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The Knights of Mornus In
a l)evilish Good Satire.
Living Pictures Illustrated
by JDemonology or the
of IHIdes.
Mo 10ls i ar arealtiol of thie (lrek .Mythology,
tho god of Ntockr ry and CeoPutre. As the eslry
gone, ho wlor chosen by Neptune, Miucrva and
Vuioan to dr oldo1 upon tho merits of iliar 2o
spoetive work-, aud, ccvlnriug Iih 't all, he was
kicked out or 1li men.
k iuce Aien, Ithe t rulrlllt is, hIi liis dwi 'l upon
earth, r,,pihiug alnt at all ovn r his Cxile, but, play
tun gamrig m,,rt ii thl praIl.t his fanlilirfr in
high Ot)3nl Otiu to.use~ to toltrt4'a, .strl htilng
"A very ie)l IV, tliancin.g, ,linkilng,
Lan ughiali, qu Jlhg, and iut)Iuiingttr tiue."
Our god is not tmuoh given to, uui1, aig miartih,
orto wit is cld innuol:rnutl p asel yn. Hims wit
has tvvr a idilig, a. di ,io hiOur i l ,u of satiro
and rail tar, ralld t hi wcnk.ejretit i lo ro tl',. criltme
of wen ae th0 Iuljcts h li i,V l it l t,, dt poti
in his piageants. 'I ith iýr ho lity ctireut ne the
subject of hii muchi ry .i itres of trv -u n'ilhlrf
pily fam.iar to us all, blii~g I ,tlhig o~lr thhin
the dorr tiins ll udll Iradlli lt ..n cao 'nls itllti 4i
the I , ' t- aIdmhiie:iuerat isn f tGrant. 1l',1
lowing an .;: wrick of brgtl I1i I )Iaote, he has
visitd .,., :an summull d threlilce the princes,
poro ti.t: i ipoweor of tho Kli.gtloni of n ark.
ea.e to 5.iailauL, jn all their hitleon. dtlrourmni,,
the crimes he had witno sod uplan Earth. uir
roauded by all the lurid pomp of Iol1, we saw
fiees long familiar to us.
The ltelzebub that sat high upon his thloni
of state bore i marvellous resemblance to Grant,
while in the minlsLors about him we ricognised
eouutenances that told too plaat;ly the theme of
the satirical god.
DOerTO entring upon rte manore uuev5ar ui e
representlatou, it may be of interest to the read
or to learn somtthing of the gentral design. as
well as the sourco from which it wrsa drawno. I)e
monohkgy plays a prominent part iu all the old
religions of the East. More ancient in India than
the Vodar, it hase maintained itself alike in Brah
mlhiam, tudubism and lalamism. It is also
found along ail the nations of Northern Europe,
and traces of it are founl ov. in among the Chris
ilans. Ililtatn and Goelthe, in Paradise Lost and
Faust, avaiied tihiuvolves of its weird and fan
tastk legItnud. Iudred, it is only within a very
lbw yeat, tih t dcnunology has ceased to com
mand th, flith of tuen of education and Intellect.
taainlt old far on, hho wrote in the beginning
of ithou vcut ,thll century, has letf a long dis
quisitoln upon the nature ant power of demons,
in which he esa s in all serioneness, "flow far the
power 'f rp,rits an·d devils otli extend is a se
rious quletur, iaid worthy to LC considered "
But he was ntt the last solemn but learned an.
thority upon this queer superetition. Almost
within our own day witches wore burned in pious
and godly New England for being possessed of
these evil sprits. Indeed, the epiri!ualism of
the prest: it day i .scarcely anything more than
a species of demonology.
Ia the r'pt.esentation this car, Momne has
adopted the otaborate cystoem of orders and
rasks, al.d he greersl order of the demoniacal
uommotloelth, as given lby Jlohanon Wilru and
other I undits o. the Itl~enth arind ix'oenth oun
turies A I1 nri cu'lhnc of this rtate sttuiture
may b: flvurd a thi, "roink c, I)y:e,' in theo
shaotor on l Decmo!,'r 21). 'Thece dtluln p inccs
and (fficate u eae ate madet to asesme the
otun'iacctan . .f the vari cua illaini that haiitv
taken ota,;i' ltu ll' u ~ 'rt Iot ith vabt diablr. '
ahllCd Gro.Tasi.tm.
First t .e i oor n t.o Cailin
las'er [f cers miunice, wh" si duty, aeo(l;ding to
the deuoii'gra phir, i, it .s tn c twnvty the wi cht s
to the stir ,alt, on the " wdid Wlpilrgis night.'
This ofli tat Nsas clad ii his robels of etaic an I
monuted ol a gorgeously appai ed charger.
By a most crudl but rppr priate irony he was
made Lo assu..e thie ilhysio. lonly of
Gen. Lewis Dent,
one if the (,bua:ive brutherrs-la-hw. The leo
mess was a t iy strlik ng one, and must have t t
the secogni:ioaa if a:ll to whom a sight of the
gorgeous or.gmal had evcr bWen vouclhsafed.
