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The New Orleans daily Democrat. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, February 12, 1877, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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VOL l---N . NEW ()I1+!ANS. MONDA Y, FIItUA 1Y 12, 1877. PtlI(., F'IVE; ONT'S.
ll.ml. l llll l lm ll-l..., ,._:£....[ lll L r I IlIlllll l l l lllll I m l l m l11 mU lm ll I lll.l II-+ mmm +.... .
It flýnltn ;t Inik n% If the lIlo44m3 Wll4
lcr33at the N43Imnw or (.'et.itoin
Itiil l)'aq.
' I't11 1i(3pnb111nn Almw,,4't4 Itltroi the
$lestIhon ilojtw'4h1 (43 E443 iir1444
ir' ' ht,' Wlt hlI .rL
1 ` f it b Ir 1 i'4111414N.11, aii i Il 11 l
ýA~~tolhor 4', N"1. 44. 1'4(30" 1G'1~inui
i~Ther e are nV(), I rr l lrllll·· 1114 Ih", (Iir fillr
e h3 to 44l a 443434tlt . l 4 iii 1 1
With )tl1''tlh, r4( 1'.m Pi Rlu ,,1-1 'rrltl aton.:
wnltek from 434 f 444p4 lo1, 1
w'ithou 443.343433 li 43 4'33333, 3333 '31`l i , I' p 1
'dhe3 44l r 1433' 43433 ~1 II, 34333313" 4.1 1%, 3 4' 11 1 f1, 3311
II1pt~liIRU ail IInl11~k-1Iltll i
ybnt tr111of i11' n il IIn1n t Iet i t nll ý a, fi
thief, '4 .4 33 1114344434 I4,33 ,l f 3 ' . l 4 4 4
M> illtnAPIFI by , nre s~atlir P.
The 4u,1bthhr h334, 433 43334.43 wIll hpr3 (334 i nll4434
af tiipy ern44p 33tit.i 111 4. 43p343( .'3433C3 33 4. 3 4li34
(f rhes 1'4333433lr.33 I( 4(' 433 ol Rl n 4 (4 31433314
thenu to poee 44333 43,333 P4'tI3,i4 14434441331 3333443ll.43.
TWO13 I3 4313Iy 3344433 44443 43443333 44 l f tr i43ll4
worthl. 1444 41,,
MORE I .'' t Itlt N 44)AO IPRD.
'nh. $Argain 4404 wrrn W4'Ilm and (.uneron.
A D4nll to Arraoaeitnant Made al to 1111133'
9thet nnlib lt en'nllr p
that To~doyl'i T13'nIIniny Will 14i'.
114t14430~l t (hI3 , 4t 443 N. 44. I)*mtt t m3 .4
W443314;4441'ro b431,I. It more 14334114434 3,33
4bsno thman a3447 443433f334'43rn p ht out, ,34 3lo334
tng the I14et144g 1oeligor3, 34 43 414333443343431 44
mofl rlrow. IW 11, 4.433r4, 11443 O331'f 144 f1I43433433
A bg?441 of th3 1h133343' 444343134, 3344 33 1'4'rM 4
It mud 3334441 w 3t4' 4333 43.33 44343 410,1333 133
Z)44on Umenlernnt 43134r444 P03 14o' 33l 3 34 ilof 3l,43.
htmtsl rote or I44434in334433 4.3t 14313; w43,'4 4l'r 4 'em
it ne tl lsete433 h34 434333 334331 44333434 3,3,4 33433 W4'443,
de141m443 ; 333341 33343334433.4. '3, 44 433,4, 33
0W43444144lit 44 worko Ion 4133333, fi3 33433433 ll41334
sitn rrttpelnnl0RP 11 hll pwnllItvPhp'in
Ipp1344444434t 334444 (1n443p3433, '14333314.'r 33333 4433p
ther lIad l 4m4o3gu3l3.
'1'he 11o44f1l~434143 4333, 433 ri 4 133 P433333333434, 34334334.
mpenletho w l4 wil43 333.4344333 444333r4 4o 433314 44333 33333,
On these 3ehr A13313 4333433334. poi4' l ,N,1
HtIl1 T lIt111 NAI.'I '114 141'.
leap 144t'44I 14r114431 to 11r44414'' 11v
1.1111' Il ii 3143404.
A Con1e44lt'otn 14444,414443n t'441ki4444 444ld
41j4334443l o 111 N. 44, 44p334rr~.3.434
1VA33114343V3334 434343, 44. r'ho (C33'3f'3i 1433. 33 443334
editorilto-da 10.31337 lnl 44443434434 4403 .4347 4,334, 443,43
had h3341 44433444 nnr 4434334333 44 i t, 4334. 333.4 43 '1311344.
443333341344 lin 03443 1 1,1 334434 4b i'.l.1 434 1 43'T h'o l. 4331
tongN w 3,34443304343.443344 1 fl'3I.4 i p 4434, l 34'43 433.1 fail
to 414334413433 1433 334j3.3.
1VA33334 op 13'13 43 ,11.4 ( 44,3 '443333 333 333'r '. 1 '''p 4
tell it iii3333 3'md 14'133'04 33f 1 4333 3'' 1', '1' m4 ( 33,33,33
w'441 be & lit 111 1133341 , 1''I1 ,-13 t333,, 'r~fi 113. . 1 3 44(3,3
a&14.l t o 434 lmll nn33333331,.. 4, +331. lt .3333 c. .4333 :111,
EOiRTT-IA) E 1i't, tQNGIli*.;,
Eletornal AcItion Joint reiaiton.
AI.uto, t. 1 Th, I'rn t ildel 1 tho
Senate orler'.l itllo' 'it llll rord:
euttll' an act to i -r,,o t, al' rix iIut N t
c1tia"gi f t ah v l l , fl "1 '. 9, 1i;; -, Ie
OPresidet Old l li'nt i ii te tt-n tI t of l tol s atI It. . I
thereof, forthl cti-n ioiuIOn. lig iMarchl 4, A.
1., 1877. At proved ,tanusr, 29, A. 1).. S;;:l
111e kletI or·C (11t 01 51111u1eeso n mt11 1ione 1in Hau
Wotl hatinl ri cliv et oi tlin cot tta(let , ant lli .
Spers purporltiln to bI riltttletin, and paperi' ae
omIpaw).tu l tiIh sanlo. t o' i lt'cttorla votel. of
the liate of lIrl-l , anld lith objectinlls lherlelo
slbmitted to It untl r satl at., now report I ht it
has duly con idercd I nrunitnt to said act, anud
ha decidea d di,1r hirtby diceia, tha+ th
Votes of 11 a ti . IulnitphroJ a, t.has. II Piere,
Wa. i. I1t den uand Tlho. W. I, ug, named in
the certifloate of M. 1., tte.olrll, tlovtiirnor .f rPatid
A ll. which vol'l are ci rltticL by ail ptrutone,
peare by the c.rt'atoe unlbliulltt lit to the
mItsion, a a foreid, antd marked nullimber
one, by said comminlstion, and herewith rI-tutlred.
are the votes provided for by the Conlstitulllon i-f
Oeh United itates, and that the samel arc lawful
to be oounted as therein certltod, nilmolly : Four
votes for Rutherford B1. lMayes, of lfo state of
Ohio, for 'resident; tour voten for W\\l tau A.
