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VOL. VIII-No. 130.
nrnrTr in
The astonishing success which hn attended this
Invaluable medicine proves It lo he " the roost perfect
remedy ever dlso-vered. No lang ioge oan convey an
adequate lda of the Immediate and almost miracu
lous t hange which It occasions 10 e debilitated and
shattered system. J a fact, itsstatwli unrivalled m a
remedy lor the permanent cure of
Loesef Muscular Energy,
Phj ileal Prostration,
Bou-reteDtlon or
InconUneDcy ot
InUammatlen, or l'!eration of
the BUddsr
aad Kidneys,
Die eases of the
Prostata Oland,
Stone In the Bladder,
Calculus, and
all Diseases or
Affections of the Bladder and Kl'neys. and Dropsical
Swellings existing tn Men, Women, or Children.
These Irregularities are the cane of frequently re
cnrrlug disease: and through neglest. the seed of more
grave and dangerous maladies are the result; and as
month alter month passes without an effoi being
made to ass'st nature, the difficulty becomes chronic,
the pstlent gradually loses appetite, the bowels are
connlpted, night sweats come on. and consumption
finally ends the patient's career.
Tor sale by all Druggist. Prepared by
H. T. HELM BOLD, ErugfjlM.'
No. b94 BROADWAY. New York.
rhe astonishing sucoess which has attended this
invaluable medicine proves It to be the most perfect
remedy ever discovered. No language can coavey
an adequate Idea of the Immediate and almos". mira
culous change which It occasions to the debilitated
and shattered system. In laot.lt stands unrivalled
as a remedy for the permanent oure or
Loss ot Muscular JCnergy,
Physical Prostration,
Kon-ietentlon or
Incontlnency of
Inflammation, or Ulceration or
the Bladder
and Kidneys,
Diseases of the
Prostate Oland.
Btone In the Bladder,
Calculus, and
' all Diseases or
4 Beetle ds of the Bladder and Kidneys and Dropsical
welllngs existing lu Men, Women, or Children.
For sale by all Druggists. Prepared by
These Irregularities are the cause of frequently re
currlng disease; and through negleot. the seed ot
more grave and dangerous maladiee are the result
end as month after month passes without an effort
being made to assist nature, the difficulty becomes
cbronle, the patient gradually loses appetite, the
owels are constipated, nlght-swate come on, and
onsumptlon finely end the patient's career. .
H. T. HELM BOLD, Druggist,
No. 594 BROADWAY, N. Y.
The astonishing success whlcn has attended this
invaluable wediome proves It to be theimost perfect
remtdy ever discovered. No lauguage can convey an
adequate Idea of the Immediate and almost miracu
lous change which It occasions to the debilitated and
nattered system. In 't, It stands unrivalled as
eniedy for the permanent care of
Lobs ot Muscular Energy,
Pbyelcal Prostration.
It digestion,
Noo-ielentlon or
IncontlneEcy of
Inflammation, or Ulceration of
the Bladder .
and Kidneys,
Diseases ol the -Prostate
btone In the Bladder,
Calculus, and
all ul eases or
ABiCloBS cf the Bladder and Klflueys.and Dropsical
Hwelllugs existing lu men, Woinvu or Children,-
These-Irregularities are the can-, ol frequently re
earring disease; and throng neu'ect, tbe seed of
Biore grave and dangerous ruaUlies are the result;
and as month afier nioulb passus wl bout an effort
being made to asilst nature, the dllltoulty be0omea
chronic, the patient gradually les appetite, th
bowels are coomlpated, ntgbl-swuais couie on and
entuinpllon Dually euds the pa Id it's career.
Jor sale by all Diugglst. Prepared by
, . H. T; II ELM BOLD, Druggist,
No, M BROADWAY, New Yorn.
The Cra"1 Volcanlo Eruption of
1 867- "A Pillar of Cud by
Day and a Klor of
Flro r,v Wight."
Natlks, Wov. 15. AU summer long, under
the blazing nun, Mount Vesuvius ha stood
silent and wltliuut a sign of life, like any other
Kreat heap of earin anu ashes. The few visitors
who cniue here, after tbe canonization at
Home, lu Jaue, despite the prevalence ol the
cholera, were, of course, disappointed at seeing
ft mere hill, lu no respects dillerlng irotn otber
bills when viewed from a distance, instead of
toe smoking, flaming mountitln which pictures
of Vetuvlus bad led them lo expeot. Humbling
through tlio ruins of 1'ompull an -4 Herculu
netitu, Uiey were unable to realize bow
such tremendous havoo could bave been
caused by t-o apparently commonplace an
eievatlon as Vesuvius seemed to be. Even
when you ascended tbe mountain ltseif,andsaw
t he Jets of smoke curllug beneat h your feet, and
felt tbe heitt of tbe abbes, and smelt tbe sul
phuric odors, arid looked down tbe horribly
rough, rugged, and ghastly crater, filled wild
fumes and vapor,aua suggesting a close con
nection, through subterranean passages, with
tbe Infernal regions. It was not easy to recon
cile the appearance of tbe volcano with what
you bad read or beard of. Us magnificence and
power. But now Vesuvius Is in flames, the
earth trembles, and one of tbe most sublime
spectacles on earth is presented to our eyes.
