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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, February 11, 1877, Image 2

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Japan I to bi bigi buitlding Interior iti:Pe ol
railway thin year.
-Judge Davine may he should haveresigntl
hin jUdgsblip before the end of thin jear, ever
If he hadn't been eleolted Henator.
-lPah himself pail all the politial nemeasý
monte on the olerkn in hil department by a
cheok for 650t 0 i.n hi private 'uank saeount.
.-Mme OUff'.nt~aoh Ieteent mntln; Mme,
Verdi never goe. to the opera; Idme. G)ounn i
Ie a devout member of the ohurob, and thinkn
ber beuhad. did very wrong to compono any.
thimg for the atlge
--the dE rees' Company have offered a
prise of the freedom of the oompany, a gold
medal and £10 for the lunt ea ay on the
treatment in health and diseene of horate
empinyad for lrawieg v*bloles In i nLndon.
-A prilet in the Tyrol in in the habit of
ohargung emigmantsl to America twenty ormni
a head for calebrating their funerals prior to
embarking on abipboard. Ilrth nldee con
elder thiq the safeat life insurance, and cheap,
--Mr. W. tt. )ilbert blh accepted an offer
matlo by Mr. 8olthmro, who it to pay him
£2000 for a fle, not play, the purobas.r to
have the eclu cl'' opyright for 1,oglanld and
Anmrica. Thti t o the( leriont ealm a dramatial
has ever reoeived.
--Wag' r toluia liht the vacancy cart mli
by the death t len.nrAk could bn u.ore ramily
fliled thin that wh .i h ils owmn +ntimiely do
mine would produoe--tnuati being above
ldiplomtnay nr l iron will in the ncrales of a
higher civil dation.
-The ld church of HL Oermain l'Auxerrnot
in to be repaired. IL in one of tie mot Alnoult
of church odllt',hu i 'nrit, hAving been be.
gun in the twerIIIh ,na~vtry. It wai t inllu
ibeuld untlil the ixt~croth, which aenountn f(in
some of thlre nhi ,.tr.i i u lai'ngutlrui in,
- The il(ro tradel in Entugland, npec miahlly that
branch of it . hici in muount Ilntlrre!od In thi
mannfatintir of rtlw., t in a very low statel
with the piroblbility of it; colntinuing eo in
deflu.ily, nt ieeR al onll of 1~Oduci'. g ex hot
ter uinlity of lron can hea dovieed.
- t)i O.'ollt of th(. WbooleSoriae drea Of Lth
phyloxerat tiltartainied in France, no vinen are
to be admitted to thn i'aria xpo~itlon next
year, rand tbe Rn wbir, doMiro to Exlibit method.
of trainlrt and cultivating vines will have to
retort to drawingw, ontraviges or photograaphs
-The peoach was originally a poisonowu
almond. Ia olden timns iaats flshy parts were
used to poison arrows, and it wal for this par
pose lntroduced into Pl rsia. Thaetransport.
tion and oul ivation not only removed its
poisonous proprrtiea, but produced the
delloioul frull which wo now enjoy in its
--~omething now in the way orf trikce is re
ported from Bridgend, England, where the
pauper Catholoi ehildra in at the wockhotau e ob
ject to the time ent apart for roliglooe instruo
tion as oil.g too long, and have given the
m~aster to ntdu retand that unless the hoats
are rednuced they will atjure the tor.ete of the
church and vow the msolvon l'rotkttants.
---T'lhe Russian iohoo have dihcovered in
Austrian 'o!land It existence of a prosa.
agency whit imnonaeno pocuniary resources to
beaued in chouia1ig diaparaging accounts of
the miltlary andll pulioal standling of Russia.
