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It ob mnrnoiiL uouitmnim vnnn rAewJ
Petty lrel A Fot Ttilef Till
Tapper Kobblna; m Kelatlve.
-Day SerjjeantWoodhouse yesterday arrested
Be John Connor lor stealing two bags of beans
rained at $16, the property of a reslileat of
Jeisey City, earned Hpelman. The article were
taken from Thirteenth and Market tresis.
Alderman Uodbou sent the accused below lor
trial. , ', ' ".
diaries Hnntley yeaterJay had three locks
Id his pomasloo at Seventh and Bace streets.
The attention ot Day Sergeant Smith was called
to the fact, and took Wm into custody. Buoie
fluently it was discovered that tbey had beeu
stolen lrom a Mr. Erwln, at Eighth and Spruce
street, ibe accueed waa taken betoie Alder
nan Bottler, who held htm tn $700 to answer.
Yesterday a Jerseyrnan In the Dock atreet
warket oisjed alxtcen basket a ot potatoes.
Suspicion of having stolen them rested on one
William Flowers, who was arrested. It was
ascertained that he had aold the whole lot. A
pcr'.ion were recovered, and Flowers waa com
mitted by Alderman Carpenter.
Between 12 and 1 o'clock yesterday after
noon a man and boy, Reuteely dressed, entered
the store of Mrs. Hamilton, No. 1344 Cbesnut
street, and desired to make some purchases.
While the man engaged the attention of the
only attendant In the rear ol the store, the lad
mai BRed to slip behind the counter and ex
tracted twenty-six dollars from the money
drawer. The i parlies are suspected of having
onimitted various thefts iu a similar mariner.
Alderman Boneall yesterday held Benjimln
Bedfurn for a timber hearing oo the charge of
stealing a watch from a mother In-law, residing
at No. 1124 Millon street.
Titbits op Thouoht. Our unbleaohed
rustic brethren over the river the colored
farmers ot Jersey are to fras.t themselvej at
a graud dinner, at Snow Hill, on the lat ot
OctoDer. The atmosphere of the en'tre place
will be savory, lor the reason that an ox Is to
he ron.Med whole in the woods. Music, too, will
set their teelingi all u unison, and speeches will
delight and satisfy their minds. A procession
of hundreds ot the dark agriculturists, all tn full
regalia, will pass through Baddondeld. A con
cert and a festival will also be I eat ores ot the
entertainment. Scores of the colored residents
of this city are expected to take part in the
The language of a kiss smack. What is the
purpose of a smack ? To get Hsu. What ts the
dititreuoe between a kiss and a fibhf One stops
on, the other goes over, the lips. We prefer the
Uur citizens are invited to assemble in the
parlor of the National Union Club, No. 1105
Chesnut street, to-morrow afternoon, to adopt
measures lor roviding refreshment and enter
tamment for the war veterans who nre to viBlt
, this city on the 1st aud 2d ot October. Let the
brave ''Boys in Blue" have a mighty welcome.
A call has ben Issued by the Soldiers' and
Ballon.' State Central Committee to all the
Bcpublican campaign clubs of the city ef Phila
delphia, and adjoining counties, to take part In
tbe great torcb-lielit procession of the "Boys in
Blue," on the 21 of October utxt.
A qui'ttiou: Did Adam have his "fall"' just
at the clo-e of summer, the same as his degene
rate sons and daughters do ?
The clouds are again sprinkling us to-day.
The air is chilly. Everybody is uncomfortable,
and tbe ngue stricken are already bemuniug to
snake. Judging by the smoke lazily clinging
about the damp top of chimneys, the people
are brgiunine to light their dres.
When Mother Goose wrote that the cat was
in the liddle she doubtless meant in the hddle
ctrlnge. It isn't expected that poetry will be
mathematically correct
When a man romplalos that the sidewalks
are unsteady, he should put hid foot down and
keep tbem ttraiehu
The celebrated war Governor of fndiana,
the Hon. O. P. Morton, speaks under the
auspices of the Union League at Concert Hall
this everilig.
Was Homer really a lazy fellow because he
got up an fdyl tale?
Tbe CainpalEn Club of G0-'6B and the
Republican Invincibles parade this evening,
tlur club men do a heap of walking, but as they
-walk into the Democracy it is all right.
Brown says that at least one advantage
pertains to open air meetings they are well
ventilated. Bo are the opinions of those who
generally speak at tbem.
The Republicans hold mass meetings to
nlrht in the Twentieth ward, at Twelfth and
Jefferson streets, and in the Eighteenth ward, at
tiirard avenue and Hanover street.
The planet Venus Is to be visible hereafter
In the east before sunrise. We hope those wno
wish to see the lovely spectacle and we can
assure them that it is lovely will get up b
lime?; or, better yet, Mi. up. Get a Venus at
your side, aud then see tbe other in the sky. It
is a healthy as wpII as an exhilarating eort of
astronomy to study.
A tny stands at the Custom House steps
Tending the "Grecian bead" lor the small sum
of five cents.
The individual who gave the cream of the
thing was not a dealer in milk.
An Appeal. The Rev. J. M. Mitohell, who
was appointed the City Missionary of the African
M. K. Church, by the Conference, iu June last,
has lately succeeded in procuring a place, No.
6068. Broad street, which he designs ntting-upas
Sunday school and church. Mr. Mitchell
makes a most urgent appeal to our Curistlan
citizens tor aid. He has expended his latt dol
lar in the purchase of books for the school, and
now finds himself totally Unable, without some
assistance, to carry out his laudable enterprise.