Wheeler, of the state of New York, for li e I'resi
The Colmmieision also has doclded and herely
decides, and retorts that the foir persont Ii:it
beflre named were doits appointed el ctItrs Itt and
by saul tate of Fti rlda. I hI grotund rii t hi do.
isaion stated bnt llYv, a. required by said act, is as
follows: That it isa not compoltent, under the con
st(tution and the law, as It t2xiet-d at the date of
the peasatg of the said alt, to go into e~lodeneI
eliundi, the papers opltU d bty th Presideni oit the
alente in the Iresena·e of lte two house~ to provet
'bat other |persons than I haoe regularly certitled
by the Governor of the SLate of Flo ida, in and
iaeording to the dttermiuition and declaration
ti their appointment by iho hoard of State Can
Faesa of said tbute, prior to the uime required
fs tlhe performance of their duties, had been ap
uonted electrs, only counter proof to show t.hat
q n not, and that all proceedings of the
.mtal or Lats ot the Legilature, or of the Exec
nUe of r arida, esb. quint to the casting of the
. sl ,ef citaon oui the preestibed day, are
I on s tiffll L i to t e!t d
i·; lb
A· i
~Ir. It',mphry.4', u14 4luntl emi n le m4"n Ii of 4 ti 4 4ll l4
thaJ. with4i4t, l'tfrn,- 44 I4 thn 4slj4Ilh4i orf hnhe
44'.1p4 t if e 444t1 41444 4ff 41n4444144444444 14444 r, thie 4'4
44144.441 Ido"e not sh 'w 4hat hI held lhe o'fliee 44
hr.l4i4l4 t 4 1 W4 nAni4lajljI er oi. thl14 d .l44 4 wh4l a4l4 thl=.e
s 4. 4i1.4 ltrble , A 4141 44 444 h441'41y drnimt4'4 wol 1r'p"
4t.ho4 t IIaR E4col4l44 R44(441 4piq thu 4 llt44l4 4.i4 , a4ll41
uIIPm i the ( n ltlvlrtlll .t eh- ltil r of" th1P e |a arnl
0,h!' fti Ig |hltll Ni ' t.,~lli II~ clllll)R P,. I '( |l w thli~lh
4I44t44 i4o 444l4Ih 4 , .rll 4 44ilh4 ,4 4 If th 4Ilt,4 14hi4i.
4.4h 44r4e 444 th le d rown 44i 4.in 44 444 h ..141ith lrgt
sttl, thIey ougIht nowl tI bel counsel~l+ atl lill.tt |th11
aI. , W e r 4,hi 4o , 4' th1 ril4y 4441 4 y444 rrt' 44R14 4l41,r
44.1 4 i,4 4 I4 n F . li, llOr . IV 1r41(4 ..1 -1.i1pu
It 1 I r! i~n. htlh II i, 1h AII, . ha i l , (le". I.
pa rh( n or I , i l h l ,l I h,,,, w t b l rl t qh th lf
h ,1 ii g 4
1."!,'l . lllU(~, tll -')lny H l,'pl Ia lhllla|| ..p,,l~lalR CII11l
44 I h 4 ,4411 l- I II'i 1. Ih VI . 44c4 al l . hi . h l li
,lan Ih +,to inh me' a ,!l ov ,in ,l , h. that ob con i .,v ,
! alO lh+ tn un t e l t o sbitt|! !,11ihI l10
All Itl4' ,', ht44 1' lh. 1 i 4 4 4 44. 44 R R i; lit4 ,ll'4"i4
'h i. h 4Jnih n 4 414P44 44.44 41441in lh ''n
((~lt (IIH rC(IsaTH I terl roW hop IJR H·He (r Hism o
pi 44 ii. 4 ld b 44444144, 41444i..i44 44 4f 414 .
44.n4,, 4 ,i 4,444 '4iiit i 14 .7 11 , l,
"i1". !I 'r .(I T i 'th , 'l'i t, the d l t , t h- miP .
rr + 4+i | ilh,'vl ll~p~l llIt l. tl. IIil~ll. I p,,ll
' 1 I!,lllZ h l~ qnr." Ii t, p l,|Ih. l,.rrrllal .
\il (bllein e ii /tlr or gl d ppe * od( the ulrsrl n~li
animl n he then 1 4l,r,10(ofl~tle the t st are . low
WI'll i .t 40Onle
PthIlf~ ~~~4l44-' .I, 4 t4 4.44 ma.r4,til 44i177
44 l 44. 444 41... 4I 44441 4.t I're 44.ent lii' ' . 4i.n4
TI, ,.,4,l,4o4t. the '4.4 lh l t4 t , ll. 4 4 l4 4, ' ll. 4 e,4
wll)+ myr thel hlR l| ,l ·Iln ' |!d the I .!tuti n l h. I .
444h14114 I1, 44 4 Ih 1 j li'll t I i' hl f. 4i'~ 44 1 4 i.. t th4.
rtl I hIIoIaI hefoe the fomllowing tl
RIn o!l.i- b tIh rthe deciso1n the trlh 1'ni I0r
4!. lii .. 4.I'ILI . ii44. Iliihr~ R 4i44 if , 44..' l
II\T \,t~ta Iie Rii leCII.IO Ola~e/Ilol~l.l ~'
4An 1th4e n Ir (a l4 er. l . f th. oUt lof r1l id
stand lno tchen jeigtn nt of the Henae, therr objee-l·
HI'JCI.'P t1. (i. l ltnp ml'lll.tlve. to 11 [lllie IRf,,l\ ('ll
i.4 4, .. I .. ti. le ( '1444 l 4l 44l 414lll 4Il.t4 tu4ll 4 y1h4 . !4l44 44
I'tilnlm; "ldl trw to the l runl ra y etwi l th.a -
n .l11n1 ll4 4 f tb4 e l a ,t pa r hllte p lll iI 1,'+
Ill.rprlSlll, f~' !!e t!I'4! 4444llaltlll lN rell4 44, .
I)+ IR77,°' lll. tli !Il! h'l. ta c|l li'iei 4 14 e l/i, 4l4t
n I'lll hl .441on 4i44 fint 4 bl l t hlii e 4, 4 t4: , 4 e.. 1
14)4444 444444~,4titc~ 44...4.44.4 '4'~ L 44.41.4 H 44~i ..44.i.141441 4444
TI',Urelqr h and pr!l)tI I velllltl( r lh the dw IsIon
mad. I I, h+ rthe F (h ,. t n hlmpllrC .+ wt . I, Itl slie,
emittdT.wl-, "anac tol apprlove and reguideI mth¥er
Pr mhlenl t a dl thI e |hdt, p i ofTltl|I optellnnl aris nll|,
h .i( Ht44!444 m . hr t .i... .J 1 I4. 4 t Ai a4ch. Fr 4i443
,. 1l77," IL (Ih 1hi. (linlem a d I l hg l l ..Ior t I) vot
4.44>rde t41''4An 'T444 the f .4low 144w4und4
I pl ijl , 144lli 14.ll 41441 444 r4. 1 4~fl 444'!. Il4l4l44ll.44 44l4
,Th+,!. deniineteried.I..1+. tha the vo Iehct tL II.
l,' I, P' , F'. ] . i I: , Hut' mph·r, y s, V!. .h 1 II, , I".
4 4 t,4I44 4'4. 4l4n , 1',1 ' 4e l h of 41 4. 4 ).res IIf a l4i 41i41
4Ill4 lll44144l1i hl jIl ([\i 44444 4.r 44444,l 4.ll 441 4414 444p 1)i4
4ll444otll44 o fd 4444'l4441 4 n4thei.444 'A'l g 1 in h !! int aIn n'I
hh1a 411 of Ah 4i144 f A4.L/ 14444. I, n thet,- 11
legal ,,,n oral rloltao lh lh.h mah- ..hin, Iin.I] trul
h d In) flle , t hII4IIIIr l l 4 l hlju 1 h Wi. I4h4I ll. ,f Er
;!Al . 4f I b I t l4t.44rp'n iid R t. 441 4r1 k l4ll4. 4i4
o444e aL n h e 4,ill, 44ht4 4 t.11 ll, 4141+ t,4 .lll44144 t, 4144 41-.
m 4t4,4rl4l4, iAl Ii 414 (P4l l 4.·4 l nl414 14t44h1l.144 4110. 11.i
4.44 4..1hr4.44 , 444t . 41441 4 i 4 4 . h i, a d 4 .
