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CITY inTiiLLiuuncc.
The Kew Narrow Gauge Enlnci Now
Building at the Baldwin "Work The
Vew Theory Successful.
The Baldwin Locomotive Works of M. Baird
& Co., of ibis city, are now building some nar
row gauge locomotives for tbe Denver and Rio
Grande Kailroad, on the new principle of the
very narrow three-foot Range. The first of
.hese engines has just been completed, and is
oow at the works from, whence It will be for
warded in a few days to Its final destination. It
is called the Montana, and is the first locomo
tive of narrow gauge for general passenger or
freight service ever built io this country. Its
completion signalizes the "new departure" in
railway practice, and consequently great in
terest is naturally attached to it.
Tbe engine is six-wheeled, four of the wheels,
forty Inches in diameter, being coupled as
drivers, aud one pair of leading wheels in front
having a swing bolster and radius bar, forming
what is known as a "pony truck." This arrange
ment enables the eugine to pass short curves
readily, as the rigid wheel base is ouly six feet
three inches. Tbe general plan is similar to
that of ordinary full Range locomotives. The
cylinders are outside and placed horizontally,
and are nine inches in diameter by sixteen
inches stroke. Its total weight in running
order is 25,300 pounds, of whicli 20.500 are car
ried on the four driving-wheels aud so are avail
able loradhesion. A four-wheeled tender, having
a water capacity of 500 gallons and a coal capa
city of about onu and one half tons, is attached.
The proportion of driving-wheels relatively to
the stroke of piston admits of a speed of 30 to
40 miles an hour, with a facility equal to that on
the full gauge.
In addition to this, two other locomotives of
the tame gauge are now finishing for the same
road, which are Intended for freight service ex
clusively. They have each three pairs of drivers
and a pony truck.
As an evidence of the great interest now pre
vailing on the narrow gauge question, as well as
of the grent business connections and prominent
standing of this Philadelphia manufacturing
firm, this establishment now holds contracts to
furnish locomotives for quite a number ot nar
row gauge roads both in this country aud Cana
da. The firm also receive by every mail letters
and inquiries or information on the subject
from all parts cf tbe United States, from
Mexico, from the British Possessious. from
South America, and from Americans residing in
Jrdia and China.
"West Laurel Hill A Beautiful Tomb.
This new cemetery is situated on the west
bunk of the Schuylkil river, and from
the plateau, which is 225 feet above the
water, a commanding view extending for
miles both up aud down the valley is ob
tained. The cemetery grounds comprise 110
acres, bounded on the we6t by Belmont avenue;
and as the entrance gate is only four miles from
Market Street Bridge, it la eaiy accessible by
this tbe fluest avCLtie of the city.
A ride through this newly laid outplace forms
a pleasing extension of a drive through tbe
paik, and the vistas here obtained are so supe
rior to any in the latter that it has already at
tracted several of our artists to paint its beau
ties. Nuttire seems to have designed it for ilia
especial purpose to which it is now appropri
ated, and it has had the care of the founder of
Luurel Ilill in the development of its charms by
landscape adornment. Besides the elevated
phueau already referred to, its hillsides afford
admirable locations for vaults. These, wheu
built into the I ak, give an opportunity for
horizontal torabf Jj'tid thus at the same or less
outlay a greater TP.iect can be secured with one
ornamental front than it upon level, ground,
where it is necessary to adorn all four sides.
A capacious reeeiviug vault has lately been
built lor the company by Messrs. Johu Comber
& Co., who have the extensive granite aud ilag
btoae yard at Twetity-second and Chesnut.
A slight description of this tomb may be of
Interest, as it is unique and worthy of com
mendation from its thorough construction aud
It is a bank vault, 80 feet square, with an
Egyptian facade of blue Quincy granite, which
is a perfect specimen of that stylo of architec
ture. '1 he outer doors are made of heavy gal
vanized iron, and arc intended to be left open
during the day, iaside ot which is au open work
iron gate.
One enters ttie vestibule of the vault by rising
two slept, aud here, as well as in the main
vault or rave, it is paved with North river blue
stone. On three sides of the main vault are
solid stone catacombs, each of which is pro
vided with a heavy galvanized lrou door. These
latter have secure hinges, bolts, and brass locks,
and are intended to be sealed with cement
whenever used. These catacombs, over 50 in
number, are each thoroughly ventilated by Hues
at tbe back, and the coolness and dryness of the
whole are secured by chiniueys and substantial
(J Trills,
columns of granite at the four corners of the
Bave support heavy granite lintels, from which
epring three brick arches. The arch over the
nave is high and of fine proportions, and all are
covered on the outside with a thick coat of
Tna bank snrmounting the vault is grassed
and planted with evergreens.
The structure is as excellent in the details of
its construction as it is faultless lu its architec
ture! design and proportions, and reflects great
credit on Messrs. Comber & Co. W'e suould
have mentioned that its size is such that, oh the
last occasion ot its use, the whole fuueral com
pany were gathered inside during the perform
ance of the Episcopal burial service.
The Heading Kailroad have constructed a
Biding at the Cemetery Station (feneoyd),
which has-been used for funeral trains, and the
time may not be far distant whem this means of
access to cemeteries will be enforced by the
growth of our city.