All summer long tbe veteran guides of Naples
bave binted lo visitors that au eruption was at
band, basing tbelr predictions upon observa
tions and experiences of which tbe ordinary
tourist can know Homing, liut, as usual, these
predict ions were regarded as mere traps tt in
duce travellers to stay awhile longer at this
most seen lo, most Jovial, and most enjoyable of
Continental cities, and were listened to with
incr.cdulous smiles and shakes of tbe head.
When tbe autumn came tbe attention of the
guides and of everybody else was attracted by
another eruption, more interesting tbeu than
the predicted outbreak of Vesuvius. Gari
baldi bad declared his crusade against
Home, and tbe red shirts were again to take
tbe field, lluudreds of gay, laughing Noapoi'.
tan; lads turned out to follow tbelr 'Cader to
"Howe or death," and are now seeping forever
beneath tbe grasses of. Monte iiotondo and
Montana, when the Ill-starred crusade was
over, fears Were entertained by tbe Government
that tbe returning Garlbaldlana and tbelr
friends at Naples, already disaffected towards
tbe King would at once undertake a revolu
tion, and It was whispered about that Mazzlnl
was on hand to bead tbe movement. In fact,
two or three emules did occur, but nothing
serious, and tbe Government had so strength
ened tne garrison of the city that any rising
short of a general revolt or the populatlou
could be instantly crushed. So tbe authorities
watched the people, and the people grumbled
about Garibaldi's arrest and French Interven
tion, end tbe strangers hurried away to Home
so soon as tbe Eternal City was relieved from
siege, and nobody thought of Vesuvius, staud
ing sulkily in tbe distance, and hardly distin
guishable from otber aJjacent bills.
Last nigbt, however, as II Jealous of these
counter attractions, and tired of Us long lu ac
tion, tbe famous volcano suddenly burst forth
In a glory of smoke and flame. Everybody
was tukeu by surprise. All Naples was In a
stale of excitement . SigDor Palmier!, the
Superintendent of tbe National Observatory,
wbo ought to have anticipated the eruption
and been upon tbe spot with his Instruments,
started at once In haste for the mountain, to
record scientifically the progress of ibe phe
nomena, lie found ten new craters forme., or
in course ol formation, in and near the great
central crater. These new craters are arm 11 at
present, averaging five or six feet in diameter;
but they constantly tbrow out red-hot stones
and cinders, and slowly vomit forth boiling
lava. Tbe lava now pours into and upon tbe
central crater; when that is filled, It will roll
down the side of tbe mountain, as In the days
when Pompeii was smothered and Hercuia
neuin choked out of existence by an eruption
as sudden, but much more terriflo than ibis.
Mount Vesuvius, you will remember, is about
ten miles from Naples, and tbe mountain
proper is about twenty-four huudred feet blgh,
uscendlng by a very gradual slope. Hut from
tbe top of tbe mountain, perched nearly lu the
centre, rises a truncated cone fifteen hundred
feet high, and this contains tbe crater of ibe
volcano. Tbe eruption of 1838 gave the interior
of this cone the lorm of an old-fushtoned tea
cup, the sides varying in thickness from five
hundred to forty feet, and the Inside being
about rive hundred feet deep. The present
eruption has not yet changed this form, and
the new craters have not greatly modified the
interior of tbe cone. At any moment, however,
ibe demon wbo groans beneath tbe mountain
In bis burning lied may transform the whole
exterior of Vesuvius.
Such outbreaks as this which we are now per
mitted to observe may be tbe preliminaries of
an immediate eruption on tbe grandest possi
ble scale, or may die away, after a few weeks,
not to be renewed in many months or years.
Nobody can tell whether tbe scenes of 1M17,
1850, and 1865 are to be repeated, or whether this
la merely a theatrical display, ending harm
lessly, and serving only to detain visitors at
Naples and attract crowds of tourists. Thus fir
It presents the combined phenomena of red-hot
stones, cinders, and lava.- These phenomena
are not always coincident. Although there
were undoubtedly streams of lava from tbe
volcano in A. 1). 79, yet there is no very ac
curate record of the discharge of liquid lava
until lOJti. Home eruptions bave been accom
panied by earthquakes, others have not; but
iiow Ibe earth rumbles beneath the feet of
those wbo visit tbe mountain, detonations are
heard, as from subterranean cannon, and the
ground trembles as though It were about to
f awn in hideous chasms and swallow up all
I vlng things. Only when you pass down from
the loose ashes of tbe cone, aorois the lack,
desolate bells of Jagged scorlut, and reach the
rich, smiling vlneyurds at the foot of tbls fiery
end uneasy monster, does the sense of seourity
return, and even then this sense of security is
again albsiputed when you glance back at tbe
smoking craters and recollect bow fart lie wluds
bave olten carried tbe fatal showers of mudand
ashes that Vesuvius vomits forth. This is the
time to visit Pom pull and to Inspect what re
Drains of lierculaneum; for In full view, aud
apparently preparing for another outburst, is
Hie agency wnich destroyed them. Hodom and
Gomorrah were hardly more wicked than the
otber cities of the plain. Pompeii and liercu
laneum were certainly not moie Immoral than
modern Naples, lias Providence changed His
f ilens of puulslirnenl, or Is vice to be dealt with
n the old way 7
Thinking of this Scriptural parallel rooalls
perhaps the best description that can be given
of tbe present appearance of Vesuvius, 'i he
flames rise like that pillar of Are by night,
aud the smoke curls upwards like that plilar
of cloud by day which led the children of
Israel through the wllderneug towards the
promised land. At night, contrasting grandly
with the surrouuding gloom, a cone of tire
flashes cousiaully iromathe crater. The sight
is so beautiful, so bewildering, so eagrossiug,
that It was Impossible to bleep last evening.
