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Mechanic Belief Society.
A stated quarterly meeting of tlic
....ir Relief Society will be held at
Stwn Sail on THIS EVENING,
; Secretary,
v b Members arc requested to be
punctual in their attendance.
marine JOURNAL.
IF ALEXANDRIA, February 1.
^ arriva!s.^Wind N. N. W,
c k«r Svrrn, Emery, Boston.
ScLr- John Howards, Tucker. Newbury
P1cbnr. Quaker, Junajan, New-York.
Srhr Constellation, Doyle. 2o days from
deCuba, ar.at Savannah Jan. 2o,
J' r schr- Union, Hemply, oi and tor this
Ki0 in tbre<! _
^titanic’s Hall Academy.
i Public examination of the pupils of Ibis
\ A “demy will take place on THURS
DAY 3d inst. at half past 9 o'clock.
An invitation is given to all, who can de
nit anv ^ratificition from witnessing the de*
Lloptinent of the powers ot the youthful
’ ^ its first timorous essays, and who
‘UM wish to promote, by the exerting in
duce of their attendance, the utility ot ex
i‘hitioiiS of this kind.
Passage for Savunnah.
rg The ship FAIR-TRADER will sail
^^bence fur Savannah in about ten days,
iVn^re cargo being already engaged, se
veral passengers ran be accommodated on
yeavmable terms, for which please apply to
caotain Walter Fletcher, on board, or to
2d n»o. 2d 7t PH1NEAS JANNEY.
VVras Taken
FROM tha snbscri ber’s front room, a wo
mans lignt co’oured drab cloak, lined
with changeable yellow silk, a hood, with a
silver clasp, the letters R. C.— A generous
reward will be given for the cloak, or the
detection of the thief.
feb 23t
Wm. Fowle, $ Co.
HAVE landing and for sale the cargo of
the schr. Kolia, capt. Levery, from
Portland, of
too tons plaister paris
7o bbls. No. 2, mackarel
14 hhds. retailing molasses
12 bbls. Tanners’ oil
Also, per schr. Midas, from Boston,
7o bbls. anJ \ Muscovado sugars
loo boxes mould candles,Samps’n brand
loo casks nails and brads, assorted
lloreams wrapping paper
Also, froms< hr. Mary Elizabeth, fr*. Boston.
Ico boxes mould candh s, Samps’n brand
lo bb's \ AjUiC0'au0 sugars
feb 2 _
District of Columbia,
County of Aexandria, to zjit.
ON the petition of Samuel Hattersly,an in
solvent debtor, confined in the jail of
Alexandria county, tor debt ; Notice is here
by given to the creditors of the said Samuel
Hattersly, that on the first Monday in March
at nine o’clock, a. m. at the court-house
of said county, the oath prescribed by an act
otthe Congress of the United States, entitled
‘I an act for the relief of insolvent debtors in
lb* district of Columbia,” will be adminis
tered to the said insolvent, and a trustee ap
plied, unless sufficient cause to the con
trary be then and there shown. Ordered, that
this notice be published twice a week tor
three weeks, before that day.
. Ry order of the Hon. Wm. Cranch, chief
jthlge of the United States Circuit Court ot
viie District of Columbia.
Teste. EDMUND I. LEE,C. C.
Feb i, lS2o
Just Received,
|JER schr.^fary-Elizabeth, from Boston,
**• 1 case containing £5 pieces elegant fi
gured crapes
* cpntaiuing 25 pa. fine Canton crapes
j do do 20 p«. sup. nankin ditto
I no do 50 8-4 nankin crape shawls
I do do 20 ps. eiegiQl damask hkfs.
» * . , In Store,
oa*e forest cloths, cost from 22d to 3s
sterling per yard
>a w Russia quills
° h^b barrels Cuba sugar
h- P teneiiffe wine, in pipes hhds. and
hhds. and quarter casks
!evv hhds. very finecid port wine
b"Xe»spermaceti candles
. I°,,s Swede’s bar iron, well assorted
® do steel, in bundles
vJ bushels oats,—For sale by
^djno. 1st. _eo7t __
O ik ami Ash Wood for Sale.