44. 44147, wv r to 141 4.4, 414441e 1414441 414(444.1 144441t
4,44,l r 4114.'4l P. 4,I 4444iml 44,41y4, ll V,l 11 I. 14414114
|per'l prAithod | by the I ,a, g h.latitr or thlleulll main o
lho14 ,' lhf 441441 4414 4f J vI . 441 4444. 4r44 414441
h'II.44t 4, 411 4i444 r lC. lint.. k, 41444w1444 , w 4ru ili.hi 414
4444 - 4rl4441 4 4 4.lin r 44a 4 44o,4h1 44a44 h , H444 . 4 1 l4 4
hin, in the man n I 4 r- 4,r 4 t4144. th4 4111+4.1 4i44t4r4444
4ll.4'0 ,,fr, 44hr4,h 4 ,,l4r , 4, f 4 a, IV. 44. 11 d,,i1,14 414441 4".
noori;., ncel wi ph~ll b r lhir l or runlhimnt w hr Iihi
voivt. li,,r Ihr t, he. two i,! h', v. thi e~ Promedn,1
4411' 444.i,,h I p 4, in,4o 4.41l4'44 ti4 fI" 4 o 4~4 41 f.
f 4,-. Fr t.,hati~ re dh+.,ta <in eI'h,. e aI,,llv~ th lr ev
dowt. (-II.ln , Iby the inn btl,,u ns , ,f Co gre, I an.dlh
byi 4't 4' h 444t4'1 I 1. 41lh 4+, 4 h 44,r 44414144in4
the.fl perma wholi nor II ille'S I on' taretl w.th ,:n , "a + p ,"
t<.u' ni t o I, rov',,x that thel +los It iloaea l' (i~. Hto n,' i
414 444 4 th4 tt 4444444 e t4r 4, 4t 44napt oney lvo chh44 h '
iilio oi Mari~h+, i ot of +l'.its rghl l chodl,,~ls ofi h y
i ,4 444 4.414 i f, t h " wh o har
illIll h . n ho n r pp, It tI. h P i
4. Ir ti 44,4 ih 4 i4 44''i1t or n 414441441 .1 7 i t414 ,i
r44444i444 e 444.44444444 4141 4f 44141444 414144 4444444444441
vill n w~ir,. Ihh i tnia j ,,i ltu rf In ,Ho I tm e ld
th4 1 o 4 y 14444 441.4, v 4'.44444,4 4h'h 4 a4 th. ou,44h.
444' 44i hl i4 . id r t .i4 i',- . 4 nl44 41 4 ,'4444 lhI.
4.44, 4r444 4141 4 414 .4 l 414444 p.,44 4hlil p, , 44abltr
i4' 44 f 444 o 4144144444144 4141ia 4 h144.44444441a
4141 41114', y(10 1 ochc Ia
4h41141444444.114 it j4.1. 4 :1'4.4 444.4' or 144444 444.
4 144'nl '44141 4' n44,. hII l 44,144 .4 144 14 '4 l444
nit thecertif44t4 of 44444 nv 4'.o, 44i.wel'l
444. t atiat 4 4h ' it 4 i.,,4444..4 4.41.44 whichi 4.41 44
ill.n4ph4.44444444l.n4444l leo fo 444.4144 44444'
444t444.4444 444444. Unit4 441 4141444. 444no, 414441444144
Jne.. 4.4, 4444 r,4, 444'ount h4 ma 14144444' f44i4h4r 4 lo44
44444444 44. oat 4 444441,444414144 4lin o.4 4114444414 Ital
lle MNAJE iIT.
Rex and IIle Multr will Arrive lrre thle
Aii.iN rA, (1*.. Feb. 11- *5 cco'rlt p. In Ilil
Ibt.*l Ilightnea ltRx ind sittf( will leave by ape.
cial Ir min oif palceIcC cars via. ho Mobile lihii at (1
o'clock lthis eveninig, raclliing New O)rleane at :
o'ehck p. im. MIiidl y. All l li and in good
piritsb. thld avei the King.
his Mlj atsv will vilit both theo Varlotioe The
atre and Aecldemny of Mlusio liltling the volning
In order that hlis good enllbjcts who w ill atteitl
lthirse placel of amunlto n1eni limly hlave a p uIneary
gae oni his dignitlied andil imlposing coutlitenllco.
. . ... -.ll. li 41 - ..... .
The fliuur of interuational law has had a nar
row eCeape. Hlre li an all o0'out of tlh arianeitlOli
which Mr. Wells bore into the comnmitteo room,
omncliiiiicctcd tby an innoceint individuallll who
aCIt as corrslcpondcent of the Ba ltimiore Sc.u:
" W1en Mr. Welle camu hero in the custody of
the S.brltean-itat-Arms of the iltoe lie lcbrociight
in his trunllk several pietols and lcoe of Ihe litcio
ric dteadly i hug knlivces. This afit rmoon wlihnc he
went to the coc cmIaittoo room lie serroted oil hi
personi a revolvir and carried in his hanld his
rflce cane, andcl 1i ii ;lictvld tIllhat ho also had on
him pIrstnll te 'l hllg knlife. Tbis was nit ena
peIctd utll e Ih tlhrcatening dclin'nlrnaion made
by r Mr. VWe~I1 when dMr. 'Fi, lht lu.lly seucceeded in
cbrnging hi n to hay. It is .sid that Mr. Wtlls
has slaeii three menl in the course of his life, two
of whom were colored men. It is not diflicut to
conceive (hat a man capable of the crimes whi, h
he has committed against th(e State would have
no hesitation in adding murder to his otherenor
mici.e. As a matter of precaution, proper and
neceesary, the dergeant-at-Arms of the House
will to-morrow deprive this bad man of the dead
Iy wek with whwoh he has pruvrded himself."
Ii rDmn. Bee. Tro'utogd
(I ip fll - (Itntfa ttttlt'fhtit N. I). I)Rm r htlvt .1 I
Ittiiefdiiit ft li nipl ria tn pififf f-ifft I Tin
the~ ajortR (l 1I the lwnanipc~ yntif ict maylln holau
tfri th'titu-ttei-t -f-t wfinF I-hw fimtititnit wvr'
l,.',!tp InIat l (4r |o l i ItaiC a t hrown I/RJh tllht
mattlll tllllll i ,n f Ati a it' I 1 l,'ft- e , t i th iht Ii hI'
whitih piftiv-if it t-eti' rni thefipp srpnf, eftittfy Alipt
! 1lg !ttt'1tt Iri litel t in llv iieffrr ftl.lh itn h fit l hIh
fIfltt /h Pt lti t fhp e tihI thI IItItt if' Flitp ilu will
hIaver hepi whintf- t ilis fti fir- i If hit- t fiy
I'IIIlitig ntII ' f ltlrittL N , i-. fir h fth nwitig t t1it th
t11.ir I~ iir, I~ l iil+ rl !ll' ,ll~ .,I th.1 CI|11 1 11 ,.It1 .
hr ,! Iutu t i t I iti itt.t+ InrlI ti tl 1t t. in th fl ,Intt
linl f 'll it h iih ti tIlt I I ' i 'i'i I to l l tlP h o
liir ri4: l llh it' t t t i!i. Ii il-i '-l'' ll,-l!,l
I111 t~i I.+1!1. !t, -lu l I r !. i !|1 ,+'I I I!111, )1111111 1 lh I.+ I.,1
,! it Ihl If ' . 1 1 tih Iltl t IIih- l1,. i,. !1 h',,, Ir i I,
ipp ltit -l 'lii(tf lt wit, . fith , Ith.p I, tlIftit I itl thft a
lilt li *wi-f t i lt fi IftIt l it )it t pth thu t (toill-fi'I)iIIt
tiatfit l'fii tta ftil if(CI O I I 'l'PpI f)P() i r a I tf I f n II tglii.'