Crowds of peoplo were in the slreeis, or at the
windows, or driving upon the Chi Ja, watch
ing and commeutiug upon tbe display.
As Ibis letter is written early in the inornlDg
to catch the quickest mall, the speoUcle iroiu
my window Is superb. Near Vesuvius, lv suo.
is rising In a glory of crimson aud gold, tinging
the pale blue of tbe morning sky, glowinur in
tbe lew fleecy clouds that s&lrt tbe horizon,
and dancing In a thousand prlsmallo hues Uou
the calm waters of the beautiful bay. Uofroin
the volcano, the thick black smoke rolU in
heavy volumes, as thoiigh destined to drkeu
the day. No flumes are lo be seen, for the suu's
rays have quite eclipsed theni now, Junl as
the darkness of the night conceal the smoke
and leaves onlv the cone of the Ore vislblo in
Us strange, weird beauty. If the reports wnich
hve rt ached us here of tremenilou toruailms
at the West Indies be true, and Jf tho mete i io
nhowfrs auiionneed by astronomers fir List
evening xeie observed lu other pails of the
glnbe, may not philosophic fart go hand in hand
with speculative fancy, and conned fiese
simultaneous natural phenomena In some com
prehensive theory showing how the operations
of nature in one hemisphere are accompanied,
supplemented, and completed by ooenrrence
in another hemisphere, Just as remote portions
of a great and Intricate machine are moved by
aud depend npnn each other, so that the same
convnlKlon which causes the storm also occa
sions the eruption T
Tb Claims Affaluat Ma I ml I la a tattled
' . Wfaeraabonta of Ueoeral Marqusi.
Havana, Nov. Private" rorrsnnndonort
from Mexico stales that Vice- A d m iral Teg h o(f
before leaving the capital settled all outstand
ing accounts against the late Emperor, Inclu
ding even many that were well-known Imposi
tions. The Princess Halm-Ralm has published
a flat denial or tbe statement that she is the
daughter of an American Ueneia'. Gehcal
Marqucz was again reported to be la Matn
niorsH. CUBA.
Illness of Santa Anna Convicts for Fer
nando Po.
Havaka, Nov. 26, via Key West, Nov. 29.
Banla Anna is sick here. He has two physi
cians attending him, but Is not considered In
danger. He nor Aranatave, Inspector ol Tele
crnphs in Cuba, has been sick for three days,
lie is still dangerously ill. Tbe steam frigate
Gerona has brought hither one-half of tbe con
victs who were sentenced for the late murder
ous attempt at Jail breaking In Santiago. They
are to be transported to Africa, there to serve
out their penally. Home of these convicts are
reported to be respectably connected on tbe
Birthday of the Prince of tho Asturlas
Prince Salm-Balm Awaiting; the ArrW
val of tho Norirs,
Havana, Nov. 29. Yesterday having been
the birthday anniversary of the Infanta Alfonso-FranclBco-de-AHls
Fernando Plo-Juan-Mai lade
la Concepcton-Gregorlo, Prince of the AslurUs.
who is now ten years of nge, was celebrated
here by a grand levee at tbe palace. Prince
Ralm-Salm did not sail by tbe Panama for . St.
Nn.aire, as expected, but is still here awaiting
tbe arrival of the Austrian steam frigate Novara,
With Maximilian's remains.
Arrival of American Emigrants City
v Improvements.
Georgetown, Demerara, Nov. 10. One hun
dred and eighty persons, emigrants from the
Bouthern Slates of tbe United H'ates of Ame
rica, have arrived In this city. Tbey come as
settleis, and are likely to make a valuable ad
dition to tbe population of tbe colony. This
town, the capital, is to be lighted with gas im
mediately. We bave had very little rain
during tbe past week. The weather la hot.
A Barber Suspected of Dishonesty Takes
The Davenport (Iowa) Gazette of the 23d Inst,
has tbe following particulars of the suicide at
that place of a young Bwiss barber, who for
merly worked In that city, where he was ac
cused of crime. In consequence of tbls latter
event be killed himself by taking morphine.
Tbe Oatetle says:
Yesterday morning a young man, a barber by
trade, a nalive of Switzerland, was fouDd dead
in his bed at tbe residence of Mr. Hlcbard Ltch
tenbeld, his employer, Sleffen's building. N. K.
corner of Hecond street and Western avenue.
Dr. Tomson, Coroner, was Bent for, and the fol
lowing Jury of inquest sworn: Aug. Juncke,
Ph. Kuglebard, and William A. Hooit. Upon
examining the coat pockets of tbe deceased,
tn.oe letters, written in a plain German hand,
were found. - One was to bis parents, one to bis
employer, and tbe otber lo bis cousins living lc
Wisconsin. Tbe letters are as follows:
"My Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Relatives;
After all I take the lioeriy to inform you, my dar
parents, that I auall, this evening, the 21st November,
lM7,putan eud to my Hie. I take the liberty of in
forming yon of this tact, that I do not wish to live any
longer; and I would ilka you all to know I have done
no wrong, and do It with a good consclenca. Kvar
since 1 nave been absent from home I have aoted as
an upright, honest man, and 1 di not wish you lo
grieve about It, Adieu, my dears, adieu.
