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"ti ý}
*q, ., s.
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:.y ":
ý., .
'-Y l
/ ý:P?:
ea sº / reported was 80,
Netts onitui~m
( t ltnxbllls re uoIed 804H0n01rA
a et 6.00 for aetierolal and notmlaI for
mrnpii ajuht on Now York closed_ Silhtly
corr)MmPrllsed e.p~p m e,
*embraeln g 516000 emt r omamft1 g a @a ,eof
valet bkoru at i141 @Oflt premium, 52O,000
omser;l ýlat 1.2,1$101, and SI,00o, .SK,oon and
ýe' banks ooon tlnue to ohnok on slew York alt
w at promI u, whIle rnl l .imht mer
qilote at nit 1-82 ot nout u p against
+0r1.10 yetertr av
he follow a Isti oft) 'lit) *atontent of the
ae reported to~day to time Stt k Exoanbaei:
10sharem Loulilana National flank at ...$loe 10
10 o n ... 100t
_ lhs riua1Uin NatlonalI ank at ......>
8 I.01 Uonsol t . . . . .
00,0 do ........... ......0.... . 5t4
90,000 do 0 ...... ...... 4w'
84,000 (o ....... . ... AA
81.000 0J ............. A68
(small bonds) ..... 06
varklng a tuta l of S9le,00 tltite Uonsuls.
0,500 Yrornu'n )und u . . s4
08,000 jo 01 .. ........ n d
beeO 4· jo....... .P..p
80,000 do do..... .... ......
164000' 'lo do ..........A.
,oo do do .. . .
4bIxr do do........... ... AN
'i,00Q! do do (sellor 7 ist)... uui 1
lakInu A ttoi~tlo~ 195,o00 1'rr-nlum bolndds.
kaý ntlhhni l1 Lirm and n rrlaonPt.
U e lIral ofrlnss ttate bonds olosed at
Oi0081sganst rQ6' yetstorday. t
56U.t aglaInst WNW- yIn rday.t ioo
Qotalfons reprresnl ptlri for routnd slt sjrot.
rs hambds. unless ohertise stated. Jl filling
i mall orders hivher priaes are paid.
. .. osN. ,DewO'tA',
Thursday venmg. eb. 1, I . I
COTTON-Theu uales to-day embraced 7500
besa.tll tr!gular and enilar prloes, requiring a
elon n our quotatlons of .Ne on most
t am.n o'.ei on some. We give also the
itre antd report of the m.xbange ias below:
General Exchange
Quotations. .uo.tatlons.
i O r lna ry ............ '-0 -!
. ..lf, .......... . 1- i -
w m idd ing .... "...l ,itrt ll' i
t1 i'74t 124
The market opened unde the Infl.eneo of
iOouragi. g tgrams and lower zexhante,
Stteore Wvas, neverthelnss, quite a good de
N" anl d Ialthough the movement won cheek
, D lpt upploies of the kinds most wt, ted,
t 0 a.,< ntantd hands during the morn
ig, after which additional transactions were
-reprted to thee xtentf oleo ailes. waking a
atot. s noted above, of t70o0 bales. 'rlce ex-.
hblted nnslerable irregularity, a vart of the
ines being att about yestrday's rates, ibut
bulk of It at a de.line of r , in some casenos
sad piMe in others. itrlot low tiddllltng sold
t i1. and 11t',. strict low middling to olmd
dlg lat. 120, niddling at 12 and 12iQ. ard strlct
ting alt 2. 'Th dispatllhes reported
verrpool dull and sea~lr, nut n ot tt{ olably
wer, with sales of s00, and arnt yal offored at
t opening 1-82d lower and roportld wonker at
clie gIlavre dull and teniding down, with
tsuotallon. reduced I frano, and Now York
1 goale-in olower for spots, and 7-8t@c for
th 1..xohanIgeo mAtkns the amo unt on ship
not cleared (before to-day's exports
t 1l18 bades) 170 out bales embraciug 7n8t1 for
LI.lpoo0, to for lHasvr, 18,15e for the North
lon. 00 r for Bremen, 610 for ipaln, 1077 for the
tfodlterrnean, and 21e0 for coastwise ports,
lrwt In presses, ngreably to Its account
1..2 oI., 1Ae1,9. balo., only a small part of
Witlo l I on sale.
At noon to-day Middling was quoted at Gal
Veston at l.oe, at Mobile at 12o at,at tavannah
mtt2o. OCharleston at.l 12. it Wilmlngton at
L IOk at lorfolk at 1224Ip2l~elpo. at lDtimore at.
U la,. t Ne York at 1215 it'., at Boston at
.iso, at Memphis at 12 'e, and at Augusta at
'ihe Exchatung reports: "Sales 6900 bales.
Markaet easy." Its quotations are redu ced },d.
took On hand Sept. i. 1T70-baloe.. ..... 29,a77
rlv since laststatement ...... 11.na3
rOd previously ................ * 977.766--989.
eared to-day ..... ........... 1441
iOared previously .... 72........ 246-739,060
Total on hand and on shipboard.
1 not eleared ..................... 279.00
SIale time last year ........... 07,.215
o.day' exports were to Liverpool.
ipte proper since last eveni,"g 10.76 bales
st18on list Thursday and 14,65 iant year
n~an aggregate since Friday evening of
SA lk against 2.7n4 last week and s, 452
ir. otal sine. August 91, 329.426 balue,
t se last year-dearease I19.t2.
hange telegrams make the roeoppts at
the Dorts from 12 m. yesterday to 12 m. to
y 197 bales, aralnst 19, 18 Inst wee'k and
lat year and since Friday 119.t1 bales,
aIt a a8 last we "k and 109.293 layt year.
5in10 August 31. 3a.118.26 bales. naalnst
.01 up to Tuesday noon,- February 1. lust
lf --noreiae0 11,.214.
Dorts (Friday to Wednesday Inolusive)
Orest Britln 65,120 blonh. against 61,401
tW eek and 0t,o0 last year: and to the Conti
illt 2.,810 bales, against 19,522 last welk and
`10Y ist year.
btookl at all the delivery ports, made iup to 12
s. 800.e47 bales, against 887.830 last wo.k and
lie, lest year.
B oB --Weo did not hear of a transaetion
today. sales yesterday 20 hhds. 'The amount
on sale is new estimated at 89bo hhds. We eon
tl a to qtuote as follows:
Unsound and f osted lugs 248no. inferior
S64(140o. low 4%15,@e. medllum 5Q68, good
9tOl. ea0o e, low leaf 70@8a, m ledium sr@10 .
