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VOL. V.No. 134
Y I1.NT p
1 JJjjlLd.
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Latent Report Irora tlo
IVortlieru. ITrontler.
Increasing Excitement Among
the "Kanucks."
Madame Rumor at Work with. All
Her Tongues.
Sweeney's Castles in the Air.
British Regulars Bursting the Babbles
Earnest Endeavors to Force Our Govern
ment into the Muddle.
'Those Plans" Developing
Xfe., Etc., Etc, Etc., Etc, Etc., Etc.
Another Invasion of Canada Projected
A Fenian Spy tm be Shot United
Btatra t onanl Insulted by tbe Kanaeka
Terrible Scare at Montreal The City
Full of Bpls Whereabouts of Sweeney
mad bis Hen, Etc. Etc.
Niw York. June 5 A special from Buffalo states
that another Fenian spy was to be shot at Fort Erie
tl is morning.
A large qnantlty of arms at P. O. Day's was
seized ye terday.
A speoial from Antwerp, New York, states that
the Fenians are moving trom Malone, an are said
to have artillery.
Another Buffalo special says, on the arrival of
the Canadian troops at Fort Krie, after the Fenian
retreat, the United States Consul was grossly In
sulted and fired upon by a British officer, while
Standing in his door, with the United States flag
waving over his house. He has demanded an
A Montreal despatch says that all was quiet at 7
o'clock on Mondfy evening on the Plattsburg bor
der and Its vicinity.
A meeting ha beon held at Montreal to organize
ft home ituard.
A itirae number ot Fenian spies are in the city.
The Mayor compelled tho police to take the oath of
S lecianee, and a number refusing, were dismissed.
It is now thought that if the Fenians make a stand
anvwl ere it will be near or at Cornwall, and there
may be a collision at any moment. The Canadian
forces are verv a t roust there.
The gun oat Royal has gone up the canal, bound
west, lhe JJercueg and Canada will be ready on
Tbe British gunboat Itosario has arrived from
Quebec. All was quiet at Malone, Cornwall, and
St. Johns.
A Ru land (Vermont), sprcial'eays tho main body
Cf the Fenians are at Fairfield, with smaller columns
at Soranton -and Fairfax, about twelve m los from
the Canada line. It is reported that the Fenians
have crossed the border in large force, and aro
matching towards the St. Lawrence.
A large body of Fenians are reported to have
parsed over the Vermont Centra' road to-night, pro
bably the same force expected this way. They are
aid to be tw thousand strong
Thiity-seven .cases of Fenian arms have been
seized at Rouse's Foint. The Fenan camp at Fair
fiela has moved towards the Canada line. A special
message from Geteial Sweeney ha reached General
Mieui's hed-quarters, and something Important wil
socn be done
A despatch from St. Johns, Now Brunswick, savs
there is great excitement m consequence of th i
Canada news, and much enthusiasm on the part o r
the volunteers, who will probably be ordered to
The British steamer Duncan loft Halifax on Son.
.day with the 17th Reenlars, for Quebec. Fart of the
15th Re.iment has been ordered lo St. Andrews.
An Ogdemburg despatch savs there are about
8000 ifcfu ars and veuiutei rs at Presoott.
Movements of - Brltlnh Troops Tbe
Frit sis AdvUIng; Rslstanee to tbe
Invaders Snooting Britlsb Deserters
at Fnrt Erie Moveutwnts of Seneral
Sweeney A right Expected Tblrty
Fenian Prisoners at Toronto Tby
vH Probably be Hang;.
Montkeal, June 6. The 7h Roglraent liasar.
r'ved from Quebec, and 604 more troops, per the
Nova Seotian, will be hereon Tuesday morning. The
Irish priests have mado appea's to their cougrega.
tions to resist their invaders.
OoDKuenUHO, Mew York, June 5 There are 600
regulars and 8000 volunteers at Preseott, and Fort
Wellington has four heavy Armstrong guns mounted.
Buffalo, June fi The men shot at Fort Erie
were British deserters.
Warrants have beon issued by the United States
Commissioner for the arrest and examination of all
the Fenian officers held In tbe Michigan, and a
strong effort will be made to serve them on the mora
ing, before the prisoners on be brought before Judge
Clinton on the writ of habeas corpus A thousand
Fenians are known to have arrived at Buffalo within
twenty-four hoars. An unusual patrol is on guard
to-night here and in the British camp.
The 1st Regiment New York Volunteers arrived
1 ere to-night.
Pctbuam, New Vork, June 4. It Is reported that
tbe Beauharnols oanal is cut by the Fenians, from
Co:e u tuLac to the St. Lawn nee river. It is also
stated thai General Murp iy is to cross at St. Kees,
or Cornwall, with 4500 infantry. Another column
is io sross at Beauturuois, or La Prairie, and cut the
Loehine canal. General Spear, with 8000 men, is to
move from 8t. Albans via Phillipsburg, cutting the
ra. breads at St. John's Junction, and tbe Grand
Tinnk M rt. HUiare and St. Ilyaclnthe. Those
operation , It is supposed, will cut off Montreal trom
all succor. The fcroe at St. Albans is moving,
bwetnoy moves to night from Malone, and a fight
is expected by Tuesday night.
Mubtreal, June 6. The authorities have reliable
Uioriuattou that tbe Fenians are moving trom.Falr-
fletd on St Armands. A battle Is expected during
the night.
