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iVejD- York ,June 19.
The fine fast saili/ig ship Hercu
les, Cap*m* Cobb, arrived last eve
ning d the Quarantine Ground, in the
dhuri passage of oU days from Liverpool.
french runas, May 10—6 per cents,
ooc; bank Stock, looiii. ode.
Uuuaon, May Id —b per cent. Consols,
;4i)o. for acci 74 1-d.
/Vices Current at Liverpool May 16,
Ashes, 14 to Cotton,Upland, 9 to 104,
leans, 9 to lo; Tennessee*, 94 to
Sea island, Id to lid; biaiaeed, for
.rushing, 41 to 4*; sewing, 61 tood; Rice,
American, in bond, 14 u> lo; brazils, 14
;u id; bast India, 9 to Id; 'i'ooacco^ James
giver, 2t to 7; American Flour, in bond,
■J to 22; sour do. 2b to 27.
’1'ne imperial Parliament met on the
30th of April, pursuant to adjournment.
’1 ue London papers contain a regular de
tail of proceedings down to the 14th of
In the House of Commons on the 7th,
the Marquis of Londonderry made a
spontaneous communication, respecting
tne views of Russia and Austria. He
stated that he had received official infor
mation that tne Russian army would not
pass its own frontiers. He also entered
into a further explanation of the reasons
which had led to the advance of the Rus
sian troops, and strongly repelled the in
sinuations that motives of political ambi- j
tion had any influence in the transaction.
He distinctly stated, that though he could
not make himself answerable for the con
duct of any individual, yet,from his knowl
edge of the character of the Emperor of
Russia, he believed him to be ** too deep
ly impressed with a true sense of his own
glory to seek for any further aggrandise
ment, either on the side of Turkey or of
Spain ”
Spain was becoming more tranquil.
The King’s birth-day was celebrated io
London on the 3d of May,with great pomp.
Tb« most splendid drawing room ever wit
nessed was held at Buckingham-palace, and
in the evening a most brilliant ball was giv
eo at Carlton-bouse. The drawing room
was attended by upwards of 2000 persons of
the first rank andfashioo, who‘were pre
sented to the King. One of the London pa
pers contains three pages of the names and
rank of those presented, the dresses of the
ladies, hc“
A new Convention is said to be conclud
ed between Austria and Naples, according
to which ouly 30,000 men are to remain in
Naples. The King of Naples was at
The mtrch of Russian troops has been
stopped by the Emperor Alexander ; and it
is he intends to preserve a strict
neutrality between Turkey and the revolt
ed troops. It is universally believed at
P iris that the allied powers have determin
ed to leave Spain and the Greeks to them
The Sardinian minister has announced to
the government of France the aacession of
Charles Felix as King of Sardinia.
London, May 14.
Consols closed on Saturday at 731 for Ac
count, the general impression being favora
ble to a Tine, principally on tbe ground of
the expected financial statements. It is un
derstood that while certain persons have
been impeding tbe public busiuess, and oc
cupying tbe public time with a succession of
trivolous and vexatious objections to tbe ex
penditure, Ministers have been silently at
*ork on the details of a cautious and judi
cious retrenchment in tbe various depart
ment; of the State- A great evil was the
*udden fall of prices in consequence of the
’eturn to cash payments, but it must not be
forgotten that this evil has some concomi
»aut advantages. The amount of tbe nation
al sxpeuditure may of course be greatly di
minished, if due advantage be taken of the
low prices (which we doubt has been the
Clse)'° the formation of contracts tor the
‘upply of the army and navy. Tbe tranqui
I'^ed state of the continent, too, while it
f^ders foreign Stock more valuable, re-acts
^po-our own funds and gives a general
^badmess to the money market. A new
tanofabout a million sterling has been con
ceded at Naples, under tbe guarantee of
Allied Powers. It is in a Five per Cent
lock, and tbe shares are now selling in Pa
fi-Mt 85, which it is said affords considerable
to the original contractors. The in
'•iduala who attempted to revolutionize
country dilapidated its treasures, during
'^'r short sway, in the most shameful man- j
*od some of them are supposed to have
*tun,,y stolen large sums, with which they
N fight. !