Following this dignitaiy c.tme
also moutted, and clad in his oaicial robe as Io
epeotor tuneral of Magic and Soreery, and
Grand [aseter of the 1-a.bat, Knight of the
Fly. Meat:.r Leonard, in his favorite guise of a
three-horned gan*, presides at the witches' ab
bat, and on Walpurgis right stolen children are
suapposed to be braugit to him, and made to
swear, through their god-lparente, to renounce
God, the 1lly Vrgin, and the Saints, and are
marked by une of his horns with the sign of their
nlvitiate. Upon this ocoatiou lie forswore h's
usual form, and astamed a set of villainous
fdatures that bore a strikmg reaembfance to one
Alex. R. Shepherd,
of Washington real estate pool nototiety. This
worthy rode immoediau.ly n front of 0t
which was devoted to the
Department of State.
In a ohair :f seate, placed e:, a dair raised
upon an octagonal car, eat the great
Grand Chancellor of his loferuel Majesty,
Beelzebub, and Grand Cross of the Knightly
'er of the Fl,'. He too alpeared in court
S nrc, while in front of him, at the foot of.bil
aesta. state, a (lemon secretary was enthr'si
ehair o. . pping the browl seal of state unoon
asticlly sta. 'went. I'erhaps it was a devilish
an official doe,. do this unip assume the feat
1alignlty that n.
s of one lamitl, cumetance nothing in
we could tee in the ci. .s9f things." We
of le " er.~atl Alne. s of the demon
._ ..a t tlh ltL\eGSDa If that for.
willingly take
an iron' 'mrt
feyia ckNa4
ý mot.~
tnsteace preeenuog the amiabse outtenance of
ueeretary Bloutwell.
Grand Counhselors.
This ear was an immense lurnace, on which
Prince of the realm of Tears, who assumed the
genial countenance of that scientifio sinner, that
venerable and Jocund iniquity,
bimon Cameron,
By his side stood, distinguishable by his insig
nia and those wonderful "saaelege,"
LIrd Admiral and Knight of the Fly, impersor
sting that jolly old tar, him who bath witched
the world with noble seamanship,
Geo. A. .obeson.
In this group also stool the warlike
Commander-in.-Chiel of the Infernal Armies,
assuming, of course, the general feature andl
the eye that threatens and commands, apper
taining to one
Tecumnela ~lermau,
brother of J. kn, a train-band captain, and other
wise a citizen if credit and renown. In front (ot
them all stood
Grand Onamberlain and demon of Flattery. We
did not exactly see the point of the satire which
made this mise impersonate that curled and per
funmed da.ling of the honeehold,
Master Freddy Girant,
by the grace of his pa, Lieutenant Colonel o: the
staff, banker sed broker. Yet there Freddy
stood, his identity in no wise hid by tile impish
ooatume of lis impersonator.
F .Ut I'l CAlR.
This wee oan of thd best of the ceries of rel:
resentaltiona. On a car pIaintoal t" represent oloulldi
illled with the power of t;o sEtom, and lurid
wrth the glare of lightning, rill d a landanlet with
wheels of lire, drawn by twao groat dragons. In
it was stactd
Son of theo '~ all'lr , tla )hight-r i flilae' of justice
of Iseexeobub. it it huardly r e.eesary to suggest
that in this great a ilicia' wavs to be reocrlized
L.andnuttest tillttans.
Cuonidential Nterelary.
Upon this car was to be been a:l the apparatus
belonging to a tirst class distillery, vats, worms,
fttunels and casks of the "crooked." The pre
siding genius was
Master of the Alliances, Grand oSecrtary and
Keeper of toe Archives of Hell. What use Bald
berith had for these queer nttnslls it would have
been hard to imagine, in the light of other days
than these. Their nse and appropriateness toa
scribe has been but recently developed by that
original genius,
Setn. 0, 5. Babcock,
a gentleman who has proven beyond cavil that he
knows "vat's vat.". Uaelb rith, with a genIih
manly respect for genius in adapting heni, ar
sumed the semblance of the o lginal adapter of
these novel convenicnces.
1SfX rll CATI.
In a car of etate sit
Arhduchess of Hlades and tI,,vertign Prineces of
Evil Spirits, attended Iy a female imp and
I'ri co of Fire atL ( Superintiendnt of Infernal
Tortures. Upon this occasion that great mag
nate took to himself a wondrous temhbaaco to
that blonde man of war, the pulssant
dispenser of army contrc'ts sanl troker of yost
trading advantages.
tle was followed on horseback by
Chief of ths I'rivy Police, who assumed the per
eonnt 1 of that searcher after "ways that are dark
any tricks that are vain." koown to fare' as
Detectilve WVitacly.
lThe Empire.
ligh on his im purtal th one s:, hulling. great
himself, usurper of SatIau', th'r,e. Supr, in
Chief of the ulerinal :EmYlire, ap.d ftIondrr of the
hLightly Order of the I1. There was no mis
taing th y- the rrsy-cqI i lon of the eigar, whose
features and bacuinlg hiis s.ta ic Mr- srty c?.o , f
to atsnuiel on ths g;ritu : el:;te cCeasetou. 'J1 h
wildest drc( m if Ci.arium thatt tver di tnrbed
the elumbiern of leunletut., of tor ulrtd fioll the
overnrought brain i f Watteirolt to onle of lip
"2 a. m." srtic;e-, cield but p I le bIefre the lurid
,iabrlric of this s ore.
