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v v\n SATURDAY M0RMV<1. SEPTEMBER 8, 1821.__ [No. 6159.
For Freight |
llT The superior hug ABIGAIL, J. |
H. Titcorab, master, carries 400 ■
MiK Tobacco or 3ooo bbls. flour, is in
vtod order and will be ready to take a car
lPi» have for sale said brig's cargo of
tyiQO bushels St Ubes SALl.
aug 31__{1_.
For Freight
r if The good sloop JOHN BKOOKS,
Prince, master, burthen about
iSfRi':■"**»“ S0'I°be 7&$£gT
Apply to J H LAUIJ -at ^o.
JlTio Aat’« /or sale on board said vessel,
60 M merchantable boards
Also, just received,
? half pipes genuine old port WlMb.
inne IS __._—-—
For Freight,
ilT The good sch> OJhLY SOJ\, James
V ^Fuller, master; burthen «50 bbls d
iTZ bull provided- For freight ot ‘h.
otuK apply to /ohn h. LADO dr Co.
Who have onboard said vessel for sale,
5-j ioPlaster.
june ?ft _ ■ - *
ror r it-ijelii,
The schr. G EORGE. John Tob«y.
^ *2 Master. burthen about HOoBbl. she ;
jTiupxcellent vessel, two years old and will
“ „ be ready to load, in preference to Ser
bia or .be AesU-beSj App^to CQ
Who kc&ejust received for salty
10Cht-st- Imperial lea. .
I Boo lbs. Bacon Juae
For St. Johns,
t£T The schr ILSLEY. capt Prince,
^R&wlll sail in all the week, and take j
«»“ “unJrt", bar” w0”i"fovvle r<.:b°
flTti have for sde said s chrs cargo of
1150 tons Pl.iister Paris.
duly 16 _________
Young Hyson lea.
JUST received and for sale
44 half t hesis young hyson tea
30«'0 lbs St. Domingo coffee
3* bundles sugai loat paper
20 do. binders boards, large sixes
lt>0 tons suit plainer
For Freight,
ten'll,*; "Z
july 17 ___
For East port.
"€C The goodschr Eliza Holt. Win.
M’Kenric, master; burthen about
1000 bids one half of which being read} to
I. «.n board. For freight ot th»utber or pas
sage appiy to Jf)HN H ladd & Co
Wiin have for sale on board said vessel.
150 too* plaster
\lso tor Boston,
rnnz The brig TOM, A. II )ward,n«as
tPi^ ourthen about 1500 bol» she
r I.MV loading and will be dispatched inure
<1: u lv. For freight of 500 bids or passage
app y as above.
For Bve nen, direct,
-s-' The good ship MARY ANN,
—# H Winnemore, masur. burthen
about '34t> tons, and now nearly
loaded and will he dispatched in
v lew days. For passage only, apply aa a
b"ve. july 30_
For Freight,
iff Thesehr. CATHARINE, captain
j&dLSiuger, carrier 900 barrels, and will
l.*e readv tor a cargo in a lew days,
App'j, to WM FOWLER- Co.
MTb* have for safe said schnr's. cargo of
55i* c.tsks I honia>>on Lm e __
For Amsterdam
•ilT The superior brig SALLY, I.
btfllerrv, master; will eaii in all the
Pmsent month. A few hbds ol tobacco, or
Mit articles will l>e taken on freight. Ap
tly to 1FM FOfFLE 4* CO.
For Freight,
W W. Thompson, master, carries
• *out 6tK: bhds Tobacco, i< a substantial
B'HHlvesHel has halt her cargo r« ady to go on
LufJ, and will proceed to Amsterdam, Kot
*-r ;am rr rernen as the halauce may offer, ,
hhich *v i 11 betaken at a moderate freight.
_ Apply as above^._
r mu'lu Miiiiiru,
For the ship PO TOM AC. Charles
Sis5fcP..nlt >rd, master; burthen about 500
hl*d> ni tobacco or 4000 bbls flour The
hi gnyd order and ready to receive a
immediately. For terms apply to
^ ho will purchase good wheat aud wool
W! ' hashed on the sheep’s back.
