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:Old newspapers for sale at this ei
aoe. d'
We have experienced some of t(
the warmest weather of the sea- c
,, this week. 2.
Sandoz the Druggist has for sale is
Dr. Leach's tablets for the pre
re"tion of yellow fever.
Pare Wines and liquors for
..aily and medical use, at Allen R
T. Sandoz & Bro's. n
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rention of yellow fever for sale p
by Sandoz the Druggist.
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tle oil on it. That will fix the
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ors and wines.-A. T. Sandoz 1
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ought to play around '
at mark.
H. Lewis, Esq., and fam
Jast Friday for Bell-Cheney
to enjoy the healthful
of the pine woods and the i
of the famous spring Wa- '
report recently made to the
:Auditor for St. Laudiy's
t shows an increase over
of $1,031,880. The as
t in 1904 was $6,250,400;
it is $7,282;280.
M. Winsberg's new store is
f eyfor ocupancy. It isa
'sbtantial Job, and Messrs.
& Pulford are to be con
on the elegant work so
sly execuited.
aueleld Journal truly says
Mt to the offense against
Sin conceading cases of
fever, the malicious report
fever cases where none
about the worst of crimes.
York City has an epidemic
id fever, with more cases
more fatalities than are re
from the yellow fever in
, and yet the cointry
e gireatly alarmed over the
Whe Ire nn ednrth.
tgi : if the mosquito
r6ly in clear or clean wa
L rther, if nmosquitoes
only transmitters of yel
infection, what in the
cobmmen sense is the
all this ~t~ s hbout cut
a1. f the grass in the
64d and reliable Opelousas
bastitute 'will ripen its
anual session on September
B« b0o* bwy th. an
I anothe colsmn.
Snstitute is too well
t rqe commuodation.
:st iaon opeas with an
Stahers and
" ple es to be able to
hat, tans to the
ted edetive measures
our.iw loTail o·Elr of
i"few es of diptheria
t4o.da fewweeks ago
i f facti
to l
º af~l
Real Estate Transactions.
The files of the Clerk's oflice
here show some very important
transactions affecting St. Landry
real estate, recently consummated,
and are the best of evidence that
things are still humming in the
empire parish. Among the larger
deals are the following:
S. R. Prentice, of Bangor, Me.,
to the Bowman-Hicks Lumber
Company of Kansas City, Mo.,
23,078 acres of land situated in
Calcasieu and St. Landry par
ishes, $646,000. The vendor re
serves a half interest in the oil
and mineral rights on land.
The Louisiana East and West
Railroad Company to the Hiber
nia Bank and Trust Company of
New Orleans, first mortgage on
real estate, right of way and other
property of the road, to secure
the payment of an issue of 35
year 5 per cent gold bonds, aggre
gating $750,000. This company is
now engaged in constructing a
line of railway from Bunkie, in
Avoyelles parish, to Ville Plate,
in this parish.
Krotz Manufacturing Company
of Ohio to the Melville (La.)
Land Company, 100 acres of land
in Melville, sub-divided into town
lots, $65,000.
Texas and Pacific Railroad Co.
to the Mercantile Trust Co. of
New York, first mortgage on right
of way, rolling stock, and other
property of the company, to se
cure an issue of 35-year bonds,
the entire issue not to exceed
$7,000,000. This company con
templates the extension of its
lines through Texas and the West.
Krotz Manufacturing Company
to the Melville 13ox and Lumber
Company, 2172 acres of land in
St. Landry parish, near Melville,
-4*4-~ a---
A petition has been circulatea
here during the week asking the
Board of Aldermen to call an
election to take the sense of the
voters of this town on the propo- i
sition to levy a 5-mill tax for ten
years in aid of the Colorado t
Southern Railroad, which pro
_oses to run its line from De
Quincey, to Calcasieu parish, to l
Baton Rouge, through this place. t
The officials of the road promise t
to commence work on their line
as soon as the tax is levied, but.
will not require any portion of the
tax to be paid over to them until
the line is constructed through
the corporation. The company
further guarantees to have trains
running on their line within 24
months from the date of com
mencement of work on the road.
Another local real estate deal of
some importance, in which the
hustling real estate dealer, F. M.