Anything which the kind hearted or philan
thropic may be pleased to give will be received
at his residence, No. 613 Lombard street. It
needs no argument to convince the Christian
people cf the city of the good which may be
accomplished by a mission like this, and chari
table assistance is at once secured by the simple
mention of the fact that it is nr-eded.
DiscHiBQEB. At noon to-day United States
Commissioners Hibler and Phillies, who eat
together jesterdav to hear the cross-charge be
tween Joseph It. Ferry, the Captain of tbe brig
Waverly, and Henry Arthur, the second mate ot
the same vessel, in which the Captain preferred
a charge of mutiny agaiast the mate, and the
mate one of cruel and unusual treatment against
the Captain, announced their decision, which
waa held under advisement until to-day, aud dis
charged both par.iss.
Thb Gbrmama Officers. At the annual
election ot tbe Germama Orchestra, held 8eo
tenaber 22, 1P68. the following gentlemen have
been elected as officers tor tbe ensuing year:
Leader, CM. Schmi'z; President, G.Mueller;
Treasurer, C. M. Boettser; Secretary, C. Stolte:
Councillor, R. D. Coxe; Business Manager. J.
Bastert. The Gerraania will give their Public
Beb-areals every Wednesday, at P. M., at the
Horticultural Hall, rommeo;lng October 21.
Mebtisq To-kight at Gbrmaktown. To
aight General A. F. Stevens, member of Con
gress from New Hampshire, will deliver an
address tj the citizens of (Jermautowo. at the
corner ot Main street and Washington lane.
The General is an eloquent and fluent speaker,
and wilt say many things that will interest the
inhabitant of that ponivn of the city. He will
ommence at half-past 7 o'clock.
Fla Raibino. This morning the police of
the BeveLth District hoisted a Tyudale iliig on
the btatiou House, on Brooks trer, abive
Buttou wood, tspppchen wore made hv Lieutenant
i'rauks aud Sen-entg Murray and Deitz.
Fihb. The alarm of fire yesterday afternoon
wm caused by tbe partial destruction of a stable
on Marshall street, near 8uqoebanna avenue.
It was owned by John LUraore, and occupied by
John fivaus and others. Lota, jlso.
Not ih Cockt John K. Valentine, Esq., tbe
efficient and gentlemanly AsfUtant United
State J'Mrict Attorney in thin city, will Drotia
iy be ali-ntfroui tbe Court until Monday nvxt,
Jflse lippj man it to be married ibis ajuuioon.
TheN.Y, Jfrraldofthls morning says;
' "Tbe Mock market wm nmu4 aaarly all flay,
bnt Ibm in lb efWnooo there wm spaamjdie rise
In Km tote, promoted apparently by parties whose
Object I to getttie iirwi 'lose' of th atock prepara
tory lo returning a large amonnt of borrowed Slack
ane selling a still larger amount, at present held off
the market, ih. object of Ibis movement baing, It Is
belli ved. to break the price to a mnoo lowtr range
than It nasi yet reached. The 'point' to buy Krie
wm given ont very freely tula morning circum
stance In lisell suspicious, and tbe street and the
outeldepubllo wilt do well to guard against tailing
Into tbe trap let for them, W.tu respet toother
stocks there Is no Inducement ior these who have
any regard for real value to bay tbem at their pre
sent dangerously Inflated prices; bnt tbe whole mar
ket Is so highly cllqued that It Is not Impossible the y
may be carried itlll blcner belore the Inevitable raao
thn comes. Money continues la abundant supiiy,
but there was an increased demand for It notlewabie
for It to-day, and some or the banks advanoed tbelr
late for call loans to t per cent. Toe general ra'e on
food mixed collaterals la. however. 4 per cent., and
be principal dealers in Government securities are
still supplied at I per cent. The banks are not send
ing much currency westward, but money In the West
ern cliles Is working close, and increased dllltoulty is
experienced In obtaining accommodations, while
tlie C hicago journals speak of tbe banks there send
ing currency to tbe country, several of which are still
ordering It from Hi In csnt.e. Commercial paper oon
tinned In moderate supply, and tbe best grade passes
at 6H7 per cent, per annum dlBconat. In the dry
goods trade to-day there wm not much activity, tbe
rather wMedirfereaces between the views of buyers
and sailers tending to restrict business. There ts a
belter demand at steady prices for silk and wool en
goods than any other kinds, nnd at the uollou eates
the bidding for these was spirited, while domestto
cotton fabrics were neglected and ratber heavy,"
The 17. Y. Times of this morning says:
"The nsrket tor money shows no present shadow
Of turning, oneway or tbe other, and the maeof sup
ply to the broken, on call, at cheaper rates, is wholly
uudlklurbed. Bnt tbe 'bearish' Interest oa the Block
Exchange reuewed tbelr intimations to-day that a
soueir.e would be attempted on tbe eve ol tbe fortu
conilng quarterly bank statement next week. To give
plauHluility to ibis rumor a number of Influential
money lenders Including one or two of the Trust
Company, are suggested as llkelj to be In the combi
nation. As we re ma ked ten days ago on the circu
lation of tbe first rumor about 'lucking op green
backs,' we belitve t litre Is no snbstantUI authority
for tbe use of these names In this connection; at the
same time not doubting that strerupia may bave been
essayed to coss liute sucn a ring."
-Misers. U. Wright A Uo.'s Cotton Circular, per
Buru-la, says:
1 In our lat circular we qnnted middling upland at
2E0. A reaction Iu Liverpool, wltb leu favorable ac
counts from the eouih m to the growing crop, caused
a recovery here, lbs market advanced l'4c per
EotiBO, holders btcauie stronxer In tbelr views, and
ryers more confluent. Tbe sales for the week bave
beeu 11 COO baits, taken chiefly for home consumption,
wltb some little for export, To-day there has been
applet feeling and more desire to sell. We close at
the annexed quotations barely maintained. The
clearances bave been, lor Liverpool, per steamers
Hcolte. 104; Tar fa. 718; Cliy of Baltimore, BSD: Penn
sylvania, Ml. Total to Ureal Britain. 2ol2. Havre,
steamer Kapoleon III. iito. Total for the week, 2414.