£r t’he Editor* ot the National Intern
teucrr will please insert the above once a
tor three weeks.
mo 5)_lawtt
t or Boston, or any Eastern
jie good brig SUSAN, Joshua
'* H Knight, master, burthen about 1*00
" h and will very soon be ready to load,
3,11 treighl will be taken at low rate. Ap
V>j to
Who hive torsa.e ou board said brig liO
For Freight,
The good schr. GIPSEY. Charles
Taylor, master; burthen about 80<
bbls. and will be ready to load in four days
Apply to ^
J. H. LADD b Co.
aur 30_ tf
Sugar*. Mol’isses, &c.
HAVE just received by brig Columbus
from St. Jago de Cuba,
204 boxes white and brown clayed sugars
3 hhds Muscovado sugars
19 hhds molasses
1 hhd honey
* For freight,
The good -md fast sailing brig 00
jjjgg&LU.yiBUS, Joseph C. Marbury, mas
ter; burthen about 1200 bbls. and will very
soon be ready to load. Apply to
J. H. LADD 4* Co.
aug 30 tf
For Halifax,
few da The schooner THETIS, Alexrn
Jiffl der JVewcomb, master, will sail in a
ttjsjfcvs, and take 200 barrels, on freight.
Apply to WM. FOfi’LE & Co.
Who have Jor sale received by said schooner
and brig UNICE b SALLY from Boston,
50 hhds. retailing Molasses,
300 tons Plaster Paris.
For Boston,
days a I he grlinoti i AN N, captain
tor sal Small, will be revly to loads rn three
nd take freight on moderate terms, &
* the said schooner’s cargo of
700 casks Thomas town lime
Apply as above,
aug 15 tf
For Bos to.i aiitl Fortlaiul.
§44L The substantial schooner MOIJN T
.*wUb VEKNON, Howell, master, will
sail in a few days lor freight of 400 Barrels
or passage apply to
trim offers for sale said schooners Cargo
o( 125 tons Plaister.
8 mo 28th_6t
b'i>r freight,
mjBL The new and superior Brig HAN
xXi-v. N All. Willi.m i earsou, master
cames I6tx> barrels Flour, or *30 Hlids. ol
Tobacco_is *n complete order and will take
* C^o immediately
“ Kor Bremen
jat The substantial and fast sailing
jjjjship, VIRGINIA, Janies Hilman.
master, has the principal part ol ber ca go
engaged, tor freight ol 60 hnds. of 1 obacco,
or passage apply to ^ R H0JFLAND
Who wishes to purchase,
AL try l and Tobacco.
Robert H Miller goes out Supercargo of
the above Miip, and will undertake the ma
nagement of any buMne-s which hi? triends
.nay think proper to commit to Ins charge,
aug 14 __ _
l ur E isl port,
The good sc hr EN I ER PRIZE,
Nathaniel Ames, master; bu-dheii a
bout 1300 bbls and will vere soon be ready
to load
Also, for freight,
The good schr- JYANCY.E- Perry.
^ Master; burthen about !loo banels,
■u . , tie ready t. load; in preference to an
ejaitrn ^ «°H. HDD & Co
Who have lor sale,
Soo ton? plaister
6 >o casks fresh Tbomaston lime
a tig 16__
Tickets and Shares in the
Grand National Lottery,
fif ni ciji-b'.s.
tt r |L,L advance from the present price
\\ U\0 U\3 on the fi»st ot October.
Grand Capitals.
1 grand prize ol *>100,000
! * 25,000
2 10.000
5 5,000
100 1,0'’°
10 500
1*‘5 U;U
besides an immense number of smaller
Not two blinks to a prize
Toe distribution of the above splfcnniu
prizes will take place in the ii.oothof Nov
ember next. The great despatch which has
uniformly been made in the dr wing <>l the
form, r classes «>f this Lotte y; the prompt
ness with whirl, the cash lor prizes has
been, and will continue 10 ba. advanced
ti e immense number ot spbniid capital
prizes, combined with the low puce lor
ticket?, afford tbe *re.ete>t inducements to
a.lventurers to make investments in ti.i»
Lottery, confessedly the mosi brilliant and
popular now offered to »he American public
v\ hole tickets 12 00 I Quarn rs oW)
Halves 6 00) Ki^htbs 1 50
Orders by my <nail or private conveyance
for Tickets in this «>r any other Lott* ry will
meet prompt attention addressed to
Fortunate Office, Washington City
Or ut Kerr & Fits Hughs,
Corner of King and Wasl.ll glon str.pl
V B. Drawing* c»f the Maryland *-t.tte
,nd Universal Lotteries received regular y.
and tickets examined in all Lotteries gratia.
Fall Goods.
