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The Senate met at the usual hour, 12
I., Lieut. Gov. Wiltz presiding and a
quorum present.
Mr. Goode, for ud ry Committee,
reported favorably o Huse bill No. 88,
to change the name of Thomas Jeffer
son Mount to Sylvester Edgerton Rich
Mr. Breaux gave notice of a bill
shin gng the police juries of the parish
e_ tPqnta Coupee.
Mt. Duoros, according to previous no
tU.e introduced an aot removing the
sa of justeice and record of St. Bernard
parish to Bayou Terre-aux-Bouf. Re
ibrred to Committee on Parochial Af
Mr. George introduced an act for the
relief of Mrs. M. J. Lewis, of Natchi
toohes, allowing her $260 for excess of
taxes paid by her. Referred to Commit
tee on claims.
Mr. toode moved reconsideration of
Senate bill No. 27, relative to motions
and continuances in criminal cases.
The bill was recommitted.
Mr. Wheeler gave notice of a bill pro
v'ding for the removal of cases from the
parish to the district courts in his dis
riot-the Morehouse district.
Senate bill No. 29, to enlarge the
jurisdiction of the Tthird District Court
of New Orleans, was postponed as the
special order till Saturday next.
-Mr. Goode, for the Judiciary Com
mittee, reported by bill on House reso
lution No. 36, relative to the legislation
necessary for the promulgation of acts
100 101 and 102 of the session of 1876,
afnd such acts as become laws by the
lapse of the time allowed for the return
ob the same to the L-gislature, as pro
vfdBd by act 66 of the constitution.
The bill wL.s finally passed.
Senate bill No. 11, relative to limiting
the amount to be paid for the support
of the public schools and the expenses
tor the same in the l.,ariah of Orleans
and the tax to be levied for the school
band, was, on motion of Mr, Kelly, post
poned till Saturday.
A meessgo from the HIouseasked con
earreulo :
In 1.iou.~ bill No. 31, an act relative
to the Lulsiana Equitable Life Insur
ance tand to continue the same in force.
In House bill No. 47, an act to amend
and re-enact section 2074 of the Revised
Statutes of Louisiana.
In House bill No. 49, an act to amend
and re-enact the act entitled "An act to
amend and rp-enant sections 359. 360
and 881 of the Revised Statutes, and to
do away with the unnecessary expenses
to the cancelling of ofliotal bonds," ap
proved SMarch 26. 1873.
In House bill No. 57. "An act relative
to insurance companies not Incorpo
sated by the laws of this State, and re
qalring them to appoint agents on
whom legal process may be served and
providing penalties for violation of the
crovisions thereof.
In House bill No. 52, to provide for
te better management of charitable
toitations of the State, and for certain
In House bill No. 68, to amend and
re-enaot section 3773 of the Revised
Matutes, defining the duties of theState
Treasurer, providing for the punish.
meet of violations of this aot, and re
pealing laws in conflict therewith.
And in House Bill No. 97, an act to
amend and re-enact section 3695 of the
Reilsed Statutes.
The bill (Mr. Ducros') relative to
property qualifications required of
.ranch pilots, was read twtice and re
-erred to Committee on Inland Navi
At 12:30 o'clock the Senate joined the
louse to ballot for U. S. Senator, and
reurned at 1 o'clock to their own
The special order of the day being
Mbate Bill No. 20, providing for the re
isiseon of penalties to delinquent tax
_.wers was taken up.
Mr. Steven moved toadopt, on second
uiditng, the report of the committee in
iwtor of the bill, having been previous
Myr. rovter in the chair.
Mr. Eustsle moved to strike out the ex
mptfioiapplying to delinquencies for
sxes diue in New Orleans in the words,
} xdept those due in New Orleans."
)Cr. Robertson inquired as to what
• emltid be the effect of the exception on
he premium bond plan andthe obliga
iems created by that plan.
Mt. White argued in opposition to the
Mr. Eustis said the ambiguity of
wVious enactments on the SeibJect of
tel mision of tax penalties was such
it had been held that, although
law provided for remission of such
_-unalties "throughout the State," such
tetieleon did not apply in behalf of the
of New Orleans. We have, in New
sans, resting upon us the burden of
per cent of the taxes as redorded due
-tate. This burden was proportion
rl&yheavier in the olty than any other
3,_lona of the State and considering
he greater deoreolatlon of property in
c·l ountrry, two-thirdb of this burden
sted on the city. It it was an act of
eimee for the country to complain, a
jgmon of the city had a right to join
m the grand procession for relief.
