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. For Additional CUy Iramliqcnce aee Third Page.
A Citt Nominating Convention Re-
onvemkd. The National Union Jo non Conven
tion roamembled at tbo Supreme Courtroom at 10
o'clock tbis morning. 1 lie reconvening of this body
wax canned by the doclination of two or its nomi
nees Coonoi Keen, who bad been nominated for
Coroner, and tiencral C. 1. llernnfr, the candidate
for Frothonotary of tbe District Coort. Ten
o'otook was the hour fixed for tbe Convention to
commence its busmoss, but it was bail-past lo
o'olook when the President, J. K Fianljren, called it
to order. Foity-Iour members answered to their
Tbe following letters were then read :
Joskfh R. Flan to an Ties dentoftbe National fnlon
Convention Mr r in the proceedings ot the Conven
tion as published in the dally papers I ohservo tbat 1
if e bwn nominated fortlieowceoi Prnthono aryof the
District Onurt I hog lca.a respectFaiy to decline the
nomination. Yours, Chaiilkh P. Hf.nbino,
No. ill Market street,
Philadelphia, September S, 1808.
As an or niunl Republican, having s ooj bv tbe party
Slnoe the Fremont cawiuilgn oi IK.SB, I wish to exprcs
totheOonTen Ion my earnest desire lor tlio success of
the National I nl n ticket, and the advancement ot
President Johnnon's policy.
1 have the honor to be, very rospecifullv,
No vm Brown Street, )
PntLAnRLpniA. Mnntemner IKtifl. I
Jos urn It. t'LAMKiAN, tBo, , Uhairm'n hational Union
Cenimittne Hlr: Itivlna seenmv name mentioned as a
nomliiee lorlhe ollloo of coroner. I beg you to tender
mv thanks to ihe Convention tor the compliment be
stowed Owing to previous business eoKtgenieots and
the present condition ol rov wound I am compelled to
decline being a candidate, and reepeottully request tbe
withdrawal of my name.
Colonel Sipes moved that the vacancies occa
sioned by tbe declinations be tilled, and uo otber
business ba transacted.
Mr. Leador nominated F. Burjtmeistor.
Mr. Mecluiau required picdgcs, and nominated
Col unci Tippen.
Mr. lleriiae nominated Major filaizulie, woo was
present and promptly Declined
Mr. leader ovposed the nomination of Colonel
Tippen, because be had been all nis hie an active
Demociat. r
Mr. Leader was called to order by Mr. Sanders
on aocoont ot personalties.
Mr. Coruman and Mr. Steelman objected, and
considerable contusion ensued. The Convention
Anally decided that Mr. Cunman hod tlio floor.
1 bat (jptiiloruen proceeded to explain the oo.iuct of
the Johnson patty, and the moue in whicn nomina
tions should be made, lie lound considerable fault
with the number ol .Democrats nein? plaocd on tbe
ticket, contending that the lndivinuality of the
Johnson party was being lost and destroyed.
Mr. Husbands oontended that candidates to be
available, should be well and yeoeraliy known, or
else not known at all. lie pasted a slowing paneyiic
on Dr. Borgmeister, rtuerring to his serviocs as an
army surgeon. 1 be first ballot was tneu proceeded
with, aua resulted as loilo s :
Bercmctster 89 t ippen 9
Dr. Bcrgmeister bavins; received the highest nuni
ber of votes, was declared the nominee. A com.
mittoe ot three was then appointod to wait on Dr.
bergnieister and inlorm hlut oi his nomination.
A oommittee beinr appointed, the Convention
adjourned for fifteen minutes.
Cn the entrance ol Ur F. M. B"rnmeister the
Convention resuniod its business. The candidate
lor Coroner was introduced to the Convention by
the rroaidont.
Dr. Bor(fmoiiter said: 1 was nominated unex
pectedly, and for tbo honor none me 1 return you
my sincere thanks. 1 accept this flatturin mark of
your confidence in the National Union Johuson
ticket, and, if elected, will do my duty. Again,
gentlemen, I thank you.
Candidates lor l'rothonotary of the District Court
were thon nominated.
Mr. bimpson nominated John L. Whitney. Mr J.
"W . Lynn was also pluced in nomination. After Mr.
Whitney's pledfre had been read, to abide by tne
decision ot the convention, Mi. Cornmau volun
teered a similar pleoge lor Mr. Whitney. The bailot
wna then proceodod with J. W. JLnn receiving
21), and J. J. Whitney 19.
Mr. Lynn havintr received a majority of all the
rotes cast, was declared the nominee. On motion,
bb nomination was made unanimous. The Secre
tary wax msti uoted to inform Mr. L?nn ol bis elec
tion. The Convention then adjourned.
Dkmoceatic Congbessional Conven
tiom of tub Third District Ihe Democratic
Congressional Convention ot the Ihhd District
met yesterday at the "Black Horse Hotel" Smith
Jkjnuer, Esq., was chosen chairman, and llenry
Baslor and George W. Hare, Secretaries.
A committee on resolu ions, cousininir of one
from each ward, was tben appointed, with Mr. John
E. Kaunce, ol the Ibitteeutu Ward, as chairman.
Charles Buckwalter, Keq., was tben nominated by
acclamation as tho candidate tor Congress.
The following resolutions were then reported and
adopted ummously :
Unsolved, l'nat wo heartily ondorsethe nomination
of Charles Buckwalter, as recently made by tne
Rational Union Johuson party of tbe Toird Con
gressional District, as bemi a tnbu e eminently due
to his patriotism, honesty, and ability, andearnestly
recommend him to the support ot the conservative
citizens of the District.
