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YOL. YI.Vf.No 152
Full Particulars of tho Clork
enwell Explosion.
Financial Arrangements Between
Austria and Hungary.
Napoleon III and tho Roman
Bte.. Kte, Etc., Etc., Ktc, Kt.
New York, Dec. 27. The Cuaard steamship
Scotia, Captain Watson, which left Liverpool on
the 14th at eleven o'clock A. M., and Queens
town on the eveuing ot the 15th instant, arrivel
at this port at one o'clock this mornln?, bring
ing mail details of cable despatches dated to her
day ot sailing from Ireland.
Miscellaneous Items.
Tbe English papers by the Hcolla are filled
Willi details of Hie Fenian funeral processions
agitation In Knglatid and lielaud, the inoa
auies taken for their repression, auu tne Clerk
eDwell explosion.
Tbe Loudon Timet of the 14th Instant, in an
editorial ou tbe Clerkeuwell Fenian ou irate.
Bays: "Ireland has BUllered much at tbe bauds
of her self-constituted represenlatlves.and never
more tlan when Blie la maiie to appear before
tle world as the moi tier of assassins."
Tbe Oi and Jury at the Liverpool Assizes re
turned a Hue bill for misdemeanor against Mr.
Charles Lee Campbell, of l be fl.ui of Colin
Campbell & Hons, comou brokers, on accouut of
the transactions between lilui and ibeNmional
liank of Liverpool, which have created ho much
A uecrteof the Portuguese Government abo
llsi es tbe duties on ceieals imported Into Portu
gal until ihe end ol June, 1808.
'J lie Emperor of ltussta lias sanctioned tbe
firepoeal of the War Minister for tbe mauufao
uie of breech-loaders lor the Russian ariuy,
Sid both the Govern ment and private gun
factories are actively engaged la preparing the
new arm.
An Imperial KussUn deoree fixed the Intro
duction oi a new tariff of oustoms from 1809.
Tbe Opinione, of Antwerp, a liberal Belgian
journal, reports the withdrawal of MM. Freie
and Kogler from the Ministry, In consequence
of olsagreement in tbe Cabinet of Brussels as
to the Conference on Kducatlon, tbe new ex
penditure for the fortifications of Antwerp,
aud upon the question of military organiza
Financial Agreement with Hungary.
At tbe silting of tbe Lower Uouseor tne Aus
trian Kelctisralb the general debate came on
nroo tne financial agreement with Hungary,
Deputy Herbst defended the motion of the ma
jority, and spoke in lavor of tne interests of the
Hi ate creditors. After a reply from Deputy
Baene and several olher speakers the Finance
Minister stated the purt he bad taken in tbe
negotiations wlln Hungary for agreement. lie
tated that after tbe agreement was etfeoted a
new ministry would be appointed. Tbe dele-
tatlons from the Hungarian, aud Austrian
nets would co-operaie in. preparing tne
budget. Tbe CU-Lenhan Budget for 18U8 snowed
anxpendlueof 248,1.00,000 florins, and a reve
nue ol 195,WjO,000, leaving a deficit, or 51,000,000.
The present coutrloutiiiu of Hungary was oi,
000,000. against 64,oo0,oi0 in the previous year,
and there was uo doubt that the amount pro
mised would be received Tbe Una 'Clal world
nailed tbe agreement with Joy. Tne rte of
exebange bad risen, and capital was flowlug
Into railway enterprises. 'J be Increase la direct
taxes ainouuleu to 2.700 000 florins, and indirect
taxes to 8,b0u,0l0 above the sums originally esti
mated. There whb. upon the wiio.e, an lucmase
in the revenue ol 31,000,000 llorlus over tne pre
vious year.
Debate In the Chambers The Course of
Mapuleon III.
The debate in the Italian Chambers of Depu
ties on the policy of the Government, wuictt
eventuated adversely to tbe Cabinet, was con
tinued, blgnor Beriani strongly condemned
tbe policy ol tbe Government; aud, with regard
to ine iultrveuuou, said the French soldiers
had been guilty of cruelly to the wounded Garl
baiuians at Moulano. Tne blood shed at Mon
tana had seteied ine lie between the volunteers
stud the mouarchy.
H gnor Beriani concluded by proposing au
order of the day aflliming Homo to be the capi
tal of Italy, aud the existence of a Ponllnoal
Hiate to be incompatible with that of an alien
kingdom, and also declaring that the Chamber
did not consider the present Ministry capable
of cariyltig out such a programme. Ueueral
Menabrea energetically protested agalust tbe
expressions made use of by Ulgnor Beriani
relative to the monarchy, and respecting tne
alleged cruelly on the part of the French
The Paris Presse says: 'We are informed that
the French Cabinet Is about to lsuea manifesto
acquainting the powers that in accordance
With M. Kouber's statement France has placed
the territorial possessions of the Papacy under
her guarantee.'
The Paris ratt le of December 13 denies an as
sertion made by the 1'renne ot Vienna that the
Fmperor apoleou would sbortly address a
manliesio to Kurope relative to a guarantee of
tbe integrity of l he Papal 8 tales.
Tbe Puns Etendard, speaking of tbe Italian
Green Book, says M. Houher must bave expe
rienced some surprise on seeing tbe use which
has been made therein of confidential conver
sations. Tbe accuracy of the version given ot
these conversullous is assuredly debateable.
and tbe course of proceeding adopted Is alto
getter opposed to the traditions of diplomatic
Details of the JCxploslon at Clerlteuwell
Prison, London The Gunpowder Plot
In lis Matui It jr and Effect.
15y tbe steamihip Scotia we have very Inte
resting mail details ot U.e Keniuu movement, by
gun lowdi r explosion, sgaiu-t the Cler&enweil
prison, Loudon which w us hist reported through
the Atlantic cable.
The Explosion.
Telegrams from London, dated Friday night,
December 13, saj:8borl)y alter 4 o'clock this
evening, and Just as the shades oi eveulug were
falling, a It i nil o explosion was heard in the
neighborhood of Cleikeuwell Prisou, where
Colonel Burke was contiued. In a lew minutes
it was ascertained that the explosion was
caustd by tbe placing of a barrel of gunpowder
oiose to tbe piii-ou wall, and couiuiuuloallug
flie to it by a luse, with a view, it is supposed,
to level the wall and thus open a means of
escape for Colonel llurke, who was woul to like
exercise in the north yard enclosed by the wall.