Mr. White said he would favor a
ee1sal law if one was. proposed and
lmtitutional to cover the case of New
SEustis said that under this bill
nlenalties due byy an corporation of
late, except New Orleans, were re
. oode asked if there were pen
d awunder the existing laws for the
mmo-paYment of taxes.
M.ý Ogdea replied yes, in the charge
Mr. Goode thought there was a seri
aiquestion under the premium bond
as a contract, whether the pen
-'es could be remitted in New Orleans.
-r. e ustis, for the information of the
Ueuator, said that he would read the
ar~se of the premium bond act. The
so far from being a contract that
Sleity shall not have power to remit
Sa ties involved merely the question
aot Increasing the taxes, and thereby
adig to the indisposition of the peo
-- to pay them. So far as the remIs
soon of the niere penalties calculated to
toune prompter payment of the taxes
.temselves was concerned, there was no
.twmselves was concerned, there was no
r. acbharie said he was opposed to
. bill. He was unwillinR to com
te the subject by striking out a
Mien which will impliedly make
ill cover back taxes. He could not
hat he was entirely opposed to the
S of taxes. Was only not dis
to saddle the hill by attempting
with the fiseal system of
He might favor a separ
ft the bill was in
n. State taxes, the
en- out as
esritlaatibu Of his iaons or doir i,
tion of the bill Mr. White moved to
amend by inserting "State and parish
Mr. Eustis moved as a substitute to
insert "State, parochial and municipal
Mr. Robertson moved to lay the sub
stitute on the table. Motion lost, and
the adoption of the substitute being in
order, Mr. White spoke in opposition
to including municipal taxes in the sub
stitute, whoih he thought should be left
to the discretion of the city.
Mr. Zacharie further argued the pro.
priety of the question involved in the
matter as one for serious consideration.
The law in a measure had been crystal
ized, albeit by hostile legislation, in
such manner that it would not be pru
dent to deal precipitately or immaturely
with it, and he therefore begged the
Senators not to be hasty in their action,
particularly the Senators from the
country, who cannot so well understand
the extent and nature of the interests
of the city.
The yeas and nays being called for on
the adoption of the Eustis substitute,
Mr. Goode said he was opposedto draw
log any distinction between the city and
country, and after due consideration of
the oblections which had been raised
he thought them unfounded.
Mr. Robertson said he would vote no,
because he was opposed to creating a
premium by remission for the non
payment of taxes.
The vote resulted as follows: Yeas
Ducros, Eustis. Garland, George,
Goode, Grover, Ogden, Perkins, Sandi
ford and Texada. Nays--Breaux, Ellis,
Mitchell, Richardson, Robertson. Sto
ven, Stubbs, Wheeler, White and Zach
There being a tie, an1d the President
voting in the negative, t he substituto of
Mr. Eustis was ,lost, anl{i tihe bill was
finally passedt, a itution to reconsider
being lost..
The following Ibill wore read twice
and referrel :
House bill N ,. i. t. relative to the Lou
isiana Equitabl' Life Insurance Com
House bill No. 47. to amend Art. 2074
of the Revised Sti utles :
House bill No. ,:J. to amend and re
enact sections 359, 360 and 361 of the
Revised Statutes; and
House bill No. 57. relative to insurance
companies not incorporated by the laws
of this State, requiring them to appoint
agents for legal process.
An act amending section 3073 of the
Revised Statutes, was referred to the
Committee on Finance.
House bill No. 97, substitute for House
bill No. 50, was referred to the Judiciary
At 2:45 p. m. the Senate went into ex
ecutive session and thereafter ad
The Heure.
The House assembled at the usua
Speaker Bush in the chair and a quo
rum present.
Prayer by the Rev. Father Hubert.
By Mr. Cressy. of Orleans-From the
Little Sisters of the Poor, asking foi
relief. Referred to the Committee or
Charitable Institutions.
Judiciary-By Mr. Jonas, chairman
Favorably with amendments on House
bill No. 12, amending section 351 of the
Revised Statutes, relative to bonds ol
public officers.
Favorably on House bill No. 59i, rela.
tive to bonds of public officials.
Also, on House bill No. 59, relative to
the manner of issuing State warrants.
Also, on House bill No. 89, relative to
oaths in garnishment proceedings.
Also, on House bill amending Section
No. 697, Revised Statutes.
By substitute for House bill 42 rela
tive to the compensation of the clerks,
etc., of the First District Court of New
Favorably on House bill relative to
fixing the day of appeal to the Supreme
Court from the courts of the parish of
Ways and Means-By Mr. Bell, chair
man-Unfavorably on house bill No. 81
to authorize sale of property of tax de
inquents by tax collectors, the provi
sions of the bill being embodied in the
revenue bill.
