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VOL. V.-No. 135.
tlon, III vegetative powers at lire m s'rongt bat, In
a few years, bow often the pallid bo the lack-lustre
eye, and emaciated torm, and tbe lmposslolllty of appli
cation to mental effort, ebow Iti baoetal Influence) It
noon become evident to tbe observer that some depress
ing Influence Is checking tbe development of the body.
If tbe patient be a female, tbe restraints of fashionable
ress and the ball-room, with the body half olothed, the
mind eagerly intent on pleasure When one excitement
k finished, another In prospective keeps tbe mint mor
bidly sensitive, and absolutely forbids tbe exercise Indis
cernible to organic strength. Exposure to night air, and
body reeling with exceseive dancing, produce their
legitimate effect, and tbe unfortunate female, regardless
of tbe plain dictates of unerring nature becomes an un
willing subject to medical treatment. Tbe apnroach of
the bcautliul and wonderful ptrlod In which body and
wind undergo to fascinating a chang from child to
woman, and In which natute Is to show her saving
powers In diffusing the circulation and visiting the cheek
With the bloom ot health is looked for In vain. Con
sumption is talked of.
Alas I Increase of appet'to has grown by what It fed
tn, the energies of the system are prostrated , and tbe
whole econemy is deranged.
In reviewing the causes of these dlstrcsslngcomplaints,
H is most paln ul to contemplate tbe attendant evlti
consequent upon them. It Is but simple Justice to the
subject to enumerate few of the manv additional
causes which so argely affect tbe life bea th, and happi
ness of all classes of socletv, and wbl.b, consequently,
aflect, mote or less dlrectlv. the wellae of the entire
tinman family, and at tbe same time placing In their
hands a remedy for the removal ot the consequences.
Helmbold'i Fluid Extract Buchu
Attended with the tollowlng symptoms t Indisposi
tion to Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss or Memory, Dl ffl
culty of Breathing, General Weakness, Horror of Dis
ease, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Death, Night
Bweate, Cold Feet, Wakefulness, Dimness ol Vision,
languor, Cnlversal Lassitude of the Muscular System,
Often rnormous Appetite with Dyspeptic Symptoms,
U ot Hands, Fl ntblng of tbe Body, Diyness of the 8kln,
Pallid Countenance and Eruptions on the Face, Pain
bi the Back, Heaviness of the Eyelids, Frequent'y
Black Spots flying before the F.yes, with Temporary
Suffusion and Loss of Sight, Want of Attention, Great
Vobllltf. Restlessness with Horror of Hoclety. Nothing
fc more desirable to such Patients than Solitude, and
nothing they more dread for Fear of Themselves, no
Sepose of Manner, no Earnestness, no Speculation, bat
harried Transition Irom one question to another.
These symptoms. If allowed to go on which this Medi
cine Invaiiably removes soon follow Lot$ of Potter,
fatuity, and I'pilrptit In one of which the patient
nay expire
Daring 1H9 Superintendence of Dr. Wilson, at the
Blcomlutjtlale Asylum, this sad aesult occurred In two
patients; reason bad for a time left them, and both died
cf epilepsy.
Who can say that these excesses are not frequentlv
allowed by thoto direful diseases, INSANITY and
CONSUMPTION? Tbe records of the Intone Am
ferns, and the melancholy deaths by Consumption, bear
ample witness to tbe truth of these assertions. In Lu
natic Asvlums tbe most melancholy exhibition ap
pears, ihe countenance is actually sodden and quite
destltu'e neither Mirth or Grief ever visits It Should
sound of the voice oocur. It Is rarely articulate
"Wtth woinl measures wan Despair
Low sunen sounds his gilei betjuliod."
While we regrot the existence of tbe above diseases
and symptoms, we are prepared to ofler an invaluable
gilt of chemistry for the removal of tbe cousequencet
THERE IS NO TOSIC LIKE IT. It Is an anchor of
hope to the surgeon and patlonts and this Is the testi
mony of all who have ued or preicrlbod it.
detention or Incontinence of Urine. Irritation, Inflam
mation or Ulceration of tne Bladder or Kidneys,
Diseases of the Prostate Gland, Stone In the Bladder,
Calculus, Gravel or Brick Dust Deposit, and all Diseases
Of the Bladder, Kidneys, and Dropsical 8wolllag.
Jn affections pecularto females, Is unequalled by any
other pieuaratlon, tor all complaints Incident to tbusnx,
whether arUinuirora habltsofdis lpaUuu.linpruienclos,
or in th Decline or CUautie ot Lue.
Will radl ally exterminate from the sytem Diseases of
Tne t rmury utkbiib ... .. ..
litil" expense. ilMeor no change In diet, and no exposure,
c in pkte. superseding those unnleaaan aud itaugerous
reme If-,' Copaiba and Mercury in caring those ua
p,t urant and DANGEROUS DlSEASLt.
rrn r; iMlluLO'i FLUID fcX TRACT BUCHU
In all cast tot the Urinary Organs, whether existing in
uia.e or en aie mm whatever came urlatnatlng. and no
n -iite ' of bo long standing. I 1 p esant In tnsta and
odoi, linmcuiste in It actlm, and mure strengthening
thun at y of the preparations ot Hark or Iron.
'1 hose suflerlng from rokeu-down or Delictte Consti
tutions, niouuro the remedy at once.
