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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, February 08, 1877, Image 2

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gThe Lenten 15 e r1 0i" tan
-the popnlKng u of terltin hr doubled an
i'rl Jhn t (I b be
ated tat WeeeiamonI d44ry d The oopteny
bald hin s newfytlongt hal, rtPi btt thoeeo nlof
w nl Ca )no, y bten anoy and trinee.l
SpetIn the Uoited atndeed ro d1fty drily
oeps adacd matyb r -ef thom moanint joiur.
that, ten tern eof Nsforlke epolisted sit Lo
aon. ferle htouf iftonroe ptoyt,
-A London eo prespoir d k b writes. ,TheC
-The best qoeatlon si laos intLedlba o dlug
e elintlens ol Vienn toan the Qorentl theoes.
-The LudesIbott 7d raC(YY)( ettles to
en Thyr daity eltooltoe betwoen Julle
fwd Deerntbr 1. 1674, of *,311, whish Is
lnlatblhd na orlailrlete IN uowspeper Ibbtoty.
-Theesameuletsd hpel e debt of tbe Untied
fll ntel its estted blrat sg"OwIlOld( oo d t ome
whnt more then onrctfeerth Of Ihjd r11ouººl 110
lour to the state Of Now York.
-The Londogn Molls. loan Ion feri tha
the King of Ibwedon, the Crown . Prllee nod
Primes John of Cllaksbutg have been lulti
Medg into Prtesaraury The aeratmuny nr
held In r rrewlpbglrt hall, in the pttaeeea of11
140 t~bretre, inetul~ing depglntirona iron
*ngleud. Germany anrd 10rseoe.
Nottelh hasr become tIhe steoton Coton
PM i the~h United Jrtso . how rapidly it
®oe e4+reuee mn be knownk ftote the mat
that ton years ago Norfok exported uuly 7,13
bales of cotton to 1Saablwnn ports.
-The Wet pnstiou is more nteptpllog Ltr
thes~nn aa tlrtnsoftrm t11oi the Orieatat goes;1
Uoi. They are much e tchied beonuae the
beswrr here rrictd he pylon of beer. A litre
of the refreshing beveragrre will cost two cents
.ru Lr u-nrr
more hereafter.
-Fif y thousand Iausian Mennontiter hae
4dtermited to immigrate to the I1nited States.
They have the alternative of taking up arms
r leaving the empire, and prefer erons the
ei aourtern thousand of them aill settle
la K]ana ear'y in the opting.
-A new play at the Theatre Itiattr:iue,
Peale, has a seene at the bottom of the ocean,
showing marine plants, banks of coral, and
animal life, Four divers are seorohbrg a
rpeyek. In the bands of a drowned man they
lad a oeket of jewels, and in n struggle for
the prie one of the divers is murdered.
-Mabel Hall, a ballet girl, was murdered
it the gren room of a at. Louis theatre by a
Jeal*o lover and be Is now on trial In the
eoseatroom a table and chairs were arranged
like the futrnitre in the room where the maur.
dle was ommitted, and an aator, as a wit
mest, desertbed the orime by imitating the
engage and movements of the murderer.
--The Lundnm Times is getting a new fit of
eitarprie In addition to the speoial wire
wilok the London Th71M now controls be.
tween London and Paris, the same newspaper
will soon s tend two more line to the Conti
aset, one to Vienna and one to Berlin.
-The new Kansa Senator, OoL Plumb, is
a printer by trade, and formerly publised
the emports Iem. He went to Kansas ftoh
lenevillse Ohio, in 1857, when nineteen yeas
of agea It is now President of a National
Bank at Emporia, and is reputed to be worth
$ 00000, whiBh he has made by speoulation
end the practice of law.
--A tragedy showing up Neo as he was not
ebown up in hib day, is now having a run at a
theatre in Rome The critllcs have no other
objeotlon to it then to pray t'e lRoman Senate
to wash their hands every night before going
a the rstage and that the liotors be kept
undlor a little bettlt disrlplineeo as to preveut
the repetition of throwing each other ciff the
aimge into the pit, comm popuso.
-The cold in Busei has been more severe
this winter than for 156 years. In t. Peters
burg, on December 30, the thermometer fell
to 39 degrees (Reamur) below sero Beacral
ebmen were frotsn to death on their seats,
and eats, sparrows and pigeons welo found
dead in the street. Lirge fares were kept
bu.aing at eight by the pollee far the benefit
of the pullo. In Mosiew the Grand Theatre
we elesed for want of audiences, the people
being eheid to venrure om in the cold.
-Why has there been so little holly berry
" le4 olover in Eogand the past year? Mr.
b fl . zeplaias that bees were traordinary
S I" the frly spring, and that without
s fro the an e to the fe.
elorer ten be te.e
autr It sat
a lti 1 e dN 4 mel t
I oi hibA Iea pu ,i oi !
/h0iy Aofews were endly aIatH td
*eATE's POT PIna14n UtNUelUte~ .
