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JMahlDK n Hero or an AinMln-Terrible
Carter of HnrilerrM-Mi Kill
Twenty Men within Fonr Month
Military CorrciiponUenca of the Paris
Pima, May 15. In recent letter I gave ome
account, ol i'hiliiiic, the man who is now In
coutini mm! at .Muziin (the Tana Tuinta), await
ing trial lor the .erpctraiiin ot evj!tet.n as
aBninat!oiis. The putrons of our mrlo-draiiitihc
thcattPS complain that the autoorc who cater to
their peculiar taste are deficient in imar, nation,
nnil aie coiitnuiHlly serving up to them iho ?atno
aid play, with the same old incideiits of plot,
only rehashed and transposed, with no more
than a chunire of title. Ho it is with the crimes
of real lite, as well R3 those of the mimic scene
there is nothing npw under the mn. Tlie wretch
1'robst, no doubt, wins to you, in America, the
niot leroeious Incarnation of the saneuinarv
villain; lint the Frenchman Philippe far out
strips in llaeitious cruelty the (ionium ansasain
ol i'hilaaelphia, and even I'lulipn0 himself
but a plapmrv, so tar as the number ol lita un
fortunate let mi? is concerned, of a woman who
sipnnlized herself in Paris durtmr the rule of the
(me day, at the period mentioned, the pro
prietor ot a lurni-hed hotel in lh Kue el" l'Uni
reidite, uppeared beloie the Minister of Police,
nd informed that liuictiotiui-y that a murder
riad ust been committed iii his (the hotcl
Icc pit's) houtie. On the previous evenmpr, he
paid, a ftninuer liad taken u room, stating his
residence to oc Melun, uud his piirpo.io to spend
two or three Uays in Paris. Alter ordering his
batrpao to be curried to his apurtmeut, the new
rtoraer went out, givintz notice that h! was
roiuf, to the Odeon Theatre and should not re
turn to the hotel until the termination ot the
performance. Is ear midnight he reappeared,
accompanied by a yotni',' and very pretty
woman, dressed in male at tire, who, he
KH'rt, was liis wile. The next niornintr.
it an early Lour, the pretended pposa lett the
nonce, refiuestimr that her husband niiprlit not
be disturbed until her return, which would be
In about an hour. At noon she was ptill ab
sent; and hearing not hint; stirrirg in the room
occupied by the eeutlenian from Meltin, the
landlord bcean to led uneasy, and rapped at
the stiangcr'sdoor. KeceiviiiK no answer trom
within, the LoUl-kecper fent lor a duplicate
key to the apaitmcnt, upon entering which, the
unlortuuate luau was found lit'eled iu his bed.
A doctor was hastily siiaiiiioncil, who, after h
briet examination ol the body, declared that
death had been pioduced by a blow on the lei
temple, inlllctcd by means of u blunt instru
ment. It was evident that the a?snstnntion had been
committed by the woman in male ultire, and
every etfort was made by the police to discover
her whereabouts, but ineffectually. A month
subsequently, another murder was perpetrated
under similar circumstances, eucent that on this
occasion the victim, also a traveller, had gone to
Lis room quite alone. At a later hour, however,
an cllcmiaate-lookinfi; youmr man came down
Btairs, and was let out by the norter ol the hotel,
who remembered the fact on tliei'oHowiuir morn
ing, when the crime was discovered. Tuis atlair
caused great excitement in I'nrip, and redoubled
exertions were made by the police to terret out
the mysterious as&assin, but still without result.
Eleven d-ivs afterwards a third victim perished
in precisely the same manner as the preceding
two, and in the course of a few months, no less
than twenty men lot their lives by means so
exactly identical, that no doubt was entertained
that the murderous blows were all intlicted by
the same hand.
Stung to the quick, Fouche, the Minister of
Police, eet all his spies to work, and oll'ered a
large reward for the discovery of the author of
theso unparalleled crimes.
One evening a certain B., a member of the
Secret Police, but who had the appearance of a
provincial gentleman, was passing through a
.narrow street of the Cite, when he encountered
a handsome, equivocal-looking vouth. B.
utopped, turned, and said to himself, "That'? a
woman iu male garb. If it should be she "
At the same moment the handsome stranger
also turned, and smiled encouragingly.
"That settles the question," murmured the
delighted spy. ".Now, if I manage things cau
tiously, my fortune is made." And, rciraeintr
Lis steps, he accosted the unknown.
"I have, something very particular to say to
you," whispered 11., with a knowing leer, "but
it is not possible for us to talk treely in the public
street. Might I not invite you to accompany
me to my hotel '!"
"I suppose you take me to bo a woman?'" was
the reply, in a solt voice. "Yon are quite mis
taken, my good sir ! I don't mind having achat
with you, however; where are you staying ?"
"In the Kue de l'Universite"
''Indeed ! I am too well known to co there."
"I am on the rirrht track," thought the spv.
"Well, then," he said aloud, "we will go wher
ever you like."
"Come," replied the other.
And, crossing the river, the pair presently en
tered a small hotel on the Place du Chutele;,
t-ngafc ed an apartment, and ordered supper to be
served iu their room.
"If I am to remain with you during your stay
In Paris." faid the young woman, who ho loiise'r
attempted to conceal her sex, "you had better
.have jour biigeaee brought here."
B., overjoyed at the opportunity thus oCered
to lodge the necessary information at the
Central Police Station near by, at ouce assented
to this sugge.itioa, aud declared that he would
go himself, pay his bill, and biiuj a box of silk
Le had at the other hotel. Alter an hour's ab
sence he returned, accompanied by two porters,
carrying on their shoulders a largo and appa
rently heavy box, which they deposited in a
corner of the room. The supper previounlv
ordered was now served.
"Your vnlk must have made you thirsty,"
taid the young woman, pouring out a glass f
wine for her companion. "But, before you sit
down, have the kindness to give me my hand
kerchief, which I have lelt over there on the
Suspecting some trick, B., while crossing the
Toom, watched his new acquaintance closely,
and saw her throw a powder into the class of
wine, which, instead of swallowing, he dexte
rrously managed to spill on the carpet. In a few
moments he showed t-itrns of drowsiness, aud
began to murmur incoherent words. " Drawing
the 6yren near him, he felt something in her
pocket which excited his curiosity. Upon ask
ing what it was, she produced the object a
beautiful little hammer.
"This," bug said, "is an opiate of the most
powerful description. I'll show you presently
Jiow it puts people to 6leep."
B. Lad fallen to the floor, In an apparent state
of complete unc-oui-cioiiBiiess. Stooping over
him, the murdeross raised her anticipated vic
tim's head, placed it iu the most favorable posi
tion to render the Intended blow elfeetive, aud
Lad already raised tho pretty little hammer,
when suddenly the box iu the corner tie w open
with a loud noise, ai.d a grip of iron seized her
uplifted arm.
On the trial, which took place shortly after
wards, the female aassin Rlieged, in her de
Huse, that she had been ruined by a villain, and
Lad sworn to Le reveuired upon the entire male
sex. This romantic story, however, did uot pre
vent her conviction and subsequent death on
the seaUold.
Several of the Paris journals announce, with a
treat flourish of trumpets, that they have en
gaged the i-ervices ot "able correspondents,"
whose special duty it will be to chronicle the
evenli of the military campaigns, expected to
beginMl any moment, in Italy aud on the north
ern frontiers of Austria. During the four years
of the Itebellion many of the war correspondent 4
attached to American newspapers bivuuli.ed
themselves bv their taleut ard couraire. commu
nicating to the nublic much valuable informa
tion, together with some facts, perhaps, which It
was not auvisanie to ai-eiose. in trance, letters
k - from the battle-field to the principal PsriMim
journals were inaugurated, for the tirettimo,
during the campaign of 1S59, and were princi
pally distinguished for their plentiful luck of
military details, which, to do tho correspondent
justice, it was perfectly proper not to write, as
the press would not have dared to publish either
news of a nature to be useful to the enemy, or
any criticisms upon the French army.
So they made the most out ol th" mate
rial at their command, that is to say, anecdote
and cosip, inventing amusing speeches tor
soldiers mortally wounded, aud seeking funny
Moiies "even in the cannou's mouth." Among
the most prominent ot these battle-field reporters
was one in particular, whom we will call Miicbin,
the represcntntive ot a literary lournal, unci the
bean-ideal of the military cliroiiiqiwur. He came
back in hirh feather, alter the armistice, sport
ing a Uniterm tail" flvihnn and half warlike,
wearing a fatigue cap perched jauntily over his
riBi'tear, an officer's clcak, and carrying his
writing materials in a dilapidated cartiidge box,
which he boasted ol having tnkeu from tin- body
ot a (lead Austrian soldier. 'The subject of all
his conversations, lor months after the treaty of
pence had been signed, was the war In
which he Lad participated. "When we took
the viliupe ot Magenta;" "The uiorninsr of
the day vv attacked Palestra;" "As tee marched
throueh the urects of Milan," etc. etc., and the
acts ot heroism and tremendous adventures to
which he hud beeu tin eye-witness I Accord
ing toMachin'sow n account, not less than eleven
C( nerals had beeu killed at his side, on different
occasions, while be was penning his report of
the I attle, in the midst of n hail-storm of lead.
