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VOL. XIV NO. 91.
King V.'illiam and Hie Pope
.The, "Eed 7 Republicans.
Inside View of
the "Duke 4de Gramoni's" Escape.
Last, Hours of Gen. Lee.
The Mew Republican Movement A Smoulder-
' t ' ' ."( ) r T I
'ALyons oorreBpondeotof the Indepen&anct Beige
After the stormy days of the past week or two, the
f cltv has assumed ft comDarattvelv caVm asoocL The
body which stjled Itself the Commune of Lyons, and.
wnicn createa bo btom ainrru ana oausea aa exwn
Blve emigration,- naa yielded Its authority to the
elected municipal 'commission. That has been a
i ' triumph of tin I vernal suffrage. But we must not in
dulge In Illusions. The commune of Lyons was coin-'
. , posed ptmen. who are Soclallata rather, than poll-
1 ticlans, and who have but small respect for the
decisions of universal snffrage, which ;they
regard -8a T liable i to - be affected by
ignorance and Btupldtty. 'Thev yield,
, in the mat instance, in order not to excite public
opinion against them. And afterwards they con
spire. These sectarians have great influence over a
portion of the Lyonette population. You have heard
of those Jansenmt families whose faith in Port Royal
has survived alike time and revolution, and which
have been -for along period settled round the old
Uhutch of 8L Severin in Parts. There they formed
a community which cherishes the treasures of their
faith, and worship God according to the niceties of
a cob science remilated nv the formulae of Pascal and
, the great Arnauld. The Croix Kuusse la the 8U 8eve-
elsewhere fortrotten sects there find an asylum, dis
ciples, and resources. Specimens of all schools are to
Vv IUUUU li;i0 ' kvoiioub, fiiuiuoiisow, cauwioii
Communists all have there their professors and
adenta. .Fire was smouldering beneath the ashes.
when suddenly there came the news of the dittas
. trons capitulation at Bedan. The excitement was
Immense. The Lyonese Boclallsts lost no time. They
installed themselves in the Hotel de Ville under the
banneT of the republics. The red flag was hoisted.
and you know the rest The leaders of this move
ment, who believed that from fear or approval they
would be allowed a free course at the elections, were
astonished at the result or the polling for the mu
nicipal offices, which showed a maiorlty in favor
of the moderate Republicans which l not likely to
be diminished, fttlll they do not appear to
have abandoned all hone of aaraln selzinir their nrev.
and anxiety is again felt lest further troubles should
ensue. Thev seek to excite dlstrUBt In the Impres
sionable mlsds of these (southern people. The last
act of moderation is stigmatized by them as an:. at
tempt against the republic, for which they really
rare but little. They have in that manner denounced
the liberation of the former civic and political func
tionaries who bad been imprisoned, and who, accord-
ins to these entnusiasts, ougnt to nave oeen piaceo
upon their trial simply because they had been publlo
functionaries, cjucd, at least, was tne repiy maae oy
a member of the commune to Questions addressed
to him by the Committee of Inquiry appointed
by the new Municipal Council. At the present time
a fresh excitement has arisen at tne croix Keusse.
M. Andrieux of the Republic, who not long ago was
the idol and oracle of these people, has vainly en
deavored to induce them to listen to the voice of
reason. He was at one time himself actually placed
under arrest oy a violent moo, ana it was not with
out dlfllculty that he regained his liberty. All these
facts have irritated the armed bourgeoisie, and the
city is divided, as it were, into two camps. It the
Prefect fails to display energy a collision is possible
at any moment, and such a spectacle, always de
plorable, would be especially disastrous at a moment
when a portion of France is held by an invading
A Ball.a Letter from Paris.
The New York World to-dav has the folio win?:
We received by yesterday's mall a balloon Tetter.
directed "by way of England," from Parts, and post
marked, alter tue regular iasnion oi orainary posts,
on tne X4tn or September, wnicn is not oniy curious
In itself, but full of details of interest. The writer Is
a gentleman very well known In the best New York
circles :
Pabis, Sept. 17. I have been quietly Informed that a
balloon will b tent forth shortly, and that a letter from
.: m. might find a tm little place witbin the mail packages
it L intended to take. Thi. being the oaae, I take the
chance for a few hnee. We are abaolutelj shut ap tie re
from the rest of the world more abaolutelv b far than
Pekin in peace or Richmond in the late war; and it La
marvellona feeling to have of all place in the world in
Mr ana.
a ha aDDearanoe of the cit within baa reallr not altered
much. Everybody belong, to the National Uaard, and
goea about every few daya to ipend twenty-tonr hour, on
the ramparts.
trie, i ne atreeie are nuea
nth ioun aoldiera
drilung, woo snow great .pint ana tne nigneBt intern-
genoe. I aasure ion that aa yet I nave seen no sign at all
of "caving in." The entire population is determined to
tight thi. thing out on this line "if it takes all winter."
Paris will resist now a. she has so often before to the
bitter end. 1 honestly believe the eoule will ale at their
doors and aee the city beaten down street by street
before they will consent to the outrageous terms
asked b Count voa Bismarck. Germany secured, as she
. thcniht, her unity on the Rnine. Let her bewaro that
he do not Una her destruction on tne Heine. Tue f renoh
! of 187t' are the Frenoo of 1770 and lt7o and 1570. Tbey
have nothing now to lose, and everything to win. The
Germars by marching on Paris pnt in peril all they had
wonatnedan. No revelation within the walla is to be
.... feared while the Prussians besiege the city. Is it not a
beantuul comment unon tne boasted eduoattonand cm
ligation, of Germany that steps are now taking to aeour
the artistio treasures of the Laoavreand of the peerleta
National Library from pillage and contlagrationf And by
whom? By an army of Arabs? or of Turks or of Chinese?