Welch, again figures, was closed
here last Monday, when Mr Welch
bought the property of Mr. P. T.
Blacksher, on Main street, ad
joining the COURIER office, for
$9,000. Mr. Welch himself could
not be here in person to sign the
deed, he being bottled up in New
Orleans on account of the quar
antine, but had a representative
here, armed- with a power of at
torney, to look after matters for
him. -.
. .. :....F ,h. Rnnrri of
Directors of the Opelousas, Gulf
and Northeastern Railroad, held
on Monday afternoon at the law
offices of Lewis & Lewis, the fol
lowing officers were elected to
serve the ensuing year: Thos. H. a
Lewis, president; E. P. Veazie, vr
vice-president; Dr. Jno. A. IIHaas,
treasurer, and Geo. T. Edwards, c
secretary, a
The officials of the company are 1,
impatiently awaiting the raising c
of the quarantines so as to com
mence work on the construction e
of their road. _ _
Our mail arraugements seem to r
be getting no better fast, and we
suspect that the trouble is not
altogether with the quarantines.
The train due here at 6:21 p. m.
seldom reaches Opelousas until 9
p m., and often falls to bring the
New Orleans papers of that day;
while the 12:01 train makes bet
ter, time, but generally fails to 1
bing the mail due from that end
"Of tlh. line uatil three or four 1
days' unaccountable delay. Can't
our postaL ,authorities look into
this matter and give us some re
A ,yo l. man, Brst-class sten
ographer and competent clerk,
dsr a situation. Would work
at a very low salary until the busi
sj season opens. Addr,
a ourier office, Opelousas, La.
$d~dor phone your order for
Sl-wtes and 1 onrs to A.
` & B ro. Tlieir goods
egie r lse and their prices will
. e ie d the
primee at AU.. T
The Yellow Fever Situation.
There is not much change in the
yellow fever situation in New Or
leans and the health authorities (
seem to have the disease under I
control. Friday's report an
nounced 44 new cases, 7 deaths
and 10 new foci for the previous f
24 hours. The situation in the
country is not so encouraging.
Leesville had 170 cases of yellow I
fever and 200 cases of dengue;
Patterson 11 new cases; Hanson
City 9; Lake Providence 5; St.
Bernard 5; Indian Village 2;
Willaroad Plantation 2; St. Rose
2; Port Barrow 2; Lafourche
Crossing 2; Elizabeth 3; Missis
sippi City 1, and 60 cases un
earthed at Amelia, Assumption
Now that the United States
Hospital Service has taken charge
of the yellow fever situation in l
Louisiana, we see no good reason I
why the Postoffice Department i
should not prevent quarantine I
outrages to the extent of regular
mail service. We don't believe
in a centralized government at all,
but things have come to such a
pass that some people must be
protected from themselves. The
people are inclined to lean on the
national government for too many
things, but in an emergency like
the one Louisiana is now facing,
help from any quarter will be
thankfully received. - Mansfield
-----· .. ..-
In some of the parishes of the b:
State the assessors have "under
stood the situation" so well that es
there is some vigorous kicking on in
the part of the police juries over O
the method of "equalization" by
sliding up the scale. In all prob- or
ability the kicking of the police W;
juries will not he a circumstance so
to the tall kicking of some of the
taxpayers when they come to set- as
tle their account with the fisc.
The outcome of it all will most
probably be a speedy return to
the ante-bellum system of elec- d
tive assessors.-Thibodaux Senti- e;
nel. ti
The error that most health bod- "
ies make in establishing quaran- r4
tines is that they put the lid on c'
too tight at first. The people tl
grow restive under too much re- b
straint; abuses are sometimes
committed, soon the charge of f
partiality towards. individuals is t'
made, dissatisfaction crops out t
and relaxation is the result. The C
pendulum of protection is apt to
swing too far the other way and t
negligence follows. Then the e
real danger comes,-and the corn- Y
.munits is at a disadvantage be- a
cause of the demoralization that c
prevails among people.-Mans- t
field Journal. C
4 .--- - C
If Mr. Clarence Hayes would
come-to the COURIER office and
conceal himself for a few mo- I
ments he would soon discover that t
hell broke loose since the boot- t
blacks took possession of Main
street. One of these imps had I
the impudence to strike a white
lady last Monday, for which he
was fined $7.50. Had this oc
curred to a prominent citizen's
family there might have been a
lynching bee.
