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H M V 1 X W 0 V N Vf BOOKS.
Worn tie "American Opera' rnbKshinK
tViuiiany, No. 19 K. Rith street, we have
' imiwd tr first of tjieir fterio- ftf . " erii of ,
the Lyric Drama," which ct the complete,
Rrjhh libretto tf, Auler'; opera ofc Fra
Diarvio, with the overture ami all the princi-'
pal aim arranged for voice and accompaniment,
i and also for piano nolo. The .book is illus
trated by a tiOe ! portrait of Mr. William:
CaeUe, an illuminated title-page handsomely.
Sprinted in color, and three drawings of the
principal ncenes. The series is edited by
George W. Tryon, Jr., and it will nndonbt-
dly be appreciated by all lovers of . mnaio. j
"The book before ,ns is handhoniely printed,'
and i altogether very far snperior, to any
"libretto that has ever been pnt before the
pablic. It would ba much more saUhf actory,
however, if the Italian or German words were
- ftl6 given, and it is a matter for surprise that
this essential element of completeness in
mglected. The succeeding numbers will
contain 17ie UronMitDianwrid, MatanieUo,
Faust, Martha, and Normi, which will make
twovolnmos for tha present year, the num
bers being issued bi-monthly to subscribers
at $10 per annum or $6 pet volume. The
, price for single copies is $250. '
From J. P. Lippincott k Co. we have.
received "Askoros Kassis, the Copt," a
romance of modern Egypt, by Edwin De
Jjeon. The author of this story was United
Btates Consul-Oeneral for Egypt for many
years, and he had unusual opportunities for
observing the manners and customs of the
people, and particularly their domestic
habits, that do not come under the observa
tion of ordinary, .travellers. Mr. De-Leon
evidently writes with a thorough knowledge
cf his subject,' and under the guise of a
romance of Borne interest he gives a very de
tailed and highly-finished picture of Egyptian
society of the present day as it exists in the
seclusion of the Moslem's home, where outside
barbarians are seldom permitted to enter and
btserve fontfceniselves what-the intrinsic pe-;
cnliaritieVot6rientalism are." '",.", !(
T. B: Peterson k Brothers send us "The,
Maiden Widow," by Mrs. E. D. E.N. South
worth. This is a sequel to "The Family
.Doom; -or, the Sin of a Countess," and it
will be read with interest by all the admirers
f Mrs. Southworth's style of weaving ro-j
nances. '.
From the same house we have received
"Charles O'Malley," tho first volume of a
" sew edition of Charles Lever's works. This;
novel retains and is .likely to retain its popu-i
larity for a long time with lovers of hearty,
rollicking humor. It is not equal, in our
pinion, to some of Le ver's later works in the'
higher qualities of the novelist's art, but it is
a story bubbling over with hearty and up
roarious fun and frolic that make it' a favorite
... above zn6st of the other performances of the
author. , , "
U. "Leaves from a Trooper's Diary" is the
title of a little work by a member of the An-j
derson Cavalry, which gives a number of well-,
'written descriptions of adventures in the
camp and field. An appendix furnishes an
Mcount of the mutiny in the Anderson Cavj
airy at Nashville, Tennessee, in December,
J8i2, written by George S. Fobes, who was
quartermaster "at the time the affair took
place. The statement of Mr. Fobes, if not
absolutely impartial, is fair and candid, and it
places a large amount of the responsibility for
the mutiny where it belonged, on the want of
proper organization and the worse than inca-
' pacity of the officers of the regiment. Mr,
Fobes does not excuse the mutiny, but he
contends that the men were least to blame in
, the matter; and we , think that all candid and
unprejudiced person! will agree with him
when they read his statement. . - i !
, m i (-From Turner Brothers k Co. we have re
"tseived Appleton's Journal and Our Young
Q FvlkaJw February jlO, and th Trantatlantic
for February 22. ,
The Central News Company, No. TA)T
Chesmjt street, sends ps the latest numbers
of J'unch and Fun: ' '
f ,;ke Hevofutlosjary Movement
ana Nobility The Land Hue.
ttrlin Corrupanlente uf the Lonion Timet.
