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VOL. X No. 7.
The New York. Convention.
The Work of Ycstcrday-Tho Tros
pects of To day.
BttM Ktt.i Kta., Kt Kta.
Tbe following is a resume of tlie ballot
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Vom fifi y. World of this morning.
PtatlUlo and Hancock.
The balloting yesterday exhausted Pendle
ton's strehirh. His iriene.a telt sanguine iu tue
id ! mint-', and run his vole up to wituin thico of
eiiP IihII of the vote iu ibe Couveuiiou. Wh-u
jtbaa reached that staye Now Kofi chauuej
Lfr vole lioiu Church to bcniincki-; other (k-le-trations
Joilowed, and bt-loie the Coavciuiou ad
jouiucd, Pt'Uftleion's votu leil oil j'ist one hun
dred from ite hifrheat point, while Hancocs
Lad leached tlie uptvaid turn, an I
B'rms to bo fast appioachui! the point
icacufd by Pi ndleion. Mcarly evt'ij SDUthcrn
Kmte bap cast its tolid ote lor nun, auri it wu3
xpporicd lai eveumg tliat the balance of Ken
tucky and Missouri will vote for huu thi9 morn
ing. It this iu the cu-e, Hancock's vo'e may run
up this mornuiu 10 155, aud it appears proonole
tbut this 13 about, tue extent of his vote, and tuat
from Hat point lie will br jiiu to decline. The
general iinpre-eiou is that he ciiuujt be nomi
nated, at lra-t lor the present. The friends
ol FerieMeton are catisiied that it ia useless
to press his tame auy further, aud are
roflkiuu their ariancemcnis to turoiv their votes
elsewh' rp. Where the tiny remaining Pendleton
votes will do po is a mystery at least it was
unoeciiiert at a la:e hour lat night where the
vote of Ohio 6hmilJ be c:t. Thai they will nov
abanoou Pendleton appears certaiu; in fact, a
telepram was received from Pendleton early
last evening, requesting the withdrawal ot his
name. It was impossible to ascertain whether
lie exprei-eed any prelirence lor any other can
didate or not,
Editorially tbe World says:
'We fuppute the National Convention will
close its lubjis to-day. Wo congratulate the
country and tlie party that, in a contest so
protracted and so earnest as lias taken place,
there has not been the slightest exhibition of
rancor, or of a tpirit lucousistf ut with tbe
mtot cordial harmony alter the successful
completion of the business ot the Convention.
We tee to cause of serious r' gret in the great
length ot the contest, and the persistency of
the lrifnds of the leading candidates, sjjme
shrewd jurist has observed that tb tml of a
lawsuit should be so conducted as not only to
6ecure justice but to satisfy the parties. After
a diltory trial belore a patient judire, the
los Eg patty goes out ot Court satisued that his
whole case has been prescntei, and ih-it
le hai not been unfairiv deprived of his
chances for winning it. The Ineuils of Mr.
Pendleton, the only candidate who came
in o the Convention with any considerable
tient'th, must concede that in these pro
tracted ballotings he has had fair treat
ment, and has enjoyed every opportunity for
a conceit i at Ion of alibis availutilo f-trength.
The last ballot yesterday proves that he is
prcticall.y out ol die race. A' review of tbe
proceedinus will ehow that his no'niuation has
not been obstructed by tin'uir Mrateiry or any
lind f f nianceuverii g by tho-e who tUMinrht it
iLexpt dien. Yve eouodently expec t the Uual
ad)nui nmcnt ot the Convention to-d-iy, und
that he dclfga'.es will depart tor their bomus
glad I that tbey have had so ample an opportu
nity to become well acquainted with leading
Democrats fiom ail parts of the country, aud
lu'l of zeal and enthusiasm lor tlio ticket on
which they were so long ogrecm'.
Froyr, the JV. T. Herald of this morning,
Yba NW York O.lfgatlOK
Tield no caucus last evening, but congregated in
largp numbers at their headquarters, at. Nicho
las Hotel, and engaged iu eager di-cussion of
tbe tveuts ot ihe dav. No new course of action,
as lar as could be learned, has beeu mapped
cut, and the impression was received that the
tactics hb or'g'mally adop'ed for the conduct of
the delega ton bad been most successtul in their
appl cb iou, aud would be continued to the
oVnuuH nient. Tbe conversation between the
eleuates was carried on mo-tly iu private
pr. ups, and no'htnir could be learned ot their
iceiiiigs rei-pecting the different candid Mes.
Tba Iaijlaala Dalegatlo
"Will fnpport Hancock while there is a chance of
his receiving the nomination und after tb it is
jas scd ?
"VThy, we will have to take tip a new man,"
s id one of tbe members.
Vlia Ktjitaaa Clab am tba nmp.
Yesterday evening the members of the Key
Mone Club, ot Pennsylvania, turned out In
force, accompanied by a raaeni8cent bras
baud, and made tbe rounds oi the principal
hotels and newspaper ofticcs. In addition to a
number ot handsome flags, the club exhibited a
largo placard, bearing the insnriptioa "We
have matched him I Mnjor-General Haucock
for President. Give us Hancock, and we will
pledge Pennsylvania thirty thousand majority!"
The demonstration was not received with wild
From Ihf Ifetv York 2'ribunc's Washington cor'
Tbl Foslfloai Ot CblM,
Washington, July 8. Chief Justice Chase,
who remained quietly at home to-day, is per
lectly triaquil, and says that he snail feel glaj
when tbe nomination Is made and the Conven
tion aojouriied. He believes that any one of the
gentlemen whose names have beeu mentioned
In New York would make a good President. A
friend, who had an Interview with him in reply
to the question whether General Hancock would
not be as good a man as could bj nominated,
Mild: "Mo. I don't think so, lor the reason that
if the people wished to be ruled by anv military
man they would prefer Grant." The Chief
Justice did not concur nor dissen.. A triend of
Mr. Chase, who is supposed to reflect his views,
said to-titgbt to your correspondent, "Do you
know a man in the country who is in favor of
negro supri mac.v? Do you know one who is
willing to place the black man over the white?