The impudence of this negro pest
sl getting worse every day,
They seem to be immune from arrest,
And are growing entirely too gay.
-J. C. Pierce.
If instead of giving creuence Lo n
and repeating every wild, sense
less report of yellow fever, citi- tI
zens would make it a point to
contradict such baseless reports
and set the public right, the yel
low fever liar would soon find his
occupatior gone and would sub- c
side for want of a sympathizing f
ear in which to pour his poison- t
onus vaporings.-Mansfield Jour- ,
Mr. Alexandre Mair has fitted
up his tonsorial establishment to
suit the most fastidious tastes.
His electric fan will invite Mor
pheus to your embrace, while the
gentle touch of his deft fingers
will do the business to your face. 1
And then the magnificent side
board he just put in, the first
prize at the beauty show did win.
Governors Blanchard and Var
daman made a play the other day,
ostensibly for the protection of
the rights of their States, by
bringing armed men face to face,
but, fortunately, no fighting was
done. It was a play to the gal
leries for political effect.-Mans
field Journal.
Last Tuesday a change of sche
dale on the Southern Pacific went
into eect as follows:
Train No. 90-,east, arrives at
12:01 p. m. Mail closes at 11:15.
Trinu No. 929-west, arrives at
6:21 p. m. Mail closes at 5:35.
Our shoes are comfortable and
the price will suit you,--Allen T.
,s n.o1yman
Seasonable Advice.
Dr. Quitman Kohuke, President
f the Board of Health of New
)rleans, gives the following time
y advice concerning yellow fever:
The spread of yellow fever is
asily controlled by the applica
ion of very simple rules.
Yellow fever is transmitted from
'erson to person by the bite of a
tegomyia mosquito - the kind
those breeding places are cis
erns, water barrels and similar,
ollections of water. The stego
nyia mosquito bites in the day
ime usually, seldom at night.
It is important to know the A
onditions under which these
nosquitoes transmit the disease
o that measures of prevention
nay be intelligently operated.
Mosquitoes, in order to become s.
nfectious, must bile a patient
luring the first three days of the
ever, and then ten days must
lapse before it is capable of
ransmitting the disease.
Mosquitoes are, therefore, not
langerous before the tenth day
ifter biting the sick, and the pa
*ient is not dangerous after the
bird day of fever.
Protect from mosquitoes, day
nd night, all cases of fever for
hree days, and then destroy be
lore the tenth day, after the be
,inning of the illness, the mos
luitoes that are in the room.
Whenever yellow fever spreads
from person to person, it is be
ause these preventive measures
iave not been carried out.
The rules laid down by the high
st medical authority for stamp
ng out the yellow fever in New
3rleans are very simple, viz:
First-To keep empty all unused receptacles
)f water in every house, and allow no stagnant
water on any premises.
Second-To screen all cisterns after placing a
small quantity of insurance oil (a teacupful in
uach cistern) on the surface of the water.
Third--Tb place a small quantity of insur
nce oil in cesspools or privy vaults.
Fourth-Sleep under mosquito nets.
Fifth- Wherever practicable, screen doors
und windows with wire screens of close mesh.
- 4 0 "- .--.
p .------
Michigan was shocked the other
day by what was thought to be an
earthquake. A very natural mis
take. However, Michigan need
not be alarmed, it was merely a
reverberation of the shocking dis
covery made by Gen. Jastremski
that Louisiana assessments had
been raised.-Shreveport Times.
When they come to pay the
freight the Joneses will be shocked
too, by the fifty million gold brick
that is being passed to them for a
Christmas gift, and we shall see
with what equanimity they will
take the riveting of the brick for
evermore with an annex for next
year. There is some murmuring
already among the ordinarily do
cile freight payers. As the es
teemed Times is of the lucky band
of beneficiaries, it sees the joke
on the other fellow.-The People.
phisticated innocent, writing to
the Clarion, begs the town au
thorities to tell us what becomes
of our money. If the aforesaid
innocent will look at the town
charter he will see that these au
thorities are commanded by law
to publish once a year (in or
about the month of October), a
detailed account of the year's
transactions. That has never
been done since the charter was
adopted, although they have been
asked to do so; and as long as our
lamb-like people continue to ne
glect their public duties, the prob
ability is that our self-constituted I
masters and dictators will continue is
to show their contempt for us and
for the law by coolly neglecting 1
theirs. SIz.