I HAA Eon hand from 80 to lOO cords of
\ and ash wood, which I will sell low
i'postte thehou-e of Newton Keene, Esq.
j King street, Alexandria.
I ~ i • 3t
ritty Dollars Reward,
RA* AW AY from the subscriber on the
0*^,*,. a negro fellow, named NEL
" V ’s a bright mulatto, between the
*: twenty-five and thirty, five feet nine
t ..*n n,chp< high, hump shouldered, with
' 0;v splotches on each cheek under his
j I?* a,vl lisp* when talking ; he had on a
P^’.' a>rn *ur a black cloth coat, Irish )»
t< l* • 'an.^ ?r,,y cassimere pantaloons, ana
** w»’h him other clothing. He was rais
in ‘/I btevenaburg, and sold to me by Larkiu
rna't *• °| lh«t town. It is believed he has
tftlKii Alexandria, with a view to get on
V(>n ' a^elphia. Theabove reward will be gi*
;f)V.0raPPrchending him and securing him in
a. that I get him again, and reason
e caarges paid if brought home.
rArnisvillpt ar Jefferson Post Office,
Culpepper county.
THE principal charges alledged against
the persons in our publication oi the
25th u!t. in their vindication they do not
deny, that is, euteiing upon our premises in
the night, neither do they deny removing
from our scales the balance weight; all we
have asserted will be substantiated when the
whole mattercan be brought before the pro
per tribunal. How long such conduct has
been practised ou us time will develope.
feb 1_ 3t
To the Public.
Apublicationof Butts and Cawood hav
ing appeared in the news papers of this
fdace, charging Robert Hume, David Smed
ey, and the subscriber with an act, which if
true, would justly subject us to public cen
sure, a contradiction of the charge may not
in the estimation of those who are strangers
be satisfactory, unless accompanied by some
facts which 1 trust will entirely exculpate
those who have been stigmatized by them.—
It had been reported to ine that some person1*,
who have since given evidence before the
mayor, bad ascertained some months since
that a pair of scales belonging to Butts and
Cawood did not balance ny a very material
difference, and that another person, who has
never been examined before the mayor, had
a Iso ascertained the same fact, and bad seen
persons in the employ of Butts and Cawood
weighing and delivering plaister without any
balance to make the scales just.
These «ircums»anres induced me, on the
evening of the 17th inst. to accompany other
gentlemen to the scales, which were not 20
yards from my premises, where J stood and :
w itnessed the difference of more than 60 1
pounds in the weight of the two dishes, as
represented by the the testimony delivered
before the Mayor, and alluded to in the pub
lication of H. Hume.—No injury whatever
was done to the scales. The public will
decide if standing in a public street or alley,
and witnessing facts proved before the pro
per tribunal, he criminal. It may not be a
miss to add, that in w eighing a ton of plais
ter by those scales, without balancing them,
would produce about an eighth of a ton pro
fit. 1 have delayed this statement from an
expectation that Butts & 6awood would
make such a public recantation as they were
injustice and truth bound to make.
jan 31 __ _tf_
Candles, Plaister, £$c.
loo boxes mould candles, assorted sizes
and warranted first quality
5o tons plaister
to blis*' S Mu,cavado SuSar
3 hhds molasses
Now landing from Schr. Mary Elizabeth,
and tor sale by,
jan 313t
Naval Stores.
TEN casks of spirit* of turpentine
10O bbls. of rosin
93 do soft turpentine
29 do tar
Just received by sloop Jar.e, Moses Pi*
mack, master, arnforsale by
E. CORNING, Vowel’s wharf,
jan 31 Ct
IN the vicinity of Alexandria, on hire for
the ensuing year a COLORED MAN,
a good ostler, of steady habits, and who can
come otherwise well recommended. One
from the country will be preferred. Apply
to the printer.
jan 29 _ tf
Prime Oats.
THE subscriber has for sale 500 bushels
good white oats. JOHN A DAM,
jan 20 thstuCt Lower end King-street.
Smoking i himmes.
THE subscriber, (living in Washington ci
ty), proposes to prevent chimnies from
smoking; and requires no pay unless done sa
tisfactorily. Also, setting soap pans, &:c.
