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VOL. VIlI-No 150.
A Bloody Battle at Tuyuty.
The Paraguayans Capture the Alliei
Camp and Give Up the Fruit of
Victory for the Sale of Lriuk.
New Yobk, Deo. 24,Tho steamer North
America, Captain TlmmefBian, from Klo
Ja-elto i"(i tmuvr H5, ai ri veil m iuls port ye
terdny. Tbe cholera ihad disappeared from
among ttie armlen, but some cases of small-pox
still appeared. Tbe fleet conllDued without
change in He position. Tbe enforcement of lae
Papal bu.l against. Free Masonry, made by tbe
ecclesiastics of Kntre-Rlos, bad caused muoli
scandal and discussion, aDd tbe provincial
f Minister of Justice bad Interfered.
j The ratification of Hie new treaty of amity
and alliance, limits, commerce, and navigation,
ftelwecn liraxll and Bolivar, were exchanged at
I .a Paz upon the 22d of September last. Iu Para
tbe company promoted tor the hi earn naviga
tion of the Pnrus and Madeira, two Important
aflluents of the Upper Amazon, had been
formed, and the vessels were to be ordered la
England. Tbe Peruvian exploring expedition,
tinder Admiral Tucker, formerly of the Con
federate navy, had reached tbe Amazon, and
was expected shortly at Para on lis return by
tbe ocean to the Pacific aide. Tbe Japanese
Iron-clad, formerly the Confederate cruiser
HI one wall, steamed from ICio upon the 12 ill ot
November lor Japan.
The Herald' t Buenos Ayres correspondence of
November 13 gives the following account of
a bloody encounter In the allied camp at
On November 8. a convoy was rendy to start
At daylight from Tuyuty, tbe old camp, wuere
General Porto Alegre Is with 1O.UO0 men. to con
vey supplies to tbe front. The night before
Colonel barrios emerged from Fort Humalta
with 8000 Infantry, and noiselessly encamped
clone to tbe lnlrencbments of Tuyuty. At day
light, when no one was astir, except the con
voy, and when tbe drivers were yoking tbe
hundreds of oxeu, tbe Paraguayans quietly
matched In. They came whooping like men
rtrlvtncr ftnlttn anil ttia flrnmuv flfilrllat-. biiiy.
I font d it was tbe ox drivers gathering up tbe
liy this means they were three hundred yards
Inside tbe Intrench menls, among tue tents, and
cutting right and left, before the allies knew
What was going on. There Is among the allies
a Paraguayan legloD, wblou was next tbe In
trenebmeut, and H seems thainoueof them
gave the alarm and many of ibem Joined their
couulrymen. At the front the consternation
and slaughter were awful. No troops were
ready lor me attack but the few who were to go
as tbe guard for tbe provision train Just ready
to start. These could not long resist such a
force, and tbe Paraguayans revelled In slaugh
ter and plunder. Paraguayan virtue could not
flgbt on teetotal principles. When they Mine
to spirituous liquors they carried them inside
themselves, and lu three hours a large portion
J 1 ness of victory, staggerlDg under captured ba-
(1 gage or stolen diluK. Tola decided the-diy.
I 1 Baron Porto Alcgre rallied bis officers first, his
1 1 inen followed, and a horde, many of whom bad
crown uown me means 01 taxing lire 10 carry
the means f stisiHiuing if. Kesolntlon ex
tended to all tbe allied forces. aDd tbe ctrnatre
of tbe Paraguayans was terrible. It li Impos
sible to leurn exactly tbe amount of loss to
either party, but it was the most cosily aud
bloody of all the war.
Tbe HecetttOperatloas Around Ilantalta.
The South American newspapers give the
following accounts of the recent operations
around Hum alls:
-tin tbe iiuth of October a party of fifty-four
orientals set out on a sncutssful raid beyond
tinubacna, retnrnlng npon tue 22d with thirty
prisoners aud one hundred and fifty euttle; aud
on the 27th a Brazilian party surprised a Para
guayan force at liana, killing and capturing
On the 21st of October the Marquis "de Caxlas
bad secretly posted fuur tbouband Brazilian
cavalry in such positions as would enabie them
to operate with advantage against the Para
guayan cavalry, which, to the number of about
two thousand men, were accustomed to ooiue
cut of Hainalta to rasluie their horses In the
direction of the allied extreme right at Ht. 80
lano. About half-past 10 of the forenoon tbe
signal was given. While an Inferior force
occupied tbe Paraguayans' atteutlon In front,
the otber Brazilian troops closed in, and, al
though the Paraguaus fought with desperation
and extreme bravery, they were routed with a
loss of nearly CU0 dead, lull prisoners, two stan
dards, arms, etc., and were pursued to the en
trench ineutsof Humalta. wblcli opened a heavy
fire of crape to protect ibem. The loss of
tbe victors In tbe engagement, which lasted
l,about an hour, was 126 killed and wounded.
The Other smaller aii-ir uccurreu ou tne same
day, opposite lb lines of Tuyn-Cue, and re
sulted in a loss to tbe Paraguayans of seventy
killed, while that of tbe Argentlie cavalry was
sixteen Jellied and wounded.
On tbe S8th 4600 cavalry. Infantry, and ar
tillery, with four four-pounders, set out to cap
ture Lopez's cattle deposit at Hincon de las
Oveias and to occupy Tayl, on the oauks of tbe
Paraguay. On arnvlng at the former place It
was fonnd that works had beeu thrown up in a
Very strong position, contesting ot three lle
of lntrencbment, resting In the flanks on deep
ponds covered with abatis, aud approaobable
In front by only a narrow but deep lake and
then by a road cut through tbe Impenetrable
forest. Although cannon bad not yet been
mounted, the storming cf this position cost the
Brazllaus 870 men, killed aud wounded; that
of tbe Paraguayans defending it some 2o0 men,
iioinu about 00 dead and 60 prisoners, besides 200
I arms and about 1509 head of caltle and horses.
I ' After this capture Tayl was reconnoitred, but
it was not until the 1st of November that detl
JnUe measures were taken to occupy It. At day
'oreak of that day the works that the Para
guayans had hastily tnrown up were assaulted
with thebavonet. and tbe Paraguayan garrison.
nnKlfctinir of 800 infantry, routed with a loss of
500 killed, besides others drowned in the Para
guay, and about sixty prisoners, in auaiuon
to this, of . the three ParuguayaU steamers
which bad brought the troops, one was suak by
shells from tbe Brazilian 4 pouuders. one was
burned. and tbe otber escaped oniyinaorip
plttd condition. The loss of the victors is slated
not to have exceeded about thirty men.
