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\ ol. XXI.J FRIDAY MORNING, JLNE 15, 1821. [*«• 6087
For Falmouth, aud a market.
The brig MISSIONARY, Davis mas
ier, will sail Irons the first to the 5th
3oo bbls freight will be taken if
itnmediateJy, aud passengers lobe
ihiuled IB England, will be taken on mode
£U,», FOWLED Co.
who have for sale* landing Irom the schr
i ,ule Cherub
w MO ra-ks NAILS, assorted sizes.
KlceTCottoii and Tar.
RECEIVED by the schooner Mary Ann,
Capt. B'eeks,
30 bales ot Upland cotton
70 casks of rice, Iresh
200 bbls of tar
10,000 ieet of flooring boards
pot* freight iIii*m nr. MELVI
jifj* NA; cargo 5oo bbls. freight to the
«Vst Indies would be preterred. Enquire
West inuie CORNliMj.
On board the bng Columbus.
FOR SALE, 4000 babels bright Isle of
Mav salt, and l.*00 goat skius. Apply
May > JOHN H LADD it Co.
For Freight,
riT The good brig COLUMBUS, Jo
,ephU Marbury. master; burthen
ahuuU^OO bbls. and will soon be ready to
load. ---
For Weight,
ajqr The superior scur. ROMEO,
Hedge, master; burthen 600
harrels. will 3000 l,e rea'^ lo i«®d, and
would prefer a treight to the West Indies.
Apply to JOHN H. LADD 4* Co.
Who have just received tor s*le,
JOUhhds. Havana molasses
4 : hags do coffee
®i boxes )
Si half do > best Havana segar3.
48 qr. do )
235 tons plaisttr .
PO bush. Nova Scotia seed potatoes &
24 quintals fish, on board brig Olive.
400 Gallons rectified Boston rum
24 bfcls first quality cider
1 dcz double rivetted shovels
2 small anchors
Few thousand boards 4^ cords hrewood.
april 4
For Boston and Portland.
44* \ The Packet Sloop FAVOR I I’E,
\t.tQ E. Dyer, master, will sail in a tew
ddVsTand take some freight and passengers;
thr which she has handsome accommoda
TJZ. Apply to W VI. FOWLE * Co.
\\ ho have tor sale
Said sloop’s cartjo ot 4o,ooo feet clear
merchantable LI MBER.
may 16
For Freight,
xjRr The good grlir. I VRR, Jo*
J^SKseph Merry man, master; burther. a
bout 3oo barrels. She is only 3 years old,
and will in a lew days, he ready to load.
Freight to a sourthern port, or New l ork,
will have a preference. Apply to.
Who have just receival for sale,
loo 5 gallon demijohus
loo gallon do
24 baskets of 12 hot- ) Fre«h Bordeaux
ties each / refined sallad
17 do of 6 do ) oil
4o bbl> prime pork
2o do do beef
b boxes cotton and wool cards, assorted
numbers_april lo_
For New-York,
4£Tv The sloop RANGER, capt. Smith,
will be ready to load in three days,
an^ake freight for that port, on reasonable
terms. Apply tc W M, FOW LE 4P Co.
Who have tor sale said sloops cargo of
4o.ooo teet merchantable lumber
Also lending from the schr. Eliza,
5o bids New York prime pork
april 6__
W imam rowle 05 t>o.
HAVE foi sale the cargo of the brig Bru
tu*, capt. Robinson, Irorn the bay ol
Hondurus. consisting ot
00,000 feet mahogany
In tons logwood
tuuo pounds indigo
A f««r pounds of tortoise shell
For sale or freight,
The above named brig, carries a
bout I600 barrels, is a good vessel
anu can be leady for a cargo in a few days.
Also, for freight,
AfT The schr. ELIZA ANN, Oliver
AfcSfiiJordan, master, carries 800 barrels.
A 'Uperior vessel, and will take a freight
to any eastern port.
And for sale said schr’s cargo ot
4oo casks Thotnastown lime
6000 leet merchantable lumber
iooo do hard wood joist
»pril ___
For Boston,
Or any Eastern Port.
The schooner HOPE, capt. Frisby,
UlChurthen 600 bbls. and will soon be
ready to load
, For sole on board said vessel,
26 M. new Boards.
Also landingfrom sloop Abeona,
ll boxes gunpowder tea
74 - young Hyson, do.
