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Tr om Our Own CbrretpmuUmi.
Nhw Yobk, Jan. 27, 18OT.
Mr. Flsk; the gifted young "operator" whose
artistic propensities in storks have lately cul
minated In the manifestation ol a very large
Interest in theatrical "stock" companies, does
not own quite all the theatrical property In the,
city, although matter Jo seem lending that
Way. Already he controls tho grand opera
bouse, formerly Pike', and likewise John
Brougham's new theatre, formerly the Fifth
Avenue Wluit a curious and plciuaut doublo
lile, to be sure, continually alternating between
art and auctions, f penJint; the mornings amon
the bulls and beiu-, and the evenings araouir
Iravurat and bori'oncs! How tncores aud Kte
must rattle together In his brain when he seeks
repose 1 llow "l-.-trMcretl" bonis and tun
''registet" of a pr.ra '(on no's voice luu-tsccni tr
blend Into a sort of vocal money market Just as
sleep shuts the curium for a lew brief recupera
tive hours ! One can easily Imagine his thought
lalloming this fashion: La J'eriohole bond
opened Arm, but with a jroed demand for dead
head tlckclt. Small coupon I mi a are sence
and command from J(ti higher than the lara s
Aujacc The uo!d market, fluctuated ill sympa
thy with the twelve t ncoret nightly won by Ln
Fericholc aud Fiquillo, and loreign exchaniv U
firmer, as is shown by the expedition with which
Grau in beating me in bnugign out teurde The.
Besides these triple accomplishments of
running Erie, opera, aud burlesque, Mr. Fisk
displays a neat turu for attack aud deL-use
through the column r of the newspapers. Per
haps he ha kOiue cnuee for pungency iu the
recent action of u Sunday school superinten
dent, a Dr. Perry (not the famous lmir restorer)
who rented from him the large ball attached t
the opera house. Mr. Fink claims that
he allowed the S. S. 8. to have thn
room almost as a gift, and that upon
his (Mr. Fisk'f) a-suming to make some alter'
tlons In the hall, as he had u right to, the S. 8. S,
took unfair and unusual methods to prevcu
him, scorned all compromise, aud acted with an
excess of Itgratitude aud teualily disgusting iu
an individual of no religious pretensions, aul
trebly contemptible in an S. S. S. The matter
has been taken into court; so what between
the courts, the Wall street brokers, Sunday-
school buperintendects, opera bouffes, burlesque,
and the increasing cares of Erie, the young man
of the name of FUk has no indoleut time of it
The Immense number of balls that have been
given this winter have lut an impetus to the
dancing-schools. Among the most fashionable
Of these is M. de Uarmo's, at the corner of Fifth
avenue and Fourteenth .street, and bcailug very
much the same relation to the other dancing
schools of New York that Mr. Carpenter', of
Philadelphia, docs, or did, to terpsichoreau
academies there. De Garmo, who is the perfec
tion ol grace and ease, prides himselt on IU
cxclusivencss. Ko visitors or ou-lookera aro
permitted at his lessons, save by special
invitution. His soirees nra the envy and the
despair of every oilier resident professor
Of the nit. His classes for gentlemen
iu particular are thiouged, and, together with
his saltatory instructions, us conveyed through
personal illuslratioii, an informal lecture la
frequently delivered descriptive of the various
Btjles of dancing iu home and abroad. His
extremely nuict and iirtsifdiule method of
ignoring the existence of any other dancing-
school thau De Oaiino's, and the gentle con
temptuousness with w hich he refers to the "can
side of the town" aud the country daun'uig-
jnasters who come ouce a year to New York
(that i", to De Uariuo'e) to "learn wha'. dancing
really is," are bejond all praise, lie U decidedly
a New York Ism, which Near Yorkeis would no',
have lilted to miss during the present season.
A LI Uaiu.
Tlie Coat of Our Amusements.
