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Died, .
Vear Herculaneum, in Missouri,abodt the
• " n of December ln«, Daniel Addis, Esq.
j'.Jjy yj New-York, and formerly of Pbila
rte.pnia. Counsellor at law. Mr. Addis was
overtaken by a snow storm, in which be
V vr'.y perished; a traveller passing by sa>
vi ! him, but he had bis ban is and leet so
UilK|, mjured by the cold, thi t there w*s ne
,‘..s,;y tor amputating all his lingers and
u^s, except one of bis little fingers.
He w «s attended by Dr. P. Findley, of
Herculaneum, Missouri, to whom hi.- reta
in, or friends may apply for lurtuer inlor
inulion. ^ ^
Jdsi Published
. \ l) for sale at Jo*:u A. Stewart’s book
k store,
t or ms
p,oii.j ‘i> abr dgment of Bmnet’s History ot
tb-* ReiVi!nation oi tiit Churrhoi England.
To-e:b»*r ai.b sketches oi the lives ol Lu
t'.t;, C iv i.,, .,n.‘ Zuingle, he three c^lebia*
t. i ’reform* i* »l the continent-—By the
Kt-v. Bfc.vjaMrsi Allkv, Hector of the Palish
u; St. Aundre, Vngiuia.
Having been favoied with the perusal of
an abridgment ol the history ot the retorma
tion. prepared for publication by the Kev.
Alien, i with pleasure comply v\ub ms
request, in giving it my humble rtc-inmeu
d. tiou. It coniams fhe history ot all the
important tacts as narrated by Burnet, and
to those who have not the time or the means
ciconsulting that writei, must prove intei
esting oid valuable. Iher oeing a consi
derable class ol persons unuei tb.*se circum
stances, such a work ha; l>*tn w r’ed. and
1 think, the pres-lit ooe will o* highly ac
ceptable, as seiving to inert the existing ex
igency WILLIAM H. W 1Lv?LK.
february 8___
Coal for sal*—forias1*.
V CONSIGNMENT of ^ooil >V nches
_ . »erCO\L, to close the sale, will be
sold lew for cash, m : >ts to suit purcha
ser*. Those wanuiK? »or grates «>r smith’s
U'ut in small qua:»t: * will find it to
tleoi init r»*>t to »i. is -onediate appli
cation to me, as II. • i- about a thou
sand budiels unsold
January 30
All HN S PttlZiS LIST.
N«s**10,8S1 I‘j73b Slow
o",! 15 - 500
CS4T - 100
•Said at A Hens’.
Id. Ul> numbers drawn, and 1000 dollars
is the highest prize yet drawn.
Undrawn frizes are
<1 >
d5»ui»o dolls.
Whole tickets 12 dols. shares in proportion.
For tickets in the above apply at
Lucky Office*
Pennsyfvrtnia Avenue. Washington City.
Orders bv n ail or otherwise, enclosing
cash or orize tickets, promptly answered,
and every iuf-rm ’given gratis.
A7««- street, betzvcen tiouaib j airfux-streets,
r suh-criber having opened the above
I ♦ rh.e. I:»? ?>e»*n appointed sole agent
f.r vending ' e UK \\D NATIONAL I A
^ \L h(> 11 ?•' V r rk,*ts in this town, res
pectfully in * Mends and the public
generally, ’ :.<.■* > on hand a variety of
Number*t • . » p»e .;bove lottery.—
’l im-e who - :r» ••■•cure chances at the
present or < • ' • a whole ticket,
sti.m - i.i • ,p. . .re desired to make
1'ii .ie :.-rl i, ti .n as the price must
Jo) i trance. Owing to the lew tickets
r« ih.ii.hm: unsold, and the very great gain
«•: ,l‘« .vheels, and as the lottery is now
drawing twice a week in the city of Wash
ington, an I will soon be completed, all
tli"?e who are disposed to enroll their names
♦ n tin list ol Fortune’s favorites, are solici
ted to p »\ her a visit at
(ii itnd Xa’ional /sjtt*ry «V Ka:change OjJice,
Whurt* he doubt* not they will meet her
J'lnies—and per adventure the capilaf pri
zes of
40.000 Dollars
50.000 Dollars
v> this splendid lottery, may crown the ad*
'eniurer's brow.