On tbe 3d the Paraguayans loolc lue Initiative.
as If to obtain reprisals lor tbe heavy losses'
Inflicted 00 them, and nade a uasn in rorce
mmn the allied base at Tuyuta, which ou that
It day was weakened by the absence of two bat
Itaiinna of infantry sent to TnyoCue.and by
if that of a force of cavalry engaged in the proteo
i itlon of a convoy. The works ut Tuyuta oonvlst
1 'of a long' line of lnirencnraeuisoppoaeu 101uo.se
It of the Parnguoyaus, and In their rear, opposite
mounted with fourteen light cannon. In which
re the depots of munitions.
At daybreak of tbe 8ii, while a fores Attacked
Hie convoy, about 8W HI meu, comprising four
teen battalions of Paraguayan Infantry aud
live corps of cavalry without canuou, sur
prised aud drove in tne raragunyau iegion iu
tbe advance, and falling upon the extreme
right, captured three redoubts there, wltn their
ai f illui lulu anil ccnlinn. dllvlllg OUt ill AT-
genii ue cavalry protecting them. On the Bra
zilian left aud centre they were unsuccessful,
but panning their success on tbe right, while
part were oecupwd lu tbe sack and destruoUon
of tbe sutlers' araps and the maintenance of
the captured redoubt, three strong columns
Jrusbed to tbe attack of tbe polygon, in which
I the Viscount Porlo-Alegre bad gathered
lalwnl 2tW men.
1 Tbe assault was bravely made, some even suo-
leeedlng In entering the fort, but. torn by tbe
aeclmating Showers of grape hurlai into Ibem,
nd by the fire of tb defenders and that of 00
jperatlog Infantry from tUe lines, the Para
caayaus abandoned tbe attempt, and, attacked
u turn by tbe Brazilians, were forced back to
aud put of tbe malu lines. By this time two
glinents of Argentine cavalry had arrived
"torn Vuy00 HO(1 (oa mter were joined
ty lb cavalry and pressed br tbe
infantry, tbe Paraguayans were beaten
at of 11(1 redoubts and undertook tbelr
retreat in Increasing baste, wblon, Qnder
tue furious charges of the allied cavalry,
Anallv raachad a oonfuslou. and oaosed tbe
had captured in the redoubts. The losses on
both side were heavy. While tbe Allies lost
tlx gans,110u men In killed, wounded, and miss
Inr, togwtber with tbe destruction of their ho
pltHln, the greater part of the antlers' camps,
and a part of the convoy, the offlolal reports
siat that over 20U0 Paraguayan corpses bad
been burled, about 800 remained still to bury,
and 166 prisoners, almost all wounded, had been
raptured, thus raising the Paraguayan loss to at
least 2400, Independent of tbe wounded who bad
escaped. '
Dsfaat of Cabral's Farces la St. Damtngo
Tbe Lease of Bamama The St. T bo.
mas Transfer,
Havana. Deo. 22. The Spanish steamer
Pajaradel Oceano, captain Ocuoa, arrived. nils
morning at Hanilngo de Cuba from Ht. Domingo
city, December 20, with further details from
that republic and Haytl. An aotlou bad takeu
.place between the Dominicans and the Baezist
I evolutionists, in which General Palnnoo of tbe
national army was killed. Tne Baezlsis aban
boned l'ort Platte In consequence of tnl vlo
lory, and advanced tbelr sphere of operations
further into tbe Interior.
General Palanco's remains were brought to
Bt. liomlngo city, and were luierred with great
pomp. Henor Pujol Is still at Santiago. He was
expected here yesterday Saturday. lie Is to
c.flrr tbe lease of damans for nlnely-nlneyears
at an annual rent of JSOO.000.
In the Legislative Chambers of St. Domingo
tbe ten mlllloLSof francs loau recently nego
tiated in Paris was disapproved. I have it
from a highly confidential source that Consul
t-aveue bas received a telegram from tbe Ame
rican Consul at Santiago de Cuha, on the
strength ol which he has telegraphed to Secre
tary Sewurd, advising him to defer further
pioceedings in relutlou to the St. Thomas
pu rebate.
A later telegram from Santiago de Cuba states
that well informed persons there doubt tbe
news of tbe defeat of General Cabral's forces in
bt. DomiDgo, as well as tbe announcement that
a pronunciarhento bad been made in favor of
ex-President Baez.
T lie Governor of St. Thomas on the Trans
fer to the Unttsd Stalest
From Vie St. Thoma Tldende, December U.
At an extraordinary meeting held by tbe
Colonial Council of St. Thomas and St. Johns,
on Wednesday the 1Kb lnstant.for tbe purpose
o( dlHi'Ussiog tbe mailers entered on the order
of tbe day lixed for tbe ordinary session ap
pointed lor tbe 19tb ultimo, bis Excellency, tbe
Vire-Uovernor, Immediately after tbe opening
of tbe meeting, addressed the Council in tue
following manner:
That tbe members of the Council bad already
by the Itoyal Proclamation of 2lh of Ontouer,
!Kb7 been made acquainted wltn his Majesty
tbe King's resolntion relative to the ceslson of
thee islands to tbe United States of America,
aDd that the members, one and all, would
doubtless Join with him in the hope expressed
in the proclamation, that tbe Uvorable deve
lopment of tbe islands, In spiritual us well as
in material respects, would be powerfully ad
vanced also under tbe new sovereignly.
He would, however, take tbe liberty to
use this occasion in earnestly impress
ing on the minds of the Council, and
all lis members, to contribute ou their
side everything possible towards a happy traml
tlon from the now existing state of things to
the future. Tbe Colonial Council is at present
tbe representative of this community, not only
In municipal, but also, to a certain extent, In
legislative matters: and It is to be expected and
boped that tbe new Government will mike use
of this Institution in the deliberations on tbe
changes In tbe legislature and the regulating
of tbe administration, that the new relatlou
will require. Until that time the hitherto
existing rules and prescriptions must, of
couise, be observed; and be hoped, as long
ns lie had the honor to fill the olliue of
Superior Authority in this Community, and
until tbe Islands be taken over by the new Oov.
einment, that tbe Counoil with the same zeal
ea bithtrto will contribute Us oo-operalion in
all matters which, according to tbe Colonial law.
appertain to and come under Its competency.
ju is lor rue prvHt-ub win un me correct ani only
manner in which tbe transition to the future
can happily be prepared.
Prom tne ioregoing remarii, no ooudi can be
let 1 on t be minds of this public that henceforth
tnd just as soon as tbe preparatory measures
are niui) ieie inese imhuuh win pass into the
bands ol tbe United States.