Resolved, Tbat we pledce him the unanimous sup
port of the Ienocratio party of tbe Dis riot, he
having declared himself una terabit opposed to tbe
extension ol tho right of suffrage to the uero raoe,
and also to the passage and enforcement ot laws
tending towards negro equality, ooctipying a posi
tion, therefore, the very opposite ot that of the pre
sent member of Congress ot this Distriot.
Resolved, 1 hat we lurther pledge him our support,
lie having dooiared himself in lavor of the mainte
nance ot the Constitution and tae restoration of the
iui.n ,r,in thft nnnntnlnB nnnnunend bv tbe Gov
ernment in its declaration of war tor the Union, aud
upon the principles laid down bv Grant and Sher
man when, with victorious armies, they restored
the laws of the country to eveiy State in the
Union, and declared the Rebellion ended and the
lTntin raatArAri
Mr RnnkwHltAr.thn candidate for Con tress, bolng
introduced, was enthusiastically received, and de
livered an address explaining his nnuciples. lie
.ioin.iwl dial fhn llnmnerncv save as much blood
and money for the suppression of the liube.lion as
any other party. , , ,
lie argued that Andrew Johnson was simply fol
lavlnt in the lootsteDS of his lamented predecessor,
Abraham Lincoln, and his Cabinet; lor, however
the Democraoy may bave differed from Mr. Lincoln
on certain! constitutional questions, thev all united
with him during tho last davs of his lite when he
atniri nn (r ihe entire restoration ot tbe Union and
expressed the glorious sentiment, "with malice
fnu.l.lla 11 ATI A VI th chantv lor all." Linooln, tben.
stooa aloof from ail parties, aud Johnson was doing
the same, and now all men who sustain the Govern
ment should rally round him irrespective of old
ilfiV .fund nn simnlv for constitu'lonal liberty
and for our .National Union, lie reviewed the negro
...ir,... miAMtinn. ai-tniinc in oddosI'Ioq to the pre-
..nt MnmuniitiTD. Hon. Leonard Myers, tbat this
Government should be controlled simply and en
t..nln Kn 7 Vl t f A mfatl.
Alter a general defense of the principles of the
National Union Johnson p.rty, and a protest
against the action ot tbe Convention no w anseraliled
in dmittino- negroes as delegates, he concluded
with thanks tor the honors twice conferred upon
h,m Th a Conevntlon adjourned with cheers tor
Johnson and Buckwalter.
'oronkr'8 Inquest. This morning, at 11
look, an toquest was held upan the body of
. w ' a. 1 I ...1 aTaaat atw&A
n nlnnlr
gd.Mii i.t.n,.i at fkla hnti'l on Carter street.
iy Coroner Taylor. Tbe Jury returned a verdict of
accidental drowning, uis ooav was aiscovurcu mm
mnrniiiir. at aliont ft n'jinok. bv CaDtaln Hallinger,
f steam-tug Ootoiief E . B. Orubb, between tbe Point
House and uioucester, midwav oi too onannei. uo
was very much swollen and decomposed He had
upon bis body when four d his watch and a pocket
knnlr. r.nntaiuiu v a tew do, lan in ebanire and some
papers. H' watob bad stopped at ball-past 10,
!n.,kii the hour of his death.
Ha also bad another pocket-book when he left
Dome, containing iwiwwb turee ana iour nunareu
dollars and some very valuable documents. This
wmaBvideutly lost when lalllur into the water. He
... last seen in tbia city with Mr. Harry Smith,
with whom be was when be fell into trie water. Mr.
Smith, in order to remove any unjust suspicions,
..bad a farther examination of some witnesses.
The Coroner flaed this examination for I P. al to
morrow aftetnoou Mr, J. A. Bedloa, partner of the
deceased, will transact any conneotod with
lie late Hr. Lakeroeyer s estaonsnniBnt,
Family Jabs. A row took place last
evening ameng a number ot politicians, of the same
political oreeu, '"ww.
mh.nh severe blows were inflicted, ami
BAveral persona Uken from the grouud mnoh In.
rrir!. inntiMT diaturbance took Dlaoe at Tweltth
Twvu.ntar atrneia. (several of the participants
in the atrair wore taken iuto custody and committed
for the onense.
Mkkttng of the Committee. The
National Cpion Committee met this morning, pur
auaat to a call, at Boom No 20, Continental Hotel,
Governor Ward, of New Jersey, presiding. A ma
irtiw of the committoe was present, and the pro-
wra harmonious. Tliev a'Uiued the com-
e'eiioa of tbo organization- The Committee nestt
galato-tTv6 " i M.,
Man Robbed. William Miller was arrested
last evening at Seventh and Kaoo streets by Officer
Mlllman, on a charge ot robbing a doiegato to the
Union Convention ot SCO It appear tbat the ea
tleman who lost the money is a delegate from Dela
ware, and durin the evening he visited a larer beer
saloon at tieventh and Cherry street, where a dis
turbance took place. Pn Ing the excitement bis
pocket-boot was abstracted from his pocket, with
the money in uestion. Ihe accused was held by
Alderman Bottler to answer in the su of 91000.
Fioht on Delaware Avenue. Last
night Uottlcib Mutser, FreUeriok Rotherman, and
Frank Lincolman got into a quarrel on Ueiaware
avenue, near Vino street, and during tha disturb
anoe so mangled each O'herthat the were all ren
dered pitiable obftcta, tbe blood flo ving lreely lrom
their eyes, er. and ditternut parts ol their bodies.
Ihey vero fina ly taken Into custody by the
police, and alter a bearing before Alderman Wil
liams, were held in S300 ball each, on the cuargo of
a brcaco.of the peace.
