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“■ " *
Vol. XIX.] ’ • FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1818. _[No. 5281.
For St. Thomas,
Tlie new and fast-sailing sloop
wGSfHUNTRESS. Capt. Spencer; will
take about 100 barrels in small lreight,auu
can accommodate 3 passengers.
At SO,
LM\ The new and fast-sailng schooner
Ap&F.f.lZA ii NANCY,Captain Ames;
will uke freight of 550 barrels to the West •
indies or coastwise, and can accommodate |
15 or 20 passengers, having excellent ac
co'nniodations. Inquire of the captains on
boanl, at VowellW. barf, «'“C0RN,NG
July 15_31 _
Piaister Paris.
JOHN H. LAUl) & Co. offer for sale
the cargo of the schooner Mary
120 tors Piaister Paris.
For Freight,
-gjj The substantial good schr.
MARY,Elijah Worton mas
burthen 102 tuns will
&jtrv~f^2a2f|gke freight for Europe, the
AY^st Indies, ur Coasiwise.
July 8__fw
For Freight,
The fast sailing schooner
.NELSON, Tenney master,
burtheu 550 barrels, is a su
'perior vessel, and can be rea*
dv tor a cargo in a lew days. Apply to
AN ho have l»r sale said schooner’s cargo
i»t iimc, lumber, and tauner s bark,
'lav 25
E. Corning,
Has just received by the sloop Rising
Sun, and schooner Sally, .
•I*) t>b!s. country gin
4 hhJ*. do.
20 hhds. N. E. rum
20 bids. do.
510 oi-ks Lime
12 bb's. mess and prime pork
2> boxes spermaceti candles
20 big »s collee
4 yawi boats
5 hhds. su"jr
G do. molft-es
150 bushel# potatoes &c.
. Also for Freight,
The good siuop MARY,
u ^ ^capt. n< uroe, to any part of
I’niied States.—Enquire
L2' t»£T3Baj abuse, Vuwell’s wharf.
June 3 ___- j
A little of New-England, fcjc.
JLTsr received and lor *ale bv
E CORNING, Vow ell’s whf.
30 hhds N E Rum
40 bblsdo
4 hhds Antigua and Jamaica do
G da count gin
GO bbls do
Bags of coffee
5,000 wt bacon
20 boxes Philadelphia cider
20 ke-s ginger
12 do oysters
Beef aw'd pork
5 r.luls Barbados sugars
4 do do molasses
£0 boxes sperm candles
4 chests hyson tea
20 kegs tobacco
50 bbU whiskey—and a general as- (
sortment of GROCERIES, at wholesale .
and retail. BCT^hip Stores put up *.t
ahoi ^notice, wasted,
2000 bushels nf yellow or yellow and (
white mixed Curn-^nd a small cargo of j
Th'unasion lime.
July 3_
tnr\ Ttnllwi'ia Retrats).
RAN aw.iv from the subvciibcr’s farm, |
near PiscaUway, Md. on or about
the l t day of March', 1818. a dark mo- •
latto man named Nick, hve teet ten or
eleven inches high, slender made, a little
deif, speaks a little through his nose, has
been in t e habit id wearing rings in his
ears but may have taken them out to •
avoid discovery. Said negro Nick ha9
a wile on Mr. Thomas A. Diggs’s land, (
near Fort Washington, and is probably
*.*1 bored in that neighborhood. I will
give the above reward ot liiirtv Dollars, j
it taken out ot the State id Maryland,
and Twenty if taken in the State, more
than ten miles from home—it within ten
lailes of home, Ten Dollar3.
ipril 25_
THE subscriber* to the Falls Bridge
Turnpike Coii»|*oy residing in
Fairfax County, Virginia, who lately sutv
scribed with a view to enable the Com
pany to build a Bridge acros* the lower
Ford of Difficult Run and to forward the
Turnpike toad, are hereby notified that
they are requited to pay t*i John Tem
pleman, the Superintendent on the road,
or to His order, a monthly instalment ot
tea dollars per-share, to commence on
theSUth July neat and to continue till
tie whole amount of subscriptions are
paid up.
li» order of the Board,
f Georgetown, June 19,1818.
