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Voi.. XX11J_WEDNESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 5, 1821. [N0. 6124.
For Frcight,
r*\ The good substantial Schooner
,1 mhurlben 750 bbls. wiil be in
readme'* tor the reception .of a cargo in a
.fwa-yj. -PP'y l0T H howlaND.
*VL»o off*1-* for sale, received hy said vessel ]
a::d '''hr Cent, troin Boston :
40 bbls. Tanners Oil
^ , bob- No. 2, inackare!
jo ImU 'lo. No, 2, do.
M ca>!;s reiined Loaf Sugar
Kkm hushes Portland Potatoes
4 few ca*es Furniture, consisting ot Au
p.iu. Book Cases, Secretary’s Ate.
11 in mo. 8
poi* Pernambuco, and a mak.pt
in UjmziU and B ack,
<TZ The brig ADAMS, Sylvanus
t'i Rich, Jr. master, burthen about
I! I) barrels; -he is a new and very superior
vt^bi, -heatiied, and in all respects suitable
t.i tl»e voyage* One halt her cargo is pru
vi le I, and tor height «'l the other apply to
JOilN 11. LADD »V- Co.
Oct 3 tf
.1 )liu H. liiidd Co.
» T \v Ejii-t received from Marseilles per
x t orig V eiius, and offer lor sale,
Ic *<s claret wine
jnoiic-s 1* bottles each old claret
■i j do white wine
■„>5 * do Muscat de Frontignac.
11 pipes brandy
76 itoxes u nite soap [soap
p ile blue.doubled, boiled £ marbled
In ci5'ipertine sweet oil
17 baakeis 1- bottles each do
6<» do 6 do do de
5 bags eicb tooo superfine Corks
]J7 uoghi Corkwood
Ym' Sale or Freight,
*1/5. ’IV good RUlG VEND?, James
K* ly, master, burthen II- Ions
w :!l be it: order to receive a cargo in a few
day?. Apj>iy as above.
b:h ocl.
For Bo.-too,
ifT The «chnr. H-ctor, Snow, master,
w 'vill >ail on Wt-duesday next; tor
trei?i»i oi <!o. bbls. or pa">.*ge apply to
JWio havejbr Sale,
50 bag* coffee
4'K) sacks salt
;nmo •n.hrD G. A. salt
160 bbls. prime pork
200 matts ca-sia
lot* boxes soap
5000 pound' seal leather
20 do/ calfskins
3l.*0rea.ii' cap paper
•it* bbds English island molasses
30 qr caaks mountain Malaga wine
ibpta, i pipes, quarter casks Sicily Ma
deira v* iue
I'M) bags pepper
Jiit b »!s No; t $• ? mackerel
200 bbN ground p!a*ter
boxes Mu-cat wine
?o i>6ts beef, No t & 2
16 bus bright varnish,
loo do tar
l.» boxes sw eet cordials
with a ..eo-Yd ass< -rtimut ot groceries and
i chandlery an i paints; which wilt be sold
. \v oct G
For Eastport,
good schr. MARY SPEAR,
bs» Kohei.t IVrry. master; burthen about
; i< and will be ready to load in a lew
‘•jj • and w a ms A. >o bids. Inie'it. Apply to
W'I i Inve just received per above vessel,
1 •i 'i nes uonroe and senr. Hancock, ..lor
vjj> now afloat,
a • casks Hiomaston lime
. > merchantable boards
Go Ions f latter
3of*ags pepper
3$ bhis brown sugar
* *» while Havaua'do
-7 St. Croix do
lo boxes np do»*
l "ir. « sweet Malaga wine
t ml: pipe genuine port Jo
pu ce*, tfuasia duck
~ coe* ri ie «ii I c«»>n non fur'hats
•1 ;"iueons West India rom
s cut nails of assorted sizes and
"f best quaiity
«’«2 tf
For Freight,
,* It The new and superior brig A
■-» DAMS, Rich, master; burthen a
"* - 1 MiJs. tobacco, or 18oo bbls. flour,
'm a irw days be ready to load. Ap
I"."Jo J. H. LADD & Co.
*• '•■> I* »ve lbr sale ot» board said brig.
tons Plaster.
For Boston,
the u**k% brig JOHN, J. Spear, jr.
•' , >uri hen about WOO bbls. she
• » - ' iperuir rc^banil wifi be ready
M‘ t ie v days, and can take 500 bbls
*'* bt;g’a*,
F >r Xewhurvport,
> • \ Yhe good schr. >>1A IvY, George
:toward, master, burthen 900
* •! r. i!| b»* dispatched immediately, tor
or passenger*apply to
. J- If HUD d* Co.