What an American Tonrlst Saw In the
Land of the Czars.
Tbe St. Petersburg correspondent of the Cleve
land Htrald glrea the following interesting gos
sip :
There is very little EDgllsb. spoken here, not
bo much among tbe trader even, as in most
cities In Europe. The Germans and their lan
guage predominate among the lorolpaeri, as
well as their beer. The Gat-baus is a frequent
institution in many parts ot the city, one
writer sa.ns, that almost Invariably when he
tpoke to people here in his peculiar style of
reuch and German, he always received unin
telligible answers in Bossiaa. When I got lost
among palaces aud grand military establish
ments, or cant my eyes up at the sign-boards,
and read about prnnd fabrications and steam
companies, aud walked along the quays of tbe
Neva, and saw wood enough piled up in big
Drouti-ooitomea douis 10 last mv?eu sua laruiiy
ten thousand years; when I strolled into the
Mevskoi, and jostled my way thiough crowd ot
nobles, ofliceis, soldier, dandies, and common
ers, stoppiug, as usual, at every picture shjp,
gazing dneaimlj into the gorgeous millinery es
tublisl ments, pondering thoughtfully over the
pluieriog wares ot the jewellers, snufflag re
flectively the odors that came from the restau
rant when all this occurred, and I tried t'
make an inquiry 01 a worthy German who was
standing at the door of his beer cellar, and who
eeuied to think I bad meerschaums to sell. I
began to thibk I had no particular business in
this cosily and luxurious city.
Tbe Fretch language is almost universally
spoken by the nubility and tbe Court, ana to
such an extent is the itunsian Jguored, that it
has been made the subject ot much anirnaiver
nou ait.ong the patriot writer? or the dav, The
fiUESiaa language, Itself, is a dialect of the Sla
vonian, the cotninjn source of the luDauaeof
tbe Poles, beivtans, and Bohemians, and, I sup
pofe, other tribes.
Tbe Pole, Russian, and Tartarean understand
each otber, but only to a certain extent. I
notice quite a difference in their printed venscu
lurs, although they seem to be derived from the
While we are so dilatory in translating the
best Russian works, tbe? hnve many of Snake
soeare's plays, "buckle's History of Clviliz.
tion, "almost every standard work intbe Enulish
Ihnguaue, all translated into Kussiiu. Upon the
shelves of some of their numerous bo"k s'ores
joufind muuy American autnor?. IcjuMnot
ueip Doticinc, iu oue piare, tue ntue work ou
Petroleum, written by M. 3one, of the Herald,
some time ago. which had sirated off here to
sld and asiibt the people in their kuo'wledue ot
tbe article, whico, 1 jude, tbey seem to appre
ciate, not only the book, by its presence, bat by
the numerous caeks ol tbe "refined" Itself we
eee carted through the streets.
Tbe landlord of ihe "Novo Troltskl" and the
propiletor of tbe '"Palkiu Traktir" bare sorted
ns dinners a la A wise, much more elaborately
gotten op than those obtained at the bands of
the two lat, fine looking C'rcassian dressed aid
ornamented girls at tbe Russian pavilion at the
Great Exposition in Paris, The dish mo.-t
fleeted here and throughout the north of ttu
sia is called Zakueka, which word compre
hends a melange of everything that happens to
be in teaton, in tb way oi comestibles. A, tor
instance, Iresh caviar, raw herring, raw smoked
tooee, salmon, radishes, with cheese and butler.
For soups, we have tbe 0rtkla, cold toed
soup, with a beverage tn it, made of fermented
rye, by way or flavor, and with herring, cocain
ler, and meat flostiug In it; also the cabbage
soup, with sour cteaiu, called tUchi, This you
cpa t tbe EipotkUon jienvaara.Qt Ja rris,
There is also fish soup, which T did not taste, 1
made of stone-perch; in fact, a taste or tiro of
either sonp will suffice. Then there are patttss
of Ulngiass, mixed up with the flesh ol the stur
geon, very mncu like muffins with 8n aid cold
boiled sucking pig, with horse-radish sauoe;
roast mntion stuffed with bnrkwheat, with
salted cucumbers ss salad; plenty ol cayenne
is used with tbe fish and cabbage. Tbe dessert
of sweet disbes and fruits is very good. The
sherry of the Crimea, the win of tue Cauoasus,
the cbampaune ol the Don, and the raspberry
Itvai, or cider, are pretty good, so is tbe beer
made in 8t. Petersburg; but their native
brandy, called Vodka, or 'little water," must
have a very depressing rflVct, as Is frequently
teen tn the tottering Mouitk, painfully endea
voring to steady the town by holding on to a
Statues of celebrated generals, statesmen,
painters, sculptors, and authors bit numerous
niches in the wall. Two magnldcent stands tor
candelabra of tie most violet jasper from Sibe
ria, Btand at tbe doors at tbe church end of the
gaUntes. There are immense tables and vases
of porphyry and malachite, tn all tne galleries.
The catalogue gives the number of pictures as
1CJ5, a I selections from tbe best (.aimers, an
cient and modern, that the world hfts produced.
Ol tbe Italian and Spsni.-h schools there are rive
hundred, mcluoine Blurillo, Velnsquez, Cla ide
Lorraine, and Raphael. lo room No. 7, in which
ate mcny of the works of Raphael, I noticed a
be attttiul picture, by that great artist, of 8t.
Georee sod tbe Dragon, painted, ajs the record,
in 1507, as a present to llenrt Vii, ot England.
It was purchased by the Russian Government,
which bac, it seems, b' en gather ng up ail tbe
celebra'ed colUctiors that have been offered for
sale lor the past cntur. as, for instance, the
Walpole collection in 1779, tor 35,000 pounds
s'eritrjsr, that of Houston Hall and the
Cboiseul Gallery, tor over one hundred
thoui-and dolisri-; the JIalinai'on collection,
formed bvtbe Empress Josephine, was bougut
in 1814 tor 040.000 franc. On tbe death of
Queen Hortene, tnirty of the best pictures wero
bought tor the sum of 180.000 francs. Tbe cata
logue mentions the transfer of many other
pmate collections ot pictures and frescoes; but
I must stop. It would also be Difficult to men
tion tn a short notice so va-t an assemblage ot
perns, engraved stones, and carnoe. It is said
to be the lnrgest in existence. I never sup
posed there were as many diamonds in tbe world
as I saw in room N j. 20. There are three rooms
Nos. 23. 24. and 25 devoted to numismatic)
collections. Tnese conosl ot more than 100.000
sppcimeus of coin ot tbe Greek, Siberian. Rus
sian, and of dis'ant countries and provinces
now subject to Russia, and those of Western
Europe. Tbe earl est discovered inscription of
tbe Russian la called tbe Stone of Tniutarakao.
who-e Prince caured the distance betveen the
seat of hi sovereienty and Kertch to be made
over the ice in 1C68, and recorded on this stond.