M. de N ,vkllff, the ltar!:n Ambaasador to
Vienna, lihs revoved or ra to rOquelast C)ount
Andrassy to sup~lru is thii now use of the
-The Is'eet remain lrmlble indl urry is reprurlod
from Indiana--hog resurrectin.g. Tht hog
tesarreottoutaOi sour the country to fllld the
bodioM of p' rkers that died of oholeraa, which
are made in'o aoap. A po'ition to the iolgisla
tare recites 1.beo lafts, and asks the prohibi
Jion of the btsine.s on the ground tattt it is
liable to scaltor and a xtend the disease, and
that the ot)p maD:o froun uch diseased moat
is unfit for use.
-Finseth, the incligible R]epublicau dlec
tor from Minaazeot, now olaimsr to have taken
out hý: first naturali.Atiou papers a year ago,
but that the clerk of the court did not
make a record of the fact, because he, Lin-.
seth, feared to a'tract attention to his having c
tegleoted the mutter while he was holling C
*moe for years. Djmocrata enspeet that his e
pler werre really al p ied for within the few h
sqeeka past and fraudu'ently dated back.
..Tbhe following advertisement appeared in
arsluMses Ayres ierald, of Decembor 12,
m. ° tbiU . flhh rlt Wi U earl Sad
s il~iý ý t10! #ýosr. epr~r~
$Of)O per month, at Mr.. Jirenhata'aa 1711 Uor
I t mry he tmneceesaty to remark, in expla
stlion, that that country is blesceri with a
paper currency, and that the people are ists -
louely lotekig forward to a resumption of pae
oii payment.
The protracted tflanolal deprecelin in
Atntrollfna n4ry contitlnn umnabated. Dorang
the past year I.trti Arms became bankrupt, be
side fortly one limited liabillty companioe,
reprempntinl g emplna1 to the emoont of Btt,t
(00,00(0 flhine. At a recent cabinet counoll
in Viennat the flnmmeni minlst t14 of Anettlea anl
lungary urged that no further demands
elhonlmt be toirle upon tpayetorn unle.s the
neeoallty was cverwhelaing. lixohnlange on
Ltnndon ham risen within a few months from
112 to 19W.
The following peeage of a private letter
from Mr, Fredmerfh I) lu)glaRna hown bow ol-.
ored l mn sre.stlit eintPned in the ben'.hted
reglons of the Month " I anm now, as you cee,
in ,,tt'hwrntrna Miomtral. Yesterday (2tth)
at Flptlngield, I wre invited it.en the ,i'o,,hea t,"
get my breakfast. Thins wa a little too mueh,
and I did not go. The t4ottlh it Willl tie hell
bleek Monith, and will rena in em for a gootd
whin' longer. (JarthegP (wieren I am now) is
quite a decent plane. ''The peple atse moitl3
from the North. 'l'llhi n.Rnmanta for my being
onIled down here to inature."
Tlli 1N(lltm4i.isTA r*S.
(Ilrn'lnmllln of tae Tel, Msrapk 'Pr' l.td ir*e ntv
1distllmlm eof the 'ltimle.
I Fr tn tlme HAn ViasllteOm [Pootlm
'Illo ';i)e''gra"l p Itr Iag atiilno1t l an il la
amann!n mrim la-iimn,n tad `he' numbamn are
wortah nomtleg, stin w long sO nv iae'y whati
'ain ht anoieasepialelnhd ty nImeweilatrt o m n
trpatleiTe, The laenll tnltan'l whm h ave
a'mllalm.m net hoin lmamimik f t.le hi pAtelm' ep.te'
tt.lll, th al number mlt' mlin oo'r trinted
ttlingl tieh pe.i Int from lthe let of J ull
to the itt. of I)e.amlntber, I870t, hlas bi.
