' and Sailors' League
ol this District. The Controller estimates the
sum required at a little less than $200,000,000.
Financial Troubles In tne Old Ketrloas.
The panic and general disarrangement of
business among the national banks in the Penn
sylvania oil regions has finally induced the
Treasury Department to send Mr. Joseph C. G.
Kennedy, of this city, to investigate their con
dition and report immediately. Mr. Kennedy
goes armod with authority to act suramarly,
and unless the suspected institutions can inare
satisfactory exhibits their days are already
' TIarrisbitro, April 6. Tbo bill authorizing the
School Directors of Earl township, Berks county, to
levy a bounty lax was passed.
Mr. Coniiell read in place a supplement to the act
incorporating the cnetnut mil and Cheltenham
Kulroad Comnanv.
Numerous local bit's of no Interest to Philadelphia
and tne eastern counties were read.
House of Representatives.
Mr. Kurti callod up the act, which was passed, to
provide lor tbe expense 01 Belling land scrip ao
nated by the United mates to tbe Stale for the on
cooraaromcnt of Agricultural Soboo's.
The Houre refused, bv a vote ol 80 aves to 89 noes,
to consider the aot authorizing the Cleveland and
Mahoning Kailroad to extend the track lrom rounds
town to Pittrburg, bo as to form a through line trom
Baltimore to Cleveland, via Connellsvilie, Pitjiburv,
and lounvstown.
I he aot relea'inr State banks which hive bosomo
National bank lrom bolnir liab'e for the oaymcnt ot
old notes, unless tbo same are presented before Julv
1, letit), n as passed.
The Clearfield Bank.
Harrisbcbo, April 6. The ClearQed County
Bank, reported closed, has not been implicate 1
in the recent failure. Its notes are secured by
State stocks deposited with the Auditor-General
at this place, and are redeemed at its counter
and at Its Eastern agencies on presentation.
Arrival ot the Steamer "Sc otlandV
New York, April 6. The steamer Scotland has
arrived at this port. Her advices have been an
ticipated. The Freedmen's Bureau has recently re
ceived satisfactory reports from different por
tions ol the Southern States regarding the con
dition of the Irecdmen. They unite in tne state
ment that they are exhlnitin great enterprise
tnd energy in prosecuMti!; their labors under
disadvantageous circumstances, and are near.'y
Office of the Evening Teieor4PH,
Thursday, April 6, 18iiG. j
The Stock Market, a:i we have noticed for
several days past, continues dull; but prices are
steady. In Government bonds there is les
doing. 6 20s sold at 103104; and 7"0s at 100
ftilOOj for June and August; 104 was bid for
(is of 1R81; and 911 for 10-40s. State and City
loans are in fair demand.- Pennsylvania 5s sold
at PC; now City 6s at 9101; and old do.
at 87f.
Railroad shares are the most active on
the liU Philadelphia and Erie sold at 31i
31i, the former rate a decline of 4; Cata
wlssa preferred at 28J28J, the former rate a
decline of 4; Readng at 50J50j tho latter rate
an advance of i; on the closing price last even
ningj Pennsylvania Railroad at 66;!5i, an
advance of (; Camden and Amboy at 1171, a
declineofJ; and Catawlssa common at 30, no
change. 28 was bid for, Little Rcbuylklll; 62
for Norrlstownj 64 i for Minehill; WJ for North
Pennsylvania; 28 lor Elmlra cemmon; and 44i
for Northern Central.
City Passenger Railroad shares are la fair
demand. Hestonvllle sold at 44J, an advance
or i. 70 was bid for Second aud Third; 40
for Fifth and Sixth: 61 for Tenth and Eleventh;
35 lor Spruce and Pine; 60 for Chesnut and Wal
nut; 68 for West Philadelphia; 30 for Green and
Coatt; and 31 for Union.
Bank shares are unchanged. Farmers' and
Mechanics' sold at 125. 20S was bid for North,
America; 00 for Northern Liberties; 28 for Me
chanics'; 62 for Penn Township; 64 for Glrard;
76 for Western; 62 ior City: 62 for Common
wealth; 60 for Corn Exchange; and 66 for Union.
