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VOL. VIII-No. 131.
11 A12AlhA
. . . I
An null Report of General Grant.
Great Redaction of Military Expenditure!
Reports of the Military Commanders.
JCte-, Kte., Etc., Kte., Kte., Kte.
The following it General Grant's Report as
General-in-Cblcl and Kecrctary of War ad
A long war bad entailed nnoa the army practices of
extiavagauce totally unjustifiable In tun of pao-;
end m the Increaao ot th regular army .Inc. 110
(now almost the entire army) I offlcer-Ml by men
whuee army cxpeilvuce dove not go back tw thai
period (and ther-lore they may not know but their
1. dulgence at the ex peine of the u.ueral Govern
ment are all legitimate), retrenchment waa the firm
subject to attract my attention. During the Hebel
llon anihnlancee and liiouuted ordtril-a at every
headquarter bad coma Into use; and since tlie Re
bellion they baTe been continued. If not at evy poet
of.a ilDKle company, at le.st generally throughout
the army, A discontinuance of this evil waa uautsv
nary both to the discipline and eMolency or the army
and the relief of the Treasury. Orders wars therefore
given for breaking It up aud seeing to Its execution.
1 be Bureau ot Rebel Archive waa traa.ferrnd to
the Adjutant-General's Department, aa was a so the
Bureau for the kxchange of Prisoners, etc, tbiis re
lleviDg from Uovert nienl employment a large num
ber o -cluraa and several ollloei who bad, to that
date been cen'luned in service,
fcuipuljlng largo. r rules (or a period ol four yean of
hostiiliws neces-..ily led to an accumulation ot
stores of all sorts far bevoud the wants ot our present
etuabluthnient for many years to come. Many of
these articles were of a peilshahle nature: be.ldea
being borne on ths returns of oilicers accountable for
thetu, they bad to be stored and guarded, allhjugu
the cost or care per an-uui might be greater than
their value. Under my direction all these surplus
and useless stores In th uuartermas.er'a Depart
ment are being sold, and the balance distribute;! for
Is ue to troop 1 as they may be wauted. Thle releaaes
large number ot storehouses for which rent l. being
paid, and also discharges a large number of civil em
ployts ol Government.
During the last summer, and summer before I canned
Inspections to be made ot the vurioue routed of travel
and supply through the territory between the Mis
souri river and the Pacific coHttt. The cost of main
taining troops In that section wan so enormous that I
d sired. If poisible. to reduce It. Thli I bava been
enubled to do, to some exleut, from the Information
obtained by these Inspections; but for tbe preseut the
military establishment between the lines designated
must be maintained a' a great cost per man. The
completion of these roads will also go lar towards a
permanent settlement of our Indian dllbculilea.
There Is good reason to hope that negotiations now
going on with the hostile til ben of Indians will re
sult, It not a permanent peace, at leant loasuipen
aloo of hostilities until the railroads are pushed
through that portion of tbe Indian territory where
they are giving the most trouble.
From tbe report of the Commissioner of the Bureau
cf KfuKe, Freednien. and Abandoned Lauds, I
make the following synopsis:
r o changes have been made In the organization and
practical working of tbe Bureau nf Refugees, Freed
ni en, and Abandoned Lands, except such as have
been caused by the appointment of District Com
manders under the Reconstiuctlon act.
The detail or officers serving with troops has enabled
the Commissioner to reduce the numoer of bureau
agentB. Twenty-eight civil agent have been dis
charged and forty-eight mustered out.
The freedmen, as a people, are making rapid pro
tress in education, la mechanic arts, aud in all
bracbesof lodusiry.
Tbe amount of "abandoned land" now In possession
01 the Bureau Is 816,024 acres, much of which Is swauip
laod, and scarcely any affording revenue. Tbe num
ber of nieces or town property is 950.
Tha Fin. ! nt arlliistlna- the claims of colored sol
diers has greatly Increased In good results, The total I
number of claims presented during tbe yew la 65S.5. of I
which 76 nave oeen nnatiy aujusveu, auu tioo are
now awaiting action In tbe Treasury Department.
Tbe amount collected and paid to claimants has been
certificates received by tbe Commissioner
and ordered paid, under Act of Congress approved
March 2D, ln7, amounting to S89U,7121M).
Tranao.rtatlon baa been furnished to 778 refugees.
and to l,ai freedmen, to enable tuem to reach places
Where they can proviue lor tueniaeivev. leacuer
and agents have also received transportation. Hall
road unninti for transportation bava been audited.
amounting to tln2 out w. end the amount paid by the
disbursing c nicer nas oeen lZY.vnt iu.
Vlnanluais ara balntr ranldlv closed and dispensaries
substituted, as a mere economical mode ot giving
relief to tbe sick. The number of refugees treated
during tbe year ending August si, is ss. nr
whom lw riled, or 2 2 10 Der cent. The number of
freedmen treated Is 15,298: died, 4840, 3 4-10 percent.
Tbe number Qf commlHsionea meucai oiucers sua
private physicians employed by the Bureau has been
178, of whom 10 were on duty at the eud ot tue year.
No adpmiata rjrnvlslon has been mads for the Ineaoe.
either by State or municipal authorities; but they are
Cared for lo separate wards of Bureau hospitals. The
average cost of furnishing medical attendance and
medicines during tbe year bas been li 73 for each
pa lent.
A na total expenauores lor lu. iu-vuiuni xuparbiueui,
have been ll.sito.
Commlssarv auonllesbave bean Issued to a limited
extent. It bas been found Impracticable to disco n
tli ne sncb Issues altogether. The average number
of rations for tbe year ending (September l, 1867, was
11,668 per day. In the latter partotwluter tha desti
tution became so great tnat urgent appeal were made
for a more general aisinouiion ot supplies, i ne total
amountof supplies furnished by means of the Belief
una baa beeu 850.688 pounds of pork and baoon. and
6,8U9,2vt ponnds of oorn. Tho number or persons re
ceiving relief ia repurteu se uave uevu asa,.. i ue
average number bas been 66 000, tha large -t number
being In July, 82 wou. Tbe whole expense bas beau
44f.lu8 4 i e , nearly to escn person for the period
or rour mourns, or as per uiuuiu. t ma tiwumi reiiei
was discontinued In August, tbe funds and aspplles
remaining on baud being reserved lor those who may
require belp during the coming winter.
'i ue schools have Increased in number and useful
pan. Normal aud training Scbo Jle are well attended.