The New TIooi ital. The Presbyterians of
this city will hold au out-door meeting in the
grove of Saunders College, Thirty-ninth 6Lreet
above Maiket, to-morrow atteruoon, at 4 o'clock,
when the Rev. Dr. Saunders will convey to them
his premises for a hospital. This square, bounded
by wide streets, one of 50 feet, two of CO, aud
the fourth of 80 feet, compri.es three and one
filth acres, beautifully variegated with large
native forest trees of different kinds, aud opeu
spaces filled with shrubbery and flowers. No
one will be disappointed who will go with the
expectation of seeing as beautiful ground as
this city or any other can present iu the form of
a square. They are more than six hundred f set
long on the suinmu of a ridge running from
north to south. Oa the east side, along the
street, is a line of ornamental trees of rare
beauty. Parallel with them, Inside the en
closure, is a row of Norway spruce, aud then
rise the lofty forest trees which have occupied
these grounds for ages. It is worth a vblt to
see this grove; but to-morrow visitors will see
thousands of our best citizens assembled to take
part in the exercises of a great occasion. Rev.
Dr. Musgrave will preside, and many of our
most distinguished speakers, including the
Mayor, will be on the platfarui, aud many of
our best singers are engaged to make the
grounds resouud with melody. All are invited
to be present.
Beer Saloon Robbed. The lager beer
saloon of John YVeller, at the comer of Judson
and Brown streets, was entered souse tuna last
night, and robbed of a gold watch, valued at
a revolver, a small quantity of jewelry, aud
to in cash., lie above wre UKcn from tin
lar-rorni, the thieves having gained entrance
by the cellar window.
Trifling Fike An ofllcer of the Seventh
district last night discovered a eligbt fire la the
factory lu the rear ot ro. HiiS Caliowhill street,
lie ran to the Perseveiauce IIose-bou-, where
truck B is lo-Hted. and informed the fire'iien,
who went and extinguished the fire without
Bounding any alarm.
Mcbic on the Fourth There will be two
musical concerts at Lemon Hill, Falrmouut
Park, on the Fourth ot July. The morning one
will take place between 10 A. M. and 1 P. M.,
and the afternoon one from a to 7 o'clock.
The Work at the Office of the TtnlMtna;
Inspectors The Buildings to be Directed.
Below is presented a description of the prin
cipal buildings for the erection of which per
mits bave been issued by the Building Inspec
tors during the past ten days, viz., from the 2lst
to the SOth inclusive:
THcrlUng Six Wen on Twenty-eighth, near Tassy
tink roau, 16 by ot, two stories; permit by B. Cub
berly. Two on Haywood, near Thirty-sixth street, 17 by
46, two stories ; permit byll. K. Marley.
Two on Catherine, near Nineteenth, IT by 40, two
Stories; permit by Joseph Doyle.
Eight on Carpenter, between Twenty-first and
Twenty-second, 18 by 82, two stories ; permit by John
B. Motllit.
Four on Guyrey street, east of Twelfth, 14 by 2S,
two stories; permit by William l. Cozeus.
fclx on SSetfenth street, between TasKer and Morris,
16 by 42, two stories; permit by Manning K. Clover.
Fifteen en Ellsworth, west, of Nineteeth, 16 by 43,
two stories; penult by John Bateson.
sixteen on Martini n Square (above Catharine), be
tween Twenty third and Twenty-fourth, 85 by S. twe
Btories; permit by .lames M. Keenan.
Five on Dtckerson street, west of Passyunk ave
nue, 16 by 47, two stories; permit by Thomas A.
Nineteen on Dudley street below Mifilln, between
Klghth and Ninth, 14 by 80, two stories; permit by
Jesfe A. T. Laws.
Three on Kllsworth, between Seventeenth and
Eighteenth, 16 by 80, two stories; permit by Ueorge
h. I'eirv.
Two on Lancaster avenue.
between Firtvsixth
una tiny seventh streets, 16
permit by Charles Christine.
by 34, three stories;
Twenty on Master street, between Nineteenth and
Twentieth, 18 by 60, three stories; permit by James
Twenty-six on Ilarlan street, between Nineteenth
and Twentieth, 14 by lis, three stories; permit by the
Tin at the corners of Tenth and Eleventh and On
tarlo streets, 13 by 42, two stories; permit by Hood &
Twenty at the corner of Memphis and Vienna
streets, 14 by 26, two stories; permit by A. P. Bilyeu,
Seven on Fourth street, below Norrls, 15 by 28,
three stories; permit by Jacob L, Senueff.
Six on Somerset street, east of Eleventh, 15 by 42,
three stories; permit by William B. Smith.
Tweiity-fonr on Apsley Htreet, east and west of
Green, nDd on Green street, Germantown, 1C1-; by
40, three stories; permit by Waller Kirk.
Four on Clarence street (above Cumberland), be
tween Twenty-sixth and Twnnty-seventh, 14 by 33,
two stories; permit by O. P. Weaver.
Eighteen on the corners of Thompson, York, and
Wilton streets, 14 by 80, two Btories; permit by
V Rtson i:ibc rtson.
Twenty on fcmlen, east of Tulip and east of Mem
phis, 14 by 88, two stories: penult by A. It. Harvey.
Three on Charlotte street, above Poplar, 12 by 2S,
two stories; permit by Robert W. Strode.
Seventeen on Sharswood street, between Eight
eenth and Nineteenth, 14 by 38, three stories; permit
by Thompson & Harper.
Two at the corner of York and Mover streets, 20
by Rs, three btories; permit by iinniel McShane.
MarkH louses 'Xu'uer cf Seventeenth and Fede
ral stret ts, 125 Dy Cn, two stories; permit by James
On the north side of Market street, between Six
teenth and Seventeenth, 90 by 70, one story; permit
by Duncan & Richardson.
Stables Five at the corner of Albion and Locust
street-?, ?6 by 44, two stones; permit by JJ. li.
V arreii.
Four on bohsoin street, tear Twcnty-urat, 24 by
40, two stoiles; permit by same.
f actory un Dickinson sireet, casi or xrentou
avenue, SO by 29, three stories; permit by Moore,
cronse r isner.
Hotel On Seventh street, above Chesnnt, 43 by 50.
five stories; permit by James Wilson & Sous.