'ihe ivider must be aware that however slight may be
tte attack ef the above oiieane it Is sure to affect the
bodilv health, mental powers, happiness, and that of
posterity. Cur flesh and blood-are supported trom these
We make no secret ofthe Ingredient. HELMBOLD'S
FLU lb UJiTKACT BUCUUi composed ot Buchu, Ca
bebs aud Jumper Berries, se.ected with great c ire. aud
prescribed by the most eminent phvslclans. Preoared
In vacuo by H T. UELi-bOLD Druggist and Chemist
o sixteen years' experience In the ( Ity oi Philadelphia
( Dr. Kkyhkk Is a physician 01 over twentv years' expe
rience, and a araduute 01 the Jefferson Medical College,
ana 01 the University 01 Medicine and Surgery of 1'hiia-
vfa.'V. T. Heimbolb Dear 81r:-In regard to the
Question asked me as to my opinion about Buchu. I
would say ihst I have used and sold the article In
various ir ns lor the past ti.irty 'ears 1 do not tnlnk
there is any form or prepaiation ot It I have not used or
known to be used. In the various diseases where sucb
medicate agent would be indicated You are aware, as
well as mvse f. thst It bas been extensively employed in
tbe various dl-ieasesof tbe bladder and kluaeys, and the
repu'atlon It bus acquired, in my Judgment, Is warranted
I have seen and nscd. as before ststed, every form of
Bchu the powdered lesves tbe sluipl. decoe:lon tinc
ture fluid extracts snd 1 am not cognisant of anv pre
paration of that plant at all equal to yours. Twelve
years' experience eauht, I ihlnk, is give me the mint
lo ludte of Its merits and wltbout prejudice or par
tlnllty I five vours precedence over all others.
I vane your Buchu tor lis effect oa patients I have
cured with It and seen cured with It, more diseases ot
the bladder and kidneys than I have evr seen eureo
wiih anv o ber Huchu, oi anv other proprietory cum
nound of whatever name Kespectiuly yours, etc.,
" UKuBOK H. KKT'KJ. M. I)..
No. 140 Wood stiect, Plttsbarg, Pa.
J nguBt 11, 1884.
Highly Concentbatko.
One bottle equlva'ent In strength to one gallon of the
Bttup or Decoction.
It reaches the seat of the disease Immediately, ex
pelling all tlCMOltfl OF THE BLOOD, and
These articles, being ot sucb strength, the dose Is ex
ceedlnglv small. From this fact It Is nsed In the United
fitatts Army Hospitals and pabllo Sanitary Institutions
throughout the land.
No. t4 BROAD WAT.'New York;
JJo 104 S TENTH Street, below Cbesnut, PblladelpVa.
rcnnsjlvania Soldiers' Conven
tion at Pittsburg.
General Joshua T. Owen
Cliowen PrcNltlcnt.
Patriotism Sealed by Service in
the Field Defended.
Soldiers . Only to be Recom
mended for 0111 ce.
Ctc, XCto. Etc., 23to.t XtO
l'lrrsBCRQ, J nun 6 In the Soldiers' State Con
vention, assembled at the Academy of Music yoster
day, General Joshna T. Owen was chosen President,
totroiher with a large number of Vice-Presidents snd
Resolutions wore adopted denouncine the appoint
ment to ofllce ol men who had embarrassed the ope
rations of the Government during the war; favoring
the adoption of constitutional guarantees to pievent
the recurrence oi the Rebellion, and doc taring that
Congress should be sustained in the requirement of
such guarantees ; demanding that tbe leading trai
ton should be convicted and executed; endorsing
the action of Congress in the protection of the
loyal South j requesting Coagressional le.islatlon in
securing a burn protective tana. Also, rocommond
ng General Grant and Governor Curtin as the can
didates tor President and Vice-President at the next
Addresses of a radical nature were delivered by
General Owen, Colonel Koat ey, General Brisbin,
and others, and were much applauded. Great
enthusiasm and unanimity of loeling prevailed.
Captain Norris. of Philadelphia, spoke, and
thanked Alleeheny for the reception of the
Philadelphia delegates, and complimented her
on her large Union majorities. This Convention
was to demand lust ice lor the soldiers, and that
the hero of Lookout Mountain should be -our
next Governor. The voice comes irom every
soldier's grave, "Be faithlul." . ,
On motion, the organization was entitled the
"National Union of tbe Boys in Blue."
General Fisher, Irom the committee, reported
the tallowing resolutions, which were unani
mously adopted amid great cheers:
Wh rea, We, the representatives ot the soldiers and
sailors at Pennsylvania assembled In Convention in
obedience to a call recognized and formally actei noon
throughout the Commonwealth, baling In remembrance
tbe sullerlngs aad irlais eaduredln the success' ul sirug
Kieaxalnst a glgantio Rebellion, and being determined
to perpetuate the great pnncip'eo established by our
arms, and sanellnsd by tbe bloed oi our comrades, do
First. That vi return to the Omnipotent Ruler ef the
Universe our sincere and heart ell ihantt. for the crown
ing victory vouchsaied to our efl'o ts agalnt a Rebeldon
wh'ch had lor its object the destruction ol our groat
Kepub Ic.
becond. That tbe tender care exercised by our Gov
ernment aud people tor tbe remans or our martvred
beioes, tur their widows and orphans, commauds our
warmest gratitude.
'l bird, that it s contrary to public policy, and subver
sive or the great principles won by our patriotic blood, to
vermtt any men to hold offices ot honor or profit under
the Ueneral Government, who, by word or deed, embar
rassed tbe Union armies, or cast odium on tbe causa for
which they fought.