Torobto, June 6 The volunteers and reuHrs
re recalled from the front and wi l concentrate at
Toronto. About thirty Fenian prisoners trom Fort
Erie hare been lodged in jail. They will be tried by
Court martial, and it is exoeoted will be hanged
BotTOit, June 6. It is estimated that 600 Fenians
left Boston yesterday afternoon fjr St. Albans and
Noitbern New Yoik. About 800 belong ng to tho
8d Regime' t left by the Lowell Ral'road, under
command of Co'onel B. F. Flnao. About an equal
number took tbe F.tchburg Railrosd ; these were a
porfon of Colonel Cotitrie's Cavalry Regiment
and were undor the cimtnandol Captain C.Neill
Colonel O'Neill, the Fenian.
Memphis, June 4 Colonel O'Nsi I, the Fenian
commander who made tbe first advanoe into Canada,
was toimorly of the 11th Tennessee Roglment, and
aitorwards commanded tho Galvanized Regiment,
composed of men who escaped from the Anderson
Tille and other Rebel prison.
Becaptnre of t'eulan Arms.
Watertown, N. Y., June 6. Tho Fonian train
was come up with at Richvilie, tbe first station south
of De Kalb Junction, by a dotachment of Unfed
States troops who took the arms, ammunition, and
nun in charge. The Fenians were unloading tbe
arms when tbe troops arrived, intending to run
them across the coantry, having received Informa
tion of the troops awaiting thorn at De Ealb. No
resistance was made. Ibis morning's train going
north has on board a company of Fenians and de
tachments ol United States Regulars.
From Cincinnati.
Ciscikxati, June 6 A larce and enthusiastic
Fen1 an meeting was hold at ilozart Hall last night,
and (80c0 was subscribed. It was slated that 800
Fenians left hore la?t night.
The drlv-ors of several of the street rallroade have
been on a strike for the past two days.
Bulletins from President Roberts.
Hkadquartkrs Feniax Brotherhood, No. 708
Broadway, le York, June 4, 1806 ro My Coun
Uvmeu: Bro.h irs: Arise. Juthmuul A rlorious
career has opened lor you. Tue green flag has
waved ouce more in inumpn over tniriauas nated
cmbltm. 'Onward" is the order, aud lot "Irelaud
and victory" be the watchword, tiy no attention
to wbat may teem dotoaU Everything is wording
gloriously; and if you but discharge your duty to
ytur native lai d, our linai triumph is certain. God
and Justice are on our s.de. Uave iron wilUaud brave
beans, and Ireland will once more be great, glo
rious, and tree.
In love ana hope, your eountrvman,
W illiam U Roberts,
President of the Fenian Brotherhood.
Headqca-Rtbrs Fenian Brotherhood, No 706
Broadway, Aew York, June 4, 1800 Colonel John
O'Neill, of tbe Irish Rupablicau Aimr, is hereby
promoted lo tbe raM ot Brigad er-Woneral, for the
gallant and aoie manner in wmon he handled the
lorces under his command aud for routing double
tbe number of British t oops at tbe battle ot lime
stone Kidre, Upper Canada, June 1. 1866.
1 be thanks and tho gratitude ot the Irish people
aie hereby tendered to general John O'Neill, to
Colonels Starr, hailev, and O'Brien, and tns gallant
soldiers and oilicora under their command, who, In
all their engagements with the foe, have beun vioto
rious. and so nobly uoho d the honor of their race
and flag. By order ol the President
Colonel M. W. Hokbb, Asst. Adjt.-Gcn F.B.
Tbe Fttnlnns M orcbliLg on St. ArmandH
A Battle Imminent Attempt to Destroy
tbe Wllnd Canal.
Moktrkax. June 4. The military authorities
about two - ours smco received rehab e information
that the Fenians are marching from Kairdeld on
St. Armanus. a battle may be expected uunng the
Five Fenlaus Nhvt lu tbe Woods Near
Frt Erie.
Buffalo, JuneC, 1 15 A M Five Fenians wore
shot last evening in tbe woods back ot tort trio
A heavy detachment ot Fenians let t here ac eleven
P M., under command of Captain Donobue. Disti
llation unknown
Attempt of Five Hundred Fenians to
Creu and Destroy tbe Welland Canal
Precautions of Ctaneral Hrry.
BnrrAxo, June 5, 1 60 A. M.- General Barrv. who
received information ant nipht tnat between tour
and five hundred Fenians, who iai ed to ell'jct a
crossing at this point, bad moved up the shore of
.Lane r.rie, wuu ine intention to cross troru isurce
louu to Port Col borne aud create a diversion of the
Bntitsh lorces bv blowinr uo the Welland Cauat
lurks, and doing other damage, despatched the
new revenue cutter Fetsendtn with United States
troops to prevent the crossing General Meade tele
graphed to General Barry, from Ordensburg, at 4
p Al , that all was quiet on the troatier in that
Iwo brafs field pieces, in addition to other arms,
weie seized Here yesteraav auernoon.
Tbe II it bras Corpus Kt-spocted Tbe Fe
alan I'rihoncrs to be Delivered Up.