X0o [email protected](, fine 12,.@1kemc and solectlons
soelved sinoe last evenins 7 hhds. Exported
none. Stock on hand by our running statement
1RaI ttfT'--A ship was laid on for Liverpool
to-day at 15.-2d for cotton, and one lxed for the
epoe port yusterday at the same. Cotton has
btn a ipped by steam at 13-32d. We now unote
oB steam-Cotton to Liverpool 13.-327-16d*' to
Btemen )4d:; Boston. tProvidence.Fall liver. '1hilI
adeelhia and Baltimore, via New Y,.rk Se; to
New York Mc* esuear to New York $4P hhd;
molasses at so ý$ bbl.
y7 sail-- otton to Liverpool 15- 2@1s-sad, to
avre %@@t5-tle, the latter for consignment: to
mremen 15-le0, to the Baltio 19-32d. to Genoa le.
BUt-AR-lReceived this morning 970 hhds.
od demand and prices are firm. All
e reoeipts sold. Cist-4rn bottoms as'@4,e.
inferior 6*A80J. common 747.0e, good com
a to low fair 7.@O0. fair to good fair sN
N..O, fully fair to prlimn s'[email protected]. strictly
Iermes eo. choice to fancy 99e',,. a conds 7.4
, Oentrifugal 8859 4e. yellow clarified 'g'e
10Koff whites 9l@l0o!c whites 1(@l41e 3 lb.
10LAEBStl-Received this morning 2240 bbls.
The market is dull and dragging. Prices for
prime and strictly prime are le gallon lower.
70 bble sold. Cntrtfugal 25@40e. common soa
20, fair 85@870, prime [email protected], strictly prime
44eo and choice 47048C Fa.dlon.
fL'UR--The roeeipts were more liberal this
morning and embraced 4484 bbis. ' be market
is uiet but steady, with a good supply of all
grades, excepting good medium extra, which is
100e and is request. The month has opened
with a good loeat demand, and 2270 bbls sold,
omprising so fine at $5 eo, so and 60 superfine at
6 90. 100 single extra at $6, 10o double extra at
9 o2a, 40 do. at sO 37 , 65 do. at $ .0o, 25 do. at
B 662.1 40 and 50 low treble extra at 96 75. 15 good
treble extra at ',. too do. at $7 15 5. luo anu 100
do, st7t 2a. 100 and too do. at57 35, 60 do. at $7 to.
01 obolee trerble extra at $7 s. 100 do. at $7 60.76
do. at S' 65. and 75 choice oxtra at $.. 50 do. at
M. so, so and so at i0 9 s bbl. ,
S on is quoted at 4 5065, fOne~85 s9a so,
ae 790556. double extra at 26(4 50., low
e xtra $. e6506 75. good do. 17@7 ~s5, oholoe
lI07 75, cholic extra s808 50s bbl.
: " l MJEA L-The reeeipte were liberal this
no. embracing over 1oobbls, and the mar
es id off to a 62 7t ' bbL. though 25.
100 bb o sold this morcinl t a2 7. P bb.
are jo btn. at 2 e9*13 b bl Half bbl
eommamnd t 90. ts 2 bag. This after
- bb s ,oo t g and so at bl.
.bbags oommand $1 8001 85 5
i d a ruing 940 bbl. The
.-s tn f ht t] s d quoted ait ai.
or wi pel c n " tae platf iio i lat pakeers, ian
rea e orr e ia 1 J4 Mto above these
p ifO in atgjsIgg su ani
4p t keg an, S 4 IMb.! famth&e nel.
d k win 75; e tra prj e pork $14 50r18
r l{ rle pork tl iO b bi: rump pork $L5 ee
bb: ser iibs i0lp 2 stIu lr oe. as In solln amd
y htig of,71 kLaý; pll itM' ton n"'N7wp e;
had aussages t0(7a 9ib; spare rllul 5sli 2
0( .ltiN IN DiUL(-ls lower, ow.. t, the fall
I xirta in a uropo anmi the doeollie In aoltl
iRlcea are l anln pblfto to arrive, ad ld
o b to Jor 206 113' busael,
4K-. I in liht uppiy t nd oommands
O I 4 Mi- -od suply on th landl
inst awingt t 1so nt r .e- u s b river being
itt lrio. Tel. damn ndl Lr export and the
S 1 t 'aido Is fir ait stelidy.tr rs, o. ,00oks
old of which on Ilow ntid yilow mixed frt
export ast ck, 1000 t a nd white mixedW ur otx
curt at iM. 1000 white in otd, at b6,. ant 600 yul
t an O vehirw mixet, In lotE1, at (io4 In buhel,
t itn etook and quIlet at unohanog I
prines, Lotsitiana tn lo. i quotod st 479lt,c,
ooln.Jaione4,+ ordtinary 4 .sI, lan r 10OY.'.o.
tOIbfal-'J'here oI a limited drtinand The
sto'k In Iroet hallnds e msris.eo 14,000 b g.;
deasiern' srk Is iiot 17,Ixo bnlg.. W quoteO
asrgoes: Ordilnry s:1lntte4o ioldl), fair il.o4
9Ji.o. nomio l 2l'ta2ie4, _ riure i00 20.o u ll1 b,
Jb loti: Ordtlniry lk s 10lV (odh)l ift r 2i0 0
20 good 204l7, prilnt 2101 o lb
AW re Indebh ed to POhs'O s. Mhrkel a, :. andm
minal & (J, for the followlaii to .rtm, dntod I
blo de Jalnero, Ja uary r0, and NAtw ~ork.
.ebrutnry 1, lollt: Purohiscs sines, the 2a ulnt. I
s0.000 bLags; Ito.k 90,(o; averagen daily recoitr
00; prl-liil anomtal nl; xohan ind,
HAL --I ,ruo ltock r and ipt t We q uote
frown w rehote: (koanrshe tinosoi', n mwkk do
livered; flMnei $1 SItll O1 0 urkt'Jstornt, lo 1n I
quiry; n ominally 70o00'I bI g oI twIo htbulL; I
tsble silt Ip pokhs DtAOrL eien sh ire oI ,
OT "---.llarUipl antl nodil.rnind, tit Louis
Ie ijullott ndat 4e47. nai (tliletl att tAit F hu blll I
btiAN--Iglht os;itpv aoid Idll. No stilo i
ported, Quoltd at hiso t 100 I hll b. r
HAY-- ooed.ltor., Nollalesreportedl, Irim k I
hi Uiljs ]d sit& 14 i It tots .
hkt Ol --totl isuplly annd modorate deHoisnld.