One of his mot triumphant recitals was the
story of the conference of Napoleon and Francis
Joseph. "We weie at Caviana,'' shkI Maehin;
"the Iwo Emperors had met by appointment in
a small house of the villasre. Not another soul
was admitted to this important Interview, but,
of course, I hnd taken the necesary precautions
to learn what was transpiring, as I had a letter
to write that very evening. 80 I pasted the
guard, entered the house, and took my station
behind a deor which opened into trie room
where the two Sovereiens were seated. The
conversation commenced, but presently Francis
Joseph paired abruptly, and looked arruml un
easily. 'What is the matter?' inquired Napoleon
111. 'We are not alone,' was tho reply, Some
one is concealed behind that door.' 'Oh. don't
mind that, 'relumed the French Commander-in-Chief:
'it is a Iriend ol mine, Maehin, who is
taking notes for his paper!' "
o, when you tina liy-and by minute details ol
oil that is transpiiiug in the secret councils of
the Austrian, Prussian, and Itu.li.iii commanders
published in lull in the I'm is journals, you may
set it down as u fixed fact that Machiu is again
in ihe field.
You kuow that during several years nasi a
mania lor collecting postage stamps ot all coun
tries has prevuiled to a considerable' extent on
both sides of the Atlantic. This singular idea is
w-w being i-iiporsedcd here by another scarcely
less odd. I icier to the collecting of wax seals,
representing mottoes and conts ot'-arms on let
ters. One amateur, having gathi red upwards of
nine thousand different specimens, some ot them
verv old and rare, recently sold his collection at
public auction, realizing by his speculation the
handsome sum of 10,000 francs. A". Y. limes.
t state 01 JAJIEs C. KKAll'TON, leccseu.
Tlie Audi or um.olntcd tv tlie Court to aiullt. settle.
nmi adjust the recnnit and fliml account of KI)VAKI)
liOPl'tK, fq. Admlnlstra'or of 1I10 ostuto ot'.IAMKS
('. KMIP'IO.N docias- a. uinl to report distribution ot
tlie balunce In the bnnds ol the accountant, will meet the
parties intei-nsled for (be puriiostg of bit apiioiuttuent,
on JIONDAY. June 11, IS60, at 4 o'clock V. M., af. blj
Office, Ko. W4 WALM'l Sir-tt. in tlie citv ot Phila
delphia. JOSM'H F. MAlt('K.
b i ntutbst Auditor.
J hereby jMven that a writ of scire facias will bo
ii-sucu upon tue iomowiiik ciiinn. at tno expiration ot
tbrec inonibs tiom tbe date Uertoi, unless the sumo la
link! within that tiniu to
W. A. PLIVKK, Attornev-at Lnw,
No. 31 N. bfcYKVJ'H Street
Frtinkila Fire Insurance Company. C. 1'., Decent
ber T , )SW. No JS. tor iaviUtf. t.14-43, lot N. K. corner
of '1 'neiilj'-hccoiid und Spruce xtrctttt. 17 teet (ront on
Srruce by 57 feet 4 incbig deep on Tneutr-sccoitd
Btreet. 6 4i;im
Tea Wnrehousc, No. 4.1 8. SECOND Hired.
at INGKA.M'rt Tea Warehouse, No. 4 H. SECOND
xea n arenottse. No. 4Uis. sbi'UMt street.
L prices, at INCKAM's Tea Warehouse, No, 4a e.
SECOND street. Try tueni.
V.T pound, at IN GUAM'S Tea AViirehouse, No. 43 8
SECOND Street. Try tbcm 1 in tiui
Ko. 510 RACE Street.
We bcr Uuvc to draw vour partlculur attention to om
new French Meant ScouriitK hntal)i(.hn eut theilrst unj
only one ot it h kind In this city. v e do not dye, hut lJ
a cLimk ul procc-n re ore Ladlex', Oentletucu'H, au
Cblidien'B Canni'tith to their original ntatea. wlinou
injuring tin iu in the least, while jrieat experience and
tLe heat u ui liiucry Irom France enable us to warrant
pentet satiftlaciion to ail who may lavor us with the'.!
patronage. LAD1KH' DRF.HS) X, of every desei'ption,
with or w ithout '.' rimmUitifl, arc cleaned and tlnMied
without being ttiktu apart, whether tbe colur Is genuine
or not-.
Opera Cloaks and Slantlllas. Curtains. Table Corers,
Carpets. Velvet Hlbbons. Kid Gloves, etc.. cleaned and
renulshed in the best manner. Gen lemon's Mimiiier
and Winter ClothliiK c.eaned to perlecu. n without in
jury to the stiil! Aiso Haps and F.annets All kinds ol
atiiins rt moved without c tuning the whole. All orders
are executed under our immediate supervision and
satisfaction yuuiantoed every Instance. A cull and
examination 01 our process Is retpectlully solicited.
8 l'2!iith8t.
No. 510 RACE Stteet
A li X E S S.
NESS, 2, 4, and 6 borso. Alto, parts of HAR
bonght at tbe recent Government sale to b sold
et a ereat sacrifico Wholesale or Retail. ToBtthor
wit It our usual assortment of
J l Ko. 4 MARKET Street.
"(J X I T EI) S T A T E S
Kos. 24. 26, and 28 S. FIFTEENTH St.,
Tbe largest aoi-tnnut ot Wood AlBublinits la lMclty
constantly on hund 4 17 Jut
r II E S U li 8 O 11 I IJ E R, "
(For miiiiy years connected with MITCHKLL'S SA
LOONS, No. MS ( HKSNUT htieet), would respect'tilly
Intorm Ms friends and tbe public generally, that be has
opened an
Ice .Cream and rtefrahment Saloon,
"Where hu hopes, by suict attention to business, tomutlt
tbe patrouuveofall wboutaf tavor tilin with their cus
tom. . JACOB It. Bl'UDSlLL.
1 iiiladhli hia, May, Ihbh. C5 la Ira
act In hoimitnTit locations for tlvfl Ni vr York Aeci
.dcpttl lijrtirciice Ct iiipi.ny Active men ot vnoil addu ss,
a p Id v to r'HA.NK O. ALLEN, Kraut h Otlice, No. 411)
ClirSM TMreet. Aiulysoon. :il
llA Citt fiouciroH's Office
No. H. KtrTn TuL T.
NO! K E ol the lolmwiti lia' ol c!alm .! nualnut ihn
properties berelnalter deserlbed. noon nvMcn wilia ot
scire laclas will de lrnd wltbu three inonlha trom this
date. It not paid at this olllre
. . City Solicitor.
April 30,1866.
I'auel City iilebanl Lafteri. CP., Decemh'
Tenn. IffS. No 17. laim for water pipe. eVJ-Hl. Lot
and building on foutbcnut aide ol Ihompoon street, 31
tcet northeast of Otis atrcet, 77 leet front, ft) fact deotti.
IHh W ard
1 aae .1. City v. John Fm'th. C. P.. December Term.
11-65 So II). Calm lor water Pipe, 2i im. Lot south
east side ot Thompson strict, ltiH leet aouttiwest irom
Norris street. ,14 feet iront on 1 liompson street, depth 60
net luth Ward.
1'ape 4. City v M. Carey lea C. p., Deceicber
Term 1PM No 20 Claim for wafer pipe, :I4-M Lot
southeast cirner otlwentietb and Oxcd str"ots, east
ward, south fide ot OMord street ti'i teet lllH Inches,
thence somhnest Dl 'eet west to a point In east line ot
'1 wenlleth strett, ihence imnli alonu east line of Twen
tieth street AS leet to the place ot beginning. 20th Ward.
Lane A CH vs. M. aiev Lea. D. ;.. December
Term rKW No. 7. Claim for water rile. 111-2H. Lot
north sldeof OJiord street, ond easi aide ot 'Iwentleth
sttieet. 1(.H teet liont l:io teet In depth, alonu cast side of
Twenlletn street. 2ftth Ward.
I age 6 l Ity vs John Leu Is Hums. C. P.. December
Term. H-65. No. 21. t lalin for water pipe, T. Lot on
weft side ol lowtiFeml stnet, 3'i feet southeast iron)
hepvlva street. 3D teet trom on Townscud street, W)
leet depth, foutbwest. lflth Ward.
Pate 7. City vs Al. arey L'a. D. C.. December
Term. bH. No. 8 ( laim tor water pipe, ajls-44.
Lot north side Oxford streei and east side 'Iwentv flrst
street; ront on Ox mrd street 3H1 feet, depth north along
easi sldeTwcntv-ilrht Btreet 130 feet to Turner street.
21 Dl Ward.
1 ace H. City vs. WIMiam 11. Black. C. P., December
Term. 1WVS. No. 22. Claim lor water Pipe. i M). Lot
and brick dwelling southwest sido Townsend street,
11.4 leet southeast Irom Hepvlva street, ironton lown
si nd street :m feet depth souihwesi HO feet. Kith Ward .