Fourth lhat tbe soldiers of Pennsylvania should
organize in tbelr respective counties, to take care that
the triumph of the army be not frul less, and the re
sults ot our first endeavors temain ungathered bv con
cessions of anv material points In Issue in ourstruggie
to ibe detested partv, oi by yielding advantages tairlv
won ; and we propose tbe tollowlng platioi in as a basU
of organization:
Filth, 'i bat sucb treatment should b- accorded to the
defeated loess the most chivalrlo magnanimity re
quires; bat without yielding a principle compromising
the right, or, above all, deerting an ally.
Klxih That such and so many guarantees shall be de
manded Irom the South an i incorporated la tho national
C onstitution as are necesrar' ti prevent the recurrence
ot tne Iiebolilon: to secure justice and tree lorn to all
men. of ll classes, cond tlons, and colors, and guard th
national laiiu irom violation.
Seventh, lhat the Rebels ought not to be precipitated
Into power before such guarantees have been obtained,
anu mat accordingly congress, to wnicu uKuumir per
tulns all questions of reconstruction, is to be cordially
sustained lr their demand for such guarantees
Eighth, 'that with the beginning of tbe war this nation
took anew departure, and tliencolorth ber Constitution
Is to be read In the Interest i t liberty. Jastice. en 1 se
curity, according to the spirit of its preamble, and the
linmorial Declaration of Independence, under tbe teach
ings of Its authors and compatriots. Too long already
has it been Interpreted in tbe interest of sluvery and
Ninth. That Malor-Oeneral John W. Oearv, having
given jnst evidence of his devotion to tbe Union during
the great Rebellion, b volunteering, In its defense and
serving lalta ally during tbe war. when many like
11 tester Clynier, who now claims to be equal'y patrlotio
were renoerlng aid aud comfort to the Rebels, and he
now being be lore tae people of Pennsylvania as a can
didate for tbe otllce ot Governor, we, bis tellow-soldlers
in tust time ol trial. D edne to him our neartv suoDort.
and ask the same lor him trom all those who acknow
ledge tbe debt of gratltule due from the country to its
Tenth That the soldiers of Pennsylvania recognize no
waimer or truer triend than Governor Andrew Gregg
Curtin. tils name is our watchword, ins lama our none,
and bis merit our glory, i be unswerving love of the
soldiers' irlend will be reciprocated by tbelr unfaltering
Eleventh. That we appeal hopefully to Congress for
sneeoy oecision on tne question ot equa ization o. nouu
ties tA goidler.
Twelfth. That believing treason Is a crime and that
traitors should be punished we demind that tbe leading
tral ors snou u ue convic eu anu eaecuieu, as an e&am
i, in tn traitors 'or all time to come
Thlrteeatli. That this Convention Is able to express
Its sentiments unon the who e matter of the Issues and
candidates in a tew word", which may answer for our
banner Inscription, tne inooming campaign uoa grant
Geary victory I . .
Fourteouth. That the legislation whcrob Congress
a' tempted to defend and protect onr allies, the loyal
men of the Sotitn. against tbe deadly batrod of tbe
rnmmnn enemlea.l to make nood lor a race freedom
proflered as the price of aid, and awarded as tbe due of
loyally, ubsvitci uur umiua 'I'reu aifiMUTai.
Fifteenth. That we require Congress so to legislate as
to protest American industry ny a nign protective
i Gloomy Accounts irom the Soutb.
Cincinnati, June 64. speolal despatch from
Memphis to tbe Gazette gives a general gloomy ac
count of affairs in Mississippi and Louisiana, from
destruction by floods, co d weather, etc , aud pre
diets that there will be a famine in the South be tore
another season. The planters have neglected plant
ing grain, hoping for an immense yioid ot cotton
and big prices. In many placos the plantors have
no money and are out of provisions, -
The merchants will give bo more credit, though
mortgages ou tbe ooming crops are off red at low
figures. Tbe conseqnenes must be that the planta
tions will be abandoned, unle-s money and inpplie
are obtained Irom the North. - -
From Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, June 6. The new trial granted to
Samuel Covert for the murder of the Roeia
family, commenced at Lebanon, Ohio,yestrday,
Two hundred Fenians left here last night lor
the frontier.
1 A
Gen. H. r. Spear' H Brlgado
AdvnnocH Wortli.
Eelease of the Fenians Held by United
States Troops on Parole.
Bio. Eta Ete., Et.( EtH Eie Ete.
Movement la Prosrreasj To-day Rebel
GeneraH Bfatgrader oa Hand Fenian)
Co ml dsj: frena the West In Swarm.
Burr alo, June 6. All continues quiet here; but the
shores of the Niagara river present a warlike appear
ance. Canauian and United States troops line eitber
side of tbe river, and both sides are continually re
ceiving additions to thoir numbers.
Thirteen hundred Fenians loft this city last ni?ht,
moving eastward, bound, it is believed tor Batavia,
about half way between Buffalo and Eocliestor.
General Lynch, the Fenian commander bore, is, it ts
said, ordered to send all his men to Batavia, where
they will be kept very quiet until the latter part of
this week.
A number of Fenian piisoners, captured by the
United States steamer Michigan, have been released
on their own recognizances of $500 each, and it is
said the others will be released in Hue manner during
to-day, with the exception ot tbe officers, who will
probably be brought before Judge Clinton to-day,
their hearing having been postponed yesterday af
ternoon. .
Company A, 1th United States Infantry, and Com
pany C, 1st United States Artillery, were detached to
go elsewhere, one company leaving lor Ofdensburg.
The Fenians bad a grand mass meeting here last
night, at the Opeia House, when It was stated that
tbe ltobel General Marruder was on the way to the
front, at tho head of a brieade.