On each side of the carI wire p dirted Ethiopitan
monestrs writhing in Iltmine. On the stee a lead
ing up to tt"- throne were Sagata, aTrp, nts withl
heads of hunan skulls. Ilntmmtdlatcly in front of
l.e zobub stands
lIlehemol h,
the (lrend Cup-hearer, taking the sernmbane of
L. 1. Luckey
At the foot of thu daisd stald
Prince of Death auil Gra.d Cr'ts of the Order of
the Fly, imperaoat.atng that mur,'erer o! Piegan
inva:ids, the devastator of the peaceful homes of i
Virginia. the man who was Lever afrai., anai the
hero of the Ustaditti porolamation, the ,·,rid,, ;e(
partlo of cru:l and insolent abuse of pow, r, and
barbarous ignora'.rc',
Phil. .lherldnll.
By this last and b.ief edition of Suwerrow,
Blucher, or whatover else if tle brutal trooper
one may first bring to mind, stood
the High Execution r of His Infernal Majesty.
There ts in Americau l.istory but one character
that can claim a patent right to the devilish
apotheois here met with, and tht man, whom
no devil can wrong and lo envy, hatred or malice
scandalize, is
Joe ISolt.
tile chiel o: S: n.o,.'o I) epatmtnt of .Jyatice
at d the murderer of Mrs. Su rat t.
Prrlnes of tie lieueholtld.
H1-re was the couepiratortr cave, an abyss of !
tire, about which writhed innumerable sea-ser
pents. spitting th-ir verom and poisor. In
front of it stood
D. E1. Townsend,
rcptesen:ir g
It. N. Eaton,
' mreion,
IE. Plet repent.
' his car represcontd a ; r.at rock ovorhang;ng
a p.t of fire, that broad chasm of '"sectioual
hate," which has so long divided the two sec
" the ciuntry. All about it are writhing
ticxtetoG --rte, Wi'ij: ahbY stec's
vetemcrlt .... " " A
rto the thlatel 1it who is deprived by Bee
-a. 4hee This worthy ad
" =- whiafll. he peets }it h a
What mortal shape could so worthily typify all
the brutal venom, the cold, strong hate here dis
played, as
Oliver P. Norton,
whose semblance Satan here assumed ?
Dukes of Debauch.
In a chariot of fire sits
the Infernal Minister to Turkey. In him we
n ,ticed the representation of the hero of a cer
tain Long Branch episode; while mounted on
a she dragon, harnessed to the oear, was
the Demon of Divorce, and the gentleman cred
ited with the murder of the seven husbands of
Sarah, as narrated in the book of Tobit, and also
with the expulsion of Solomon from his empire.
Let us pause ard contemplate Solomon as lood
for a divorce lawyer. This familiar demon is
also the hero of Le Sage's Je Diat le Ilotiur
This is none other than the load and blatant
John A. Logan,
who is supposed to have gotten the above Belial,
out of the troubles resulling from his aforesaid
Lolg Branch escepade.
KnltLts of Black League.
On thli car stands a I ugo and horrid moo
ster. with a lace that mli hlt he human unt for its
startling resemblancet to the his'oric
Eliza P'lnketon.
On its l:ack ato mcuntcd the Kniights of the
Black League.
whseo face wes violently sugo~etlice of
Zatell (:htndlerr.
Biatbym and Biton, the last wtiln an ant.brotia
abundance of curl that wrs euggoetive,, sold lJ)
ray, in whom we fondly imagined that we saw
the stlolld, impneivo brutality that sunffuses like
a blush the b. loved oounter,e,:ce o' oute
M. It. Pnrkardl.
T'WEi.Iitl ;Allt
Mtinist'ra Plent.l9-tmisetr).
(in t|his car were
Infernal Mini;eor to Enil O tl,, ant the invmnt r t f
minltlg for tioe vl. Tnio won.e, .ol litho ha:ppliot
ao.identts of the pageant. What .man over met
with a more perftet counterptrt than the late
Mr. HIotbert C. Neilnek,
of Emma Mi to notoriety, and 3hMiisr tIs Eng
land, in this same Mammon.
Inu front of him, he, of c so, ocrupying the
place of dIgoily, stand
i1e irlsltr,
lmpersonat'ng Stewart, and
the Ch(r!' l'Vetlt tie C'ho.mbre, representing J. W.
In front of these are
Th minuaz,
Minister to Spain, impersonating
Daniel E. nickles
tape rsonating the unapproachable
of -amtoan diplomatic fame, attended by Mybbas,
an En:glish policeman, wi oso presence has a
double , ligtlficanoe.
Isords In'rWalitn wit. (Cotach of setate.
the-re were represent. d
Columb tna Delane,
W. A. RiHchardson,
Joe. A. J. Cre"itwell,
by I Irrr devils, Paymon, , Ibal and Abalh .
DRepartnment of Transportation.
On thl, ear was a buge oragon breathing fire
and smoke, and hearing a striking resemblance
to a largo ectIotive, out which was inscribed
"Noin' re'n` PArIFIc." () it were T.aced as en
J. i. ialnane
itt the guis:e ;of Aiiot, ev anti his n. genins.,
whose count-nance was am!,enld by Decarabia,
nnonithr (Lemoin.