The IrNdmren IN ANdermen slnd nrt
IIltatll Want to IartraItet to 1t,
etll lnl*e ,
iObrsnletoa Jettltatl atof tlut et . I
The noetn Itersid, whiteh, it l naeed
lee1s to nsll l not ve rý liabul authorl
tY, t.lslee the tlh lt oq a nlartte
Aie tbllgt tl meetlhl ald to have been
hed at Anderson on the g9th ilt. The
resolutlont s .e signel by eibortn Me
Ourry, obelrmian and lMoes lee, sere
tarn, atd hetee there may bre oitteth i ni
Ii It, 1after all. OW eolre the tiueal rtee
OMutitoe were adopetod expresselng loy
airy to the llttmurpet'e, overnment, t.nid
ttLg1 lnla to obey his o eeor, etr. Theii
oiiOwed t long preamble and a set-ries
of tresolutldho whleh lint a new thase
on the atter, antid whoh seems afiIn ll
t~a, They rete that
W 0rea the attd uowners "prefer" to
I tlltlot thdeelaborers who votel for lno
ltiont etr asePltanioe to thne estahillh
I mento deoent anid honlet; gov.rtienlt
in Stouth (ltrolina; ian ti WhlrePn thsme
laborers who did ltnt vote for hlotneet
govet.lnmelUt, 1 1nd1 who "l-ef'rlPtl'd'' Ito
vote for thatumrrlin . tlto hli tI itr1l
torw. "are now living in Ihe wooIttle nilI
ohi flols,I In ntis'erale hjtol, lTetrrIt.U
Ftronm mi l andl watt olf fuo.l, havltivlut ~eln
diriver i frt heilr h.ltho .se l. htp is tof t liht
.ntitle.al oi1tiioni ; 11114 whpiortl . fee! l
that t m n504 tltrnbltlteoS l n lmist te it tk it
:} its to releve 11111 dist towsii ; Mit1 l
wRrea II ll A pvllptt lhit w enlhn t live
a.ttonI . ItqPlie v t ilt pI eop le ' f thI l. It 1i,
ant pro rv ot'u te ui therty of 4opll0in4 00l
pollleal tll h-lt et' with ,ietl l llo tv lio
their t hatir l aorl ll dllgn tiu lon." T l'hlr, . .
Irt.oe5dOtl, hA'lh. t w Ilndie tt I'rle. lont,
(lal'l s lat Intio itsig- Ii tII i 41 roa1 11h1 a
Ihle to tlhe linetlxatIon of Han th. iiiiloo
to the ilnitiltd MHtates wIth vIew iii
snake it a hlone for th fr-ed el oplo n'
Ia#4itrdl Thlat w' !If'e illpon I Ii flros.
idelti thant hie renew hise pIT.-Is It, anotre
ittl) nti. lot by Coingress In outr behalf.
tllºoletne'd, Tiiat we ask our MentIlors
and lllpresentallves to gI ve their tld to
the Preshletut in this eause.
lrolr't,d, That We urge upon our fel
low lahbofere In other countles of this
t.alte, who are similarly persecnuted, to
ileet at anl early day, any February Ii!,
to oWnslder what is best to be dotne t,
teist or to avoid the callamilti sought
to be put upon ini for politlcal opinlhu..
Re'soeed, That a copy of these repo
Itltluti be sent to the Pfreeldent of the
tnited Mtates and to our reiresenta
yves tilt ongree., and to Fredereik
Douglas, lea., that they may use their
Ineluence in the cte. ',
I.Nenlr.fh That the proceedings of his
meetiný be Dublished In the Clolumi.la
(tnionin 4 a7,'h, the New York Ti'ine atmll
Trtibune, the Waolirngton i1t01t01lii,0
and the Methodiet A',arteiei', of (eOr
gln, and that a copy be sent to the (ov
erntet. of the several Mtates,
Mome time prevlouts to thile a similar
meeting was held in )arlingtonl noun
ty, antU tie ftlowing resolutlions
adoipted :
1.'ooletf, That we, the colored people
of 1)arlington Oounty, in the HtItt of
South (larolina, have been forcedl to the
eoncluston that it in a diuty we owe to
ourselves and to our children, and for
the fuller enjoymentf f our clvil anil
po ltel lbertilee, as well ni all other
mnatters that pertain to o1ur futulre haip
pine satid prosperlty, to seek homes in
the ]~eItpuihl of hIborli or the lsianel of
Man Domingo,
liresoltrd, That, whiltwe would nItt be
untinlldfil of the gratitude we owe outllr
country, noad eepecially the ltepublliain
party. whhih, uinder (lu, has given us
freedonm and fralnchile, Iti whIle tlhe
living and the dead who foughtl andt
wrought for us shall hie elmbalmed in
our llemolrice we eartiently ask t1he
(lovetrnnent of t he I tllteid llates to 11111
us, who many desir i tololtuljrlatet o Ilo
i'1a or Man I )oitngi..o 4 In aiih transliorta
lion as may be necessaruy for that. pur
The resolultlomin clmose with a "'urd of
tlanlks to Whittemore, to whose hadt
and wicked teachings ttlu'h of Il e
poverty and ruin in thi MatleO are 1du10.
Whltlemore should ibe ip Congress now
to rC'Celve the lan noxatton schemie.
to rtectlve the ann exatioh schenme.
4 MUEl$ll'rlTITON,
How Vew Peonple , Alter All, li Pirihr
by llalroad ArtlelP.deu
I Lynchburg Ntw'.]
Tinid people, who still regard tho
railway as a IlangerosI mIode of t lot'mo
tion, iay derive some courage fromn a
comparison recently mado botween the
deaths due to railways anl. tlhose eon
nected with horde conveyance in (reoat
Britain during the year 1874--the last
year for which at report has been made.
The total of deaths, nascribed to all
klnds of railway accidents, was 1240, and
to horse conveyances 1528. Ordinary
street trafflo thus appears to have been
nlluh more fatal. Thsl comparison is for
An unusually had year for the railways.
