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Alexandria gazette & daily advertiser. [volume] (Alexandria [Va.]) 1817-1822, May 19, 1820, Image 3

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scaeitvy 4 Sink to Otneml ivti
kouisio Vires, J-.nvny.aX
£fdha-<? nndMimsUr l'kmpokn
ru f-orn Spain.
U - neprtmfnt or State. 1
Washington, 6th May, 1820. J
c In the letter which I have had
, * j ,‘nor 0f receiving from you dated
you observe that you renew
;VJ assurance that you will submit to
i* Majesty the verbal discosssion we
o) the third point, concerning
jjjjyou were instructed to ask for
tLhnntion*. 1 have to Ie<luwt ot'-vou
\ state specifically the|representation
1 Ft h too propose to make to IIis Ma.
'. J of what passed between us in con.
CVe on this subject.
I !>iay you to accept the renewed as.
t!J J,ceVf my distinguished conaidera
Vrneral Don Francisco Dionisio Fives,
to the Secretary of State.
Siu: I have received the note you
vJn' pleased to address to me, of yes.
M-dav's date, and in answer thereto, i
i,:ive to state, that the verbal discus.
Jon between us, upon the third point
,}»»>' proposals, is comprised in your
note of the third, and uiy reply of the
fifth instant; and that, consequently,
tiie statement of it, which I shall trans
mit fur hks Majesty’s information, will
j)f *m strict accordance with the tenor
(.ftbc said notes.
1 renew to you the assurance of my
high esteem, am! I pray God to pre
riVe vou many years.
Washington, 7th Miy, 1820.
[To be continued.)
JYeu York% May 14.
The fast sailing ship Hector, capt. Gillen
ifcr, arrived last evening in 32 days from
Liverpool.—Capt. G. has favored the edi
tors ot the Mercantile Advertiser with Liver
pool papars to the 11th, and London to the
loth or April, inclusive. Also, Loyd’s Lists
to the 8 th.
Some further disturbance* had taken
place at Glasgow, Paisley, Greenock, &c.
At no time since th* beginning ot Kjdica'»
li>m, nad there been sucr a general appre
hension from that quarter--Serious alarms
existed at Manchester, and troops were or
dered there to prevent an expec ed riot
At Glasgow, Paisley, and ali the neigh
boring country, for 12 miles round, placards
were piac* d on the walls addressed to the
people of England, Ireland, and Scotland,
calling upoti them to come forward immedi
ately,"and effect by force a revolution in ;he
government, 4* enjoining the manufacturers
to abstain from work from the 1st April.
All the weavers and other workmen in Glas
£0w, Paisley, and the neighboring country
immediately struck work,k the streets were
covered with crowds of the idle and discon
tented. The magistrates of Glasgow bad
offered a reward of /5oo, and the govern
ment a further rew.trd of 5oo for the authors
or printers of these inflamatory papers. Toe
troops were in motion, and some skirmishing
had taken place. Several had been killed
and others wounded. At the last accounts,
the weavers in Glasgow and Paisley had
generally returned to their looms, as the
want of leaders deprived them of all confi
dence, and the power of the military point
ed out to them the hopelessness of their
On the 8th a crowd assembled at Gre*
nock, to witness the arrival of 5 prisoners
who were brought in from Pais!e\; at 5 in the
afternoon, by the Port Glasgow voluntc rs.
When the volunteers were returning they
Uganto insult, and pelt them with stones
and mud.
The volunteers fired two shot, which only
Maspera.eda •hem the more The pai
ty were the obliged to fire in earnest, and
foiilinned a running fire till they got out ol
Cartsdike. Nine of the wounded were taken
to the hospital, of whom 4 had died, and the
test dangerous * 5 more were killed in town.
