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VOL. XNo. C.
iL HJliLLd
The Great Convention.
Yesterday's "Wovk-Thc Vote for a
Candidate by States-Pros-pects
of To day.
Ktt., KtM tT, ut:
The First BUlot by Stat .
rh fniinwtmr is the vote In det&l by States
n the first ballot yoslerday:
3 k
(Arkansas .
' California. ..
' Florida..;
i Georgia ....
. i ....
Michigan ...
N. H
N. J
A .
New York...;
Ohio 21
Oregon 3
K.I !
H. C I
Tenn !
W .Virginia
Total 1105 'MX 3T10IT26
05 VX2y,HyJ
HP ll HlTlll Rallttt
ft Tha foiinwluir la the Sixth ballot In detail by
3 5
a s 3
3 :
? :
: i
r. 2"
Alabama ....
Connecticut G
Georgia ;...
l-f mtnek v
Louisiana 7
Mebraska ,
New Hampshire.
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina...
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Tex ati
Went Virginia
s"l "i4
-i .
Total ,
6 47 12214 13 31 27.21' 12- 30 5
Tt trim six ballon.
The following show the six ballots taken
yesterday , in comparison:
Ut. , 2t. 3rl. illi. , Hh, tii.
7oTToT" Ti7j' A x't ioT ! vIFi
(15 62 3Vh .'li I 21 21'
M'A 4Ul rl 4V,i 4tt 47
: 33 31 33 3i
2H 2H 2 21 27 27
1 J2i 7,' 7 V. 7 (1
3 15151 13 13 13 13
13 123 i 12 12 15 12
Hi M Jl 8
2!j 2 lHj Wi 30
U WA VA 2 5
Peudleton, Ohio.
JohuNou, Inn ii
Hancock, l'a
Church, N. Y
Packer, Ta
Knglisb, C ui ii ...
Parker, N. J
Doolitlie, Wis
Johnson. Md
Hendricks, lud..
Blair, Mo
Kwlng. Ohio
Seymour, N, Y...
Adams, Ma-H
Humor iliont Clmae.
From the N. Y. Htrald 11 this morniatj.
Ttere la roavon to believe that the Chase
movt meul for the Presidency will bfsinauiu
rxtd in tbeCoDveriUou to-day. Trie New Yortt
delegation 1h nuppoMed to have made up its
xuind logo ana unu lor ine uuiei jinucanuu
the Hout tiera oelefnien, iniiueuct.u oy iuo iaji
that five JuiigeH of thu hupieine Unurt, at Ihtt
head of whom sluuds Mr. tJhano, htive decided
tipon rendering b mvoraoie opinion in me
Metarule case, unu mus reneviug me qoutuern
people OI tuu moHi opprfshive leamre 01 iuo
iepoilbui under whieu tlx-y labor, have re
solved on mintuluin now oin,nu onceu up
bv Penrifi lvunla ami tne eulirn Miern n aies,
will make a . ouHlderaUle luukd ou Mr. Pcndlo-
ton'b chances,
Tb IUlr Movomeut d tlta Kntaaa .
hut not dluiliiitihed In force in consoquence of
yehttrday 'b pioceediuss. 11 was expected by
111 any that the hall vole Riven lorlSlulrou toe
lirbt ballot and ihu ecaif e ring vote cast for hi 111
at a 1-tti-r period of the proceedings settled tue
question solar as the Utn.ral was 0 mcerued;
but Inquiry at I tie Worth Uouoe and at oiher
places where lllnlr men oongregate showed that
Hich was uot KieciiHe. Deli-gaus known to tie
pleeged tosiip)ort hlin laugued when asked the
meaulng 01 ihelr iuaetion ytslerday, and asked
that judgment on their oon iuci iiutim oe bus
penUtd fur a few dys Ttiey expressed the
ame conhdence in the result of their litoors
and displayed thesame quint determlnaiion In
their cause whlcn Ijhh ouaraoturlud them wluce
Blair's name was mentioned In connection wltu
the Presidency.
A strung delegation of Irishmen, leaders of the
TJew York Fenians and olllcers of the Hrother
hood, met at a late hour last, night and resolved
to nit sent to the New York delegation this
morning at 10 o'clock an ultimatum which they
flatter themselves will have t heeded of securing
the noifiluation for (ienertl lilatr. They propose
to lell the New York ring that lJUir, having
tlveu sausfaclory proof ol his willingness to
ring the Afabama claims and the iiaUuall.iiou
ouesliou Ui a satisfactory settlement if elected
to the Presidency, they must either vole for
him In the Convention to day or be prepared to
meet arrayed against the Democracy at the
jolls whole battalions of voting Fenians. They
will declare their determination to prevent the
election to State and municipal odloes of every
New York politician, at least, wh cannot
ihow that he has given hearty support to their
JaTOrUecaudlUal. UUould U en oral JiluvlT be
",rc.rt irt i-.o iinn vont Ion. thoFenldn Brother
ld all or the Union will cast a solid yote
Tactics of Naw York.
The peculiar tactics of tbe New Y'ort delega
tion ore most puzzllBg to their coor-.try con
frercs. Believfid to be In favor of Chase, they
cwnnot understand why it is tlroy have not
brought forward his name, but tiavc, instead,
nomiLBted an indlvldaal, ain-ost a compara
tively unknown man, and bave persistently
and as a unit oast their Sta'.e vole for him on
every ballot, notwt Instancing be failed to
gain a tingle vote, and tha idea of his
nomination appeared absurd. They can
not understand this, and say, if they
really mean Chase aud only use Church
as a blind why do they not nominate the man
they wish to-elect and not take up the time of
the Convention with bagatehe balloting? Tney
are not likely, however, to have their doubts
renolved very early this morning, as the New
Yorkers held a caucus last evening and decided
to stick to Church for a while yet. This will
give an opportunity for Pendleton to develope
his utmost strength, and If it flls short of suc
cess to decline, when Ohio may be prepared, by
perceiving his cuances gradually falling oir, to
accept or present another native of that State
than him Judge Chase -In which event Penn
sylvania would likewise change, when tlie en
tire r-outbi rn States, falling Into lino, would in
sure bis nomination.