Inloimation was received at the Western Depot
this; morning that seventeen car load of Fenians
are on their way from the VTest here, and will
arrive during the afternoon. ; lhey are bound
further east, it Is thought.
Order from General Hooker.
St. Albans, June 6. By order of General
Booker, all armed bodios attempting to cross the
border are to be stopped by United States troops;
it unarmed, and it is reasonably supposed they are
Fenians, they must also be Btopped.
S. Tbe Case of Colonel O'Neill.
Louisville, June 6. A despatch has boon sent to
J'rcsldont Johnson, asking for a suspension of action
upon the application of the British Government
for Colonel O'Neill and others, until the petitions
fiom citizens of Nashville had been received.
An immenso Fenian meeting is being held to nieht.
McConkellbbcbo. June 6 One hundred Fenians
have Juft le It here lor tho Canada bordor. There is
no excitement.
Movements and Proapeets,
New York, June 6. Ihe result of tho confereuco
at St. Albans is said to be that the Fenian prospeots
are bnrhteninir, and they mean light. Provisions,
arms, ammunition, equipments, and men are now
on tho way, and an early advance is contemplated.
General Sweeney would remain until to-day.
A special despatch says the Fenians near St.
Albsns have artillery, and are the main body of the
Fenian army.
General ileado, at Ogdonsburp, has rocolved in
formation that a thousand Fenians bave commonced
a movement from Blghgate, Vt on Canada, and
directed an officer to follow and prevent a breach of
neutrality, if possible. This information places the
whole Fenian force at 2000 men, and without artil
lery. Though he has but 1000 troops to guaid 1000
miles of frontier, he don't anticipate serious trouble.
Ibe value of the munitions taken at fiiohvlile is
estimated at 8600,000, oomposed of Sponcer riflos,
carbines, knapsack?, ammunition, and accoutre
Colonel Voades, of the 1st United Sta'es Artillery,
has arrived at Ovden-tbura, and will taken command
ot the United Slates loroos. The Ogdensburg arsenal
is nearly filled with captured tTenian stores.
General Lynch, commanding the Fenians in the
Buffalo district, bas ordered the concentration ot
his torces at Batavia.
A Detroit telegram says that soores of suspicious
characters are pouring Into Canada, while there are
fully two thousand Fenians lounging about the cttv.
Tbe blow to be s ruck on the westorn frontier is
certainly near. The Canadian and American
authorities are on the alert, the former with eight
hundred men and a battery of artillery, and the
latter with three companies of regulars, and tbe
revenue cutters Johnson and bherman, with six guns,
The Fenians assert that Sweeney will not attack
in the East until the expedition is ready to attack
in the West. Quite a number of Fenians stole into
Canada veBtcrday, aud are supposed to be telegraph
and railroad destructionlnts. Some were arrestodand
sect to jail at Sarnla Tbe Detroit Fenians are all
enthusiastic tor Sweeney, and a large number bave
Montreal, June 5 General Michel, Com
mander-in-chief, has gone to St. Johns, Canada.
New 1'ouk, June 6. St. Armand, Canada, is said
to be evactuated by the citizens and volunteers, and
is garrisoned only by regulars. The bank deposits
at Stanbridge have been removed to the interior.
. Eight thousand rounds ot ammunition passed
through St. Albans yesterday, in possession of the
Fenians. . Eleven hundred Fenians, fully armed
passed through Sheldon, Vt., yesterday, with bag'
gage wagons. Adjutant-General Washburn has
been stationed at St. Albans by the Governor of
Vermont, and will act under tbe orders of the Gov
ernor. . v , i '.'.' " !
Generals Sweeney and Spear held a consultation
at St. Albans yesterday afternoon.
MalokE. June 6 General Sweonev and Colonel
Veehan, chief of tbe eon seer staff, left for St.
Albans. It Is reported that Spear Is to cross to
night with 2600 men and two Generals. Eleven
hundred Fenians are Is town, and 800 reru'ara be
longing to the 9th United States Infantry. The
regulars and Fenians are frat3rn;xing. A guard of
United States troops bat been placed npon the
station at Folsdam Juaction, to preserve order.
General Meade is concentrating troops at Ogdens
burg. lie declaies that hewi l enforce the neu
trslity laws if enough troops are sent to him.
A Fenian reconnolssance waf to be sent out last
nlgbt in the direction of Fort Covington, and it was
t .onght a fight would take place, lhey are deter
mined to fight whether they have artillery or not.
General Ilenerman was to command the scouting
IIudcor, N. Y., June 6. Sixty Fenians loft here
last night, supposed lor the Canadian frontier.
Kochkrteh, June 6 The Fenian meeting held
last night was largely attended, and donations of
800 in cash were made, besides contributions of
arms, stoies, etc. A few men voluntcred to go and
figbt, and donng the night small detachments of
men left lor tbe St. Lawrenco region, most ot thorn
carrying arms The Fenian managers here avow
tboir purpose to fit out ech man when he starts
with arms, ttc.
A Brltlab Oltt err llirentvu the United
elatea summer AllehiKstn."
Iortland, June 6 A special dospatch to the
J'rtee, Irom Montreal, states, on tho authority ot tno
Montreal Herald, that Colonel Lowry, of the 47tU
Britisa JKogulars, learning that some of the Fenian
prisoners on board the United States guuboit
Michigan had escaped, sent word tbat if anv more
were permitted to escape he would fire upon ber.
Line ot Vie Detroit Kiver.
Detroit, June 6 f be Fenian movements on this
end oi the line seem to be rapidly approacning work.
Scores oi suspio.ous stiaugors are pouring into
Canada, unarmed, for gome purpose or othe , not
withstanding the vigilance ot the military autuori
ties on the oiher siae.
