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Ml aBfaJ, M aBIM bsS Me rje MMMH
VOL. X-No. 9.
L JxilJLo
COMPLEXION follows the nae of HELM
SAPARILLA. It removes black spots, pimples, metb.
patches, and all eruptions of the skin.
IN THE BPRIWa MONTHS, the yfltem
Hat rally undergoes a change, and HELM
8ARSAPARILLA Is an assistant of the greatest
ders and wBEhes. All such remedies close up
the por es of the skin and in a short time de
stroy ibe complexion. If you would have a
fresh., ueaUhy, and youthful appearanoe, use
"ROT A FEW of the worst disorders that
riffeot mankind arise from corruption of the
TAEILLA is a remedy of the utmost value.
cleanses and renovates the lilood, instils the
-vigor of health into the system, and purges
out the humors that make diaease.
email. Those who desire a large quantity and
large doses of medicine ERR.
THOSE WHO Desire Brilliancy of Com
plexion must purify and enrich the blood,
TRACT OF SARSAPARILLA invariably does.
At tot HELMBOLD'S. Take no other.
SARSAPARILLA is the Great Blood Purifier.
Eradicates Eruptive and Uloerative DiseaseB
of the Throat, Nose, Eyes, Eyelids,
Scalp and Skin,
Which so disfigure the ajjpearanoe, purging
the evil effeots of mercury, and removing all
taints, the remnants of diseases, hereditary or
otherwise, and is taken by adults and chil
dren with perfect safety.
Two table-spoonfuls of the Extract of Sarsa
parilla, added to a pint of water, ia equal to
the Lisbon Diet Drink, and one bottle is equal
to a gallon of the Syrup of Sarsaparilla, or the
decoction as is usually made.
An Interesting letter Is published In the
Medico-Chirurgical Review," on the subject
f the Extract of Sarsaparilla In certain alleo
t'ons, by Benjamin Travers, F. R. S., etc.
peeking of those diseases, and diseases arising
iiom the excess of mercury, he states that no
T medy is equal to the Extract of Sarsaparilla;
it) power Is extraordinary, more so than any
Other drug I am acquainted with. It Is, in the
strictest sense, a tonio with this invaluable
Attribute, that it is applicable to a state of the
8j stein so Bunken, and yet so irritable as reu
dciB other substances of the tonio class un
ci ailable or injurious.
Estiblished upwards of 18 years.
Prepared by
Druggist aad Chemist,
Ho. 694 BROADWAY, N. Y.
Boll by Druggists everywhere.
Plica -1-25 per bottle, or 6 for tC-50.
Etli, U. Bta Bte.t Ktn .
Oeaeral Frasifc Bll' Ac.eeptsmce TI
la Sensitive an Subject of "UU
Tbe following la the speech made by Frank
Blair at Tammany Hall, last evening, signify
leg bis acotptance of the democratic nomina
tion for the Vice-Presidency.
I accept the platform of resolutions parsed by
(be late Democratic Convention, and I accept
their nomination with feelings of the inost
profound gratitude. And, sir, i thank you for
the very kind manner 1m which you have con
veyed to me the decision of the Democrail
Convention. I accept the nomination with the
feeling that your nomination for the Presl
dency la one that will carry u to certain, vlo
tory (applause) and because 1 believe that the
nomination U the most appropriate nomina
tion that could be made by the iiemocratlo
Convention. The contest which we wage la for
the restoration of conHlltntlonal government
tcbeerOaud 11 Is appropriate that we should
make this contest under the lead of one woo
has given his lite to the maintenance
of constitutional government.(ltenewed cheers.)
We make this content for tne restoration ot
tboee (treat principles of government whlca be
loDg to Mir race. And, my foliow-citlzens, it Is
most proper that we should select for our leade
a man, not troru any military life, but one wbo
has devoted hlmseu to civil pursuits one who
has given blniaelf to the study, to the under
standing of our Constitution nud Its mainte
nance wiid an ine toioeoi reason and Judgment.
My fellow-citizens. I have said that tne contest
befoie us was one for the restoration of our Gov
ernment; it ia also for the restoration of our
race. (Loud cheers.) It is to prevent the people
ot one race from being exiled from tbelr nomes
txlifd from tne government which they
formed and created for themselves
and for their children, and to rr.
vent them lrom being driven out In ex
ile or irouuen unaer loot oy an Inferior and
a semi- barbarous race. (Applause.) in tuls
coiiltstwe shall have the sympathy of every
man wbo Is worthy to bolt to tue white race.
What civilized people on earth would refuse to
associate with tuemselves In all the rights aud
iionorB ana ainiMes 01 tneir count ry suca men
s Lee and Johnston ? (Voices, "None, none.")
What civilized country on eailh would f.lt in
do bonor to those who, fighting for an erroneous
cauf-e, yet distinguished themselves bv a gal
lantry never surpassed? (Applause.) ' Iu mat
contebt for wblcu they are souicbt to be dls-
lrancnised and to be exiled from tbelr homes
in that contest they pioved ttiemneives worthy
to be our peers. (At this point tuere was o nit
rous silence, followed by repressed clapping of
nanus auu iuiul cutmnj my leiiow-cillzdus, 11
Is not my purpose to make any lengthened
udd'tss. but simply to express my gratitude for
tne great and distinguished honor which has
been con (erred utioii me; and now from my
heart I reiterate tbe words of thanks thufc fn
from my lips when I arose.