Everybody, or at least everybody that is any
body, admits that ainustinenls of some sort are
recessary lor the human auiiual. Eiactly what
these aniwcrueuts slia'.l be is a matter ol con
troversy betweeu advocates and opponents of
dramatic entertainments. The sums which
are paid in a city like this, for
amusements, teem large when we look
at them in a lump, but the managers bavo a
different opinion on the subject; aud when we
consider our immense population, it is evident
that there must be a very large class who
' n create themselves iu some manner outiide of
the theatres, and the amount is really very
email, iiul It is doubtful whether 11 could b
expended iu a lucre innocent aud really pro
fitable manner.
We give a detailed statement of the receipts
nt each of the principal theatres and the
Academy of Music for the niou'hi of November
and December, which completes our recoid for ;
the year.
Tli Acnl-iji,y ol' Mimic.
Uatciunn'a Frenclt Troupe commenced a season
of opera bouffe on Monday, November , and
appeared iu Lu Urmi'le l.tmhcw. U.c GrroUtii,,,
Lei lle'ie Uvehf, and JlorW U'tuo. Twelve
performances were gn-.-u, and the receipt were
512,358, or an avtrago ol nearly $10.;0 for each
Max Maretek op-iud with Lw Ilaliuu mi I
Gorman Opera Tioupe on November lid, and
gave one peilorniance in that month.
. In December aiuritz.-k's troupe gave thirteen
performances. The receipts for the whole season
were $12,900, or a no at '2i lor eeli perform
ance. - '
On Thursday, 1 . cxbn- 21, Mis. Scott.Sid.10n3
commenced an .eig iicmoMt, an.l gave- during
the n ontli of Becen.lKr 'nine' performance.'
JJrs. ftieldons appearfd iu a number of Bhnfte
spearc's priucij ul;di ams", and gave iu all, during
her engagement, eleven perform mice. -There-ceipta
were Vl"i, or about $2:'K for each per
formance. 'As Las been before remnrked in
these columns, M r. Siduons maiB a great
mistake in going to tlie Ac idemy of Music, an 1
If she' bad a.pi.arcd at any of the regular
theatre there is bjt little doubt that her cash
account would show a moie f HtUfitciory
' " Tlio A11I1.
During Novemb-r f-lx ' pi-rlorumm o( the
drama entitled JU'x (lot Monty weic given. 0:i
Kovunber 0 Ikt Ljimdn'iire Ln-u Wlts ' j)10.
ductd, and it was represented eighteen times. On
November 30 the second old comedy week com
mew ed. The whole number of performances
during this mouth wor twenty six. The receipts
were 15,3I2, aud the average for each perioral
Alice about $ZHV.
During December five old comedy perform
ttures weie given. On December 7 iiolonat
jiuy w;u peilonuod, and wus repiejcuted clevuu
times. On Wednesday, December 23, D.Vy
drama of A Flash of Lightning was brought out, '
and ran for the balance of the month. This
piece was represented nine times In December
The number of performances given in Decem
ber was twenty-eight. The receipts were
$1C,4!I5, or about $589 lor each perform. ncc.
The Wlnnt.
Mr. E. L, ' Davenport, in the early part of
November, appeared in the seusatlon drama of
F; or, Jtratufcd, and a variety of other pieces,
giving In nil twelve performances. Mr. Edwin
Forrest commenced an engagement on Nov.
Ui, aud played for ten nights. Mrs. D. P.
Bowers gave one performance In -November.
The whole number of performances during this
month was twenty-five; the receipts were $33,78G,
making the uvciage lor each performance
about $1131.
In December Mr. D P. Bowers played for
seventeen night. On Christmas day the drama
of the Orange Gtri was brought out, and it rau
for the balance of the month. This piece was
rcpiesented seven times in December. The
whole number of performances was twenty-
eight; the receipts were $27,032, making the
average for each performance about $ 9t!5.
Tli I'lioNiinl.
At the commencement of November the Wor
rell Sisters appeared seven limes in their bur
lesques of Offenbach's operas. On November 9
the Lancathire Lass was produced, aud after
fourtetn performances it was superseded by
IS ow fur Llow, which was represented seven
times. On November 39 the cirjus troupe ap
peareJ'for the tirst time. The uumbr of
performance" during November was twentj
r.ine; the receipts were $1,072, making the ave
rage for each performance nparly $551.