! hi* following splendid prizes remain yet
to be drawn.
lo«»o dols 1 oi o dots looo dols
beside.*, a gte.it number of 500 dols. 100,
^r- \!J p l« in American gold. Cash
advance i t »r prizes .,«» soon ns drawn.
1 rs enclosing cash, or prize tickets
ad.ii. vsed to J. H. Runners, Alexandria
* '*1 be promptly attended to. All lottery in
•10,000 DOLLARS.
^o.ooo lJULfJMiS.
looo dols luoo dols looo dols
looo dois looo dols
looo dv-ls looo dols
loi.u dv.ls looo viols
looo dols looo dols
looo viols looo dt Is
looo viols IviOOl’ iU
I “on dols looo .s
looo dois
looo dole
looo dois
looo doU
looo dols
looo dois
looo dols
looo dols
looo dols
looo dvds
looo dols
lt.oo viols
looo dols
looo dols
looo dols
looo dols
looo dols
oraiatiou given gratis.
teb 7
THE President and directors of the Me
chanics' bank of Alexandria hereby give
notice, that an election will be held at therr
banking house, on Monday, the I2lh day ot
Marco next, toi fifteen directors of said in
stitution. J. MORGAN, Cashier,
tebruary 6_ l»n
Wanted to Hire,
BY the year—a Negro GIRL, from 12
to 16 years of age ; for which liberal
wages will be given. For turther informa
tion apply to the Printer.
| February 2tt
Wanted to Mire or Purchase,
\N industrious, sober, and honest negro
man, well acquainted with farming,and
the management of horses, and who has
some knowledge ot gardening,
N Saturday morning last, in or near the
„rtn market, a memorandum pocket book,
taming about TVi'ENlY DOLLARS,
*" Ortiik notes. The finder shall receive
Five Dollars by leaving the same with its
contents at this office. jatiuary MO
Whiskey, Clover Seed, 6jc.
J FIFTEEN barrels 1st and 4th p whiskey
2o bbls beet and poii;
l5oo lbs (jod)<*n cheese: received for
I Id bushels Penns) Ivauia CLOVEK
SEED.jan. 27
(11NSENG purchased by
January ‘^7___
Sugars $ Plaister.
JOHN H. LADD & Co. have just re
ceived byschr. Pmramoiid, lor sale,
15 hhds first qual. iVlusco Sugars
y tierces do do
GO tons piaister Paris._ jan- 3
Cor Sale,
A LIKELY young NEGRO MAN, a bis
! x. m c»iit Baker by trade I-or terms apply
| at this office. tt_.lan d ;
J. tj. Ladd 6) Co.
FFER for sale the cargo of schr Joseph,
*1000 bushels oats, heavy and of su
ior quality
bi barrels apples
January __
k BIJAH ADAMS has this day taken his
/\ brother Andrew H. Adams into copart
nership—the business will he conducted un
der the firm of A. & A. H. ADAMS,
january 2 _____
Transfer Tobacco,
decpmber 23 S. ii D- REED.
Wm. Fowle & Co.
1.1 AVE received per ship Jane, direct fm
1. Bordeaux, 20 pipesofnrst quality Cog:
nac Brandy, which can he sold at moderate
prices. decernber 4
Maryland Tobacco.
WM. FOWLE & C->. will purchase a
few hogsheads Maryland iT'^AC
CO, if immediate application is made.
December 7 __
hour years tdd 5th proof
\\ his key,
OF a superior quality, just received and
for sete by KERR 61 FITZHDGH,
Who have on hau l a well selected assort
ment o! GROCERIES, which will be sold
low for cash. dec 5
Cheese and Apples.
FORTY" ca^ks Goshen cheese, and
50 Ms Newtown pippins
.JOHN' POPMAM, Thompson’s wharf
december 5 _______
Hus'i i Goods for Sale.