Grttit Clajr Smith, Another IleMeeade
from tbe Republican ranks, also made a spneoh,
auu saiu; icuu upon an men uere, and 1 call
upon all men throughout the length and breadth
ol this great country, from tbe Atlantic to the
Pacific, running over the proud plains of the
West, and reaching high up upou tne Rocky
Mountains, and then down to tne Punlfin 1.0
adh re to the nominations that were made here
py tne great .national .Democratic Convention.
(Applause.) I, as a soldier, and as a member of
tne Holders' Convention, here endorse it
fully, freely, and with all my heart.
(Great applause.) You nave thirty
six (States iu tbe Union to-day. Tnere
Is a great western country which Is looking to
you lor protection and for aid, and expect soou
to add a number of other States to this Union.
This is, indeed, a great country. Uplift it.
knead it up, make it grand, make it glorious,
make -It stronger, make it better than it hia
ever been before. (Great cneerlng.) Go back
and look at tbe dust of Washington and his
compeers. Thirteen original colonies of three
millions of people. They worked, they labored,
tbey long tit, they bled, they died, upon every
pi in, on every bill-top the bloody fool-prints
were seen upon the crusty snow, of those gal
lant and glorious menwbofougbt for national
indeptndence and national liberty. So let us
flgbt to maintain the Constitution lutact and
the integrity of the Union. (Cheers.)
Big Things by tnt Panasylranln Da
ntocracy. Among the incidents of tbe evening was the
reading of a despatch from one thousand and two
Philadelphia Democrats, to the following pur
port: To the Chairman of tbe Democratic Ratifica
tion Meeting, New York:
Philadelphia, July 10 The nominations
ol tbe Nailonal Democratic Convention are
heartily ratified by tbe Philadelphia Demo
ciacy. A salute of one hundred guns was fired
at Independence Square last night, and an
overwhelming meeting was held at the Demo
cratic Headquarters. The rejoicings were kept
up till a late hour, the arrival of the Amerlcus
Ciub lrom New York, and their escort adding
to tne enthusiasm. A grand ratification meet
ing will take place at Independence Hall to
moirow night. Pennsylvania will do herduty,
aud cast her vote for Ueymour and Blair.
Uassoa, rn Fenla," and Wnat II
Will Do f
Equally exhilrating was the telegraphlo
efiusion of "John Uasson, Uepresentptlve of the
Fenians of Philadelphia." Perhaps the Palla
delpbla public, especially tbe Fenian portion of
It. was not aware of John Hassou's existence.
1 hat there is such a Dcmooratlo Individuality
is proved by the City Directory, however, wbloh
locates nlm In six dltl'erent places In the city.
The fact Is also sustained by the following:
To the Chairman of t he Democratic lUtltlea
tlon Meeting, New York. Philadklphia,
July 10. Philadelphia sends greeting to New
York. She promises the city by at least 7000
majority, and perhaps 10,000, aud the 8late by
from 15,000 to 20,000. Pennsylvaulaus appreciate
tbe fact that while they were preparing for an
attack, tie troops of New York, thrown for
ward bv Governor Heymour, were here and on
the battle, ground, and not only saved tbe Ktate
but tne Republic. We also believe that in tbe
nomination of Francis P. Jilalr ine eibln
article of the Democratic platform "Protection
to American citizens abroad, or fight" will be
sustained. John 'Jasso.v.
Representative of the Fenians of Puiladelphla.
Spiritual Distress.
United Slates Marshals Van Wlnkleaud Lyn
ham, have returned to Hlchraoud, Va., lrom
Albany, N. Y., w hither they went iu chargeof
Anderson, Patiersou, Gouidman, aud KUom,
convicted in Richmond some weeks axo of cou
spliacy to defrmid the Govern meat of the tax on
wblt-ky. The Dmjiateh Kays: Mr. Lvubum took
the convicts to New York city, where he was
Joined by Van Winkle, aud they went together
by railroad to the capllHl, where tbe peniten
tiary is situated. Murshal Lyuham gives an
interesting account of tbe t. ip, the prison, and
tbe demeanor of the prisoners. The latter
were vlHlted, before they left Richmond, bv
scores of telatlves and friends, who expressed
deep sympathy (or them In I heir downfall. Ou
tbelr way they appeared still hopeful of some
relief, If not by pardon, or going to a place
where the discipline would not be severe, hard
work exacted, or close confinement required.
The officers treated them as kindly as
their duty would permit, and at Albuny gave
i hem a fine dinner at the hotel. They
were then driven out to the penitentiary, aud
placed in oharge of General Plllsbury, tbe vete
ran commandant, by whom they were at onoe
assigned to quarters. Here the convicts com
pletely broke down, seeming to believe that
with tbe departure of the marshals ended their
communication with the outside world, or at
least with home. Tbey were at onoe obliged to
unbuilt to the cropping of their hair, prepara
tory to assuming tbe prison uniform, which
consists, not of our old Virginia broad, striped
domestics, but Of a Jacket of black stun", grey
Jnnts, aud cap acd snow of peculiar fashion,
How II ltada Uraat Has ma Hearty
Tbe following Is Henry Ward Beeoher'a letter
In favor of Grant:
To the Editors of the Boston Daily Advertiser:
I hnft Brooklyn ou Monday, July 6, out not
before the Horbl bad published that I bad, on
Sunday morning, In a political sermon, come
ont for Chase for tbe Presidency, an 1 against.
Grant; and I have seen tbe story every day
since racing through the paper. There is n t
a word of truth In it. Tbe sermon was not poli
tical, and It made no allusion ollher to Grant
orCbase. Tbe application of some of lis para
graphs, in either direotion, was the work of the
reporter of the World, not mine.
