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Alexandria gazette & daily advertiser. (Alexandria [Va.]) 1817-1822, August 05, 1819, Image 3

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Jv Exchange Cofee-House Ufa
I A brig and schooner, bound up.
Ship America, Lucket, of this port, 5o
dav* irom Kio Janeiro, with hides, sugar,
and fustic, arrived at Baltimore, 2d insi.
Schr. Eliza. Weeks, at New-York, 2d
inst. up for this port.
State of the Weather.
Aug. s.—At 3 p. m. 89 deg.—Fair—
Wind North.
4.—At 3 p. m. 85 deg.—Fair—
Wind N. E.«—Rain last evening.
For Bermuda.
rlf. The schr. UNION, ifHinckly,
V-3-ymaster, will sail next week. For
?£1?htof2oO bbls. and for passage, apply
Central wharf. •
a ug. 5_^_
For Norfolk,
The packet sloop OCEAN, capt.
■Middleton, will sail on Monday
Text. For freight or passage, apply to the
master on board, at Irwin’s wharf,
aug. j ___ _
Stone Ware.
JOHN SWANN, manufacturer of stone
ware, in the town of Alexandria, res
pectfully informs bis customers, that he has
been enabled lately to make a great im
provement in his ware, although it ha9
been at considerable expense and labor,
and he looks to a generous public for a
support He also would inform them, that
he has on hand, at this time, a large as
sortment of ware, equal to any made in
the United States. The merchants in the
adjoining counties in Virginia will find it
ft, their advantage in buying stone ware
fr .rohim, a?* he is detenn ned none shall
sell lower th «n he does, bis prices being
at this time from 20 to 30 per cent, lower
than they are in Baltimore; and he will
warrant his ware to be •*! 3 good quality,
which has been acknowledged by the very
be*t judges of that article.
Merchants from the country leaving or
sending their ordtrs to JMessrs. J. 4* J
Dough's; B Hampton 4r Co. ; or J. fV.
Massei/ ; he wilt have them promptly filled
ud. anu all orders thankfully received by
Alexandria, August 5. 8t
The Winchester Gazette, Warrenton
Palladium. Leesburg Washingtonu.h, He
rald (Woodstock), and Charleston, (Jef
ferson) paper, will insert the above twice
a week for l«.ur weeks, and send their ac
counts tojhis office Jor pay numb_
Ran Away,
17^ROM the subscriber, on the 3d instant,
rrn apprentice hoy to the cabinet bu
siness, named WJl. B. HODGKIN,about!
6 feet 8 inches high ; blue eyes ; dark
hair; beard & whiskers. A liberal re
ward will be given to any poison that will
apprehend him. All poisons are foie
wanted from employ ing him at the peril ot
rbe law. WM. H. HANNON.
, aug. 4
ANY person disposed to exchange a
good pacing nag for a fine blooded
mare, now In foal, may meet with an ad
vantageous bargain, by applying at this
office. St*_aug. 4
American State Papers,
Published under the patronage of Congress.
rpHE subscribers to thb important na
JL tional work, in the state of Virginia,
are informed, that it will be delivered in the
different counties, in the course of the pre
sent season.
The publi her indulges the hope that the
same liberal motives that induced the very
generous patronage which this work has
received in Virginia, will prompt the in
oivitlual sunscrihers to auoru every taoi
liMr in their power, to the ready collection
ot the amount due on each suhscript:on.
Boston, August I—3 d3w’
"^'E^TERDAY, a steel watch chain,
I with a large gold seal. The finder
shall he rewarded by leaving them with the
printer. _ 3t_august 3 •
The public are respectfully informed,
that, at the request t a number of citizens,
the Philadelphia Comoany w ill perform in
Alexandria, one night a vetk, during the
remainder of their >tay in Washington, and
that on FRIDAY next, August fi, will be
presented (for the first time here,) the
popular new drama, call**d
Op, Aulil Lanj? Syne.