Stable and warehouse vnine ease sine or Jones'
alley, above Coates street, 20 by i0, three Btories;
permit by William Wolf.
The Coming Fourth. A platform will be
erected before the City Armory, ou Broad street,
near Race, to accommodate the Mayor and Coun
cils on the occasion of the parade ot the 1st
Division 1'. M.8 on the morning of the Fourth.
A salute will be fired on that morning on tbe
old Skating-park Ground, west bank ot the
Schuylkill, near Chesnut street bridge.
At the several parka bands will begin to play
at 130 1'. M., and continue until 9 o'clock in tbe
The flavor nas given special oruers io nis
police in regard to the carrying out of the law
relative to firing crackers and other pyro
technics. Our Commerce Arrivals op Vessels.
The arrivals of vessels at this port during the
mouth of June were as follows:
Coattaue. f'oreiju.
Ships 2 Ships 12
Hnrs 1 J? irks. BfS
Brics '2 Brigs 41
Schooners 7W) Schooners 84
Sloops Sloops
Stunners 35fi!8teamers 2
Barges 167
Boats 2614
Petitions to the Mayor. This morning
the Mayor received two petitions. One was
from the citizens of Torresdale, asking tbe ap
pointment of two gentlemen of that place as
SDccial officers, with power to preserve the
peace, their pay being guaranteed by the resi
dents ol that suouro. lne otner was irom la-
cony, asking for the stationing of au flicer day
and night in that place and two on Sundays, to
prevent rioting and misdemeanors by parties
who make excursions to that pleasant locality.
In both cases the Mayor will act favorably.
Horse-thief. An account of the operations
of the horse-thief Moothardt was given iu this
paper a few days ago. Last night Bergeant
Donnelly, of the Sixth district, arrested, iu
Byron street, a man nauiea dosian tngur., ou
tbe charge of being an alder of Moothardt la
bis thieving practices. Bright, it appears, was
seen seated with Moothardt in a wagon which
had been stolen bv the latter. Alderman Jones
held the prkoner for a further hearing.
Quick AVork. Two men this morning went
into Rilev's hat store, on Market street, near
Thirty-seventh, and one of them bought a hat.
lie baudud the proprietor a o bill, and the latter,
for the purpose ot makinr cuanjre, produced a
bultrv pocket-book. One of the fellewa in
stantly grabbed the book, and that was the last
seen ol tno pair. Jir. uiiey loat sou oy tue
Flanked Tolicbman. Officer BII33 last night
was informed that a thief, bad concealed him
self tn tbe morocco manufaetory of Armstrong
& Elklns. at tt. John and mow streets. He
had scarcely entered the door when a large
plabk fell on him and nearly knocked the top
ol bis neaa in. ue wus removea 10 ms nome,
OB Dana street.
Youno Thief. John Smith (rare name)
robbed the ca?h drawer of a store In Race
street, above Front, yesterday afternoon. He
was detected bv the woman attendant, who
sci earned to such good purpose that a pollce-
niau rubied in, grabbed John, and landed bim.
iu tbe oliiceof Alderman Makin, who held the
youth in fri;00 ball.
Not Tiiat Man. hut Another. wo are
requested to state that the Ofllcer Reeder whose
fchamelul doings were exposed last week la the
Court of Ouartcr Sessions, is not by any means
Ofllcer Beniamln Reeder, of the Fourteenth
ward, attached to the Mayor's ofllce. The cul
prit's name is Henry Reeder, and he it attached
to the f ourteenth f once district, uerraantown.
Fi re-crack eks Two boys, named Thomas
8 Stout aud Dearburn Mallosk, were arrested
lastmirht. at Fifteenth and t itzwater streets.
for flriuK off tire-crackers, in violation of an
existing ordinance and the Mayor's proclama
tion. Alderman Dallas held each in bail to keep
the peace, and also imposed the nsual line.
Pt'KLic Baths. Mr. Fugh, superintendent of
Bath-house No 3, at eoutb street wharf, bchuyl-
kill. reports ilu following number f bathers
who were accommodated the week ending yes
terday: Mum, siM; womeu, 58; boys, 1581;
and guls, l'J5.
New 8nr ok Clothes.-O th er Koebler, of
the Fibt-entb diaiiiet, found at 3 o'clock ihU
roorniug, on tbe sidewalk at Tulip and Hunt
ingdon streets, a new suit of clothes. The
apparel is at the itatioa houae, Richmond aud
Ulearneid streets.
Lieutenant Flaherti. This officer is
doing so well that be is proaounced by his
physician, this morning, out of danger.
Appointed t Adjust Final Accounts.
Tbe following auditors have been appointed
in the Orphans Court for the City and County
ol Philadelphia:
Thomas Greenbank, to adjust the accounts of
Win. L. Hirst, Esq., tinder the deed of Juliette
John A. Bickel, to audit the accounts of Mar
garet 8. Logan, administratrix of the estate of
John W. Ixgan.
Joseph P. Longhead, to adjust the fourth ac
count of William H. Kelchline, executor of the
will of Joseph W. Culp.
George M. Conarroe, to adjust tbe account of
Catharine Alter, administratrix of George A.
C. W. Little, to adjust the account of David
Morgan, trustee of Sarah A. Bchlater under the
will of William II. Morgan.
George W. Thorn, to settle the accounts ot
James Manderson and Thomas M. Montgomery,
executors of the will of Thomas Maadereon.
G. Remak, to audit the accounts of the Fidel
ity Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Company,
ndminletrators of the estate of Abraham
II. C. Townsend, to audit the account of Hon.
James R. Ludlow, executor of Bamuel S.
John Hughes Edwards, to settle the first ac
count of Charles 8. Keyscr, administrator of the
estate of Frederick Hafner.