Favorably on Senate bill No. 38 rela
tive to warrants of public offcerstnade
receivable for taxes.
Mr. Young of Claiborne in the chair.
By Mr. Steele of Union-Of a bill to
amend the Revenue laws.
By Mr. Young of East Baton Rouge
To Lix the time of election of Justices of
the Peace and Constables in the country
By Mr. Berryof Orleans-To bond the
debt of the city of New Orleans to the
Firemen's Charitable Association of
New Orleans.
By Mr. Lyons of East Feliclana-To
afford facilities to manufactories to be
established in this State.
By Mr. Bowden, of Franklin, by con
sent-A bill to authorize tax collectors
to retain taxes due in the country par
ishes in all cases where sales are made
for delinquent taxes, and to pay the
same over to the parish treasurers.
The bill reads: "That the tax col
lectors for the several parishes, the par
lsh of Orleans excepted, be and they
are hereby authorized to retain and pay
over to the parish treasurer of their
respective parishes all taxes realized on
property of delinquent taxpayers and
sold for taxes."
Mr. Bell, by concent, introduced a
bill incorporating the Board of Trade
of New orleans, a synopsis of which
was published in ) esterday's DEMOCRAT.
Read twice and pending a lively debate
as to what committee the bill should be
referred, the Senate was announced and
the i+eneral Assembly went into joint
session and proceeded to ballot for
United States Senator with the follow
ing result:
Speaker Bush in the chair.
8enato. Hnse. Total.
B. F. Jonas................7 '3 3)
R. L. njbb, n...............3 J6 19
IR bt. C. Wickliffe .........3 13 16
W. B. Egau..... ........... 6
W. A. ltbertion ...........5 3 13
Total, .................2: 66 87
No choice, and the Senate withdrew.
The bill inco.porating the Board of
Trade of New Orleans was taken up
again, and gave to further discussion.
regarding the proper committee to
which it should be referred.
House bill No. 55-Authorizing the
Governor to appoint a private secretary
and messenger, and fixing the salaries
of the clerks in the State offices.
The first section of the bill provides
for a private seeretary to the Governor
it. $1800 per annum, and a messenger at
Mr. Berry mle to add an assistant
teiraV l.! , l 4.1.. h
oa n otJDr. Iyan , who spiP '
his moton.
Mr. Berry also moved to amend by
adding a porter with a salary of $720 for
both him and the messenger. This
motion was also tabled.
The second section gives the Secretary
of State an assistant secretary at $2000 a
year and a page at $400.
On motion of Mr. Young, of Claiborne,
a "porter" was substituted for a page.
Section three gives the Auditor one
chief clerk, $*000; one book-keeper,
$2000; one assistant, $1800; two assist
ant book-keepers, $1500 each: one tax
and assesment rolls clerk. $1750; one
registrar and warrant, $1750; one mes
sengerand porter, $720.
During the debate on this section Mr.
Brady of St. Tammany, took occasion
to call the attentin of the members
that they might be spending five hun
dred dollars worth of time to economize
º two hundred dollarb.
Mr. Fitzpatrick, Of Orleans, moved to
strike out the chbiefclerk. Lost.
Mr. Fitzpatrick then moved to strike
out one assistant book-keeper at $1800.
Mr. Fitzpatrick moved to fix the sal
ary of the tax and ssesment roll clerk
at $1500 instead of $1750. The amend
I went was adopted;
Dr. Ryland rmovfd to reduce the sal
ary of th- registrar and warrant clerk
from $1750 to $1400. The amendment
was lost.
Mr. Berry, of Ouloans, arose to offer
a substitute for tie first section, mak
uing the salary of the G(lvernor's Secre
tary $17u0, that of a messenger and por
ter $720 for both, ,nd giving trim a clerk
at $75 per month luring the sessi')tl of
the General Asset bly.
Dr. Ryland uroled to lay on the table.
Dr. Ryland mnoted to..ubstituto $1500
for $17100 as tie ltilayv of the p'rivate
secretary. LoDt. A d Mr. Jcrry 's sub
stitott wVAS aLt ,pt d. .
Seclioni cightt Ito'vidu'E Ihat. Itir officer'
shall unployuy n cr l 'irrical for,., excOpt
such as is tentilIntcd in his hill. Mr.
Billieu moved toli.m tif bly authorizing
the Secretary of MNitt to emi lloy xltra
clerks to copy i.t ' Itlgtitons, at. certain
times. L )st.