1 he uncleared engagements to Liverpool, lsuo.
Freight, steam, t lott Havre. 12o. bteam, le. Pall,
;4c. blnce our isit an advan e of about 2o. per pound
as taken place at all tbe markets In the Mouth.
A lair bubluns baa been done at tbe enhanoel
rsus, chleily lor domestic consumption, with some
little ler export. To-day there baa been a quiet tone
at tbe bouth with some yielding iu price. We reler
to reports by telegrapb. Keceipts at the ports are
lucreallng, and promise soon to be large. For the
past week tbey amount to 20,ouO bales, against 00
last year, and 8.00 tbe year before. The total slnoe
1st September already amounts to 85.WO. HI nee Friday
the receipts are large in Kew Or.esns, Mobile, and
Savannah, bo far at Charleston they are quite light.
At Memphis, until yesterday, but little cotton has
been received: we now look for free receipts at that
point. For our export tables weglve 2000 bales, all for
Liven col, and all from New ork; 40u went to Havre
Irt m this port. We have not euoub to make a point
In our tables for France; toon cleared at New Orleans
on ilia JHh Instant tor Liverpool, the first ot the
season. Tbe following Is a statement ot the move
ment In cotton since the lBt to tbe lsih September:
. . . Wo8. 1XB7. 1866
itecelpta at the port ..........8.v.ooo is too Mono
hxport toOreat Britain 61X0 7 oou 17 ooo
Export to France ,... 4 000
Export to other foreign porta (000 l'ouo
Total Ki ports g 000 8 000 2.000
(Stock on band 6Q,00 66 (MO 865 000
Of wulchldurlng the past week ,""
Included In the ebov:
Receipts for tbe week 2000 I 000 8 000
Kxporls to -reat Britain i.OOv 2 ooo 8 000
x ports to France 1,'KKI
Kxports for other ports onO ......
Total Exports lor the weer 2,ou0 8,000 4ioo
"The complaints continue from Georgia, Alabama
and Florida. From Texas we have ra.her be'ter
accounts this week. At JVew Orleans tbe reports
from tbe country are unsatisfactory, and less san
guine hopes are Indulged In. By telegraph we learn
tbat the weather had become tine again, and hopes
are entertained tbat tbe Injury will not be as great as
was leared."
(Jforse Francis Appeals to the American
Minister Spicy HVrrapvaasaw vviiii
lteverdy Johnson.
The following correfpindeace between George
Francis Train and Minister Johnson have refer
ence to the international questions Involved in
Mr. Train's detention in the Maishalsea:
Dublin, Foub Coobts, Mahshalsk. August 17
lb8. lion. Reverdy Jonnson, American Alio later,
London, Pear Bit: Seven mouths' abs uoefroui my
family at Newport, five of which I bave been lieually
Incarcerated lu a British Jail, for a debt sworn a til J a
vhb irem George T. M. Davis, Thomas (J. Durant, aud
Clarke Bell, ail known to you, trjve I paid many
veais ago, Is my apology for troubling you with my
all airs (la tbe same letter In which I congratulate
you upon your appointment, conUrmatlou, and sale
arrival) before )ou are lalrly domiciled In lojr
official quarters, Relieving tbat (Jos.ello and
Warren will be liberated befoie you bave been
many weeta In London, aud that Itoantree, Burke,
Msckey. CDoLovan K sa, Halpln, and McAUerly.
who were refused a Jury da meditate lingute. will
bIbo soon be free under yonr prompt and courteous
diplomacy, I feel no hesitation In peaking of my
own case; but old I suppose tbat Jng and would
much longer Ignore the demand ot tbe President and
Coiigreta. I should prefer to wait coming events. My
present Imprisonment Is only a second editlonoftbe
Cork arrest In a binding workmanship an action of
private merchants, where the Government remain,
as Lord Mayo stated 10 Mr. Kearden the latt day of
tbe Bestlou. strictly neutral. ''Tbe Government
wenld not Interfere with the Jqdlclal branch." as
one of tbe foremost of American lawyers, I place
those documents In yonr hands, showing on tuelr
face the outrage upon my person aud busiuaas;
1. The protest of tbt Cork anest.
2. Mr. Rearden's speech In Parliament, aid the
sworn affidavits tbat the debt for which I am now In
prltcn wm paid.
8. Notice of motion, briefly stating the Illegalities of
my arrest and detention.
In writing to you I do not presume npon an Intro
ductory acquaintance In New York, or meeting you
subsequently In WMblngion, but address you as aa
American citizen In a forelga land has a right to
address the Ambassador of bis country. Will you be
so ktud as to bring my cue before Lord Stanley at as
early a day as possible? and, In the absence ol prompt
aotlon before the authorities at Washington, an early
answer will oblige, blncerely.
Having recehed no reply to that letter, Mr.
Train again wrote to him ai follows:
Dublin, FOna Coobts, Mabbh alsba, tieot. 1, IBM.
To the Honorable Keverdy J mason, American
Mlnls'er, London. Dear blr: Permit me to suppose
tbe case of a change of places. You an American
citizen, five months Incarcerated m a political pri
soner In a deb ot's goal, and I the American Minister
In Loudon Yon write me a courteous letter, expect
ing at least an acknowleogment of Its receipt.