I t
It a EOW aoesn wantL LU re' V;
eive mail and freight, through tt
'ear of the yellow fever, let it no- p
ify the railroads net to stop trains p
within its limits. The trains then I
ihould be permitted to pass on to o
:owns that do not propose to take o
Such drastic measures. This thing s$
Af tieing up a railroad system by a
t few panic-stricken men clothed -
in a little brief authority should tl
be stopped. The public has rights
which should not be denied them
by a few self-important individ- c
uals.-Mansfield Journal. a
It gives a man a lonesome feel
ing to stroll around the depot. It
is so quiet one can scarcely rea
lize that Lafayette is on the main
line. Trains come and go, but
they don't stop, and it makes a
fellow have a decidedly "left"
feeling to see them roll on by as
if Lafayette wasn't on the map.
-Lafayettee Advertiser.
It is our business to print, and
do it right. If you want any of
that quality send us your orders.
If the other kind will suit your
purpose go elsewhere.
- - --- D,4J I ,- -
We can suit you in a summer
suit in quality, style, finish and
price. Call and look over our
stock.--F. L. Sandoz.
Subscribe for the Counnum.
St. Landry State Bank,
apital, Surplus & Undivided Profits
$S 28,299.00.
-0 1
The Opelousas National Bank
Opelousas, Lo.,
Began Business October Ist, 1903. Il
-0- a
June 80th, 1904. June 80th, 1905. m
Capital--............ $50,000.00 Capital ...... $50,000.00 ea
Surplus and Profits $4,488.76 Surplus and Profits $12,925.54 01
Deposits........... $94,197.54 Deposits-... --.. $186,077. 07 t
Accounts Solicited.
President .................... B. DUB UISSON P
Vice-President................J. B. SANDOZ
Cashier ..........-----....... A. LEON DUPRE
Assistant Cashier ...............J. A. PERKINS it
To Judge
Phone 149. Landry street, near Bridge
Do your Kidneys hurt, is your Liver sluggish,
are you troubled with constipation, dyspepsia,
biliousness, sick headaches, and irregularities ?
A guaranteed cure for all diseases arising from
Tsrpid lUver lad sd UIjgsti. The natural result after using this medicine is
good appetite and solid flesh..
It is Pleasant to Take, "Travels With Ease and Acts Like Exercise"
The best medicine for every member of the family, and indispensable
in every home. Send for sample dose and free health booklet.
EIUSESTS, ad l Ndim iraglusts, . rirect •
N. R. R. ERRY CHEMICAL CO., (Medicin Dept,) ST. LOUIS, MO
A Liberal Offer.
With every order for dodgers, No
osters, hangers, etc., printed wr
rill give, free of charge, a reading I,
rotice calling attention to same TL
a the local columns of this paper, On
bus doubling their advertising e
'ague. We are the only office in In
own able to do this, and the only To
irinting office in the parish sup- B
flied with stock and trade cuts Ax
or illustrating large poster work
f every description. We have
ver a hundred cuts of all sizes to
elect from. When you need U
inything in the printing line, no
natter how small or how arge
he order, give us a call. at
At the meeting of the town '
ouncil Tuesday an ordinance was
adopted calling for volunteers to in
guard the town until all fears of
the introduction of yellow fever -
into our midst shall have passed.
John C. Yarbrough was appointed
captain and has charge of the
company. The young men re
sponded promptly to- the call, !
and sentinels are on duty day and
night at all the principal points A
of entry. --Mansfield Journal.
If you want to keep posted on
State and National affairs, there
is no better way than by subscrib
ing to The People, published at
Baton Rouge, La.
For Rent-A residence in Opel
ousas, with large yard and garden.
Apply at this office.
An elegant line of summer un
derwear going at bargain prices
at F. L. Sandoz's.
'or the gool of our health the skeeter must go; cony
ro more the see4 of disease shall she sow- wh.