ISutipote the relative positions of tbe
vhire and black luces on this
continent should to-morrow be reversed ;
suppose the colored people had all the wealth,
education, and refinement, and that the whites
were what the blacks now are, poor, Impover
ished, just emerged from slavery. Do you think
that a mere party vote could change the order
of things?" These may or may not be the
sentiments of Mr. C hase, but they co-iie from
one ot his most intimate friendi. I have it on
lnuh authority that Mr. Chae considers the
platform framed at New York a pretty good one,
but that he does not think that they will make
many converts to their party by it. His friends
Ihink that the Democratic party must rely on
the principles they have enunciated tor any
additional btrcngth.
Garibaldi' Movement.
The New York Time' correspondent writes
from Koine as follows:
We have newreports about CUrlbaldl's move
ments aud the eurolmeut of volunteers. If
anything Is really ou loot It Hardly seeun pro
bable I hat It has reference to Koine. A class of
spei uJaiors bold that I lie "Arbiter ol Europe"
la nearly ready to set Europe by the ears. His
plans, however, have not reference to a war
Willi Prutsta; but Russia, on the side of Poland,
Is to be the object of the attack. Willi the
eloquent jieterise of delivering an oppressed
people, tbe young enthusiasts aud adventurers
of fortune, without fortune, are to be bunded
Italy is thus to get rid of some of ber ardent
spirits, and tne Ciesar of tne 1'uilerles, wtio,
through bis agents, Is to pay the score, Is to ac
complish more tnan a single ooject. AtlenUou
will tie distracted from Home; some of bis Ue
puhllean enemies will be killed oil; and, so f-tr
as Poland Is conct rued, there will be, as usn il,
not a lew dunces lu the world ready to believe
that it is so much done for the cause of liberty
tbus so much, credit gained for the Imperial
Meanwhile, It is said of Oarlbaldl that his
hf altn is so much in need of being braced up,
that the summer Is to be glveu to cure, some
(end lii g him to the Island of Isebiaand some
to the Northern Baths. Iiulylswell furnished
with mineral waters; und ot excellent places for
seu-balbiug there Is no lack. Tbe Iiullnns
ought to hu the best washed people la luo
llu Irish Church mil la tba ISouae of
From ihe London Tclcgruph, June 20.
Naturally a considerable audience, below and
above, ussi mblcu iu tbe House of Pours, y ester
Dlghl, to listen to ihe dissertation on the Irish
Chinch bill. There was no obstacle tu ivtrl
Granville's Immediately moving tbe second
reading, which be did with unusual clearness
t physical speech, and with nn air of cheer
fulness perhups Intended to show that he
was not appalled by a contemplation of
the lncvltaole result. He was pleasaut
ou the Lord Chancellor for having been Jock
eyed out of tbe first speech by Krl (irey, aud
fa el ious c n the probable Ooredom of tnai njole
Karl's speech. His review of tne political cir
cumstances which led up to the policy of dises
tablishment of the Irish Cuureu was compre
hensive and exact, and his speech, on the
whole, a success. The style and manner of
Lord Uiey has little If at, all altered. He does
not mellow by age. He commenced with a
vindication of his own political honesty,
which, perhaps, no one doubts, notwitUstaud
ins the eccentricity of his Parllameninry career.
The gist of his argument was that the question
hud been viewed as a parly movement, the
moment for bringing It forward was inoppor
tune, and that it was one which could only be
settled by a compromise. Half au hour was
spent by Lord Alalmesbury in eompluinlug
that tbe Commons had not communicated their
resolutions on tbe Irish Church to the Upper
House, and their lordships only knew of their
existence from the newspapers. For the rest,
his strain was of spoliation, perfunctory aud
useless, as it would not have the conciliatory
and harmonizing eflecl which was expected.
As if vindicating his claim to special know
ledge on this subject, Lord Clarendon made
an animated aud comprehensive speech,
in the first instance rating Lord Grey for
beading the opposition to a movement of
which lie had always hitherto been a leader;
urging that the Anglican Church had railed la
IieisDdas a missionary church, and be spoke
cut plainly bis opinion of the unwisdom of the
Lores in entering into a content with tlieCom
iiuuson this question. Tne Kpisoopal opposi
tion was then opened by the Archbishop of
Canterbury, from tue point of view which is
onen to nq conjecture. With comparative
nj 'Hicai vior, ijoru jjeruy iuuue uis couiriou
inn to the debate, Tnougu expressing very
tolerant feelings towards the Itom-tu
Catholics, bo was emphatic In his declara
tion that he would resist aggression from
that quarter, and he conceived the attempt
to disestablish the Irish Churou
was aggression; in fact, the Hoinan Cutnolic
grievance seemed 10 be that be was kpt from
obtaining bis neighbor's property. As iclnht
be ex pteied, there were expressions of alarm at
an elloi t to uproot au institution of three huu
dred years' standing, tne property of wbl-jn
whs private and sacred. Measuring hlrusulf
with just confidence, looking to the spirit aud
power of his speech, with Lord Deroy, Lord
Kimberly lluently delivered a sustained argu
ment In favor of 'disendowment. The Bishop of
London spoke just before the debate was ad
journed. An iiitrciuaK vase.