1 have never been a Chase man. I have for
years, as a leader in publlo affairs, deemed him,
like bis greenbacks, as promising more on the
fxce than tbey are worth in gold. While the
New York Independent was lauding him as a
demigod, and tne New York Tribune was using
bis name to obscure the prospeoisof Gruut, 1
heal tily and openly disagreed witn both of them,
for I thoroughly liked Graut and thoroughly
distrusted Chase. He is a splendid man to look
upon but a poor man to lean upon. Ambition
lilts some men towards things noble and good
makes them large and generous. Other men's
ambition blurs tue sharp lines and dls'lno
lions between light and wrong, and leaves
them, in the eagerness of over-selfish desire,
to become a prey of bxd men. I have for years
fell tbat Mr, Chase's ambition was consuming
the better elements of bis nitnre.
I bave liked Grant lrom tbe first Solid, un
pretentious, straightforward, apt to suoceed and
not spoiled by success, wise in discerning men,
skillful )n using them, with the rare glfi(wblch
Washington bad In an eminent degree) of wis
dom In g ttlng wisdom from other ineu's coun
cils 1 confidently anticipate that, great as his
military success has been, be will hereafter be
known even more favorably for tbe wisdom of
his civil administration.
The seven-fold humiliations and recantations
through wblcb Chase was requited to go for a
Democratic nomination, only to see the smil
ing Heymour looking benignly down upou his
lost eslxte, has no parallel except in the im
mortal history of Remeke truclis. There will now
be no third candidate between Grant and Sey
mour. It will be a fair fight between rugged
honesty and pluuslbie craft.
Hknky Ward Beecher.
Boston, July 8, 18G8.
Particulars of tt Viencti Creek Catai
troplis ttim Killed and Wouadtd,
A special correspoodent of the PlttRbuni
Chronicle, willing from Erie July 0, says of the
late Kile Rail road disaster:
The train, which consisted of one baggage car,
two psssenger coaches, a sleeping e.ir, aud
some empty passenger cars, left i his city at 7'2'l
P. M., with about titty passengers aboard. Tud
train proceeded as far as the bridge without
accident, bui. the engineer s'al"8 thai as soon
as the loc omotive ran ou the bridge he lelt the
structure sink. Snspectingsome hing was wrong
be pulled open the throttle valve with the In
tention of jerking tbe train over. The engine
and tender passed over to the other side in
satety, but as soou as the pnssener cars touched
tbe bridge tbe structure gave way, carrying two
of them down with it. The tender of the engine
was thrown from the track, and the baggage
car fell backwards from tbe farthest abutment
and was shattered to pieces. The smoking cm
was precipitated Into the stream, and the coach,
following it, fell npon It. and luolosed it like
the rim of a telescope. The forward end ot the
sleeping car fell over the abutment on the west
side of the bridge, and rested oa the top of the
preceding coach, while the other end was held
in an inclined position by the trucks catching
on the coping ol the bridge.
tt Just below tbe point where the accident oo
rurred a dnm had been constructed across
French creek, and the water was consequently
between six and seven feet deep. Tne bridge
was Bbout 15 feet above the water, aud about
fllty feet wide. Nearly all tbe passengers were
in tbe two cars that fell into the stream, and
five were killed or drowned, and about eighteen
Injured. A scene of almost indescribable ex
citement prevailed among those of the passen
gers who were unhurt, but as soon as tbey
could escape from the wreck they organized
themselves Into a working party for tne pur
pose of rescuing tbe more unfortunate passen
gers, many of whom it was feared would be
drowned before assistance could be rendered.
The sluice gates of tbe dam were thrown
open, and In a very short time the water
bad fallen tbree or four feet. In tbe meantime,
however, parties were energetically at work
rescuing those who were in reach, aud when tbe
water had receded the bodies of five persons,
wbo bad either been killed outright or drowned,
were taken from the wreck. Tbe names of tne
dead were Miss Aggie Bralnard, aged twenty
three years, of Erie; Mrs. Priscllla trees, of Flat
Rock, Heneca county, Ohio, and her two chil
dren, aged respectively fourteen months, and
two years and four months; and a little girl,
nged three years, daughter of Hcott Paitou. of
Erie. Of tbe wounded, Conductor Boyce, who
was In charge of the train, and Miss Jane
McCreluh, of Concord, Erie county, were the
most seriously Injured. The others sustained
contusions and bruises of various kinds, but
none are dangerously Injured.
Tbe Drowning of tbe Davis Family at
Ilolyoke, Mass.
Votii the Springfield Republican, July 9.
The persons drowned while crossing the ferry
at South Holyoke to Wllllamauset on Monday
were, as first reported, Mr. and Mrs. HamuelC.
Davis aud son, of this city. Oa Moadty after
noon, Mr. Davis hired a horse and carriage, and
took bis wife and sou to ride. They, by the
steam feiry, crossed the Connecticut rfcver to
bouth Holyoke.
Alter being gone a brief time tbey returned
to the terry to recross. When tbey were near
tbe centre of the channel, Mr. Dtvls SBked Mr.
tsmith for the pall that was used for watering
horses. Mr. Smith pointed it out to him, and
stepped Into the engine room. On coming out
he discovered that Mr. Davis had let down the
forward chain, bad taken off the bridle, uid
was giving the horre some water from the pall.
He told him it was very care.lesi. but Davis said
the horse would not drink with his bit in, aud
at the same moment Blurted 1 -r another pull ot
water, leaving the horse standi ng with his bri
dle on.
