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?Tnt TtfkVritES Krxt Hkacok. V present here
with the first completely correct Hit oi the theatrical
arrangements tor next season s
At the Arch. Mr. Owon Marlowe will share the
leading buHiness with Mr. F Mordannt, late of the
Chesnut. Mr. Itarrv R.vers. a native ot Phlladol-
phia, but late a resident of Indianaoolia, will be the-'
leading henry man, in place- of E L. Tilton. Robnrt
II. Craip, now of Chicago, but loimerly walking
gentleman at the Arch, wi 1 succeed Stuart Bobartn,
aa first low comedian; while Sam llempto, formerly
of the New American, will replace J. B. Evorharo
as second low comedian. George H. Urlfllths, now
of the Walnut, will sucatcd Mr. F. F. Mackav as
first old man, and Mim Annie Ward, late ot the
Chesnut, will fl'l Mrs Hour's position as toubrette.
Jdadamo I'onisl wi'l be leading hoary woman, Mrs,
E. IT. 1 haver will remain as first old woman, Miss
Iiizzle Frice as leading Jurenilo ladr, Mrs. T. A.
Crees as first walking lady, W. it. Wallls as second
old man, and L. L James as wa'kinp gentleman.
Joseph 1. Murphy, i ho Business fit answer, anil C'
it. Dod worth, the If ador ot tiio O'chostia, wl 1 a'so
remain. The "stars" mentioned aro Mrs. John
Drew, Mr. and Sirs. Jiarney Wl liams, Mr. J. E.
Murdoch, Messrs. Davenport and Wailack, etc.
At tho Walnut, Mr. J. B. R iborts will b3 Stago
Manager, and also actinr'at interra s. T. J. Hemp
hill wilt be Business Manager. No leading man has
yet been ougagoit to succoed James H. Taylor,
Who retires. Samuel IV. Chester will bo heavy
man ; Owou 8. Fawcetf, fir.n low comndlan; Janes
Taylor, second old mnn; Miss Annio Graham, lead
ing lady; and Miss Erne cerinon, swbrctte. Mr
and Mrs. W. A. Chapman, lute of the Chosnnt, Wil
succeed Mr. U. II Grifilllis and Miss Miry Carr, a
first old man and woman. Tho romainini? position)
in the Conipanv will be filled by Mrs S. K. Ches er,
Mrs. F. Bradford, Miss Leonio Arlington, Misi
Mary Barr, Miss Hatt e Millet. Mr. J. M. Barron,
Mr. J. Ilralford, Mess's '. 0 tiroono, Frank Stu'il,
and Mark ltrooKs. Mark Hasslcr will con'inuo to
wield the baton in the orchosixa. The ' stars" wil:
lnololx Mr. Edwin Booth. J. 8. Clarke, John
Brougham Mrs D F.Bowors, and othorfarorl'es.
At the Chesuut, George H. Ciarke will be leading
man, In place of Mordaunt, and F F. Mackay first
' old man, in place ot Chapman. JosopmnoOrton will
remain as leading lady, Walter lmnox as first low
comedian, and 8. C. Oubois as hoary man. Mr.
Frank poster, M as Lizzie Cooper, and Mrs. 8. A.
Baker also remain. Mr. J. W. Jennings, lato of
Bouse's Dramatic Combination, trill do the "charao
ter business," and Mi. Woolf, ot Bosion, tho second
low comedy. M.ss "Cornoy" Jufler-on and Miss
Clara lteed will be muUretttt. II. E. Woo f wi 1 lead
the orcbosLra, aud Josuoh C. Foster will bo Stutto
Mauagor. lbs Set of ce is shortly to bo iroduood
at this theatre, with .Vir. Arthur VIcKvo Kaukln In
the leading part, and will bo followed by A'addin,
in which Miss O'ton wil play "Aladdin." lr. Jea
mnes tho "Migictan," and K. Foster ' Kasrao, the
dumb slave." Joo Jcfibrson, Johu E. CKvcn, I.ucll:e
and Ue'eu West em are mentioned as "stars" at this
Bryant's Minstrels hira introduced a nunbor
Ot new acts this wee, with several rou" ot tho
mosl pleasinT character The Sphyn.v was recoivod
wmU roais ot uures rained laudator, eliminating in
a bo sterous shout by ibe audioi'CJ when tits Hphynx
ship disappears, i.roat attention has been given to
tho production ot Jiiazeppa. liio ca t, properties,
koen.o oilucts, and army, nil come in for their bare
oi appiuuse. F. Morau, as ' Mazep," enact d his
character with trace and arcune.s. Seyraiur, as
the ' Khan," adiied a dignitr to that dignified
cuicl'ain. Keed, as the charming 'Oiiufka"
drtteed prettily, and caimvated many by his capi
tal expiesbion of "Can tt ot!" wmlo DomMor, at
the Liisielhin, showed a proper estimation ot bis
duties as a warrior. Ibe pieo will bu (riven again
this evening. The Chesuut is a ways cool, a ways
Kobebt Hki.lku this week produce Ids "Scar.et
spirit," oneot me tiosn bow.lucnng aim astounding
oi liis delusions. He a so varies his musical portion
of tno entertainment, li s seancei are limited to
thin weeK a ho lias made arranroaients tor a long
and extended trip to . a norma Austru'ia. and
Jndia. hv commences at 8 every evening at "'Jiew
Aich Street theatre"
Wainut t-TRKKT I hkatre. Mi. s Filic Gcrmon,
J'r. Ibestr-r, ilr Fwc:-i. Mr. With am, mid many
oi hois, all romo m for a la ue s.inre ot upptaitso by
the do ic h d auditno-s who niubtly witness the
beuutnul tpeciucie of the Noiad Qann, with its
clot of interest, its seines of beuu.y, and naiads ot
For Additional Local Items see Third Pag?.
Atuiest of an Impostor Cauiiox to
thk 1 dvlio. For sou e tuna ( ai a smooth-tongued
confidence man lias ueea moving about in the
Seventh and K.fh h Wards, tiatliering subcripuoiis
obttnsibiv lr iheLei ehf 01 ibe Western lloso aud
hieum Fire Engine Company, tut really for his own
Lcnclit. Li.Bt eroniug a inau was arrestea in the
vicinity ot Mm hand Walnut et roots by a member
ot the ubovt-nanicd coin; anv, who iduntiilod mil as
the bogus brgga-, and i anded him over to a police
c tiier. lie was taken be:oro Mr. Alderman
1 unison this morning, where ho hud a hear
inn. On memorial lie gave tho namo of
iienry Thomas, but bis real name is Henry
Valentine. Ire was bound over lor a further
l.tanip, vhen those I ruin whom ho his ob
tained uione or the proniio of it may come forward
and ideniitv ti.e iu.-eil. In a book touna on t tie
impostor's per-on.aud ) roviouelv dptained by a pros
pective MiLtcrioer, cubrtcript.oiis to tho umouut of
over S6()0 ore euured a considorab o portion of
w hich hud been paid. Among the uamos ot thono
wbo subi-cribrd we obseired those of Ur. urexel.