At last the outline of the Socialist con
spiracy is becoming more apparent. As by
lightning, the misty veil of rumor has been
pierced through by a sudden sanguinary
a deed. 1 One Ivanov, a student in the Agricul
tural Acauemy oi iioscow, wno played the
.' iaformer,-and denounced to the police his
accomplices in the conspiracy,' has been assas
" ainated. Whether he was a detective artfully
introduced . among the confederates, or .
whether he betrayed the associates in the
plot of his own accord, is not known.
Amid ' the excitement consequent upon the
murder, it has, however, transpired that his
tale led, to the arrest of thirty students of
the Moscow Agricultural Academy, twenty
ntudents of the Moscow University, and
about forty other, students and gentlemen at
' Ht. Petersburg, Kharkoff, Kieff, and Astra
r chan. , One arrest, particularly prolific in un
r pleasant discoveries, ww . that of the book-
"seller TcherkassolT, at , St. . Petersburg, 'a
respectable citieen and justice of the peace,
jn whose shops written and printed, doc
- loents relative to the conspiracy are said o
, - fcave been foundV ,: As a matter of cpurse," the
' murder of Ivanov was succeeded by another
batch of . arrests at Moscow, with a view to
the- discovery of the resolute criminals wlio
Lad added bloodshed to thoir other offences.
But. however energetio the measures adopted.'
f . i A . m . 1 jl
n student, a certain jNetcnayen,- uenevqti
to be at the bottom of the whole, has hitherto
mjt tc TWwiKnrfj Unitfraih lif lout, vear. in
eluded the vigilance of the polioe. , Netcbay-q more incontrovertible language of , statistics,
eff, who; took a prominent part in the dip- Unfavorable lieasons, it is true, have con -tnrbanres
which interrupted the even tenor tributed theh- quota to this deplorable result:
tho spring fled to Switzerland, where be, f erring it mainly tp those habiU of idlenes
becamo. intimate with the Old Guard of V- and intoxication so rife among the emanci
itiuratioii .Jliute. (,Theu,. and .there he patod serfs, and the uninterrupted prevalence
1 'ndnnui tia nlanu. To carrv ont hi wi lit
desifmt, he returned, ft 'abort time ago, to
St. Petersburg, and is believed to have betsn
a Moscow -on the dny w&en ivanov fell, ft
victim to the poniards of ' the mysteiiuu
brotherhood. It was probably he who im-
ported into liussia a seal with the words
"National Tribunal" engraved upon it, and
tLe various proclauatioss wbkb aero nuvi
j in the lodgings of some of the Mostow prison-1
! ers. The conspiracy wears the imal featnres
characteristic of plots in modnrn Muscovy. I
A handful of beardless boys ntukrtako to re
model the world, are unfortunately disturbed
in fheir comprehensive tank by a couple of
polif'ineD. aud, without band raised in
their behalf, bundled oft to a living doAth in
the (Siberian mines. As set forth in the
printed circulars and proclamation found,
their modest object in the present instance
wae to repeal matrimony, property, govern
ment, and the State generally. For the bettor
attainment of this end, those encumbered
with worldly goods and chattels were to be
subjected to a nummary prooss'of expropria- j
tion, while all superior officers must be
knocked on the head, and all literary men who
bay ever defended the existing state of
things effectually silenced by having their
tongues torn out. After this general delinea
tion of their humane designs, the cir
culars specially address the Poles to secure
their co-operation in the sacred work of the
world'a reyival.. The Pole, the circulars toll
us, must be highly praised for hating the
Ilussian Government: but their nliorto.imin
, lies in that they aspire to the re-establishment
m au luueiH'nueiii nauonai repuniic; wnereas
they should be content to recover freedom,
regardless of state, race, and government.
What intelligent being, it is asked, can be
justified in aiming at retting up so antiquated
and obsolete a thing as a state, a central au
thority, and a national polior? Is not the
commune, the free and unYes'tricted commune
of the future, with its perfect equality of
rank, property, and privilege, the only worthy
goal of liberal exertions? In additions to the
circulars inculcating thesa insane doctrines,
others, seized, I believe, at St. Petersburg,
call upon the numerous Dissenters among
the peasantry to rise up against the wicked
Czar, and for Christ's sake to kill the despica
ble tools in his pay. No Ilussian can plot
without the Dissenters being appealed to.