('ounts of the ERettrurnlas Board.
l t.re v, a to b sF-on t bo corngregated Lonisiana',
reprisenitation ilt Congress, lyph, r, f-eldor,
Frank llr.r,y. .f the cardiaal topkunot, Geo. L.
.-mith aiwl t1a -raIl, imIpersi(.ated by various
devi.e, "siltol we wl.l rail Zllit, Ijnrbators,
I; ,t.r, lialplhoeo and 11 thia.
Keerpers of the Cash.
Abýovr is a negr:) dzoppiag into the iron taf,, of
Freedilann'a inank
hi . ):ari.-ernOd" caviilus. ()verlooking him are
-1d ]IiacIss cud a tt friend, wbile leatenh, ci nut
int" tb. * bekike i a net, are
as. O. Ilowertl,
Jay Cooke
RIetired Veteranf.
Th'r car represeits the gram'e door and ntepe
of a PIenion Agency. Up the eteps come an
eager throng of pensioners.
Ahl er, in human sihape,
II. C. Warmetlh.
I'ii f:r, aho has the wtaz in f&ac tf our
Wm. Pitt Ielolur.,
f ,lowed by lMores of South C.rolina, Amee of
M1ciaiso.ppt, and Bnllook of Gelrgia.
PainenRers to Oblivion.
Car No. 19 represeont the Radical scalawag
and Carpet-bag Senators an I R.pr sent&tives
croring ov,,r the river et x, the uivsr of blood
and fi:e, into complete obl;vion awl obscurity.
Pare, J. It. West, stands at the head of the
boat, holding in one hand a torch, and in the
o ,her' his standard, a skull and bloody shirt. Pe
side him stands Chax, Spencer of Alabama, with
battle ax in hand.
Amducuos site in the centre o' the boa', wi'h
Habonym and breve Dorcey of Arkansas and
Conover staidir g at his aitid. Behind them is
Dtagon, the 'eetrvwuan, a negro, aho rows them
Over into oblivion.
iphl of state.
Last in this wonderful pageant cante the Ship
of State, 'rep.erenting the dismantled and
I:.nking c a"t ti' the iepubcl'an I arty.
0- board e tanl W ndeli Phillips,
Ben Butler, SPmler Co:fax, Old 1I mliu of Maine,
and the godly Parson Brown ow.
---- ---os- ---....
What, is thin country coming to. and
what is to become of republican insti
tutions, when outlandish symbolisms
are being introduced every day in our
midst, to which reverence must be paid
"under the forms of law?" Here in
Louisiana we have been Avorshiping,
for the lpast month or so, an ideal thing
which the rulers of men have been
pleased to call tne "statu quo;" now
they have established another myth in
Florida,and they name it the "quo war
ranto." Iu the immortal words of
Tweed, "what will we do about it ? "
--- ---** ----
Now, all the mean papers in the
country are running into the ground
the supposititious letter of Charles
O'Cooor about Grant. None of them
believe that be ever wrote the Ie.r-s ,
but b ýI re
A Sxatous CftaoE.--Henry Piere and
James Augustus lost their freedom at
the corner of Burgundy and Barracks
streets, and were locked up in the Third
Preoinct Station, charged with attempt
ing to rescue a fugitive from justice.
They are also charged with being dan
gerous and suspicious characters.
son, at the request of H. F. Davis, was
taken into the Seventh Station charged
with having, on the night of February
1st, burglarlously entered the premises
of John Rowland, on Peniston street,
between Chestnut and Coliseum, and
stolen a silver saucer.
J. K. Hlckson, a private watchman,
blew away hib liberty last night by blow
ing a watchmanl's whistle at the corner
of Chestnut and Jackson streets. Hick
son was incarcerated in the Sixth Sta
SwlNuhiNo.---(Gorge Simmons, a con
tractor, was taken In from off the levee
head of St. Louis street and lodged ini
the Hlarbor Station, charged by H.
Johncoln and others with swindling.
- -- 4),-- - -
il y II ll.
Yesterday Mr. Edwards, Administra
tor of Wiaterwirks, tfic City Hurveyor,
Mr. F. AI. MeMilhtIn, the engirneer of
the NI rta Atncricain lce Companlcy, Mr.
8. lerneo,.t antl ii. loitlzno 4met, inll tL
MIAyo( 's iparlor t( ouinsuit, in regard to
the ,TncrTgi allc ti Waterworks loidll try
anrid inter'i.,st Ht'nttor Joneis, of Nevlada.
It is thouniit- ,enii:ltor .Jonles wvilI hrlnl
Ish oner- halr or tthe aitrount if othler
caliitlists will put up the .eclauinio.
s Mlitiate Iitol.t t.
1Iesrts. (heorgo W. Hllinpoetli. F. Pe'r
rodin antd . U. Dl)lorl, all Derrticrats,
have respoctlively (laitliliid it ttl iit, re' l
upion the diiischairge i tr h.ir respective
dUties ut i aJsige, D1) i.t int, Attoi-ccy aind
Sheriff ini the St. Lccnrl'y dlsttrit.