IHAVEjust received 24U packages fresh
dry goods,
CVnwrising a large ar.d geneial assortment !
of the most desirable articles, which will
be sold by the package or piece, tor cash, or
on a liberal credit, lor approved paper, as
low as they can be bought in any market
in the United Stales. These goods were
bought on llieverv best terms for cash, and
will be sold for small profits.
The Merchants of the District and the
adjacent country,will find it to their interest
to call and look at my supply. I pledge
tnyself to sell as low, by the piece, as4hcy
can be purchased in the Philadelphia or
Baltimore markets- 1 have made arrange
ments with an house in New York, to buy
goods for me lor cash; Iron*, whom I shall
receive fresh supplies by every packet |
which will enable me to keep constantly on !
hand, a general assortment Country mer j
chants are particularly invited to call and i
examine my stock, and they will find it to
their interest to make purchases in George
town. Among the articles received are the
ollowing, viz:
Best extra sup. blue and black cloth
do du cassimere
Middle ano low priced cloth
do ao cassimeres
Best milled drab cloth
Common do
Mixed cassineits
Blue and grey plains
Black and colored bombazets
Fine while tHnnels
Colored do
Best two cord velvets
Black and colored Canton crape
Flag hdkts
Madras do
Black Italian crape
Book muslins
Mull mull do
Steam loom shirting
4 and 6.4 cambric
Super calicoes
Plaid do
Honeycomb do
common uo
HU ached Scotch shirting
Bro do do #
Scotch OsnaOurgs
K ‘Sia «h- eting
Leghorn flats
Kid giove9
Buckskin do
Black senshaws
Black sarsnets
Black 'ilk hdkfa
Silk hose
Bleached domestic sheeting
Bro do shirting
5.4 bro sheeting
German linens
!''ack florence
\ a.icy vestings
Dark do
Sniped muslin
F .ncy cravats •
Striped ginghams
Carlisle do
Cloth shawls
£bck and colored sewing silk
Latent thread
Linen cambrics
Cambric bdkts
Assorted ribbons
Llain black no
In addition I shall in a few days receive
per sloop Abeona, Irom New York
5 bales best English ingrain carpeting
which will be soid very low
5 5 4 flushings
3 3 point blankets
h rose do
f white Russia sheeting
4 5.4 cotton sheeting
2 while sheeting
1 case merino shawls
1 superfine dimities
aug 30—3aw2w Georgetown.
Marshals Sale.
W/II-L be sold for Cash on Saturday the
VV 22d ol September next, on the
premises, all the right and Title and liitty'
est ol John Ross, in and to a Brick house
and Loi—Situated and lying on the Weil
side ot St. Asaph Street, npar the residence
ol A Paw Esq. the propelty of John
Ross. Sold to -atisfy an Execution in favor
of Anthony Rhodes, Administrator of Joseph
Spear, deceased
Aug. 17 forT. Ringgold. Marshal.
i'nmeile bhoes.
FUST received •and for sale a complete
#1 assortment of Prunella shoes, of the
mod fashionable colors, together with kid
and Morocco ol extra quality.
A general assortment of fine imitation
Beaver! Roium, Nap’d, Wood, and Stiaw
H A '1' S,
which will be sold at the lowest cash prices,
1 > V ?*>.
Verouaaodatioii Stag**.
-> To subserve my own
.interest & conduce to the
public convenience; the
-subscriber will start a
Stage front Alexandria every morning at
hall past 8 o clock.
Tavern 1-2 past 9; thence to Brown a in the
City, calling at all the intermediate taverns
from Georgetown to the toy; depart Iron,
Brown’s af 4 o’clock. P. M , »hd arrive m
Alexandria, at 8 Stage office at S. H ash
melon Tavern, Alexandria, and at Semmes,
Georgetown. . CHARLES BEECH.
aug. 20
BY the ton, hundred or smaller quantity
ot'a superior quality, for sale at (be
JPork House, on the most reasonable terms# ,
It is highly approved of by ship carpen.ers
andmastersol vessels. JUNK ot the first
quality (as no other will answer) received at
a fair price. Apply to , . ,
Mr. THOMAS, Keeper of the
may 4 Poor and 'Vork House
Just Published
AND foreale at John A. Stewart’s book-,
store, price 1 dollar,
of rnic
Being an abridgment of Burnet’s History of
the Information of the Church 01 hngjand.