No. By anrarmi o!
of philosophy! Ravages in spectacle, barbarian book'
What exasperates thinking men most here is the ab
tardily of the position. People who talk of the "bottom
having fallen out" talk simple trash. France has more
men and more money lait than Germanyever had for ftght
' log purpoaee ; and alio la thus prseied simply because she
has not been able to get breathing time. 1 think Troobn
means she shall have it. He regards Pari, as a "nation
I preparing for the relief of France,'! and will move only
when be baa got his troops ready to move. Meanwhile the
artillery of the city Is assuredly heavier and more for.
miri&hla than that nf the baaiea'ara.
Wi are about Sfrl Americana here, who ' mean to "aee
thia thing out." More of na have stayed at Paris than of
all otiior nation, pnt together. 1 aaw Mr. uorbin fester
nay walking quietly on the Boulevards, To great George
. banders and a eaque of his mends are Here alias grand
and aa thiratv aa uauaL
Onetbing is carious. Although there is fighting every
day, one never sees any signs of it in the heart of the city.
The other d.y they tired a&.UUO shot from heavy ordnano
in a few hour, aud 1. near toe Madeleine, beard not oael
Yet the battle waa raging at a distance from me about
enual la that from Madiann tMoare to Harlem Bridve.
Th PruKsian. may get n, bat it will be long before they
do, and their whistle will ooat more than it will come to,
believe me! Oome what may, I will atick to it till the
roof comes in on my head! Washburne haa made himself
and Amanoa immensely ana aeeervedly popular here.
The Escape f a Fnaittve Imperialist
, The story of the Due de Gramont's escape from
France alter the disastrous collapse at Bectan, is so
full of romance as to make us feel doubtful
whether we are really living in the matter-of fact
nineteenth century. It la, at all events, says the
London Ulobt, worthy of being preserved, aud we
' present our readers with the following facts, which
we nave good, reason to believe to be perfectly cot
rect: The Cue de Gramont. aa Minister for Foreiirn
Affairs, naturally heard of the Emperor's surrender
a uay oeiore toe news was published, in parts, tie
aaw at ouce that flight was necessary, aa the wrath
of the mob was sure to be turned against the Mints-
i-i ' try. w nit s was responsive ior tue war. lie accord
ingly went to his banker's to provide himself with.
monev ana various aecuruiea. out was informed
that the partner who had charge of his affairs was
in the country, whither the Duo pursued him. The
banner was found engaged In burying his property
in bis garden, but returned to Paris aud delivered
ud to the Due de Gramont the papers and money
. . , which were required. On the next day the bad news
was published, anti the Minister fled- lie sent off a
servant in his carriage openly, and escaped himself
by a private door. The mob pursued the carriage,
I . . a, a ...... ua V A ba Ann In it ti a tViasi avantAil
VUI Ui uuuiwv ivauv uvvuviu ittaiv aucj waauvwas
aud the Duo got safely to Calais. On his arrival
mf1 there, however, a Uew cause for alarm arose. It was
gieccHBttlJ IUI lliui iiuuuu III jhsvi, uviuig
be could leave the country, aad it was evident that
'I - J tn this way bis identity would be disoovered, and he
f blmnelf. a set rniwl only to proha'il. wmilf be sr
. lttua kiiU aout ljA-k. Ui i'aJli, lickcf K quii. Untiaiu.
The risk, however, bad to be encountered, aud be
aiwwta hi paaapurt to the proper efflQtiX, IAX wA
much to bis relief, suffered to ro on board the Eng.
Huh steamer without remark, tie at once went to
the cabin, and. the better to escape notice, pretender!
to be very I1L la a few minutes, however, he felt
an ominous tap on the shoulder, and looked arouid
expecting to find himself a prisoner. He saw only
the passport officer, who said to him, "When Ton
were Id office you gave my bod an appointment. .10
retain for that I have to-day let you pass, anil tbereb
Id all probability Bared yonr life." The officer went
his way, and the Duo de Gramont got safely to
uover. .
I r. t
Florent CorrenpondenM London Daily AinM, Sept. 89.
The Pope amnses himself by watching, himself un
seen, through a little window of St. Peter's in the
Vatican, the Italian soldiers who visit the Oreat
Temple with much devotion, and, passing before
tne statue oi est. v eter, oow ana kiss its toe ana raaice
the sign ol the cross. On the evening of the
Stith he sold to Cardinal Patrlzl, "Does, your
Eminence know that these Italian soldiers seem
much better Christians thsn those who were in my
service a week ago? Good fellows 1 Good fellows I1'
A few days since two Italian officers of artillery en-
terea tne v aucan to visit tue museum, ana on enter
ing ascended by mistake the grand staircase to the
right instead or tne one in iront me genaarmee
and halberdiers made way for them with every
sign of respect. In the same respectful manner
they were saiutea Dy prelates ana aones. massing
from hall to hall, they arrived at a spot where
were dignitaries of the highest rank, cardinals,
bishops, etc., in great numbers, one of whom
asked what they, desired. "To visit the museum,"
answered tne omcers. "xou nave mistaken your
way," said Cardinal Pacca: "these are the apart
ments of bis Holiness, and this is his ante-chamber."
Pius IX, at the unexpected clank of sabres, putting
bis head at the crack or the door, saw the officers
bowinsr themselves out backward with all manner
of reverences before the clerical dignitaries. Upon
being told the cause of their appearance, he ex
claimed, opening the door, "Fine fellows! brave
youths!" Pius IX, who was himself aa officer of
hussars In his youth,' is decidedly pleased by the
Italian soldiers. These are trifles which I tell yon,
but they may have more Influence than any one
Imagines upon the moriu Vivendi.