Dming the mouth of December thirty-two
citrus performances were given, which receipted
$14.02H, or about $-138 for each performance.
l'oriug the months of November and Decem
ber 205 dramatic and operatic performances
were given at the Academy of Music and the
principal theatres. The total amount received
from the public was $152 50y, or about $7tl o0
for each performance.
The following is a statement of the gross
receipts at the three theatres during the past
four years: January, 18G5, $416, 8S0; in 190$,
$10!,G28; in 18G7, $387,801; iu 18C8, $405,878.
This shows a falling off iu the attendance at the
theatres, which may be accounted for by the
general financial embarrassmcats which fol
lowed the war, and by the multiplication of
concerts aud other entertainments which suit
the taste of those who are not dramatically
lucliued. The receipts for 1668, however, show
su improvement over the previous jear, and the
business done at the theatres now in operation,
during the present reason, seems to indioate that
a f-till belter exhibit will bo made lor ISO1).
There has been a decided improvement in
public taste of late as regards the manner in
which plays are produced, if not lu the matter
of the plajs themselves. Playgoers wiili to see
even trash pat upon the stage in handsome
style and wedl acted, and tho managers who
most closely observe the siijns of the time3 will
be likely to have the weightiest money-bas In
the future. '
Tlc Clfr Amusement.
AT THK Akcji 8iii4kPBpear's comedy of
Tu t Hth Ni'ihl, or What l'un Will, will bo per
lonucd mis evening.
At i'hk Wat.nct Mr. J. K McDononh will
appear this evetilns ns "eUI Tom," iu liouoi
eult's llaina of Alter JJa.-k.
At tub Tiikati-.k Com mi "i: Mim Kusau Oal
ton aud iron pa will appear 1I1U ovcnlnz iu La
J!ose de t t'l ur find Lischr.n anti tfritzrhmi.
To-morrow evening the oporetttof Ch'ny-Vhotv-,i
will bo perlorrued. On Friday Miss Oulton
will have a lV.rewell lienclit.
AT the Amkuicax a luUeollaueous perform
ance will in given this evening.
The OKitM AMA Ukchkstka will perforin at
Horticultural Hall to-morrow afternoon.
Heveinl novelties will be nlveu.
Dit J. K. Uoymton will Ualtvertbe flfth lee
tine of niseoornn ut, Conceit Hall tins ovenlo;.
The sulMeot will be "The A0 of UplHes." l)r.
Bo.vDtcn's lectures ore exceodinly Interesting,
and Micy bavo altracteJ crowded houses. Tne
bixth auU last lecture will be given on Friday
lit. faui. lu CtiAiM.tr will lecture atOonoert
Hall on iVomlay pveniun next, on 'fj'on and
tiorllla Huntirs." The 8ile ol tickets coni
moi tts lo-ituy at Truiup'iei't, :o. UJu Ciitouul
DSHK8 at Foi.lv Tbose who were for' u
naie pnonb to hear Mr. Ue CarJova whoa lu
i'r. Untie Iph la several years oko, will be glad to
bnow Uiftt bn propfjses to Rive three lectures lu
tills city In February. Mr. Da CardovA la one
ot the ixKt lunuorlsts of the day, bis wit aad
satire, while keen and cutting, lis.vo noelemolit
of vnlcarlty, :o frequently Rssoolated with tins
stylo of entertainment. In NewYoriihlg leu
tur a have been attended by the very best class
cf citizena, and we feel asanred tbnt In thti
city the sueotss ef Mr. Da Cardova will be no
Jem uratifylntf. His first lecture will be given
at Concert Hall February i.