__ ■
Baltimore, June 21.
*fr» 8C^r’ ^3^*8 Fish, capt. Carnes,
^ lv?Jeeiow at quarantine last evening
i SeveQ days from Cape Haytien, we
^ 'e received intelligence that ail the
P^aish part of St. Domingo has been
_ v0"iti°uj2e(:}_ Commodore Aury’s flag
^ Monte Christi; and the
P0 ° troops had marched against
e ®ate- This change, it is believed
j <'cted without bloodshed. Commo
>^;\xry and President Boyer acting in
* ■»,- • ;* / •
jUl MA Rt ELK JOVR“ Ajfa
n»t(Torjiu:Xj^UHi.K J— j”
Brig Geo. Washington, Capt. Rhodes,
12 days from Providence, mousses, sugar,
and plaster to A. C: Hicks at domestic
goods to A. C. Caxenove A Co.,
June 21.
Schr. Adonis, Capt. Baker, three days
from Baltimore, a full freight to mer. of
the district.
Schr. Mount Vernon, Howell, Boston.
-. Independence, Fisher, Phiia.
-. Sally, Sheldon, Providence, R. I.
Steam boat Potomac, Capt. Middleton,
Norfolk. -
Alexandria Independent Artillerists.
YOU are hereby noticed to attend a meet
ing ot the conr pany at R. Sand’s, Thit
Evening at 8 o’clock, P. M. to make the ne
cessary arrangement for the celebration of
the Fourth of July. 1
. W. H. HANNON, Capt.
june 22 » - , I
Quarter Master's (Mice, (
Fort Washington, June 22d, 1821 $
PROPOSALS will be received until the
doth inst. for supplying, this post with
two hundred cords ot good oak wood; the
delivery of the wood to be completed by
the last ot November next. The contractor
to give security for taithful performance of
the contract.
At- Ar Quarter Master
june 22 . : . I
Bolting Cloths, and Ground
JONATHAN JANNEY, has on hand and.
intends keeping .a constant supply of
Bolting Cloths ot a superior quality.—
Ground Plaster by the bushel, barrel or ton.
3. 4. 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20d Cut Nails.
OCT Cash given for empty flour barrels
suitable to hold ground plaster,
june 22 .• - • ' law
ONE HUNDRED barrels Rosin,on board
scbr. Adonis For sale by
june 22 ' 3t
^ To the Public.
WHEREAS William C. Newton, some
time during the last year obtained a
deed from me for one hundred and twenty
five acres of land Situate in the county of
Loudoun; when. I was not properly in my
right mind, in consequence of wliicb 1 am
determined, if possible, to make void said
bargain; and whereas also, the said William
C. Newton holds several of my notes to a
very considerable amount. This is there
fore to forewarn any persou or persons
from purchasing said land, or taking an as
signment on said notes, as 1 consider them
obtained from me without a consideration.
jim* 99' ‘ - - ^t
Eor Rent;*
By the Year, or shorter period.
.THE house at present in the oc
If ! £i| 0^7-Possessi *n given immediately.
june 21 > <*, - * * •* eo4t
Steam Boat Dandy.
THE above boat has this day altered hei
hours of plying between Washington
and Alexandria, for tbe greiter convenience
of passenger*. Leaves the Eastern Branch
at 8 o’clock, A. M. for Alexandria; return
ing, leaves Alexandria for the Potomac
Bridge, at 10 o’clock; and from thence to
Alexandria, at 3 o’clock, P. M.; and leav
ing Alexandria, for tbe Eastern Branch, at
5 o’clock, P. M.
O^rParties of pleasure and others, who
wi*h to go farther than the usual route, are
requested to give 3 days notice.
june I , • 3t
Cargo of the Br*g Patiopta,
At Auction.
WILL be sold at public sale on Satur
day morning next, at ten o'clock, at
the stores of the Importing and Exporting
Company, the cargo of tbe brig Fanopea,
from Marseilles, consisting of
100 hampers )
50 half do > superior OLIVE OIL
1 do)
20 casks claret wine
50 boxes do one dozen easb
3 casks French Walnuts
10 do soft shelled almonds
tiO boxes olives and capers
300 reams wrapping paper
15 pipes high proof cognac brahdy
W .W. CORCORAN & CO, auct’a
Georgetown, june 21 ts
Braden Morgan Co.