LEWIS KiPKtNS St Co. have re
ceived per the Moha*k, via Balti
more, a small addition to their former .<s
sortment of hardware, which renders the
assortment to'erably complete and exten
sive. among which ahe,
Shoe thiead in balls, of good quality
Engli h bridle aud skilling leather,
of superior quality
Men's and women's saddle trees
Plated chain spurs
Girth webbing
Waldron’# grain and grass sithes
Patent iron tea kettles
Cutlery & Mongery Goods; '
all of whicn arc ottered at reduced pri
ces to noncual cu.turners. June 11
Muscovado Sugar.
VW^I^l. be Untied th>s day from on
▼ y board the Briti-h brig Fame,from
B-vhado', at Merchants’wharf, and for
sale by the subscriber,
41 lihds prime muscovado sugar
July 0tf
Wine and Ityc Flour.
Cases ^ containing 1 d<-/.en each)
very old and superior Madeira
52 barrels rye flour, received per
sloop lluntiess from New-\ork
For sale bv
Tt.lv - *> +
VFEW case> ot Nledoc Claret, o! a
superior quality, fo sale by
J.ilv 3 L\ * FQtvi.E.
Bank of Alexandria,
July 6. 1818.
A DIVIDEND of l«'Ur percent for the
last ball year, is this «laa decla
red, and will be paid o the st< ckhalde
in the institution, or th»ir legal rep-^p'i
tatives, on Thursday the 9‘h in \
j. L. M’KENNA, Cash*..
July 7 3w
Union Rank of Alexandria, P
Juiy2. '818. t
Stockholders in this institutin',
are heieby notified, tha* on the cap
ita! pai! in, a dividend of four per cent,
from the profits for the last six months, -s
this day dtecla: rd payable on the 9;h inst.
sgi eeably to order.
C. T. CHAPMAN, Cashr.
July 3if
Burr Mill-Stone Making.
THE Sub9crib» r wishes to iuluim l is
friends and the public, that he h .s
on hand a good supply of the fh«t quality
Burr Blocks. His shop is near Col.Pey
ton’s store, where he can supply all Mil
lers at the shortest notice w ith first rate
Mill stones, and which he wii warrant
equal if notsuneriorto any in the United
States, and will sell them at the most re
duced prices—the workmanship superior
to any in the district.
Per. 13 R )BERT RLF.NN.
Bolting Ulotns.
THE subscriber has this day receiv
ed, a large and elegant assort
ment of Bolting Cloths.of a superior qua
lity, which will be offered for sale at the
store ot Messrs. Bt^tts fliCawood, King
itreet, Alex’a, where he intends keeping
a complete assortments future
Bath House.
THE subscriber respectfully informs
his friends and the public, that his
Bath House will be kept open during the
season, and no exertions on his part <hatl
be wanting to give satisfaction to those
who shall favor him with their custom —
Two baths, distinct from tb*- rest, are ex
pressly reserved for the use of Ladies—
who will be waited on agreeably to their
directions. Tickets will be ready
for delivery on Friday next.
•C7* The subscriber has received by
the Norfolk packet, a quantity *d Fre.h
LIMES, which will enable Mm to keep a
constant supply of PUNCH, of th« best
quality. T. SHIELDS.
June 17 ff I
Bottled Porter and Ale.
HAS just commenced bottling best
Transparent Pale Ale and Porter,
(|iom th^fieor^etown and Philadelphia
brewerieJPon Duke street, between U
nion and Water streets, where he will be •
happy to meet the commands ot his ■
friends and the public in general. To
those who are disposed to become regu
lar customers, or wish to purchase by the
dezeu or gross, will be made a handsome
Boarders Wanted.
Two or three boarders can be accom
modated on moderate terms, by applying
asaboye, June SO
E. Corning,
HAS just received bjr the srhoot r
Rising Sun, and lor sale at Vowell’a
10 hhds N E. rum
50 bbU prime and mess pork
50 casks of lime
4 ches’s ol young hyson tea
2 cases domestic goods
1 yawl boat
July 7 1u(h«3w
Just Published.