Twenty in all were killed and wounded.-—
They tore down the iron railing of a house,
ami with the arms thus procured, preceded
by a piper, in the evening se t off to attack
Hurt Glasgow—but after pioceeding to the
h»>u>p of Mr. Gemnell, the mob returned.—
m. . r .» tv • ! II
Auey i oke open me ttoorsoi me onuevveu,
and set to libe rty the radical prisoners, but
noue others. Next morning all was quiet,
though lurking parties were seen about the
Accounts from Madrid were to the 28th of
Al.1 rch. A royal ordinance of the 22d, fixes
the convocation ot the Cortes lor the 9th of
July; they will consist of 149 members lor
the peninsula, and 3o deputies for \merica,
"Hected from the Americans residing in
^P»in. A private letter states—“ Terror is
general. The Revolution or Death is the or
der of the day. We are not without fears
for the lives of the most august personages.’
None ot the foreign ministers at Madrid
had congratulated the Jtingon his acceptance
ot the Constitution, who wait lor instructions
from their courts—the An erican minister a
tane excepted. who did not wait for orders.
Paris, ApriiS.—The editors of the Miner
ve have been condemned hy the tribunal to
ray a fine of l3,ooo francs, for not having
submitted to the stamp law’. No appeal can
he made.
Stocks at London, April 8th, 68 to G9. At
Tans, April 6th 73, 75.
Liverpool Market, April 10.
There has been a fair demand for Cotton,
Particularly the b tter qualities of Uplands,
Orleans, and Brazils, and the prices of sucb
have generally been well supported. The
Private $ale$ of the week comprize l5o Sea
Istands, at Sod to 2s 2d; 3ooo bowed*, li to
1.14 'Orleiiis I2d to 14i: 4oo Bengal.
«id to 7id. At auction, l7o bales Alabama,
at loid. Total sales, 7o45. New Ame?.
flaxseed has been sold at 41—5o bis. New
York pot ashes have been sold at 4oa—but
little doing in the article. 2oo casks new
Carolina rice have been taken this week,
chiefly by the grocers, at 23s. Ibo bN Caro
lina tar have been purchased at 18s6d. The
general demand for tobacco continues fair,
and prices are without variation. 600 bbls
turpentine, by auction, brought I2s 3d. The
corn market continues dull, but we have no
altera tion to notice in prices.
Court of Appeals.
The adjourned meeting of the Court ot
Appeals will be held on Monday and Tues
day next, the 22d and 23d inst. from the
hour of 4 until 6, during each day.
may 17 I. P, THOMPSON, C. 0_
For Fredericksburg,
new and well found vessel, burthen
about 65 tons, now lying at Ramsay’s wharf:
the greatest part ot her cargo being engaged,
will sail in all the next week, and will take
the balance on moderate terms. Apply to
the master on hoard, or
N. Orleans Sugar, £50.
Lindsay Hill,
HAVEjust received,
5ohhds 1st ql’ty N. O. sugar
2oo bhls No 1. herrings, Balt, inspect’n
15oo bushels corn, afloat.
In Store,
Havana and St. Domingo coffee in bags
Muscovado sugar, 1st 4* 2d ql’ty in bhds
and barrels
Loaf sugar, 1st and 2d quality
S. P. Teneriffe 4* sweet Mafaga wine in
quartei casks
Gunpowder, Imperial, Hvson, and Young
Hyson tea, in 5, lo 4' 15 catty boxes
Muscatel raisins, Cognac brandy and Hol
land gin in pipes; whiskey in hhas and bar
rels ; some old and very good ; shad of a
superior quality; corn and Albany oats, also,
A constant supply of Family Flour,
may 18tf
Five Dollars Reward.
STRAYED from the subscriber, a small
red cow, with a white stripe on the back,
and part of the tail white, white belly,white
face, and straight horns, the hair on her nock
partly . jbbed off. Whoever will return said
cow, shall receive the above reward.
may 18 Fairfax-street.
Spring Garden.
ri^HERE will be fine sport at the Garden
J on the 22d inst. being WHITSUN MON
DAY. The proprietor pledges himself that
there will be no disorderly persons permitted
to interrupt the company,
Proper officers will be stationed on the
: ground to keep order. may 18
City Hotel, Alexandria, I). C.
WILL leave this house every* morning at
nine o’clock and arrive at Baltimore
at six P. M. Fare five dollars.
may 17 3t JESSE BROWN.