Tbe wall was elli-ctiveiy breached to the extent
of some foity feel, but Burke was at tbe time In
auolbtr yard, and no escape was elleeled, and
Jl seems uotutiy wllb a view to rescue was
wo bouses opposite the wall were levelled to
tbe ground by Ihe eoucusslou, aud some thirty
Others were severely Injured. The Inmates were
severely injured. Two men were instantly
killed and one child, while sixty persons are
al edy known to bave been mure or less In
jured, some of them severely aud some mor.
tally tut all requlied lo be remeved to the
hospital. Others who weresllgully Injured were
attended by the local surgtoue. Home of tbe
wounded In Uarttiolomew'a Hospital are said to
TVl'hoek felt throughout the neighborhood
was terrific. Wir-dow weresualttired al a oou
tlderuble Ulstunce from, the bite of luo explo
sion. The district Is new surrounded by a
cordon of policemen, and one of the household
region ms of Guards bave been called out and
posted at couvenlenl places all around to sup
port tbe police. London Is In a stale of grent
excitement, and tbe most intense Indignation
is felt at tbe utter disregard of innocent lives
manllested oy tne perpetrators of the outrage.
Thiee men bave been arrested on suspicion.
LoiTon, Friday Night, Deo. 13-9 o'clock.
About four P. M. two men and a woman
brought a barrel on a track n I piso d it against
tbe w all of the tier ken well House of De'outlon.
in Corporation row. They lit a fuse, and a tre
mendous explosion took place. The wall was
driven in, leaving a gap sixty feet at the top,
and narrowing to ten leet at tho bottom. Tne
men and tbe woman ran away, but were arrest
ed. The house opposite was destroyed, and
nearly thirty houses adjoining are more or less
Injured, while in tbe adjoining street au im
mense amount of glass is broken. Forly per
sous injured, Including women and children,
are in hospital; tbree are dying. Firemen are
working in the ruins searching for bodies.
A large body of police are in the prison yard,
and a detachment of guards In the prisou. The
prison wall enclosed the yard where the pri
soner take exerelse.
There is little doubt that tbe object was to
liberate Burke and Casey, but to-day these
men were taken fur a walk in another enclosed
spce, consequently the attempt filled.
The report was heard at n great distance, and
the event has canned considerable excit ement
and Indignation at tbe reckless disregard of lite
and property. At 9 o'clock P. M. thousands ot
persons were attempting to get near ihe scene
of Ihe outrage. All the approaches are kept by
the police armed with cutlasses.
Tbe force of the explt slon was so great that
ma Hues ol bricks were burled seventy or eighty
feel into the prison yard.
Full Particulars.
From (7ie London Olobe. flflh edition, Dcc 18.
'J his afternoon about four o'clock the neigh
borhood at the House of Detention, Clerken
wcll, was thrown into a state of great alarm In
consequence of a terildcexploslou taking place,
and which, for within a radius of half a mile,
terrlfltd tne inhabitants. All the windows were
shattered into pieces, and the greatest confu
sion prevailed al the time. This diabolical out
rope is supposed to have been perpetrated to
eflecl the release of tbe Fenian leader, Colonel
Burke, who is confined In Clerkenwelt House
ot Detention.
The cause of the explosion is now ascertained
beyond a doubt. Before the catastrophe atten
tion bad been excited by tbe suspicious appear
ance of several irlch roughs, the type of the
class wbcih represent Fenlanlsm, loilerlug on
tbe outskirts of the prison. The detectives
who bad been engxiced to watch the preclnots
of tbe pilson since Burke's incarceration, aud
who for some hours to-day watched the move
ment of the suspicious parties, did not fall to
acquaint tbe officer incbaige of Burke, aud the
prison authorities of the occurrence. Soon after
3 o'clock one of the p dice officers went to tbe
Srlson with a witness to identify Burke, and on
Is attention being drawn to the suspicious
aspect of affairs, thouga no danger was at that
lime apprehended, be at once despatched an
ottlcer lor a body of constables to resist
any possible attempt to rescue the Fenian,
Burke, as that was at once presumed to be tne
object in view. Before, however, tbe staff of
constables had arrived, tbe explosion took
place, with e fleets even more disastrous, we
iar. than above narrated. It is said that three
persona were seen to pass up tbe lane carry lug
a barrel, tbe appearance of which, however,
cieated no snsplcinn as to its contents. The
men were seen to place the barrel down, appa
rently for rest, against tbe newly built piece of
wall, where an entrance bad lately been used for
the purpose ot enlarging the prison. One man
went a WHy, leaving the other in possesion of the
barrel. Iso one seems to have seen what took
place for a few moments, when a very violent
shock was felt. A great portion of tbe north
wall was blown up, and a block of poor dwell
ings, containing from twelve to flfteeo houses.
instantly became a heap of rains. Fortunately
the prison was uninjured, except the glass,
which was mostly shattered, and thus the at
tempt to provide a means of escape for Burke
proved futile. All tbe bouses and buildings tn
the vlclulty were shaken to their foundations;
scarcely a pane of glass, of whatever thickness,
remains entire.
People are reporting, some of them that they
were thrown upon their backs, others that they
were frightfully shaken. A telegram from
London, dated Saturday morning, Deo, 14, 1
o'clock A. M., reports: Forty-two persons are
now in tbe hospital and tbree are dead. It is
understood thai the police bad some informa
tion of tbe attempt at rescue, and that one
policeman on duty was carried insensible to
tbe hospital. Tbe two male prisoners decline
to say anything. One of them states that bis
name la Dtsmond. Their female companion
has attempted to commit suicide.
Another Account.
London Telegrams to Manchester Ouordian.
Tbe prisoners in tbe House of Detention pre
allowed extra privileges. . Burke and Casey
bad in consequence, lately seen many visitors.