Edward Barry, to audit the account of Francis
?. cHeel, administrator of the estato of Anna
Reported by Be Haven k Bro.,No. 40 S. Taird street.
IfiBOOCIty 6s, New.lOO'ti 100 sh Reading R.. .155-81
liooo Seh N 0s, 82.. 7.V
200 do !-31
Hsf.OO C Ac A in 68, 89 ilB
(flfiiio Leh 6s con 98
$.')000 Hunt & B Top
2d mt. eod.. so
I1000OC A R7s. b5'.'
I1MI0 c. N B L 7s. fi.tf
froo W Frank 7s 92
SO Btl O " 4 A K... 43
100 do O60. 4S
W0 do 1)60. BOi
200 sh Leh Na..b60. 8S
100 do 860 . 8SV(
200 do
loo Bh Peana R bGO. 60'
11 do 60?f
24 do reo. 6v
100 do 60i
100 do... .b60 60
fi A. M 09 11 A. M.. 72 3 P. M .77
Sun Risks..
Sun Sum..
Moon Sbts 2-40
Iliaa Watbr
Ey Cable.)
London, June 30. steamship Russia, from New
York, touched at yueenatown this morning.
Steamship India, from New ifork, touched at
Muvllle thin mornluif.
Steamship Tlmringta, from New fork, touched
at Southampton to-day.
Steamer V. C. Piorrepont, Shropshire, New York.
W. M. Balrd k t;o.
Steamer c. Com stock. Drake. New York. do.
Steamer M. Mussey, Smith, New York, do.
Steamer Anthracite, ureen, jsew loric, do.
Steamer i'hliadelpula, Joues, New York, vy. p.
C vde & Co.
Ger. bark Mercur, Do Ilaan, Bremen, L. Wester-
saara & uo.
Brig Nimwaukce, Wlswell, Bangor, Lennox & Bur-
Briar Posle, Smith. St. John, N. B., Workman A Co.
Schr Wllllaaiiue, Scott, Besion, D S. Stetson & Cj.
Sehr Blehurd Peterson, JCugliah; Milton, Day, ilud-
deii . uo.
Schr Loulo P. Smith, Crle, Cambrldgeport, do.
Schr Decatur dates, Berry, Somerset, SlnnicKaon
Schr K Slnnlckson, tt'lnsraore, Boston, do.
Schr li. n. irous, ironw, rrovmence, no.
Tug Chesapeake, Merrlhew, Baltimore, with a tow
or bsrees. w. 1: uiyne a to.
Tnpr Hudson, Nicholson. Baltimore, wlthatoiivof
barged, w. 1. Ulyue & jo.
Steamship Kaxon, Boccs, 41 hours from Boston.
wlthoiiihe. sud naseuKers to 11. Wiusor Jk Co. t'aa-
Bcngers : Mr. anil Mra. Hughea; Mrs. Kauhnrle; (.1.
w. rrangni: uawaru linrxms: ana win. uiimore.
Outside ;ape Mny, passed one bark, bound In. Oif
Lenguei.ignr.oarn Louise, iroiu sc. dago. Kelo,v
Bombay Hook, Ung JonI A. Devereux, fmCharlej-
tou ; 1 foreign schr. ; aud 3 lumber loaded suhrs,
all coming up.
Steamer is. v. lii'iaie, Aicuue, a noars from New
York, with mdse. to V. P. Clyde A Co.
Steamer J. o. oanver, woou, 13 hours rrora Bain-
mere, with nidse. and passengers to A. Groves, Jr.
uer. DrK can August, eiewerts, 0 uays irora
Liverpool, with salt to Win. Bunim & Son. Experi
enced very heavy weather. May 20, 30W miles east
of Kewfoaudland, was boarded by a sea which
washed overooaru the ursi. maie, wno was drowned ;
stove bulwarks, boat, weather-houso, aud did other
Bark. Ann tnzauein, rneian, 1 days irora carde-
nas. with sncar and melado to Bernadou 4 Bros.
Schr Nellie scou. lviiian. flavs frum Saeua. w th
molasses to E, C. Knight Co. vessel te Souder &
Schr James Magee, Lynch, from Klchmond. Va..
Wliu granite 10 iuuiuuuiiu uraime uo,
Schr jYiercnani, mooie. irom ueorsretown. with
coal 10 rnunps & 10.
Schr virgii, jtiiis, irom xsanucoKe, wnn mmner to
Aiuson ft- fcon.
Schr Heading kk. jno. 46, Davis, riom starurord.
Schr Reading RK. No. 4a, Little, from Norwich.
Schr S. F. Wines, Ilulse, do.
Schr West Dennis, Crowell, from Boston.
Schr Louie F. Smith, Crle, do.
Schr Sussex. Bennett. do.
Tubs Thomas Jefler.vin, Allen; Fairy Queen, Wil
son: j. a. liutcnings. luunora; and iiuason. isicu-
olson, from Baltimore, with tows of barges to W.
F. civde ca.
tv Schr Aiinie ityerson, rrom sc. jonn, in. u..
arrived jesterduy, is consigned, mmoer ana piotets,
to d. w. ciasKlll owns not as oeiore.
Schr M. C. Lions, arrived yesterday from Wil
mington, N. C, is consigned (vessel; to D. S. Stet
son Co. not as oeiore.
CorrMvondenee of the I'hiicvUlphia Kxchanae.
vikkyabd haven, J uue its 1 m inivei, senra
Sarah Clark, irom I'nnaueinnia lur Huston: u. l.
Vandervoort, from Uohoken fordo.: Delaware, from
do. for Salem; aud Eliza Jane, from the wreck of
the brig Lizzie liilliuun.
Sailed, schr Delaware.
June YJA. M. Arrived, schrs E. G. Irwin. Siinl.