5 - Havana white sugars.
may 25 J. H LADD ij1 Co
For Madeira,
lit The brig HEBE, capt Pratt, will
Cttitake 300 bbls. freight, and sail ma
few davs. For freight or_p-»ssage apply to
may 26 A. C. CA^ENOV E 4* Co,
For freight,
The substantial scbr. JUBILEE,
^■^.Tunaihai. Hill, master; burlnen looo
bbls. will be ready in four days tor a freight
whicn will be taken in preference to some
eastern port. Apply to J. H. LADD£ Co.
Who offer for sale said schooner's cargo oj
60 31. Merchantable Boards.
may 3__tf
*or • reiglit,
The schr, MARY ANN> Noyes
Prince, master; carries about 900
bbls is a superior vessel, and will be ready
for a cargo in a few days. Apply to
For sale onboard said schooner, at Central
looo bushels Nova Scotia potatoes
6o tons plaster paris
may 9tf Apply on board, or as above,
For Freight,
jr The ei> superior brig DE
jfcjfcCATUR, John Miller, master; bur
then I4u0 barrels, and will in a lew days be
ready to :oad', in prelerence to a foreign
port. Apply to
Who have on bom d said vessel for sale,
yo .11 Merchantable Boards.
ror Freight
To an Eastern Port,
tfT The schooner LENT, Capt Hinks,
burthen 9oo barrels. Apply to
^ A. & A. H. ADAMS.
too Cords Tanner's Bark.
jur.e 1. __
Por Freight,
L& The Schr. ENTERPR1ZE, Na
^^Jfathaniel Ames master, burthen about
13oo bbls. she is an excellent vessel nearly :
new, and can be ready for a cargo in a lew
days. ALSO
For Sale, or Freight,
£A£y The schnr. MOSES, Jas. Benson,
jgyrsimaster: bur hen 900 bbls '1 he schr.
was well built of good materials in 1819, &
can be ready for a voyage at small expense
in a few days.
Also, for Freight.
VfiT The good sch. ALERT, Asa Bears,
Aflu^ master burthen 55o bbls. and will
soon be ready to load—apply to
Who have just received fur sale,
llo M. clear. Merchantable White Pine
boards, from North Yarmouth, full inch
thick, Ai very superior to those generally
5o Tims Plaster.
5 boxes white Havana Sugar.
4 hampers superior white Sparkling Cham
pagne wine, 1 doz. each.
4 hamper* Superior Oil de Perdrix (or
Pink) sparkling Cbampaigne, wine, 1
doz each
3 hampers high flavored Clos. Vogent Bur
gundy wine I doz. each,
lo cast-s fine Haut Brion Claret Wine, 1
doz. each. Vintage 1814.
Th- se wines are ail of very superior qua
lity and from the most celebrated estates in
F ranee_
For Freight
The schooner MORNING STAR
15sfl\Oapt. Drinkwater, burthen eight hun
dred barrels will take freight to the West
Indies, or an Eastern port. Apply to
A. At A. H. ADAMS.
Who offer for sale,
150 bbls. Pri oe Pork
60 do do Beef
50 casks Rice
200 sacks blown Salt. (Liverpool)
4000 bushels ground allum do
2oo bbls. neat and gros9 Herrings
4oo do ground Plaster
2oo do Tar
3o quarter casks London Particular
Tenneriffe Wine
Russia, Ravens, and English Duck,
with a general assortment of Ship Chandlery,
Points an I Groceries.may 31
For Charleston 8 C. £5 St.
Johns, East Florida.
The good schr. P\('KKT,
Solomon L. Hawes master, will be
ready to sail on Thursday next. For small
freight or passengers for which she is well
accommodated applv to
Who have received for sale per schr- Cent,
1 casech^ppa romals of superior quality
2 boxes men’s and boy’s fine and coarse
slims June 2 _
For Boston.
A The good schooner GIPSEY, capt.
Rosseau. burthen abont9oobbls and
will soon be ready to load
Apply t° J H. LADD Co,
W bo have for sale Ten’s patent hominy
ir.ay 19_____
For New Yo
j«r Theschr. ALBEE, capt. Allen, a
i&ifcregular packet in the trade, for I
freight o/passage apply to the master on
hnarH at Jannev’s whart or to
board at Janney XH0Mas v. HUCK.