HAVE received by the Potomac from
Liverpool, in addition to their former
stock, a few cases
Prints, Cotton Hosiery ^Jeans.
june 21 Ism
For Sale,
SEVERAL LOTS, pleas rntly situated in
the northern part of tbe town, will be
sold low lor Cash, if applied for immediate
ly—Several of them are corner lots, among
which, is one situated at ibe corner of
Washington Si Queen-streets.—Enquire of
the Printer. ; ’
june 16 d3t eo4t
. .ioo,Old Dollar*,
For eleven * dollars only !
' 50,000 Dollars
For Jive and onhalfdalfa only,
\ \ Z3 flOQ Dollar*
For tv}o and three fourths) only.
And 12 500 Dollars
For tkAtrifling 1 37} cost*.
TX7HlCn may be bad if application is
▼ T made in the - ,
Grand National Lottery,
, > acsKUfc.'.. ,
1 prise of 0100,000 is loo,ooo
1 25,ooo £5,ooo
£ . lo,ooo 2o,ooo
5 . 5,ooo • 25,ooo
loo l,ooo ]00,000
loo 5oo; . 5p,ooo
lo£ loo • 1*0,500
16,5oq 13 ,£ 14,500
16724 ..prizes, ) not 2 blanks
39276 blanks,j to A prize.
Prizes only to be drawn,
On ta lOtb day will "be deposited in the
wheel one prize yf D5ooo; on the I5th day
one prize ot D5ooo; on the 2otb dav one
prize ot 5qoo; on the25tb day one prize of
Dlojooo; on the 28th day l prize ot 5,oOo;
and on the Sotb day one prize of DIoo,ooo.
Prizes subject to a deduction of (5 per
cent. *
Thirty-three drawing*
. The drawings will be announced in the
course of a few weeks.
, This splendid Lottery being under the
authority of.the United States, and the pri
ces all Boating.as specified, offers the great*
est inducement to adventurers.
Tickets wily i t Dollars,
- . - •“ « *- 'For salt at.
King-strext, Alexandria.
AH order* from the dnlptfy atlendedto, the
same as if personal application was- made.
- J. H; R.
june 15' "* • .
Capittjl SPwzes
IN .TH*v i
University of Alary land.
Which will be speedily drawn in the city of
30,000 DOLLARS.
lo,ooo dollars
5,ooo dollars
20 of $l,ooo
5.000 dollars
5.000 dollars
2o of 5oo dols
100 of D. 100—tOO ot 20& 6600 of D.IO
Tickets D9, shares inrproportion.
Tickets in this splendid lottery, NOT
TWO BUNKS TO A PRIZE, are going off
rapidly, at the above price, and as out few
numbers more remain, yearly application
should be made at
Lucky Lottery Office,
King-street, Alexandria.
Where may be had Tickets in all the va
rious lotteries. All orders promptly attend
ed to by return mail, (Address ")
J. H. Runnels.
jun* 15
No. 417,
A P R 1Z E O P
The only prize over.JDlO of the 2d day’s
drawingof the
Grand State Lottery.
Will draw again the 26tb instant, when
the following may be drawn, as they are all
floating, viz. v
100,000 DOLLARS.
80 ' of 1,000
19 of 500
40 of 100
In iddition to the above there are floating
in the wheels ot the 9tb class Grand State
Six Thousand Smaller Frizes!
In a few days will be put into the wheels the
Capital Prizes of
25.000 DOLLARS.
10.000 DOLLARS.
And Two of 5000,
Delay not one moment, as the BEST of
chances for the above prizes may be pur
chased for (be small sura of. 10 dollars, -
Halves 5 dolls. Quarters 2i, Eighths li
Lucky Lottery Office,
King street Alexandria;
Where has lately bee* sold sateral valua
ble prizes.
Cash advanced for prl*e# ftsston as drawn,
june 16
ifow braving.