Ihese the police had watched, aud they dis
covered that a house in the neighborhood was
a Fenian rendezvous. A woman visited Burke
and Casey early ibis afternoon. On leaving
she was followed by two men who had beeu
luiklng about tbe prison. These men were
seen to roll a barrel, now supposed to have
been barrel of gunpowder, along Corporation
lane, which has bouses of two and
tbree stories on one side and tbe walls of the
House of Detention on tbe other. They fixed
it aaalnst the prison wall, and one of them
lighted a fuse, bat tbe light went out. The
olher man iben took from his pocket a box of
lucifers. A match was struck, a fuse lighted,
and both ran off, followed by detectives. One
detective bad not ran far before be was blown
down by tbe force of tbe explosion. The man
bewas after escaped. Tbeolherman and woman
were captured, and a second man has slaee
been taken into custody, on suspicion. Tne
prison wall is about twenty feet la height. Tbe
breach is about twenty yards at tbe base, to
several times tbat width at tbe top. Tne debrii
fell into tbe yard in which the prisoners were
known to take exercise. It was supposed tbey
would be doing so at four o'olock.but they hap
pen! d lobe locked np.
Tbe two bouses facing tbe breach in the wall
were literally blown to pieces. Out of the ruins
live bodies were taken within an hour. About
sixty persons bad their injuries dressed at Su
Bnrtho omew's Hofpltal. Borne were sent home,
others remained In tbe house. Tbe bouses run
ning out of Corporation laneare Bloomer's Court
V Bloomer s nuuuings. At ine ntck or tbe
bouses In Corporation lane is Hosamand street;
adjacent are Harab's pluce, Sl James street.
In' these about two hundred houses are more or
less damaged.
Manoeuvres ef the Antl-Fenlans.
J'YomUie Manchester Guardian, December It.
The proclamation it-sued by tbe Irish Privy
Council, prohibiting the processions at Klllur
ney and Kilkenny, state in reference to each
case: "Whereas, Placards of the said intended
meeting aud procession have been printed aud
circulated, stating that the said lu tended pro
cession is to lake place In honor of certain men
lately executed in Manchester for tbe crime of
murder, and calling upon Irishmen lo assemble
In thousunds for the said procession; And
whtreus, iPtelirjgs aud processions of large
numbeisof persons bave been already held, aud
have taken place la dltlereut parts of the
Dulled Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelaud
under the like pretense, at some of which, and
particularly at a meeting and procession in the
city ol Dublin, language of a seditious and lu
lluixiuiHtory character has been used, calculated
to .xclle discontent aud dlHau'eotloa in the
minds of her Majesty's subjecls, and to ere Ue
1 1-will and animosity amongst them, aud to
bring into hatred and contempt the Govern
ment aud Coifelltullon of the country as by law
established; and whereas, tbe said In
tended meeting and procession and the obleot
of the persons to be assembled and take part
therein are not legal or constitutional, but are
calculated to bring into hatred and contempt
the Government of the United Kingdom as
by law established, and to impede the
administration of Justice by Intimida
tion and tbe demonstration of pnyslnal
force; Now we, tbe Lord Lteutenaut
and Governor General of Ireland, by and witti
Ihe advice or Her Majesty's 1'rtvy Oouooll la
lielaud. being satisfied thai such meetings and
processions as aforesaid can o'Wy teud to serve
the ends or factiurs, seditious, aud traitorous
peisons, and to tbe vloUllou of the public
pebce, do herebv cant Ion aud forewarn ail per
sona whonisov'er that they do abiluln from
assembling at any such meeting, and fro-n
joining or taking part In any snob procession.
And w e do hereby order and enjolu all magis
trates snd officers entrusted with the preserva
tion of the public peaoe, aud others whom It
may concern, to aid and assist the execution of
tbe law, in preventing tbe raid iatended rnee -ing
and procession, and In the effectual sup
pression of tbe same." Proclamations of a
similar character wilt, says the Irish Times, be
transmitted to every locality where it may be
intended to make demonstrations resembling
those of Dublin and Cork.
Tbe proclamations against the Intended fu
neral processions were hardly issued when the
Attorney-General applied at one of the police
offices for summonses against Mr. John Mania
end the secretaries of the committee of the
Dublin demonstration, Mr. J. O. Waters and
Messrs. J. Hcanlon and J. J. Lalor. The Nation
says: "Mr. Martin bad left that evening for
liis residence, Kilbroney, Rostrevor, where
tbe missive was sped after blm ; the other
gentlemen were served with the document
lu the course of the night." Tbe summons
stales: "You and eaoh of you are hereby re
quired to be and appear personally before us at
our said court on Monday next, to answer the
complaint of tbe Queen at the proseontion of
tbe Klght Hon. Robert R. Warren, her Majes
ty's Attorney-General for Irelaud, and show
cause why informations shall hot be taken
against you for that you and each of you did,
on tbe 8tb day ot December instant, on Xnmnas
stieet, lu tbe oily of Dublin, and at otber places,
take part in a certain illegal procession, and
were part of an r.nlawful assembly then and
there, and at olher places, gathered together,
and did then and there, and at other places, la
the presence ot divers liege subjecls of ber
Majesty, speak cert'iiu seditions and Inflam
niatory words with Intent to disturb the peace
four lady the Queen, and toexclte hatred nd
dislike of her Majesty's Government, as by law
established in this realm."
Proclamations by the Mayor and Roman
Catholic Dlshop of Liverpool, and the
Orangemen Counter-Proclamations
by Fenians.
On the 13th of December the Mayor ot Liver
pool issued tbe following proclamation:
Bokocqh of Livkrpooi,. Notice is hereby
given that, in consequence of certain placards
Laving been posted on the walls of this town,
uddiosed to tbe Irishmen and women of Liver
pool and the surrounding towns, announcing
tbat a "Monster" funeral procession will take
place in this town on Sunday next, tbe lota
instant; and it also having been intimated to
tbe Mayor that In the event of such proces
sion taking place, a counter-procession
will belormed; audlnformatlon onoatb, having
been given to the magistrates in meeting as
sembled that a breach of the peace would be
likely to take place if the Intended processions
are allowed. I do therefore hereby order and
direct the bead constable, and all constables of
tbe said borough, to preveut such proce.slons
taking place; and do hereby caution all persons
from Joining in such processions, or in any way
forming part thereof as all such persons will
be immediately taken into custody, and pun
ished with the uimosl rigor of tbe law.