T he total of day and night school reported, Including
indust-lal, out not me rtunuay ivjnouis, is uui, wun
2442 teachers and 130 T.ti scholars; an lucrease of 40,000
sluee last annual report, or these, loss schools ara
suHialned wholly or In part by freedmen, aod 8il
buildings are owned by them. Of the teachers, 8'JD are
colored and IMH white,
Tbe average amount of tultiou paid per month by
tbe freedmen has beeu 14 &S5.
ytnancr. Appropriation lor the year ending J air
1, U68. (8 886 300. . . .
Total expenditures from Oct. 1, 1866, to Aug, 81, 1887
eleven mouths), (:t.0t7.W8. .
The nrinninai items of axpendltnres are: For
schools and school buildings rj.vt3.9l67!: suoelstenoe
stores. fl,40 828 28; transnortauim, i,7 h ss; salaries
of agents, clerks, etc., '2l,42lMI; medical department.
frttl.lul-21: quarters and fuel. IIM.OKS; clothing,
116 ftW 80
The balance of tbe expenditure, t2Sl,l9'86, bas been
for prlnlUig. posUge, and other contingencies. '
The surplus from the unexpended appropriations
Of 1868, with tbe balance of tue aparopriatloa or this
) ear, will be .ufbclent tor tbe purposes of tbe Bureaa
curing the present fiscal year ending June SO, 1884.
In addition to the above proper expenditures, the dis
bursing oMcer has paid back to colored soldiers, or
their heirs, retained Hiate bounties to the amountof
81,7201. acd has paid claims of colored soldiers,
ULder joint resolution of Congress approved M.aroU
28, 1867, to the amount of 0,b7i
ApirciUioethin in Maryland silll holds large num
bers or colored chMrtren lu vlrtiml slavery. 1 he evils
and cruelties reaulllng Irom this system, sanctioned
by theftate laws, are mailers ol constant complaint.
As many as two thousand cases have been presented
in a single county.
Jiluruiion.-In .11 tbe schools In tha District rf
Columbia and western Virginia there have been 7!fS
scholars and 2t fachers. In West Virginia the
aclioon have beeu susiaiued In part from the public
chool fund, where an impartial system of tree
schools exists. Iuth.e lilstrlct ol Columbia the oolor
ed schools are also entitled to a proportionate share
of the public school lund. but the city authorities
have not yet paid the entire sum claimed. It la prob
able, however, that the trustees of the colored schools
will recover all that la due, and lu future receive
an eoultable shure or the publio funds, In which
case tbe colored ecbi.ols will be Independent
of the Bureau. Several iu.iiliuimi. of higher grade
tliau common schools have been established; aud
bava made a good beginning. a.mong these are the
Nalioual Theological Institute, lu Washlugton, under
the auspices of the Baptist denomination: the normal
school aud oollego at ilarper'a Kerry, conducted by
lbeKree-v.111 Buptlsla, and I he Howard University
In the District of Columbia, whloU Is designed lobs
. i mnti Imm lo all. I he normal ... .....
tiaialorr department has been opeuwt wltu about
sixty scholars, and buildings ate now beiug eiued
Provide cheap bomes for Indoslrloiis colored
men, I larut la bt purcUaev4, survey ed lulu act
Iota, and sold at coot, "he lots have baen taken op
raploly, and payment)! opon them promptly made. .
apendiiurea bavt (alien below the original esti
mates. No further appropriation of funds Is asked
for. As the liur-an will expire nejtt July, unlens ex
tended by Congress, no fnaas are estimated for the
n st H al year. In ease the Bureau is not extended.
It Is recommended by the Commissioner that prop.r
arrangements he made with the Hleie authorities fur
Ibe care of Indigent classes: that tha educational
work be eontluued under the direction of the Bureau
tit adora'i.in, or other United states agency, w in
full ixiwrr and means to maintain and extend the
present systsm: and that the Claim Division be
sontlnoed in connection with tbe War Department as
long as It may be deemed necessary by tbe Secretary
of war.
Tbia Is but a brief abstract of the report of tha Oom-Bilssionera-ot
Itefugees, Freedmen. and A ban toned
l.a da. Hpclal attention lo the report Itself Is re
enectiully Invited. No reoommendatlon Is made at
tha present lime respecting the continuance nrd'.s
rentinnanr or this Bureau. During tha session of
t'ongrees facis snay develop themselves requiring
special leel.iallcn In the premies, wbea tbe necessary
tecum ui sudatlons aan be made,
comprises the HUte or Virginia. Brevet Malor General
J. M Kohofieid commanding. In assuming command
tbe principle was announced by Ueneral Hcbotleld
that the ni.lliary power conlerred by act of Con grass
on the IM.lrh-t Commander would be used only so far
as waa necessary to accomplish tha purposas for
which the power was conferred. The civil Govern-'
nient was (nierlered with only when necessary, and
tbe wisdom of the policy bas oeen demonstrated by
the result. The Instances or complaint of the action
of the civil Courts become exceedingly rare, mill
the evil which existed prior to the act or Congress of
Ma rob 2, Iss7, though mitigated by the Increased
efficiency ot civil oiucers, was not removed. It was
sn evil In the Jury system, apparent at all times,
and lully developed by the natural antagonism be
twi en loyalist aud Rebel, or the prejudice between
white and black, existing throngbout the Hnntb since
the Hebelllou. 1 he first Idea was to admit blacks on
Juries and prescribe a teat of loyalty, lt.it a the re
quirement or a unanimous verdict must give very
Inadequate protection where strong prejudioe of class
or taate exists, and as a military changa of Jury sys
tem would he but temporary. It was determined to
leave Its change lo the Convention soon to meet, and
be content with a system of military commissions.
Mich Commissioners were appointed from officers of
the army and Freed men's Bureau for thedltTerent
cities and counties or the (Mate,, wltb powers or Jus
tices of ibe peace, while the Htate was divided Intosub
disirlcis, under comuiandais whose power, were
nlllmately Increased to those of Circuit Judges, tak
ing Jurisdiction only In cases where civil authorities
failed to do Justice. Ibe system baa given a large
measure of protection to all classes or citizens, with
slight Interference wltb the civil courts.
Hir.ce tbe publication ot the A et or March 23. 1887,
all elections have been suspended. Existing Htate,
connly, and municipal oilicers were continued la
olltce. Vacancies have beeu filled by the District
Commander. The number ot removals lias been fire,
and ol appointments to till vacancies. lo
In executing tbe registration a board of officers was
first appointed to selftt registering officers The se
lections were made with great care, aad the oilicers
so selected have, with few exceptions, done their duty
In the most satisfactory manner. Care'ully prepared
regulations for the boards of registration were Issued,
being made as specillo as poaslble. to as to secure a
nnliorm rnle ot dlsiranchlsement throughout tha
Male. In prescribing them tbe District Commander
waa controlled by the belief that the law made blm re
sponsible for Us correct Interpretation, aa well as Its
falihlul execution.