ntnt piw f.i that flit'fa ytaif'tt' 1 rti pttfi
fli' rfI fatm tifpt tti if pftti'y ii lbifr athiti mI la I
a llalt ir 'f- I til+ n Ii I IC l IttIl t h ll, a ef i-f lln
w11t111f tlt hn itu te, tIn , hat FItRi hlll n itslielft
tIIIIP .tit, !'tttiu ly ! t It an | il eth, IIi I ftc titf'ituf+
Mtiat'et Ih 'I'ttirel ucrd ir s~itet, a r itnrt trfl cii uiititt
II! I~llt.( R4b1J1. Iftl PJqOtl R WI'IIII I111..1 |,,ll|l Pl
Ihe l ~l l.!| tt!111 I1 II 'lIIII)R A I1'!T A111 (I|~·1, i1.l II! ,h
]tshr hli I I h neiti t .l ltnivl r i wlce !t t f tii l .hA
tI-fi-.Wllitl. pIlt If-wa i I tlfIt f i-,.I.n the'a , f lit
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wot'ltesnt tIt'I.jo itt lInthe ¶iintts'tint frth Ititt fuin 4
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s olot till ep. h si, (Il)1O4d. ( I)) th in 1,1n !.lltht,
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manimthu' inttui ltit iutliPhPItip.Uio
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nI''kt soo notes 1' " I (,, 1"'"" L"' I (Iir . I ennati nor~,
cil! t r. bet rbhps . aklllon o * , nt b l ll.e he-ull h.
the resulll w n hlr nlhll l hll | m roal Ih i O'l !fth
ptlto f I. u t- , f ifiI t ut u Ittl ti t n ffttl v it tlt i t
t h a. L Rsion won tlll+|1Ini tln l he rtl lh ( · fistl
a itfI tft whII II t I1 lt1v11if. I t F t 1 Iit fth T-tll .t ia
Finr a Wl I, na |.l I thi !lipns n~o entltiall. an 'ih
it~tiot altg t lvi lln llt 0 Iitit lliii it iltith , t it I .t lt i n p i
P) titli, tti lly . fli tiipll t ' l R h wIIt tih i th-lt
tllrl), nll,.,lo n.1Il R1 |.. ,+ PI.() , )1It 5111hpn ll 11- ro
.!| to wllrl . W il n III| I Ii, th r c·epo.r|ws m|I on tlihe tIree,1
that the "Trthl IIIn + l (IltN Ihad derh'e (I y aI 14 1
TI,.n lhr, 1'·1!\'- .Ii ll ll. IIIII i,,m i hh 7 1,- . II'rhH1r
thfi-hl t l Fo +n idn Itl lller as llr as l h, stol'l|. -i hI lf
anIT l. lilll! .ii, . holulr it halpn t ye Ihrto ve ,r y ,l h llon h -
Washi n Io, 111 t1o1 1,en f1Ir'la+,i. I i prl tllel I l- !l
III1L Iltellth,+l r· tl·\ ,.+ Ir'I.l~l,,h ~ I.H l-,Im + Ill' 1¥.!(1hhII.
h, en tohl 11+1l1 I, v l erty hal et+,lh 1.,I ,th Untlldl
,.he w -. T illl lhinlllr Iye i,. kiI+o , il, b ti, ,I" u h(h I .e
fulghlll 1tl 1 ry. ! h.uII s11 ld . an 11 biI 8( lledo1 , . ,,ivi
tors' .. Wlll n it: was" II ts th1+ [email protected] prslei n man++. Oh,,li
!.,.'annitene !hteper,+, the, pai nfu., e+lly . !uppouat
,,f lmen oh, f+ therlr~ p ,pulso. brok. lole~l lhe
f.lee IIhodow Iof+ Iroverat1 " and. , wh" Ihe toi
The oth o r I.Ii the, , t+1 ,. I+,. l,.l Tih p.,. r i. m a,.l
Iolb llor . Job f.'.i' l to. smo111€11 l1+ It mus 11+'+'Il.he th
thhe h l II lpih,+ fi' n of1 th,.IO wille .ii,,llll 'l+ lw
In .ll~~on i ,, hint (0 tl. II.T I-+ h. h+ II l f w,+ini t
tram'.,,,.p l.rom hy medatlyl . fl oi ng hunaolfll ,, l'l 0,,l
some vnrl t|+ iiI a lo,| 111. lhav l oh'. Im,+1111,++,+I
.by ha nine of nhow .+isnh whi h ,, rlsllt lhinl
of h an ear,~li l il+l +r onl"l11,.l, litf. ".In iI , | s o1"
sense lI pan of toi. li. I h p o,"il o e
"i'loo t-eit. I +,..'I If +,l that " , hav Ing nhmil him ,
of| n ahi ul hI.ot~ll!..i1 t11!. in )1 +'ni lllo n ir throug h,. i.,
na'lil , w ith aga of+|+.l,)+ ,.a , v i Itlflhierm t. hv,, h+;: s
pockllt l r l illl pui t ll ai pur, l toillll+ sub hel ilro+.nl+nt.
I llr enlyl . andl wll i, ineshsllh l y aI.!II II+. n , ' il dll[
m anne, +F ,I,-. rP l 't.+ Iallnou.'+p+ in, ihi lelwn'itonl
wh ir h il n thell eve I i f +; alm.,h , l wiJ.,' ll, s.+ubt.le++l he
\n ( t l l.m. If.1 C %1" h ,I 1 ln 1 , h ll :lII t 4') t1 rfit,,R)
{hovir, K b.' lllnl ¢ r t Pill i~i.M , ' l'T IIiI IIl' )IIOLH tR ' I
a ll'h lir .t IltI an r lia . I t. iO l i I yil Wi lln liai
lapl a'ed f ill~ it pltntl. Y. i have m0ad of lli,'
rlil lO l w it arl r lior hl i tiorL; l. ti r- who hiia
tllrn away lthe Iiv, is ' t i ir fllwi thlli r itivin
their loved i'teii util all thaI t sort of thino g. In t
tW ili_ waes th Ii list wilt nie kit wit to hul t i illy i.