< ’ fiavfjurt received 6y said, vessels
casks Taomasioir Lime
o*» hbi*. Potato
* ^'41'beis tio
M. boards
>*}>t i*
For sew Orleans.
The brig Hannah, W. Pearson,
nastnr. will >ail on the 10th October,
aud take freight or passengers on moderate
terms. Apply to W. FOvVLE, 4f Co.
Who have now landing from schr.Midas, and
for sole,
10 tons St. Petersburg hemp,
oct 1__ tf
Freight Wanted,
, For the'ship PO TO MAC, Charles
Jd&iSm Brad ford, master; burthen about 5oo
buds ot tobacco or 4000 bbls flour l he
ship iu good order aud ready to receive a
cargo immediately. For terms apply to
Who will purchase good wheat and wool
well washed on the sheep’s back.
Q^fThe Editors of the National Intelli
gencer wilt please insert the above once a
week or three weeks.
8 mo 9 1 awtf
i'ur Amsterdam,
L'he coppered brig CaLCU i'TA,
T. 3 Muslow, master, is now luad
| mg, will sail by the lOtu ot Uctooci; laive
a lew buds of I ouacco, or sma<i articles wu
ireight if ottered soon. Appiy io
h'M fun LE, 6i Co.
For Frei^iit,
| THE scuooner CaI iJAiilNE,
> jggjigjB Cant. Singer, cauies ctooui tfoo
bands; is a cood vessel, wiii lake a treigul
to any east til. port.
t oi sdle, saiu schrs, cargo ot bOJ casks ot
Tkoinasiou lime.
Apply as above
Sepi rttf_
W anted
I^Olt the en-uir.gyear an OVEKSEEit to
manage a targe tarm. None n <d ap
ply but those who can come well recom
mended. inquire at tills uflice.
nov 27_ eo3l*
iJapei* iiau^mgs.
JOlll* A. S.Ln k»»T,
4.Tave leceived bis spring supply of the
LXabovo article, consisting otlht newes
fa<>iiioui:wiiich,wiih his tormei slock,nukes
lue assort.nenl very large and complete,
in ay 10.
Bank Stocks.
[will at all times hoy -ioc<\s •>( tlie follow
ing Banks, at‘ihe lair market price tor
cash—viz :
Farmers and Mechanic’s Bank of Gtoige
Union Bank ol Georgetown
Central Bank ot Georgetown and Wash
Bank ol Columbia
Bank ot Metropolis
Patriotic Bnnk of Washington
Bank of W unington
I also wish to buy United State® 3, ft, G,
and " and c. Stock — I will l*uy and sell alt
District Banks and other Mocks n>r a -null
Commission; all those wishing 'o buy or
sell, "til please to call on me. I have now
for sale stock ol the
Farmer’s and Mechanic's /?ank of George
Union Bank of Georgetown
And snail have in most ol the oihe/ Banks
in a lew days.
Cheap Shoes.
S. $ 1). HELD,
n AVE just received from Baltimore and
jl l Boston, a fresh -uppiy ol SHOES, con
sisting of the lollowing ktnls: Which they
offer lor sale at reduced prices .or Cash
Lad* s’ Kid Siipp. rs with heels
Ditto, Morocco, do.
do, do. do.
do. K<d do.
Misses and Childrens Morocco and Leath
er Shoes, Men and Boys’ thick and i-ouii> —
i-VFur aud wool Hats, Boys wl.iu wool
Ditto. *<V‘ *2_
KIXG-STHEET— 0|'(iosiI« the ilecliinic's
HAS iu*t received.** handsome assortment
of Hardware, Military *ud Fancy
Of the newest and most fashionable patterns,
which he offers for sale at very low prices
for cash—to "it: .nib
Ivory, Buck, Bone, Fip and Forbuck,
Table and Desert Knives, and r .»rks aliu
Carvers, Razors of -uperior quanty.
Knives,tine Scissors, Cook. Shoe and Butch
er-knives, Pocket and Sportsmen a Knives,
: plated Castors; Snuffers and 1 rays, ■
cd tea Trays,Waiters, Bread basket, Hresa
iti.r Case* and Spittoons, brass Candlesticks,
cloak and curtam-Pins, stair rods and Lyes,
Britannia coffee Pots & tea Pots, sugar Dishes
and cream Pot- and Spoons, Moim.co pocket
Books, thread Cases, note Books, M abets,
needle Books, card Cases, and ladle - Kele
cules. Cloth, Hair, Ciura, I ••«*»» and
Hearth Brushes, shaving Brusl.es, Boxes and
Soap—variety »4 fancy Soaps P*t**nl
powder Flasks and shot belts, ".up* and
Spurs, razor strops, silver spectacle-, pencil
ca«es. thimbles and bodkins, steel Bookms,
steel snuffer’s, patent key nogs and *e-t -li
ver ey’d needles, tortoise shell tuck ana side
combs, visiting cards, Kee.e’s water colors
warranted, camels hair . ncls. leaffer
backs mmon boards, chess-men, g‘*-d
and sUver epaulets, lace, cord and thread,
crilt and plated eagles, swords an I ‘
mountings, plumes, pistols green w»re te.