1'pj.e 0. I ity vs Ludwip WallschmMt. C P , Decoin
ber l erm . 1KH. No.23. t laim tor water pipe, gtu i Lot
north tide Nonls stieet, and west sldo Thompson si roet,
front on Norris atreet 40 leet, depth north a.ong west
stile 'I bompson afreet 113 leet. lHth Ward.
I'S'e 10. C'l'y vs .Freeman Scott C. P., December
Term, IhttS. No. 21. Claim tor water pipe, t22 "11. Lot
rortbeasi corner Norris and Philip s reets, thence bIoiir
l hillpsreet 12 leet. thence east parol el wltli Woi:cr
stieet. 32 leet, 'hence south parallel with I'billp stree;,
24 net to Norris street, thciico west along tbe north,
side Nonls street 29 icct, to the piace ol boKinnlnn. llith
Pane U City vs. William H. WItte. C. P., December
Term. 1M5. No. 25. Claim tor wa er pipe. 824. Lof
southeast corner of Townsend mid pcpvlva s reets front
on Townsend s reet, 32 leet. depth southwest, along
southeast side of cepvlva s reet, Ol luet. ltith Ward.
Pate 12. City vs. Samuoi A Alliier C. P., Decem
ber 'I rm, 1W. No 2(1. Claim tor water pipe, 4ii 2'.
Lot and Iraioe aiab.ing uortbeast side of lownseud
treci, fi4 leet northwest Irom Alemnhls street front on
J owiiscnd street, bl feet 8 Inches, depth uorihcast, 01
feet. lxthVard.
Pare 13. CLy vs. Jumes L. Houston. C. P., Decem
ber 'lenn. tMjft No. 2i Claim tor water pipe. Oil.
Lot on northwest comer ot Tonnsetid and tu lp atreets
trout on Townsend stieet, 64 leet, depilt along Tuiiu
sireet, 7B tcct llilnWanl.
Pa ye 14. iy vs. Joseph Waterman. C. P.. Decem
ber Jcrm. lse.1). No. 2. Claim lor water pipe. M.
Lot on northeast s'de of Tow nsend street. 64 leet nor:h
w est irom Tulip street irom on Townsend street
lx feet, dentil nonhtust 151 feet lo Duuphln street. 1im.Ii
Ward. .
Page 15. city vs. Sir. Fry. C. P.. December Term,
lstwi. No. 29. Claim for w titer plpu. 1350. Lot soutli
nittt side ot Townsend street, lis teet southeast tiom
Memphis street, trout on Townsena street 1H teet,
de pth southwest, lul leet to Otis street- lMtb Ward.
Patje 17. City vs. W. Black iaveiK). C. p., December
Term, 1mA No. 31. Claim lor water pipe, 613 5(1. lot
southwest sido of Toffnsoml rlreet. 64 leet soti'heast
trom Memphis street, Iront on townsend street 1H leet,
depth southwest t7 leet. l!Mh Ward.
Pat,o 1H City vs. 11. Wbltesldes. ('. P., December
Term. ls!5. No. 32. ( laim tor water pipe. 6lStnt Imi
southwest side of Townsend sttent. Sj teet uorthwest
irom Memnhis street Iront on Townsend street 20 tcct,
depth southwest otrnl el to Memphis street ltil leet to
Otis stre et. Pith Ward.
Pphc 19. City vs. Isaac Barton. C. P., Deoeirbcr
Term lf-b5. No.S.1!. ( laim lor water pipe. 82.V00. Lot
southweai side ef Townsend street, southeast side of
'J ttlip s reet, Iront on Townsend street 50 leet. depth on
Tulip street ltil teet to Otis street Huh W ard.
i'ate2. I Ity vs. Georye Richardson. D C. Docera
ber Term, 1k;. No. 9. Citlin lor removing nuUiance
tf.'H (n, l ot west side of 1 wentiuth street, north side
Alter street. W) leet front on Twentieth itroct 67 eot
depth west parallel to Alter street to a 8 leet wide alloy.
2tith Wnrd.
Pa;e 21. City vs. Mvers. D. '. December Term. 1865
No. 10 ( laim f r removing nuisance, s.17 00. Lot and
thieo story brio, t ouse. south side ot Catharine street,
beginning 148 feet east of Broad B'reet 111 leet front. 75
leet depth parallel to droud sueet to tbe south side ot a
buck privy. 3d Ward.
l'uge2J Cliy vs. 8nIdor. D, C, December Tcim. 1W5.
No. 11. Claim for removing nuisance sit-iu Lot north
side (No tWA) Jefl'erson street, HI teet -vest from west
side of Marshall sireet. 16 .cot front on Jefferson sireet,
Wi leet In depth north at rtht atiRlcs to.lellerson stroet
on its east into. 66 icol ou tbe west lino, including au
ulley. V0 h Ward.
Tuge23 city vs. Price. D. C December Term, 1865.
No 12. Claim for reuiovlng nulsuitcc, 448 05. Lott o.
3 gl t-ouih side of Lombard street, beginning 64 leet west
01 west side oi l hlrd street, front cast and west 10 leet.
extenditiM south on tbe east line 75 leet to a 3 leet wide
alicv. thence weft 3 tcct, thence north 4 leet thencu
west 12 leet. thence north 70 teet to the soutli line ol
Lombard street, full Wail.
I :e24 Cuv vs. Price. D. C, December Term, 1805.
No. 13. Claim lor removing nuisance, 12 50. t-ot the
same as on page 23.
Pago 25. Citv vs Stewart. D. C December Term.
lfcli.V No. 14. 'Claim lor removing nuisance, 8J2 41. Lot
(No. 1H8 wet side Heventlt sirret. beginning 64 leet
rot th ot north side Sansom ; front 16 feet on Kleveuth
street was on south line 56 leet. to a 3 'cot wide alicv,
thence north 6 leet east 4 leet, thence north 6 loot,
tlience east 22 leet, thence north 3 feet tbeuce cast 30
leet to west line Kleventh street 8th Waid
Page 26. City vs. C. A. Buvder. D. C , December Term,
Ij-O.'i. No. 15. tlitlmfor water pipe, etc, t.10510. Lot
east side KtubUeuth street, nor.b side ' i Oxford stieet
front ou Eighteenth street 1 10 teet, depth ealit along
north side ijxiord street, 177 lect to a 40 teet wide street
201 h W ard.
Pnue27 City vs. The Formers' and Mechanics' Land
Hid Building Association, it. c.. December term, lttliS.
No Hi. Claim lor water pipe. 8lls-5fl. Lot west sido
1- itibteentb sireoi SO fucuoutn Itoin south side tJolttnibiu
avenue IVont on Fighictith sireet ll'H leet. depth west
at rUbt ung; s o I inhteciitb. street 170 teet to a 40 feet
wide slrcfct. 20ih Waid.
l'He28. City vs. same. D. C, December Term. 1885.
No. 17. I'1!!" lor water pipe. 61(4-14. Lot vest side
r itbtee nth street, 112 n et north irom nortli side Master
Btiect. Iront on Eighteenth street 21!) feet, depth west
at rii;ut ancles to L fghtetntli street, on south lino
thereof. 332 leet. cud on the noith line thereof 71 feet i)i
inches to uiiiidle oi 1 1mber lane. 20th Waid
Latieit). ( ity vs same. C. I'.. December Term. 1865
No H4. Claim lor water nlpe.45W). Lot beginning
HKlittemb B.rect at 3lil teet north itom north aide of
It: aster sireet west at right angles to Eighteenth s reet.
71 Itet to 'I Imber lane, thence uortbeast along middle ot
'I tinner lone 1)3 feet to west sldeof Mghteeuth atreet,
tin nee souih alonu w est side ol Eighteenth street, 60 feet
to the piace of beginning. 20th Ward.
PitacliO. City vs. Archer. 1) ., December Term. 18C5.
No. 18. ( laim lor removing nuisance. t:A-l1. Lot east
side oi A Icier street (oWl) 2'Jt leet north Irom north
aide ol Popla' sireet, 18 feet front on Alder street. 21 leet
deep oi that width east ut right angles to Alder street.
2lth Ward
Page 31. CUy vs Mvers D. C. December Terra, lSCl.
No. 111. ("aim tor removing nuisance. 6-28 OS. Lot west
side Hutchinson s reet. ' Nos 008 and 10i, 71 leet norm
irom the no lib side of Poplar street. 32 feet iront on
Hutchinson sir. et t4 feet ilertl of that width west at
right uugles to a 3 feet wide alley. 20ib Ward.
Pcgf32 Cliy vs Lee, D. C December Tenn, 1H65.
No. 20. ( laim lor removing nuisance, 822 03. Lot south
sidu oi Thompson s reet, (No. 10 JO j. 7 feet from west
slue oi Fltteeiith Bueet Id feet in front ou Thumpson
streei, depth 60 leet south ol thut width, at right angles
to Thompson atreet, to u 0 feet wide iillev. 20th Ward.
Page 33. Citv vs John Doe D. C. December 'lenn.
Is 5. No 21 ( liilin tor removint' nuisance. 820 Lot
south side of South street (o 618-). uud t o story frame
uoui-u iiiereou. iiegmning at i ieei west oi Bixt'i
street, 17 ee Iront ou houtli sireet, 44 leet in depth
south. 4th Ward.