1 here is very great animation in the Fenian cir
cles here to day, and lul.y tu o thousand members of
the Order Irom different points are lying about the
boarding-nouses ana saiounsoi tne oity. rncy are
remarkably reticent when in couveisation, uuless
th.vUuvc confidence in their querists, when ttioy
freely prcctaim tnoir eagerness to shoulder the
musket under the banner ot uenoral Sweeney. The
blow that Is to be struck on tne western frontier is
ceitaiulv near, aud 1 suould not be surprised if it
came Bomewneie near vvinasor.
Tbe Canadian and American authorities are on
tbe alert, the former with 800 men aud a battery of
artillery, and the latter with three companies ot
regulars and tne revenue cutters Jonnswn aua
Mm man, whose six guus are shotted
The arms seized here on Suuday, I am informed
by the Assistant Dutnct Aitorney, are positively
the private property of a man wno is doing a legiti
mate trade.
1 he Fenians here claim all thoir arms and muni
tions were in their possession still.
'1 bo Fenian authorities assert tbat Sweeney will
not be ready to attack in the east till the expedition
is ready to striae in tne W est
There is a lull force ot Canadian volunteers at
Windsor, opposite this oity, under arms , expecting
an attaca every nigut.
1 be crossing ol the ferries Is closely watched, and
every stranger is snbjeoted to ciose scrutiny.
roe .Detroit Boat tjiuD. wniou was out on toe river
bolore dark, rowing tor exercise, were hailed, but,
nut healing the oballonge trom the Canadian autho
rities, were fired upon wita shotted guns.
Ihe Detroit Fenians, who a week ago were strong
in their allegiance to Stephens, have suddenly
changed, and are all cm lug out for Sweeney, l hey
heis) a private anu entnusiaslic meeting last ntgnt,
when largo numbers were enusted tor service In
Canada, under tbe banner of Sweeney.
Quite a number ot Fenians stole into Canada at
Samia to-dav. and are suoDosed to be telegraph and
railroad destructionist, who will burn bridges to
prevent concentrating troops on tne western iron
tier. Some were arrested and Jailed at Saruia
tvi rytuing indicates early attack from Borne point
near here. .
General Sweeney In sjousiiltatlon with
bis Wilieem at tit. Albans.
St. Albans, June 6 General Sweeney remained
closeted with Generals IS pear, Murphy, and Malion
unti. eleven o'clock to-night. Tno result of the con
ference, as lar as can at present bo diulged, is in
substance that Fenian prospects are brightening,
anu tbat the boys mean tight.
l'rovisions, arms, ammunition, equipments, and
men are now on their way from unax ieoted
and unlooked-for rources, and an early aavauce is
A largo crowd congregated about the hotel, n d
fil ed all the corridors, anxious to get a glimps- l
tne tTeneral. A number ot the roguiur United States
olhcera aud soldiers now on duty nere, aud most of
whom bad oeen companions in arms with General
Sweeney during the late war, mixed freely with tue
crowd, and appealed delighted to see tbo old com
mander again. No disturbance took place, but
everything passed off quiotiy.
General Sweeney temuins here until to-moraow,
but where he will nextturn up it is hard tosurmtso.
Despatch Irom Colorado Jewett.
By the ContoliiUted Clothes and Qraptvine Lines.
Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, June 6
In answer to your editorial questions, I siuiyly state
1 was at Clifton House, est roufeior Europe via
Quebec, waitiug businea communications irom
rinliidelulna. 1 returned, finding to procoed
through Canada was impossible, in view ot tne
natural suspicion that I was identified with the
The Fenian movemont Is in opposition to all my
feelings of justice and International duties. My
conoemnation ot the Fenian movement was mado
public in March last, at the time of announcing an
innependeut convention for fiesidentiat nomina
tions, December 18, lH&i, under the platform ot t ,e
Cou-tltution as it was, except slavery, and re
peutedly made known since, in letters both to tbe
l'rusident and the Government.
Wx Cornell Jewett.
Br lease of tne Prisoners from the
Meauier "Hlcnlfc-an" on Parole Greal
IfDlsu Meeting; In Buffalo, Ete. Ete.
Buffalo, June fi, 11 P. M. All the Fenian pr'
soners on tbe steaintr Michiuan bave been released.
The lollowing are copies ot the tortus of tue paroles
given by tbe officers:
Circuit Court the Ch'trd Sta'es for the Nwhern
District of NnB Yrk, Erte Cnfy. ts be it remem
bered thaton the 5th day ot June, lHtifl, personally came
beiore nie, ferry O. V arker, coiumlssluuer ot the UulteJ
Mate, tor the Northern District oi New York, James
Kel v, ot tbe county ot , sod acknowledged himself
to be indebted to tbe United tutus ot America in man
ner and lonn lo. owing, that Is te say. nve hundred dol
lars, to be levied of his goods and cuatiels, lands aud
tenements, to the use of the said United States oi A ma
nes, II be shall make deiault in the condition fol ow
Iiiki Whereas tbe said J antes Kelly was charged beiore
the said Commissioner, oa the 4th day ei J uue, 1H68, upon
the oaih of William u. Morris, with having, on or about
the Slst day of Mav, 1866 at the city pi Bulla o, wlihln ihe
horthern District of .New York, and tUi'isJlciloa oi the
United Htates. begun and set oa foot and provided aud
prepared the means tor a mllltaiy ex ledltloo to be car
neu on from thence against tbe territory and dominions
of the province ot I'pper annila, her Qoreru
mailt snd pocple, with whom the United .States
are at peace, contrary to the provisions of the act
ot Congress concerning neutrality, paused April 20.
