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1;\ .. tih lSt>* L'OA UA\ L).
"XV^r* iond? the sun have In >g obscured
A» cl storms have long bnrm sway,
?'lis sweet to vi«-w his in Bins ri stored,
And tempests pessawoy.
XVhen long bus roared the a: gry deep.
And toss.d the weary tar,
•Tis sweet to see i! sink t« ship,
A .ii hail hope's cheering star.
A sweet r scene lien these there is,
More heavenly* cheering bright;
More fraught with pur aoi! lasting bl s*
More sweet to tuoitu< si^<>!<
’Ti* when from the pnrentnl brow,
'ft., • loud* of rage are diiv.n;
Vt h j v vth, repentant, pardnii asks.
Ai.d acse. replies—foiioivks!
Heaven views with jay a see tie so fai r
A brighter smile pu s on—
Make* both its own peculiar care,
'1 he fa i hf it and the son.
-««*e -
A Q.i.iker who was exanmird before
Go t'., .sol us.ng aoy oilier language
tii u 'thee,’ ‘thou,’ and •friend,' was as
kerf oy th ■ presiding judge, ' Prav Mr
——, do you know v. hat »f sil here for?’
•Yea, v.ri!}’, 1 os,’ replied hi On ker:
‘three of you for two dollars eneh. r
day; and ihe fat one on the righ. for
one thousand dollars a year.’
Dutch Cleanlintss —Sir Win Temple
observing upon the extravagant neot
ne-s of the people ot lioliiu.d, mentions
the circumstance of n magistrate gon g
to visit the mistress of a house ot Aui
s' rd .rn, when knocking at me door, n
tighi, strapping North Holland 1>.s -
came ana opened it He asked whe'her
her nustri ss was at hum? Hie replied
‘Y s;’ and with thut Ire otleien to go i»• j
Lut the girl remarking his shoes w» re
not very clean, took him tiy hoi; arms,
threw him upon her back, carried him
across two rooms, pul him down at the
bottom of the stairs, pulled off his shoes
put on t. piir of Hipper*. .md all vvitu
out say tug a w»ru; but when she was!
dune, she told him tie might go to her
mistiess who was in a room above.
As the pasS’ Dgers of a stage w ere a
bout 10 dine l the stage house one ol
tin gm sts 100k the p pper box from a
Castor, a d ni ely silted it over a tii»*
piece of ro.islid beef. A Ft neh gen
tlemaii observing it, del'bi.ateiy look
hi. . tiff o. x Ironthis pocket, and be
s, r.. hi d its contents Itk< w .se ovtr h
sme pi.ee iif beef ‘teir,’s .ul the fits
pat ty vv.ial do you mean? Why sar, i
suppose sur, you luve de pepper, ami 1
8>.i toveite snuff 9 i he table wer
t. .own into a roar, unil willingly con
a. -ed to commute their roasied beet
t liie auiust iiieUt the maimer of its
loss occasioned.
Police (jjjice, i uesduy .Morning, Jiu
gua, 1 Ulh—Ibis uioriill.g a man wl.oo.
vv snail call Paddy O’H.ft'eriy, vvu.
bi ought hetore his houor the lieeornei
who pivs.ded during th« Mbs lice of the
Mayor, accused of attempting to pass
a ten dollar counterfeit bill. He was
a mart, anti we might almost say au
ei-ijUeiil man; we shall tbetefore suffer
h.Hi io tell iiis own story.