Tha Peaasylvaisla. Delagatloa.
From the N. Y. Tribune of this morning.
A ferret mortlni; of tins delegation was hold
last night at Irving U:ill. Several of the more
prominent members indulged in oratorical
ellorts in support of strategic measures to be
acted upon lit tho Convention to-day, but rho
dornonlade was soon dropped, and the delega
lion proceeded to business of a more serious
character. The claims of Judge Packer, for
whom the delegates voted in a body yesterday
were urged with vehemence, and his chances
for tbe nomination calmly discussed. Tne re
sult of the pow-wow was a uosnimous vote in
favor of Judue Packer; and unless a sudden
change should take place before 9 o'clock this
morning, at which time the delegation will
hold another meeting, the representatives of
the Pennsylvania Democracy will give their
lavonie a bona voie.
Ohio ssd Padletow.
Tbe delegates from Ohio claim a large Increase
over the last ballot since theadjourniuent of the
Convention, but they do not indicate what dele
gations have given in their adhesion since four
o'clock esteruay afternoon. They feel confi
dent that to-day's balloting will siid their
candidate's vote up to 170 or 1X0, and Ui.u he will
be nominated before the day clones. The. rooms
of Oeuerttl McCook were thronged by leading
politicians during t,h. entire evening, and the
signs (if heavy log-r illing and other political
exercise were quite apparent. The loud
mouthed followers of the delegation have
mainly departed, aud the earnest workers alone
remain. The eil'ect was manifest in the lobbies
of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, in the comparative
quiet that prevailud, and the less frequent calls
for the police to nisperse knots of angry dispu
tants who blocked the passages.
A private letter from the headquarters of the
Soldiers and Suitors to a member of tue Demo
cratic Club of Charleston, H. C, and purporting
to come from the private Secretary of General
Hancock, reads as follows:
Mnjor (J"nprl Hanoock received your letter on the
sin itiKiaiH, wane on n visit 10 tins city, and was aitieli
plesopd to hear fiom an ollicer of bin old corps. The
public and private expressions of conlidvuce Melius
received trout the cU'ztjb and gololurs or the con 11 try
are very warm'y apprecla ed by lilm. Atlhosamo
uiiinnenocR uot aetjK t vanceiueui in tne civil ser
vice or the nation, tor win he permit his name to be
used rb antugomsat with any portion of the Demo
cratic party. If the delegates assenibleu in conven
tion on tbe Fourth of Juiy next should deem It ne
ceNssry for the success of the Democratic party that
he should curry thttlr standard, and upou a proper
platform, his duty would hup) him to accept It, I
am, with (treat respect, Tory truly yours.
The adoption of tbe platrorm by tho Demo
cratic Convention Is the subject of much tuts:
among tiie financial meu down town, who sub
scribe to the doctrines of thq party, rb a general
thing; the proposed action of the Democracy In
regard to the payment of the nattoual debt and
the regulation of tho currency, meets with the
approbation oi the money dealers.
A large number of the leaders of the Fenian
organization are actively using their influence
with I he members of the Tammany Conven
tion in favor of the nomination of Ueueral
Frank lllalr, who is regarded by thoin as a tried
und true friend of the cause of Irish autonomy.
The Natlanal Executive Commlittii
The following Is a nearly complete list of the
Nuiional Executive Committee, one member
being named by each State delegation. Tue
list will be completed on the 2S'.h instaut;
Alabama John Forsyth, Mobile.
Arkansas John M. ilarrell, Little Itock.
California John lilgler.
Connecticut Win, M. Converse, Franklin,
Delaware Not agreed.
Florida Charles K Dyke, Tallahassee.
(ieoigia A. II. Colquitt, Albany.
Illinois Wilbur F. Strong, Chicago.
ludimia P. O. William K. Niblack.
Iowa Daniel O. Finch, Des Moines.
Kunsi'S Isaac E. Katon. Leavenworth City.
Keutuc TnnmaH C. McCreery, Oweuuuot'o.
Louisiana James MeCloskey, N. O.
Maine Sylvanus H. Lyman, Portland.
Maryland Odin liowio, i-rtnee ueorge.
Massachusetts Frederick O. Prince, JiJSton.
Michigan William A. Moore, Detroit.
Minnesota Charles W, Nash, St. Pauls.
Mississippi CharUs K. Hooker, Jackjioa.
Miasouri Charles A. Z ,, St. Louis.
Nebraska O L. Miller, Omaha.
Nevada J. V. Mo'-orkle. Virginia Olty.
New Hampshire Harry Diugtntrn, Littleton,
New Jersey John McGregor, Newark.
New York August Belmont, New York.
North Carolina Thotivis Bragg, Kileiga.
Ohio John O. Thompson, Columbus.
Oregon J. C. Hawthorn, Portland.
Pennsylvania Isaac Esklster, Lancaster.
Khode island Gideon Dradford, Charleston.
South Carolina Charles H. Slmonlon,
Tennessee John W. Left wlck, Memphis.
Texas John Hancock, Austin.
Veimont H. li. Kuiilh, Milton.
Virginia John Ooocto, Norfolk.
West Virginia John Hull, Port Pleasant.
Wisconsin Frederick W. Horn, Cedartown,
Forrest on the Rampage.
A cm itapuuucui wiuio til tue viiietuii'iti itsfrt- i
mtrciul ou Kunday, as follows: "New Yorkers I
.1 .... . . . , I 1 t t Y .
are already try lug their favorite game, in tue
ut-e of money. Knowing ones say they have
bought a lew delegates from the South. The
nlgiu before last a New Yorker entered the
I'ocm of General Forrest, of Tennessee, wuo Was
in bed, and Introduced himself as a Chase De
mocrat. After conversing a tew motoeuU he
directly proposed to buy Foi rest, who slapped
him in the mouth, aud springing up iu his
shirt-tall he gave the pecuniary messenger a
violent barefoot kick as he llod through the
Tha Press am tha Platform,
From th If. Y. Trib'tne.
