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Oil n1mw Oaz.uaa Pueoc flr,
Fob. 9. 1877.
IM port of the stage of water, with changes
ItW twenty-four hours ending 8 p. m.:
Above low Ohanges.
water. Rilce. Fall.
Feet. Inch. Inch. Inch.
s. ........ 10 4 0 4a
H 11 1 I)
S .......... 7 2 1 0
M1.. ..... t 7 11 0i
pate ...... l ; t 17
port........ 1 11 1 o
ui ......... it I P 7
*elonw high water mark of 1874.
1]aUI8ON GORlOM, Herg't. Hig. tor. U. RI. A.
laiturvAn.-Iabel, Henry Ida, St. MAry, tl.
r. Dirtee, Frank Pargond, (iov. Tote, C(I
irodelet, Robt. Ynmag.
Dr, AnTffarLs.-Isabel, Mary Ida, St Mary,
Eobt, Mitchell, City of Alton, Frank Par.
To Anarvz.-B'ue Wing No. 3, MaryI Ia,
Eva, Upper Coast: Ansumption, W, .. JP,nte
oent, L Ifourobe; C(ty of Angneta, Bastrop.
Otitohita; Trenton, rennsn and Maoron; I,-e
Belle, hart Ahie, IFantin Tatum, Lotnu No
$. Dawn, Ited Rive r; Bitmarik, Oairo; Sandy
No. 2, Lsesie I'31 or, Atobaflaye; Natobhe z,
Viokebnrg; Ann K., Isab-l, Emma, Lower
Coast, Yaeio, Ci lrkaville, YzoC.
The weather ws olordy yreerday, with in
Atletlons of rain.
Basiness fair.
The Robaet Mitchell, leaving yrcterday,
had 850 to)no Iraight, in lrading way ougage
T'he Oi'y of Aon had 7T) hhds Irwlrr.
SThe C 1H. lIur ,e, eariving W.dnoo~i.y
night frtnn mrani ti¶ Ire , lays over I'n I -
day nex, so as to g i b iek on h yr regn it
The freight rnesiverl by th (thiaohita:: li
for Baton Iteog' and points below will i:) t,,
wahl to-day Iv tIhr t. .IJohn; that re. . t iii
for points sieve li tlii It ..og will h~ s.tut by
the Gov. Allen, leaving also todany T 7h. S
John bas a tpen(imal tIe)leo in an.omIhr larT of
our paper, to which itt,nutior is (,tdi,dl.
The Il. Mary arrived \Wla.rl I· y night
from .l'd Riveir, mand r,t4rnn, l Ir.: eavielig.
The lied River Transplortation C(ompany m"
making up for Ich . time; lnil of their boats, 13
lo number, aro it work, and are allowed to
lose no nunneoeeary tine hero.
The hanjnon, overlaid fromei yaeterdalf,
leaves to day at 5 p. to. for the Blaok and
Oaachiti rivers through to Camdenr, connect
log with regular packets for a'l the tribtularine.
John DelI nrt in coommand, Lon McFarlin
The new and neat Upper Coast packet Eva,
Louis lanson, master, Norbert R.auson and
Gao. U. Ileno, clerks, leaves to-morrow
promptly at 10 a. m,., for the Ben Tureand
MPlatation. The Eva is a trl-weekly packet,
Makes the ran each way in daylight, and
pmsa prompt attention to business.
The Robelt Young is advertised in another
eoaImn as a regular weekly ]Bayou des
Olafiso packet, leaving o-umorrow a!', p. In ;
J, M. Daniel, master, Mesrsa. Daniel and
Lawson, clerks. S eoial attention is called
to hat adver aertemen.
The Fenobon, unable to get off yestorday
taves to-day at 5 p. m. for the Blnok and
Oaaebita rivers and Bayou Iitholomew,
through to Poplar Bluff , T. 0. Sweeney mas
ter, Morris Dorsey clerk.
The Cherokee, not getting her freight
aboard in time to leave yesterday, waI get off
today positively at 12 m. for Oinoiauat, Geo.
Wolf in command, A. Byers in the eflioe.
The steamer Ora, detained on account of
repairs, leaves today at 12 m. positively far
Bayou Bartholomew, taking freight for points
on the Black and Ousehita.
The Trenton, from Tensas and ~tsoon, will
be found at the lhndlig this morning, re
Oeiving to return to-morrow, without fail, at
6 p. m.; J. B. Sullivan, master, 1. L. Rtoh.
bins, alerk.
The Robt. Young arrived yesterday from
the Atohafalaya with a tine trip.
The Carondelet, from M mpbis, hal :1209
bales cotton and (.y9s Rsacks seed. She re
turns to-day with Frank IIi, ks in command,
Alf. Grleomrn, clerk.
The. Lower Coast packet Waloon. P. E
--Wtry master, E. F. Barry clerk, leaves to
morrow at 11 a. m. for the Lee l'lrntation.
The tri-weekly Lbaer Coast packet Emma,
leaves to-day at 1 p. m. for the Franklin
Rile Mills. Oliver Canton, Jr., master, J. J.
Danovan clerk.
The semi-weekly Coast and BU'on Ronge
packet St. Jobv, Frank Bergeron master, .1.
O. Bergeron clerk, leaves to-day at 12 m.
The Coast and Bayou Sara United States
Iall packet Gov. Allen, John J. Brown tnra
ter, S. S. Streck clerk, leaves to-day at 5
p. m.
The Coast and Lafonroeh semi-weekly
packet W. J. I'oilevent, U. 1). Terreboune
master, Gabe Block clerk, leaves to-morrow at
6 p. m.
The fleet Bart Able leaves to-morrow at 5
p. m. for Alexandria and Grand Ecore, RIoh
ard Sinnott master, Geo. IHamilton clerk.
The Natobta, for Vicksburg and all mail
landings, leaves so-morrow at 5 p. nm. Capt.
Thos. P. Leathers ia command.
The Sandy No. 2, for the Atohafalaya
through to Wa hington, leaves to-tuorrow at
68 p. m. A. P. 1'roundale commands, A. Mey
abler, Sr.,olerk.
The Bastrop, of the New Orleans and i)tn
,ehit Transportion Comprny, Capt. G(,.
Hodge in command. I. '. . Mohr, clerk, leaves
to-morrow sure, at 5 p. m., for Bayou Biar
The splendl dde.wheel steamer LaBelle,
V.p the New Orl ens and ted IRiver Tranrpor
tatien Company, M. N. Wood, master, Roger
Boyle, olerk, leaves to-morrow at S p. m. for
The Bonnie Lee, also of this line, leaves to
.morrow at G p. m, for Mindeon and way
pointe on Red River; Noah Soovell, master,
Thos. Davidson, clerk.
COtnmcwal, Feb. G--Capt. Charlie Miller
hts cut 3j feet off the Mary IIHoston's chim
seye, including the fancy tops, in order to on
able her to pass under the bridges in high
water. The tops of her chimneys are now
88) feet above tue lower dec, which is 4 feet
Snhes axbove the water whea she is light..
Mr. E. B. Dobell, the Lawrenceburg furni
tare king, was in the city yesterday, contraot
g for the shipment of 144 bureaus and other
thnltare to New Orleans, on the Mary lions
in .He left for Chioago last evening.
The Chas. Morgan left here on her last
d.ownward trip December 5, and is (il days
-at on the round trip to-day, having been do
t-a1 by low water and the freez up shove
The Mollie Moore will make some changes
3n her machinery on her arrival at 'ittsburg.
Jim Matheny will pilot the James Howard
fromCaitr to Evansville and return. She ex
petes to reship at Evansville, and pick up a
load for New Orlepns in the Lower Ohio.