Charles rris. W. W. Boberts, lr Notf, Mr. uil
pin, Mr. Hurtley, K B Kueass, tr. liaiuil.ou, (i.
w . foaidman, ileury B. B"nners. Dr. Ktsh, Dr.
West, Joseph V Lmuott, J. K. iraefl', H. Van Boil,
J. M. Crowell, Dr. tresnon, Mrs. J It. h , Jon
McAllister. Dr. J M. hoUx Mrs. Welsh, Dr A. It,
Thomas, Mrs. Gralz, and several hundred others.
IIotjsk on The. 1 ho alarm ol fire last
nifht, about half-past twelrn o'cluotc, was caused by
the turniUK ot a hoiuo at the south vest corner of
Kighih and Christian str 'ts. 't ho fire originated in
the eel or and is behered to hare beeu the work of
design, as a quantity 101 sliavings, satura'eJ with
coal oil, I'lid been sot on firo iu tuat apartment.
1 bo building was owned by Aug. Logomueslus.
The first lloor was unod as a lairer bi'or saloon by
Michael Asteno aud John I'urro, and the apper por
tions ot the bui'uing w to occupied hy poor lumilios.
The roimit alarm saved the niinatos 1. om renous
contcqueuc' s, as tho tile turned rapidly and the
bouse was soon filled wiih denesn ok i'he lire
burned tip through the tlooi to the l ar-room. The
owner ot tho burding Is fully ins jred in the Frank
lin lnsuiauco Company, wbilo the occunants of the
saloon aro secured in the 1'hosnix and Metropolitan
Companies, '
CniLD Run Oveb.- a man who gave tho
name ot Viiliain Gaily was arreted yestorday
tlte i noon at xwonty-toarth anu Lombard streets,
on the oi. aigi" of running over a small ohiid. His
alleced that the aconsed was under the influence ot
liquor wl en the accident oco'rrf d Alderman
TatcLol held him in the sum of 91U00 tor a lurthor
Watch Thihf. A person giving the
name ot John Stiutsou, residing at Filth and
issuer sirreis, was charged last evenlua w.tli steal.
lug a watch valued at f"6. He bad a hearing this
morning vo on Aiuermau lutz, anu was oomunttcu
in aelault ol ban to auswer lor ihe oflonse.
Stealing Snouts. A person who gave
the name of A. K. Clare was taken into custody
yesterday afternoon, on the charge of stoa ing a
pair ot shoes from a store on Girord avenue, below
Tweltih street. Alderman Fitch, before whom the
hearing took place, held the accused to answer in
tbe sum ot t500 f ail, in dotault of which he was
committed to prison to await his trial.
Lieutenant Goldy. Lieutenant Sa
muel Uoidr, wbn had been cenuned to his house
for the last ten days trout a rush of blood to the
bead, and oi her ailments, appeared at the Mayor's
office yesterday morning, aud reported himsslf tor
Cabbytng Deadlt Weapons. A young
. man who gare tbe name of Charles Ettonhead was
taken Into custody on Monday afternoon, on tbe
charge of carrying conoealed deadly weauons. Re
corder Eneu, before whom the bearing tok place.
tvld (be ftCvOwL w fuuiw for tbe oStm,
Threatening to b ubn a Mill. Samuel
Andrews was arreted yet morning, in Morns
street, on the charge ot nsmc Inflammatory language
It aoprars tbat wnile the il was Pssi
tbrouph Howard street, near ' certais mill, that b'j
remarked that the bnildin we i'd t.e set on fire an 1
burned d wn. He was orernev'r bv some of the
rrsloents. when an oflieor was at qssin'ed wltn the
tacts ol ihe case, and took him nr. 0 eustdy. After
a he.rlng ibis morning boforo Aid, tmati Hnnter, he
was required to enter bail in the an. ' (w or n"
appeaiance at Court.
IIabness Thief. George M ers, a Ger
mni, was arre-tod vesfrday by Olncer lsle nsr'ng
in bis possession a splendid new set of hi mess. Ho
was escorted to the olDoe oi Alderman AlK'n whore,
on examination, it was ascertained that U'e stolen
property, trnd been takon Irom the carnage k'ouso of
a Sir Cannon Delaware county. The arn't was
made near tho B ue Be 1 Tavern.
The accused is a poor, mierablo-looking crea
ture. He was held lor a further hearing.
Ticking Pockets. John McDonald was
arrested last evening at tho Unun League Hous,
durin the serenade to General ohernian, on tin
charae ot picking tbo pocket of a gent'oman who
v as in tbe crowd. Tun accused, It is al eged, bad
ohm ned lor his trnuulo on y the small "lira of
twenty -five cents. Ho was lockoJ up lor a hearing
Steat.iso Baos. John Wilson was arm-ted
this morning with a larre number of bags
in Ms possession, which on inrosllgation wero
found to hare been stolen from a store at Filta
and Commotce streets. He was locked up for a
False Phktknsk. William Wagner was
airc-ted yenerdar afternoon on the cnarve of ob
taining goods under false protense. Tho aocusod was
taken to tne oflico of Kecoroer Knea.and atier an ex
amination was held for a lurther bearing.
Portland Sufferers. Tho Mayor has
reccved the following subscriptions in aid of tho
Fortlaud sufferers: I b. Wulraren, 850; K F , 2j
l.i wis 1 rrown $00: General i. U. Cro-mau,
10; G. F. W., $25.
Body Recovebkd. Tho boly of Wiilian
Valentine, who was drowned in the Schuylkill on
bumi ay. ha been recororod, and the Coroner noti
fied to hold an mquest over his remains.
Found Dead. James Connelly was found
lying on tho sidewalk in 1'tlton street yesterday
alternoon. Tho Coroner was notified o 1 the lact.
Physician, Hkai. Thyself I is an old saying.
Most ot our best physicians are in tho constant
practice of bracing up thtir systems and keeping
tliem in tone, to enablo thorn to poriorm the rariod
and exhausting labors of thoir piofosslon, by the
uso of MAJiSOEN'S CAUSA YA TONIC, as well
as prescribing it in their practice. Depot, ATo. 437
Jlrcatlway. For tale by all Druggists.
Addkees op the Ma you ojt Boston to 001s Fire-
Ifepresonintlves of tho beautiinl hlstorlcaliy-lial-lowed
city ot i'eiiu, we bid you a beartr woioouni to
Bort.m, which has sometimes been termed 1 lie hum
I 1'ican 'the hub ol the uuiversu;' anu never since
that but.' coniuienct'd to reolve, lias it been sur
luunded bv a noble, set ofjeilnws Fumo alsoasterts
tl.ui 1 h.ludulph a 18 teinjrkablo for its inimoiT of
guod-ii.okiiiv men, and a pracncal proof of this I
now fco boloro 1110 though no do ibt some of iho
ciedii is due to that elegant and becoming apparel
bu 1 lied by your lunious lover Hall."
Linen Duter.