Wei'tern are quoted at 112o; Loulsiana 204@000: w
do 'UO1LRNTtI -1Tho market Is firm, with abet
tr tniinsc alir nd falr stpli ,i Iv', dotnell, toil' ton i
l Seti b4 aInd ussoetso ie quo loed ai 4 pliet s .1
blows s nos Jaekltku!l whlititt * to, pllik eoitpi.
jionllosl.04. Atipples iI 1 00[ , 60 outsraut ll14
us bbi.
VIEXOIPTI OF PROtDUCE-Arrlxve1 sine, our a
review of yesterday: 4144i bbls flirs, i:o bib r
pork, s9 btils whsl-y, 17 los loramr, hitn ton lahr, I a
'131 kegR lard, 102l blll itorn slitl, 10,91 ksittiks
ioorn, 27.1 ,utks o. t, al i.icks brueT, 4aI O beltrsi
aisy, l7u bbdt Auigar, 19 blit n isatnr. il24 bis mio.
ai.es, I tlllo a pieS, 97 ki.s, telster, oanl1 tloocsl 11
hi1 it,, 12 catsko instt, 1 0 boxik Ilnuit, l3s Il4uttle anti
222 bb. rliis.
i X'tOUll'ti OF PROll IlUOE--lxport sinne o r
review oý -esterdtiy: tin bhblo luou , 19 bir posm k -
lo!icltsk baoon, 1l Iloltrl0rto irdi, 0 Outib wInslky, i
ri bihl oornsllnl, 41it8 ta kse eotrn, 64v sacks. oitit4, i
110 soaks bran, 210 ialesc hrev, 91 Ist ul H otigr. 75
bbl souir. 1s1o bbl nlllimsot, 7oi btbls rico, 721 I
osako ooffeo, 4 kegst bstttr, leO tihisp t.tIntoes, 97It
bbl apptle-, 1it1 alks sait, 211 kego butter, nlld 2
bb .eusnliols.
IW UTR.It--Lsr~irn sltook antd fair demand.
Choloce tosth~hn oelb. at llo mnitdtliunm l2.330, In
ferlor In nominnl: chulce Western 230, msisdlum
10. tluferlor 120o v lb.
(JIIEE'ls-The supply hias dOtreoiocti gnonsli- I
erluly, _s 0d tile deiitnutd Is godl. I'rlbco IIrni.
(Jhole Westernu f -etory is quoted alt la3liesh, I
,,Ow York cream ltP4e 't lb.
I1AtOUIN(t-Tho dmaitnd Is n ative at steadlv
pricl ,. )olill Lstio jullto t qui ll ait 12105%0 rI
at whlolelic. anilid 1li4011(ic yartI at retail; dl
I ltllat, Jl.bblntgt I 1o0 1 yaord. 31
I'OULTIItY-In dull. Western growl c.hikkote
Nall at $4 yoling dol. at lc30s no0. I)uc'kR $lail 60. 1,
(tiese $o9 4 r7. Turkeys $12i01:13 ' dotlIen. J,ouls- ,
lana grown chl kens s:; young do S1 io. D)luc'k
l22 Lo. GOese t5eell. 'urkeys 11012 1. dozen. e ,
IiiELH-ri'oon ire stiffonlng wllh a t btts'r
demand alnd ri'eiptsi nro large. Coliuntry r' n . ,
are iqloted at Rso, dry saltetd 1c. dry flint 170i r lt,
In city situghbtr tilt re lom rinkinl as follows;:
Steer hides, over 1a ihn, ie' 70 to tbs, dis. . ,
(lOTION 1SE1) Ofll.-iteflled is quoted at Ii
1. e40SLt, crude 47r 0 Mallon.
COT'JON HgED OIL CAKE--Country is offor- ti
eii at *12.420 iF ton W aiordingi to qullaty.
(01 I'TON bED lMIeAL-Oountry ioll at 21t.. A
213, olty 127 Wt tson.
- a ct
01r710 NE"W ULa IlN I)DICMO1Wr1AT, }
February 9, 1877.
cleared Yesterday.
Brit steamship Statemaen, Valiant, for Liverpool
I)eosnp, Zmrega &oo
Brit bark Adept, Ireland, for Liverpool-
J A Bryasn &oo
Br:t bark Blelvid.re, Doyle, for Liverpootl-
A K Miller &oo
Mehr Santo (tell, I'lxati, for Utilla
8 Otorl & Bro
Brit ship Malta, Maon, for Liverpool
Lovell & Bailey
Behr Hannah Coomer, King, for Falmouth-
J 1' Machcoa
Schr (iahbrll Aime, Veriain, from Ujpcr Coast, to
master--9 dia 7
Kate Kinoney. Kinney, from Shreveport
John Means, Davih. from (Clnoennati with barkes
Mar a Louise, Brinker, from hraveprrt
Frank I'argond, Whit , from Greenville
lt. Johnbo, 1 eajeroo Trom Manoha.
Henrs Tut.', Anooin, from IPon.lds'n' file.
Mary Ida. Kuts. from Ilomestewt I'lantatl n
Waloon. Barry, from Lower Ooua..
Iahel. O'Prv, from Lower Coasut
Graud Rtepub I,, 'lhorwegan from afemplin
Future C(ty. Goll, frutn Cairo with barges
ssIumptlon, l1altlres, flrom Thib d1nx
Belle Albert, lotaerd, from Bayou de Altemtnande
LTVERPOOL-Per ship Malta-4205 bales cotton
941 0 pea stave,
FAAL()U Til-Per schr Hannah Coomer-5 6 hhle
flmr 9, hbls lprk I hlb bp f 25 seeks eora 3 tieroes
hams 10,000 feet lumber ' 8 pegs s5und, lee
UITILLA-P-er sohr l:aut * Owri- 0 hf bbl. flour 2
bbl. park I hhd b eon 4040 feet lumber 6000 shinles
LIVIIItPOOL---'Per bark Ilelvldee---1 3 bales
cotton 121 astke Ilicake 2.00 pon stver
LIVEKPOUL-.-Per barx Adept-3814 bales otton
4800 pns e* av s
IIVERfOOL-Ter steamship Srateaman--493
bates cotton 1007 bags, ilake 1.20 pooe taoes
MEXITCAN PORTS-Per mteamship City of Mex.
ioo-.7 bagus e t If 25 bales do Smith Lrosa co--l135
do 1 b.g dou 'u'r, Corral &oo-- dt 479 bale do Oor.
don & t.omila-8u0 do A.ar & L in g-2 bble stager
3 canse spooeie Aventan, lBroe-i k g.m I L LtO,-
I box vio.ila beans 8 L Hood-- 6 ib i o angel ". bbes
pineapples 434 bulnhes bananna V Faijo-1 lix specie
J J Fe naudez & ASnt -1 d, M Pat ro--l bags ctffe a
5t be a boney l case indis 5 bales rubb r 57 bales
earsaiarilla 304 dry hides 21 bble honey 135 ks gum
J M Wtbthrspoon
emeelpse ae Prodele.