Losmsvrawr,, Feb. 5.-The U. 1'. Schenok,
detained by breaking a rock shaft, has 200
owe and 140 tons of railroad iron, raised
rom the Peytona's sunken barge at West
EVANsrVcLL Feb. 5.-Capt. IJ. . Verhoef
is loading the barge MCCallum to be towed,
with the Little Neil and the hull of the dis
lsantled Louisville, South. The Little Nell
takes 15,000 busbels of corn in bulk, the
Ssatever shipped down the Ohio.
ocastranM, Pa., Feb. 5.--A quarrel this
ioning. at this place, on the Emma Gra.
between John o oott, a deck pareenger,
,s agute rosm New Orleans to Pittaburg, and
John Stoddad, a nrgo roustabout on the
bets reuiaed i Sotts bsiaz aseeOly obit
side tiVth a hknit by 8:oddad. ThE
aSt 94 b ns pust aPI S4 septrn
ergi0t tlli iew fb.e, arod s~ n ke , ther
eoanty jail to await trial.
Male'mts, Feb. 1.-A flatboat frem Troy,
Indiana, and the Lower Ohio, loaded with 800
bales of hay, sunk 75 mile. below here last
Saturday. A part of the hay has been reoov
t red and brought here. The remainder, about
500 bales, is still under water, and is insured
in the Eoterprise Company, of Clnointsati. for
$1128. It is believed the boat will be raised.
The C. B. Church, loaded flat down, passed
H iuth this afternoqn, merely stopping here to
coal. The towboat J. B. Williams, with a
coal flett, passed lou:h last night all right.
The Bt. Louis Republican saye:
"It is not known who will be Mr. James
MoOor,', utnoessor. liHe was the flrst Unite I
8tateo Boiler Inspentor appointed to tbi Dis
trict inJanuary, 1853, snortly after the bill
became a law, IIe was removed in 1801, an I
was again appointed in 18107. On the 24thb of
January las: the Local luspec!ore of this Dis
triot enspernded the licenses of .ames II. and
hObas. E Wilson, enginters of the Chas. W.
Mead, for inesnlhrdination and luattention t
their duties. The offtTnsee are alleged to have
taken place above Hloux City last year, when
the b at, o ~umanldedi by Capt. l ark, was on
her way to the mnolutinq.
The Little Rook O(z t'o of Friday says:
"A large numb, r of tarwern in the nor,hw. st
are holding their cotton in aniociplton of a
rise of the river, ripeoing to get a cheaper
rate of tranoporittion to New ()rlean-'. Over
1000I blo) h lio on the whirl at Wbbh Clity, op.
positfe O, irk, while at Dardanolle and Fort
Hmih. h hln [reds of haies are in tio same cou
lION 1;'1' IfI.
()FrFt"E N. u. I)FMontA'r. !
''lh.ur.,n IV v,,niig, FIb. A, 1977,
(t1iilI! ig.P . Ili[i or.
F' . .!tlry : ............. 1 1. .10,R; 1 lih: t n,
!". I'!lll I V 5 .............. I."4;3!, !l ., 52
I ,brll it t .i ............ 1. i,i7 1 i~.,1
Iý b t)rruary 7 .............. 7) 1'.,7 '1"1y 7 rt
"'1h, fur thit w ,'r k....9 to 277(!.€I:Iq v t R'41,0l1i 15
o11rn! tilny I;tnt \l,""k. I'Y0 4.274 In 8ip...2 74;
'lh i In t vir k t .... . t i yi..il i 1 1,11:'.3 19 h
T" hil w oek Ifor'....... it na .11 . u. 1,7 17,5t1; 3as
'h eo demanll f,r tliuIr(V y ontiint d nmoderate to
day. both ill barik andonII the street, anid comnllr
tial paper was Iiunchaigi.. Undllr the advanie
at New York, gill was 10 higher, butl the nuov,
!,nint. wasi nimdrale. Frioign Exchati a followed
thli olree of gold, sterling closingl 4'I higher,
anl Irainoe ',!;i4 Il cent. ' h, salesl of butI
were limited. iNew York sight was striong'r.
Mtctks were qruiet. Undcir a general depression
in financial crclus, Hitate Consols anid 'remium
lbonds warn irregular asin lower. thie former cloe
ingst60114l ( ll,4, a*vnirint 1Gir6.4; vestlerday,
aidll the latt r at l31..329, against 33!4-!Vrj.8
(Gold opened at 105o @L05?s, against 10),' at
New York. andt after a moderate uualuness closed
at 10grri.105';, against 105'4 in that market.
The ,ales sulmneod up $9.000i, embracing $t(000
at 105f1, $2000 and $7000 at 105-,. $1500, $50J00
and $7i500 at 1054, and $10,000 at 105.5.
Under the advance in gold at > ew York, ster
ling was %c higher, and francs '[email protected]/ cent.
tlhe movement in both was limiteo.
The sales of sterling were coninued to £10,500,
bill of l.dling at 5(ttl,45t10, £65L00 do. at 5(19tf
510., £2500 do. at 510, and £5000 do. at 509S)(t,
Time only sale or fraunce reported was 90,000
commercial at 4.934.
At the close setrIing bills were quoted at 509
ri4.3lti for bill of lading and Al clear, and --0511
tor lbak, (bink counter rate -.-i5'l/), and
francs at 4 9l 404.)3"4 for conimercial, and
nominal for bank.
Now York scigbt was strong,,r. The sales
comprised 1206,000, enlbhrcirg $3),000( commer
oral at par; $10,000 and $50,000 coommercial, $10,000
priva e hankers' and $50,0(0 bank at 1.10 per cent
prminion, and $100,000 do. and private bankira'
at 3 32.
The banks cheelind on New York at t;@} per
cent premium, ngainst xs yesterday, and com
mercial sight was quoted at 1-16'nl-, against
-.ft-161 yesterday.
The following is the cffilcial statement i f the
sales reported to-day to the Htock Excthange:
3 shares uInion National Bank at........ $74 00
10 shares WYorkigmtnena' Uank at.... .... 18 25
r4l.i(I0 Slat Console at .................. 59}a
i50,000 i ,do. do .............. ... 5,1 4
0,il00( !o. (l....... . . .. .. . l
10.(.00 td,. o ............... (4il ,
11,011 i i. Io .................. (10l
2,(1(1 do. do............... .. (;01
12,00(0 dl). (o ............ ... (1(I/
10.l l) 00 . (d ...... ...... . ( ):.
4,000 do. do ................. 1l
10,000l do. do .............. . 61 4
Making a total of $10;,l00 State (,' coniei,
$50,l000 Premium Ilonds at........... ... 2
5,0.0 io. d, ............ - '
2i,0 di. o ... ...d o .l
15,001 do. do........ ...... 32'4
Making a total of $I0,000 P'rentiueom oils.
''Thie sales not reportedo at the IExobange incru
ded 10 sharei Workinginen' liank at $18 25 aind
8 St. tClarltes tireret llailroad at, $75.
tstate (Consils and P1remnium Bondl were irre -
lar at low.r ; theli furruer closing at 0I,) it.,I
against, til .r:4P., yestoPldar, and thu latter at
3l '4d1l' ,, again" 3: I'4rII'f9 ,l yesteiday.
Quoorioons v rtprt' r uf primi fotr r'ndt lo lia F anm
firs.! a.nsH.'l ,nles, othe'wiea slated,. /It fill/n
Sm.tlil orde.rs h igher" prir'.t are pa it.
OcFFIr' N. I'. D1)EMo·nAT.
Thurtslriy Evenin.l Feb. 8. 1877.
COT rr0N --- hli sales to-day embraced 5250
Iba., at stoa(:ier, and for some deser ptions,
stronlger prices, not, requiring arly change in our
quotations e(xce.pt an aIvanco of )-0 in the out
side rate for Ioold Ordinary. We give also the
figure' and report of the Exhango as below :
(;en'l Quotations. Lx. Q
Inferior ................ ...-- rn -
Low Ordinary ............. - r6
Ordlinary .... .. ... 10r(ta,1 10%.
iSrict Ordinary ............ 10/,i010"
Good (Ordinary........... I t (ll' 11.