Ctiops Action. John B. Bryan and
Thomas Ratlcy got into a disturbance, last evening,
at Ho. 866 Norih Ninth street, during which Bryan
ohariiea Ratley with an assai'lt upon bis person. I be
aroused was arrested and taken betore an Alderman,
when Hatt y made a similar chnrge against Bryan.
Alderman Fitch hold each in 9W0 to answer.
Shot IIimsei.f. John Valger, an ex
po. ic man, went home on Monday nignt at a late
hour, and soon after took a pistol from the mantle
peco,'and then went into the streot. He bad not
been lour absent belore the pistol went off, inflict-
ivr a serious wound in his foot. Ho was suDering
much pain this morning.
Charged witii Larc t.ny. A man and
his wile were arrested last evening at E ghth and
Market streets on the charge of the laioenv ot a
quantity o( l'quor from tbe store ot John Hightn!er,
in Market street, above cigntn. iney were mi
bi lore an Alderman, who held thorn to answer for
the offense.
Canal Boat Robbed. A young man of
genteel appearance was arrested last evening, by
Officer Gibson, on the charge of robbing acanal boat
on the schuj iklll, below the Wire Bridge. He had
on his person, when arrested, the sum of $50 whioh
he bad thus taken iromits lawful owner. Alderman
llutcbinton held him to answer in $H0fl bail.
Striking a Carman Charles Gauber,
tivhteen enrg of age, was taken into custody last
evening on tbo charge oi tnrowinir a stone at ana
severely injuring a car anver at rronunn nomo
streets. Alderman lo'aud held him in $500
answer for the alleged offense.
Threatening to Shoot. John Rodsers
was arrested iast eve ing, on tae charse of threaten
ing to shoor a DOIioeman. He bad a nearins be ore
Alderman Shoumakcr,and was hoid to answer in the
sum ot 8000.
Finn Ward Democratic Nominations.
(School Directors, Miclmoi fobin, David Hagertv,
Jacob Reed, William K. Greble, and Andre. I.
McCiraih. Alderman, w. Y. rouguertf.
roputAR Prejudices.
1 here's not a man. as I believe,
Who thinks bis judgment can deceive
In reading other men "like oooks,"
By something in their was or looks;
There's not a man on earth's wide waste
Who doesn't think he has good taste;
Rut let yonr tasie be good or ill,
No anxious thought tho mind need fill
When you to Tower Uali repair,
For all the styles are tasteful there.
Mtn't, Youths', and Boys' Clothing.
No. 618 Market street,
Bknnktt & Co,
Children' Tekthino! Mothers who lore tboir
offspring should ncvor be without a bottle of Dr.
timony of many mothers proves that its effect in all
diseases incident on teething is miraculous. Depot,
AV. 437 Broadway, Ktw York. For tale by John,
son, Uoltoway $ Ccwden, Wholesale Agents, Xo.
23 2f. Sixth street, Philadelphia, and by all drug.
August Seven-Thirties
Converted into
Apply to
Drexel & Co.,
No. 34 South Third street.
Unpaid Bills in the pocket, and a surcharge of
bilo in tbe sj stem, are two of tbe greatest annoy
ances of Hie. Tbe former is hardly to be cured by
medicine; but the latter is effectually removed by
TIVE PILLS. Depot, Ko. 487 Broadway, New
York. For sale by Johnson, Holloway f Oowden,
Wholesale Agents, JVo. 28 X. Sixth street, Philadel
phia, and by all druoaists.
Ten-Forty Coupons due September 1,
Bought by
Drrxel & Co.,
No. 84 South Third street.
All Pkrhokb who are tond of Fine Confections.
G. W. Jenkins, No. 1087 Sprint Garden street,
would invite to call and try his stocc oi Fine Candies,
Iceland Moss Paste, Gum and C'iooo ate Drops,
Chocolate Creams of a I flavors, Caramels, etc., of
which he has constantly on hand a fresh assort
ment. Opening of Keillet's New Saloon, No. 821
Walnut street and No. 134 S. Eighth Street. Tbe
Beillev Brothers are well known to the community
as being kind and affable gentlemen, and it is only
such tbat visit them. They deserve to be en
couraged, lor they are nature's noblemen.
Tbe Elliptic Lock-Stitch mewing Maohine,
with all the latest improvements an 1 attachments,
incomparably the best for Family Use.
Elliptic S. M. Co.
Agents wanted, No. 923 Chesnut Btreet, Phila.
Twelfth and Chesnut is the place to purchase
Cork Mattresses and Boddlng, and to have your Fur
niture reupholBtered, varnished, and repaired by
practioal woikmen.
Cramps, Crolic, Cholera. Summer Comolalnt.
Dysentery, Diarrhoea, and all Affections ot the
oowels are cured promptly aud eueotually bv Dr
D. Javne's Carminative Balsam Being pleasant to
the taste, it is readtiy taken bv chiloren, aud hay
ing maintained lis popularity for over thirty years,
the proprietors confidently lecnimeul it as a
Standard Household Remedy. Prepared only at
No. 212 Chebnut street.
Improved Lock-Stitch Machines for Tailors
and Manufacturers, (irover & Baker bewtng Ma
chine Company, No. 730 Chesnut street.
A man out West says he moved so often during?
one j ear, tbat whenever a covered wagon stopped
at his gate bis ohickens would tall on their backs
and hold up 'heir teot to be tied and thrown in.
birel ar persons reading .a good thing in the
naDeis now-a-uavs. thev invariably look at tbe bot
tom lines boiore they are half throueh, expeotmg
to see a notice of Charles Stokes and Co.'s One
Price Clothing, under the Continental,
Obtaining Monet under Fame Pretenses.