Founded on the celebrated novel ot that
After which, by desire, th: favorite farce,
in tzoo acts, culled
TYie Budget ot Blunders,
Doors open at I past 6, and the perfor
mance to commence at 4 half past 7 pre
Tickets to be had at the Box-office, as
usual.—No postponement on account of
weather. , _ july 31
Lost or Mislaid.
WAS left in Major Cooper’s store, in
New-York, in August last, to be
forwarded to Alexandria, Georgetown, or
Washington : two large trunks,containing
the effects of a voung gentleman, who died
at Westpoint Military Academy. It not
being recollected by what vessel they were
shipped, they may probably have been
sent to Baltimore or Norfolk, by mistake,
or put into a store here. Any information
respecting them will be thankfully receiv
ed, and all charges piid, by
AML. MclNTIRE. Washington city ; or
At the counting-room of N. Keene, Esq.
too Dollars Beward.
RUNAWAY from tbe subscribe*, on
Saturday last, a negro man named
This negro is about 20 years of age, very
likely, of a very black complexion, about
five feet ten inches high, and very spare.
His clolhes are not ’ecollected.—It is sup
posed that he took with him a fine cambric
shirt, and a,blue roundabout. It is proba
ble that he will endeavor to make his way
to Pennsylvania, and that he is in compa
ny with two others.
I will give Fifty Dollars for him, if taken
in this county—One Hundred if taken out
of it, and secured so that I get him again.
Fauquier county, Va.
july 31 dtw
The editor of the Baltimore Telegraph
will insert the above two weeks, and for
ward his account to this office tor payment.
Tliomaston Lime.
JOHN H. LADD & Co. have just re
ceived per Norfolk packet, and offer
for sale. 338 casks Thomaston fresh lime,
june 21
Smoked Herrings.
TWO hundred boxes smoked herrings,
put up ©n tbe Potomac, for sale by
july 3o
Cambrics, Vestings, Silk
Stockings, 2$c.
ONE case 4-4 and 6-4 cotton cambrics,
(some very fine,)
11 pieces cord & quilting vesting,
A ft w dozen silk stockings,
Sewing silks, &c.
Will be sold by the piece or lot, to suit
purchasers, at very low prices.
Also, 6y late arrivals,
A fre*h supply of Ladies'Jr Gentlemen’s
Fine § Fashionable Shoes,
For sale bv WILLIAM TRUE,
At his store on King-street.
july 2fi_ dtf
Potomac Company.
TVTOTICE is hereby given, that the an
. y nual meeting of the stockholders will
be held, at Seir.mes* tavern, in George
town, on the 2d day of August next, at II
o’clock, ioc the purpose of electing a pre
si lent an<i four <iireotors for the ensuing
year, and transacting the other business ol
the company;
And that the president and directors will
hold a meeting at the same place, on the
9th of Aligns next, for the purpose of ap
pointing the following ofliceis, viz. a per
son to act as treasurer and clerk of the
works, one to act as toll gatherer at Har
per’s terry, one to act as toll gatherer and
gate keeper at the Great Falls, and one to
act in the same capacity at the Little Falls.
By order of the Board,
JAMES MOORE, Jr. Treasurer.
July Hdi“.n
For Nilt*,
That three story brick house,
situated on the south side ol Prince
■ !l!jStieet, now in the occupancy ot
Mr. Win. Rudd ; a perfect title
will be given, and the terms of payment
made convenient. Apply to
july l0__JOHN H. LADD fr Co.
Houses and Stores to Rent.
A three story brick house, at the
corner of King and Henry streets,
with or wit bout the store and cel
_lar belonging thereto.
A large store and cellar, w ith three good
rooms, adjoining the former
A two story brick hou-e and store, on
King, between Patrick und llemy streets.
Two new two story brick houses, on Ca
meron street, nea.' the theatre.
A two story brick house, on Royal-st.
lately inhabited by Mr. Charles Tyler,
with a garden, stable, cow house, and a
pump at the kitchen door.
N. B. All these houses are suitable for
respectable families, and possession can
be now had at very moderate rents.