M. FOOTE ii Co. offer for sale.
Id ton< fiist quality St. Petersburg
250 bolls l«t 2d fr 3d quality duck.
60 pieces Ravens,
100-sheetings.dec 1
For Sale,
\T Fort Washington, (Potomac) about
three hundred pork, flour, and whisky
RARRJvLS. tf dec l
Wants a Situation,
4 YOUNG MAN qualified to take charge
A of a set of books, and conversant with
business generally The best recommenda
tions can be had. Enquire of the printer.
m>vp*nberl8 dtt
To Rent,
^|^HE house at present occupied by Mr.
I. Josiah Watson, as the Post Office. Pos
session may be had immediately- For terms
October 3tt
Brandy, Shirtings, £50.
JUsT received, and tor »ale,
6 pipes 4th proof cognac brandy
4 cases power loom shirtings and sheet
ings, very superior
I case fine sattinetts ; and an assortment
of America!) cotton goods.
nov 15 A C CAZENOVE&Co.
A Livery Stable
■ S now opened on the premise? formerly
I occupied by Thomas Triplett, on Wash
ington strep*., between King and Prince
streets, where citizens and travellers can
oe accommodated with a careful Ostler,
ar. i hay and grain three times a day for fif
ty cents, or by the month at ten dollars.—
As there is a large lot attached to the pre
mises, with the accommodation ofa pump.
Drovers, and those that have horses for
sale, will find it to their advantage to call,
as they may get hay by the small, «$• grain
as they may want it ; and tbo*e disposed
to purchase Horses, bv leaving a descrip
tion shall have the earliest notice.
February 1
| The Steam Boat Potomac
» CAPTAIN MirMlelnn—front tlie ap*
pearanre of the Ice in the. River, will
| lea\e this place for Norfolk on Thors
day morning next* the 8th iust. at 9
If the weather should he such as to
render it probable that the River may
again close, and induce an earlier de
parture. Notice will will heghen in
the newspapers, and at Brown's Hotel
in the city of Washington,
feh 3
Allegany Butter £5 Whiskey.
JUsY received, 2,000 ibs. of Alleghany
BUTTER, in small tirkins, suitable
lor family use, which wil' be found on trial,
of a very superior quality* Also, SO bbls.
choice WHISKEY", an-i a quantity of ex
cellent PORK ; which, with an extensive
supply of Groceries, will be sold low for
cash. JAS. H. ANDERSON & Co.
Best Family Flour selected as usual.
January Sl»__
House of Industry.
rl^HE House of Industry i9 now in opera
L tion for the delivery of Work & Soup
to the poor as u^ual—donations from ihe
benevolent will be most thankfully received
either in money, wood, vegetables or arti
cles ot clothing, and will be faithfully ap
Private families can be supplied with
good Soup at six cents per quart,
januaiy 93
Ladies’ Walking Shoes.
4 FRESH supply of ladies’ morocco and
xV leather walking shoes, with a general
assortment of other kinds, just received, and
for sale at low prices tor cash, hy
S. <$- D. REED.
In Store,
Men’s and hoys’ low priced fur and wool
hats. December 28
Plaister, Salt § Wine.
JOfIN H L\DD and Co. have receiv
ed for sale,
loo tons plaister Paris
879 baskets salt
5 qua. ter casks Malaga wine
6 quarter casks Malaga Sherry wine
6 boxes containing 6o bottles cold
pressed castor oil._Dec. 29
Orphans’ Court,
Alexandria County, )
February Term, lb21. £
FT^HAT the executor of John Turpin
i Brooks, eeceased, do insert the usual
notice to debtors and creditors three times a
week three weeks in the Alexandria Gazette
and Herald. A copy.
Teste, A. ftlOORE Register.
7 liis is to give Notice.