Tending trumpery Imitations of La bin's extracts as
genuino. mo game is bdoui ptavea out. nowever,
lor the nnlveisal popularity of Pbalon's "Nlgtit
Bloouunir Cereus'' baa literally taken the wind out
of tbe sal a ol the rrickstors who pretend to sell arti
cles that cannot now be imported except at a dead
loss. Camden Democrat.
Children's Clothing. M. Shoemaker & Co.,
Nos. 4 and 6 North Eighth street, are now opening a
splendid assortment of Boys', Girls', Infanta', aud
Misses' Clothing.
Grover & Baker's Highest Premium F.Iantic
Stitch tiewing Machines tor titully use, No. 730
Chesnut street.
Compound Interest Notes. 7 8-10 and 6-20
wanted. De Haven It Brother, No 40 B. Third bt.
Dr H. N. Guernsey baa removed to No. 1423
Chesnut street.
Superior Styles Ready-made Clothing.
Superior Styles of Beady-made Clothikg.
Wanamakbu & Brown,
Popular Clothing Bouse,
Oak Hall,
Southeast corner Sixth and Marks? Streets.
J i nm I1KAR "-Instruments to as ist tits bear-
iV.V"1 0iU U.TMWU btteoi-ije'ow
IhtMUUU ' ft UK
BLACK IhU morning, at JX o'elock, MIRY P.,
wire oi Jona t. Black, vf lbold fever, In the mh year
f her aite.
h otice of funeral In to-morrow's papers.
CLATTON.-Oi. the M Instant. JOHN POWELL,
son ot 1 homas J. and Harah J clarton
'I he re stives and trinnds ot the family are Invited to
attend the luneral from the re-liciKe of bur pnrents,
Thurlow Stition, Chester town-liiD. Delaware coun V
nn Weonesdsy morning next at II o'clock. Cars leave
Broad and Prime streets at ft o'clock.
8M1TIT. On Monday, September , at Norristown,
Pa., oi tvphld fever, A. TIIU4AH bMl III, uq., late
Naval JnilRe Advocate. aKed 57 venra.
Remains to be taken to vVasMngton, D. C, for Inter
ment, S
VT of sbes snlted to the recreation of gentlemen,
ladles, or children, tot sal by
Ne. Mo (Eight Thlrtv-flve) MA BK FT Bt balow Bintfi.
Flated Hpoons and Forks of several qualities of
slating, and Ivory-handled Tab e Cut err.
No. EM ( Eight Thtrty-nvt) Ma KKKT Ht below Math.
means of a arm tor a family to use: it Is always
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variety of Bolts, and other securities against lepreda
turs, at the Hardware Store of
Ko. 8? (Eight Thiitv-nve) MARKKTHt . below Nlrh.
S.E. Corner FoarthaBd Walnut Sts.
Insurers In this Company bave the additional guaran
which, together with CA811 ASSETS now on hand,
amount to over
Its TRUSTEES are weH-known citizens in our midst,
ent'tifeig it to more consideration than those whose
managers reside in aistant cities.
Alexanoer Wbilldin.
William J. Howard.
J. 1-daar Thomson,
George Nugent,
Hon James Pol'ock,
Albert Roberts,
y. B. Mingle,
1. M. TVhiddin.
Samuel T. llodine,
John Alkman,
Henry K. Bennett,
lion Joseoh Allison,
Isaac UazlcbuMt.
GEORGE KUUEST, Vice President.
JOEN C SIMS, Actuary.
JOHN 8. WILSON. Pecretary and Treasurer 7 "S
w"' "
p a n
8 18
No. 240 MARKET Street.
GOODS, BOHIERY. NOTION8. c, by CataloBtie.
On Wednesday,
September 9 IMS. cominenciim at 10 o'clock, com-
priBini; H'lO l(ir new and desirable goods which will he
lounu weu wortuy tue attention oi ouyertt. o n t
On Wednesday,
An Invoice of newest and most desirable fall styles
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new tall styles straw hats, turbans, bonnets, etc,,
niallnes, Iau;8, 12 or tub crapes, e c
vr.ijVKi1 uittiitjjNn.
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On Wednesday Morn inc.
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ttiUlUO ARD UAOfiimt-KIin.
ALso, an Invoice of a 1-wool and C. W. black and
ancy cloths, tuniy cans I meres tailoring goods, etc.
pieces ex. quality and heavy black cros de Naples.
pieces eres de Rhine and pros grain si ks.
TttlMlliKGS, NOTlONh. ETC.
A'so aful line cf new tall stvles lancv dress and
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notions eic
Paris fancy goods, etc
AIho, lull line of ladles' foil co'ors bnlmoral skirts.
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Huron Premlfum filankets.
Huron Extra Heavy lilankcS.
Huron Single Bed Blankets
Huron Bed Blankets, $fi-50 Per
We are now receiving direct from tue mills, tbe
Contracted for early in tbe Spring at tbe low price
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They are superior in size, weight, and fineness of
wool to any otber make in the market, or to any
BLANKET ever before ottered by us. Sold only
8 IS 3m
No. 737 CHESNUT St.,
Invite the attention of Casa buyers
To their Stock of ' :
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the w nta of tbe Trade, la nrlvi.llHil.
raokaue buyers auuplisd with suaroe and desirable
uoouj at aua unaer market rates. ta ti iui
Wholesale Rooms Up SteUrs.
Telegraphic Despatches Annotmcinfj tbe Wii
drawal of General Grant aci Admirl
Farraytit from the Pra3idsalasl
Escort Received with Df
eninr Ch'?eM
Adjournment for the Day.