Section six givts the 1Vgistrar of the
Land Othce $2501
Mr. Young, ol Claiborne. moved to
amend by substitmtting $2000. Adopted.
Section four i;iecs the -i .ie Treasurer
one chief clerk at $250 ). one book
keeper at $2250, 1ihul two assistant clerks
at $1300 each.
Mr. Tremoulet, moved to reduce the
salary of the bock-keeper to $2250, like
that of the Au litr. Adopted.
Mr. Byland mdved to amend section
eight by providirq that the Secretary of
State shall be at horized to employ ad
ditional clerical ?orce to copy promul
gations, providdl the same does not
cost. in excess of 1500. With a proviso
by Mr. Wash burrie. of Morehouse, that
the Secretary ofvr;,ate may call on the
chairman of the Enrolling Committee
for assistanso .dulring the sessions or
the General As.nlbly. Adopted.
The bill was Ia,ssed fually with the
above figures.
Mr. Newsom of Tangipahoa, called
up Hlouse bill No, 93, to fix the time for
the atppealls to th* Supremte Court from
the parish of Tanraipahoa. The bill was
pasused finally with an amnendmient pro
viding that the tiling of the date shall
affect the return slay of such appeals as
have been made let urnable at a later
day, and as regards cases wherein tran
scripts of appeal have been previously
filed, they shall, together with other
cases, he called upl f.r trial at the term
commencing on said second Monday in
February in each year.
Mr. Fitzpatrick called up House bill
No 41, .elating to the compensation of
the clerk of the Superior Criminal Court,
pending considleration of which the
House adjourned, after, however, re
ceiving a message from the Governor
announcing that hle had signed House
bill to authorize notaries to take oaths
in all cases.
Returning Boards.
[N. Y. un. J
Which it ii no politician am t,
For I live by tho awet uf uy brow,
And tie man in shall aSy hat I lihe
Mblut prove his rt ma k , or I vow
u1 lick him or try.
I doll't want no q'enrrrl wi'h any,
And 1' ta cver Inau!tlng to none;
The fights ase 1'e had in.'t mny,
But no fir as thi\ 'v3 ever been done,
I haven't l:ot one.
I dou't may it to frighten noboly,
Butn to ahoy th t my iatlne i, was jus ;
For I'll 114b If I'in 'sse~d the sh,dd y,
And I th nk it is rightl and I mustL
Fight bard if I'm tassed.l.
That's the rens n I thought Idt explain
As what I was here ginl g to ay ;
And I don't wann no aan . is asaie
To set n and eeiny, Ifr he may
blake sure 1' c mplain.
Which it is no politician am I,
btut I don't think it's right to bo burning
The GO.v.rnmient coals, as is high,
Wneu the Bo r1t in so low thbat .nlieturnin:
What abnhis for lvye
Them is rubbish as ought to be bnrn;,
Fu' they ale heavy onto, t nation;
And iW'e oily quite r e-nt we've kharnt
That if there iC,'t no god in it~lttion.
There ie in c'emation.
E;(.gant evening gloves at Kreegi.r's.
Meettn; of the Projectors of the ".Lna
zon Tradlng Company-"
[N. Y. Herald.]
A movement has been in progress for
some months to establish a direct line
of trading vessels between New fork
and Brazil. The enterprise has been in
charge of Mr. John Landesman, of this
city, who succeeded in establishing a
steam line between England and Brazil.
"A number of wealthy gentlemen met
yesterday afternoon at the office of
Landesman & Gross to discuss the sub
ject and take steps for the formal or
gani±ation and incorporation of the
company. Mr. Mangus Gross presided.
The new enterprise will be kdown as
the ".Amazon Trading Company," and
will start with a capital of $50,000, with
powers to increase it. It is intended
that the vessels shall sail direct from
New York to Manaos, the capital of the
province of Amazonas, on the Amazon
river, exporting the products of the
United States and importing those of
--- -·----for -- ---
I:' is poci Ivly state' that Hon. Milton
Saylor is engage i to a W.Vhingtl,n lady, and
ail s.orntly t, la ..cia . -[ [Ex
Got: our lid gloves at Kireget ..
-- .......0----- * -- -.
Gaas PI TOLS ITO - At., ntion is called to the
savertisomcUnt of hIeesra. Hebueckeiburger & Oc.,
9 ot. Ubarlep str.et. This nwl known il m have ]
a spleudd selec ion of rflis, gaue, pistols, and a
fa. a, pply if fl.ing tackle, cutleur, , t. At
tached to this estab isbnm.u Mr. tr uche-k..
btair#r bas oe of tihe bin-t shooeingglT.tii I$
tbe F vy. Ite a j ete l n0osicot no 1
a~l~* Aw ta W~ egis~bitnbI# .o
Ten newr cOasU yesterdayinestituted in
r the'Fifth District Court.