SHREV EPORT-Per steamer Mat ' Lout ~e--V,92
bales ~atwn orer-187 (, W Sentell &cu-139 H & C
Newman-138 Jo CUt fie & S n-t11o J Hur,,et &.c-
53 O iHop.i.ns-38 WA Bell &ou,- -.' Chltff. lamll
ton & Pawell-t- M Hariwiu--I0 Payne. Kenned. &
co-1- S W Rawllne-17 RKlhardson at May-14 C L
Walmaley t&o-12i TM Simnmobs--12 Berand & Oib.
ert..11 Ren.haw, Camumack &oo-5 S Fledlanud. r-2
Queyrouso & Bios--1 E Marqueze &co--L Meyer.
Weia &o--I R T Buckner & Bro--13 head cattle
Aycook, Mitebell &co--18 do 69 head ho.s C Mehle
&oo-sundries to order-Total 12.8 bales cotton 200
head stock
GREENVILLE-Per stesm*r Frank Parrond-772
bales cottn Meyer, Weir &oo-- 317 Rlchardaon &
Mey--27 Graham. Black &co--178 Lehman, Abral
ham &eo-l7t Clapp Bros &0o-151 A leo, Nugent &
co--l. Jno T Barula &co-i 1:1 Jno Chafte & S.n-
Pritchard, Blokham &co-Il6 John I Noble-99 J L
fHarris &co-91 8 Gumbel--0 Payne, Kennedv &co
76 Alnte,. Soberok & Antey-62 Jnrey & Gilli--58
W A Pe le-56 J B Wolfe &o..--54 R T Buckner &
Bi- 45 S B Newman &co--44 Ar Miltenberger &
Pollo, k-44 S.a wait oros &co-42 Cba.ff, tHam Itkn &
P well-41 Blakemore &eo-38 H Alson &o----34
W E Leverlon-32 T L Airev &eo-31 C.iburne &co
-22 Buckner &co-26 O Hopkins--2 Renebaw. Cam.
macea &o-_2 J Burnet &c.-:9 Gwyn & D)yer--2)
Aiken & Wi-t.-18 McGebee, Snowd.n & Violetr--,5
Poretall & Jumouville--13 t & C Newman-8 S C
Wilkerebn-7 Bussey &oe--5 Temple S Coons ceo
i-.rsh, Adler &oo--5 M M Greenwood &co---5 P
Prmbhomme-4 Doise &o--4 8 Frledlander-3 8 W
Raw in--3 W B Ciarke-3 8 O Thomase &eE.-3 G W
Uentell &co-3 W C Black noo-2 Nalle & Cammack
-1 Allen, West &o--1 Jno te Livaudai--1 P J
Cookburn-1 order-3837 packs cotton seed N O i(t.
ton Bead Aesoola lea---udrtes to order--Total .478
bales eotton 337 sackacotton seed
UPPER COAST-Per sehr Gabriel Alme.-1l hbd
sunar lies do 4 bbls molasses Fortall & Junmoavlle
LOWER COAST--Pser .m I eael--.40 hhd
a A Thoemsonea c-t do P &eo- 30oa
Caosm & dd-! R D .Pe-rrtt-45 l 0b IOlM. 51
X1. 0 to edi-Tet"t l, hkhds euga 45
~JP L~3ckI P:k~r
elu1.-, 0 moMeee l11lh i MUiger £ - m omis
Aw-iI& APON u0aohaa fblN a rlb tM 0
Aeo 4II hhds e lr L ohlbelu-4di bbls moIlssee A
lm.er Bdler-" do a bf do Pavae, Kenarm y Ao-
a sandlt a to otder-Toetl141 tlh dn usaar 6 bble me.
Sloim la kt'dn ud sake roauh rime 41 bate aooon
ti uHIkrVPOIIT-Per staammer Kate Ittonev-7-?4
b~ a P b a tton ortdr---4lt J W Btrbridge Aoo-- 17
Joe Phalos Aoo-IM1 Chalff, Ijtllta & IPowell--7
C trL Walmley too-. ' I t T lnaokuer & Iro-.-4.4
Meyer, Wale &Aos. -.-3S Jano Obeffe &A ot-- 30 N W
I ltesiliaswl OM lnae'-ti Lebmu, Abrabhamn o
191 It Ntleell r -9t order-O Paynle. kennedy Aeao--it
I Kli edge, H11 toa-14 Claibern &oa-..13 heaadel h
,Jeks eAnn--lt W lClarke-10 a W Mrntall t --lok
SJno T Hartdle Aeo-- A one, .aierok A Antoy-7 ;
W Rtowland-4 O 1latLwell-4 Iirand A& lbert---9
lartwell AI tlThamberea- Oasrr Chopin-I A P D i
MaNy--1 J L arrle &c.n -I T l Cromwell--a 13 bahle
moleas l rlubh & tAeert---400 reas ollake Joln
Chafls 4 A Nmn--ýanrt.n to order- Totail W0o bales
Cottelnn 4014 eaRnts alloke 1I bble molasses
CINOINIWATI-.Pler twbnst Jnha M an with 3
barge --1,o bbia lime tr0 hble aement W P Converse
-1001 hile fli r t) Fa tl n &on-- 0 bhla hominy andi
gritt O ii Lawrsnce Aeo-.0 bhls floutr 16 casmkse corn
sll acks lbran KI 11 Flirchlld, mon kro--940 eoke crno
40t bhtll flour (4lpver & Ode dbh---g 10.08t, ee corn
lur9 Iales hay flowat & A Ptretin--.it do eII elir.