Edwarw WHiaKiiEY, Mayor.
; Town Hall, Dee. 11, 1807.
: Dr. Gosb, the Hainan Catholic Bishop of
Liverpool, has also Issued a proclamation call
ing on ;the members of his flock not to Join in
tbe demonstration.
Tbe Orangemen of Liverpool who had pro
posed a counter demonstration as a mark of re
spect to tbe murdered police sergeant bad like
wise Issued the following:
To tbe Orangemen of Liverpool. Brethren:
YOur deputallou having received the assurance
of bis Worship the Mayor tbat the procession
of Fenian sympathizers proposed to take place
on Hunday next for the purponeof showing their
sympathy with tbe murderers of Sergeant
Brett, will not, be alloweJ, you are hereby re
quested not to assemble, as was intended for
the purpose of holding demonstration, and also
to absent yourselves from the propose i meeting
place of tbe Fenians, except you are called upon
by tbe authorities to act as special constables to
assist in pieserving tbe peace of the town. By
oider, John Kvbkbtt, D. a. M.,
Joskph Ball, G. T.,
Griffiths Thomas, G. 8.
December 12, 1807.
Tbe above documents were succeeded by the
following, from tne Fenian leaders:
God huve Ireland. Funeral procession In
honor of Allen, Larkln, and O'Brien, the three
Irish patriots executed at Manchester on Satur
day, 23d November, will lake place in Liver
pool ou bunday next, loth Inst. The procession
will assemble al Bhellroad, and start from
thence between 1 and 2 o'clock In the afternoon.
No party emblems, etc, will be allowed.
Tbe processionists to wear crape, tied with
green ribbon, on the lelt arm. Irish
men ! assemble In your thousands, and show,
by your quiet and orderly demeanor, your
sympathy with tbe fate of the executed patriots.
Irishwomen I you also are requested to show
your sympathy by your presence. Tbe commit
tees earnestly desire that all who take part lu
tbe procession will refrain from giving the
slightest offense to any one, and strictly to ob
serve the rales laid down for their guidanoe.
The bauds will cease to play whilst passing any
place of P. vine worship. Tbe procession to
keep outside the borough, so as not to infringe
on tbe law.
By order of the committee. A. J. O'SUKA.
Liverpool, December 12.
On tbe 13th tbe county magistrates In the
vicinity of Liverpool, resolved tbat no proces
sion should be permitted outside the bounda
ries of the town aud thereupon the follow
ing letter was addressed to the Liverpool Jour
nals: Sir, tbe Committee for eonductlng the pro
cession en next bunday bave been walled on
to day by several of their countrymen, long
resident in this town for whose opinions they
entertain the highest esteem, and, in deference
to tbe strongly expressed wish of those gentle
men, tbey have abandoned the idea of having
a procession either in oroutof town. WiUyoa
please kindly make this known through the
columns of your paper, and oblige yours
obeolently, A. J. O'Shha.
On bu,haif of the Committee, Liverpool, De
cember 18, 1807.
Admiral Farracut at Gibraltar.
The Gibraltar Chronicle of November SO says:
"We announced tne other day that Admiral
Fariagut bad landed from his flagship, the
Franklin, under a salute from our batteries, and
paid au official visit to bis Excellenoy the Gov
ernor, at the Convent, which waa immediately
returned by Kir Hlchard Airey, attended by his
Biaff, at tbe Club House Hotel, tbe temporary
residence of tbe distinguished Admiral.
Ou Wednesday he was accompanied by Colo
nel Maberly, commanding the Hoyal Artillery,
to ibe various sights of iulerest on the rock,
and yesterday paid a visit to Tahgler, return
ing to Ihe garrison in tbeoourse of tbe evening.
Admiral Farraant and staff will dine tblaeveu
inn wllb the oUlcers of the Hoyal Artillery, and
be was compelled owing lo a previous engage
ment to decline an invitation to dine witu tbe
ofllceiaof tbe 2d Battalion, 15th Hegiraent. to
morrow evening.
These hospitalities are pleasant and agreeable
in themselves, nut tney nave a wiuer tnau an
individual' bearing. The personal distinction
of a guest no doubt, as in this Instance, en
hanced them as well ss gives the opportunity
for the manifestations; but these courtesies
partake also of an lnteruational charrcter;
they tend to promote that good reeling between
the iwoconutrles wbish is so desirable. Ad ml-
ral Fan aau l will leave ibis very sbortly for
Mce. He will carry with him the best wishes
of ibis garrison.
Christmas In Mew York.
Tbe 2Vme furnishes tbe following statement
ot receipts at tbe various theatres lor me day
and evenii gt
Academy f Music t looO'OO
(Mad "lie Jauausuusa mm nanauae.)
Barnnm's Museum- -.. mm.w .32161
(Pauioiuiiue and M-enagerie.)
lUn.a.'a M imanm No reUorl
iluta AV.uue Theatre....- sSo-OO
' v Gr-ud uueun lieu..")
New York Clrcu.-.. - MOO M
.Sew York Theatre....- -.. Ibai a
(l uiinr the (Jasllsut. i
K Iblo's Garden.-. tSOO'OO
' .black (JrouK.")
Oiymulo Theatre I8i5 00
(WliUumuier IS Ik Ill's Dreaui "1
Btelnway Hall.- - ilOO OO
tOralorlo ol Ui ".M4lab."j
F.e Francisco M lusirele... '. 72 '00
Tnor Pnaloi's lnooiio
1 lieaue comuiue Voroo
Walifcck'e Tlitaiie-. 17J;
("The IxmMeUalUut.")
Droadway Theatre HefuHtni ....,
, t"i.atif Autlley's Heoret.")
MaRfjuerado Ball at Klrkwood's Action
by tbe Conservative Armj and NaT
Union The President's Organ
on Southern Distress
Gcn.Ord'B Stroke
or roller,
Etc. Etc.