Several thousand specimens of rnglisti coin,
daiicg back to Canute, Ktdelred, and Hardioa
nule, as well at thu Oriental collections from
tho time of ihe Calebs and toe Khans ot Bok
hara, are splendid. Tbe Russians prize tbe
decoration worn by Schamjl, which we saw in
one of the case?.
A yonsg man named George Beobe, of West
Blonintle'd, New York, wo lie exaiulutug a
machine wblcb was threshing clover in the
adjoining town of Lima ou Monday last, made
a inibslep, and, trying to save himself from
fulling, put his baud wnere it came la contact
vlib the cylinder. Quicker than thought 11
as urawn iu as lar as tbe wrist, when tbe b tud
flew off aud tbe machlue stopped. His hand
was humbly mangled, wbi;h inadx amputation
necessary.. '1 he arm ws- taken off Just below
the elbow, and tbe patleut is oniug wwll.
A terrible affray ocourrea in tlmira, a few
days ago, between two wen, naraeU Daily aud
Bully, in the course of wnicU an outsider was
shot in the knee.
George It. Uanomft, of Burlington, a young
man ot flue character, was cinsned uuJer the
tender at tbe Noilbneld, Vt., aoeldent, and re
used help, heroicaMy saying, "Help tue other
boys; 1 bere is no hope for iuo," and died in ten
The Charleston Courier of tho 18th says; Yes
teiday afternoon, as a colored man named Wil
Un 111 Mitchell wus attempting lo break with an
axe, lor old iron, a loaueu nfiy-pouud couloal
shell, on the premises of Mr. Powell, In Market
street, souih sld?, between King and Arohdale
streets, it suddenly exploded. The negro
(Mitchell) was thrown Iroin where he wis
standing In Ib-eyard, opposite tbe kitchen door,
buck into tbe kitchen, but escaped with a f ?w
bruises, bis bauds and face being slightly
burned with powder.
Tbe concussion In tbe neighborhood, how
ever, wus tremendous. Tbe wludows and cell
ing of tbe adjoining building, on the Uist, kepi
as a restaurant by Mr. Paul Dobzapu, were
very badly shattered, and a nuuioer of ihe
sashes blown completely cut. Several of the
windows In th Auger building opposite were
also broken. Two sons of Mr, Maokey, of tbe
fit m of Mackey & Baker, furniture dealers, bad
a narrow escape from tbe Hying pieces whloli
struck close by tbe door wnere they ware stand
ing. Their escape was almost mtraoulons.
A man naaied Edgar Smith was found dead
on board tbe schooner Nelly Poller, at Jersey
City, on Saturday morniua. He was suff xiAied
in the galley by tbe gas from a coal stove A
com na u 100 was nearly killed in the same way.
A suicide, near Dividing creek, is reported in
tbe Brldgeton (N. J.) Chronicle. A young man
named Clemence Moore, aged about twenty
two years, a son of Hamilton Moore, delibe
rately shot himself through the left breast with
a pistol, causing his deaih In about three min
utes. He had beeu at Dividing oreek d irlng
tbe day, and it Is supposed wus partially in
toxicated, when he went to the bouse of his
brother-in-law. John Hlokmao. and requested
a place to He down. Tbe report of a pistol was
soon after beard by bis sister, Mrs. Hickman,
Who proceeded immediately lo his hedsiun,
when he handed ber the weapon, suylog: "1
bavcsbol tnyself I did It ou purpose good
bye" aud ex pired.
The St. Louis Jicpublican, Deo. 21, has tho fol
lowing: "Tbe Coroner held an inquest yesterday
afternoon, at tbe City Hospital, on the bo ly of
Dennla Lacy, whose death was caused by a
blow on lh head, under the following oircum
stances : Deceased aud a St. Charles merchant
were going up together ou the train from this
cllv lo St. Charlew. when a dlftii:tlty arose be
tween tbe parties, Lhcv struck the merchant
with IiIh a t and pushed him over and choked
Mm. J be latter then picked up a slick of wood
and bit deceased a blow over tbe head, from
the e fleets of which he lingered at the Hospital
until Thursday ulgbt, when he expired. The
meicbunt was arretted and brought down to
this city, but tbe Jury rendered a verdict that
Ihe act was lu self-defence; he was re. eased
from custody, having been fully exonerated
lrcxn blame."
sti r. W111. H. hlun. iiiBtrlct Attorney.
Henry Alklusou was charged with taking Improper
lltierilm wltn little girl uuiiied MkIb Alullieron,
god twelve years. li was convicted uu two cnuuls
01 me bill 01 inuiciaeut -a aauit aim ua'iviy. sua 1
suit Mud bailerv Willi mtt-nt to commit an culmKe.
Henry Muytr was charged whli itie larceny of a
DUnole nl rlolD. on iriai.
wi od Angellue Paleltiorp. Trustee, etc., vs. Robert
bli einukei et si. nuiore reporieu. uinrui.
UM'1U fTA'IKH Dlal'tUUT COUiir. Judee
CsUwalader. Jacnes Fletcher, couvlctt-d asaort tuns
tio fur extortlug money oy virtu or bis uoxltiou as
a United iatea revenue ollleer. was SHiiieucad to two
ems' ImprlHouineui In the Kastaru f eueieoilsry.
Ttutilfti rr fiiivlftnl limi weok til rvfeauluff oro-
roperl froui TJultuti Bis Us oUluers, was ssutauoed
inn tnou Wis Iu ibe Sams Institution,
in ilitiu 01 Kdwsru Brock, convicted during lbs
present It-rm or coDOlvlnc at aua procuring tue
tt uilon tf a irauduixnt bond, the motion lor a uaw
trial was amurd to-day. Tbe followlog are tue
grounds upon which the motion Is made:
I. h raui ilia Judge erred In taking away from the
jury tne jaot 01 tne louoceuce or sunt 01 im u
s iiecsase tbe Judge srrs la teklnc from tbs jury
idc aouut h to tn lunocenoe or sunt 01
t. UeceuMi ihe veralvt was reuuered in the abeeucs
01 Ihe oeieiiasoi.
i, ilecsus the verdict wss rendered on Bundsy.