Because these folk write the name of Christ
differently fromthe orthodox Church, and
cross themselves after a fashion of their
own, they are presumed to be ever
ready for revolt. lint these differ
ences without a distinction, which
in the darker ages made people tear each
other to pieces, are powerless now-a-days.
Though they may fan the flames when there
is other fuel 16 kindle a fire, there is too little
combustible element in them to awaken the
spark. A third category of circulars, likewise
brought to light, is peculiar to the present
intrigue, and, indeed, the only feature in it
worthy of special notice. The flying sheets
of . this latter class touch a serious point in
the social condition of the country. To ex
plain their purport it w ill be necessary to take
a slight retrospect. In the memorable statute
of February , 1!) March li), 1861, which an
nounced the manumission of the serfs, it was
enacted that during a period of nine years
after being Ret free the peasantry would not
be permitted to leave the land purchased by
them with the aid of the Government. Being
aware that the ltussian peasant,- although
never anything above a ploughman, liked
nothing so little as his plough, Government
thought it necessary, after the constraint of
landlordism had oeasod, to bind him to the
soil by a general law. Agriculture in a cold
land requires a steady, plodding,' provident
race; but the Ilussian moujik does
not exoel in . these qualities, being a
desultory, clever, and versatile genius
an accomplished , pedlar, but a very
poor agriculturist. As far back as he is
known to history, he has always confined his
rustic labors to the modicum enforoed by
hungor or compulsion. Before he was a serf
he : used to wander about the vast plains of
his country, partly because he has a natural
Eropensity for seeking the unknown, and
oping for the indefinite, rather than making
a modest but accurate calculation for the fu
ture, and partly because he cultivated his
acres' so negligently, and exhausted them so
rapidly, that he was compelled ever to look
out for fresh fields.: So inveterate were these
migratory habits in him that to check them it
became eventually necessary to make him a
slave. As the nobility were presented with
hereditary estates by the Czar, their first en
deavor was to keep the peasantry on their
property, which otherwise would have had no
value whatever. In point of fact, the Ilus
sian word for "serf" originally meant nothing
more terrible than a permanent resident; al
though in the course of time, when the pea
sant had once been chained to the clod
where he was born, and handed over
entirely 4 to the tender mercies of his
master, it naturally came to include the
more abject signification of slave. These
old stories were probably present to the mind
of the Czdr w hen he commanded that the
peasant for nine years after his liberation
should be prohibited from quitting his native
village and settling elsewhere. Though his
nomadic tendencies were supposed to have
been diminished by centuries of involuntary
sedentarineas, it was still deemed advisable to
guard against any nutoward revival of th
old feeling that might be produced by the
first flush of recovered liberty. But worse
was in store than could have been anticipated.
The nine probationary years will expire in a
few weeks, and it is certain they have not
been sufficient to work the desired result.
Throughout tho northern half of the realm.
in which agriculture cannot thrive except by
diligence and forethought, the peasant, in
the interval that has expired since nis emanci
pation, has not learnt to work or to relish tho
work allotted to him in life. Freed fro sx the
daily supervision of his landlord, he has, on
the contrary, contracted such slovenly and
drunken habits that his fields, never in a very
prosperous condition, are now less so than
ever. So low has he fallen as a freoman that it
will be hard to raise him up again. In the cold
climate and on the tingratoiul Hoil of those
northern regions nature is slow in mwnnl tVA
toil, but prompt to revenge the neglect of the
ii unu uarvcnif canned
necessitates the slaughter of part of
stock. A hick of manure is thi
Aiuuuauiuuun. a wau narvest cansHl ninth
the live
quence, and makes the nevk.mn viU utiii
kss. . By this melancholy alternation of cause
and effect things have got to such a pass that
in large tracts throughout the province
alluded to the amount of live stock has' de-
kii uuc-ijuj k iu ono-iniru in com
parison with what it was in the days of serf
dom, the crops experiencing a corresponding'
diminution. - In the best Ilussian essays on
the subject thit, terrible fact is , provod both