JOSRP.l MILLIGAN hay thin davj
published a new edition of a Trea" j
tue on being Horn Again, without which
no man can be saved, Rv Sami. Wright,
I). 1). To which i9 added, the Commu
nicant's Spiritual Companion ; or an E- i
vaogelicart preparation for (he Lord’s Sup
per, by the Rev. Thomas llaweis, rector
of Afdwinkle, Northamptonshire, and
chaplain to the right honorable the earl
of Peterborow. Price bound 87 1-2 cts.
It may be had by application to any of
the principal booksellers in the d strict
of Columbia. July 3.
London Cloths^* Cassimeres.
JUST received per ship Nancy, f.om
London, via Rahimare,
Sheppard's & Maclean's
best ci* tn» and cass flicien, <»t various co
lors ; a few gross of-ihe first quality gilt
coat buttons, and a lew %lozen ol very su
i erio< co.ored and white brown patent
threads. Likewise a variety of Kurapi
•.r., India, and domestic goods,—got cheap
and will be sold low for c&s
Next door to the ashincton I avrru,
rv »ucru __
Robert Gray,
Next Jour we s' <>f the coriur uf K.ng Uf
Royal Streets,
V'' j :st leoeived on consignment,
1 il'.e following BOOKS and SI A»
MN .RY vH i iCliES viz:
V;>lnev’s Runs; I'haddeus of Wsr
;nv; 'Mney Ifynw; Fane way’s letters
Mu: ray’s Reader, Grammar, Eiei rises
• n<i K-.-y;
Triu nph* o| Temper;
New York Header, No. 1, 2, <§' 5;
Episcopal prayer b uoki
Travels at Home ; Cases of Conscience
Chaimer’* Discouispn
Accide. ts#il Human l.ife
Plaicede, a Spanish I ale; Manner*, a
novel; Balance ol Comfort
Letters fiom the Cape of Good Hope
Bonaparte’* Letter to Lord Liverpool
Cote’s Female Scripture Biography
Beauties of Robcrt*on
Harrington and Or nond
Memoirs of Moreau
-rte. nadotte
-Rachael Baker
Youth’s Cabinet
Murray’s Grammar, Abridged
Murrav’s, tYeb-ter’s Comly’s, and NJ
York Spelling Books
New-Yurk Preceptor and Primer
Allison’s Sermons, 2 volumes
Tale9 of Fancy; Poetical Chronology
Clavis Ciceronis; Tacitus
Airs ol Palestine; Hubert and Ellen
Valentine’s Eve; Readings on Poetry
Lord ot the Isles
Saocho. or The Proverbialist
Cow net’s Poems; Comic Dramas
Pans Revisited; French War in Spain
Poet’s Pilgrimage; Masonic Minstrel
Simpson’s Co» ic Sections
Willish’s Lectures
RambachN Mediations
Sidney on Government
Warren’* America; Military Tutor
Family Prayer* ; American Star
Sanford and Merton; Scott’s Lessons
Looking Glass lor the Mind
Pocket and school Dibits & Testaments
Jess’* Surveying
Johnson’s Dictionary, large ai d small
Child’s Moiiitm ; American Nepu#
History ot England
Addison'* Winks, 6 vols. boards
Federau-t; Clerk’s Magazine
Columbian Let cr Writer
Introduction to Reading
Episcopal liv in', Ac. \c.
Plain and Uucy ». tie;, superfine and
common cap writing and large brown
wrapping paper; band box ami bonnet
boards; pl.ni.ig cards; ink powdet, red
mil hlack ; black morocco pocket book-;
ivedgewood cork and paper ii.kholders;
lead and slate pencils; supe:fine English
ind American drawing paper; Reeve-’s
colors in box*# ; German and octave
dates; fife* and clarionet*; black sand
md -and boxes; wafers; quill*; blank
checks on the Mechanic#’ and Farmers*
bank-; bills of lading; seamen’s ar idea;
manifests and powers ot attorney ; bi»i k
books, copy and cyphering book*, plain
and ruled ledger* journals day books
invoices, letter common account books
m lull ..ml half binding Orders for any
description ol blank books executed at
a short notice; and warranted for neat
ness, strength and durability, equal to
any in the district. Jon* 27.