I do not consider the II local lmorlsoumeat of an
American citizen of sutllclent Importance to reply
to the letter. Under these circumstances, psrbaos,
you might feel neglected but I have become so
accuHloired to tbe neglect of our adopted oitlsens. I
look for Hu e atsistauce from my Uoveramont, be
cause I bappeu to be native-born (my grandfather,
the Rev. George Pickering, halllag from yourowa
btateand city). I aui not surprised, since au Ameri
can patsport has become the by-word of nations,
that you pay no attention to the Important documents
tent jou two weeks ago, Many ot my letters to and
from are blr James Grahauilzed In tbe pol ollice, but
I cannot ihlnk tbe British Government would stop a
letter from an Amerloau citizen to bis Ambassador.
I should, however, be grallllea to hear that It reached
yonsaiely. Sincerely.
Sinco the above was written, Mr. Train has
received the foliowin? letter from Mr.Johuson:
TJnitkd Btatks Libation. Lowdon. Sept. 7, 1808.
Eea' blr: Your two notes oflhe 17 b of August and
2d o( this mouth were duly received. You do me In
justice In supposing as your second note Intimates,
that I have neon wanting In courtesy or kindness In
fulitng to reply te the first. What you desired me to
00 In ibat was (o call your case to the attention or
Lord btanley. Be was 1 ban on theUontlnent, and did
not return until last evening. As soon as I can oo
tain an Interview wltb him I win bring your mailer
lobisatteutlon.and luseno time In advising you ot
the result. I bad auppostd that you knew melon
well to think loreiuouieul that I could be loulit.reul
A-J?.Si'ih,".i'r. ilB'st ot any American cltlien.
And hsiilng that I may prove tbls Iu your Instance i
remain, vtry respectfully, your obedient servant.
Ga'3.fn?nC" rFVurrurarshl
'lhe J-Jxtra endi characteristically as followc
No anieal no redres. Discharge again remssd
with costs, my moilors are alws wroiTg the plain,
tins' always right. Toey can omit faits'iSppriSs
garnishees, swear false obllia, over-mark Judgments!
brlua each rate In tbe nau.e of a different Jfibbw Vale
Cr., snd then, as lu the motion ol yesterday. Ignore
all three of them, and change It to Koblnson A(n,
Individually, aud each new Judge decldei In their
favor, with costs. Isaac Bull has more brslus than
any Judge on the frlah bucn, and he proved yesler
dsymvarre't lllega and mv Incarceration annul
rage malum ail law and fair dealing. Nevermind
my time 111 come. Costnlin aud Warren are still lu
tbebaslile. iorsufuie Americans! ''On toOanadal"
. pjwwus JAflws ;taj.
1 ' I
1 . 1
leoo; ' :;,
; I8O8.
September 24, rtt 7 o'cloek,
The Route will not under any dream
stances be varied from.
Down Race to Twelfth, up Twelfth to Bprlns
Garden, down to Sixth, np to Green, down to
Third, np to Glrard avenue, down to Hanover,
to the meeting; of the Eighteenth Ward; from
thence up Glrard avenue to Broad, down Broad
to Race, and disperse.
All Republicans who deslra to Join In the
Parade, are invited to meet and participate
with us.
Co. A will assemble at Market and Merrlolc
9 23 2t
GOYERJiOK 0. P. MORTON, of Indiana,
Ko North No South No East No "West.
The friends or GRANT and COLFAX, the Cham
pions ot a free Government and Free Labor, wUl
On Thursday Erening, September 24,
The following: eminent Bpeakers will address the
By order ef Executive Committee.
1 Chairman of Commiuee oo Meetlugs.
Will address the People or Germantown
This (Thursday) Evening, September 24,
September go, 16M.
Brglmental Order, No. .
Tha npfflment will asnamhla ftnw r k n i
FRIDAY EVENING, at 7i o'clock, September I
(sharp time), on uoates street, right testing on Ridge
avenue, facing north, to orocead tn Tmh wrd
Maes if eetlng, Bordefo
Coloel Commanding.
E, l, EVANS, Adjutant, 21 at
the Trial of , SajratUlIe is Dis
charged from Custody under
the Statute of Limitation.
Etc., te Et., Eto.,' ' Ete.
Deipaich to the Aitoeiattd Pre.
The Surrntt Trial.
WagHweroH, Sept. 24 The Criminal Court
hiving jesterdaT sastalnedtbe demurrer of the
proiecntlon to the special plea of the defense,
Mr. Merrick to-day set up In the bar of Judg
ment the act ofl799, the statute of limitations,
claiming that the indictment against Borratt
was not found within two years from the trial
of the commission of the alleged offense, and
hence tho prisoner was entitled to a final dis
cbarge. After argument on both sides, Jadg Wylle
sa'.d the tnalctment contained Ore several
counts, charging that the offense was committed
on the 6th or March, 1866, and on other days
Intervening between that time and the 16th of
April ot the same year. Toe deteadant entered
a pka of not pullty generally, some day lu
June last, and that plea remained on record
until the meeting of this Court at Its ndiourned
term reveral dys ago, when be asked and ob
tained permission to withdraw the plea of not
guilty, and tiled a special plea to enablo bim to
plead tbe benefit of the proclamation of pardon
and amnesty. The Court considering thnt he
never before had an opportuuitf to plead pir
pon under that proclamation, gave him permit
sion to withdraw tbe plea of not guilty, and the
next day to plead a special plea that the Am
nesty Proclamation was applicable to bis esse.
Tbe Government, through Its representative,
demurred to this plea.