N B. A note addressed to me. Eight
street, opposite the Central Market, will
meet with prompt attention. 3t* jan 22
For Norfolk.
The Packet Sloop OCEAN Capt'
vOJfeMiddleton, lying at Irvins’ wharf will
sail on Thursday nex*—for passage only ap
ply to the masterou board,
feb. 1, l82o._3t
For Freight.
The new and fast sailing brig CO*
_£LUMBUS, John MofTitt, master, bur
theu about lloo barrels, and will be ready
to load in a few days.
For Btston,
The good schr, S\ UEN, Sinr.on E
master, burthen about 7oo bbls
and will very soon be ready to load ; some
small frieght and passengers would be taken.
For the West-Indies,
The very superior sloop EAGLE,
_J.C. Wright, master, burthen Too
bbls. and will very soon be ready to receive
For New bn ry port,
The good schr. JOHN HOWARD,
jgpgr.Johp Tucker, master, burthen 4oo
bbls. ; she can take some small freight and
passengers. Apply to
J. H. LADD. <£• Co.
ffho have just received by the above vessels,
9,000lbs. Java coffee
8,000St. Domingo do.
13,000 bushels Lisbon Salt
10 hbds. molasses, s >al leather, bis potatoes
and Onions
7 boxes T. Crebores cards
15 Freeborns patent cast iron ploughs
60,000 merchantable hoards
2 tons hay in bundles,
jan. 19
To Let.
A neat two story comfortable
house on Fayette-street, a little to
the' north of Mr. Anderson’s store,
suitable tor a small genteel family.
Also, two small convenient tenements on
Wasbingtou-street. AB. HQLBKQQJy.
THE subscribers beg leave to inform their
country friends and the public generally
that they continue (he Produce and Grocery
business, at, their old stand north west coiner
of King and Henry-streets, where all lar
mers coming to market with Flour or Pro
duce of any description will find it to their
advantage to call.
Alexandria, jan. 25, 1820.
The Winchester Gazette, Leesberg Wash
ingtonian, and Martinsburg paper will pub
lish the above six time®, and send their ac
counts to this office for settlement. _
Bacon, Corn Bran.
FORTY thousand pounds prime bacon ,
(put up fur family use)
5ooo bushels bran
2ooo do corn
looo do ryo
5oo do Nova Scotia potatoes
Rye meal and cut straw.
Together with a geueral assortment ofGRO
CEK1ES, for sale by
Lower end of Prince-street
jan 27_ 6t
Hood’s improved
Patent Cast Iron Plough.
THIS indRpensable implement in hus
bandry is at length perfected. Jethro
Wood, a practical Fanner, in Cayuga cy.
st.iteofN York, alter many years attention
to the subject, has overcome all prejudice.—
His Cast Iron Plough, already patented in
England, in France, in Russia, and in the
U. Slates, where it will supersede all others,
is now offered the public with improvements,
warranted to perform all the various ope
rations of ploughing with less expense and
tar less fatigue to the team, than any other
plough—the land side, mould hoard and
shar* being all of cast metal tempered so as
tv resist friction much louger than wrought
iron laid with steel. The shares being cast
in moulds exactly fitted, by taking'several
with each Plough, not only avoids the ex
pense, hut the delay so often allending re
pair. Orders for the above Ploughs, Shares,
kc. promptly executed, and a liberal dis
count made to those who buy to sell again,
by . J. H. LADD, 4* Co.
jan 22 Proprietors'1 Agents, Alexandria.
More Prizes th n Blanks !
Drawmg will commence 2oth March next.
Grand State .Lottery.
h L n b m i .
1 prize wf §25,000 is §25,000
1 * of 10,000 is 10,000
3 of 5,000 is 15,000
SO of 1,000 is SO,000
20 N of 500 is 10,000
50 of 100 is 5,000
100 of 50 is 5,000
200 of 20 is 4,000
9,GOO of 10 is 96.000
10,005 Frizes §200,000
9,995 Flanks
20,000 Tickets, at §10 is §200,000
The capital prizes will .all be floating, and j
will be deposited in the wheel on the follow- |
ing days :
On the first day of drawing, 5,000
5th do 5,000
8th do 5,000
12th do ' 10,000
15th do 25,000
All the prizes oflooo, 5oo, 4rc. are float
i ing from the commencement, Prizes sub
ject to a deduction of 15 per cent.