Our effloient and active Town Board of Wealth not
Von'tlet her citizens be snake-bitten by stealth vail
)iptheria. too, has been promptly stamped out; B
fot one solitary case do we hear tell about; A
f we but continue the fight just begun,
Che battle will soon be heroically won. N
)n the alert is our Mayor, both night and day,
[o keep the pesky skeeter from us far away; PR
•e gave the old town a good shave and shine;
n her best Sunday clothes she now looks flue.
Co the Abbeville Sanitarium, the "Poet" sings,
Which back to you your shattered health brings,
But his well-laid pitas went all to smash,
and he bumped his head with an em dash "-"
-J. C. Pierce. of
Announcement 1905-6. ho
The thirty-fourth annual session of this In
stitnte will open Sept. 4,1905.
an emient faculty, consisting of Mis Adele
Nash and Mrs. L. Cloud will be assoolated with
In making this announcement we feel as
sured that we can give entire satisfaction, and
I earnestly solicit your patronage.
Aug. 2, 1905. eMRY . . M. toIY ES
Contractor and Builder.
Plans Submitted and Estim- 5
ates Purnished.
All work done in a most satisfactory manner.
Cumbedalnd 'Phone sa. Opelonss, La.
Watches, Clocks aid Jewelry, h
Speotalesi sad gnll aas
Prl riy itted and OGuarsatese. Repairing
eat done. Cmbersa Phone 11-2. d
Landry Street, Opelnouss. l. t
Send One Dollar (t.00) to J. W. Jackson,
Opelones L., to learn a Pile Remedy, die
covers4 by accident. It the vegetable used
dose not grow in your neighborhood, it wil be
Ru to yoen. -l-
By virtue of an order of the Honorable the
xteenth Judicial District Court of Louisiana,
)lding sessions in and for the Parish of St.
andry, there will be sold at public suction to
ie last and highest bidder, by the undersioned
Iministratoror any duly qualified auctioneer.
ithe premises hereinafter desrtibed, in the
awn of Washington, St. Landry parish, La.. on
Saturday, September d,. 9eon,
10 o'clock a. m., the following described
roperty, to-wit:
A certain tract or parcel of land situated in
eo town of Washington. St. Landry parish.
a., together with all the buildings and 1m
rovements belonging thereto, and bounded
/ follows: North by Dejean street, south by
upr6 street, east by property now owned by
atrick Screen, and west by Corso street, be
ig the same property acquired from James U.
tafford, Sept. 2, 1901, as appears recorded in
inveyance book E, No. 4, page 283. Clerk's
Iice, St. Landry.
Also a lot of [email protected] fixtures attached to t.e
uilding and therein contained; these fixtures
D be sold separate and apart from the btlld
ig, the purchase price of which is to be paid
)r in cash on the day of sale.
Terms and Conditions-Five hundred and
ighty dollars of the purchase price to be paid
i cash, current money, on the date of sale;
ve hundred and forty dollars to be paid on
eptember 2, 1904, and the remainder of the
urehase price, if any, to be paid in 19 months
rom the day of sale. To represent these credit
ortions the purchaser is to give his notes con
itioned as above set forth, which notes are to
ear interest, the first from its maturity and
he second from its date, at eight per cent par
nnum, until paid. And in the event of suit to
ecover payment of said notes, or any part
hereof, the purchaser to pay to the holder or
olders of said notes attorney's fees fixed at
en per cent on the amount sued for. To guar
ntee their payment, with interest and attor
.ey's fees, as hereinabove set out, a special
tortgage and vendor's lien and privilege will
e retained on the property sold in favor of the
state, and that of all future holder or holders
f said notes, The purchaser not to encumber
r alienate said property to the preju dice of
his sale. D. H. QUIRK.
Terms cash. Administrator.
July 29, 1905.
t No. 6085.