John J. Pittman has been appointed
armorer of the State arsenal.
The Gaines case was up again before
Y the United States Court yesterday.
Clerk Curry, of the Fourth District
Court, had hard work the other day day
to convince a plaintiff in a suit that a
large lot of cigars was not good "security
for costs."
The commission of State engineers at
a meeting held yesterday ordered the
x building of a levee at Little Borridu
e Bayou in Morehouse parish. The levee
will contain 2500 yards.
The disply of Rex flags in this city
has never been so great as it is this
season. Not only do all the public es
tablishments in New Orleans display
e the gaudy colors of his majesty, but
many private buildings are adorned
with them. It lends a delightful air of
gaiety to the city.
On Canal, Camp, St. Charles, Royal
and other streets, the proprietors of es
tablishments are bracing up their hal
conies and verandahs and erecting
k stands to hear the vast multitudes
k which will turn out to-night to see the
pageant of Momus. and cn Mardi Gras
those of Rex and Comrn us.
.Our boys on gu'trd at the rooms of the
Supreme Court appreciate favors as
t highly as old soldiers, and last night
Company D, under the command of
r Capt. Richardson, like others before
them, had reason to thank Mr. Charles
Lacourne for his kind remembrance of
what a soldier needs most.
k An injunction, issuert yesterday from
the Fourth District Court, restraining
the Etiternrise Five Cent Clear man
'" from carrying on business at No. 56 St.
Charles street. ' is irijunction was
Slssued ion the petition of M. A. A. eniel
a who aHllegs 'radel, the (di'fndant.
a.ireedl not to do hilsirnes~ at the said
ipla'e befor (t)ctober 1. 1577.
The IpurvvorII of Paekard's rump tlta,
r reat conIlilenecO in tIhe integrity and
legu lity vof that e:lruus-r-,,I th.ie extent
' ,,f suipplyirng food to lthe iu lratee (f the
SSt., Lotie- Hotel for ;e.h otn delivery.
SThe money is fiurnisthel in turn I y the
leaders of the Radical part v ouit of tiheir
0 private purses, there being no. other
nioney for that ipulrpose.
. . - tt 41,.- - . . .
St. Charles rotunda, even as early as
Shalf, past six, presented a much mere
lively appearance than it has for many
e evenings past. The rumored receipt of
a telegrams from Washington indicating
that the Supreme Tribunal had arrived
at a Judgment on the presidential ques
, tion, elated most Republicans anti de
pressed all Demncrats, but when later
news came in that the opinion given
did not affect, seriously, the national
qo uestion, there was a matnifest change.
In the rotunda there were (livers opin
o ions expressed as t tthe effect of the
decision of the tribunal; some thoug .t
that, according to what came over the
wires, there was really nothing deilnite
ly decided, whilst others feared the
worst and looked for a Haves inauguira
Tihe nlter tlegrams that came in after
half past eight o'clock had a rather do
moralizing effect upon those of the Re
piublicans who, buoyed up; by the ru
1 nors of the early evening, appeared
willing to lay wagers even on the suc
ress of M%4 Hayes. The Republicans
lost somewhat of that bright peach
blossom complexion they luxuriated in
at six o'clock, and high llyers in the
way of heavy bets were like rico birds
in a heavy storm, not remarkably no
The news, however, produced consid
erable of a sensation in town, and to
day's papers will be read with a zest
not known for months past.
The School Board met at half-past
seven o'clock last evening in the Coun
oil rooms, H. C. Dibble in the chair;
Messrs. Marks, Hartzell, Glaudin,
Bourges, D1umonod, Pinchback, Tracy,
McConnell, Lougstreet, Waples, Roy
and Trevigne.
The president appointed the following
visiting committees for the month of
F'irst District--Marks, Trevigne and
Second D)istrict--Pinchback, Walker
and McConneil.
Third District-Lynch, Dumont and
Fourth District- IIHartzll and Heath.
Fifth District-R-ty.
Sixth District-Wall esand Stamps.
Seventh District-Glaudin.
Several corn inuucations were received
and referred to the proper committees.
Dibble said that he had drawn a war
rant for twenty thousand dollars on
Packard's Auditor from the State
school funds, and turned it over to the
Treasurer of the board.