Conlin'tetifrom oti Fourth Fitioti.
Huotb L. Bond, of Baltimorp, otlorH the lol
lowinp:: Resolved, That this Convention urirc upon tbe
loyal men of the North to support the Co is re s of
tbe United Mates, in demand. njr ot tbe Houthern
(States the wise gun ran tee ol the Const ttittonal
amendments passed by Congress, and call upon tint
patriotic men ot tbe loyal bta'es to ue every exer
tion to secure tbe labiication of the amendment by
tho Mates. Ana as we bclievo that the Justice which
we mete out shall be the measuro of our salotv, tout
in our opinion there can bo no permanent peai:o or
security for loyal men at tbo e-outh without a return
to negro sulTrave.
The resolution wns aVclaryd referrei to tht
Coniuiittee on RpsolutloiiH. Alter which a Ions
and rarobliTitr debate endued, whlrh was pitrli
cipated in by many of the delegates. Violent
opposition was made, especially by dele
gates from Maryland and West Virginia, the
lor in or declaring tbat tbe sentiment of thu-t re
solution would prove to be a fire-brand in the
Union party: the latter that it would damn tbe
party to all eternity.
Tb"e debate was fiuiilly cut short by being de
clared out of order by the Chair.
Mr. Butz, ol Virffinin.then renewed hi motion
lor tbe reception of the Northern delegates.
An amendment was offered for the appoint
ment ot a committee ot five to wtiil upon the
Northern dcleeates, and invite them to their
seats in this body.
The Chair ruled the motion out of order, as
the Noithern delegates wi re not entitled to seats
in the Convention.
Governor Fletcher, of Missouri, moved an
amendment, which was rcceptPd and adopted,
providing for the appointment of a Committee
to wait upon the dolceates from the Northern
Btates, and confer with them upon ivrranf?ements
for Ihe delegations front the two sections to
meet together in one body.
The Chatr appointed the following as the
Governor Fletcher, of Missouri: Senutor
Willey, of Wet Vircinia: Hon. is. B. Smtthers.
of Delaware; Hon. John Minor bolts, of Vir
ginia: aud Colonel Nunes, of Kentucky
benator Creswell. ot Marviund, t tiered the
iollowins resolution:
Veslved, That tbe Union party oi tbe Southern
States accepts in nil itslcuuttis and breadths the
Dolitieal oiattonn olfcred to the nation, uudur t'io
omendnieuts to the Cou!titutiou, pissed bv our late
wise, Brin, and patriotic contrre and oppose tbe
addition ot any lurther requirements for tho im
mediate admission of our late rebellious
Aruirisl crcat cheertns the resolrtiou was re-
f?rred to trie Committee on Resolutions.
The (leoriria delegation offered tbe follow-
Resolved, We forcive and lorpet tbe wronir of
sececsiou ; we do not propose to make it moi itorl
ons; we p-opose to iuore it, but not to reward it;
we propose to accept and reward tho men who
s and on their own merit, aud not In tbo wrons ot
secession; we propose to adroit into the donation
those who renounce in good faith the doeina of
btate sovrtipnty.
The resolution was referred.
The lollowinfr was tben oflereU and read :
Rtsoved. That sutTraire is asacrtd priviteire, not
an inalienable ritrht. and a privilege which should
be conferred on none but the loyai and lutelllcent-
Mr. Hill, of Virginia, offered the following:
Resolved, Tbat we cordially endorse the action of
Cotjres3 on the question of reconstruction, so far
as it bas gone, buUhat we desnc on this occasion
o express m tbe most unquauneo manner our ueep
conviction tbat the only settlement ol our National
ditiioulttes which oan euaiautee tue stability of the
Government and ensure promotion to the liber
ties and rights oi an mon, mint
be based upon impartial manhood suitrace. With
nut it the Unionists of the South are a minority.
and art. at tbe mercy of Iral'ers. Wlih it they are a
strong majority, and can entorce ooedienoe to toe
laws. Kvery consideration of justice, exp d encv,
and oonaiBtcnov with tbe principles upou which our
Government was lounded demands it; and we call
upon tbe loyal North in their coming elections to
instruct vouurebs wuuu u nuuii uirei hxuiu m uuu
to the Constitution ibis last and most effective
guaranteo of the permanence of our republic
Loud cheeri ereeted the reading of the last
resolutions. Deleerate from Loiiiiana, Ala
bama, aud V lrglnia declared their States rati
fied It.
A delegate of Virginia said: The minority.
and that a large one. ot the Virginia delegation
stand on the platlorm adopted by tbo Recon
struction Committee in their report to Congress.
The resolution was referred.
E. Hursland, of Louibiana, offered the follow
Resolved, Tbat we, at the representatives oi the
loval people ot the bfates lately in rebellion against
the Government of the United Mates, demaud of
the President ot the United MateB the publication ot
tbo testimony taken before tbe military com
mission appointed by Brevet Major-General Baird,
commanding tbe Eepartniout ol Louisiana,
to examine into the cause ot the massacre of loyal
men In the ony of New Orleans, on tae ttuth of July
last, as well asaA-eport made by said Commission,
in order tbat tbe peoplo of the United State? ma
see tbe manner in which said mataaore was resolved
on, and deliberately executed by the reconstructed
Rebels of tbe tsouih. Hofrred.
The President: I have u teleeraphic despatch
from tha agent of the Associated Frees which
"A private despatch from Detroit says Grant
and Farranut have arrived here, havtug lett the
excursion party."