Washington, Dec. 27.
The first masquerade bail of the season took
place last night at Klrkwood's, aud numbered
about seventy couples. Their costumes com
prised everything titat taste and ingenuity could
devise. The ball commenced with masquerade
dances, in which the whole company partici
pated. At midnight the masks were thrown
aside, and the paity revealed themselves tn the
radiance of beauty and fashion.
The Conservative Army and Navy Union last
evening unanimously passed the following reso
lution: "lit soled, That the thanks of this Association
are due and are hereby tendered to tbe proprie
tor of my two papers, both daily, tor his gratui
tous advertisement of tbe action of tbe Associa
tion in regard to delinquent member; and we
regret that his title of Colonel was not bestowed
lor devotion to the Union, either for service iu
tbe field or at home, and his idea of loyalty so
at variance with the laws and Constitution of
our country, that we cannot express our thanks
In a mote tangible form."
Tbe President's organ this morning whines
hypocritically, in a thiee-column editorial, over
the destitute condition of the Southern people,
and accuses Congress of causing all the wretch
edness there, including the fall are of the crops
in many places. By a singular paradox it repre
sents the negroes as being fat, dressed in
uniform, and marching about the country armed
and plentifully supplied with ammunition, while
the poor white planters, who own all the capital
and the land, are in a sorry plight, begging for
bread for their wives and children.
, Yet these same planters in the Gulf States are
forming combinations for the purpose of regu
lating the price of labor and ihe general business
of employing freedmen. They propose to pay
twelve dollars a month and rations to first-class
Tbe arrival here of General Ord's embassador!
General Glllem, is regarded as a stroke ot policy
on Ord's part to gain Presidential favor. Some
talk had commenced about the probability of
Ord helm? removed from his command, and this
mission of Gillem is one of concllllation and
submission to the powers that he to avert
threatened decapitation. Ord is a shrewd di
plomat, and looks a long way ahead.
A Brutal Murder A Drunken and Dis
orderly Christmas.
special despatch to thbkvenino telegraph.
Baltimore, Dec. 27. A man named John
McNamara, residing in the suburbs of Balti
more, murdered his wife Ann, by beating out
her brains with a boot-jack, on Christmas night'
Drunkeness was the cause. He has been ar
rested. There has not been so much drankeness seen
here for many years as disgraced our recent
Christmas anniversary. A good deal of it was
kept up during yesterday and last night, with
considerable rowdyism. Several fatal and pain
ful accidents resulted from the same cause.
Commodore Uolllns, of Steam Ram memory,
dbs received tidings ol his son's death at sea.
The weather Is mild, the ground muddy, and
rain threatened. Business is dulL
European Commercial News.
Z?l A ttantie Cable.
London, Dec. 26 Evenlne. United States
Five twenties closed firm at 72 J. The bullion in
tbe Bank of Enrland has increased since the last
report only 300.
FstMKFOBT, Dec. 26 Evening. United States
bonds 76i76. -
Fire at Boston.
Boston, Dec. 27. The large furniture manu
factory ot A. G. De Laporte & Co., in South
Boston, was destroyed by fire last night. Loss
about $50,000; Insured for $8000.
markets by Telegraph.
Btirw Tobk, Dec. 27. Blocks dull. Chicago and
Bock Island, 99V. Reading. Sti.V: Canton (.'oinpauy,
61; Krle, 78'4: Cleveland aud Toledo, say. Cleveland
and Plusburg, sV Pittsburg and Fort Wayoe.liuo;
Michigan Ceairal,'IU7; Michigan sjouibem, in,',; New
York Ceutral, 117!.: Illinois Central, 181; Cumberland
treierrea, VMt w moouri ss, una ton Hiver,
l. K Flve-lweullen, 162, 1GSJ do. 166i. ',; do. un&,
J('f5; Ten-forties, 101?: Heveu-thlrtles, KM1. Money,
(percent. Kxcbaage. K. Oold, 184.
Nsw York, Dec. 27. Cotton steady at 15'.,'o. Flour
code t; 600" barrels sold; btate. N'U(s,i0 W: other quota
tions unchanged. Wheat doll. Corn firm Oats
iuiet at 8tc4. Barley quint Beef quiet. Pork nroi;
new mess at fjO-tti. Lard dull. Wlilaay quiet,
Mississippi Mud-Lumps.
The New Oilcans Picayune has the following-:
"Tbe examination of tbe mud-lumps on the
bar at the mouth of tbe Misslslppt, lately msde
by Piofessor Hilgard, of the University of Mis
ei.ieippi, under the authority of the Saiitbonian
Institution, assisted bv Rev. Mr. Fontaiue, of
this city, was in part laid before tbe Academy of
Sciences at its lost meeting by the latter gen
tleman. These cones were found in various
conditions, tn various portions ot tbe bar, irom
tbe outer etlue lothe toner, formed generally iu
clusteis, and were found to be the only earth
which seemed to be firm, These cones, when
liesh and new, were tbougbt to be a species of
volcano, throwing forth salt water, though
located in the midst of frebh, and gas. The lat
ter was caught and burned with readineis.
There were craters formed upon and within
tbem as clearly as in the lava-oailtin? volcanic
mountains. When these craters ceased to be
active, tbe coues disintegrated and to 1 away,
waiting to form others. The products of the
cones and tbelr component parts are to be the
subject of chemical and microscopical exami
nations. Fourteen out of two hundred girls em
ployed by a dry goods firm in Boston were
recently taken the same day with the small
pox, supposed to have been contained in im
ported goods.
Mr. Joseph Jefferson, the comedian, was
married in Chicago on Friday to Mary Warren,
daughter of the treasurer of MoVickar'a
Theatre, and xueoe of the Mayor of Chicago.
Description of the Steamship Origin of
the fire Loss Sustained Insurance
Probable Safety of Thirty-one Persons.
Fromth N. Y. Evening Telegram of yesterday.
The sldewheel steamship Kalelgh was a sister
ship to the steamers JIatteras, Kapidan, and
Albemarle, belonging to tbe Atlantic Coast
Mail Bteamsblp Company, of which Messrs.