Bcarceiy naa tne rope received notice oi tne
Italian expedition against Rome when he asked aid
from the King of Prussia, who answered him under
date of Septembers, as follows: . j .
Bbixmh, Bept 8, 1670. Moat Holy Father: Monsignor
the Bishop oi Paderoorn haa presented to me the letter
in wmcn your nonneea iniorma me uh too oave reason
to believe m. Majesty tne King oi itaiy may pernap. aena
an aim into the Pontifical State, and into Rome itnelf.
Your Holine. reqnects me to hinder the King of Italv
a the exacntioa of the nroieck, and ask. also for an
armed intervention of my troops in case your Holiness
ihouid have need of protection. I regret that the policy
always adopted by myself and my Government prevents
me absolutely from intervention in any snoh question. I
am. beside, on t he best terms with my brother the King of
Italy, and I eonld not imperil toe relations which exist
ketween Germany and Italy for a political interest whioh
t etween uermany ana itai
does not in am way .as your
ly .as your no
oliness seems to think, touolj
upon ID, inifOTiraija ui ' i una.., . u.o uu uvuww, wwuo,
that b'. Majesty the King of Italy end bis Government, if
on tne interests or rrussia.
s of Prus
they should be forced to enter the States of your Holiness
in order to avert the ezoeese o the revolutionary party
in Knrope, would give yonr Holme every guarantee
which can assure the free exercise ot that spiritual autao
rity whioh your Holiness ought to exert in the interest of
the Church of whioh yon are the acknowledged head.
with the most earnest centre t oat peace- ana order may
ha .faortl re-established in all Darts of Karoo. I bear
your Holmes to believe m yonr sincere ln jjjj
Ills Last Hanrs-Maaralaa far kla Death.
The announcement of the death of Gen Robert
E. Lee was received with regret throughout the
country, and our exchanges generally from the
Rorw, as wen aa tue noutp, wituuut aiauuction oi
party, have kindly articles, In which much Is said of
the purity rnd dignity of bis character. The Virginia
papers are an in mourning, ana tney out represent
tue ieeuug OI giouui turuuguuui mo oiavc
A telesrram from Lexington. Va., says: This
community was Dlunirei into profound sorrow noon
the announcement of the death of General Lee. He
had been almost entirely unconscious since Monday
night last, and expired very peacefully ana quietly
atttv o'clock Weonesday morning. He was first
taken sick on weanesaav eveniuK. oepiemoer .
while Just about to sit down to tea, when he sud
denly sana in ms cnair inBensioie. a reaction soon
took rlaoe. and in the course of the next ten days he
steadily improved, until it was hoped he was out of
danirer. out on Monday evening iasi ne Decame sua.
denly and rapidly worse, and continued to sink until
Wednesday morning. During the early part of his
sickness he Blent much and spoke but little, but was
rational when awake, and always recognized these
who approached mm.
At times his mind seemed to wander, and on seve
ral occasions reverted to the army. He once ordered
his tent to- be struck, and at another time aesirea
that "Hill" Bhonld be sent for. He suffered compa
ratively little Dain during bis whole sickness, and
died without a struggle, lie will be burled on Sa
turday, October IS, at IS o'clock.
The place selected for his interment Is a vault be
neath the college chapel, which stands in the midst
of the colleze irronndB. This was the first bulldlnir
ne naa e ret tea alter nis removal to Lexington, nav
lng declared that it was proper the first thing the
college did should be to dedicate a house to the ser
vices oi religion, xne corpse was removed irom
bis residence to the chapel, where it will lay in state
until middav on Saturday. The faculty of Washing
ton College, the faculty of the Virginia Military In
stitute and the students of Washington College held
meetings and passed appropriate resolutions of con
dolence ana respect to tne memory oi tne illustrious
Gmd In Ohla-Larky Fta4 af m Uetaraed
The Mahoning Rtaititer of last week says :
"Within the oast week a new discovery has trans
pired, which bids fair to electrify this part of the
btate and add greatly to the fame and wealth of
Northwestern unto, it is notning more nor less man
the discovery of goiu-Dearing Quartz roc at .nel
son's Ledge, near Garrettsvllle, and the leasing of
the surrounding country by a number of Youngs-
town capitalists, wnose lame ana enterprise aioue
give credibility to a report which otherwise might
seem sensational anu gruuuuicBB. iuo usuta,
as reported to us, are as follows: borne
time since a returned Californlan, who
was visiting Nelson's Ledge, noticed - that
the rock in that vicinity bore a treat resemblance to
the goia-oeanng quartz of California, Tiie matter
was communicated to some of our Yonngstown
men of enterprise, and immediately a company, con
stating of Messrs. Thomas Btruthara, John Btam
bsugh, Charles D. Arms, Jacob Htambaugh. John
Tod, and Ivan Morris leased all the land in that
vicinity, i hey now noia leases oitneiana aroana
and including the ledge to the extent of twenty-five
hundred acres. A specimen' or rock has been sent
to the Assay Office at New York, and the -assay
which has been receivea Shows a yieia or i-ia per
ton, which can be made a .profitable yield in
this country. The assay is in this city, and
do slight sensation has been aroused over the dis
covery of this new mineral wealth la our vicinity.
What deerree or reliance may do piavea upon tue
new enterprise or the average richness of the rock
Is as yet absolutely beyond conjecture. The gold
bearing ouartz 1. as every one knows, among the
lowest strata, and to flnu it there indicates a freak of
nature which precludes all reliable tabulation as to
the results. One thing is certain, that the gentle
men who have charge of the matter are able to test
It thoroughly, and if they find success tbey will rv
oeiv thtt hearty congratulations .01 all wno naow
them." .