RETURNING from Christ’s Church on
Sunday evening last, a green MERINO
SHAWL with a rrd border. The finder
will receive a satisfactory reward by leaving
it at this office 4t may 16
Ti. PE iKE,
I) ESPECTFULLY offers his services to
!« the inhablants of Alexandria, in the va
rious branches of the Medical pmtession.
His shop is on Washington-street, next door
to the Custom house- may 15
MAY be had every day during the sea
_ . son, at the Alexandria Bath House,ad
joining the Theatre. may 11
Murdoch Madeira Wine.
f JlHE subscribers have received per schr.
8. Adams, from Madeira, an additional
supply of Murdoch, Yuillc, Wardrop k Co.
L r. Madeira wine, of very superior quali
ty. A, C. CAZCNOVE Co.
may 11 ______
A LL persons having claims against the
subscriber are requested to bring them
1 in on or before the 2oth inst at the Indian
Q.een tavern. THOMAS TRIPLETT.
; may lo dlot
Mrs. M. Garner
HAVING rented the place, adjoining die
Theatre, formerly occupied by Tho
j mas Shields, in which the PUBLIC BATHS
j were kept, respectfully informs the citizens
of Alexandria, that she purposes opening
them on the 1 Oth inst. in a style superior to
anv heretofore kept in this place. She be
lieves it unnecessary to say any thing in re
commendation of a custom so universally ap
proved of by all physicians of eminence, as
more conducive to health than almost any^o
ther practice which can be adopted. She
will onlv observe that a private room is set
apart entirely lor Ladies, where they may
enjoy thecomioris of a warm or cold bath,
without fear of interruption, and a female
servant will always attend to their wishes,—
Gentlemen will also be attended to in a pro
per manner, in the baths setapaic lor their
The price having been reduced from ten
to EiGHTdollars the season, she hopes will
bean inducement to many to favor the in
stitution wijh their custom.—The season
will commence on the 10th day of May, and
end on the 1st day of October.
Stranger- and others may tie accommoda
ted with single baths, at 50 cents each, or
three (or one dollar.
A subscription book is opened at the bar,
where persons desirousof subscribing are re
ques'ed to leave their names.
may l 11
3. H. Ladd, $ Co.
OFFER for sale the cargo of schr. Lucre
tia now afloat.
19o tons plaster of Paris
l5o giind stones
6 hhds uiollasses
5o bushes turnips
may P ___
R. BAll RAH,
RESPECTFULLY informs the ladies and
gentlemen of Alexandria that be has ta
ken his old stand in Mr. Atkinson’s house,
where he performs every operation in the
line of htsprofession in the best manner,
may 6 _
Fresh Teas.
LINDSAY If HILL have just received
from Philadelphia,
116 Packages TEA,
ot the latest importation, and of superior
quality, consisting of
Gunpowder, } in halfchests, 15, 10
Imperial, >£ 5 catty boxes and
Hyson &. Y. Hyson ) 21b. cannisters.
Soda Water,
MAY be had at the Fountains—which
have commenced running again at the
shop of RICH’D, H. LITLE.
April 27 King-street
Ten Dollars Reward,
FOR bringing GEORGE IIALY, an art
ful villain, home to his master, if taken
in the county, or FORTY DOLLARS, if
apprehended without, lodged in jail or hro’t
home. He is n yellow man, about 40 years
of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, has a scar
upon one ofhis cheeks and a very flippant
tongue between the two.
For Sale,
THE unexpired lease of a LOT OF
GROUN D, adjoining the town of Alex
andria, containing two acres, well set with
grass, and well enclosed—the lease has five
years to run. Apply to
may 16 3t THO. TRIPLETT.
Public Sale.
LENDER the authority of a deed of trust
/ from James R. Kiddie to R. 1 Taylor,
10 secure a debt due to Anthony Crease, the
subscriber will offer at public sale, on the
premises, for cash, at 4 o'cloc k R. M. on SA
TURDAY, the 27th inst. a tenement and lot
of ground on the south side of King-street,
between Fairfax and Royal streets, now in
the tenure of the said J. R. Riddle, in front,
on King-st. 2G feet .3 inches, in depth, 161
feet 7 inches, toa fifteen feet alley.