Two very fatal accidents occurred. 'TLho
average showing of a ntullber of
years would doubtless appear much
better for the Iron horse. No figures
can be compilod as to. the number of
journeys made by horse conveyance.
and hence the comparison cannot bh
carrled out in detail. There wero
477,810,471 journeys made by rall, and
an average of one person killed to
381,679 journeys. The dcect hs include
not tasoengers alone, but emp)loyoe3, of
every kind, tron~u sers, etc.- -all acci
dents traceable in any w~ty to railway
business. The proportion of . passengers
killed w:as one In .,'275,881, and of p,:s
sengers killed from causes beyond their
own contlrol, for which alone lthe rail
ways aro directly responsible, the pro,
portion was only one In 5.5561,281. In
1875 the latter prOl)ortion was only one
in 219,823,5100. F'rom these statCmients it
is estilnateL lt ht averaging the length
of passenger journeys at. ten miles, one
;Issenger is killed for every 288,2:15 .)00
miles traveled, and traveling ten miles
a day, at thirty miles an hour, the
ohanoes is that a passenger will meet
his death in 2719 years.
---- _-"º +- -
OGen,' ch.sp evsning gtloive at Kroerot e' .
The Graphic remarks that Judge
Nathan Clifford of the Supreme Court,
was born in Now Hampshiro, " but es
caped as soon as he got ligh School ed
ucation enough to know that the chief
une of that State is to migrate from."
[Erx. - --..
NTow bT-rg on the maan whoml Pay he never
aced the erpression "bulldoze," and never
will, and well wear him in our hesrtd core00
s8 ltln tab fam os tory to manoth.er..
So do nov r s and elevat sad wit
r-o bse~~
RIWW DWW1 LocIpk*,
,rimN , arid +ties t tlan lu m
A Word AbtiU ?tirklt'ra Sbreat leipstl
matle Vletery,
teptartll Ottfpoldesee of the Werltl,
LorinnO, Jan, u. -- Yesterday the
Tmhtn publlehed the det.' l of the plan
for ountln% the eletoral vote ant de.
+tldint Iparclue tfeputed polnte which
had been repotted to Uoltgree by the
joint tdottmlttee The ltr tspet o title
treat dlfloutty belng broughlt to t t etl
ratttory tet'ltlhfatlotn oulti not fall to
have a good eftti, upon the puhllt. here,
eepeoelally the 'liveating" publio, for
al I have potlntthid out iefore the ilan
gete of the elttiatlen are ithely to he
eaaggrtetl l, aitevept lpeo ,le who have
I le ulitt elo t'Olltlt iliop III t rlo odl foithl
of tlhe Alllehofln (,.oveprlntllnt gel, uil
0)tttlortetile at tlhe o0nlnlhote warningltie
whlitd lutepretl.41 elpoiilaltlol a'rt ir'l,ly
soiie to p'ea.ter .uniit. It l, wolmlnPetfrl
however how flrut go verttllnellt. h.,ime
and ithe IItghle elolms ofr ralltii'I e ,,'l ti
tt llrP h hPwll e 1 o. Thor'+ tarl h icg I,,
wotaplolaln pt elrte or moit+, hilt If €,iI
IIv l t rl' wltl i h ew lrom the flih I old,
n w ot eei ltiiie lately p lop itut their
pla,+ee. The .ow veler'r1hy ltmite.lh
, Ii lit h p i t t a lt rci l ru til, ltal I a,
Penflnuld tlhaii if the liflihlllity la 1r1%
IrangI( it Vtyll lit'el u itutif, If ' Ittil
n win lying ii witll ,etk to , Ina r ,hot
it l i ii vult l . o. 1rfr ,If h,' At 1 1l i, IThi
i;iil'hoiu ' WPt I I lt l it'1 PIx i ti l 'o lou , lu u
iVpwl l u h le it o ral+ IIiI' o im.hl Iiil i p Iilt
Ia t whil ir l . te tih ~ l~,1 1, U i 11 t11
Ii gu'ul lint .I',.rff .i m,,iri l , I , 0,,
, rl ln it" p ,th t t''+ll,,;I 0 lhI P1'1
tuuue ,lulu' tij Ir tu , +. iuuuui v I , I,' iiv
i lh h lriCl 'y i o41 i " itvi t ll i ~I tin ii
h t+.mll 'l ,.Iti l heIflitll, Ia 1'~1 illy i-, i. hil
ai tt'111 l dent f.' tihal, . 111 hriv foit' i' ,,ui
d,4u#*. i f'l°lI 'o Ilt 'u,r i R I AR ltiii ittohitt
r intl lttaf l, t l itorlid" 11111' t1 it ''llerty
I t e Itf l e b t t III at l hiir h ,,l lIi h elni'ti
iin'PttiI le fa oRaIe, Ru oit1 te our kntow
,il hi ti lf ii ", 4etl il o I 1tito ar t y, o'
'Ittlbt, lnvll.lnt havIr' ih ll l . nn oll o
"irtt e e'tu im llnoitae " o f It emt' int
wenPebly hl e o oterrt li, hlrl lli.1e
euthito lttl. ll the ,alile puht le nlti,
page winulfrbe rt thatr iwte, tro Ierul pln
Mre. oTle re hvote It. AIf tIe ltomtnrite.
little In l ht althoi ugulh tlihIe imtr al-n
tprltell ie a oraple, no far an our knotw
ledge of It lextenid. Thor, may, oe
tiofe w e tt ny h ling tnn rtl p lt withi
It the 'lui eu oats" o which ae n o otli
poethly be iultia!n'isood toe tithp bolre
Sllunthuenry w lh t the h ttle ffords ner
t wounll bei rd, thowever, to tPeratnle
if we Iti of knowf tie ind ofR the
'reirldntlti u t et. ot, lile week has
teef IloIng nulgh to tipo say o oe
" lemlaere " lhavo.e tIn .llpntd anhR
hpeeal geo Iale, and that wi the confer
Turkey. In le dl o that, Turkey lhat
detlloed the dt of the ctollfrenlc. The
dillpoutatl ad fl the nowlpapori arte try
in1 to put illt goo faceon tl.heurintatter,
hut the 1at I plain enougl h that Ttlr
key iilo .Oute outl , ot thin conteintl the
victor, tand a tn has etren/ tl.llllOtd her
twlt inino lIPy fy theingtl h to 1n11 t o y to
drlau011 once 1iIore, " You have niil ta1
far as you tlda dll--now turnll ltok."l We
hleartl great alk a ferw witok ago of
Turkey bhei on the verge or xotine.