i tlid--i b.is EPs Miller & Moter-1t16 hbhll for .ea
hhl oornmaa stl 1 blde ot 0 Ioe iard Johon ' Gloore
Aon--l&6 blb a pork 100 hile dwrasmei 17 t.e hams stad
lhounlers 110 t lee hey 1' A1.o uolat Cues 1'le c at.0-
41 I bale earmmmel 1444 bbi flour foichwabanber Priow
enfeld & 1'Ph eor-O1u0 hble oanmnt N M Todd A eo
ialt empl fhla I'nltn (Ol (an.. 14 -bbeal portk, jibe and
tollng, a 1940 bb'e flotWr Ii bllte Ink ailnd t tgatue 11 toae
t ha 9011 iO han k Inmeet Valria k %AhMtleer--l tIi , ;
3.4 hbls prk 49 too lar1d O taOer do 1304 talcks OIt
loau farm arte eon snltdries b order
M tMPil lt-'er et amer (Iland lieptblr---1040
thulees lation tlihler'.um A /Ai a--7 3 M" (i,.hoe, 14 .. w
alnn A Viol. t--UlI( It 1I Nwmtan it .o--·"1:1l Ma.yr,
Weln baea-4 i5 ULhlanal, ALbrasanm A.k --,.3 3 Aleas,
Maeer, k A An Aey-2U 1 J L HlItrria &o- --4 ' J 4
tlaethltl g kA.ea--5flO Allan, Nanga I At. n---100 Jon
I'h.l Ips &ai-al-0 IletI lurae s'ee-ivIK 1' IA A Ira & o
-9 0 ,tOraa--Itl II &' Nwmanm-.-la3 Alle , West A
Oo-91 MlM Urenawaooamd Iat--,O W (J ll+sk At-71l
*l ai, lJhulftro & toll- Ullilanne At o..-4u I'trlthbard,
lilnkham &'a-o43 i'avrn. Keolncdty knoi'-4 MewSerl
I.oot & '.'-I.0 IS .1,k atr &o -'I1 Julrpyv & (ulillI-- 0
(hale, Ilaellltam & ',,weoll" - 13 Ar MitietIt'rgear &
i'olltck-19P Ilineay &oo-18 Nnlle & (commcLk--17 1'
J Uoackblurlln-- 7i, ua. i I laudatle. .15 W A aatohalai01
Aaio-It ca,n. ol n A& a wartl--13 Iliah Ak I eterr-10
haret w &. 1)eavr a--10 (lwvia& AUlver .-6 teshaw
U.l laana &A,-6 1, I I arvy-fl ltohard ailower stea
- 0n Pn',th bmente.-f W A a'ialn-b ,I tatroat Ac.-3
I (ltuiabpl--3 tlrrcltt & (Uordon-3 J I Wolfe 4ac --
.1 hen I Adam.l - A.kr- 1 --I 60 rteom & --i 11-w olt t
(leao,, - Me.a 4 l0o(rl.-W014 f aOkmakIs a ItanaI sendi N l
I.u t.n oweln Aaealnnatll-Iin-00 osacks not1on aied maral
A A (i.anawi.,d &a-elll--l a31 a (uI Otanlron & Ila.anasat-
311 blills till A A Masultlii IlNlo--IOUi0 asaoe Qlllonka
AA AM glnn'e 4 -llll--.l di Maaya, Wa-la teo..--l115
amsui ail a.s J Aldilg--.uanlales Iol daer--Tutail 1ie4
' ale ilIota 1 40:1 asoltk l o'tOa eed 40160 tacks otlou
seeld mnuIl Otlle .akue. , eak aand :130 b 'Is oil
'I'Il IIUUA 1X--l'er steomer Aslitt, vtoln---39
hih In sugar 1IUl lb ll atola.en Conlg .1 k ReI y--26
lIhll ailmallrulre (dIl tdie liasat Itealsrllan---vlll .o J T
(libona.l-I1 do 18 Iabll motlaes I' Lanaana-- 3 bdle
asugar 1I i .auo.l &a'---t doe bbl mo!assee 'I M Wal.h
-40 hldels tlaer J WV lilrbrldge o k ..9I bb's maleenseo
V H lierllld---10 iO I l hbfd auger Delta Aokt¶o---40
do E J Inay &.Ao-,5 Ile 3, ,ble moalaneae tihu Ith & Le.
ve, t-6la o l h(tie a ,par Chllern& Aloa iytl--- l do 914 S
Ib La uno eassei I M tloi.t-4 do Meyer, Wile kot&--15
hhlse u eat Il, dcahlcaux- 0 do 94 blalus tcol-seem A
ae trol-10 do 20 l hdu lle ger ati & It 1 ale t.-- do
vI lale. moilas.asee Joln t Aatlaeiel Ila---0.l hihd4 auler
19 ili 7 blle mllaoisee (1 A t ua I -'tlaDt bble musoal- ein
Itl bIr I Mlllike--53osacksL rough ri'e I pklpn asine
A 'l o it11toh-9 bahle mumles J 1 Walhb- - tunalrtlia 'o
ocrdter---Total 470 lbhd. sutlar 716 btbl tmuleaes 20O
tcoe a roullgh ties
CAItllio-Per astainmer Falrltt City and bargee-3a 0 66
hlli a u ar :!13 eckse orn 150 sailkabran (tloverr i
(ldenld.al- .14 bill alour T A Hamiltoon &ca--575 do
lIt .ocks bran P14 a kmsa te.ult gas 111 pase oasent Val
ril &A MHa tlilanr--t'i lIt. ilour Partdaealvtlle o --190
do a. II Fairchild, ion k.o- .----19 do 177 n.okh oats W
11 MIttlws & ItIro--300 bbln tlour (lutldoln (omtlo
-30.0 do l'rudhommne A. ItlrggU----4, i do Mliler Dl,.
hliedo &tl.-- 411 balts ham It acksll aon l00 tblt
lascil 30 blla Ilurilp Chlael IlaMleute-1047 ce.ks oa a
J Weit-a 41 aon I T Lawlar-'3 1 sacks cann Sohwalh
aclear, 4rower-lfeild & l'fmtfer - 1111 sacks oats Hloward
L I'reastol--Ni bble meal Itndollphb A& lauluitr-- , Ius
Imaka J I. Hlarie &oo-3 hdt.ld toblia IC I Wllson k
MI in-4 do Kir.ptriok A Keilth-L btlae hbandles J
( Morrl,--57 aoope potlltry Miller & Meyer-1ai041 Lks
allaake oldaer---e-auudrte to ordr- Totnal 909 bbllal
tltaur 4sa bbl ten ll ' 411 acks corn 1594 eaiLhe ots 9.i
class bran 348 1 ales bns 7 hhdl tubaueo 8041 eackL
ISA Y()IT D1) AI,.LMA N1,4-1'er steamer Blle
Albanrlltill hls ailunstr P0 hbln miolaitre P ' aspero A
co-- do anltd lsiuarlies l ordor-- Total T 10 hhdi stgarr
8- bbIa moleasea
Penrl RIver-Per rteatn.r Lolle-30 000 feet lumber
95 cords wood 4i bbli tar o5 hidel o der
Ilayou L*rombe--l'er schr Jenuio.----tO,f00 eeot
luabrr order
Bllol,--Per srhrJ.ek-40 cords w "ed mast r
typrlngtf hlu-Per schr Cel.te--l , cords wood mais
t r
Jordan River-Per schr la IBretonne----95,00 feet
lumber older
i.'.muegoula..P'r achr Bloom--40,00 feet lumber
II lhlddit
pllgflild--Perachr Violoria-- bhales cotton
Bunscy &o,-V S W arwline-17 cords wood asaster
Tanilpahoa--'Per .ohr luolan Reed-30 cords wood
Hoi rn Island-Per rehir Jalouar.-950 blde sand order
ltlioxl--Per sohr I', lit an-IN 'ords wood master
hixrit gfleld-Per schr I.llie timms-5 bales eotton
It AIllsol &co-ln colds wood imn ter
(ovilgton--Per shbr FM Pppo--13 bales cotten
Warren, Akinson &co--4 do J Mc(Cttrey--6 seoke
roulK rci on bbli do C II Allan-- bhids uolasses 450
bis salnd 7 cords wood order-'lToal 17 bales cotton s
bile molasees
1'osrl River--Per sebr Pearl RVlers--40,0 0 feet
limber o, lder
I'eatl River-Per chbr Try Agalu-32,000 feetlom"
ber ordier
Blonulollc--l'er ahr Mew-O on'ds we. d master
P'ss Manchac-l'.r sobr Lady Gay--20,c0 staves
C cords woo.i order
Il.aou Lacombe--Perschr Modeste--ln,0 bricks
a der
Par('arg la-Per schr Soa Witoh- 1700 hbbs char
coal -. ater
rar I JRiver-Per sbchr Oa'eas-l8,000 feot lumber
By Imsilre.ad.
