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LLd v n m
VOL. VH-Ko 131.
IjOndon. June 7 Noon. The weekly state
ment of the Hank of Knglund, published this
n nrrtlng, shows that Hie Otilltoti lias lu creased
.r;S7,W)0 sterling.
The Money Market npi'tin qnlet and steady.
Consols f r moony, OlViJ; Krio Kailroad, 40
Illinois Central, 7K; United Htates 6-20s.7;l.
Livkrpooi,, June 7 Nnnn. The Hrokerx' Cir
cular, i nblished to-day, gives In Its weekly re
port of the cotton mnrket. The total Bales of
cotton for the week, eii.OOO bales, Including 24.000
to speculators and Importers. The stock la
port Is 863,000 bales, of which 463 iMM) was Im
ported from the United Hiates. The receipts
Lave recently been UDURtially heavy, those fur
tbls week nlone reaching nearly 140,000 bales.
The market to-day opens qulet.wlth probable
sales of 68,000 bales. Middling uplands steady
at lld; middling Orleans, 11 'aJ.
IjOnhon, June 72 P. M. Consols have ad
vanced yt, and are now quoted at 91;.
IjIVEKpool, June 72 P. M. Cottou Is easier.
I'rovlHlons and produce ur without change.
in the JUreadslufls market corn has de
clined 8d.
Ix)Ndon, June 7 2 P. M. No. 12 Dutch
sliindard ktigar lias advanced 8d.,aud Is now
quoted at 26s.
Qtjfbkstown, June 7 2 P. M. Tholnman
teamslilp City of Dublin, Captain Eynon.frotu
New York May 25, arrived nere en route to
Liverpool, Jnne 7 2 1. M. The ship Ceres,
Captain Humphrey, which left Bordeaux March
12 lor New York, and which put Into Fayal
in a leaking condition, has been condeinned,
Attempt to Shoot the Czar in Paris
A Snot Fired at the Carriage in
which He Rode with Napoleon
-The Assassin Cut Down
and Arrested Amidst In
i tense Excitement-Bril
liant Review on the
' Champ de Mars
r . ' Ascot Week on
the English
Turf, fc to.
Paris, June 6. A cowardly attempt was made
this afternoon to assassinate ihe Czar Alexan
der of Knssla, while he was driving back to tho
City with the Emperor Napoleon, after witness
ing a grand military review in the Champ de
Mars. In the imperial carriage were th.eCz.tr,
bis two sons, and Napoleon the Third.
When the royal party was being driven through
the llols de Boulogne, a young man. apparently
about twenty years of age, fired a pistol at the
Cear, or in the direction in which he sat in the i
It appears as if the weapon had over
loaded, for the pistol expi-' woUn0de. a the
band of the assassin , wounding uie
It Is p"
crr- -aed that a person standing In the
"Wfl threw up the ami of the wretch by a
piolnplly dealt stroke just as he discharged the
He W6! instantly cut down, severely wounded,
and made prisoner by toe txeort In attendance
on the Imperial party. Tuo Imperial carriage
parsed on Without hailing.
It is supposed that the villain-murderer Is a
Pole, for the reason that, Inst previous to the
a tempt cries of "V4ve;ia Polzne" were heard in
the crowd and in different directions.
The royal party, as well us the persons form
ing ne cortege of honor, escaped fortunately
witJuout Injury, There are a thousand rumors
t n circulation sh to the ciro.imsianctB attending
and subsequent to the alien, pted assassination.
-Great excitement exists lu Purls.
No facts-are positively known relative to the
ase, wit the exception of the attempt at mur
der, the-escape of the Czar, and seizure of the
fellow who wished to assassinate him.
The Gear Alexander will receive the universal
congratulations of Europe on this his second
escape from assassination.
Paris, June 8. The grand military review
which took plaoe to-day In the Champs de Mars
in the presence of the Cmr Alexander the
Htcond.of Russia; his two sons, the Ernoeror
Napoleon the Third, his Court and Staff, was
the most brilliant spectacle of the kind ever
Witnessed in France.
There were over eighty thousand men ln-
fantrv. cavalry, and artillery under arms.
Thv were cussed in review by Napoleon, who
led bv the Cznr of Uussta. the
King of Prussia, the Crown Prinoe of Prussia,
and the Grand Dukes Alexander and Vladimir
of Russia, sons of the Cisar.
Tim imuerlal and roya! personages were
itanHi hvn brilliant staff composed of dls-
iinmihed military men of all nations. There
l American oflicers present on the
field. The review and evolutions commenced
at 2 o'clock. The weather was pleasant during
the day.
There were four hundred thousand spectators
nn t.h eronnd. and the scene was unusually
animating. The toilets of the ladles were very
splendid, and the appearance of the equipages
nipcnifloent. . ,
Tne Empress Eugenie witnessed the review
from the Imperial box at Longohainps.
in wimninv with her Miiieotv were the Grand
Duchess Maria of Hussin, the Prim-ess Royal of
Prussia f Princess vicionu, grauuun.ugui.ci ui
Queen Victoria), the Prince Imperial ofFrance,
anil the brother of his Imperial Highness the
Tycoon or Japan:
The royal party appeared In good health, and
iia mfWiers were In excellent spirits. The en
thusiasm of the people was 1 n tense. Never was
therein Paris a more mmitiUioent sight or a
more splendid demonstration than lias been
seen at this meeting a congregation of the great
monarch oi me worm.
vri : KTf .
v T .... a a Tha A amit. fnrf lnnrtaAI
LOflUOR, JUUC tt ' - "I'-" '
as tne days are more familiarly known, "Asoot
Week" have been Very brilliant during the
contests for the royal prises. Indeed, they may
be termed royal races, thecotirse being attended
eaoh aay py itugeciuwu. ... -'"-ages
from all parU of the kingdom.
i uesuuy, i uu , - - ' T.,:
card the weather and running. There were
eight races, in good time, aud producing a very
ttvreeable excitement.