, Notice.
1\ VI ready to contract for taking up
and repaving Duke and Wute »ireei«,
when the citizens owning property ther*
,n agree to repave the sideways at theii
>wn expense, agreeably to an order n»
Council, dated November 1, 1817, for
which purpose, and their accommodation,
a subscription paper is left with Mr.
Evan P. Taylor.
UOBl'. BR<f KET, Street Com.
May 4
RECEIVED by the schooner Maria,
from Madeira,
Halt pipes, quarter casks end hail
quarter cask'
Old Madeira,
and half quant r cask-*
Old Tinta, Sercial and Malm
sey Wrine,
from the house of Kcirs t/ Co. which
will be sold at cost by
Who have received per the ship Hazard,
from Cork,
50 casks Irish butter,of superior quality.
May 3r _
RohtM’t Gray
Respectfully .»fo.mh» friends
and former customers, P’at he has
recommenced the
Bookbinding and Stationary
next door to the ioi mr t King and Roy
al streets, and is prepared to execute any
orders in me uooKDimiing ouisue-» wim i
which he may be honored—he is also sup
plied on commission, with a small assort
iiient of Stationary comprised of artic les
most in demand, and particularly invites
the attention of Juvenile customtis to
articles used in schools, such as Cypher
ing and (’opy books; &c. which are made
of the be»t m Aerials that can be procur
> I and at the usus> prices—oiders from
'lunksor pub ic offices lor any kind of
blank account books, can be executed ii.
a style of strength a. d elegance equal to
any in the United fehat— M ■> 97
Fanning ami Currying.
JOSEPH Hl.STON continues to car
ry on the above business at his old
stand in Prince street, between Water
ind Union streets, where he will be al
v.iys ready to execute orders in his line
with promptness and despatch.
He keeps constantly on hand a large
assortment of
of as various qualities as can be found in
any shop in the District—which he will
dispose ot at very low prices for cash.
11 mo. 6 tf
For Sale,
Genuine Vegetable Rheumatic
So celebrated in New-England for the
many remarkable cures which they have
wrought, some of which are particula- j
rized in the papers of directions, where
many thousand boxes are used annually
to general satisfaction.
These pills are recommended by men
of the first characters rn the state of Mas
January 2(.
pval.isil AMD nRHMArt
ALMANACS, for 1818, I
JUS r published and for sale by the
gross, dozen or single one,
• Who has on hand, *
a large stock ot writing and letter paper,
pasteboards, slates, blank books, quills,
sealing war, wafers, playing cards, and
paper for rooms. 0
Family and common bibles and testa
ments. prayer books, psalm and hymn
books, with many other established reli
giovs works of merit. A general assort
ment of > i
School Books,
Among which are, the Greek and Latin
Classics. Dilworth’s, Webster’s, Mavor’s,
Comley’s, Murray’s, Columbian and Phi
ladelphia spelling books, Murray’s, Web
ster’s, Ashe’s and Condey’s grammars,
Murray’s Primer, Introduction, Reader,
Exercises and Key, Am. Glass Book.
Blair’* Reading Exercises, New Intro
duction to Reading, New York Reader,
No. 1,2 and S, Sco t’s Lessons, En
field’s Speaker, Goldsmith’s England.
Rome and Greece, Webster's Selection,
American Speaker, Dodsley’s and Crox
all’s Fables, blair’s Grammar of Chemis
try, O’Neal’s and Willet’s Geography,
Dilworth’s. Tutor’s, Jesse’s A Jaadon’s
Arithmetic, Johnson’s, Sheridan’s, and
Walker’s Dictionary, Atlassesand Maps,
etc. etc. together with a large stock of
Law, History and Miscellany.