tlra h. A d hr ditloul t, lrtul HlIlef'ellnry
fully hollh ee hal, Id wh 11en he mlo,'d hl'
applloat'o 'Mr t (Jontar ti pleo I1ho 411ill
Ian wo'i y l l tol' to ally de1talii . o that,
were matiIlil thn "bll tha lt y.tout. ay oe
pof upon it that lirt'i lfloatl!u0
alid, h, vev r hdd any teach tho, tbl, liH
httlre tute Irt.el1, whi le btllr hotlt, Lolt,
tiall tburyl, Itt pltitily b f thl not wer.,
ltth bett er, han mlnottlort I.h wisenr ths
whot thaven hen t aitai.. N o him forln
Mt. Jlbne ry hl at to I otenttlrn fwhichull
his govxrnf to nc oughtnp the opuen. pof
hae bnl1eveto tanl t, 'urketly tle rtt n of
drivolrtlir wotof h.ropur, "I. and wbll
ageot" at this nlnlRtert, )lt I aven .a|rdo to
tttOr'ept, thtie t 11. h i lthi h were rTl, nt to
hlIe. This wan callod oy .ilna ample
the "brantdy-tall-water' "lyle or o n,
eoninlg, atnld' by othlere "Mlalthlotnedu
Illn," YoIf, octet' all, eventFs have tIurn l
out, pretty much as Di)lraell naodi they
wnull. Thu grat powtre have goun in
wlith thitr ultimaum), ittd I h,,y havt
S(lCngI fin" evaniug gloves t 4 tKrrgra.
UMkrtlche of Ihe Perrmnlnel in tIls IElrc
toral (C'nrI Iloopan
[Our. Oln. Enqutircr.|
I ,varts is constantly taking noto., and
Wmn. EI. Chandler otearlonally gives hirn
the beonllt of his exxtrauordirnary legal
rknowloedgo. 'ITrunbull, with hls altost
- coloriCR face, sits placidly by the side
of DMatt Carplinter, and no ono,, by any
Sexpressiion of his countenanoelit , COull
- liagnoso where thn argument left an
r Inpression with him. JLIaItk sits In the
- ~lnter of It row of (dlfsk4 thu.lmbing a
mass.ivOe slltff-ox, andl tioldomn t.nakrs no
I tice. Next to hin is Charles (O'Conor,
wI ith whom Evarts will moeasure argu
t mennts on Monday. lit Ia thoe most at
Stentlvo of t.ho array or counsel. Not a
0 point slips him, and prilMage arft.er page of
L) legal cap is exhanusted by ill in noting
a down the points or law advancod by the
different speakers. Stanley Matthews
t sits next, to Evarts, frequently converses
with him, and gives the strtltest atten
tion to the procoedings. Stoughton's
do k is In the roar or both tho I)ento
cratio and Republclan counsel. Judge
SThutrman tills his chair as if it; was no
new thing for him to be on the bench,
so also does Edmunds, ],ayard and
SHoar-all are at ease. Morton loocs
f clumsy and G~rfleld ungainly. Payne
slides down low in the huge chair, and
nothing can be seen of him but his aqui
line features and merry, twinkling eyes.
H unton looks like an overgrown farmer,
r who would feel more at home In a split
bottom chair. Judge Abbott sits as
straight as an arrow and as proud as a
Wastn, for Nuet, for me advertisemem.tt imt
asa ps1ur at#1 WIm pme.r ...
M rtvep rscelr i al des f eat~
W1e hOtgt rrtlnFitl d lOMSes
The polloe jury of Ouaohita parish
estimate ltg expenses for cell at* Si,uuo,
The pralshr giverntitmel of Oulohita
is worklag smoothly under Demotiratlo
tight freedmen Fite In Jail in Otpe
Iit1u, awaitilg nott tanee tto the Mattte
t'hie orommlsshOns of (ov, tNhlttholie for
the liatlsh oflalals of (Jaddo anil llhsesot
rei litl fbreg'ottrt last ,week, atit were
It Is prr'nsed to ro icifvlit Vrn-ulilon,
s o as It tiakes tle tim tiber of 'lcstri'4c
eortlol e wttlladot t0 tr11er0u i1ti oa'l 'ti
rrcrselnt!Ced, Will elettt Otte in e Rh IIs-R
A'iam MaIndero, a y olntig t111110 rltilirig
in Mt. ilantct parish, gut, list is thto
Wnrnl t>I I I lb ot Inv1? ' , 11,1111 wae rittitl~
olal V etiot' twin days' etitroli by a ptatiy
itt fripntlc.
ill'y frut i I io ti'ioli of -.1 itiToiqti, loft
1 intlk , rql., Iiihitloe e ' lewo il'lle
(litnt.of lia lP'illit' p~iiy tlilm It~h I'tlyoi
pt'I)R s ·-s fill 11171 1t i W10.