Hers shovel ami tongs, bra?s .noirons,
I,my bellows, gilt and mahogany name
pter looking mahogany toiieite glaS
John II. Ladd £5 Co.
OFKLK lor sale, at reduced prices, for
approved paper at long dates.
105 hhds Muscovado sugar
80 hols do
loo boxes white St Jago do
2o Lhds molasses
1 do honey
24 chests imperial tea
44 do young hyson do
7ouo bushels Liverpool coarse salt
; 1 oi>o do Lisbon do
80 hhds MM. rum
lo bhls coloring
2 do cordial
19 pipes, in pipes, half do. quarter casks
and hall *lo Madeira wine
I pipe old Cliarante cognac brandy
2 halt pipes port wine
bo boxes do
Hampers while park ling champaigne
do pink do
do Cl os V'oglot burgundy wine
10 cases Hard Brum claret
5 naif pipes Beuenffe wiuel
10 quartercasks do
20 4 casks Columnar do.
10 - Malaga do
4-Malaga sherry
2d bhls vinegar
i bird cherry bounce
2l) boxes almonds
80 bhls heel and pork
30-No. 1, mackerel
10 half do do
300 hols gross and neat herring ’
50 do do shad
boo bushels oals
17J0U lbs >oa I leather of District, New Eng
land aud Brazil tanning,
j 600 tori> pi ister ot Bans,
3o» grind .>lones
5o Freeborn’s ploughs with extra shares
ot winch are kept a constant -upp:y
ol every description
Reams writ mg,letter,sugar loaf, wrap
ping and sneadimg paper
1? bates In lia A* German goods
ti pieces German duck
Id cases men Ai boys line & coarse hats
5 cases course shoes
3 boxes large and small ladies h ur combs
2 bales English herring seme twine
* kegs Virgin'a tuauu.aciured tobacco
£o boxes sperm candles
3u Ion- tldi .Swedes iron
25 casks be»t Eng <sh gun powder lying
at the Powder house
20 bbU red ochre
I hbl indigo
5 patent balances
4 bates hops
25 boxes window glass various*sizes
ti Heroes rice
|0t) Han.buig demijohns
37 baskets &. ball do sweet oil
20!,0 *bs binders 4* ban box boards
coils cordage, handspikes, hanks, nest
measures 4* boxes.
<^r»t 27 _tj_
f J^HE subscriber w»d buy and sell'tobacco
j_ tor a commission ot one dollar per
|,bd.—Planters and others who have lohac
co f .r sale, by leaving the tiue samples and
notes with me, will have the same promptly
attended to. Purchasers of tobacco will
please call on me.
Tobacco for Sale.
I have for sale, a prime crop of tobacc0
made by William Holme’s Lsq. ol Mon
gomery County, (Md.) 3d hhds ot tiist and
13 oi second quality, inspected at Bladens*
burg. The inspector pronouuced it to be
in piime sidpping order, rnd all inspected
nov 12^__
(GENTLEMEN’S and Ladies’ silk and
JT woolen clothes scoured and dyed in a
variety ol colors, viz ;
Different sixties of Hines,
l)n. Greens,
I)o. Yellows,
Do. Browns,
j'jo. Lends,
Crimson, Grange, Lemon, cV.
N. B. Marino Shawl-dressed, and those
tint are white can be changed to a Lemon
color without injuring the border
By It. G. L AN PH I Lit, Sen r.
JVear the Mechanics Bunk, King-st.
(fj* A IVw Genteel Businlers
can be accommodated, by applying as
I may 29__
rpIIE snbscriher respectfully inlorrrs his
‘ J friends and the public ibat the ha* o
iP bake-house,
\*ext door to his Hair Dressing Shop.
Where he intends keeping the Lest ot bread
and cakes. Customer* can Le supplied at
the shortest nolire. Having employt d good
workmen, he will endeavor to give general
«ati-lai tion to those that may favor him *'ith
their custom. w pEyAUGIlV.
X. H. BREAD ard CAKES will be lea
dy for customer* on Saturday.
Winter Pressed Oil.
^ANE THOUSAND gallons winter press
V * ed sperm oil.