Also,, a small brick dwelling house, on
Princess n ar Royal street—possession
tube bad 29th inst. Enquire of
jnly 20_tf
To Rent,
f-i I That large commodious brick '
flirt-ft warehouse, lately occupied by I
■ Sftl- George Kincaid ; al«o, the frame
JUS<w dwr Ring house, and sto-e adjoin
ing. The ah-ve property is well situated for
the flour and grocery business, will be
rent** 1 K»w to good tenants,and pos>ession
gnen immediately.
James Sanderson.
July 8 _dtf
Suj»ap and Molasses.
q^HE subscribers offer for sale a quantity
A of Trinidad
Sugar and Molasses,
of a ‘*uperior quality, now landing from the
brig Benefactor at JannevN wharf.
July 12 tf HUGH SMITH 4- Co
Vessels Wanted.
SEVER AL vessels of 1<>0 to 180 tons
may obtain freights for an eastern port,
i on application to
jrflv 10 1m T, H. HOWLAND.
For Sale,
ON board the sloop Almira, at the up
per side of Harper’s wharf,
A variety of one horse waggons, with
or without tops, winch will be sold lob
50 to 60 bbls rye gin, well flavored
50 bushels oats
12 firkins and 3 tubs butter
Stone ware, jars, pickle pots and jugs,
an En quire oi the roaster on board.
July9 __
A Loan Wanted.
THE most satisfactory security, in real
estate, will be givenJ^H^TTban of
Two Thousand Dollars,
with interest.—Apply to
aug. 3. tuthsot
The rogiildt- trading scheoner
Jackson, will sail on Thursday the 5th
inst. For freight or passage, apply on
board, at Ramsay’s wharf , or to
aug. 3._3t
For Boston,
. The brig F ACTOR,capt Hawes,
_[is now loading, and will sail in^all
this week. For freight or passage (for
which she has handsome accommodations)
apply to WM. FOWLED Co.
HTio have for sale, the cargo of theschr.
Planet, capt. Prince, of
150 tons planter Paris.
For Portland Enstport,
The schr. PLANET, captain J.
]§gy!gPrince, will sail on Sunday next,
and take freight for either of the above
places, on reasonable terms Apply a9
above._july 28
For Freight,
The brig ELIZA, Clifford, mas
ter, 150 tons burthen, will take
freight to an}* northern port. Apply to
ABIJAH ADAMS, Central wharf,
Who has for sale, her cargo,
190 tons plaister paris
In store, just received,
5 hhds first quality Jamaica sugar
12 cases straw bonuets.
july 26_ __
For New-York,
kS§\ The fast sailing *>.n<‘ regular park
schooner ELIZABETH, John
Tolley, master, burthen 650 barrels.—
She will be ready fora cargo in a few days.
Also, lor Freight,
The schooner LYDIA ADAMS,
^fecJbThomas Hicks, master, burthen800
barrels. She is an excellent vessel, nearly
new, and w ill be ready to load in a few
days, at a low freight Apply to
Mho have, for sale afloat,
585 casks fresh Thomaston lime, nil lined
and in fine order, and can he delivered
in any part of the District.
lllltr 9J
For Boston,
The r‘gu!.*r trading brig FAC
to-aa: TOR. E. Hawes, master, will com
mence loading in a few days. For freight
or passage, for which she has superior ac
commodations. Apply to
Who have for sale, said brig’s cargo of
G50 casks Thomaston lime.
The cargo of the schooner Seneca, Wins
low, master, from Portland, Of
50,000 feet merchantable lumber
30 barrels N. E. rum
G barrels green coffee
5 hhds. molasses
6 chests hyson skin tea
1 pipe Cogniac brandy, of supe
July 15 rior quality. Apply asahove.
For Freight,
'.*SK 7he schr. OLIVE BRANCH,
capt. Farnsworth, burthen 750 bis.
will be ready for a cargo in three days.
The schr. R \P1D, capt. Hawes
burthen G50 bids and she can be
in readiness fora cargo very s<>on. Apply
to ' JOHN H. L ADD & CO.
Who have for sale, hercargo ol 414 casks
fre-h Thomaston lime.