Page 34 City vs same. D. C, December Term 1866.
No 22 Claim lor removing nuliauce 21100. Lot south
fide .'-out h street (No 6201 and two stnrj brick homo
tbereou. beginning L 7 i eet west or Hixth street 14 iet
Iront ou Sixth street, and 65 leet In dep.b south. 4th
Pare 86 Cit v vs. Michael C'anlton. D. C December
Term, 1865 No. 24 claim lor removing nuisance
(67 74 Lot east side of Kpulford stnet. south of Bed
lonl ithird boe), with a brick tenement thereon, be
ginning 26 leet sou b ol Bedford street. 13 leet tront ou
bputlord street, and 16 teet Iu depth east. 4th Ward
Pag) 37. Citv vs. Mcdram. ! C. December Term,
1865 N o 25. Claim for removing nuisance, 67 74 Lot
west aide ol Month Mxth sfeet (No. 62n). wllh brick
tenement thereon, beginuiug 61 leet south oi Bedford
atreet. 16 ieet Iront, 5-1 leet In depth west, parallel to Bed
lord stieet. 4th Warn.
Page 38. City vs William Mholwell. D. C, December
Term. 1865. No. 20 Claim to, ren oving niil-aiice
r27-10 Lot south side ogden s reet (No. Ul) 03 ie"t
east lrtin esst side 'Iwelth street 16 teet iront n
i gder sirocthv'8 ieet ueptn south t M.vrtle street.
14' h V.'anL
Page 46 City vj, Coot'Cr. D C December Term,
P65 No. IK t laim lor removing nuls lice. iMi rofl Tliree
lots on south tide Mott atreet (Nos. 1132, 1334, 131J wltli
thrtc-storv brick hou-.es tbeninn hoglnnltiu 2ri6, 3J2 2n1
feet respectively each west of Thirteenth street; each lot
Id Ieet Iront. to easternmost lo.s 26 ieet deep uud wot
28 leet deep 2d Ward.
Page4l. City vs. Fets'o of Char'es Colion, "ecennej.
W. Loughlln, Agent. D ('.. Leeembei Term lrti5 io
20- cialm lor removing nuisance. f iWi. Loi south
fldeot Bedtord stieet (No. 602) aud btiililing, beginning
24 teet w est of Blxtli street 14 Icot iront. and 40 leut
deep. 4hUaid.
Page 42. t nyvs Kirkpatrlck. D. C, Decemlx r Term
lWifl. No lid Claim for removing uuisanoe tltt'HO
Lot north side lieduird street (No. ii- 3) and two-stor
frame ho'tsn be inning 100 teet wet of sixth sireet 27
feet front on Deulord Street bv 40 lout nonb ducu. 4th
Page 43. City vs. Fineron D. C . December Tonn
1865. No 31. ( laim lor removing nuisance aitiOu. Lot
wi st sit e (No. 914) South Ninth street, with three atoiv
brick l ouse beginning 32 feetnoitn ot MunlMa st-oot, 15
ieet front on Mntli street by 91 feet west. 2d Ward
Page 44. City vs. Durliowen or James Deverenux. n
C., lie cembei Term, lH(ft. NO. 32. Claim lor roinovltig
nuisance 0 41. Lot west side f-oath Front street ( No.
84h and brick bouse, HO leet north ot north side o
lirtstliin street, thence west on south line 101 feet to
(irover sireet thence north aloug ntne 16 feet, tlienjo
east alone north line loo loet to Front street, thenee
' tub aloug same 2u ieet to the place of begluulug. 2d
W aid
Pago 41 Cllyvs John Wlltlnm. DCDeeemberTe
18( 5 No. .73. Clnlm tor removing nulsanro i25 0t. L
and tbree-siorv bilck liou-o west skleoi Houth eventh
street ( o. Itet). 3 Ml leef nor.h ttotn north side oi Dio
erton street. 14 leei trom on feventh street hv43at
deep west, parallel to Dickinson street to ground row
or late oi ( el n ( ampl e I 1st Ward.
l'age4A. Cdy vs. (l arlns Ktns cy. D. C.. December
Term, 1866 No 31. t laim lor remtivlng niil-ance, 2iMl.
I ut and Uiree story b.ltk bouse west side ot foulti
He cnth street t No 1410), 311 Itet north trum north sltle
ot Dickinson street. 15 feet Iront on seventh street by
60 teet deep west parallel to Dickinson street, to grounc
now or late of Colin Campb-ll. 1st Ward.
lege 47. I iiy vs .lames Imnlap D. C. December
Term. 1804 No. 85. t Mm for iiiHovIng nuisance, vio.
1 ot and three sUrv jrlck bouse west side of Sontli
Kevetith street (No 141?), 2116 'eet noith Irom north side
ot Dickinson street, 16 feet in front on hevrnih s ret by
63 leet In d. pth. paralle' to Dickinson stnet west to
ground now nr late o' Colin Campbell. 1st Ward.
Page 48 Ct v m. James Duniap I). C. Decembsr
Term. Ist5 No 36. C aim 'Or removing nuisance tio OO.
Lot and three-sionr trick house west side ot Sooth
reventh s'reet(o. 1414) vsl net north Irom nmvh aide
ot Dickinson stteet 16 leet Iron: on Seventh afee.t by
63 teet west, parallel to Dickinson sicct to ground uow
or late oi Colin ampbell. 1st Ward
1 age 4!) City vs Lewla A Co . Oeorge D. Klp' Es
tate. D C Pccemlier i tnn. 1SB5. No 3i Claim lor
removing nuisance, f26'fl0 Three lots and three two
story brick bouses north side of Moiris sireet (os. 72).
7SI and 733) Tbe first commencing H I leet east from
east side of Eighth a'reet. 17 teet front bv hi) ieet in
depth m rtb ; the second 118 teet east from east sldeof
Eighth atreet; tbe third 1 34 teet east irom east aide ni
Euhth atnet euch 16 feet iront by CO teet iu depth
north 1st Ward.
rage f,o. Cl -v va. City. D. C, December Term. Imc,,
Noll. Claim lor removing nnlaneo, -25 00. Shaikh's
Bley beginning! fret cast Tom ea"l snleoi Sixth street,
U teet iront en bhlppen street by 125 teet north of tuut
w loth to Hedtora. or eni.ill street. 4th Ward.
I nge 61. City vs. Wllnam Heal D. c Decemb r
Term 11-06 No Sfl. Clnlm lor removing nulr.n' e. -24-'0
Lot corner oi Deal and Memphis streets, northeast side
of heai. liO feet southeast Irom 'I ullp streei 26 teet Iront
on Deal streei by SO leet In depth northeast ltlt Ward.
Page 52. City vs. Mr. Peterson, agent or William Tlm
aon. D. C, December Term I8i8. No 40 Claim toi
ren. oving nuisance Sifl-lvL Lot east side North Fifth
street ( Mis 21 8 and 2HH, lfli leet nonh ol DMmond
s-.reet 32 leet Mont on Filth atreet by 50 feet deep, wita
two three-story brick houses, l.nh Ward.
PugeM. Citv vs. VV. K. Fosdiek. D C. December
Tenn lt-b5. No. 41. Claim toi water pipe 610 44. Lot
noiibwest slue Cedar street, trom Norris to Vienna
st recta, 250 let Iront on Ctdarstreet, 08 tcct deep nurtli
west. 18th Word
Page 64. City vs. same. CP.. December Term, 186.'),
No. 36 Claim tor wuter pipe. .ri4 on. Lot norlhweit cor
ner Vienna mid ( edar streets, iront en Vienna stieet 72
feet, and depth north-east along noithwcs side ot ''ednt
stieet 16 teet to Ccuisnt or Hewson stree t lstli Warl.
Page 56. City vs. samo. C. P., December 'lenn. 1865.
No. 3'. Claim tor water pipe, $31 94 Lot northeast
sit" e of Vk una street, 8feet southeast from Moumhl
street, 42 feet tront on Vienna atreet bv 65 n et deep
noribeast on southeast line to a point, thence northetat
at right angles to i ewson street (lote Coiiront atreet),
66 leet to souihwest alda ot Hex sou street, and on north
west line tl.ereot 117 ieet to said Hew sou street, on
w hich It has a iront ot 33 leet. i8th Wura.
Page ti6. city vs K.lzabeah SheeJz c. P December
Term. 18(6. No. 37 l laim lor water pipe. eM'tso. Lot
urn ih wist side Vienna street. Ml fret neirthwest from
Memphis street, Iront 18 feel, depth southwest 113 loet
to t ook sireet. l8th Ward.
Page 67 t Ity vs. Jacob Taylor. C. P., December
Term. 186S. No 88. claim for water pine ai2 51 Lot
southwest slae Vienna street. 257 feet northwest from
Belgrade atreet, fronton Vleunu street 16 leet, depth
souihwest 159 feet 18th Word.
Page 68 City vs. Jacob Tavlor. C. P.. December
Tenn. isfiB No. 31). Claim lor wuter pipe, 12-62 Lot
southwest slele Vie nna street, 273 feet northwest irom
Belgrade s reet, iront on Vicuna street 16 ieet, depth
southwest 169 leet. 18th Word.