lhlBi and the said James Kellv having been regularly
brouvht beiore the said Commissioner to aii'wer aaid
change, and trem an examination ol the said William U
Morris and others on oath in the presence of Ue said
James Kelly in regard to the offense thus charged, and
I'um an examination of the said James K.el ev, hout
oath, in relation thereto, he having been by the said
Commissioner prevluusly lntotuied of the charge
made agatust him, and that ke was at liberty to reiuse
to answer any question that mlyht be put to him, aud
ke having been allowed a raanonaile time to tend lor
and advise ltb counsel) and from an examination of
the whole matter. It appearing to the said Commissioner
that the said offense bad ben committed . and that there
was probable cause to believe the ssld James Kelly
gut ty thereof, the sa'd Commissioner did tliereupun
order the said James Kellv to enter into a recognisance
himself la the sum of five hundred dollars tor his sppsar
aneeat the next term of the Circuit Court of the United
bt.tes, to be held in and lor said district, in Ui village of
Csnsrflrlgns. on the 19th day of Jun Inst., to answer to 1
an iridic tnent then and there to be preierred sgain-t him
lorrpld olleuses, and to do lunher and receive
let abend be then and there enjoined upon
Mm by tbe said Court, and not to depart
trom the ad oart without leave. and
In the meanwhile shall keep th.- peace towards the
(loeronient of the Uohd States, and particularly
with ail loielgn Government, colonics, and people with
wrom the United r-ta es are at peace Nor,
tl ereflre, tbe condition of 'his recognizance Is Mice
that li the said Jamrs Keiy anal ptrsonaliv be and
apt ear at tbe nrxt C ronlt Court o the United rita es to
be hdd in and for the said district, then and th' re to
answer to an Indictment to be preferred against Mm
tor said oflense to do larther and receive what shall
thrn and there be enjoined upon him by the said court,
snd shall nut depart the said c urt without leave, nn f
shall keep the peace as he elnbe ore stated then this
lecotnlrance b void and of no effect! other arise to re
main In lull orce and v riue.
Taken, snbscribrd, and acknowledged before me the
dsy and rent above written l'ERKf (1, PUtKCft
United :a ea Commissioner lor tbe Northern District
of New York.
ihr Umtid Siatet Vi Willam Mnran. -William O.
Morris, t elng dulv sworn, deposes and savs that he Is a
citlren ot the United States of America, aid that on or
about tbe first day of Jane. DM a military expedition,
consisting of between one thousand and tno thousand
men. aimed with guns and ammunition, and known as
emails and organ'ted and prepared and being at tbe
city of Buffalo within the Jurisdiction oi the United
States eioswd the Niagara river from lluflalo aioresaid
tn the province of Canada, opposite the s:ild city of
Buffalo; that during tbe first and second dssot June
li slant the said Kenlan torce took pos e'slun of the
eoun'ry adlcent to the Nlauara ilver or several ml es
errors in Canada and had several skirmishes or fights
with the mi liary authorities of Canada; and that soir e
persons were klf edin said engagements an t some were
wounded. This deponent further says tbat the foieir dn
facts are matters oi public knowledge ana notoriety and ot
the truth of which there can be no doubt; this deno
nnt inn her says tbat a par of said Fenian force under
took to retain irom Canada to the United Htates on the
morning of the Si ot June across the Mai era river and
were captured and taken prisoners by this-deponent,
conmnnllng tbe propeller tug. C O irriton, dotal ed
lor that purpose by t aptaln Rrvson.ot ihe United States
ship Mich nan i that the whole number of officers and
men thus captured and beld a prisoners Is about five
hundred, and ben taken had arms and ammunition
with them? deponent has no doubt of the tact that said
military exoedlilon wa set on foot wlth'n the Unl'ed
Ktati s as a oresald to be carried on from thence against
roe territory ana aomininnsor tne rrovince or anmia.
a (iovemment and people with whom the United Htates
are at peace. The following person Is one of the orlson
ers so taken by th s deponent, and who were then en
gaged in said expedition, to wit, William Moran.
Excitement Snbsldlasi Names of Prl
nan era Tbo Law In tbelr Caxe.
Torobto. C. W.. Jane 6. I arrived here at 11
o'clock th s morn ng, from Hamilton, everything in
tbat city being very quiot. The exo'tement prevail
ing here last night has. in a great measure, suosided.
It appears to bave been occasioned by a oall lor more
volunteer troops. At midnight tho bngles were
sounded to summon the volunteers, and the greatest
enthusiasm prevailed every one seeming anxious to
go. Fourteen cars were designated and ordered to
t reDare at once for departure to Montioal. lnode
tachmcnts were divided into two battalions, the first
being under command of Lieutenant-Colonel A. HI.
bmitli, and the second under Colonel Williams. Both
battalions left for Montreal abou. 8 o'cloc tais mot n
ing bv Grand trunk special train.
The city i full ot troops, and fresh additions are
constantly arriving.
Twenty -one ot tbe Fenian prisoners captured
at Fort Erie were brought to this oity yester
day morning, under a guard oi the 47th Re
giment of regulars, under oommand of Lieutenant
J. A Smith, i hey were banded to the custody ot
tbe Governor of the loronto jail. The lollowing is
tne net complete:
James Diamond. New York.
Tbos Davis, Cincinnati.
Pat'k O'vef 1, Cincinnati.
Jas. Spauldlng, Cincinnati
John Ualiaghor, l'hillipi-
bnrg, N. J.