py me eviueuue or eyewitnesses and the still
ibut all writers that can be cited acrrea in
. cl the ancient communisuo pnncii)l r,f
Ilussian commune, which wekea all inhabi-
) tants of a village joint proprietors of th
lana. MO permit sucu apuncipie to contii
i after . the lamlloru naa lost tue right to
flog the peasant into inunsiry wan a danger-
own experiment, the injudicionsuess of which
is fully proved ry me issue, it ls.eany to
uudtktiOid that while this pernicious system
exists, and the industrious are made to keep
the idle, and even to pay taxen and rent for
theni. it must be difficult to attain a mode
rat degree of prosperity, even had the Ilus
sian peasant a liking for his trade, and a little
more assiduity and thrift than he at present
shows. With the peasants suffer the landed
proprietors, who in the prevailing apathy find
it no easy matter to hire laborers at the price
they can afford to pay. Unless stimulated
by excessive wages, a peasant, as a ml in
these latter days, works only when driven to
extremity. A more, cheering pppe3t is pre
sented by the southern half of the country,
the excellent soil of which needs no manure,
and the Polish provinces (from Wilna right
south to Volhynia and the Dneiper), which,
by thoir fertility and the personal property
principle, are protected against northern
calamities. It is the embarrassed condition
of the northern peasants, and the confusion
likely to ensue should large numbers avail
themselves of the right of emigration de
volving on them on March iJ, IS 70, that the
third category of the above Inflammatory
circulars evidently counts upon. Their
authors seem to expect that the suffering in
habitants of the north will throng to the
south, and that, to prevent thelepopulation
of one-half of the empire, Government will be
obliged to extend the term of nine years, and
restrain the wanderers by force. Amid the
excitement incident to such a critical junc
ture, the conspirators must have hoped to in
duce the northern peasantry to claim the
lands still in the possession of their former
masters. Based on communism as Russian
peasant life is, the impoverished people were
expected willingly to re-echo such a cry ; while,
as to the raising of it by educated men, it is
certainly an enormity in itself, but not so un
natural, taking all the local circumstances
into consideration. If it is a general principle
that the less liberal the constitution in a
country, the more extreme the radicalism it
produces, the Ilussian "Nihilist" is naturally
tempted to surpass his more westerly fellow
agitators in extravagant ideas. In an age
which produces socialists even in London,
Paris, and Berlin, the Ilussian enthusiast is
liable to develop the worst phase of the disease
at St. Petersburg; and how immensely must
the intellectual disorder be aggravated in his
case by seeing peasant communism all around
him. and the wholesale expropriations of the
nobility undertaken for political purposes in
the Polish provinces of the realm. However,
if the malady assumes an acute character in
liussia, it is confined to a very limited area.
Its victims are only few excitable, ill-advised
young men, the rest of the population quietly
jogging on in their wonted grooves. If the
Government should deem it expedient to
keep the peasantry on their soil beyond the
term of nine years, they have only to issue a
ukase, and it is done. 1 Only should continued
laziness reduce ever increasing numbers to
extreme poverty, a day may dawn when it
will become apparent that education and the
right of property are better safeguards than
the police.
Jawtjabt i, mo.
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81, 1869.... 1960,235-20
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Jobn . "HiMi
WILLIAM U. H1UWB. Ylee-PTeaident.
WnXiAMS L Blamchaju). Beoretary. 1 ii
Incorporated 1HJ6 Charter Perpetnal.
Ko. 810 VAIJiOt btreet, opposite lndeeea4enoe Sonarl
Tbla Company, favorabry known to the oommanitw f0
oer forty yar, ooDtlnnre to inanre aninat low ordana
ue bl "are on Public or Private BullXnnJelthef perma
lietnf JI Or IU f IllU'tre) wuivji west uiturcjL BUM
t.A.Lri.. nrt MrrchBdiM xeneraily, en Uboral u,rT
"Vh-ir t).ulUlW with Urge Borplns la
to otter to tbe lnaored aa nadoubtea Seeaxitf in tbe eaef
afiosa, ... ,, iibo aA r - -
Daniel Rmttb, Jr.. I J?bn Deverenx, t
Alexander Benson, ! Thomas Buutb, .
Isaac liai-.teherat, , ,f yt V1!7i1Lbw'
... , Tbom- iW,,,,, rfUSir Frl
' WM. O. C3BOWKIX. Beoretary. - tHJt
UiticsS.S' corner of KOI RT1J and WATJTTJT Strsot
umctn.f1KK j,,,,, EX()UJMVK ,
CAbli Capital (paid Bp la full)..,..,,..,., $muUUD0
task AeeeU, Jmm. 1, IH70 83-A4,303'X9
F. lUtebford Btanc,
lHalliro r ra'".. .