ýJtl. 441,1(7., e hmmwilmg a atatily averaigo mat
2l ,:317, IlIIis holbo ra tihe great-et riauli,
hithertlo slmown by the bmooks of tha
daily 7 egr rp'olh.,
Mlf/1rij ton be the title of an illts
trateo journal of polities, literature anmi
soolety, wlahioh Is to appenr early in tho
new year. The staff of the new journai
says the A lademln, has been fornaed
from among the best writers on the
London prees. Mr. E. iH. uoyy the
writer of the parliamentary artiole iin
the World entitled " Under the OlMok,"
has transferred his services to the
Malyfair. At the first vleow It would seem
that there could not posslbly be room
for another hlgh-prloed illustrated pa
per, but the nuooese of the London
r'apitCo notwithstanding that the Illus.
trarqd 1Ntawe seemed before Its advent to
aupply the whole want, shows plainly
that, although new corners are not
called for, there isa room for each and
all who will push their way into olrou
latlon. This is exemplliled by the
number of " oomio " papers that
have and anr still apperinrlut
every week. I'etuch still main
tminse ts old position as bel.g the oldest..
iPat (dlited, until his death, by 'l'Tur
Htood, Jonaqiln MIller's friend) is now ia
very good property. 'Then imoPtacy b tlksp
imls fair to heo t mmannese, prilm'i|adly
owing to thie able olltlticl rtl rlootas thalt,
arc drrwn for it, by Proator. iile Inatstl,
hiies betrays itlimallrettk its Itago wtalkilng
away frcitmm lle.io ani I todor.igo,
(IltII.sl andl 't'urkey), whom hern Ihae
nLit. ola to lighl., htlklmnllI.g over the
hIda thlat, no mia ,tter wilhin oan illam.ght
lose, it, wo.uld i ill ho hi gain. . 'lhni
very latme. IVIv alniIItaar ' Ila Ittho amralll n
jotmrnal flt ii a I a Iea m' l ing totrm an iI Ito
Iho ntiamn. I'art/ir. A jourratiralt.lt Iuirllnd
remnrted cI. aftr gliannolam ov'er th. lirart
number, Intnmmnel this wfa'lk, "It will nami.
tao louing bfl'o t heI piltbihe'r w-ill .Lay,
"A tla, ,poor Ymarick."
FI I ENCE A I 'P 3K II.tlE l t..
A epirlitantl.t Eof thiir OlpIlllnn tIhatL Inlhy.
l' Jol rgllusltlad Il Traeditiln.
IN. Y. W' rid. I
1)r. Inynton, Iho veteoran Hpirituallnt,
I delivoreId a oot lro uio 0 "The DelugeI
1 In t lh bight of HtlInoo," at the Howard
ItoonlO last, eVoningl. ieo sahdl a sibst ll -
t tlly that, Ihi idl not comn folrward to
Sridloulo tho Blblleal nnount of tim
t flood, but to talk rationally about it,
and in the lIttiL of the latest scientifl l
and Ithililogloal dlvoloplmontal, In his
'loilnion lri thu Jews did not ftI. their ia -
i cw.ont of tih ereation and the dol got
it in the malinner stated In (ioneIs,
but obtained it from t he wi,. ,
men and insnriptlons of BJahylon
o at the time of their captivlity there.
h' T'here is nothing in the lHebrow record. I
, rtnd traditions that Indioates that thit.
e niltion had atny lnotion of siih an event ,
a.s the deluge prior to their rosldeneo in
Ibabylon. After their roturn from oap
I ivit.y the aoeount nappears, and it Is no
G ticwnhalo that many wortis nsed in the
Sdescription are of Assyrlan origin, as,
for exam pln, the H ebrew word for angel,
from wh loh were further coined the
proper names ending in "cel," as Gab
.rid, Michael etc. The tradition of
Slabylon, as given by anolent, historians
and now confirmed by inacriptions, is
very similar to the Hebrew aooount..