•.Now, your honor, 1 shall just state
in a few wolds the whole of mis basi
n'ss. 1 uni an Iriaimian by lnrih ana
n.y name is Paddy O’liufferty. i came
lu this country about three years ago,
last lumuias, and 1 am it journey men
baker bv prufeSMiiu. Mow, your lion
or, I’ve wrought lor Mr.-in M r
ket street, .1 >se twelve months, a.id I
never befoie tui accused of any tiling
tlisordeily or duhouoruble since the
d»y 1 whs h at born. And 1 was just
going to go to my native land ouce more,
wiien i lii. u In 1 should take a nit of
tt t'lohe before 1 went to sea, w.*ieh
y our honor knows is the natural pro
jKUsity oi every uimi Hhrrefore^ a»
mi. in along the dukened a.reel 1 tro>i
on a suodeu, your iioocr, a pretty dam
s 11 spieo, wbo was so btuuuful, so
cl*., iuiug that my passions overcom
ray leasuu. 1 i.ait i< Sj unt, aau upon
“ij couseiene- i think any other m .11
would have suLioitieU, if lie were an I
risbiu tii, autt were to see »o enaruui g
t* creaUie. ffAereupon l went home
with Her. you. Iiuuui', when sue asked
me to s 1 d io< some wine, which i »«•
cordi gly done, audgave her bit) of the
mom y i d received irom my employ
er yesterday. Jjut to my uaei nstoatsu
tftent, the fiist thins; I saw, was this
.nan (poiriting t« the officer) coniine
n to brrest me for a counterfeiter;
Now. I’ll If ave it to yourself, wai there
ever such a stirs; on a gentleman's
honor—to be torn away at sueh ft mo
ment from the soft. etnbrace of beauty,
I’ll leavt if to your honor to conceive.
as it is betterfdt then eipreesed
! hen tloonteil to'spind my night in a
hide as black »s I'arkn s*.
“This is my unvarnished tale, your
honor, for I am no orator, neither sm 1
• lawyer, for 1 .never was suckled in the
lap of infatuated luxury, nor resreil or
t'e up toe of education; but am a simple,
honest man ih.it walks for iny liveli
'I his w as the substance of Mr. O’Haf
ferty’s spei ch, and lh> se tire sonic of
his flowers of rhetoric. His actions
were suitid to his words, and he plead
with so n licit ingei uily, that it would
"Ot ha vo appealed in a better light, il
the first lawyer in town h*d been eni
ployed in his defence. His employer
appeared, and testified that he had the
day before given him the disputed bill,
in part payment of his wages which a
niounteil to t20 dollars. He was im
mediately «Pt at liberty
From the London Farmer's Journal
Little Marshall, Ide, near Exeter,
Devon. May 24 1821.
Sir—Aletteriny ur Journal ol Mon i
dav last, renews in my o md a su! jeet I
have often Letn oil the point of t.iidres
-int'jnu npon; and one, eg reldesto
inn nee i.f quick action, of ng much ini
portanev eg Waldrop’s Essay mi (!) •
Digi t.scs of the Eye; 1 menu the con
siderniion of the Horae‘g Feel, and thi
injury indited Lv (tie application of an
in< lag'll- n k as a protection to a part,
formed, in al! its outward parts, by Na
ture, for full and free exorcise of tlvs
iticity. Twnty years ago, or rather
more, in the indulgence of a regard to
my riding itorse, so natur lly the feel
ing of)null', I vers led to observe in
my own, and indeed, more or less in the
1 orses of every one else, a degree of
eontr. etion taking place in the foot: in
gome, the afiVctn.ii (for it wug not at
that period suppo*. d a digeas. ) was ul
-•low progress, while in others it was r -
pul and destructive. Various were ill
methods tri d to avoid the growing e
vil.bi.t all proved abortive Alan
arly p. riod after my mind bad beeo . e
live to the subject. 1 beeline acquaint
d with Gracy Clark, an tminrnt Lon
<ion Veterinary burgeon, w.io w as pros
cuting a similar enquiry, and through
Ins professional information I was ul
unately indebted to the knowledge of
what was r quisito to the healthy pro
lectio i of the foot of that truly nobie
nimal, the horse. This iuduced uir,
six years ago, to make use, with some
r fling alteration, of a shoe, known
rmerly in the sporting world by the
i ante of ‘.tie Huntsman’s shoe;’ it lieiug
i’lisiomary for them to jp tarried b>
iiunisnieii for die aceoininodatMH ol
gen.lemeu whose hur es might aeeiaen
tally throw a s^oe; a. d having a < ivet
in the toe, was, from iis capability of
-xpansion or conlraction, easily accooi
mutinied to the foot of 9"y horse. After
I had list'd this shoe twelve months, I
wrote i'rucy Clark an account of the
result, wInch uod proved beii-fieiul o -
yond my most sanguine expectations;
still they were not hltogetli-r tit for
general use, and the, efnre no public a
iubition of them took plane, i howev
er, continued their use, a id with gri -.l
suciess. getting -u.h Iterations as ci.