1 prize of &25,OGO is 25.000
1 prizes of 10,000 is ffyooo
3 . of 5,000 is 15,000
1 20 of f,ooo is 20,000
20 -of 5oo is 10,ooo
- 40 of ' loo it 4,000
€6,00 of lo is 66,000
6,686 Prises 1 20,000 * 160,000
13.344 Blanks j Tickets
Prizes idW be deposited as follows:
1st dav .. 10,000 dollars.
. td day 5,000 dollars
3d day _ 6,000 dollars
- 6th day * ’ 6 ,000 dollars
» , 8th day 10,000 dollars
10th day • ' # 25.000 dollars
All other prizes in the scheme floating
from the commencement of the drawing.-—
Prizes payabla 60 days alter the drawing
is finished, subject to 15 per cent, discount.
Whole Tickets DIO
Halves 5
Quarters 2 60
£ightbs I 26
Orders received at
Lottery & Exchange Office,
Comer of Water street and MaxweWt
O^rPrize tickets in the Consolidation and
ana Navigation Lotteries, as well as moat
kinds of Foreign Bank Bills, will be receive
ed in payment at par.
0^- I’he Managers Official List of the
drawing will be regularly received and a
check boek kept for the examination of all
tickets gratis ordered at Cohen's Office.
june 18 , • , •
Splendid Scheme of the
; ; ’
1 grand prize of $100,000
1 •' 45,000
- 2“ 10,000
• 5 • ' ‘ 5,000
. 100 1,000
... - . 100
Not two blanks to a prize.
Whole Tickets It 00 | Quarters 2 78
Halves 6 6U , Eighths 1 37
Prizes deposited *s follows :
On the lOlb day will be deposited in the
wheel 1 prize of 5000; and on the 15th day
I prize ot 6000; on the 20th day 1 prize of
5000; on the 26tb day one prize of 10,000;
on tbe 28th day. 1 prize of 25,000, on the
30tb day the grand capital prize oi 100,000
dollars. All tbe other prizes are floating
from the commencement of the drawing.
Prizes payable 60 days after tbe drawing
is finished— subject to a deduction of 15 per
Tbe drawing * ill take place, and be com*
pie ted in this city, in thirty three drawings
only, with all possible despatch, under the
supenntendance of
R. C. Weightman, 7
Win. Brent,
John Davidson, •
Daniel Rapine, Esqrs. Managers
Thos. H. uilliss, i
Moses Young,
Andrew Way, Jr. J
Tickets and shares for sale in the greatest
variety of numbtis at
Fortunate Office, Washington, and
■ Office, Kingst, Aiex'a.
Orders directed as above, wi'l meet the
most prompt attention.
Tickets for sale m the New York Litera
ture Lottery at nlO; in the Maryland State
Lottery at 9 ; in tbe University Lottery of
Maryland at 8 ; in the Cyclopaedia Lottery
at 14, but will advance to 16 in a few days.
The real value ot each ticket isP35. Draw
ing will commence 23d July.
June 14
No Blanks!
THE public attention is particularly in
vited to the scheme of the Cpclopcdia
Lottery, advertised in tois Gazette.
The work is in itself, a complete Library
atid embraces every art and science—It
comprizes a body of useful information, no
where to be found, and may be consulted
with equal benefit, as a book of reference by
the learned, and by the unlearned as a
source of information.
Persons desirous of securing to tbemselres
this Invaluable work are requested to call at
Riggs' O ffice
Bridge*Street Georgetown j
where tickets may be had at 14 dollars, but
will soon advance to J6
(EpOrders from abroad promptly attended
to, and all lot try information giren gratis
june 14
Neatly executei at this Office.
_Bales at Auction.
- On TLEbDAY, at U) o’clock^
WILL be sold at ate auction -tcre a va
riety ol Goods, amoii'4 tv liicLi are
Sugar brandy
Molasses Mustard
Candles V iuegar
Soap Ginger
lo barreli N. York ale
6 boxes Day & Martins genuine black*
Household Furniture
Chairs, Feathers he.
• A few p's. India Carpeting very superior
Rush Carpeting &c.