6 rpo 5 -
j. H. Smoot,
HAS opened an office on Union one door
north o( Prince-street.
He continues the practice of the Law in
St. Mary’s, Charles and Prince Georges
counties Maryland, and Fairfax county, Va.
Conveyancing &c. attended to.
may IS i»w3w '
Mantle y ill e £5 Larmour,
OFFER for sale.
104 hhds / New Orleans &. Muscovado
310 bbls £ sugar
20,000 lbs coffee
85 bbds ? N. O. & W. India
55 tierces &. bbls $ inulasses
20 hhds northern ruin
10 do VV est India rum
20 hhdsl l; k v
70 bbls J whiskey
7 pipes 4th prooi cognac braudy
4oo galls Para syrup, for family use
lo tierces treah rice
25o bbl shad herrings, the choicest
300 d“;SedDc.Uidfe"dltrW,ima"U
8oo° lbs white, clear-j
ed <$• brown soap J
5oo reams wrapping paper
2uo do wiitmg do
I60 fresh nutmegs
looo lbs Tennessee leathers
Wines, liquors, leas, spices, Bengal and
Spanish iuaigo, rappe snuff in canisters,
and their general assortment ot groceries,
may 152taw3w
. C. CazenoYe Co.
HAVE just received a few packages ot
German Hardware, consisting of
Coffee mills, assorted sizes,
Straw knives, grass scy thes
9,10, ana II inch hoes, best Ilassancle*
ver steel
Milan whetstones, dutch slates
Toys and quills
Also, on board Sloop Henry, at Payne’s
dock 4ooo feet ot seasoned “Bay” Maho
gany. may 7
Was Committed
TO the jail.for the county of Alexandria*
on the 21st inst. as a runaway, a negro
man named GEORGE ANDEKSUN; about
25 years of age; six feet two inches high;
weil made; says he has been following the
sea 18 years; he claims freedom, and says
he was born in Philadelphia. He has on a
roundabout and pantaloons of stiiped cotton.
The owner is desired to come, prove proper
ty, pay charges, and take him away, other
wise he will be disposed ot as the law directs,
ma y_2 4—law 2m__
W as Committed
r|YO the jail for the county of Alexandria,
J. on (he 13th inst a negro man named
Joseph Knjs,
About 48 years ot age, five teet four inches
high, well made; has a scar over the left eye.
Had on a couirry cloth jacket and corduroy
oreeches; has employed himselt as doctor
about the adjacent country; claims his free
dom, and says that he did belong to Dr. v'm.
Thornton of Washington, who sold him to
James Johnson. Fred. Co. Va. The owner i9
desired to come nd prove property, pay
charges, and take him away, otherwise he
will be disposed of as the law directs
may 17—law2m _
Orphans Court,
Alexandria County, )
Muy Term, 1821, \
ORDERED, that the executrix of James
Campbell, deceased, do give the usual
notice to debtors and creditors; three times
in the Alexandria newspapers.
A copy. Teste.
A. MOORE, Reg. of Wills.
This is to give notice,
THAT the subscriber, of Alexandria
county, in the district of Columbia, has
obtained from the orphans’ court of said
county, letters testamentary on the estate
ot James Campbell, late oi the county afore
said, deceased. All peresons having claims
against the said decedent, are hereby warn
ed to exhibited the same, with vouchers
thereof, toihe subscribers, duly authentica
ted and passed by the Orphan’s Court on
or before the 2d day of November next, or
they may by law be excluded from all be
nefit to said estate—-and those indebted
thereto are required to make immediate
payment. Given under my hand and seal,
this 2d day ot May, 1821.
Executrix of James Campbell, dec’d.
Cotton Yarn.
Braden, Morgan <$*Co. have the
disposal of the Yarn made at the Co
lumbian Factory, which is ofl'ered at Balti
more prices. ^
21 boxes 8 by 10 window glass
500 pieces short yellow nankeen.
5 mo 18_d4w__
Sicily Lemons.
ONE HUNDRED boxes Sicily lemons
iust received per si hr Little Cherub,
for sale by DUNBAR & TOWNSEND,
may 24_-*L_
Paper Hangings.
HAS received his spring supply of the
above article, consisting ol the newest
fasbions;whicb,with his former stock.makes
the assortment very large and complete.
may 10.___
notice to Stockholders.