THAT the subscriber, of Alexandria
county, in the district of Columbia, has ob
tained Irum the Orphans’ Court of said coun
ty letters te-tamentary on the estate of John
Turpin Brooks, hie of the county afore
said deceased : All persons having claims
aerainst the said decedent.are hereby warn
ed to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof lu the subscriber, passed by tbc or
phans’ court, on or before the 6th day of
Amru>t next, or they may, by law, be ex*
elud'd from all benefit to said estate ; and
those indebted thereto are required to make
immediate payment.
Given under my hand this 5th day of Feb
ruary, 1 b21.
Executor of John Turpin Brooke.
february 5 _
Grand National Lottery.
\*>th tlay*S lh nwhir
Nos, 091 & 27173, prizes of Iooo do's.
No. 3l)33 a prize of loo dols.
\ °-tfi tin ifs *!rmvin <r.
Nos. 10801 & 18738 prizes of looo dols.
Thirteenth day’s drawing over* Mhe
following prizes yet to be drawn :
1 of 35.000 Dollars
1 of 10,000 dolls.
2 2 of t.000
besides a large number of 500, 100 and 10
dollar prizes. Tickets and shares in a varie
ty of numbers, at
Draws again THIS DAY.
(U* Tickets 811—shares in propor
pnrti n. feb 5
Notice to Farmers and Others.
11W1LL SELL at public auc'ion, on Thurs
day, the 15th inst, if fair, if not, the next
(airdav, on the premises, adjoining Ches
nut Hill farm, all my stock, consisting of
horses, cows, sheep, hogs, farming utensils,
<S*c. Also some household and kitchen fur
P S. Among the horses are three good sad
dle horses ELISHA SOMERS,
february 5 _rotwt 15
No. 27115 a prize of
No. 2847
6oo dols
loo dols.
T^HE subscriber having assigned to Ben
jamin Taylor, James Fassett and Al
len Armstrong, ot Philadelphia, his goods
debts anil eftV.cts, for the purposes therein
mentioned, being by them appointed to sell
the goods on hand, consisting ot a pretty
general assortment Ot
Hardware* Cutlery, Looking
glasses, Combs, §’C.
and to collect the debts—and being desirous
of closing the busiuess as soon as possible,
he offers the goods at reduced prices, and
solicits those indebted to him to pay their
accounts a9 speedily as possible, to prevent
any unpleasant measure he shall have to re
sort to it pay should be delayed,
jannuary 11 tMim3w
A. C\ Cazenove Co.
Have for sale
Lon Jon particular Madeira wine,
do do Bui gundy,
do do Market,
In pipes, hnljpipes, an quarter casks,
Cognac brandy. 1th prool, old k genuine', >
New England Rum,
Retailing Molasses,
Baltimore window glass,
Dupont's gun powder
Cameras, Flotant indigo, very Superior.
&c. &c. 4*c.
december l.'i
To Rent,
f- A fhrer story biick DW ELLtVG
HOUSE,suit .hie for a genteel lami
* £!l ly. at pre-ent o< cupied tty Mrs. Eli
- ^»»Lzabeth WiLon, situate on Water-st.
opposite the resilience of James Keith. sen.
Esq. Possession may lie hail on the first ol
April. Enquire of JNO. C. VOVVELL.
february 5
HIM (lit
Kor Rent*
. >7^ TWO three story Brick DWEL.
Jrn| LINGS and STOKES, at the cor.
3, Miner of King &, Washington streets,
one at present occupied hy the col
lector, and the other hy .Mr. West Ashton.
_.1. MORGAN, Cashier.
To Rent,
And possession given between the
present time and March n« xt, that
I a I i elegant and commodious three sloty
brick house, the
Union and .Marine Hotel,
situated on Union-street, near the Potomac.
It is admirably calculated lor the accommo
dation ol travellers Iron. Mai viand, and sea
faring gentlemen. It has Seen occupied as
a tavern for many year>» past. For terms
nonary if
v ■ t 1
To Lit.
That t>vo story brick store, and
dwelling house on Union 'street, late
JiJj the residence of Mr. J. Leap.
One other two story brick tenement, ad
joining the above,well oalcula'ed for a small
store and dwelling.