('. liart, and E. B. Evermau, from Philadelphia f ir
litiBtan: uiotte, irom run jouuhou ior au. ivu i ni:
Terramn. from do. for isewburypurt: Ariel, from
Mohoken ior csaiein; uuve Avery, irom New ror
for uockland: lavil S. siner. Kichard vaux, fcv H,
Edwards, and wai'on wauou, irom bosiou ior rni-
ladelphla; 1. A. Saunders, from Salem for do.;
ueorme uiermir, irom roruanu ior uo. : j. w.
Kniuui. rrom uraifitre ior uo. : a anK, irom ivias-
ciuash. ri. !.. ior rsew xora: ami victor, irom uu
glih River, for Providence; sloops Win. P. llauc,
Irom Quincy, for New York ; aud Stella, Irom tireeu-
Wicn, uonn., ior dobvuu.
massed by, scar Mary v. ireiano, irom rauaaoi-
pnia for Boston.
Correspondence of Tie Voenina TeXvrrayth,
UASTUM at McaiAiiurs s liiLLttriN.
New Yoke Okkicb. June 29 The following
barues leave iu tow to-nlzht lor Baltimore, light:
Charles cartridge, jsaao t iiKins, j.a. i;oviu, is.
B. Brooke, N. 1. Janes, T. L. Moore, Mary Kear,
tHtelle. James Koacn. ana Aueua.
Baltimore Ukancu Okhce. June T) me fol
lowing barges leave iutow to-ulght, loaded with coal,
rer pitw orx:
Marv Dunn. K. S. Burton. Harry vv riami. it. u.
uere. Thomas Aiati news. . . i.ewiB, 11. a. mow-
ton, Joseph Lord, City of Boston, Mary Shuw, aud
N. ueriin.
L. D. Girard and Athletic, with coal, ior now xorx.
General Lyon, with coal, ana Auna uarman, w:tn
soda, for Baltimore. 1 a. u.
iIavkcdk-Ukace. Jana 30 The following boats
It'll T C Ul WW W-UBJ .
Jane f. Monn, wita lumour to x aiiorsuu a iiip-
urrv nrnior. with lumber to Cralff & Blanchard.
G. D. Tlnsuiaa, with lumoer to J. P. Woolverton.
1 t -., 1,1 lA-knrat One irold. OUALITY WAIt-
R AN TED. A full assortment of sues always on
U8Ud. KAKKA oltOTHt'K, Makers,
No. 824 CllKtiNUT Street, rwlow Kourtrt
! C'OAIKt Mild FRANKLIN Streets,
VVFIiY RVKN1NG, Irom Juu 80 to September 8.
Hi bm'U Tu !. is, admitting one gent aua lady.. 5 o.)
Vu knees of four tickets 100
Are now rearty at Mesrs. North fcco.'s, Chestnut
Mtreet. below Eleventh: Andre a cas, No. 1104
Clienuiut street: Louis Meyer's, fo. 1413 Cheauut
auect; Fred. Wettieuuiayer s, No. lot fkats itreek
6 SO it Busiues Agent.
The Review and the Loan.
Sho dreco-Turkish Troubles.
The Italian Exposition.
Incendiarism in New York.
Slate Claims on the Governmsnt.
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. Etc., Kto-
Fxclunive.lu to The Evening Telegraph.
The Review and the Loan.
London, June 30. The correspondents of
the London papers all agree that the review at
Longchamps and the French loan were both
successful. One writer says the thought of
revenge upon Germany is uppermost In the
minds of tbe Parisians, who still hope for an
opportunity to readjust the frontier.
The Reported Dlitfcultv Between Greece
us Turuey,
arising from the appointment of Trlcoupis as
Greek Ambassador to Constantinople, and the
refusal of the Forte to receive him, has been
amicably arranged, and the two countries are
now on good terms.
The Itallau Exposition.
Nai-les, June 30. Victor Emanuel visited
the exposition to-day and distributed the
medals awarded to contributors.
The English Fleet at Canada.
London, Juno 30. The statement is officially
confirmed that Halifax will, now that the
Treaty of Washington has been ratified, soon
cease to be the rendezvous of the British North
American fleet, and that the fleet in Canadian
waters will be reduced to the Commodore's ship
and another.
A Cabmen's Strike.
A ttrike of the cabmen is apprehended in
Exclusively to The Eventoiq Telegraph.
State Claims Aatiint the Government for
Washington. June 30. The various States
having claims against the General Government,
urowing out of the late war, were busily en
. . . a .... j -. 1 1. ...
gapeo ycsieroay uu to-uny, turuuu tucir
authorized agents, in pushing their claims at the
oflice of Comptroller Brodhead, iu the Treasury
Department, to iho ena that tney might get
them audited before the expiration of the mouth,
at which date the act making appropriations for
their payment expires.
After the tiotn nist. no ciaim ot a estate ior re
imbursement for war expenses 00 account of
tbe General Government can be paid without an
application to Congress tor that spocluc pur-
pofe. The act 01 Juiy i-i, iii, repeated tne
general appropriation act 01 isoi.
The lion. Nathan Sargent,
ex-Commissioner of Customs.has been appointed
bv the Secretary or ttio treasury to visit the
principal customs ports of the country and con
sult witu the most experienced customs orneers
in relation to an amended and more homogene
ous revenue code which is in course of prepara
tion in the Treasury Department, to be submit
ted to Congress at its next session for adoption.
Treasury Statement.
The internal revenue receipts to-day retched
tfiW).C99 S3, makintr a total for June of $13,223,-
0CG 47, and the total for the fiscal year ending
to-day, fl44,yt)7,7i;; wnicn tans oeiow tne esti
mate of ex-Commlssloncr Delano $10,000,000,
it having been thought at the beginning of the
year that the receipts would reach $155,000,000.