Feb 1-43 hhds sugar 2 bbl4 molasoee Robert Hare
.-36 do V tri & M.,rt',,er--vflr do 7 hbdA sugar
ktocns d MilLken..15 do W E L.evrrion-12 do 5 bi|ls
mnoln e o-. hn I Adams &co---5 halen outt.. W 1I
Letchfoird &o-tl co Mover, Weti &co----2 Rotlrt
Hare..5 Mcnleher, Snowden & Violelt- 2 J.o hae..
& ,4.i-7i llermanntl & V ign-e-5 H1 & C Newman ---8
hf bules mnon. L burie &.o----:6 dry hides I. Torre.
bouoe..T''otal 35 bales cotton 14i hhos sug r 310 bbl.
PI'r seamship Hut, h'nonn from (Clnton--4 bales
cotton H iSil, h aco-104 IKlrkputt ik & Kietb-112
Juo T Hardie &to--.5 ChIfClt Halillnon & I o.wel -30
HT ' Buckner & Brto--3 II & C Newuan-- G1 W S n.
t 11 &Ao- 17 , W Burbridge &co-4 Jno Ph'lps &o-
6 Jut. Chtl..l & Mou-4 Owyn & D)yer--2 4 Clapp BrU.
ac--5 Metl. r, Weil &co-10U L Walmsley &co--141
to 13 bales hide- 24 bdle tro 12 ncaks of eske C A
Whittev &.cu-151 4e buire. St rn.'s Ferl Izinmg Co
7 bsa 'o junk B Sohuwart & B u--Total 794 bales co .
tot 112 .acke salcake
Tiat. No 2-10 hbde sugar Rrbert Hare..--1 do 2
bble me asaes A "1 crtrou--5 no I had sugar Ji ha I
Ada.. s &e,-· do Clapp Bros &co-s Beisud a (;i..
er--17 do Hirsch Adi r &ou--O19 doe bbls do Blush
& Levert-lu hales ottton J W liurbrhdge &co--14
tltech, Adler &.'o-7 It Bear-9 Jnho 1 Adams &co
..4 11 Giroebel &o -14 Clapp Bros &co----7 March &
Slih.ker..9 Bush & Levert-- A Tertrou--2-- ury
hides Hirsch, Adler &co-6 bdr aF Dnfour--- tt-ree
do Huort r & Fenner-Tutal 68 bales cotton 59 hhas
sugar 4 bble to 7 bbls molasses
Feb 1-73 Ibis rosin 27 bbls turpentine Simpson &
Trlcou-7 bble eggs T S King &co -- U00 bb.s lime J
Jami.on-. 00 do L M Get---50 bble oil Howard &
Preston-4 baskets wine Bnropshire &co-33 wheels
Mc.eely & Milburo-100 sacks olicake 200 sacks cot
ton seed A A Magintns Sons-20 pkgs tobaeco Thos
Ke I r-2 b le mdsee W it Witrt--1 ro Donais n &
.Johonon--- do Woeh!er & White--- bx do Mrs E
Phelps-7 firkina butter Frierson &cuo--- 13 phas to
bacco J J Irby & Sen---6 buckets lard J B Solari &
Son..6 bales mtdse Batenon & Wisdom-5 cases mdse
J Laur---I do A Delplt &co--10 .o Herrmana &
Vignes-31 blls peper bags Thoe Smms & Levy--25
pae caesting Rice, Born oo----5 usgs nardwate U D
Lland-58 do castings H Haller-lu hf casks hams
F DelSonat-- 0 bb's oill L Lvoes--2do L eds &co
-4s kegs spikes Mullen & Ho liway- I1 pkas mdse
Kursbeedt & Bienvena-3 bxs barlware B J West-.
do V Ochichan-4 pkgs her. e.s Mi W Smith---6 do
castings H S mon-- has drugs I L Lyons-8 harrows
B J W st-1 hx hardwar R M & B J Mootgomery
1 hx book N D MoDonald-llt bales cotton All n,
West &co-t 0 J B Thomson--3 Prztoard. Bickham
&co- 9 J L Harrs d&co-7 Lehman, Abraham &cr
6 Meyer, Weis &eo-- Chafie. Hamilton & Powell
sundtes to order-Total 276 bales cotton IO sacks
Cutton seed
Feb 1-1S9 bales cotton Pritchard, Bickham &co-
122 R~lchrdsn & Mat--85 o der- 76 Lehman, Abra,
hea aco-If M Wjer'Wuls Co-O70 Chafe, Na~ l'on
& Powell--40 lle, Na N . ant sk - h9 Alln Wst &
es-27 Valdsu, Raw.ins too-El T L parep ale--13
0- 4 stasa lti.Lc..-0 PftoU
Lobs &0-10 are K J Kn rm. erld h do
-Igoadg 006A h si e $...40
14 itbga mdo 1rd Msfs 0 B I*Df boe? rte 7se
109 0". Merke kon-tl doA KWaen'g koo- - I blnab
asdo. lb o osho.. Vilupt &o.-"-4 .or toer K lert
oases AMo-4 do I by blanklng it Kern do-6 oasoes
*tnoo Xolftrf., Prom .40 doJ einnr dio--t aOk o'wato
C llIroob--. 010 m Ot jot-I do P II Pedrsou-1 do P
Pfolfsr-03 ),ip basrdws 1 Pfoifer
7ob 1--b hbdo .lUsr R Jolhnsnn--1O do f lrualcr
-ido 1 bbl molouo I Iloorgooio---b htid enter I
1. tiean-tI do 7 bbli golsors usncut & fMona -10 do
4 Tblbant-!0 tibdel e sm r Rioba d a Milboken-'-- do U
Jbhooou-9 u og bile 4o J M Putuarn-I do I Brig'
molo-4 do Lnaun & mone----Total 0I1 bhdo eoer 07
bbl rnoloomo. n bblo sugar
Arrived per ob'mobl p CIt v of Maloo. F i Wi;ldrr,
It 1) Orb or, P)r W W Pnin"cr, Mrs F 1$ Mrew, Mr
1o 1a n, Ao Valde., B ViI ord. lien to JooroM, Mirp s
Joas n, O1no A .lueote, Miss L.Jitarvo Oboe 1) y W
( Uii .s, Miss l [ ronrlo, A tIofra rbi, Pironbiroo,
Col B hAeel., A foRm, 11 (macrho
Nlo. 83. 85 and 87 GRAVIER,
Manufactured Tobaeoo.