Strict Good Ordinary...... 11'%[email protected]'
Low Middling ......... 1 ...lrl % . 11
8triot Low Middling........ 115 i6l?,
Middling ... .............. 11.-,!idl 2 12
Strict Middling.... ........12 / 12,3
(;t od Middling ...........12'~1 i2? 121y
Middling Fair.............. 12 4r12 12;
Fair . .. ....... ....138(413~ -
The market opened with light offerin's, and a
poor assortment, which checked the movement,
and the sales during the morning were of limited
ex'ullt, aftUr which buyers came forward more
freely, and. although operations were restlicted
by scant supplies of the kinds most in request,
an I rathdr more stlingeont pretensions of factors
lor such descriptions, yet the sales summed up
the fair amount i oted above. Prices were steadier
ind stronger, lith a leaning to outside figures.
White outtonl, In palticular, were held with in
creased firmness and occasisnally sold ' o above
our quotations. Good staple kinds were scarce,
and held '4o above the general run of the offer
ings of similar grades. The dispatches reported
Liverpool oull at previous rates, with Pales of
8(100( bI)leo, and arrivals ruling quiet during the
morning and closing steady. flavre dull at a
decline of Ic, and hew Yolk with no quotable
change in spots and closing 1.32/iL c higher for
The Exchango makes the amount on shipboard
not cleared (before to-day's exports if 3732. bales)
116. 78 bales,embracing (;1,075 bales for Liverpool,
14,891 for Havre, 10,083 for the North Sea, 71493 for
Bremen, 64 for Spain, and 1870 for coastwise
ports, leaving in presess, agreeably to its ac
cotnt at 12 l., 171,977 bales, only a very small
part of which is on sale.
At noon to-day Middling was quoted at Galves
ten at 12.e, at Mobile at 12c, at, Savannah at
12' 7, at Charleston at 12;c, at Wilmington at
12c, at Norfolk at 123, at Baltimore at 12'4c, at
Ntw York at 12 0c, at Bosat:n at l1~ie, at lMem
phis at 12e, at Augusta at 117 ', and at Pniladel
phil at 12-,.
The Eaxiange reports: "Sales to-day 5'20
bales: malket firm."
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 1476-bales.......... 29.377
Arrivetd wi.ohu last hsttte.ment.... 12,4;',
Arrived pruviously..............1,042.334-1,054,800
(leitrei to-dnay...... .... . .7x2
Cleared previously.......... 790.414- 794,176
Stock on hand and on ship
board, not cleared........... so,oo00
Same time last year............. 888,977
To-da's exportawere to LiverpooL
tsio ptror sines last evening 11 607 bale,
e Oaloadw etVe load of bal
a.ai m trea l ku, al4 8M6M 16a
47 48 ait year. Totalilnee Auguu8st t t,10
bales, 6gniat 11068,428 lat ye-ar-deoresas
;he Exchange telegrams make the reeeipts at
all the ports from 12 in. yesterday to 12 m. to.-da
19,230 bales, against 23,197 last week and 19,281
last year, and since Friday 11,5607 bales, against
119,801 last week and 97,287 last year. Total
since Aug. 31, 8,257,813 b.les, against 3,297,813
np to Tuesday noon, Feb. 8, last year-increase
29 970.
Exports (Friday to Monday inclosive) to Great
Britain 70,650 bales, against 65,120 this week and
68,8161 last year, and to the Contnent 28,427 bales
against 27,810 last week and 04,2'9 last year.
Stocks at a;l the delivery ports made np to l2
m. H'7,790 bales, against 890,617 last week and
907.154 last year.
'IOilACOU- --We did not hear of a Iransactinn
to-day. The anlinut on sa:e is estimated at 5850
hbhda. We continue to quote as follows;
Unsonnd and frot edt lugs 20t3 l.'", irtfrior
logs 4f(,lio, Ilow 4'4%0514 , mediumn bt/4so'i, good
to fine Ol,@ta6'4o, low leaf [email protected], medtluo 8"',0
10o, goo(d 1t~1Krai2i, tinn 12:;~gl13X.,, and soles
tions 14'%408I(io. Rltceived since lat. evening
notte; exported none; s'ork orn hand by our
rnnting statement 8177 hhde.
FitEI(IH rf--We hoard if a vessel taken up far
Cork for orders. The market cotntinueat doll, and
we repeat our prey onu qr.atation", as f,ilows :
By steam-Cotton to lverapool 15 3dd; to Bre
men ''d; Jd a,lon. Pl'rvidence, Fall liver. Plitla
dtcl hia and Baltimore, via New York, n'; to
New York ..: sugar to New York $4 P tb; a lmo
laseOs $1 50 1 bbhl.
By sai e---l)tlonr to Liverpool 14-32l5r11O 2 ; lto
llavre '7t 15 1I0, the latter for conasi{enmi nt, ; to
Itomlct--i l-lItl ; to the Baltic 4-16c; to (GenCl i;
to Btston .N,.
t8UGAlt-leieered thlis morning 774l hhd:.
Alltve dieeIIndI for tie lower and Iet.iLorlt ga tl'l,
y:;llo v clarifie-d and t f whitoe, Ah ,t' all the
re'eipit sold: CO tai itl ttotntl, am 5 3'ýa6l11a. infl .
rtor P((1.r. iotrnmrma 747 ·-. ii g ail ca ri t a-ra n to
low fair 'l'4ta~qi', fair to fair to gt aiI flatitr H r.
8'p,,, fally fair to, pijaitma h ,?,LH' .,t : sir, tIv praul'
ai t.. ch'l dc' ti fa Ine trita o ste a (la 7], ston 7 t' .i
r'a-ttraaagal t a 'ag' ' how la illt'It d l a . ,010' 4.,
t lff whttil a .a 4'alaa ,,t', wlalt- 1 . , l! t l.. a It.
MaIat AM HI ',Ael [It,' ttv l t ii n .,rn t nt 1 ,5
ibla. 1aaati'ela any tit in l.ia lata I h.l dnt
kiat, i-i+ A at Il iv drilltI . (tiitoaa I ai ll' -aa a1
Il3t7,i' . ,., crntrifuI gal 2a ý S3'. ,ir tt sti,, l u i
(t:ar.a , , t i,,ly I timt 41( Ia t , a'at! a '(a 5a ' "
gallnIt f ,ln th ,la ataieatl Itt it I a atl - 17: t't, t( 'll,,.
FLO[ It #(aily l la biarretla hatve coin,' itan eaaa.,
yesteralar. Ti,,-' nar hIta iis ta1o of ta ,Pliia.
lt a r'.. tre otr y a fet si all Iat. rtu tatano Iat'et
and thettl ri i. otf r g tn' to ''. f r opestr , at Rio t af ttt.
tuiutata mait t' i, hooe hla'rss have witlthdrawn ta
await iotte-r supplaie, and ontly sales otf lts ofa
25 and 80 I is wers Itaet' at till [reovions prices.
Th lpriacipal eales embrace 30lt Ihla, of which 511
abaicet trelue extra at $7 87 ; 50 do at fP; 50 andl
ohiaio e tra at $18 25 lit bbl.
Comnmon is quoted at l1 50053, fine 55 255'-5 10
sup rine $5 75c5(l. dolubb. extra at $6 2b5t; li0,
low treble exara $6 7'1jt57, good da,. $7 25(t7 5,
choice di, $7 75(t8, oboica. extra S8 25.1S 50 fl btll
CORN MEAL--'iho market is bare and supphles
would comnmand $3 'o bbl readly. 200 ble sold,
comprisiug 100 to art ie. at f2 75; 25 spot at $2 90
and 75 in three equal llts at, $3 ~ bbl. D).alh're
are jobbing at $3 15 'l bbl.
G(llTS1-A lot of 40 bbls so'd at $1t 1 bbl.