"To Katrlna W. and Matthias W leaser, SkUUvis,
Switzerland, Europe."
Tbere was a similar letter addressed to Faults
Kunclert, New Glavis, Green county, Wiscon
sin. Also a third, written to a classmate, in
which the aulbor said be had lived long
enough, aud directing as to tbe disposal of his
In tbe suicide's coat pocket was found a sixty
grain bottle (original package) of sulphate of
morphine. From this about eighteen grains
were missing.
Tbe only reason his employer can assign for
the act Is tbe fact that while he was working in
Chicago an intoxicated man that he bad abaved.
claimed to have lost bis poeketbook.ooutalnlng
a sum of money, and alleged tbat young Wlob-set-
took: it. The friendless young barber,
although protesting his entire innocence, was
arrested and locked up in tbe Chicago Jail,
where be was kept for five weeks. Tbere being
no evidence against him, tbe grand Jury did not
flnd.a bltl of indictment, and be was discharged.
This unfortunate affair continued to prey upon
his mind, and being of a sensitlva nature, he
never got over it. Undoubtedly this unjust
suspicion drove him to take his own life. Ills
employer and friends here have never doubted
his honesty.
Interesting; Information abanl tho
Misses Morgan Rare Instances of De
voted Friendship.
From the Louitville Courier, Nov, 27.
The four unfortunate Misses Morgan, who
were burnt to death by tbe dreadful accident
on tbe railroad, near Cincinnati, on Thursday
morning last, were ladies of education, refine
ment, goodness, and respeolabliily, and, as we
have already stated, daughters of Ibe late
Benjamin Morgan, Esq., formerly of tbe firm
of Price & Morgan, merobanls in PnlladelpbU,
and alierwards President of tbe Bank of Loui
siana, at New Orleans, and Interested In large
sugar estates.
At tbe time Messrs. Price and Morgan dis
solved partnership, tbey each possessed a nand
eonie fortune, and tbey mutually agreed that In
case of pecuniary misfortune or loss befallihg
either of them, the other (if still in goodolrcum
stances) whs to share bis property with the un
furl uuute one.
Many years afterwards Mr. Chandler Trice
failed in Philadelphia, and Mr. lleujumin Mor
gan transit rred to bim a fine row of buildings
on Tcboupltoulas street, New Orleans, dome
years after, aud about the time of Mr. Morgan's
death, the lutter became much embarrassed by
cut'orseirients for bis arqualu lances. Mr. Price
having, iu the meantime, accumulated another
lorlune, after ..the death of bis old partne , re
conveyed the same valuable property on Tctiou
pitoulus street to Mr. Morgan's children.
This is one of the rare Instances, in mis life,
of lailhful, honorable, and undying friendship,
aud quite as exlraoidliiary as that all lour of
the daughters should ho killed at one fell
hv oi p, a thousand utiles from home.
For the above f.icU v e are Indnbted to au
esteemed fellow-clllzen, who was loug an lull
mule personal friend of Mr, Morgnn. and si mm
lilt deaih a devoted friend of the family.
Agitation Against Federated I-gtala.
lion A Bhoit Hcsslon o' Parliament.
OTTAWA, Nov. H9. Last-nhtht Mr. Mills' bill
for an act to dlsqualliy members frm siltlnij
and voliug in Hie general -and local IjhmIJu
lutes was, alter a warm debate, wli hdrawu. it
may be biought bp again next session.
1 lie I.eglblulures of Nova Heollasnd New
Hrunswlck have passed a similar act.
A liffcb proclamation has been Issued calling
the Leglslninre of Ontario lo meet on the 27itt
pioxlmo. The Legislature will only meet aud
aOjouru until alter the New Year's bolldays.
Murder In Hartford-Drowning of
Skaters at Lewlaton, Maine
Heavy Storm at Cleveland
News from Mexico and
Alaska-The Euro
pean Markets,.
Etc. Etc.
Noon Report of Markets.
Ixjwdon, Nov. 30 Noon. Consols for money
opened at 94; United States Five-twenties, 71;
Illinois, 8J Erie Hallroad. iVA.
Livebpool, Nov. 80 Noon. The Cotton Mar
ket is dull, and quotations are unchanged. The
sales are estimated at 10,000 bales.
Breadstuff's are dull.
Two o'clock Market Report.
London, Nov. 302 I M. Consols, 9113-10;
United States Five-twenties, 71; Grlo Hallroad,
47; Illinois Central Railroad, 87
Liverpool, Nov. 30. Cotton continues dull
and has declined l-16d. Tbe sales will probably
not exceed KO0O bales. Upland middlings are
quoted at 7d.; and Orleans middlings, 7d.
Breadstuff's Red Wheat Is quoted at 13s. Id.
for No. 2 We item. Corn, 47s. 9d. California
Wheat, 16s. 8d. Barley, 6s. 4d. Oats, 3s. lid.
Peas, 49s. 6d.
Provisions Lard, 49s. 6 '. Bacon, 4 is. Bebf,
112s. 8d., for wintei cured. Pork, 70s. Lard,49.
Gd. Cheese, 52s.
Produce-Sugar, 26s. 6d., for No. 12 Dutch
standard. Common Rosin, 7s. 9d.; medium, lis.
Tallow, 44s. Turpentine, 27s. Spirits Petroleum,
2s. j refined, Is. 3)1. Cloversoed, 80i,
Naws from Mexico and Alaska, Etc.