I- l iach ills the plaoo between the flrt It
ecreated being with ten patriarchs R
or divlinlitie which may repro-n
sent dynast'es. Other lnstanoos II
were mentioned whore the Jews aL
had borrowed traditions from the i
peoplo with whom they had assoolated, h
as the worship of the golden uwilt sug- h
gested by the worship of the sacrod ox ii
in Egypt. The marked similarity of t1
f tradtllons of the deluge that existed
among the Assyrians, E.gyptians and It
( rrolks was dweltupon, and it, wasa ndl
cated that, tlhey obtained It one from it
It nothe r inl the orr'given, aInd modlt
Sled it ai. sulggesteI by Ioel iiitun ,lit. II
ftions. 'TIh tradition hea(.lInl (current bi
a.iong. tihe Assyri;tni henauj.; of an an- at
(lent, inunhcation I' the Tigris atndol Eu
ptlrato.. 'The well-known gKoloeiza I
and physiological argumonts lagainlt, tl
the theory that the dol igo was unilvor
aal were Irose'ntedl, Ial It was oxpItined
that, the hebrew necount dlid not intend
toi Cy t hut it wasunivVeral in extent,hut,
at,,arentl v ;sil so by reason of the in- n<
tdej.ciru(:y of that langlio. to express IL
puitrl n t .' ion or condition. As a state
lment of fact t'he accountl or the dolugo
is ImIthom.tically Incoinsistent, but ias
.i nmytlh, or more Iroperly un aliegory - m
ufll liting 0o Ii1un erou. Interprotations ni
it, is contistt,ent in its inconsflstoncy. d,
iut whatever the delugeo may have to
boon, or tihe t rIlit ion of it, may be, there en
is no reascwm for its interfering with the th
cardinal points of he.lif of Christianity. i.
or spiritualism, )oth of which embraoo lo
all good, practice every virtue, and ro
teach mene to love and db unto his neigh. to
bor as to himself. a:
The belt sout co., t,.r..ovi at aatKreeger's. I
- lass
The Wotrarter Uso . s * I uzzled to know
how Morton and Oifieild ctn brirg them.
Aesairhtuxan Ma snentatioalkeomtisr.
I.ke lllstenoau it now open t.o nIavl
Land in being broken up on thoe sugar
T'rie .tr4grt' I'lanltef .rays tfhat peie.d one
is all right in West Baton ItoIg'.
Live ,artridges are sold on the ttrehts
of Marksvile at fifty oentt a dozsn.
The mnagistrates and c,nitablto lately
eieleIteld n lenvtlille parish ihao not
booen onrnmlissioned yet.
Theo herlff, Flerk of (Cort an1d 1I
norrder of Idapldeos havo all if ualiflot
undllr Nlcholi o(mlni.loons.
The lIlydro)pa no.ld Mapinrn,' prarlPr
in Aveyellin were pot on fire tih ofther
diny, ntd qoite quate titlty of flonring.
rails, ,'a.,InlA, of.', destroyed.
Mr, A. H. liarlhin. romrnfitl .lloned
HherifT o, Avoyill.o by (Sov. Nioh'foll,
vi.( Me4ai.k, d, uftenil, hnli take.n fm4o.
ansiuOi or i)is olfie0 without. a(tny oppot
'I'lhn Delta Hto.!inrl .any n filrn rno
s'lrrel itl the flnei ld t, he Meatllrlanl
Ih .t fill t,1he Tth, blrlnl!ing one hlslon
ifll about, two nils of fi'ing I thfo
Litlne 4 .a t. i
Ipwis, iolingg N Itx (ni fofor, 0r1
I'iketnit'. we can't, rnay whitc h. , of f.i
tliver, lots pr.eeto do i to sell Itot tlh
Indls or tistt, parih in flrtislasns orfder,
In lorfltlnon of fihe ttllrt quo,
1llery 'Tr'ain, itrepblion ,nihodfs f
ill. pel |lih of Nt. Mi.tl y, ftiie ri',ucfg iz/i-i
W.. fK Wil' t s i, flithe 'r'nt itlpoIntst of
yov. Nilhoilq, s. I1issrtl . Af t. enoV pro1
t~h r. O it n si l l ethitlf r'ti tl o Iiyaf nr.