A bear made his appearance in a girl's
school at Kichinond, lxmisiana, tbe otber day.
the female mind being at enmity against bug
g'pg (Id public), there wu a soatUring,
Tho Latest Commercial News
Fire In Jeff Davis' Old Quarters
at Fortress Monroe.
News from Baltimore and
Kte Kte.i E te. E te.. Kte.
Hernlast Commercial and atarleHeporta
Brxst, Bee. 24. The steamship Ferelre, from
New York Deo. 14, bas arrived.
Southampton, Deo. 21. TbosteamshlpWeier
from New York Deo. 13, arrived at 9 A. M.
Fakis, Deo. 24. Rentes flat.
London, Dec. 2111-15 A. M. American secu
rities flat. Illinois Central, 87 Others un
changed. Livkkpooi., Dee. 24 11 15 A. M. Cotton dull
and unchanged. Bales to-day will probably
reach 10,000 bales. Breadstuff dull.
Afternoon Market Ilsports.
I.ontow. Deo 24 1-20 P. M. Consols for money.
United Htates Five-twenties, 7a 15-10: Iill
noU Central, Erie Railroad. 48
IiVERrooi, Dec. 24-1 20 P. M. The Cotton
market is heavy, and tbe sales to-day will not
exceed K0 0 hales.
Hreadstofls Corn Is oulet at '5s. 9d. wheat
firm at lf. 2d. for California white, and 13s. 7d.
for No. 2 red Western. Peas had declined to
464. ISarley end Oats unchanged.
Provisions Bacon, 41s. Tallow, 4 is. Beef,
H2h. for winter cured. Pork, 47s. 8d. Cheese, 62s.
inet roauce waraet, is nncnangeu.
Preparing for Christmas Attempt sit
an-nrea inK.
special despatch to tub evening teleqbaph.
Caltimobr, Deo. 21. Tbe city Is all alive, and
tbe streets crowded in preparation for Christ"
mas. Shopkeepers overwhelmed with bust
ness, gobblers, and poultry, all kinds of which
are abundant
A number of prisoners attempted to break
jail yesterday, but were frustrated. Thieving
and pocket-picking are fearfully on the lnorease-
Tbe weather is oolder, and snow Indicated.
Happy ChrlBtmas to tbe whole world peace
on earth and good will towards men. Amen !
Meeting In Behalf of Protection to our
Naturalized citizens Abroad,
Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 24. A meeting to con
sider tbe rights of naturalized citizens was held
here last night. ' The principal featnre was a
speech by A. O, Tbarman, late Democratic can
dldate for Governor. He spoke at considerable
length, urging protection to naturalized citi
zens wberever placed, and denonnclng the idea
that allegiance to any government survives
naturalization under another.
A preamble and resolutions were adopted
looking towards tbe protection of foreign-born
citizens in the United States everywhere, and
recommending the subject to the early atten
tion of Congress.
Fire at Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, Deo 21 At about 4 o'clock
this morning tbe a'arm of Dre was heard inside
the Fort, and upon rushing to the spot we
found it to be Carroll Hall, in the room formerly
occupied by Jeff. Davis, but now occupied by
Colonel Henry, of the 1st Artillery. Cblef En
gineer John Baulch was promptly on the spot
with bis steamer No. 81, and soon succeeded In
checking the flames, which were rapidly
spreading. Tbe fire originated by some coal
drorplng out of tbe grate on the floor, setting
the carpet on fire. The damage done to the
building was slight.
Markets by Telegraph.
S Taw Yobk, Dec 24. Stocks quiet. Chicago and
Bock Island, OU'-,: Reading, Canton Oompany,
lb; l'Tle, 12: Cleveland aud 'loledo, U'J: Cleveland
si.d Pltisburg, 87 'u: Pittsburg and Fort Wayne,
Michigan Ceutral. Ho; MIcliiKaoKouttiem, tt.; New
York CeLtral. 117V,; Illinois Central, IV; Cumberland
prelerrert, 127'i Mlssnutl s, Vl; Hudson Kiver, 132V.
U. B. Hve-twntle. IWS2, 108V; do. 1KS4. los'i: da l,
1W4; Ten-forllsa, I0IV, S'ven-thlrtlM, KM,1;. Sold,
Ida',. Money. per cent. Kxctiange. llui.
ticw Yobk, IXc, 21. fr'oiion du'l at 15,4l5'c.
Flour duil; uo bbls. sold: Kiaie, It so"ZS; Ohl.i.fsi'.vi
(alo-80; Calllomla, 12-8o(cgl8 S; Houtliern. !( 70 I4 tnt;
Wbt-si Cull. Corn dull. Oats dull: 12 ouo bushnls
so cl; Wpciprn, 84 cents. Iiarley tlrm; 7uui nushela
sold: W'wtPrD. I Hi. Bert (lull. Pork dull; new
mess, 120 91. Lard dull. WUaay quiet.
Slipping Intelligence.
FnsTKKHs Mo rob, Deo 21. Arrived, bound tor
Baltimore, tlie brig lllue Wave, frotu llemarara;
W hyoah, Ironi Turk Islaud; Wl-Mlall, 00.
Passt-d op, brlKS i'rauo es Jane, Iron Klo; Missis
sippi, In m tJenisrara; tcbr Weuooab, do: ship liuuu,
ll( in Londnndwrry.
Paused out. sblp I.nulna, for Liverpool: brlss Cy
clop e, fur HoKtou; Victoria, for Antwerp; and Herald,
tor Liverpool.
Tbe Checkered Convention The Itou4
Ordinance Louisiana Defrauded of
$450,000-VVUo Voted For It, and Whs
Uld Net.
JSTcw Orleans Cor, (Dec. 22) Cincinnati Gazette.-
I would that with me you conld to-day, after
picking your way though lime, mortar aud
1ubbl1.il upon the adjaceut sidewalk, enter tbe
doorway at Mechuuics' Institute, aud asoeud
ii g the wtudiug stairs, flud yourself in the pre
tence of the so culled Hucoiisiruclion Conven
tion of lfcii7. Yon have doubllesi seen that
lamlliar eugravlbg eutltled "The United dtales
btnute of IHM," in wblou lleury Clay, sur
rounded by bis oompeers. Is represented dls
cubbing tbe great polltital lxsue of that lime.