The results of tha first session of the registering
boards were all received on Heptemher 18. Oue hun
dred and 11 1 teen thousand and sixty-eight whites,
and one bundled and one thuu. aud three hundred
and eighty-two colored registered: one thousand six
hundred aud twenty whites and two hundred aud
thirty-two colored being rejected. Tbe tax list of
l6-'ii7 (not qalte complete) returns about one hun
dred and thirty-six thousand white male adults, and
eighty-seven thousand colored male adults. This In
dicates that tbe number of whites disfranchised, or
wbo have failed to register, Is about nineteen thou
sand, and that about fifteen thousand more colored
men I ave been registered than were on the lax lists.
JH ence it may be inferred thai nearly all male adults
white or colored, not disfranchised, bava been regis
Romprlses the tttetes of North Carolina and South
Carolina, Brevet Majur-(lenera) K. B, K Cauhy. com
manding. Major tieueral Daniel K. Hick I a., who was
originally assigned to tbe command ot tin. district,
waa relieved, eud Uentral Cauhy assigned by order
ol the President.
A Bureau or Civil Affairs was established to lake
charge ol all mailers pertaining lo registration; and
Its duties were afterward extended to Include all
questions or prot cllon to person or properly aralng
under the laws of Congress. Oue bundr'd and seventy
registration precincts were established In Norm
Caro Ina, and one hundred aud nine In boutn
In North Carolina there were registered 1 g.oso
whites aed 71,687 blacks; and In Mouth Carolina! 4,7l
wlilies and 78.888 blacks, Begtstratlon proceeded verv
slowly on account ot slowness of commuutoatlon with
distant parts of tbe district.
Ol the appropriation made by Congress, tM, 801-87
have been expended, and outstanding liabilities will
exceed the oatauce on nana ti,oo. ni.
The present condition nf the district Is so satisfac
tory as to warrant tbe belief that after the elections
the nnruber of military posts In both State can be
comr rises the States ofOeorgia, Florida, and Alabama,
Brevet Major-General Jobu Hope, commanding.
On assuming command an order was Issued by
General Pope continuing In oflice state offclafs, but
forbidding their opposlug tbe Reconstruction acts;
prohibiting elections except under those acis; and
giving notice that all vacancies In civil offices would
be tilled by the District Commander. Becoming
satisfied subsequently that Stale officials, while obey
log the order personally, yet officially, by their
patronage, encouraged papers opposing the Recon
struction act, an order waa Issued forbidding ollioial
patronage to sucn papers.
In cousequeuce ot the riot at Mobil an order was
Issued holding city and county officers responsible for
the preservation of peace at all publlo meetings, aud
requiring tbe United States troops to assist them
wheu called on. No disturbances have since occurred.
Under the laws ol the male no colored person could
be admitted to the Jury box, and there was no surety
ot Justice to Union, to people from the North (and
especially ex-Union, soldiers), er to colored persons,
Iroui Juries lullamed with hostility toward snob
Cl ftBWtWis)
'1 here Is a very !a?g number of case of wrong
perpetrated by suob Juries In the district on file.
Accordingly an order waa leaned directing all Juries
to be draw u Indiscriminately from lb list of voter
regist-red by the Board of HevlHtratlun.
Very few civil ottluers have been removed, and
those. In almost every case, were removed fur refus
ing to comply wltb orders. Appoiiiluieul. lo nil
vacancies have only been mad where the dally busi
ness ol the people demanded It.
The Stale Treasurers ot Ueorgla, Alabama, and
Florida have beeu ordered to make no paymenla alter
the appropriations of the present fiscal year have
expl ed, save ou warrants approved by the District
Commander, as it is believed that a new Legislature
will not continue or approve mauy of the appropria
tions made.
Iu executing the registration It waa deemed advisa
ble that no officer or soldier or tne United stales
should be employed, and accordingly each Board or
Beglai ration was appointed from among theoiilr.an
living In the dlalriul, and to consist of two while men
and one colored. A fixed sum was paid tor register
ing each name, the overage for lu district beiug
twenty-six ceuls per name.
'there srere registered In Georgia M.2I4 whites and
98,487 colored; In Alabama, 74,dti white and vo.iiO
colored: aud In Florida, 11,186 whites and is Yl col
ored. The amount expended in realairaliou. etc., baa
been $162.8M.
The appointment of delegate was made in Ceorgia
for State senatorial Districts, sud lu Alabama for
Representative District", fixed by au order. Polls
were ordered lo be opened at each oouuty seat.
comprises tbe Slates of Mississippi and Arkansas,
Brevet Mejor-Geoeral K. O. C. Oro, commaudloa.
Tbe officers of the Provisional Male Uovaroinsnt
have coutluued In office, except where they have
failed to perform their duties. It Is difficult to Had
competent n-en wbo can qualify to till vacancies In
civil otUoee, sum of which are consequently vacant
In consequence of the Indisposition iaa manifested
of late) ol tbecivil authorities In Arkansas to take
actlou lu ollenaea or an aggravated nature against
freedmen, orders have been Issued fur the trial of all
such cases by Military CumnilMiion, and for prompt
action to be taken tor the punishment of civil olhc-rs
who tall to lasua writ agalust offeuders committing
aasaul s, etc., against rreeduien, and prohibiting ball
lor the appearance f aucb criminals.
In a majority or the counties of this district there
are very lew men whooan take the test oath, and
these are uot disposed to defy public opinion bv ao
cepi lug office, uulea snppoiled by a military "lore
comprises the States ol Louisiana and Texas, Bravet
Malor General J. A. Mower commanding.
No report has yet been received from General
Mower, but tils expected lu time tor the meeting of
Major-General P. H. Sheridan, who was originally
asalgued to tbe command of this district, wairelleved,
and General liaucoo assigned, by the ordere of ths
president. Ou the decease or Brevet MaJor-Ueneal
Charles Griffin, designated as the officer next In rauk
lo whom General Huerldan should turn over the com
mand until (ieneral Hancock assumed It, General
Mower succeeded lo the command.
Geueials Sheridan and sickles having been relieved
before the period tor submitting their annual re
ports, none have been received from them. They
ham, i..,u ever bean called on recently to submit re
ports, which may be expected befur lb meeting of
Ti,a ter.iinr nf tha Tin I ted State not stobraood In
the five military dls'rlot la divided luto military
division. fiUey subdivided Into tlepaitsavuia) "d tla
lyartiu villa, .