fit ,t t urr It) 'loiter s perish 1111.12 na arly It11~c
111111 111111 i e 1 4 li' 'lie iluliit 111 . i :i" W i'
oioltr I fit, llnl~1( '0 w vi fit,, h11 11 I 1 1rt~g0'lts
ma11t llt' (1111k, i tr l 'II't1 ( to tryr, frrl tiniiy
'ito, killirngf irtii it'ii (I i raing oil tRto
e"ltIt tlll. wao a reekleti ntit rold-bloodl l
11111 pi t r }'''. 110 Wt". rot'lrlli n Itotite
fI'iiti I illS I I (t it '1, itl 011111 I Iy nltitttl t
wtito, In a ~llt'k, anntl Ji'tm at nig'itfall a0
hoTRctnas lm s Vattiori anil. wit hl, tiny
hugsf a wrd', I''I roll tltofatal chiit, and t ro.de
ra plllly a~way. ¶'IIO d~et'Oaio~li nlli h~is
1i fe lot t0 iiir M ttle "OrPert tztl to be l~
fayott.o Irotllman." Thi'le orioner'clt ilitl-t'It
ohe2rIt''i flrmari w1itl t htio mulrdr, an11ti
ho atdi ar~ott mnn' ll antlr I v, ln'aruer'I ''the t
It'ýi,' rxatnhin ti ut tii lae,
Judge,' E11rnstc ]i'4ot nit llt, oO1 ,t, e IOln
otti, lat Mondayll liandI lulu, yPi~)l Itorsk
tiny. The tsttitttnirty o time wi'tnese e
1'.1 vptlV avlili2 lli'tnttg 11y1- I Ito lit wee
I trovikti nt tlibi by sovt'rnl rfa itltlOn.
sliltte l'aii. ' w r' 1 11 itrartu
trtatitler, (hunk, gnallntl It, rnr t y, flintilyl~l1
t~ra A isto Ki l sot ~ruvº9t
Thekilig f mtliet rageonth
'thy have colored lmel eou the, IoI,'
force lit Jeffeontli,
Iartrcra will have thelr a(tlon plant
edl here by tIhe Iitlih olf Maroh.
l'he hort. Worth aII o .'l trd l hal
chatltged f;m nit evening lto a miornling
l cilanty.
atoe pll1 Inpo y I1, r Fcgll he iir cinWailelr
.call |wil 1ie Inay h3 os'Or lyinlg aroollnd
S i 111 i th htirs o Deniso n. 1lug
t.I il sahl flint the groa e.mrninrg of
lho i, 1ou~ton 11111 T'loXm (hniltr rl I 1llway
d rlnrig thn ye'ar Im1717 woln nearly 3,
l're, Ilo d1r, I t owns are nitr iroiol in
{Colt iii oilll t,. Tl'hlt i'ley a turn il 1o t ie
morn ilentrnet~ive to the grans than lairge
TI111h'01 1x Vounlltl are engagedl ltili ilig
11(1w iIt an Ilornll(e4t riVllty I1l vlow whlOb
'1an Ianiin the largestI , fillnulllo of mlilr
tilngo c rtl(it l 1t, n in I i ilonti( iilh.
IPerk 1140 [)roved ao vahlahle It pro
(d1411(ln 1iir11ting the pnvt yoear, t hnt,
1 Texas1 fir'llrºo will pillnt. a i oxItret
t'lio1'il olIT grain thiI l your, aind lrliod in
3)pork inot only 'for mille tini but, ifor 4lo.
M.n Alltoni in nflltltedtl wilh lb pI rl.y
oIf ruillghI 1111ad lr.wdiWl who lnkkllfi ljifl
I lnlafil'n it well a t. nnilalm lt, by thrlow
ing atonel anti lhoolting thiough tit
wlind1w1 oW if holtels Il t uill oiibirbp lit the
still ho!lr or Hight.l.
The tIiograplh operaltor on tr fron
Iirr intslllO thlhln.v.res bfy plarying
ochi.ckerl'l by tololgraph. ''lt'hre wase I
game plt - 1(ayted bet.wtooni the operat!or ait
Jltckakhiro uttndl the1 nn iat (aambnridig,
the other tday, resulting In a victory for
, the latter.
HISmallox 1 i c.tiuing great, suffering
f among the .(eoplo of C1 in1 ll..erl coullr nty.
SA 1number have flld their hloine1, but)
f many ot.lherl' are forlced to reomllll in
Slocalities l'raviaged to an alalning elxtent.
t I'hyhnilin and experelontc'ed rlllr!ni are
laked for at Mihni lt's Pol'Int, I)oublo
Ilayou, Turtle I.Iyou Land Walllpvillo.
Ata, varlety show in (rilllin, hlill MaIlnd
andtl (Clurley h. ooi wore "llhoolting
arlo1ild generally," our ilfo rmn1t ll, tats,
Landl killed .I. W. Myteir, i lawyer, andl
oni( UlandI was shot in the labldomen.
Colinty Altlornoy Jelfl'rey was sehot,
thlirolugh th le g I8(and th1o heriif was
wounded. WhilskyI Whiskyl
SOtrly good gloven ll p. at Kre.og.r's.
'l'Tl IrtIIpuIIlllitln OfTfrltng 1tIleI'y in liOj
S llmN frronl slullfellllllh.
tp I iooal to R., J l.o t I.int 1 bllean. I
i)AvE N1olrr, lowa, .t'o. 4.---Lit.tle
fiold, the. clerk of tihe Loulslltilt a io
turning Iord, ti testitild on 1Frlidy lhat,
a baniik examliner naimedl (Ilfford cl.ime
to hin. ni1d, after fintding out what L,it
t.lfloi'sh know ofr the operations of the
Ioardl offerod to pay him to g. to
Wtislhngton, saying that ti0 (Glfford)
could got $1(0(,000 fror the 11 epubilan
com rntnl.r3o for kreellin Littlefild from
4quicltitg. Thlis(ifford 1s John (Cliford
lateo President of the First Natilonal
SBank of this city. It, Is known herd to
be a fllct thalt he did approach Little
field in the way statted; It may have
been at the request of the National Re
R publican Committee. It Is thought
here that Gifford will not make his apl
earance and will' avoid ita ubliena
prom the Congressional Committee,
. .. .. .-- .--.