N Ir hiolis.
o yiM, IIM ml lt l liti...
Morn ',y rn will he pl. anird t his year
lsw l ehtt' io n will b ot 1l ntiit0ll1 Ifn ( Ihul ihRa
awelnaF1(n utsu l'o.
lTh'n aro tiv i flos rniomlisitA for
Mayor inil Ii n .l l ll
'I I't swot p ntat o arn lting ois
st.nyen by tot, all -ovr Tf Hsst it.
Vn itkshLur 4omstpinfs of on ovherlrot'
of l1hf.e, ihips lnor l tI hroe-Ri rin to It
Ilorsno t.hiivet are tornmt. tintg fro
qunit trlts in tlhikasaw antd iad join
log countles.
Wa)ler county frangers are about, e
ginning to plant tI , islerop. ''heoy intend
puttitg in a row more hogs than usual
this year.
Frfars Point wants a vigilance ani
ati-thief assooiatIon for the protection
of the people against worthle e vaga.
bonds, alias tramps, roaming over the
The Aberdeen tramlner reports the
killing, in Monroe county, of a gray
eagle measuring so.htu feet. atnd four
inches trors tip to tip, and fifteen inho. s
between the wings.
The Yazoo river is rising, and tho
people living In the swamps along it are
likely to be s.ubjiototi to another over
flow. The river is full of boats, and
Iutton is being rapidly ishipped.'
T'rneitnt housis tre in grrit ,etnl.nd
in Titxirkano.
llsll-stones of gooi Almf foll 'it McKitl
ny last. Thursdiity.
11111 couity has forty-twit scfhotlssantl
steveitrstn'i hundred siohlars,.
iotrnte tounty wantk a nrw brid tre
ovor thfs I r nIr at. ort. f l llivati
linritl option, malltut-p aitl t rfaf
hlave isroken outi itf to Z ptf it. tiit y.
Thty sire aiiitat I har flits qusl atioi tir
ituibli f g a north fsl p'uthtIt roats fr Tusi
'uts imontfi 5 isti0 frilowi riol pollri
sirs itt war with ofi'e tiit.ot fjt- towsi lii
t;nui A ototili.
ma44rt-ho444140 wanl r~lul,(0l J'tiro I y nil thu~
recors went I l'.
'I'1''II'y tf l4 11(4t'I l444,44f1i1 I1)4
't'hey hanpr~tirp~c tr nii rnrs c. ofri ilnt"t and
t~rrint r)41144)i. i.zin11 or Itl 1 ,uhIcksnw
'J1ho ('o~n "i'nrial Ivantli I iv. Iluh~hori
hI, 4)rn 14o I hir, locl, p41an1 to rlime~ 14?4(l.()4w
od'Fre AII1.ri ) ,;1i4144441 oiry'e. "wot wru 1.
ro 41(, 1 4I il)4'r 514 Ill 1,4 4 (40441111114) 1110 )10Zr1
*4,l j rj tII414 p 1r(4ll4 1 o41111, t oilc,41oIg
an p11r te 44i~ua~u es!to- of 'IfIxa414.0 41- 4
Ha8l1 Anto1nio in4 tin halve i "Inl4lIunl
blrh'.r poo(r 11440144.'' A 4111i Ip)jr443444444" 4
hIIve t11( olty work- Il 4441' (14411444l 4o.) t hIo
ni) flituoll o4r 4'1441 ill hoh'?o
Thon Jiongviow Ao,,u rigr says I llo
grae444Ic4h4Irf4 nl rr I 44r 4 1111o41 1414i104 with
thi"ur irst, wi ntIr i4) 'h''x114 ti444y 14o1v4e
vollelurinil COt r()nratLn and grow oil) w ithr
Iho 0 c4)11try.
An 44141 1111r1 rcmi4)P(ot(', 14,11 whIsIky
1 rink ing got tle141141 n1rn1110 Mrer4, Pin.