For Amsterdam,
m. The ship FAIR-TRADER, Geo
v« Fletcher, master, burthen 500 hhds
tobacco. She is an excellent vessel, and
will be ready to load in a few days, and
take treight ot 300 hhds.
For Freight,
The superionand fast sailing brig
BRAVER, S Ruggles, master,bur
then 1000 bids, now ready to receive a
For NTew-York.
iE& The schr. ELIZABETH. H. K
.%58fcl ravers, master, burthen 750 bbls
She is a first rate vessel, ami will be dis
patched soon as sufficient freight offers.
Apply to JOHN H. LADD & Co.
IVho have for sole on board brig Beaver.
Three hundred casks fresh Rhode Island
lime, which ctn be delivered at any point
the purchaser may direct.
july 10_
For Boston,
Or any Eastern Pori,
The g.»od schr. ENTERPRISE,
Ad alps Gray, master, burthen ldoo
bbls. will be ready for a freight in a few
days, on moderate terms. Apply to
Who hire for sale 1.90 tons plaster oh
hoar1 that vessel _j’l'y I**
For New Y >rk,
The sloop ABEONA, W. Knap,
s!$^mastpr, burthen 35o bbls. and w ill
he ready to load# caiyo on Monday next.
Applpto J. H. LADD $r Co.
july g --—
•Tollm H Ladtl § Co.
OFFER for sale, the cargo of schoonor
Cornelius, from Thornaston, of
550 casks fresh lime,' in fine order.
From brig Three Brothers, from Bermuda.
18 hhds. very superior retailing mo
lasses %
3 hhds Jamaica sugar.
Bor Boston, or any Eastern
liX. The schr. CORNELIUS, Wm.
Robinson, master.burthen 800 bar
rels a verv superior vessel, will be ready
for freight, in three days. Apply as above.
jul.V *
Molasses $ Tobacco.
SEVEN hhds. molasses, excellent qua
lity, this day landing from schooner
Primrose, from Boston.
Twenty k«^s chewing tobacco, superior
Spiality, tfiis day landing from $chr. Jane,
rom Richmond, fors.Jej v
may 26 ’ JOHN JACKSON k CO.
Valuable Beal Estate.
n^HE following valuable real estate, the
1 property of the Mechanics’ Bank of
Alexandria, is offered for s le or rei/t, upon
the most advantageous terms : viz.
A large three story, well finish
■^^vjed, brick house, with a store in
||M|. front, and all convenient and ne*
AsJLktcessaiy back-buildings ; the for
mer residence of Gen. Young, situated at
the corner of King and Washinglon-sts.
the most centra) and desirable situation for
a genteel residence—for business—of
would be admirably calculated for a
boardinghouse, having a great many well
finished and airy rooms.
A three story brick dwelling
house, and stote, with back build
8 VCll 'n^s’ anf* eVFT convenience for a
£L*4w* family, situated on King-street. &
adjoining the former ; the house at present
unoccupied.-4-i’be »tore could lie rented
A two story frame dwelling
house, on King-street, and adjoin
ing the above, with a store or shop
JLaJLw.in front, and back buildings ; at
present occupied by L. Campbell.
A three story brick building, oh
BT^x| Washington street, adjoining the
8lfft corner Properly* at present orcu
ArJELalpied by :Vlr. Mason, as an office,
and iswell calculated for an office or store.
A brick office, adjoining the same, to
the south, at present*uoccupisd.
A most valuable ami desirable farm,
adjoining the property of W. H. Foot, in
Fairfax county, Va. and containing about
170 acres. On the farm is a two!
■ story brick dwelling house, barn,
81 Z|i aud other Put-houses. The land tn
JLeMMnia good stat* of improvement, and
is capable of being made the most beauti
ful situation in that county.
A great bargain may be had for the
whole or any part of the above property,
it early application be made.
July 29 _thm2m.