This platform osi ontatlously beats tho air.
It denounces military rule, when the dep la
ment coiuinauders are quietly turning over
their authority to tuu Governors aud Legisla
tures chosen by the people, and unnounulnihelr
power at an end. i calls for tho wltndruwal
of the Freedmen's Bureau, when Congress has
F.tovldeil, or is providing, for th.i closing of tuat
lureau in each State so soon as its ruaohluery
of loyal sell-government, shall huve Oohu put
fairly in motion. Tue Pint lorm seems anxious
to atone, by the vehemence wlierowlth It de
nounces whatever has passed, or Is passing
away, for its coward'y equivocations and sub
terfuges with lcv.ai'd to tangible und living
From the N. Y. World.
We cordially indorse the financial part of the
platform and will staud by every word of it.
Tho platform pioposes to pay the live-twenties
In greenbacks; proposes to raise the money
for this purpose by taxaUon, promises
unequivocally that "the burden of taxation
shall be tetsened;" the credit of the
Government made good; the currency
made good; aud that Unit good currency shall
ne the same for all classes, iuoludlng the
bondholders. We do not regard these several
declarations as contradictory, but as mutually
explanatory, perfectly consistent and harmo
nious. The Detnocrallo nariy Is pledged by the
platform to appreciate the greenbacks to par,
and to use them for the payment of that part of
the public debt which is not by express provi
sion of tue law due in coin. That part of the
platurw which relates to the elective fraccuise
and negro supremacy 1 also sound tc. doctrine
and practically Judlolous.
From () Y. Timet.
The platform adopted by the Democrat 1 3 Con
vention is a strange mixture of Taot and fustian,
of courage and duplicity, of propositions that
are lucid, and propositions that are muddy. It
Is bold to tbe verge of rastiness in regard to
finances, equivocal in its allusions to recon
struction, contused in its exposition of fisoal
and administrative reforms, diffuse and turgid
in its arrslgnmenlof theraiing party. It is the
work, apparently, of different hands oae hav
ing the nerve inspired by clear and strong con
viction, another accustomed to manipulate the
commonplaces of partisan confession of faith,
and a third crippled and weak under a burden
of words In which we search vainly for precision
or fairness,
Exit Jsitlhsa Worth, the quasi Gov
ernor He Submit to Force.
The following is a copy of a protest entered
by Governor Worth, of South Carolina, on sur
rendering the ofhee of Governor of the SUte to
Mr. Holden, the provisional appointee oi Ueue
ral Can by:
Statjc of North Cakomna, Executive Db
l'Aii'uiKNT. ltALEicjii, July 1, 1KUH, Governor
W. V. Holden, Halelgh, N. C:-Slr Yesterday
morning I was verbally nott tied by Chief Jus
tice Pearson that, in obedience to a telegraph
lrom General Cauby, he would to day, at 10 A.
M., administer to you tne oat us required pro
llmlnary to your entering upon the discharge
of the duties of civil Governor of the Stale, and
that thereupon you would demand possession
of my office. 1 intimated to the Judge my
opinion that suoh proceeding was premture,
even under the recoustruotlon legislation of
Congress, and ihnt I should probably docllue to
surrender the oitloe to you.
At sundown yesterday evening I received
from Colonel Williams, .commandant of this
military post, an extra from the General Or
ders, No. 120, of General Canby, as follows:
Hkaihitiabtkks Pkcono Military District,
Ciiablkston, . C, June W. 18tj.---l'o fftcliiive ilm
orgHulgsilou ot the new Htate Governments the fol
lowing woti)tiBOi's are wade: To be Uoveraorof
Morlh Carolluu, TV. V. Holden. Governor elect, vice
JoDHthan Worth, romevsd; to be Lleutenant-Uov-error
of North Csrolti.a.'l'od H. Caldwell, l.iei.'enant
C.overnor elect, to fiil an original vacancy, to tKe
ellrct July 1, 18H8,o the tueetlug ol thu Ueueral As
stmbiy of North Carolina.
I do not recognize the validity of the late elec
tion, under which you and tnose co-operating
with you claim to be invested with the civil
government of tbe State. You have no evi
dence of your elect Ion save the cerllflc ite of a
major-general of the United States army. I
retard all of you as, in etleut, appointees of the
military power of the United Stales, and not as
"derlvlug your powers from the consent of
those you claim to govern." Knowing, how
ever, that you are backed by military lorce
here, which I could not resist if I would, I do
not deem it necessary to offer a futile opposi
tion, but vacate the oitloe without the cere
mony of actual eviction, offering no fur.
ther opposition than this, my pro
test. I would submit to actual expulsion in
order to bring before the Supreme Court of Hue
United Slates the question as to the constitu
tionality of the legislation under which you
claim to be the rightful Governor of the State
If the past action of that tribunal furalshe.l any
hope of a rpeedy trial. I surrender the otllce to
you under what I deem military duress, with
out stopping, as tbe occasion would well justify,
to comment upon the singular coincidence that
the present State Government is surrendered.
I! s without legality, to him whose own olllnUl
sanction, t ui inree years ago, uecinreu it valid.
I am, very respectfully,
Jonathan Worth,
Governor of North Carolina.
Opportunities fr Settlers Terrible In
undation. Our dates from Jamaica are to the 15th wit.
There are half a million acres of land in
Jamaica which cannot be claimed by anybody.
The Government is about to take possehslon of
them, and will thus prepare the way for the de
velopment of a large aud extensive immigra
tion. There is another half a million acres
upon which no taxes have paid at all for some
years. These the Government can any day
pounce upon as forfeited by non-payment of
land tax. The Governor is only waiting
upon the Imperial Government to proceed
V it h the confiscation of unreglsiered lauds.
There In.s been frightful rains and floods
tbrornbout the inland; these have done enor
mous mischief. The loss of human life, stock,
horses, and properly by floods which have car
ried everything out to sea is far bevond any
fair estimate at present. In the low lying estates
the sugar works have been comnletely lnun
ilatcd and eveiytbini movable swept away.