Many rounds of cheers welcomed this unexpected
announcement. The entire body of delegates rose
to their ieet, waved their hats and pave three cheers
each tor General Grant and Admiral Farragut. The
ovation of applause ecliosed all tbe previous demon
strations, though none of them were spiritless or
Pending a motion to adjourn, announcements
ete made that the delegates of all tbe Border
States would meet at the Bingham House at 4
P. M.; alo, that the Committee on Reconstruc
tion would meet at the Continental Hotel, at
Rconis 59 and GO. at 6 P. M.
At fifteen minutes of 2 o'clock the Convention
adjourned to meet at 10 o'clock to-morrow
Immediately after the adjournment of the
Convention, the Committee on Resolutions
held a meeting on the platform of the National
The resolutions given above, all ol which were
referred to the Committee, were taken up for
consideration; and also the following; aeries of
preambles and resolutions, which were offered
by Mr. Albert Griffin, of Alabama:
Whereas, The loyal people, and tbe President of
tbe United States, have by oommon consent assumed
aud admitted that tne Btate Goverumeuui existing
in tbe late rebellious States prior to their attempts
at secession were destroyed bv tbe treasonable con
duct ol tne individuals controlling them; and
Where$, The protended btate GoyeramvuU now
Millnv In flnift Ctatmm ,. MalAjt ft. . 1. a .1 i ma.
ton. and in accordance with the dictation Of An- I
orrw Johiiroii. I rn idont of tha ijutrod bt Ues, and
without the author! of anv latvpas?od bt anv law
making pow-r whatever) and
Whereas Ihe sain Johnson. In annolntin Pro
visional Governors, and tilling tbo Federal offics,
iieliboraiely chose men woo bad committed or aidnd
nnd abo led trt a.iob, to the almoit enwre exclu ton
titlliosowho bad aiwsys btnn uncompromisingly
H hereas. Tne spirit of ubmision, " nnlversai at
the cioso ot tho war, bas, iu consequence of the
tioiioy oi tho President, entirely d.sapueared, ant
been euoceea d by a gen-ral de erm naion
lt. ioconttniioiisly lan the II ones of thai ba'rod of
'bo North and tho G'cnfn' Government .yfttch so
lately cuiminstod in r.bei ion
2d. Uy intei fnrtng w tb the boslness ot the loyal
whites, ana individually iiprsncminr sod socta ly os-
traotung them, to compel their voluntary exue.
.in. 10 prevent, as tar as povioie, toe ttsniigraiion
into tliolr n rd:it of loyal men from tbe North, and to
compel the deiarturo of such as came In spite of
tboirill-ViiJI; and
no. itv means of cIr- l,idiation itiiamoa per-
vernion ot the laws, aud avio.et,t uub lo sentiment.
to keep tbe colored poojilo as depreaiod as possible;
Whereas. The evident and often avowed intun-
ion of the loaders, mho thus ctiire to weaken the
Uniou sent uieut. and iu:ennify tho already too pre
valent hatred ot ihe General Government, is to
accomplish ty pol ticai moans tbo result wlilc'n the
pwotrl tailed to secnr" ibi independence ol the late
a avnkoldiDg Biates; and
rr nereas, A larrre Class do not nesitato, in nirtner
ing their objeots, to commit the most horrid aud
revolting crimes, mclu ing robbery, mayhem, ar-on,
per jury . and murdor, oltn publicly boasting ot the
atrnflities; and .
Whereat, The rospectahlo and rolisious olasso.
w ho piotes to di.approvo of such conduot, could
easily protect th innocent and punish tuo guilty, if
tlioy bad the leiW, but utterty teiure or tail to toco;
Whereat, Th!s lamentable s-tato of alTtirs must ol
necwity coiitlnue so lone as the men wh brought
iut:h mi-ery upon the lano, and who onentatiouily
vow that neither Uimr beiirts nor their viows are
changed, are allowed to retain power; and
Whtrea:., II the conquerors in tbe lato war, after
so complete a victory, winch they could not bave
won without tho help of tlio Southern loyalists of
both races, shall, in the hour of their triumph, ar.d
with a lull knowletleo of tbe fa'e which awatiBt'iem,
turn over their Southern brothers, bouud l and and
loot, into the hands ol their fiend p jssetsed ensures,
they will have comm ttco an act tbe oold.blondd
baseness ot which will be without a parallel iu tie
history ol the civi.izeu world, and which will justly
can ho them to be looked upon with scorn and ab
horrence by all bonorablo men, through all coming
time; therefore
npxntnrd. Ti.nt we besneuU and implore tbo loval
mn?sesof tho North not to desert us in our extrem
ity, but to vote at the approaching eleotions only tor
suoh candidates lor Congress as cau be lull? truMod
to make treason odiom, acd to watch e osMy and
told to a strict account i be Hxecuuve, whose insane
or treasonable conduct has already led to the murder
or exiie of so many good men, and to tbe reiitn ot
torror which now exists nil over the booth.