VaubBn won the Prince of Wales' stakes. Ills
aioyul Highness the prince of Wales was pre
sent at the grand stand, but did not attend the
, course In state.
Wednesday, June 5, the weather was very
unfavorable. Heavy rain fell during the day.
cntbe ground, owing to the threatening aspeot
Tliiire were seven races during the day.
: . . ... (. Ilw Uniril II lltlt. ( !u I .lAJi-
ner won. This day (Thursday. J une 6) was l ie
fircfl',flwi uiiy. j mi luwi iAifc uvuv- .aw. ,
i i T. . I ft. am rat U i II AJtCs H 1 14
wnt.and all the usual scenes which occur on
tije road wj ton irom mo ra"1 r .
nessed la the fashionable circle the company
w more elect than that which attended at
Kpsoia iows on tha Derby day. Thare were a
ireat ntaoy ladles oul.aud their flnaeostnmea
arene. TjwRses of white and lllao were also
much worn.
The Prince of Wales, accompanied by a royal
party, drove in state from Windsor to Awtf,
with servants and outriders in the royl
liveries. The court cavalcade wended Its wy
along the course to the royal stand. Active
eftorts were made to get up a popular recogni
tion demonstration by cheering, but they failed.
There was great curiosity evinced by the
crowd to see the royal party and court cortege;
but there was no enthusiasm exhibited. There
were six races. Ten horses ran for the Asoot
gold cop. lecturer won.
The winner was ridden by Fordham, who
role the winner of the grand Paris prize In
France the other day, and also rode Vnuban at
Ascot, on Tnrsday, when lie won the Prince of
Wales' slakes.
The President Attsads the Commence
snent at Chapel IIIll-IIls Return to
Raleigh The Party expected to Leave
for Washington To-day.
Chapel Hill, N. C, June 8, via Raleigh,
June 7. The Presidential party attended the
commencement exercises at the University.
They were escorted thither by a procession, in
cluding the scholars and oftlors of the in
stitution and the Governor of North Carolina.
Before the war the average number of student
whs five hundred, but there are now only about
one hundred. A ball given to-night to the
graduating class was attended by a portion of
the Presidential party. They will leave on
hereon Friday, and return to Washington on
Bs inrday afternoon.
Raleigh, June 7. The University exerolses
at Chanel Hill being over, the i'resldential
party left there this morning. The return trip
was everywhere marked by hospitality and
respect, but the public demonstrations were
calm compared with those of the North.
Mnjor-General Bickles and stair and Governor
Worth accompanied the party back to Ibis city.
The Santiago de Cnba ACoat Again.
Atlantic City, June 7. Yesterday, taking
advantage of a favorite set in the tide, Captain
Merritt, Chief (Superintendent ot the Coast
Wrecking Compauy, with a staff of one hun
dred men, commenced final operSllons for
Uoatlng this unfortunate vessel, which, It wUI
be remembered, went ashore a few days since
at this place.
I-he had on the previous night, by means of
the chains, anchors, aud other tackle, been
moved one hundred and fifty feet off the beach,
aud after working all night, by 7 o'clock yester
day morning she was successfully floated into
deep water. The vessel Is not materially
damaged, but leaks a little, and was lowed up
the river during the day to the shipyard of
Messrs. Webb, where she will be overhauled
and repulred in dry dock. The steamers
taking her in tow were the Relief, Captain
Grlerson, and the Amanda Wtnnnts, Captain
The Military Career of General George
w; Cole.
To the Editor j Evening Telegraph:
vr:-a the despatches from Albany, New
.xo.rf, regarding the antecedents of George W.
cole, who shot 1j. Harris Hlsoock, ou the even
inc of the 4lh Instant. I see it stated that "he
went out as a captain of a cavalry company."
It is not very Important to know In what capa
city be entered the servloe. and only so as a
question of fact. If, however, it is worth while
10 anuue to mat tact at an, it snouia oe siaiea
correctly. He was commissioned as Captalu in
the liau New York Volunteers (inrantry;, on
the lht day of May, 101, and served as such
until the latter part of that year, while that
regiment occupied f ori uraig, near wanu
lncton. While serving with that regiment, ne partici
pated in the action at Blackburn's Ford, which
took place on the 18th of July, three days prior
lo ine nrsi name or tsuu nun. Aiierwarus,
while the Twelfth occupied Fort Craig, he was
mustered out of the service, to enable him to
join a cavalry regiment, whloh branch of the
service, it was wen uuaorstoou. ne great ly pre
ferred. N. Y. 8. M.
Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, June 6.
Toronto, June 8. Mr. Davis attended the
wedding of Mr. Hyde here at the request of the
bride, a Miss Benson, aud after the ceremony
the organ struck up "Maryland, My Maryland,1'
as the ex-President was going out of the church
(8t. James'), while a large crowd outside cheered
lustily. Davis directly moved on, merely bow
ing his head.
Toronto, June 6. Jeff. Davis went down to
Montreal yesterday by boat, in company with
Mr. Winder, formerly a captain In the Confede
rate States army, under the orders ol Wlrz, at
Andersonville. Mr. Mason remains here for the
prevent. This ends Davis' trip lo the West.
The only thing like a review whs made before
Davis here yesterday. Malor McLean, of the
13th Infantry, hearing that Davis was to visit
Mr. Boulton, turned out the men with their
arms, and passed them before Mr. Boulton's
door,atwblub Davis was standing.
Dr. Blackburn, a Southern refugee, visited
Hamilton yesterday, and he intimated that
several Southerners iu bis situation were
going to take np thelrresldenceln that town.
The following extraordinary but well-authea-ticated
statement appears in the London M edf
cat Times:
"The celebrated Dr. Fordyce dined every day
for more than twenty years at Dolly's chop
bouse. His researches In comparative anatomy
had led him to conclude that man through cus
tom eats oftencr than nature requires, one meal
a day being sufficient for that noble animal tbe
lion. At 1 o'clock, his accustomed hour of
dining, tbe doctor regularly took the seat
at a table always reserved for him, on
which were placed a silver tankard lull of
strong ale, a bottle of port, and a measure con
taining a quarter ot a pint of brandy. The
moment the waiter announced him the cook
put a pound and a half of rump steak on the
gridiron, and on tbe table some delicate trifle as
a eon bouche to serve untrl the steak was ready.