4I4'1vorinrl o to atb., Mr. '1.'a1g1, wits shoL
andl Iefl4k d 14v t1.1 ex(44 1111, laIwyer atI
Mellicrn. Whis1ky! Whisky!
The ol(4 pnanIsh fort at, Monairrdvilo
hnap 1404n (lug tip; q alto a qj4)antity of
armns, cannon a1laImmUnll tion4 was
41iR(4Y1O(I thefr4'in, 0whlIcIh, 1po)n1 4)11111
InatIon, were found to bo 150 years old.
At it mnorting of the \'Vesurn Htock
AssooclnlIon, held In (Cuero, TOxas, 410
(ermined acation wits takenu to prenvent
Ill awlessne s land Ilokuta Luon I trkt.
gro4wers, a1114 to 14rot(4t, eaoh othIlor
aga1nfst, tihe b411114 of cattle stealers who
lIlfest that part of the 8141115. It WILs
lrgrcood that ino unblrandeodl 4,11(tlo s11(4( I
ho kllkl l, eiltIer at ho)s1 or alit the
blmrading en 1 str1aI (IIv 14ets 1ar C b
branded w or ith Clo trlOtirer's brand lI (; un
Ilawtful brantring in (1111414)1141(411)111 .44,
an4 (4VTory hulionsS 1104 social11 roelationI
will bo s11I14441744'4t With 11: Y teonl4( Who
apo)l prio)14111es(8 04no lher's 81440k, 114, Who
lIver mIaLY ho guilty o4r 811411 4plj.4 4r4aIt) 1411- I
ilkg 01 I)glorluln llawfrul 11414g o441 (,Lk, 1IiI
1e411() s111111 14 I4ll he ipuhli44Is in 1444 j4Falfr,
411ld inch1 014(14 Ir 1414 11g4'5) 1115 41411')r4d
honor to calrry T114 11 'ff4'444, ii ho 4bj4'ntt
i4ýs thI on $1" ntdi beT( co!iltlt, 114.1, 1(11
than ý tie; I
na ¥,t.iultllln "nt.
(.NR TTIAllVi' lllllI ftl|i: at|iti.
[N. Y. Wt,a 11. 1
Casantav, Returning Board t ateot
man, was examined by the HIouciw Com
mitil teo (to Powers and P' ivilog:a yHest.r
d(Ly, and his testin moty is .rornrtrkatle
for the fact that lie onlltrived in the
course of it, to ent ich the, latngui.go with
tho trondiellouns word "c:olntabla, te, l."
Hil wits wiotk enough. however, to ,ti
low Mr. B]urchard to bulldloze him into
confessing that he invant "consolida
ted." Hoi appelared to knnw nothing
about hlow the board contrived to "con
tabulate" the Republican caudilIates
into office.
(Gt your visiting lti's a ~t Krreger's.
,ý r j~erud
71 Canal Ntret
- Antd
No.. II t. oS Boriler street.
ID(,ttn f ovid Rfol falre In
CIA It 1)WAIt E,
OUTLF,1tlY, 011NN. F 1H7 (O1.H, 1110N. NAII-H
AI IW!%.'I'A4 NT , l OI t1 TA(iji R TU I4
Always ncn hanld n null atatrk alt
Agricultural Implementjs.
And tfih wIll kniviwv
I' Ii ( X'V S
JAM. I1. II AIr,
It. I+. AVI'NItY,
T. IF.&C 1 1t IE , Y
(IA hI(IIIUN'1, 1( INU1'M, (!AIUEY }S, ]?to
N.. P1. II('N'1IIi1 &u 1){ 1).)ViR
Manufactured Tobacco.
Pf'Ir(ltZ'PcC'lri c OF TIlE 0rII~,PWflJATEI)
"'Blak HorR c" Loaf Tobacco
Fr, tb"i' Mfornmn sr'1 W-nt I, irtn Mlnrknt.