LuaAL irjypititXQiiricii.
Habeas Carpns Case.
Court ef Quarter Bsio Judge AUiean.
In the case of Dr. O. D. Held a hearing was had
this morning. In regard to the unlawful operation
upon the gui Mary McKean, the prisoner was re
manded for trial ; aua in regara to tne gin wno aiea.
the matter la postponed until Monday, the District
Attorney desiring to look over the Coroner's notes
in nrder to sure noon the amount of balL'a . '
A hearing was also bad in the case of Horace
Gaw, charged with a breach of the peace. Several
policemen oi tne oecouu aistrict sniu iiutv un mo
iiiaht of the election. Mr. Gaw. who is a court clerk
of the Common Pleas, came to the station house
with a writ of habeas corpus for several parties
who were confined there, aud after having read It
to one of the officers was told that there was no
body in charge. Then be was put out, and the
crowd standing in the street lecauie violent, An
officer then ventured out and arrested air. Gaw and
locked him up. None of them saw him eomtult ad
act of violence, or heard hlrn make an ouUwful
thri'st. The lnilue postponed thi branch of the
u.ur uiiiii iuotiUHV wheu he win uenr auitarite
of conu-mpt against the officers and then aeieriuJuia
ifctgj aji togeuttl.
The Death of Gen. lee
The Pancra! To-day.
I ....... , "v ,
Fuller Election Returns.1
The Death ( Oeaerai Lea.
Goldsboro, N, c., Oct.' 15. The death of
General Lee has produced a most profound sen
sation in this community. The stores, hotels,
and other buildings are appropriately 'draped,
and will close from 13 nntil 3 o'clock. AU
classes and parties join in paying honors to the
Tba Kvent la Rnlelah. -
Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 15. The announcement
of General Lee's death plunged this community
into the deepest gloom. The soldiers of the
late Rebel army, without any understanding,
appeared on the streets wearing crape. '
Yesterday a meeting of citizens was held, In
which a large number of ladles participated.
Resolutions appropriate to the occasion were
adopted and a committee appointed to arrange
for future memorial services.
Judge Watts yesterday adjourned the Superior,
Court in respect to the memory of General Lee..
A Whl Ashare.
Norfolk, Va., Oct. 15. The British ship
Chevy Chase, from Liverpool for Baltimore, is,
aehore on Cape Henry, not the American, as
reported yesterday.
Nashville Knees.
Nashtillb, Oct.' 15. Yesterday was the
fourth dav of the Blood Horse Association races.
The first race was for the association purse of
(500 for all ages, three miles. It was won by
Morgan Scout, beating Irene Sheppard. Time,
The second race was for the association purge.
of f 500 for all ages, mile heats, the best three
in five. . The following was the summary:
St. Leger Ill
Carlotta 8
Village Blacksmith. 2
Beulaft 0
Bijou 4
Bailie Hunt. i........ 5
5 5 distanced.'
Regent and Cheatham's b. f.
by Brown Dick
were both
distanced. Time, 1-40, and
I.ee Memorial Meetlas; In St. Lionla,
of General Robert E. Lee was held last night. A
committee was appointed to arrange demoastra-
tlons of sorrow, several eulogies were spoken.
ine meeting acnournea until to-nigat. Kelt
gious services will be held at St. George's
(jnurcn this afternoon.
The Democrats of the Sixth district have
nominated A. Comings for Congress. -
Murder Trial.
Mansfield, Oct. 15. The trial of 'William
Ga?e for murder, in tbrowiner a train oS the
ti ac k of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago
H nil road, near Lucas, imo, in May last, Killing
an unknown man ana wounding two or
three other persons. -. was concluded
in the Richland Court of Common
Pleas last night, and this morning the jury re
turned a verdict of guilty of murder in the
second degiee. Gage will be sentenced to the
Penitentiary for life. John Sugden, his partner
in tne crime, turned state evidence, and will
be tried on Monday, lie will probably plead
guniy oi manslaughter, ana do sent to tne rem-
tentlary lor ten years, i he omcers or the Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Com
pany were untiring in their efforts to bring
these villains to justice, ana their success grati
fies the entire travelling public.
nra in west virciaia.
Cincinnati, Oct. 15. A destructive fire oc
curred at Charleston, West Virginia, on the
river side of Front street, above the steamboat
landing. Property amounting to 5.000; brick
storehouse of r . J. .Harrison, valued, with
stock, tl4,000; D. H. Estell's grocery stock
and building f. . Clark, grocer, 3000:
Brigham Ward, grocery. tSOOO; Mrs. A. L.
Laidley's brick storehouse, 95000, and a number
oi other nouses and contents ot less value
NarthamberlaBd Caaaty Official.
Congress John B. Packer. ReD.. 8602: Scott.
Lem wv4; racker s majority, aus. Legisla
ture D. B. Montgomery, Dem., 8513; Nan bit.
V.n filin. UnntftAmnMi'. mAlWw Qlkll i.aA.
elate Judge Nicely, Rep., 83&; McCormlck,'
Uem., 827U; Nicely s majority, 114. Register
ana Itecoraer Jacob Lelsenrlng, iiem., reiS;
chissler, Kep., B034; Lelsenrlng s majority, 77V.
Covnty Commissioner Hunsecker, Dem.,
Vincent, Rep., 8403; Hunsecker's majority. 19.
Auditor wisely, iem., Booa; Lamo, itep., swv;
tiseiy majority, W4.
Aw A If. r. Emrad.