Ban Francisco, Nov. 30. The Mexican Con
sul has received his correspondence, showing
tbat the amendments to the Constitution pro
posed by President Juares bave probably been
adopted, tbe majority In Durango and the
adjoining States being large. Juarez received a
majority in every Slate for President. The vote
for Governor of Sinaloa is 'a tie between Rabie
and Mt .nines, and a new election is to be held.
An explosion occurred to-day In the Paolflo
Powder Mills, at San Rafael. Three men are
missing, and another man was seriously
Late advices from Alaska report continued
and severe rains. A political meeting has been
held to frame corporate regulations for the
government of the town of Sitka.' A Mason lo
Lodge has been organised, and a dispensation
asked for from the Grand Lodge or Washington
All articles are held at exorbitant prices at
Murder in Hartford.
HAbtford, Nov. 80. Mr. Richard Bradley,
aged eighty-one years, a Jeweller on First street
In this city, an old bachelor and a quiet and In
offensive man, was murdered at 7 o'clock on
the evening of the 28th, by an English thief
named John Brooks and a colored man named
Alexander Henry, wbo broke into his store and
robbed it of a few articles of cheap Jewelry,
knocking Mr. Bradley down and gagging him
with haftdkerohlef. Both villains have been
From Lewiston, Maine.
Lkwiston, Nov. 80. In the case ol the
People against Lutber J. Verrlll, convicted of
the West Auburn murder, the court, with fall
bench, overruled the exceptions to lndlotment
on amotion for a new trial in the cose of Verrll,
being made on ground ol newly discovered evi
dence, and It will be argued before Judge Wat
son at the January term of the Nisi Prlus.
Two deaths from drowning, and several nar
row escapes ef skaters from similar deaths,
ocourred In this city on Thanksgiving bay.
From Cleveland.
Cleveland, Nov. 80. A heavy storm, with
strong wind, has been raging slnoe midnight,
with some snow and freetlng.
The barque Potomac, laden with telegraph
poles, ran on tbe piles against the Marine Hos
pital at 9 o'clock, this morning. The crew were
saved, but tbe vessel is pounding heavily on the
piles and bottom, and will probably break np.
From Fortresa Monroe.
Fobtbkss Monroe, Nov. 28. Thanksgiving
at the PoiPt passed off very quietly. Work
was suspended In the various departments,
and the boys all turped out to witness a game
of base ball between tbe Old Point Club, or
ibis place, and tbe Crelghton Club, of Nor
folk, which was won by the latter, by a score of
Fenian Meeting.
New IIavhn, Nov. 80. A spirited Fenian
meeting was held in tbls city last evening. The
Mayor presided, and addresses were made by
General T. P. Spear.Unlted Slates Army, Mayor
Sperty, and (leorge F. Gardner, of New Haven.
A lai ge number Joined tbe Fenian organisation.
Death of a Prominent Citizen.
Worciktkb, Nov. 30. George T. Rice, Kq.,
one of our most prominent citizens, and for
several years President of the Worcester and
Nashua Railroad, and President of the Wor
cester Gas Company, died on Thanksgiving
Arrival of the Aleppo.
New York, Nov. 30. Arrived, steamer Aleppo
from Liverpool.
" Markets by Telegraph.
SlwYom, JJov. 80. Blocks are steady. Chicago
and Kock Istand, stiSi Heading, on.: Cauioo Coiim.
ny. iby,: Erie Kailroud. Clevelsnd aud To'edo,
lu'k! f'lBvlunri and PIUsDiirK. 8iJ.: Plttsburir and
lort Wayne. V'u Michigan Ceutral, tlOij,'; MtchUaa
Km thern too'.'; New York 1et.tral. 118?'; Illluolt Cen
tral, 1V Cumberland preierred, nm: Missouri si,
D6S,; Hudson ltiver, lai1.: U. H. Flve-twen'lea, iKHi,
ion1,; do. 14. lofiM; do i8i, lue'i': Ten-fortiea, lux;
rven-thlrile, im,. Money 7 per ceut, Exchang-,
mux. old, 1364.
Pan Fsancisco. Kov. go. Flour Is quiet at 7 6'8.
Wlit at firm at 'i vij,2-65. iKal-leuders, 7&'.
A levsre Storm on Lake Michigan.
1 he gale of Holiday night on Lake Michigan
was unparalleled for violence, raging for some
twelve hours, and causing a loug catalogue of
disasters along the western coast. The mam
moth propeller Coloiad. with a cargo for
Hurtulo insured at $100,000, was beached while
trying to inuke the harbor of Mltwaukle.
v. ill he easily got oftl Theschoone" "
jaon Parker, l'oouet' -sels
were bee'1'
bark Tuba '
Point. r
FIFTH E 0 1 T 1 0 M
Explosion Yesterday at
Ktc Klc.,-Klt., K.to. Kte., Kle,
J3U Atlantic Cable.
Liverpool, Nov. 30 Noon. The explosion on
the steamship Buurbonllna occurred at 6 A. M.,
while steam was being raised preparatory to
Ler departure for Greece. There were seventy,
three persons on beard, of whom forty wera
killed. The vessel, which was loaded with arms
and munitions of war, was formerly the Colonel
Lamb, built in 1864, lor a blocksde runner.
She was cut entirely In two by the eioloslou.