A highly Interesting case has been decided by
the Jury at Wurzhurg. When the last revolu
tion broke out lu Poland bonds of tbe value f
S.uu.OCU lubles were stolen at Warsaw aud sent
lor sale to foreign countries; some of them have
even found their way to America. Of course
tbe Kubslan Government declared they could
never pay inteiesl ou sucu bonds, and they pub
lished the numbers. Several bankers at Wurz
tuirg and Nuremhurg having incurred a loss
thereby, tbe police came on ihe tracks of ihe
agents, and arrested two professional gamblers,
one of whom bad lost 6100 (JOU in one day at
Baden-linden, and who turned out to be regu
lar agems of a gang of swindlers, whose head
quarters are at Loudon, under tho direction of
h certain Kubemarn. 1! oih, having been con
vioied, have been sentenced to seven years'
hbid labor lu the House of Correction.
Illicellaaeoui Itam.
The Kladderddch, of Berlin, gives the follow
ing cailcMlure: Kceue The races at Loug
chumps, Paris, aud two horses passing ihe win
nlng post in front of the Kiuperor's box; the
foremost horse Is marked AbysslnU, uud the
secorjd Mexico. The Emperor remarks, "liven
Ihe i1 tench horses now allow the Eugllau to
beat them."
Tbe Hamburg Wfp caricatures Prince Napo
leon's visit to the Kast, in Ihe following inau-
Mvri-CoBiu i'tter (.Pxlucg in wUyu
knocking at Cousin Mlohael's door, holding
tne emblem of pence in hi band, cxiuslu
Michael "What do you want?" Cousin Peter
Peaoe; nothing ii.orV Cousin Michael
Well, then, Just you stop at hrnie, and leawe
us m peace, thtn you will have peace, won't
you v"
A novel robbery was committed In Paris a few
days back. Heveral persons wore gazing at a
toy shop in tne passase JoufTroy, and aintug
them a lady and gentleman with their little
girl teu years old. Ou their going away what,
was their dismay on finding that an adroit thief
bad cut and ma'te off with the child's magnifi
cent crop of golden hair.
A Naples paper asserts that a gentleman hav
ing been taken prisoner and heavily ransomed
by brigands, Intends bringing an action for full
Indemnification against the Italian govern
ment. He pleads that It was nnahle lo protect
In bis person the safety of tbe public Huould
Ibe tribunals decide lu bis favor, stites the
paper, it Is all up with tbe finances of Italy.
To-Dt'i Uuotatloa.
By Atlantic Ouble.
London, July 9 A. M Consols for money,
94j; tor account, I4!);; 6-20, 73'; A'.laniic
ntid Great Western, 30; Kiie, 45J; Illinois Cen
lial, 102.
Irankfobt, July P. Fi vc t wontics d nil at 774
Paris, July f. The Hoarse is quiet ; lieutes,
70 4tif.
LivERrooi,, July 9 A. M. Cotton quiet; sains
of 1(1.0(10 bale. Breadstuff quiet. Lurd active
at tils. (id. Cheese firm. Bacon firm.
Southami'Ton. July 9. Arrived steamship
Bavaria. Irom New York June 27.
London July 9, P. M. 5-20s quiet and steady;
Eaiboad shares flat and nominal.
Liverpool, July 9, P. M. Cotton easier and
unaltered, bales of 12,000 bales.
Breatlstiiffs steadier. Flour quiet; extra
otoiuly. Btef dull.
Letter from Geaeral Sheroiaa.
From the Montgomery (Ala.) Sentinel.
We have been permuted to publish the follow.
Ing private let'er Irom Lieutenant Geuerat W.
T. (Sherman to Chancellor W. B. Wood, of Au
tauga county, whlcn, coming from the source
it does, certainly is highly complimentary
to our worthy countryman, General WlUard
Mikhuuki, 1ST. Louis, Mo., June 23, IStW. Uene
ral W. B Wood: Dear Wood I have beeu out
on the Plains as lar as Hauia Fe for the pasttwo
mr nibs, und during my absence In this rapid
country of ours many events have occurred
In which, of course, 1 bad a personal Interest.
You kuow my anllpa' by to politics, but there
are two bodies of pumio men to wuich I know
any honorable man may aspire, viz.: Tue Sen
ate and Supreme Court. 1 am glad that War
ner is spoken of as Senator irom Alabama.
I should personally rejoice at his success,
for I believe he will strive to fill tbe
post with honor to the whole country,
and credit to himself. Ou my stall
during the war I found him ever zealous aud
enthusiastic. I have hardly seen hi in since the
war closed, but have watched his progress since
be settled in Alabama with great satisfaction.
Please write to bira and say Irom me that I
should be rejoiced to leant of bis being elected
to the Senate. I hope the South will make
good crops, to satisfy their natural wants, and
turn their minds from politics Into material
channels. Once get prosperity restored, men
Villi soon reconcile themselves to the chantres
tbut war has brought about. As ever, your
V. T. Sherman, Lleutenant-Qeueral.
Letter from Iloa. Thaddeu Stevens.
The following letter from Mr Stevens was
pduresseu to Dr. lleury Carpenter, of Lancaster,
lYnnsj lvanla:
Washington, June 23 Dear sir: I learn
there was a report lu Lancaster Unit I opposed
pacing due honors lo Mr. iiuouauau at his
On the other hand, I attempted twleeto In
troduce resolutions laudatory of Mr. Buchan
an's private character aud personal history,
aud aUed the House to adjourn to atteud his
funeral. A single onjee'lon would prevent its
being introduced that day. Mr. Vau Wyck of
New York, consiautiy objected. I earnestly
appealed lo til in to withdraw thi objectloo. He
persisted until I lefi tbe House. He then per
mitted a very tame resolution, barely appoint
iua, a committee, to be passed. I am anxious
that this mtstu&e should be corrected, for I
should be ashamed of such pre I ud lee against,
Ihe dead. I have no such prejudice. I would
be glad if you could have this statement lu
some way communicated to the puolic.throngh
Democratic organs, as I do not wisu Mr. Bu
chanan's lricnds to believe so mean a thins.