Kow.lt in this picture you will substitute lor
the great orator a burly black, and lor tbe in
tellecluHlcouuteuances aud thoughtful, earnest
eyts of tbe llstenlug teualors, bright rows of
ivories, saudwlcbed here and there between
rowdylsh looking whites, It may give you some
faint conception of the honorable body whloh
yesterday, by a vole of nlly-elght to thiity-two,
concluded to put a debt of half a million del
ists on Louisiana's back. In order that tbey.
the so-called representatives of "the loyal
fitopleof tbe State," might be assured of tbelr
en doliais a day and mileage.
A more stupendous fraud was never perpe
trated. The speculators who thus magnani
mously offer to advance sixty five cents on the
dollar and pocket tbe bonds, Interest, discount,
aud all, are well known.
A casual glance over tbe assemblage would
almost enable you lo designate who voted for
tbe ord'nanre, aud who did not. Yonder, to
the right of lbs central aisle, sits John Oalr, a
young mulatto, who, on one of the earlier days
of tbeaetslou.gotnp and denounced as "trai
tors" any wb voted on tbe opposite aide of a
certain question tnen before the House, ile
trlns eveiy lime bis name Is called, as
roadly a any school boy, who, having thrown
a spit-ball at tbe teacher's head, escapes detec
tion, lie voted for the Bond bill.
He Is a large, stontly-bullt man, with a heavy
black muataobe and eleanly-shaven face. His
eyes and balr are very dark, and I almost fear
from tbe course be pursued that his Intentions
are very nearly of the samo bne. He is the
violent man of tbe Convention the Boanerges,
as be bas been well termed who Is always
threatening this, denonnelog that, constituting
blmsell a permanent eommlttee of one, as a
sentinel npon the watch-tower of eolored
And yet it is bard to believe that he is the
same man who, Ave years ago. In a paper pub
lished at Clinton, La., The Npirit of the South,
advocated tbe Immediate hanging aud annihi
lation of eveiy one favoring the abolition of
these men whom he now alludes to as "ray
colored friends," my "constituents," or "the
honorable gentleman" from so and so, I leave
In your hands the verdlot concerning this per
son. It la simply a misfortune tbat ne controls
so many Ignorant votes In the Convention, lit
voted for the bonds; who didn't?
Then there Is a Simon Jones, a white delegate
from New Orleans, formerly Colonel of a Corps
d; Afrlqne regiment, and latterly very unplea
santly mixed up in long newspaper reports of
some stolen State bonds, which have never
been recovered. But such unpleasant little
associations as these don't appear to have In
jured Simon at all in tbe eyes or his friends, and
be bss been distinguishing himself greatly in
this flnancequeslion before tbeConvenMon by
playing negotiator with the mysterious capi
talists. He is "brassy" and full of assurance.
If there is a fence too high to be climbed over
he'll crawl under It, somehow, depend upon It.
This quality makes up In him for a lack of
Y'f s; and so did Bolomon Moses, black as the
ace of spades, late Corporal of the U. 8. A.,
and chosen a delegate for his vloleuce and
Ignorance displayed in Republican clubs and
caucuses. 'I say It without the slightest prelu
dice, that were De Cnalliu to meet him In a
stale of.nndlty in the African forest, he would
not hesitate to bring him down as a gorilla; but
Solomon quotes scripture fluently, though in
accurately, appears to feel not the least man
vaine hovte in occupying the floor, and rubs bis
face complacently when alluded as "me honor
able gentleman from New Orleans."
By his side sits Charles Smith, a rather vene
rable looking remnant of tbe convention of
18(14. Tbe vestiges of champagne and boned
turkey, consumed by tbat never-to-be-forgotten
body, are still visible in every wrinkle of
that good-natured face. He Is a crafty old fox,
well In with Governor Flanders, and especially
heavy on motions to "lay tbe whole subject on
the table." He sits in the first front seat to the
right of the central aisle. To him! fell tbe first
choice. Tbe colored members don't think him
particularly sonnd on the coose question. Well,
it may be; but, at all events, he Is voting with
them heart and soul for the present. He voted
for the bonds.
Unfavorable news as to the state of the
Pope's health is confirmed by letters front
Rome. It is said that daring the last few days
tbe sanitary condition of his Holiness has ex
cited considerable anxiety, the energy and
firmness which he displayed daring the recent
political events having been succeeded by a re
action which has occasioned great debility. A
report of the death of the Pope was circulated
in Paris a day or two sinse, and some of the
journals actually announce the decease of the
Holy Father, bat an official contradiction has
been given to the rumor.
Twelve hundred tons of steel rails hare
been substituted for iron ones on the Boston
and Providence Railroad. At Roxbary they
have been in use for upwards of a year at a
point where one hundred and twenty trains or
locomotives pass over them daily, bat there is,
as yet, no perceptible wearing away. Iron
rails had to be Telaid seventeen times a year at
the same plaoe. -
Orrica or thi Eveninb Tet-obaph,!
Tuesday, Deo, 24. 167.
The Stoo J Market was inactive this morning,
but prices wero rather firmer. Government
loans continue in lair demand. 10-403 sold at
1014101, a slight advance. 104 was bid for
Jute aDd Jnly7-30s; 112J for 6s of 1881; 1081
for '62 6-20s; 105J for '64 6-20s; 1054 for '65 5-20s;
and 1U8 for Jul j '65 5 20s. C:ty louus were un
changed; the new is.ue sold at 99 and old do. at
05, interest off.
Bailioad shares, as we have noticed for some
time past, were the most active on the list,
(an, den and Am boy sold at 1274, an ad
vance of 4; Pennsylvania Railroad at 50,
a slight advance; Reading at 48J48.f, a slight
advance; Philadelphia and Erie at 28,, a de
cline of 4; 67 was bid for Minehill; 33 for North
Pe nnsylvania; 40 tor Elmiia preferred; 234 for
CatawiBsa prelerred, and 42 tor Northern Cen
tral. la City Passenger Railroad shares there was
nothing doipg. 44J was bid for Chesnut and
Walnut; -64 for West Philadelphia; and 10 lor
bai k shares were firmly held at full prices.
Farmers' and Meehanics' sold at 131J, no change,
and Commercial at 64, no change. 148 was bid
lor Philadelphia; 70 lor City ; and 62 for Com
monwealth. In Canul shares there was more doln. Le
high Navigation sold at 29J30, closing at the
fotmer rate, a decline of 4; aud Delaware Divi
sion at 62. a decline 01 1. 12J was bid for
Schuylkill Navigation common; aud 12 tor Sus
quehanna Canal.
Onotattons of Gold 10J A. M., 133; 11 A. M.,
133: 12 M.. 133J: 1 P. III.. 133 j, an advance ot I
on the clobing price last eveniug.