Houses have been unroofed aud laborers' huts
carried down tb rivers and ont to sea. The
Milk river rose fifty feet above its usual level.
The Kto Cobre has risen higher thau it has
ever been known by the oldest intubl'ant to
have risen. At Spanish town It is nearly on a
level with the bridge.
The Dry river rose forty feet above its niual
level, and barked a cotton tree ou its bank to
tne heigbt of twenty-five feet.
Theie nre five gigantio landslips on Monti'
Diablo. The convicts from the Penitentiary
have been sent to clear the road, which has
bten covered with the earth.
By the arrival at New York of the steamship
China, we have Ftuopean advices to June 27.
The following is the result of observations of
Wiuneeke's comet, Just made at the Durham,
England, observatory, by J. I. l'lnmmer, obser
ver: Gieeuwlch mean lime, 12b. 18m. 15s. 0;
observed apparent it. A., 5h. 2.5 in. Os. 14; ob
served apparent north declination, 60 deg.
11 ntin. 44 sec. 10; hourly increment of H. A.,
oils. 1; hourly Increment of deollnation, 30 sec.
4; by tlx comparisons with 22 Camelopardt.
Slat's apparent K. A., 6h. 27m. 55s. Ki; north de
clination, 55 deg. 18 min. 38 see. 8t); log. co-etti-dent
for parallax in decllnatlon-fl) MIH; log.
coefficient for parallax in declluullou:fO H'Mi,
observation corrected for dllleuce in refrac
tion. Belgium,
Tho Indepcr danr.e Jieloe believes there Is no
example of such exoesslve aud long-continued
l.tallnttie month ol Mayas that which has
just visited ns. According to tbe bulletin of
ibe lli'UBsels observatory tho maximum tempe
rature of the moniti lias been thirty degrees
cent, (ft) Fnh ), aud the minimum thirteen
degitet, (55 2 5 Fab).
All prisoners for debt, within the Jurisdiction
of tho North Geruiau Parliament, have been
liberated nuder tne authority of the law which
came into operation last week.
The sovereign Prin' e of Ltchtensteln has de
cided on disbanding his iirinv. In the old Ger
manic Confc leratlen be was bound to keep to
gether a body of ninety men as a coutluguut,
which was a heavy charue on Ills treasury. At
present he Is determined to be treed from it, and
bO he disai ms.
A letter from Hanover states that one of the
pei sot s recently tiled for Mtjii treason ut Ber
lin, M. Ackermanu, a saddler, aud who was
acquitted returned this week to his unlive city.
The inhabitants went In a body to the station
to welcrrne hi in, aud gave him a perfect oval lou.
In addition, when he arrived at his house he
iound It dicssed out with dowers.
It Is understood that the parties tothepro
pt scd new Iiallau loan In London are tho Na
tional buns; of Italy, l he Credit Fonder of
Paris and Messrs. Siern Brothers. It will lie iu
a six percent, sloes: for an amount to produce
i7,2uO,0(H) cath.and is to be secured by an as
signment of ibe tobacco monopoly, the entire
control of which Is to be transferred to the
Bank of Italy, and which at present is said to
yield an annual net revenue of 2.000,000.
Tha East.
Letters from Anatolia, in Constantinople, re
port serious ftiurs as to the injury likely to bs
sustained by the cotton crop lu oonsequence of
the now long-continued drought. Iu the neigh
borhood of Adaua it is thought the damage will
be especially great.
The Independence llellniqueyn that a young
Cretan girl has Just arrived In Atbeus dressed
in military costume, in which she has for a long
time taken part (without her sex being kuowu)
Ja the insurrectionary war,
The New York Convention.
To-day's Proceedings.
FIa'C Moro IS a. 1 1 o t h.
New York Goes for Hendricks,
"Tho Comin? Man."
Kte.( Kta.
Tammany Hall, July 8. The Convention was
called to order at 1030 A. M President Sey
mour In the chair. The ball was filled in every
part, and many ladles were present.
No More Praylag to ha Done.
No prayer was delivered, and the reading of
the minutes of yesterday was dispensed with.
A delegate from Missouri called for the read
ing of the names of the
National Executive Committee,
which was ordered. The names were given as
published in tbe morning papers for all the
States, except New York and California.
Mr. Price, of Missouri, here assumed the chair.
Mr. Bayard, of Delaware, said there was some
mistake about the name recorded for that State
and asked that It be omitted. He was sure that
the Dame as published had not been agreed to
by a mpjorlty of the delegation.
California named John Blgler, and New York,
August Belmont.
Hendricks Placed ou tha Track.
Mr. Fitch, Indiana, rose to present ouo of Its
most talented citizens as a candidate before
this Convention for Presidential nomination,
one of the best and purest men ot the natio i.
Indiana bad thought it right to oust her vote
for a reasonable length of lime for Pendleton,
In the opinion of tue majority of the delega
tion that reasonable time had passed, though
tbe minority were still of opinion that they
ought to adhere furlhor to tbe gentleman from
Ohio. The majority had no disposition, even if
it bad the power to force their views upon the
minority. In conclusion, he briefly eulogized
and named Thomas A. Hendricks.
Mr. Price (Ind ), for ihe minority, urged adhe
rence to Pendleton, and expressed the highest
respect for Hendricks; but, the minority could
not e,o for him because the State Convention of
their State declared decisively their preference
for Pendleton against t be most earnest aud per
sistent opposition. In accordance with that
preference the delegation resolved to staud by
Pendleton so long as there was a reasonable
hope for his nouiluutlou. (Great cheers and
some hisses.)
Tha Saveuth Ballot,
The roll was then called, and each vote for
Pendleton the galleries applauded vociferously.
'li e BHine demoustiPtiou greeted Hendricks.