having ldehllllntately .ast iIlow and Pwl ,rn h nii iletl
away. It was a iilit inot altiogether unatllO.til.g
W ells i . a ti k ll-din,', heavy ll i, with ai I ii.i,; d
,olln.in eJanmell olt faro, evereld with tl a 1i1., ~llf
buiill', n li (k. his al. iarancl' is tllla , of a triu
M io Ias always lihd a hard lime of it i
thn worMll- yllou know hith rn as' otlllle nIiil
who will have a hard ti'nll of it int.In tof uill go, i
for llll aoln d fbrt themo. Ito hetlst of niies
would go hard with lthl n. of that nort I gollil
any is 1. ad 1iona WIlls. ' ho first view of Wells
face was not lisp ea.ing, ave as tol the furtive
lite sey of unllertain but and reatleloe glalnce -
they betrayed the mian morn than his well-trainied
tongue di . Thetn I P.ld to ily elf, aipotro
phiv.ilng Jerry Wilson, who was Welli' couniill:
"Al, Jrr, rry, you mally coach that, tongun nld train
hat violl to evadr void the r avoid t h i trtth ittln I x
tullintltionl, bIlt 11you never can tilch your chaliint'
,ltan little eyes thle sCileli of pilerjuiry they will
hitray your b st aolt ihling l"
SWhereupon Jerry %haison winked and Wells
blinked, and th;e elamination went, on. liut the
side view of Wellh' face is very r'l ulsive. Yea'rs
lgo, when I was out on the plaitns, tl Pll -Utius
u ed tLo bring badgers down to camp from the
foot hulls. ain, we usedl to liuv them -the badutere,
not thio Pii- te-lto match tlinml in battle againet
oiur dtgs. Diu you ever seo a badgr waitiing
tfor a bhull-dog ? I pio.lenn not. Well, the uit.igir
fl.itlton lit. b ily right out on the grou:d likue a
paica.l, gathers his ugly little paws cloiol upl
under hli long fur, shrug;s his neck till gis lit th,
sharp noeit is clovatld to an angle o abhout forty
fiv diegro's, ad ithen winUs ind bli ks his eye"
a utnnournerd tly as if ie wiere unnintg htimonif
instead ,f waiting for batle'. 'lho aggressive
boll-dog wallks round and round hilm, ail
the badger turins upon his axit4, kerpiig that
email peakled noeaowilth its do bil rank of white
saw-teeth ever pouinted at te fooe. beu<'ldenly the
bulldog lunges ; badger, about a quartor the sizn
of bulldog, is cvireed utp from view and both are
enveloped in duat. You hear nothing but the
hard b eathing of the two -for they are both of
that biting bree" which never barks-the hard
breathing the dull orurching of the bulldog's
awe~ an. the quick ruel, metalito snap of the
E ItacliReelog for the dog hauls of
1111110' ral labl11 tura, 0tlfaIv(l ol;l ~I 01411101' 011111'
tli~iti Ir Ilira qltol~lvl ~r (III IR1 14re. 'II.
hiraLha 14(1(11 r 111 111114 gllli II (hI' toi-.narld fptll~I
0 1-0 11111 pl~l~lI(llil~tll. yr 11(1 1 a hiramsljll tlvill
Ide JI(. aa'l Plwnai 1114vleRnib(rt~llI alt, an'. h~os n~.li.'
lJ/0 tr/ ltI i[ra 11(011~l. i-P h- 1 On l 0 lr glr ad flr.. - il
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4111(1ii· 1 II' lll'( ~lln il' I)I 41111 9ll.(IIJ
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laorraIy 0I119 I.)( iJ(P~lallad olaa wrolaronolal
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1nraldnbrl otral 114alllt clllla. 0111rl.141, cctl~lr
I')R) (Iaoa. 1.-ll IIa I14l -I114141-1 11(1 ()I 04 alr.aat1.11
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A.Isr·r. nF'a Al 111'll111. 1;l·raoaaa 11114 111)(1110 (I
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aolU l ir 14(11-It Ilaro I-I~ac~r 0(1( 111 /I'IPl IIItP 411 0
'Pir, 1(11 411r11v flIp 0 lAI' 101(1, b-t(Ill-(o ~ll(llil.hoC)11
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101( loa-s a.Rg blia- rIlidhI.ir l (o a io
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t'i. ( a . .ri t 'l'n t *T i i. i Tih yi , ri rinr liiti of
lhe "l 1,,'k (romk" nt. lhip lhba tt o list niglht.
,hew it 1.11;o an.l i 1p,;;; i.,live audlieti+cn+, and will"
hourt ily I ,ppltn.It, i t)I iIt- m Ihu y ,relllyi l.lt I Tin
b lhl4 i.; v y u, n l lll t thea I Pw i, lty pr'rform(
clulll of ipt hI . oi l, r. Thb p' v, whtih hIi
I,€Ollw I t rtInll, Iip with r'all I ma l I.o littlh lir ilan,
will e IIhe I, on I,I l rir e i lhri ng l hl oa ltrlr
wokit I. ittc Tolhl, 1m-r, i+ liier lg n it.it, ! .11,
week. 1, h l' l nd- , ri % IIIIr il lh 101. , i9l l t lrll l tr, Ih llb.
* rtt!I MA l , i li I vr. Frank Mato opene't
ill 11 ftie nh n, ol a ti viii, l; with ' Ihtvy Jr",ckedo ."
lii' p,ray i .w ltaI lw ii i r. utly to l t iajrt oit f
oir pii -.. r i In Ihn"s, iunivlir, Wlho have nlot
o1,11 it il 11Ii thiM tx *i-llllnit p'i , we Minieriily
'a1 rim nid It. aMiI av no them it vinit tin Aciad
i'liy ihiring ilayi 'r ion lg g linit, twhint will In
tlorti . 'Tl mrlo ro thl n inl tip, v ital r ifanl y dr i ssr
tal niia.ntii hall if lin Amnl oly tllake pire;
and, as in ft or yirea, will bn wlll p rolizodll.
VAlilnnc; 0 1 Ii ATuitran i/'jw (iiuran. Owing to
V'.ellrll taiin'i' I yuI'IYu I 'ij , i ,is til, W RaIO lirmitid
Ito piy I f " II1-y teIiiicoi." t uii t lintd . 11 gilt at tlhi
thiatro,l I it. it, diol V, ii I , r l t'titlu it hPis ri'
Oa tvedi. It i anotll t r lh rr 11"n' ii tion tl ih i event, .
fill if' of ir ary, nl ini ;o: ,of riElating to hcr
lov, with the Ilonti lli i, i; t, Ir rl, . t Ti (uto , n,,
Artathum do I'r .: :lrh', i ,thi hFrio ofr tho oB l ,l
whiilu 't. iii, .iii a wi:aiban aii Cmtiiitoluulit
pitiiaiolni. It ii ait li ;Ily lolmlian i rilra d ita , a stlry
de, '., " Ir ',,rr, well ,t,, e'l nl a,,red. (xeo ,t in (l lol
of I on oiinu colle.s, that if thn third and fourth
acti., whii liuiciit ts l in't i A ,ite th t, in t ih adap a
Illn ftromi l t uit It Iton liuniiwkiardcutting ldown
has thoin purpiitrlated.
T'him play ia heighttoned in its int 'rest by new
'e.oiry by Mr. i)riM sl, the s0enlo artist of the
Operi; the views of tile Louvre and gardens is ar
tistfi. The viow of the cmntle of Hlollyrod ldur
lng a an w storm is very Offro ive, but critically
c uiidirtul s4 faulty frol the miatlhomlical man
nir ii whiich the palittr ills laid his 31now bruslh.
T1'hi play, ill which tlheo is inioney certainily,
W.,s as fali ly inte pretcl, for a firitperfornanice,
am it could be rxpciiti.d. The oast intcluded Mr.
C(leii's Pope an ArltLaitn Franik Evans as 'Chat
H'ird, ntitludge as iAioLord uIfaxweU, U. A. ftedm.uan
an ,ir !leury r1arilei, Miss jtand as M /ary ,l :art
and Misse Agnes 'Proctor as Mary Carticchaei.
Both Mies land and Mise Proctor were ciaratm
ting in their conception and renoudering of their
respectivo parts.
James Madison mus be proud of his namesake
of the eioturing Board. Inu't it about time to
re flect whether the dead have no ngrt which the
living are bound to reaprot ?--N. Y. Tribuae.
Im rtan sar plat 1W Trouard's
Iiclieire d it I 'ricnlty lhirech, I'iral ~nII
dny nLfhr Ep.Ipacny, 1 77.
V Ilit" nR . t1rtlr t MIk IIFI't TI' kl fRfiv.
IWill, a sril ainiitire, it wthlioh a atlva iliapaicP i14q
When I tr m( e t | I hrw l to milnw i*n t owl, r itv'+
Iit vat l int. l lPoI i ll p veIIl ti hIi. watl (N' l lv i
,i.+,,. I lsra, too,, I .++,I, I, h.+ve tlal di.++...++
''nrped. Th Iat, I, cit an, lhl1 liJe i. . v .hool if ir'.