Tbe following letter from Secretary Mc
culloch puts au end to all doubts, as
to his course upon the question of contract
lug United btates notes. Tho reasons for non
cobtraction might have been made stronger.
The Secretary might have stated that for many
months there would be no surplus revenue
availnble for the payment of United States
notes, and tbat his income will bo hardly equal
to the redemption of the 7'30s, Compound
Notes, and past due debts presented for pay
ment. Until toe 7 30i are funded, and the Com
pounds got lid ol, no contraction can be made,
and probably none will be attempted this side ot
December, 18G8. After another crop is gathered
throughout the Union and the short debt is put
into long stocks, ai will be tho case in Decem
ber, 1HG8, abe attention of Congress can be
given to tbe contraction of the currency with a
prospect ol success wholly wanting now.
Thkasiiby Dkpartment, Deceinbwr IS, 1867. 81
Ytiur lavur ol tula mitluut Is mct-lvud. Ii is not my
liiiciiliou to rvilre and cancel auy mors Uulied Mta.es
notes Hi li month, uor will Hie condition or ibu Trea
sury utid ot 1 lie country JuHllly lux in making tbe
usual contraction In tbe month of January.
Jt may be proper for m lurtber to say, that while I
eutirtain llie opinion lliul an euny return to Npecla
pay muis Is inui-peuable 10 tbe nallnnul prosperity,
sua 1 list specie paymuli caunol be restored wllUout
a curlHllii.tnt of lue poer circulatlou cf the coun
try. 1 snail not continue to exprciae tbe power of re
ducing Hie circulation of United btaies notes coa
lerrtd in onme by Irte art ol April 14, itititi, uulesi I
have rt-UHoo to suppose that I shall be sustalued la
doing so by CongroM. uor until Congrats susll have a
full opporiuulty lor dekrriitlul.g tbe fuiure tluauclal
policy i t tbe Clovrrumenl. You cao, lberrore. say
U 3 our Committee that tbt-ra will be no contraction
of the currency by tlie beuretary during ibe praaeul
mouiu or ihe next. 1 am, v.-ry truly yours.
11 10 it Mcculloch, secretary.
lion. John Sherman, CDairman, etc
- The N. Y. Herald this morning says:
"Money was lo superabundant apply at six per
cent, to stock houses lu good credit, and large amounts
wrrs loaned in not a few instances at five. Atlbe
same time a lew excrp.lonal transactions for small
smouula were resorted At seven per eeuL, which rata
tlie ban s nt 111 ask from borrowers on nilsoellanaous
collaterals, although tbey are willing 10 ta-a six as a
rule. The dlscouui Una la quiet, and Oral-class corn
nierclal pspsr passes freely In tui open market at 7;J8
per cent., most of ibe bualaens belug at 7f. Inferior
big natures are. however, out of favor, ana It Is, there
fore, dlrttcnlt lo ell any but tbe best quality eves at
blih rales. Tbe favorable character of the
last bank sktiemenl and the prjansnt of a
largely lnoreaed supply of losnabla funds
arising from the payuisut ol the Jauuary divi
deude Inspire confidence among bank fttitoers aud
prlvats nvouey lenders, aud there Is some preuure
to lend In onntequeuce. II Is generally ei pooled that
Ihe supply of money will be so large In January at
call Ivans will be made mainly at ipercvuv- X-f
Western exchanges era, aatwlthetanotng thea4l-a
demand for loans and discounts In the Wester-Tui-
slightly In favor ef Ihle city and those 1,1 th
... . . . -
trade of the oonntrv less much depressed Ihttlha
dtmsns for money rrora the mercantile eoennannity
I very light, and Undent are distrustful of all but
erst-class henee. There la onlr ene Held far lie em
ployment nnder sueh clrotimstanoes, and taat la lit
speenlatlon on the atook Kzoheoge. llenoewnll
trade continues lo droop speeulat'.oa Is likely to be
come sot Its nnder tbe stimulating Inflaeneoe of
cencentratlon ol Idle eapltal at this cenlr, and wltk
the opening of the New Year business la Wall street
will receive a fresh Impetus, however 11 nay be else
where." The N. T. Timet this morning sayss
"The market for Money was dull throngh the 6f ;
and the rales easy to the stock brokers, bom at banks
and on the street, at (t7 per cent., with some eiren
lions es cheap as S per cent, on Uovernment collateral
There was a lair business done In the ciubllo funds,
but mostly at the oounUrs of the great dealers, of so!
Investment character and on out-of-town orders.1
Late In Ibe day there was a demand for the e-aoi of
18 on tbe higher quotations from London, tbeateadU
ness In gold, and firmness in exchange. Prices wera
generally ibe same as on Saturday, The Htosk:
Exchange was (specially excited on Pacliio
Mall and Erie. In tbe forenoon the ealos of
Paclflo Mall were lsrge, and prices rapidly ot
the decline, opening at 110. or IS per eeat. bolow
the last figure of Saturday, and going down to Ins pee
rent., from which there was a rsllyal the Bfoonj
lloaid to iifCo.1 percent, la Brie tberoperatlons
In tbe morning were to the extent of 19 0 0 or 20.000
staa- es, and nearly all wltbla 74tWi 7f-( per cent :
after whlcn the market broke ai unexpectedly an 't
had advanced on Baturd-T. and the sellers n' spied
7a(47'2;&j7:H percent. This carried down, thoned
not to the same extent, most of toe Western roads,
which bad been la free demand, and very Urn
through the morning North went preferred espeolall
so. New York Central was r percent, lowerthaa
on Patnrday nlgnt: Ihe nl. 1'aul slocks Hperoeni,
Keening continued stesdy, apparently on out of towa
.Reported by Sabaven k Bro., No. 40 B. Third street
jrmrrr BKARD,
11000 TJHl(HOs.cp.
lo sh Xieb N stg.. tor,
109 do..b0u. so
81 do. ...
100 do..sMwn. 2)V
60 do........b. mi
to sh Peon a Hls.o. 6i
MO sh Read K......o. &
rixio- CO..
t.iooo City 6S, N.C.tp.ll 9
isooCAAm mts'S9. 93
l.iOuO I'll 114 Ke Is. W
Ish Cfc Am 0. 137
1 sh Far A M Bk....Uld
mssn uoui'i i)K 01
loo eh lel Dl vision.... 6i
loo sb Ocean Oil-
Messrs. Jay Cooke ft Co. quote Govern
ment secuilties, etc., at follows: U. 8. 6s of,
1881, 11201124; old 6-20s, 1081084; new 6-20s,
18(11. 1051064; do., 1865, lOBJtaiOSJ ; do., Jaly,
108(1084; do., 1867, 1081084;J 10-40s, 101?o
1011; 7-308, Jane, 104lu4i; do., Jaly, 101j
104 J. Gold,1334(J133i.
Messrs. De Haven & Brother, No. 40 Botitb
Third street, report the following rates of ex
chance to-day at 3 P. M.: U. 8. 8s of 1881, 1124
112; do. 1862, 107!S1081; do.. 1864, lOofiJ
1064; do., 188ft. 1051(3)1051. ; do., 1865, aew, 108(i
1084: do.. 1867, new, 108.21084; do. 6s. 10-408.