Canal shares are more active. Lehigh Navl
gallon sold at 63; Delaware Division at464Gf,
the latter rate an advance of 1; Susquehanna
Canal at 13J, a slight advance; and Schnylklll
Navigation preferred at 30; 224 wft9 hid ior
Schuylkill Navigation common; and 114 J for
Morris Canal preferred.
Oil shares continue dull. Ocean sold at 9(39 i,
and Sugar Creek at 24; 2 was bid for Maple
Shade, and 3 asked.
The New York Tribune this morning say:-
"Money on call is more active at 6 per cent.,
and the rate is steadily hardening. The passage
of the Loan bill will probably bo followed by
movements on the part of the heavy capitalist
which will change the character ot the money
market by bnnnlrg the Government into the
Held as a borrower. The reduction ot the army,
foon to be made, will require a large amount,
which must come trom sources outside the Cus
tom House or the Internal Revenue Depart
ment Ihe progress already made towards
specie payments has disaTanged values nnd
bnstnes to such an extent, nat the receipts
from interna revenue wilt icel ita effects, and
the Secretary's calculation that he mast borrow
money to carry him through the fiscal year be
realized. Ihat he will want tll2,f!OJ,000 is not
probable; but rhat he will be a borrower to an
extent sufficient to. absorb a lanje amount of
money now loaned on call at 66 per cont., la
as certain ns any future eveut can be."
The Bank Note Reporter ha the following
rcaarding the bt.nks in (the Pennsylvania oil
Oil City Bank, at Oil City. This bank is a State
institution, with a circulation ot some $230,000, not
srourca by any bonds. We bellove the circulating
notes of this bank have only a nominal valao.
Bank ot Crawford County, at Meudvtlle. This U
a State bank, with about VS50 000 circulation, not
secured. It had fl ed the preliminary paoers to re
orvamzeasa National Bank had deposited some
bonds in Washington but bas never loouived any
National Currency. Our impression is that the
"Bank of Crawford County" ia not as bad a lallure
as the "Oil City Bank."
Venanro Bank, at Franklin. This Is a froe Slate
bank converted Into a National. The old circulation
is about 8130.000, secured by 7 80 lrcaury Motes de
posited at Harruburg, aud 8'V)U0O National cur
rency seemed by deposits in Washington. We be
lieve that the old circu ation will be taken up at it
lace, alter some delay, probably at Pittsburg. For
the piesont we quote it at 10 discount. The 960,000
National currency will sutler no duoredit.
Petroleum Bank, at Tit us v! lie. This is a free State
bank, circulation some $200,030, secured by 7 80
Trcasuiy Aotes deposited at Harrisbnra:. Its notes,
we believe, will be taken up at their face, st Pitta
bursr, after some delay. W quote them st 10 dis
count. This bank bad fiied Its papers to reorganise
as a National bank.
t uivcr, Penn fc Co. owned but a small portion of
the stottk of tho "First National Bank" at Titusvillo,
but its New York account was with that house. In
tbe uncertainty ot tbe moment It suspended. It has
sinoe resumed business on a solid Darns. The losses
are not sumoient to impair its solvency. Its mana
gers are ot s sound and solid clas of local eltizens.
Its dratts on Culver, Penn A Co. are cashed by tbe
Fitsi National Bank ol tbis oity.
These are all tbe banks that are directly hurt bv the
luilure of Culver. Penn A Co. Otlior banks have
been 1 laced in the broken lists published m the
newspapers. The Cashier of the Bank of Lawrence
County writes ns that hi bank bad no business with
CulTer. Penn A Co , and no loss whatever will be
sustained in consequence of tbe f ailure.
Oil City Bank, Oil City, Pa 75 f ct. dis.
Bank of Crawford county, i'a 2 ot. dig.
Venango Bank. Franklin. Pa 11 p ct. dls.
Petroleum Kauk, liiusville. Pa 10ljct. dls.
All National currency, broken or not par.
The amended Internal Revenue Act of
March 3, ls65, section 6, provides that every
national banking association, Mate bank, or
State banking association, shall pay a tax often
per centum on the amount of notes of any State
bank or State banking association paid out by
them alter the first day of July, 1866; and the
National Banks have commenced to throw out
all such notes, or to receive them only at a dis
count sufficient to pay the cose of sending them
home for redemption.