Davis bad gone but a few feet when the horse
Blurted for the fiont of tbe boat. Mr, Smith
caught him by the nose and foretop, but iu
spue of his exertions was carried over with
linu, Mr, Davis f;oing oil' at the same time. One
ol the hoise'B teet struck Mr. Smith, who wus
burl In the hip. After going down twice he
cume to tbe suil'uce Just forward of one of the
puddle-wheels, and with the utmost exertion
cleured them, caught hold of the stem ot tbe
boat aud got ubuurd. It was a most extraordi
nary escape.
Tne carriage meanwhile hung by one wheel to
the forward end of the boat, and Mr. Buiuh's
idea wus to extricate it, if possible, so as to let
the horse rise and swim to tue snore. To ac
complbh this be ordered the engineer to
swing the boat round, and tbat provlug ineffec
tual, the steam was reversed aud the bout
started back, when tbe carriage sank entirely
Hum view. The efforts were usol ss, us doubt
less all were drowned before he had time to do
this, and probably the fattier and moiher be
lore Mr. Smith hud got upon tbe boat
He saw the boy rise to the suriuce after getting
on, but wus so exhausted that he couia uui
spring to save him. The people gathered in
crowds on the suores, and a search tor tbe
bodits was imroeulutely began. Tue body of
the woman wus drawn out in the carriage, aud
her hoop-skirt was found so much entangled In
it that It wus found necessary to cut It out. Mr.
Davis was forty-three years of age, aud married
his wile, whose maiden name was Harriet
Rider, in Dover, N. 11 , both being at that lime
residents of Portsmouth.
The Mississippi Election
There has not been for a long time, If ever, a
greater swindle in the way of au election than
that J ust closed In Mississippi. Planters bave
followed their bauds to the polls aud overawed
them with threats of discharge, expulsion from
the community, and all manner of vloiouce if
they did not vole the Rebel ticket. SJoores bave
been driveu from North Mississippi, aud been
compelled to leave everything beulnd to save
their lives. Msny from De Soto county have
called upou uh who nave thus tied for safety,
but not until repeatedly threatened with death
by some of tbe most respectable people lu that
county. Memphis tt, July 7.
The Minors' Riot Sproading
A Collision Inovitabio.
Frineo Alfred and Farragut.
Bkl. .! aKS
The Mlmer' Klot They Kxtead Their
Depredations lato tbe Adjolalaa; Cou.
ties-Mills and Furaaces ttuarded by
Armed Mea.
special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
Foitsville, July 11. The strikers continued
their warlike attitude. Guugs of thm were
wandering about in all directions last night but
committed no violence. This morning they
drove woikuien from tbe Mill Creek ltailroad.
Tbey aleo refuse to permit the truckmen on the
Beading road to resume work. The marshal of
tbe county is ganrdiog furnaces and collieries
in the vicinity with armed men, and fight ap
pears inevitable.
Thousands of cars are standing Idle on tbe
sidings. There is no freight for them.
Speculators are buying up coal fa9t, fearing a
rlee in the prices.
A fight among the rioters has been in progress
at Tamaqua since yesterday, and committees of
strikers are moving into adjoining counties
Btopping operation.
A huge and enthusiastic Grant meeting took
place ut St. Clair last evening. Speeches were
mode by Dr. Coryell, General Xeagley, J. T.
Ashton, Sir. Davis, Lieut. Kan kel ami others.
There was cousldertible excitement among the
miners, but everything paeed oil' pleasantly.
The Mlaers' Strike.
Df.tpaichlo the Associated Press.
Pottsville, July 11. The strikers continue
their warlike attitude. Gangs of men were
moving about in all directions last night, but
committed no actual violence. They drove the
v, 01 km en lrom the Mill Creek Railroad this
niOrning. The niarshall of the county is gu ir
irg the furnaces and collieries in the vicinity of
Pottsville, with armed men, and a collision ap
pears inevitable.
Vamce Agala oa tut Kampact-Great
Democratic Dliiailifauiiue.
Special Despatcn to The Evening Teietjraph.
Baltimore, July 11. Ex-Governor Vance, of
North Curollutt, a lormer Rebel General, return
ing from the Democratic National Couventiou,
made a two hours' speech here last night, at the
Democratic headquarters, upon the occasion of
ratifying the Seymour and Blair nomination.
Wade Hampton expected to speak to-night.
There are a good many here once somewhat
inclined towards Democracy who begin to think
too much rebellion aud Southern sccessionistn
is being crammed down their throats for com
fort. They think Rebels and thoee who fought
to debtroy the country ought to be given back
seats, rather than crowd home-hungry Demo
crats out of tbe front ones. There is evidently
a growing dissatisfaction at such unprofitable
lavoritism. Old soldier boys in blue and Jack
Tars declare they will not stand it. There is a
good deuling of swearing over the New York
UeratWf damping editorial.
Dr. Frank Partridge fell in the street, over
a curbstone, last night, and broke his leg,
5aa ExplOlloa Deutb of am Editor bjr
Special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
Cincinnati, July 11. Yesterday alternoon,
about tbree o'clock, tbe accumulation of foul
gas In the Miami street sewer, near Front street,
caused an explosion which, with a loud report,
blew one of the cap-beads far into the air, aud
scattered boulders in all directions, creating
much consternation among the business men lu
the neighborhood. The paving was torn up in
seveial places aud the sewer badly damaged.
Fortunately no one was hurt, although many
were near by when the explosion occurred.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. J. B. Woodruff, news
editor of the Cincinnati Dairy Times, while walk"
ing to his residence, received a violent sun
stroke aud fell upou the roadside luseusible.
He wus carried to his home, where he died last
evening. Mr. WoodrulT has been for a long
time connected with the Cinciunatl newspaper
oiiices, and was formerly employed on tno
Nushvillo .fress.
Reception or the Mouiiaatloas Progress
of l be Uoloa Pacific Hallway.