Thadokus riricvKNS.
Installation of the New Governor.
In delivering up his otllceou the 1st of July,
ex Governor Walker, of Florida, thus addressed
the new Governor:
Governor lteed: I have to-day received from
the Major General commanding Third Military
District an order to surreuder lo you the Gov
ernment of tbe State of Florida, and said sur
render Is hereby made accordingly. I deliver
to you the great seal of the Suite, which is ihe
emblem of your authority. Permit me, alsi. to
deliver to you a copy of ibe Holy Writings, a
copy of the Constitution of tbe U tilled Slates,
arid a copy ol tbe Constitution of the State of
Florida, hoping that these will form your chart
and compass through the dillicult sea you are
about to navigate.
Personally, I have nothing to ask, except that
If it be consistent with your views, you will
retain In your service as servaut and mes
senger my faithful colored friend, Heury Cook,
an honest man tbe noolest work of God.
Wishing, sir, that your administration may
redound to the prosperity aud glory of our be
loved state and your own honor, I shake you
cordially by the hand, withdraw, and leave
yon in possession of ihe Government.
While making the personal request embodied
Id his brief address, Governor Walker was visi
bly allecled.
The trial ol prison casta na brum this murulnt;.
Isabella Williams pleaded fciflty o a cturne of
keeptLga disomeriy bouse-l No. 1310 tVoud street.
An uhirer of that precinct Btuttf'1 to the Juilk'H tliit
this womun's house uad f r imiutlis beeu tne rendez
vous of jouhk tiiievt-B uud woiueu ol ihe uiu-l de
Kmued class who were lreueuily druuk uud bois
terous, much lo the unuoyauce of tne respucia'jle
Isaac Reeves agp.lrt pleaded guilty to a chirge of
assault aud battery upon tos wile. jeve(i Is au old
frequer ler oi the duck, always coiuIok up mr the
same olleuse; fur many years past he has divide! his
lime between Iree drunks nut ol prison. dtirniK which
he veoted his spleen upon bis pnor wile, aud sober
spells In prison, wueu be oil Id bewail bis bad luck.
About Christmas time he was belnre Jud.e A lllon
ou ibis sti mo charge aud lliuu lie promts d ir let oil'
he wouldn't, loueb a drop lor a year; but ou the very
Hay of It i m release he went ItO-ue druulc aud raised a
storm ot lamily u-lserv. On tin part leu ar occasion
coiitplslued ot he struck his wile, broke uo tne furni
ture of ihe honre and tlirea eneil to take the lady's
Hie with a butcher kulle that ho had recently
w buied up.
Ueorne Ross pleaded RUtlty to the charge o' the lar
ceny of money. He stole It Irom tbe pocket ot his
n oin-utate oue ninht.aml up ju bulu arrested the
following On) he restored I.
AdamMin Jacasou, colored pleaded guilty to a
charged stealing clothing Iroiuasiore, he bavins
been detected leaving wild tne stolen aril ties In his
possession Justus the place was opened lu the mora
Iuk. John Roger was acqtu'tednf a charge of larceny.
It was testi Hi d that he and a Calllorulnu had gone lo
a disorder house togeiher, bmrt urlnklnK, and he
took tbe money ot his esiern friend In order lo keen
it na e until tliey should sober up. There no was proof
Ol felonious Intent.
Kitatieth Moore, a dilapidated member from Dela
ware, was Ion ml guilty ot malicious inlscltl She
weut about the city seelug tbe elepniim aud finally
bteuine Jolly tight, anu fell Into the bauds of the
polio men. Hut they. In the r turu, were like the
nail who bought the elpbaut tor iliey dl t not kuow
what to do wiih her. Hlie proved to b-au old cus.
loiner, and very uninteresting. They look her tn Uis
ollti not tlie Guardians o tne Poor, but the men In
chame retimed to bn tr aibled Willi her, and suggsned
tbht she should be lakeu to the Temporary home lu
i I berl street.
Thone who bad her In charge were about to sot
upon ibis aiiKKestlon, when she, becoming lutllgnaiit
at 111 la treatment, struck ibe wludnw with ber list, In
juring both, i'erhmue this wan tba most opportune
thing that could have huppenea, for she wustlmu
lent to prison.
Lawrence Carroll was convicted of a charge ef
stealing lead Irom an uniiuished house. Tue lead
waa louud upon his persuu as lie was leavlug the
To-day's Proceedings.
I?ciiHotoit iH Witlilin.wJi.
Coy. II. Seymour is Nominated
t., Ete., etc.. Kt., Et.
Tba Haeaa.inbllBfr.
New York, July 9. Mr. Seymour, permanent
President, took ihe chair atutd nppUu-e, and
culled the Convention to oroer at 1020 A. M.,
but immediately thereupon retired, when Vue
President Price, ol Missouri, took tne cha r.
Prayer was offered by the Hev. Dr. Pluinmcr.
Mi. hbl(ick (Indiana) moved to dispense With
tbe reading of the journal ot yesterday.
Aioth.r Complaint.
A Misfourl deleeate rose to a privileged ques
tion aud complained that the order of the Con
vention mviting them to seats ou the floor had
not been executed, and ai-ked that the Serueant-ht-Aims
be instructed to execute It. There were
great complaint that ninny were refused ad-mi-sion.
The Secretary sfatcl that tickets had been
ifstied to the soldiers and tailors who wero ad
mitted to the extent ot the capacity of the hall.
Blair's lt.gaUr Nomination.