cunmunceg seet.i-n io nututt tne n,-c*-s
sity olj el Ways .?o •iniuiiieati .» my ex
periments. a* 1 pioeeadt J, to my wor
thy and respeeted friend B C., who 1
am happy *« find, ha* uow on ug t a
shoe to perfection, which stands the t<e*>t
oi puulic experience 1* is cow nx
years since 1 have u»» J jointed »iioes
and 1 therefore think 1 may bs ailowcu,
from tire success 1 have experienced, to
name ii for rhe iienetk of toe public. &
parlieul ily for that part of the agri
cultural world who are engaged in bree
ding a> d breaking valuable horse#, nu.
uy of whom ar»- srui, at early ages, to
London, with contracted feet from shoe*
mg, not as th>* geueial mode of expre#
»ion is, *bad shoeing,’ but from shoeing
whieii, as generally uted, is altogether,
ili the BE4T hand#, dad!
1 send you herewith (which I shall
be glad, when your curiosity and this,
of your ftiends iq your immediate vi
cinity are gratified, to have returned)
two e<.ftin bouesj the oue formerly be
longing (o an animal that had ber^ shod
ill the common mod *, and the other to
one that had never worn other than the
joiuted shoes, and leave you to make
! your own comment*. The natural ace
of the horse is from 23 to 30 years! How
many oevpr reach seven or nine, from
bad feet, arising from the mode of shoe
ing in general practice!
'1 he horse arrives at his full growth
at seven, and full beauty and rouadness
of parts at nine, after whieli thty are
capable of their greatest exertionj yet,
from the uncorrectfd evil in the old
mode of shoeing, few persons like t*> buy
a horse will out a mark of childhood
in his mouth.
1 remain, Sir,
Very ohrdienllv,
The Cortes at Madrid- have detected
and possessed themselves iif n secret
treaty entered into betw een Liui* XVI11
and Ferdinand Ytl iieguciated by the
duke de! lufantadu ami count Legorde,
whioh hud in its express tlew, tile
overthrow of ti e constituiionul am!
representative system of government.
The rourcti of a large French army
to the frontier Reunion Sanituire) was
stipulate d to he at stated times augment
ed to 50,000 men, military (supplies to
be provided by France.
Great Britain to aid w ith her fleet, &v
on roi-dition tt at she should not ac
knowledge the independent states of
the new world, t^pani wo.Jd cede to her
the island of Cuba.
This treaty w hs entered into delibrr
ately by Ferdinand—aud when it was
presented to him was not denied/ but
h“ promised (for the hundredth time)
to be faithful to the constitution if spur
cd on this occasion.
The s i/.ure and execution of the
leaders of the libei ales—Itr ro, (^uirog»
&e. were among the stipulations, aud
the concurrence oi Austria and kussi»
was expns.«ly stolid.
The conduct of the Cortes towards
that wretch and his adherents, lliougtu
we cr.uuot think their forbearance wis
or just, presents a striking contr s
with the royal project of executing thug.-,
men who have niagtianimously ri solved
to spare them, aud net to shed a drop ot
b’ood iu vengeance, or in any circum
stance out iu defence again-,t inluuai
or foreign euc nm-s. [Jiurora.
The truth s, the Holy Allies would
ce pleased with an opportunity oi crush
trig all liberal pliiic-plrs and constitu
tions iu Europe. '1 lie ,w(onards are
thoroughly aware of liiis propensity—
ami would desire not to encounter it at
present. Time will streuthen their own
constitution—open the eyes of their
neighbors—and scatter light and liberty
over Europe.
IVm. 1*. Burton
Having located hims-ll at C-plain K.