Wholesale purchasers allowed a libe
ral discount. Auguat £1
AI L persons having accounts against
St Paul’* Church, that have not
ti rendered, will plea«e hand them to
M . Daniel Somers immediately.
June 8 tf
ON han ! at the auction store corner
of Prince and Water streets, Hol
land Rush Carpets, (justly celebrated for
their durability)—otdiffeient widths and
qualities, which may be seen and pur
chased at any time.
June 18
Cheap Carpets,
(Suitable for Summer use,) &c. Ac.
PIECES floor, passage V -tair
A strr-v carpeting, low priced
30 bag-* filberts
500 lha hulled barley
SO bundles cassia
170 groce velvet cork9
50 bbls herring®, No. t—inspection
of last year, in sound order, and at a low
3500 gallons cider vinegar [price
40 dozen claret, low priced
20 dozen <'o very old, and fine
quality—For sale by
June 17 _
VVifhers & Washington,
A FKW doors cast of the Washington
/jL Tavern, have just opened a hand
some assortment of
Spring Goods,
which they offer at the most reduced
nrices for ra*>h. March 26
MR. BOtKMAN will accommodate
six or eiiilit genteel board* rs at
his dwelling on P.tt street, between King
and Prince streets, near the Washington
Inn—having provided himself with every
thing suitable for their reception, by (he
month, quarter, or year, as o>a\ be deem
ed tnoit expedient. May 28
Fifty hollars Reward.
THERE came to the stables of thd
subscriber, on Monday the 1st inst.
a person calling him-ell
and obtained a hor«e and gig on f»iie, M
he said, to go to Ellicott’s Mills, and re
turn in the afternoon of the same day ;
and as he has not vet returned, there ia
strong reawn to believe that his intention
is to swindle meout of my property. lie
is about 6 feet 8 or 9 inches high; anpa
parently about 25 or 30 years of age, ot
genteel appearance, and well calculated
to deceive.
The luise is a grey, about 15 hand*
high, 9 or 10 years old, has a switch tail,
a speck on the rigid eye, and move*
swiftly. The *ig has a green body, car
riage and w heels black, the lining of blue
cloth, red stuff top, linings, plated dou
ble—outside joints.
I will give the above reward for th«
recovery of the horse and gig, and thfi
detection u( the scoundrel, or 20 dollars
fur the horse and gig only, and-all rea
sonable expanses if delivered to me; No.
26, North Liberty street, Baltimore.
Baltimore, June 8
An Act
Incorporating a Company to establish a
Turnpike Road tiom Wiley’s tavern,
in the county of Fairfax, to'a point of
intersection ou the Littie River Turn
pike Road, or on the line of the dis
trict ot Columbia. Passed February.
, 14, 1818.
BE it enacted by the General Assem
bly, that it shall be lawful to open
books at Fairfax court-house, and in the
town of Alexandria, under the direction
of Francis Peyton, Augustine I. Smith,
'Vm. Moss, Johnston Cleveland, Amos
Alexander, Mordecai C Fitzhugh, Jonah
Thompson, George Deneale and James
II. Hone, or any three of them, for re
ceiving subsciptinns to the amount of
sixty thousand dollars, for the purpose of
making a turnpike road from Wiley’s fa
vern, in the county of Fail fax, tua point
of intersection on the Little River Turn
pike Road, or on the line of the district
of Columbia, as shall be designated by
the directors of the company herein alter
When a sufficient number of shares
shall have been subscribed, the subscri
bers, their heirs and assigns, shall bo
and they are hereby incorporated into a
company by the Dame of « The Middle
Turnpike Company,” agreeably to the
act, entitled, “ An Act prescribing cer
tain general regulations for the incorpo
ration ol Turnpike Companies.”
This act shall be in force from the
passing thereof.
Richmond, March 11th, 1818.
The fnrpgoing is a true copy of an att
of the General Assembly, passed Febru
ify 14th, 1818.
Keeper of tba Rolls,
tpril 30 ff

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