Ham Mardrd In Pitt Tows ship Tlx
Parpotrdtor mt tn Ied 1st Custody.
Another affray, fatal la lu result, occurred
last evening, and the perpetrator of tbe mur
derous deed ! now aafelj In cnelodv. It ap
pears that Owen McGovern, the murdered man,
and James Mon tooth, the man who slew htm,
were boarders at the National Hotel, corner of
Perm and Boundary streets, Pilt township, and
occupied ths same room and bed. Moutooth
was formerly employed at tho rolling; mill of
Reese, Graff & Doll, and was Injured at the
recent boiler explosion there, his lee beinir so
badly hurt that be has had to walk with a
stick ever since. WcGovcro came to the house
some six weeks since to board, and was era
ployed as puddler in Klomau's rolling mill. Ue
was in the habit of getting Intoxicated, and
when in that condition waa very quarrelsome
and insulting.
Yesterday McGovern drank freely, and be
came considerably intoxicated. He returned to
tbe house between 4 and 6 o'clock, and at a little
before 6 went with the other boarders to supper.
Montooth, alter finishing his supper, came into
tbe bar-room, where Mr. UeCarthy, the proprie
tor of tbe bouse, was attending the bar. Jlon
tooth sat down on a bench near a window,
where several others were sitting, and shortly
afterwards McGovern came in and sat down on
the bench beside Montooth, throwing himself
heavily against htm, and hurting his lame leg.
Montooth remonstrated with bim, and bad him
be more cnrelul. MeGovern answered
abusively, telling the other that he be
lieved ho was "playing oil"," and that he
was not hurt at all. He also called
him vilo names. Montooth answered that he
did not wish to quarrel. Tho other renewed
his Insulting remarks, and slapped Montooth in
the face. Tbe latter bad an open pocket-knife
in bis band, picking hi teeth with it, and told
his assailant that if he repeated the blow ha
would cut bis throat. The otber replied that
he was "equal to him and his knife both," and
struck him a severe blow in the lace. Montooth
bad ttpen to his feet, and after this blow struck:
McGovern with the knife, inflicting a small but
deep wound in the neck, severing a branch of
one of the arteries, and penetrating the wind
pipe. Tbe injured man reeled back against the
bar. And as Boon as his collar was removed the
blood spouted from the wound in a stream, ex
hausting him rapidly. He was taken to his room
and Dr. James Uobinson called in. When he
arrived, however, the patient had bled almost to
death, and was bo tar gone that there was
scarcely any hope of saving him. He rallied a
little, but sank again, and died at twenty
minutes before 11 o'clock.
Montooth did not attempt to escape, and had
little to say of the all air. Justice McUuire
Issued a warrant for his arrest, and there being
no officer there, gave the warrant to Andrew
Henderson, a young man who resides in the
neishborbood. The murderer was brought to
the lock-up about eight o'clock, and delivered
into the hands of Officer Elvers, who Immedi
ately locked him up.
The deceased was a young man of about
twenty-five years of age. He Is thought to have
rome from Chambersburg, and to be unmarried.
The prisoner is about thirty-five years old, and
Is a widower. We believe he has no family,
filisbwg Vommtrcial, Nov. 80.
Arrival of Haxlmlllan' Hematite at
Ilavaaia Tba Kaestrt to Vara Orui
Padra Flichir Reported Frc. '
Havana, Dec. 1. The Austrian steam frigate
Novara, with the remains of Maximilian, arrived
here. Bhe Is coaling and taking in provisions
Vice-Admiral Tegethoff accompanies the re
mains. The Mexicsn Government granted an
escort of one hundred mounted troops, who
accompanied tbe cortege as far as Vera Cruz.
On arriving in the latter city the remains were
placed in a cbapeUe avente at the Cathedral,
where an Immense multitude visited them.
There was no solemn performance or public
ceremonies, but simply the celebration ot a
requiem mass. The barge of the Novara con
veyed the remains from the mole on board the.
frigate, which lay at anchor near Sacrltlclos.
The Novara sailed from Vera Cruz on the 26th.
Mrs was celebrated everyday during the trip
to Havana. The remains are in a good state ol
preservation. The Princess Salm-Salm has gone
to New Orleans. Padre Fischer Is reported to
have received his liberty at the capital.
Karthqwaka 8 hock. Volcanic Eruptions,
and a Ooxtorstl wbmarlxt Upbearing
lsnntna Leiisi of lata and Property
Am lalastd Cat In Two by tho Wave
Wrack or ant American lebseasr,
KntoBTON, Jamaica, Nov. 28, via Havana, Dec
1. The British West India mail steamship La
Plata, at this port, reports that violent shocks of
earthquake have been experienced al St.
Thomas, SU Croix, Tortola, Peter's Island, and
Little baba.
The shocks occurred within the period from
2 o'clock in the afternoon of the 18th to the 19th
instant. Many lives and vessels have been lost.
Tnere was also a volcanic eruption. Tbe sea
was raised hlty feet ovsr the land, and in Its
retiocesston swept off the populace, with i tu
rn c ti se losses of human lite aud merchandise.
Little r-uba Isdivlded by water In consequence
of the fury with which the waves were thrown up.
The American schooner Wild Pigeon was sunk
by a hurricane. Tbe details ot the loss are
expected here to-day, and will be luly reported
by telegram.
A Disc sstd PuKlUst'a Wlf.
fYom f i Cleveland plaindealer, qf IfGtA.
The wife of Barney Duffy, the pugilist, who
was captured by tbe police jesterday, called on
him al the jail last evening. Mrs, Dully is a
food-look iug and Intelligent lady. Hue was
mmcnselv disgusted at the conduct of her hus
band, and made no concealment of her feelings,
lturoev stood be 'ore her, with his gashed and
battered lace, banking bis head and lookiug as
sheepish a possible. Mrs. Duffy ejed htm con
templuouxly tor a time, aud then, walkiug
around him and eyeing from head to foot, ex
claimed, "Who are you f Is this barney Duffy ?
Mce-looklng man, ain't you f A disgrace to
your lamily and children. You ought to be
arrested, and you ought to be made aa example
of- Presume jou'd do tbe same thing auatn.
I see your name now, around town, ou those
nasty sparrlug pouters."
Barney matutalned an appearance of great
meekness, and aald that he would never tight,
and would even never again put on tbe gloves
to spar. Mrs. Duffy nt her little boy to Uerea
yesterday, In hopes that be might prevail upon
his father to desist: and Barney said he would
have heeded him but for tbe jeers of bis com
panions. Bartey was released from jail this
morning, on his own recoguizance.