. vv •’ ALSO,
Cloths, castiiritrt, linens and other Dry
Goods as usndl
I case men's fine Shoes
Hardware, cutlery be, . ,
• - S. A; MAKSTELLER; Aoe«
June it. . • "
Might Bale*
|°VN SATURDAY evening,- at early csndlek
V* light, will be sold at the auction sior«^
a variety of goods, suitable fair dealers, con
sumers $•<: —among which «fv—
' Knives and forks, pocket knives,
Cutting knites, Englihb lea kitted,
A variety of locks, bolts, Waiters, -
Carpet brushes, shuffboxes, ate. *
also. • -
Assorted and black silk, first qualify,
thread, cotton, vests, he.
’ ? > ALSO.
BOOKS, new and old, Q lJILLS he,
' All withoat reserve.
Boys not admitted...
®» A. MARS TELLER, atiefr.
. Marshal’s Sale.tr f
WILL be Sold, ofi (he premises; bn Stu
turday the Sd day of June nest, at
iu o clock A. M: for cash, all .the right;
title, and Interest of Benjamin Baden, io
and to a Brick House and Lot. situated oB
King street, at present occupied by John
Grubb, to satisfy an execution in favor of
Joseph Janney,
.1Qft , D. MINOR, D.M,
anril 30—Staftts
By consent of narties the above sale
is postponed until the 30th iifstatrt.
june4.—to _’
For Ifale or Rent,
The large brick tavern, m
Dumfries, occupied at present by Cap
Uio George Williams. Possession will be
given on the 1st day of January next. For
terms apply to the subscriber, living in Dum
juhc4 _JOHty SPENCE.
To Let
®A convenient HOUSE, at ihe co
ner of Wolf and W«t*r Streets, non
in the occupancy of Capf, Ruther
ford. Possession will he riven ofl
the 1st day of July.1 , ...
June Ifr-^oat
For r 1'eight* 7
- i’hk Seh'f. NATIVE, H< Show,
JHjKMaster, burthen | IOO. Bbs.—a freight
will be taken to tbe W. Indies or South
America. Apply to
June 13.S. & I). REBP.
For Freight to Europe oV
South America;
|R The fast sailing Brig OROZIM
MfiBO, Thomas Stow, master, burth
en 22! tons, carries 17 of 1800 barrels, is if)
good order and ready to receive a cargo.—
Apply to the maSUr on board or to
June 16—3t_ B, CORNING.
For Freight.
UT The brig MERCATOR, Wm. Par
jfiUb’ons. Master, burthen 1000 bbls.: she
is an excellent vessel, and Will very soon be
ready to load.
Apply to J. H* LADD Co.
FFfto have taid htig's cargo for tale, viz.
694 casks iresb Thoraaston Lime
10 M. b-rd wood joist
6 M: refuse boards.
jnne ll *
For Freight, • ^
The schr. ALEXANDER, Capt.
r,C urtis, earfies about 9oo barrels—
take A freight to any eastern port-r*
Apply to
Who hate for tali
Said Schooner, cargo of
7o,ooo feet superior quality clear Lumber,
june 18_ tf
Kor Kreighf,
Tbe good sloop JOHN BROOKS,
Wm. Prince, master, burthen abnet
bbls. and will soon be ready to load.—
Apply to J Hi LADD fc Co.
Woo have for tale on hoard taid vtttel,
60 M merchantable boards
Alto, jutl received,
2 half pipes genuine old port WINE. r
june 18 ^
For Freight or Charter,
iAIv Tbe last sailing Schooner Elizabeth.
jBm~ Cap!. Travers, carries about 700
bis Is no# in order to take in—Apply t
tbe Capt. on board at Irivios wharf, or to
6 mo 18 . . tf
j For Mew-York,
jff. Tbe regular packet schr. ELlZA,
mpBuN. S. Meeker, master; carries 700
bbls. will be ready to load in a tew days,
and will sail in all this week. For freight
or passage, having superior accommoda
tions, apply to
junc 19—3t JOHN FURLONG. _
N ew- irlEans JSu , Lem ons,
WM FOWLE & Co* bare this day
landing from scbr. Eliza from New
York , „ 0
20 Hhdi. N. O. Sugar
lOo Boteo Lemons
june 18- - -
Boxes Lemons, just received and
ar’,les’/if. MESSKRSMITH.
Jum 18

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