H. shannon. Cincinnati.
John Smith. Nashville.
l'at'k l onners New York.
Pat'k Donohue, Bufla o.
Wm. hay den, Louisville.
Jas. Mclionough Buffalo.
Henry Marvin, lluflalo.
Daniel Poler, Buffalo.
Pat'k McGrath, Brooklyn.
James Bell, Fort rle.
John Kogan, Oswego. N. T.
Pat'k Klrby, New Orleans.
Thomas C'oonev Buffalo.
Rev. John McMahon Parish
John yulnn, Buffalo.
Priest, Anderson. Ind.
The prisoners, with one exception, are Soman
Nearly all of them denied being Fenians. A pre
liminary examination was held yesterday bofore Air
DlacNab, Police Magistrate. They will probably be
tried before a Jlilitarv Cour Martial, undor section
1 of chapter 98, page 923, conso tdated statutes of
upper canaaa, wnionruusai toitow-:
First. In case any person, being a citizen or subject
oi anv ioretgn ataie or conntrr at peace wnn ner Ma
jesty be or continues in arms against her Majestv wiihlu
Upper Canada, orcommlts any act of hostility therein,
or enters Upper Canada with design or Intent to levy
war against her Maiestv. or to commit anv felonv
tnerein, tor which any person would bv the laws of
upper Canada ue name to suiter death, then tbe uov
enior may older the assembling of a militia general
Court-martial tor tbe trial of such person, agreeably to
the Militia Law. and upon beii,v found guilty bv such
( ourt-martial ot offending against this act such person
shall he sentenced by such Court-martial tosutlnrdeath.
or such other punishment as shall be awarded by tbe
Iteported Fenian Crossing: on tbe MU-
sitMinoi rrontirr,
Ma lose June 6, 1 80 A. M General 8weenev
and colonel Met nan, chief or the engineer staff,
have 'eft lor (St. A bans.
It is reporter1 tbat bpear Is a' out to cross to-night
on the Ulssisquol frontier, witn ZoUU men and two
1 bore are eleven hundred Fenians in town and
eight hundred Regulars belonging to tbe Fourth
Unit id States Inlantrv, The Regulars aud Feniaus
are raternizing, and eveiything is quiet in tho
A tnardot United States troops have been nlaeod
upon the station at Potsdam Junction to preserve
oroer. ben Meaae is concentrating troops at Odens-
Dure exoecting a ngnr mere, ueneral Meade tn
iormed me ibis A. M. that ho would enlorce the
neutrality laws providing tbat there was enough
troot s sent bim.
A Fenian reconnolssance will be sent out to-night
bv Geneial Murphy in the direction of Fort Coving
ton. nnd it is possible tbat a fieno mav tske place.
Thev are wtlline lor a fight, and are determined to
tight whether tuey nave artillery or not
Gt neral llenlerman will command the scouting
parv The wea'hor is terrible, 1 will accompany
tne i I'connoissance.
Fiom Havana.
"rw Tore, Juno 6. The stoamor Moro Castle has
arrived from Havana, with dates to the 2d Imt.
1 1m Spanish frigate Isabella Catolica, with Gene
ral bu'ee on board, sailed for Mew York on the 2d
Inst . he being on bis war to Spain.
Ot neral Lersundi bad taken possession of the
Govt rnment of Cuba, It is said that the frigate
A'ai-isde Tolna, in which he came, will join the
Spin Ub fleet In the Pacific
( n the morning of the 2d Inst placards were
fovr.d posted in tbe streets of an inoendiary ctiarac
ter, tieclanng "Viva la Independence de Cuba"
"iii:ort Ispatrla" "Viva el General Duloe." It
was i itooght the Spaniards put them up to persuade
Geiici al Lersundi to adopt vigorous measures against
the Revolutionists,
A rocree baa been Issued to rive decent interment
to those who die hereafter out of the pale of tue
Cati ollc Church.
Tbe Henderson Court-Martial.
Rafhvilli, June 6. The Court-maitial has ad
Jouri ed till Monday.
General Davis has been lns.ruoted to obey the
writ of habeas corpus served upon him on the put I
tiou of iBham Henderson. The adjournment pre-
veuU'il the presentation of testimonia l relative to
the character or William McKay Hoje from influen
tial citizens of Wheeling, Virginia, and several
meiiiters of Congress.
From New Orleans.
Nkw Orleans, June 6 In the kloDonough Au
tographfo Will case, Pierre Souie presented petitions
requesting the Supreme Court to return it, to have
objectionable words struck out.
Ti e charge telegraphed, that Mayor Monroo re
fused to hoist the flag in honor of the memory ot
General goott, is false. He will raise it when th
General commanding makes the official announce
ment. Monetary Panic in Montreal.
llOBTRSAL, June &. A monetary psnJo has oc
curred here. There has been a run on the Savings
Banks, and gold la at 200 percent, premium.
Ete., ., Ete.. Ete., Ete., Ete., Et.
Halifax, June (.The steamship Africa has ar
rived, with Liverpool advices to the 2Cth alt., and
telegraphic despatches of the 27th via Quoenstowa,
1 be transmission of the news has been delayed by
tbe tai'ure ot the bnes east ot Calais. He
On Friday tbe dosing prices of consol-t were 881
(SWiJ ; r lve-tw'ntiofl, b4j66; Illinois, 74Ji5J; Erie
Kailroad, KXa tl.
1 he steamers Misswippt and Aratjn arrived out
on tbe 25th, and the B ruiia on tho 2'ltU.
Liverpool, May 28 Evening. Cotton it firm,
but unchanged. Bales ol 10,000 bales.