Page 69. City vs. Joseph Haas. C. P.. December
Tenn, 1865. No. 40. Clnlm for water pipe. 826 25. Lot
southeast corner of Vienna and 'I u Ip strceu. iront on
Vienna 35 feet, and depth Houtbwc.-t a ong south 'list
side oi 7 nip street 113 ieet toe ook street, on whl.h it
has a front of 31 feet. 18tli Wnrd
Page 60. City ts. John Naglco. O. P, December
Temi ins. No 41. Claim fur water pipe, 65 M Let
nor. beast side of Vienna sireet and southeast side ti
Altmphis sweet, iront on Vienna 7 leot, and depih ou
northeast or southeast line thereof 80 feet, and on north
west line thereol along souihenstsido oi Alcmpbls stroet
78 leet. 18th Ward.
Page 61. Ity vs Kingston. D. O , December Term,
1S66. No. 42. I la in tor rcTiiovlug nin.-ance, 811 36.
Lots Cove's court( No.l and 2j,saltl court sit uute- north sielo
otSt-A'arv street 10 teet weistol wes. sldeof -ixth street.
No. 1, situate on west side ot enl.i court, 21 teet uortli
of north side of St Alary stteet. iront on said Cove
ourt 17 feet, and extending wesi 31 leei. No 2 on west
side said court 3D teet 7 lmthes north oi BL Aiun street,
front on saia court 17 feet aud cxtci-.dmj west 31 ieet.
6th Ward.
Page 62. City vs. samo. D C . December Term, 1865.
No. 43. (. laim lor removing nuisance 40" 0. '.ot
o. 1. 2 3. 4, 5.6 l ove's court, sl.uiilo on west sido of
said court, iront north and south 102 ieet. au l extend
lug west. 31 icot. commencing 22 leet north oi north sido
ol Ht A;ary stieet 6th Ward.
Page 63. City vs. Wilson. D. C. December Terra.
186S. No. 44. Claim for removing nuisance. 23-60
Lot nonb sale (No. 1243) Ftruthers street, 16 ien east
ot east side oi Thirteenth stree. fronton Mrnthors street,
und extending north 20 leet. 10. h Ward.
Pu ge 64. City vs Bron. D. ('.. December To-m.
1668. No. 45 c laim tor removing nuisance, u'lfl. Lot
South side of St. uary street (SJo (34) 86 ieet east ot
eastsldeot Seven ill atreet iront on Su Alary fStreel il
feet and extending soutli 37 feet. 5t. Ward.
Page 65. city vs. Mmth D. c December Te -m 1865.
No 46 C'nhn K.r removing nuisance, tsiil 07. Lot south
sliieoi Le uilmrd street (No. 316). 131 teet west ot won
sido TMiil Btiejt. Iront ou Linnlinra street !1 leut, aud
extending soyih 78 feet Mb Wurel
Pa.e66. City vs Ilea. 1. C December Term. 18BS.
No 47. Cluim "or removing n.ilsnii' O s.59 43. Lot south
sitio of Krnstead place eNo avIi. 50 teet west oi the. v cat
si. e of Fouth sireet. iront on Kuustcod place, 20 n?o.,
exteiiellng south 76 feet, including ou ne.st part a 2Mi leet
wl' c alley, tiih v ord
Page i 7. CI y vs. Ulchard Koe I) C. Dccem'ier
Term, 1865 No 4S. ( iaim lor removing nuisance.
$''0 60. Lots south sldoot Si. Alury's stie"t (Nos 6i0 6ll.
612 and i14) No. 610 123 leet west of the west side oi
fixth street, front on St Mary's street 11 feet, aul ex
tending south 3?,H feet. No. C12 134 leet wes' of the
west side ol . Ixth street, fronton S . Mary'e il ieet, and
extending south u'M leet o6i4 150 'eet wo-t o tlie west
sloe ol Sixth strtet. 'rent on St Mary's llieei. au l ex
tending west 32 evt 6tu vt ard.
Page (8. Citv vs. Kluustou. T. C, December Term.
186.1, No 49. ( "aim lor removing nuisance. Ml 38. Lot-e
Nos 6 and 6 wes; side o Cove's court. o. 5, ixi foet norfji
0 the norih sleto ol St Alsrv's stree-. tront 16 leet. nurt
westv-nr'! 51 feet. No. 6. 107 feet north O' the nortli side
of St Mary's etrcet, front 17 leet, and westwurJ 31 feet.
6th Ward.
Page 69. City vs same. 1). C , December Term, H5
No. 60. Claim lor ivinov.ng nuisance SJ!lt2. Lett
Nos 8 and 4 on west sioc ot Cove's court No 3, 56 fee
north e-l rt. A ary's nic t, tront ou said court. 16 feet,
and west 31 Ieet. No. 4 73 feet noith ot tho noitn sl.lo
01 St A ary'a street, iront 10 icct, ond westward 31 feet.
6th Ward.
Pago ',0. Clly vs agm. D. C December Term, 1865
No. 61. Claim lor removing nuisaicc, Din I. J,o
souih side Cutlin s reet ( no. 4i 114 tee f west ot west Eide
of seventh street. Front on Cuilau street 12 leet, and
eieoth 32 ieet. fiib Ward.
Page 71 City vs. Klchard Koe. D C, December
Te ui, 1865. No. 62. Claim tor removing nuisiuieo,
820,60. Lots souih side St. Mary 's street (Nos. 6i2, mi),
622.16 1 leet east ot east sine oi Seventh stnt, Ironton
St. Mary'a stteet 13 leet, and extending south 46 feet,
w ith rhe use ol a fi feet wide al ey on tbewesi. No 624.
142 leet east ol east side oi revemh s.rci't front on
St Aj ary's stieet 14 teet and extending south 41 feet,
with the use a 6 lect wiele ulley on the eust side. 6th Ward.
Page 72. Cio vs Wm 1). Lewis. D. C, December 'I'enu,
1S(m. No. 63 Claim for lemovmg nuisance, Hi37'95. Lot I
nn. I. .1,1. 1I.1I.L.., .ft ...A. u-., . .
llur u riuu mumtl mite, I lc npni ui neI B1UC III k
Thirteenth street, trout ou Aiarkot siroet IS lent 6 Inches, !
and extending north 18 feet ( Ko. liO!)). fth Ward. 5
Pegu 73. ( ity vs linwun. it. c, Uecember term. 18(15.
No. 64 Claim lor rennrvkii' nuisance. 817 44. Lot south
side Addison stlcct, 161 leei eust ol cast side of Nine
teenth atreet front on Addison street 16 leet, aud ex
tending south 42 leet (No. 18.18). 7th Ward.
Pago 74. Citv vs a nnstrong. D. C. Dot-ember Term,
1866. NO. 55. 1 laim lor removing nuisance. mil lM. Lot
southwest corner Thirteenth uud Lombard front on
llnrtee nth aireei 24 lee , aud c.uenulug along Loubaiu
Btreet 38 Uet. 7th Ward.
L age 76. City vs John Cook. C P., December Term.
1S66. No. 42 Claim torwmer pipe. 54 (i0 Lot south
west aide of Vienna street 71 teet southeast iron 'i uliu
street, irort on said Vienna sireet 72 lect, ueplh South
weat 1 13 ieei to (. ook Btreet 18th Ward
Page 77 City v. William Wilson. C. P., Deconibcr
Term, 1865. No. 43. Claim tor wator pipe, 50i. Lot
aud brie k facory northwest sielo i Blair street and
northeast side of Norris .street, front on sulu Blair struct
HO leet, dup-h northwest uiong Norris s.reet 255 leei 11
Inches li'tli W aril.
Page 78 City vs. Bnme. O. P . December Turin 185.
No. 44. ( laim for WH'er pipe. S'iO-06. Lot southeast side
of p.lmr street and ne-rtheast side of Norris. iront on said
Blair street 100 leet, depth southeast 5U teet, moro or less.
Page 7. Citv vs. Duvld 8. Brown. C P.. December
'lenn, 1m;!'i. No. 45. Clnim lorwuier pipe, 810 50. Lot
aud buliel nis southeast slue of Bluir stree . 36 teet south
wes i irom Oils atreet. iront on saiel B nlr ctreet 14 tee ,
ili't.ili southeast parallel t Norris street Ulo.L 1Kb
Page 80. City vs John Morgan O. P.. rcoembpr Terra,
18h5 No 46. e lai n lor Wrtr plus v'.'7-iS) Loi an I bulnl
Ings sotr Least sale ot Blair stn et. 164 ieet portliest ir. m
N- rrls stieet. irent on said B.i.lr street 36 ieet depth
southeast pan. l e. to NoviH street 60 leet 18tu tVntil.
Tage 82. citv vs I re oinau -cott. D. '! , Iiec-m'ier
Te-lin. lht)5. No. 67. CT-ltn for removhtg nuKuiieo,
S6I 33 lot east side Nortli Tenth stri'et (Vo. 2131 on
northeast crnerof 'lenth aud Alorgau si reets Ir.int ou
' en h ttr.et 17 leet, and east uloug Morgan slreci 18 itJt
Kith art.