When this warrant is honored there
will be money enough to pay the teach
ers for one of the months of 1876.
The Fin rnce Committee recom
mended the payment of bills amount
ing to $1536 37, to be paid out of the De
cember funds, and also the bills
amounting to $4706 82, to be paid out of
the January funds. Adopted.
The Board then went into executive
Last evening a charming entertain
ment was given at Granewald Hall by
the "Thalian Coterie," an association
composed principally of young gentle
men of Spanish birth or descent, reaid
ing in this city. The soiree, exclusive
in its character, was very recherche in
its composition, and presented an array
of beauty seldom to be met with any
Down town at the residence of Mr. E.
B 1 , a grand soiree travcstie was
given, at which the elite of our Creole
society attended. The vicinity of
Washington Square presented a most
animated aplpearance, and the illumina
tions were gorgeous. The soiree par
took of the character of a grand jubilee
ov' r the return to the good old times.
The Governor, Lieutenant Governor
and other State officials were among the
invited guests.
Last week a magnificent reception
took place on It rmpart street, at the
residence Mr. D. A. C. The entertain
ment is re ported by those who attended
it to have been one of the most magni
ficent that .ias occurred in this city for
many long years.
Ciy HOTiEL--J N Beclee, Sir Foleom, city; A O
Clhau, .lDt eu , A 3 i orre, I. W Lyrnsu, hrttsi; J
A N"wm.au, sMVl'icicragori, Alt; G ,rion L'e is
B Saro; "Mtl U Draitui ns i.ltgomry; J B U.alts 1,
tidlg Pou. ; Mi ias Ca~4swyt r, L ,so Coast; It H
Dudley ald w f., N. - hvi t-; :, Vuirnouve. Ixt x ;
T E 1' 'acock aua Tami y Urenada; A K hewet
aud wife rIltuodauz; ~IK.Malytr, m.vert ool; W.h
I,vlue 15you mar .
Km GLOwvs.---la anoh.er e uln, will be aena '
the antrrIb-at nOnof K-Esq4e'd kin gi yoepo"
U4. -.4 -I.UKtt~tb44in. a. t.
SNothing of any interest transpired at
the St. Louis Hotel yesterday.
I The wings of the crowd assembled in
their rooms underwent the formality
e of being called to order, listened to the
announcement of the clerks that there
t was no quorum, and adjourned.
The Committee on Contingent Ex
a penses of the House is having a lively
y contest with a number of porters,
sergeant-at-arms and door-keepers.
,t They demand pay for January, and
e the committee refuses to comply, giv
I ing as a reason that more of these em
e ployes have been appointed than the
law allows. (the members of the crowd
y are great sticklers on the law when it
s comes to a question of paying out
- money), and they insist on knowing
y who, under the law, were employed be
It fore paying anybody.
d Each employer, as a matter of course,
if insists on the legality of his commis
sion, and collectively they claim to have
1 performed the work for which they were
r- employed, and are entitled to pay. They
- . claim that thQ appropriation of $28,000
g is ample to pay all of them, and they
s are pushing the question, who is going
e to get the large surplus which will be
s left it they are "bulldozed" out of their
e Those employes who have received
s their vouchers are, however, by no
t means in good humor, because they can
f not dispose of them for any price.
S 'The dispatches received last evening
s from Washington-the first dispatches
if -later telegrams were not given to the
faithful of the mtob-made the crowd
n happy and drinks all around were in
sr order.
n The "later tolegrams," however,
whicen the crowd will find this morning
s in the papers, will "knock the drunk
I, out of themt, " amnd more drinks for a
now drunk will ob in order.
cI I'' ,lI I' , Is; lie :E l+.
F.E. A.. ('tvrv;t: N ' ) j ;'iin t;e . itt-o . - f.
A. Cl,ver. ex2-Iit ,le , St+ + :-.fi, :,,v. ,,r-f
of I ist lit .tf Ii' u , ;tndl the j orson
whufigured so s)('yIicri'l; l u ly tlforet theo
Congrossioual (Connlltitfee, lost his lib
erty last even lrg, on C(ranl street, near
C4ron(delet, au(t waIIts telr',sc,,pe(l into e tole
Central ration) by ai viilant pa(leor for
being drunk anatll ,listurbiing the.' peac'e.
Clover, when searched at the station,
had a revolver swung to him, ahd
hence carrying concualedtl weapons was
also booked agintist hinm. Now. unless
he can explain away this last charge he
will have an excellent opportunity of
judging which is the most delightful,
t'ackard's prison or the Parrish Prison.