POIRK --The mark-t is quiet, but steady at yes
terday's improvement. with fair supplies on the
landing and in store. 511. 50 and 50 bble mess sold
at $17 75 and 50 at $18 'tl blat, the latter for heavy
mess. Dealers are jobbing at $18 254t18 50 ta
Chicago was unchanged this morning. April
$11 50.
DItY SALT MEAT--Is in fair supply and
quiet at yest.erda}'s improvement; 20 box's
shoulders sold at 6'4,. 1 lb. Shoulders are quoted
at 6%O, loose. slid u"'eC, iartked; clear rib sides
8.40 and clear ill a Id It0 t. Dealers are jblbing
shoulders at 614(-47e; clear rib eitee .tt(9,4: ;
clear sides 9no It lb.
BIACON-- carce and in demand, with the snp
p'ies tat n up as fast as received; 5 casks and '20
boxes shoulders sold at 7" ,as, 20 aoxaes at ,7: 0
714t', 17 boxes clear riba aides at tl 'uo, 1i0 caet
cletr si tse at 1l1'", and 5 at lIe jl It, Clear rib
sides are quo'ed at It .', 1 It,. Doealra are job,
bting shaouald"ra at Ho, clear rib sides 10.,", clear
sites 110 i It,.
IlAiD-Is in light sutpply atnd in idemanda for
the local trade and t .a (ubs. About OO00 terces
said, conp. iling 60 tieroe s ate an sr ndealred. I0O
andi 100 retinetd ato the local tradle, 100 to arrive,
and 100 spot for Ciubla, on pirivae to rme; 10 andt
Liverpool was la Ita t-r itr tlhis morning, b"Hlig
llnUote, at 5, sn, antd New Y'rk IV.15cro itighrr.
being quoted at $11 t10.
HAMS -Are in godl ,npply and dull. (bChicle
rngar-culre, a-h a gei n, aret itnoted at 12'; rme
Ilno1aipassed, 10Il40. ila'r-curi-od, unllincvassd,
BltEAKFAST ACON--Is in good snpply aln
dlull at 124 for canvassed apni l Il for nel.o, tasd.
PACKIilti ' 1100 I 'R O ttlul TH-l-'i; pork i:
jobbing at. 3SI0,') 25 '.t half ball ; pig's feet ate (tll
irag at ';751 keg andt $5 5 ) ai: bblt ; family cletar
paork $1(; 75 ; extra Iprime plt Ik $14 15ta4l15 i Ibhla :
prino porlk $11 50 4 bbl ; romp pork 515 51i0
bbl ; side'c ribs SPI:ured2 50 5 t.ircee, at in a ze andl
wei,bht of paRckaueR ; pigs' t'.ongues tl,6470 apicre;
ham sausagets 7.t7,,o iit Ib ; spare attL. i'16(; 25
It bill.
WHII 'Y-Is in light supply and commands
$1 08 ; gallon for choice. A rectifier sold 23
bbls. Lou:siasa reotified at $1 (8 1t gallon.
(CORlN IN BULK-Is quoted at 52.53c '
bushel. Liberal supplies are expected.
IBUTTEIR --(lood supply anl fair denmald.
Prices ate not advanced. Cth..ce creamery is
quoted at 33.231c. choice gohoen, 305031o.
C(,IIEIE--Light aniply and prices rule firm,
wih a good dimar,d; scarcely ayv arriving.
Choice Western factory is quoted at I I,11.
BItAN--Light supply, held by one recOivor.
There was oinsiderable inquiry, and we I ca- that
all the fresh arrivals are exhausted. 300 saks
choice sold at 85i0 30 100 lb.
IIAY -Is in fair supply; no change in the crm.
tinned dIuilles if trade for low grades; choice is
fairly active; 200 bales sold, < f which 150 primne
at $17, and 50 choice at $18 1.1 too.
CORN IN 8ACKU Good supply and noinquiry
for export, but the jouling demand is moderato
at unchanged priers ; 2750 sacks sold, of which
1500 white mixed at t3,i, 1000 white, in lots, at
540 and 250 yellow at 550c :4 bushel.
OAT'--Trhe supply is fair, and while pur
chasers are confined to job lots, we notice no
change in prices; 300 sacks choice Galena, in lots,
sold at 48c ~l bushel.
POULrIRY-Prices are in buyers' favor. Wes
tern grown chickens sell at $34't3 50; young do.
$2,.t2 50; ducks $3, geese $6; tut keys $10 -l dlr,
kGO8--Large stock and luil. Western and
Louisiana are quoted at 15 17c per dozen.
ltEOEIPI'H UtF 'IlODUU;r-Arrived since onr
review of yesterday: 3915 bbls flour, 11 bibl whis
ky, 16 casks bacon, 10 bbis cornmeal, 77. bhtll
sugar, 1 bbl sugar, 1511 bbls molasses, 3:i rolls
bagging, 53 kegs butter, 0 bbls beef, l1131 saich
cotton seed, 23f19 pieces moat, 7 bbls onions, anid
411 bhbls rirt e.
EX RT'tlltT OF' l'ltRODUOE-Exports since our
review of yesterday 111101 bbls flour, 62 bole pot k.
59 casks bacon, 2 tterces lard, 182 bbls whisky, 35
blts cornmeal, 61f7 sacks corn 195 sacks oats,
155 sacks bran, 21 bales hay, 3I9 bhtds sugar, HI)
bbls sugar, 1751 bbls molassers, t5l bbls rice, 280
sacks c.,ltee, 2 bbles apples, 280 bbls potatoes, 121
sacks salt, anti 26 kegs butler.
February 9 1877.
Cleared Yesterday.
liit ship Glenhaven, Forshaw, for Liverpool
.I A ttryvsn &co
Sehr Stephen Ilarding. Harding, for New York
Norton &. BItll
Schr Martha. Milloit fir Mobile- Master
Sclhu Sargent S l)av, McFarland, for Utilln
Jos Mlacheca sr
Steamship Lizzle. Felstier, from I'ensacola----New
Carrondelet. licks., from Memphis 9
Ilobtt Voutng, Danuatl, from Washington
.Juo A Woed, Wood, from Louisville with twelve
coal boats
One flalntat, from Ohio River
Frank Pargoud, White, from Greenville
Gov Allen. Brown. from Bayou Sara
Mary Ida. Ruit. item Houma Plantatln
Isabel, O'Pry, from Lower Coast
Henry Tete, Aucoin. from Thibodaux
C H Dm fee, llienn. from Grand Ecore
St Mary, Probst, from Shreveport
L NLt"'3it p-- e ·amiam
bbie mdraeu, 11i bhda augar 131 bbl riol 11d pha
MlO81LIC--Pet aoht Mtrtha--I4 hbds sugar 44 lil i
nolasses 10 bf do 13 tons coal
UTII,-. &---Per ebtr lartent 8 Dav --fi hf hbbl
flour 2 do beef I ill. pork Ibbl Iloel tleree harnms 4
?kegn lard 5000 feet InLber 31 pkga sun6hlies
Impe tos.
IlIlATAN----I'er sbcr Ellen M Adamllr-- 9)110
bunches balanas 1700 coooal note J P Malhleea &co
PlENriACIOLA-Per steamship Lirzzte- -' haTes cot
ton John I Adamsmieo..16 do Post & Hroblby-lI do
11(00 empty sonks 150 hides 75 bdl hbidee 10,00' feeot
lumber lot nindlies to order-19 bags wool Folrchim
& Bro-Total 11 bales cottonm
tlleoeDt of Produaee.