1000 gaMon* whale do.
Warranted ot the 1st quality, and pure,
jrrce,vrd and ,'''1 sa!V:yH. HOWLAND.
J ilih mo 20 61
Coffee,&ev -Orleans Sugar anil
Have for sale, landing from the schooner
Hector, captain Snoxr,
4000 lbs. jHiine Green Coffee, j
150 hogsheads New-Orleans Sutra r
60 do _ New-Orleans and prime re
sept 29 If
Maiy lftiHi 6; Virginia '1 obaccoj'
\Y anted by
Sept 25 (t (
iiCuYCi iiaiS.
f I HE subscriber nas received at his hi w
JL commission
biioe and Liat Store,
Ktlig Street,
And intends keeping constantly on hand a
general assortment oi
i Ot tvtty description, made b) tne best
uoikmeii, cquai in quality, btauty shape,
durability oi culoi to any m ilic United
Mates; an J has received sou e real BEaY LK
HA J 5 iit»m ti e wed knownestaldisiiiiient ol
AiefSsrs. Lamsi u ana ( Up, ot Baitimoie.
aUo, u general assortment of
ui town and northern inake^ comprising
every kind suitable tor the present and ap
pioactung sta-oh, and all lot sale at the low
est cash pi ices, by
i\. B. All kinds of uucurruii Bank Notes
umlei live per tent, uisct uni, w ill be receiv
ed at par tur twe auove guods.
Jusl Published
ND for a?le at John A. Sletvarl’a book
store, ^rice r dollar,
illL. Hits I OKY
REFOli.lt A I SON,
Being an abridgment ol Burnet’s Historyo
the Reformation ol the v huichoi Loglaud
Together with sketches ol toe lives ol Lu
liter, Calvin, and Zuinglc, the three celebra
led reformed ot the toh' jnt nt- -By lit*
Kev. Benjamin Allen, Kectorol the Parish
ol islj.jMMidre, Virginia.
Having been lavoied with the perusal ol
an abridgment ol ihe hisloty ol the ith rn a
tion, piepared lor publication by ibe Rev
B. Allen, I with pleasure comply with In?
request, in giving ti my bun bit* it commen
dation. It contains ibe l.istoiy ol all lilt
important facts as narrated by Burnet, and
to those wbo have not li e time or the meant
ot c' imulling that writer, must i rove •mei
e»ting and valuable. There Icing a 'Consi
derable class ol persons under these circum
stances, such a work has I <en wanted, and
| think, the present me will be highly ac
ceptable, as serving Ion ert the cxi?tn»g ex
Cheap Boots.
HAS just received a consignment of ele
gant /roots, by the box or single pair,
at veiy low piice?—also, a g» neiai assoit
in, nt ot bllOKS ty IIA 1 S, suitable lor tue
approaching season,
nov b
Alexander Ihwirey,
LAND SUKVEYKOK, lately tfum North
Biitail), having studied Bcnmanship
' under sonie oi ibe best teachers, intends o
pemng a school in Alexandria, lor teaching
Wain & Ornamental Writing,
Arithmetic, ir Land Surveying,
| Lrutcing and colouring 1 lung,
hi tlie most neat and appioved inethou.
Those who^ avocations prevent them
from attending in course ot the t^ay time, w ill
j have an oppoitunity ol allending »lit evening
(lass. Every attention will Le paid lor pro
moting the p*iogre?s ami mpiovenent ol pu
pil-».. the different blanches. Warm and
coii.loitable apartments will he kept during
the w inter season, '1 he annngen ent ol ihe
different classes, specimens ol writing, and
other particulars n ay he known by calling
at Mr. John Oaulu’s shop, King street, filth
door Irom Any a I slreet, uoitb side.
O^-Ueoiiemep ol landed property, wish
ing Bians ol iheir Ksiales. w ith all the varie
ty ol ,-uilace laid down could have them ac
curately "».ne on moderate Itims, ly apply
1 mg as above.
nov 30 *‘>1
John iV. Lathi Co.
HAVE ju*t received by brig Hel e Irom
Madeira, and schr. ( ent. In m Boston
11 l,le
20 chests Imperial Tea of Augustus
7 ILL positively commence drawing on
the 27th November.
1 prize of 5>li-» .ooo is 100,000
1 of 25,000 68 25.(li f»
2 of 10,000 Is 21,0(0
5 of 5,000 is 2.K,000
loo of 1,000 18 loO.OOO
M) of 500 is 5,Ot»0
105 of 100 is 1(,5‘*0
hesi les an immense number of smaller
1'rizes only to he drawn
Aot / wo bic’uk* to a pt ite.