The elimination of the stringency in the gold loan
maikst baa restored Wall street to it serenity and buoy
aiicv and nndnrad the market strona- and aotive. '
"'1 ne enort to keep np tbe exuavagant rate l or tn na
or oaan goia provea entireij iuiue, as iwuu turuugu tarn
aiasgreement and quarreu oi toe ouQue aa tnrougn tu
natural intluenoes operating against such a stale of af
faire. It eeeins that the leader of a certain pool operating
aa-ainst the stock market waa the instigator ol the aombi-
nalion in tnUold Kooiu.out tn parsons wDoin ne tnauoea
to bear bim oomuany. finding that they were employed
solely to extricate his cheanut from the fire, and doubtr
ina- tbe nonulantjr and auooasaof a movement to advanoa
told in the face of ail the opiosition raised and likely so
ars ised against such a aourse. quietly aold their gold.
"The result baa been the almost entire obliteration of
toe abort interest in the market and a consequent cessa
tion ot tue demano. ior oaan goia, as suown in tne loaning
rate to-day, which, after opening at Mia. per oeut., declined
to hat, and then passed over to V per oent. for carrying.,
'i'ha nrioa of aold hkewis fell from 113V to 113'.' Ttia ra
maiuing members of the pool endeavored to prevent th
relaxation of the loan market and withdrew a further
aum of about 6U0.UUU in addition to what tbey kept
back yesterday; but despite their effort and th con
traction of the cash gold in the market m toy bolder
of gold were under the necessity of paying to hav
their balance carried over. The aentiment of th com
munity i in harmony with th hnanoial tendeuoy of
speuis payment. There i hardly a merchant, ven among
the exiMirters, who does not favor a steady gravitation of
gold to par, not that they would not now be the gainere by
an advance, but fey know that an canalization ef coin
and pauer-to be obtained by the steady reduction of the
gold premium is the seltist lodnauon ior tueir business
in the future, liigh gold, tney know, can be but tempo
rary. Tbeyd not wish the unsettling of value arising
from an advance in the premium. 1 country has goue
so near epeoie paymeat tnat tney ureter to aa tke pre-.
niiun raiiioved antirnlv and coubuenoe reatored. The
embanaasoient of European finance . have
given aa an opportnnity of proving our credit i foreign
nark.ita. l-rutiiia haa already fiualed an imnieuse loan
sinus the beginning of the wr, aud out boada i n Lon.lon
sre at tbe highest they have ever been there. Now Prus
sia is about to iasu a new loan. Th treah, competition
will give our credit a still further impetus . for while th
Old World is swelling its debt with every day of the pro
traction of the war the United Ktate i can Willing it
bondsst th rat of $ I J,ou0.0u0 a year. ,
'"I h forviga exchanges wore better under th removal
oi U.c iti.Ji;eucy 'n gel . not H. min 1 for Hitur.l iy'
atoamvr quite active. At tue oluee th rant of c od o
piiiue backeis' sterliac, siAty digi, was lucJa diWia, and
. 7 i i it
J i
The Siege :i! of V; Parisi
if. Mi'
iihe'ueiiian Reserves Advanciig.
" l r-'' .III '
t . i Jf..f
Terribla jtXccident in England.
' iii i rX j ii j. t . ' ii.fi :i r
Men Crushed to1 Death;
Fmrdonpf-tliQ Fenians
i i
i . r.. ; j . Affair at Met. ' !
London, Oct. 15. A deserter from Metz re
ports that bread and salt are entirely exhausted,
though there Is an apparent plenty of other
provisions. '
c i . The Prasslana at Eploal. ., , 1 i
The Germans now in Eplnal number seven
thousand. There are five hundred at Void.:
Ten trains of cars carrying provisions to the
camps before Paris have crossed the Moselle
recently. ' .v. cti.u lIm-v ::. t.i I
Reslstaaeeat-8alasana.il : i i -
' The Prussians occupy the heights at Soissons,
and have fortified them. Tbe town is makine a
gallant resistance. - The Prussians are In force
at Meugn. They , have several batteries of
artillery. " ' ' v , "''
-' The rrnsslaal Reserves
on tne Rhine are moving southward from the
vicinity of Brelsach and Schelestadt. ' "
" Of. Oaanbetta
has Issued a congratulatory proclamation to
tbe people, citing new evidences of courage just
given by the Parisians. They are demanding
every day to be led on a sortie against the
enemy. They have already driven the Prus
sian from Stains, Dagnyt Pierrefltte, Joinvllle,
Bibigeny, Creteuil, Bas-Mendon, and . St.
Cloud. The north of France Is alive since the
Glorlons Affair at tit. Qaeatln.
The formal siege of Soissons and Verdan has
commenced. The fact has already been deve
loped that both fortifications are well supplied
with artillery and experienced gunners.
Uenteaavat-General De Beyre,
Baden Minister of War, has been appointed to
the command of the Baden contingent. The
Prussian earthworks before Fort Mont Valerlen
are irksome to the French garrison, whose fire
is incessant.
The General Bembardment.
The Germacs are generally passive, and will
remain so until all preparations for a general
bombardment are complete. The sorties of the
French at Paris have all been successfully re
SI ege Trains
of. heavy guns have ast arrived before Paris
from Germany.
The Papal Zenaves.
Liverpool, Oct. 15. The steamship India,
of tbe Anchor line, landed two hundred and
ninety Papal Zouaves at this port yesterday.
Tbey were taken on board at Genoa. Most, of
them are Canadians. They will be cared for by
the local committee till Wednesday next, when
they will be sent to their homes. : '
SbeeklnaT Accident.