Buffalo, June 5. 1 15 A. M The captain of tbe
Alichiyan has signified his intention of delivering ug
the Fenian ofticers on board his boat at 9 A. Vf .,
when tLe habeas corpus is returned to judge j.ock
Location of tbe Fenian Army on tbe St
Potsdam. June 4- The ioca'ion of the Fenian
army is as follows: Centre at Malone, in command
oi G neral Murphy : right at tn. Albans, in command
... u , ......... i i ..r. , ... ,r . . .. ...
comn.and ot an II mots otlloor. There is every pro
bability of a nVht to nioi row at Phill'psburg, on t e
Missiequon lronuer. uenerai jueage nas gone to
TbreaUned Collision between United
StaWs Troops and tbe Fenians at Pots
Oodekbburq, June 61 A. M About 8 c'olock
this eveniur intoliimuo was received here that twj
cars laden with arms and ammunition, des.ined lor
the Fenians at rotsdam, were seized at Waiertown,
and that. suLSiQueuuv. a lorceet l eu ans, bv coin'
maud of Geueial Sweeney, and under orders trom
Coli nel Easton, lormerly ol tbe wit Mew Jersey
Volunteers, were despatched lroui Potsdam for the
purpose of retaking them
General Veade immediately despatched the whole
lorce of n srulars that had previously arnvea throe
hundred men ot the 8d United States Artillery to
intercept them at lie El b Junouon, should the
Fenians succeed in their attempt.
The news baa caused great excitement hore, and
great tears are entertained ol a co li iou between tne
United Mates lorces and the Fenians in this new
phase of the complication.
Tn Vapob Bath is a universal hygienic re
medy lor all diseases emanating from th? do
laupementof the liver, and consequent dyspeptic
results, aud tbe general obstruction ot the skin,
hermetically sealed in Its Doroua ventilations Dv
neglect oi bathing cleanliness, the sure end of
iioti-secreuon turouan the pores Dy perspiration,
sweat, etc. A calamity of this nature can only
be averted through careful attention to the
skin. All this can be avoided, and health cou'
served, by duily bathlm; in tbe various modes of
the hot, teoia, ana aoucne Dams, with tne occa
sional vapor. This throws a blooming: clow
over tbe tltin, while it invigorates and refreshes
the whole svstem.
News Pi per Changes. The New York corres-
nnnrieiit r,l thn Km me-rielil Kamtiht'an suvs:
Mr. Sidnev Howard Gay, for several years
managing editor of the 'Jnbme. has resigned.
and Is to leave the paper. His successor is
Mr. John Ru'gell Young, formerly of I'hiladel
phia, and lately a writer In the Tribune. 1 am
assured mat sir. nana. Air. xoung s preaecessor,
bos actually leit the Chicago He publican, and is
succeeded by Mr. Luce, ol Latayette, luuiaua,
lormerij postmadter in tnat city.
Etc., Ktsu, EtOM te., etc, uto.. Etc.
Tbe Proposed Congress.
The London Morninq Poit, ot the 22d, Dubltshes
the following telgrain:
1'ABia. Monuav night, mav 21. it is definitely
arranged that tbe representatives of France, Eng
land, and Russia on the one hand, and Austria, Prus
sia, and Italy on tbe other, will assemble at the
Foretia Ministry in Pans, nuder the presidency oi
M Drouyn de Lnuys, lor tormaiiy opening the Con
ference convened for th purpo e ot solving prao I
cally tbe questions pending between Auntna and
Prussia, concerning the E be Duchies and the reform
ot the uermane Co moderation, and between Austria
and Italy relative to the Venetian question."
A telegram in tne 1'ost siso says:
It is reported that Lord Cowiev, the British
Ambassador at tui, will shortly proceed to
The London Morning Herald, of tbe 22il, savs:
"Neither Congress nor I (inference can settle the
Question lor tbe determination of which a million
and a ball of men will soon be under arms. It may
adjourn tae war ; tnat is tne utmost it can do, unless,
indeed, one or tho other or the combatants becomes
exhaus'ed under ihe burden ot its preparations."
lhe Morning ti'ar considers tnat something is
sained it the continental Dowers have consented to
look before they leap perhaps, however, when
they have looked, they may think tbe leap unavoid
The London limet of tbe 22d says:
"An Intimation lroiu the Emperor of the French
that he is in earnest opposed to war, aud will take a
di finite and inte ligible eourse Immediately airainst
tne met agpresaor on its orcasing out, would have
more e fleet than tho deliberation of any European
Congress. We have no doubt that he possessed cue
t ower nad he chosen to use it to prevent the storm.
but it may be a quest on whether it bas not now
acquired d'monsion W iloa eveu his skill is unable
to Bubdue."
Tbe Paris Consfitutionnel of the 2S1 publinhos an
article headed "l he Peaceful Policy of the Emigre, "
in which it states that tne .t rench Government ba i
taten tbe initiative tor a collective step on the part
ot Frauce, Eugland, and Russia. The Constitationnel
adds :
'Diplomatic communications aro beinr carried on
between the thiee Court to settle the form which
this stop shall take, and tbe moment when tho
attempt shall De made."
A Paris tele ram of the 28d ot May states that the
Munittur du Soir says that France, Eugland, and
Kusxia do not wish to take up t' e positiou ot arbitra
tors, but eo.ely to propose a basis ol oortain delibe
rations and to direct the discussion oi tbe Corner
ence to tbe pointu constituting the cause ot collision.
l be powers are no arranging lue teim ot a note
Intended to be sent to Vienna, Bor in, Franktort,
and Fiorcnoe.
A Turin letter in tbe Liberie, after giving details
ot the aimaments going on in Italy, proceeds to
say :
',as it is impossible for the Italians to attack tho
Quadrilateral in front, the enemy, like ail the wor d,
expect three things: A diversion by Garibaldi
himself or one of his lieutenants, witu acorssof
volunteers in tbe Italian Tyral, taking advantage
of tbe mountains of the province of Come. If the
diversion-succeeds, and if the Italian tyrol and
I rioul rise, the communications ot the Quauri late
mi with Germany bv the passage ot the tyrol ars
ii.tercepted. 1 can myself state that the popu
lation ot those two districts are hostile to Austria.