Kedaced to prices as follows:
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Amcrii au Life Iusutauce Cumpauy of Fniladelphla"
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lorce. Kew brcdh are belutf put to work In the oily
acd tbruugboui tba buie, and their eUorts are
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r.KAeiv amu VitoR. Spsei's "Standard Wlae
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Do hot Titx w ith DAW9ica.-A single spark
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small aliments neglected may end In fatal disorders
fe aring tbls fact In mind, let tbe first symptoms o'
deb).'"y or nervons prostration be met promptly wtlh
Invigorating treatment. Foremost among tbe vege
table tonw of tbe age stands IIostktteb's Stomaoh
Bittebs, and wnenever the vital powers seem 10
langoleh.or there Is any reason to sunpoct that the
animal functions evwntla! to the sustenalion and
purlflcatlon of tbe boy are Imperfectly performed,
this Invaluable Invlgorsnt and antiseptic should at
once be resorted to. Indigestion always produces
weukntse Sometimes 11 happens and thlsismor
frequently the case In wlater than at any oiber
season thai tbe appetite demands more tood than
tbe stomach can digest; thoagh not more-, perhaps,
than Is rejnhred to keep up tbe full strength of tho
frame. Tbe obct, under such circumstance, Is to
Inrreass the digestive capacity of the aesltnilatlug
organ, so as to make It equal to the duty Imposed
npon It by the appetite, and capable of supplying ins
buildlnu material of the titrm as tantas It Is required
Ibis object is fully accomplished by the use of the
Bitters. They tone and gently stimulate the cellular
uitmbrano which secretes the gastric Joke, and the
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nuQiclenl quantity to convert all Its nourishing, par
tales Into pure and wholosnme elemtnt. If, on the
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any corresponding deficiency ol diKenilve power, tao
ePecl ot tbe tonic is to stimulate a dsii fur food. In
nlnvtwn casoi out of twenty, headnclie, nauiea. ner
vousness, fainting (Its, Biianms, and, iHd'HMl, mount
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wllb lilllunoue-i; and lor bolb tbeHe complaint tios-i-Kii
kb's stomach Bitteh are recomuiBUdoi as a
speedy and certain remedy.
F.EM'CTIOH lit Paicas
To close oil
Winter Block.
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No. 824 Chenniit stroet.
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Be also hue a large stock of American Weaiw.-u
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1k you will cut this out you will H.WB THS)
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1. TVfe CTofMnp (. rhuip,
2. It vean well.
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11. Tht-y save time, trouble uml iivtiicy for yu.
12. Thty tuil the boys.
And if therein a!Otrutlt(tr,'aie iiesir'iiylv in itr-eha.-ina
fMhtny, it is i on th s Jnf not became we do
not offer U, but btcaine we lnwc' iM thwjhl to mm
Hon it.
A CARD.Prlees of ivtrytMno reduced since the
(ipprutui)unt ofiXork; tlie atorliMnl of both Af,,' and
Boy? halts an I Oeercnof siif very uood.
VANAMtKE3 i Baowji,
Oak li all,
Tiik Cob. Sixth anu MAitictfr srnaKTs,
ANDItiiWK SKlliL. On September so. lsil, by
Bev. J Walker Jacksun, A. V. AiNDUl!. 3 to Mlos
ANMK MKLL, both of this city.
phla, January 23, lssc, by tt'e Bev. W. tui. Mr.
e HAKI.tto Jl. UUUKWullTK, of JleAuurn, Jtiiciis
county, Pa., to Uiss MAltV H, POWMALL. of Wost
rhilaotipliia. .
BEA'ITY.-On the 26'h instant, SAMU1CL, soa of
ciKiiiuel and Martha ilealty, aned it years.
Tbe relatives and n-leuds ot the miniiy, and hit re
maining comrtdes of tbe 20,lt llluiout Pejatylya
lila Cavuliy, are respeutnUiy luvlied to attend the
luneral. from tho residence tf his parenw, Ao. 113
Kltreth s B'reei (Front, aiiuve Arch), ou Fiioay after
nocn at 1 o'clock. Interment al Odd Fellows' Ceme
tery .
BOYD.-OD the Zr-lh Instant, ELIZABETH, daugh
ter of Kiul la S. Boyd.