Liilit Canimere and Clntli, A'pacca, Drap d'Ete,
DhUiC and Limn sack 6tf.
ii'ht Casaimere, White and Cotered Duck Skele
ton i'rats.
Light Vassimtre, White and Colored Duel:, and all
Kiwif ot Jjinun jJamn.
Alt kinds of Seasonable Clothma for Mvn's. louthr.
arid J -ou' wear, tn tarae supply at the. lowe.it prices
posiible. J owed. Hall,
BKNMKrr & Co.
A Mctder's Duty to her child is, first of all, to
watch orcr its health. Among children, in nine
cases out rl ten, discafo lint mam lists itsolf by a
disoidered tstato ot the bowels. This is invariably
counteracted by the uso of MARS W'S CAR
MIJXA'UVE SYRUP. No fami'y shou'.d ba with
out it; its general uso wou d do away almost en
tirely wiih the feartul list of deaths auio-.ig chitdrou,
wbich form such a startling item in thewoeklr
report of ti:e City Inspoctor. Depot, Xo 487 Broad
tray, New York, h'or sale by all Drupnists.
DuTcntn's LianTKina Fly Killei;
Makes quick work with flies, and if commonced
caily, keeps the house e'ear all summer.
Look out for imitations. Get Butcher's only.
A DiPonrERED State of the Blood is tho primo
onu.-e ol iimnv very tnmblesumo compluints. h!:in
Hisi ates, Meicuriul Affections, scrofula, Scurvy, and
Goitie are but a few ol tho many disorders arising
lrom the depraved condition of the vital fluid.
For diseases ot this class Jaynb'b Alxe&ativk is
a roliabio curotivo; by ent r.ug into tho circulation
it thoroughly purifies the blood, and removes any
moibid tendency t.i disease wine '1 may exist tn the
usHiii : it, at the same tirue, sustains the strength of
the patient, and imparts riior to the whole physi
cal structure. To bo satisfied of its cilicaoy, read
tbo testimony of those who have bo u radically
cured by it, given at length in Javno's Almanac
Frepared only at No. 242 Chesuut street.
Aqua Tje Magnolia. This delightful article for
tiio toilet is regarded by all who Ui.o it as superior to
any Cologne as a vah lor the lao and person. It
renders the skin solt and fresh, allays inflammation,
pcrlunics clothing, and cures headaches. It is manu
factured from the rich Southern Magnolia, and is
becouiinp a universal faroiito. Sold cvorywhoio.
Penias lianus & Co., New York, wholejale agents.
The robber I ihe, that btealb tiie sweetness
lrom all fruits and flowers, is di filed Dv t'balou's
"Nicht-Blooming Cereus." lis aroma is les perish
ab e than that of any foreign extract, essence, or toilet
wtter, and incomparably more deilnhUul, lixrtford
Jm proved Lock-Stitch Hachislb for Tailors
and Manufacturers, drover & Uakor Hewing Ma
chino Company, No. 73,1 Cbesuut street.
Fertons desiring any will find ltemiei's pictures of
lino stylo, and artistically executed, iioduood prices.
Gallery, tio. t)21 Arch street.
Keep Cool! Ah, there's the rub. How can we
doitf By wearing nothing but tbo?o linen suits
from Cbarlcs iStckes & Co.'s one price, under tho
CltovKB & H a keb'B Higuest Premium Rlastio
tit eh ISewing Maclnues lor family use, Xo 731)
Chi-Bnui street.
Co3toRE8fl Cakk made and sold only by(i. Byron
Morse, No. 904 Arch st'eet.
"lubricattre packing lor stciun enginos. for terms
see V cbesuut st., phda., and 6 dor St., new yorn.'
Compound Intkkept Notes. 7 810 and 6-20j
wanted. He Haven & Brother, No 40 S. Third St.
I'opulah Tailoring.
Ukady-mae Clothino,
J ik Custom Work.
Wasamakkii ft Brown,
Oak Hall,
Sonthoast corner PiatTn and Mahket Btroets.
riveted to iu under side, wlucn protect It from
bumlngor wear, Coaies' fateut Flat Iron Holders aie
stated by Dim to last SIX 1 lines in mug as any or tne
umialkiud For sale by TR0MA8 bHAMf.
liu, kM ilClgui ihtri-tlve) M KKfc'r Ht balow Mint.
ChenlesV And how muoh lor ihoje with tbe
stones In' Then If a fa ent Ciier'y Stonortak.es tbe
stones irom two busbeis au hon', will It not pay lor you
to bay and ate oner They are sold br
'1 RUM AN fill AW.
So. ess (Eight Thirty-live) M A1JCT rit . below Ninth.
at sea .iore or other summer resorts, and several
sizes lor gentlemen's use, icrsale tr
Ho. M5 1 Eight Thlrty-flve) M attic KT nt . below Ninth.
Acknowledtied bf all purlin iHlrrtttrd as br Ur the
In ietretmentZoi in hu tj.etialty. QUICK.
TUOltOUUH, andjifrtnanml cures ouaranietd In every
cane. KemfinlMT liK UiiMTEB'M OolebnrtwS Keinedlu
can only be bad genulue at his old estttbliauwd Omoe, No,
J,bYt'AUbUVyt,vHli-JUrt, 1)
GRABLR TIEI Z.-June 24. lSC,by Iter. Conrad
Hou-er, HARKf A. ORABLifi to AUUUdlA
lltTZ, bath of this city.
1-EbLIE KOCNti. At .TorsoyCity, on Sunday
erennig, Mar 6, 1866, by Her. A. Matteson, Mr.
both ot 1'hiladelphia
BRARF.K.-On the 8th instant, JOSHUA H.
BKAKKK, aged 41 years. .
His relatives and friends, the member of Meridian
Pnn l.odee, No. 477,0 ire Hranch KncaraDmeuf, No.
6, 1. O oto. F.t Cherokee Triue, No. 19, I. O. of It,
M ( the Supreme Circle and Washington Cirolo, No.
18, B. U. (H, F.) C. A 1 and tho.e orders generallr,
are inrttid to attend bis funeral, lrom bis lato
residence, No. 2004 Coates street, on Thursday, the
12ib instant, at 1 o'clock F. M. To proceed to Monnt
Aloriah Cemetery.
BUMM On the 9th instant, of typhoid ferer,
PAULINE OLIVF.R, daughter of Henry and Caro
lina Bumm, In tbe 17ib year ol her age.
The relatives ana lnends ot the leuiilv are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, from the resi
dence ot her parents. No. lrlli Beach sireet, Ken
sington, on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. To pro
ceed to Laurel Hill Cemetery.
DAVIS. On the Sth instant. MART RICHARD
CON, eldest daughter of 1 nomas H. and Harriot
LhwVis, aged 7 years, 8 month, and 11 days
'Ibe relatives and lnends are lei-pt-ct ullr 'nviied
to attend the funeral, from the r'S'donw of her
pnrents, No. 1833 Cauiae street, on Wednesday, tho
17th instant, at 10 o'clock A. M.