Livingstone Fox A Co, are the principal owners
and agents.
These vessels were bnllt by Messrs. Lawrence
Fonlks A Co., or New York, in the year lrtbi;
tbelr dimensions of bull, character of ma
chinery, and fittings, similar In every respect,
are as follows: Length on deck, 170 feel; breadth
of beam, S3 leet; depth of hold, HI feel; number
of decks, 2; draft of water, lufeet 6 inches; hull
of white oak and baomatao, square fasieued
.with copper and treenails; vertical beam en
gine, one cylinder. 44 inches in diameter by 11
leet stroke; fitted with flue boilers, schooner
rigsed, and SIM tons burtben.
The Kalelgh bad a fire risk of $75,000, the
greater amount in Insurance companies of New
Orleans. There was no sea risk upon ber, the
company being their own Insurers in this re
spect, in character of fittings and security and
provision against fire, ber owners assert that no
wooden vessel ever left this port bor superior,
as independent steam fire and bilge puoipn were
on board, hose, boats, and all else In this regard
lu excess of tbe law.
Curtain Marsbman, who was In charge of the
vessel, lias been in command of first-class
steamships running from the ports of New York
and 1'hlladelphia since the year 18.il. and had,
in every respect, the confidence of the Atlantic
Coast Moll Steamship Company and or the un
derwriters, tier oiHolal rate was: Class 4, rate
A 114, security and provision against fli e ludii
fcroul a raiesiruilar to all first-class American
woooen steamships.
At the office of the Company yesterday after
noon it was asserted that two of the lifeboats,
containing respectively eighteen and thirteen
persons, that left the steamer at the time of tue
dire culnmlty, bad been heard from.
The loss by the accident is not accurately
known, but la estimated at 9325,000. The vessel
alone was worth $12o,lHH).
Mr. McManns, tbe purser of the Kalelsrh, re
ports tiat at noon on the 24th Instant flames
were discovered issuing from the engine room
of tne vessel. At thia lime tbe steamer was
about twenty miles off the Houth Carolina
coast, and in five minutes tbe fire bad made
such progress that tbe officers of the vessel took
immediate steps for tbe provision of means of
etcape for all ihe passengers and orew. ThU
gentlemen confirms the report of the safety of
tbe two boats with the thirty-one persons
alluded to above.
No. 88 Liberty sthekt. Nkw York, Deo. M. We
are wltliout definite information as to the cause ut
tbe tire bywnlcli the Kalelgh was b.irned nor hve
we received tbe names of the saved. Tbe ship's com
plement, including captain aud officers, was forty
live, and there were on board some three oabia and
fllieen steerage passengers, and tne eblp was pro
vided wl'b. llie-boats to carry a much larger numbnr
of people, so tbat we trust the loos or life may yet
torn out lo be very small, f Indeed tbere Is mar,
Tbe Kalelgb (notwithstanding tbe very general in
sinuation to the contrary In the editorial column of
tbe Herald this morning) was a first class vessel,
built at Williamsburg In IS68 by Lawrenoe fc Fonlks
lor tbls company, was iurnlxhed and (Hied In strict
accordance wltb tbe law, and commanded by an able
and experienced captain, Willi ouicers and engineers
ot well known capacity.
We are unable to give tbe nams of tbe crew, bat
append tbose of tbe oUlcers aud passengers:
. tofrlcers. C. P. Marsbman, Captain: T. McManns,
Purser; O.W. Bartleit, First Officer U. Gordon, Hecond
officer; D. B. Bice, Chief nglueer; John Brooks,
First Assistant Engineer.
Cabin passengers. D. John Cass; H. J. Hallsek,
Captain Mills.
Bieerage passengers. J. Parker. Morgan, J. Short,
C P. W blibam, F. O. Uaber.telu, R, Ad m and sou,
H. Komen, F. Maitral, A. Neuman. F. W. Moody, A.
Uarlgaro, J. Oarrigaro and tbree clil'dreu.
It will, perhaps, be remembered that the
Raleigh is tbe vessel which rescued tbe passen
gers from the Philadelphia steamship Tioga,
destroyed by fire not long since. It then was
under the same officers as of late. En. FJv.Tel.
Ornca or tub Even i no Tblbokaph.I
Frld&v. DefL 97 naif r
There was more disposition to operate in
slocks this morning, and prices were rather
firmer. Government loans continue in lair de
mand. 10-403 sold at 101, no change; and '64
6-20s atl054, no change. 104 was bid for Jane
and July 730s; 1121 for 6s of 1881; 108i for
'62 6-20s; 105J for '66 6-209; and 108J for July,
'6fi 6 20s. City loans were also in fair demand;
the new issue sold at 99994. an advance of i,
and old do. at 95, an advance of .
Railroad shares were the moH active on the
list. Reading sold at 48J48J, an odvance of
i; Pennsylvania Railroad sold at 61i51J, an
advance of t; and Philadelphia and brie ut 28(,
a slight advance; 127 was bid for Camden and
Ambov; 264 for Little Schuylkill; 64 for Morris
town; 57 lor Minehiir? 33 lor North Peousylva
nia; 1 4 for Lehigh Valley; 40 for Elmira Pre
ferred ; 234 for Catawissa Preferred ; and 424 for
Northern Central.
City Pasfenger Railroad shares were un
changed. Thirteenth and Fifteenth sold at 19,
no change; 44$ was bid for Cbesnut and Walnut,
and 10 lor Uettonviile.
Bat k shares were in good demand for invest
ment at full prices. Glrard sold at 65, an ad
vance of J, and Commonwealth at 62J624, an
advance of ; 130 was bid for Farmers' and Me
chanics'; 100 for Northern Liberties; 29 for
Mechanics'; 02 for Western; 31 lor Manufaetur
e3t', and 70 for City.