By order of the trustee.
may 4 S. A. MARS TELLER Auet.
Spanish Segars.
JUST received fin Baltimore, 100 whole,
half, ami quarter boxes of Spanish se
gars, of superior quality, which will he sold
low for cash. S. WARD,
Corner of Prince and Union streets,
may 11 _fm w 3 w
Mrs. Jacob,
HAS removed her hoarding house trom
Royal street to Lloyd’s Row, on the
east side of Washingtot street, where she can
accommodate several gentlemen with sepa
rate rooms. nnvtAw may G
To Let.
The dwelling house on Ritt-street,
opposite 3t. Raul’s church, lately oc
cupied by Mrs Simms. Also, an
c_office fronting on the same street,
and contiguous to the dwelling house. For
terms apply to C. P. Thompson, K-q,
may 16 _wimtf
Manu facturer of Stone 'fare.
•/ *
HAS on hand a large and general assort
ment of ware, which he will put in
competition with any manufactured in the
United States. Having lately made a great
improvement on his ware, he solicits his
friends and customers in the District, and
from die country, to give him a call, ,and all
orders they may think proper to favor him
with, will he filled up at the following pri
ces, riz. Per dozen.
3 gallon jugs, pots & pitchers 6 dolls.
2 do do do 4 5o
H do do do 3 25
1 do do do 2 5o
A do do do 1 75
\ do do do 1 oo
1-3 do do do 5o
2 gallon milk pans 4 oo
1 do do 2 25
h do do 1 oo
4 gallon chums 9 oo
3 do do 8 oo
2 do do [8 oo
Large chamber pots 2 33
Less do do 1 oo
The ware will be packed on the shortest
notice, and delivered in any part ot the
town, an-1 in all cases there will be made a
liberal discount for cash.
may 5 _ftvrn2w
THE public will be accommodated with
kinds—Newest fashions, best quality, for
Cash.—Orders executed at a short notice,
next door to Dr. Washington’s, King-street,
by Wm, Scott.
N. B. Being in possession of the true ma
thematical rules, lately affixed to our pro
fession in cutting with precision— also,
printed calculations demonstrating the due
proportion one part of the body gives to the
other, where to vary as the form ol the bo
dy may require—which l hope will enable
us to give satisfaction to those who may fa
vor us with their custom ; also, 1 will have
finished in a few days a printed copperplate j
card, directing gentlemen how to take their I
own measure with exactness; sent by mail, \
or otherwise without the trouble ol travelling
a distance from home, appointing a friend
to act lor them. Low priced clothes for sale. ;
Calculations by F. Dietricbsen. London,and
approved of by all those who purchased the
key to open the book
a pci I 24 mwfSir ROB’T GRAY.
Rise of Tickets and day of Drawing on
The Third Class of the
New-York Literature Lottery$!
Commences drawing:, and on the same day
Tickets will advance to 18 dolls.
25.000 Dollars,
25.000 Dollars,
10.000 Dollars,
i 0,000 Dollars,
5,000 Dollars,
5.000 Dollars.
30 of 1,000 Dollars.
Also, 15 of 5oo dolls. loo of loo dollars,
4875 of 2o dollars.
Not two blanks to a prize.
Few lotteries present so great induce
ments, as there are a lar^° number of rich
capitals, and all of the PRIZES are float
ing from the commencement.
To be drawn daily until completed.
Present price ot Tickets.
Whole tickets 16
Halves 8 50
m i t ^ • .
Quarters 4 25
Kiglits 2 12 |
r I __ .a.
loneDauina variety oi nuraucis di
Lottery Exchange Office,
Pennsylvania Avenue, IVa shmgton City,
Where the cash will he advanced for pri- |
zes as soon as drawn.
*** Orders by mail promptly attended j
to, and information of the tale of tickets gi
ven as soon as drawn.
Address S. * M. ALLEN,
may 17 tf
Xo. ?.