London, Oct. 15. A dreadful accident oc
enrred at Mitchell's ship-yard, at Newcastle-on
Tyne, yesterday afternoon. ' A large Iron vessel
which was in course of construction suddenly
fell over, crushing several workmen. Six
bodies have been recovered thus far, and six
others are visible but not yet accessible. , Be
sides the killed at least twenty were seriously
Injured. The calamity has created much excite'
ment at Newcastle.
V. B. fleam Frigate Dismasted.
London, Oct. 15. A vessel which arrived
here to-day from .Martinique reports having
passed on the 12th of September an American
steam frigate dismasted.
This rtleralac's Quetatleae.
London, Oct. 15 11-80 A. M. Consols open at
9S3i for money and 92 for account, American
securities quiet and steady. United States five-
twentlesof 1862, 69 of 1865, old, 88 of 18S7, 90;
ten-forties, he. mocks Bteaay. uaie, lis'-f ; Il
linois Central, lit; Atlantlo and Oreat Western, 81.
Liverpool, Oct. 16 1180 A. M Cotton oaens
auu; miaaiing upianas. b',(4iui muiaiing Or
leans, bSfS.Sd. Sales estimated at 10,000 bales.
western lour. 83a
Loudon, Oct. 1511-30 A. M. Tallow firmer. Lin
seed Oil, 28 168.
' f- ' ' I
i BaJtlaaer Predae jRai-keb r '
Baltimokk, Oct. 18. Cotton dull and nominally
15c Hour dull an entirely unchanged. .Wheat
steady and firm; Maryland amber, $1 WHoM-TO; good
to prime, li-o4io; common to tair, sri&ai ss.-
Corn irregular i white, 80o.gil: yellow, 80(S5o.i
Western. 7&(aboo. for mixed and white. Oats. 54
48c live. T2O90C Provisions unchanged la every
respect. vtniSKy ancnaugca at vitgvio.
W ' Vt
The Geercla Httate Fair.
Washington. Oct. is. Owlnir to the lateness of
the season and tbe time required for the preparatioa
of business for Congress, neither tbe President nor
any memtiera of the Cabinet will be able to accept
tne invitation to attena tne ueorgia state t air.
Specie fthlpineaf. - '
New Yobk, Oct. 15 The steamship City pf
London takes to Europe to-day $176,333 In
snecie. mostlv in silver bars. . f
Far den ef the Fen lane.
Rochistkr. Oct. is. United States Marshal
Quinby received this uiornlng Uie pardou papers for
the Keiilan prisoners Starr, Mann, and Tnorapaou,
aud has forwarded them to the agent of the prison
at Auburn. The prisoners will be set at liberty this
evening, . . . .
New Yerk Hene mm Sleek Market.
Niw Yobi, Oct. 16. blocks stealy. Money
6T per cent. Gold, 118V- a-iws, lsea. coupon,
IlHS da l-iei, do., llltf;do. 186A do.. 111; do.
loev ; Vu-Kluta 6s, new, U S Missouri Ss, 91 1 Canton.
ST- Cnmbt-rlaiia preferred, SO: N. V. Central and
Hudsoa Elver, It; Krle, SiX": Reading, -101 ;
Adams Express, 6Ttf; Michigan Central, i90;
-MK.htiran Southern, tw: iiunos neutral, lio:
iia..!.ii and Pittsburg. 10T i Chicago and Rook
Isiand, 118 M i Pittsburg aud JTort Wayne, 83; West
ern Union T eieg-rapu. u. . . ,
i v nw Verk Predaee fflarket.
Kiw Yobk, Oct la -Cotton ftrat but not higher;
iivnf sotio bales upianas at isko. i Orleans at 10 KO
vimiremier: sales looo barrels Htate at 13tJ(4-05;
Oblo at Jo-eiKftSo; Western at to !ovA-bo; tiouthera
atfa-etXe-60. Wheat Oral but eulet; sales of Sl.OoO
bushels No. I at l-losl-18- for old: red western at
si kv,i&. Corn flroi : sales c3.(XM) bushels mixed
u irn at K.-H1. (u.La nulet- aules S'i.OOO buslieH
I ihio lit P5 S S(W . : WlFt(-vii St ?. -f q'Ut'U; I'Ji'i
dnii: mees. I'ioHT. LardQUiet. Whisky steady at
Fighting .-at
Paiis. Anxious ffoi the Fray.
l) I . ; v l . v.' - I ' i i a, ' ai' ; i' . .
i I-:, ngnnea at virieans. ;., .,
uTotjrs, OcW 15. No official. news has been
received from Orleans i to-day, though it is geo-
erallyi understood there , was sharp , fighting
tneroTesterday. i ..on ui f ; ; ..j
A Paris letter dated, Tuesday, the. 11th, has
tbe following news:, ,...ii to m IUi,i,
"The Prussians in force are moving south
erly, and Mobiles are following to Watch their
apovements, and as an additional precaution
troops have been sent In other directions. The
Council of War Is holding sessions to try de
serters, and several have been sentenced to
death. 7 .. J"-; ' 1
' Aa fnfonaded Riimer.
Last night an. unfounded rumor wa circulated
to the effect that Gustave Flourens would make
a demonstration with his command on the
National Guard, As a precaution several bat
talions of National Guards were; placed in the
Hotel de Ville.; It is assured that, the 'Com
mander-in-chief will remove Flourens from the
command af five i battalions of the National
Guard. ' - '' t ,
; i ; i Ne Balleea ! : i -. ,
will be despatched to-day, as the wind is con
trary. ' -
i i . Frevlalenn Vaptnreda
j A convoy of eleven wagons, containing fresh
vegetables for the Prussian army, was captured
by our forces near Chatlllon to-day. , ,
General unraside
returned to the Prussian headquarters yester
day. He Is expected in Paris again to-morrow.