7be (bawlin' will lake place as abov*
stated, ami will be ion |deled ini 33 (Halv
ings with all possible dtspalch, under the'
supermtendauce ol
K. 1 . \N (igldman, 'j
M illimn Hit trt»
John Davidson.
Daniel Rapine, ^Managers.
Thomas I*, (iilliss,
Mioses Yuui g, i d |
Audit w May, Jr. J
The great despatch which has uniformly
been made in the diawmg ot the lormef
classes ol tin.- l< ttery. aim the hi n.ense num
ber ot spi mud capital pnzt s, comtiued
with the low price ol lickels a fiord the pi al
es! inducements to advernureis to make in
vestments in this Lottery , lonlesstuly the
most brilliant in the l inled States.
\\ liule 1 ickels, bi3
Halves, 6 50
Quarters* 8 2$
Jt.lgl.tli8, l (’£
A whole ticket ma^ prodtire / It ( ,m»o
Anhalt ticki t n ay pin.me M,ono
A quartei ticket may pionute tr,uco
An eighth n ay pourne 12,boo
0^7 Orders by mad t.i private cc.itvtyanc#
lor tickets in this or any other Lottery will
meet prompt attention addiesseu to
Lucky Lottery Ofi.ce,
Kmg-st, Alexandria.
X. B. Tickets v. di ^('vance on tm Isf
of October to 13 Jbls. sbau s in pti joi ticn*
Sept lb tl
lylaek-MioU.u g.
David i m 'i ; Wan,
F ! A\ IMG commenced th» B ecfsn ifh
i. I ii.g business,on Royal atret 1.1 etwkn
1'iince am. Duke stu els. w ill be glao to ex
ecute anv w oik in l.is lit e; [ erticuiaiiy
COM II liUi K;
All kinds id iicn woik lor (airiagrs
coach tedding Mt| s; mad. ami gig spmgs|
v Rich he w ill wan ant and sell cn h as< i.a
ble terms—Also old st rings r« paired in rl c
neatest n aimer. All orders w iti Le thai k
| luliv Hceivcd and pi( n | lly aiiended'(—
aiitf all kinds ol carnages mill* tepiiitd
in the best manner, ai i. cn ike shtittil no
lice. inaich 23—It
'1 he F/aw a
Corporation oj Jit or an thin,
As revised end passed 2Vtlt Jnn'ry, 1821 ’
k I Hl> liitie. but u«e(ul volume has been
J revised by a professional tenth man,'at
contains all the Law? ol the Corporation,
at present in force, widi a wij sa'i‘t»ctoi7
index, li is neatly and correctly printed. &
rr.usi be a necessary book lor every member
ol our town. A lew copies h r sale by
oct 1__ tl_
20 or 30 Hotul of Cottle,
C'AN be wintered on a Farm convenient
/ to Alexandria, on reasonable teirns.
Gieat caie will be lakenot them, hut they
wib be at 'be risk ol the nwneis. There in
an abundance ol provender **n the larm,
which will beconsuu efT m feeding lo stock,
* a. the object is to m kr manure. Knquite ot
j t' ti Hrir.u r _it * 6 _e.>d.3w
I Afci tin, 1 inzciift of Alexandria*
! O G. DF.KIH lias the p'easure of in
►^* lorn.mg you lhat, having recovered
. from his indisposition he has recommenced
j bis
Wriling dcudtvnj,
on Fairfax sneel, ai il»« school room recent*
ly occupied ly A!/. Looonds, whne ly a
strict atleidit n and adlo in ce lo his oci upa*
don and duly he wili endeavor once u.cie lo
met it you; j alioi.dgc.
An inspection ol the improvement of 60
pupils ol (Iris place is the best cnleiion le
specling the utility ol the system.— 'I o any
gentlemen oi ladies who aie diuhllul ol ih«
fact ihat any diligent pupil may acquire 'he
themy oi two turret l l ands in 16 cays. Mr.
D. engages lo convince ol the ir error, hy
perlecl demonsiiation, whenever they will
honor hiui w ilh a call.
A lew lamilies n ay he attended by mak
ing eaiiy application. Hours ol Uii’icn lioru
9 to 11 and 'i to 4.—A night school i* open
from 7 to 9. (
Condiiii ns and terms as heretofore,.exc.u»
siv e t.t lurl, 4.t. _
N. H 'i he school will ronliruf C'Z
MOM H. CM Y. 7 ho.* wbo apply early;
will find n It their aO it'ge. as they will
fit ll.ey choose' hav* tl * pr*vilegrt»f ft Mi
ne trig il.e whole term without cry additional!
nov 19 43tt««H

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