Bet relutlves nua friends e.e repeotAilly Invited te
attend her funetial, from the rtaldeuce of h-r motlier,
on l lflh-rtny morning, the isih lustaut, at Ho clock.
IbtermeDi at Friends' houtliweiteru e, round.
CI I AW BalUS. On tbe 26th Instant, JAMK3C,, son
of Join and Idargarel Chauibers, aged years.
The funeral service will be bent at the Kir t Be
formed Presbyterian Church, ilr.ul street, below
Spruce, on Friday afternoon, tne itff.h tnstant, a, 2
o'clock precisely. His relatlvoa and male fri .as aro
Invited to aocbtnpany the remains to tbe laternvn,
ai i o'clock.
CBOMBARaAB. On the morning of the 21th in
stant. MAKV, widow of John C. CiooibargMi, In the
771 b year ot her age.
Tbe relatives and friends of the family are Invited
to attend the funeral, from tho renideute of li"r aaogn.
ter-ln-law, No. Jl IS. K eveum etruet, ou Taursdav,
tbe 2Slh Instant, at 1 O'clocl.. Inttrmtnl at Laurel
HlfA IiOnN. On the morning of the 2S'.h Instant,
AN.Jls. Hii.moKN, In ibe J7lii yt-ar ol her a;ts.
'fhe relailvte aud friends or tue rami ly are ruspnet
fully invited to attend tuu ftiueial, irou. tbe rail :l mice
of her mother, No. J5 N. Juniper street, oubiith-dfry,
the mii Instant, at 1 o'ulccn P. M..
YOCNU Suddenly, on the morning nt the com tn
B!t;ct of pneumonia, Airs. Ki-.ZlAJi VODNU, la the
7th year of her age. ..
The relatives and Mends cf the fr.mily are respect,
fully luvltfcdto attend the iu'ie.M, lron lier In e n-.il-uViu
e. No. n:v2 Fedora) btrei, Crfude.!, N. J., ou !Sai-
unlay, ibe auth inatani, at z o clock.
Ol X'liiladelpliia,
S. Corucr roarth aael
Waliiiil Streets. '
better terms NOWIIKRK of
fired. . ' .
Address or rail at Cempany's
Olhce,' 1 to 3 P. il.
10 Mutiager of City Agency
, t
3 F. UGUET & GO W3,
and XVf anufactnrers of fine Cigars,
j. Ho. 229 H. FRONT Street, Fhlladolphla.
Leading brands of Havana Cigars, Imported by
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"MARIANA iUTA"-pure Havana Cigars.
' Pit A DIA VOLO" pure Uavana Filler Cigars.
'Fl.tDif Lis.-' -selected Seed Leaf.
w prlcts, , variuty of sizes, and warranted
quality llSlutuu
k4MAwThe hltjanmiilp PKOMKI llhlUS 1 now re
cilvu.g titoluhl at PIm No, IJ boUIll WllAHVKa,
uud will sail on i II L ItbDA V . Jauuarv'zS, ISM
lor lielgm ajiply to K. A bOUDKH Co.,
tin, 3 UOCJA, iilvrEtT YUA,itF,
Adriccs from South America
More Marine Disasters Pen
sions and Pensioners
Important Arrests.
BV Alkmtts Cable.
Tho Pnrsgna.rnns Rtill Hold Oat.
Paris, Jan. !i7. btill later advices Lav been
received from KIo Janeiro. Tbe war news is
unltnpoitant. The ranisjnaynn army, though
badly defeated nt VMets-, still occupied the
strongbold of Angostura. The dainne by the
burning of the custom house ut Riu Jaaeiro was
largely overestimated.
Iturnlnir of nn Amrlcnn Slilp.
IlevBE, ;Jnn. 27 Nooa Tbe Atnericau slbip
Alaska, Captain .Small, which bad just arrived
from New Orleans with a cargo of cotton, took
fire this morning In this harbor, and owing to
tbe combnstiblc ua'.uro of her caio is burnin;
furiously, and will probably be a toUl loss. She
was built in Maine in 18C8, was owned by
Thayer & Lincoln, of Boston, and sailed last
from Kew Orleans December 18.