Udn Sartain, of' Cal roll, - wa. this
mornuing ii the, io(-.". ix p-'cti g that
his case ' c()iit("al fig the s- at ofr Nicholas
Burton mlight b,. r il,cirtell upon to-day.
Al1I F011 ('1"liA.
The Lastento m f e Expecditllnator tIe IAt
tier of tie 0truiielling Patriots.
iF,eni the Sunday Ntws.
There is ,I; .)ugly snu',.st,.nlilf,,d ropo t cur
rot t in loil (!lrbau cen I s Ithat on WVcitcdc.tdy
last olre of tLe heaviict rh poflnt.a ,t armS
and mnnuittions of wir -iver mIsade frolm ibi.
port for lirho td of ihi r volutittooit ii ithe
"ever faihfuil iNfe" was effected. From 'hl.
bin aand sogrestions l,lwe Itc rslu reslderti
C ubaoni 1 t Accrs reporter, the olloiiwing very
well authbtio,e-td totos wiwe p:ai(edl:
l'h, .bchb tur lIviine, (.apt Vinghn, oi.tar
ied from N'ew I dftrdc on iii-, 26 I) of i,,s
moOnth, cas.tnoibly for (hct"les-on, 8 C F 'ir
dayv I tt r a vetc-l aO.,saering to, lfr dislri'.
tiou aKs noted ( tcll-ci -l . l tl 1 i i. ,t Batrlloc
gat. ,'or srever. d yay )li',s -i,r.u11 v, y *w'
were mlia'! 'of ahore by tveUr)l FC~it.n , l)ti
anid flchitg but ) , wholh bi':, ;t :s .lit. I,, t,
loaded dltriiti. tiea ight w ill I.,iex .cM ts
etc, ten't .Irlu New York ty I,I)ii IlJh
wt,veni(Dl t i f lias. ori cr41 re iIrli r l tih .
twrviiot of t wo M ranig r-, wh.o bal o me to
arltlegt, OeriV inll the waerk.
Theitnl ,It#I4 were made on Wtll-rl*i
mori..uig tlat r·. ,aybrealn, whenll s1o vn -
er U ti if the .nsR;i:,'onu, i (ai Wr, w,th cli I
by oner of the nm"-i at the htI-sr.Ving s';tio I.
It i Raid that 15,000 statnd of armu acl -ti neul
100 000 car ridg',s wiere criiarke I i.rtil anc
I ce-wai ly tot away. T'rii co: t a anud cr ic i s
were )wa inked ; ci vip toxe, an.I f1 ,or ftarr,-"I.
Tbn ix cedi ion is et ili i be tIhe iT hootf of
o'te t!.a lws ' Urghat!-d inl this ci y tiHe week
ieg ,, when vt'sMaI WIy Ociar- re 4 froU t aai'll
known firthm nf hippr.g n-a aeta'l. in 0.d
#lip, a'id fhis rfitie cniy nv .oniLe itie 1 in timi
icharte-r part., alter the ir-user p".r of the
eargo had hbein embaitk d
H - - - -
What 'i Tahon.ht of the Preaiilenit'.
Iltcin Ilnlellat ialei.
"p4i cil D spctcih t., tIthel V,.l.ll.[
WAixreii;i'rN', Feb. 4 --1I; isn hli Ilu i'ilei
nppin oIi i I:i,iing li0rutmli-,i of Coigric- ih t
i ,(, ati-c in will I, tIakec cldnritl 1i1€ f te w, a!i.
Ict stc : I ii tw i - e0'i it ioiii to r*n u-s
11tit) .) p ,cn.. t ymi rt r . ,-ti t i l t a -
l-er i i 'Il ici i c-i iu-ttlerlIl Ill It a ,'ly.c, c.ud
it-I- : Il ,;,,. i.f , u, c liti. "c"i of iit tlvurcn,,
- t:l-uit .: wilhtu i n a I:. un.lt, , tr g el,'1:.
IW ll I lut nio Inc- t hr : ,x, -, I r. rg afiI i crll
f h i .V iair1- c . tyd i l' l ,,, .1i",t k I'- o..
*he I Itu I c- c : c ct c' .A ni r I iU r -Bl.
pr-.-it c .e it 1, ,.lt i. l(l ,i pa n,,.ct.c , v : cr tiI -
1n w: I, l.:Ieo tiL. r- I0 t 1 t 11 -.yv L O r .t 1 1i ) 1l
I it. f .t t1 ti , !t -t"1.n c - 5T . ? ltu , i c
i oiltil( i I ci - c h, P cc-c) i '' t i - c. i ilr
rccow, In Ib. dio -n 0 .' j S i - i -
Ii ce uC ct - c ir at c . - it iik -( I ).') i| . ic.,
WrLr ever hl1 , ta unP,, ,,* ; , ( H a n )'. () tr
t* e tL,- ifie i cu..51 Ic0 tosac).l ri ,No ar ii,0
thct ri cnc c Ii', I fl t 0fui iic tc iHe ii i.e
relicy. ncc i!(tl, uatst.,tlJ Mr. i.L .cucii
iout c, aoc ctght ltIo |,use (I cl.,r c gt nctrcd
rsllc t isf h i.-si ihcowntcc Ii ( lowi .L C,)Lcei .