A stcond scheme which the enemy appears to
suspict, is an attempt of General Ciatd na,
whose headquarters are at Boioirna, to iilacj
hi nisei i between tne Quadrilateral aud Veaioe,
traveismg tue t o ana tue auibb.
Ibis operation is ot extromo difficulty, the coua
try bung marshy, lhe Austriaus, however, appear
to lei.r it. for ibev are evideut v taxing oreeau.ious.
Geneial Cla dim has 80.000 men, or perhaps
100.000 men. under nis orders, tie bas received
carle-blavche as to t'ie choice of his officers, and nis
troops are among the Dost ol t'ie Italian army. J hs
General himsell is daring and enerretio. lhe onera-
tion whiou he will have to attempt must be g ave.lor
be bae obtained from the King tbe permission not to
have the hereditary 1'rince under bis or dors. In
affairs which ,he will undertake he does not wish to
have the responsibility of tbe beir to ihe throne.
"lhe thirdenterprlte which .the enemy appears to
fear is connected inn mate iy with the second; ,that
is, an attack on Veince and a disembaikat'ou. Re
mark, that to lav sieee to the Uuadriiateralis an im
passibility ; but to isolate ihe fortress is to cut off
tneir communicauuiia tuuyucg lueui lu me centre
ot a general insurrection tor, in lot, tbo Quadri
lateral is in tbe oeutre of Italy that is an operation
on tho value of which 1 have no opinion to Oder, but
it ieal y seems to be amoug the things whiou might
be attempted. Beyoud the hypotheses which I have
Ju-t pointed out, an expedition into Hungary is
BpUKUU ul IVUUIU b CIHIIIO v. IU no uoJiKiiuur'
hood. Garibaldi is also spoken of for this expedf
tion, while by other accounts be is to go to Conio. "
BTazzIni, in an article In the Genoa Dovert, says:
"The war for tho emancipation of Venice was thus
far a duty; now it u a necessity, ii alter tbe
deeds, preparatives, and declarations of this moment,
Italy were to recede lroiu tue undertaking, she
wou d teveal herself to Europe as nothing butter
than a thing without national lite whatsoever a
nifre tool tor loieigo interests and designs to piay
with. She would le discredited for a loup ssrles of
years in the opinion of the world; she would have
to faoea mw detioit, added to the old one; she
would deprive her arms oi all eense ot dig
nity and self-reliance ; she would provide
potent aims lor the hands of reactionary fac
tions; she would open the gates to an anarchy iu
morals, or to a feeling of skep loism, or to that ob
jection which is worse than anaiohy. bo, theu, let
the voice oi the oouutry be heard trom end to end,
and let that voioa be one simultaneous ory ot war.
lothe Repub'icans who, from the rude
lesson of the past, would deduce an excuse tor in
activity, I. a Republican, too, say tni: You, O my
brethien, have always tau.ht till now, as I have,
that in order to attain, whenever that time may be,
to republ can freedom, it is neoessatv to deserve it.
Jjeseive it, then. Avail yourselves of whatever op
portunity there may turn up for the llbera'ionof
such anioni your countrymen as are still kept groan,
ing in loreisn yoke. Ouoe united you will ma roll
ou, through the propagation ot tiuth by your apos
titsliip, to conquer our ideal. '
"But do aot lurn this Meal In'o a eondition of that
help which a sacied duty bids you to give; Would
you have warned Joan ot Aro not to drive tue
Eutrllsh out ot Kienoet Would you have told the
Spaniards ot 1808 not to repel the French invasion,
since Frauce was a monarchy corrupt and Inept, and
because the majority of the Spaniards were not ripe
for republican institutions? Tbe national question
is sinned against by whosoever neglects to resolve
it. Ihe question of internal politics can be but au
error and notiiing more. Vou will never overcome
that error 11 ) ou don't first clean your bands ol that
The following is tbe text of General Beneiiek's
ptoc'amaiion to the Austrian Army i
i xadquabters, Vienna, May 12. Mis Vaieety.
' nr raciou Kmperor and ma-ter, bas bi-en pleaded
to direct tl at I should assume the command ot the
Aran of th North, which la being orimnized My
headquarters will be provincially at Vienna trom
the l&ihofibis month On that dav the Generals,
troops, military administrative departtnen s and
estab hhments belonging to ttrs army will be plaoed
under ny control. Having ben tued a a faithful
and devoted so dicf. 1 know how to obey with joy
all impe'Hl orders.
Bui ihlskentiment of duty Is still more strength
enid at the pre.ent time by theoonviation t.iat every
individual so dier nndcr my command will bring the
most resolute tuvonon to combat and repel any
enemy who shall dare fo threaten, inconslderatoly
and unjuxtly, our august Emprror and ma tor, his
illustrious dynasty and monarchy and our chetished
coun ry The army will shortly be concentrated,
completely organized and equipped, strong, nob e,
val'ant, animated wnh the best spirit the spirit of
order, of discipline, of honor of fidelity, of bravery,
and of a solute devotion. The Em eror's eve and
heart will lollow it everywhere. Tlio determination
of sacntick and entnusiasm on the part ot all the
people ot Austria will lead us on.