Peace Necetlatlens.
It is said that negotiations'looklng to peace
are going on actively, though the people of
Paris seem to be determined to oppose any peace
based upon the cession of French territory or
In any way humiliating.
Aa Official Decree
has been Issued ordering the silver plate of the
palace to be coined.
Government authorities are manufacturing
Enermens Steel Gene
to carry nine thousand metres. Much Impa
tience is manifested in Paris at the Inaction of
the Prussians. The Parisians desire, above all
things, to be attacked. As there h do imme
diate prospect of this, tbe French are preparing
to make a formidable attack on the besiegers.
A French Receanelaaanee.
Torus, Oct. 15. The following news Is made
public by the Government authorities:
Tbe French made a strong reconnolsance to
La Forte a few days since. The Prussians were
encountered aud after a short conflict were
driven off. A Prussian camp had beea estab
lished at Gondrlllon.
This Afternoon's Quotations.
London. Oct. 16 lo P. M. Consols closed at
92', for money and n(amx for account Ameri
can securities quiet: united (states B-zusof 1862.
69 ; Of I860, Old, 8&K ; Of lb 7. 90 ; 10-403. 86, Erie
liallway, lsy; Illinois Central, 114; Atlantlo and
Oreat western, 81.
LivkBPOOL. Oct 131-30 p. h. cotton closed
firm; middling uplands. jd.; middling Orlea
6&d. The sales have been 12,000 bales, of whi
8000 were taken for export aad speculation. Bom
bay shipments to tne itn. since last report, 8300
bales.- .Lara, izs. .paeon, nits.
London. Oct. 16 l '30 P. AL iieoned petroleum
flat at is. &a. -
Secretary Vox and the Cabinet.
Special Despatch to the Evening Telegraph.
Washington, Oct 16 it is stated that secretary
Cox forwarded his resignation as a member of
the Cabinet yesterday to tne president, and that it
baa been accented to-day. It seems to be generally
understood that Cox will be succeeded in the Inte
rior Department by Hon. Columbus Delano, at pre
sent Commissioner of tbe Internal Revenue Depart
ment Tbe president has great confluence in tue
Judgment, honesty, aud ability of Delano, and his
acrx-inin enito a piace in me i;aomet, wuuiu nut, De
surprising to those who are aware of his relations to
the President ...
Cox's friends say ne nas oeen forced out of tne ca
binet by the politicians, headed by Simon Cameron
and old Zach Chandler. They assert that Grant
personal! v approves of all the reforms Cot at-
temntedto Introduce in the Interior Dopartmeut,
but that ne oas oeen compeiieu to pan, wiin uuu in
order to keep the favor of the pontio'ans on whom
be Is depending to some extent for renomlnatlon la
1872. . .. .. .
Exanlnetlen ef Army Officers.
Dtxvatc'K to the AtmociaUd Y&8J.
Washington, Oct. 15. The following-named offl-
errs of the army are ordered to repon -by letter to
rieneral Mol owell. President of the Retiring Board.
at New York, and win fioia tnemseives in readiness
to appear for examination when summoned:
I.lentenant-Colonel Joseph A. Hat kin, Cupiafu Wil
liam Silver, and 'First Lieutenant Obudler P.
Kakln, 1st Artillery; f irei ueuienauts, wames n.
XfniiiMn. nnaaslEued. John Leonird. 1st Artlllerv.
and Robert W. Bard, Sd Infantry; Second Lieutenant
Stlchael Moore, nnassignea. - .
The following win report ior tie same purpose to
Colonel Ruger, President of the Retiring Board at
Fort Leavenworth;-Lieutenant-Colonel John W.
Davidson, lutn t avatry; uapiains i nomas suea,
17th Infantry; Lewis 'lanrapsm, i lavairy ; on-
bert S. Carpenter, lith lnfautry ; and Ma&ou Jack-
,1th lnfantrri Vl-ut llanfunonla Huiifi It
Cotiely, 9th Cavalry ; Charles Baughof, 10th Cavalry;
Wluism uurns, aim iniantr; ana Auarew Autao-
nev. i4tn imautrv. . .... . . ,
Tho following win report ror tne same purpose to
General Ord, President of the Retlrlog Board at Sau
FrunciBoo N-First Lieutenants Melvllie f. Loucks,
id Artillery Joseph II. Hays and James M. Smith,
uriHaxiffned: Albert W Prestos. 8th Cavalry.
At their own request, the following otnoers are
honorablv discharged the service of the United
States : Captain Samuel I. Smith, 8th Cavalry;
First lieutenant JVUa J. a llopler, nnaeslgsed;
Captain Joseph L. Proctor, unaslgued; aud First
Lieutenant A. B. Curtis, supernumerary.
The Death ef General f.ee. :
Nobfolk, ,Va Oct. J.5. A shadow of the
deepest gloom' rests upon our city, and every
heart Is filled with sorrow for the death of Gene
ral Lee. Norfolk is.clotbed iu mourning for tbe
denarted hero. A meeting of citizens held last
nigbt adopted resolutions expressing the deep
erlef i of our people, and tendering to the
stricken family the condolence of hearts, that,
like theirs, beat heavy, and are sad with aa over
whelming affliction. On the dy of the funeral
business will be suspended. '- ' ' v
: Cencreasleear Neealnatlen.' 1 1
RiCiimond, Oct. 15.Judge Jphn T. Iltrrla,
of Kocklngbarn.1 consrvalv. w nunlnated
for Congress in the Bixtk aistrlct, at titrrisau
liurg, yesterday. " , ' '
t t-r..
i' M .