Jobn M. Atwocd.
enj. T. 1 redick.
J. i.iiaMtoa Fnincsr.
James 1. .UUghora.
v ui. rviianon.
tWle. W barter,
t.eorge a. o
Joim H. Brown. ta4J,8o.I?v4?-
r. nAivfii' w"" "'"", ramiueni.
ALKX W. tVIKTFK. Surelry.
JACOB K. Pti i-rUi, Assistant Eecretary
WKAl lKilS. y. . ,
Tovr omm rutrinnmrr, 1
January 10, lw70.f
rVKl PmpoKfila will be rflvrd enUI I P. M.
on the 1st rtHy of MAHCll, 1870, for furnlnhlnf all
the "8tniH( KnveloiM-a"' and "Newspnfior Wrap
pers" which Oils Department may require during
a iieiimt of four years, oommencing 1st of July,
1810, via.;
No. l. Note sine, x. by 4X luchea, of white
No. J. Ordinary letter si, II US by B'i
Inches, of white, bnff, catisry, or creain
coiored paper, or in such proportion of either aa
tuny be reitilied.
No. a. Fun imtter slate (nnrnmmert en fWrp, for
elrotilars). 8 V by 6i iiw 1ms, of tbe am colors M
No. S, and under a like condition as to tho propor
tion of each.
No. 4. Full letter sire, ay by Vf tnrhaf 'Of same
colors as No. 9, ami under a like eotxliVKiu as to the
proportion of each.
No. 5. Extra letter Rise (ungnrnmed on Cap, for
clrcnlnra), 8)tf by 6!h Inches, of Mune colors na No.
i, and under a like condition aa to the proportion of
No. .. Extra letter sir.e, 1 by 6.V Inches, of same
colors as No. and nudcr a fUte condition as to llio
proportion of each. -
No. 7. onic.lal fclr.e, 1 bv inches, of same
colors as No. 9, and under a like conojtlon as to tho
proportion of each.
No. ;8. Extra official klEe, 4,' by Inrhits, of
same colors as No. 9, and under a like conilltlon as
to the proportion of each.
f tiy 9)rf luclics, of bull or manllla paper.
All the above envelopes and wiHpiwrs to be em
boosed with postsau stumps of such denominations,
Styles, and colors, and to bear snch printing on tno
fnce, and to be made In the most thorough manner,
of psner of approved nnsllty, mantifa!tnred specially
for the purpose, with such water marks or other do
vlces to prevent Imitation as tbe Pogtmstttor-Uenoral
may direct.
The envelopes to be thoronghly and perfectly
rnmmed, the gumming on the nap of each (except
for circulars) to be put on not Iohh than half an inch
in width the entire length. The wrappers to lie
gummed not less than three-fourths of aa Inch In
width scroM the end.
All envelopes and wrappers must be banded In
parcels of twenty-five, . and packed In strong
pasteboard or straw boxes, each to contain not lex
than two hundred and urty of the letter or extra
letter size, aud one hundred each of tho otll
cial or extra oftlcisl slw, separately. The news
paper wrappers to be packed In boxes to contain
not less than two hundred and fury each. The
boxes are to be wrsppinl and scaled, or securely
fastened In strong manllla paper, so aa to safely
bear trauHpoitation by mall for delivery to
fxMtmastei-H. When two thousand or more envel
opes are required to fill tho order of a pout master,
tbe straw or pastebotird boxes containing uie
same mnst be packed In strong wooibm cases,
well strapped with hoop-Iron, and addressed;
but when less than two thousand are required,
proper labels of direction, to lie furnished bv an
agent of the Department, nnwt he placed upon each
package by tno couinu-.tor. wooden oases, oou
tattling envelopes or wrappers to be transported
by water routes, mum bo provided with suitable
water-prootlng. The whole to be done under
the inspection and direction of an agent of the
The envelopes and wrappers mnst be furnished
and delivered with all reasonable deHpatch, complete
in all respects, ready for uso. and In such nuautitlea
ss may be required to All tbe daily orders of post
masters; the deliveries to bo made either at the Post
Office Department, WaHhtngton, D. C. or at the
office of an agent duly authorized to Inspect and re
ceive the same: the place ef delivery to be at the
option of the PoHtmaKter-Oencral, and the cost of
delivering as well sb all expense of packing, ad
dressing, laiiellng, and water-proofing, to be paid by
toe contractor.