REMENTER. On the Oth instan', after a short
but severe illness, JACOB W. lifcMEN TER, son of
Iewis and Catbarmo Rcmentor, aged 10 years, 8
mouths, and 8 days.
His relatives and ihe friends of the family are re
spectfully invited to attend the lunerol, lrom the rosl
dence ot his pai ents, ltidgo avenue, above Islington
lone, on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
WASHBUUNK At Fottsvlllo, of cholera Infan
turn, tins morning, COKN K.I, I A. S AN UEKSON',
inlant daughter ot Iter, I), and Sarah b. Washburno,
01 l'biladoiphia. J
S.E. Corner Fourth and Walnut Sis.
Insurers In this Company have the addl'lonal guaran
wblcb, toucher with CASH ASSETS now on hand,
amount to over
Its TItrsTF.ES are well-known citizens In our midst,.
entt'ingtt to more consideration that! those whose
maunders reside la distant cities.
Alexnn.ier Whilldln.l
J. r dunr Thoui son.
I.torgo Niinent,
lnn .lames Pol ock,
Albert 1 '. KobertB,
H. 1. Mlnsle,
I. M. W'hiddln,
William J. Howard,
Sumuol 1. I'.oUlno,
lohn tkuiMii,
Ilonry K. IPinneit,
Hun .inseuh Ahisou,
Itoac llazleharst.
CEOUQE KUOE.ST, Vice President.
JOBN C. BIMS, Aotuary.
JOHN 8. WILSOX. Secretary and Treasurer. 7 7S
Near.r Onposlt fhe Post Ooice,
Families supplied. C'rJi'.rs from the Country promntly
attended to 6 111!)
I bis preparation Isnnenval ed as a rejuvonator and re
storur ot wasted and Ineri, f'uuctions.
'J te fecb e. 'ho ni-ed uad all those wbo have In any
wnv finpaired their vitality by excessive mental or physl
caiapp.icatlon,wi)l And the lilokrene to bo what Its name
implies a li'e-rejuverator, which, while it builds up the
shattered constitution, will a so luinart to the feedngs
the briskness and energy which belong to youth.
Ko matter by vthat eause auvoigunbas beoomeentee
bled In Its lunctb ns thin stipcib preparation wid remove
that catiBa at once and lorever.
F.IOKHKNE cures Ueneral Delilltty. Impotencr, Ner
rons Incapacltv, I)ypcnsfH, Depression Loss of ApDe
tlte. Low Whirl's, Itnhecillty. Mental Indolence. H'nmcia
tlon. Fnnul It baa a most delitihitul. desirable, and
novel elloct upon the nervous system, and an wbo aro In
anyway prostra ed by nervous duublilies are earnestly
advised to seek a v ure in this most excel ent and un
equalled preparation.
lilOKKKNft 'I he Feeble, the l.angnld, the Despalr
Irg the Old should give this valuable dlscorerv a trial;
It will be round totady diflotent from ail other articles
lor the same purpose.
'I O FKM ALES. Hils preparation Is Invaluable In ner
vous weaknesses of all kin is, as It will restore the
wasted strength with woader ul permanence.
It Is also a fiiand Tonic, and whl fr,lve re ief in Dvspep
sin with the first dose A brief persls'ence 111 Its use
will lenovate tie stomach to a degree of perfect health,
and binlsh Dyspepsia lorever. ,..,.
tins Dollar per bottle or six bottles for 5. Bold bv
DruKirist senrrnliy. Hent bv express anywhere by ad
dressing HUTCHINGS A U1LLTKR Proprietors,
fo. V8 Dtx a.reet, iew 1 orK.
Hold bv
So MNoitn SIXTH Street.
nvATr ji. nn
4 19 thstnfmrn Vo. 231 N SECONftat..
S. E. Cor. Fourth and Chesuut St.s
Are now closing out at retail their extensive stock of
C'onsls Ing of Straw, Kelt, etc., of tho latest styles anil
hu pi ovements
At AVlioIcsale Prices.
6 20 wfm2mSp
Those fn want of flood of this description can SAVB
at least OftK Pit" FIT by pnr;haslna hire.
Fl) R M T U R C.-TIIE L ARii K S T,
Clieapo-t aud Ucst Block of Furniture In the
vi orid la to be lound at
til.ULIl CO.'S
Skd os. 37 and 39 N bh.COM) Street.
Parlor bolts, in liuU. Brocade, Plush, Damask, ot
lie p.
lilnliiR-room. Chamber, Library. Kitchen, and Offlce
Furul.ure, at labu.ously low prices, aud tho newest
fcti ies and pattern.
Public liullding. School, College, and Shop Furclturo
fn endltss variety.
All kinds ot Furniture wanted by housekeepers at
exceedlDfcly low M Ices ut eltherot their immeurie estab
liftiuicnts It vou want to save money and net well
mrved go to (IOt'1 I) & CO. before purchaslnir eUo
wbeie t'onierot JJ1NTU and MAKKET, and Nos. 1
and 39 N. (SECOND Htreet. 2 10 So
g ? R IN O,.
41gintli3m Ko. 0 6. SEVENTH Stfeet.
No. 64 BROADWAY..'
Mines, Mineral Lands, and Ores examined aid reported
npon. Competent Engineers fumlshsd to Utnlnc Com
panies. Consultations afforded on all Mining, Metallurgical
and Chemical Questions, at the offlce of the Burosa,
GEO. D. H. GILLESPIE, President.
ppAKg D KAI, ewretary. if tuWj rp
By On wbo VIU1 th Colton Instl
AsaeclAt Ion.
"Allrhtlna: from the omnibus which h.s brought uo up
thron(.h Broadway's hurrying throng, which soom cvfir
pursuing some mocking phantom tbat eludes tietr grss.t,
we ascend the marble steps of the 'Coopor TJnlon.' It is
all very fine' to enter tnls pleasant reception room, but
tbe stualo bevond the folding doors 'ay, there's the
rnbt' But as tbe kindly face and pleasant voice of tho
Trofessor greet ns. our errand seems shorn of halfltt
terrors. Yet we cannot forbear asking, as we present
our credentials and look tfmld'y up at the compassionate
dark eyes so far above onr own diminutive stature, 'Will
It X 111ns?' A pleasant tangh and an assuring word con
vince us that our time bas not Tet come; and wo comply
with the Invitation to enter tho operating room.with our
two accompanying friends (the fair ince of ono assumes
the hue 01 C riven snow), with very much ihe tcollug that
the fly accepted the proffered hospitality of the spider.