Weekly Treasury Statement.
Murder Trial- In
Death ef an .archbishop.
i i
French Hucceaeee. .
Nemours, Oct. 15. A body of franc-tlreurs
attacked a squad of Wnrtcmberg cavalry in, the
forest of Fontainebleau to-day, killing many of
them. The remainder were pursued to Melon.
Tbe Prussian garrison there retreated on? the
approach of tho French, leaving behind a large
amount oi provisions and stores, which fell into
our hands. '' -. m
General Garibaldi
has arrived at Besoncon. i
-General Bearhahl
has been appointed to command near Orleans.
lie has gone forward to his post. '
New Brelsach is constantly bombarded, and
the garrison answers vigorously. -
Railway Aecldents. '
London, Oct 15. The Germans attribute'the
frequency of railway accident to French
agency, and will hereafter impose contributions
on communities wnere such accidents occur.
The early meeting of the 1
fterth German Parliament
has been decided upon in order to make neces
sary provisions for carrying on the war. The
amount of money to be appropriated has been
reduced from 100,000,000 to 80,000,000 thalers.
Among the
Imperial Irlaanscrfpta
recovered and seized at the Tuileries was a
novel illustrating the advantages of an imperial
The rail Mail Gazette of this city to-day
gives an outline of the plot of tbe noveL
Reepenlag er Kiel.
The official announcement of the reopening
ot tbe port of Kiel is published to-day. Mari
ners are warned against torpedoes In the chan
nel, and precautions essential to safety are
. Ht.Clead
must have been wantonly burned by Parisians,
as no Prussians were there at the time.
The Battle ef Orleans.
The action between the French and Prus
sians preceding the occupation of Orleans was
very severe.
Bix hundred pounds sterling have been col
lected at the gate of Strasburg Citadel from
sight-seers since the Prussian occupation of the
city. Tbls money will be appropriated to the
aid of German wounded.
IJfe la Parle. .
A correspondent of the London Post, writing
from Paris, laughs at tbe show of heroism of the
people of that city. Loud talk and drinking,
bragging and frivolity are universal.
He says the Government is as blustering,
weak, and incompetent as tbe people.
IPenderens Projectiles.
The Prussians say tbey will soon have rifled
guns capable of throwing three hundred pound
shells five miles. A number of these ponderous
projectiles are on the way from the Baltic.
mines and Pitfall.
Brussels, Oct. 15 The Paris correspon
dent of the JndVpendance" Beige thinks It possi
ble Paris may be saved. lie describes the mines
and pitfalls which have been thrown so thick
around the enceinte.
Heavy Gun Stares.
Great quantities of heavy gun stores and pro
jectiles have been accumulated.
Batterlea of 'Mltrallensea ,
are sweeping every approach to the city, He
refers to tbe cold, wet weather, which must
scatter disease in the army of the Prussians.
from Washington: 1
s ... .
Healgnatlon ef Secretary Cox.
Washington, Oct. 15. There is now no
doubt that the resignation of Secretary Cox haa
been accented by tbe Precideut. ' . '
Presidential Appointments.
The President to-day appointed Jacob Par-
mento Collector of Customs at Champiain; New
York. ' . . "J
II. C. A. Kelley, Collector of Customs for the
District of Michigan, State of Michigan.
Treasury statement.
Washington. Oct. 15 Fractional currency
received from tbe printer for tbe week ending
to-day, $423,000; shipments, notes, $3,0; it, 728;
fractional currency, $280,509. The Treasurer
holds iu trust for national banks, as security for
circulation, g-313, 51)2,950, and for public deposits,
Vlo,vei,otru: mutuaiea uans .notes burned,
j 380.C00. Total amount burned to date, -30,-
658,513. Bank currency issued for bills de
stroyed, 129,370,135. Circulation outstanding
at this date, $300,162,409. Fractional currency
redeemed aud destroyed during the rweek,
$507,600. t
' ' The Yale College Party.
Fort Bkidukr, Wyoming, Oct is The Yale Col
lege sclentiuc party, la charge of Professor Marsh,
returned here yesterday having spent the last six
weeks in examining tne geology or tne eastern
'I'm tun Mountains and the couutry between the
Green aud WblM rivers. This reglou was unex
plored aud proved of much scientldo luteregt An
ancient lake basin was discovered containing a great
number of exunct crocodiles, turtles, serpents, and
fiebea, with many remains of rhluoceroaes.aud other
tropical animals, most of which are new to science.
- . . ... . . . .. . ... .Via Ifttk
Lieutenant wsda an a a ueutuuicui uuu uw lotia
United States Infantry acted aa escort to the ex-e-cttion.
The party are all well and atari to-morrow
for Salt Laks and California. : . , , ,,
Death ef the Archbishop et Qaebee.
OuEB-o, Oct 16. The Archbishop ef Quebec died
last nik-bi of dropsy of the heart, aged suventy-two
y'ais. lie was the fifteenth Bishop and third Arch
bishop of Quebec. ' '
' He was taken suddenly ill about two months ago,
while ou a pastoral visit. His body will lie, in state
in the Arclneplscopal Chapel till Tuesday,' when the
interment takes plaoe. The OanadlW Bishops will
assist at the funeral obsequies, m i t. o
! " '" 1 ' The New Yerk Bank Mtatement.
4 Nw Yohk, Oct-15. The following Items ap
pear in the weekly statement of (be batiks of
this city: ' " ' '", ' '','r"1
Loans, Increase -I & t .v. L. $294,461
Hrwl deerea1 .1 -. ii tSo,9.i3
Legal-tenders, ii create, il,5o3
Ueroaiu, decrease ..,.,..,..,.-,M.ril4W

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