Quotations of Gold 10J A. If., 134; 11 A. M.,
1344; 12 M., 133 j; 1 P. M.. 134. '
The New York Herald this morning says-
"There was a very moderate demand for money
from tbe Slock Exchange, and loans were made
in nearly all cases at six per cent., the exception
being at seven. Some of tbe country banks are
drawing down their balances here In preparation
lor their quarterly returns as well as to meet
Government dralts upon such of them as are
public depositories; but no disturbance what
ever from ihis source is probable, cr we might
oaj tiusBiuic, iu view oi ine present condition
of monetary affairs at this centre. The
discount line Is quiet. First-class commer
cial paper is In limited supply, and rated at
7448 per cent, on the street, and the banks are
accommodating their customers to a moderate
rxteut at tbe legal rate. The Indications point
to a still cheaper and more abundant supply of
loanable funds after tbe opening of tbe new
year. Speculation on the "tock Exchange will
therefore be encourugeJ, however dull and de
pressed the general business of the country my
be. To-day the stock market was somewnat
dull, as usual, at this season, but, not
withstanding securities were quietly bought
up m large amounts bv strong parties
aud prices advanced, and an active bull
speculation is generally looked forward
for by the brokers and other professional
speculators, who make It their business to go
wilh tho tide. At the commencement of busi
ness the stock market was steady at tbe closing
prices of Tuesday, Pacltic Mail excepted, which
was active and weak, the price declining at
tbe early session of the open Board to 108,
under a pressure to sell, influenced to some
extent by the uniavorsble constructions pliced
upoD the report ot tbe President of the company,
just published. At the first regular Board'
tlieie was a moderate amount of specula
tive business transacted, but there was no
special activity in any stock on the list.
The tone of tbe maiket wa firm
and Pscltic Mall recovered on the second call to
109; Milwaukio and 8t. Paul advanced to 49;
trie was quiet at 72 j 724. Tbe sliares of the
associated express companies were stea ly, and
Wells & Fargo advance! 1J. Erie closed 4 ioer
than at tbe same time on TucJay, Readiug 4
Michigan Southern 4, Cleveland and Putsbur
I, Cleveland and Toledo 4, North wetrn i!
Pacific Mail 14. Erie was 4 higher. Rock Isiun J
, Fort Wayne 4, Milwaukie aud St. Paul 2, do.
preferred 4, Western Union Telegraph 4. Oov
ernmeot securities were dull. Coupon Five
twenties of 1864 closed 4 higher, seven-tbirties
4. Tbe State stocks were steady and quiet."
The New York Times this niornlwr says:
"The sales In the Hold-room wero ut 134
134Jt(l33$ per cent, Tho settlement of tho day
at tbe Gold Exchange Bank reflected a scare' tv
of the cash gold, and a small considers' ion was
paid for ns use until to-morrow. No doubt a
good many sales have been made of gold to be
collected from the Treasury after the New
Year and tbe each gold bono wed for delivery in
the meantime. Tbe expert demsnd this week
cms absorbed thus far all the gold and silver
bars received by the last California steamer and
over a million in American gold coin. Bills on
London are gnerMlly held for 1104 at 60 days
by tbe regular bankers, and 110J110i for short
sight. As money continues cbeaper in London
and Paris at 2 per ctnt. a year, the short sight
rates beie am comr ara'lvelv easier tban for 60
day bills. The shipments of specie by the Rus
sia yesterday were $1,082,000. aod by the Bremen
and Southampton steamer Union, to-day, about
The Chlcaeo Repub'ican of Monday says:
"Puflnef at the banks to day ruled doll In
consequence ot tbe disagreeable state of the
weather. Currency, however, remains close,
and ihe market is still stringent. Pume paper
is passed at the banks at 10 per cent, per
annum, but interior grades are discounted on
Ihestteetat rates equal to 12 percent, per
month. Business during the week has bsen
more active, chiefly owing to the demand by
the country n erchsnts tor holiday good. The
dry goods trade ba been particularly brisk tor
a few da.vs pat, aud tbere is a visible improve
meotin nearly all other branches of mercantile
The Cincinnati Qoiette of Monday says:
"There was a brisk demand for money on Satur
day, and wba'ever amounts baakcrs bad to loan
were readily placed with tbelr depositors on
the best ot paper, at the current rates, 9 12 per
rent , wbile tbere was considerable pressure
from ouside parties of good paper at 1518 per
cent. Tbe sut ply of currency is gradually in
creasing, and ihe wotklnvof the market is
easier, although rates of interest are fully ens
ta ned. The depositories were called upon by
the Oovemment for re nit tanees, the policy of
the Treasury Department being evidently to
keep down the balances in the National Bank
Ke ported by Pebaveu A Mro., No. 40 B, Third street
f toon s-zos 'tncp..., n4
y'Zttuu U t lis-HJM.cp.iiii
(2(100 raffs Jserles lui.
(HKMi city s, ... p. BU'4
tino do-New. (I b W,
3(KX) . do. N..c&p. 'J
tfrtiO do.. Old....... (MV4
1(i0 Pa 6a. '70 W
f 11 (KKi boh M ss. 'tficAp 70
Ilium Head fl '7"........
2 sb Leb N !-... 2d J,
! 0 do.SOdsa'XO. 29
: 200 - d....ls.bS0. 2
I sb Leb V H sc 40
1 sh Glrard TUnfr....
lush Couiw'ltb Bk.
H do b2
20 sh Eesllng.....trf 48 'i
100 do......... bao. 4H,Ji
2d0 du-.n is. 48 sl
S00 dO....IsLSI.
8MJ do...ls4fl-2l
200 do...,...6U. K
liiO do. .8'S1
II sh Penna K...... 61 S
luo sh Phil fe bS. 1K
l(i4 do. ....town. 2m72
luo. sh Ocean Oil...-.- S'i
Messrs. William Painter
A Co.,' bankers,
no. 30 is. xniru street, report tne folio wine
rates of exchange to-dav at H o'clock tr-Gold.
1341344 ; C. 8. 6s, 1881, mllli U. 8. 6-20s.
IStii. 108J1084; 10.. l64, 1054106-, do., 1866,
105jglii6i: do. Julv, 18G5, 108l08i; do. July,
1867, 10841081; 6s, 10-40s, 101i10l; U. 8.