Th I'crrlre IMsnMer.
London, Jan. 27. None or the first class
pfcsret.gcrs on tbe steamship Perene ware
scrloubly Injured by reason of the recent acci
dent. Three of the crew were klllsd, and the
following named second class passenger, via. ;
Mr. Callsjzban, a Catholic priest; Mr. Foulquier,
a Frenchman; and Ur. Falkenberg, a German.
Tbe Pcreire encountered a fearful t?alc when
a few days out from Brest, in the course of
which heavy seas broke over her, carrying
nway entirely the forward deck and cabin, acd
inflicting other damage. It is also understood
that she sustained such injuries to her machi
nery as compelled her to pat back to Havre
under sail. There seems to be a singular reti
cence about the affair, and there Is much
difficulty in procuring dotails, so that we are
still without reliable- particular?.
European Eveuluff Murkeli.
London, Jan.- 274 P. ki. United States
Five-twenties quiet at 75J.
Fkakkfort. Jau. 7. United Stufes Five
twenties qniut and steady at 71)479H'.
Antwerp Jan. 27. Petroleum quiet and
steady at SfoG!).
Bprcial Detpvlch to 27ie Eientng Telegraph.
Washington, Jauuary 27.
Tensions and Female I'cntlonor.
During the morning hour to day the House
was cDgugcd in discussiug a bill relating to the
opetatiou of the Pension laws. The dcbte
centred on the second section of the bill, whieh
provides that upou th; presentation of satisfac
tory evidence to the Commissioner of Pcnsious
that puy fcm.ile pensioner is living a life of
pros-limnon, or is conaoitiuE; with or living
w.th or beinar supported bv any nun as lit
wife or iuistre, to whom .he b uot lawfully
matrkd, shall be eleptivcd of her pension,
except she can produce satisfactory rebutting
evidene'e that the charges prefcired n.sinst her
ac act tiue. ticnerul icheock chaiauter'.zed
the bill as the moat infumous and disgraceful
measure ever brought into Congresj. Mr.
Icpersoll. of Vermont, ssid the bill should
include male prostitutes as well as female. By
inference, it proclaims tr.at the widow of every
auldieris a ccmnien prostitute. The debate rela
ting mostly to prosiltutes, occasioned consider
able merriment in the Hou?e.
From Urlnvrarr.
Whm-wgto.v, De'l., Jau. 27. The State
Legislature has adoptcJ a joint resolution
tleclnring the authority of the State oyer the
landing of an occau telejjiapU cable on its
shores, and alleging that the Atlantic coa-t of
Delaware is pccuiiarJy luvorableto.' tho Jaudinr
ot the French cable, and appointing J. p.
Comcjjs a commissioner to confer with the
company engaged in that enterpria?.
Notice Was Riven iu tho llouie yesterday of
a bill to annul tbe chat-tar of the PliUaiblpula,
Wilenlng'.or, and Balii'tiore Hail,oad Company.
Prior to thii action both houses held a secret
and informal se'oa on the subjec?.
11 nry F. Kodney, a prominent citizen of th'i
Stale, died at Lswcj lst week, a -rod sixty-nine,
lleeervediu tho 3!at) L:.;I.slature and Const!
tutional Convention of ISO!, propoug m tbe
latter to aumlt colored r.'3ple ta suC'tase.
Important Ai-rssts.
Special Despatch to 2'hi Keening IHeftrcph.
Kocuksikh, N. Y., Jan. 27. There is con
siderable excitement herd to Juy inconsequence
of the urrct of Albert Hyatt and five other
jersons, s-oino cf whom wt-ra always conitdeieJ
among our b-.'st cHutens for alleged con ipiracy
to defraud uud swiudla the Union Life Insu
rance Company ol Jliiue. It is ascertained tho
plan adopted by the eatiL', and which has bcou
successful 1j a considerable extent, was ii
prrdtic'.Kt tou ecrtiacatos of tUs Uecoase of
iniiire-1 parties. The extent of tho fiauds Lai
not 3 et ietu mwle public.