Ihe situation of the above property (being
near the wharf) ts well established a3 a place
of business, being occupied as such lor ma
ny years. For terms apply to ANV> LEAP,
To Rent,
That large and elegant three sto
q ry brick dwelling house on the south
| rj|i side ol King street, between Pitt and
*1, JLilSt. Asaph streets, now in the occu
pancy of H. Clagett. Possession may be
hail immediately. For terms appily to Mr.
Clagett, or A. LYNN,
decern her 4 If
* rv
For Freight,
v THE schooner LEVANT, H. Grif.
_fcfith, master; burthen abcut 75o bis.
She is a fast sai'ing, first rate vessel, not
two years old. Freight for Brazils or the
West Indies would he preferred.
Apply to JOHN H. LADD & Co.
Who have for sale on board that vessel,
75 tons plaister
I cask of blocks.
For Freight,
. u*.^> The sloop HELTA. O. B. Wright,
master, burthen about 600 bids ; Hie
is an excellent vessel; about lour years old,
now in readiness to load, in preference to
the West Indies ora southern port Apply
to JOHN H. LADD 4* Co.
jan 5
For Pernambuco and back to
The superior hrit*; FACTOR,
.^George Brewster, master, is now
loading, and w ill sail inajfew days: ISO his
flour or small articles will hr* taken on freight.
Apply to WM. FOWLE & Co.
Who have for sale the cargo of schnr Will
iam. capt. Hearing, from Portsmouth,of
‘2000 bushels Liverpool coarse salt
5000 lhs green coffee
January 3
For Portland,
TIm? srlmr. SYKKN. captain
Emery, will sail in a few days, and
take some freight if offered immediately.—
App*y to WM. FOWLE & to:
H’ho have for sale said schnrs. cargo of
60,000 feet merchantable lumber
december 27
Vessels Wanted.
Eotir VESSELS of about loot) bbls.
^i^Ueacb, lor Halifax. St. Johns, Eastport
and New bury port. Apply to
dec II JOHN H. LADD & Co
For Freight,
THE superior Brig OLIVE, Isaac
^Lincoln, Master, burthen about 2000
She is now retv:iy for a cargo.
The Schooner ELIZA, Garret Phillips,
Master, burthen about 1000 bis. She is a
good vessel; and will be ready for a cargo in
one week.
The Sohooner CAROLINE <$• NANCY, j
F. Fisher, Master, burthen about 760 bis. j
She is an excellent vessel, only two years .
old, and will soon be ready lo load.
Apply to JOHN H* LADD & Co
Who have now afloat, for sale, rec’d by
said vessels,
2500 bushels, best Manchester coal,
quality that will be approved.
2500 bush. Liverpool coarse salt.
5 M. clear boards^
For Freight, to the West-In
dies or a Southern Port,
aflfc: T'lie superior sc hr ANN. Bar
3H£»nabas Webb, master, burthen fooo
bbls. will be ready to receive a cargo in a
few days. Apply to WM. FOWLE Co
Who have received, for sale, by the above
7oo casks Thomafltown lime
aooo feet merchantable lumber
Valuable Property for Sale.
IN obedience to a decree of the bon. cir*
. cuit courtdt lbe district ot Loiumhia lc*r
the county ol Alexandria, made in April
term, in the year eighteen hundred & twen
ty, to satisfy a claim ot Richard R. Alex
ander, against Daniel burners, will be ex
posed to public sale lor cash, at the Mer
chants’ Coffee-house, in the town of Alex
andria, between the hours ot ten 4^ twelve
o’clock, on Wednesday, the 7th day of Fe
bruary next, if fair, if not the next tairday,
one moiety of a tract ot land, containing
nine hundred and ninety five acres, more
or less, or so much thereof as will pay the
sum of five thousand nine hundred and se
venty dollars, with interest thereon, at the
rite of four per cent, per annum, from Ihe
twenty first day ot September, J8itJ, and
the costs of suit.
i ms iraci is aooui one anu an nan mnes
from Occoquan aini twelve trom Altxau
dria, is well situated for cultivation, and
the greater proportion covered with wood
and timber, which is supposed to yield a
bout twenty cords per acre. The soil is
From its vicinity to the water, and the
great facility of exporting word, timber and
produce, to Washington, Alexan i,;a and
Georgetown, this tract would be a desirable
purchase to fanners, or persons w ishing to
embark in the wood o» timber business.—
The sale will be pmempt* ry.