Missltsippi went for Pendleton on this ballot
the vote of New York for Unaron. During the'
roll call an Oregon delegate alternated to ex
plain the vote the delegation would give, but
was ruled out of order, as tie admit ted he had
no new candidate. He said he only wanted to
renominate Peudleton. Tennessee gave ii for
Pendleton .or the first time. Tho result was as
Alabama Pendleton, 8.
Arkansas Hendricks, 5.
California Hancock, 13; Pendleton, 3, Hen
dricks, lj..;.
Connecticut English, 0.
Delaware Pendleton, 5.
Florida Hendricks, 3.
Georgia Pendlelou, K; Qendrloks, 1,
Illinois Pendleton, 10.
Oregon feunleton, 3.
Pennsylvania Packer, 20,
Rhode Island Doolitlie, 4.
South Carolina Andrew Johnson, 6.
Tenuts-ee Pendleton, i'A; Aud. Johnson, 5U
Texas Hancock, 0.
Vermont lJoolittle, 5.
Virginia Pendleton, 10.
West Virginia Pendleton, 5.
Wisconsin Doolitlie, 8.
Tbe lesult was auuouuced as follows:
... 3035
-I I
English ti
Parker 7
Church 3!
Pucker 20
Andrew Johnson 12'
Doollltle 12
Blair 'A
No choice.
A Humor or tho Uxcltlua; Sort.
A rumor has spread in the Hall that New
York will break on the next ballot, oasttug
part, if not all, her vote for Hendricks. This is
denied by some who say that while New York
will leave Church today, unless he attracts
support from other Slates, they are not ready to
drop him. The excitement and anxiety is in
tense. Naw York Shows her Haud.
Mr. Tllden, of New York, asked leave for the
New York delegation to retire for consultation,
live members of the delegation having asged It.
Objections were made but the quostloa 'ns
put to the Convention and decided la tue nlUr
m ailve.
Mr. Ciymer, of Pennsylvania, moved a recees
for fifteen uiluui.es. Agreed to.
Tha Eighth Ballot.
Tbe clerk proceedel to call the roll on the
eighth ballot, each vote being received Willi
tienjonslraiious ol applause by the friends of
candidates in the galleilus.
Louisiana weutover fiom Hancock to Pendle
ton. Mississippi also voted for Peudleton.
At the conclusion of the roll call, Mr. Tilden,
by a unanimous vote ol the delegation aud lha
consent of Mr. S. K. Church, withdrew the latter
and cast 8i votes for Hendricks, amlJjt long
continued cheers and hisses.
Alabama gave Pi mlietoii 8.
Aikansas Hanoock, VA Pondleton, 3J,
California gave lieu. tricks 5.
Connecticut Euglisu, 0.
Dels sare Pendleton, 3.
Florida Hendricks, i.
Georgia Pendlelou, 9.
Illinois Pendleton, 10.
Indiana Pendleton, 3; Hendricks, Q'A
Iowa Fondle on, 8.
Kansas Pendleton, 2; Hendricks, i Blair,1
Kentucky lYuilleiou, 11.
Louisiana Pendleton, 7.
Maine HaLcock, Oi-i; Pcnileton, Hen
dncUs, 1.
Maryland Pendleton, (I; Hendricks, 1.
Massachusetts H incoek, 11; Pendleton, 1.
Michigan Hendricks, 8.
Minnesota Pendleton, 1.
Mi-slsslppl Peudleton, 7.
Mist-out 1 1 1 uncock , Jj Pendleton, 5; Andrew
Johnson, 3ii; Hendricks, 5.
Nebraska Pendleton, 8.
Nevada Pendleton, 3,
New Dampshlre Hauoook, 3; Peudleton, V,
Hendricks, """
New Jersey Parker, 7.
New York Hendricks, 33.
North Carolina Hanoock, 1; Pendleton, 63d;
Hendricks, 84 '
Ohio Pendleton, 21.
Oregon I'endlebin, 8.
Pennsylvania Packer, 20.
Rhode Island Doollltle, 4.
South Carolina Peudleton, 8,
Tennessee Peudleton, 4J4; Andrew John
Bon,6. Texas Hanoock, 6.
Vermont Ileutirlcks, 5.
Vlrglnla-Peiidletou, 0'A.
West Virginia Peudleton, 5.
Wisconsin Doollltle, 8.
The result wan thou auuouaoed as follows:-?
Eighth Ballot.
Pendleton lSflU
Hendricks H 75
Hancock 23
PArk6r MHMiiiiiiHiiiniMiiMM aeaaea. eaeeeeea 7
Packer 20
A. Johnson ;. 6
Doolitlie 13
Blair M Y2
English 0
Tha Oth Ballot,
resulted as follows:
English 8
Hancock 3I
Pr ndletoB Ill
Parker . 7
Packer 2ty.
A, Johnson f
Doollltle 12
Hendricks HA
Blair I j
The Tenth Ballot
resulted as follows:
Hancock "I
Pendleton H7'
Parker 7
Packer 27 V4
A.Johnson 8
Doollltle 12
Hendricks ..
Tha Eleventh Ballot
resulted as follows:
Hsncock M 32V5
lendleton III34
Parker.- 7
Pncker 2(1
Johnson b4
Hendricks 88
Blair H
The Iaterocaanic Hallway Commenced
Indigo Culture.
Py Cuba Cuble.
Havana, July 8. Our latest advices from
Tn jlllo, Honduras, are to Juue20. The incor
porators of tbe Honduras Iuteroceanlo Bull
way had sent out a remittance of fifteen thou,
sand ponnds sterling to start the work on the
road. The engineers had put the men to cut
ting limbers for sleepers and laying rails. M.
Galinler is soon expected from France, and
considerable curiosity is aroused to know the
amount of capital that has been subscribed In
France. M. Chabert, from Marseilles, Is ex
pected with a party of immigrants and labor
ers for a colony to improve the districts bor
dered by the Ulo Ulua. Accordlug to the cou
tract of M. Chabert and tha degree pro
mulgated in his favor tbe cultivation of indigo
becomes obligatory on all the estates of tbe
Homing- quotations.
By Atlantic Cuble.