[c .ilU t ie dmit'eLl, torl -vv r, t'ct ,a sr r.g
oapp, !hti |i crisEiinef i, I. r cI ,, u- port, c t
ocatia. Ic idw, tchey ,,rgu , ~o p saHr coetar-..
in IA HIs 1 conh of oaa Adtuclcisr r.clii
whoce only rcu'ut w U di b' ti ,c h-cper arnd
,erplex the i -ext goI rt uan t. 1', is. betcer
ncr n., th oircioclums tic i , t'- c ilnauI
Preicideu' bu ic aiud curcpleo h -h-i fin--et ar
wLih wa]l triag resimpoif ita, il .-o, j;=
A IIsiop Deiaenda the Nllase.
[London Ti-legram to . ew Y, ik tleral I.]
The 3 shop - IM .icheut'-r il't i red irl .,d.
dr cli . a t fi th I.c the Ibh . .r . It R t, M ai
cebs-o -, to the oiam ,m D cct hi t e , it
che Q lit,'S. I, ausce asi clher eloqutfit a ci
no').e dcfeane. He e i hbe wai tm hri
Bicbcp) ot the -Cntac" oi I;:uaiciI. if not to
irtt Bc-hop of OCbiis '8 (ICurih, tht iver ad=
dlse.s ( cl cr:o groise 10th Ii . t r -lr'4i t. A.t-t it
taught him ,Ibat tragedy wr.s a great laca it=
ment for pii ying the p.stn.. He itr u~lt t
tat i-o one coold letve, a good perfcrmunce
of ILcmlet or O hello ai h.icit felog his ui
m cu-a . h,-vlectcci aInd trau antieveil
·----- -~ - -
How the eun $h new.
I From the U'rlioclnti Ut tnerci 1.1
The New TYrk San ha-4 pur-iutcd a p~tru!;ar
policy towei.1 tdil phn for o. )tirdg ti, , -4ae
t )ral A ·. Wbtiie .le b 11 W"+, to.:. Iii it w.,e
silent, r utrti tided. Af; r .tuo dli.i:·"*et i .
an't iV0 .ni,.ti i.1 by o,. t 1 S-ii to 6&i i 1{.,o,
the S5 a tniio~t.d a p.Ipu C'e ti uii. p ; alp
atver tbh tahrowits ... ti bat bi n ctThtt',
the tif~h trin*,ito r of t-it j *iiio':r.t . rtt.ca ix
CItpilil. it ht. it)ti 04ts:f wottii'y, ui tI 1iii, r
en1gq d(I it teck'Dg a 0% 1 el..rniy de odt-d
updn. awi.l to whi h l :l ,ai r tot -r, w ) s 11
fluctetii th-.t it ii nut t~oaib e to y'. t ak -?t"
.. I fly he the So un is ppYrih-1.b--hil e the
the yculii t willi be too eI-iiAi'i tif hltytti aid
Wit- e /:r, atpd wifl to ')e lit a t ) .'iio . ut) i
to tLi Ditaiocrto), rbhete i t'jiii } on st.'
A oiPiiuIaeutlry ma'qoeidedut and catico loiree
W1 be, given by the Buby tjocialC.Ciu. On klmuur
day t-evOiDi next, at the P ilanamonsa fijl,
The Qnintette kitdal 3;b give their sKeowl
* diee. 3I eEj*iVi asad 6w1t13 IkA.,ea 1q z
Jk) ii5~b, ve"t bIcATdk
superlor Criminal Court.
Referring to the woman Josephine Taylor,
who was before tbhl court on Wednesday, is
was said in the report of the proceedings tbat
she had been acquitted on account of the in
formality of the commitment, made on,, by
Judge Miltenberger, of the Second Municipal
Court. Tole wrs an error, the commitment
was made by Judge Staes, the predecessor of
Judge Milten bergert.
luperior Criminal Court.
All scare being mostly of the old docket,
were indeftnitely postponed.
,Jldge Whitaker hid addressed to each of
th,. p die' judges thejtollow ing cirelarr:
heer Htr-.t will much foailitate the pro.
g'esm of bu inese, a(td contribute to the ends
of justice, if you erutte to be f r warded to
this court, as p'o'ipt'y int possible the re
ourds of tue severol cKtes investiga ed by you,
hatresnlt in cummic't'a for trial here. I
beg to engaest that, .o f,,r rs orartiotble, they
bhi cent here on 1t a day following the co:ncin
Sion .f the inv:sti tion
RIe p ctfilyv.
WM. IL WIlTAKEI:, Jlllge.
. .... 4 .-
The 1 arnivsl.
The all absorbing topie now-a-day.t t.
the rtce(tion and Iparadeo f lls MI j-. s
ty, the King of the C trnivtl. Old anid
young, rich amnl oi) t str eoli to entert(
into the spirit of trio (.trnivatl, arnd we
aIre cure t at t,'he difllttys of Monday
anrtd 'l'ueslda next will fuilly eqtlril auny
siniitar ovrent itt the history of New Or
lea itst. (n Monday 1 'x will air
rive andi Ibe receivil with bccoming
honrors. On 'lT'teHday the daty pIaritle
will he rattgnileit.t, anttid atit night the
Mts1lic; K rewo of (C,rtu.ti will give one
of their rich and ii netru'i ivi e lpt.tants..