Mr. Broadhead (Missouri) rote to renominate
Gem ral Francis P. Blair as a candidate before
the Convention lor President, He bas firmness
of ptunoee, great courane, an Indomitable will,
qualities especially required at this tune. He
would give a living meaning to the pledge to
preserve and defend the Constitution and wo jl 1
nsstrt and maintain ibe independence of the
Executive. He knows ttie duties ot the Execu
tive station, and will dare maintain them. He
renonima'.ed Mr. Blair on behalf of the Missouri
Mr. Miller (Pa.) rose and complaino-l of a vio
lation, by Mr. Ttlden yesterday, of the rules of
the Convention in n akniL' ihe announcement of
a change of the vote of that State.
His remarks were excited and in bal temper,
re'errirg incidentally to tne name of Chase tbe
galleries broke out in great cheering.
The Chair announced that the business in
order was the nineteenth ballot.
A Mew Candidate In tba Field.
A deleirate from Calilcrnia, in a few remarks,
rciniiKitid Judae Stephen Field, ot that State,
as a caniinatc for ihe Presidency, whom he
eulogized as a t'uiidian of tho Constitution ot
the country against the assauhs ot tbe radicals
at Washington. (Subdued cheers.)
Pendleton' Mama Withdrawn.
Mr. Va'lundishnm said he had a communica
tion in writing which, with leave ot the chair,
he would read from tbe stand. Mr. Vll indnr
ham's appearance on the nla lorm was ureeted
with moderate cheers. He reatl a letter from
Mr. Pendleton, dated Cinounaii, July 2, and
addressed to Washinetou McLean, oi the Ohio
delegation, author zing ttu withdrawal ot his
name whenever it should eecni desirable. He
deemed the success of the pttty lar more im
portant than the eratiueat'on of anv per-onal
ambition. If tit any time a name could be pre.
sented that would nkely more heartily unite
tbe party, let his (Pendleton's) name bo wita
drawn. Mr. Vallundlgham said, it was Mr. McLean's
di S're to preseut this letter early yesterday, but
the Ohio dclt'L'ation thought best to keep lin
name be'ore the Convention throughout yester
day. He commended trie nuiirnuiiitnu v and
nuselflfh rninoiiMii of th s leiter. aud finally
withdrew Mr. Pendletou's name, with thanks to
these who bud supported hiui with such, fidelity.
(Great cheering.)
Tba Nineteenth Ballot.
Tlie roll was called for the uineteeuth b'lllot.
Alabama ami Arkansas led off for Haucock.
(Cheers.) The result was as tollows:
Hancock 13'iV.J
Hendricks Ii7
Field 15
Packer -li
Blair 13!
Dooiiltle Vi
Thomas II. Seymour 4
English 2
Chuse l,
Ohio voted steadily for Packer, of Penasvlva
nia;Deltare lor Hancock, Illinois lor Heu
dricks, Pennsylvania withdie lor consulta iou,
New York for Hendricks. Connecticut relurued
to the support of English. Delaware weut to
Hancock. (Cheers.)
Mr. Hichardson cast the entire vote of Illinois
for Hendricks. A delegate from the Fee nd
District rose to object to beiugcouuted lor Hen
dricks, but was ruled out ot order.
Massachusetts voted sol.dly lor Hancock.
Nevu'ia for Field.
New Jersey, 7 lor Field.
New York adhered to Hendricks.
Ohio went solid for Packer, of Pennsylvania.
Oregon eave Packer 1, Field 2.
Pennsylvania retired for consultation.
Tcnncstco tubt her entire 10 lor Hancock.
Pennsylvania came in and cast 2G for Han
cutk. (Cheers.)
Tba Twentieth Ballot.
The roll was called on the twentieth billot.
Arkansas broke from Hancock, and give
Heiidr cks 4 of her 5 vofs.
Massachusetts aked time, and was' passed.
It is rumored that she will go lor Chase,
New Jersey voted 7 for Hendricks.
New York' adhered to Hendricks.
Ohio asked time, aud was passed. The ex
citement and interest is intense.
Pennsylvania adhered to Hancock.
Kentucky gase Hendricks 5, H tncock 3.
Massachusetts asked and obtained leave to
retire tor 15 minutes.
Ohio cave Engli-h 10; Hancock, 11, aid thpn
ob'ained leave to retire for consultation. The
Chair aunouueed a general recess lor fifteen
The Twentieth Ballot
resulted as loiiows:
Hancock 1 121-5
Hendricks , 121
Kngllsu 1(1
Blair 3
Dooluue i
Field U
Thomas H. Seymour 2
John Morrliaey Betting on Kagllah.
During the recess John Morris-ey offered bets
that tnt'lish would be the nominee. The
caucusssing was active all over the hill, each
tlelet'aiion reviewing the held discussing the
chances of 0iirent candidates and determining
bow to vote on too next ballot, or how tochtiu'o
ibeir votes if there should be auy eeneral
changing of votes betor the announcement of
the twentieth buliot still pending.
Time Up.
The Convention being again called to order
Ma-sachuBctts voted 11 lor Hancock, oue de
clining to vote.
Tba TweatyArst Ballot.
Tbe roll was called on the twenty-first ballot.
Kentucky aud Massachusetts ag tin asked
, tiihc, t.h.d wcu l-ucd.
Missouri abandoned Blair, and gave Hancock
6 and Hendricks i.
North Carolina gave Hendricks 1.
Pennoylvania, 20 for Hancock.
Tennessee split again, giving Johnson, 5; Han
cock. 24; McClcllitn, (Cheers In the gallery.)
Mr. Seymour resumed the chair.
Massachusetts gave 4 for Chac. (Grcaf,, pro
lonecd, and repeated cheers in the gilhrics.
Hisses on the floor.)
The ballot resultoJ:
Hancock WVi
Hendricks..... i.u
English it)
Donllttle ia
Field 8
Chase 4
Met 'lei Ian y.
On tbe twentv-eecoud ballot, California voted
solid for Hendricks.
Minnesota gave Hendricks her entire 4.