Office of the Fire Insurance Company of)
* JlltxanJria, May 2. £
A Dividend of thirty cents on each
share held by them,is this day declared,
payable to him or their legal representatives
on the nth day of this month.
The notes for the unpaid part of the capi
ta! (being 14$ dollars on each share) will
be renewed for six months Iroro .be 5tb i
"may 2 J. B. NICKOLLS Sec
Highest Prizes
40.000 dolls.
20.000 dolls.
10.000 dolls.
5,000 dolls.
5,000 dolls.
20 of 1,000
of Maryland;
Under the superintendence of the Commis- 1
sioners appointed by the Governor and ;
Council, under special act of Assembly:
1 prize of D 4o,ooo is 4o,ooo
1 do of 2o,ooo 2o.ooo
1 do of lo,ooo lo,ooo
2 do of 5,ooo lo,ooo
20 do of 1 ,ooo 2o,ooo
50 do of loo 5,ooo
100 do of 5o 5,ooo
500 do of 2o 10,ooo
6,000 do of lo 60,000
6,675 prizes amounting to D 18o,ooo
13,325 blanks. -
20.000 tickets at D9 is Dl8o,ooo
First drawn 3,000 bl’ks intitled to DlO each
First drawn No. will be entitled to l)l,ooo
First drawn No. 3d day entitled to l,ooo
First do 5th do l,ooo
First do 7th do l,ooo
First do loth do 5,ooo
First do 12th do l,ooo
First do 14th do lO.ooo
First do 16 th do l,ooo
First do 18tb do l,ooo
First do 20th do l,ooo
First do 22d do 20,ooo
Frist do 24th do I,ooo
Frist do 26th do l.ooo
First do 28th do 40,ooo
Deduction only fifteen percent. All prizes
payable in gold or silver, or in notes ot the
bank of the United States.
(fc5»The drawing will take place and be
completed in the city of Baltimore, in thirty
drawings only, with all possible despatch,
under the superintendence of
NATH’L F. WILLIAMS, \ Esqs Comm's
Tickets will advance in a short time, but
can now be had at the original price, viz:
Whole Tickets, D 9 os
Halves, 4 5o
Quarters, D 2 25
Eights, 1 124
Lottery and Exchange Offices* JVb. 114
and 244, Market st. Baltimore,
Where the CASH will be advanced for
prizes the moment they are drawn.
(£r Orders from any part of t]he United
States, enclosing the cash or prrze tickets,
post paid, will meet the same punctual and
prompt attention as it on personal applica
tion, addressed to J. I. COHEN, Jr.
Sec'y to the M’grs. Baltimore.
%* At COHEN’S Office, more capital
prizes have been obtained than at any other
office in America; and where was sold in
shares the great capital ot D 4o,ooo in live
last Lottery drawn in Baltimore; and where
in the three last Monument Lotteries,
were sold the capitals ot D 4o,ooo also in
shares; the 3o,ooo, 2of.2o,ooo, 2oflo,ooo
£fr COHEN’S Lottery Gazette and Re
gister, which is published every week, will
contain the managers’ official list ot each
drawing, both of blanks and prizes, and will
be forwarded, gratis, totompanies or indi
viduals w ho purchase Irom Cohen’s Office
either in whole tickets or shares to the a*
mount of fifty dollars. It also contains rates
of Exchange of Bank Notes; prices current
of produce, H. &c.
Baltimore, May 14__
I~>Y the ton, hundred or smaller quantity
3 of a superior quality, for sale at the
[Fork House, on the most reasonable terms.
It is highly approved of by ship carpen.ers
and masters of vessels. JUNK of the hrst
quality (as no other will answer) received at
alairPr,ceMAp^OiAsK (he
may 4 Poor and Work House
Oats and Apples.
LINDSAY b HILL have just received and
for sale
ONE thousand bush, white Poland oats,
of superior quality
3o bbls apples
In Store
I80 sacks finesaP „
Ground allum and coarse do in bulk
N. Orleans sugar, do molasses, green «ol
fee, pepper, gunpowder, imperial, hyson
and young hysoR tea; Jamaica and N. E.
rum, Malaga wine, brandy, gin, whiskey,
vinegar, yellow soap, mould candles, <yc
kc._may 8 6t
ATOLL GATHERER is wanted im
mediately at the Great Hunting Creek
Bridge. Persons desiring the office will
make application to the Piesident and Di
rectors, in writing, accompanied by the ne
cessary testimonials of character; and these
may be left with John D. Vowell,Treasurer
of the Company.
may 18. _ -
Souchong Tea.