The receipts for tbe fiscal year ending June
CO, 18T0, were $135,235,807 97.
To-dav the Government accounts were closed
in all the departments, and the new fiscal year's
work will be commenced to-morrow, n which
date the appropriations made at last session by
Congress are available.
"Work at the Navy Yard.
The force of workmen at the navy Yard here
has been small for 1 several months, but on ac
count ef the appropriations for the fiscal year
having been nearly exhausted, it is thought that
work will be Increased after to-morrow.
Secretary Boutvrell,
who left Washington for Massachusetts last
night, will be absent until about the middle of
Commlsvloner or Agriculture Appointed.
Professor. Frederick Watts, of Carlisle, Penn
sylvania, has accepted the appointment as
Commissioner of Agriculture
Dr. W. C. Tllden,
the Assistant Chemist at the Department of
Agriculture, Is spoken of as the successor to
Dr. Antlsall, as chemist of that department.
Bids for Ship Material.
Bids were to-day opened at the Bureau of
Construction of the Navy Department for
timber and other ship building material of groat
variety, to be delivered at Kltterv, Charlestown,
Brooklyn, rmiadeipbia, wasuington, iNortoiK,
and Mare Island. An immense number of bids
were from Florida, Delaware, Philadelphia.
Virginia, District of Columbia, Maine, aud Mas
sachusetts principally
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph,
Fire at Boaton.
Boston. June SO. A group of wooden build
ires. Dear Causeway street, were damaged by
fire early this morning. Loss $10,600: partially
Exclusively to the Evening Telegraph,
Tannery Burned.
Oneida. N. Y.. June 30. George Berrv'a tan.
nery was set ore ny design mis morning ana
dibtrojea. loss yta.uw; insured ior ? uuj.
New York Produce Market.
Niw Yore. Jane 80. Cotton strong: silesSWO
bales at SO'i. Flour dull and daeitntnir; sales tiftuo
titils. S'&te, fS'4iK4BT'0 ; uitio, ftiae iu; western,
f6'4U(Ti0. Wheat dull aud market favers buvers:
bales 5,000 bushels; No. 8 spring f t-44 anoat; winter
red and amber Western, fl'tiltiT. Corn ; mark.it
sllKhtiy lavors buyers; sales 71, OuO busheia Inferior
and common mixed vtetiieru ui tiy.mu.; goon 10
choice do., IhHc. Oats dull t saln, 15,000 bushel 1
Western ana Ohio at 63 a b' neei quiet ana siea iy.
Pork tinner: new inest, iio irMiis oo. Lard nrm:
steam, 10;lc. ; kettle, lJo. Whisky nominal at
Baltimore Produce Market.
Baltimore. Jane 8fl. Cotton Ann: low mid
dllut. lVi 19'c. flour steady ; h&Io of MOO barrel
new kliipinuK extra ul l("ia. neai ua.i, excepi
for hiitli L'radea, which are slightly tietter; white a
fl-Miai 61; amber at f l-7i'.i ris ; prime red ai 11 65
cat Ci; good no at 11 40.91-tJ. Corn tedf aud Urm;
bouthern white at t-ic. ; Southern yellow at 7fto. ;
mixed Western at 7ne. Oats dull; Western at
euiaovc. Mes i'ork quiet at is. uacon nrm;
filiouldera. Tkid7Vc. :rib Sides. 1MVC. : clear rib. 0W
(o-Vkc. bugui-eured liaiun, lillo. Lard Arm
at Uv&HXC Whibky noiulual at w'c,
OutstandingUnited States Currency
Tho Civil Service Commission
Presidential Appointments.
Senatorial Disappointments.
JV diopter o Crime.
Later Irom Europe.
Illness of Ernpcror William.
Ancther Iseuo of Erlo atock.
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Ktr
Exclusively to The Evening TeUgravh.
Liverpool tuamofr of Commerce and
cable Hates.
London, June 30. At a meeting of the Liver
pool Chamber of Commerce to-day, a preamble
and resolutions were unanimously adopted to
the following eliect:
Whereas, The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
has learned with nrprine that lii;!i table rates are
sustained when all tue Atlantic cables are working,
Resolved, That the officers of this body bo autho
rized and dlrccteo to make representations In tho
niattT to tho Government, and to ask aid of the
Chambers or Commerce of Manchester, Birmluir-
V. ... In Cl.nm..M (ll.Dnnn. n .1 T.V 1 I 1 . . . I .
Illness of Einperor AVllllam.
Berlin, June SO. The Emperor William is
suffering from rheumatism.
This Evening' Quotations,
LOKPON. June so o t. n. uonsois tor monnv.
92l.: fr account, United States llve-tvonti.
of 1SS2, 91'0' ; of 1865, 90 ; or lstsi, 90 ; teu-forties, S3.
LiYEKrooi.. June 806 P. St. Cotton unchanged.
Pork buoyant at r2s. (id. At Manchester an advauce
of 4 d. is askeii, wnica buyers reiuse.
Special Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
WASuiNciTo.v, June
The Civil Service Commission
will endeavor to adopt soino practical mode for
effectually enforcing civil service reform. Leadinx
members entertain opposite i'ieaj, ana nave not yet
come to any conclusion.
Presidential Appointments.
Just before leaving for Alabama, after the rnceit.
Bcsflon of the Senate terminated, Mr. Hpencer was
made happy by the assurance from the Hrexlletit
that nis candidate ror collector at Mooiie siiount be
nominated. Mr. Spencer returned here yesterday
with his wan, bat ouly In time to learn that W'lllard
Warcer. his great rival, nai secured tins position.
Mr. Spencer expected tne Uibinei meeting would
be Dcia to-nay. anu considers nwiisen cneated.