A MisAPPEiaiKM8io. A Loudon newspaper
says a girl recently called at Miss Rye's office
to ask some questions about tha English colo
nies. Seeing she had many misgivings about
life in Australia, Mini Rye auked what aha
considered the apeoial drawback to lifing la
Victoria, to which question aba raottlved tho
ensuing answer : "Oh (with a long algh), I
do Lear out there they doea perch npon tho
Noon Report ol Market.
London, Dc. 2 Noon. Contolsfor money,
94 13-16; United States Five-twenties, 71 5. 16;
Illinois Central, 894; Erie Railroad. 47 J.
Fbanxpobt, Dec. 2 Noon. United States
bonds, 764-
Livgarooi,, Dec. 2 Noon. The cotton market
is quiet. The sales to day are estimated at 8000
bales. Middling uplands are quoted at 7d.; and
middling Orleans at ?jd.
Breads toffs are quiet.
Two o'clock Market Report.
London. Dec 22 P. M. Consols, ex-divl
dend, 93 4; United States Five twenties, 714
Illinois Central, 684; Krle Railroad, 43.
Liverpool, Dec. 2 -2 P. M. The Cotton
market is steady at last quotations.
lireadstutJs torn, 48s. aiirornu Wheat, 15s.
Produce Lard, 49s. Common Roain, 7s. 6d.
Other articles are without change.
Bteamera Arrived Out.
OrtlKSTOwN. Dec. 2. The steamer Java, from
Boston via Halifax, has arrived. The steamer
Helvetia, from New Fork, arrived yesterday.
Washington, Dec. 2.
Treasury Report Bond of tho
Smithsonian Insiltuto.
Treasurer Splnucr will soon propose to Con
gress to sell all the stocks now held in trust for
the Smithsonian Institution, Indian annuities,
etc.. and place tb avails in the Treasury.
Such a process 79uld make these transactions
so simple as to relieve the Department from
much extra labor, and all the matters pertaining
to trust funds would be belter understood by
Congress and .by the people. Had such a law
existed ten years ago, the great larceny of In
dian trust fund bonds from the Uultcd States
could not have been perpetrated.
The Report of the Secretary of the Treasury
will not be Bent to Congress until the day after
the reception of the President's Message. It has
been completed and in type for several days,
and tent to the Sub-Treasurers throughout the
country, with the customary injunctions as to
its delivery to the newspapers. The Secretary
denies the accuracy of the abstracts which
have been made public.
It is well known he has not changed his
general financial views, and a reference to his
last annual report will put the public in posses
sion of his present opinions upon many points.
Mr. and Mr. Dsvli-Hsr. Political Trou.
blcs Tho Weather, Utc.
Baltimore, Dec. 2. Jeff. Davis, Mrs. Davis,
and Jeff. 'a special irlend, Mr. Wood, are still
here. They were at Barnum's, but, on Invita
tion, are at present sojourning with a special
friend, wbo does not wish hts name published.
Mr. Whitman, the newly appointed Superinten
dent of City Fire-alarm and Police Telegraph,
was assaulted on Saturday by King, the old
8uperintendent,unoa Whitman's demanding pas
sesbion of the office. Judge Gilmer issued a
bench warran'. this morning for King's rearrest,
to hold him under heavier bail. Klntr also re
fused to initiate his successor, and Whitman,
unacquainted with signals, etc., could not pro
ceed until aided by an old operator, who volun
teered to act. Thus,,for a time, great danger
from fires existed.
The weatber Is intensely cold, and the ice Is
now three inches thick, and we have some
skating. .
Marine Disaster.
; Boston, Deo. 2. The schooner Lizzie L. Top
ley, Captain Perkins, from Bangor for New
York, with lumber, while attempting to make
Newport harbor in the storm ot Friday night,
went ashore on Bearer Tail, and became a total
loss. She was 130 tons burthen. The crew were
Stocks In New York To-Day
New York, Dee. 2. Smith, Randolph fc Co.,
Banker, Ho. 16 South Third street, and No.
8 Nassau street, New York, report all o'clock
tbia afternoon aa follows:
United States 1881a, 112Un2J.
United States 6-aoa, 1862, l(n(9 ifW.
United States 5-208, mi, 104105.
United States 6-2ue, i860, Iur-106.
United States 6-20s, new, 186, 107107.
United States 6-20s,.1867. 1U7107.
United States KMOa, 1U1101.
. Jane and July 7 WW, 1(105 Tho market
la heavy and declining.
Markets by Telegraph.
HiW York, Dec. t, Stocks are lower. Chicago
and Kock Island, WH; Beading, Canlou' Com
pany, 46; KrletUttilroad, 71V Cleveland and Toledo,
liZ; Cleveland and Pltteburg, 8$ Pittsburg and
Fort Wayne, 97; MlctilKau Lwatral, 61V; Mldblgan
Hoiitbern, so; Mew York (Jeutral, 118 Illinois Cen
tral, lVi; Cumberland preferred, 28; Missouri ss,
15; Hudson Itlver, vmi: U. K Flve-twentlus, 1882,
107'-.; do. 1864. lof.S; do. 1888, 106'i: Teu-fbriies, 10l7;
Heven-thlrUea, ubH. (Sterling Kxcaangelouk'. Money
7 percent. Bold, 187 J.
Nitw Yoksx, Ix-cS!. t'otton quiet at 18V316a Flour
dull; sales of (HX) carrels Hlata, 77aalu; Ohio, SU'IO
(412-40; Western. T-70m11M; Houtbera, IW4ihaU75;
California. SU6vl8 26. Wneal decllulng. Corn de
ullning. Oats firmer; Western Subsist cent. Barley
eUady, Beef dull, Porlr. firm; new mesa, fniru.
iU-Ji Lard dull. Wnlsay quiet.
Eatraaea of Judg Ludlow upia his
Second Versa.
Jn fa Common Plea this morning. Judges Allison,
P. ire, and Brewster un the Benob, tbe oath of olbee
aa Associate Justice of Ibis Court was administered
to James H. Ludlow by Judge Allison. The Gov
ernor's commission waa then read by tue crier; at the
conclusion ot wbicb Attorney Ueneral Benjamin H.