Uetolred. That we oiMinctiy and publicly char ire
upon Auorew Johnson the responsibility lor ih in
i timet able crimes woich have a' ready or may hero
aftor be committed in consequence of the revival oi
t je spirit of secession; mr ho has sinned a?atnit
light and knowlcd'o, having been kept tiiorougaly
informed of tho acts, (eoili'gs, and designs ot the
disiot alifcts. by t lie true men who never ceased pro
testing cnruc?tl;' aud even piteousiy aeain-t bis
Resolved. That it is bnrofaced hypocrisy for An
drew Johuson, whoso brutal threats of indiscrimi
nate hanging aud confiscation cauud tue
loyal people, when the asa-sins electee: nun Presi
dent, to cry out as ono man arroinst Ins vinuictivo
r.ess: who dictated to Goustitunonal Comcutious
whin they should and should not incorporate into
tnoir organic law; who, aiter he had declared that
Alabama was lu iv restored to her position in tbo
Union, ordnrcd tho military to prevent a man from
fiilniK a judicial office to which be bud
been duly elected; who, eftor deearing that
Liouisiuca was at P ce and fully entit'eo to all the
rinMu. privilege", and Immunities ei joyed by any
othor State, aud violently abused Congi es lor not
agroeing with him, deposed her Governor, and
ordered the military to side wuh th uot .-rs aud
prevent the people from asnm ,lina in convont.on
ui.a passing upon tne amcnaaienis 10 toe t;onbtiiu
t on rooosed by Congrers, and who in a thousand
other instances bits utterly disregarded law. oom
mon bense, and common decency, to pretend that
his "policv" is prompted by high moral motives
and a regard lor ihe Constitu'iou.
Rrsoled, I hat when the Pie-idcnt nnd Secretary
ot the Tieasury pretended that a sutlioiout number
of coojix'tcut lo.al utrsoiiB lo till tbe Fe4erul
cffic-8, who eooid take the test oath, could not be
lound in the iSoutb, thev make, whit they must
have known to be, lalsc statement, inusinuch as tno
War aud Navy Departments bad lists oi the nam",
ol thousnnds of men leprescniiug every locality in
the r-;outb, whose loyally, honesty, and competency
wouid not bo Questioned: nnd inasmuch as largo
uumbcis oi SouuUern Un.on soldiers, who bad at
lirst been selected to fl!l tho offices, were aUerwards
uiscarded at tho request ot men who had voted to
connsonto tneir proiierty, anu nana taem it cauirnt.
Resolved. That our lasting gratitude is due, and
our bearty thanks boreoy tendered, to tbe radicals
in Congress lor the noble stand tbey bavo taken Iu
resisting the usurpation or tbe President, and re
luting to admit the 1,'ebo! applicants for seats, that
should only bo fi led bv loyal men; and although we
deeply regret that tbe duplicity ot tbe President
prevented the earlv adoption ol a docided course,
and are not prepared to indorse every act massed,
yet we have always rccoeiiieii and been eaeonraged
py tne exairea patriotism ot tnoso coDie men; and
we lurther dec are our tirm convictions that if Con
gress had admitted tho Rebel applicants wo would
have been ere this muroered or driven from our
Resolved, That we hereby proclaim our unauali'
Hod endorsement of the principles of the great
Union Republican party of tbe nation, and desire
to place ourselves in iuii accord witii and be con
sidored members of it, and to secure tbe ascoud
ttney ot it. leading idoa, a perpetual Union of
Mutes, securing equal right? und impartial iuttioe to
oil men, we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our
tar.rea nonor.
Resolved, l'hat all persons who voluntarily took
part in, or aidea and abetted the Kebemou, lor lei tod
mi tneir political iignts as citizens ot the Un tjd
Slatfb, wbiob rights can onlv be restored to them in
accordance with the provisions oi a law yet to be
passed bv Congress, and until such a law shall be
passed tbey are and should be considered aud
treated as aliens.
Resolved, That the pretended State Governments
assuming to rule in be States oi Virginia, North
Carolina, south Carolina, Georgia. Florida. Ala.
bama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.
having been organized without the authority or con
sent oi Conrrcss, and without the aid or consent ot
their loyal citizens, bave no claim to our res;iect or
obedience, and we call upon Congress to protect ns
iroiu uiuir uiegai aim ivraunicat exactions.
Resolved, That as in tue Mates above enumerated
theie are no lawiul povernmenis or oiiloers ot the
law, and as congress cannot, without stultifying
itself, and lx tray ing tbe loval people, recognize the
organizations klludea to, controlled as thev are bv
aliens, we request and demand ot tho luw-inaking
power tbat it as speedily as possible, perfect and
pa3 an act providing lor tbe organization ot legiti
mate governments m said bta'e..
Resolved, Tbat we doem it absolutely ossential that
the said act should embody tbe loliowing ideas:
First. Absolute equality before tho law lor a 1
loyai peoplo, witnout distinction ot raoe or na
Second. Tbe exclusion from tbo polls of all per
sons wbo.bv voluntarily tuking part in or aidlug und
abe ting the late Itob.'liion, lost their rights of
ciuzeusnip. uum sucn itme as tney sua'l he a'le to
give satisfactory evidence 01 having aocepted the
situation in good faith.
Third. The organizaiion and arming of a local
force of loya men In each of said tstatoa where tbe
execution ot the law may be o,iposod, or the rights
ol anv portion ot the citizens iniringed, of suihoient
strength to give ample protection to all.
F'ourtb. Ibo entire exuonse of orvanizlng and
maintaining uoh force to be borne by that portion of
tbe people who lall 10 aocept the situation and unite
with the autliontiei in maintaining order.
Resolved, Tbat a committee of one from eaoh State
represented in this Convention, be appoimed to
prepare and present to Congress, at its next session,
in tne i.ame ot the loyal poop e ot toe South, a me
morial embodying tbe torepoing requests.
Resolvtd, That a similar oomuutu-e be appointed,
to prepare and publish an address to tbe Iota' peo
ple ol tbe North, beseeobing them to resoue us from
tbe hanna of our greatost enemy, Andrew Johnnon,
and his ex-Rebel associates aud allies.
The Johuson Union Nominations.
IHstriet. ,
7 Noroturn.
3. No return.
9. G. A. Qui!-, t
1, No return.