The demurrer Is a general demurrer for sub
stantial defects in the plea, and not tor Infor
mality. For two days there was an atgnment
on the Iesuc, and yesterday the Court intimated
its oplnlt n on the question. That intimation
was tbat tbe Court would sustain the demarrer,
tbe plea being bad, and the proclamation not
applicable to the offense charged.
Tbis morning the counsel lor the defense Inti
mated tbat there was still another ground which
tbe Court should take Into consideration in sup
port of the plea. That was thnt the offense
cbsrged in tbe Indictment was committed more
than two years before the indictment was found.
Tbe act of Congress approved April 30, 1799,
prov des as follows:
"No perron or persons shall be prosecnted, tried, or
pnnlrhtd fcrtresson oro'her caudal offense, wilful
murder orlorgxry exceptor!, unless the lndicimnut
lor the same shall be round by a Graud Jurv within
three jears next alter the tressn t capital oflense
alnrtaald shall be done or commuted! nor shall
any person be prosecuted, held, or punished for any
ctteuse not espltal, nor for any fine or forfeiture
under any penal s atute, unless tbe Indictment or
Information for the same shall he fo'ind or Instituted
Itbln two j ears from the time of commuting the
orlei s or incurring the fine or forfeiture stores d
provided, tat nothing therein contained shall extenl
to any person or persons fleeing from justice."
Discharge or Snrratt.
Despatch to the Aixooiated Frets.
Washington, Sept. 24. Julge Wylle die.
chaiifed Jobn H. Surratt to-day tinder tbe
siaiute of limitation, the indictment not having
beeu found within two years af er tne offense
was alleged to have been committed.
Tbls HIornliiff'B Quotations,
ByAtlantia Cable.
London, Sept. 24 A. M. CodsoIs for mony
944; for account, 94944. American securities
quiet and steady; United States Five-twenties
73; Erie Railroad. 32; Illiuois Central, 92.
Liverpool, Kept. 24 A. M. Cotton flat; sales
for to-day are estimated at 8000 bales.
Rpirila of Petroleum firm at la. Bit. 621. flj.
Tbls Afternoon's Quotations.
London, Sept. 24 P. M. Consols for money.
94i;lor account, 944!S94j; United States Five!
twenties, 73. American .ecurities firm; Erie
Eailroad, 32 j; Illinois Central, 92.
Liverpool, Sept. 24-P. M. Cotton easier.
Lard, 72s 3d. Pork bnovant at90s. Tallow
4Gs. 3d. Turpeatine, 2G. 6d. Spirits ol Petrol
leu id , Is. 3d. 01s. 6(1.
London, Kept. 24 P. M Sugar easier.
Antwerp, bept. 24 P. M. Petroleum Arm at
From New York.
New Toek, Sept. 24.-An unknown man
threw himself under the wheels of a Dassisr
train on the New Jersey Hailroad, near Newark
and was instantly killed. '
The steamship Weser to-day takes out $11,500
In specie.
From San Fiancisco.
Sin Francibco, Sept. 23. Cleared, ship
Cairnemore, lor Liverpool, taking oat 60 000
sacks ot Wheat. Sailed, ship Favorita, for New
York. '
8an Fbancisco, Sept. 23. Flour nncbanged.
Wheat dull at 31-C0l-90. Legal tenders, 70.
Ship News.
Fobtbbss Monboh, Sept. 24. Sailed, steamer
C harleston, for Charleston; barque Fareira for
Calais; brles Rosario. tor New York; Tarra-
, ' ; o , ot unwc, ior ijiverpooi:
and a large fleet of coasters.
Kw Vnnr U.n 04 k ..I . J - i , n . .
. V, ,' .-milieu, BicBuisaip wity
ot New Xwk, lrom Liverpool. r 1
Arrived Ont.
Queenstown. Sept. 24.-8teamer City of Lon
don, from hew York, on the 12th instant, arrived
here this morninc
Latest Markets by Telegraph.
a ,,BWJf2" BeDt- .-titos dnil at Me. Fleer
duil and declined 10c; mate. It 70g,ri: Ohio. II IS A
,U.'li.S!,-n'!?'l(Hi!i',6: Hnulh.ru. 170(ail4- Calllor
J.IB, Wh.aeeaMer; spr!n at II 75; white
76ft 76. Beefdall. Pork dull at MUkttasiO. LArd
ww "l IV74Vvs nuusy JUItJU
Kew York Stock notations 4 P. 3W.
Beceived by telegraph from Glencllnnlng s
Davis, Btock Brokers, N o. 48 H. Third street.
N. Y. Cent. K 127Ul Tnlerlo Uf.ho.h Kciy
iu. s wufauicom. 9lx
N. Y. and K K
Ph. and Kea. K
Mlch.H. anrl N. I. U k'Oi
( lev. 4 Pittsb'g K K7
Chi. and N.W. oom 85
uui. ana . w, prer. 1714
Ubl. aud U. L R lOiiU
Pitta.. W. &cni. iu
Adams Ki press 61 U
Wells. Fargo Exp... 80U
II. a Express Do,... 61
rennessee.ds.new... 68T
Uold HijJ
Market steady.
Americans In Paris.
List ftf Amerlrnna Mm.t.1.AJ T nr m .
Zl . iikidkicu oil f. IdCKfr
Yl'd Km '4 GKrl X U.ia F .-I. r .
" .-tiiu', runs, iur ween
eu.liiie SeDt. 10, 18U8. FurnUhed by Hraith,
Randolph & Co.; '
t, rir j' , w- Wheeler and family, Kr. N.
S' ,r,a.I),r--Yp,'ovut' M"' W. Y. Provosw Mr.
iili' ."";,f e! W; 8- PH' ker. Mrs. W. H. pker.