PngefS Citv vs. same. D. C. DeeeinbT term, 185.
No. .'8. Claim for removing nuisaiu o, 8'7'bO. L i cist
slue of Heventh street(No. HOi), with bull iin rs 68 teet
north of Poplar Btreet, ft out on Eleventh streei 16 lent,
elrpth east u' rlht niiitles to kleventh street 71 leet to
4 leet w Ide al ey- 20th Ward.
Page 64. Citv vt. Wl telln. D. C. Deuetnber Term,
1865. No 'M ' claim tor removing uiil-ai.ee 5io. Lot
neinh sielo of Hnruce stre ei (No. 6i3), 148 ieet oast oi east
side ol Seventh tsoet, front on fpnico stnet 111 ieet and
extending 1 on feet uoi th to uu alley lending Into Locust
Btreet 6Ul AVard.
Page 86. City vs. Jeffries. D. C. Decombor Tenn.
lt-65. No. 60. Claim lor removing nul-.anet-- Miltii. Lot
Mid buildings wesrslde ot Nonli Eleventh Mrcct (No
l.'it 61, 48 leet norm trom north sido oi fell' ron sireet
front on 1 leventh sueet 164 feet, depth west at right
i.D"lea to Eleventh s-reet 61 feet. 20tU Ward.
Page 86. ( By vs. Foot D. C , December Term. WA
No. 61. Claim tor removing nulsanoo. 63-00 Lot and
biuliing east side oi North seveutk sireet (No. IU0I 3i6
teet north trom north side ot Pop ur street, tront ou
Sf venlh sireet 18 feet depth east 87 teet. 'Atth Ward
Puge 87. City vs. Ash. D .. December 'ern, 1865.
No. 62 ( laim for removing nulanee SI8-27. Lot wet
side of Swanaon street (No 732). 164 feet souih of Almond
street, 'ront ou Swansem street 37 feet, aud extending
Vi st 160 itet 4th Ward.
rsgePS City v. Oarretsen. D. (.'.. December Terrn,
181,;,. No 63. Clnwn lor ri moving nul-"nnce 83.1-11. I Ait
west stele ot South r nmtti street ( e. 436), nnrthnmt emr
ntt et Fourth mil 1 a in bad sr.es Iront on FourUi
strer t 13 le t sne? !Xtenelliig west a one Linba-d street
31 teet, wiin tbe use oi tbe privy to the north ot said Iota.
6th w arn
1 are 69. ( Ity vs. Brown D. O . December Term, 1P5.
No. 64 cialm tor removing nuisance B.5.VW. Lot wes
side ol Acorn alley (No. Wi) lit leei south ol sou h side
ot Locust street. Iront on Acoru alley 111 feet, Inc uding
on south slele n 2 fee' alio , thence extending west on
south line 23 ieet. thence north across said 2 ieet alley,
tl.e nee west across tbe priv weh 4 itet, thence north 12
feet, thsnce cast 26 leet 6 incites to Mid Acorn a lev. 8th
1 age tO. Citws M. Smith T). C. Decerning Term.
Dt'i No. (5. ( laim lor ren ovlng nulaar.ee S.18 II Lt
anil l ul illlijs on t"t side ot North Seventh street iNnl.
ptiM end Ml ), 316 ' ot north Horn north side oiPop nr
street, front on .-s.cnth stree 3il ,eet (each lot being 18
leet i deyih east 87 ieet. 2t'th Ward
l'agcl'l. citv vs. John Don l. c.. jiecemter una,
I8C: No. 66. claim lor removing nul-ance, 820 AO lt
No 1 (sB Freeellunder street. 72 'eet noi h o' north side ol
v 1 errv streei. noat on reed'aneler a roet 18 teet, and
extending wesi 7i ieet, lnciudltia 4 leet wide al e. loth
W aid.
Page 91. City vs Merchant D. V, , December Term.
11-65. 8o.67 e laim tor removing nuisance 2A.ih1. Lot
enst side ol West street (No. 731 m, 264 left north trjiu
north side ot Coates street, iront on West street 15 leet,
depth ent 73 teet to a 4 u et wide nl ey. 15th Ward.
I age 1.1. city va John K Me.i urdv. D. C.Decemba
Term. 11-65. No 68. t I'lm tor removina nuisance, H 54
Lot 25 t et In width ex enel'ng north irom north aids
Fedeinl atreet, 9.) leet viest trom west side of Fifteen!
stieet, ond extending notth nl that width about 210 leet
to n rou ml oi Fbert ( lark, and Intended to be laid out
or a atreet. 26th Want
Page 112. City vs. Alexander Kirkpatrlck. D. C ,
December Terni. 1865. No 77. Claim lor removing nui
sance, Sttt'Ad Lot (same i cserlptlon as p. 91 except biO
Ieet nor h of Federal streeti limit 16 ieet. 26th Ward
1 age 103. Clly vs. samo. D C. December Term. 1665.
No. is. C ulm or remeiving liul-anre. 829-MI. Lot (santn
descript on as p. 1.4 except 176 icct north ot Fedorift
Btreet) iront 111 tiet. 26th Ward.
Page 104 city vs. Kennv. D C. December Term,
1865 No. 79. Claim lor removing nuisance 9-t 10. Lot
(snme description as p 84 except m icct north ol Feilorul
street) front 16 ieet. 26th Ward.
1 age 105 Clly vs. tame. 1 .('.. December Term, 1S6J
f o. sil Claim for removing nuisance 81 60. Lot isaiuo
deserlpfle n as p ! 4 except 64 icct north of Fcdirei
strfet) mint 16 feet. 26th Wind.
Page 106. City vs. .lames Di vine. D C. . Pecotnher
Tenn 181.5 No. 61. Claim toi removing nuisance, til tu
Lot i seme description us p 94 except 9'! leet north ot Fe
deral streeti tront 16 ieet. 26th Ward
1 aye 167. Citv vs. same. li. C . December Term, 1861.
No 82- Claim lor removing nul'ance, 814-6,1. Lot e same
decrlptleiii as p 94, except 112 Icct nortaol Federal
stn st i iront 16 leet. 26th V am.
Page K 8 City vs. Nea' Murphv. D. 0.. December
Term. 1865 No 83. Claim lor removing nuisance SI6 75.
I ol (same description as p 14 except 128 ieet torth ot
Federal street i Iront 16 tcct, 26th Ward.
Page 109. ( Ity vs. same. D. (,'.. December Term, 186.
No 84. Cluim tor removing nulsnticc. 81900. Lotisnme
di sci iplle.n as page 94, except 144 teet north of Fetter!
street) imii lb teet. 2nth Ward.
I nge 110. ( Ity vs. James (leherty. D. C., December
Term. 1H65. No. 85. Claim lor nuisance 819 00. Lot
(some description as page (14, eicept 160 feet north ol
Federal (-tree I) Iront in tcct 26th Ware!.
1 age 111. (Ityvs snme. D. I , December Term. 1865
No 66. Clnim lor removing mil sauce, rlii'UO. Lotiaanio
description as In page U4 except l"iO leot north o. Fede
ral street) iront 16 tec!. 2'ith hard.
Page 112. City vs. James Dcvmo D. f ' , December
Term, 1S65. No. 87. ( laim lor removing nuisance,
819 00. Le t (same description as pate 1.4 except lul leei
north ol Federitl Btreet) iront 16 teet. 26itt Waid.
Page 113. City vs. Isaac Dunk-i. I). C. December
Term. 1 65. No 88. C.alm u.r removing nuisance.
Sin 25 Loi (same description as puge 64, except 208 teet
nor.h ot Freleral Sireet) front 10 teet 2d:hWartl.
Page 114. City vs James Al. Cooper. 1). (1., Dei-em
ber '1 tnn, 1665 No. e9 laim for lemovlng nuts.inco
tf 12 2i. Lot isaiiie dcscrlpllon as page 94 except 221 feet
north c Federal street i r.int 16 lee.-t. 2eith Wnrii.
Page 115 ( lly vs. suu.e. D ( ., l.ecoinlier Term, 18(15
No 6". e Inliti lor removing uuisaiice, 810 5(1. Lottsume
description aa paic '.'4, except 24lliccv uortli of Federal
street) Iront lb net. 26lhWaril.
1 age 1.6 C lt.v vs. ( It v. D C. December Term, 1865.
No 91. ( latin lor rcmovinc nuisance-, 2. 160. Lot 3ft met
w ide. extending nortli Irom uoithMiie ot Federal street
183 ieet lost trom eastMilcoi - Ixieel.tli street and cx
temllng north parn lei to .-Ixteenlh street 290 fen to
ground oi Holier! ( lark, laid oil. and intended to be a
stro et to Le called Bounty street. 26th W ard.
l ege 117. City vs. Klchard "Jioo. D. 0., December
Term, 1865. No. 92. Claim lor ren oving nuisince.
t-28-30. Lot (Pame as description page 94 except 21)8 teet
north ot Federal lrect) tiont 16 te.et 26th W ard.
Page 118. City vs. George A.ll'er. D O. December
Term, 18(6. No. f.3. 1 1 a mi lor removlug nuisance.