4, 6, 8 and 10 button kids at Kreeger'd.
d ----t--
If you don't thipk future political ovents
I are dreadfully unoer ate, contemplate the un
wonted quiet of Gen. B F. Butler. He never
was so impressive before.-[N. Y. Tribune.
2TJ bet a bi5d J i ts gloet direegei#,
A W1lestetrn VIanrler'e Itatemiet.
©" 1 thiquirer. l
ito t The ulebts of the States," sivd Mr. White.
Ia haete, X11 hate tbliated ae the etsoodl from
the beet iluaormetion attainable, in Aptil, 187(1;
a- that lI, ebout the little we opened the oeuten
be nlaf nhlbltIon. The total nleertly 087,00O,.
UUU. lint the debta of the thirty-fliveprinel.
3r pal ltles foot tip to nearly $DGl0,oOR)oo.
therie ehavs, [a&l n only the eleeeblvi eltlee.
01 apggregate Olvije ad Satte debt of $9111
RJItlJ, o~it, tapitriemately, hblft s muah bob
Iglailont as Ibis United Slates debt Itself."
ri I erked him to giv ene eetue examples of
I Well," be vivd, "let III take Naw York
Stale. I's debt lI eoent of 3111 (100i,1[11, We
have i sinkitng fnnul (. toil to half of It. lint
g the debt of New Y'Irk filly is $l)i:ll1, tllR, of
It lironklyvi nearly ¶I4,t00lR),( t tltt r Il'Thf aIrltnoet
i $7,0(01).0l0r, orf ltiitctt-lr $5,=r,171If1llR, of Al
Y º1t ny 0:1, 1114,R1R a v'i pItn elurt Rot fie Atoeri.
'"+i t itievi of '$2' 1) R(101, 11011, enorl 4conie (of tlbtue
r- have been lonrctnnprl sir~-- 1,70 "
ft ' If * c 1, lie ii irt'J flrntitinfv 1i'ir (rijnt
I- pete vitO oho f.'
0. " l'olIvlarl1i.Rlii hay viuiic $57.ttittlnlet Ii. I.
1, 1104 nwitily 312.1,1)1111 11t111, N-c trpiI#,e, $`aI,
N-tic )PIh, vi~lR,(n i-ut . 'ii), hu. tIIRI.f9)
1 ir111;lo0 0 tnn I il'l a1 '1~rr itu IV F1.11:1 11, 1
tIf tI~ "ipt', flp -I h'. Is.i-ne '"I' I" ,' 'CI tfel
t tii
'ltree AnilRc~ laeii( ol.· t~uJr1Ir-'t we line ii.V
N 'w i k, wi I:1! raflt al (() IIIItIN I r 'I t y of
0111 1'r le d $ 1 l itn ecuil 1111) "i IiliI
''F' ,r ihrlnnl, r. inrlnyi l . F111'w 1. It 1 1, ), rlw)
Stittlt t lttie, like Irelitall iiI nIVll'y, Outhi
1 to thirow ewa ' 1co'titici. ,
i tint. (Iiteti "tti'lln bee 117. 7F(! 111..111 Hnev" n
i (little ie, ,'sRrtli, r 117; (l uItveo n r l itt7;lR)0(l,
i- Merniti., 11 , ,1 'O11 it; M". mei(ri, &lliencul,'
i *InJI ,ti9: N aviRiwlile 11,II)l(,I0i, 'jolnmlowa,
Iii (leora $1, rt0711,t)It, 1' i it I, tle '"1,,oiNille
C- "(lineo defile Bee ii #Ieeaese.'
"tf Nowr," h,"d M'ir. W lj(ehin ii, 11,=A?17
is eltruit e o,'- tneb tirselt of wt' tniitpytit
N- We 1ome;Ilmtn, t l'itlettur . wIfh $1,7:11.t1,1 OR
it+( leceitad, $1,41'1,1.0(lR; Li4o '2,P41R,001,
if ''ittle neilV., hi 41)11(11): Mricuiwiyt', oug4htl
0 0111; to . I'tni, throw aa Rlly . ''se iinorl ti'e
t, of the Wit~t herae reen ooupryartively pern
1- debt.
'Wti~lh FRlete be he gb IleelceI debt1~'
1; " Vlolenw,, eFl d with little t U beer it. Moat
th o It ean vequfted tieoe rte wea, t in -ftly then
tl end en'sron l llena . ntt cirer *411,( Vir)gini.
Y- 11tt Meectt'ihtvve4tt bce viibe et $2 t,1titf(tt
viol 1'eR,(tltvyl Mii $'t),H10,)), bA't with e
lerge e~ibklng& inod.''
A I hru e oinly tainl(ete ttirlyaotie $ It1,0,(I
l-e pottnnnui. "(10,r1;e rioFl Ft.atev heyP Rsnin
tiite. 0Ueir N iavie bee I$e, then $,,0;(tmlii;
Ifi; i( autnoet t11nt of aebt; Mie ilgin ehe
it akinn'aly $)lotO; the breadt hilate of I nole
I Wev omly lg t,4511.ltf(it: $(arRne with $ 1,e t11a)
g tteR; (Inlifnna, $t4 71,(00)(; Detr oiteviota, $2.