Ine sympathy, expectation, and hopes of our
fellow-countrymen, and of all those who are dear to
ts, will accompany us. At tbe approach ot tho de
cisive coin r at tor the sacred rights ot the Emperor
and tbe country, the imperial array, full of enthusi
asm ana exhibiting t e tenacity of old Austria, will
always know how io conquer or die with flJelily
to the Emperor and the country. Soldiers! 1 bring
for this purpose my so dler's heart, my iron will, my
entire confidence in you, my moBt humble rol.ano n
God, and my trust in my od lortui e as a sold er.
With trust in God I salute vou, my soldiers -you,
whom tbe W11 and order of the Emperor nave con
faded to my command and my solicitude I salute vou
in the firm conviction that Go4's b easing will nor
be wanting to ou- Just cause, to our fidelity, to our
bravery, and to our perseverance.
Oreat Britain.
A return, sxp'anatory of Mr. Gladstone's scheme,
showing its effect, each half year, till 1886, in ail its
various modes of operation, has Just been prepared
by tbe Treasury, in obedience to an order of the
House ot Commons. It will be recollected that the
amount oi the trredeemaole annuity into which Ur
Gladstone protoes to convert the .Savings Bank
Dent was XI, 725 128 per annum. The half- early
payment, therefore, on the 10th of October next,
will be 862,504. Bv means of this sum an equiva
lent thr e per cent, stock ot 980,186 can oe pur
chased and cancelled, at the price of 88 peroent.
Ibis stock being cancelled, it la proposed to oom
Lute it at 3 8s. per cent., the interest resulting
from flu; above price in'o annuities expiring on tbe
6th April, ly86. I he annuity to be created for tbe
first balf year will be 40,425 por annum, and the
firot baH-yeariy moiety ot this annuity tor rein vest
ment will be 20.221
But the half-year's interest on the stock cancelled
Will only be 14,708; ro that to pay this new annu ty
there will be a net increased charge in the half year
of 5C23 For the second balf year, viz , on the 6th
of April, next the halt-yeanv payment to the ori
ginal ai nuity will be inciva-ed Dv 20,226, the pay
ment for tbe new annuity created ; and tbe sum
available tor cancelling stock will thus oe 882,799,
instead of 862 664. All tbe other resn ts will bo in
creased in proportion. l,0t 8,170 stock will be can
celled; 41,600 new annuities will be created; tbe
half-year's interest on stock oanoeiled will be
29,760; and the net noresed charge in the half
lear will lw 118(9 On tbe 6th April, 1886
62 614 819 or stock will have been cancelled, and an
annuity ot 3,170 818. terminating in 1906, will have
been created, tbe increased annual charge being
647,486. A similar table is made up showing the
effect of tbe operation, beginning with an annuity of
A Parliamentary return just published shows
that the estimated popu ation of the middle of tbe
year 1806 was, in England, 21,210 0a); in Scotland,
3,168 418: in Ireland, 6,671,971 : a id the total of tho
United Kingdom was 29 985,404. lhe ageregate
amount of rev nue derived irom taxation in the two
years ending 81st Deecmber, 1866, was, in tngiand,
102,639 622: in Scotland, 17,306 824; and in Ire
land, 12.bil.817 ; making for tbe United Kingdom a
total amount ot 182,766 604. A table is given in
tbe return wh.ch shows the numbor of
representatives which each division of
the United Kingdom would have if the
668 membe'S of the House of Commons were allotted
to tntni proportionately to 1st, tho estimated popu
lation in the middle ot the present year; 2d, to
amount of levenue in the two years endin 81st of
December. 1866; and 3d, to the mean of the num
bers allotted proportionately to population and to
revenue. Under the firt bead 467 would be glveu
to England, 69 to Scotland, and 122 to Ireland.
-Under tbe second England would have 608; r-oot-land,86;
Irelaud. 64. And undor the third, Eng
land, 487; 8cot and, 78; Ireland, 03. At prseut
England bas 600 members; scot. and, 63: aud Ire
land, 106.
lhe allusions in the British Parliament to tbe
bombardment of Valparaiso are said to nave pro
duced a great sensation in Madrid.
- Holland.
All tbe Ministers had tendered their rssignations
to the King.
lhe cause of the resignation sent in hv thi Dutch
Ministry was a voto given by the Chamber oi Depu
ties on an amendment ou a bill relating to tho
tenuie and cultiva Ion ot laud in the Dutch colo
nies of the East Inoios. Tne amendment proposed
by M Fonruian was dosivned to henceforth guar
antee to tho natives a ripht over the property whioa
tnev mich possess at the timof the promulgation
ot the law, In order to put an end to arbitrary pro
cedins on the parr of tbe autuonties. Tbe Gov
ernment was defeated by 43 votes to 23.
Tbe Cape ot Gond If one.
The mails from the Cape of Wood Hope to April 17
are received.
1 be Basuto war is closed. Mouhesu had agreed to
pay 8000 head of cattle.
Details of the news from Bouibiy to Aoril 23,
and Calcutta to April 80, contain no news of mo
ment. Late tolerrams Irom Calcutta report that market
much depressed.
Bom bat, Slay 12 Cotton dull. Shipments for the
fortnight, 65,000 bales.
Melbourne, April 25 1 he question ef the Taiiff
bill has been aettiua by the Government consenting
to tue separation oi tne i
tariff from the Appropr.a-
tion bills
1 he recall of Sir Charles Datling has created great
excitement in the colony.