Bidders are notified that the Department will re
quire, as a condition oi the contract .that tho en
vt-lopes and wrappers shall be manufactured and
stored In such manner as to ensure security against
loss by fire or theft. The manufactory must at all
times be subject to the inspection of an agsnt of the
Department, wno win require the stipulations of the
contract to be faithfully observed.
Tbe dies for embossing the postage scamps on the
envelopes and wrappers are to be executed to the
satisfaction of the Postmaster-General, In the best
styie. anu tney are to oe provided, renewed, and
kept In order at the expense of the contractor. The
department reserves the right of requiring new dies
for any stamps, or denominations of stamps not now
nsed, and any changes of dies or colon shall be
made without extra charge.
Specimens or the stamped envelopes and wrap
pers now In use may be seen at any of the principal
post offices, but these specimens are not to be re
garded as the style and quality axed by the depart
ment as a standard for the new contract; bidders
are therefore invited to submit samples of other
and different qualities and styles, Including the
paper proposed aa well as the manufactured en
velopes, wrappers, and boxes, and make their bids
The contract will be awarded to the bidder whose
proposal, although It be not the lowest, la con
sidered most advantageous to the Department,
taking Into account the prices, quality of the sam
ples, workmanship, and the sufficiency and
ability of the bidder to manufacture and deliver the
'envelopes and wrappers in accordance with the
terms of this advertisement : and no proposal will
be considered anless accompanied by a sufficient
and satisfactory guarantee. The Postmaster-tiene-ral
also reserves the right to reject any and all bids,
If in bis Judgment the interests of the Government
require Ik
Before closing a contract the successful bidder
may be required to prepare new dies, and submit
Impressions thereof. 1Kb frb of thi pkbsent Diva
Bonds, with approved and sufficient sureties, hi
the sum or fjoo.ooo, will be required for the faithful
performance or the contract, as required by the
seventeenth section of the act of Congress, approved
the 16th of August, lota, and payments under said
contract will be made quarterly, after proper ad
justment of accounts. '
.. The Postmaster-General reserves to himself the
right to annul the contract whenever the same, or
any part thereof, is offered for sale for tho purpose
of speculation; and under no circumstances will a
transfer oi the contract be allowed or sanctioned
to any party who shall be. in the opinion of the
Postmasier-Oeneral, less able to fulfill the condi
tions thereof than the original contractor. The
rlcht Is also reserved to annul the contract for a
failure to perform faithfully any ef Its stipulations. 1
The number of envelopes of different sizes, and of .
wrappers issued to postmasters aunng tne nscai year '
ended June 30, 1869, was as follows, via. :
No, 1. Note size 1,114,000. '
No. Ordinary letter size; (not heretofore
No. t. Full letter size, (ungnmmed, for circulars)
4,160,000. ,
No. 4. Full letter slee 87,867,600.
No. b. Ex U a letter size, (ungummcd, for circulars,'
No. & Extra letter size 4,204,500.
No. 7. Official size 004,660.
No. 8. Bxtia official size 1700,
, W rappers a,W)o,96u.. .
BMs should be securely enveloped and sealed,
marked "Proposals for Stamped Envelopes and
Wrappers," and addressed to tne Third Assistant
Postmaster-General, Post Office Depatluent, Wash
lngtou, IX C j ORESWKLL,
1 11 eodtMl Postmaster General. ;
COMMIbSION. So. SI & FIFTH Btreefc ;
Philadelphia, Jan. 17, 1870.
Bealcd Proposals for erecting a bridre over tbe river
Schuylkill at bomb street will be received at the otttoe of i
tbe nimission, in tbe Department of surveys, No. 214;
B. HUH Btieet, until 11 o'elotk at. of the F1K.ST DAY'
OF MARCH, mil, IJor the coutrnctin of a wroujtQW
iron drawbridge, witn Mnrphy'a modiUcation of the Pratt,
trass. To have oaat-iion piers in river,and stone abt-f
mente, with approaches of reUinlna- walla; arches ofl
brisk, and iron I girders, as described In the soeoifloaJ
tion. Tbe entire leairtb U strnotoro to be 8419 foetj
tbe trans spans to be Ika feet each, with pivot draw, giving
an opening of Tt feet oat each aide. ,
Tbe proposal to be for an aggregate bid, to be ac
companied by a bond with two approved sureties to an
amount of SoO.WJO. Fifteen Per cent, to be retained aa
the work proeeeda, until tbe same. Inclusive of the
DM1,000 noted in bond, shall amount to fifteen pee,
OVUH. P. w.".". piv,, MHI HUllill UW VU1I.U,
mates wiu do paia in inu.