Brewster took occasion to congratulate the publlo,
the Bar, tbe Bench, and Judge Ludlow himself, upon
bis re-election, lie said thai the people, ever aluce
lb change In the Coustltuiion making the office of
Judre eleutlv Instead or appointed, ana particularly
on Ibis orcsslou, bad sbown themselves capable of
givrrulDg themselves amid the wildest political ex
citement, and bad ever secured to themselves one ot
Ue best bieealogs of a people a wise and good Judi
ciary. Hecli srdMs beautiful address by again con
gratulatlrg Judg Ludlow on b.balf o tbe publlo aud
the liar, aud eitaudlug bis own personal congratula
tions. Judg Ludlow, In reply, said:
lit. Atturuey-Oeneral aud ti.ntlemen of the flan
Tbe oalb which, according to the Constitution of this
Onuiiiiouwvallh. baa Just oeen administered, remind,
me of the solemn obligalloaa uow Imposed upon me.
In eulerlug upon tbe duties of my ollloe for a second
term. It le Tmiioaslble to forget the history of tbe past
lu years; and while there la much lor wblcb 1 ought
10 be lhaukful, It la probable that, notwith
standing the brat Inteutious, many duties have
been Tuipvrfecllr performed, otber possibly
n.glerUd, and errors sometlcaes committed. While
11 would be Improper 10 Indicate any given course of
future anion, the experience of years nugbl with ac
curacy to point out past defects, aod Induce me to
form a determined resolution , so to discharge every
public duty that, uader lb superintending guidance
of Almighty fowm, lb work may be more perfectly
Orateful for tli assistance derived from the labors
and counsels ef my lata colleague, tbe lamauied
Judge Tiiuuipeoa, as well a theae ot my preseat able
aad learnad aasnoMWee. whom 1 ueliabt to
rail my Personal as well a official friend;
Uaakful for la aid afforded, la the ootnioa ol
caaave, ay Ut )jmlaal the I'lOlawaipaia) l)ar, aa
well as for thetr forbearance and nilforrn parson M
kindness always exhibited, ar.d very thankful 10 the
people or Ibis county lor Ibe honor conferred lu
doming me wl'h the peroratlvs a d powers ot a
Judge among them for the second time: I now enter
upon tne discharge of my nfllcial duties.ln tbe earnest
bon that they will be ao parlormed as to warrant
the cnnAdance wbloh baa ben ao aeuerously be
stowed. The commission of Peter Lyl as High SharifT
was read.
1 bis morning Judge Kbarswood look bis seat
In this Court, caused bis commission to be read, and
began the business of the term without ceremony or
deiay, b having been sworn Into office earlier In tbe
mornlag by Chief Just lo Thompson, at Cnainbers.
Uutekunstvs. Petroleum Company or Pennsylva
nia. Hul to an.wer. etc Held under advisement.
Cochran vs. the Washington Library Company.
Motion to set aside. Judgment taken pro confttto fn
this case. Held under advisement.
Lennlgvs. Kmery. Acknowledgment of a deed.
Utile to Ana I Kmery.
commission of Peter Lyla, High Sheriff, was
DIBTRICT COTJRT.-Judg Bar waa tbls morn
ing sworn Intootllreea President Judge of this Court,
by Judge Htrnud, and his Commission was read.
CODKT OK UCARTKR HKtt10Ni.-The oommls
slon of James M. Ludlow aa Associate, Judge or this
Court, was read by the Crier.
The commission of Peter Lyl as Sheriff or the
County was also read.
J ude Ludlow opened a special session of the Cenrt
In tbe old Court; and alter the calling of th tutors
discharged them until to-morrow morning.
Cadwalader. The United Slate vs. Whisky, eic,
James R. Cantrell claimant. An Information ot th
foneltureot property lor violation ol tbe Revenu
law by th claimant. In carrylugon an Illicit distil
lery, lb properly Is appialsed at f8(Ke or more. On
Tha Nw Jersey Railroad Dlapute.
Th New Jersey Conrt of Appeals, on Saturday last,
derided lb long-pending controversy between the
Camden and Amboy Railroad Company and the
Camden and Atlantlo and Banian and Delaware Bay
Ballroad Company.
Chief Justice Beasley read the opinion of tb Court,
1. That tbe tax upon through passengers and
through freight, provided for b the Camden and Am
boy charter., was not a tax npon commerce, aod not
2. '1 bat whether so or not, however, the monopoly
covenant mad by tbe Mat with the Camden and
Amboy Company waa valid, and entitled that Com
pany lo protection against all competing routes.
s. That, even It tbiscovenaut had not been made,
or npon Its expiration, January 1, 1889, th situation
ol th parlies wonld not change, the Camden aud
Amboy Company being chartered to exercise tbe
franchise of transportation betweeu New York and
Philadelphia, and ibe other companies having bad
no sncb Iranchlee conferred upon them. Klther
singly or together they have no right to carry on such
a business, or to connect in order 10 do so.
4. Tbe Camden and Amboy Company Is therefor
entitled to full relief, which mean, a severance of the
connection by taking up so much of tbe road as U
necessary to stop the through business. But for the
piesent, a sutllclent remedy will be an lnuuotlon
against Its being carried on. If such business does
Dot cease, tbe Conrt will order tbe connection, which
is legally a nuisance, abated.
An "Idee." In the third aot of M. Dumas'
remarkable dramatio essay on the regeneration
of modern society, he puta Into the mouth of
the young M. Camilla the following language:
'I feel myself young, rioh,- happy, prodigal.
Let any one have need of me and he shall see.
I find everything whioh God has i&ade superb
and wonderful. I should like to take immen
sity into my arms.".
OrricB or tbs Evknino Tblsjoraph,!
Monday. Deo. X, 1887. f
The letter of Hon. Robert J. Walker is the
pifneipal toplo of discussion on the streets to
day, and many of hit views meet with very
general approval. That portion of tho letter
which discusses the question of payment of the
Five-twenties in gold; meets with universal
commendation. Much doubt is expressed as to
whether or not the securing of the proposed
foreign gold loan is either practical or desirable,
the current of opinion apparently setting
strongly against It All acknowledge the ability
of the writer, and consider hla essay remarkable
for its dispassionate tone, and well calculated
to do good in these days, when repudiation in
fact, if not in name, has open advocates on the
floor of the House.
2fce Atlanlio Monthly for December con
tains an able and carefully prepared article on
the subject of the Pacific Ballroad. It is written
by one who is thoroughly familiar with the sub
ject, and conveys the clearest idea of the differ
ence between tbe two lines, that we have met
with. Tbe article treats mainly of the Kansas
and Nebraska' branches designating one as
the channel of the Philadelphia, Pittsburg,
Cincinnati, and St. Louis trade ; the other tho
New York, Lake, and Chicago trade. We have
but little doubt that the current of traffic will
flow substantially iu the channels marked out
by the writer. His estimate of the magnitude
of the work being accomplished by the Central
Pacific Railroad, in cutting its way through the
Sierra Nevada, will convey au Idea of the ex
pense and trouble which that Company has
undergone. It promises groat things for the
futuie of the road.