"Black Horse" Leaf Tobacco
For thi Mxlemn and West Indian Markot,
ai4u m Cigar Factory.
jn14 lm
Lithographer and Engraver,
14.............CAMP STREET ...........74
lose tf NEW ORLEANS.
1a27 Im
(Ineorporatod by an act of the Legislature with
exclusive privilege of EMPTYING VAULTS.
Are now in full operation, and are prepared to
perform the above work with promptness and
The advantages derived from the use of the
as used by the company, are that the work can
be performed at any hour of the day or night.
the thorough manner in which the deposits are
removed, the absenceof all offensive odors, the
short space of time required (an ordinary sink
being emptied in from ten to fifteen minutes)
and, above all. ITS CHEAPNESS.
All orders left at the Company's offioe, No.
Common street, or sent to Poetofince box No. sa
will receive prompt attention. no19 8m
ANDERSON'S new instantaneous process
and never fails on Children and Nervous Per
sons, which enables us to do the most Perfeot
Cardfork at
I uuoeaned and rturn premiu . 6 4
et earned promium, ....... ..... .......8 ,
i Add interest and discount . ... 4t47 31
I Deduct-- f8,429 I
Fire loaes ................... 00,482 74
Marine losses ............... 69,162 so
Rver losses............... 24,74 o
Net losses ..*............... e01,30 44
iReinsurances.......s10, 7o o
Itebate,......... . 4..452 1I
Board of Under
writers. general
expenses, State
and city taxos.... 62.020 5
---- 117,909 06
$04,272 o0
Roeervefor ino ttlnd claims. 2,0000 00
'$- ----920 272 09
Not profits for 1870.. ............... 029,I5) 9g
Valued at their cash market value:
tReal cs tat ...... ................ ........115,14 77
United tRates bond~. OCty Railronad
Company, nlty and J. and (. N. It. I.
first mortgage, bank and insurance
st,oe s .................................. 1,,500 92
B Ils reoivable (premiums)............ 11,75 4
First mortgage notes and pledge notes 19.7.00 06
Cash in bank ...................., 86.107 80
Premiums in course of collertlon...... 47,251 9o
Amounts due by insurance companieos 5,207 12
$671,418 68
We, the undrsignrred, speial committen ap
nointed by the Board of Direotors of the New
Orleans Insur ance Company, to value the assets
of said company at their present probable mar- 1
ket value, hereby certify that after a careful ex.
amination the valuation of said asetso. as above
specifled, Is true and correct, to the boat of our
knowledre and belief,
Now Orleans, 1'th January, 1577.
The above statement is a true and correct
transcript from the books or then omopany.
J. TtJYEH. I'rosident.
J. W. Itixas, Heroetary.
Sworn to and sulba ribd before mc, this 17th
day of January, A. D. 1877.
Third Justic of the oeace.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held
this day, It was resolved to pay the semi-an , ual
interest dividend of five per cent on the capital
stock to the stockholders, or their legal repre
sentatives, on and after the first Monday of
February next J. W. IIINOKS, Secretary.
January 1t6 1,77.
Ernest Morilh, 11. Gally.
Charles La.itte, Win. Van Benthuysen. o0
Charles IE. clhmidt, Jules Aldig,
Charles J. Lends, W. A. Blil.
D. Fatio, Pierre Pouts,
A. Hchrleber. J. Tuyes, jalS2m
3 o. itM Canal street. Trustee A. aouli
thn. . A. Palfrey, Carl Kohn, T. L. tayne. David
rqunhart, George JonMas. John 0. Gain aTho
.hAda , homes Ailen Clarke, hristian
,.hnelder. Charles J. L , Samuel Jamifon
laterest Allowed on Deposits.
DT. Uit7UIIARI President.
0RAS. KITAAW. Troasurer. areis a
-0or THD-
Centennial Awarding Committee
--ONt T1I -
The United States Centennial Commission an
nounce the following report as the basis of an
COMPANY, Elizabeth. N. J., for their FAMILY
A Shuttle Sewing Manhins, embodying the
following points of construction, viz: A needle
bar operated from the end of a rotating shaft in
the overhaneing arm a shuttle supported in a
shuttle carrier, moved transversely to the feed
by means of a crank on a rotating shaft: a four
motion positive feed, and a straight needle with
its eyes parallel with the direction of feed.
For the following reasons:
Family Machine, embodying the greatest num
her of most approved mocha teal devices to
impart positive motions to the various parts
simplicity of consti uction. good workmanship
excellent quantity and quality of w rk done,
originality, and for completeness of display.
A. T. GOSIIORN. Director General.
J. It. HAWLEY. President.
Attest-MY.a Ascun. Assistant-Secretary.
deif tiaao 91 Canal street.
Take Your Choice
-At the
No. 154 Canal Street,
General .Ageno for all the best and most tipn
lar eWii Masctifne: The WNion. owe.
Sger, Weeler & Wilson, rover ulaer,
& Gibbs Domestic
hn. Florenq, Ame emi'tonn
SSeoor. Backeyeuaad t
Ine. both new secs4t- at
tehe tlIs~
peroqt,, 11itli 6 9A41
Net Profit.......7...11 Mi
aeetA at the s ty
tmark.l t turu
maktvaondsu 11h i#.t i obia.. and
C an hiand and pr#~inI.
ltris in oourae of uotlno
tion,..~..~...... . r1m
Plvldotrl1 pnld on etnk tnn pqul ro t rame
n1 In. and non uart' lpatlng Vollai e tWentY y.w
al4 . oa bloln enen.