Liverpool, Mav 25, P. M Tho political situation
in unchanged Finanoial aOuirs are exceedingly
g.oomy, aud rumors ot lailures are unabated.
Effective Explosions. The most curious
work at present poing forward tn Ptris is the
levelling 6f the hill of the Trocadoro, on the
rlht bank of the Seine, opposite the brirlgo of
Jena. Oue-fourtu ot the work is corap'etei. The
ground' Is mined, and tour mines are tired simul
taneously b.r means of au electric battery. A.
burlace of more than two acres is raised by each
CEHERors. Th Sprinefleld (III.) Register has
lately put up a Hoe printing press in its estab
lishment. It had previously employed an Adams
power press, the first ot the kind ever used went
ot the Alli'frhpuv motinlalus. It now oders it to
be Mare Hsitoncul Society as ' h venerable
relic," at a price 'considerably les" thun nouli
be'asked of individual purchasers.
The Cattle Plaque in France. SI. Fould
proposes io grant to cattle owners In France
compensation lor the cattle killed in conse
quence of the rinderpest, to the extent of two
tuirds of the value in tho case of a deseased ani
mal, and three-fourths in the cast of an animal
which is proved to have been healthy at the
poet-nwrkm examination.
Not Perfect. The L:her(e, a Paris paper,
recently published an article advocating war,
under tbe title ol "(io head," which it printed
in large type, evidently proud of its knowlelge
of English.
Special Dtipaictet to Tht Evening' Telegraph.
Washington, Jane S.
The Feaians Going to tbe Front.
A party of deluded Fenians, numbering nearly
one hundred, leit here on Monday night tor Canada,
or some point on the frontier. They weie in a sorry
blight, scarcely any having a change ot clothing
other than that which they wore, and there was not
one day's rations per man provided The sober
thinking citizens regarded the affair as a ridiculous
feel lleraeate In If y Other Statistics;
During the month of May last, 24 999 accounts of
Paymasters, Indian agents, ordnance, bounty
e aims, eto., were settled by tbe Hon. E B. French,
Second Audhor of the )reacury, the whole Invol
ving tbe expenditure of $10,406,683 68. There were
also 7739 accounts on hand, 11,079 received, 11,961
revised, and 6867 remaining; total amount,
48 43 1',637. Vouchers revised, 138 660; muster-rolls
revised, 17.718; settlements reootded, 11,951. There
aie cow but 110 clerks employed in this branch or
the Government service.
Duri' gthe month ot May last naval prize claims
of all descriptions, Involving the sum or til 633,105
were sett ed by the Fourth Auditor of tbe Treasury
Internal Rev tone.
The receipts from Internal Revenue yesterday
were(3,421,982 49. The receip's for the week ending
to-day amount to 97,176 715 13, and the total recoipts
for the month of May were $21,724,680 40. .
Treasury Disbursements.
Tbe disbursements ol tbe Treasury on account ot
the War, Navy, and Interior Departments, for the
weekending yesterday, were as follows: War De
partment, $819,782; Navy Department, $617,784;
Interior Department, $312,690. The disbursements
on account of the same Departments for the month
of May last were: War Department, $1,710,776;
Navy Department, $4,901,175; Interior Department,
Currency Receipts.
Amount of fractional currency received by tho
Treasurer from the Printing Bureau of the Treasury
during the week ending yesterday. $88 600 in
twenty-fires, $57,000 In tens, and $16,000 in fires,
n aktng a total of currency receipts of $242,500.
Tbe New Five Cent Pieces.
The issuing of tho new n'ckel five cent pieces does
not find much favor at the Treasury. Thoir cost to
tbe Government in metal and casting Is $19'60 for
ecca $20, and there Is no provision of law tor their
ledemption ; whi o it is claimed that tbe five cent
paper token costs the Government but one cent tor
each 20 separate issues, and are redeemable.
Head Centre Stepbens In the Monument
tal City He Is Disappointed at tbe
Course of Events, Ete.
Special Detpatch to The Evening Telegraph,
Baltimore, June 6. amesj Stephens, Fenian
Head Centre, received his friends at Barnum's yes
terday afternoon, and made a speech to about one
thoutand persons in Front Street Theatre last night.
He advised caution acknowledged hi disappoint
ment in American movements, and asked that sub
stantial aid be sent to Ireland, where the first b'ow
should be struck. He said that two hundred thou
sand Irishmen were ready there foraflgbt. Irish
men here are distrus'ful of Stephens, and think he
may be an English spy. His vidt caused very little
enthusiasm. He has gone to Washington.
Anival ot the "Ville de Paris."
New York, June 6. The steamer Vi'Je de
Paris has been signalled bclpw. Her advices
liave been anticipated.
Dou-Suicide. An English newspaper tells the
following extraordinary story, which, if it is
true, proves that a dof may, by culture, become
in certain respects as unreasoning and absurd as
some men, who cowardly throw away their lives
to eel ria oi some petty and transient annoyance
"A fine dog belonging to Mr. George Hone, of
Frindsbury. near Rochester, has committed a
deliberate act of suicide, by drowning in the
Medway, at Upnor, Chaihara. The dog had been
suspected oi appioacning nyiirophouin, aud -v
accordingly shunned and kept as much as pos
sible from the bouee. This treatment appeared
to cause him much annoyance, and for souk
lavs he was observed to be moody and ui'jrosc.
but still without any appearance of becoming
rabid. On Thursday morning he was seen to
leave tne nouse ana proceed to an lutimace an
qualotance of his master's at Upnor, on reach
nig the residence of whom he set up a piteo j.
cry on finding he could not obtain admittance,
Alter waiting at the house some little time he
was seen io go to the river close by, and lh"u
deliberately walked down the bank, and after
turning round and giving a kind of farewell
bowl, he walked tuto the stream, where he kept
his head under water until he rolled over dead
This extraordinary act ol suicide was witnessed
by several perspns. The manner of the death
proved pretty clearly that tbe animal was not
sunering irom nyaropnoDia."