MEMPT'IIH1---Per teamer Carotldelet -79' bales
cnttomn lhichardrOnt &. May--141 Mo(Unhble Rnowden &
Violetl--till l'rtherd Biekhamn &co-553 l.eltRn,ll,
Abraham &ro--4(4 Alien. Nu eRt & o 269 J Lliar
tin &co--201( T'r Airey &n--171 J W 1Un hridge &ri
.151 tlapp B Ion &co-----l li Allen, West &co--lit
Stewart Ilron--!9K Jno Clhate & on--92 Jno Phelps &.
co P5 Mneyer, Wels &c,--04 W ( Black &co----i2
Itullnner &co---uH MM (i)renewond &Ie- -7e- (Ihafle,
Hlamilton & Powell-- '! Aloec, Schetck & Autey--7,0
Payne, Kennedy en--419 11 & ( NewmRan---:ItClii
Itrtnell &co --i;i II Netwmtin &co--9 flritten, Moore
& Cotletntlt - I1 S )' Thr tlns &0 --10 1. T ntllher &
llro--i NIllJ, & ('t(alllnnnk--7 Blloh & Levnert-3 ira
hoin, Bleak &AI--l Ow1win & lOer- -3 WiV A P'ole-.
li-key & lniter,--2 Pl'oi, Yale & It, Wtling-- l S-lieatn"r
Fant,hn --I Steamer ort -Lin lloward-I '1' Ilrsth &
S0- 5-04(i n: ant'licotton nelt N (iltrto n.SRotinl AdImoIi,
tinn--159 bilein il A A Mljirinin Sone-- - untltir- lto
orlCer'--lTot' l 5104 lialce o0ot0tot Nll i:)t sackt tottlln t it
15i lbhl tili
WASII IN(IT)ON---Per r ttl-ner Robs Y'tllle - '9
ale"lt I'ott,nl Nilld & Co(ImIRIak.--5- d-, .1 W lInr
brid~te &co--5, . Irllllal (;ibert--1 Mover. WV i0 &
-o-1 Rob Ih ar --l. I1'9-n--, 10(nnt' ly &, i-- ' Nor
wood & Itichar o--5 Mll(i, he1in ,,l,-wnlln & Villtlt
1 .It nl ! Adamsii &ro%-- "-4 O(hir Ithopin--I lenoshaw,
('I unllIck &c--I I liloom &l o hO..9lii ttl i colton ..
N l ltttnei Hl-ti An . i itio -- -- .. i... llt i o It .1114' -
Tiotl 5 lh 4t lo ni ill ll 9 arks rsottoh word
I,tl:ht I 'll,l-; P r ' t ellr! ' .tl l A W ,iod ilth 1.i
lt1l II, It I'.,- I. l ilt 11il 1 &v rt l i lIi It W ooln &. 11 l
SR f; Sttoa
At : l l ,I ,N I II ,11, -ICelt i I f prl 'o - Ilm t -tn li i n A It I tll h -lii
A l Oii-luiren, nA-n ,lin -kII I I ihantr. ArIlhan
-1i- :T I, Ait.iv ,C IIt .11na ff-A ",oill- '.
At .1ill.A ni- 't- r & P' lihok---': it I -i I I I- 1.-
r!: i nle I Illh -I n. I.'II. l - ,. lr lt P rJ ,L -+ t atr inr t
1- Niik ,' $1rn n t- l Al t , li-n Wll ic 1,lI-n , i', lIllni
Inhwy A +t---i I - I All-l. . GI,&,, I | eII (L & htlt w.l ril N
SriPro-fl liP ylnr, Kona d ' i + .1 1, Iaroi.&
A .I 4ti1~ B(i- - i o r Ior 4. I . n }', .tttI o ri ( N - (. -!
1ri ettl A o cin Johtn I01 (,nt'n &:1 lew1 t .I 40
S :'l Irm l _',I I' ( ',nlthrrnme,,' ?" WV I; [+rvrr i Ih -t
h nI'I, l ,-, iltnu & Itl l-- -t. tl y.-1 A I blke , cotton ( i'o
1't1 Ft; i+ N, doim --1 MN ib & SMvlelkr'. 1W 2 AeiteiO
tt L lte n-0 ofrl-- 0 (l Sppiwwle &' VlIt rI 1 - An Ie,,
,tiall & ."I monville- 7 Ifuseh:l, Adlo"r &.rr 7 'antlon
& Strowl t- Ar --Iwn & Itvt r- J IrCookel- Mru - ;e
Allen, lOWeal. &co I -i t C( Newmain- W, C 'mlack &Co
#,- 2 'I tetTiroira4 trte - . Knoweltt & c o---' doLn-a,
SM lirlrarnwo-od H I o Newn c It i - I loeln I N hlI- 1
Iey &-liL-If lilak-e,-it rre &a .itnet A L illtli-i WV
11A Johnso-- or cer l ANi) I kos cotton U i d Nl O cilon
tnV Seed Al aetlir lon iolt tnnon & R iewart --40
. T HIlu'rnrlne & cro-- blTotal m25 bales cotton (ol-1
ea.cks C'oto seed
BA YOU n 8ARA-Pr le amt r llike (eot Alldn-l1 lealon
cottson H & II Newmnan-55 do Meyer, Wels& .o--.10
J L I'arlnr &oo-- 25 (ulpp t 'or- &T.l.--17 A'4n,
Shenrck & A l'e T-- A Levi-9 ir Otmtelr M-7 byli
-iee, Snowden & Vilotir-5 t etlshalw, Cllmmaclk &i o
--..5 A Tertol o-4 PIayn, Kennidly &ci--3 ,LebiSllau,
Abrlaam &no--3 Temple r Coonl &a0'-'2 Norwood &
Richarlls-i S 1f Newman &oo -I John I Noble--1
1lush & Levert,-I I Ck e rokr leed Lctr oat A 1, Cll,-ppln-
r.5 laks co:ltlt eed N O Cot:ton Ped Ah tn ciation
4 hhins t Ent-,lA Meyer, Wein &ner--I bill b- olasse
V 1I o lenard.--l do t2 hhdts grl ar Ito rtler &-o-l -16
do 92 bbls molasses E K ounverse---0 bhhds sngr
SW Bulrbridge &co-2-3 bbl molasses il Grohebl--,
hbda sugar Richard Milliken-40 do 25 bills molursen
E Cl Palmer &co--aundr ls to eider-Total 240 bapes
Crotton 1353 sack cot.ton 1ee d 1 tasks seed cottnm lhd
hhd scigar 31 7 blls molasses
I(tillMA PILANTATION-rParerily emer May hi
n-1-r hd ls iugr In (lodchat l-2n. do N ichard Milliken
--20 do 11 Froll ion--5 do C311 hlrrIat-21r d J (o .hmidt
& Ziegler-132 stlks reneh rice Lananx & So-----3 rl
07f {HA ilan--6 do ,| I.!Poreter-anudries to order
Tot Al 103 hlt- - sugar 17te3 saekl rough 1 -l
I ,·LOWER, - t,0AI T-Per steamer leathl,---i lthdslT
s.:rt t10 hil brtr"tl-n itmet A Thomnlon-55 t doU IIop lkhit
-3n do lush & Lovert--andlir to order--Total 11
hd -15 ar I 13 lll Hrt I - 17 l
TIRe it l)llA UX--l'er ate Ilitdmr v lTett-l 3I 1dnl
nit.r 124 bi mlirlav 4 liolen, Nugenltt &t-o - 110 do i
hhd sugalr ,Conger & KellyV--tl dotl; a bii molaw nMe I
hf dI, I' tairnir - 7 hiHe ctgt r V It II Bernard----- b-lhis
molea .n A Ju i1.e-:5 do 30 hbd 4 sugallr 1E J (ay &r
-17 bils e l"tn o~i Rt(enihalw. C(mmack &-o-t tt11 do
SA bllnanx-- 57 n 13 hods l.,gr E N Scott-II do
it Beltran - 20 do ETV W urbhank 125,o L I.ltndhhant
:14 dlr A I rtron-2-'o 7 b" is molar, "n ChiamI & Iloyd
-15 do blide snuar tihardbll MI hken-- 17 bils nio
lss.s h, ittorg'e i+-44 do 15 hihds sugar John I Adllms
&r--"9 do Iotantx & Son'-1 hil h aeal, A lIlyle-1
hil ri,,lnci 1' S luhnines-1 do.f Willims & tNitn-2
hif do onlree--4 hales cotton J1 I|rlt-ron-- -.. |>3 e'ka
ranci rice, .1 AiV,,, _l . .---an.ll is to ordhr--Toltal 4
hnalm i atlon '. sacks roltIvb ci'. :194 hI ds .a.gr 3"7f
bblls nin'-ion q
1.11 IIEVEI' T.'l'-Pe'r ternmao r St Mr.rn- - r7$ hles
er)e4r I.hman.r Abrarnam &cr-313 do IT Itiurkner
& lIro--, ( W .VOrell ..co- I? (hi3smn & 173yl---9
Alrs. SeRHlrek & A rtey-- T 'I !11 rn-rrrmen-. .t . L
Wnlrnrler &c.--l10i r)ee(s cotton seed Jor A Ai ken
--I nlares hides (t W Srntrll in ;r-- srnodriea tr order
T'otf.ll I :'1a om r. t lOr 111r0) iP(r ( as rotrton .te l
(I{AND) F'R tE - F'ter tPtamrer CH It hr'oe -t...6
Inlrron crn, t (: , Wnlmrlely &co--11; d'r Moyer. W\ei
&0-c.-. ! ' T , Airey &re--- fil ihnpp liBro &co t.