4.26 f.5. Lot same dcfcrioiiejn us pane 94 except 224
leet north ot Federal street, iront 16 leet. 2'iih Ward
Page 119 C ity vs. same. D. i., December Term,
l6h6 No. 94. ( iaim for removing nu sance, 2o 75 Lot
(same us described on pa:: f'4, except 210 feet north of
Federal street, fruit 16 teet. 26th Ward.)
Page 12". City vs. Blcbard Koe. D. C, December
Term, 18o5. No. 1)5. C'oim for removing nuisance,
828-75 Lot toiiio os ConTl.tion on page 94, except 111!
feet nor.h o t Federal street, iront IS lo. t. 20th Wurd.
Pago 122. (T tv vs Dr F. A. Vundykes D. C. De
cember 'lenn, 1865. No 97. claim for removing nul
sauce, fill-tin. i ot anu tbrec story brick bouse west slele
of houib Seventh street (No. 1502). 13 Ieet south irom the
south side ot Die) Inson street iront on Seventh street
I I teet, depth west 43H feel to a 2 feet widu ulley. 1st
W aril.
Pa ;c 123. City vs. Jobn P. Weaver. D. C, Dc'ember
Term 1665 No 98. Ciuiiu for removing nnisancj e.10 43.
Lot ii nil tbrco story brick house (;-o. 2631), east side of
Apple street conunonclng 222W 'eet south Irom Diamond
street, iront on Apple street 12 feet, depth east S.0 lo4-1 to
Lt-ltugow strut, ll.th V urd.
Tnge 125 Citv vs. John B. Wilson. D. C, December
Term. iMj.i. No. 1H0. claim lor removing nulsaucu.
83019(1. l ots and four three story brick houses. (Nos.
2132, 2(34 2036 uud 2C38). wst sido of fourth street, be
gii.ning I'.iS leet south from Diam nd street, iront on
Fourth street 64 feet (each lot 16 IcoU, dep.b 90 lout to
Lethgow street. 19th Ward.
Puge 126. Cliyvs. Hcnrv(Tner. 1). C. December Term,
ls6i. 8o. 101. Claim tor removing nuisance, ''34 97. Lot
(No. 1119) North Secouu sireei es- side, 39 teot north of
l dwnr.1 street, lout uu secoud street 24 uot, depth uurth
east li feet, loth Ward.
Pagel2i.-( Ity vs. Louis Kuhn D. C . December Term,
st6. No 102. C laim lor removing nuisance, 36 il. Lot
(No 528) Nor h Front stieet. west, side 64 Icct south
of Cr.eu sueet; iront on Front s.rue'. 1J luet, dep.b
west 'JO lect. 11th Ward.
l'ltte li8. Citv vs. Conklln. D C. March Tenn, 1866.
No. 1 cluim lor removing nuisance, 815. Lotcist side of
Mervlne sheet 48 leet north irom north side oi M.i't r
street; iront on Aierv.nj streei 17 l'tet, depth oust 70 feet.
21 th Ward.
PoL-o 129. City vs. Myers. D. C Match Term, 18'ii.
No 2 Claim for roiuovln;! nuisance fej'65. Lot eust aiile
ol 1 akin pli.ee (No 13). between Locust urd t-pruoe
streets, situate northwest comer Fugle court, betw en
Spruce uud Locust streets i astol l.levoi tii s.ree ; trout,
and south, on Kug.e court 14 leet tiepth west 30 nortn
teet. to a 4 eet v.ice alley. 6th Ward
Pace 130 Cit vs. C. Price. D. C, March Term, MS
No 3. Claim ior removing nuisance, ., i: L .t nor It
side Alorket street 160 lee. easi irum en 't sloe ot Juui.ior
streei. iront ou Market Btiecl 14 feet, depth north 30 test
9th Ward
Take lul. Clly vs. John Doe. P. C. March Term. lu6tt
No. 4. Claim tor removing nuisance, 61 46 Lot em'
suit of South Two till atreet. 53 leet north of Lombard
sitee-; irout en Twelfth stree. 15 ieet, depth east 42 ieet
7th Ward.
Page 132. City vs. Rmcdley. D. C Altrch Term, 1BOT.
No. 6. Claim lor removing nuisance, 820 .o. Ill
Souih Twe tth sireet, eust slue ot 'lno.ttn street 73 'eet
north ol I on. bard ; tiont ou iwcli'.h sueet 15 ieet, depth
east 42 itet
No. 410. F:r.Pt side of Twelfth street, 68 feet north of
Lombard street F ront and depth same us so. 417.
No421. I list sloe o: lweltth atrcit 63 teet nor.h oi
Lombard Btreet. Front and depih same at No. 417. 7th
futo 131. City v. Kingston. D. C . March Term,
186(1. No. 6. Claim tor rctiiov: tig nuisii -ca 2-U3. L l
Cove place, St. Aiury street, above -ixth, 60 foet won ot
Sixth street, Iront 169 teet, und extending west .11 tec.
ceui.niencing .'2 feet noith of m Mary's strect.saiel court
be ing 9 teet In wldtu. 5ih Ward
l uge H'4 City vs. Freeman Scott. D. C-. March
Term, 1616. so. 7. ( lalin for removing uulsauco,
ft. 'oil). Lot and building on eust sido Tenth stront,
north bide ot poplar sin et trout ou 'tenth street U Lot.
e.cpth east on nor h line at right angles to i entn street
80 feet on south line (being north line Pop.ao 80 ieet,
belnn 45 feet in width ou rear. 20tli Ward
Puge 135 Cltyvs Myers. D C, March Te-m. !8u.
No. 8 Claim lor remor-ng nuisance, 830 20. Lot west
sloe Hutchinson streei . aud buddings 161 leet. norm ol
north side o Pop ar.stttet (run ou Hu-cblnson atr et
32 eet depth west 64 feet to 3 met wide ailey. 20th
Page 136 C'tv vs. I.lullorev. I). C, March Term.
18,6 No 9 e'lalili ior removing unlsauc.i, 8J.I1L Lot
toulh side of Snippen streot (so. 114)1.2 feet wes. of
wi s1 s'.ie ol Front street, iron' on shippen st eet 2u ieei,
Including a 3 leet wide al.ey 30 lectio, and depth south
6o ieet. 4th Ward.
Page 137. Cit vs W. II Howe. C. P.. Alarch Tenn.
11-16 No. 1. claim lor vatcr-oipo 837 li Lot on
seiuth aide nl Pine street, 350 leet. wes of west side of
ForCeth s reet trout ou Fine street 49 loet by ISoutci
deea. L4'li SVatd.
Pago 136. city vs. same. C P , March Term. IS6;.
No. 2. ( laim tor miter pluo. 8 .7 -5 Loi on soutli s..m
ol Pino stroi. 319 leet wes. ol west, sl.lo ot I'ort'.otli
street Iront en 1'iue stieet 49 feci by depth south lit)
feet. 4lh Ward.'
Page 13ft. (ityvs Mrs. E. St'-'umetz C. P., .Ma'ch
Term lb' B No. 3. Clnlm lor wa.er-pl'ie. f"i oO. Lot
wltli to S-sfor I. rick louses on northeast corner u;'
Vienna and I ullp str-ets. iront on Vienna street 34 leet
by depth i.nr.hu;t along xul.p street 64 feet, more or
less 16tli VV urd.
Puge'40. C.lv vs. .'.dnlph Ilnzti. p. p.. Marcn Tei u,
laott H 4. Ciuiiu lor t.ipo, KSti 67. Lot be ginning a u
point ou nortli i - lie Ptnns.vhanla avenue. 31 degroes ;)
uimut- s ei,t ol Tb.tly thlid street thence norm 50tlo
uxcrs4l nilnotes, eust 223 'eet to a point thcir'a s .uih 13
(lesiees 7 intnuies, west 13u lei t 2 laches tn a iioinf en
ne.iiii sidd j ei.nsyivaiiin iiveuue; ti.eticn west n'oni;
norlh side 1 e ns, . vi.i.lu nvinuo, 64 -eel to a .(. ft,
tl.C'tiee west along north snte Penmvlvauia aveuuo ji
feet to the place of beginning. 2vtU ' ar t.
Page 141. Cltyvs. jobn I.lo.'lltt. C. P., Mi.rch Tern.
Dlsl 8'o. 6 ( laim lor water plpo. $12 75. Lot on east
side of Fl.eventh sireet 175 teet 5 uclies south ol Ca -pernor
streei tiont oti east sldeof P. evrntu street, in
c nohig n t!:ri-e n et wide u' e.v, on north s.ae 51 ivvtVi
Ino'ies by dep h on nor h ilne 72 'eet t ihence nraltnl Ut
Fill ven'li s ieei 62 eel t tlie. ce nor Invest along the ine
of the Atachpciuh C'emi tery 7! feet to Klovetitli street.
2d Wart.
Puge 142. Cltvvs F. A. Lewis r P , March Term
166 N'o.f. claim for wite pipe,.27(0. Litonnorin
sine o' pruce street 160 leet east from e i-t side of
Hi re -Mrs' iirrct. imut on Sprue street, 36 leet tiepth,
north 176 ictt to Irving UocL 21lli Ward.