Together with sketches ot the lives ot Lu
ther, Calvin, and Zuingle, the three celebra - ;
ted reformers of the continent- — By the
Rev. BF.NjAMrn Allen, Rector oi the Palish
of St. Aundre, Virginia.
Having been iavored with the perusal of
an abridgment of the history of the relurn.a
tion, prepared for publication by the Rev.
B. Allen, I with pleasure comply with his
request in giving it my humble recommen
dation. It contains the history ot all the
important tacts a9 narrated by Burnet, and
to those who have not the time or the meant
of consulting that writer, must prove «ntei
esting and valuable There being a consi
derable class ot persons under these circum
stances, suclt a work has been wanted, and
| think, the present one will be highly ac
ceptable, as serving lonieet the existing ex
District of C olumbia.
Alexandria County, set. )
May Term, 1821, 19th day. $
John Wither-—Compluinont,
Robert Chesley George Fitzhugh and Ben
jamin Grymes, (lately trading under »he
firm of Robert Chesley and Company)
and John Wbeelright, John H- Ladd and
Joseph Ladd, (trading under the firm ot
John H, Laid & Co.) and Henry Jack-son
— Defendants.
The defendants Robert Chesley, George
Fnzhugh, and Benjamin Grimes, (lately
trading under the firm of Robert Chesley 4'
Co ) not having entered their appearance,
and given -ecurity according to the statute
and rules of this couit, and it appearing to
the satisfaction ol the court, upon affidavit
filed, and that the said Robert Chesley.
George Fitzhugh and Benjamin^ Grimes,
(lately under the firm of Robert Chesley 4
Co.) are not luhabitants of thi9 District, on
motion of the complainant, by his counsel,
it is ordered that the said defendants, Ro
bert Chesley. George Fitzhugh and Benja
min Grimes, (latey under the firm ol Robert
Chesley 4* Co.) do appear here on the first
day ol November Term, next, and enter
their appearance to the suit, and give secu
rity for performing the decrees ot tiie court,
and that the other defendants John H. Ladd
& Co. and Heifty Jackson, do not pay away,
convey or secrete the debts by them owing
to, or the.estate,or effects in theii hands be
longing to the said absent defendant- Robert
Chesley, George Fitzhugh and Benjamin
Grimes, (lately under die fnm of Robert
Chesley & Co.) until the further order or de
cree, of this court, and that a copy of this
order be forthwith inserted in one of the pub
lic newspapers published in this county, for
two months successively, and that another
copy be posted at the front door ot the Court
House of said county. _
(A Copy.) Teste, EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
diaries County Court,
Jugust Term, 1821.
ON application to tlm Judges ol Charles
County Court, by petition in writing ot
Edward Edelen, of Charles County, tor the
benefit of the Act of Assembly tor the
relief of insolvent debtors passed at No
vember session, 1805, and the several sup
plements thereto, on 'ne terms mentioned
therein, a schedule ul his property and a
listol his creditors on oath, so far as he
can ascertain them, being annexed to his
petition, and being satisfied by competent
testimony that the said Edward Edelen
has resided two years immediately prece
ding the time ot his application in the state
of Maryland, and being also satisfied that
the said Edward Edelen is‘ in actual
confinement tor debt, and for no other cause
and the said Edward Edelen, having en
tered into bond with sufficient security, tor
his personal appearance in Charles C ounty
court to answer such allegations as his
creditors may make against him—It is
therefore ordered and adjudged, that the
said Edward Edelen, be discharged from
imprisonment, and that by causing a copy
of this order to be inserted in some one of
i the newspapers edited in the district ot
Columbia once a week lor two months
successively before the third Monday of
I March next he give notice to his creditors
, to appear before the said Court at Pori t o
bacco in the said county, on the said third
| Monday in March next, for the purpose of
' recommending a trustee foi their benefit:
And to shew cause, if any they have, why
1 the said Edward Edelen should not have
I tbe benefit, of ihe several insolvent laws
of this state as Prayed* TrwJXJ u . DVP<
' August 27— 1w2m Clerk.
Taper Hangings.
HAS ieceived his spring sujply of the
above article, consisting ct ibe new es
iaShions;whicb,w ith his termer slock makes
the assortment very large and complete.
* may 10.
THE citizens of Alexandria, Georgetown
and Washington, are respectfully in
formed that the undersigned have been ap
pointed Agents for the elegant, extensive V
jseful establishment, at New-York, known
as the
lJV. York Dying Establishment/
[he utility of which has been acknowledged
by many of the first characters who have vi
lited it, and from witnessing the facilities tor
dying and finishing Qilks and crapes, in a
style of superior elegance, have given to it a
decided preference to any thing ot the kin
in America, and declare it calculated to corn
pete with any in England.