This was sometimes half a broiled chicken,
sometimes a plate of fish. When be had eaten
this he took one glass ol brandy, and then pro
ceeded to devour bis steak. When be had
finished bis meal be took the remainder of his
brandy, having during the dinner drank the
tankard of ale, and alterwards the bottle ot port.
Iletaus daily spent an hour and a half of bis
time, and then returned to his bouse In Ksex
street to give his six o'clock lecture on che
mistry. 119 made no other meal until his re
turn next day at 4 o'clock, at Polly's."
T. K imlKUl, AMUlunt iJiBtrlol Attornwy. I'rUon
casrs were before the Court, C'barle Caput was coo
victed ol a t bulge of the Ureeuy of feaitier, aud was
sentenced to County l'rliou for eight month.
Wltiteui Foster wascoavleted oTacliarueof lrcny,
and was sentenced lo County Frisou loi nix moKtu.
Henry Hand wan convicted of a charge of larceuy,
aud was sentenced to Ihe County frlsoa for live
Charles PeUroot was convicted of a charge ol lar
ceny, aud was sentenced lo the County Fmoa for oue
There being no other business, tbe Jurors were dis
chamed null Monday uiorulinr.
ltenarUou case were heard iu the old Court room
Cadwulader. In Hie caste of the United blale vs. six
barrels ol whiskey, Kdward MaKlonls claimant, be
fore reported, the jury were unable to agree upon a
verdict, and they were dlHuharged Irom lurilier con
sideration of tbe case. O'Metl aud ilauull fur clului-
"xbera ws do business before tbls court, and Ins
Jul W n dJMlWSCd until MV4lJ MvruUL
celebration of the bbcebt brpcbucah Victoet
A grand Republican mass meeting, to cele
brate the radical victory in tbe municipal
election, was held in front of the City llall
last evening. Over three thousand persons
were present, and the square was ablaze with
torches and transparencies, while several bands
enlivened the occasion with music Mr. John
T. Cook, a prominent colored man, was elected
Chairman, and in the selection of Vice-Presidents
and Secretaries no distinction was made
as to color.
Senator Nye, of Nevada, was the first speaker,
and congratulated those present npon the grand
triumph of tbe party in the election. This, he
said, is an age of progress an age of wonders.
In a few short years the chains ot the slaves
have been Btricken off, and they are now
clothed with tbe rinhtsof Amerlcancitlzenshlp.
The nation bad been trifled with, had been dis
organized, and 11 was now tbe duty ot the Re
publicans to reorganize the disaffected section
upon a basis of true republicanism. Bhetidan
1 doing it. Congress is doing It. tbe true friends
of the party are doing it, and those who will
not loin in the work are not wanted.
The following letter from General Benjamin
F. Butler was read:
Washington, D. C, June 6. To the Chair
man of the radical Republican Committee of
the city of Washington sir: While acknow
ledging the receipt of your courteous invitation
to attend a meeting of my Republican fellow
citizens of this dUtrlct, and to celebrate the
glorious victory achieved on Monday last, I am
grieved to be obliged to say that engagements
of the most pressing character prevent my
availing myself of the intended honor. I tru-tt,
though absent, I may be permitted to mingle
my congratulations with your In the trluui
ptumt success lu a political conflict which has
more than ft party significance. To the people
of this distilct ihe great privilege has
been given first to demonstrate that
lately enfranchised citizens of the repub
lic have, lb the exercise of their newly
acquired right of citizenship, shown them
selves fully capable of its execution with quiet
determination, undisturbed by threats, not de
ceived by frauds, not swerved by cajoling, not
influenced by flattery: the colored man, guided
by intelligence, has used the ballat in peace as
he did the musket in war for the best good of
tbe country. Your election has fully Justified
the action of Congress in giving the control of
the Capitol of the country to all without dis
ci lmlnution. It is an earnest of what we may
expect irom the votes of tne colored citizens
tfiroii ,oul lne enl"'e (South upon the great
question oi" reorBauifin" government and
of establishing their liberty under the
law. II me coioreu cmzeus eyerwuo1;
imitate your example as who now doubts tuey
will? then, in spite of the machination of the
enemies of their laoe, is their future and that
of the South secured. When I say enemies, I
speak advisedly, because while the term might
seem unjust to those who beld the negro in
slavery when permitted by the Constllulon
and laws, now wheu by the same Constitution,
aud laws be U an American citizen, whoever
throws ihe slightest obstacle In the path of his
full eDjoyraeut of that great boon becomes at
once bis enemy and the enemy of his country.
Specially is your action timely and important
at the present moment, because even uo? the
Executive is preiarlog to hinder the true
operation of the beneficent acts of Congress
for tbe reconstruction of the South, by declar
ing thai tbe Provisional Governments 11 leg Uy
esiablished by himself without warrant of
law, in a usurpation of Executive power, are
the supreme law of tbe land, and vesting iu
late Rebels the conduct of the civil adminis
tration in the insurgent States. Already has an
authoritative opinion of his law oilicer been
promulgated, which restores to political power
almost all those engaged in the Rebellion
whom Congress deemed it necessary for the
safety of the Republic to disfranchise for their
attempted overthrow of the Government, thus
evading the law, and thwarting and overruling
the wise orders of the Generals in command
regulating tbe registration of loyal men only
as voters. In a few days, unless checked by
tbe near approach ol the meeting of Congress, an
Executive order will be promulgated proclaim
ing that the Military Reconstruction act does not
give to the commanding officer of tbe district
any right or power to interfere with the civil
Governors of those States. If that be so, it fol
lows that the removal of that red-handed Mayor
Monroe, of New Orleans, by Sheridan, the sup
pression of tbe riot fostering city of Mobile, bv
Pope, and tbe wise and much needed legislative
oruers ol Sickles, reducing South Carolina to
live under a government of law, are all illegal
and void. It must follow as a logical sequence,
now that the fear of immediate impeachment
st ems to be removed, that tbe gallant Sueridan
will be superseded to give place to someotiioer
supposed to be more pllaut lo the will of the
Administration; and to what end? That the pre
sent organization of the governments of those
States may remain intact, to perpetuate a
landed aristocracy fatal to the advance of
liberty and equal rights. Is It not a sell-evident
political truth, where the land Is held In large
tracts by the employer, and to be tilled by the
employed, there can be no just and true field
for the exercise of republican citizenship? And
it is one of the pressing exigencies of the coun
try, as the very basis of reconstruction , that
some plan must be devised by which the lands
of the South may be divided among those who
shall occupy and till them. With regrets at not
being able to be with you, I have the honor to
be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Benjamin F. Rutlku.