The Cunard Comoany are to receive 80,030
for tbe weekly maily service to New York, by
the terms of the new contract.
The Forthcoming President's Message.
Washington, Nov. 30.-The President's Mes
sage Is now in type. It was aain the subject of
Cabtoet consideration to-day, all the members
being present, ipoludlpg General Grant,
Lake Disaster.
DtJNElBK, N. Y., Nov. 30. The propeller
Oweeo went ashore last night, In a bad snow
Morm, four miles above Dud kirk. She is full of
water, and pounding on the rocks. A life-boat
has gone out to Iry and gave her crew.
Aki Ei-
Hayor Falls, Becomes Insane, and
Attempts wmclde.
The Kamai State Journal has the following:
"Mr. W. 11. It. Ly kins, a prominent Dan iter
of this city, who was last year Mayor of this
city, and lias always been esteemed for his
honorable business relations, failed a few
weeks since wltn asrets nominally amounting
lo (70,0110, and liabilities to the amount of
168,000. He is now laboring under a fit of in
sanity, from which tbe worst results are to be
apprehended. Yesterday he was on the street:
in tbe afiernoon Ueoeral Delizler, Colonel
Learnard, and Mr. Ed. Kldrldge called upnn
bim at his bouse n business. Seeing them
approach be fled to his cellar, locked it, and
told tbem they were coming to kill bim. They
plead wit h h)m to come out and come up to tue
parlor. Finally be came out of the cellar, and
seeing his unforlunate condition, tbey were
compelled to carry bim by main force to bis
parlor, be all tbe while resisting to bis utmost
strength. Here he told Mr. Hidridge tbat he
should kill him, that he. Eldrldge, bad at
tempted several times to take bis lire, eto. His
wile sKcoeeded in partially calming bim, when
at intervals be would say tbat he knew Mr.
KMrlclgewas bis friend, and that all the party
were bis friends. Tbese seml-lucld Intervals
would last but a few moments, however, when
be would re. apse and become perfeotlv frantto,
threaienlng to take bis own life, eto. Dr. Freu-Ut-4
was with bim last evening, but up to tbe
I recent bour of writing but little enoourav
couiu u given or immediate relief
w one we nope ror ine nest, we fear that his lie
best, we fear that his neiw
vous system is so utterly
may De entertaineu ot
' Sentence of General Ouster Approved.
Bt. Louis, Nov. 28. The Republican has a de
spatch from Fort Leavenworth, dated Novem
ber 25, which says: "Brevet Major-General
Custer, Lleutenanl-Colonel.'of tbe 7th Cavalry,
whose case was sent to Washington some time
ago for the President's final notion, was reeelved
here and sentence read before the troops on
drees parnde this evening, Home of the charges
upon which be was tried were absence from his
command without leave, and leaving bis men
iu the hands of ibe Indiana without any efTort
to rescue them; making undue haste on his re
turn march, thereby causing much damage to
tbe stock, and couduot prejudicial to good
military discipline. It finds him guilty and
suspends him ftom rank and pay proper for
Tbe Bine Hldge on Fire.
The Lynchburg (Va.) Republican says: "The
mountains in all parts of the country are on
tire, and the air Is dente with tbe hovering
masses of smoke. Combined with the baza of
tbe Indian summer, whose genial reign Is even
now oer the land, the smoue so obscures the
heavens as to render tbe sun almost Invisible.
The people of Tazewell, as we learn from the
(Gazette, bave had to work day and night lo
fight the fire away from their houses aud
fences. The dead and fallen leaves are very
dry, by reason of tbe protraoted drought, and
the flames devour them ,wlih great rapidity
and fury."
IlKARnOB at thb Cjutbax Station. Before
Alderman Beltler, at 2 o'clock to-day, George
White was charged wltb knocking down aud
btallng another man, at Ninth and Hansom
streets, this morning. Heserve Officer Hender
son ai rested both the parties. Tbe other was
too drunk to bave a bearing. White waa held
In 500 bail to keep the peace.
TbomasSmith (colored) was arraigned upon
the charge of stealing a coat from th office of
Dr. K. K. Hutchins, No 2Htt Bouth Fifth street.
Ue was held for a further bearing.
James Kmitb and George Mitchell were
charged with being professional thieves. A lot
of burglars' tools were found among tbelr
clothes In a room at the Glrard House, where
they were slopping. Tbey were held la SjOUU
ball for a further hearing.
.Ojtucs or thb Evkntno Thlwibapbt,
DKUlUW, BUY, OU, 100,
Yesterday the stock of tbe Lehigh Coal and
Navigation Company commenced to look up,
and closed at 31 a decided advance. There
seems to bave been no good reason for the sad
den fall of lis stock, except the series of unpro
fjltlous circumstances which surrounded the
recent acts of Its management, yfe would not
impute the decline to error, so far as tbe Direc
tors are concerned, but It seems that ordinmy
caution would have prevented the sudJen flood
ing of the market with the new issue of stock,
an event which must be followed by a general
breaking up of established prices. But whether
the result was due to maoagerial mistake, or
to unavoidable misfortune is not of so much im
portance to-day. The old President and Board
of Dlrectois have wisely tendered their resigna
tions, and the place of President was tillod by
the election of Edward YV. Clark, Esq., while
the Directorship was accepted by Edward W.