To Rent,
( With Ihe exception qf Tiae Rooms)
i uai uwec siory nncx nouse si
W tinted on the north side o> Prince
ly l£j street* between Fairfax and Koyal
JLeJL^streets, and nearly opposi'e the
store of Mordeica Miller The part now
off* red for rent consists of four good rooms,
besides an underground kitchen and a well
finished garret It will he rented on very
moderate terms, and possession given im
mediately. Apply,to the subscriber, at
the bank of Alexandria.
juty 2_ tuthstf
To L<*t,
The brick dwelling house and
store on Kiiig st. lately occupied
by Captain E. W. Jackson, and
adjoining j|ie warehouse of Mr.
James English, near the diagonal pumpi
For terms apply to NEW TON KEENE,
june 26 stuthtf
To Rent,
A commodious three story brick
dwelling house on Washington-st.
I«|! lately occupied by Mr. John Jack
A small framehouse, on Fairfax-street,
between King and Prince streets. In my
absrnce, application may be made to R.
july 2 d3tluthstf
Bottled Ale, Porter, Cider*
Wine, £$c.
^r*HE subscriber, at his cellar oh Royal
I. street, offers forsale an extensive sup
ply of
Philadelphia, porter, ale 4* cider, in bottles,
which being selected by bimselt will be
found of superior quality.
Rest port, claret and Madeira wine, old in
bottle, which by the dozen will be sold on
moderate terms.
And in store, for sale,
feriatol porter bottles in hampers of one
gross each
Velvet cork? in bales of 10,000 ea^h
Five, two, one and one half gallon demi
Superfine table salt in baskets fjohn^
With a general and well selected assort
ment of wines, spirits, teas, sugar* spices,
groceries, <$*c. >WM. DUNLAP,
june 1 tuthstf
Twenty Dollars Reward.
RAN A WAY on the first day of the
month, a mulatto man named HEN
RY, commonly called Henry Johnson :—
he is lame in bis right ancle, inconsequence
of a fall from a horse, and is about five feel
(even or eight inches high. He was hired
so me by Air. West Ashton, with whom he
lived for many years; has been in my em
ployment several months as a house ser
vant, and formerly lived with Mr. Ran
dolph Mott as a waiter, and Mr. Tbotnpsor
as hack driver.
The above reward will be given for his
apprehension and confinement in jail, sc
that 1 get him again, and reasonable char
gesif brought home, on application to
West Ashton, or the subscriber.
June 12 dlw^tuthtf
For 8 ile,
TlfO tracls of valuable land in Durham
Parish, Charles County, Maryland op
posite Nanjeinov Reach—one of these tracts
of land is bounded on one side by the Po
tomac, has a valuable fishery, and contains
about 300 acres of bottom, with a quantity
of wood that ought to he cut.—The otbei
is about three-fourths of a mile from the ri
, ver, from one half to two thirds covered
| with wood and valuable white-oak timber,
I and contains about 700 acre*. Both tract!
. have -more hard of choice fruit. The anove
! land will be sold at Charles County Court,
on THURSDAY in the third week oT Au
gust next at Public salt, if not sold before,
i at private sale;—The term9 w ill be made
known at the sale. Timhei or wood may
be purchased any time previous to the sale.
i Charles County, Mareh 2€—swtAuIS
Marshal’s Sale.
WILL be sold, under a decree of the
Circuit Court for the county of
Alexandria, on Tuesday the loth day of
August next, at James English's flour store,
on King-street, near the diagonal pump,
for cash,
One hogshead of ^fieenstcare^
also, 65 bushels of SALT, the property
of Thomas Amis and others, to satisty a
debt due Wm. F. Thornton ami others.
For T. RINGGOLD, Marshall,
july 3o dts
Public Sale.
BY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, i$*
sued from Prince George’s cuunty
court, and to me directed, 1 will offer at
public sale, at John Palmer’s tavern, od
the l(»th day ol August next, for ready cash,
*1 handsome Mulatto Boy,
about 18 years of age ; taken as the pro
j perty of Mary Moreland, ariministrutrif
j of '1 bomaa B. Moreland, to satisty a judg*
nnent in favor of Ann Magill, admifiislu
1 trixof Thomas Magill.
Sale to commence at two o’clock.