Speeches were afterwards delivered by Mr.
William A. Cook and Mr. John R. lilvas, of
Washington, and several others. The meeting
adjourned at a late hour amid general enthu
siasm. MEXICO.
New Orleans, June 7. San Luis Potosl
dates to tbe 17th, and Monterey to the Mtb ult.,
have been received at Matamoras ou the 30th.
I he report of Mlramou'a capture is confirmed.
Mendez, however, was not In Oueretaro, aud
cannot be found. More than two hundred sub
alterns were taken prisoners. None of them
were executed. The execution of the nlue
most promineul oflicers Is considered only a
question of time.
Kscobedo Issued an order on tbe 15th ult. that
all oflicers of the Imperial army who did not
surrender within twenty-four hours would be
shot on Identification, aud all persons conceal
ing them would be tried in conformity with
the laws. Another orderstates that all soldiers
and citizens commuting theft or violence would
bo shot on the spot. A third order Is addressed
to bis soldiers. It congratulates them warmly,
and is exceedingly bitter ou thelnvaJers, Napo
leon, Frenchmen, and traitors. It hints that
the confiscation policy of the Juarez Uovei u
went will be carried out.
A Monterey correspondent states the num
ber of prisoners captured to be four thou
sand five hundred, among them eiwht
of division. Maximilian looks well. He would
atari for San Luis soon, lie will be treated as
a prisoner of war, and will probably be con
veyed by Juarez to the oapUal on the 10th. Tea
thousand Liberal troops left Querelaro for the
capital ou the 18lh. Juarez aud his Minister
have already had a conference In reference to
the disposition of Maximilian, but the conclu
sion iu lived at ia ull uukaown here.
A Lucky Bisnop. In the Austrian State lot
tery oonnected with the loan of 18U0, the
Bishop of Brnnn (Count Bchafgotsche) has
just won a prie ef three kundre4 thousand
Two Bodies Taken list ot the Rains
This Afternoon.
As stated in our detailed account of the terri
ble explosion of yesterday afternoon, the per
sons engaged In takiog tbe bodies from the
ruins were compelled to desist for a time, on
account of the threatening condition of tbe
eh mney and tbe eastern wall of the building.
Tbe chimney, a already stated, wai success
fully thrown down about S o'clock tbit after
noon, and about twenty minutes of 8 the wall
sbared tbe same fate. The task of searching
for tbe bodies of thoce still missing was then
resumed, and soon another almost shapeless
ma'i of flesh was reached.
The recovery of tbe remains of Philip Lauder
took place this afternoon about a quarter before
1 o'clock. Ills father was present at the time,
aud when tbe black mass was shown him, with
the tears streaming down his cheeks, he ex
claimed bitterly, "My son ! my son 1"
Torsos at the Central Station. Daniel
Stokes, residing at No. 2000 Lombard street,
Wlliiem J, Ovens, Assessor, residing at No. 412
South Twentieth s'reet, and Samuel Cliff, living
at No. 2127 Houth street, were arrested, and ap
peared before Alderman Beltler. ou a charge of
being Implicated in the fight whloh resulted In
the death 0f colonel Riddle. Mr. John 8. Rid
dle and hia brother, Colonel Riddle (deotased),
started for Mr. Ovens' place on the seventh
of May, to learn tbe right manner in which
to transter a certain property. While there
Mr. Ovens used very ungentlemanly language,
and finally ended with most insolent terms
against Colonel Riddle, which caused a general
scuflle. The full particulars of the transaction
appeared In yesterday's edition ofTRB Evening
Telegraph. A further examination will be
found In another column of this sheet. Mr.
John Kiddle was under the impression, but
could not positively swear to tbe fact, that
8a rmi el Cliff struck the blow which caused his
brother's death.
Mr. Iilddle believed that the blow which
proved fatal was that struck with a pitcher.
Ilornkeiih, now In prison, struck Colonel
Riddle a violent blow with his clenched fist.
It was fully believed by the counsel for the
prosecnllon that a oharge of murder In the
second degree could be sustained. Mr. Cassldy
appeared for Mr. Stokes and Mr. Ovens, wb lie
Mr. Theodore Cuyler appeared for the prosecu
tion. The case was adjourned until 12 o'clock
on Tuesday next. The parties were required to
give bail in 3000 each to appear.
Arrest of a Tost Office Clerk.
New York. June 7. Nelson J. March, a clerk
in the Post Ottlce, wai arrested yesterday on
the charge of stealing letters. Mr. JumesGay-
lor, special fosi uince Agent, piacea uecoy let
ters on his desk, and detected March in the act
of taking them. He confessed his guilt.
Montgomery, Ala., June 6. Judge Busteed
spoke at the Capitol last night to a small
audience. He endorsed and eulogized the plat
fotrn adopted by the Convention yesterday, but
did not refer to the charges brought against
him, except to say that he would not make any
defense in advance of impeachment. His
speech aroused no enthuslusm, and Is generally
considered a lallure.
Tbe Grand Council of the Loyal League, an
auxiliary of the Convention, Is still in session.