77'h, t10, S tr. e Weebrrrl t.1 irma irlTh.er minortlnu
to thelWi t tery hveneitine vie to ii l"it
d 1 l)'i the let Iteniflo h -as te Ih n kepe oit: of
1 ollVrginea, a tdwit Of ittl;elRLtbrit. t o)strn
iAt0f ti wIts l Iie bi-Itor the tar i(n nervl yae.a
I. and Ilt 'IroaU imtling. It is ovetrr $411,01)(1,000
iº pltot lier noent 1itta, hoglmlosl in five yevrvi v(Iod
Y analI Ii; for intnrietn i)tat c0 f cvvry $1 w 1)h
Chat ha etonyivel bn l(it ten -ec."
hepow," eeil Mr. "Nomlei hri~nk, ut''aesXv, enl
dt te la ,lalien sonrly b4 1, t, then 3 1,400,00;
0 ' line he Is re ailiPt Not of ydbtq $Mt,4ietleIt.
I lttiyti lin1;11,140; the12,eat Rf't, le o linotis
It, $22 i a only$i4t. lor~flf;ie $ri 2-:t fiie f lees t-a
In fite eisvery $[~Ultitir t tlit frt e
'rf11 D't ten for wino, ott him tben ketrel, ll
WeNlt'l, Arkon tiavtpttt tRII~(~ $l~ 4hR i'ltRtli,~
27, 0 '1) i' Rho viriet fleir N-'w l:ri4a etra
.Y I-1riocll
t V.'bi rnmnt lit .31 to, tI~ 212iI~t
potNew hIuen piti iree nlalrg tin1' fiv.e27er, iitt
Y ooneet tt''. pa 15!lut 01; )for vile alenoec $'1, 1(vr$1 N
S1011/(HJ, hay II $4l $4 ,0200 r1 1,1 . l;::p li'n
I Ii o r tinw bta (12,1e tll4I 1 (1, tnd elno Meary
Ii22'141d,0Ib verY0 Hrgt 111)731),0f1,ti. Mveevr
h( obmeetle lat ittttl,(J $20:.l:it,( 0oftine
IC vent. pill1 11r1 .lr itti(o Art:, Inthetl for crh
. f fwn'd io.
Ilo adlln r ho- for kl~w a -l(r ge r' .
INorlurne. r
Olhiengo TlmfP. I
1ip to her hambner wIndow
A Plight wire tr1lli goeP, ,
Anwl up this Itomno'a lMder ll
C(lrolIcir bold white Ioe. 0
I Ihllnge in the ile ,hldrlowu
I iPe the lady If,1n,1,
:Inl(.,apiu g her ailnk Ie girdl,
The turtain' foPld betweon.
fhe emtlem on her white-rno lover,
hie remcheie nt her hmni,
And helps himn I at the w.nlow
I see i whore I inl: and
''To her mnmrlt lips *eh hohld' him,
And ki+id n him mpny a time -
Ah, m, 1 it was he that won her,
liecanell he dbared iO climl!
.. .. . +--- .
'Ihoe hit, and cheapn.i gloven at Ireeoger'a.
heIirmln anti MuinrhInuarIn.
IU0 .rior. Journal. I
A q uent.hon for the futurer will be, a
" Who wal the author or Hhormnan's
volume of testirony in etlonsr, of the
action of the Illltlani Returning C
rhoard, John Mherman or Ilaron Mun
chausain?" While there will be many r
to contend that the work is too utterly
wanting In veracity to have been pro
duced singly by either, tlhere will beo
quiltoe aus many who will readily accept
it as the joint production of the two.
. ...... -, 4* -
(Gtt your kid gloves at Kreegecr'u.
A Clty Full of Srtueskers.
[Milw.nkeo et ntmnl.]
"The representative Chicago girl is
notoriously a 'srlueaker,' and often a
howler. When the present site of Chi
cago was the home of the hyena and
the screech-owl the sounds that loaded
the evening air were not more blood
curdling than the sounds that can be
heard any summer evening in those
portions of the oity devoted to rest
dencees. Miss Kellogg told onlya truth
that is familiar to every visitor at Oht
eao whenb she deolrea the city to be o
flt~ro ' Jqueakes?"
Tha 1soe$ (¶iiink Ptit ii In thn wtCI~t. Lil
irk tweritr ocrrrrs ntr!Ltl~,rr ncH # lurk Willft
WO wtitrnnt , Itid i ticlis f ¶tither Rftiu~tiLi
u unilre r 11 r8 4 rI,'
hit Vi~iiri t+, tr·tiul Iii( HtPoirl t 8i
tif rl liiti Ifi (JmF&¶I
nut tiNn 1 et I'rii. 'l·4ti't., A tnf t l*YItl1iR31
A1. .. l In'
uri- V'lilci ,, I' 1>'Vt'uONk.
r;~lclc r:4('lH WTt[itfr (0111k.