Pace 14J. Citv vs Tr nlty P. K. cbnrch. C. T.. March
Term, lseso. No 7 Cialm for water nlre,87A,(0. Lot
on west side oi Forty-second siret 226)4 n et south from
south Bide of K lisosaing avenue, fionton F'eirtv-econel
street. InO fee t bv depth at right angles along n..rih. line
2.' 6 'eet, and along south line 128 leet to old Hamilton
property Hue. 24th Ward. apllOmKt
1 .1 11 V li-VvriAD T.l.t. IJ . , XT T....... I.. - n.rf.lrt
Inn ni ure ol Aiortgage of the pioperty I crelnnltcr ele
scilheel executid by the Tyrone and I leant. Id Kal.road
Companv to me, as Mor'gagee In Tiust, to aecure Ihe
ravuicntot Hie prlncli al and In'rrest ot bonds of said
otiipany to the anmunt ot 8225 (ton. which Jleirtgase Is
tinted the 12th day ot May. A. D. I860, and recortleel In
the ofl ce tor lecordlng deeds, etc . In and for the county
ol Blair, on tbe ImUi day oi y, A D. 1k69, In mortgig
book A. pagea 663 4-6-6-7 and 6, snd In the olltcn for re
coreilng ilenls. etc . In and tor the countv ol Centre, on
the Uih day it May, A D. 1869 In mortgage, book K,
pnge 170 etc , do hereby give notice that eleiuult having
I een made lor more than ulnety davs In the payment of
the Interest due and demanded on the said bon is, I will.
In piissuance of the writie n tequesf lo me directed of the
hule'eis ot more than S.'.d (sti in amount of the aald
bonds, and by virtue of the powei conlened uoon me In
that respect by the said u engage expose to public sale
and sell to the hl. best and beat bidder bv M. i IIOMaA
A SONS. Auctioneers, at the PHILA1)FLPHI EX
C II (Milt. In the citv ol 1 hlla'elnlila on Thursday, the
2"th dn.v of September. A. D. P66. upon Ihe terms anil
conditions heieinaiter stated, the v ho e of the said
mortgaged premises, viz. :
The whole ol Hint section of snlel Tyrone n l Clear
field Knllreiad irom the point of Intersection with the
I in no nmi Lock Daven bailroad. near lyrono. Blair
coi.niv, Pennsylvania to I hi lipsbutg Outre county,
Pennsylvania, as tl.e snme s ne.w constructeil together
with a I and slni u ur ihe railways, rulls, bridges,
fences, privileges, rights, and al1 real property or
evtrv descilpilon aciulred by and hi longing to saltl
Ce mp: tit. and all the tolls. Income. Issuea, and prntltsj
to be detlveel and to n-lse front the same, and a I tlie
lands used and occupied tor railways, depots, or sta
tions hotwoui said poln's. with a 1 ihe bulldlugs stand
ing therein or procured iherelor
All ibe lands, rnllwavs. rubs brldi.es, culverts, trest'e
works, too. bouses, coal-bouses wharves, fences, rights
ot way, workshops, mnchiiierv, stations, ele-pot.-i depot
grounds, works, nitisonrv, and other supets' ritcture.
leal esfnto luiiidlngs and Improvements o: whatever
natife or kind until rtslnlttg or belonging to tbe atiovo
niintloned prope-itv. and to the sahl section of saiel
Tyrone and i .enrile it lalirond, anil owned by aald Com
panv in connection tberewl h
'I he snlo section ol the Tyrone and Cle.ntleld Hull road,
extending Irom the Intersection ol the' t vrone and Clear
flelei llallroad with tbe ralT. od .ormcrl.v ho'onglng to
the T.trene and Lock haven Railroad e ompany, but now
to the Paid Fag o Vnl cv hailroad Compdny, la about
20 miles in length.
810,(00 ol' the purchase money io be Pind In cash when
the pioperty is shuck oil, and the balance wltoin 20 days
l'i Al FN'T on account of the said balance of purchase
mono , to the extent of the dividend thereof payable
ou the bonds secured by tbe said mortgage and 'be ma
imed coupons ot the said bonds mav be made In the said
bonds oi coupons; and If the dividend Is less than the
actual sum due upon the said bonds or coupons, the
holders may retain possession o' the said bonds and
coupons on receipting to the sold Trustee for the said
dividend and endorsing payment of the same on the said
bonds or coupons. svaa
Vpon tbe pun-hase money being paid as ..foresaid, the
Trusteo will execute and deliver a deed oi conveyance
oi the premises to the pun-baser or purchasers. In pur
suance ot the power contorted upon him by the said
Any further Information In respect to said sa'e. of
ptetnlses. may be bod upon applicatinu to the umler
siened Trustee, at the oflice ot the Pennsv'vanla Kail
road Company, No. 238 s, 'I hlrd sireet. Phi ade phia.
JOHN KDCiAK Tlln.M-.OS. I rnstee,
No. 238 9 'I HIHD Street,
Af. THOMAS SON. Auctioneers,
5 21 nitlm Nos. 139 and 141 8. FOUlUTi Street.
o I CK1
No. 1163 CIIJ-8MJT Streot We respectlullr
cull tbe attention ol our friends and Ihe public generally
e i our renin ai to our new anei nnnusoma vtarurooms,
C.IBAUD HOW, No. 1103 cHKSMJi Street, where we
have constnn ly on band a large stock of our superior
and highly finished Square and (irand Pianos
our Instruments have been uw irded tlie highest pro '
mlums nt al i the principal exhibitions ever he.d In this
com. try. with numerous testlin .n a s irom tho flrst
Cluss nrtts's In America and 1- tiropo.
'I bey are now the leading Pianos and are sold to all
pnits ot tl.e woild
1 ers. us desiring to purchase a first -class Piano at
grratlv reduced rates shou d not tail to give us a cull
Llanos to rent. Tuning and moving p omnily at
trpfled to. SCIIOMAe KK.h .t CO.,
o 23 lm No 1103 CUKSNUT Street
Wo. 232 CARTER Street
And No. 141 DOCK Stroet.
Machine Woik Mid MillTnlgLtlng promptly nltendo
tf 38!.
Manilla and Tarred Cordage, Cords.
Twines, Etc.,
No. 23 North WATf K Sticot and
No. 22 North DFI.AW aKI; Avenue, -.
irv.iN II. FiiLEtt, 51 irnAEL Weaver,
(. OM1A1) F. Cioinitu. 2 it S
Just ccniplcted, a bi-uutliul variety of
W 111 be sola clieap tor casn.
Yt om seut lo utiv part ol the Cnited Stance.
UENHY W. TAltlt,
1 24wtn Wo. 710 GEF.l-.fc, street, PhUadelphlA.
Land, a lane assortment of (Iravestoncs, of vari
ous cHmjiis n nde of Ihe tinest Ital.au und American
Aia rb.fc ut tue Marb.e W orks ol
3 27 fuilie.'lra HIDCE A venuo. boiow Kleveuth stree
J C. P E R K I X 8,
buccossor io K. Clark, Jr.,
ConsimttJy on liund a large una vane a assortment
ol Buiming Lumber.
JOHN T. HAlLti s OO,,
No. 113 N. 1 UONT and No. 114 N. WATJiB btreet.
Pbl adalt.hla.
oi everj- aescilptlon, for
Giain, Hour, Salt, huper P hosj.bate oi Llmt, Bone
Imsi, T.io.
Iurse ana small GUNNY BAGS canstantly on band.
tTl ) Also, WOOL SACKS.
John T. Bailey. Jauf.bCascaden.
rn .1 m n ii it i ii
Importer and Wholesale Dealer a
''rst siUBtt above fcecoud between Alarketand Clieanut
5 4 l'un.inui phi.
Bit 1 H E S li U 11 O lUACIIIKiii WOKKS'
Set. US h. PKON1 tsTBEET.
'pared to All orders to any extent for oar
liciueiing nil rerent Improveniens .n ( aniius Hotuuins.
a ou W esvipg. "
W e Invito the at sntlon oi nianaiacturers io oar eiteasi
si ve sn,ra.
1 S ALFBtD JXSKa ox.
XT I L L I A M S ". (Tr A NT,
No. ?3 R. D1.I.AW AltH A v. uue, Philadelphia
rnpent's Otinpowder.Peiiiitd Nitre, Charcoal, Kto.
W. Pal er A- ( o 's ( bocnlale. e oco.., and iimma
Ciocaer l.rcs ii Co 'a Xeilow JU t-il bheathtng. Bolts,
and Nulls.
No S7 NOl.Tn WATft fiTREET
f j w, i i-.iji ii , a. v
klijak q, cAT-ratr, '
. '; "uiuberH ami i.ra'od.
in... ..i. ii.i.n rnu n.ii.-i t. er Ihiele iso
. a . ................ ..., j 4,,. iretlll ,.;
lei'i -u let-; tauhiis. Leltlng, 8. Tvl.. etc.
irum ne j4, sevsa
w. l. K.-JiAN ; On.
No 1 3 J ON La Alley..

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