" re aware of it we are seateiUIn the dreaded chair, en
gaged la a pleasant conversation. Hnddenly we and a prop
Insinuated between our jaws, and the montnploce of a
villsnous looking black bag between onr lips. Two pair
ol bands, so gentle In their manipulations as to almost
lead one to doubt their owners belonging to the mnscu
line persuasion, bold our month upon the pipe that tho
Inhalation of tbe gas maybe more perfect, while the
owners ot tbe aloiesald hands speak gentle woros of
encouragement. The soft band of a lady assistant Is laid
arsurlngly on our own, and we ean a'most feel the sup
pressed anxiety of the two beloved companions behin:l
tbe cbalr. A buzzing sonnd, as of myriad swarms o'
bees I Anon comes floating by, In grann measures and
long-drawn cadences, a sweet old tilutnuhal hymn, snob
as those may slug who, having lett al of earth behind
them, enter Into tne glory ot tbe Lord; and mingled with
this, a wild symphony of cashing waves, ringing their
'ceaseless never more. Yet how strange 1 thac la.it worJ
of the hymn gave us a slight twitch, followed bv two
H.oro. which Partook t tho nature ol a strong vet pain
less wrench. 'Your teeth aro nut.' sav three klrid voices.
Hut we have not come down yet to tb s suhlunarv world
sulhclcnily to comprehend their meaning, until tne
assurauce ts repeated bv ono 01 the rami lar volcoi he
hinu the chair We tlse a new being and leave at Uia
feet of the kind operator flitecn molars and luclsoia a
trlliu.e to the greato&t ulscovery of the age.
Pit. COLTON has mane ibe Nitrous Oxide, or
' Laughing (las," tor more than twenty ) ears past and
originated Its anivsilienc use fur the extraction of to lh
In May, 18611. bince then we have administered It to
15 00(1 PATIFNT8,
without a single failure to produce Insens'bllltv to pain,
or one case 01 unnleasant or Injurious ell'ecis froui tho'
gas, which fs so Incident to chloruionn and etl er
very ono of these IS 000 pmicnts have signed a cer
tificate scroll that the operation was ptlnlca anJ plea
sant We can ex'ract iroin ten to flitecn toeth with 0110
dose of gas.
1 he fullowlna are tho names of some of the istln
f uished persons tor whom wo have extrscted teeth witu
tbe gas. aud to whom we would conliuenty refer;
Onper Souder. Ed.,
lluruce Fnscett,
t banes F. l.arrigues,
Itcv. a. Paul,
Kcv A ex. . I. Hamilton,
(leorge It Stuart.
WHilum v aruock,
Kev Ueorgn lirinuhurst,
I bar.es F. lih knol'.
Ueorgo B . L. Clay. M. D ,
Hauiucl Kreamer,
t. A. 'turpi 11,
John Beiry,
Wm, J,, son of Dr Gursey.
Frank w. New bold,
(leorge H Wltchc 1. M. 1) .
A uk. '. Bournonvllle, M 1
F.C.Wilcox (3 years otdi,
.1. (I. Mitchell,
D. W. F. Itivemes.
b. C). Herbert, dentist,
John H. ( rombiiigcr,
J. E. Iialicv.
Thomas S. Harrison.
( o onel Lewis W'sgnir,
J. A. McArthur, M. U.,
Alexander U. Cattell,
Jlrs. .M. C. Ttlspham
Mrs Wary '. Uo.iues
Mrs. F. Fl.-her.
Jtrs. s. 15. Whiting.
Mrs. II. H. Weaver.
Miss i.lllic b L-wis.
Mrs P t; Be illinr
Mrs James J. All n
Wis. C.ara (J Iinlston,
n 1 r,. n. unvut,
Mrs U. h liuttur,
Miss Anai iMoore,
Vlas Carrie I'm.
Mrs. E. K. Klsenbroy,
Mrs. Dr. llennor.
Mrs. cth B. alocum,
nini.u.u. uraaioru.
Wlss Fannlo Knowles,
Vfisd Masgie Hanvoast,
Mrs. T. M. Moore.
Mrs Hanniih Phillips,
Mrs. Ncllio V'llnon,
Mrs baiah I). Toinllnsoa,
rs AnnaTavlor.
M.ss Marv M. Mitcbe'l.
Miss Juliette .s. Rohoriu.
MissBcbecca W. Aitcmus,
C. B. 1 ablpron, U. S. N. Airs. Kev. Win. Anderson
Airs Kev. H. LooinU.
Mrs. Ooorge he.torinaa.
: Mis. Carrie Boillno.
Mrs. James f. Harper.
Mrs. H. M. Heard,
IMrs. lilllo P Allhon.
I Mrs. J II. Bache.
I .Mrs. '. W. Adams
! Mrs. fieorgc H. Norton.
IMrs. .lames H. Mills.
Mrs Rev. William Molkln.
; And fourteen thousand
Mhree hundred andCity-s.x
A. A Howard. M. D.
John U. Johnston, M D.
F. iiolllek. Al. 1).
H. C Jones M. D.
B. L Walt, l entlsf.
E. D. Kuble V. 8. N.
N. W. Kiliksley, Dpntlst.
Kev. Charles C. Painter.
Kcv. F. Babbitt.
Key. D 11. Fmerson
Klehard C. Dean. M D , V
John J Mltche l, M. Tt.
Mrs. K. D. K N. South
worth. i
Many ol these patients hve written sentences onpo
s'.te their namts, tte loliowhig ol which are specimen.;
Without tbe slightest pain an uninterrupted dream
Bv a fofion ilmitter oj Slate.
"Came from Hudson would come from Knlnnd "
"1 bought 1 was going up in tbe air, holding on to the
tall 01 a kite "
' A good humbug, It a man can have his teeth drawn
withou' knowing it.
''Abso'otelv did not know It was done till done.'
"Twenty teeth extracted without the slightest pain,
with ouo dose 01 gf s."
'So more old- lashloned dentistry for me."
"My secono operation wl h the ga. have tried ether
mosuearnesilv recommend tho Mtrous Oxide."
"Very pleasant e ream."
"Was weak and nervous, tecelved no pain, but won
deilul'y re 1 re shed atterwards."
"1 endorse ull writ'en above."
"A pleasant ride on the cars."
"A great improvement in the barbarous art of den
tistry." 1 should never have a tooth drawn whhout It."
' God bless me uiven'or."
But It will be asked, does it destroy all pain? Is tho
gas pleasant to breather Does it leave auy bad effects
aiierwards? Can a person with weak lungs or hcuit
disease inhale It wiih saietyr We answer it does de
stroy all pain; It is pleasaut to brea e no bid effects,
such as depression or rcuo ion, tollow ; It Is sale for th iso
having weak lungs or heart disease. Indeed we have
had flu v such patients tell us they le.t belter for a week
atter Inhaling the gas.
But what do the medical profession say of the gas?
The following letter fruin the distinguished surgeon, Dr.
J. Al. Caruochan, to Dr. Coiton, speaks tor lteli :
o. 14 Fast sixteenth street. )
New York, December U3, 1865.
To yon Is due Ihe credit ofrevhlng tbe nse of thUr
important agtnt In the practice of dentistry, after a lut
of iweuty-two years.
The vaiue ot a so e anesthetic agent, which can be
used without anticipation of danger to tho patient. Is a
great poun to sutloring bamanlty and I have related
thus nih uti lv its a. lion in my own cases in the belief
tbat H similar lavorab.e results are met with by others,
the nitrous cxide gas will supersede all other anais
tbetics l ow Id nse. J- M. CAB O JH VN.
burgeon-in-Chief to the mate Hospital, etc. etc.