Commissi );• :is.
january 8 m<Hr.l7F
For Freight, Coastwise,
new «nd fast sailing sloop
JMMfcFAlVlE,Ensign Baker, master,burthen
about 55u barrels; a frei^h' »o the southward
would be preferred. Apply to
2 mo 7 3t T. H HOWLAND.
3)asoris Wanted.
E VENT Y-FIVE stone masons wanted to
work at Fort 31 on roe, Old Foint Com
fort, where constant employment anJ good
wages will be given for the lirst rate work
men, and none others need apply
fifty able bodied laboring men, black or
white, to attend on the workmen. Apply at
the above Fort to Bolilha Laws, who has
lived at the place for a long time, and ran
say i! is very healthy. dec 6
The National Intelligencer. Raltim-ie Fe
dt ral Gazette, Leesburg Washingtonian, and
Winchester Gazette, will insert the above
four months, and send their accounts to this
IV/TRS. MUlR, wishing1 to contribute in
IvX some measure towards the support of
her family, embraces this opportunity of no'
tifyiog her friends, and the public in general,
that she proposestaking boarders, and would
be happy to accommodate a number from
the age ol six to fourteen. The terms, which
are moderate, may he known by applying
at her residence on Royal'street. tin 18
lied ITouse fiAiuMii;?.
P~|^HE subscriber having lent®*! H»*t cele
X bra ted Herring L •tiding, Known by
thp name of the lied House ■ r Lear's Land
ings about four miles below ^.icxandr'a,
gives notice to persons desirous of putting;
up Herrings, and to waggonera in «>ai*icu
lar, that every attention wifi be paid to
supplying them on the lowest i< rms and
shortest notice, as'this landing has never
been known to tail. The road to the land
ing is good, and the distance so r! that
it mast be an inducement to it. e who
want good, sound, and fresh fish ;r prefer
it to the Alexandria market.
Persons wishing Shad or Herring put up
for family use, by giving timely notice,
will have them warranted of the best quali
january 31
Genuine Garden Seeds.
WM. YEATES offers for sale, at redu
ced prices, at his garden, near Alex
andria, a general assortment of GARDEN
SEEDS, mostly of his own raising, and all
warranted o( first quality; also an assortment
of fruit trees, choice kinds, flo^eiing shrubs,
dwarf box, I or edging, cabbage plants, cau
liflower do. with other variety, with an ex
tensive collection of green house plants, of
the most rare kinds. fehruary 5
T'he Leesburg Washingtonian, and Win
chester Gazette, are requested to insert the
above three times, and the National Intelli
gencer three times a week for six weeks,and
send their accounts to this office.
Laud for Sale.
HE subscriber offers for sale from one to
five hundred acres of land, in the coun
ty of Fauquier, Virginia, a great proportion
of which is w ell limbered, and possessing all
the advantages of water, with the capacity
of easy improvement by the use ol piaster,
to which it i9 most admirably adapted.—
(Fere i» destitute ol every o‘her advantage
than an abundance of wood, its locality
would render it veiy desirable, being adja
cent to the town of Salem, which affords a
ready market lor that article at all seasons of
the year— ns well as for bay and other pro
ductions of a farm. Within one mile, is an
inexhaustable quarry of lime, which sells
acre, a great part in cash, is now offered at
a very low price—one third in bonds now
due, and the balance at easy instalments of
one, two, afld three years- Any person
wishing to purchase such property, will Le
well rewarded for his trouble by riding to
see it, where, in the absence ol the subscri
ber, it will be shown by Richard Rixey,
near the place. A. B. SCOTT,
feb 6 tuths4w
1 be editor ol the Leesour* vyasom^o
nian is requested to publish the above lour
times, and send bis account to this office fof

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