101J10U; do. 7-30$, June, 104i3104i; do.,
July, 104 J 1044; Compoand Interest Notes,
Jane, 1864, 119-40; do., July, 1864, 119-40;
do. August, 18G4, 119-40; do., October, 1864,
119-40; do. December, 1864, 119-40; do
May, 1866, 1171174; do., Auenst, 1805, 1161
1161: do., September. 1866, 115,01154; do.,
October, 1865, 115jllii. Gold, 133j133.
Silver, 1274129.
Messrs. William Painter Co., bankers;
No. 86 S. Third street, report the following
rates of exchange to-dav at 12 o'clock Gold,
133i133; 0. 8. 6s,.1881, 1123112$t V. 8. 6-20s,
186a, 108O1084; do.,1864, 105JfU)54i do., 1865,
106481054; do. July, 1866, 108(31084; do. Jaly,
1867, 108131084; 6s, 10-40, 101i10U; 0. 6.
7-30", 2d series, 104j(ai04J; 3d series, 104J ,1
1044: Compound Interest Notes, December, 1864,
119-40; May, 18G5, 117,(31117?: Anprnst, 1865, 1164
U63; September, 1865, 110i115J; October .
1865, 115jU5.
Fhllaaelphla Trade Report.
Tcksi , Ceo. 24 There la Orra feeling In the
Flonr Market, but not much activity. The de
mand Is extremely limited, and the home oon
Burners are purchasing only enough to supply
their Immediate wants. Bales of a few hnndreol
bbls. at !7-508 -25 for superfine, 8 5309-25 for
extras, 81011 for Northwestern extra family,'
fll$12 for Pennsylvania and Ohio do. do., (12-73
U for fancy brands, according to quality. Rye
Flonr ranges lrom 18 50 to 1875. Nothing doing
In Corn Meal.
The offerings In Wheat are small, and thera
Is a steady inquiry for prime, bat common
grades are not much wanted. Bales of 2000 bush -(Sriuthern
and Pennsylvania red at 12 fi0a2 Li
Kye is held at tl-75l-78 for Pennsylvania!.
Corn Is quiet, bnt prices are well maintained
Pales of old yellow at $1-12 1-43, red do. at l 10 a
1-S2, and new and old Western mixed at $l-30j
1-85. Oats ore sea roe, and 2o. tp bushel higher.
Bales of 8000 bushels Pennsylvania at 78800.
Nothing doing In either Barley or Malt.
Bark is nncbanged; 16 bhds. No. 1 Qaerollroa
sold at f50 V ton.
Heeds Cloverseed sells at $7(97-75 $ 61 lbs;
Prices of Timothy are nominal. Flaxseed ii
steady at &2'45.
W hlsky Nothing doing, '
For additional Marine Newt tee Inside Paget,
baph orrica.
y Ja sVl" lllllTm
Mill A. M.-..ngl P. IT. 2
Barque Qneen of Boots, Boiltb, Antwerp, L. Wester-
gaard di Co.
Brig Circassian, Banker. Havana, John Mason Cn.
Brig Anna, Morrow. I'orlo Rico, t0
Brig Julia F. Carney, Carney, Cardenas, Warren,
Gregg A Morris.
BchrJ. W. Wilson, Somera, Asplowall, Latbbury
Wlckersbsm A Co.
Echr J. B. Clayton, Clayton, Galveston, do.
Bteansbfp Whirlwind. oer. 2 days IrOm Provl
Oence. with mdm. to I). 8. Btetson A do. ovi
Brig Abhy Kllen, Orcutt, 7 days from Darlen Da
with timber to Msrshon Cloud "ansa, aa
-Sh"!.-0!? bleJ'"Jer. 2 ys from Vlnolhaven,
with granite to capialn.
fcchr M.o. Farr,Malloy.days from Boston, with
mdse. lo captain.
Oarretpondmre of the Philadelphia Kxehanoe.
Philadelphia, left the Breakwater this morntnir with
a strong BW. wind. Barque Cornwsiils has rmu rueS
to Breakwater. JOHJU'U IiAEKTitA.
g(Barque Meaco, Wortinger, henoe, at Rio Janeiro
fcchr'B. C. Bcrlbner, Chase, hence, at Key West loth
faclirs C. E. Palgs, Donghty, and Viola, Treworgy.
lisiice, at KoHton 2lst Inst.
bebr A. T. Long. Long, from Boston tat Philadel
phia, at New York yesterday. "
HchrJ. II. Burnett, (irowiey. from Providence for
Philadelphia, at New York yesterday.
Niw Tor-, Deo, XI. Arrived, steamship Clmbrla.
from Haui burg.
Fuhtkiihs M on bos, Dec. 21. Arrived, brig Fldslla.
Capialn While. 47 aas lrom Ilia Janeiro, with cotJea.
the bas been ordered to New York. Captain White
reports speaking. Nov. 10, the ship Kllen Houibard,
If :t dsvs lrom Han Francisco, for Liverpool. In lab
10 60 long. 82 15 W ; Nov. IS, English ship Phteul.
CoIIIds. from t'ardltt for Bhsughal. (1 dys out. lat.
8 12 a. long. 83 W. all on board well. Leri'ln port lue
Rebel ram Htonewall. tn sail on Nov. t- 3'ha f'lllom
Ing vessels were loading at Klo when the Fidelia
Balled: Uaique Isaac Iiavls. ilaud: Jobu Bolton, Lln
sey; and Auiuson-destlnalloi.s not yel known. The
ehlpKbalemue -as dlscharslng a cargool ooal. and
would sail In a lew days for sn Frauolsoo.
Arrived In distress, brig M,e j2b."Y" onTb2
Georgetown. 8. O. tor Bnmto: J '
Wtb. and bad a man wa-hedoverbrd (a P.tngoese
cn the lh Inst. In lb. ga'el ''".ii
Pensacola, via Uavaua, lost sails lu a gaie on tha
Si,ou.lr. fir iirnversfort. Mass , do : A. B. Free
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