7'30s, 2d series, 104(3104j; 3d series, 104S(&
If 4j: Compound Interest Notes, December, 1864,
119-40; May, 1?05, 11741174: Angut, 186S, 1161
1163; 8-itember, 1865, 1151116J: October,
1866. 115iH5I. .
Messrs. Jay Cooke A Co. quote Govern
ment seem it ten, etc., as follows: U. 8. 6s of
lt-Rl 1124112$: old 6-20, 1081084; new 6-20s,
18C4. iofi4l"5J; do.. 186S, 106.JW105I; do., July,
1U84108; do., 1887, 108J108j; 10-40s, 101,'tf
1014; 7'30s, June, 1'4J104; do., July, 1044
104J. Gold, 1334(81134.
Messrs. Ue baven & Brother. Bo. 40 Bouth
Third street, report the following rates ot ex
change to-day at 3 P. M. : U. 8. 6s of 1881, 1124
3112: do. 162. 108 31084; do., 1864, loei
Iii6i; do., 186S. 105i2105: do.. 1865, new, 1084a
1081; do., 1867, new, 1084 C108J; do. 6s, KMOs.
101i1014; do. 7'3(K, June, 104J104i; af.
July, 104j104i; Compound Interest Notes.
nunc, wui, ., uu tftuj, 1004, 119"4U;
do. August, 1864, 119-40; ao., October, 1864.
119-40; do. December, 1864, 119-40; dol
May, 1866, 1171174; do., Aueust, 1865. 1164
116,; do., September. 1866, 1151llfi; do..
October, 1866, 116j115i. Gold, 133J1341.
8ilver, 128129j. .wmm.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Friday, Deo. 27. Tbe Flour market con
tinues excessively dull, but prices remain with
out quotable change. There is no demand ex
cept from the home consumers, who purchase
sparing! ; sales of 609 barrels, lnolndlcg super
fine, at I7'608 25; extras at i8-609'60; North
western extra family at 19 76llj Pennsylvania
and Ohio do. do. at $107512; and fancy brands
at $12 75'4, according to quality. Rye Flour
Is selling at $8 5uffl8 75. Nothing doing in Com
Tbe Wheat market Is qnlet, and there is less
inquiry for prim-, ihe offerings of which are
small; sales of 1200 bushel red at 12'6oi$2 65
Rye is unchanged; sales of Pennsylvania at
$175. Corn Is wilhont change; sales of 2000
bushels old yellow at 81 40; 1800 bushels new do.
at 110(ail'2O; and 800 bushels old Western
mixed atl S3. Oats are held firmly, with sales
of 2000 bushels Pennsylvania al7808Oa.
Nothing doing In either Barley or Malt.
Beeds S80 bushels Cloverseed sold at f8 ft 64
lbs. Prices or Timothy are nominal. Flaxseed
elIsatS2'452 60.
Whisky Nothing doing.
For additional Marine New$ see Inside Paget.
statb or THBAMOnrraa at tbb BvavMiKe Taxa-
ssira orriom,
A. M IH A. M..... p. if... M
ISArqne John Matthews, Iugbam, Guautanamo.G. W.
Bei nanou Bre.
Brig Albert Uewis, Dew is, Cork or Falmoutb, for
oidern. Workman A Co.
Brig Kutb, McLearn, Barbados, John K Bue & Bon.
Barque Corn wallln. Allen S days from Liverpool,
w lib nidse. etc . to Peter Wright ft Sons.
bleemer R. Willing. Cnndltt. 20 hours from Balti
more, with mdw. tn A. Groves. Jr.
steamer J. . sjhriver. Deunis. 20 boors from Baltl
tuoie, with nidse. to A. Groves, Jr. ,
Barque Queen of Hcotn, nence for Antwerp. Is ashore
on Maiden island, above Cbenicr. ills thought abe
w ill bave lo aiHcbarge part of ber cargo (petroleum)
bemie gelling ott.
Baruue Neveislnk, Gibson, hence, at Antwerp llth
in. taut.
Barque Aojnsta. Klendtworth, benoe, at Havre 10th
Id bi ant.
Barque Istila. hence, at Liverpool 13th Inst.
Baruue SKimineren, A iiiieruo'-j tor Philadelphia,
Cleared at Liitiatm 1Mb lust.
. Haiques Luial. Urar. aud KoDfc Cart, Kundersen, ror
PMIauviphia. entered out al London 12th lust.
Baruue Royailsi, Tucker, fur Philadelphia, sailed
freui l'imoii'li 2i h lust.
Brig Anna Wellington, Johnson, henoe, atMaton
tas lllih Ium. . ..i. ,.
Brig A iiaella. Brown, hence, at Trtnldsd tn Insu
Bilg KinViimn. Small, beice. at wiora'w d lusl.,
and ren allied Bi h, waiting orders . phn.
BrU Keren. Hermanns! rom Kotwrdaa r Pb lla
delpl.la. wllb a general cargo. ff dio suo
lh Inst . and an attempt " Vaier and was olst
reed. (She was niakms b"""1 "lBr' "asois
cbaigli.g, Flushing t2tb Inst
Instaut. Hhenherd. hence for Rotterdam, at
hcl.r Keh-ccm f lesy and with loss of lore- .
Bic uweisUaveu " "
a -..niiaM. Flanagan. r and from Phlladel
febr with coal, which arrived at Newport
111 fur " ... ni-innall. elc . ju . tnuu-ji tn
" ,D" . en Fi liiay. fch was anchored below and
ilrieiice hBl1y, ua would be towed lo the railroad!
Till at high water aud discharged as sunn a pos-
fsr TKLiwBAra.l
wcw York, Dec. 117. Arrived, steamship Atalanta, -from
1'oaiL.M.. Dec 17. Tbe steamship Hibernian.,
from Londonderry Dec. 13 bas arrived,
New Yobk, Do. sc Arrived, steamship Bcol'.a.
Watson. Irom Liverpool.
HieauiBtilp s ugle Greene, from Havana,
bleauislilp Bienville., Baker, .'rem Now Orleans,
Sddp patrician. Koiilnson. Irom Calcutta.
Baruue Mosait, JaJlclier, fiuiu Ouuoa.

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