Senators Scott and Cameron urged the nomina
tion of Dr. H, JVevln for commissioner of customs.
Dr. Kevin was an oillor throughout the war. aud
every wav qunliiled for the position. The President
acsured the Senators lie should have the appoint
ment, but Mr. W. T. uaines, oi 1'lttsourg, was ap
pointed instead.
Exclusively to The Evening Tele-graH.
Outstanding United States Currency,
Tho following is au oitlclal latateraent of tha
United States currency outstauding at this date:
United states notes, old issue, $,0Dn,&a : unite t
States notes, new ISHue, Slsl,806, sis; United States
notes, Issue of 1869, ll4,lU2,tS-2; one year 6 par
cent, nores, si2,uiii-uu io year o per cat.
notes, s4,o02 5o; two year o per cent, coimon
notes, f33,42 60; compound Interest noUts, $su,2-;
fractional currency, hist Issue, tt'4i4.U2.'5ti4: fraa.
tionui curreucv, second issue, K.vis.iSG'isi : frac
tional currency, third lssno, ?s,ei7,5U5-75; fractional
currency, rourtn issue, Z7,Ba3,ioi-40. Total J337,-
Naval Orders.
First Assistant Engineer Fred. G. McKesn Is
detached from the Bureau of Steam Eoglneerlnjr
end ordered to the Asliuelot, lu the Asiatic Beat,;
William s. miin, irom tne iNorroiK Maw Yard and
ordered to the Mouoeacy ; Second Assistant Engi
neer J anez isurcnara, irom League island and or
dered to tue Asnuetot. ,
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Cincinnati High School Commencement.
Cincinnati, June 30. The commencement exer
cises of the iiirh school tooic place thts morning lu
hike s upera iiouse oeiore an immense audteuce.
There were lortj-twa graduates.
Licet H of "Looney" tbe Prize Fighter.
Cuicaoo, June 80 A noted prize lighter and des
pi ruilo, who has long beeu a terror to Hie people of
Central City, Erie, and other ralu'ng districts in
Colorado, was shot dead at t.ne ou Saturday List nv
some person nuknown. He went by the name of
"Looney." On the day previous Looney and a com
rade named ion uray oruiauy assaulted and mal
treated Kev Mr. VolKeuburgh aud another cUUeu.
On Saturday Looney entered a saloon with a haira
knile and revolver, and commenced violent demon
strations against two other persons. While thus
engnged a riile ball came whizing through an op :a
door and struck Looney In the hide, and he riripiied
to the floor dead. It It not known who tired the
shot, but it is supposed It was done by a member of
the vigilance coin if, it lee raised at uouider to rid the
country of the ruiliaus there. The death of Looney
gives universal sausiacuou.
Murderous A (Tray,
St. Lons, June 80 Three men named Kenton
Brooks, George Mathews, and Saboaio Mariuo en
gaged in a tight on Sundav last at a place called ttie
'Six-miie House," In Madnou county, XII., resulting
In the death ol itrooks, wir was stabbea aud horn-
blv mutilated with knives In the hands of Mathewi
and Marino, who were arrested au ) lodged lu jail at
KdwaniHville. The quarrel originated la gambling
and arunkenness.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
A Murderer Plead Guilty,
New York, June SO. Policeman Joim ailleiple,
indicted ior assaulting au-i rouoing Albert r. oon
noil, and wounding with intent tJ kill I'olice.nari
Leroy, pleaded guilty to the Ust charge to-day, and
was sentenced by Recorder llaekett to ten years at
h ard isuot in tne Mate prison.
Another Issue of Erie Stock.
Notice was given to the Stock Exchange that tbe
Erie Kailwav Company have Issued thirty thousand
shares of new stock by tlio conversion of convert
ible bonds. The Farmers' Loan and Trust Cotupauy
will not register tne stock uniu ininv aays rrom
yesterday, so it will not be good delivery until alter
inut ume.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph,
New Hampshire Legislature.
Cokcokd. June 80. It Is q'Ute certain that this
mornlLg the Democratic leaders decided not ut
commence pro:eediogs aMiusc Senator Smith, as
conuuipiated, and tue tune for Uuoi adjaurnuieuc
will be fixed for fcaturdqy, July S.
Mew York Money and Stock alarkn.
Ns Yomk, June B0 4uok qaiet aad tcilv.
alouty easy at per cent, iloid, Hi',.
ccupoua, U3; io. ps, cp., Hi: au issv ep.. US;
da 1S6C, ns, iisu i aa liif . 1 ift ; d i. U n, 115;
1U4US, li0(; Virginia 6, oc. li. Uwsourl us V';
Canton Co., 78; Cumberland preferred, 45; N. V. Cju
tral and Hudson Kiver, ti'a: Krie, S7V; Keadiug,
10SS: Adams Express, bo1,; Hlchtgaa Central,
W, Michigan Souiaeru. lull Iuluois Ceaua.,
1; Cleveland and IMtisburj, lltv; Chicago and
hock Island, lius: Pitourg aud Fort Wayne,
94. Western I'mou Telegraph, ts;,.
Internal Revenue Collections.
A Comparative Statement.
New Hampshire Legislature.
No Hope ior Foster,
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph,
Internal Revenue Collection!.
Waptiinoton, June 80. The following u a enm.
rmratlve gtatement of the Internal revenu nniiAe-
ttorjR for the fiscal years ending June 30, i70, and
.Inne 30, 1S71 : .lone 30, mo, 183,23.SG7-7; Jane
Ro, 1871, H4.969,8:i'4ii; decrease, -0,S66,6S4-49.
T." ii TV. nln; nnllaottin. . o n .11.1 . . n... . .
M0, 866,684-49.