Tlria od 1and rnJIatdtlR Pomna ll6
+ lee fln Flr.., Ilyo1r and Marine I no risonw
htvorabi ttrmi. All )" rseee ptom l
and ultl tl Uyofl I1,ibraI to:xrmJ9t thir
r4 Camp a trnat. ý A,
Xt. (1A1mrnd~ran R/V.n*nm1a "'sKL 1i
Of New Orlonne.
Offin-e orner of Cnrny ant Warvifer f SrwIe
A nt,. ninoitlg of tu Iloa.."i..t.. i.... o
lN oot o~tn ............. il: io W5
Nrsw ('artxrir. Jn17,MT*_i
At o m onotiu t ofnthl loard of theo
2itle, Pivo ort w oaotr to vor to ronnlrore ftd
intviner with from t ,n nAt .ara I, of theeh r.
inlt I)nc~mbhr at . /H8a tor wit:
I Ton~N por Cunt annuanl iute~rcat on the 4&piit i
2. Vivo ponr Pont f* crry o rrarrvq fund in 6(1·
(1ot-dane4rA) withl Hr(', 4, Art, e, of the charter.
a. 'Ton or annt 'oi carry to the credit of th
ilriromen'a (ihnnltritio Atnneon'itlon of New Or.
lan',, for thin sulpport of the witowN antd nr.
;nhan;, enni itcon'rnd rnn~itnf sYnntern of 11114
crltiotn, I u iwe onntllr ii w3ith boc. 4, Art. 5. 01 WAo
(Il urtor.
4, Five por cort lntnrnet dividend on capita
tnlid in.
is. 'rwnty-,'o avor ront dividend to partial.
p All uloclntiralin of '1ivl(onds to utookhol4e
to ho nnnrrionl to orodlit of ,to(,k n tee In r
amor with Ho si"'. r,, Art., ", of tPh charte. Cort1)
unto', of which will to boeunud on nn gfiar the
10th day of Fab' ntnry, 1177
Partlcliatinu tilviIoonriH to lnqtre (not
etornkhoilnirni prnynbnio In canh, cn domAn
Htnciikhonr, u cnn obtain uirlnted duoieiad mtate.
monte at theu ofllcof tit rcorn any,
1, N. lW ARKS. 100 den
Ii. U. ]býttwlRu, H ocrut "ry.
13OAM) OF bIBr4JTotIt:
., Aloxandnmr. ( . GC auneli
TI'. 1'rudhornine, 11eon ue1rts ,
, tI.rlomrni, . A horl,
I1. If. Jilertior',t, A. IrI.tiacwaon,
ansh Marks, L. 1. CaIn,
A. P, Ktin Otto'j homan,
J. Fitl Atr Wi.L. a. v ,
.Ono. Water, IN. rtat
IJ~olla A. Wllty. tstidrm
-.o TaE
New Orleans, Mayr o, 010m
The irusteos. fn oonfrrmmty to the
charter. apbmlt the foilowin It
fafars of toe company on the oth TAprie17s
Fire premiums .............. hol,000
Marine premiums.......... 857,48 91
River remiumsi .. ....... 114,9a --MUaS i
arne premiums lim
rs'q, yanoe and re
tlrh oremlums ....IIW
Losses paid and estl
mated, Including all
known and unpaid:
gýnirso .........iee .., 10
On rIver...... 71,471 90-1147,J30
Taxes, 8expenses, re
bae In lieu of par
tiolpatlon. less Inter.
est. discount, etc..... 3,778 11- 4e7t0.1/
Leaving, after payi .
to per cent in cash
Interest on capital
stock, profites......... 4g7 7
Th ompany have the owing asset s
Bills rgce.vab.. ............. 173-025,1 7
Loans on bonege and mort- call. 11
al estat.e.................... ..... 11,- 01
.ty bonds. bank and, other stack ..... 13,6 a0 "0
Premiums In course of oollectlon..... a,401
Total assets.............. __............ m1 3
The above statement is a true and eorret
transcript from the bookt of the campnp.
HENRY V. OGDEN, Secretary.
Sworn to and subscubaerIorod . Hip
n . WM ;. S..
econd Justice of the Peace. parish oifsi a a,
The Board of Trustees resolved, That segl
Pyaing the annual Interest of tei pet
tecapltttil stook of the company, ath rs
of TW TY PER CENT b paid in a on
after the 1ath day of June next to tfe
Insuring with the company enitled to .]
the same.
Thos A. dams TRUBISw,.
ham'1 B ewman. o. n
iam'i lennedy rd' " den.
John Phelps, jas
Adam Thomson. Andrewl ew a,
Ber Abraham Joseph e,
O. N. Stron O K '
Victor. foyer .Alf 1d oult
* .w dLJ. Gay. F .d.wa N-il..
Jno. . Sanld i Ne. N SWT. Be.U,
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14 ..............Canal ttreet.....,. ... 4
In conformity with the requlrement of their
charter the Company publish the foUl.wlg
Premiums recelved durine the yrear epdj "
May s1, is8s, including unearned preinmius :J
the previon year- ..
On ire Risks
Oa rino Bisks ................. IeO.
.On Rielr.k.... . .. .................4. . 81
Total Premiums 1 .. . u.....:*M1CUi
L Unearned 1rem1um4......... ,418
Net Earned Pemiums lst May. 19e7...-4--918
On Fire Risks ... ... e,9011 .2 n M
... ,7741t.
on BRver Risks ....... , 34 7
Taxes......... . #3 1281
Reinsurance and lturn[ " :ed"
Premiums.... 1.1
t~nt Bob~eawl-te reat sl,. sums
Profit... ... ......... .... ..;r--" U'
The Company have the following jss.1..
eal Estte................ ....... u47018
City Bonds ....... , .
Bank. Ballroad an other 'stocks !.iew 0
Notes secured by mortageand pie
Bills Receivable ....................... ll0"J. id
Premium in course 2of aotecton... 4". 3 21
State Bonds.......
Stock o Valette D .ry b ok Unmoany.. 1Ota r n 0 h
Stock Marne ry ockand hip Yard ;
M ~ortg~e Axn; ners aon
Mortgage Bonds Odd Fe ow' . o 2
Judgment on Mortgage Notes .........
Cash on hand...................
The above statement is a ust..a
rect tranart lrom the ks
. W. NOTT, BSecretaryo.
Swornto and subscribed begotre aSeg
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oýý ýýp g ý 1 iterr .

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