Omaha, Nebraska, July 11 The nominees of
the National Democratic Convention give gene
ral satisfaction. The Democratic Club Room
and a number of public and private buildings
were illuminated la.it night. There is to be a
grand ratification meeting to-night.
The Union Pacific Railway will have two
additional sections examined by the Government
Commissioners next week. This will make sis
hundred and eighty miles completed.
Professor Powell's scientific exploring parly
left Cheyenne en route to Denver yesterday,
Hie weather continues unusually hot.
The Corn and Wheat Crops.
Special Despatch to Ttie Evening Ttlcgrapht
Chicago, July 11. The wheat harvest Is now
progressing lapldly in the southerly parts of tho
West. The reports, with a few exceptions, con
firm previous advices. We may now safely say
a good crop of wheat has been secured good In
quality and good In quantity. The corn crop Is
looking well.
While the Democracy of Desraolnes, Iowa,
were firing a salute over the New York nomina
tions, a gun prematurely exploded, kilting oue
Shooting Aflray at Knoxville, Tenn.
Nashville, July 10. The Banner has received
a di spatch from Kuoxville, staling that Colonel
H. M. Ashby, late of the Rebel army, was shot
mid instantly killed at 0 P. M. to-day, by E. C.
TDay'a lutatlai.
By Atlantic Cable.
London, July 11 A. M. The weather Is tcool.
Consols, Sj94) for money, and Oti 941 for
account. United Sta'.es 5'20s 73 J; Illinois
Central, 101J ; Erl, 46.
FxiNKFoar, July 11 A. M United States
6-20?, 77.
Liverpool, July 11 A. M. Cotton quiet ;
sales probably 9000 bales. BreadstuUs quiet
and unchanged.
London, July 11 A. M. Sugar dull.
The Adams Etpress Robbery.
Special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
Seyhotjb, Ind., July 11. Report has ut
rr ached us that three of the Adams Express
robbers are at Rockford, Indiana, two miles
north of hrre, all seriously wouuded, and thtt
tho authorities have pone after them. Ooe oi
tbtm is still at large. John Moore, a despprtd ,
who has lot g been in this vicinity, is one among
tl e wounded.
From Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, July 11. Joseph T. Bodley.of the
firm of Lane & Bodley, died last night of heart
On the Union Base Bull prolines, John B.
Hatfield, of tbe Cincinnati Club, upon a wager,
itrew a regulation baao ball of full size and
weight, a distance of three huudred and ninety
six Ret.
Shipmrnt or Specie.
Special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
New York, July 11. The steamer Penlere,
soiling for Europe today, takes out In specie
$1,043,708. The City of Butlalo takes $300 000.
The Denmark takes $120,000. Total shipment,
Qtahtku PEssroNS Judge Peirce. Arthur
Goldsmith waa heard ou a writ, of caucus corpus.
He was charged with rcct'lvlng atolea goods,
knowing the same to have heeu Htoleu.
The proHfcutor alleged that his sten-son toott
a Impish and WHgnu to the Peun Hotel, and
rotating the dtlt ndant (a Ixnuer) suld blin the
team tor 110. The proaecuior alleged that it
was worth $1.73.
The deleui- In argument contended that It
was an omluiuy iiccmreuce lor tanners to buy,
and in this case morn thau the real vlne ot i lia
tmm was yiven, aud hi no time did the de
fendant deny the tranHacl lot) .
Jui;Re Pence thought ihere was enough to
send the oise to a jury.
A bearing on writ of habeas corpus was had
In tbe cane of Joseph aud James Ad;iins, two
small boys charged with, luallclotis mischief.
The Washington Hehool Houxe hud been at
tacked, and fourteen pun oi of glast broken.
The boys, however, were not directly impli
cated. Owing to the abNcnce of witnesses, tue
further bearing in the case was postponed uulll
but in day next.
United wttks District Court in Admi.
KALiv. W. 11. Townshend vs. The brig Mtua
and owners. This whs a libel died for a elalna
that bad been suhiultleil to and adjudicated by
the British Couaul at thin port. Alter hearlug
the allegations prooiH, aud argumentM of couu
sel. Judge Cadwalader dlmlnsf(l the libel with
costs. cuarlt-n Gibbous and M. P. Henry for
llbellani; Macgregor J. Mltchesoa lor re
spondent. Governor Holdcu's Inaugural.
Governor Holdeu, ot Murta Carolina, con
cludes his lnaugnral address as follows:
"Cberlkhlng neither malice nor resentment
for anything that has occurred In the past,
shall eDdeavor to do my du'y. I shall keep
constantly in view the welfare of North Caro
lina. 1 love the Union, because it is the first,
tbe last, the only hope of my Utate; and I love
my Htate, becauae her people have been good
and kind to me, and because her sky is above
my borne, as it will be above my grave. If I
bave enemies, that does not make mean enemy
to my btale, nor move me to a course of action
based on resentment or revenge. I follow the
Lrlnclples ot Washington, wbo founded, and of
ineoln.wbo saved the Republic; and whei
thee principles cease to lead, I shall cease to
follow. May the O d of our lathers bave us in
His holy keeping; may He govern and not we;
and may tbe future of our beloved Sute be as
bright and a glorious as tbe last seven years
bave been disastrous and unhappy."
tiuiurday, July 11, 168.
The stock market ooei.ed very dull this morn
Ine, but prices were rather firmer. tJovernaieut
s car it iea were a traction higher. 1071 was bid
for 10 40s; 1134 for Cs ot 1881; 108 for June and
July 7-30-; 1134 tor '62 6 20; lioj tor '64 6 20s;
111 lor 'ti6 6-2i)s; 108J lor July, 'G5 5 20s, and
108 for '67 5-20s. City loans aere dull. The
new issue sold at 103, a sliuht advance.