Il) , |Ivv t Illv I h III r-IIa, tin.i ni'r WJ ' ih l ila I
iliwi aIr lhn'iv ll 1.jlll, It . hla II-IIy 1111 , t Ih tv. l
n hhpilt.. l be whiih 1i t aiiii 1k111W tu fi lllil'
*~l+J +iI.'I. +'l!:·i~ll l.R 111%+ IIII+ +~l film in, R Irl Rc l'i l
h'"1 U"!'t l+ '+l, hllt I, (I RIrI w++ R11+ ti. lllmd I,w n+rt
tti iiLi'veI , I he irPel. lht . I. tV .ab I loeo tv L,.
A . I'it a i a lt Itho , PI'ieii! f l6l,'h .niv lrm i
t.ia' i ihr pll 14t l ttl, Ih l, ltatint t iv.ni t hl. vilhbI
ficlp ti tlld wPl~l(l.tiCeti. It Itivett cItliatlaweca
1. If . InIiatlt unii at v r~ +e iii a lici all * .'hlciijiwi
lci, , ' na , , the al 't ,O1 Pl li l ilf L. ,, th ,yan , SP
pt heyo twlint. iiivpt Vm Wha tie no hifti Ic n ak
rrn Ill'1 tlr dIIsip eetatl' fo lr to mthefs lot ingun
tItan, tlp i way, aciii nut ann.. other w. .Y Acidt
fril rli It ilh . , n the. ntill co l Ii Ir , nstirvi. iol
, hU. i h, IM n i. n ,cvrl ,eleh.r-aI.h t Ilie m 'iy, hil
w"'ll lllnh. c.trs i a h t, lte r 1,.l pthlltaocpli, anti
Ile tiut pClaIn Irltov go.
rnlhs i- Occ n f. hLv Pl an hire., I h-lll ri
.l~tcl.1y with thin vialine ract.. or maca's natlnae
Pithl rloiiltii, ltcaii cilill Ivan. thencer wicic a..k then
I1 rl lllt W y, at. lict l ait.. l' b r , h aoI
ibccci not niclltert f " Whli aye teyr nut 91.1
wan. Or why are they nto. in ia thl' ? Inoil l ,wn-rs
0fn lito..t lhi p. iliy witll ak.f "WI plilrn ,ea ath
pF1riltii.e wrilril why it mIia .ft P1.; Wiiy don. it
..l+,t yrtid;lcl ll!,+llP 7'' h+l+t~l rl Ir,n * lal)Hl hAl- o ,rnl
ht 'll i tidli. vv- r i al I 't i Iplil aall tll I, Pt illiir.
h.hi, irlq hItpieci i l.Ho,. wIhat i Lhw iihc'hrlllii Oii
tl~l h -i mann~lhir~anenc | Intt tkl h.ean
tIm thatt anu rs wo hea..
AIai n ith an i pIIe rilano if limunni lmlbh
I I.av tin Il 1w4 Ih lt.ll I1a tkR IhIeI, Wii IIb
I iviiiii t Ir hit trc ci ieiigih t mnii jiiwer svgii
hl h .1. 1 1 cidfiitin u d ct . rl v iPtl i.e la il ill tl.iii e a
ho~w owltneIt theitl f ts an0 ? Why lnt hey nt. 7 Whiy"
nre thll ll o dlT itlri ll ? Whlailt mtilvi e tht aIk4ll
ltheml thil+ wsy, and not annin+ olther way ? Alnd
f,,lblh p11opl , ni ihe ivth1 to hl in lhtr~l sl
noCiii isnt e li, y.'t, st slua, 11110etai themn1.iiil vs
till .., , ,1 lifR Ianr i' I il aaeul t vi e dll lilil'liFll r !r Iti
worrly manne, whltch they unill phillos+phy, antd
let $l1e plhit flv , I n111.11iV in, l i t l i
I ll Ietllh .ti lint he, e ,tllHv ri n, iiIt r flOnldlatit, n a
'illier iIlllivlii'ea l~I ciieatii, li14ii'tfvl cailve il vilRf
ltiri iplle t of thrial i llan ahltt I hii ll n il
silclil wiah fl vile hla rtti14 or mia 'I ntrliel
inv al l.litloni al hltIll leivi ahtn whi.il. k thle
'lel anv l,,: " Whiy lru ole nts tino?" " Why tniir
iial gertll ati liet gia rivvl aciiir liturn jv14t lval~i1 tlrr
Iitvey not l 1ff+,,nb?" " Why nre tPheR not thll
war, or why are hey , no ,,tat?" to fI anwre
Itllia ln aivet. tlenry lil' lo era, I iihy . iid i Iie.
ploiniea l'whva wac i, whl i14Vi ilvwly vaili aiii
iii rly htrOhl e vocutanllva attn be a lin liel, . r i
I mmy thigt lth li worlt hIm h It hlila crte
wrilrllni harle' 1. rhk wei.ii and iwer talliainl
an4+ n. rritL, Glol mi#'+llr t d h l.alv i+ v l ,,,e t I, w i
h ll.,i litr, y i!.fhhiii ant mli i ltr .u i I v ii w l.h lila
hren t II- e h of l il osop+Illl~lhihin , i n l se , llh r+lt fill
lrnili lWinl l k lll ntcl, i hill ,lil llM ins ivligh
hi, , iin helat fVP aIbti 1i1, w Wiialt nIs lv fr hi..
ivtiirit I he .trlen. TlOhI l I , tI i.tlt I thr l h. tii
1tl1 1.4f are llliti l1q'il t ainr, h ni t l lOl, lnl tu I ilp
ira tl athn r tivit thl t Il l Ii N l ttlv tfliee th al Itilt i
iat l l ll14ity, a td thatln ii in l i iifa ittiy ia |tptir
hr11n i o h.1thr lltn n I ,rv ,tisl, aIl1 wilah lit(mlr,
Iut wi lO 1II w Ii htlht, fIhr $11a114l nliiinrn Ilill
lthii r 1 1trhly tliti il 4l1 4 rull ti llr l ha l lril
l~llwer1 11t . einvii-i i' I i at al li~tl il. + l t l y ~ir ii.rglc
lII..it l iitI t 1.144111 11,4 4l l id lllltRlT I ' ii. Ii thI
hrilat I T l rTI4 1 11 cIli i ·ilrI Ill Cr l alll ChIt i , a lll
tillr it f1111n1wtlhu ltiii.n r atrriat l I s.li lal iar | l.v
1n4'.tn s wtint Vnil.tirll iW nny lv rllnibllin link-r.
ohlltn . wlhlah tvt U ar l in l tinn 11Ar, la in ly. in hol
ttiih ha.,ill1. Koiuh14i. 11 wllt iltl'l )itii aiim tun, uIi..rthli
huil, o. and11l tilliitl hir hll, i ha palitg lim
I hI iallt n l' rtilr p llr lml 11r1 g ll ae ,1itlly, i rs i
of I ii ii 114411 + iucnuu tir l h li i inl i rpllt alici iltlri lii
wbimtn l wi th t1 , iratunl ul t .I iu h l44i 1t1'. loyS nor.hi
tin tIIhIt .I a t y id ' Iariln f th rlillillr en lr !,hiu l h
i1t14 Ia ilr '. Ihlit idig li y lIlloli t s rRty, wh 11 k al.n
alial, I ntIrh ' nI , wt li . tsu h iitc t alin llkn i rla
alrl,Y~ |(I R)lnlOr R (Jl+Pl'!. LIil hlo iP I,(ii+, 1r..ll), hl~n
1l4R1114 fy ytlll g win tl, l'h 1 it,, i llutltat 1111 1411
hrtll olrlo rnl at I n Iollll N rera Illitl d,, i , ho le
llil ti ill, htii iwa tokee kniy imr relt llii hit . In hriO.