London, July 8 A. M. Consols 91795 for
both nionev and account. United Stales Five
twculieK. 73 Erie, 40. Illinois Ceutral, 102.
Fkankfokt, July 8 A. M. United States
Flve-twcnlles easier, but not quotable lower.
Pakis, July 8 A. AL The Bourse is firmer.
Itentes. 701'. 65o.
Livs-hpolMj. July 8 A. M. Cotton buoyant.
Sales of probably 12,000 bales.
Bet f dull at 117s 0d.; Lard buoyant at 01s.
Other articles unchanged.
Afternoon Quotations.
London, July 8-P. M. Consols, 0179'! for
moceyaud 5 for account: United Staios Five
iwenties, 733;(u73; Gieat Western, 30.
LlVKKl'ooi., July 8 P. M. Corn, 30s.; Cheeie,
,riSs ; London Tallow. 43s.; Sugar quiet and
steady; LinseedUll, 32 on the spot, aud HI os.
College Commencement.
IlARTKOitn, July 8. The couimencetaent ex
ercises oi Trinity College opened lost evening
with an oration before the "Hhl Beta Kappa"
Society, by ltev. William Kndder, D. D., of
Philadelphia, on the mutual relation of natural
science to theology. Commencement day will
be on Thursday next.
t'Ol'RT OF QUARTF.lt KKSSION3. Judge Felrne
The Court again met this morn lug to a very slim
audience, aud mere were but two prisoners lu tue
deck, hoih letutiles.
The morning was taken up with the trial of Louis
fiouHiui.dt, upon the charge ol perjury. The aliena
tion lu the Indictment was luat tnn delcaclant, bor
rowed :i:.r from Louis t-uiiuii.erilelU, and gave his
note for the amount. Upon tne maturity of the n.ite
the holder drought suit lip.itl It bef ire Alilenna l
H ibheid. and ut the he trltiK ot that suit the d-feud-hnt
fBlhe'y swore that he had received no c wtstd era
thin fori', hut had given lias a matter of accumm i
dstlon. Insopiiortuf ill a olmrne a number ot wit
ncpses were examined by the (Joinruont.ealih.
The defense offered testimony to prove that the
defendant enjoyed an excellent character for vera
chy, and was entitled to tne Itiliejt credit. Ou trial.
Ojiciok or tuu Rvknins Telegraph,
Weduesday, July g, 1868.
The Stock Market opened very dull this morti
iiiL', and prices were unsettled. Government
loans were a fraction lower. 112J was bid for 6s
of 1S81; 1125 for 'G2 6-20s; 109J for '(15 5 203: 107J
lor July '05 5-2()s; 107f for '07 5 20s: 107J I'or
10 40s j and 108 lor Juuc and July ,-30; City
loans were unchanged.
Uailroad shares were Inactive. Reading; sold
at 48 44-100(&48, an advance of ii IVuusvlvaaia
Uailroad at 62a)524, a slight decline; Norris
town at C8, a dec-lino of J; and Catawlssa
common nt 10, no change; 12!). as bid for
Camden and Aiaboy; 44 j lor Little Schuylkill;
33 lor North Pennsjlvanin; 54 lir Lehiirh
Valley; 41 for Klmlia preferred; 2'J forCatawissa
preferred; 2GJ for Philadelphia and Erie; acd
48 for Northern Central.
City Passenger Uailroad shares were tin
clumped. Hestonville fold at 104. 50 was bid
for Second and Third; 30 tor Kiftli and Sixth; 22
for t-pruce and Pine; 6 for Hidge Avenue, aud
31 lor (Jrcen and Uoates.
bank shares were firmly held at full price?.
Mtuiutactiircfs' sold lor 31, no change; 107 was
bid lor Northern Liberties 68 lor I'enn Towu
ship; 71 for City; 60 lor Common wealth, aud G'J
for Corn Fx'Chaiige.
In Cunal shares there was very little raore
nient. Lehigh Navigation sold at 21j a215.no
ehiu.ce; IU was bid for Schuylkill Navigation
coiumou, 21 -J lor preferred do; 71 for Morris
ritual prelerrtd; 154 ir Susquehanna Canal, and
50 lor Delaware Divi-don.
The Fire Insurahce Compsny of the connty
of Philadelphia aunounces a dividend of 3 per
cent., pnyub'e mi the 17ih Instant.
The Pennsylvania. Comoany for Insurance
(n Lives and Grantitifr Annuities, announces a
dividend of 5 per cent., payable on demaud,
clear of nil (at.
Reported by JJe Haven & Mro No. 40 H. Third street-
Jf i-lWl' JJUAPJ),
15(100 I'aopRs is.Kh)
ton 8h Rond R 4? 4
1WMJ I'ttfiS, '70 C&p. fcH'g
town i'itlsh'g 5s T:y
Km ah Lull Knv. a,
too do
M.O do.lH..tan 2?,
100 sh Sell JSv Pr.h 0. 21
lt.(l do.... 1.5 wu 2I&
li iihIi CalawlHHu 10
yiO do h.'iwn.
10.1 do-reifint..4s 4
loo do .u&wiu ii
Wall Peuna ii
2tt do.. Is.rno.6'.
24 do Bj't
Wish Norrist'n- -.. es,,
(1 sh N t'eiuriil - l4
50 sh Manuf Hk. ..2d. SI
in,i uh (kiean Ull -1 1'0
II 11 nil Ile.il'vlo..Ml.iwQ IB '4
hjo do hwiwu. lo.'
l'l,nfll,i,.,,.n 1 1, la ninmlnu's gold and
foreign quotiitlous, reported by WHe en liro
thers, Gold, Stock, and Exciiauge Urokers, No.
105 S. Third street: . . ,r hot
10 00 a. Jl. . 140i;il-45 A. M. . 1 05
10-15 " . . 140fl2 00 M. . 140
10- 45 " . 140 12-30 P. M. . 140
11- 15 . llti'
Foreign Exchange on London: CO days, 110J
ftillOi ; Sdays, liojlioj. On Paris: 00 days,
61. 12Kt6f. lOi; 3 days, 6f. 15025f. 134.