TEN Chests Souchong Tea lately im
ported, received and for sale by,
4 rao. 8.
Just Received*
AND for sale by the subscriber, at re
duced prices,
22oo bushels Heth's choice coal, now lahd*
ing at Ramsay’s wharf
lo.ooo lbs bacon of a very superior quality
4 bales prime Upland cotton
5o quarter boxes best Havana segars
lo bbls old rye whiskey
Family flour particularly selected—Lon*
don mustard, of choice quality at the very
reduced price of 374 cts. per lb. Windsor
Castile and common soap, together with &
general assortment of GROCLlilRS.
april 17 ROBERT L WHl^F
THOSE gentlemen who have heretofore
been supplied with Messrs. Murdoch*
Yuille, Wardrop & Co’s superior Madeira
wine, through the late Mr. Wm. Hodgson
are requested henceforward to apply to thy
subscribers, who are now the only agents of
that house for the District of Columbia, and
state of Virginia.
may 21 A. C. CAZENOVE & Co
Flaxseed & Rye,
4 mo 16 _^
James H. Anderson § Co.
HAVE again opened their spring cellar,
where they have a quantity ol choice
Fresh Butter,
Just from the upper country. They have
also, lo.ooo lbs ol good BACON; 2,ooo lbs
HOGS LARD, and a supply of best Spa*
nish Cigars, by the box, with an extensive
assortment of
All of which they are selling at the most
reduced prices, for cash. The best fain ily
Flour selected as usual, may 9—law3ws.
Prunelle Shoes.
JUST received and for sale a complete
assortment of Prunella shoes, of the
mo9t fashionable colors, together with kid
and Morocco ol extra quality.
A general assortment of fine imitation
Beaver. Roium, Nap’d, Wool, and Straw
which will be sold at the lowest cash priref,
msv 26.
Sicily Lemons,
IINDSAY & HILL have just received
A and for sale
50 boxes Sicily LEMONS in prime order,
may 26—6t
Coftee & Pimento
S&. D. REED, have received, and fof
io bags prime green Havana ccflee.
10 do. pimento
june 5 ___
l,dFTY Boxes Sicily Lemmons
X/ 40 do Oranges
90 Boxe9 gunpowder and Young Hy
I son Tea, of a late importation,
may 26—sa.tu.^th.le
11,000 FOUNDS.
I HAVE just received, by the brig bene
factor, 11,000 lbs. of first quality Porto
Rico Coffee It is pronounced by good
ges to be the best parcel imported into
the District for 12 months past, is entitled
to debenture. Persons wishing to purchase
will please to apply at my office, Bmfge st.
George Town. ROMLLUS KIOus.
may 28___ .
FIFTY boxes fresh oranges landing from
sloop Abeona, from New-York .For
sale by VVM fOYVLE&Co.
may 25______
LANDING trom the brig Dove.D. How
land, master, from Pernambuco, ana
for sale by the subsciiber,
420 Ox bides
150 bbls Brazil brown sugar good quality
86 cases gum benzoin .
*0 Boies arrow «*£%$%$$$■
5th month 10—12t.. —*
Soap, Candles, ^c.
Black & Yellow soap
Cbipt Logwood in bbh.
A few boxes flask oil
Mould 4- £ Candles
Dipt )
Poughkeepsie beer in bbls.
Prime Beef} Kaw.Ynrk Inso
Do Pork f Iorlt,nsP
Landing from brig Hope, from New*
Yorki for sale by THOMAS V. HUCK.
b mo 8th_
Motice is hereby given,
ACCORDING to the rules prescribed by
the Bank, that I shall apply to the
President arid Directors ot the Bank of A
lexandria, for the renewal of a certificate
for ten shares of stock therein, including
Nos. 165, 166. 167 168, b33, 694, 6J8,
840, 865and.004.oRGECARTEK
may 10_vf Oatlands, Fa.
Potatoes, Cider, $c.
Hay Rakes
First Quality Beer ^
Brooms, 4*c., on board theScbr. EliZa
8e,b Jr Francis at
6 mo It'

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