Clark, Clarence II. Clark, John Welsh, aud
George F. Tyler. The Company Is, therefore, now
in new and much abler hands. Under their
tare we can feu uo reason for anything but con
tinued prosperity. The field of its operatior
must be henceforth a mo-t lucrative one
with proper fJoanjiul ab''--speedily
recov"1 f-
pr-e- '
; and
..,albt iltBiftorv:
unchanged; th new fsfue sold at lOHQIOlJ;
and old do. nt97J. :
Kanroad shares were the mnt active on the
lift. Reading fold at 47 94 lOOiWIS, a Flight de
dine; Pennsylvania Railroad at 49, no change;
Carurien and Amboy at 126, a deolini" l ;
Mlnehtll at 67. no change; and Lehigh Valley .
at GOK'iSi, a rlecliue of 4; 23 was bid for Li til o
8chujlklll; G4 for NorristowB; 32 for Noftb
Prnn.vlvanla; 2U fr Catawlsea preferred; 254 -for
Philadelphia and Erie; and i1 for Northern
City raesengcr Railroad shares wcra firmly
Bank shares were In good demand for Invest
ment at full prices, but we hear of no sales.
Canel shares were dull.
Onotatlons of Gold 10$ A. M., 1331; 11 A. M,
134: VI M,. 138: i P. M.. 138, a decline cf on
tbe i Wmi pr'e lt evetiinn. ,
The New York TmiaV$ nwu'r.? tftj:
"Thra was not a turfs loq'ilry for E1'!- .
broker lo-o.v fit 7 r rom., end LuimweC
wr vol:ntiirll tnoTl hf w hn',4 j.t,, u ',,t
nioiiej lender, hi tern. n h,-.,,,! ,,, ', h(t
lending houses ol Ui Mot Kxftian. --Tim ui v
merit of cnrrenc to and Imm the wiuiury la ou lh ' "
wrole. partial, y In favor of th ohy. though tnn In
clination of exrbnni e at w Or enna lw turned in
tlie opposite direction within a dy or two. We
understand, however, thst the Treasury Is disposed
to sell Its transfer drafts at thiit point at a smalt
premium, which wood dHpeo.e with the transmis
sion of grrpnbscks or national bulk notes."
The N. Y. Jribune tbls morning cays:-.
"Jrcny Is easier on call, ard leading housra uavo
moreortVrcd at 7 per ceoi. than they can use. At
Hank there Is more currency lor commercial paper,
and a better market upon the street fur merchant
hills. The rates are 7(ft. aud 10(412 per cent, fur
second-class names."
Reported by fiebaveu A Jiro., .No. 40 &, Third street
I3WS-3ns 'M-CP lift
12 sb MlnHlll R ST
fix city ds. few....iuls
IH00 do. Nf w.cliu"4
loo do. New..csinis
!1(K0 de.New KilV
Ift O do...OM c 97H
IWK) do.Oid.2cf.o
lloo N Penna 6s 8s
1 sh Cam A Am
M do ls-cili
4S sh Femia M..ls
1 . do .... 60
9 sh Leh V K 6!
M do.... 60V
1 do O. MiS
ine do... c. 6?i
ii o do beo. m
10 sh Head ILslUwiu 48
2(l do...ia..slu- 48
2u0 do ls..e 48
luo do..MjS0. 48
100 du...... 48
100 do sawn. 41
2(11 do.....H.c 48
200 do.....ls.sS. 48
100 do...j10wn47 tl
200 do b0. 48 '
14 sb Leh Nst.... ai.
loo do ....... jSO. SIX
156 do....... Is- 8i
too do..-....s6u. MX
107 do.......ls. 8li
100 do....b30. US
. Brother. So. to Booth
Messrs. De Haven
Third street, report the following rate of ex
change to-day at 1 P. M. : U. 8. 6a of 1881, 112J
(31134; do. 1862, .107i10fiJ; do., 18, 105
1064; do., 1865, 106JlOGi; do., 1865, new, 107iKa
108f; do., 1867, new, 107.108i; do. 6, HMOs,
102&102J; do. 7-30s, June, 105J 1054 ; do.,
July, 1054O105; Compound Interest Notes,
June, 1864, 119-.0; do., July, 1864, llSWOi
do. August, 1864, 119-40; do., October, 1864,
119-40jt20; do. December, 18H4, 119119i: do..
May, 1865, 117H74; do., AupUBt. 1866. 116J
116: do., September, 1866, 116116J: do.,
October, 1866, 115i115j. Gold, 138138.
Silver, 133134.
Messrs. William Painter & Co.,' bankers,
No. 86 S. Third street, report the following
rates of exchange to-day at li o'clock : Gold,
138138 J: 0. S. 6s, 1881, 11331134; D. 8.6-208.
1862. 107J108f. do.. 1864, 105jrfilf)5; do., 1866.
loegioei; do. July, 1865, 107i(a;108J; do. July,
1867, 108108; 6a, 10-40s, 1021024; U. 8.
7-308, 2d series, 105ai05J; 3d series, 105J&
ie; Compound Interest Notes, December, 1864.
119; May, 18C5, 1174: August, 1805, 1164; Sep
tember, 1805, 1164; October, 1805. 1154.