Railroad shsrfs were inactive. Reading sold
at 48, a slipht advance. 1'ennsvlvaaia Kulroat
at t.'li, no cbautte; Norristown at 08, no chance;
and Li'bieb Valiey at 54A, no change. 130 was
bid f.r Cuuiden aud Atubny.44 for Little - huyl
kill, 33 lor North Pennsjl vuma, 41 tor Eimira
preferred, 30$ lor Catawn-sa preferred, 20$ tor
Philadelphia and trcm aud 48 for Nortucrn
In City Pacseneter Railroad shares there was
nothing dotujj. 60 was bid tor Second and Third;
30 tor Filth and Sixth; 15 for Thirteenth aud
Fifteenth; 104 lor Heionville; 3i lor G'recu and
Coaies; and 43 for Union.
Bank shares were In eood demand for Invest
ment at full prices. Manufacturers' sold at 31,
no change. 240 was bid tor North America; K.O
icr Philadelphia; 107 lor Northern Lloi-rttes; 30
for Mechanics'; 60 for Peun Township; 80 for
Western; 72 tor City; 44 lor Consolidation; and
12o lor Central National.
Canal shares were dull. Leblffh Navigation
Bcld at 21Af.21 j, a decline of 4; 11 wa9 bid for
Schuylkill Nav ea'iou common; 21 lor preferred
do.; 74 for Morris Canal prcierrrd; 154 f ir Sus
quehanna Canal; and 50 tor Delaware Division,
Reported by De Haven A Bro., No. 4u 8. Thlrdsireei.
filial noma
Initio 1'acpoa .....i ii
tluul'llj . Mew HIS','
f suu ilo. is'ew.lu.ioi
SMKiN P7i n6wu 87 H
$1 tM'Soh N 6e'n'2..)u 7IS
2ilsliC&At Hlit o,
14 all Muuu Ilk 81
tllli Kfl K d 0. 48H
luo sti Noiri-a'u tw
17 ata fenna R Is. hVi
4 5,
8 do reu bisi
I ou,mMH,(H,
8 do 2d. bli
80 do rec.
noshLeU Nav..- 2'sa
tk0 do.. ...... ...Is. lift
Messrs. Jay Coo it e ft Co. quote Govern
ment securities, etc.. as foiiowt.: U. 8, o. of
l"Hl, 113Jll3i; old 5 20.,, 1131(31135; new 5 20s,
18C4, 110464110, ; lo.,18U5,lllJftfUlj; 5-208, July,
lUSjfiilOHJ; do., 1XK7; 108100; do., 1S08. 10S
M109; 10-408, 1074-9 107i; 7-308, June, 108
I'd); do., July, 1084r2 I y. Gold, 140J.
Messrs. De Haven & Brother, No. 40 South
Third strert, report the following rates ot es
cliaupe to-day at 3 P. M.:-U. 8. 6a ot 1881, 11.1
(1134; do. lH(i2, Il3dll3i; do., 1HU4, llort
1104; do.,ix0 1114)111; do.. 1806, new, H)Sii
ldHjjdo., 1807. new, 1118.) il08J; do., 18U8, 104
(&10!i; do., 6s, 10.40k, 1074 01O7J; do. 730s, June.
lo8Jlu8j; do. July, lJ88'ml08; Duo Cora
pound Interest Notes, 1194; Aueust, 1805,
118j(S 1184; do., September, 1805. 118(01184; do.
October, 1806, U7dS118. Gold, 141(1414.
Silver, 13340135.
Messrs. William Painter 4 Co., bankers,
No. 30 8. Third street, report the following
rates of exchautre to-day at 12 o'clocs:
United States 6a. 1881, 113j'ail34; U. 8. 6-20s,
1G2, 113113i; do.. 1804, 11O0UO4; do., 18o5,
1U4JI11M; do. Julv, 1805, I08(fil08i ; do. Julv,
IH4J7, 108;f(il084 1808, 1084(31081; 5, 10-40s, 107 J
107: U. 8. 7308, 2d series, 108(iUmj; 3d
nenes, 108$108J ; LomDouud Interest Notes, De
cember, 1H64, 119; May, 1865, 110; Aupust,
166. 118JG2H84; September, 1S65, 1181184;
October, 1M5, jn.mj. Gold, HlfJHlJ.
From the IT. T. Herald ot to-day.
The following commnnloation haa been ad
dretted to us iu reiai iou to certificates of slock,
with a vie' io guarding aitainst forgery:
Tbe aitrmtiod of cerndi atca ot ort Wayne and
i isvviHiia aud PuihbuK suics. uutloed in ibeptpers
?i . """" wl"'''y quits a Ium uiuat entail uaoa
in uoKrtuDi uu,ar oi ia cenltiotes, .d lbs
- i?S?ir". '"ci tU"i 'l"n cu oeuiKis which
vxkiulijB Ion ai Hie tri..iMr b K.ui tbe company
iwiumg ibe nock, awaBU u tue n.luds of baulc-t-rt
aiid orukrr, bo uaily pau oerittlcaits
inrotign tueir uUlowi. the Viiai i onsi leraooa oC the
bei meana of uiali, atoliiM rvpriuijiiii cf this
kind ol Irnud. oa It it, a ruie ol ilc '.reel that
ceilillcaita obali not rxrecu oue buartrad aharvs
aub." auiue dial.ufciuitbliig anU uualieranie mack o
prominent aa lo va'UU tbe aye ol tue receiving
viera abouid be placed opob every cerlllluaie lot
liaulloual ami u i ll, 1'nuoiouu ae ran only oiljjl
naie with ibe company I sun s tbe stuck, and I take
It to be the dti' oi every aucu company to use every
aalefcuard nanlble lor Ibe pioiecklou of dealers as
Kenan iiieuii'tls. A iid aiiKnea.n Itneir lo me
vir.,rultii.R ibe cornera ol o r. uca e aulltclenily to
aiiiact tLe ee ol tbe rroeivniK cl' rk. L1 every
ceil Heat lor sevtoi -live or more nil area and leas
than one buudreol auaret bave oue ouruer out otT.