There ’viil he 2o days drawing, and the
prizes only will be drawn.
Tickets 11 dolls.shares in proportion—to
be bad at
Lottery & Exchange Offce,
Near Davis’s Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue,
Washington City,
Where a few warranted undrawn tickets
can be had in the New Jersey Lottery, now
drawing, containing prizes of 2o.ooo dollars
2 of ln,ooo, 3 ot 5,ooo, 3,ooo, 4'C
i jan 12 dtf
Leesburg Hotel and Coffee
P FOLEY respectfully infoms the citi
• zens of Leesburg, and the public ge
nerally, that he has taken that large and com
modious establishment lately occupied by
Sam’l L. Edwards, on Loudoun Street, di
rectly leading from Alexandria, Washington
* and Georgetown to Charlestown, Battletown,
and Winchester ; where trom the superior
accommodations and attention to the conve
nience and comfort of travellers, he hopes
! togive the greatest satisfaction to those who
! honor his house.
' N. B. The most attentive servants always
provided.jan 3
Just Published,
REPORTS on cases argued and deter
mined in the Court of King’s Bench,
with tables of tiie names of the cases and the
principal matters. By George Maule and
i William Selwyn, Esq’rs. ot Lincoln’s Inn,
Barristers at Law, in 4 vols. For sale by
jan 31 _mwfif
I HAVE been informed that it is, by some
persons, believed that a copartnership
in the mercantile business was formed be
tween Mr. Richard Latham and myself, and
! that we were for some time engaged in car
! rying on said business under the name and
! firm ol “Richard Latham <$* To.” Such re
ports are incorrect; and I feel it a duty I owe
myself, and the community generally, to
contradict such a report, and to state public
ly that there does not at this time, nor has
there ever existed any patnership between us
either in the mercantile oranv other business.
Paris, Fauquier county, Va,
January I4—I.9. w3w*
More Alexandria Bank Stock
fjtOR sale.—Apply to
; vvm. devaughn.
jan 31
The National Intelligencer will insert the
ahove six times and solid their account to
this office.
Negroes for Sale.
rpiIE subscriber offers for sale, a bargain,
JL viz.—
1 coloured woman, 28 years of age.
1 do girl 0 do
1 do boy child, 7 months do*
Matlawornan, near Tori Tobacco,
nov. 22 >({’
William Fowle Co.
HA A E landing from schooner Quaker and
sloop Eagle
100 boxes mould candles, Sampson’s brand
■ 100 casks G, 8, and 10 penny nails
2 casks seine i Bridport Twine, of su
1 do sewing ( purior quality,
jan 21_
For Sale.
4 LIKELY mulatto hoy, about nine years
..A old, who is active and smart. For terms
apply at this office.
Jan. G. tf
Clover Seed.
C'ORTV BUSHELS fresh Clover Seed,
A forsaleby A6HB Y & STRIPLING.
jan_ 6_^_t_[_
Clover Seed.
JUST received, fresh clover seed, and on
sale bv T. CRUSE.
Also, 60 kegs Pennsylvania buiter.
jan 3 dim
Batavia Coffee.
dec 31 Bit Y \Ny HAMPSON k SON.
Canton Crapes.
i^OUK cases Canton crape, containing 5o
pieces, superior quality, and assorted co
lors. Just received and for sale by
October 26 \VM. FOVYLE * Co
Wanted to Hire.
► f^WO colored men for a year, who can
1. work on a farm. For such as bear a
good character for honesty and labor, halt
their wages will be given in advance, lnauire
ot the printer. * Dec. 18
Urandy and Raisins.
FIVE ol<l Cognac brandy, of the
brand oi'Otard, Dupuy * Co. ot very su
perior qualify
60 casks iresh Malaga raisins, just landed,
and for sale by W. FOVVLE & Co.
december 22
New Publications,
j! tJST received by
Miss xMoor’s moral sketches 2 vols.
do. do. in une vol.