New Yoiik. March 8. 1861.
Having r ccnslon rccentlr to undergo a minor sargloal
operation of much severity, I emhra -ed the opportu
nity to try the aniesthctio effect of nitrous oxide gas,
Bilmlnlstered bv Dr. (J Q. COLTON. 1 found it per
fectly satisfactory. I was put Into a sound sleap In a
lew seconds, aid remained so until the operation and
urcsflug ot file wound wero completed While looking
lur ibe mcljluns to begin, 1 found they hud aP beou
,lono. JOHN II. GkHCOM.
Physician to New York Hospital.
Ihe degree of Insensibility produced by the gas may bp
lnlerredftoiinthe following
A lady cams to our office to have ono tootb extracted.
ftei examining the tooth, we administered the gas, ana
when she tell adleep the tooth was extracted. 00
waking she spit out the blood, and in a tew minutes
Yin u-ti o to vacate the chair ior another patient, and
lake a seat at the tab e. Not ottering to pay, wo, a a
gent e reminder, ask.d her to add her name to our
scroll, "win I" said the lady, when are you going to
draw my tooth ?" The tootb bad been out tcnmtnuies I
" e are slow to believe In the efficacy of new reme
dies tbat are ottered to tbe publtc, but tho treuuent
testimony t f clergymen and others ot our acquaintance
assures us that Dr. COL'ON, whose office is In tbe
oopcr Institute has at last found a means of extract
lug teeth absoluta'y wlirout pain. . . wa
think it a duty to publish this fact, which we give, not
on ourown exper'euee. but on the le.tluiony of men of
blub vharae'er and Intelligence, who are utterly inca
pable of deception."
Our price 'or exlraotlng Is SJ lor the first tooth, and
$1 lot each subsequent tootn. 6 14 tustit
tfo, 8? QLIYE STREET, si, toyis, -3
e""a DING K A I L 11 O A I)
PtNKS LVA M. 1UF. hchVYMtll.l, Ml'lJOB
ii yh. the N oiri n, NOurnwtsr, and thk
lltAlN. Jtine4,lHfl
Leaving the Comnaii.v's Depot, at TinBTRENTH aa
t Al OWHUL t-lreets. Philadelphia, at the follow o
liours i
At 7'30 A. il. lor Rearing an i intermediate Statlo
At fl-is a. M. ior K udme, Lebanon, Harrlsbnnr. Pot
Tllle. llneerovo. Tninuriua Kunburv, Wllllsmspo
rlnilra. BeeLesier Ma.ara Fal s, HufYalo. A lentow
llkmlmrrc. 1 Itl-ston, York, Carlisle, thsmbersbur
Ilsgcrsiown rto. etc.
Ibis ualn conuects at KRADINU with East Penn
svlviinla Kallri nd trains for AUcntown. eto , and the
Lthen n by train tor liarrlsburg etc ; at PORT
CHTKi yih ( aiawltsa Kellroad Win tor Wll
llBosbiirg. Lock Haven. Flmlra eto.; at HRRIH
i 1 1.(. with Northern (rntrnl ( un.hor and Va ley. and
Pchnvlklll and Kusqurhanna trains ior Northumbntland,
il.iam.port, York Chambursburg, einegiove. eto.
Leaves rbllaoelplda at S o P. M , for Reading Potts
yli e. llairistinrg etc., connecting with Reading and
Celumbia bid rood tams for Columbia, eto.
Leaves Heading at 6 DO A Si., sloopliw atallwaysU
tlons. a riving at I hllmlelphla at 8 M A. M.
ltetirrnipg.avrs Philadelphia at 1 00 P.M.; arrive
In ltcmlinu at J it p. M.
I rnlns ior I f ilndciphia leave narrlshnrvat 1(1 A M.
tV$ ?.0t;?y1"8 " 8'4S A- M arrlvlna In Philadelphia at
VII) P. M. iteinoon trains leave Ilarrtsbarg at t 10
r.W.rotsvUleat2 P. M., arriving in Phi adelphla
Leaves Rending at 7 DO A. M. and Ham!urg at 4 10
P. M ( oiiuecinv at Reading with Aitorunon Accom
""Jlatlon south, attl-jU P. Al., arriving In Philadelphia
Market train, with pas.enger car attaofied, leaves
Philadelphia at 1213 neon for Heading and all wav ma
ill D I.eavis beiidliiu ai 11 3n A. M and Downlngtowa
at rJ-30 r. for Philadelphia and ah wav aia-lons.
All tn altove i rains run dally, -undav exeepteC
hiipisv trains leave Pottsvlltc at SIM) A. M . and Phl
lai'e hla at H'15P M Leave I hliadolphla for Reading
a: H'CO A. si. t le urning irom R. sdPnr ut 4 2i P, M.
1 arrenrrrs tor Downlngtown and Intonnedlaie points
take the , and 8-tft A.M. and 5 0 P M. trains from
Phi Ml Iphla, returning irom Downlngtown at 6 3J A. M.
and t'.l'' noon.
leaves New York at OA M., and 80" PM.,pai8lng
Keaillng at 115 aud 11 53 A. M and P4H P. M , and con
nictingat Harrlrburg with I'ennst Ivunla andNoriheru.
(intra) Railioad express trains tor Pittiburg, Chicago,
W II ianisi ort. Flmlra, Baltimore, etc.
T t turTing, r xpii'fes train lenves Harrlshttrg on arrival
oi il.e l'r. ecvlvai la express from Pltisourv, nt 8 and
J5A- Mi' endS-ift P. M.. paslng Reading at 4 49 nnd
10 82 A-M.. and IPSO P M., and arriving In New York at
10 A. At and i 45 P. M . Meeplng oi't accomoany these
t ains through between Jersei city and 1'lttiburg, with
out change.
A mall train ior New York leaves Hartisbnrg at 3 10 P.
M. Mall train tor Harrlnburg leaves New York at li .VI.
Trains leave Pottsvllle nt 7 nnd 11 ,10 A. M., and 7 15
T. M leiuriilng lrom fsniaqua at T35 A. 41. aud 140
end 4 15 1" M
1 rains leave Auburn at 7 5" A. M tor Plnetrovo and
Panisliurg and 1 5o P M. lor plncgrove and Tremont,
returnliii' trom Uarrisliurg at 3 M P. M., aud float Ire
n.cii tat 7'3j A. Al. and 5 tf P. M.
Through first-class tickets and emlgrnnt tfekets to all
the principal points In the North and V et and Canada.
1 be lollowing iickeis are ohtal ablo onlv.at tlirt otllca
ol H I'.KADFtillD, Treasurer, No. 227 S FOURTH
ntreet, Pbllaoclntna, or ot G. A. NKOLL8, Ueaeial
uperintindent. Renoiiig:
At 25 percent, discount. Let w ecu an points desired,
tor luu.ilies ui d linns.