2,201 ; deduct
leaving 1105,. .
1, 116,000,000;
over f Btiniate on income, 17,132,201: 1
cuu.i'uu; amount reeeivea irom BUniDB.
total, l'i0,0fl0,0ii0.
Commhaloucr Pleasanton.
Information bavinir reached here from New York
tn the effect that a report la in circulation lo that
st '
city rxat uontmissinner rieananton has resigned,
i-i pruper io kiuiu iiihi bui;ii ih uoiine ease, uenerai
neasanion is io-aay attenning io nis duties as usual.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Heavy Kobbcries.
New York, June 80. Several clothing and drv
goods stores In Jersey Olty were robbed of large
amounts of goods last night by a gang of at least
six men. One of the burglars was secured.
The Foster Case. '
Jndgc Ingraham has denied a stay of proceedings
in the case of the murderer Foster. .
Stolen Goods Recovered.
Some I15.0 worth of goods were seized In the
pawnbroker's shop of Ilyman Coppermann on suspi
cion of being stolen property, aud he has been ar
rested. FROM 2 HE SO UTIL
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph,
Fire lu Texas.
.Trvvffnfinv. .Tuna SO k flra whfch nrUinnin.1 t
TIiiron'H Rt.nrpliniiflf. het.wppn Tlallaa ami Anafi.
streets.destroved nearly two blocks. The loss Is estl-
maienai iso.uiiu. insurance, (lit.ueu.
iiiuruer 1 rial,
NllW Onl.FiNB. Jnn Sf Tlia nannnlo. imt
Thomas Winchester before the First District
Court for killing J. E. Lyon on the 17th. Ills
bond was fixed at $10,000.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph,
Contested Sents In the New Hampshire
Concord, N. H., June 80 In the House the re.
port of the Committee on Klectlonsjwas unanimous,
unseating W. N. Flagg, of the Sscond ward, Forts
mouLh, on account of bring over represented. The
r solution unseating him passed with but few dis
senting voices.
in case or vv. w.iuesser (Dem.), of Northward, the
majority report giving him his seat was sustained.
The Committee on Kallroads has decided to refer
the question ot granting a charter to the Nashua,
Manchester, and Concord Rallraed Company to the
next Legislature; aiHo 10 report a bill for Nashua
aud anlact on the railroad.
nm. 0
Milwaukee Markets.
Milwaukee, June 30 lo-io A. M. Wheat
steady; No. I, fl-8l ; No. 2, ll-snjjf.
lcecelpta. 55.U00 bush. : shioments. 13.000 bush.
Freights Sail, 6c. ; steam, 9c.
iclal Cstftrmatlnn of the Report
the tiraud Duke Alexis, of Kula,
tne uulieu stales.
tation of his ExceHency M. Catacazy, the Im
perial Russian Minister to Washington, yester
day visited the Russian diplomatist s summer
residence at Clilion, fciatea island. After coi
vei ting at length upon the various topics now
agitating European political circles, the con
versation turned upon h coming visit of
hie Imperial Highness thesGrand Duke Alexis
to the United mates. M. X-atacuzy remarked
that he bad DoLieed that a number of Journals
had, throunh their Washinsrtori correspondents,
positively contradicted the statements published
in the 2'itnrs in regard to the visit of the Prince
Alexis, stating that the report wits manufactured
out of whole cloth, and that the titate Depart
ment at Washington had iiotA received any
intimation, either from the Russian Minister
at Washington, or Governor CurVin, tne United
States Miuibter at St. Petersburg of toe pro
posed Imperial visit to Amerif'a M. Cata
cazy observed that these contradictious were
ceriaiuly made without the sliKhteot investl
pation bv the gentlemen of the press in
Waehing-ton. and had they appliad to the State
Department, ho said, the verity ottne announce
ments made iu the Times woii'd have been
proved conclusively. On the 14t'A f May, he
lirtLcr stated.be received a diplomatic note from
St. Petersburg, from his enlightened chief,
Prince Gorlscbakotf, the Imperial! Minister for
Foreign Atfairs, in which the Legation at
Washington was notified of the iiitcuded visit
of the Grand Duke Alexis Ale&udrowitsch
to America, with a squadron frcJtn the Im
perial navy. Tbe otllclal despatch stated
that bis Imp' rinl Highness would leave Cron
studt in the latter part of August,! and would
probably reach New York about tbe first or
second Week lu September, whei the Grand
Duke would immediately do himstflf the honor
of making a formal visit to the president of the
United States. A copy of the otlit'ial notifica
tion of Prince Gortschakoff was trusmitted to
Secretary Pish on the 15th of May by Al. Cata
cazy, for the information of the Pre ident, and a
few days uftcrwards the usual ackt owledgmcnt
of its reception at the Slate Depart ne"t was re
ceived at the Russian Embassy. l'be Russian
Minister further informed the Times that
tLe Imperial corvette Vsadi ick, which,
sailed for England yesterday, had been
ordered here by Admiral ( rabbe, the
Russian Minister of Marine,
the ariival of the Grand Duke's 84
to await
ad roo; but,
on account ot the postponement o
necs' visit until September, iu con
his High-
equence of
the heat of tbia climate, the order
n counter-
manded. M. Catacazy savs that he
ill occupy
he arrival
riter was
his summer residence at Clifton until
of the Imperial party, and wheu the
bidding his Excellency adieu.- the Courteous
diplomat took particular paius to observe that
"there is not one word of truth in tbt1 contra
dictory statements to the effect that tlo Grand
Duke has abandoned the Idea of visaing tbe
United States, and," he continued, "ylu may
use my name ns authority for your iiiforma
tion." N. Y. Timet to-day. A
lHtulilMlie( In INrA.
1m FlliLApiLPui

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