Reflections on prayer
Crabb’s tale of the Hall, 2 vols.
Affections Gift
Memoirs of Mr?. Mary Cooper
Quarterly Review No. 42
jan 2 _
Swords’s Pocket Almanac
Christian’s Calendar
FOR 1820.
JUST received bv
jan 21
The Gentleman and Lady’s
ANN li A l, UK AIV. M C It AN Ci. R,
For 18 JO.
Just received and fur sale by
nov 23_J.AS. KENNEDY » SON.
Virgjini Almanac, for 1820.
k5 Reflections on Prayer,by H. Moore,
Memoirs of Henry Kirke VVhite.
Life ol Spencer—Solitude Sweetened,by
BirKbeck’s reply to Cobbett.
Don Juan, a Poem by Lori Byron.
Just received by JAS. KENNEDY 4* SON.
Dec 13 dtf
Cut Nails, Brads & Sprig*?.
f 1 tHE subscriber, agen< for the manufactory
X ol Haxall, Brothers 4* Co. 9/Richmond,
Virginia, offers for sa'e the above articles.
The manufacturers of those articles are
very willing to put them in competition, both
as to quality and price, with any similar arti
cles manufactured in the U. States, and hope
to have the encouragement of the dealers, and
consumers of those articles, in their own
state at least. JOHN ROBERTS.
O^y-A full supply of prime first proof Wool
ington Whiskey, constantly on sal.* j.r.
January 13 thswlaw2m
Musical Instruments.
PIANO FORTES, plaSn and ornamented
A few very superior violins incases, and
a great variety of common qualities.
Best London made flutes and clarionets,
silver keys, tipped and plain.
lageolets and fifes of different kinds,
larionet reeds, violin hows, bridges and
pins. - j
Best Roman and German violin strings.1'
Just received, and for sale by
nov» thslutf J. KENNEDY & SON
THISistogive notice, that the subscri
ber has obtained, from the Orphans5
Court of Charles county, Maryland, letier*
' testamentary on the personal estate ef JOHN
EDWARD FORD, late of Charles county,
deceased : All persons having claims against
the said deceased, aie hereby warned to ex
hibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to
tilt* subscriber, on or before the loth day of
July next, they may otherwise by law be
excluded from all benefit of said deceased’s
estate. Given under my hand this loth day
of January, Anr.o Domini. I82o.
j an Jo mwi«w
Public Sale.
BY virtue ol a decree- of the Judges ol
Charles County Court, as g Court ol } -
quity, 1 will sell to the highest bidder in ti.«*
tovvn of Port Tobacco, on SA I l?K DAY tire
19th day of February next, a tract oi land
lying in Naniemoy, in Charles county, call
ed HOOHNOK'i ON, containing about c ue
hundred acres. This land was the propeit **
of William Dunnington. deceased, and 'u
sold for the benefit oi his creditors, in conse
quence of a deficiency of assets. A credit ot
12 months will be given, the purchaser giv
ing bond with good security. Upon the rati
fication of the sale by the Court, and tie
Dayment ol the purchase money, a deed will
re executed by the trustee. All persons
laving claims against the said deceased’s es
tate will exhibit- them with their proper
vouchers to the honorable court within six
months from the day of sab*.
Nov. 10, 1819—Jan. 20, 1820—law Is.
Public hale.
ON TUESDAY the 15th February, at 10
A M. at the Indian Queen Tavern, in
this town, now occupied by Thomas Trip
lett. the subscriber will proceed to sell, at
public auctii n, for cash, to the highest bid
den, all the household and kitchen furniture
of the said Triplett, being a valuable collec
tion of articles suitable for such an establish
ment. And on the day loilowing, at 12 o’
clock, A. M. on the premises, at public auc
tion, for re? dy money to the highest bidder,
a certain tract of land in the county of Fair
fax, and state of Virginia, the pioperty of
the said Triplett, containing in the whole one
; hundred and eighty acres, and bounded by
the lands of James Irwin, Mr-, brooke,
Thompson Mason, and Samuel Colfard.