AN ATTEMPT AT BEuIloArv.-About ten
minutes to 6 o'clock this morning some
unknown burglars attempted to effect
an entrance into the dry goods store of
Louis Leonard, corner of. Dauphine.
They were dlscovered by the officer on
the beat in the net of boring the front
door. The officer fired several shots at
them, but without effect. The thieves,
in their haste to evade arrest, dropped
a bunch of skeleton keys, which were
brought to the Fifth Precinct Station.
was discovered by OUicer White and
locked up in the First Precinct Station,
charged with being a fugitive from jus
Get yol.r ball gloves at Kreogeo,'a.
auperlior trimnlnta Court.
HA.dEAS CORftl's.
State ex rel. Josephine Taylor vs.
Criminal Sheriff and keeper of Parish
Josephine Taylor, (c) alias Sarah Gor
don, alias Mexican Tigress, had been
committed by Judge Miltenberger to
the Parish Prison "for biting," she hav
ing bitten a peeler who was taking her
to the lookup. Josephine was let off,
the commitment being defective, there
being no "biting" on the statute book.
A.snant and baItery on a polics cffioer -
R chard Delmore poead guil'y to eample
asts' It
Aueault and Ia'.tery upon a police ufficer.
S. G u.tvea.
G:and lareuiy-James Dyer, rcolored, sea
teineed to tan e-.ats P,- iteot:ory for stealing
from Mrs. F Uir on, E4 Charirtes sitrt, some
watchves, e c. Seep n.oln )pp,,,l reo!nued.
J-bn Mind- r, hrgdc .4l ii f,erg:ng and
pa.ing as ger n.a'! ia cecs on the Niw Or
.a H S.vv:ngs Iai u ton ,i, iept mnoer 15,
1875, h, beck fIr $280) in ith n-trne of Frar,
cir,, Bin eigneur; true litlllNvermber 22,
1875- not appt aria g; bhod ir rfeited.
Shoo ing, eti.-Freuan Iiuaofen, (e) shoot
ing Ja n-.ry 16. on Psrdtdo s.r.e', at Officer
Louis fonders n.
ACADEMY (F MUSIC -8 older e and here,.m
pany cltt.nrl'. to dnaW the flitet houses in
tbe c tj At (1 m.qt te matkirn a harvest of
irooney. To-.iwht 'tb- C ,wparey will presnut
" Poulet e. P'ule ro," one of Herve' hlast and
ano4t suaocessful opera beoffes, whieh, by the
way, has never yet hein performed in this
city, where it will be I e ter appreceised than
in any other par; of the counoltr. To say, in
advance. Ibat the house will be fl)red, is no
probheey, notwithstaadisg the fact that
bI mos and r i knigt a will be a great at
tractiion on the htre,ets. This is li1ene's
last week, for on Sunday Frank Kyo take's
p,. sas'ron of the stage. w h " Dvy Crook
ett.' wbhion Las met with auco, s4 already is
this4 oxty.
Va.mrIEiaa TnHEAmf --There will-be to per.
fotm in ee to-light aý this theatre, in defereunce
o "Momus," who e granud page nt. takee pleo
thistt iveizg. To-worrow night Mr. P pe will
take a ben .t., eappearin. in the gri at Shake
speareau otaacter of King Lear. Toe simple
aonouoement slhou'd be seU'f:i"lnt to crew a
full 1 ome at the Varieties. In conneotion
with tme performane we are hba py to say
that tte veuniy oocasinrtel by tee with
drawal of Mr J, . Wbe look from the con
Pany I at been tiled by the eagag meet or Mr.
Frank Ervai, in , xeulleut ynoung etor, won
's very tavor",tiy knon'n by our pnblio as the
juvenile if F.l-k''s r. ut , at thi tmin the Va.
r etls was burnt twiwit thie 1 8t time, and
more recently lradhig young man with Ihe
Farn'sh o minany.
Mr Evn,.t a,,)eare in " King LI ar," and,
alht'u4h for 9ev-ral years he bas devoted
u s talent 'o society play-, we think that he
nlli be not fraud wantng In1a hero c part.
ST. CHABLES TIATEL -- "Camtlle" 'rew a
fair n t.etat tOeit)t'wl yesterdav. 'Divo c,"
waus pie na et ,t n gnt by the Farbish C mn
pton. To-u.nt 'h, amne c iisa'y will pro.
doe 'Foo roo," ore oo Serdon's very beat.
blays. For F.iday '"In y Dunbar" is an
're Bl eak Orook C ,mpanyv will play ano.her
wees, comtue eniur on ,rindy.