The halls will all be Ihrgely atltended.
'The f1ollow ing extract [ruor thle (Chicago
Co.tri-r lhows t hati our ('tnttiva tl it at
trictiig atti.ntionl iti 'roal ai4 well asti
with onrmslves :
The I llinis- (;rntanl itiIro.ti, tlwwys
in t|he Va.I )f tenilte..' i;.", i . ,t. ckinl., '-i
tenr ive a ri e m I I t- run E0t l . (:1i4l
trtlini from (Chi::', it Now ()t't ci; at.
the time of t.he ,lunli Grn(; (,aornival
f'stival. 't'he Itlen.- Cit(?,itl lh.es just
pl)rfrec.t.l a ,rogra,' it;lll by whith faster
time will bt; nietle on all ti Iit le-i titan
ever before, R.n l ot it controls tarid op)
erates the only thlroulgh linll to the far,
far South, tlhe l ilvarlt;itg-s offered by It
are uneqlualled by any otner road.
lnvilirible itn i'eac: Iuviisble in War.
[Ir'lrt a 2ig.z;t. (,of Amre,i" an rt ,itory I
'1lie tuthtrshit of trs a .t;,n littho witticism
h9i. ueturliolt bon iitr,bilttd to the lion.
lT-n Hilt, o, (lotyit,, whI, recently applied i',
on the flor if (httre i, to 'ho pr sCent day.
thn twtrit of' at huongttet t'ihe ILat C-it t. (Ito.
H. D rI ,J beter kniow# tly th, n.con de plumre
O" ' Johl, t li' lix " WVtjtu taetttoael ai 8.n
Frarni-co he ws nvittl to a publio dinoet
C'ilin by a co Ip P"y it State militie. Being
oul ttp uponi for i tis , tho:gh a guest, I e
o i'd niot r pr,-'Fes hi Iv f)r natirlt, at d c'
orani gly g v-: " To're Oriif.itrn Militia-In
vincibil in Poeac.; I',vi-iblt, in War."
LIMlT'r ON AN IIi T"OItlAL tl;.'iliON.
Who Ordered the Burning of Rilehmona,
Va.. in the Last Year of the War?
[ntpt+t i .1 Ditpa:ch to ttho Wor d.l
XWAuitN(uiT"'.t. F i. 4 -A slit hI.- teen
renllitu in olit (;i Cii (C ii' u ttr ILchuloid,
Va ,, iLvit virot ttoo (lqo.'ittt e to -lie hiring
of i t rain pti)no( f of t t ist Ii y When evatn
eted by the Uor,:edtor:e I rol ' on April 3
18t5, Ti'he snit is birrlonht bry a gerttlemtn
I, nlied Gtla'ltl. ag iu tihi] Mtuitl Assuranoe
C(,mottuy. of whioh John Marshall was the
first Preiwlr:n', to rct,)ver the amount (If a
policy of alln trance on it building brrned in
hibi fire I)Duriong the potleilir'y of tlis nsit
repen i.d -ffit ,i t,Iivn b .in made t get the
tesrlu.o ty of proti:entt. (Cot fedllerte f.iairai as
to who ordettred to lurni:ig of tie v;tii'nfs to
ba,cco waroehbutrss i t t. ti ty, vti . ii3tuse'l
the ex ended ottlu trls:oo. A t w dtygs ego
cnuisl, on both eI-. citt-red i io 0t written
tigrtemenlt to tro-4 fflet Ihit tht- t.,t.ioco ware
hon ea were hLrnd tb3 orit r of Uten. E - e 1, who
It, ed nnk ir ,hio mlire ,'t ,,tders i' G., in Li.,
that the i..tter it d un ir ;i e fAthi triiy
of Itl ati. of1 Ctt,,t re.n, pr , i L.ntr tIr the bnrt=
In q o f ta ll to h ~ c m n r a , , t, i..i it.p 4 a ,:
they were Il( t;y ti, I,'l; :Il, th-: i tinde Of the
Cnety. .
Fr.,l. IR. Wright, Packard's tax col
lector for T.rrc:bonue, is trying the
samnet boll gamno that Packard tried
here ittd faihled on so d(isastrously. The
l~ulp lhas been :'ing for money;
money it, mins get oir it is lost, and
Wright hls IOten prnr)noising to provide
this. (n }ritday morninig he notilied all
Ihe merc.hanlts onf ]I:.inu a, ill that par
isi, that they would have t) pay their
licenses over to himu, and threatened
that if they did not do this in ,a very
short tiuim, hu woulId shut up all their
The imerchant., of Ilootmna have been
unnecesa.rily worried at, this threat,
anti want to know if it is not a breach
or the stat,.s quo ; whether they can be
compelled by a tax corllc'tor or an;.ybody
else to recogn.z tlie Packard govern
tment and jisi.r, it with money against
the true government of the u State.
There need he no fear. It
is not in Terrehonne alone that this
trick has been tried. The Radical tax
collector of Lafourche tried idenaically
the same game there, and proposed to
shut up and sell out all the merebants
who refused to pay their licenses over
to him. When the appointed titae carne
around, not a single merchant l;pa, and
not a single store was closed..