Messrs. De Haven & Brother, No. 40 Boutli
Third street, report tho following rates of ex
change to-day at 3 P. M. : U. S. 6s of 1881. 112
112i;do. 1862, 1121125; do.. 181.4, mi
1104; do., 1805, llOJtHHJ; do., 18C5, Dew, 108
1II; do., IK7. new, 108 41084; do., 1868, 103
l08i:do.,5s, 10-40s,106J 0)10.7 J; do. 7'30s, June,
lu7JfitlOR; do., July. 107108; Due ; Coru-P,0oU.n-(',,inteCB,
t- Aneust, 1806,
118iWll8i:do.1R"ntPmber, 1P85, 1181184; do.
XThmmi 0olJ- uomi0i'
MfBsrs. William Painter Co., Bankers,
No. 36 8. Tbird street, report tho following
rates of exchange today at 12 o'clock:
United Sta es 6s. 1881, 113fail2$; U. 8. 6-20s.
1862, 112Jr3ll25;do.. 1884, 109rc5lO!l55 do., 18b5,
lKHifllnJ: do. Julv, 1806, I07jrl08; do. July,
1(;7. 107i'(108 J1808, K)74l()8j 5, 10-40s, lOfij
13107; U. S. 7-30s, 2d 4 aeries, 10GJ107; 3d
series, 10750108: compound Interest Notes, Do
cen ber, DG4, 119; Vay, 18G5, 119; Auptist,
1J.66, 118.C-118i; ScpU-mber, 1"65, ll8aU18i;
October l8ti5. 117i'all7i. Gold, 1401140i.
Alecsrs. Jay Cooki Co. quote Govern
mcnt securities, etc., as follows: U. 8. 6s. of
lssl, 1121(77)113 old 5-20s, 112(58113; new 6 20s,
181 4. lldWHOi; lu., ls6', HOiiUl; 6-20s, Julyf
108M108,: do., ls7, 108ftflt)8; do., 1808, 104
0i:U)8i; 10-40s, 107 1074; 7-30s, June, 108(3
mi; do., July, lObfti Mj. Gold, 140j.
Tlic New York Money Market.
From the It. Y. Herald 0 to-tUty.
"The supply uf iuonp wus abundant at four ps
cent on can, hut In mine InniaBces iraimacilons w r
reported at live. The nifrcautile demand conilnne
very Huhl aLd the best grade ot commercial papnr Is
iu reqnent at I (aid per cent. The stock market was ou
the whole ilrm, hIiIkiuk at in ervals somewhat
varli-hle and irregular, Erin declining to flu and
than advancing to lu',. and Rock Island lmproviag
to H'7V Tne Taruest iraiiHaotlotii weie in tue two
stocks mentioned aud Reading, which last was In di
nuinU at the clone at a i advauce ol hall peroent,
upon the opening price. The nifCuUtlve tcollng re
spee.lng rahway shurea Is very bulllsn, tne large
earnings ol the railways, aud the highly proinlslng
cn.p proHpects eucouran'ns siiectPatiou for a rise,
while Inspiring a correnpoudlug degree of
timidity 011 ihe part of the bears. Tbe
action nl the Democrat it Convention was construed
as lav, rahle to an advance lu railway stocks and a
decline In Onvvrnmen. aecurlt ei. aud temporarily
Ihli view nf the case IS likely to be sustalued to a
limited extent. cThe -tate stocks, ami especially
leutiessea xea, wer-i weak, the ue bonds de
clining to t,XY A telegram from Nashville an
nounces thai Governor llrownlow has Issued a
proclamation convening the Legislature In extra
pin t u ou 'he aim or Jul!; but according to the
Knoxvllle Wliiu, the main njnct he has la view Is
the (uppretslou of the Ku-Kiux Kla by calling out
themnhla althouili It is lair Ui presume that ibe
Slate final. ccs will alsj ei He ibe aitentlon of that
body. How far it l in 1.8 power to afford relief to
the CMd.tors ol the Hate in tha present deuo-rallzt-d
condition of Us nuances. It Is. however, hard
to say; nut until Ihe local revenues are Increased the
funtis iieeesaarT lor tue rsu iar payment of the lute
rt on lis bonds are mil liHeiy to he (nrthuomlur,
unless further resort Is had to burrowing a policy
which wot. Id be worse In the end for the bondholders
than If the Interest was ntiHpended notil such time as
the iiale could resume paymeut on a legitimate
From the If. Y. Trlhunt ot to day.
'Money continues In good supplv at 45 per cent;
to gond borrowers, with a siroug eU jrl by lenders to
keep op (he rates.
'hteriiiig Kxohange was active. We quote:
London, so das, lluWllu',; Loudon, sight, ltn
(adli.Ji; Loudon, prime commercial, 10!'i((ili9
farls, long, 6l:p,W I2'4i Paris, short, fu(,iij;
Antwerp, 6l!4ii5 l; awlss, S lS'4r,v 15: Hatnhcirg,
SH.'nCaias'a: Amsterdam. 4ll4nml 'j; Fraukfort, 41(ii)ll':
Hreinen.TfrOvO: Berlin. 7l.'i'72.
"Ju Irelghm we learn oi no engagements to-day;
ratt-n are nvmluallj unclia:tged.
"The transiictio' s at tii.- i fllce of the Assistant
Treasurer were: Receipts, for customs, fl43,U(ioj toe
gold notes. 7ii('iKi, To al receipt. l,4ea.478,6l. To
tal psymnrits. l 751, 'S7 10. balance, (S',lt)7 D3V17.
' Ihe SKK'enaie amount of moons (exclusive of
spet le) trom ilia port of New York to foreign ports,
for the week ending July 7, ions, was tl,45i,6U8,"
Mew York Stock U.uotattona 1 p. US.
Received by telegraph from Glendinnlng &
Davis, Stock: Brokers, No 48 S. Third street:
JN.Y.Cent. K 13l:,4.0tii. and K. I. K..'...l08
N.Y. aud F. U (iOVj! Pitts. F.W. and Chi.