The action of tbe Convention ws mainly con
trolled by tbe said League, or by a majority
belonging to it
The following is a copy of the pardon warrant
issued to George W. Oayle, the man who
offered to procure the assassination of Presi
dent Lincoln, Mr. Seward, and Mr. Johnson, for
a reward of Sl.OCO.OOO:
"Andrew Johnson, President of the United
States of America, to whom all these presents
shall come, greeting:
"Whereas, one George W. Gayle, of Dallas
county, Alabama, Is now nnder Indictment la
the United States Court for the Northern Dis
trict of Alabama for conspiracy to overthrow
the Government of the United States, aud par
ticularly for offering a large reward of one mil
lion of dollars for the assassination of Lincoln,
Seward, and Johnston;
And whereas, I am assured that the said
George W. Gayle was innocent of guilty Intent,
aud his irreproachable private character Is
totally at variunce with the crime for which be
stands Indicted, and many other mitigating
circumstances render him a proper object or
Executive clemency;
Aud whereas, thepaidonof said George W.
flHvie has been recommended bv tbe Governor
and members of the State Senate and House of
Representatives or Alabama; by tbe members
of tbe Supremo Court and bar of Alabama; by
Hrevet Major-General McArlhur. United States
Volunteers, and many other United Slates
military oflicers, and other influential citizens;
X' v. r V . 1 . n ... l,n, T AnHa.AU.
Johnson, President of the United States of
America, in consideration or the premises,
divers other good aud sutllclent reasous me
thereunto moving, have granted and do hereby
grant to the said George W. Gayle a full aud
unconditional pardon.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed
my name and caused the seal of the United
States to be afllxed.
Done at tbe city of Washington, this twenty-
Dlnth clay or April, A. u. iwi, ana in
seal. the independence of the Untied States
of America the ulnety-Mrst.
Andubw Johnson.
By the President: F. W. Seward, Actiug Se
cretary of State.
The following is a copy of Gayle'a advertise
ment containing the proposition in question :
A Million Dollars WunteA to have Peace by ttie
1st of March 11 the citizens or the Southern
Confederacy will furnish me with the cash or
good securities for the sum of $1,000.000, 1 will
cause the lives of Abraham Lincoln, William
11. Seward, aud Andrew Johnson to be taken
by the 1st of March next. This will give us
peace, and satisfy tbe world that cruel tyrants
cannot live in a land of liberty, if this Is not
accomplished nothing will be claimed beyond
the sum of 850,000 in advanoe, which Is supposed
to be necessary to reach and slaughter the
three villlaus. I will give, myself, $10u0 towards
the patriotic purpose. Every one wl-hlug to
contribute will address " X," Cahawba, Ala
bama. December 1, 1M4.
Button collecting has superseded the
postage stamp mania in New Bedford, Mass.
One girl has over a thousand buttons in her
collection, no two of which are alike.
Ripe peaches are to be had in Memnhis
for f 0 cents apiece,
There Is to be a worklngmen's co-operative
society at Bharon, Mercer county, Pa.
A new woollen factory has begun opera
tions at Clinton, Pa.
Gold has been discovered near Hunting
don, Indiana.
A young Frenchman named Betouille, is
becoming famous as a lion-killer in Algeria.
Cincinnati is talking about annexing her
suburban villages.
The first watermelon of the season has
I appeared at jNcwUm, li. C.
OFFica OF th Rviirrns Tni.icaAPH,
irlday, Juoe 7, ItM7.
The Stock Market was inactive this morn
Idb, bat prices were rather firmer. Government
bonds continue in tteady demand. July, 1865,
5-209 sold at 1084, an advance of i. 1091 was
bid for 1862 6-20s; 105 for 1804 6-20?; 106 tor
1865 5-206; 111J for 6s of 1881: D94 for 10-40s; and
106j106 lor Jane and August 7-30s. City
loans were unchanged; the new Issue sold at 99:
and old do. at 93'. interest off.
Railroad sbares were the most active on the
list. Pennsylvania Kailroad sold at 61j,(7J514, a
slight advance; NorriMown at 63J,, no chanee;
at.d Keadinsr at 62iJ5J 81-100, an advance of 4;
334 was bid for North Pennsylvania; 18 for
Leblrh Valleys 29 for Elntira common; 40 for
preferred do.: 26 for Cntawissa preferred; 66
for Philadelphia and Baltimore; 42 lor Northern
Central; aud 28j for Philadelphia and Erie.
In City Passenger Railroad sbsres there was
rothinsr doinnr. 19 was bid lor Thirteenth and
Fifteenth, and 65 lor West Philadelphia.
Bank shares were firmly held at full prices,
but we hear of no sales. 105 was bid tor Seventh
National; 236 for North America; 155 for Phila
delphia: 137 for Farmers' and Mechauirj'; 51
for Commercial; 66 tor Girard: 90 for Western;
691 for City; 61 for Commonwealth; and 120
lor Central National.
In Canal shares there was very llttlo move
ment. Schuylkill Navigation preferred sold at
30, no change. 474 was bid for Lehigh Naviga
tion, and I64 for Susquehanna Canal.
Quotations of Gold 10 A. M., 13ti; 11 A. M.,
136 ; 12 M., l:t6J; 1 P. 13G, a decline or i
on the closing price last evening,
The NewYorkJ7?ra7dof this morning says:
"The mnnev market ennllntift- moderately esiv at
Sevan per cent., but there are very few iransncttons,
even un uovprnmeni Declines, at six. tun uikuuui
line Is Inactive, aud the boat (trade of Commercial
paiier.ls quoted at 1(st6 per cent. I he policy of the
Treaxury in hoarding (72,KH,ik4 lo currency, tlx
amount in Us vaults on tbe Int. Inst., Is sharply criti
cised as being excessive allowinn lor all the demand
npon Ibe leiftrtment for the forthcoming payment
of In'srest on Heven-Tblrty notes, and the ma
turity ol Compound Inisrest notes, Tbe last state
ment of the puhllo debt shows that the Trea
sury beld t88,t'z7,608 more currency ou the 1st of
June than on tbe 1st oi May. The qunatloa Is
BHked why the Department sold tril,4t4,fiO or
Five twenty bonds In May, and only disbursed
f'J7, 470,675 in the pure! aae of Seven th rty notes, and
then suddenly announced that the sales of JKIve
tweoly bonds were eunpended temporarily. Why
were the purchases ot Five-twenties not made gra
dually, in a manner to prevent the balance In the
Treaiuir.v Increasing so largely T The abrupt stoppage
ol further purchases showed that too large an amount
had been purchased wltbln a given time, and nothing
belter than this stoppage could have been dealred by
those dea'ers In governments who had already bought
all they desired to carry. We can bard y suppone
Ibat Mr. McCulloch Intended to play Into the han '
of t peculators; but he has virtually dons so iu this ai
in previous Instances."