, Tndinu Aflttirs.
St. Louis, Jan. 27. General ShcilJati t3 daily
expected to return Horn ibe Plain '. Nearly hII
the Indians will eo on the reiervatious, s"t
apart tor them. The muin body ol tue troops
will soon bo withdrawn from the Pl,in-,, a-id
will concentrate at Fort Leiveufforih ior dis
tribution to other o-it!
Dcn.lt of lxr:uvernor ricHons, f
Gi!or,a. .
Ai e;usT4, Ga., Jan. -27. Ric-Governor Plckeu"
fornierly Wrnster to Ht. Pcleiobar,', flinj 0r!
Woudaj last, at his rcfid'Micc iu Ldeii-Ul, s.C.
House ol Itcrascii tall vcs.
Contimttd from fourth Edition.
t,t. ltlnfrbsm's suhiiliuts U h Inllows:
H it Btnie sttMli uisks or euforcit any mw willed shall
tb.:lKuor duuy to 'iy iii,.!e cIHpq ot tu.j Unltid
biatt. ufsounu rolna, aim ovir iwetit j-one years ur
3, ihv hiuhI merci u of ilia utei-.iif (rnuutiibs at nil
mvcilurs In tlie tiinte wlittiu lib ul.all uciuailV
rrtfclilt d for puli a ofonajeir nUt piece U:z budu
el-Uou. evc Ft such ol sai cUIkciis h sum? !jre
itir cuiiste lu rji!iu.i, or Ini.ui tejtlon, or wno mr
hvbeen or almll lnu'li.tr oo duly canviulei of
irnsron orothorodmeof Ui gvau oi lulouv h.ojui
UlOll luw.
Tue bi.bsiiluts or Mr. Ilhollabarger Is In antrlv
ulrulisr terms s tlml ot Ur B.nimm, exren
Wr. bbf.llbrer ,raiit Llie Ulairuu :hi-euout of
Hu.fS who live euaftd lu r.r. i:iou. wUllu Mr
Itiuut'i'Oi's only j.siuilts lbs iisrrnohicruenl of
u' who ruay birt-HKer i: wKrlo robrtlilon.
Tl subsume ot Mr. Wrrt; ika tba, of tit. hall
bnitsr , applies to ili.Mi, wiin liv tn ..ei ln
rftflllou, kiiil rmiriuu the Simnj fl0.u lUlni; lbs
u-rimo' rwiaHUcs r4mra st vouri aHoucr tbuu
oho f r.
Tl.s hours then took up tint buelnen of lbs morn-li-g,
ilio bill rtporuxl yiNirty m isUUo Q tu
OlltrlKlltfU V' t I'tfUSiUU UWI,
Slightly Damaged by Water.
Stock to be closed out immediately.
No. 321 CHESNTJT Street,
i a tup
Mos. 818 and 820
We Bhfc.ll ccnt'nue to matutf.ln and Inoreoso the re
pulAlluuwe bikvu suelalued at being tbe laie.t uil
Cheapest rSuslin Houso
lucolvlpg onr supplies from tirst bands only, we
bliuu lien aiu.-r sell nil
JIusHus bj tlie l'iccc at the licgular Wliole
sale Trices.
Coiupilslou nil tbe leading brands aud widUis ot
PlbUlW nVHt.lSH,
W 431SI TTA,
W V I1.MAM1TI , ,
UAl Jflll,l.4.
. ioKixrinfiR.
I I. .
Our constant aim will be tu make tbe lowest prices
ln tbe ruarkcv
OdCd yard-wfite BUlnlDi? 12'; Cfnt-i.
Yard-wlflS UnriMMitted Musnn, , cnti.
fyi yards-wide Csulvaciit-u uiieuiiut-i, ju etia's.
House Furnishing Llnons '
rjcods delivered in all i:i i f tho city carefully
aud free ol (.barge.