Keportcd by De Haven A Bra, No. 40 S. Third street
100US620s 62....1C8? if J sh iteadinr 60,'
HCO do c.lCS
lC3sfe do..b6int.. 60,
8 )sh do lots 6'J;
f J0O (J S 7-608.. AuplOOj
t200 do. ... Jurelf .i
MoOOU 8H 81 1C? J
1C3 f h do 60 8-1 1
U)sh do. lots.. 6 60;
Li sh Lehirh Nav Is f 3
12 sh Del. Div 43
100 sU do blO 46
9sh Cam A Am. ..117 ;
IO sb Penn E....b30 63'
60 sh do lots 66 .
100 sh do b80 66
? 0 sh Ocean 9
a-zuw ra v j,n ietr. .it J
ritMfa 6s.oop-6wn 86
iiucitv os old.... 87
100 City 6s, new... 01
r-30 do 91
S3 ' 00 do lots t2
tO do 91
S1C00 do ria ti
PICO do man fl
100 sh do 9:
C0 sh Fh A b30 l'a 811 1C0 sh 8u-q Can..b30 13 '
2l3h do lota. 81
600 s& do.lots..tK30 18t
iu sn no si
100 sh do bSO 81
6sti Minehill 65
IO eh Son W ot b6.. 80
roOshCata pf....!t M(
12 sh FarAMBk 0Uil25
2C0sh do.... lots. 28j
8C0sn do lots i
00 sh Cata t80 80
600 sh Sue-ar Ck 2f
SCJsh Hestouvlts.b5 441
10 A. M 127J 12 M 1271
U A. M 327 IP. M 127j
Habpkb, DtTKNET A Co. quote as follows:
Buying, selling.
American Gold 127 1
American Oliver, js ana is it
American Sliver Dimes and Half Dimes 118
Pennsvlvania Currency i
Now York Exchange par.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Thursday, Apiil 6. The movoments In Bread
stuck continue of an extremely-Jifnited character,
but as the receipts asrn stocks of all deccriptioni are
extremely Hub, the prices remain without quotable
chanveV There U no shipping demand for Flour,
and only 67C0 borrrels, cbiefly North western extra
family, were taken for home consumption at 88 25
9-26 barrel for lower grade and ohoice quality.
Superfine ranses iroui 98 to $7; extras from 7 2S
to 8j Pennsylvania and Ohio family from C9 to f 10,
and fancy lot from all to 16. Small sa'ea of Kye
i lour at 4 76. Coin Meal is nomiuul at 3-75.
Ihere is very lif.tie Wheit of s-ood quality here,
and it is wanted. Sales ot 4rJ90 bushels common and
choice Pennsylvania and Western red at jf22 4J.
White is very icaroe. Kye commands 93o. Corn is
in good request, and 4CC0 bushels yellow sold at 74o.
afloat, aud 76c. In store. Oan ar2ceuti p bashet
higher. Sales of tZOO busbe s Pennsylvania and
Delaware at 6132o. No chanve in Barley or Malt.
Cloverteed is n fair 1 request at S5 26ai3, and
Timothy at 94. Flaxseed has dechaed to 92 55
(2.2 60.
S hlskv is dull Small sales or Pennsylvania
barrels at 92 2t&2 26. and Ohio at 92-272 28.
Markets by Telegraph.
Krw York, April 6 Cotton ia dull and lower;
sales at 8b. a Silo, lor Middling. Flour dull; sale of
6U00 barrel's, including 6C0 barrels Southern, at un
changed prices; Canada heavy, 800 bands so d.
Wheat dull: sales ot 1000 bushels ef No. 1 alii,
wauxee at 91-68. Corn advanced lo. for mixed;
sates of 86 COO bushels. Oata tinner; StaU, tS&fiOc.
Betf steady. Pork baoyant at 926 26 lor mesa.
Lard firm. Whisky dull.
(Un FrAkoisoo, April 4 Mlnln stocks are
Arm. Oplnr, 9769: Imperial, 914; ovae, 9K60t
Belcher, 9860; Yellow Jacket. 9870; Uale A Nor
cross. 9980; Bullion, 9116 1 t hollar Potoai, 9880.
Lrral tenders, 78.
1 tie bria: Lubra, from Sbanrnai. has arrived with
a lull earro ot Japan tea, of watca Um stock b4
becemt reduced.

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