All the above property j^to be sold by vir
tue of a deed of trust from the said Triplett
to the subscriber, for the security and bene
fit of Joseph Shepherd. Such a title as is
vested in the subscriber by the aforesaid in
denture, will be conveyed to the purchaser,
upon the receipt ol the purchase money.
N. S. WISE, Trustee,
jan 28. dtloF
Marshal’s Sale.
WILL be sold for cash on the pr^misi5,
on Saturday, the 20lh day of Februa
ry next, at 12 o’clock, all the right, title and
interest, oi Phebe Moore, in and to one lot of
ground in the fown of Alexandria, at the
northeast corner of Washington and Wolf sts.
to satisfy an Execution in favor of Archibald
B. Dick. D. MINOR. D. M.
Jan. 19 for T. RINGGOLD, marshal.
Valuabie Property tor Sale.
ON SATURDAY, the 4th ot March next,
the following valuable propeit) will be
offered at public sale, lor cash :
1 A two story brick tenement and lot of
ground on the south side of King-street, 49
feet to the west of Henry-s reet, in front on
King-street 25 feet, in depth 100 leet.
2. A vacant lot on (he west side of Fayette
street, beginning at a point equi-distant from
King and Cameron streets, thence north oa
Fayette-street 76 feet 7 inches, wes: paral
lel to king street to Payne-street—south on
Payne-street 76 feet 7 inches, thence to the
3. A large two story brick warehouse
and lot of gmund at the intersection of tilt
north line of King-street with the east line of
Fayette-street, in front on King street 43
feet 5 inches—on Fayette-street. loo feet 16
a lo toot alley, now in the tenure of James
4. A lot on the east side of Fayette-strt.
1 lo feet to the north of King street, in front
on Fayette-sttreet 21 feet 5 inches, in depth
123 foot 5 inches.
5. Two Lots of ground formerly parts of
the estate of the late Richard Conway, dis
tinguished in ihe survey made tor his execu
tors by No. 20 and 21 — No. 20 situated on
the north side ot Montgomery-street, and
west side of Coluinbus-street, containing one
acre and 7-8—No. 21 situated at the inter
section of the south side of Montgomery-st.
with the west side ot Columbus-streef, con*
taining 5-16 of an acre.
The above described property will be of
fered for sale under a deed ot trust from Jus.
Anderson to R. L Taylor, for the securi ty
of the Mechanics Bank of Alexandria.
The sale will be made at the ware-hous®
distinguished in the above advertisement by
No. 3. at lo o’clock A. M.
Payment w ill be required on the spot for
each piece of property struck off—and if
not made, the property will be immediately
resold at the risque of the defaulter, whose*
bid will not be afterwards received.
By order of the trustee,
january 19
gj*"1. sj_-H- ■■■.■wt>jbv. v- *
Fifty Dollars Reward.
RAN AWAV from the subscriber on tha
night of the 3otb ult. a black man na
med THOMAS MAN KIN S', aged about2o
years, stout made, thick lips, and speaks ge
nerally as if something was in his mouth, a
very sulky down looking fellow ; although
he can he smooth and plausible when be
wishes to be civil. He had on when he ab*
sconded a blue fine cloth coat, close bodied*
almost new, and pantaloons and vest of the
same colored cloth with other fine clothing*
not recollected. He can write tolerably
well and will probably have a pass forgecf
by himself. The above reward willhe gi
ven if said ne^ro is caught out of the district*
and secured in jail so that I get him again*
and 2o dollars if caught within the district,
and all reasonable charges paid.
N. B. said hoy has bt:en bred to the Bis*
cuil-Baking, and is an expert workman.
Febr’y 1 _ d6t*
ON Monday the 23d ult. supposed on
King-street, near the store of Baton &
Butcher, or on Royal-street, near the office
of the Marine. Insurance Company, a 2o dol
lar note of one of the Virginia banks, and
a 6 dollar note of the Bank ot tb« Valley, of
i Va.
The finder will confer a favor on the own—
! er by leaving the same with the printer w ho
I will grant a liberal reward, if required.
’ Feb I ^

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