"ii- (ANtiIj;F1 ; i Ins' N. Firini4?fRi boMt
f41-10t?'q~. 111II rrr IIllt Ithlr elan rH, l~ltxi
(' rimeii
I' lii
liº, IIAI)II( loll I:r,n-ko C:'y hnt t rl M~kA. 1,0 dtt'l
If IAf nn Ii, r">>" ,i..f l ,'I r'md'y pilidI
l l Irrn''' (-'d rl ''' 'Ir '!n" In n rnt oi t l -. if
J nrr ' n'' '''r) .r V 'mr. l ii n t tt himibeg
I''FlED I(, "1 'I' r FOINP14t9 -"'I(.4
IS 11 x ' rPi, Iir.rti .' 'l.itll ti, ~ v iin.P
Um'Irtm I ?" Pnwli? r"uht,?u't 1tWnI l hIWW1
tit- iIýI; cF i· ·llir ·I II ,,,i ('nrrla, I4 r~ Mfdd W f~h
irlr i , ) r rrrlf;n 0 l ý tf#
a . I I~ s,),,:·.ý 11. 1I··~ Ir~. ýdqrl t.r_ !Iblr ka r
?UT hA nn, " ,Thjmo rr I , t Htrý1V
Ills 1'r , 05 614; . Ott n lrl ' I I',.!lrrc lpitclcr J{r
ano M4.' al FOnDe it4$ftl
n n su-:rv ?'l?(rJ~tlIo ol E~),
rT1, '
,be Cnrne v le*O~lpr and 'rtinteblr
lab WA nta Virnllnrc'l t?, nnntltlnntltre
tp, C3r~aAM J 4tray, . HI)1t&RR 4
00; HtttIA W111,1 M, It IAA º t t i
in , Df1IA1RIRR MAnnfttll,, AW lattb#
n4, Ut~rrrn I`Rrcfttl,8nwd, Ni W LL llljl
file Ot r Cfxbartfo Fttlt AUflM MtMIS,
O14AT9114 RNI, 1110" I'M WINES rP Cf
and all klnda of f 1rctttotrtlrt~ * ~~~
t'e n lel adt3 tlol ý kro
h:Y TI111-
Mi irr flu' ' V.," of itra1101 tinj the 8eilp
Igist I'tr' itoy [rd flay 1foIItllen1 Mwjooty lu A
,::rftilllsf !i~a'1r,+'1', Ihrl 11..15111 (lan t'ro tfR6Rkm
I ~- ti i ' I.flkr Mojooby. hOr t
r, Ii,º'vr h·:·+ Ito , I tpn flits t, 111. mlr it oisty , dyl4
tor hr 'lt p (:fl r is: liFiti f' t I, whlnrtt 'litdt
alrr i hor 1 I ,5 I I ff+rl, A r " IIr'vi to n tnft wh
err. ilk-rs Will bo
thu 1,i ' ', itig'i Vs Iso r k
(lrt+11; )1) t + ru; +gtdWARWICK,
V Unrit ?'fnrihal of t smtfi .
tim"" I- n~
lsy i.t +I',.l ,r on rtots Ahv rooln oon
t 'c~LI)I'.,'t'XIl
To rl tlhm lhin piloW"+t l III the
comei n ' is -I'ellIONO
Wh~ronor~, TUI.I $I)AV. Iiih 11t h dave V
(r'. tt'77, l 1'fi rly knoawn a. J rtIl Otto,
th, 7"71nnito Into Dy of lb i, Ot *raeIitffs
)lilyft thor JIIu of th L (JraIVJi IId ta#
Troiui rniV"l t whonig Iv to thes e dp , and
ourr I'~vinM 'jootorwl h ennAbled to JIhr in w
Wnhiriarttt( Anllotn~nl o Our Hllh day of -
tout. It In horrr:·y iid,rt'rti an4 tlot1M*lt *
1. 'fhnt, it ularytt forwn 4f Madi tn
wihl thir in ntni P07 of 111r soth1 MWt, ,tlyl oitn
topry, 4tii'r' IImi vII ( 1 00rm ttll ath hiorlt d
Ilr Miviniltocus rtis. endnrAr regto rnd tsO
iiitwnriy tihoir Iii igianr' to hio authorit sad
1. 'flint, to it r'si tti chlren$ of gtve roin
thttorini tvs' Ia jin In ethoovntluso t1 it
i~rijilit nu~t 'Thly tIRiiiit they Otaye ha*udv
vhiotiir~lru, I~tit lilt' tuu IiiiritMrod with tbo11
ioolr giiary ry11or pul.niir'n, ialtl uoobe ty
tIll "lfh haIt' tin Pl'tid fir Malrdi Ulrta t
tigntityl. thiMr'iii, f rill to hrdoatthorith.
2, IItu tolli" "imlitnjrd t tlthrint0th ar r h
Ft p* Tto'.t.tluo i otloan iif tlloroontr*elt 6eir
e riini not onIvilyi thatlRiOtitt int othi'ttnd y n
ihsiO &it, nlotl also IeimtpcrtuubJitrt w ompkcywh
orea rtinsan'I frofr iirr auth, rit twshoolPthr
if. Thait all j, O'i unit' trurt loubjutots Wat
Ii, u~rgirtiizo oF. urtr" In ihuj~ripLuii sud
9 wlthloutr t rin fl,'i,r nut u iorvl're. t tohe
L Jt,,nirntuir, tli~r Fulrl Martihiu of the Ern~yie'
in ahaig'n't With ho"i rixucrutiO n ol th. rcuy
j~~ntt. ioD HAVE'1 TflE: KfIO!
hymn .Tihatur onlr hnrtilat1d Aaeal.arttbe Enf9iý
Mariiia rel. 'i rout', for our iyni Capt u
,h ilgiz of Jnautiunrt. 1877I andr t swthrdb and ý
8 rt~i2n.
1y, the wily" himsrelf i
attuttr WAltWICK.
I ; tr Earl Marshal of theb.Zz
i Adireotai~o 1WX 17, NeW Orleans ~Podt#&Is.
- __jtii with till r out "
B) Omivw PN. 0. OUrh anodPa O 'ut
1 12n ranal aittoet.
Ad Orreeps, o N annsy Pt,
ja3 od tll fYOleldLE;3
B tr..olr--Olr11 1 N. 0 QT TUWI
OWOi a a~t tt

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