By virtue of an order of the Honorable the
xteenth Judicial District Court of Louisiana,
)lding sessions in and for the Panerish of St.
andry, there will be sold at public auotion,
the last and highest bidder, by B. H. Pavy.
cotioner, on the South Hope Plantation, 12
Iles from Opelousas, on Plaquemine Ridge, on
Wednesday, sept. 27, 19O3,
11 o'clock a. m., the following de.cribed
roperty, to-wit :
1-A certain block of ground, with all the
aildings and improvements thereon, situated
i Eunice, La., known on the official map of
aid town as block eighty-one (81), measuring
ne hundred and thirty (180) feet, fronting on
)uth side of Maple avense, .y three hundred
nd eleven feet deep, south by the property of
[rs. Mary C. Boutte, acquired by deceased
rom P. M. Prud'homme April 28, 1904.
2-Twenty-four and one-third acres of wood
md, situated at Mallet Woods, in said parish,
eing lot eight (8) of the plat of said land drawn
y O. K. Brunson, surveyor, April 2, 1900, ac
nired by deceased fornm Mary Ann Richard
Lpril 12, 1900.
--Two mortgage notes, both dated Dec. 14,
904, each for the sum of one hundred and four
een dollars and 68 cents, bearing interest at
he rate of eight per cent per annum from date.
4-Two cows, two yearlings, one mule, one
reole mare household furniture, bedding and
ewing machine. Z. T. YOUNG,
Terms cash. Administrator..
Aug. 2, 1906.
No. 6080.
By virtue of an order of the Honorable, the
Distriot Court in and for the parish of St. Lau
ry, there will be sold at public auction, to the
Last and highest bidaer by the undersigned
administrator or any duly qualified auctioneer,
at last residence of deceased, in Grand Prairie,
St. Landry parish, La., on
Wednelday, September f7, 1943,
at 11 o'clock A. M., the following described
property, to-wit :
A certain plantation upon which the de
ceased last resided, situated in Grand Prairie,
St. Landry parish. La., containing 100 arpenta.
more or less, together with all the butldings
and Improvements situated thereon, bounded
north by land of Bosthen Comeau, south by
land of Leon Wolff, east by land of Dr. L. La
-aro, and west by land of Jesse Lafleur.
Terms eash. RENE C. FONTENOT,
Aug. 26,1905. Administrator.
Succeslein of Henry Brewn, Deceased.
Btate of Louisiana, 18th Judlcial District Court,
in and for the Parish of St. Landry.-No.
Whereas, Albert Clary, of the Parish of St.
Landry, La., has petitioned ti:.e Court for let
ters of administration on the a state of the late
Henry Brown, deceased, intestate;
Notice is hereby given, to all whom it may
concern, to show cause within seven days.
why the prayer of the said petitioner should
not be granted, and why the description and
valuation of the said estate should not be ap
proved and homologated.
By order of Court. YVES ANDREPONT,
Aug. 26,1905-It
No. 6071.
Whereas, Daniel I. Quirk, admaunlstrator
said estate, has filed a provisional tatbleau of
-ssification of pri lbeged debts, pray tog for
e homologation ofbthe same;
.ow, therefore, notice is hereby given to all
reons interested to make oppositihm to said
blean, to file same in writing, in my office in
a town of Opelousaswithin the time required
r law, why the said tableau should not be
imologated and confirmed.
August 19, 1905. Clerk.
No. 6095.
Whereas, Menta Herr, of the parish of
I. Landry, applles by her petition to be ap
oiated admi.ntrlrlx of sid estate.
Now therefore notice is hereby given to all
artiea intereste to mae ooppolton to said
nointment, to file the same n writing o my
,oe in the town of Opelonusa, in ten days
rom the present noticV ANDRPONe.
August 19,1905. Clerk.
A certain tract of land on Baoua Pelite A~o
nessurlng 9 arpents, with ati b~die.s said
aunprovementl, consisting of dwelling onuses.
aorn crib, potato house, three stables. ugar
noUnse, steam engine and boiler, corn mill,
oabin, 20 bearing pecan trees, 0 apents in cal
Dlvation, balance woodland, eald property be
in one mile from Segura refinery tramway,
where there ia derrick; there are also three
derricks on the main Uline,within I miles from
the place. Will be sold at o an Mrpet, either
nash or on reasonable terms. Titles
teed. For further intormsatlonappl apply
Derby, Leonvlle. La., or to Clement Darby.
Deroeen P. O., Iberia Parish, La.
July 29,1900-2m
-vou Job Printin done t lto.

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