4) rhoprie-4i roe (.lrhlf3 & iRn--r37 (haftfn IIornlton
& I'onwlI31 Payrne. Kenndey &cor-29 W BII ('lark
-21 Iehman, ABirhano ' &- -3 J W Btrrhridge &co
-17.1 J lenls--17 Pat irmlot rrney--16 S Friedlan(rer
-15 ItT lBucknr & Bro.-----12 II & U Newman---12
Itehard Flowrr &-ro--. S C Wilkerson &co--t N 1)
Wetmorr -lO Irrhokner &o-e-9 Hentrhaw. Cammack &.
co--. Moveyer & eil- 6 Gtos & Winliami--5r Tomrple
S (Coeos &ruo- 3 S O(nmbel--? Ilykroki & Mnar'e--. J
I' IIRtrisnOIjr &c--2 Ar MAltnbherger & Pollock--2
Ilrih &. ievert-i Stewart Bros-I RBnr<ey &co--I .
II Adden--I Scherirk A. lirkerkon- Jr h I Adams &
co--I O( Tlhormnas- I March &- Srlcenker-l-: 0 racks
eotton need Jlos A A ikeRn--7T do It T Bncklher & iro
-310 dIn Unrir Oil C(.1o---l sar.ks peedl erot.en. Meyer,
W ir &rn- 3: do P',.l ltolitgney-- oundries to order
Total 1.)8 hales cot'on 1304 puacks c; ttoln sead 1
sacnks rseed cotton
Taneipahor--Pelr steamer J C( Gault- :i ir ir ftim
thr rrdrtr
(Urvinygtrn- --Per schr F M 'ippe---- I rIdl hides 16
hales cotrtonl Pl'ayner . Kennetly &c(ro-5 d. Warren, At
kionrr &co r---2-) bblr tar 7 rhbls potatroes I bbl mo
laroes 4,r, ibis rannd lot old i on to order- ---Total 21
balhes crtlon I bin1 mnlrlsepo
Il'urcagola-) Per schr Camelia- 500 blr!s charcoal
roar er
Baor St. Lour-is---T'er schr I'otrotia HI--5 0. 0 feet
lumber order
Wolfr River--PI'r sr.hr Veneria--22,000 feet lumber
J I, Nevero
IMlindl iver--Per schr Mow--2- cords woon master
W\olf ILver-- Per src-r los A merico-fi0 cords wood
Manchnae-Per schr Piilel-10 cords wood raster
l'Pararennl---Per schr Contidenco-30 bbls tar 1600
bInb chrar-ceol master
Bayou I,acorrmb-Per schr leander Jrne---?25,0
feet tluIlt, r r order
lisyou Lacoumlr-I'r sour Modleste-7,C5 b!bs sand
Mandeville-I'er schr eurlrtise No 1 -25 cord!s weo
T'lah.-fnncta Iriver--Per schhr Marthra 1)--45 cords
wool rl.ost r
'I'angipahlon-- -- lPer schlr 'Teerrible---G; cords worod
IU ,'t I).
Feb P-134 hbls Inolnsarme. irharl Milliken-- hales
rmess J A Poerg--I do K .I IIaght- 3 hIldo 1 It iholet
:1 pk;-s hinrs F P Leviu- I1 h, hides . M Walsa
Totial ;I bb!s mrolaprs
Per steamship Il[treinno,er fIrnm Clinton-115 sacksl
oilrake. :1 thels dry hllr s Ir'i IH Irles cotton C A Whit
mny &,co - Is ri U I, W ra lmrrlrv &co-- y'r It I C Brown
-33:1 Jimo Chattffo & Sons..---43 ..no T lelrdrio &.co --I
Ilartwell & C(harmbrc--44 Meyer. Weis &eo----!r
Clapp lros &cor-4 J. W Burbridge &co- 0 Kirkv:.t
rick & Keith-2 ,Jo JnPhelps &Lre-2 C lle;ri.e-
274 rks ornes order--Total 50, bales cotton
From Galveston---2 bales cotton R T rluckner &
Blro-Total 2 bales cotton
Feb --4 bbls sugar Lanaux & Sons
Feb 8--5 eaes mdse Flash Lewis &co-t5 do Hirsch
Adler &,co-- 4,5 e kegs A Wslz--3 bales mdae 'e..t,
Yale A-. Bowling-1 do S L Boyd-- do J J McCook &A
co--1 do E Clapp &co-1 bdl paper C P Thelrold-20
rases mdae John I Adams &co--50 b1i starch C
Flaglor--2-- do Stein &co-- fi pkg. machinery B 8
Nicrols &eo--I case paper (3 Ellis & Bro---2 rolls
Ireaher H (; Curtank--- bx mdne Stevens & Seo moor
e brils rastings Mullen & lHolloway- baxs mdse J
~chwartz- 5 pkgs mdse I L Lyrms &c,--5 bxa mdrs
I1 & N Smlmrrv--12 barrows Wilson & Childs---26
pkgs mdase J 3 Spahn----2 bdll h'radish Miller &,
Mlrver---- blls e bags Hartwell & Chambere-lo:
pkgs mdoe Flash; Lewis &co---'20 do Hartwe:l &
Chambers-1 fire engine B S Nichols &eo-118 sacks
cotton seed Union Oil Co..--60 bbls rosin Wang &
Cottam-65 do 9 bbls turpentine Simpson&co-l bbl
currents Cochrane & 0--5 bbls twine J O Morris-1
bdll trees E F Virgin-8 bbls tar N D Wetmore-16
casks bacon Miller & Dolhoode--2 tanks ail W P
Converse jr co--100 blls twine A Vizard-351 sacks
oilcake I20 sacks cotton seed A A Maginnis Sons--.0
cases alcohol G R Finley &eo-6 bbls beef F Henke
45 able lour 1 bbls cornmel J. T 8 haoa-- eart
bays inegar IL Lyams Ia.-1 bdl jis e Ctluk &I
Eotehine-13 bill baai JNbe *4-ý bin liats
BbnI4 A Z -.d41 r ab ýt *
mdse bu
wstcnatM040issa mywo a&W-is ov u
.G0 J i Thomsna--I Prltehard, iebbean. &eo- ...mn
dries to order-Total 359 bales cotton 31J soeks oo.ton
Feb --1 1 bales cotton Meter, Weis &On-144 do
I'rithtard, Wlel ham &eto-13: Vald-n, Hawkins &to
--Ill Chaffe. Ilmilton & Powel'--99 llirrttt & 0--.i
Itlchardoon & May-ti8 Ailer. Nu, et &eo -6-5 T L
Airev &eo-47 T,ho T Hareid &co-- i Lehman, Abra
ham &ce-431 SO Thoman &a-c-:1. Payne, Kennedy &
co--26 Jno Phelps &co--5S J L Harris &.no-20 Willi
atnl & Crane--45 Stewart Bros--17 J I Wolfe &co
1 Brlriton. Moore & Coleman--1, Jno Chafle & S n
II eion Oersoi--10 H & C Newman--- J &r (I Crom
well- s A Ien, Wer, &on--i II Oroebel--5 March &.