Mmninaiv m. n. n., orin k jhi r. Hnrr
doreHltHd. Mr UyrusW. Field I.Mr J. M, Catlln,
tuh Hy. ' ' "uu sinrrio aud
'" ' " ' ' mr. . n. rana'ora, Mini Amil
Ho"' Mr' W. Coit, Mrr. E. A. towards, Miss Carrie
B sun, Mr. Oortrs O. ebaltuelr and faniilr t0
C. hi. Koblnsnn. Mr, Thorn is B. Wales, Mr. T a'-rlv'
... j, isiiiuafi i, di 1 pi. ri. uver, Mr K R
Htnry. Mr. En wards Mr K. Russell, Mm. jC. hi,:
V. BowditrhT ' DulunBr. ut'
H .iiimnrr vr A. Tnrnmil and rxnitlr
Pbllstieluhla Mrs. llarv . J.li...,. w. v
New Haven Miss K. w. Davenport.
Korwloh Mr. A. W. Hmmnnr,
..w. 14. . A u xr tt .
n j .k rx. Mkkywm and Sip anrl
Vrs Lnmbtri Free. Mr. Thomas Ojuter.
lihln-llr.n Kale. '
New Jersey Rev. Garwln I.snrraler.
Ussssohusetts-Kev. M. and Mrs. BcHiimr.
t-au rrancl'co Mr. snd Mrs, w. p. Dewey.
Tho Concluding Scenes in tbe
' Trial of Surratt.
Olmstcad, tho Defaulter, in a Fair
.Way for Capture.
Etc Ete, Etc., Ete,, Ele., Etc.
Special Detpatoh to The Evening Telegraph,
Olsnstead the Defaulter.
Washington, Sept. 24. It is said that the
Postmaster-General Is now foil Informed ol the
whereabouts of Olmstead, the defaulter, and
that he will soon be arretted and brought to this
city. Olmstead's friends propose to fix the
natter np, providing the Government will go
no further In prosecuting hun than to discharge
bim from office.
Drawbacks on Imports.
Secretary McCulloch has revoked the order
Issued some time ago abolishing tbe office of
Superintendent of drawbacks on imports. The
order was to take effect on the first of October,
but tbe Secretary has extended the time until
tbe first of January.
Tbe Trial of Surratt.
ontinued from our TMrdEdilion.
Judge Wy lie said the language of this statute
is clear and Btronir. It was not possible to mis
understand It. The indictment was not found
until more than two years after the alleged
ofleuee was committed. Ii contained no affirma
tion that during the intervening period the
defendant bad fled from Justice. This ts a fatal
objection to tbe profecutlon, unless we find it
was uecesf ary by the rules of law for defendant
10 pieaa ins Denem ot tbe statute by special
plea. After quoting legal authorities, he
bald he felt constrained in this case, with
tne whole record before Dim, to say that judg
ment must be Riven for the defendant.
air. II er iick atked that iudtrment be entered
and the prisoner discharged. District Attorney
Carrington ahked, as this was a very important
question of law, tbat it be certified to tbe court
"in baric." He supposed a new indictment
couid oe iouna at toe next term of tbe court.
Judge Wjlie replied that he was not in the
habit of certitvine to another couit. He decided
lor himself with the questions belore him. If
me gentleman wanted to go lucre he could do
to ' n appeal.
Tbe District Attorney asked whether on a
question of law in criminal prosecutions he hal
not tne iipnt 01 appeal.
Judge VVylie replied that that was for the
gentleman to determine.
Ur. Merrick, in renlv to a Question, was In.
formed bv the Court tbat the urisoner was dis
charged. Surratt. who was iu the court-room.
was then congratulated by his friends, aud
aiterwarui reurea.
District Attorney Carrington said he nro
posed, if necesary, to prepaie another indict
ment to meet the views of the court.
Judee tV'ylie said tbe District Attornev could
have Sarratt rearrested on a charge when the
grand jury shall again sit. On the face 01' tbe
record it apoeared that the alleged crime was
committed more than two years ago. If so. he
could not be prosecuted. No man could be de
prived of lite or nbeity under a statute like
that, and the court had no right to hold Surratt
to bail.
Libtnct Attorney Carrington said he did not
wnn to argue against tne decision, but as the
subject was of great practical importance, he
wanted to any
Judge wjiie nere unerrupiea tne gentleman
by remarking tbat he bad announced his
opinion, aud therelore it was not necessary for
the gentleman to say anything more.
The District Attorney then enteted an appeal
t . I- J ; . A. I r. . -
An adjournment then took place.
Hew Tork Btock Qnwtatlwna, 3 P. Sf .
Kecelred by telegraph from Ulendlnnlns A
.avavirs, oiuvik mu&uin, iiu, o r i iuru street:
N.Y. CeuUK.
N.Y. audK.K
Phil, and Kea. K.... 0:
Mlcta, 8.smdN.I. K. 82
Cle. and Pitt. R...... ti
Chi. and N.W. com. 87
Ohio and N. W. prt Xl
Chi. and K. I. K 102U
Pitts. F. W . and Chi.
Toledo A Wab.......M 68U
Mil. 4bL P. com.. 4i
Auniiii cxpretui jo 01;
Weils, f aiKO k (Jo. 30
(T. B. Express 61'
Tennessee on, new. ttS'i
Uold 1417?