Hreadstuffs inaotive.
Provisions dull.
London, May 26 Evening. Console, 87aft7t U.
b. Five-twenties 66if6oji Fjrie Kailroad, 4i'i(a42j;
Illinois Central, 76.ov76.
I here is a general improvement on the Stock Ex
change. Loisi'On, Mav 26 It Is confirmed that the three
neutral powers sent identical notes to Berlin,
Vienna. Frankfort, and Florence inviting tbe
powers to a conlorenee. It is believed that all the
powers will assent to the conference to be beld at
Paris as early as possib'e. Warlike preparations
meanwhile oontfnue. Ihe depression in English
finances and commerce contlnuos, but there is
rather a better feeling.
Latest via lneenstown.
London, May 27. Continental politics are un
changed. Ihe Observer states that no Congress will assets,
ble unless Austria Joins. Ihe Austrian consent is
not yet riven.
Reports are again current In Prague that Prussian
troops are advancing to the frontier.
Tbe Brussels Journal states that Kossuth Is acing
In concert with tbe Italian Government in endea
voring to excite a revolution In Hungary.
Tbe large arrivals of gold from America was one
cause of the Letter leeling in the London etoca Ex
change. It was considered tbat the reaction may be
aoout to set in.
Special Despatches to The Evening Telegraph.
Waphinuton, June 6.
Foreign Affairs.
Tbe latest tews received at the State Department
from London and Paris, indicates tbe almost cer
tainty of tbe speedy meeting of a Congress of tbe
(treat Powers, by which the peace of iturope may be
Pennsylvania Polities.
It is aid that measures are on foot in PennsyU
vania that will result in the election ot Govornor
Curtin to the United States Senate to succeed the
Hon. Edgar Cowan.
Improved Sanitary Reports.
The report received by the Chiof Medical OflScer
of tbe Freedmen'a Bureau saowsila greatly im
proved condition of the Boutborn refugees and
freedroen Since the March report. About ten per
cent, of all ca-es treated wete smallpox.
Freedmen'a Labor Wanted.
A. M. West, President of the Mississippi Central
Railroad, applied to General Howard to-day for
one hundred colored laborers to be son t from this
city to tbe feouth to work on bis road. As the
President was known to be opposed to sending the
negroes here South, tho matter was referred to him,
and a decision bas not yot boon obtained.
Tbe Merchant Natlounl Bank.
The investigations into tbe defunct Merchants'
National Bank are progressing, and portray one of
the most desperate and export modes of financial
"kiting" and "shinning" on record. Checks were
swapped lor a low days, and the most audacious
exj edients re orted to of "robbing Peter to pay
Paul," carried on heie lor months, right under the
eyes of the Government.
Revenue Order.
Tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue bas issuod
an order correcting certain ins ruotions to assessors
concerning assessment of incomes for the year 1836,
by which it appears a guardian residing abroad
should return the income of his ward In tbe district
where the ward resides; and that all expenses for
insurance upon property and all actual losses in busi
ness may be deducted from the gross income of the
business of the year.
To Petroleum Men,
Tbe Commissioner or Patents has Just decided a
question of much interest to all practical operators
in tbe petroleum regions. A year or more ago,
patent was issued to Colonel E. A. L Roberts of
New York, for a torpedo to be exploded at any
needed depth In oil wells, lor the purpose of opening
fissures into oil veins where wells have proved alto
gether unproductive because they failed to directly
penetrate such veins, or where they have ceased to
be productive in consequence of becoming clogged
with parafflne. The claim was contested , but after
months of investigation and discussion, tbe priority
of invention is admitted, and the decision of the
Eoteniiner in-Chlof affirmed by the Commissioner
From Fortress Monroe
Foi'.tbess Monroe, June 6, Ihe fteamshlp Win
clutter, Captain Gregory, six day f om Havana,
short of coal, bas arrived hero. She encountered
heavy gale on Sunday last. The day previous to her
calling the crew mutinied, and three of them were
put in irons bv the United States Consul and sent
to New York, to be delivered to tbe United States
District Attorney for trial. A heavy squall, accom
panied by rain and lightning, sprung up saddenly
at 8 30 P. M., to-day, uprooting trees and doing
much material damage.
Seizure ol Whisky at Louisville.
Louisville, Junefl. The Internal Kevenns Col
lector has seized 800 barrels of wblsky lor tbe non
payment of taxes, and fraud during the past month.
Arrival ol the Steamer "Carolina.
Kitw York, June 6. Ihe eteamer Carolina, from
Liverpool on tbe 10th ult., arrived at fib port
to-day. Her advices bave beep anticipated.
Markets by Telegraph.
New York, June 6 Cotton la buorant at 80ff40e.
for Middlings. Flour dull; common drooping;
sales oifjOOO bbls at unchanged prioes. Southern
quiet: 860 bbls. so'd at 9l0btt&17t Canadian du lr
2W bbls. sold at ttf 2(Hn 18 60. Wheat unchanged i
sales of 8000 bush at 2'lua65. Corn quiet; sales
ot 88,000 bush, at 81(ft88o. Beef stoadv. Pork
heavy at $80 87 JfaSO 60. Lard steady at 19J22Jo.
Whisky dull. 4
Nkw Oblxaks, June 5 Cotton is nominal. Sales
of 100 bales of low middlings at 88 d'36o. Receipts
for lour davs, 8720 bale, against 221!) bales the same
time last week. Sports, 19,180 bales. Stock la
tort. 124 423 bates, btetling Kxcbauge, l&j. New
York bank checks, per cent premium.
t I

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