Pat ’s near the Big l.iek, oilers his
professional service to the inhabitants
ot Bail-torn l County, and its environs, as
, Physician and Surgeon.
By uo.to.uuty aud regularity of con
duct, assidu.ty, and aileution to those
calls, which may be made upon him, he
hopes to rend-T himself worthy of the
of the confidence, and part of the pat
ronage of that cuuuy. A due regard
to cireunmunce3, a ut the pressure of
the times
.September ~th 1822
Til YT on Friday..h sJ7th nfSep'eni
her l.S-'-i, will e sold nt public » le, lo
the hi ;hc«t tinkler, -tiuui jj or 00 head
rf fii blooded
Consisting of MILCH C >\VS and
8TKERS, all of whiea ale young and
A credit of six months will he given
for all sums ov r live dollars, the pur
chaser giving bond with approved s.-eti
rdy and no bond will be takeu for a
larger sum than twenty dollars. The
salo to con'inenee at 9 ocloek, A. M. at
Greenfield, where due attention will be
given bjr the subscriber.
August 31»l. 8—df.
Will ia future attend til* Superior am!
Inferior Coints of Uotetoar;, Frak
tin and Ai eghany counties.
August 2ith i83£.
The subscriber having lately rebuilt the
Powder Mill,
Formerly occupied by Thomas Preston
wishes to inform the public. that |»e has
now on hand a considerable quantity of
which he will sell ns low, as the same
quality can be had, fur cash.
From his extensive expeiienee in the
refinement of materials, rightly equ 1
i/.ing the composition und a desire to
render all imaginary satisfaction, he
hopes to merit the patronage of a gen
erous public.
The above Powder i* no mure sold ot
Mr. Hepler’s; but in plenty at Messrs.
Calhoun & Patton's, and good bargains
to Pediers and Merchants at the Facto
ry; and the subscribe^ most sincere
acknowledgement of Liberal patronage
of his fellow citizens
Wm. masterson,
Mill Grove.
.Tuly 20th 1S22.—2—3t
THIS is to forbid all persons from
trusting or crediting rny wife Cullia*
rine Urmy, ou my amount, as 1 am de
termined to pay no debts contracted by
her, in future, unless compelled by.law.
JOHN tUt viY.
September 9th 1322. 10—3t.
ALL those hariug claims against the
estate of John Thoui pson deceased, a’-e
requested to muke them known properly
» Uilieuticated as the law dnects on or
before the 1st day of October, that ar
rangements may l)e made for digrkarg
ioglhe s.une. All those indebted to the
»taie are requested to make imntedtule
Exrs. of John Thompson deceased.
July 25 4—tf.
JVo. 91 Market street, Baltimore.
September 7, 1S22.
An early day will speedily be announ
ced for the commencement of the draw
ing of the
first Class of The
Under tlie suji. nutendence ot the Oo-n-*
nnssioners appointed by the Uaveruor
and Council.
The Scheme contains Prizes of
$20,000 i $5,000
$10,000 | $5,000
$10,000 * $3,000
$1,000 \ $1,000
$1,000 \ $1,000
$1,000 | $1,000
$1,000 1 $1,000
$1,000 j $l,00o
jOoffclOO—1UO of 850--^2j of 320
5ooo Frizes of .$> lo.
Ouly 15,000 Tickets mid
The arrangement to dr«w the Prize*
' only w ill enable the Cominissiouei s to
! complete the scheme in
'I'iekets sud Shares may now be had
i ill the greatest variety of numbers, ut
I the following low rales, viz:
Whole tick-i S'J oo
tlaif 4 50
Quarter 8 3 23
hi^tah i i2
On Appiicaliou at
LoUery & Exchange Office
«Yo. 94. Market Street. Batiimor*•
•„* Orders for Tickets or shares in
nit uiithorised lotteries covering cusi
or i' i/.e tickets, fptst paid.J mil re
ceive the suite jironijit and careful at*
temintt that is given to personal appli
cations, i< addressed to
& ISAmiSIffD
P* jitpijiher 7, t <i22,
Constables’ Llanks

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