ATT"ILL draw in the fit)' of New*
’ * Yolk, on I lie £2(1 of this month.
Grand Scheme,
Fifty Thousand Dollars in
2 prizes of £25.000 is g50,000
2 of 3 0,000 is 20.000
2 of 5.000 is 10,000
30 of 1,000 is 30,000
15 of 500 is 7,500
ioo of ioo is in, oo
4875 of 20 is 97,500
5 2(5 Prizes
9974 Diaiiks
15,000 Tickets 225,ooo
Not two blanks to a prize.
This lottery presents inducements that
are seldom offered to the public, Ihe prizes
being all put^into the wheel on the first day.
Those wishing to adventure in this rich lot
tery, should not delay, as all of the'high
prizes are liable to come out on the first
day's drawing.
Whole tickets 1)17 oo Quarters 4 25
Halves 3 5o Eights 2 12£
For the Lucky Numbers apply at
Pennsylvania Avenue,
Washington City,
Who sold most of (he prizes in (he preced
ing classes, and where the highest prizes
ever drawn in the hJ. S. were sold ami paid,
viz. loo,ooo dolls, 5o,ooo, 5o,ooo, 3o,uoo,
3o,oon, 25,ooo, 25,ooo, 2o,ooo, Lc;
*##Orders from dislant adventurers, en
closingthe ca>h (post paid,jwill be prompt
ly attended to, and information of the fate
of tickets given as soou as drawn Address
may 11 tl S & iVL ALLEN.
nrAunwiim of coxgress.
Grand National Lottery.
T commence drawing in the city of
% v Washington on Thursday the 1st of
June next.
50,000 Dollars the highest prize.
1 prize of /J50,0QQ is 50,000
J 25,000 23,000
1 10,000 10,000
4 5.000 20.000
70 1,000 70,000
50 100 5,000
10,000 12 120,000
10.127 prizes 300.000
19.873 blanks
Not two blanks to a prize.
The prize of 2o,ooo dollars floating after
the loth day’s drawing. The prize of 5o,
ooo dollars floating alter the 25th day’s draw
One prize of lo,ooo, 4 of 5,ooo, 7o ot looo
5o of loo, 6cc. all floating from the com
mencement of the drawing.
Prizes subject to a deduction of 15 per ct.
Thirty drawings—looo numbers each day
—the first 5ooo blanks entitled to 12 dollars
VY hole tickets 12 oo Quarters 3 oo
Halves 6 oo Eights 1 oo ;
For the lucky numbers apply at
Corner of King and Washington streets.
may 11
William Morgan
Respectfully informs the ladies of
Alexandria and it.< vicinity, that he has
just received from Baltimore and Philadel
phia, a handsome assortment of morocco, kid
and prunella, black and colored, which with ,
his former stock will enable him to execute j
ladies’ work in the handsomest manner, hav
ing very superior workmen; and from bis
unremitted attention to the business, he flat
ters himself that he shall give genera' satis
faction to those that please to favor him with
their custom.
He still continues to manufacture gentle
men s bools and shoes, in the handsomest
style, attlie corner ofKingJand Pitt-street,
opposite the Washington Ion. aprilgl I
■ ...
Public Sale.
THIS DAY, at 10 A. M.
Will be sold, at the auction store, Corner of
Prince and Watersheds,
Broad cloths
Figured and plain sattins
Canton crape shawls
Sattin and lustring ribbons, se’ts of a
very superior quality
Men’s and Women's kid and bcarglsveJ
Silk and cotton hosiery
Silk gauze; silk watch chains
Jackonet Muslins
Buttons, tapes
Reticule clasps, &c. &c.
20 bbls Muscovado sugar
2 pipes Holland gin
5 t’erces rice
8 keg* ginger
lo kegs mustard
20 boxes Havana segars
5 cases men’s water proof bats
Public Sale.
ON SATURDAY, the 20th inst at 4 o'
clock, will be sold on the several pre
mises, (without reserve,) the following va
luable property, viz—
A lot ofground situate on the north side of
Wolf-street, between Fairfax and Water-sts*
3o feet front and extending back Go feet.