The New Orleans Republican, of Juoe 2,
gives tbe following account of the recent uuan
cial wreck in that city :
PabtiCcXAHI bV Tfia Smash tfp o THB Bank
Ckihitohi in Council Orkat Indignation, Etc.
A meeting of some two hundred of tbe delude ' men
end women who have had too much confidence In
the Baulc of Commerce of Jacob liarker, recently
failed, met In council last evening, at Lyceum llall,
to bear the report or tbe committee appointed lo exa
mine Into tbe affairs of the bank.
"The committee ol eight or ten men. ef whom Mr.
George Boule was chairman, occupied the stand. Uo
dda pitcher of water, lo which the two hundred
seemed all inclined t go and drink. There wai a
thirst lor water lor money, aud lor tbe bl.iod of the
Barker family, threats ol tbelaklugof which were
beard amid tbe low and deep curses In the excited
Mr. Soule made bis statement, ne advised calra
ness, though It was dhlicult for the crowd to appre
ciate such advice. A a record of all tbe actions of
the committee was sept by Ita aecretary, thla record
was read. The committee acted with prudence, for
He avoidance of excitement. A resolution to adver
tise on the door of the bank themee ing of depositors
was abandoned to prevent excitement. When Mr.
Barker appeared before the committee on Friday Its
chairman aoked a statement from him. lie replied
that his clerks were busy balancing tho bonks; that
tbeywereso much Interrupted they could not com
plete ibe work soon; that bis books were open to tbe
con uilttee; thut be bad some property outside of this
IState. w hich creditors might have, but be deemed 11
Inr politic to stale at preseut Its precite locality.
On a lurtber demand from tbe chairman for a state
ment ol his assets he mentioned from memory, aided
by slight memoranda, a list ol houses and other real
estate lo this city and suburbs, owned or partially
owned by him, together with the Incumbrances upon
them, and the value at which be estimated them,
their present rate of rents, etc.
To all ol this the meeting listened with intense anx
iety. And when one Item of assets was mentloueJ.
that of a draft lor i(5, (loo, purchased a year ago, and
never paid, nor llkelv to be, aud, Mr. Barker's apology
for purchasing It, one could bear a groundswell ot
won.er that the old banker. In whom they bad so
much confidence, could have been so easily gullwd.
Mr. Barker said tbere Is no money ou band. He
bad a lew hundred oollara recently borrowed, lie
acknowledged the bauk was a perfect wreck, aud
that they could only gather Ihe fragments. And yet
bis estimate of tbe assets is too.Ooo, while bis estimate
or his liabilities is not so great; but unfortunately the
committee figure them very differeutfy, and Mr.
fsoule mentioned some Items showing the erroneous
character of Mr. Barker's estimates.
Mr. Barker suggested a Quixotic plan a kind ot
(.'rot-by lottery scheme or lolul slock real estate alt'alr,
in which his assets should be placvd at an assessed
value tor the benefit of his creditors. This, or eolng
Into liquidation In the regular legal way. only offered.
When urged to go on. do business, and pa what he
could, he refused absolutely. Itesald he had pnld out
about titfMXioaliice closing, though he acknowledge I it
all Illegal. He bad paid rums ol SlOo and under to
avoid suits before Justices, which can be brouln f-,p
such stunt.
t$ e then paid Bums of 160 to W fearing tbe holders
of such amounts might sue tor I00 before Justices, and
be willing to sacrifice the overplus to gel th lino.
Unfortunately be made his own choice of parties lu
making payments, aud thus Injured the residue by
leaving less assets tor tbem.
"Why, this is cbatin," said one In the crowd.
"Chate b 1." remarked another, "be was always an
old chate."
"When the Exchange Bank railed," read the chair
man, lis parlol Mr. Barker's statement aud he paused
to ask the date of that from tbe audience, and oue re
marked that "Mr, Barker had tailed so often It was
Impossible to give any date."
letters from Mr. Barker, Jr , and from Mr. Barker,
Br., were theu read. The former geutleuian proffered
giving up his personal property In Louisiana towards
the liquidation, aud mentioned some assets of his
hither, unintentionally omitted In the first stuteiueut.
Tbe letter of tbe latter contained tbe Joint stock
plan above mentioned as suguunled as a uude ot set
tlement. Mr. eioule said that as far as the Committee were
enab ed to determine, and bow far this could he doue,
aud howaccuratolv, may be inferred from the state
ment that the books bad never been balanced sluoe
commenced; there wereerrors In lit r leu and postings,
and Mr. Barker and all admitted them Incorrect and
in a bad slate, but bow Incorrect none knew so far
s determined, said be, the assets of real estate and
other properly utier deducting the nouinbrancs.
reach but '270,iMN), according to the best estimates the
('ouimtllee could make. lAs sample of their estimate,
the Baronn street properlv is placed at t30,0no, while
Mr. Barker places It at fso.noe. That of Uravier street
Is estimated worth tMUl0. The .liabilities are, by the
Committee, estimated at near ITnot quite ffino.OOO. The
miniates ofaseti Include the known property of bolu
lather and sou.