Thornleys Popular Corner.
We have laid lu a superior sfvfc of MUSLIKU,
Jlleacbedaud Unbieaobed. sll wldtbi and qualltlei,
and are ptvparod to uci,;y tue ibouands of our
Hill udel Ula bouaekteper uu tue very beat tonus,
V B Toi can ride to our duor. It will pay to
cciue. lisiiuiv,
LK68 OOODH AKD BHAfflii fliulog out low, J
. i t : : .
ATI lAKIf rt. No. st-luPUt1 'Nl)THirt. Worn pui-iTdt-iiihia
'I'tie Hprir-lei iu ol tuU Iu.-iliuMou will
rooiuiHUi-e ou wow DAY, February 1, For tardus,
ulo.. anply tu Ibe rrU.cln,S,
I. O 11 10 (J O H Y. A. M.
Hi), livtt UAMtltX blrvei. l it uu
Unitod BtAtes of America,
YASIlLUm, D. v.
Chartered lj Special Act of Cougress,
ApproTCil July 25, 1888.' '
Where the business of the Company la trarx.
acted, and to wblch all general correapoaeaoe
Bhould be addressed. '",,.
r fir 11 a.
Clabenck H, CLAKli, ,
Jay Cooke,
John W. Ei.lis, '
J. liltKLSY CiiAOlJC,
hi A. KoLLINa,
Hkhry UUooki,
John D. Ukfukbh,
U. V. Faunsstook.
CJi-aRKNOE U. Cr.AKK, Fblladelphla. President.
Jav 0joic, t'hturmaa Flnauoe and Jfixeoutlra
Hunky D. opoKK, Washington, Vloe-Prealdent.
liMisKsON w. .l'jtKT, FhUadolphia, 'Secretary
K. H.IUbnkr, Washlncton. AwlstantS eo'r..
FKAfCia O, Kji f, 24. lx, Modlcal Uireoior
J'l)lreoior AUiAEa' M" U"' A1tl Medical
J. K.'Uahneb, Uureton-Ueneral U. B. A.. Wash,
lugton, "
U.S. Washington. "
I). W. Blibs, M. D Washington.
Hon. WM. K. Cuanhikr, Washlngtsn. n. n
UtoKUJi iiAHiify, Fhlladdlpbla, Fa.
Ottered Ly this Company are; ...
J.R ?;t,onRl toiAvw, OhKiteiedby gpe.
tif-l Ct of Congress, isua. ' ,
It baa a paid-up Cftpi-al Of f 1,000,000.
It ofitrs low rules of premium.
It furiiihhcs iarfctr iuurauce than other coin
panles for the sttme money. .
It Is definite and or lulu iu lis terms.
it Is a home ooutptiuy ln "every locality. " -
lUpolieleuave exempt from at ut eh me lit. -
Xitrre are no uiuieoetiuury reutrlotlons ln the
policies. . ,. ,.' m ,. i
ery polloy is ron-forfeltabla.'; '. -,
1'ollcie ruuy be taken-wliloli pay to therln
bured their lull amount and-retum all ttre pre.
uiIoids, bo that tho iasuianca costs only the In.
lerest on the annnl paymt-nta.
Foilclts xo by be taken' lliul will pay to tha
ftiMuied, alier a certain number of yeniw, daring
life u unnukl luci.tao ol one-tenth the amount
named ln tho poik. '
. Moeztitrme i cinirscd for risks npon the
Uvea of females. - s 188 warp
It lnmures riot to pay dividends, but at ao low
a cct, that dividonan will he lmponsiWe,
" ' ' . .. '
Custoru Mouse Urukers aud KoUrlcs i'ubllc
No. 405 LICRARY Streot.
AH Custom House linslacss transaclelU
scibiioo ami !: i hv InvKuieJ to kmUIUi
boarliiK iu eve.-y d'-nree of dcai'Deaii- also itMulnj
lor.i aTao, UrandaU'e F.teul Vr& TuVerToV M
anv r-te-s lu iua, at P. MUlimi's C viib

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