Mis-ouri gave Hendricks S.
Nevada eave him 3.
New York adhered to him.
North Carolina gave hint her 9. (Great
Horatio Seymour Decline.
When Ohio was called, Mr. McCook. by unan
imous direction ot bis delegation, and with tue
acut and approval ol every public man in mat
State, including Mr. Pom lcion, put in nomi
nation again-1 bis inclination hut no longer
seainst bis honor, tbe name of Hon. Hora'lo
Seymour. Let us vote for a mm whom the Pre
sidency has Eougbt, and who bus not 6oaght tho
This, he believed, would drive from power tho
radical cabal at Washington. He believe ! the
nomination would command the unanimous
approval of Democrats and conservative men of
all sections. He askd on b"half of the coun
Iry that Seymour should yield to this wish of
the Convention. (Great excitement aud ap
pln use.)
Mr. McCook cast 21 votes for Horatio Sey
mour. ( lteuewed cheerimr.)
Mr. Seymour rose aud said: The motion just
made excited most m'tigled em )f ions. He had
no IrntMiaee in which to thtuk tin Convention
aud to express lit regret that his name hal
ht en presented, but in a question affecting his
duty and honor, he must stand by his opinion
agsinst the w. rld.
He could not be nominated without putting
himself and the Democratic party in perd.
When he declined tbe nomination he mciut it.
He paid an eloquent tribute to Mr. Pendleton,
and his macnanimity, and in closing stld:
Tt.aukiog the Convention, your candidate I
cannot be.
Mr. Vallnndlgham said: In times of great
exigency aud calimity every personal conside
ration should be cast aside. He insisted that
Horatio Seymour must yiell to the demonstra
tion in hii behalf.
The End of the Agony.
SpecUil Despatch to the Evening Telegraph.
Nkw York, July 9. Horatio Eeymour was
unanimously nominated by 317 votes.
Tbe IiOcal Election A. Kaeh Act Demo
cratic A ax let jr.
Special Despatch to The Bvening Telegraph.
Baltimore, July 9. The election in Baltimore
yesterday to ratify tho ci'y ordinance authoriz
ing the issue of one million dollars' worth of
city bonds to build the ne City 1111, rcsiil'.cd
favorable to the ordinance by thirteen hundred
majority. The work, therefore, on the Ilali,
inder the new contracts, will soon be resumed.
John Mars, a member of Company H. Filth
Reeiment Maryland Guard, whilst tbe company
were cneaged in firing at a target, in the vici
nity of White Rock, yesterday, was accidentally
shot and killel. He foolishly persisted in stand"
ing behind the tree where tbe target was
whilst tbe others were shooting. He put his
head around to make observations, when a
niinnie ball entered his mouth. Death instantly
ensued. He was single, and thirty years old.
Anxiety increases to bear the result of the
balloting of the Democratic Convention.
Crowds are arouhd the bulletins.
The hot weather is driving large numbers to
tbe country and watering places. Many are o!T
for Cape May. The Democrats have cannon
ready and contemplate a salate and general
hurrah over the nomination.
Tbe Republicans have determined to begin an
active campa'gD.
The thermometer is from 90 to 94.
Tba Investment of Corn Continue At
tempt at a ConproulK,
By Cuba Cable.
Havana, July 9. Commissioners had arrived
from Guayana at Barcelona for the purpose of
having a conference with General Monagai on
the effect of the treaty recently eonoluded with
tbe national forces, The revolutionists were
(till Investing Coro, and expected soon to take
the city. General Mendoza had been eleoted
President of the State of Guayana, and had sent
a commission to Coro to compromise ths trou
bles there.
From Atlantic City.
Special Despatch to Tlie Evening Telegraph:
Atlantic City, July 9. The hotels are flllin!
up, and tbe bathing never was finer. Tho ther
mometer at the Surf House stand3 at seventy
degrees only. The weather is cool aud delight
ful. .
Fatal Accident on the Erie Railroad.
Cleveland, July 9. Au necidcut occurred 011
tbe Philadelphia aud Eito Rtilroad, near Erie,
to-doy. A train fell through a bridge. Heveral
rieople are killed. Notletails yet received.
Tuursday, July 9, is68.J
There is no material change to notice in tbe
Mouey Matkct, Call loans rule at i&i per cent,
per annum.
The Stock Market opened very dull this moru
int!, aud prices were without auy material
chnnge. In Government securities there was
little or nothing doing. City loans wero m fair
demand. The new is-die sold at 1034, a slight
a ivance; and old do. at 100, no cbaiue.
Railroad shares were inactive. Pennsylvania
Railroat sold at 52j, no change; Lebnrh Valley
t 54J, no change; aid Camdcu aud Amboy at
VMi, no change. 47J was b d lor Reading; 33
tor Aorth Pennsylvania 31 for Eloiira com
mon; 41 for Elmira preferred; 9 J for Catawissa
common; and 214 tor Catalssa preferred.
City Passenger Railroad shares were dull.
60 was bid for Second aud Third: 30lorlifih
and Sixth; 15 for Tbirteen'h aud Fitteentb; 10
lor Hestonville; aud 41 for Union.
Bank shares were in good demand for invest
ment at full puces. Mechanic.' sold for 30.J,
uo change; and Girard at Gl. nocbauge; 24J
was bid for North America; 1G0 for Philadelphia;
6H lor Commercial; 107 lor Northern Liberties;
110 for Kensington; 68 lor Pcun Township; aud
120 lor Central National.
In Canal shares there was nothlngi dolug;
21i was bid for Schuylkill Navigation
Licfcacd ;21J(or LfchteU v:;;a'.m; 154, i'it
Susquehanna Canal, and 71 for Morris Can!