Tbe books show tln.ooo cash in hand. Verbal state
ments show none. The $40.0 0 may have been paid
the Citizens' Bank; the bookkeeper knows noihlmr ot
It. Liebls aie found scattered all through the books;
one of t'id.oru was discovered accidentally that had
been foigolieu.
The committee proposed no plan ot ac'lon. It la
said Mr. Baiker tfc d"lermined to collect debts due.
and pay out the same to w hom he prefers; tbls they
advised to he prevented by Injunction.
Here a motion was made for the creditors. In Com
mittee of the Whole, to proceed lo bang all counseled
with Ihe bank,
Mr. fcoule kept calm, seemed to understand phrno
logically Ihe character of the audience, aud blOUS
as-'eis. . nir vtl.n n4 m
,Js,vd that "if was 0u. "' tw "I'011"''
li. .M M?ithv acting wisely and coollv forty or nl.y
per cent'oi the'detit? mlghl be made. Nothing would
W''f.i'th. masting-: A mo.l,n
ne!i to iHibimh thesiateiueiitand letterln thedally
i liuert Those most ram paut lor the publication of
everything- were slowest in shelling out to pay the
already contracted debt, boms ot them were
for not
'... niMilua- Dually adjotirneg. to meet airaln Tuna-
day evening, at some hail hereafter to be designated
.-possibly In sums vf las buUdlugs named la Ute assets
VI Uit lau
. I mt IIaa tit
, A inellon then pfceied aulhorlshig "J" ViVAi dis
take Ibo proper steps to prevent Mr. "r!"'lfor
posing ot hi prop, ny to the prelndlca of a iv ere oilor
u lr.eprei.ble member. Vrieneril hherhlan
this, moved a committee to r; yius t " o? tt. V n r o Tr t v
to prevent, through his 'lectl?l'uXi whs hi!L'
from belnir spirited aWay. aud to uuut up the bauk s
Reported by De Haven A Bra, No. o B, Third street
woo s-sos ,A.Jy.cp....iiMti 7i ih penna R. M tlH
tkoon do -c10S W do.laSd. it
ap0Pas Sd series. ..HC!i do.. .....
tumno do...KW', 12 in. .., .,,!. si'j
vooo do ...irri t do.,,,,. , i W
troo City as. N.cAp.ls W I do si2
tl4n0 do..due bill, tw 6 do.. 51
SI0O do..O.,ctp... W 100 da
) tO. 61
B ss. M2
-. solnL.
1 Sd. S iV
ot do.O,..c.tiD.c MS. leoihRead
JmhiO C At 2 m 3ls- 72 I 1(H) do.,
ooo N l'ennats . SnSt 8"0 - do.MMn......(2'Hl
fisar fa7 peanr.... ss 4(H) oo.........is62 u
6 sli Haxleton Coal. 100 do.ROdbaf IS. M 81
JooabOoeanOI is 2oe sb Sch N Bl-.... SO)
100 sh Fbert Oil....... Ino do.tx 3i) .
23 sn N'orrlst'n....ls. S 2oo do.......bX. 19
Messrs. De Haven A Brother, No. 40 South,
Third street, report the following rates of ex
chantte to-day at 1 P. M.j U. 8. 6s of 1881, lllf
112 J ; do. 18C2, 109r(ai09; do., 1864, 10ft$d
1061; do., 1865, 1064r210oj; do., 1866, new, 108
1081; do. 6s, 10-408, 99Ju!)9J; do. 7'0 Auir., 10(1
(&106J; do., June, 106 J a 105 J; do., July. 106u3
1051: Compound Interest Notes, June, 1864, H9i
119J: do., July, 1864, 118i119; do. Aor. 1864,
1184(ell8i; do., October. 1864, 1174117i; do.,
December, 1864, 1164116j; do., May, 1865, 116(
(til 164; do., A uir., Ib6r, lMj116i: do., Septem
ber, 1866, 114?115: October, 1865, 1131(01141;
Gold. 136J I36J. Silver, 1300132.
Messrs. William Painter & Co., bankers, Ko.
36 South Third street, report the following
rates of exchange to-day at 12 o'clock:
U. 8. 6s, 1881, coupon, 111J112J: D. 8.
6-20s, coupon, 1862, ll9109i; do., 1864, 061(ft
106; do., 1865, 106106; do. new, 108
1084; 6. 10-408, 99J9'JJ; D. 8. I'iOn, 1st
scries, 106J106j; do., 2d scries, 106 j 105 J;
3d scries, 105 aiOftj. Compound Interest Notes,
December. 1864, 16J; May, 1865, 15; Anetist, 1865,
14 J; September, 1865, 14 j; October. 1885, 13.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Friday, June 7. The depression which bas
characterized the Floor Market for some time
past still continues, and prices are In favor of
buyers. The demand Is confined to tho wants)
of the home consumers, who parohaaed m few
hundred barrels at S9 $ bbl. for superfine; f
10 26 for extras; 810'5012 50 for Northwestern
extra family; 111-60013 for -Pennsylvania and
Ohio do.; and $1417 for, fancy brands, accord
ing to quality. The last sale of Hye Flour waa
at $7 75. Nothing doing In Corn Meal.
Tbe Wheat Market Is almost at a stand, and
f trices are nominal. Hales of Pennsylvania red
n a small way at 12 50. live ranges from II 60
il-68per bushel. Corn Is unsettled and dull;
sales of 2000 bushels at S1-131'15, in the oars
and from store. Oats are not much. Inquired
after. Bales of Pennsylvania at 79($30o. . i
' Nothing doing In Barley or Malt.
Provisions continue inactive, but prices are
well maintained.
Whisky There Is no change to notice.
Markets by Telerraph,
Nw York, June 7. Stocks strong. Chicago and
Bock Island, 8!4; Reading. 10rl Krle, : Can
ton Company, 43: Cleveland and 1'oledo, 1 16: Cleve
land and Pitleburg, lb; PltWhurg and Fort Wayne,
9HS,; Michigan Central, lM',: Michigan Hnathern,
6H',; New York Central, Miv: Illinois Central, 119:
Cumberland preferred. Virginia ss, 87: Missouri
6s, 9tli: Hudson River, 109V. United Stales Flve-twen-tlea.