Plans mar be seen and specifications obtained
the otboe of the Commission on and after the aVth ii
Ui In.
. MnaKN a. iiROPRinr.
laottunt " rresidentof tne Commission.
B K K 10 a 4 BOM
t Ha 430 WASHINGTON AVKNI7K, Philadelphia.
Reiulated by the Governor.,
Patented Jane, 1868. -
For Cotton or Woolen Manafaotnrera, 1 )0 mwt
a. vaIkea siwuik. wTxjjAaf B. ansjuca.
h ii u w .i . , i. ininr in iii'ii tiiund
rniLAPKl.i Hli, Jan. 17, 1HT0.
fiKAI.f.n PltfimSAIJ will be r.Hi-lTe.1 for the
following work snd msteriiils required In the execu
tion of the WALNUT Street portion of the PUBLIO
BUI.D1MJH, to wltt 1
rorsll the excavations, Including the trenohew
for the fotinital tina I'ha tir'eM til friA atarMl iu.
cubic yaro, which is to cover all digging, hauling
way vhh surplus eartn, snd cutting down and r-
mOVUIfi? Whatever trsviu mua fiina In IIia wa AT 1 1.-
excavatlons, without e!ra meaeurcmcnt orailow-
For taking down thn terrarut vatt etMntn thai
bricks, and piling them tip adjacent to th building",
wamguuwn tun iron railings, me gat piers, the
coping of tlio wall and tho Blcns. and .unnn.tin
them on the grounds, aud removing all the rubbish
"" 'ii iy tno iwiift, 'l nn price for this poitkiu
of tho work to be stated fit pro.
For concreting the entire foundation of the build
ings with small broken atone, and cement, mortar,
and grout- In conformity with tho anei'in.-etmn.
Tie depth of the coDiTt-te to lie (Hr fret, and the
mivru uiuiensicns to conform to the plans. Tbsx
price to be noted per cubic foot, aud to include aa
materials ami labor. .
For furnishing and delivering large-size, bultillng'
stone, the price to lie kt uteri per perch of tt culm;
fect, measured In the walls. Also, for Select build
Ing stone, averaging 8 by b feet, anil Ir.nu 11 w ia
Inches thick ; Hie price fur the same to be maunl pur
cubic foot, d llvered on the ground. . ,
For building all the cellar walls, aud the outside
walls of the basement story, as high as the level
line of the pavement, according to tho nians and
specifications. The prico to bo stated pr perch on
Sii cubic feet, laid in the walls, without extra mea
surement, and to Include all labor and ail material
except stone.
The contract or contract will be awarded to the"
best and tbe lowest, bidder or bidden, who will be
required to give approved security for tho faithful
performance of the same. -.
The plans and specifications may be seen at the
office of the Architect, Mr. JOHN McAKTUUK, Jr..
No. MB S. SIXTH Street.
The proposals to be sealed and endorsed 'Tro
posals for Public Bolldliigs," and addressed t
JAMES V. WATSON, Chairman of tho Committee
on Contracts, and to lie left at the office of the Corai
mlssloncn of Public Buildings, in the new Court
House, SIXTH Street, below Chesnttt, on the 14th
day of February next ensuing, between the hours of
11 and 13 o'clock A. M., at which time the bide will
be openen, in the presence of inch bidders aa may
wish to attend. ,
By order of the Committee on Contracts.
liawfmllt 11. C. rUGH, Secretary.