l.ei every ceruilui lor lliW shares or uiure, aud leas
luan aveui-bve r bales nave iwu corners cut off.
l.el every cemrlcaie lur twem-dve abarea or more,
and lenaibaa liny iba.ei-, bava inren co.n-rsout oi
l.ti Buy ctrilfiuaie lor lean ibau twenty five abarea
bat e lour curuera cm ofl Ihiawouid uiaierlatiy re
duce Hie ilrk o' baud lus cenltlcaUs Auolber plan,
wblcb wouid allll lurli.er iiuil ibe operations ol the
knaves yvoiilu be to pertoiaie tbe verllduatea wild
oue buie lor etery leu anarea r part tbereot ies Ibau
oue liuuoro nU.rm. 'i ne n y onjecilou I this latter
iiitde la ibe loo great tuutlla.lou ol ibe certibctte.
"The railway share market has been on the
whole HtroiiK, especially lor itcadiu, which
advanced to b7'4, hut tu volume of busluess
was not la re. t,nw was an exueptiou to the
rule late lu tne alteiuoou aud declluod to 70,
appartully uuder a Uuiuueiin)( prooes. At a
intfcllug if i tie tirio liuaid, ueiu to-day, some
liuportaul buelnehs wan transacted. Messrs.
lau lei lire w aud U. tt. Uri-gory reaigoed their
positn nsasdireC'oiH,aua Mrsrs. Jouu Steward
and James 11. lia.fter were elec ed la their
stead. Air. Drew 'a reluallou was reudereil
necessary lu order tnat a cou'raot iuade
Viltu hiui by tne eoujpauy uiiKht ba car
ried out., sua a acaouy will not ualltely
be created to euabio hliu to return to
l lie board. This con mci Involves the sale to
Mr. Drew by iLe coiuo, ny ol the lltty-four tUou
suijd sharea ol sloca i y , oliiecttied wlta him at
70, the ir sent mm kei pi li e. i lie board reilred
tbe whole of ibe ftus ia debt ot ttie Oompauy,
hiiiouultng to alx ui iniee iinlilous and a half,
bud voted to a ii tidiaw rive millions ol tue com
mou btoik from i lie iibn I- ot me publlo, aud to
advance tbe ia es of fa. e and trclyut. lue resign
nation of Mr. Drew left tne rreanurerxhlp vti
cabl, and Mr. Jy Uotild w,ot elected lu bis
place. It la probable tbul thene chauKox will re
t.toie pel led li.rinouy oeiweeu Hie Krie and
Vaudeiblll piuiieM, i tie two new directors,
Messrs. steward tml llai.Uer, belo noimueesot
Mr. Vandei but, and ibe 11 cl Upou ibe atlulra
ol tbe Kne Couipuuy can Uaroly lull to be bene
from the N. Y. Tribune of to-day:
"Money coutluues at. per cuut. on call.
With a tiifle leas auilvity, out leuders Hud no
dilliculty lu placliiK ibeir fuuds at the highest
rate ou mlBcelluut ous hecurn les. At the close,
tbere were lai ge oUoiIoum ui H per cent, ou Uov
eibineuts, but the rales ou si .clt collaterals
weie unchanged."
Hew York Slock Huuiatloni- 1 P.M.
Kecelved by telerapn lrom Ulendiunlng A
Davis, Utock Hiokers, No. 4na. Tblrd street:
N.V.Ctm. 11 13,Uui. aud H.I. H 1U7U
N.Y.and K. U..
..... vvyK riiis
is. K. W.andCbi.
Ph. aud Ke. H 0 i
Mlch.H.aud Iv.l. H.
Cle. aud Plll.K bb4
Chi. aud N. W. com 7t
Chi. aiidN.W.pret... 14
PkciIIc H. S. Co lOl-K
A'eai. UuionTel.... 3i
MarKei bevy.
u If tvjr.A
rbiladelpliiu Irude Keporte
Batukday, July 11. The Flour market la
still dull and depi eased, aud tbe inquiry is eon
lined to the Immediate wants of tbe home con
sumers, wbo purohused about 800 bbls. at $7'60
8 25 for superfine, 18 60(3.9 2o lor extras, I9 60 U
spring wheat extra family, $10iu)1175 for Penn
sylvanla and Ouio do. do , and $12U for fancy
brands, according to quality. Rye Flour Is sell
li g at llg,9 !io pel bbl. Coining doing in Cora
Tbe Wheat market Is characterized by mnca
fliruness, bin Ibe volume of oimiuess is smalL
bales of 1000 busbels red al 12 40. Kye is quiet,
with small sales al Si 80 per bushel for Pennsyl
vania. Coru Is steady at full prices. Bales of
yellow at $117, aud 0 buuels Western mixed
al SI 10. Uals are held fli mly, sales ol 3000 bus.
fennsy lvaula at 8ti88a aud Hoathern at 80a
Olo. Nothing doli g lu either Barley or Malt..."