Cigar Factory.
1(f1101~1 I ff.(V1'I'0NS'.
"cos FtA(ll:A WJII7 rF UIJIN.
(IA NI 1[fN ;:wry hb''r' N. 'Iccc'flT r hiw, Fiar
(Iruri'cc. fill w' lKhit toil till cc17ii. , 6c* i. 7
I'01U(( IN)() Ihnt'rr-t,, P -111111-41·~ Monaa narl Rtttlrn
Yll l voi trtrri, Iu''n (~lr~ir rind Ihonldnra.o R
II A 1VIO 'Ii ilor" rr"tm Ii rgo and vory s maill of
IM~rrtnlnn rla v:·,wn llnil J. r. tf lrrr, (:hicttrnn
DRlY H4AI1Il 111) 's E I'll j 4/4S) toourile Ftildi'
rnc-cl tih'oll'i-im.
FO1Ti It Ifri Irrr1 . (ic'lair', Tiw (irIrrig.
)JIIHI IY 2o1) birrren of ost. ill Kinuctii o.y
IVI Ink ii. II ir-it Irum Purn, K y., and waLr.
li-,di alminwon and J. A. Milli r, Ci n-kin
On sonnlgcinnrmi. icnd fir aniin by
S.A Ina 12 *ipI, 70 iincl 72 'rr- lpteuinu et.
Hi~ho~t Award at tho Phil
adelphia Exhibition..
Pernonnont Pirttureml No Metre auling
Having nccnirnlrl tlb r.:culcwili rlight fort thi
Iltann of l-ujoiluiri f of
Lnmlbcrl.' Patent Preoeuuea.
I herewith odler am r-hallonng of $ioi') to any onu
who, wlthbrut crlig thou-n trc tcnts or ',pelal rnn
terlaln, will prolinno tro difflorent ustyln of n or
triltnri. P'EIIMANKNT inu will wu JIIOIILY
A IL''IHTIUI. bl,icincd by me.
Old Plc-lures eo plnd and nnlarrxm4, and nlnnh
"1 In cll the ditflnrecnt et'lni. rmaIn by mc-nna of
thsu t rnoiereinn morn perfeot than thU orltlnal
and anarnntnnxl
Never to Fade.
Evnr7 l'lotnro marl'o under TLimbert'e Patent
ProPwRnni benrs the nmne of the Patutnte.
The puhlI' ,rc- oordlclly andr riuirnctfully In.
vitad to anll at nip Gallery and examine apeel
Role Llcnniea for the State of Louisiana, -
121 Canal street,
netl oni Turo Buildings.
114 (Janal ctreet,
New Orleans, January 17. 1~7.
Fos W e lrleaan.toatjlt tfo Dba
Manilla and Tarred Rope, Cotton Duck, aill Twines, Eta
D. I1. RANL1JTT & CO.,
Col-anx e- Potore and CL Grnfitr,
tee Itr
B. M. & B. J. MON'.`GOM i. ' T'S
Furniture Emporium,
The Largest and Most Centrally Located Furnltat
Establishment In the City.
I- o---.
Conptantly on hand, and at the LIOWEST MARKET PRIEJH., the largert and at; t.
atnortment of
To be found in the Bouth, eonguting of
Sulla Upholtered in Brocatel, Cotoline, Repa, Terry and Hair 01.
and Finished in Gilt.
Itl,E; '; frerh P1' Al E£M I IttIU) and Pattit d
OttAIlit; fie r ,l'1,tl()MOM hUirr , with lirenL
fritr ee t. I' pir t ('prPo mI r., Arm, Irnp maintfl
' re rnh P'lte I tALL H'fANDM, with IHAIL 09
to mrnch; DIA tN(i-JlOOfM and LIRAIRY g11
every grade.