Wahhimiton, 1). C, Feb. 7, 1870. f '
Mill be offered at publio sale, In this city, at
Judiciary Square Depot, K street, between Fourth
and Fifth, on TUESDAY, the bth day of March,
1S70, at 10 A. M., a large quantity or Hospital Proper
ty which has been in use, embracing surgical and
dental Instruments, bedding and clothing, iron bed
steads, stoves, chairs, tables, nre hose, cooking
utensils, dnrms, old band Instruments, wooden and
leather buckets, medicine and mess chests, tin cups,
desks, brooms, scales ami weights, deir plates, books,
clocks, coffee boilers, iron bars aud Inch water pipe,
etc., etc Also, a considerable quantity and variety
of medicines, In fair order; hospital stores, beef ex
tract, etc, etc. Also, two covered wagons, new an!
in snperior order.
Terms cnsiu A deposit at time of sale will be re
quired. All goods purchased must be removed
within four (4) days, after which date no responsi
bility for them will be assumed at this office.
Catalogues ready by the 1st of March.
Assistant Medical Purveyor, Brevet Colonel 17. 8.
Army. 8 7t
Successors to JAMES A LEE,
Tio, II Worth NUCOINl) Street,
Sign of the Golden Lamb, 1 " 1 '
Are now closing out their entire stock of
"W inter Good n,
INGS, etc, of the best makes and finest texture,,
which they are selling far below Importers' prices,
preparatory to the reception of their SPRING STOCK
OF GOODS. 3 us mws ,
TO TUB WORKINO OLASH.-We are now pre
pared to furnish all classes with constant employ
nient at home, tbe whole of the time or for she spare
moments, business new, light, and profitable. Persona
of either sex easily earn from 6Ue. to ti per evening-, and a
proportional snm by devoting their whole time to tbe
bntiinesa. Boys and gir a earn nearly aa much as men.
That, all wbo see this notice may send tbnlr address, and
test tbe business, we mske this unparalleled offer; To
snch aa are not well satisfied, we will aend 41 to pay for
the trouble of writing. Full particulars, a valuable sam
ple, wbich will do to commence work on, and a eery of
The Profile' Llttnrwy Companion one of tbe largest and
best family newspapers poblixhed eJl sent free by mail.
Header, if voti want permanent, prohtable work, address
K. ) ALLKN CO.. Augusta. Maine, ire to
A New Oonrae of Lectures, as delivered at the Hew
York llnsenm of Anstumy, embracing tbe enbieote-
How to live, and What to Live fori Youth, Maturity, aa4
Old Age; Manhood uenfoailly Reviewed i The Cause ot
Indigestion ; Flatulence ana Nervous Diseases Aeooonted
For; Marriage Philosophically Considered, ete. eta.
Pocket volumes coutstning these Leoturee will be for.
warded, post paid, on receipt of it cents, by addressing W.
A.LKAHY, Ja.,8. K. corner a VlM'fh sad WALNUT
Btreete. PhiladelDnia. laV
rp H
. roK tux iali or
T 8
' NO. 804 aiESNTJT STREET. ' '
(Two doors oelovr Chesnut street), ; :'
. E STABLI8HED 1 .' -;' '
The sale of Revenue Stamps is still contluned af
tho Old-Establlshed Agcnclce. ' ' ,
The stock eomptisei every denomination printed
by the Government, and having at ail times a large
anpply, we are enabled to All and forward (by Mall
or Express) all orders, ImmoUuttclj upon receipt, a
matter of great Importance ''
Tnited States Notes, National Bank Notes, Trrarts
on Philadelphia, and Post Oinoe Orders received la
payment. " '. i
' Any information regarding the decisions ! of tbe
Commissioner of Internal Revenue cheerfully ami
gratuitously furnished, r . , (
. .Revenue Stamps printed apon Drafts, Cbecl
Receipts, etc , -
The following rates of commliurion are allowed '
Rtambs and SUtmned PuDer: t '
On I'iS and upwards. . . .
.1 per
loo " a j
.iWri " .............vv 4i . f
Address all orders, etc., to
J. w'm a urw
1? A H TO IV
ITf c OT A II O X,
A-J shmkh a urn vunvtnsior MMHCBAjfrs,
Wo. II. I'll'" l ies BLir, new ror.
i No. IN r4UTH WHARVK8, Philadelphia,
Mo. 46 W. PKATT Street, Baltimore,
We are prepared to ship every description of Freight to
Philadelphia, New Yoik, Wilmington, and intermediate
1 1 mis with promptnens and despatch. Canal Duals and
t tsani tugs luriualied at the simrtsst ootive. t

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