Messrs. Jay Cooke a Co. quote Govern
ment securities, etc., as follows: rj. s. es of
1o7irffil()81- do. 18G7 10HW1iir. in la ' inoj
ibud, iuofjoiuBi: ao., July.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Saturday. Nov. 80. Bark Tn
ntd the demand for No. 1 Queroitrou Is steady at Is
tSeeds-rioverseed Is selling at fTltxm 84 lbs
prices ofTlmothv are nominal; .Flaxseed la tken bv
tbe crushers at 12'452 60
lour Ibe market Is excessively doll, and oWraa
have declined 26o. V bai. There Is no shipping de.
B'anu. and tbe borne consumers operate soarinlT
sales of 4( 0 barrels at 7 -eos 25 f jr siipo-aue. is 60S
J-26 tor extras. 9-78io-7 for North west ern ex tri
family, l0Wd)l J for Pennsylvania and Ohio extra
family, and 134jM for fancy brands. Rye Wiou? la
dull at 8 0(4ii. Homing doloR in Corn Meal
The offerings of Wheat are -ma I, and prims lota
are in lair nemann at lormer rates; sales of snin
bnsbelsrt4at2'80(S?-W. Rve Is s-edy it illwai-M
for Pennsylvania, and Tf6iil S for Southern. Corn
ror .reoDsjivauia, ana il-su! ti for Southern. Co,
Is In mntleraW request: sales or llOfl bushels yellow i
tl-40, 20,000 bushels new rd at ll-ivai-oand si
usbelsVVsternmIx.d ail ss. ala V unch"n
sale, of Southern and Pennsylvania at 7o!i7o. No-
iiiiui muni in eunei tiariev or Malt,
For additional Marine Newt tee Seventh Paae
khaPh or rum. txxis. .
I A- lim- ,U A M. .3j P. Ii... , L 40
Barque Starllsiit. Uracler, Trieste, J. BL Baalev A
Brig J. W. Woodruff, Katon, Boston. C
Brig Clytle, Dow. Marseilles Warren, Grere!..-.
Bctir Richard Law, York, Provldenoa, Bliuiokaoa
"unfe'r11 Grlffll1' Rommel 4
Bchr J. T.' Price. Young, Washington. n
uuirfg.12, COn,0O lir0Wer, B,oluU Bo,,a' K? 4t
Pcbr U oifford, Jlrrold. Boston, Hammet A Vi
Bcbr K. Obannon, Illlks, Boston. 1.. Audenri 'I
Hchr V. Kbarp. Huarp, .Boston. J. R TomlloVon C"'
8i hr Mary. Carll. Bridneton. W. H. jj, ,
bcbr Villi. Wallace. bcull. Provldlate J? H. wt..
Bon. I " lt ei
PPlUrr ' 0UrdS- ,'r0V,,nM. J- 0.40.8,
huid5e.f,Co?k8ni Jefler" WWl, Day,
cDWrt" BrWer DIh'on- lenrled.
Pchr J. O. Thompson, Vansant, Boston." Cant.i
Bt'r Pecatur. Young, Baltliuore, J. a, Ruoo.
from Clenfuegoa, was at Port Roval. J ,"u."o.
hands sick. ' U
bcbr K. f. Crowell. Btevens. 4 days from t. ,
lown, with mrtse. to C. P. Crowell. 'dvlnce-
S f clir J. a Heniy. Wattson, IB days from n..
with lumber to captain. " "on Bangor,
bcbr T. Bordeu. Wrlghtlngton, from Pn n
bcbrM. bieelman.bteelmau, Iroru Hosuln
bclir H. A K. Corson, Brower. from Boston
bcbr J W. Vauneman, bbarp, from h., '
bclirW. Wallace, bcull. Irom Boston. " '
bcbr 1. Oidord, Jlrrold. from Rueion,
bcbr K bliannon. lllks, from Boston,
bclir J.T. Price. Young, lroiu BohIouj
bcbr V. bbarp Bbarp, from Boston,
bcbr J. O. ThompHon. Vansaut from Boston,
bclir J. If. Waluwngbt Mrower. from Boston
bcbr K K. Jackfon. Jetfers, from (!ambrldgeuor
Hcbr A. Pbaro. bbourds. Irom Provideuce.
Bcor B. Clark, (Irllllug. from New Uiudou
bcbr R. Law, York, irom Htonlngton. " f
Steamer Decatur, Young, K buurs '
with iud.se, to J, D.RuolI. a
CwrntponAence nf the PhUndelpf'' .on BMUmOIfl 1
Llwts. Del.. Nov. 2s Sbii-
pool lor Pblladeipula, pas '
lug. x ,ia KwhanoA
. c;iilefialn. irom Llvsr-
-d In Hie t'is this mora
' JObt-PK LAKltrHA.
bblp Tamerlan
Liverpool Hit-
ntt'OUB jT n., .... . u r-, .
Br. barque John Matbeus, Lougbiln, h-oin
bor, Ja., sth lust., witb logwood, eio.. to n ivr
4 Co.-vesol to O. W. Tleruadou 4 Bro T?.6l'r
Lvdia tor New York next day. Rri a L i' " briar '
tBarIMlr y Curtis, lor Philadelphia, sailed Irom
' ByVoa. Korloo. tot PhUadelpbla.cleared
u;Viomld"m. Cowan, for PhUadelphla cleared
Uvrpool lih lost. London for Phlla-
atque eiiua. .y;;i lulu iuHl.
" "i'aruwe "Cn-ni H.t
Phlladelpbla, en-
leied out at l.ouuu ,
oJBN.r-'"d ship Twll.gUt.0t
SK'Tte.m.UCa, cf
Uirw Yomg.

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