A Com, ian a maRr'rnunt of MEDIIUMi ,d COMM
PI;U NI 'ITLtE, erof very grdrler suitable for O nt(
antr plarntsinn nre.
A lcarge t,,ck of bharrel and knoer down a .-gl
find ('hpiri.
H'ePILINI, if IR t and MeOIti MATT'IR.IRR Hg
nirl i"KA'It'IIt I'lll OWH arnd s OLHEl A.I. ..4
I,OUN(I.eN, rndle to atrdr.
All (a,,,! trv, kel , rndl hidl .rin d frTi on er rhnrio,, 'rhnt CIt rn or,,r rtfrien a ind thoIte pub
tlol' llr e .hi t, p jctIrer e , we l w,liit., l 'c ntnll rtln'n of thle ine r i nr there fl tur.re.
H1. M. &, II. .1. IhNTl'OMERtY,
Armory Hall, No. 87 Camnp Stroot, Noew Orleans.
A. Baldwin & Co.,
(MI1CI'CC N..OK TO ' I0 0 4 , (At- ... . 0.,)
74 Canal, and 91, 93 and 95 Common Streets,
Hardware, Agricultural Implements,
Iron, Steel, Nails asns,Castings, 'inware, Paints, Oils,
leotals, Cutlery, Guns, Etc.
Railroad Supplies, Blacksmiths' and Carpenters' Too1
BI. F. Avery & Hone' Cant and Htel PLOWH, Loulvtlli, Ky.
Itall'e (e,,ttoen anI Hugar I'LOWe. tb, Brinloy IALW, Luisville, Ky.
Theo (Eenrilno Calhoun ALOWV, Mayeville.
Garret & Cottman PlA) WH.
ii. V. AVERY &A MONH, Jcme-l;illee. Wev.
E. & G. tlcOOK ''. ANCII1OIt CI INI) N 'UT NAIL I r anc HMIlK I ".
JIlUCK Y (ill, WOf KM. Cte'inrinntl .Ohio.
INLeAND OIlfe WORI{H. Htr. LTeuie . Mce. fret im
T '1 ý 3
u 11
rý h
C y
J n27 im
Formerly with Frank Jonnaoa.
250 and 252 Magazine at. near Deinr&
Umndrtakers ad Embalm s.
Ddmp is'a At
- . "1G. q .off
Southorn Shoo Factory
Of .10111 HAtnSEN,
33 and a5 (;anal street, New Orleans.
I am of th, etarrnortnofln MI yotrearvh 34
am ttetalrren net'l ite tet help te 'lt the mwnuf
turtaetn IAthret cf! o'r reItUva Nteto In order
help the' Inteertret estlneee arid ke, p I th oney, .
whtebh woiu'dIot See'rwte, Co to thet poal, nat e
Atbe.,zt a ye-ar, ago I art.;ert' my PFacbrya
eevreer the beet! eeatttrriaH I&3 r1 ethel n(R Ivn ha
nreeremtty, I leave tuitn rerheblj(e to ex mye
ha freevi'.. TI(D etee(Tr 114)') women and .bldg
jut wueill hnve, ottaery. i Itft the Stat. I
nerel+r mll 5 to en'reantta my Faetiy, jwIeti~
afrnre'tJy 'all rtccpor thet mert heenta,.ot onyJ
tIlre rll y. teat of tIhe wohotye ecomntry. to sivoe ,m
the"ir lelt acd #tfl('uritSement (~omfDt na m :
eteeit· tv JNO,. Had~kM71# d
(11r,4 I - ---- -- --- J-cn..LI-U·I :
Notice to Sugar P anutersa. ý
I hag to nnnrounN IC) my frl*ese In
try andl ti, the ljceer peh 1r! Yei
am now prfeared tor m tit
ZAC TIO tAG l and Ca a tago
on an exienreave awemit pleaON JT
offe'tingtam mya rvi . PIOMUj
lreral advane. mad, on er "'
'n' POdjol A

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