Get your vililng glue atI KreegtUr's.
The ladies o St. Jch .'. Epies 'pal Churcah hve
ar snged to give a deltghtf, eurertaeUmeea on
Fr d4y nighi at ¢runewald Hail. We have no
d-aut tbas beaclifut muajb alU eitl be l.eked
'lil pleasure- ethers. aeid sk a tbhia pss*ylle
theibsah to k~ic resue. i
The following gentlemen, constitlotiee M
anee at
LLOYD R. OOLEM !IN, Chairma,.
Hon. Louis Bush. John B. La8tt4.
E F. Lavillobeuve, Chas. J. Clrriel,.
A. H. May, W. B. Kraumbhr.
Hon. Jules Aldige, J. F. Sohroeder.
Joseph Ellison. Hon. E. D. White.
Judeo F. A. Monroe, Phllip~Pahaeanf
Htenry Denegre, J. Deal Haaer.
(. W. Nott, E. 0. Payne.
A. Foster Elliott.
The doors of the Opera House will be op(*Ud
at half-past 7 o'cloek, and remain open diurIti
the evening.
Carriages will approach from the direction al
St. Louis, and retire beyond Toulouse streetfS
ter depositing guoets.
Inviteaions are stri tly PEISONAL and r.
NJT TRANSFERIABLE under any diru
Gentlemen not wnol',manying ladies will be
admitted at the Toulouse street entrance.
Route of Procession.
The pageant will appear n the following
stroots: Camp, from Julla to Canal; St. Charles.
from Poydras to Julia; Carondel et . from PoY
dIra to Canal; Canal, from Camp to llamparti
south end nor h si'de Chartres, from Canal to
Eaplanradl: Iounrbon, from (Canal to Opera
House. fee
Hlouse, Jew
Se wing Machine
To Whom the Ccntonnial Committee gave
Awards for
Every MACHINE guaranteod to g:ve sa.tio
Lihberal di,'vount fOr CASHI.
THIE lIN(1lItt IMA('U CO.,
91 Canal street. N. O.
Ic, (ot
To nill Loyal Kubj:r.el In oer tRoyal Caltat
W.n.eiA. Our 1,ri co:sin MOMUS, with his
company ofbrav, and chiv )rous Knights, has
designated THIURHDAY, the eth dayof Februa
ry, 1877, for his Granrl Pauarat and I all, which
events w bri brilliantly orn t io festivtties of the
3Mardi Gras time and add greatly to the pleatuBre
of citizens and visitors; iu awlnowledgment of
the graceful net ~ ,r Ie;.Ilovlr'l rousin in poet
ponieg his celbratien: ti, a rime so near to our
own Fete. we do ord,.r and direre-
That in honor ,iI hiomu and his gallant
Knights. all l)yal subjects shall display our
Royal Standard from their houses and places of
business on
And we do further order, that in testimony et
their love for our royal verson, and their joy a
our return. they continue to display the colo
of the realm until after Mardi Gras.
God Saove te King!
Given under our hand and seal, at Gibraltar. em
route for our Boyal Capital, this aeth dar at
January, 1877, and the lie:th of our reign.
By rEKICO ItMs.Lr,
Earl Marshal of the Empire.
Address Box ~74. New Orleans Postoflee.
for it
Varieties Billiard Rall,
Corner Canal and Dauphine streets.
Entrance on Dauphine street.
EIght of . W. Colleedier's Bevel petlt
Daytime...........................*ts..* .
Nighttime ....................... IIo.
LOUIS ABBi ABii . £' ..roprlttr.
Y[IE POPULIII AttlV a?8313.
Southern Gen,.ral Agon-l"V of the Double VIr-_
torious 'I'EICrWAY pAN-e. tshe uasu. 5
Pi.no ot the ninottonth ec ,tury, ucan-Iyi a
the exposition the hiLiiest hOn, s. r ,,edats a
rliplomas. OnlV de ~ft e e,,.. . fl- t FLEYi1
PIANe of direct ilv portation. Knabe, Wests
n myer, Fischer and HaifnW PIANO',n a ndthe
magniftcent oftGANH of Prl fPrco s. rdst
4'hiistouhe, ere. MUSI$AL I TB'r].UT I
in great van ~ri tY Hi4HkE. MJ . ete. O ' a le.
from the opaism o faithuiy exeekt0d
for catalogues.
14, 1j, 1is and 1 IAtlAONN?4 BSYRXE .
Has returned ad reamaed the w.mat~s bba
4g*.-..R OANAL 3sT3 .,

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