RShleonker- I -W ileniell &co .5 JP IItrrieon jr &
co---4 Wilson & Mille--4 WI'annll kno-4l Piadles.
Wood &ee---4 Warren & A -4 Nalle & Camnmack-
Alcms, h'lrcik & Antry--:l W A PIele---:i 1 J . Car.
ver-.1 W White acn----o 1 F Walker--I 'emple S
Coorin &ro---l Ilenlderonn--l J lI1 net &co---- I
Rictkey 1( &iro-1 AIlehnt ii ' " -- I It Aliann &co
I TI IlHdden &(c--'lToal 1'95 balo cotton and eon
dries to order
Leaves ,on 1 NDiAY. tth inst., ait r, p. m.
SEvae eville., l.inilo son, . hawnotn
town. at'.dnlin h, t airo. . r s hilksii dI
nill intf'rmediattlto lintrlias - Tho li'aong'tr
-le'arner 'IIAILEt It. C11;I litf.
J. H. I' t~io n lnn o aster: lriJohn Ilrmn blettoni. 'l'rk;
Will Ioari . ict .above. For franitht ori lintt ntt. i,)o
ii (,l ,gtlrd, r to WA YN E & WIILAAMS.
ft) lnn (Irlvitr it r.it..
II-il i.OU LAIIF .VtN l0. 1'l, .ViLL ANI)
L .nvt e on F.'lIIDAY. the fi i t.. ati. t. 1
Br.. .. O FOR ( ',iNe 1N N ,\T, !.. h 11 4.
. X I'., f v i, E1i,[ N(vilhN . Iei id -IIrr,-- .
" th(Plt V t .wn, Ml''u n - . !'OAir'()
-ll'm h- Ii i'; , i nlll n it l ini,lh,
hItalin t. ti p fi- ft! tSeOlyr ,of m'l "rl-
rra otelah..
(' (, ViiI[' fll. r tnl ,r. A. Il:y- r , "1i
W;ill I Iia o ve F ir fri lit or I);P<.o u.
p;pl'S b ir' ) r virr r ttr
WA YNE1:&, WI LIA ;tlI'. W; r.vir -r ,,.
Plll tiLOUI . l. T.
Loa ves .(tv ry W IINIAY. P'I. iY 56 . m.
aid. Port BInir(an ,irutlir rt, lChur h
v-it, lolld ill Inoitingl!. on thi e t el.t,
ArIhatlnla It river and llyotu Courtabll|,eau- 'the
now ad lhtt draft n;stei' rn r
If. IfI lrlilo,. m itnt.er. AThle. Johnl , clrck,.
(Fr lfrcaighlt bove.or 11 n thirply on htan, o r to
l ill 1ON & EPIPLEI.
jPil RI tiravior str.l t.
Leave SEATUE1)AY, Feb. 1o at 5 p. inm.
At(hafalayt River and Bayou Courtab'eaua The
new and light-draft steamor
A.P. Troundal , master, A. Mcnler, c r., clerk,
will leave, a above. For frright or tt snag il ap.
ply on board or to BRITTON & EPPLEI,
j ft22 if C f itr vine .t.e-t
INDEPEND-h ENT iiu 'ilIAU Ad Wlg en -o Ba
Loaves WEDNEU_ AY. Feb. 14. at 5 p. m.
Chulrchville Ate'hafalaya, ' mms
pllnvi ort, Big Bond Landingr . Ol iver.
ind all intr'medltOI points-The ight-dr) Aft
passengr steamer
(In place of the Roxbt. Young.)
Js. ITarnilIton, master. .. . ci. r ir dtin . elerk,
Woilneltinti at H'mmskort with the steamEori
Salli itvtlrn.lg through bills of lahit ing to fiRlatvor
Ides Gilaiz. For freight or ptao-T go ai tr tor
board or to
HIITE & CARLIN. a Tehoutr,,i,. P'
P. o.-Through bills of lading givon to Bayou
rt. f. f. dlA. (
- 're i.l.. ... i t. 2 Ci.. . l. . ('-r-t-tr - 7it"r ci.
Leaves on FRIDAY. Februlirv 9. at 12 m.,
la.~dings on PThaov Bnrtholornow,
Mon r.e. Tr(nton. and all landloga on
k hosk and Ouallhita Ritvers and B liin River-
Will lrave ns above, making (-onnectioni with
lig ht-dra;tt-ml ,rw ,tlor illthetrih !torv .tr am i1s.
For freight or pa[snet,( ayoly on honril , or to
Capt. F. A. BLANKI(,
P'rc.ident. No. 2 Canal. corner I alta st-.
Al) Mi , WORK.LORD A(h tEA KI K, Acts.
Lcaves Fill)A Y Feb. 9, et Ip. mn.
Plesant, and way landings on Bayou
IarTholomew. Monlroe. Tronton and
all larndings on Illaek and Onllehita rivers--The
fine. new, light draft pa.ssiuger steamer
T. C., weeney, mastor, Morris Dorsey. r Irk,
will li, vtv as above. For freight or pasango
apply or board or to
P2 Oravier sttent.
f fc 7s( G(ravier street.
I..ti.olar iBiayou ilartliolomnow Packet,
leaves on AT'I'ITIIIDAY. Feb. 1. at 5 p. in.
Plhinsah t anitand lI way lan dings on
Ilayo(u lBairtholomnew The ine
(ls lIloige, Master,
will leave as abova, taking freight for all land
ings on Blahk and Ouaehita rivers as high an
the moutllh of .layolu BIartrholomenw. For freight
or passilge apply on hoard or to
Usapt. F A. BLANK-I ,
Presidrent, No. 2 Canal street, corner ,'lta.
AIDAMH & WOIIR. LTA)]) & Mre'EA KE, Agents.
iP. 8.--The boats of this line cohnnet with the
(Goose for Li te IRiver. Tom Parker for BIruf
river, Ora. Acmrn and 'Ilmmie Baker for BaJyou
ºiartholomew and Saline river, and Bertha
Brunner for Bayou r'Arbonne. fs
Leaves PATURDAY. Feb. 10, at5 p. m.
J" A Port Junction, Mor'eauvlle, Big
eBond and all intermedia " landings
-The light draft passenger steamer
O lllT. YoUNG.,
W. H. Daniel, ma tfer. J. M. Daniel, clerk.
C. C. Mimpson, mate.
Will leave as above. For freight or passage
apply on hoard or to
LORD & MiPEAK 'V, 46 Camp street.
A. ItII'TTON, s2 Gravior st.
P. S.--Will take freight for all way landings
hetwen Baron Rtoug, and Mouth of Rodtl River.
WillianRsport and all landings on Old River.
Regular Onacblhta tfiver Weekly Packet.
Leaves every WEDNESDAY. at 5 p. m.
Trenton, and all way landings on
L ilack and Oiuachita rivers--The fhne
A ,No. I grand passenger steamer
Fred. A. Blanks, master, Joe Holmes, clerk,
Will llave as above,making connections with
light-dl raft steamers for all the tributary streams.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
Capt. F. A. IANKS, President,
No. 2 Canal street, corner I)elta.
jL ( tf
P. A.--Th boats of this line connects with the
Goose for Little river, Tom Parker for BtEiuf
river, Ora, Acme and Timmie Baker for Bayou
Barholomew and Haline river, and Bertha
Brunner for Bayou d'Arbonne.