lwh trin n vl rIr l tll tl It I lyk "I rhe, iI he hianl tilit
thilrh y oi.htf (li nIh their lfirinametr showt h lirl ,11
h(I ha( ik. p ot.Iln itilllm'l lmitan ava lll n hala
anliui Ithri Iitth,.iti an tor l oo, liui, t oI ,.rk 41r,
wh vI ha mhi gmt r ill a, hearnl+ mhlrli .ai him
ih hll, .w .,1' I)Orir· ..'r ,, l,~: nklrrl.+. If ty ul lli. Wiilt
Thatbrrl, in man c~a protortive b Ilt~l~rlio hin nature
Thelii infi I ite l!cu t aii n awr ayl.. ilnliW hvlii foot;fl it
art (iillilr l to I ii , tlon,i l it lv t t.ht til ndly, nr
thdlibli, Yth, th slenihtiy ciaot f' llt ltheir ial
awvay ltii . m rll do,+wn t, ir .,io stl his h -
toniiil|. !.ir. 'I hie r',ari ofI Iha havnll iip see t ull lierl
,,r l li~hii o tntiil ii.+ih<, t wiiy narlli y,i tih t gircli. ilo
ion l ust' h 1 mrit i ng, !. I,. thel p rpi |1i 0 4 h olrlint4
he wss.ll~ Ihe themi .t ruh rfl t h! !I raIrtiling
,.I.id,.. (I .| lii.¢,!try out u ml (i.l po'w-r lookl
hit.o himl soon.t an i dr !op~t inha, ia hNIialrt, I urn whe!ret
he will. -, ye t h i++ yourn.ll-', Arnii ll til h traighblil
piiwtrl lthat+ hl+lar.nl wlt I.way alli hli llly , Irl'o
ang*v anl~l si. i~lan+. ' ea I!1,h hil bu*Is wlt ~itron( thl
v,,hlitro hurll tlhe sni+l'od trme ali,,t thatlt ont he~tl
and)< rag bl.ol+..w tho lhinl crus+t he lliiilel iis homnt,
iupon!. Thel worldI #|pioin away through<] the tri,,k
ltlst want!+. fa.lt tis hi+! th.'lht+ onil fly. ¥,+t he
hi~nafl. Ilis iplac+ Is wall prtepared+ ianua lir!, Iin the+
thel hboart, of t~he+ c~irlinglll ilullil <(blk han~d covers
himli andl, lalllln thiough hI ib, frt h1,! ellho Lhe
(trllt lean tr+,rnh. on l poi erl . Thli s tilthe th) + nhil lts
of (Gdc m'n, hli.liplom t'o himl in ht. p ,war anld ill hit
goodmi a-. Thei! Jnintilt~o looks hino h~i. s yoiu anld
wakenut~lthe yearniiig for the infiitelll e]lll~orn ring
ill Dini, oplril. IDiillir, whih~i sltrnlily alonelt cani
edinry, ihuhtstil which eidlollnel hanl al~oneen O
nauiify, yearmilug. whii'h thel infinhe|. (10 lo neI~l
c11n till, lifo walkenedl by t, h uiilvors-e~ in whloh
(|,d has pilaced him. The Iumo.rtal past, and all! it,
almulllb+rinig Inatincltsl after the1 unlknIowl to co{J£te
tre caldled to life, &toiiKh il ibe buti blindly and(
Inmlyp l__ q th. naides t..v~lot(> ofI thbhgK ,. teriall-
(ItllUIJUJ &9 ILIu eJULln l VOIUU, (i LnILg.4 Iln hierial-
i.doi' wu.ks revealiug God.
I 'J his is his prerogative as man, and the higher
Y he krowsvnn os mn, the more he adveno. ; the
e ,o'arer ,hail he moo God's hand me(le hare in the
.t mabtrial, the mInre distinctly shall the dumb uni
verso Hposk to hls spirit.
II Hlre are two men. One Is merely " the an
mal man," as Mt. Paul calls him. Takou up with
n his animal nodls and he looks on the world as the
4 ox looks, somewhat. lie looks about to flnd a
rioc pasture, a spot whor' he can get plenty for
hI:e a.rninal wants. le, indeed, may see lit;le.
SIHe is in the dust, among the clods, and of
the clods. lie sees in the world on)y
a place to get a good living, to got himself well
lled, clotli d, housed, gratiflied, wanted on. And
here is another who reads crea.ion like a printed
"book, to whom tho leaf uptn the tree or d ifting
d,,wn the river, or the I bble at his f et, or the
bird upon the bought, teach spiritual lessons; to
' whom the stars send messagoe nightly; to whom
the gray sea speaks like an annointed prophet,
t,i whom the rusbing river is a revelation; to
r whom the blast acrgas the prairio is the voice
and breath of God. The dlff rence in these two
is purely a moral difference. I have met these
Stwo kinds of mea, and have faud them both
i equal intellectually. They differed only in spir
a itual sad moral power.
The materiad ought to teach of the spiritual.
It is our own fault if it do not. God made and
a essll things-a present, liing, acting God.
;man'sw, k. revegl the maw; God's works
mt..ft 'nl ni, (t l. 'I'h11 alplltali of f~l, e ll, if
W. 4,( btl r1 oil, 14 Written al'rness th(n 1160014 101'r,14
r 1h1 vl .ihlRi . 'T he ristPky fr. fo.,c 4 .l tf u iqn I
it lhlltl wII , 1)" Iistlt I, rritt 1I0i 1 1' fr O I ltl,. Aq
ia riltu grl ty, llltt , h ih r l , ItP Nt- 're, m I r11. lIht
14 , tillt I 1 1 Ahll" It I4 r 1, till (r olll ,4 h o 1
rnit' tI i1'4 . Itr s innt 4l1 11, l' l4 hit li, l 4nt t ,ily
t 'lll in,,n i 1',,. ith t1t'R l I'Ii t I iln' y i3il.I r itt, i h.ip
NIetlrfie ho1dPdl is 441 IhtN (t al IIf l (A^4. 1i411 gtiile1
I.t ,ig 'l hlart tl, t i,h t 1t) otil . " rP very t. t fi tyl. ntO(
w1,1,t14 her attrt1a111 iinn i 1t' 1, bi t 014 41t44 10 1a10
mr, th r h !,i t lar rt ll 41n , 01ult 4 1 j uI w.l l i i helir
plll ti htlI rt tali tp, 91 0 ti' lit O htr Wl utlttlllft Il.
nn.ir hreh oth . hll l Ont ,hn,! u4t,tr, ,rte 4ti.,
t"ri h-tu n . W i in ll r of. 1t,4'l h hl . It t rhe hloo 'ilhey
belthe 0 inder t o iemn ( taln fire , in t ,ls oh I she
hIer fti!.rp , in !.w"ere 11,st opl h" r brh wn . .
1llr Ir bl t,11 Is tnll I 1 t INI te I"'y w ih (m .fl , 4r mta i
IPr e Itw br b herI N tiirI tit" 1,u' i nis. o rhtitoes
hi his. t h.!,h- o I.. loni l It. a nk lin t a nlt h |o t w
Iarl l ,in It i., rle II er him, hm ma 4 ar,, s, h, er
fIe!, .hall Iinlr l .luaIem sy ,1 wer sr 1, 1. t he 11 )ire
ah e ria itn r Ia m I tW h a h, nlat Ieakl te . - r.
h. r awh ill ep !niv ot!,.lw p , t'",l .1 1 '(" '
Iet it, h ll ; 10l in 1,11 1'r1 1 t' 1,! he r h" ri i h bl0 1e
eelt. Nur wto 1 not teed or,0,hll4lt. W= *Iu t, t dttit
natniet. thNnIl''. In herr f ln, i It t en e, in t r bernluof
am r te t/ e s41 of ,a tatt's it ro4 , I 4 km otI
, ist m rlf a nthr itts e ri, lel1 .te 1 ti e 1 1 1am , tted
tu.ies hba la li1t eidtr lt ii I11 ind tyar
I i, itih noir rt l4 w ilt a w4h1r , t,1,. tnihe.. r. iisa,
!! l n 4.w s l4,, 1 " e 11i1 1 l - wl' !l 9e, 1.14 1 1i14,
he r ltWe r t)4 l t 4 a' r rl t1r4" is t4he prir t
gtlml ilit' law, ly ltllt 1 up ! t mlettrtle .r
41t' l". N Ot ir i tl11 no tti o 111a4 'lie It hR i t l hrIt.