Good lor 5000 miles, be'.wcen all points, 52 6n each, for
ftmilies and Aims
for three, six, nine, or twelve months, for holders
only, to all points, at reduced rut' s
Residing on tbo line ot the road wll1 be furnished carus
entitling thi msel.es and wives to tickets at ball fare.
Ftom Phllad. ljilija to principal eta Ii ns. good for Ca
tuidav , isunoay, and Mondnv. nt reduced fa e. to ue bad
tn vatthc 'J icket Office, at THli.Tlit.NTli aud CAL
LOW n ILL Streets
FREIGHT. ooo3 of all descriptions forwarded to
all the aliove noints, irom the rntnsiuiH'a now Freight
Depot, BRQAC and Wll LOW NtritUT
leaver blladelpbia inllyot 4 So A M.,19 45noon,an1 6
P. M. fir Reading. Lebanon, Harrlsburg, Pottsvdle
Port lllulon, end ull points beyond.
Close at fhe 1 bllnflelph 0 I'ost Office for all placeson tne
loud and Its hum lies at 6 A. At , and fur tho principal
Stations only at 3 IS P. M. B 16
toot of M RKET Street (Upper Ferrvl.com.
i OJi DAY, J uly 2, 18li Leave Philadelphia as
menclng Al
i or t ope May, 9 A. M., Mall; 2 P. M , Accommoda
tion. ForBridgeton. Sulem, and intermediate points, 8 A.
IS. nnd !l u p. M.
For MilivU o, and intermediate points, 8 A.M. and 2
P. M.
Woodbury Accommodation, 6 P. M.
Leave Cape May at 6 ;I0 A. M.. wait; 5 P. M , Express
,1ave llriilgeton 7 15 A. M. and 3 60 g. M. Freight
6 .10 P. M.
Leave Salem 7 A. M. nnd 3-I5 P. M. Freight 5 45 P. M.
Leave Millvillo 6-55 A. M und 6 3i P. M. Fiolght 11 03
A. M
Freight will bo teceived at Second Covered Wharf
beiow Walnut street, lrom 7-00 A. M until 6 00 P. M
That received beioie 9t0 A. M. will go through the Bams
Freight Dcllverr, Ko 228 S. DELAWARE Avenae.
J. VAN KbNSSELAEU, Superintendent
Tte West Jersey Fxpress Comp.ny will attend to all
tr.e usual branches ot I xpress businos. A Speolut Mes
fenget acccmpanies each through train. OtUce No. 8
WALNUT btteet Philadelphia. 72
Xl Depot, TU1KI) Mueet. above Thompson.
At 7 30 A. M.(Fxpreas), for Bethlehem, Al Ion town
Muu en chunk, Huleiou, WUllamspott, and Wilkes
barre. At 8-30 P. M. (Express), for Botbehem, Eaaton. eta.
reaching Easton at 6-45 P. M. ..,
At 515 P. M., ior Betlilehom, Allentowo, Mauot
ror Doylestown at 8'3ft A M., 2'30 and 4'1J P. M.
Fci Fort Washington at 10 A. 14. aud 11 P. M.
For Lansda'e at 6-15 P. M.
White cars ot the Hecond and Third Streets Line City
Passenger t ars run direct to the depot.
Leave Bcthlebcm at 6 25 A. M. and 12 25 Koon, ant)
9 15 P. M.
Leave Doy estown at ( 40 A. If., flS and 5 30 P. 1C
Leave Lantdale atb'OOA.M.
Leave Fort Washington at lO S'i A. M., and 215 P. M.
Pbtladelpbia for Hetn en em at I) A. M.
Philadelphia lor Doylestowa at 2 30 P. M,
Dot lestown tor Mil adelphla at 7 JO A. Sa.
Bethlehem for Phllauelphla at 4 3n P. M.
1 broDgh Tickets must ba pioctued at the ticket offlcts.
TBI P.D BUeot, or BERKS btreeu
5 21 J.UJS CLARK, Agent.
lOUU RoAl.'lhis great nne traverses the NotUi
ern and Northwest Counties of Pennsylvania te the
tity 01 Trie 011 Lake Erie It has bueu teased and la
operated by the Pennsv vania Railroad (.'onmanv.
Arrive Eastward irie Mali Train, 7 a. At.; Erie i-x
prtss Train, I H. Al.
Leave Westward Erie Mall, p. M t Erie Express
Train 11 M. , v M
Passenger cars run through on the Erie Moll and Ex
press trains both wava between Phllade plila and trio.
Leave Kew York at 9 A M.. arrive at Krie 9 30 K. M.
Leave Fn at 4'45 P. M . anlve at New York 4 1UP. M.
Elet ant Sleeping Cars on a 1 the night trains.
For inclination recjiicilug pussenuer buituess, apply
aicornerTlillti lEiH and MARKLT S-xoets Phi a.
And lot lrcight buslnrii, of the Company's Agonts, a.
B. Kingston. Jr., corner 'thirteenth and Market stream
Philadelphia; J. w, Reynolds, Lne: William lltowa,
Agent N. C. K R., Baltluiore.
11. P. HOUwlO.H. General Freight Agent, Plda.
II. W. GW1NNFR General Ticket Agent, PbUu.
A.L. TVLTK General bup't. WUllamgporu
On and a tor WFDN EKDAY, May 10, 1866,
Leave Philadelphia 6, 7. ,, 10 11, 12 1. M.,1, 2, $'10,
SH.4,6, 5,tl 7, 8 9, IU. 11,1'iP. M
LeaveGotmantowu6,7.7H, 8,8 20, 0,10, 11, 12 A. M.
1,2 3, 4,4. tJ4. 7, 8,0.10,11 P.M.
Ihe 8 20 aown train, and 3 and lH up trains wlllno
stop on the Germantown Brsnch.
Leave Pblladelpma 910 A. M., 2, 3 8, 8 10H P. at.
Leave GeimantownS A M.. 1- ;' M.
Leave Philadelphia a, 8, 10,12 A. M., 2, 3H tH,l,
ELca1veCbesnnt Hill 710 minutes, 8. 9 40, 11 40 A. M
1-40, 3 40. 5 40, a-40. s "140 yWlnutes P. M.
Leave Philadelphia 1)10 minutes A. M., J, 5. and 8 P. U
Leave Cbesndt Hill 7 40 minutes A. At., 12 40, 8 40. an
2andnuie.PeiMoHOCKEK N0KKI8T0WN
Leave Philadelphia 6 8-35 mlnuies,, 11-05 A. M., 1M,
iH bH. tH, 8 05 minutes, and 11H P. M.
I tvi Niiristown 6, 7. 7 50, , 11 A.J M.. 1. iH ik
lfbKr- v-1,aln wnl it0P t School Lane, Wlsaa
hickun. Manayunk, Spring Mill, aod couahohotkon only
Leave Phi 'elphla 9 A. M.. 2)4,4 and 74 P. M.
Leave liorristown 7 A. M . 1, bMi. and HP. M. .
Leave Philadelphia 6. 8 36 minutes, 11 "05 A. M., 1H,
) 6M, 0,81)6, andllM P.M.