Ph. and Uea.it. Jlfi V; U. it loo
MIch.H.and N. 1. K.."?Pioillo At. 8. Co 08
Cle. and I'ltt.H 8JM WesternUnlonTel. 34,' L
Cbl. and N. W. ooin.7i-H Gold lioX
Chi. andN.W.pref ,81 j Market unsettled.
l'lilladelpliid Iritdo KeporU
WrDNEHDAY, July 8 Tae Flour Market is
characterized by extreme r'ullness and depres
sion, and the home consumers purchase only
enough to supply their wants from day to day.
Sales of a few hundred barrels at $7'508'25 for
superfine, S8 50a9 2 for extras, ?9 5010-75 for
Northwestern extra family, $101P50 for Penn
sylvania aud Ohio extra family, and f 12tg)14 for
fancy brands, according to quality. Kye Flour
Is selling at f 0a0 25. Notmug doing la Cora
There Is less activity in the Wheat Market,
bat holders are very firm lu their views, audi
we again advauce our quotui lons. Sales of 1000
bushels Pennsylvania and Otilo rod at S2 3Vj
2 40. live Is selling at $1-85. Cora Is fully 233.
t bushel bet ter thun yesterday. Sales of yellow
ut SI 17 snd Western mixed ut 8M3,u,l 15 t)tg
are held firmly. Ssli-s nt 4(iU() bushels at 8Gr387c.
for Pennsylv inla, and 88($8!)u. for Southern.
Seeds Cloverseed is wauled at $0 o0ifl)7 00, but
holders generally ask more. Tlmotuy is nomi
nal. Flaxseed Is dull and prices are declining.
balesofl200 bushels at 11 O.V'42-70.
Dark is steady at SOtl ton for No. 1 Quer
citron. Whisky Prices are nominal.
latest aiurriAix IiMelliueace.
For additional M'trine New see Inside Pages.
MKAeti OFirion.
7 A. M 80U A. M .87 J P. M 80
Steamship Utility, Panto, Hrowldence U.ri.9ielsouitro(
bchr t'arrie Walker, AtcFnriaiid, iJoatou, Latiibury.
Wlckerbhsm a(Jn,
Bchr lieo. Faits, Nlckerson, Provldence.LewIs Auden-
cbr Meniora, Hlgglns, Qloucester. do,
bchr J. L. Maioy, Rust ell. Boston, Blaklston, Oraefl A
Bchr Wm. B. Mann, fltanford, Charleston. do.
Wchr Jamea Fonder, Hudson. Bos-.on. J Rommel, Jr.
bchr Cornelia. Carroll, Mystic, niaulcksou dk (Jo.
bchr Chas. I noper. Nlckerson. Harwlck, do.
bchr M, iL. Weolcolt, Oaudy, Luu. Van Dusen, Bro,
A Co.
bchr Henry Harteau. Jones, Pawtucket, Caatner.
Htlckuey Wi illnglun.
Bchr Alexander, Wesicott, Washington, Caldwell.
Gordon & I'o.
Bchr J. W. Hall, Powell. Boston. Day. Hudlell A Co,
hour Jennie and Alice. Harris Ki .Eaicth Ulty. do.
bchr J. T. Alhurger, Coraou, Bostou, Borda, Keller A
Pchrt'lWi, Brannln, Mlllvllle.
bchr j. b, Lemiler, Urace, New bury port.
Pctir Bouthen.er. Adams. 8 days lrom ACCjniaC, V,,'
with lumber to U nlliis A Co.
bchr M H. Wesicott. (iaudy. from Lynn,
bchri'llp, Rrannin. irutu Miilvliix.
bchr Jennie and Alice. Harris lrom Bridgeport.
Bchr Alexamler, Westooit, lrom Bridgeport,
bchr J. i. lioiwlier. Urace, from Jahaut.
bchr J. T. Alburger, Cornoa. from Boston,
PhlpMemnon, Baker, irom Polladelphla for Rio
Janeiro, whs spoken 4th nit. la'. W N., long 38.
bhip Admliul. Haealnop. hence, at Bremen 21tn nit.
Hteumship Huntui', Rogers, ueuoe. at Providence Bin
'"Bairnie Gulona. from for Philadelphia, was
aiiokeu th lnst .otf Fire Island,
haique Charlie Wood, Rubsou, hence, at Antwerp
Ihtiii'ue Annie, Young, for Philadelphia, sailed from
Liverpool voih uit,
Hani oe Alaska. Hruall, lor Philadelphia, entered out
at Liverpool 2iith UP,
Brl Kale isiulib. bhaw, from London for Philadel
phia lulled from Deal 25th nit.
Brig Maggie, Uruwell, lor Pnlladolphla, sailed from
Oeestemui.de 24th ull,
bchr'liios. Burden, Wrlghtlngton, nenoe, at jrau
River 4th lhht .
Hchrs A. H. Csln. Blmtison. and M. B. Ooyne, Face-
mlie, hence, at (iioucester so tost
bcbrsbiirl. Ahhoil; Reading M.U. No. 41, Dartlett;
and Iteaiilng RR. No. 45, Audersou, hence, at Puvl-
bX. A. Trufdell Barrett: 8 9 Godfrey. OodfT-yj
and Anna Barton. French, henoo, at It wloo lib luau
bchri W. U. Barilett. Bartlett; Anule May. May i aud
J. t), PaileViinTViron, from Boston Mr "ll-detphlai
H A K Co-son, Brower. irom rortiaiiu .r ,
1 ro nl Portland
Henry, Durkee, from
l,juu lur uia, iw.M
Bchr Hunter, Crane, hence, at Providence h Inst,
New Yob. July 7. Arrived, steamship China,
HbTeamyhV.ouur Kt'ir. from Hamburg
bhip Win. F. hliirer, Canolagbsm. iroia Liverpool.
Karaite Nabob, Colib, from buarigbae.
b"Su Joaa UBey, Hopkins, from Bremen,

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