The Philadelphia City Passenger Railway
(Chesnut and Walnut), aon unces a dividend
of $1 60 per share, free of txx, payable ou the
10th Inst.
The Eighth NiHonal Bank anuouncps a
semi-annual dividend of 5 per cent., clear ot
tax, payable on demand.
The following are this morning's pold a.nfl
foreign quotations, renored oy Wbelon Bro
thers, Gold, Stock, and Exchange Brokers, No.
105 S. Third street:
9-30 a. M. . 140 n- A. M. . 1401
10-UO " . . 140 il2 00 M. . 1401
10- 20 " . 14 1 12-30 P.M. . 140.
11- 00 " . 140j!
Foreitrn Exchanee ou London: 60 days, 1101
(7tll0;; 3days, llOjfalloil. On Pans:-40 days.
6t. 15r,5f. 12J: 3 days, 6t. llffl!5f. 10.
Messrs. Jay Coone A Co. quote Govern
meut securities, etc.. as follows: U. S. 6s. ot
lsHl, 113Jff?lll3j; old 5 20s, 113fll3; newfi 20b,
1804, lKUWliOJ; lo., 1MJ5, lllKflCUlj 5 6-20s. July,
IOS.KoIIOkS; do., 1S87, KIHjt&KIBl; do.. 18(18, 10HJ
WOHJ: 10-408, 107pt7i!-t: 7-308 June, 1082
V.6i ; do.. July, lOHjra Gold, 140J.
Messrs. De Haven & brother. No. 40 South
Third street, report the following rates of ex
change to-day at 3 P. M.:-U. 8. 6s of 1881. 113i
flll3i;do. 18(12. 113 t.I3n ; do.. 1804, lKu&J
I nil . J.. .C. 1I11..,1,I , . . . . . . . . . -
j km; uu.,iciw, nijiiiiiu; uo. ltstio, new. lUsjtt
ltJ; do., 1SC7. new, ItiMArot I08j; do., 1808, 108
(ilU8j;do.,6s, 10-40s, 107i J8ld7,j do. 7-30s,June.
Iii8grtl0b ; do., July. Ii8j'ni08j; Due Com
pound Interest Notes, 119i; Atieust, 1865.
118(81184: do., September, lRCr., 118,-J118J.; do.
October, lHfSft. 1174(118. Gold, 140i&Dl40i.
Silver, 133i(Jil35. 4
Messrs. William Painter ft Co., bankers,
No. 3G S. Third street, report the following
rates of exchauge to-day at 12 o'cloCK:
United States 63. 19&1, lUj'am I; O. 8. 5-20s.
1H62, 1131134; do.. 1864, llOJ-ailOj; do., 18'i6,
llllHllli; do. Jnlv, 1865, l()8A108i; do. July!
17, 1083108; 1808, 108jlu8$; 5-, 10-40s, 1071
1074: U. S. 7-303, 2d seres, 108f(31084; 3d
series, 1083((ilC8.i; Compound Interest Notes, De
cember, DG4, 119; Mav, H65, 119; August, ,
lf-65, 1184(??,118J; Snptembr, PS65, 118dU8i;
October, 1865. 117jfall7j. Gold, 14J)jl40.
Hew York Stock tluotatlons 1 P. H.
Received by telegraph from Glendlnnlns A
Davis, Stock Brokers. No 48 8 Third street: .
N.Y.Cent. H llll1 Chi. andN.W.pref.81
N.Y. aud E. R (HiJgjCttl. and K. I. K 109!-?
Ph. and Rea. R m: Pitts. F.W.and Chi.
Mlch.H.and N. I. R..iK4 R. R 107
Cle. and Pltt.R M'i Golcl not;
Chi, and N. W. com.771 Market dull.
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Thursday, July 9. Bark The market la
poorly supplied with No. 1 Quercitron, and it I8
In good request at 9U0 per ton.
The languid condition of tbe Flour Market
noted yesteulny still continues, and there Is no
demand, except from tbe home consumers,
whose purchases are confined to present neces
sities. Sales of 600 barrels at S7 508 25 for super,
fine; 8 50(&9-25 for extras; I9 501125 for spring
Wheat extra family, the latter rate for choice
Minnesota; $10(211 75 for Pennsylvania and Ohio
do. do ; and 81 II lor laucy brands according
to quality. Ry Fiour Is selling at tOdi'J 25 pe.r
barrel. No change to notice in Corn Meal,
The Wheat Market Is chxraclerlzed by mnch
firmness, and Willi light receipts and slocks of
prime nolderaaU firm In ih.lr views. Males of
1000 bushels red at 2 40. Rve is quiet, with,
sales ol 500 bushels Pennsylvania at 81 '80. Corn
Is steady at Ihe recent advance. Hales of 2O00
bushels yellow at 81 17. and 6000 bushels WeBtern
mixed at Si loij 1-1,3; tor com'non and good.
Oats nre held fit inly. Hales of 15U0 bushels Penn
sylvania at S6rz 8Sc, and 1200 busoels prime light
Southern at Ulc. Nothing doing lu Barley or
W hlsky Prices are nominal.
Markets by Telegraph.
Niw York, July 9 tstoclcs active. Chicago and
Itock Island. lust: headiuK, t)6',; Caatou Company,
4', 4; Kre, tiH?,; t'leveland aud inledo luj; C'levelaua
Slid PittsUurg. B7; Pittsburg and S'orl Wayue, 1V7':
hltchigau CetJiiai, lltila; MleQigan riottthra,
New York Central, l;tl',; Illlnuis Cant ral, 6si; Cum
berland prelerred, 81; Virginia 6s, 57: Mis
souri 6s. 91,'j: Hudson river, 1.(8; U. 8 6-20S, Isa2, lis;
do. ism. lie1,: do. ISM), lii1-,', new issue, 10hL
iu-40s,iu;,1i; 7 aus, ni7;.ooid nvi.