Cheap Flute. A fluteless flutist is spoken of
in tiavre as performing wonderlul tblncs. He
makes a time out ol bis leit hand, wh'ch he
holds to his mouth, using the right in lieu ot
stops. The notes he produces are not to be dis
tinguished irom those ot the real instrument
His name is Fereyra.
Good Deeds all Round. The father of Komls
sarotl-Kostromski (the man who saved the lilo
ot the Emperor Alexander) was transported to
Siberia in ikuq, ana set to nara laDor, tor some
political oil'ense. A letter Irom St. Petersburg
states that the Czar has ordered him to be set at
A Mozart Autograph. M. Jaotiues, a banker
in Berlin, lately purchased tor three hundred
thalors tbe autograph score of the 'Zaubertlote"
it Mozart, and presented it to the royal library.
The Kine has in consequence conferred on him
the order of the lied Eagle of the fourth clnss.
Newspaper Enterprise. The French Jour
nals are already prepaiing lo send correspon
dents to Germany and Italy, In vie of the pro
bability of war.
Political Economists in Crinoline. Vn
uscociatiou of woran for the promotion of poll
titntl economy has been lormed in Vienna. t
Cheap Papers in Paris. Eighty-three nev
journals at a sou each Mere published in Paris
on the 1st of May.
Khakebpeare in India. The first volume of
a Hindostauee trannl ition of Shakespeare has
been lsnued at Bombay.
Another Reform. Trial by Jury bas beeu
introduced Into Russia.
The citizens of Alexandria are moving
boud the corporation limits to escape thpir
outiaoeous taxes. Independent of the internal
revenue, United States license. Statu, and
county taxes, the city expects to raiso $200,000
out of a population of 8000 whites and blacks.
Two-thirds of the stotes aro lor rent, and busi
ness la being driveu from the place. Adams
Express Company, having been assessed $j00 by
the Kebel municipul authorities, is anions the
moving masses.
. -Gustavo Doit has finished his Illustrations,
thirty in number, for Tnnyson's "Idylls ot the
King." They win be eraved in London.
Omen op thb Evening Telegraph, ?
Tuesday, June 6, 18G6. (
The Stock Market was very dull this morning,
with the exception of Catawissa Railroad pre
ferred, which was the moH active on the list;
about 25.00 shares sold at from 2 26, closing
at the latter rate, an advance of on the closing
price last evening; Pennsylvania Railroad sold
at 54, a slight decline; Readlnggat 54Qj4J, an
advance of 4; Northern Central at 43. no
charge; and Lehigh Valley at 62J, an advance
of i. 1294 was bid for Camden and Amboy; 39
for Little Schuylkill; 66 for Minchill; 38 for
North Pennsylvania; 28 for Elmlra common; 42
lor preferred do; and 31 for Philadelphia and
In Government bonds there Is very little,
doing, but prices are well maintained. 6 20s
sold at 1021024; and 6s of 1881 at 109J, an ad-'
vancc of 4. 96j was bid for 10-40s; and 107 for
7'30s. New City Cs are selling at 96, a slight ad
vance. City Pasenger Railroad shares continue dull.'
nestonvtlle sold at 18J, a decline of 4. 21 was
bid for Thirteenth and Fifteenth; 38 for Spruce
aud Pine; 59 for Chesnut and Walnut; 72 for
West Philadelphia; 24 for Girard College ; li for
Ridge Avenue; and 38 for Union.
Bank snares ate in gond dem ,nd. Mechani m
sold at 30; Commercial at 55; and Seventh Na '
tional at 9394; 140 was bid for First National; ,
221 lor North America; 122 for Farmers' and
Mechanics'; 52 for Girard; 401 lor Consolidation: 1
and 63 lor Corn Exchange.
Canal shares are firmly held. Morris Canal
prettrred sold at 120; 264 was bid for SchuyUlll
Navigation common; 33 j for preferred do-; 55
for Lehigh Navigation ; 15 for Sasquehanna
Canal; 63 for Delaware Division; and 68 for
Wyoming Valley Canal.
Oil shares continue very dull. Ocoan sold at
C i, a decline of 4.
Gold was active this morning at an advance of
23 per cent., opening at 143, advanced atrl
aold at 144 at 11 o'clock; 1454 at 12 M.; and 140
at 1 P. M.
The New York Herald this morning says:
"Money was in superabundant suoplv at 6 oer
cent., and the excptional transactions at 6 on
bovernment securities were more numerous. The
statement of the as-ociated banks tor the week
shows some important changes; but these only re
flect the last of the ro'd settlements with the ub
Ireasurv. and tho redemption of one-year certifi
cates The deciease ot $7,010,671 in the loans is
chiefly due to the latter cause, ail the Government
securities held bv tht- banks being elassed as loans.
The doorcase or $10 850 610 in tie d posits is little
mote than equal to tbe decrease In loans, and the
Increase ot s2.121.164 in specie. The decrease in
lesal terdera la SU 650 956. and tba Increase In mrcn.
lation, $20 858. The full eQect of tne recent Bub
Ireasury disbursements Is not indicated In this
statement, and hence tbe next one lol owing will be
likely to Bhow an important increase iu deposits
and legal tenders."