New Urleans and uacbhltaf River 'rains
portatlon Company.
Leaves on FRIDAY. Feb. t, at 5 p,. m.
Ouachita City, Monroe, Trenton
and all landings on Black and
Ouachita Rivers-The fine, new, light-draft
passenger steamer
John De Hart. Master.
will leave as above. For freight or passage
apply on board, or to
Sri, ! YI.., wa aN..ktS"
SParr for
__ _ D __V___.D v .
ar y wie.
olA.A P. Aouni., W. LU hin,
Lotus No. i,
ron, Uaper Rod River, Mlr d4
dria tna way and plantation laitot!n A' ra
na New Orleans as follow :
La Belle, M. N. Wood. master.
Leav',s rATURDAY. Feb. 10, at 5 p. m.
Bonnie Lee, Noah 1ioovrll. master
Iaonavaya HAT itFI)AY, Fob. lo, at 5ta. in.
' wnnrfRboatCh atgee tirlyYagyt : r "r m rrisilo
will I' (111arscg l at ti lo' ail it airr or ah
ow Orleans in forwarding freight eoneigne
to the ciompany by bill ladling.
ILtatnrning boata leave Hhrevtport Tuesdays.
Thursdtays and Saturdays.
For freight or uassage apply on board of
boat, or at t f o the oftane ot company, No. li1
Orarvlar stro.t. JOB. A. .IKEN I're.ldent,
ja4 LORD & MoPEAKE. Aaentg.
FI)lt H TIIEVEPOIIl'. ' OlHf T-,
Ita. (Irand E,'or', Sinman rio and all
way landlings onrl ;il Rlivrt--The,
light draft 'fIra. w ,r
I¢ANNl. TATIt ,l.
'r. E. Jnaa'i. Win'tr, r ,nn. Fivill. (la'rk,
I "aaves oin 'I'IIFI)AY, 13ith inst., nr a p.m. For
freight or 'Mr~'nago, inlily amr i i, ia, r'to
hit((.( ET I ,& ('t I.l Ii, ,
it lt; iin t .i ' n-trio t.
,iul'N JANN EY,
'fl in~ I rrirOi . . roitf.
n4'',ri-S4' 'tiy (.l i , ndl I'eor, t'n h I a'n tw
I gý i('Ia y, Al' 6 s ri , IiO i , 'irrn. s'.
r ai'if '4 '1 ,vt " h'rDi'hlg;,--T r
(. IT. FT .D rfe,. Jl,,, Iloil,,, ro. s.tor,
Ie'a 'oi 'rIlEIa \Y 5t p.,in.
Nivw Bart Able, It. r I.iirrOt., rmrtlir,
i.;ei on n HA'rUlllA Y. i.t v, p,. n.
Will leave rtinulatrly ,r iriibova. For' fr'-ight or
pan agre ulny on toarrad ntr to
A r;, 21 A' WOJ:B,
jia n No. 21 ' 'i:,r'.r,,ol i'iineS.
L,' avoe every TUERHbY at t p. m.
I-IDav4'i BOnd anl an intern
landing--The .t.amenor
KB0T. K. lE,gg,
Wmin, Capbell, master,
A. McVay and Jno. H. Mos op. ('lerks,
leaves ran bowve., eonneo.ing at Vliksbuirg wlt
Parivrtl's Li.to for all .ints on Yaan'eo. antfloV'
or, Der Crook and Tallahatohle,
din HITE & CAIRLIN. Agents
Through Bills of Lading tiven to Trenton
Monroe and all Stations on Vicksburg. Shreete
port and Texas Railroadl.
W. B. BROOKETT, Agent, as Magazine 5
Leaeves very HATURIDAY,at 5 P. M.
Natohnz and all intrmatdi'ate .nad,
inua--The pnssnengrir powknt
T. P. Leathers manster, J. F. M~-ao, calrk,
connecting at Vicksburg with ther I'arie' lra,
for Yazoo Tallabatc!hie andl r.irflow',r rvi.,rs
and with Anchor Line for Mlamibs. (kdro lanJ
St. Louis,
For froeiht or lnasagen a pilyr n hotar.r, ,,r to
JOIIN JANNEY. it*:; Crrrrrnm an tret,,
BITE & CAIRLIN. 4 'Tehoaliltouhlsa at
Through BilII of Lading givcen t, 't''r-,tarD.
Monroe and all Stat.ions nol V ir:hnl rrr, 'i ra, ve
port andl Texas lainilroad,
W. B. IBOOKETT. Agent. inf tnati::ine st
The fine and fesel piei: 4.v'r ne 'iet
J. M. White, mraster, C llm." r
Leaves every THbURDA Y ,a r, ". m
Will leave as above. conoreting a- Vi, ,urg
with the 'Parleot Line" for all vnri-:i r,, ~ vro
and Tallahattchi rivers. For ,·r:h' r age
apply on board, or to JOHN A
mq8 ADAMI & Wc"t.
Through Bill of L~ain i-. ;. t :on
Monroe and all tltjtlons oni V'iktu raL . r tru ivo,
port andu Texas Railrowd.
W. B. BhOUKETT. Agent. a. '.It'r.,tne t.
Leaves on SAT'URDAY, February 10. at 5 . m.
Richiardson's Landin g, Delhi, Pomtl
Mabin, Warsaw, c'roc'kett's Point,
Osborn's Lan'ling. Cut-Off, in'l all interimedle- g
landings-'ho uarsengrnr stearm r
J. B. Sullivan. master, J. L. Rohbins, elerk,
Will leave as antve. For rright or patage.
apply on board. or to.
1 I lITIE & CAI ,[';, AgentI
Hfnrmit.ge, Port fiu' lon, tiat.
ltonv' Plauerminio "adil Postihflo
landingl--The United Statek mail .cmrn-wvrelf
(In plaice of steamr W, 4. HPike.)
J., . Brown. ruYiter.
Leaves every MONDAY aold IrLtDAY at ..p.
m.. For ayou Btra.
ITE & CAR.IAN. Arts.. 4 Tehoupltoulas pt,
JNO. JANNEY tee Common t.
d42 am A. O. GODDIN. so Ma.a.ailne.
11 a. m.
For Lee Plantation, Polnte-a-la8
Inelhe, Jesuit,'s Iend. lElair Plant.
ation. Happy Jack and all Lower'
Coast landings, the A No. 1 steamer
P. E. BAary. Master, E. F. BAXsn, Clerk,
will leave as above, returnlog every Wednesday
anrd Saturday. For freight or asrsage R app Of
board. A clerk will always beu found at the hes
of ,t- Louis street to receive freight. jale t(
kuqi 'I'he new and fast freight steame
P.. MA,
O. CA'rroN, Jr., Master. J. J. Donovan, Clerk,
Leaves the city for the Franklin RIice Mills. Bel
Air and way landings every Monsay, Wednes
day and Friday ati p. mn.. It-turns to the city
overy Tuesday, Thursday andl iaLtnrda7 even
ings. Freight clerk foot of Conti street jie2 tt
tion. Ascension pIarish-The new
Louis Ranson, master, Norbert Ranson. clerk,
Leavoq as above every Monday. Wednesday and
laturday at 10 a. m. Returning Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Sundays.
For freight or passage aply on board.
The A slde-wheel steamer
(In place of Stella Block .
U,. D. Terrebonne. Master.
Gabe Blool and It. LeBlane clerks.
Leaves New Orleans every TUJStDAY lý'
BATURDAY at 5 D. m. returning ever WY
NESDAY and SUDNDAY evening. For freight.
or p iaage aPd onboard or to
oRHITE & . 4 Te(hou itoulae street,.
76 Deeatur between Conti and Biealtl sta,
ja8se t
Leaves every MOND 9:ýs 1., m., awa

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