The rhinoceros has been taken to Boston,
where it will be rut on exhibition.
latest sHirrisu oteluueceT"
For additional Marine News seelmide Pages.
euaeu oirjriCK.
7 A, M 82 ill A. M 87 1 2 P. M...........92
Bcbr Admiral, fcteelinsu. B.iem, iscoit, Walter A Oj.
benr J. u. BubCuCK, Huiiib, Bwnoo, ii ji da. Keller A
Bcnr J. li McCar'by, Simpson, Salem, do.
rscbr Keadlog Kit. jSo U. it (dan, iNew Haven, do.
Bchr Keaolug KK. No. 44. Traluur, Pawtuckut. Cast-
uer, istlckiiey & Wellington.
Pcbr F. B. Cuiion, Kublusun. Uoston, Jo.
Pcbr M. 'illton, PriizhiKur, rsaieui. Tylnr A Co.
Kcnr K B Whartou, Ujuaall, tivw auiluia, Qiilntard.
W ai d A Co.
Bchr M. . Kockhlll, Bockhill, Boston, Blaklsion
OraelT A Co.
Hcbr Jos. W. Wilson. Bomers. gatem, Geo. B.Reppller
SJcbr Mary Price Harrison. Piymouln, Uo. '
bchr L. tt. Levering, Corson, Busiou. du.
bcur li. A. WeekB, illuaiuaa, Boston, Ham mutt A
Xell. w
Bcur U D. Snail. Tlce, Danveisport, Wannemacher
Bchr J. t. Ciarfc Clark, Providence. W.H JohnsABra
bchr E B. junury, Clayton, Boston, Caluwell, Ooxdou
Bcbr A. D. Cranmer, Cranmer, Salisbury, Fuller'A Oo?
Hclir Abble lnnn. Si uiitalu, ikwioo. U. 8 stetsonifttlol
B-br Sarau ga. Weeks. ProTiaeuce L AuduarledACa!
bchr J. K. bimmons, binltb. Uoston. w
Bt'r Bruuetie, Ho, New York. John F. Ohl. "
Bt'r Mayflower, Koblnsun, New York, W.p.oiydeACo
Tug Tims. Jslferson, Aeea. for Baltliuore, with a tow
."bargee. W.P.Clyde & Co. JW
Tug I'b.sapeake, Meiahou. lor Baltimore, with a lnur
ol barges, W. P. Clyae A Co. ",ow
Br. barque Uinnua. Holui.g. 4 days from LIvernooL
With nitlse. to John K. Penrose. Experienced heavy
weather first part ot tbe passage: lust sails and bus
tallied oiber oauiage; trout lal. 43 to 430,aaw a laxVa
number otlceuergs. "
bcbr Decora. Ciark. 14 day f'om MataoBi. with
molnases to isaso Uougu A Morris. "
bcbr Mary Price, Harrison, from Plymouth, In bal.
last to captain; lb M. P. made the round trip ft-oiii
tbl port to plmouib and back lu 11 days.
bchr F. B. coltou, Kobluami. from Boston,
Bcbr ii. s-bHtiuon, DUks, Irom Boston.
bchr J. W. Wilson, Homers, Irom Boston.
Bcbr H A. Weeks, Ilickuiau. from Buston.
bchr L. B revering. Corson, from Boston,
bchr J D. McCarthy, bluioson. from Boston,
bchr E B. .fernery. Cla.Mou. Irom Boston.
Bcbr M. D. Cranmer. Craun er, from Bustod.
Bchr Rt ailing Kt. No. 41, Trainer, from Norwich,
' bchr KeadlLg KK, No. 4'i Undan. from Norwlcn.
bcbr Mary Anna. Arlann. from Wt-aihersliHld Conn
bchrBusan McDevitt. McOhviii, rrom KtcUmoud.
belir Admiral, bteelniaii. from Ha em.
Bcbr J U. Babcock Muitth. irom baiem.
Bohr L. D. bmall, Tice. from Saiem.
Bcnr J. K. Hunmens. Hmllli. from dalnm.
Bcbr K. B Wharton, BonBall. from Portland. Conn,
Bebr M. K Kockhlll. Uockblll. from Portsmouth.
bchr J. B. Clark. Clark. Irom Plymouth.
bteamerF. Franklin. Plxrson. la hour from Bftltl
more, with mdse. to A. Orovea. Jr.
bieamer Ann Kl ta. Uinnarda 24 hours from New
York, wltb mdse. to W. P. Clyde A C.
bteunierC. Comsh-ck, Drake. 21 hour from New
York, with mt1. to W. M. Ualrd A C!o.
Tug Thns. Jeflc'Kon, Allen, irom Baltimore, with a
tow ot haraea to W. P. Clyde A Co.
Tug Chesapeake. Merslmn. from Baltimore, With a
tow of barges lo W. P. Clyde A Co.
Barque Adallne 0. Adams, from Clenfuegos.
Bteamstilp Raxou, Boggs, for Philadelphia, ashed
from Boston 7 b lust.
bcbr Kilen Holitaie, Goldtng.for Phtladelphla.aalled
from Newberu, N. C. 4ib lual.
. bchr Win. Tlce Tlce. fur New York, sailed from
Nenbern. N C 41b Inst.
bchr J. F. Carver, Carver, hence, at Portland th.
bchra John P. Bneddln Moorn, and 8. II. Sample
xiiuie, uvuus, si iuriut oiu luai,
Nkw York, July s Arrived, ateamahlp Mono
Castie, Adams, from Havana,
hhlp Mouut Washington. Jordan, from Calcutta,'
Norw, barque Frlgg. olsen. Irom Newpmt, t Jg,
Ha .luvauuiuy, LuUl, UvUi PaleiBiVi

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