The action of these tax collectors
are but imitations of Packard's cele
brated proclamation, and etLually worth
less and Ineffectual. They desberve no
attention, still less any fear.
Yesterday was the beginning of a new
era in life of our friend, Mr. John B.
Wisendorff and her whom he made his
wife, Miss Muggie S. Bealle. Rev. John
Mathews. of the Carondelet M. E.
Church, offlciated, and as by authority
he gave the blessings of God, so by ex
tension we tender our best wishes of
haupiness and whatever blessings &in
fuil man can giv!.
Ciry Hor lo.- --L',uir Btneton, J'. CGevel..4; W
A .1 ,larns, ..L; *l.l' ,. w L3t, ;, N Y; Mr a Fosit, W
If Barraia wnd tr u r, i y; m i FI. r oy,
1.ti.tir; . K Y,rraer, Jr. O W lSums t, IJ Pra
tih:r, UI A ~rave, " 1), Mies-; '1' isvkirLtwni , roer:
Mlis vM 4) L'erkirn, M5ss Jul a Nrmrura., Nor
wool, l N Plrk.ars. lnlra:oli; Mitus .Aiiae Wyde,
Mini ti.alil K r, iXi shltuuinji Ker, Wnit Felicia
na: 1. J tlwr.d, it i.nlaa; nob. oRnig me V aad
w f.", y t ?'lnt .tgoine'y. wife ald cbrtli. L ; Joon
IMet.er, Clun; Jan lraild, Lswr, ncObnr..; J )
Cbrna', A).rk; J L a.~rhart, ,ics aid child. N Y;
JEit i'nwei.', 'ntone; Jo 'cmrnih atnd wite, Ky; .1
)DNbw-o'n, E hNesao:', J Ln Whi., W L LUoyd,
L't X..
Manifest stt Steamer LaBelti.
S8HREVEOI'O-T-Per epteamr LaTBllh-:204 bal.
crttinv T 1. Av rv &eo "ta l'es cntton R T BU bier
& o--:5 tales rotw)- D I Wlmn' e----a balei cotin
R l~mnnna .tro----t b.> cotton Jd J ev A ,t . -1
ae a, euor, C L W alra esi . co---8 ,rkak ceo aed,
N O O1ion gs.d s a w tl.Fm a--173ll ' O$-.A U, T
Il:en~atisttoo to#4ct-4* t glesalt 442
ms~l; COMIYE lCTAL HOTEL AND RIZ~n~~s~~~ t r
1 RtANT. 0alveston Texas.to tb MI
Male at a bargain. Has an oetablletle4 ropob
tion of fourteen yonra, with a solezittlire r
oustom. House in good order, and! futr9lU
(ompletcj and nearly new. The bot [email protected]
tho cilty. Yor partl'ulalrs, addre J' BLUmoo
I{IUON, Galvoioat, T'a-a. or J. CUkJ8WAI
1 0O, Carp Htetret, Now Orieans. 1Ift
200 eaek M WHITE CAROLINA. free ffom
BlY o. H. ALLEN,
Ins tI 1Irork Mill. 'rl Tehouoltoul* Lt.
nrDlnrr in
Fislilui 'I'aeh i, hk ii I'utlpry,
5£t.... St. Charles Street.. .59
fl ()otinii: (lnll''ry ,itt nr+1hr' ' to the estabibih
rrr'nrn d . A lria-i d i I.ido and rpairedt fm
La ~IvjgJIaII hiltl Vab~anM.s
LC,0.00 (IUA4. A;- f .TEIi 8tXE. 0 o7
frnil Cnhanvi. )'-.)1 t,'," iv'iir trhu llr m H vana per ]
itriar nier TuIrlimlhtirii'i'ii k aid fiorn malo at retell
ani I ix, I~t" h, to:! ri iin- futmre, at. witoladsl
prier0t. by V. A. (its %. I,EZ &- 11110..
U' irii'r (.IhIa', 4114 (1 Cminon streeyt.
And at Ifranhli Stur. -
aolrn'r Ui; 44( 4an C:riJdiulet s~trets:
tel lt and No. ,s Carondolet stoeet.
SEEI) j11 CE StEI J) HoIu .
-. OF
T FV FJ11 ) RF8I t LCT!O
o1 iii'1 1 liii f.lti i #!sitr ai ins:
I r iLis
it r lLs aEi,
II I[ .Ih~t~t H,' t
I..uiniana WVLthA
All ci wbieh ha n~ii .e!l a
r~g LOEIF PRl u~IC$*~E,
*FrrlCr-teamdaJ4 PETEB hts Y1,
opposite he Custom Howse..
Bough Hite Bought and Fold.
fe4 tf
_e iw 134 f"omm.4 mgsogg.
Corner !D.arl ad FPowourah I6wC > ;
We ar9 repare d to mannfaeure
Brz&M E~a1Qld 10I.EýS
Su c~ MILLS, ouOAR
8nriLnIN MAcMl, HAW
*Orrrou Pumusi , .:n
Gor Oz&Zram, PUEXAczoWhuu,
GQu~BA=-Iu2.ou'' Gov
Prmb s kinds of 1tXtgsi;m
un4 7J 4esegliD~q O a
i Sufr

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