IlBAEiKes at tub Cbntbal Btatiok. This
afte norm, tiefure Aidermau Jieltler at tbeC-ntral
btatloo. Harab fcniltb bad a hearlua
ol ilie lhrtn y or two iialisot iiants from tbe store of
juFnrtrs. xtvcKuni x wuson. iler luoue or operation
was by going Into stores, and ordering large bills of
KCIOOS to lie SeOt tO l)nkflT A fcmllh. Prbarahnro
v wblle In tbe plaors purlololria various articles of
cimuiiK. di'.iuiukkhj oiutrcu a Dili ot between
tl.ree sod four tboasaud dot'ars at J. liuQling A
Brolbri's dry goods store. Mo. 8 7 Marlcsi suee.; a
bill ol l lie same amount at Rockblll A Wilson's mace;
and also b'lia at Henry A. Dubrlug & Co. 'a; and Wood.
f mi nil . Tfatwiuiil At ( 't 'm '
JjUfdlve Browu arreaud ber at Second and w.i.
nut strems, and as be was conn noting ber luto In
tcuii.i nmuuu auv unippeu ihu pairs Ol p&niS Iroul
under ber abawl. 'Held In t'2voo ball for a further
llie i ewrat and beat manner.
LVVlti JJitkKA, Kiailoner and ICnirraver.
Invite their fellow-Gltlzeos to meet tbem at
tbe parlor of tbe NATIONAL TJNIOM CLOB, No,
liOS CHKBNTJT Street, on FBIDA V, the 25ih Instant,
an r. Mi., yq aaopc mvasures ior providing refresh
mcnt and entertalnmeat for tbe war veterans wbo
are to visit Ibis city on the lat and id or October
next. All poisons Identified with tbe Union and
Cooper Shop Keireabmeat Saloons are particular!
The Club will a ruble
THUIttjDAY , rvptorober 24, 1S8.
At T o'clock, f. M tharp. for i arade ai.d to at end
tbe mass ruffling iu tbe Tweutlelh ward, at Twelfth
and Jt-fTer on streets.
By order of
miel Marsbab
y'ViA""'' Wlaat Marshals.
PniLAniLPHrA. Rept, M, 1861.
ibe Cliy of Philadelphia aud adjiiiuliigcountlet:- You
sre rtsprctlully luvltea iu rartictlpais lu tbe Torch
lit: In iriisilou of IK'torier 2 next.
By order ol the I ninmi'.'-e.
CH AltLKH JI. T. COLLIS, Chairman.
A. L, HusHKLL, Becmary. 2iu
1 He iiit-oibrrs will anin-uible at i'i o'oluck sbaro
THIS ( I'liurKday) EVKNINU, for parade.
By order ol tbe Ciuo.
JOHN IIANNA, ireildent.
ObopobO. lonpBw. lBtole..riM
liitikiAB B. BibaIjOW. i n
The Spanish Itarolatlon-lJnfaYor-able
Ileports from Royalist
. ' " . . Sources..
Tito Italian Inmirreetlon a
Canard. ' '-' "
TION IXtMMlTI'UK will jueet dally at Hon.
kins', No. Hi LIBRARY Mreei. luo
M tl M, U HONQ, Chairman,
Barmiento Installed as Presi.
dent of the Argentine
Die., Etc., Ete., Ete., Ele., em,
By Atlantic Cable.
Pabis, Bept. 24. The French GoTernment
will Immediately- strengthen the posts oa the
8ranish rronUer. It ts reported that Queen
Isabella has entered France. There is an unau
thentlcated rumor that Print has been arrested.
The Fays sajs the Spanish army is loyal, and
that the Insurrection Is conSned to the province
of Andalusia and a few seaports.
The following Is an official announcement
from Madrid;
"Catalonia, Aragon, and Valencia are quiet."
The Moni'eur has the following:
The revolution in Spain makes no headway,
and the people are indifferent or repulsive to
the project. Active measures are being taken
by the Government for the suppression of the
rebellion. The insurgents in Andalusia are re
tiring before the advance of the royal troops.
Pabis, Sept. 24, The reported rising in Cala
bria and Sicily Is denied.
Lohdoh, Sept. 24. Advices from Buenos
Ayres announce that Sarmiento, the newly
elected President, hat beeu duly installed.
Financial nnd CommorcUL
Lontjoit, Sept. 21 Evening. The specie in
the Bank of England has Increased 189,000
since the last report. Consols for money 94a,
94i, aud for account, 94J. Illinois Central. 83;
Atlantic and Great Western, 39; Erie. 331.
Frankfort, Sept. 24. 6-20s, fs.
LivBhPOOL, Bept. 24 Evening. Cotton dull;
the sales to day were 10.000 bales. Breadstufls
dull. Spirits ot Petroleum Irregular.
Lokdon, Sept. 24-Evenlng.-Sugar quiet.
Whale Oil, 37 10s. " H
Antwebp, Sept. 24-Evenlng. Petroleum
closed at 60f.
The Ritualistic fersecntion.
Special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
Pbovidencs, Sept. 24. In the trial of Rev.
Mr. Hubbard to day, Mr. Thurston, the counsel
for the defendant, closed a very lengthy and
able argument. Rev. John Cotton Smith, for
the same side, commeneed his argument, which,
was not doted at the time of adfournment.
Judge Bradley closes tbe case probably to
morrow, when the verdict will be rendered.
There is no excitement, and but lew persons are
present. .
Beported by De Hayen A Brn No. 40 S. Third street.
I inuu rm os, a series.., ids
f 100 do-New....l03ii
tuMiui.ir.7 en, ew.is.iis4
111 OU N Pa es.......- DO
IMKOW JerKea :)
5oo Leu 6s gold l..
I vue do so1.
20i o Pa R Im s........ SsJi
nooo Vt Cent s ru.beOL to
It to. Panna K.... Ml,'
IdO do...M Mi
doariivn. (,i4
to do. ...65WU. b!t
7 sh 8p A Pine tl
flliw UU.XewKB0..1IM4
1(0 do.New.ls.H3,4
STmO do.Mew.lB.lW-
too Leta .gnld 1.....