(Seeds. Cloveraeed commands 77'60 per el
lbs. Timothy sella at $2-75 Flaxseed Is wanted
by tbe crushers al f '2 05&2 70.
Whisky. Prices aie nominal.
For additional Marine News tee Inside Pages.
FORI Off PlHLiADlCUfMlA.................,.Mjrjy I1
viupk ovrioit.
7 A. M...............74I11 A. M 8i8 P.M........M,....J8
CTLBARBU this mokninq.
Steamship W blnwiud. Ueer. Provldeuoe, D. 8. Btet
aou A Co
Bieamnbip Fanlta. Howes New Vork, John F. Obi.
Barque Hi auoke, Dtvia, Laauayra. Jonn OalleuAOo.
Barque btella, Bieeugraas, Bremen, Peter Wrigbv A
Bui a.
BaiqueL Q. Blgelow, Camlng, Bremen, L. Wester-
gaard & Co .
ftcnr lAiiue Benrd, Pe-rv Salem, QuIntard.Wa'dAOO:
henr A. Pbaro Hhuurda. Prvideuc. HauimaiLANMii
bebr Alabama, Vauaiiuer. ttaieui, Blaaiaton, Uraell A
8cbr M. Hard. Brooks, Marblebead,
Hcbrei. 11. obarp. Weob Btf.iou,
fccbr T. W. 11. NVblle. Crautuer. Beaton,
Weld, Najle
Bcur B. L. Sherman, Pnlnney, Boston. do.
bebr lua V. jacCaoe, Plokuii, ariogeport, Slanickaon
A fa
HcnrJ.B Bhlndler, Lee Marblebead,
bebt K. K. Vaegban, Kieiey. Bitou,
Barqne Freeman Uenuih Fincuer. 1 day from New
York, 111 ballani to lii A. a..uoer S C ).
BrigClaiaM Uoooriun. Look 1 days from Garde
Daa, w ) h NUgr and luulaiaes to Tbus. Waiisnu 4 ioaa.
ecbr Mabel Hall. Hall, II daya from Amiaaaas, wlUi
BUKar auo molaaaea t' 01 der.
bcnr'l' K. Freueli, D uglily. 5 daya from Wllmlue.
ten N. O . with luuiiier lo U. 1'tu i p Huu A Co.
Hotir M h. ou an. riauiauu i da s from JNevr York,'
with niOHe. tocaplaiu.
bebr Hlaab, Aewman, 4 days from Newport
Willi mdse to KulKhl uua
hebr Jao.eH uariiu, twaer. from Boston.
Hrli r Ann e hrewu, UroaeH Iroui eialeoi.
r-ebr I.nille Bearil Perrv, Iiom Uig'UdU.
Hcnr Heading Hit No. 77, Carroll, lrom Mystic.
Hebr A Pnaio s unn a 'rom crovmeuoe.
Noh' Alanaii'a, Vausl "er, Iroui B wuiu.
hebr iv. K. Vauguaii Hiiey. '" Bjaion.
H' Ii r 8 H. Briaru. Webn. Ifom B .sluu.
bcbrJ. b. Buindler I-e. bum iaarolebead.
RtcaruBhlp Wyomluir, t apt. real, aalled at 8 o'clock
Ibia nioriiliik lor rtavannaii. wlib tne hulowloic pas-aenaei:-iieori.e
H.JelUrds L I.iiileuldai wile, four
cbnoreu aurt aervant: Mrs. Ciiariej It Abbott; Mies
HbiIv ah intc: MI- tuule Anboii; Mias Lizzie Abo ut;
Ma-uer Harry Abo. ti: Mr I- K. duiita; J. W. Allyu;
Muster Bergt ana Al. Mailoy.
The followlnk ! iter naa ueeu lecelved by the nnder
wrlters lu ibis ":
bT Thohah. June IS I buve Juat received Informa
tion of Ibe loial l"SH of me barque Ma'ilou Wllllaua.
sor, on A nenada lUef ( Vlrtjlii tlrouu). Hie was bound
fri'UJ IVner I Ite lor Clentiiettua, witb flsgstones and
poiaiora. Home ol tbe camn. probtbiy, aud all of U19
sails will be saved) uu liv es w le lost.
Tli M. W. was bntit at Wl mluflon, Uel . lu 1H54,
rated V'j, rulmereil 47 luna and was owned In Mew
York by Capl. Bernard aud otuecs,
Btcamnhlp Romau, Baker, heuce, at Boston this
Hour Quaker Cl'y. JuilHon, from Norwich for Phila
delphia at New York yesterday.
nebr 8. A. Hamiuoud, Paloe, for Philadelphia,
Cleared at boston tun lust .
bohrajaa b Waiaon. ard H B. MoOauler. Pains,
hence for rtalem; M. K. Hrabara. Mau'er. and B. Jr.
Beeves, hence lor Kozbury: Aildle N. Bird, benoe ror
Ha'em; M J. husaeil, buiiib. beuoe for Lynn; an
Wllilam F. Oriii-on. Maurice, hence for BiXiloo,
at Holuiea' tlole stb luat
Fortbk Monmob. Joiy 11 Arrlvefl. schrs Mf
bawk. and Kxira. fiom Philadelphia. Tne pilot boat
Coquette reports paased up-Bs;que Mjnton. roia
Mayas uea. Passed out Barque Ouooo. rjf West In.
(Ilea; snip Hernulna. lor Breroeu: brUs St Vincent, tot
Newlound'aud; Poiomair. Cilia; d, R. O. Wright.'
Bcbra Wallls, and John Henry. to brigs, a&4 a large)
uuBiber of ooastei, jiut la tvi aaioori

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