The Cincinnati Gazette says:
"ine Missouri and uiss.ssipni u inroad la to be
sold at auotion on tne 9th ot July. This road ex
tends trom the eastern boundary of ihe State of
Iowa, at Davenporc, to the Missouri river, at Coun.
cil Bluff-, and Inc udes a branoh Irom Wilton io
Okaloosa, Iova. All the prooerty is covered by
mortgages, which have been forec osed. All the
lands granted to the State ol Iowa by act of Con
gress, to aid in the constiuction of tbe mam line of
the road, and by the General As etnbly o; the State
of loara Fronted to tbe Railroad Company, will alio
be sold."
The Boston Traveller remarks:
"There Is no material alteration In the plethoric
condition of tbe finances, tbe supp y of currency
be'ng more than sufficient to a itisiV tbe wants of
borrower.. The common rate of interest tor prime
collateral loans on oall is six per oent., wta occa
sional exceptions at five on pledges of the pu ilio
securities, in round sums; and it Is said that even
lower rates have been accepted in some instances,
lhe banks find it difficult t) get lull employment tor
T 1 1 1 i a liinaa holannna Kit f a ra n - 1 1 a , rmni tt anil (in
long time."
Reported by De Haven & Bro., So. 40 S. Third street
KIR8T Board.
S2000 U 8 6-208. 65... 1021 100 sa Cata pt. ...MO 23
70t.O do 18021H2
8 0 sh
do lots 2H
do 25(
do b5 24
do r 80 26
do s80 25g
do b30 26
do...(30wn 26
do o 26
do. . s30wn 26
d f80 26
do s6J 26
do 264
do 2J
do c. 26
do o 2Sf
do e 20
$1600 U 8 e81.coup 1003
100 sh
100 sh
200 sh
It 0 sh
100 sh
109 -h
100 sh
100 sh
100 an
600 sh
100 sb
100 sh
100 sh
100 sb
rzoi uurvar&t ra Ys.. Fo
10000 City 6a CAP.. 96
$600 do ... . KfiO 98
SifiOO doKSOc&p 96
2000 FiitBb'g 4s 70
4 Bb Moms CI pf. .120
68 sb fa R lots f4 1
100 ro Reauinr o 64 i
100 h ro s30 64
2' 0sb Ocean 6?
20 sn N Central.... 484
40 sh 7th M Bunk. Is 94 ;
5 h io 6 73 I
16 Bh Coml ISk .... 68
6 sh Mech Bank . , 80
200 sh IS Y k Mid Its 6
8000 Bh Mabanoy.lots 2
luusD ii est bau li
20 sh Leh Val 624
Messrs. Dellaven & Brother. No. 40 Somb,
Third street, make the following quotations of
tbe rates of exchange to-day at IP. M. :
tsufn). get ' nr.
American Gold 1464
American Silver, 4s and is. , .
Compound interest JNotes:
" " June,
.. .,
ii i
July, 1804....
August, 1804....
October, 1804....
Dee., 1864....
May. 18. ...
Aurust, 1865. ...
Sept., 1805. . . .
otobor 1816.
Harper, Durnet & Co quote as follows:
Buying a I no.
American Gold.; lioi 1404
American Silver, j and i 135 87
American Silver Dimes and Ha (Dime 122 124
I'ennsvlvania Currenoy I
New York Exchange 1-20 ar.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Tcesdat, June 8 There la not enough doing In
Cloverseed or llmotbv lo fix quotations. Flaxseed is
icaice and in demand at ?'!)5(iii3.
So. 1 Quercitron Bark Is In good request, but there ts
very Itttle here. We quote at 832 ton.
There la a lair home consumutlve Inquiry for tbe
better brands of winter wheat Flour, but for unsound
and O'mnion lots tbe demand la limited. Sales of 1500
barrels a Irom 7 80 to 8M lor superfine! 87510SO
for extras tbe latter rate for choice winter) SKifoli W
tor Northwestern extra family! I!iiw for Pennijl
vanla an J Ohio do do. aud 1318 for fancy brands, as
In qua Itv. Rye Flour commands ts 50. Nothing doing
to Corn Ilea!. "
tn Wheat there ts no neroe'itllile cbanire to notice.
Mnall saJea of fair and cfioloe rd at 2 W$i'l&t litiuo
bushels tpriiissold at SJSHi white mav be qu,tel at
2'Se(lS-'2S. Kve la In steady demand, wi b sites of I'enn
svlvania at 1 'id. Corn to so lv e; a lei of WKJ'I bushels
allow at HOC. alloat and in thaoara. Oata are unchanged t
rah'S or l'entir lvania and De'awareat Wsilt; and 4004
bustle a Western at KltftMo. www
Whitjky aella at Wisi 26 lor P.nujylvanla, and 2 28
Mis. Ritchie (late Anna Cora Mowart),
whose receut private theatricals in Rome and
Klorence have been produced with so much eclat,
lias lound time, aiuce the publication of "Fatry
Flncr,"to prepare another charming novel,
which Mr. Carleton pubhsnes this week, un-Wr
the title of "The Mute Singer."
Rev. J. 8. Broderip, rector of Cosslngton,
Enplaml. who married the onlv daughter of
Thomas Hood, the poet and hhtuorixt, is dead.

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