Leave Manayunk k,lH, 8 20, OH, 11)4, A. M.,l, 5. 6H
Leave Philadelphia 9 A. M., iH. 4. and 7 P.M.
Uav Manayunk 7'4 A. M . li, 6 and BH . Mj
W.b. W1LHON. General Huparlntenaapt,
' sxu 4 Wizm twv(i
Additional News by the 'City
of London."
Tho Italians Asking Franco
for Assistance.
The Recent Engagement with (Ii:
Italians a Drawn 15 Attic.
Ete Et4S Et Et., t Kt Etfl.
Tho City of T.ondoiH r?port passing the steamer
Denmark off Qucenston; on tho 29th, sixty
milts west of Fastnel, pa'sed the tnt and a
brig ripped steamer, all bound for Liverpool.
Vienna, June 27. Dcnedek's paper says his
attitude is accoutel for by hla desira to havo the
Federal troops lorm a lunction with his array,
and also to allow the Prussians to alvance in,o
Bohemia, bo that ho may cut oil their retroat.
Tliere is dissensljn anions the Hunjarlau
liberals the Deak party being opposed to in
surrection unless tho Austriann suffer a defeat,
and the other party favoring an Immediate
Florence, Juno 27. The Kintr rf Italy yester
day requested tbe as.-ilsttnco of Franco atrainst
Austita, oll'erinp; in exchange the Is'and of
Sard iina, in addition to important concessions
upon the ltoman question.
27. The army baa concentrated at Cremona
and r'au'cnza.
Florence, June 27. The Kinir has addressed
a despatch to the President ot tbe Council, say
ing tbat the battle of th? 24th was neither lost
nor wen. lie adds: "I havo ordered a concen
tration of all our forces to rcsnmo the canipaipn.
Our army is in excellent spirits, aod anxious to
be led to battle."
Frankfort, J-.ino 27. The Federal Diet to-oaj-aprointe
l P-itire Charles tit' Havana, coroman
oer in chiet ot the Federal army, with instruc
tions to conduct operations under the directions
ol Penitiek.
AiMria bus proro?ed to ber conf'eJerato allies
tbat nil their Plenipotentiaries at tho Dint
frhould be recalled and a comini'tee of Military
plenipotentiaries appointed i:i their place under
tbe PiesidepQj of Austria, itiia committee to
have pbwer to decide ipon matters without
relerence to their rlcctivc (Jovernments. This
has not yet been agreed upon.
Br.itLiN, June 27. Prussia has replaced tbe
principal functionaries iu Saxon)', E ectoraL
Ilesse, and Hanover.
Washington, July 8.
PaymnnterM SInstercd Out.
Tbe War Department has issued an order
relieving and mustering out of service Pay
masters It. P. Dod;e. W. II. Jamc3on, and (J.
B. Ely, because, at tbe trial of Paymaster Paul
dine, they testified to having transferred fund
deposited to their credit from ono National Bank
to unotber, as tliev did not construe the order
from tho Paymaster-General in tbe sense of for
bidding pucu transfers in certain cases; their
evidence tendinp to lustily Colonel Paulding iu.
bis breach of tbe order in queslion.
Five men wero drowned last night by tho cap
sizing ot a boat off Anuapolls.
WisniNdTON, Jnly 10.
1 Mr. Stewart (Nevada) submitted a resolution
requesting th I'rotvilont to interpose tho trtxxi
olhces ot the United States to secure tlu rjluao ot
pcrtons ho d as prisoners in Canada aud elsewunro
lor part cipution ia thu Fuuiaa moveinuat. Laia
over nil to morrow.
Mr. Poland (Vt ) introduced a bill to extend th
time of ti e Alabama aud Florida L'anro id lor tho
payment of duty on railroad iron. Ituforred to tho
Finance Comrri tee..
Air. Tiuniluli (111 ) oil led up the ilanso bill to fix.
tho number ol Judges ol tlie suproiue Court of itio
Unitvd etatOD, ana to clmufte certain Jaaioial circuits.
I he bill was paused. It provides tliat no vauattov
in iho olHce oi Aisociate Justice shall be tilled natil
tbo nunilMT el' Associato Justioes shall be reduced to
six, sua i. iikus ceriain chai ses in the placet ot"
holriliiu tlir Circuit Courts of tue United SU es
Tbe bill to fiilurire tho public grounds around tho
Cnpitol was taken up.
Jloatto of Reprisentatlva:
The Tarifl hill came up first as tho uulluishoa basi
nebs ot'vester. ay.
Air. Wentworth (111.) addro'sed tho House in aa
hour's speech in lavor ol protoctiou HKiuu3tloro.no.
The lorllatd Mitlrer.
Buffalo, July 10. A meeting ot citizens,
presided over by the Mayer, was held last nifibt
to take measures ior tbo relief of tho sufferer
by the Portland lire.
Latest Alaikcts bv Telegraph.
Kew York, July 10 Cotton is quiet at 80:38ci..
Flaunt) (lull and 10(5160. lower; sab's ol 6000 oar
rols at ijfl-40ig.l0-i0 for &tie; S 7b;l!l-76 for Ojios
li 4l(a:13 75 lor vf stern; Southoru uroouinir, "
larreia eold at fl010Vi17; Canadian brands are 10
16c. lower, 800 barrels no'.d at Silvia 75. Wheat
dull and nominally 8:5o. lower. Corn is J'iola.
lower lor mixed! sales of 6o,0H0 bus ids nt 87o.
Eeel quiet. 1'orK heavy at $31 871 tor Moos. Lurdi
uiiChanKcd. Whisky dull.
New Yobk, July 10 Stocks arn wrnV. Chicairo
and Kook Island, 06; Cumhorland prolorre I, 41;
II inois Central scrip. 122; Alichfau Soutnem, 791 1
New York Central, DO; Heading, 10CJ ; Hud-ion Klver'
114: Erie, 70J ; Westem lin os lultvranu C'jmp inv.'
64; United States Coupons, 1881. V) ; do lRti2, 10C,) ;
do. Itti5, lO&lwilh sulos of ovor a million dollars
worthi; United Stites 10-40s, iSj; 1'rouurv Ilik,
lt)8103; Uold, U0i; sterling exchange acUveat
Philada. Stock Exchange Bales, Jnly 10
Eepoited by De 11 a von & Kro., Ko. 40 S. Third street
ffl000USB-20s6Si....l0Cj WOK) Cltv Csncw. ... 07
tJltXK) do . . . . 18(35. 10!J J!9iiO City 6 old. . . . 8H1
HOOO Cam. & Am. bs 95 I C6000 . do !.
1000 uo 05 600 do ui!
I5U00 do..m 8i, 67 0J) 100 ih Catawn vi 3) 8fii
It is said that there ia a cave In th moun.
tains of Schohailo co inly. New York, which,
bus been exploied for a dManeo of twenty-live
ndlee. Parties are eenerully cartlod four;in l a
half miles. It bas line halls, Bploudu ataln-MtPB
and tbo usual wonders, ami curioeiUea of siibtcrl

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