20UO Leh 6a. KR 1...... Si
Id an C k Am ..19
. t do. 129
loo sh Leh N j60. Vl'-i
r . do - 2-H
leosh Big Mouut 6J4
loo sh Bead.,..MM.bou. 47
100 dO............484
SuO sh Phil A B....b5. it
ion doDIAIn. tS
20 do....bsln. ju
100 sh Read B,...bio. 47
600 do.,.. iibae 4s
loo do.MM.....td. Wi
ire do....twi. 41 H
100 do....bML 47
108 Ho. ls. 4T
100 sh Teh Nav....oU. 13)
L0 ih Lit Boh K ... 44V
U do 44 V.
M dO..... 4t,V
loo sh rata Pf.M.bs. 3'i
.1. U.nn. u . . . '
ao self
do...r.s6wD. Mii
do.....a. K'i .
do ........ lug
... bSO. t'i
sown. 6S2
0i. 64
Ollice No. 104 & FIFTH Mireet. '
PblLADULfuiA, Sent, 21. 1868.
.wBUd. JnBo.ale will be received at tbe Office ol
tbeCblpf CommldslonerofHIgbwavsantll iaryoloos; A.
Mm on MONDAY, lli In.t.. lor tbe oonstroatloa of
ttie following Wewers of !re feet diameter, visi
on Nineteenth street, from Berks to Norrls street.
On '1 wentlelh street, from Herka to Norrls street.
On Onates slret, lrom Twelltb to Broad street.
On Thirteenth street, from Arch to Oherrj street,,
ar don Cherry street, lrom Thirteenth to Jaoobj
O11 Eighteenth street, from Glrard avenoe to tho
north curb lluenf miles street. Provided the property
owners pay all dehclencles over and above the assess--rnrnlol
bills and allowance nuder ordinance by tho
Zlsotha following Stwers of two and a half feet.
street'6'1 n Tskr lleet trtiox Filth to Sixth
On jvalnut street from Eighteenth to nineteenth
On Melon street from E.eveitb to Twelfth street.
On Fourth sirtet from Diamond street, 100 feet
south 1 1 feutqnehaBna aveuue.
On BntcfaluHon street, botweem Glrard aveons and.
Thompson street.
On (seventh sireet from X80 feet north of Oxford
Street to Columbia avenue.
OoChesnut street from Thirty-ninth to Fortieth
SI reel.
V It bunch iron or stone Inlets aad man-holes as
uay be directed by tbe Chief Engineer aad Hurveyor. -Tbe
nndrrsunllng to be tbat tbe sewers herein ad
verilerd n.ust be completed oa or before ih. first day
or Dtcember, IMS, and that tbe Contractor shall take
bills prepared against the property fronting on said
sewer to tbe amount ol one uollar and tweuty-dv
cents lor each lineal foot of front on eaoh side of tbe
street as so much cash paid; tha balance, as limited
by Ordinal ce lo be paid by the City. And tbe Con
t racier will be reqnlr-0 to cevp tbe strtetand sewer
In gi od order lor three years alter the sewer Is
Wlicu the stret la occupied by a City Passenger
Railroad track the sewer snail be constructed along
side of said track In sucb manner a net to obstruct or'
Interfere with the sate passage of the oars thereon: .
and no claim for remuneratlou shall be paid the Con
tractor by tbe Company uMug said track, as specified,
In Act ol Assembly, approved May 8, 1K66.
A'l b.dders are Invites to be preeeut at tbe tlsae
aud piaieof opening the ald Proponal. Kob pro
posal will be accompanied bv a orlittcaie tbat
Bond has been ttlfd in the X.aw Department as d.
rutrd by Oidlnarro of May H5. ISdO. If the lowest
bidder (ball not exeoute asooiraot wltbln live days
alter the work Is awardftd.be will be deeou d as de
clining, snd will be bed i'ab'e on bit bond for the
dlfterence between his bid and tbs next highest bid:
aud this Department reserves tie rlgot to tej ot all
bids not deemed satiafae ory. Hpeclhcatloi' may be
bad at Ibe Department of (surveys, which will be
strictly adhered to. '
9 U tt rh'er Oom 1. iHnioaer of Hlgbwaya.
KiiiLclsof ground, suitable fir roaouf.a.urln or
aatlsi II tinlV fit un.xii l.nlt.tl.. ........ 7
er ib. North 4-4iiJDBivftiii Kllro1. and onlyiw:
... .. w n lrr.u cV JkJ,.
" wo.427 UHESN V T Street.
Xtegant Residence- Apply to
I2ubs6 Ko. 2'4 South FIr'TU street.
Til iC CITY .Nil ry.nv i v rB Pin. irwi.
1'HIA. "
Assigned Rd'Bteo' J JSKP1T L, KEEN.
Tbe Auuiu-r antitiimi i, ih. ifampttAAiniit ot.ilA
and adlusi tbeliist Dd llu.l arcouut 01 WILLIAM
M.HMll'K, Algrieeol JKSKl-H L. KKK.V, for the
benelitOf CredlLom. mil In rnpl. iHMlriliiifl.kn nftha
balance in the bauds ol the aocountant, will meet the
PSr'I'HI InterHlMt. t..r LIia iii,i,iuiM nt hla .n.U,lnh.i.l
on TUKSDAY, Ooioher Hh A. D. IssH, at 11 o'cluca
A. M. .attain oitlce. No. 40 WALNUT Street, In the
oily of Pbiindelphla. WILLIAM D. Bis Kid
1 0 miuet Auuitox,

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