The Stock Market was excessively dull this
morning, and prices were unaltered and droop
ing. Government loaDB were a fraction lower.
6s of 1881 sold at 113, nocbaage; 10J j was bid tor
10-408 ; 105 for 7-30s; 107J for '62 6-20s: 105 for
64 5-20s; 106 j for '05 5-20s; and 1071 tor July
'65 5-208. City loans were unchanged; the new
issue sold at 8, interest off.
Railroad shares were inactive Reading sold
at 47i49 94-100, a slight decline: Pennsylvania
Railroad at 60, no change: and Catawissa pre
ferred at 21, no change. 125 was bid for Cam
den and Amboy; 23 for Little Schuylkill; 64 for
Norribto wii ; 66j for Minehtll; 50 J for Lehigh
Valley; 63 for Philadelphia and Baltimore; aud
251 for Philadelphia and Erie.
In City Passenger Railroad shares there was
more doing. Second and Third sold at 76;
Chesnut and Walnut at 45; and Green and
Coates at 30, no change. 65 was bid for Tenth
and Eleventh ; I84 lor Thirteenth and Fifteenth;
63 for West Philadelphia; and 104 for Heston
ville. Bank shares were firmly held at full prices.
235 was bid for North America; 61 for Com
mercial; 106 for Kensington; 56 for Girard; 30
for Manufacturers'; 71 tor City; and 41 for Con
solidation. Canal shares were dull. Lehigh Navigation
sold at 32i32, an advance ot i; 12 was bid
for Schuylkill Navigation common; 21 for pre
ferred do.; 88 tor Morris Canal preferred; 12 for
Snsquehanna Canal; 47 for Delaware Division;
and 36 for Wyoming Valley Caoal
Quotations or Gold 104 A. M., 137 j; 11 A. M,
137; 12 M., 136: 1 P. M., 136, a decline of U ou
the closing price of Saturday evening.
K ported by Sehaven Bro., No. M B, Third street
100 Sb Phil A E....U80. 28 I 11.0 sh Phil A E S0. 25 V
S3CO0TT8 8 '81 61IS
100 ah Leu Pi star. s?w
600 dO.l...b0tf 12
21 do.. s6wn. ti 2
ItiO do mm bftu. 8i
100. h Catal'rf... si J
1IM1 do.. ........., 2)2
loo do ... 11)2
1 sh id 8d MUt R... 7
Ssb Ciies A Wal.. .4
82 sb Or 4 Ooau o
b0 Fa8, 8 series. ...10S
Sluaj Cltv 8a, H...c&p.
t'.!l-0 C At 2 111 8s.... 7H
tatioo bch N 8s, '82....... 72
2tsb Bead B. bfte.4f 84
114 Oo........c.47W
lot) do-...-.8wn. 1
too do... s6 rry
StO do.. le.
9 sb Feona B ...... Is. te
Meaers. De Haven 4 Brother, Ho. 40 South
Third street, report the following rates of ex
change to-day at 1 P. M.-U. ti. 6a of l8l, 112
UilHi do. 1862, 107,1071; do., 1864, 10.J
1051; do., 166!., 105Q10r(; do.; 1865, new, 107j)3
107: do., 1867, new, 1074tlO7(; do. 6s, 10-40s,
101101J; do. 7-30. June, 1,105 3105J; do.,
July, 106j(jil0f) ; Cottpound Interest Notes,
June, 1864, 11940; do., July, 1864, 11940;
do. Angnst, 1864, 119-40; do., October, 1864,
11940S120; do. Decern ber, 164, 119113: do..
May, 1866, U71174; do., Aueust, 1K65, 116(1
16; do., September. 1H66, 1161(1151; do.,
October, lf65, 115J115. Gold, 13ej13i.
Silver, 1311.U.
Messrs. William Painter ft Co., bankers.
No. S6 8. Third street, report the following
rates of exchange to-day at 12 o'clock Gold, '
137137 J: C. a 6s, 18bl. 112rtfll2i; C. 8.6-209,
1862, 107107I; do.. 1h4, 106ftl06; do., 18C6,
106i106; do. July, 1866, I07((fil08; do. July,
1867, 1071(2108; 6s, 10-40, 10l101j D. 8. .
7-308, d series, 105(1051 ; Sd aeries), 105
106; Compound Interest Notes, December, 1864,
119; May, 18C5. 1174: Aognst. M65. II6J5 Sep-'
tember, 1865, 116 J; October, 1865. 115i
Messrs. Jay Cooke A Oo. quote Govern
ment securities, etc., as follows: U. 8. 6s of
1HR1, 112tJJU21: old 5-208, 107a3t07J; new 6-20s.
18C4. 104lfiilO6; do., 1865, 105J106; do., July,
1071(8107,; do., 1867, 107107; 10-40s, lOU'Vd
101; 7-3()h. June, 105J 106; do., July,J06iifl
106i. Gold,13CJ2)137i. ' ,vu'
- M. fjchultj A Co.. No. IS Booth Third street
report tha following quotation per slaaniar
80 Of. do., 8nS08fl; Cologne. Lelpsln, and Berlin 80 do.
do., 71nKuT2: Amsterdam and rank fort 0 do. do
4o,il. Market dull. Gold at noon. 187,'i. "
Business Statsmkni of ihb Assistant Tria-
Balances on hand Nov. 1. . .781.S3i-98
Receipts during tb mouth ending Nov.
So, vlr: ' "
Account General Treasury, In-
Including l'UBtoius........2,l.VI.4t'90
Post Ottlc Fund 12!, 587'87
InWrrst Fund B,8.i!)l-f0
Dlsbuitars' Fund 1.778.01810
I13JW.210 W
Paymtntf during tbe mouth, viz:
Account Uen.ral Treasury.....S4,8in,88t'S0
I'ost Offlce. .. 89.M4 67
Interest. M 1.878.58-7
Llebureis............ ..,..,.. i,2a8.8U8 s
7.829.1S3 I
Balance at close of business Nov. I0., ts,S84,087'8S
Temporary Loan Department for the month of
November, 1867:
Balance due lo depositors Nov. I.-............, r9v,lM
Beef Ived from depositors during tha month
ending Nov. 30 98.100 .