One other lot adjoining 24 feet front and
extending back 84 feet.
One other lot adjoining the la<t mention*
ed; 83 feet front and extending back lot
A lot ofground on the west side of Wa
ter-street, between Duke and JFolf-streets,
24 feet front, in depth 7G feet.
One other lot adjoining 23 feet front, and
extending back loo feet.
One other lot adjoining the last mention
ed, 23 feet front, and extending back 123
feet 5 inches.
One other lot adioinimr. 18 feet front h*
123 feet 5 inches in depth.
One other lot east ot the last mentioned,
23 feet 7 inches front, by 123 feet in depth.
One oiherlot situate on the east side of
VVater-stri, between Prince4* Duke-strt?,^
adjoining the Auction store. 22 te«*ttin dept
Terms made known at the place of sale,
may 13 dts
Public Sale.
BY virtue of a deed of trust from Piobert
Young to the subscriber, bearing c’aU
the 22d day of May, 1817, for certain pur
poses therein mentioned, 1 shall proceed to
sell at public auction, on the 20th day of
May next, ter cash, a three story brick
stroet, at present occupied by said Robert
Young, together with sundry vacant LOTS,
situated in the vicinity uf the said dwelling
house, i he sale to commence at the duel*
ling house, at twelve o’clock on toe day of
sale. JAMES CARSON, Trustee.
-r.TKmrm-nr- ' ^
FOUR HUNDRED bis. of taringhodot*
der and lor sale by A. ADAMS,
COHEN'S OFFICE.—Norfolk 4* BaltirAott*
Catholic Cathedral Church*
40,U0U Dollars.
f30,UU0 Dollars.
20.000 Dollars.
110,000 Dollars.
|5,000 Dollars, i
15.000 Dollars.
5,000 Dollars.
5,000" Dollars*
14.000 Dollars.
|3,00o Dollars.
T*,uuu Dollars*
ti 0U0 Dollars.
12,000 Dollars.
12,000 Dollars.
12,000 Dollars.
2,0Jo Dollaar.
2.000 Dollars.
2.000 Dollars.
2.000 Dollars.
2,000 Dollar?.
besides HO ot 1000 Hollars—20 ut 500
Dollars, &c. &C.
Only 12,500 tickets in the scheme and the
whole lottery to be completed
All the prizes above marked thus [ are pay.
able without discount, the othi is aiesulject
to 15 per cent, deduction as usual.
Present Price of Tickets :
Whole tickets, 20
Halves, 10
Quarters, 5
fifths 4 00
Eighths, 2 i>0
Tenths, 2 ( 0
l o t>c uaci ni trie greatest variety oi in um
bers at
Lottery & Exchange Offices,
No. 114. Market-street, Baltimore, and at
the corner of Water-street and Maxwell's
wharf, Norfolk, Virginia.
From the great number cf tlif> tickets al
ready sold and the increasing demand, the
popularity of the Scheme has been tested ;
in fact, the arrangement of the Scheme could
not fail to ensure universal satisfaction on ac
count of the superior advantages it offers to
the adventurer. The Managers have enga -
ged in a work of great expense and labor,
but when completed, the CATHEDRAL
will form one amongst the most striking em
bellishments of the city, and in point ol ar
chitectural decoration, will rank with the
most splendid in the Union. The managers
rely with confidence on the zealous support
of their fellow parishioners, and of their Ca
tholic brethren elsewhere, and at the same
time on the liberal of all other denomina
Qgr Orders from any part of the Union, en
closing the cash, or prize tickets in any of
the lotteries, post paid, will meet the same
prompt attention as if on personal applica
tion, addressed to
J f. COHEN,.Tr. Secretary
to the Managers, Baltimore.
More capital prizes have been obtained at
Cohen's Olfice than at any other office in the
United States.
*** Adventurers who purchase through the
medium of Cohen’s Office, will be furnish*
ed after the drawing with a complete list of
the prizes, if they desire it—those who wish
the list will signify the same when they send
on ihfir orders, mf3w
Baltimore, May 1,1820.

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