)82. 109?,; do. 1S64 Ktiii; do. 1H61. 10SH; do. new
Issue, 108V. do Ten-forties, 99V, Heven-tblrtlea, first
Issue, loeV: all others. 06. Money, 7 V cent,
blerling, 10; sight, lo4. Gold closed very dull at i&6H , ,
New YoaK, June 7. Cotton dull at 27c. Flour dull,
and declln lOtfc; sales or 4oe bbls. State, 88 50(.
11-52; Ohio, tlH'uia-ifi; Western, 85 (o12".U; Southern,
ll0'Mi($15 so. Wheat dull and HaHu, lower; Cora
quiet and unchanged. Otalo. lower; sales of West
ern at 80(gslo Rye dull, and 6(luc lower: Western,
f5O(r60. Provisions quiet aud unchanged. Whisky
OKirM orriCK.
7 A.' M......74 11 A. M ..&02 P. r ,,:
For additional Marine New tee Third Page.
Barque Bchamyl, Croskey, Cork, for orders, J. E
liaEley A Co.
Barque Auguste Tletge, Leekfleld, Havre, Workman
A Co.
Brig Kmma Erey, Parsons, Rotterdam, JL. Wester-
guard A Co.
BchrBarab Watson, Smith, Galveston, D. S. Stetson fc
Hcbr O. T. Thern, Townsend. Key West. do.
bchr E. W. Ulnes, Lane, Hartford, Westmoreland
Coal Co.
Bchr D. H. Merrlman, Tracy, Indian River, Bacon,
Collins A Co.
Fcbr Bpecie, Mmtth, Suffolk, Captain.
Bchr A. H. Cain, Biinpsuo, Halluwell, Rommell &
Bchr Cedar Orove, Webh, Mllford, Captain.
bl'r W. W hidden, Rlggans, Baltimore, J. I) Raoft
bt'r Miilvllle, Renear, Millvlile, Whltall.Talum & Co.
Br. barque Ocean, Dickson, 48 days from CardiB.wItb;
railroad Iron to K A. Bouder A Co.
Br. barque Blue Nose, Mettle, 60 days from Cardiff
With railroad Iron to L. Westergaard A Co.
Brig htar. Sparrow. 18 days from Trinidad de Cuba,
with sugar aud molasses lo 8. A W. Welsh.
bchr Bpecie. t-mitb, 6 days from Norfolk, .with
shingles to captain.
8r.hr H. Benedict, Ellis, s days from New Bedford,
In ballast to captain.
Bchr J. W. Hlnes, Lane, 4 days from New Haven, In
ballast to captalu,
fiteamer J. b. Bhrlver, Dennis, It hours from Balti
more, with rods, to A. Groves, Jr. T ,
Steamer Mlllvllle.Reaear.'il hours from New York.,
with undue, to Whitall, l atum A Co. .
Brig Fortunato, which arrived yesterday, should
have been consigned to L. Westergaard fc Co,
Oorrrtpotidmire of the Phtlcutrlphta Xmhanoe,
Lbwks. Dol.. June 88 P. M. The following vessels
are at anchor in the roadstead: Brig Nellie Clltlord,
t days Irom Matauxas, with sugar, for Philadelphia;
schrs Sarah K Simmons and Caroline Hall, from Cape -
Ann. aud Federal Hin. Irom Port Deposit, ail with
stone for Delaware Breakwater.
1 he following vessels Irom Philadelphia went to sea-
to-day: Brigs Potosl, for CroDHtadt; Eolus, for Cork;.
K. A. Barnard, for Matansas; Veaus, for BL John, N.
B.: Mariposa, for Boston; and W. H. Parks, for Savan
Scbr W. II. Malller, Murch, tor Philadelphia, cleared
at Calais 1st lost.
Bchr terro Oordo. Tlodgdon, for Philadelphia, sailed
from NewburyporMlh lust,
schrs Saratoga, Piukham, ami Virginia. Bearse, for
Philadelphia, sailed from Providence r.ch Inst.
Schr Electric Flash, McDonald, henoe.at Uloucestee
4lBchrsUL. B. Wing. Endlcott, and A. J 8. Brown, Fiske.
for Philadelphia, sailed Irom Fall R ve r bia jnst.
Schr b. E. Joues. i'lsu, fwr Philadelphia, sailed Irom
BtotorL NhOt Palna. Doane: O. E. Bent Smith; J. W.
Hal l.lckSJSS K! V.Olow I n-arsa .11: and Ann 3.
SSIU'i? cleared at
CbchrsWJabconUKlenle. Lake and J. H. Hand, Hand,
heuce. at Kewburyport d Inst.
New York, June 7. Arrived, steamship City ot
Was'hinMtou 114th ult.
uteauislilp Minnesota, from Liverpool ah ult.
bieuoiMlilo Corsica, Irom Havana 1st lust., via Nas
sau. The Am brhcaiillne Proteus, or Portland, weul
ashore at Orange Cays but was gotten off aval a.
Costs k8 M on boic, 1 u ne 7. '1 he pilot-boat Coquelte
boarded yesterday the brig Sea Nymph, from Rio
Janeiro, In Hampton Howls, with orders: barque
.Aquhlnerk, from Rio Janeiro, and schr Valeria, Iroui
V est Indies, both for Baltimore.
Ktw YoaK. Juoe , Arrived, steamship Nevada,
Bmttb, Irom Ureylown. . .
tsieamxhlp L. Moore Wallace, from Wilmington.
Steamship Niagara, Blakeman, from Rlotiiuoud.,
Ship Charlotte, natgen, Irom Bremen.
Brig C. A. Ltllleueld. from Buones Ayres.
Barque Sophia, Johanusen, from Klo Jeuelro.
payable three years """V """ interest ou the notes
at this orlii-e lor redeu pi on. i"1" ... b .d
dred, each denoui nation Pr'' bu"
be bad un appw"v- McKIBBIM.

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