Sheriff of Prince George’s comity,
july 21 •_ ts
Lunds iur 8ale.
BY VIRTUE of a power of attorney
from William S. Courts to the sub
sciiher. will be sold at public sale.
v On W EDNESDAY, the lutb AUGUST,
in Port Tobacco, that Valuable tract of
land whereoD John H. Barnes at presedt
resides called
Jutland and Cole,
lying and being in Charles county Mary
land, containing between three and four
j hundred acres. This land is handhon eiy
situated, lying immediately on Matawo
man Creek,ai leaM one.third of which is
in wood, with a sufficient quantity of ntarsh
land for grazing—that part ol the land
which is in cultivation is well adapted to
the growth ol coni, wheat and tobacco,
and with proper cart* would be equal, if
iml tnrorinr In nv I'.twi in tli-ot
. * - .-.— ■
hood. also,
At the same time and place, will he of
fered lor sale the plantation at present in
the occnp.-ncy of r rancis & Sam’l Wheel
er, lying about one mife troni the above
place,containing about four hundred acres.
As it is presumed that peisonr* wishing tp
purchase will first view the premises, it is
thought unnecessary to give a more parti
cular description thereof. The terms of
sale will be as follows : Via. possession gi
ven on the first day of January next, at
w hich time one third of the purchase mo
ney w ill be required, the remaining two
thirds at one and two years the purchase#
giving bond w'itb approved security with
interest.— Upon the payment of the w bofe
purchase money, a sufficient deed will be
executed to the purchaser.
July 9 ts
Five Dollars Reward.
RAN AWAY, oh the morning of Wed
nesday^ the 26th May, from the
subscriber, in the city of Baltimore, an
apprentice to the cordwaming business, by
the name of WILLIAM DURANT, ahout
(as he say?) between 19 or 20 years of
age; 5 feet 4 or 6 inches high ; slender
made ; light hair ; dark eyes, and appears
somewhat cross-eyed ; fair complexion i
peaked nose ; and marked with India ink
about the arm with some fictitious letters
and an image resembling part human and
part fish ; he is very talkative, and for
ward in speaking; had on and took with
him, a curded roundabout and trowsers,
fur hat, and new shoes. He is an English
man by birth, and effected his escape by
getting off from the British, Whilst lying
somewhere about Leonard town and St.
Mary’s county, and afterwards lived with
a Mr. Rudd, a painter, in Alexandria ; he
was seen in Alexandria.
Whoever takes up the ab*ve runaway,
and returns him to the subscriber, or gives
information so that he may get him again,
shall receive the above reward. I fore
warn any person from harboring the said
apprentice. JOHN WEVER,
Lombard-street, Baltimore.
N. B. The above named apprentice, it
seems, at the time of his making his es*
cape from the British, changed his name,
and passed for a while by the name o! Win.
Wise, as he has said himself,
aug. 4 3t*
. ..... i ... . -■ ,i*
Missouri and Illinois Bounty
THE subscriber has now for sale a num
ber of the most valuable tracts, in
both of those rich and improving bodies dl
i lands, and can supply applicants'll ith any
number they may wish, and in any part of
either territory. Every person who visit!
the Western Country, particularly those
who intend settling there, should take with
them a few quartersectionsofthose lands;
every man w ho has a young and growing
family, and can spare a few hundred dol
lars. should not miss the present opportu
nity of getting some of those lands ; as it
w ill insure to his children a greater cer
tainty than any other investment he cats
possibly make for their benefit.—From the
immense emigration to both Illinois and
Missouri, particularly to the military lands,
it is certain there must be a great rise in
the price very soon, and those who miss
the present opportunity, will never again
j have a chance to do so well. The patent!
j will I* sold very low, for cash, good notes
I or bonds at short dates, or bank stock is
j the Cenlral Bank of Georgetow n and
i Washington, and the Farmers' and Mecha
; nics’ Bank of Georgetown. As I am a
! large dealer in Military Bounty Lands, I
can supply spy number that may be re
Please to apply at my Exchange Bank
ing House, Bridge street. Georgetown.
* July 31 dff

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