SPECIMENS on various kinds of
goods, are left with the agents who will re
ceive and forward all goods to the proprie
tors and deliver them to the owners free of
expense lor freight.
TO THE LADIES an arrangement
o! ibis kind inusl be a desirable object, as
it presents to them an opportunity of having
Crape, or silk Dresses,
Made to look as well as when New, and of
a color superior to the India Dye,
Mildews ann Stains removed from good!
of every description. Brown Drilling*.
Brown Cottons, or Brown Linens, bleached
perfectly white by a chemical process, in a
lew hours. Leghorn Straw, and Silk bon
nets dyed; furniture cleansed, and high glaz
ed, parasols dyed on the Sticks; Cashmere,
Marino. Cam-1 Hair and Cassimer Shawls
cleansed, and additional brilliancy given to
tiie colors in the borders Broad cloths 6c.
dyed, re-dressed, and spots removed, or co
lor restored, wtien it had been disturbed;
changeable sinchews, and black silk velvets,
dyed green, or light colors, 6c. 6c.
Satisfactory evidence of the responsibility,
as also respectiljility of the proprietors, ia
furnished by letters, from person* ot high
standing in New-Fork, to some of our most
distinguished citizens ;-In addition to
which it may be added, that the most re
spectable houses in the East India trade,
patronize this extensive establishment.
The ritizcns oi Alexandria
are respectfully informed, that the priceg,
may be known on application to Geu. AT
Lynn, who will also exhibit specimens of
the Dying and finishing of Silks be.
The Ladies and Gentlemen of George
toivn, an.1 this city, w ill be pleased to apply
tor information to _„..
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Washington City, June 21
2aw Im— lawlro
Forty Dollars Reward!
RAN away trom the subscriber, (on the
sixth day ol June last) being In Charles
County. Maryland, on the post road leading
from riscattaway to Port Tobacco, nine
miles from the iormer, and six miles from
the latter,—Two Negro men, viz:
Wat and John,
Wat, is about twenty-six or seven years of
age; and about fm feet seven o* eight inches
high, rather of a yellowish c< mpiexion, had
a considerable stoop when walking, had
broadcloth pantaloons, one pair sheeting do,
one pair of course shoes worn, a new tell
hat, and a coarse linen shirt. .John about
twenty four or five years old, five leet
eight or nine inches high; his complexion
black with a very smooth face and rather
likely; John had on and took with him a
blue cotton round aboul jacket blue yarn U
cotton pantaloons, a pair of pretty good
coarse shoes, a felt hat, and coarse shirts.—
It is probable they may have other clothing
with them or may exchange those described
for others, since their elopement; they have
been seen at a black man’s who is.a free
man as 1 understand, who calls himseit Jack
Lee, and lies in Prince George’s coohiy,
about two miles from Mr. Berry’9 ferry, he
has also, a sweetheart in Georgetown, who
was hired from our neighborhood to a Mr,
Miller of that place; Wat has a near relation
bv the name of Charles, belonging to Mr.
William Marbury, living at the ferry oppo
site Alexandria. I have reason tc suspect
they are harboured and are still lurking in
and about those places. I will give the
above rew’ard lor bringing them home or se
curing them so that i get them again, or
Twenty Dollars for either.
iulv 18 _l»»tf
>ew Livery stable.
Alexander west bfgs leave res
pectfully to inform bis friends and the
public, that be has just erected a commodi
ous _
On the north side of Prince, between Fair
fax and Royal streets, where lie will take
hoTses at livery by the month, week, or day,
on the most reasonable terms. Those who
may entrust their hordes to his care, may re
ly upon his bestowing the most diligent at
tention upon them.
a tig <>n<* T
To Hportfsmen.
RICHARD WOOD,Fairfax-«treft Alex
andria, has just received from Ntw
York, a small supply of that celebrated ar
“Butt's Cylinder Gunpowder”
made by John Butt’s at the Honslow Heath
mills near London, and now in general use
among EngIRh Sportsmen.
This powder is manufactured particularly
for shot guns, and is remarkable foutreng'h,
quickness, and dean firing; it it fleetly put
up in pound canisters and can he carried
with safety and convenience to any dista n<;
Sept. 6 *©

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