8. W.8. Gregory,
8. Samuel Josephs.
4. No return.
6. W. B. Hood.
a. Col. Peter Friti, Jr.
15. A. R. Bobofiald.
17. Samuel Cox.
18. U. P. Dochert.
Distriot. District.
1. Samuel J Randall. 18. Charles Buckwalter.
8. Job llume. '4. John Wol.h,
The French journals announce tho death, at
Epennay, f the widow Cliquot, of chamP'Sne
celebrity. (
I hr rot a i, DRsrATcnBD to evbnino TBI.tWBAI'8.
WASiiutoToy, Beptem'jAr 4,
Au Klection Pttnmnl,
James Antiflell Ulesdt, cf the "Oen.ral Kiecu
livc Oommittee of Irish Citizens, of WasbDgton,
Dirtriot of Columbia," bas Issued a Ion? addrem
to tbo Irishmen of the couutry, urin them t
rally to the n.ipport of the President's piaa
ot restoration, for reasons set f3:iji in the
The niot Nnc Ulalttmore.
The magistrates investigating the riot at (he
Cmp Meetinrr in Ann Arundel county, Mary
land, have committed five negroes to Ann ipcHis
jail, and have issued warrants against some
white men, charged with being concerned la
tbe affair. There is no doubt the attack on Uie
colored people was a premeditated affair.
A Oounrrtatlvr Republican.
J. J. Coombs, who holds a Government office,
bus tendered his resignation as a member of the
Republican Union Executive Committee.
Itespert of the Military for President
General Hooker, commanding tbe Depart
ment of the Lakes, has issued an ordT directing
officers and troops in that command to unit
in paying respect to the President to-Jay,
when be is expected to nrrlve at Detroit. Tha
troop at Fori Wayne and Girtrout are ordered
to report to the Chief Manhsl at Detroit ot
!) P. M.
From Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, September 4. The cholera bas
nearly disappeared lrom this city. Only 11
deaths bavo been reported since baturday.
The storm on 8aturJay and Sunday nights di
conMderuble damaco throughout this section.
Deer Creek and MU1 Creek Valleys were cons -pletely
inundated. Elk river bridge, on tb
Hamilton and Dayton Ra'.lrond, was carried
away. Also two bridces on the Baton and Ham
ilton road, and the Cincinnati and Dig Handy
The packet Bnvenue, bound for Cincinnati,
illi 200 tons of iron, was sunk near Buuaa
VifiU, in tho Ohio river, on Friday last. Rii
was insured for $25,000. The cargo will pro
bably be recovered. No lives were lost.
Massachusetts Polittcs.
Boston, September 4. Several hundred lead
ing Republicans in the Fifth DMrlct bave pre
sented a written request to (Jeneral B. V. But
ler to accept a nomination for Congress. The
General consent!?, and says: "The political
opinions upon which I shall act have been very
recently declared, so Ihut it can hardly be neces
sary to recapitulate them here. Tbey may b
summed up iu a very few words: To all me.
justice and equality of rights, and equality of
protection under the law; that the government
be loyal men, and not of disloyal :neri; wherever
there appears to be one anxious for political
truth to lead, I shall follow."
Latest Markets by Telegraph.
Nrw York. Semimber 4 Stocks ton- C.hii
and Rock Island, 1094 : Cumberland preferred 4j;
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Heading, 113; Missouri 6s, 78; Erie Railroad, 72;
GaienaardCh caaro.lll: 1 reasnrv 7 8 m. 1071 : n ft.
tis, 1121; Western Union lelegrath Comauny. M:
ditto BuhSian Extension, 100. Gold, 148.
Raltimorb, September 4 Flour dull, with a
downward tendency. Wheat hoavj red $2 G'x
2 88. Corn Southern s'eady; Western heavy.
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hi business, who may have an Interest In a bank In thin
location. Applications for the stock wl'I bs received for
a few days, after which a distribution will be made.
0 3 tf Pwiaent.
Riviere, Cardat & Co.'s
CO i 3ra
L EDWIN B. HAYSE8. late of the 24 CeKiment
New Hampshire Volunteers Lieutenant liaynes was
bonln Feni.svivania.il of Oerman descea'. about H
years old, Pbout six ioet high, light oonipjexioa bie
eves HuUt hnir. B left rrederivksburg Va . oa
8fltb of April last, lor Baltimore, to purchase lumber U
build a house slnoe which time nothing has be n hearsl
from him He married a MUa Martha Ann frelzs.o
Fretlerlekeburg, Vs., pu January 81) !Kb6.
Northern oaoers will confer ravor upon nis wile oy
Inserting the above notice. UHHA A IIVTVES.
9 j 3t Wire of adwln D. Haynes.
i? I'OHD. OOH.. via tbe DELAWARE
Tne steamer i'Y.tSAKitvvi wlMi
at tbe second wharf above M AKH LT Btreet. wiu ieav
i a ahnviMon THURSD Y next, 8et)e-nber
Vol "terms ot ireigbt, which wUl be taken at reasoa.
able rate., apply to WIIXIAM M BAIRT ft ro
9 33t Ho 1M South WHARVKflt
InthetrestaientoZHsooMs " P',',rflV.V;?C
th.ibuDOH. andrsrmanmt cures guara
MlUmntder EVAKB. Ko 280 SOUTH Street 1
fcrtil mr haOKNT will retarn to the eity an
Llnml ViiiibS iHtMibr 1. Orders recalved as aul
l?MAMb " fhetnut atroet. 8 17 If r
ol bist oualitv i niuuu acturej and far aal
7rS!nbv tw down or case : sultubls for retail trade. t
6H1U1 ho 01 H. FOUHTfl Stroat. ,

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