111' " ner:t,'4 hillt0 1 1f4 111 k ll , 4" 4 I1 Ilh 14 4 . 7
hrar t le.o in r the tryd he lni, t'la it t' lnto
mit)? TW hi e ar1ll e r tnl I, t ti tn,, I Ie tio 1 lt e
it he.1 i tii lt. In io t !4, tk' h" t n, tn g t t h eloridt
iltg I rail 1Itlioi, l t tell a I4 4ll 1 tt f nu at i l the
4n.e4 (1 itir l hi, a (1t t, tln n p atira p'tr , In e 1 4
l44. , Hiy I IItstre aw ll Ial n o f n rirl, htl, vin, lty our
pitireln amr elkl 4e so the iro mot w ntrl u od le
A r taughet hnn it he him mn lse,, Nstre feedsl
hat.1u4d 1t, nr 4 n4 A ati4 k4r1 its Illrhe tits 4 f11114 I"lie
Aittl wtrt s in t irt, ftr ther!t ella witnai mt o.
eiv 1e kinderl ll to hem tian to la an. Iti i, sh I oh
thea no la, earonie4 to tnah thei, alli I .l: arr o
411)14 payt 14O man, grimly sAllin "antln e teed and
, 4h mi raelf I Ii And I o, ,even t.pn.. Abs 1,o-eh
hinlll hila t l ty I lta.o ii ll r s l rathllier words
rnd irn lin gr mnlo, laerts hllli llm Itry; llmnt ela
ise divinenr ptIrogive andtttltl sel h atrms fliktlupe.
flle', 0b1 4h matter captive R rmi.d, fetters l
Ithe lihtr ing, harneanei tn4 atte r llse a the fireih
ani rid, eslt ture.t i0 Wavthe IIIa i4r1lin4 t the very
tewmpeua drive, hi s levathan to her ii ftined ba
nitaitturs thingt ie fe and I li t lledo1 0t birdl olf a
atimil r, the ge4ttt of i tlay, a wm 1st beo t r51
trld 1itl tu rihn rilmtt l il tker llrik Irln tl ths lang
itl ifit i tl), t ll i tr 11 fo i ttl Lil,, tl I h r it pl Obin.
WilJ ig enIrOla g i tal law, ti e I 4ll1 fi. ile
reward, l 0 lk i an l y t oelnrdt .r t-.t wei ;i '.,ilnd
bIly w. hit e anlte 4pdll thu Ingy I4i4v.ltle ati t the
rdluhtilnt, l thell g.vl t ery (itl. l. r tiing the seed
irlg N thle Irriw, w prolP nlit erii, li mA the
o aitr. I wt . n t, a lre an il i i. ill . I i'flate , Iae
Ilon illtn hnt 1ti 14unili tri4 il w11,r ii arillit or him,
ieiiiit Core btnl intlo lit,,, iti,9l.'ertll Aol ri) er
t1l, a tii0n l ,iot mst i I) t, h ,tra.l iit lIlt II Iarg
h4itye din le rlltieh mi plit4w l, litW and ghliather
itl.o l lrt mi ils i 1 h ptil on. idit ( l tint I9s ( li lt (lo the
iIxnl' 41ing t o l1anli twio r1y41( mral pwr .rs, h1
rl4ti4r1, bthy e lh 141 1 Wek tti ,l Iso, a i ilstl hit
veriy umbll r. o ne uet tir uA . thie ivilie
holp for lhbm. wlith til lhivn4 nlr14,.1 to theun
tily I,y i n ikl tK tcr it it, Il'orh. It r.r tt, r..u s
iAitrt t lt't evtr-, is tihe rl..whi ign int ravage
arol t W it-a i ll Ih ta b li t nmi tr i it sreu tr n i m illn.
t init. l tinir Rtl, how nt ilt rte l ie i hel r pupil hi -
WelK 4l work utnly aI corlt, tll tnl llaw we ti llhah
hlRv tlll l i ordl '' I ctoo the law. ! l s tibtl to Im-ll
ill uta tin, ihang.ly ,,aie ltad, I 1 ,t adarns!tRI ls**i
f"rnet t in wrrtm birthm wLti is toy the rla, work
ing by the law, wei pri of 1vor 4nlg, l 4ill401 nst t/
h!ut it iakeh, wsh into Ito Itlvi niil lrltits of plw' (1l0i,
wle are ahrlln i nt.o h lft, a in.. Itir ellru compelsdb
yobedintel l r tioe moe, t ohl tl,: r. 'htit rintrgf,, oa !o
ltret diut air one lla--tni aIarhi is the trainior
ntchel a ntln to rufl on it ogiot, h -li, to the
law"' annotrnent, 14 thlul ptper h tfor ne, and
uwllrl Ita tlu r seil na k t, le lsbiot rtrair
a.le r Ic i h Iem At tlms emfJdi we eht
onlr ll thanktt c noen nd lilarc hg to tatl.
hnly wh e llhg ferde I ansid la' rl,iry f.r sulrd
I ln tue sI law. Wern (van rhanig l'ebing. We,
Ket happy,tntre at ok bnstfliu only a was hny he't
4h, dir With 1e144 glhrnmaring W, Nt.; toen 414q1
nepr.d m (theal4I tnti 1n ti & ovr IIo' hlumbor
nre erne d .mton'r rin, 4l4l ,1 in whone hno
mnanwtn whnbof thle IB Iflol- ' lin el I.h Will 14$
thim, id thot hse singly linl ultnge 19s wori al11l the
irg law that lhn nd all th4, 1. th farthme. star
Iu wehll he h ys nlabi thouhll. 'Ihy law. rJbeti
lied. n nrot tea he tta. of I. t ihisellwltn the
.tioll.d .be taemered by hunlity; nd the t.1re eh.
haim this also for his good.
Ite learns it before the ctaract thnnderiLg
rto Its deep caves in seething foam ; he learns it
with the blinding lightning in his eyes, the orasb
ing of Heaven's artillery in his ears ; be learns it
musing by the long swells of the dim gray sea in
the vaulted aisles of the solemn fjr.st, in the
loneliness of the eternal hills, on the waving
grass of the billowy prairie.
lie leoarn it from the eagle as he n!eaves the
blue; he learns it from tue painted fly that
skirns the stream, whose little ,re is, beside all
his works, an infinite wonder. Nature I.Lad him
thus lihke a feeble lowly child anl makes his
loftiest thoughts bend humibly at h r knees, and
teaches him not only his gr.fatrnss for his hope
and courage and trust, but bis smaDilne and his
weakness for his humility.
Have I sncooeded in sbhwing yom in smse faint
way how Nature, the handruaili f G ( , ias moral
teacher? how the material urniverse in which He
has placed uo, the material hife which he has
given ns,hare been arranged and prepared to train
man, being what he is, mra.lly and spiritually?
Apart from all other thing ,, I mean how the very
needs of life, its hnmb'bet needs in this wonl
drone world its physical and common warts in
suoh a universe, lorce le sons of fathl, hope,
patience, fortitad, obedience, docility, ua
lessons orie asarchle being need. ,r it.Il
tion ? How the ve. wcsesei&ies of JllCes a
aae re
a4 ej esu
*W 43VWk

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