Repayment to depositors during tbe month 17.700
Balance doe to depositors at close of business
Nov. 80,.... 81,409
Fractional currency redeemed durlug tbe
month -.. 181,001
C. AloKlBBIN, Assutant Treasurer.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Monday, Deo. 2. The Flour Market Is remarkably
dull, and there Is no disposition on the part ol toe
bom co&Mimers to purche beyoud Immediate
wants. Bales of a feW hundred barrels at S7-0o(8lS
for superfine. f8'oOa-fer. extra, S9 76(0 10-76 for
Norlbwrstern extra family, si!t?6(aia tor Bannsylva
nla and Ohio do. do,, and I2 50.0,14 lor tancy brands,
according to quail y. Ky Flour Is not muCS Inquired
after. Bmall sales at t8 t0. Nothing doing In Ctjia
1 he demand for Wheat of prime quality I fair, but
common graata are negiecteo. Bale or 4000 busbela '
fair and prime red at S2-4.v3fj0 Rye Is la moderate
request, with sales of I8bu bushels Pennsylvania at
1 i and Southern at tl-ewai-65. Corn la quiet, with
sal. s or 1000 bush-la old yellow at 81-42; 400 buahela
new Western mixed at ll'SS, and nia do. at tibial I 85,
UaW are unchanged Bale of Houihern aud Penn
sylvania at 70to'So INotUiug aolug in either Bailey
or Malt.
f Bark Is In steady demand, with sales of No. 1 Quer
citron at (- ton.
Heeds Cloverseed I selling at t7'12,'iff?8 Silos.
Prices of Timothy are nominal. i"laxseit sells to tha -crushers
at 2-;.u'i'4o.
Whisky Is without Improvement.
Philadelphia Cattle Market.
Mon dat1 Dec. 2. Tb Cattle Market was mode
rately actlv this wek, aud prices were ratbec
firmer. About tsoebead arrived, and sold at SCo)9c.
per lb, gross, for extra Pennsylvania and Weatern
ster,7(s4.8c, for fair to good do., and 4(ai6)a per lb.
gross, for common, a to quality, Th follow luir ara
Ibe particular ol tb sales.
72 head A. Christy A Brother, Western, 7(218.
48 McClesse & Co., Western",
62 " P.McFtllen, Chester county, 7to.
118 - P. Bathoway, Western, 6(a)8.
60 " James Kirk, Chester county, 783i.
87 " B. McFUlen. Chester county, 7(48W
id " James MO lllen. Western, ik.
40 H K. B. McFlllen, Western, 8(o)8H-
81 " TJllman & Bocbman, Chester county ,8a8.
12 " Martin Fuller Co, Western. u;8'i.
100 " Mooney SV Bmitb, Western, 78.
6s ' T. Moonej A Bro'ber, Western, t&Si.
28 ' H. Chain, Pennsylvania. 8S7.
100 " John fmlth A Brother, Western. ti8)Si.
68 " J.Frank, Western, esftt7.
106 " Frank ABhomberg, Western. .
104 " Blum A Co.. Western . 8(31 7 .
46 " Chsndler Co., Chester county, 79.
Cows w ere la fair demand, 26(1 bead sold at S50(75
for springers, and M$ 115 bead for cow and calf.
bheep wer unchanged. 6o0 bead sold at 4(5c. V
lb. gross, as t condition.
Hogs were dull snd lower. 6000 head sold at the
different yards at t8'76(yfM 100 lbs. net.
For additional Marine Newt See Seventh Tage
btatb ov THa a at oarsrT k a at THi arvKerura rixa.
saara orrion.
TA. M .... MiU A. M .ajjl P. M ,.-,,..,. 38
Brig Natrona. Koburtson, Antwerp, J. EL Bazley A
Brig Wm. B. Parks, Simmons, Matauaas, I. Bough A
Bchr Hattla, Carter, Georgetown, Caldwell, Gordon
Bt'r Diamond But, Robinson, Baltimore, J. D, Kuon.
Brig Roth. McLearn, from Orchllla 12th ult.. with
guano to B. F. Fol.om. brig J, B. KUoy, for PbS
ladelphla In 6 daya.
Hcb r Hams, Carter, 12 days from Bangor, with lum
ber to captain.
Bchr Ot ace Glrdler, Smith, from Bangor, with lum
ber to J.w. Uasklll A Boua. '
Bchr Bonny Boat, Kelly, daya from Gloucester,
with mdse. to captain.
ticbr tiettvsburg. Bmlth. from Boston.
Hteamer W.Whllldln, Klggaus, from Baltlmor,wlUl
mdae. to J. D. Buott.
BrlgL. Warren. Cobo, hence, at Gibraltar lath alt.
Bchr R. O. Wblllden Messlck. lor PbUelXa.
sailed from Providence 28th ult.
bchr bu.an WcDevltt and I. V. MoCabe, for Phila.
delphla. sailed from Georgetown Jsih ulL
bebr Maggie Van liuaeu, lor Philadelphia, aller
from Bavaunah 2sth ulu aui
nHfol.'. I verlng. Corson, hence, al Boston JU
Ugfehuif yal "d W' UT.b. Wash-
,Bfih5 A.I! E".ere.ltl Ktury- 'mm Vlnalbaven for
Philadelphia, sailed from Dutch Island iiarbor U
Bchr a J. Krrlckson, Bmlth, hence, at Pawtocke
Tpila UlC
Bchr Blar, Lewi, for Philadelphia or New York,
ailed from Providence 27th ulL
tkbr Pickwick, Putt, fur Philadelphia, cleared at
Boston 2Mb ult.
Bchr Lucy J.Warren, from Dear 11 for Philadel
phia, at Newport tib 'ilt,
hcht Charles Paige. Doty, from Boston for Philadel
phia, al New York yesterday, .
bteamer New Yor. Joue. for Philadelphia, sauea
irom ueorgetown xsto uib
uludaA 1
rv)M rcrfi iu rutin
To"-. I- "-Arnvad, a4eaaahlt Hanry
1 ,i,,.v, rroui A.plawall.
CtV:i!lt. Ur, Iurliee, Irom Oardlfl.
Zulu tiaruiaaia, Ivkibrwca, Uviu AWWerAwiO.
. . . - . m.Aum r ft.
e were 41 American ro ero n w . - r -- '
10 foreigner (bound to or 1 ,. M
PorU) leiKwieO. ditrlog '; ,.,Miar suipe, S
loetormlaalng. 1 hay rami.ri.e l- of I bane 8S
barque. 10 br"g. aod to ecfa 4, 1 buraad,
wr wracked. ebaodonau. f -omaMl0 or.ft
ana 6 are Dilsalng. I "'(ul,j at us utsi lu .paula,
(eiclualve ol oa'so ai varlou puiuta lit
Tberarevrrl ",, UOmdd la the above, tha
precarious P'"!"" jooed, faiual ! are saH lu
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